Radio Flyer (1992) - full transcript

A father reminisces about his childhood when he and his younger brother moved to a new town with their mother, her new husband and their dog, Shane. When the younger brother is subjected to physical abuse at the hands of their brutal stepfather, Mike decides to convert their toy trolley, the "Radio Flyer", into a plane to fly him to safety.

You promised.

No, I didn't.

Yes, you did.

I did not!
Yes, you did.

Just let me play with it.
Come on, you promised.

No, I didn't.
Yes, you did.

I did not!
Yes, you did...

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

What's the problem?


Then chill out.

Dad, he promised
to let me play with it.

And now he says he didn't,
and he won't.


Did you?

Did I what?

Did you promise?

Yeah, but no big deal.

Yes, it is.

Yes, it is a big deal.

You can't just say,
"I promise,"
and then forget about it.

"I promise" are
the most important words
you'll ever say.

Well, almost
the most important words
you'll ever say.

You know what I mean?

No, why?

Because I say so, that's why.

No, because it
only takes a second
to say "I promise,"

but the commitment could last
the rest of your life.


Ok. Uh...

You guys,
remember I told you guys
about your uncle Bobby and me

when we were just kids?

Well, yeah.
Of course.

Well, I didn't tell you
the whole story because...

Well, I left out
a bunch of stuff

because I just figured
you guys were too young.

Well, I guess now
is as good a time as any.

In fact, now is
just about perfect. Ok.

All right, listen up.
But I want you to
remember something:

History is all in the mind
of the teller.

Truth is all in the telling.


Not really.

Don't worry about it.
You will. Ok.

To understand the whole thing,

to understand why a promise
is such a big
and important deal,

you gotta go back

you gotta go back to be...

well, before any
of it ever happened.

Back to before
we ever lived in novato,

before we even
came to California.

Back even
before we were born.

Go ahead.

You have to go way, way back
to a kid named Fisher,

who wanted to be a legend.

Come on, guys.
We're almost there.

Careful, all right?
Hold it steady.

I got it. I got it.

Me, too.

6-8-0, traffic.

11 at 12:00.
2 miles eastbound.

Cherokee 4-4-7-2-5,

and inbound
for the right with Julia.

Fisher, it can't be done!

It can be done.

No, it can't, god damn it!

It's far as
a football field
to that fence!

Come on, fish, listen to US.
We're your friends!

This is nuts, fish.
You're gonna get hurt.
Don't do this.


We're wasting our breath.
Come on, keep it steady.

Don't let it fall, ok?

He's not gonna listen.

Cherokee, 4-4-7-2-5.

This is 7-8-0, squad 1-2-0-0.
Radio service terminated.

And that's exactly how
Fisher got remembered:

Flag it! a legend.

10 years later,

when we finally
got to California,

his legend would change
our lives forever.

Careful, man!

Watch out!

God, what have we done?

Oh, my god!


Hang on, fish!

We're coming for you!

Oh, man! He's...


Oh, fish, your leg.

It's twisted.

Ahhh! Don't touch me!

You did it, man! You did it.
You flew!

All right, fish!


You did it.

I did it.

I really flew.

Bobby, close the window.

You've been flying
for 3 hours.

But I like the wind.

Yes, I know you do.

Oh, yuck.

It's my scoop.
You had the last one.

But that is the last one.

Ok, we'll share it.
50-50. Here.

One day,
before the long trip,

our dad didn't come home.

Our mom knew why,
but she never told US
and we never asked her

because we knew
it made her sad.

That's 8 jars, mom.
How far is that?



How far is that, 8 jars?

I don't know. have to
check it out.

Whoa, 1,500 miles.

Does it snow in California?

Nope. It doesn't rain,

Thank you.

Here she comes.
Here she comes. Hurry, Mike!

Mom had waited 3 months
for him to come back.

When she was
pretty sure he wasn't,

she packed
everything we had in our car

and told US
we were going west
for a fresh start.

Our dad was never around
much anyway,

so after those
first 1,500 miles,

me and Bobby
just forgot all about him.

And mom, well...

Mom pretended like she did.

By that time,
I knew that I would
never see him again,

and that now I was
the man of the family.

Go west, young mom.
Go right, go right, mom.


Bobby. Oh, it's lethal.

I didn't do it.

What's wrong?


Wait a minute.
I didn't do it.


It's that dog.
Oh, it's deadly! Come on.

Come on.
Get out of here.

Come on.


It doesn't help that much.

"Want to know more
about the old west?

"Exit one-half mile
ahead to see the best.

"Just mosey on
in Geronimo bill's

buffalo farm and
wild west adventure."

Can we go, mom? Please!

Except for the giant dinosaur
in Missouri

that they had turned into
a hamburger stand
when it died,

what we saw in Oklahoma
was the greatest thing
we'd ever seen.

Thanks a lot, mom.

Hey, can we stay
the whole day?

Can we please stay
the whole day?

Yeah, please?

Hey, how many buffalo
do you think they have?

I bet there's millions.

Keep your eye on
that dog, Eugene.

Hi, boys.


Welcome to
the Geronimo bill
buffalo farm

and wild adventure
souvenir shop.

That'll be 3
for 75 cents, ma'am.


Would it be ok
if I just set them up
on the fence

so they could see
the buffalo?

Well, ma'am,
today is your lucky day.

You see,
it's free admission day

for all folks
from out of town.

Hey, we're from Jersey.

That don't make y'all bad.

So you go on in,
stick to the path,
and enjoy yourself.

All right!

Man, look at that.

Come on.
Mom can't afford that.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for coming.

Ok, troops. Keep your eyes
on the buffalo.

Go ahead, mom.
Thank you.

Don't let your dog
get my buffalo, son.

Thank you.

Oh, wow! Look at...


He's huge.

Oh, he's huge, mom.

Bobby, look at him.
Look at him, Bob.

Isn't he beautiful?


Look at that.

But where are the other ones?

Think he's the only buffalo
left in the world?

Maybe he is.

Oh, gosh, mom.

He looks lonely.

I'm sure he is.

Mom, what's gonna
happen to him?

It's so sad.


I don't know, Mikey.

I guess that's what happens
when you're alone.

There's lots more to see.
Come on.

You boys take care of
your mom now, you hear?

We promised we would.

We never broke that promise.


* downtown

* just listen to the music
of the traffic in the city *

* Jimmy, Jimmy,
Bo-bimmy *

* banana-fanna-foe-fimmy

* fee-fie-foe-mimmy-Jimmy

* or Mark, Mark

* Bo-bark
banana-fanna-foe-fark *

* fee-fie-moe-Mark-Mark

* buck, buck

* Bo-buck-banana-fanna-foe

* fuck

I'm sorry. Sorry.
I'm sorry.

I didn't mean...
It was an accident.

Somebody give me some soap.

I'll do it myself.

Finally, after 22 jars
of peanut butter,

and just as mom
ran out of money,

we made it to the apartment
of an aunt
we didn't even know we had.

I'm driving.

It's too low, mom.

It's not too low.
Yes, it is.

Not that one.

This one.

Oh! Oh!

I told you!

Michael, I told you
to tie it on tighter.

Oh, mom.

Oh, mom! My bike!

My bike!

You broke my bike!

Oh, my god, they're here!
Oh, Mary!

Lois, hi! How are you?

Oh, you got here.
Bill, bill, honey,
they're here.

This is Bobby
and this is Mikey!

Oh, hi, Bobby.
How you doing?

Oh, Mikey.
Who's the dog?

And this is Shane.

Don't worry,
he's housebroken.

But they're not.


As it turned out,

we didn't have
to stay there too long

because about
a month after we got there,
he entered our lives.

Oh, Jack.

Mom liked him right away.

After she'd
known him for a while,

she said that
he was the answer
to all her prayers.

I want those 2 top cards.
Keep me in.

Ok, you guys remember
what I told you.
Cover up.

All right.


We called him the king,
because that's what
he liked to be called.

Here's a cold one.

Thanks, mom.
That looks good.

He's fixing the bike
you broke, mom.

Come on, Bobby,
blow! Blow!
Make a wish!

Come on, Bobby.
Come on, sweetheart.

Come on.

Blow, Bobby.

All right, Bobby!

Wow, a radio flyer!

Do you like it?

You do?

Thanks, mom.

I thought
you would like it.

I love it. Whoa!

Happy birthday, Bobby.


Ride 'em in, cowboys!


Hey, I can't see a thing!

It was at a carnival where,
for the first time,

I knew there was
something different
about my brother.

I could tell
by the look in his eyes
that night

that he knew

about a special, secret thing
that all kids know.

Only, he knew more.

A lot more.

Are you sure
it's in the right one?

Here you go.
Yeah, that's right.

Ok, look.
See this?
You close that up.

It's just like
a safety pin.

That's it.

Ok, here, pick that up.

There, now,
let me cast it out there
for you.

You wanna bring it back.

Let it go at about
one o'clock. Bingo!

Whoa! That was far.

Not bad, huh?
That's a good cast.

Here you go.
Whose turn is it?

It's Bobby's.

Ok, here you go.

Here we go. All right.
You're gonna catch a big one.

All right.

Reel it in,
but don't pull
too hard now.

Hey, you got one!

Hey, I got one!
I got one!

Wow! Whoa!

Reel it in! Reel it in!

Come on, hurry.
Push it and pull.
It's a honker!

Reel it in slow.
Nice and easy.

Don't pull too hard.
Don't pull too hard.

I got it.

Come on, reel it in.

Come on,
reel it in. Here.

Reel it in
nice and easy.
Come on!

Don't pull so hard.
You bent it too much.


God damn it, Bobby!

What the hell's
the matter with you?

I told you
not to pull so hard,
didn't I?

Didn't I, huh?

What's the matter?
You deaf or just stupid?

Hey, I'm talking to you.
Listen to me.

Oh, knock it off,
or I'll really give you
something to cry about.

That was a $5 lure,
for Christ's sake.

All right.
All right. Here.

Here, use mine.

I'll set you up
with a new lure
on this one.

Remember, the good fish
wait for no man, right?

Right? Huh?

We never told mom
about that day.

And that bothered me a lot.

Comb that hair back for you.

Get you to look like
a real man here. Ok.

Look at you.
Look at this hair.

I now pronounce you
man and wife.

You may kiss the bride.


In the summer of 1969,
we moved to the suburbs

where everybody
had a house, a car,
and 2-and-a-half kids.

So we figured
we fit in really good

because with Shane,
that's exactly what we were.

Check this out.
Hi! Ask who they are.

Hey, who are you?

Yeah, who are you anyway?

What happened
to Tom and Scott?

Who's that?
The marshalls.

But the king bought the house
from a family
named the marshalls.

And there were 2 boys
about our ages

living in it
when it got sold.

They kicked out
the marshalls?

Hey, they kicked out
the marshalls.

Me and Bobby
never kicked anyone
out of anywhere.

But for some reason,
the rest of the kids

on the block
always said we did.

Come on.

Come on,
out of the way.

We need the key.

Yes, the key!
Watch out, Shane.

Give me a kiss.
I love you guys.
I love you guys.

It was there,
when all of mom's prayers
were just about answered,

when everything seemed
like it was going to be happy

and good
for the rest of our lives,

that it really all began.

Ok, but he's cute.

It's official now.
It's sold. It's sold.

It's official now.
Great, Jack.
It's official.


Yes, it's ours!

Hey, hi, welcome
to the neighborhood.

How y'all doing?


Come on, let's go.


Hi, guys.

What's your name?

I'm Mike and that's Bobby.

This is our dog, Shane.

Hi, how do you do?

I'm Jim daugherty from
the sheriff's office.

Hi, I'm Mary MacKenzie.

If you need anything,
come on over.


Come on! Come on!

I'm coming.

Mom, can me and
Bobby go exploring?

Is your room put away?
Is your room put away?

We'll check.

That's what I thought.




Mike, get me out of here.

Get out. Get out.
Come on.

Come on, let's go!

We checked. It's clean.

Are you kidding me?

You've only been
in there for 27 seconds.

Mikey, Bobby, come on.

All right!

Don't scratch it.


I bet there's some
secret entrances.

The Marshall kids
must have built it
as a fort. Anything?

No, nothing.

Come on, Bobby. Come on.
This must be it.

Shane, don't go
in there! No!



It's a turtle.

That's what I
was going to say.


Look at that chain.

He must have busted it
and climbed
into the clubhouse.

We gotta name him.

Yeah, but what?


Good one, Shane. Samson.

Samson? Why?

Hey, stay back.

'Cause he was so strong
to break the chain.

Yeah, yeah, great! Samson.
Welcome to the family.

Back in your
old home, Samson.

Carefully put him down.

1, 2, 3.

3. Oh!


Hey, what's that?

Hey, look at this, Bobby.

This board's loose.


Well, it's a...a coffee can.



Nothing in here.
Oh, wait. Wait.

It's a bank.

Nothing else under here
but a bunch of spiders.

Ah, darn, it's empty.

Hey, Bobby, we can stash
money in this thing.

Don't tell
anybody about this, ok?

I swear. Pinkie promise.


I'm telling you,

you're not supposed
to pick your nose.

Your brains will fall out.

Will not.

Will so.

You'll make
a hole in your head

and your brains
will fall out.

Will not.

Oh, yeah?
Let's go ask mom.

Ok, let's ask her.


* lay across
my big brass bed *

* whatever colors you have

* in your mind

* I'll show them to you

* and you'll see them shine

* lay, lady, lay


Mom, the room's clean.
Clothes are
washed and folded.

Fed Samson and Shane.

Picked the poop up.
And the grass is watered.



Yes, mom?

I want you to be back here
before your dad gets home.

And I have to work
double shifts
all summer long,

so I don't want
you out too late.



Yes, mom, what is it?


Oh, mom.

I love you.

We love you, too, mom.

Hi, how are you?



Before anybody ever grows up,
there are magical things,

impossible for adults,
that can still happen.

The reason these things
are lost to
the grown-up world is simple.

In the quick second
between the age of 12
and your 13th birthday,

the great secrets to them all
are replaced in your mind

with thoughts of
the opposite sex.

Say, "uncle."
Say, "uncle."

Uncle. Uncle.


There are 7 of these lost
secret fascinations
and abilities.

They are:
That animals can talk.

Your favorite blanket
is woven from
a fabric so mighty

that once pulled
over your head,

it becomes
an impenetrable force field.



Nothing is too heavy to lift,
with the aid of a cape.

Mikey, you did it.
You did it. Wow!

Your hand,
held forefinger out

and thumbs up,
actually fires bullets.


Jumping from any height
with an umbrella
is completely safe.


Bobby! Bobby!

Hey, you ok?

I did it, Mike. I did it.
I flew.

Monsters exist,
that can both be seen
and done battle with.

1, 2, 3!

And the greatest,
most special and
regrettable loss of all:

The ability to fly.

From what we'd heard around
about that kid Fisher,

and what he'd done 10 years
before we'd moved
into the neighborhood,

we knew the second we saw it.

That must be the place.

Truly. Could be killed.

That's why they
called that kid Fisher
a legend,

because he did
the greatest thing
anybody's ever heard of.

He wasn't that great.

What do you mean?

He got killed, didn't he?
No, he didn't.

Yeah, he did.
No, he didn't.

Yeah, he did.
Look at that jump.

You know, at the barn?

It's a long way down,
probably 2 miles.

Probably did a good try.

He just did it wrong.

We should do
an expedition up there.

Yeah, it's probably
cool up there.

Not today, though.

Yeah, not today.

Nah, too busy.

We will


Please, help.



Please, don't. Help.



Bobby. Bobby. Bobby.

No. No, don't! Don't!
Please stop.

No, don't do it! Stop.

Oh, my god. Bobby.

Bobby, it's me.

It's me, Bobby.

Oh, what happened?
Oh, what happened
to your back?

Oh, god.

Don't you ever
tell mom, Mike.

Don't you ever.

I promise.


What was the dream?

What was the nightmare about?

You swear you won't tell mom?


The king, he was chasing me
and I couldn't get away.

Did he do that to your back?

Why didn't you
tell me earlier?

I was afraid you'd tell mom.

She's happy now.

At that moment,
I realized that Bobby
was my responsibility.

I had to think up
some way to help him.

I made sure we left our house
when the sun came up,

and we never went home
till just after dark.

That way,
Bobby could avoid
the king all day.

So we spent all our
time expeditioning.


Come on. Come on. Come on.
Come here.

Come here, frog. Come here.
Whoa! Here's one.

Ok, we got one.

Ok, we got 2, you mean.

Open it for me, will you?
Open it for me.

Mike, Mike, Mike!


We knew we were
in trouble instantly,

the way kids always know
they're in for it

when bigger kids
appear in front of them.

It's a sixth sense
that you never lose.

And we knew
we were as good as dead.

You're dead.
You're both dead.


Hey, we're the only ones
who can catch frogs.

you need Victor's permission
to go in the pipe.

You need Victor's permission
for everything
around here, sissies.

It ain't your pipe.

You're both dead.

All right. Hey, man,
tell your mutt
to stay there, man.

He ain't a mutt.
He's a killer
German Shepherd attack dog.

And if you move any closer,
he'll kill you.

Ok, man,
just tell him to cool down.

Tell him to stay there,
all right?

Say, "please."

Say, "pretty please."

Kiss my butt.


Ok, Shane. Kill!

You're dead meat.
Dead as a doornail.

Good boy, Shane.
Good going.

Yeah. Huh.

Come on.

Hi, guys.
Hi, mom.

What's cooking?



Guys, who stepped in
what here?

It wasn't me.
Me, either.

Where were you?

We were exploring.



That is just disgusting!

It's perfect.
Ok, come on.
Big boys first.

Mom. Mom, I can
do it myself.

Come on.
I'll help you.
You're first.

I can do it myself.
Come on.

I can do it myself.

Come on.
Oh, Michael.

You guys are nuts!

I have no time for games.

I have to go to work.

I can't believe you guys!

Finish your baths.

All filthy clothes
in the wash.

I'm going to work.

Thanks, Mike.

Hi, honey. Good night.
Goodbye. I love you.

It's coming down.
It's coming down.

I know. I know.


It's alive.
He's moving. He's alive.

It's alive! It's alive!
It's alive!

It's alive!

In the name of god! Life!

* I found the sweetest one
me-oh-my-oh *

* son of a gun, we'll have
big fun on the bayou *

Hey, what are you doing up?
Go to bed.

Go to bed.

Not you.
Bobby, come here.

Mikey, you go to bed.
Bobby, come here.

But I want to...

go to bed!
Come here, Bobby.

Come here!

What did I tell you?
What did I tell you?

Why don't you listen to me?

Why don't you ever listen
to what i'm
telling you to do?

Get to bed,
you little son of a bitch!

We can't stay up
so late anymore.


Are you real?


Touch my nose.

But how did you get here?

The window was open.

it's getting worse.

Why is this
happening to Bobby
and not to me?

Because Bobby
cannot fight back.

But you can.
You have to help him.

But I don't know what to do.

I can't tell mom.
I can't tell anyone.

I can't break
my promise to him.

Keep your promise

but listen to Bobby.

Bobby already has the answer.

It is for you
to help him find it.

Good night, Michael.

Good night, Bobby.

Good night, buffalo.

The dream had given me
a strength,

a sudden sense of purpose.

Hey, look, a house!

Oh, cool! Wow!



You ok? Open her up.
Open her up.




An engine!

Like from an airplane
or a grass cutter.

You mean a lawn mower.

Yeah. Groovy.

But, Mike,
how do we get it?

Well, we don't.

Well, we shouldn't, anyway.

Come on, Shane.
It ain't ours.

Mike, it's been in there
a million years.

The owner's probably dead.

Yeah, probably.

Wait a sec.
What do we need it for?

Don't know yet.



Oh, no! The flyer!

Shane, get it!

Hurry up, Mike.
It's trying to get away.

Get it, Shane!

Come on, Shane! Get it!

Whoa! Whoa!
Not too fast.

Come on.

Would you just wait, Mike?


"Fisher's landing."

We finally got
up enough nerve
to climb that big hill.

We called the top
the wishing spot

because we reasoned
that god would have
to hear a wish

made that close to heaven.

And we made a lot
of wishes up there,

but mostly just one:
For the king to
stop hitting Bobby.

Although he always
started again after a while,

at the times
we made those wishes,
he always stopped.

So we knew, beyond a doubt,
that the wishing spot worked.

It was just a little
too far away from heaven
for god to hear them all.

God did hear a certain wish
that Bobby made
a thousand times up there.

And I never even knew he did.

One day, we discovered a part
of how that wish
would come true.

It was in the biggest...

...yard I've ever seen.


I think it's a golf course.

There can't be
very many of them.

Otherwise, they'd
take up the whole world.



Why are those guys
hitting those balls
into the water?

I don't think
they're doing it
on purpose.


Yeah, there must be
11 million balls out there.

Oh, shit.

Hey, that gives me an idea.

Yeah, what?

It was money.
I didn't know how
it was gonna help,

but I knew that
we were better off

if we had some
than if we didn't.

Get your golf balls.
30 cents apiece.

2 for a quarter.

So we collected
as much as we possibly could.

I've got 8 of them, guys.

8 of them?

All right!

$2. Money up.

Here you go. 1, 2...

There you go,
right there.
Thank you very much.

Thanks, boys.

Thanks a lot.

You bet.
That's how many
I lost today.

Oh, here.
Oh, mister.

Sir, you want some golf balls?
30 cents apiece.

That's $3.

$4, $5, $6, $7, $8, $9.



Hey, hey, hey, hey!
What are you doing?

That's a brand-new ball.
Hey, whose dog is that?

It's not our dog.

Look, $10.
I know.


Put it in.

Wait. Wa-wait.

From this time on,

Mike and Bobby,
who know the contents

of the secret
hiding cubbyhole place

will never, ever,
even if they are
tortured to death,

ever tell anyone
who asks or don't ask

what is inside
the secret cubbyhole place,
and where it is.

Pinkie promise.

I swear. Amen.



4, 8, 12, 14,

15, 16, 17, 18. Ok, boys.

Hey, thanks. Thanks, buddy.

Then it's 19.

19. Ok.

There was 19, right?
Ok, 19.

Hey, groovy!


That's...that's 20, right?



Wow, we're millionaires!

Oh, what are we
gonna get with it?


We can't spend any of it.

Promise we won't, Mike.

Ok, Bobby.

Don't worry. We won't.

I still didn't know what
Bobby knew, but I felt it.

And I knew that whatever
I wanted to spend it on

was nothing
compared to what Bobby
was going to need it for.

When we were kids,
there were still

plenty of things
to be afraid of.

Because, in those days,

there were no video games
and no computers.

Monsters still existed,
because they hadn't
yet been rounded up

and made to live
only in electronic games
or on floppy disks.

...his dog. Watch it.

Of course, Bobby and me
believed in all
the regular monsters

like Frankenstein
and the 50 foot woman.

But we didn't
totally fear them.

Back then,
they just made movies.


Mostly, it was only
one particular monster
we feared,

and we couldn't
get rid of him.


The best way to be sure
you didn't fall prey

to any of those
ultimate bad guys

was not to summon them
into the world.

Ouija board,

is there really a bigfoot?

I'm not moving it. Are you? must be doing it.

Well, I ain't.

The window.

I don't believe
in this stuff, do you?

Yeah, yeah, it's just a game.

Let's go check anyway.

I don't think so, though.

I...i don't believe
in this stuff.

Wait for me.


1, 2, 3.

The ad promised that
it was a 100 percent,

positively guaranteed
anti-monster potion.

Or your money back.

Offer void where
prohibited by law.

City and state.

Novato, California.

Thank you.


Perfect. All right,
let's go mail it. Come on.

The board had told US that

the anti-monster potion
would work,

but it didn't tell US
that it would get there
just a little too late.

Want to go to
the airport today

And see that plane
that we saw yesterday?

Yeah, that was fun.

Here you go, buddy.


Let's get it in
before she sees it.

Why did he do it, Mike?
Why did he do it?

Who knows?

Come on,
let's clean this up.

Your new shirt.

It's all right.

Here, you hold this.

What is it, Shane?

What's the matter, Shane?

What you barking at?

Having a yard sale?

Your dog can't
save you now, sissies.

That's right.

Run, Bobby.

Let's get them.

Get off me!

Let go of my brother!

Leave my brother alone!

Leave my brother alone!

I told you to
leave my brother alone!

Hold it!

You ok?

What's going on here?

We didn't do anything.
They started it.

Oh, they did?

They started, not US.

You're just minding
your own business?


All right, come on,
come on, get out of here.

Get your bikes
and go on home

before I call
all your parents.

Come on, Victor.

Move out! Move!
Pick it up. Come on.
Come on, come on.

You all right, Victor?

Come on. We gonna get you
out of here.

He told US to get our bikes.

You're dead meat!

We're coming back!

Just wait till next time,
you little pukes.

I'm gonna get you, Mike!

You boys all right?

Yes, sir.

Are we in trouble?

Are you in...

What? Come here.

Are you in trouble? No,
you're not in any trouble.

Did you make this mess
on the lawn?


If you didn't, who did?

I don't know.

You boys need some help?

No, sir.

We have to clean up now,
before he gets home.


if you need me, I'll be here.

Yeah, thanks.

Thank you.

Mike, Mike.

We got it. Look!

Bobby, yeah!

You guys sure
you're gonna be all right?

Yeah, we're gonna
be all right now.

Yes, sir!


"One Thorn, newt's eyes,

"bat's wings, one potato bug,

"locust guano,

"bull sweetbreads,
magma from hell,

brain of zombie."

"Locust guano."


"Guanine. Guano."

"Man-manure of sea birds."

Manure. Manure.
Manure. Manure!

Manure, poop! Samson's poop!

"Newt's eyes,
newt's eyes."


What are bull sweetbreads?

Don't know. Skip it.


"Brain of zombie."

Hamburger meat.
That should do it.

Oh, yuck.

Oh, this is disgusting.

There we go.

I gotta go
to the bathroom.

I think I'll watch
some t.V.


Hey, I just saw a ghost.

Was he a fat one?

That was me!

Take it easy, now.

Stand back. Whoo!

It's a bomb! Stand back.

Stand back or I'll mail you
to the undertaker!

Come here. I mean it.
I mean it!

Oh, shut it off!
Shut it off!

It didn't work! Ah!

Holy crap.

Oh, my god.

Mike, if he gets home first...

maybe not.

Maybe mom will get home first
and she'll help US.

Watch out!

That's it.

Hey, what are you doing?


we gotta save
some to protect US
if he gets home first.

You're right. Come on,
I'll give you a hand.

Oh, Shane!

Oh, out, Shane!

Out! Now!

Out! There!

It won't be that bad.

Not for you.

I'll hide this cord.
It won't be so bad.

For you, either.
Not if he can't
find old trusty

way in the back.

Think he'll find it?

No way.

Thanks, Mike.

* goodbye, Joe, me gotta go,
me-oh-my-oh *

* me gotta go
pole the pirogue *

It was the only time
in our lives

that we were ever glad

that he went into the garage
to get drunk.

There's only one way
he'll never find out.

The wishing spot.


When we took mom
to the wishing spot once,

she said she thought
it was pretty
and had a nice view.

We knew that she had no idea
of its true power.

That day, we wished
the king never find out
about the mess we made.

He never did.



How come he does it?
How come he drinks?

I guess beer means
more to him than we do.


Yeah, I guess
that makes sense.

By design, a younger
brother is a tagalong.

You're a little bigger,
a little stronger

only because you were born
2 years earlier.

So you're always looking back
to see if he's still there

and always
embarrassed of him

in front of all
of your bigger friends.

Duck, Bobby. Duck.

Here we are! Hey, Mike.

We're gonna go play
some football. Wanna come?

Come on, Mikey. Let's go.

Yeah, let's go!

We need another player.

Yeah, come on.

Come on, let's go!

They're only saying...

maybe not.

Maybe they want to
be friends with me.

We need an extra player.
Let's go, Mikey.

Yeah, come on. Come on.

Come on. Come on, Mike.

You don't know.
They could be cool.

You don't know.


just stay here,
ok, Bobby?

We need you, man.

You're too young.

Stay here.


Here, you can have my pez.

Mike, come on.

Come on, man.

Burn out. Let's go!
Burn some rubber.

Come on.
Beat you there.

No, Shane. Just let him go.


* and I'm nobody's sugarbaby

* 'cause I'm so lonesome

* I got the lovesick blues

Let's go!

Come on,
this is gonna be lots of fun
when we get there.

Come on, Mikey!

Mike, ever played
kill the carrier?

Yeah, sure.

Sure? Ok,
this is how it goes:

Ok, bikes are free.

If you get through,
you're safe.

If you get there.

* goodbye, Joe, me gotta go,
me-oh-my-oh *

* me gotta go
pole the pirogue *

* down the bayou

* my Yvonne, the sweetest one,
me-oh-my-oh *

* son of a gun,
we gonna have big fun *

* jambalaya and a crawfish pie
and fillet gumbo *

* 'cause tonight I'm gonna see
my ma Cher amio *

* pick guitar,
fill fruit jar and be gay-o *

* son of a gun,
we'll have big fun *

* on the bayou

No, it's not fair!

Now you're bleeding,
huh, little sissy?

Get up. Come on.

Hey, guys, I think
this is not the way
we play it where I come from.

Too bad. Get him, guys.

* my Yvonne, the sweetest one,
me-oh-my-oh *


Damn it! Jesus Christ.

* jambalaya and a crawfish pie
and fillet gumbo *



Where are you, Bobby?


* son of a gun,
we'll have big fun *

* on the bayou

What the hell's
the matter with you?

Didn't you
think I'd miss this?

What were thinkin' about,
puttin' that in there?

What were thinkin' about?

What's the matter with you?

What do I have to do
to teach you, Bobby?



Get him.
He's gonna get away.

You made it.
Mikey, you made it.


Hey, Victor,
leave him alone.

Hey, man,
that's enough!

I did it, man!

You better run,
you damn cheater.

What the heck
are you talkin' about?

Got a problem
with that?

Yeah. Now it's yours.

All right, Mike!

All right, Mikey!

Get out of here, man.

Get out of here, man.
Go! Go!

Hey, man, you should
start wearing a cup.

Hey, Bobby. Bobby. Bobby.

Bobby, Bobby.

I did it again, Bobby.

I got him in
the you-know-what...

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.

Oh, god,

please make him all right.

God, please.

Please make it
that he'll be ok.

I'm sorry, Shane.
I'm so sorry.

I know
I shouldn't have left him.

Oh, Shane, oh!

I promise I'll never,
never leave him again.


I'm so sorry
he did this to you.

I promise this will
never happen again.

He's in jail.

It's gonna be all right, mom.

Don't worry.

Mom, can I talk
to Mike for a minute?


Is Shane all right?

Did he find
the secret hiding place?

No, it's still there.


It won't be long now.
I can feel it.

For what?

I can't tell you yet,

but it won't be long.


Take your man, that's it.
I go. I go.

One, one. I'm out. I'm out.
Go ahead, go, go, go.

I'll get it.

No, no, I'll get it.
I'll get it.

I'll get it.

Oh, man! Oh, man!



Yes, this is she.

I, 2, 3, 4.

No, i...i can't hear you.
Just a minute.

Yes, I'll pay the charges.

When did it happen?

I see.

I'm sorry to hear
about your mother, Jack.

It sounded like the king.

What's he want?

Don't know,
but it was bad news.

I can't handle it.

It's ok, mom.

Mom, it's...
it's gonna be ok.

It's gonna be all right.
Don't cry.

Please, mom.

Mom, mommy,

mom, listen.

Mom, mom,
mom, mom, look.


Can't you see
I'm on the phone?

Go to your room!

It's bedtime, anyway.
Go to your room...

but, mom,
the sun's still out.

just leave me alone.

I'm sorry, boys.

Go to your room for now.
Good night.



No. They said no.

They said they're going
to repossess your truck.

You haven't paid up
in the last 2 weeks,
they don't care.

I don't know.

I have to go now.

He's coming back, Mike.

It's not mom's fault,

but he's coming back.




I could be
one of those girls.

No, you're prettier
than them, mom.

I bet they make
more money.

Yeah, I'm sure they do.
They're on television.

I got it.
I'll get it.

And now,
ladies and gentlemen...




I got you a couple
of presents. I'm sorry.

I think you boys
should go to your rooms, ok?

Oh, god, I'm sorry, Mary.
I'm so sorry.

Mom had said
he was never coming back.

But here he was,
bringing presents,
saying he was sorry.

We thought he was in jail,

but he'd got out
on a temporary release

so he could attend
his mother's funeral.

We heard him cry,

tell mom that
he had changed,

that he would
never drink again,
that he was sorry,

that he loved US,

and especially her.

We knew that it had not only
been the drinking

that had caused him
to act the way he had,

but we'd never
heard a man cry before.

It shocked US.

We guess that
it shocked mom, too.

We knew that
she still needed him.

We were too young
then to understand

about how a man and a woman
loved one another.

How because of that love,

they can believe
all sorts of things

about the other person
that are just not true.

But we did understand

that mom was faced with
about the hardest decision
she ever had to make.

Don't get any
on you, now.

2 for US, please.

How many?
2, please.

Thank you.

How many?

While I watched Sinbad
do battle

with the massive,
irate, 2-headed chicken
of colossa island,

my mind started
putting together

all the important things
we discovered that summer.

You see, in those days,

because they
never made you leave
after the movies were over,

we saw 2 movies 12 times.


Hey, grandpa, come back!

Look out!

Daddy, daddy, daddy!


He made it. Yes.

It's fantastic!

It was then,
during the 10th show,

when I saw that look
in Bobby's eyes again,

that I got the greatest,
scariest, biggest,

most dangerous
and incredible idea

any kid, in the history
of all time, ever got.

That's when I got...

"The big idea."
That's what I'm callin' it

because it's
so huge and dangerous.

Hey, Bobby.


Who was the greatest flyer
of all time?

The red baron, of course.

What color is it?

Oh, red.

What's it say
on the side?

"Radio flyer."

Radio flyer.


Radio flyer.

Thanks, Mike.

Told you it wouldn't be long.

It's all for the big idea.

These struts
have to be stronger.

Is the tail as big
as that one?

Up here?

Don't forget
the top support.

See, that's the main support,
the Cox motors.

Using the king's tools
was suicide.

He'd kill US
just for touching them.

Besides that,
he could be coming home
at any minute.

Where's the bikes?

Got it.

Be careful.

Don't just
put it there.

$5, right there. Thanks.


Yeah! Thanks a lot.

Hey, cool.

All right!

Look at this one.

It turned out that
the guy who owned

the lawn mower engine
was dead.

So it wasn't like
stealing or anything.

We just claimed it

in the name of
the United States of America.

Come on, Shane,
hurry up. Hurry.

Come on.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Not too fast!

Slow down, will you?

Ok, I think
it's gonna make it.

Come on. Come on.

Come on. Start, start.

All right.
I'll get the propeller.

I'll get it.

Ok, come on.

All right, it's gonna work.

Let 'er rip.

It ain't as easy as it looks.

Damn thing. Come on.

Oh, man.


It's going! It's going!
It's going!

It stopped again.

It's balanced.
Keep it steady.



Oh, darn.

Come on!


Start the Cox.

Groovy, yes!
Yes! It works.

Yeah, you got it.

It's gotta go.

It's still going.
It's still going.

It's going.
It's going.

I think it's gonna
make it!

It's gonna make it!
It's gonna make it!

It's not stopping. All right.
All right, Bobby!


It took 6 days
to build the flyer.

Ok, let's close her up.

But on the 7th day,
we were done.

So we planned
to go in 2 days.

Oh, oh,
good morning, Shane.


Shane, get 'em! Go. Go!

Come on, hurry!

Shane, get 'em!

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.

Watch out, dude!
We'll get you.

Bobby, they're trying
to bust into the clubhouse.

Good morning, boys.

There's no milk.

Use some orange juice.

I don't like
orange juice.

Boys, tell me,
what happened out back?

Nothin'. Some kids wanted
to get into the clubhouse,
that's all.


Oh, why did they
want to get in there?

Uh, I don't know.

You don't know?

Could it have
anything to do

with what you're
buildin' in there?

Look, don't worry.
I didn't peek.

I don't know
what's going on in there.

Just that if it's difficult
and you need a hand,

m-maybe you could wait until,
uh, your dad gets back...

I-It's ok.

We don't need any help.


Guys, come here a sec.

I want to talk to you.


It's gonna be different,
you know.

Um, everything's gonna be ok.

I promise. I wish
you'd please believe me.

W-We believe you, mom.


We do.

Don't be late for school,
and don't forget your lunch.


I love you, mom.

I love you, too, sweetheart.

We had worked
as fast as we could,

but it wasn't fast enough.

The king came home
2 days early,

before even mom
expected him back.


They took my side views.

Damn it! God damn it!


My stomach hurts.

Well, why don't you
throw out your sandwich?


Mine doesn't
feel good, either.

Can we run home?


We should go home, Mike.

I know,
but we gotta get...

no, something is wrong.
My stomach hurts.

We should go home right now.

Yeah, you're right.

My pain is
getting worse, too.







Where are you, Shane?



Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!


Oh, god.

Hey, you guys, ahem,

don't ever touch
my tools again.

Put those side views
back on my bike.

Oh, Shane.



Is he ok?

He's alive.

you have to go tonight.

I know.
He's coming with me.

Oh, Shane.

Shane had risked his life

to stop the king
from finding the flyer.

It was only right that
he go with Bobby that night.


Dear mom,

me and Bobby went
to the wishing spot
with the radio flyer.

I will be back, but Bobby


Please don't get mad.

Oh, we took Samson
and Shane, too.

Your son, Mike.


6:45. Let's go.

No other kids
in the history of the world

had ever had a better idea.

And if they did,
they never built it.

The radio flyer
was going to soar.

Suddenly it
became clear to me

why Bobby always got
those faraway looks
in his eyes

whenever he looked
at the radio flyer.

He had known
something I didn't.

He had known
the true potential
of the wagon.

He could see right
through the metal of it

and imagine the way
it should have been.

See, it wasn't just
the bright red paint,

or the logo that
was written on it

so it looked like
the words were gonna fly
right off the sides.

It was what
the wagon represented.

It meant escape.

Who the king of terrors
couldn't see,

who he couldn't look
into the soul of,

and who he couldn't
get his hands on

he couldn't hurt.

Bobby was going away

to faraway places
where the king could
never hurt him again.

That was what
the flyer was for.

And that pretty much
was the big idea.

* how come you treat me
like a worn out shoe *

* my hair's still curly
and my eyes are still blue *

* why don't you love me
like you used to do *

* ain't had no lovin'
like a huggin' and a kissin' *

God damn it!

* we don't get nearer
or further or closer *

* than a country mile

Fill her up, please.

With super.

If there's anything
left of her halfway down,

you got a chance.

At the bottom,
just before you grab air,

ease off. Don't pull up.
You'll stall out.

The angle's too great.

You got it?


Fish, telephone.



Good luck, kid.

Fisher's flight had been
doomed from the beginning

because he tried it way after
he lost all the knowledge

of the 7 great
abilities and fascinations.

You see, he was 14.

Here you go.
This one's on the house.

Pick it up, Shirley.

It's kind of slow.

Why don't one of you
go home?

I'll stay.

Oh, yeah. Thanks.



It's been swell.

Good night, Mary.


Gosh, she's beautiful.

She's amazing.

* me gotta go
pole the pirogue *

* down the bayou

* my Yvonne, the sweetest one,
me-oh-my-oh *

I told those guys
to stay off of that hill.

Too risky. Better wait
till they all take off.


Mike! Bobby!

What's going on here?

Answer me. I'm home. Hello?


* 'cause tonight I'm gonna see
my ma Cher amio *

oh, come on.

* pick guitar,
fill fruit jar and be gay-o *

Dear mom, me and Bobby went

to the wishing spot
with the radio flyer.

I will be back,
but Bobby won't.

Please don't get mad.

Oh, we took Samson
and Shane, too.

Your son, Mike.

That's one, Bobby.

There's only
2 more to go.

Hey, hey,

you gotta get ready.
Come on.


You promised me!

You promised me!

There's stamps in there
for you to send me
the postcards.

You'd better
send them to US.

Thanks, Mike.

Mikey! Bobby!

* thibodaux, fontaineaux,
the place is buzzin' *

damn that music!

* kinfolk come to see Yvonne
by the dozen *

* dress in style

please, I need to speak
to officer daugherty
right away.

What are you doin'?

No, Mike, Mike,
that's your favorite jacket.

No, Mike, Mike,
that's your favorite jacket.

Come on.

It's yours now.
You gotta keep warm.

I want to go, too.
I want to go.

You can't.
You gotta stay home
and take care of mom.

Bobby, I'm gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss you.

I wanna be with you.

You gotta get ready.

So long, Shane. I love you.

Take care of Bobby.

Samson, be a good turtle.
Have a good ride.

Mike, the 3rd one took off.
We gotta go.

Hang on, Bobby.
I'm gonna get that rock out.

Come on!
I can't get this thing loose.

Come on!

You little son of a bitch!

No! Stop!


Free the wheel.



Hang on, Bobby!

Start it, Mike! Start it!

Bobby, hang on!
Hang on!

I got it!

Pull the cord!

I got it!

I love you, Mike.

I love you, Bobby.
I love you.

Mike, I'm in the slot.
Do you read me?
Do you read me?

Bobby, Bobby.

Can you hear me?

I'm in the slot, Mike!


Mike, I'm falling.
She's going down.

Do you read me?

listen to me.
The Cox engines.

The auxiliaries,
the thing above your head.

Pull it, now!


Mike, I'm flying!
I'm flying!

He's flying. You're flying,
Bobby. I knew it, Bobby.

I knew it.

I'm trying to turn her, Mike,
but there's a lot of wind.

Bobby, I see you.

right over the airport.

Mike, can you hear me?

Take care of Shane.
Take care of mom.

Goodbye, Mike.
I love you.

Goodbye, Bob.



Where's Bobby?

You're done.


Mikey, where's Bobby?

Mike, where...
where's your brother?


where's your brother?


What? Michael,
where is he?

He made it, mom.
He made it.

What are you talking about?

He's gone, mom.

He's gone.

Where is he?

Like Bobby said,
it's gonna be ok now.

He's safe.

He's ok now.

However many times
I tried explaining to mom
what had happened,

being grown up,
she could never recapture

the frame of mind needed
to really understand.

But being our mom,
she never stopped looking.

Never, that is,

until the day I ran home
from school

and all her fears and worries
were laid to rest.

The day I got
the first postcard.

Mom, mom, look!


Look, mom!

Mom. Mom, look. Look.


It came, mom.
It came.

Dear mom and Mike,
I am fine.

I hope you are, too.
The flyer works great.

I scared the buffalo,
flying too low.

But Geronimo bill was nice.

I love you. Bobby.

I told you, mom.
I told you he'd write.

Time passed, and I grew up,
and I went to college.

But I never
completely lost all knowledge

of the 7 great
abilities and fascinations.

Every time I felt them
slipping away,

I got another postcard.

Bobby traveled
all over the world

and visited places
we dreamed about visiting
when we were kids.

You see,
in time, he grew up to be

exactly what
he was born to be:

A flyer.

Do you guys understand
what I meant

about history
being in the mind
of the teller now?

I think so.




'Cause that's
how I remember him.

Dad, can we
ask you a question?

Yeah, sure.

Is that where we got Samson?


Yeah, that's right.

That's exactly
where we got him.

Really? You promise?
You pinkie promise?

I pinkie promise.

You see,

that's what makes a promise
such a big deal.

Once you make it,
it'll last forever.