Radio Arrow (1998) - full transcript

Five friends Freccia, Bruno, Tito, Jena and Boris are very keen on music but they live in a little town in northern Italy and spend most of their days at the local bar. They decide to set up an independent radio which soon becomes the voice of a generation. When Freccia dies from an overdose the radio takes his name.

I won't repeat it anymore.
Life is not perfect.

Lives in movies are perfect.
Beautiful or ugly, but perfect.

In movie lives,
there are no dead times. EVER.

And you know something
about dead times, don't you?

Finally this fucking radio is closing.

It's Livio. I wanted to say that I've been
going thorugh a shitty time lately.

Too bad Radiofreccia is closing,
it was helping me, really.

Hi, it's Sonia. Will anyone of you
go work at some other station?

Can you tell us, please?

It's your fault if you're shutting down.
You've become too commercial.

Actually it's a long time since I last listened.
Now I'm told you're closing,

so I wanted to say goodbye to Radiofreccia.
The old one, I mean. The one that was.

It's Guido Bellelli.
Boys, you've been just great.

One could feel you were free, you had no
obligations to music majors and sponsors.

You reminded me the first days
when you were called Radio Raptus.

The age of free radio---

Me again... sorry.
Wanted to finish telling my stuff.

When they called radio free radio...

And I wanted to ask: tomorrow you'd turn 18.
So why close today?

You don't want her to become an adult?
Cheers to Bruno and---

It's Linda.
We'll miss you a lot, that's all.

Ah, this evening I'll be at Plutonio too.

We wanted to say just one thing
to Radiofreccia...

(Blows Raspberry)

Finally this fucking station is closing.

It's Gibbo. I'm terribly sorry you're closing.

I wanted to say that
this evening I'm coming to Plutonio.

Speaking of which, now that you're closing,
will you tell us why her name is Radiofreccia?

Hi everybody, Bruno Iori speaking.

It's 10 p.m.
on June 20th, 1993.

Two hours, we've got two hours left
until Radiofreccia's signal goes dead forever.

The last two hours, then,
of this radio of ours,

so small it never even covered
the whole province.

Though I know that for some of you
it's never really been small.

Two hours of complete freedom.
No obligation to anyone, except you.

I want to answer your last messages.

Speaking of messages, we received a bunch of
letters with cash, bank cheques, money orders.

Well boys, thanks, but we can't accept them.

We're not closing because of money.
This station is closing because it's time!

94.3, you're on the only station in history
closing a minute before turning 18.

18 years ago... it was '75.

Many things were different.
Us, for example.

We were 18 to 20 years old and
we did radio to make our voices heard.

There were no sponsors,
so it was all simpler.

It's not that we always had big things to say,
but it was our own voice.

And we were putting it everywhere.
In people's stores,

in their factories, in pubs.
Speaking of pubs...

I'm sure at this very moment
two or three idiots in a pub I know well

have taken their handkerchiefs out
and are pretending they're moved.

Be jerks as much as you want, but you saw
the birth of this station and you'll miss her.

I was saying...
It was 1975.

At that time FM radios could be
counted on the fingers of one hand.

Here in town the people who got high
had a first name, surname and nickname.

And those first names, surnames and nicknames
could be counted on one hand too.

One of these
first names, surnames and nicknames

was Ivan Benassi, aka Freccia [Arrow]

because of an arrow-shaped birthmark
he had on a temple.

The radio station was called Radio Raptus,

and became Radiofreccia
the day they found him in a ditch.

He'd been there a while
and it was up to one of us to identify him.

Now, I don't know if any of you have
been through anything like that,

but there's a time you give up.

It's the time when...
that's really him.

Then it stops scaring you
because you go through another bad time.

You know you won't see him ever again.

The guys with him were caught
because his circle wasn't that big.

He was dead
before they realised he'd overdosed

and they panicked
and threw him in the ditch.

They got a few months
for concealing a corpse and negligence.

Freccia's was
one of the best funerals in town.

The band played
"Can't Help Falling In Love",

the song Elvis closed his concerts with.

One, two, three, four...

You've always been a cuckold, Dad.
Everybody knew.

And I think you knew too.

But I understand you because...

Yeah, I don't know a thing about Freud,
or not-Freud...

but Mum, she's really hot.

I understand how you could lose
your head over someone like that.

The point is, though, that no one
could be the only one for her.

And you always closed your eyes.
"Your mum is like a cat.

"She pops up only when she wants,
she doesn't give a shit if you're in need."

How many times did you tell me that?

Remember Carlo, from the hardware store?
Mum's doing what she wants with him.

Only she took that jerk home.

I tell you all these things
because, over there,

nothing should piss you off anymore.
I hope you aren't too bored anyway.

Cheers from the pub.

The friends from the Laika pub.

Gimme a Cora!

Kingo, I don't know if you know,
but you're dressed as Elvis.

Mate, I'm not dressed as Elvis,
I'm dressed as Kingo. That's different.

You mean there are still some fools
buying your performances?

You're very ironic today, Freccia.
People are queuing outside for me.

I just finished performing
at a wedding, and the bride...

"Mr Kingo here, Mr Kingo there..."

Mr Kingo, my foot! I told her
"Stay away from me or your husband won't pay me!"

Hey, Freccia!

- Want a ticket for the lottery?
- How much?

- 3,000.
- What's the prize?

Fine stuff. English, 25.
Very experienced.

And, hey, two hours.

And what about measurements? Still 44-44-44?

Hey, buddy!
I always guarantee good stuff.

Ask anybody in here. Measurements!
Now I should take measurements?

I've got a bit of a headache, right?

No stick bashing, no rolling around
and very little noise with balls, okay?

Ever heard, you rookies,
about acoustic pollution?

No, because you never see
and you never listen to TV7.

You morons!

Congratulations on the beer,
it's nicely warm.

- Do you keep it in a thermos?
- No, I warm it over the fire just for you!

- Already discussed Inter?
- You only watch them when they win.

- You stole the match again today.
- Yeah, is that Juventus talking?

- We even choked our penalty!
- Uh, right.

Speaking of which, Virus,
this Tuesday, what are you going to eat?

Mr Virus declared...

24 dry biscuits in 4 minutes.
No drinking for 2 hours.

If it succeeds, it's 2.000 for each spectator.

If you want to book, get a move on.

All that's missing here
is that we pay to have a shit.

- Is there anything for free here?
- Crossing the doorstep, for example.

Rocker, test! One, two, three.

- Well done, Rocker.
- Adolfo, turn the volume down.

- What's that, Rai?
- Yeah, Rai. It's free radio.

- Free from what?
- Morning! You know FM?

- Radio stuff.
- Right, radio stuff with free radio inside.

- Free from what?
- Free.

You're on Radio King, from Reggio.
Only good music, only the music we want.

For requests call 581363.

- We guarantee no bad songs.
- Turn the volume down!

Ditch the attidude, buddy.
If you don't like it, there are pubs outside.

This is a beta 3.
They're just kids.

They even play soul music,
not just Wilson Pickett at Sanremo.

- How can they? You'd need a bunch of money.
- They told me it's not that.

Can you warm me up a beer?

He's the guy who could fix you up, sissies!

Guys, when he organizes these trips for us,
our friend Bruno Iori, aka... 'Bruno Iori',...

No catches. If the FM is free, a penny
transmitter, a little mixer and a mike will work...

Now cool down, Bruno,
otherwise you'll freak out.

- I've got the place as well.
- Couldn't you stay home, you, Ilaria, your radio?

No, Ilaria had to study.
Also, I know where to get an antenna.

- I like Rai as well, eh.
- We know, Jena. We know.

You read too many Spiderman comics, Freccia.

When we're finished with this bullshit
we'll go to Plutonio, shall we?

I'd like to know what
we're going to Plutonio for.

At Plutonio we try to get laid.

- Then we always go there for nothing.
- Speak for yourself, loser!

If that's the stuff, we're doing great!

- Right, he's got headphones as well.
- Bruno?

You're telling us that in there
you can only see headphones?

Two turntables.

Then it's about time you got
a check-up with a very good doctor.

What's with those egg boxes on the wall?
Do they make eggnog in there?

That's a good idea. With all those hot girls!

No, it's for the sound.
I think there's rockwool underneath.

- I wanna eat something!
- What's Virus going to eat?

Last Tuesday he ate three worms.
Then he threw one up and lost the bet.

Last evening in the pub he says
"Give me a circular saw and in a week's time

I can eat my sister's car as well!"

Speaking of sisters...
Should I tell you, Tito?

Your little sister is growing up very well.
How old is she, 12?

I can book something
in 3 or 4 years.

- What are you booking with my sister?
- Hey, you freak?

- What are you booking?
- Hey, Tito! Hey!

Hey, Tito! Enough!

You're nuts!
And people say things about southerners!

C'mon Bruno, let's go, we're done here.
Let's go down.

You're not alone in this house.

- Close the door, at least.
- If we want it.

- Well, make sure you want it.
- Or else? What are you gonna do, huh?

- What a piece of shit you are!
- Who did you call a piece of shit?

- You don't say 'piece of shit' to me, got it?
- Stop now!

- You're 20, you have a job...
- And a slut for a mother!

Damn fuck, fucking shit motherfucker!

Slow down, it's right over here on the right.

You realize, you idiots, that if we get caught
with my father's van he'll kill me!

- If we get caught with it he'll kill me!
- Go fuck off.

Turn, Mr Garibaldi, it's here!

- Uh-oh, guess there's a full fuck going on!
- Let's go then, go!

Stay where you are!

Uh-uh-uh! 40 years old and still
doing bad things in the car?

Good evening. Best wishes to your husband,
and you to your wife.

- You're a dork!
- Jena, please.

With so many people in the world,
why did I have to find jerks like you?

- We either start this radio, or we die trying!
- Go fuck off!

Look what we've got here?

We've got a singer as well!
Get a move on, you dork!


Maybe these boards here can help.

Sorry I put them... here.

- You, don't you die.
- Gotcha. We're set.

Get back in you,
it's an ugly world out here.

You're really nuts!

This is Radio Raptus.

Well... my pleasure.

- What's that?
- What's that? A candlestick, isn't it.

You'll need a bit of atmosphere
in here.

River Po Queen

Listen, Benassi, take it easy
or your pressure will go up!

And at your age!

C'mon, c'mon!

Hear this.

- What's that? Jazz?
- Jazz! This is Radio Raptus.

- What the fuck is Radio Raptus?
- This is Weather Report.

And they're just an appetizer
for what you'll hear on Radio Raptus.

Radio Raptus.
Technical broadcasting tests.

- Will you take me home now?
- I got it by chance.

I bumped the radio and heard
Bruno and Weather Report.

It comes all the way here, 30 kms away!
Maybe it goes even further.

- I said take me home!
- He's got it. He's really got the station!

- Who did you call?
- Eh, I called him. To play something decent.

You may not know, but some people in the 70s
still want to hear rock music.

Let's hope this is his first and last request.

"Sweet Home Alabama".
Lynyrd Skynyrd. For Ivan, from Brescello.

- Squeeze me however you want!
- What bad taste, Benassi.

- My deepest congratulations.
- Shut up and observe a religious silence.

He's acting like a dog,
he wants to mark his territory.

- Go, Jena, easy.
- Good, baby Jena.

Do as you please!


So if we don't win today
we're going down to Serie B.

Amateur league, in Reggio.

No, sorry, but this does it.

It's okay in life to make a fool of yourself,
but we're plumbing the depths!

I tell you now, if you don't win,
forget me paying for the fucking shirts.

You come here wasting time and I
have to find a substitute at the pub.

It's two weeks you haven't been
at training. Well done.

The one you marked last time, after 4 days
you couldn't find him and you still haven't!

No problem,
that time he only scored two goals.

You're lucky Maselli didn't show up.
Or you would have played with my dick!

Hey, players, now get out

and make sure I don't end up
looking like an idiot.

- Questions?
- Have you got any chewing gum?

- Shouldn't you have tetanus by now?
- Hey, those give me self-confidence.


Yes, yes!

- You could also make less shitty noise.
- You're an expert in shit, aren't you?

Who do you think you are, rookie?
This is a decent house.

You come in, do what the fuck you want...
Did you mistake it for a hotel?

- You took it for a brothel.
- What the fuck!

Holy God! Are you crazy?
You broke my nose.

Look, your son's leaving.
So sorry! We miss you already.

Bonanza, it's not the time.
And what's this shit in your hand?

How many times do I have to tell you?
Life isn't perfect!

Movie lives are perfect.
Beautiful or ugly, but perfect.

In movies there are no dead times.
But life is full of dead times.

In movies you always know how it'll end.
In life you never know!

Bonanza, fuck off, okay?
I don't understand anything you say.

We fixed the big room, didn't we?
Well! Rio's Carnival!

- Joke as much as you want.
- C'mon, let it be.

- I have a sleeping bag, no need for a mattress.
- I told you, you don't bother anyone.

- Did you do his nose?
- I don't know...

- And that car stereo?
- That's his first installment.

That jerk.

- You don't need it here?
- Not me.

Then I think I'll fix this on the Beetle.
First I'll disinfect it, it was touched by that dork!

Listen Bruno, it's nothing personal.
Look, the radio idea is good.

You're good when you talk, but, I mean...
the music you play is really cheesy.

Your Elvis and Rolling Stones are cheesy.
They don't say a thing.

No look, we discussed this already.
I like mine, you like yours.

You know what? You and the others
bring your records, mine are worn out already.

- So you won't complain anymore.
- Good.

I want to move from 2 hours' broadcasting
a day to the whole afternoon.

I need to find people to broadcast
who have things to say...

I need some cash because there are
records, lights, turntables to be fixed...

The game is getting
hard, isn't it?


When you put on the headphones,
open the microphone and hear your voice...

which is still your voice
but it's more... more precise,

you feel you can say what you want
but you know what you say has to be good.

And you notice
every time you improve a bit.

When you can't go any further with words
then you use the music.

The record you choose
continues talking about you.

I think that there should be
radio like this in every house.

Everyone can tell
the rest of the world about his thing.

Do you know what movie
Bonanza saw recently?

- Something in the desert.
- The Wind and the Lion?

- Who knows.
- Who knows.

Good evening.


Buddy, radio is a hobby.

You could have done fishing,
stamp collecting...

You'll have your 300 bucks a month.

You'll change your 127 every three years,
you'll marry Ilaria,

because guys like you always marry
the one they met in primary school.

- What do you mean "Guys like me"?
- I mean "Guys like you"!

You'll have children, a boy and a girl,
and if it goes bad, two and two.

At 50 you'll get a little house with bars on the
windows because you're scared of gypsies.

You'll fuck Ilaria once a month,
only when you're drunk.

And then pastries on Sunday mornings,
tortellini on Christmas Eve,

some fireworks at New Year,
the jokes in dialect at the pub

and in Italian with the boss.
Gazzetta dello Sport all life long

and a Fiat 127 washed on Saturday
to take the family out on Sunday.

A life of overtime to buy yourself
a Zodiac boat for trips on the Po

and 300 or 400 new hobbies
because free time is killing you.

Way cool.

Guys like you can even become
volunteers for the Red Cross.

Guys like me send guys like you
to fuck themselves!

Guys like me too.

Guys like you are
the next Kingo, Virus, Bonanza.

All people who have decided
how to live in this world.

Guys like you, the only thing they do

is tell others how they should live.

What the fuck are you laughing at?
Do you believe you're better off?

No, I don't believe in anything.
I just believe you're a bit of a jerk.

You're right not to believe in anything.
You never believed in anything.

God, politics... oh, please.

PCI, DC, bombs, it's all the same.

And the funny part
is that you really don't care.

You stay here playing bully
with these little things.

That's easy, buddy!
This way it's very, very easy.


Of course you're nervous.
You never fuck.

Polish. 24.

Just 2,000.
Burned-out discount.

Damn burned out! Too burned out.

I'm not here to sell, I'm here to GIVE AWAY!

Polish! 24, I repeat Polish!

Anyway, you want to know
what's your real problem?

It's that now you've got a tag.

- A tag!
- Holy shit!

A tag!

You got hurt for real?
Come here.

Come on, try to straighten it.

- Go take the car...
- Tag!

Good evening.
Radio Raptus is on the air.

I'm Ivan Benassi.

Maybe there's someone out there
who's not sleeping.

Anyway, whether you're there or not,
I have something to say.

Today I had an argument
with a friend of mine.

He... he's one of the good ones.

Good at believing
what they're told to believe.

He says if you don't believe in
certain things, you believe in nothing.

That's not true.

I believe too.

I believe in Bonimba's bicycle kicks
and in Keith Richards' riffs.

I believe in the bell ringing twice
when it's your landlord

who wants the rent
on the first day of the month.

I believe we all deserve
to have a mother and a father

who are decent, at least until
one stands on one's feet.

I believe an Inter with Corso,
Mazzola and Suarez will never exist again.

But there might be others
as beautiful in other ways.

I believe this is not all.

But before believing in something else
we have to deal with the here and now.

And so I think I will believe
sooner or later in some god.

I believe if I ever have a family,
it will be tough with 300 bucks a month.

But I also believe too if I don't lick boots
like my boss, things will hardly change.

I believe I've got a big hole inside.

But I also believe that rock'n'roll,
some girlfriends, football,

some job satisfaction,
bullshit with friends,

sometimes they fill this hole.

I think that wishing to escape a town of 20,000 people
means you wish to escape from yourself.

And I believe you can't do that,
not even if you're Eddy Merckx.

I believe it's not fair
to judge other peoples' lives,

because anyway you know
fuck all about other peoples' lives!

I believe that for believing, sometimes,
you need a lot of energy.

Now, try to reload your batteries with this.


- Want to dance?

- 22. Want to dance?
- No.

- 23. Want to dance?
- No.

- 24. Want to dance?
- No.

- 25. Want to dance?
- No.

26 and 27.

New round, new gift.

- No harvest this evening too.
- I think it's you giving me bad luck.

- You make your own bad luck.
- Is Freccia in the car?

- I tell you it's false.
- Jena, give us a break, will you?

- They don't exist.
- What do you know? Let's try at least.

- Let's go fishing?
- Let's go fishing.

Okay, good. It jumped.

Now... losing pole for Boris,
loser pole for Bruno.

Loser-making pole for you, Freccia.

Professional pole pour moi.
Neutral pole, Jena... here, for you.

You go to jail for this, you know?

- There's nobody around, it's all closed.
- Maybe because normal people sleep now.

You're such jerks!
And stubborn ones at that.

- Sheatfish don't exist!
- Jena, you know this is possible.

Those guys, the rich ones,
have aardvarks, pythons, tarantulas...

Of course they have exotic stuff
like rare fish in their little ponds.

I read that in a book.
It's all fairytales.

Anyway, you lot are just jealous.
Nobody talks about that.

But our friend Ivan Benassi, aka Freccia,
got an unbelievably hot girl.

That's completely true.
Go Freccia!

Maybe to losers like you.

Are we sure that anchovies
are good bait?

I guess that with these fish
steak might do better.

C'mon, fish!
C'mon, let's go home!

- What should it look like?
- About a 2 metre long catfish.

A bijou.

Where in the hell
are you going?

- I'm here. Get out now.
- Now I'm coming too.

Good, Tito.

What the fuck are you doing, you idiots?
Get out and let's go.

- So...
- You're so funny, Boris.

- More or less like fish.
- I'll check over there.

C'mon idiots! Get out of there.

- A sheatfish!
- I got it!

Jena, come in the pond!

There's something big in here.

- Yes, I've got it! It's between my legs!
- I've got it too!

- Boys, he got the beast!
- It's disgusting.

They don't exist, right?

- So ugly!
- Looks like a boar with gills.

Get back in, you.
It's an ugly world out here.

- Jena! You read too many books.
- Too few Spiderman comics!

Here we are, the record is ending.
Just put on the headphones,

raise the fader and you're on air.
You can say what you want.

Spit out what you've got. A poem?
Whatever you want. Okay?


Yyyeeesss! You're on Radio Raptus'
magic magic magic frequency!

It's three o'clock on a
really okay afternoon!

Boys, we've got madness
and music here on 94.3!

- I can't understand those...
- ... Jerks.

- Who can find anything in Bob Dylan?
- Jackson Browne!

Singer song-writers.
Music must have balls!

Keith Richards' open tuning
is left-wing.

Because it comes from Robert Johnson,
from Muddy Waters,

representatives of a minority culture,
but one that's being kept alive.

No. You're on Radio Raptus.
Don't know if I'm being understood.

- We need Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath...
- Deep Purple.

The Stones' sexism
is really right-wing.


He-arr mom-mmy t-that I alm-mos-t
don-n't s-stut-tter annym-mor-re?

Very good.

- I leave her for you.
- Kingo!

- Hi.

I didn't know how to do it,
I haven't got your phone number.

Maybe I've found you a home.
A bit modest, maybe.

It has to be modest.

Glamorous balcony
on glamorous garden.

With glamorous pond.

I know that pond.

- So?
- So what?

So what's this,
are you kidding me?

The Tirellis moved to Milan
a couple of months ago.

They're so mean
they won't even pay a caretaker.


So, until I find someone
who buys or rents it

you can live here,
if you don't trash it.

I caught a sheatfish in that pond.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Remember that from Monday
we'll have a phone line.

Well? What are you doing here?

House is full of relatives.

Speaking of which,
is everything all right at home?

- Why?
- Well...

There are some rumours...
that'll be the usual bullshit.

- Spit it out, what rumours?
- Nothing, I told you, bullshit.

No, tell me what rumours.

That you became gay.

Go to hell!
Freccia, you idiot!

- 142,000, approximately.
- Hey, Bonanza!

- Look, 007 is in no more.
- You're in no more.

Bonanza, you know all about cinema
but you don't do anything to make films?

- Mind your own business.
- I will, but you're dumping a great talent.

Don't you tell me you don't know
about the horror movie producer?

There's a horror movie producer
coming here the first Friday in the month,

at 5 Astrologo St.

They rent him the house
for certain parties... you get it?

And nobody knows.

Now, in my opinion, the best screentest
for a horror producer is scaring him.

Imagine yourself coming, around 3 a.m.,
right in the middle of the party,

with a horrifying mask.

You ring the bell.

When he comes out
you vomit a beast-like cry,

so that he either has a heart attack
or gets you a part in a movie.

- Then go yourself.
- I will for sure.

Good for you!

- 5 Astrologo St, isn't that Neck's address?
- That's Neck's address.

Are you awake?

Hey! I need 50 more.

My landlord wants the back rent.

50 you asked for and 50 I gave.
I'm a worker.

Come on! It's 50 bucks more.

- You live in this place and don't have it?
- That's right.

What a son of a bitch you are!

- Well, that's true.
- Die!

Go away!

Go away!

Go away!

Go away!

Motherfucker, go away!

I said you have to go away.

Go away, fuck!

Please, go away!

Radio Raptus International.

What's international?
You only reach Modena!

That "International" is bullshit,
but with all the money Ruini threw in...

- You mean Ruini from the slaughterhouse?
- Yeah, right him.

Why didn't he call it
Radio Salami International?

- Be as silly as you want. This is a serious job.
- Until yesterday it was a passion.

Of course it's still a passion.

You mean you still say what you want
and play the music you want?

Hey boys, what the fuck do you want from me?

Correggio... hippo found in city centre
had escaped the circus in town.

Hey boys, what the fuck
do you want from me, huh?

Sir Ruini,
can I pass on Pink Floyd?

Who are these you want to pass on, Mr. Iori?

Following a kind request
from Sir Ruini,

a great waltz by Castellina Pasi
here on Radio Raptus...


- There's Pluto. Hi, Pluto!
- Hi, Pluto.

Hi, boys.
Look who's here this evening!

- Hi, Maestro!
- So, who did you get this evening?

Er, you see, this evening I think I met...

Enrico... Berlinguer.

But Enrico Berlinguer
isn't dead yet, Pluto.

Not yet, but there are rumours
he'll die around 2000.

- Ah, so he talked to you from the future.
- He talked to me from the future.

Let's listen.

Let's listen, because we don't even know
what he said. But we'll know now!

- C'mon, Berlinguer, c'mon. Enrico?
- Good evening, Mr. Pluto.

- How do you do?
- Listen.

I'm well. How do you do?

Where did they put you?
Heaven or hell?

- Listen to where he is.
- Look, you won't believe it

but I'm in heaven.

Impossible! Impossible!

I don't believe it,
because you didn't believe in it!

- Oh my goodness.
- He got angry.

He got angry
because we didn't believe him.

Anyway boys, see you next time
with more important personalities.

- And always new ones.
- And always from the hereafter.

Yes, because great things
are in the hereafter.

- Bye, Pluto.
- See you, boys.

We'll meet again, bye.

- See you, boys.
- Bye, Pluto.

- I'm going.
- Where are you going?

- To the radio to pick up something.
- Yeah... good.

Bye, Bruno.

Next time we ask for Christopher Columbus.
I think he's got it.

Installment number two, you jerk!


Hey, Freccia.

I killed my father.

Well done.

Police Station

Songs don't betray you,
even if the person who sings them can.

But songs, your songs,
the ones that meant something to you,

you'll always find them there
when you want to find them. Intact.

It doesn't matter
if whoever sang them changes.

In my opinion, songs,
your songs, you can trust them.

How do you do?

How did it happen?

No idea.

All we know is that
he beat him with a club.

He thought he'd killed him.
He even told me that.

How can you believe a friend
who tells you he just killed his father?

He couldn't even finish him off.

Now the father's in bad shape, but alive.

- Hope they throw him in jail.
- Is it true he raped his daughter for years?

And the little girl, how is she?

How are you?

Tell me why.

Tell me why.
You could have asked me, couldn't you?

- Listen.
- What do you want me to listen to?

What could you ever say?

Come on!
It's just 80 bucks.

Spend it well.

Did you buy the plates
Sir Ruini likes?

- So what?
- So what's this car?

Are you blind?
It's a Mini, isn't it?

And the Beetle?

I... keep it for Sundays.
I hang with losers on Sundays.

It was a good deal.
It's comfy.

I'll keep it for a while.
So, it was a whim.

Listen, this isn't good.
You're Italy's only factory worker with 2 cars.

The only one who passes out
half way round the field. It's bad.

- Who told you?
- Everyone at training.

What did I do?
It is not my fault, is it?

I'm tired, it happens.

12 yoghurts and a tray of
dried plums in 4 minutes.

Then two hours without a crap!

- I have to start my shift.
- Shift? Did the radio become a factory?

Wish I knew.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Factory...
- Factory.

Hey, if you hit harder
maybe next time you can break it down!

Come out.

- First I finish my...
- Finish it later.

- Hey! You freaked out?
- Come on!

Plutonio's wardrobe.

There should also be Ilaria's jacket.
She was supposed to go there this afternoon.

How does it work?
Do I have to buy it back or what?

What the fuck are you doing?

Freccia, what the fuck are you doing?

Hi, Tito.

Do you want Zandegù or Balmamion, Freccia?

- Bitossi.
- Bruno's got him already.

Jena the sissy's got Anquetil.
He has to have all the French ones.

Boris has Gimondi
and I've got Motta.

-If there's a sissy, it's you!
-If I don't have Bitossi, I don't play.

So he drove into a jeweller's window
with the Mini and took everything.

But things started going as they do.
Meaning, they caught him.

He began going in and out of jail.

He escaped from hospitals
every time.

Once he had a fight with
a bouncer in Reggio and passed out.

He recovered at
the orthopedic wing.

They saw him 30 mins later hitchhiking
with in pyjamas by the airfield.

They couldn't keep him in. Partly because
he couldn't be without heroin,

and partly because they
reminded him of his sick heart.

Because every hole for him was much
more hazardous than for anyone else.

But that wasn't going to make him stop.
For that, heroin had to become cool.

In the second half of the '70s,
when many began, he quit.

- Hey, do you know those two?
- Yes, they're my brother and sister.

- The oldest is 14.
- 14 badly spent years, then.

- Stop the car.
- You're pathetic.

I said stop it!

We'll talk about it in a while, okay?
We'll see if you can buy without selling!

Just by coincidence,
that was when Tito came out of jail.

With all mitigating circumstances
he'd done 21 months.

21 months he never talked
with anyone about.

Neither about those months
nor about the story with his father.

Who's that?

If I could
I'd help you out, but I can't.

I don't run an institute,
this is a factory.

If it doesn't produce
what it has to, nobody eats.

Your colleagues don't eat,
or the employees or my sons.

You've always worked well,
always been on time.

At Christmas
you always had my bonuses.

But how do I know now that you
won't get back in jail or hospital?

Or that you'll be ill
and can't come here?

I don't have any backup to call
if by chance a worker is missing.

Excuse me. I told you
not to put anybody through.

Yes, right. Just a second.

This is your severance pay
and this is a small present.

Hello? Good morning Sir Ruini, how are you?
Sorry, it's personal.

You're still on
Radio Raptus International.

It's 19:30, the exact time
brought to you by Lusetti Jewelers.

the perfect watches.

Once in a hundred years, think Catellani.
Catellani Funeral Services.

Your final journey
in the finest hands.

Hey, can I make you a cappuccino
before you pass out right there?

- I guess I'll pass out if I drink it.
- So do a nice thing...

pass out over on the side
or people can't come in.

Then no cappuccino,
I'll just risk a coffee.

A coffee for the Biafran.

Did you run into a car recently?

Golden in the morning, isn't it?

If my business consultant dies,
I'll call you, okay?

Very good, your coffee.
Tastes like sewage.

Then turds like you shouldn't drink it
but float on top of it instead.

C'mon! The ball is the round one,
the white one with black spots!

I'll tell you a secret!
You play with us, you kick that way!

Nothing personal, Bartolini.
You and football are incompatible!

- This evening, Catfish Festival.
- Meow, meow!

- Disgusting!
- Doesn't look like it, but actually...

No bullshit, okay boys?

First night on the couch, dear Jena.
Next life you choose different friends

- Ruini Salami. The best...
- Either you shift or you switch off.

Ah! Great controversies
at Radio Raptus International!

How was Jena
the first to get married?

I was sure about good old Bruno.
He's been with Ilaria for 60 years.

Speaking of which, how's Nadia?

People say she's
not so perfectly quiet.

- Which means?
- That she's had a bunch.

So what? Now she marries Jena
and she stops.

Sure, Jena will make sure she stops.

For one day, if you can't not be a jerk,
at least try to be your average self?

I've been wondering for a while...

Who's got the tag?

- You.
- Tag!

- Tag!
- Tag!

No backsies, no backsies!

And for the bride and groom...
Hip hip hip, hurray!

- My pleasure, Tito.
- The pleasure is mine.

Congratulations, Jena.

He's busy today.

- Kiss! Kiss!
- Naked! Naked!

- I think they recognized me.
- Thanks, no more.

No more.

- Can I have two more?
- Only broth for me. Yes.

Listen... can I have some ice
when you've got the time?

As long as you're still standing,
can you wash my car as well?

Let's eat.

He arrived.

Kiss! Kiss!

Ahoy! Does anyone want some more?

Well done!


No more, no more of the blue dress.

You're like whisky,
I'm drunk on you.

But take off that dress.
It sucks. Ladybug!

- No, not for me. Thanks.
- No, now you eat it.


Stop. Please, stop.

Listen, if I pay the difference
can I get a better Lambrusco?

- I'll give you that, the Lambrusco!
- Excellent, thank you.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Cake! Cake!

Long live the bride and groom!

- What's up?
- I guess we need a ride.

What a nice, shitty day.

Excuse me,
but do you and Ilaria ever meet?

We don't meet very much...

- Do you want to talk a bit?
- About what? Boris?

- If you want, about that as well.
- What else?

You know.

Bad subject.

Wait, wait.

- You want to talk a bit?
- About what? Boris?

- If you want, about that as well.
- What else?

Make sure you fuck off, all of you!

- What's that?
- Cristina. 642215.

Bruno, you sure?
You're the only one risking a job here.

C'mon, c'mon, make a move.

Hi everybody,
Bruno Iori speaking.

It's 3:30 and "Recreation Time"
starts now,

Radio Raptus International's
new program.

- The program is by me...
- Ivan Benassi...

And no one else.

It's Saturday night and right now
many of you have better things to do

than listen to us on the radio.

Many probably have worse to do.
Many are having lots of fun, I'm sure.

But I'm sure that many of you,
some who are 18-20 years old,

might be listening in,
even at this time on a Saturday.

I don't know how it was being 18 or 20
in the '50s or '60s.

I know what it means to me
and to many others now.

1977 is a big mess.

There's something in the air,
and I can't say if it's nice or ugly.

But... but it's fast.

There are bombs,
there's the student movement,

there's free radio,
there are parents,

who are more and more
like what you swear you'll never be.

There are Utopias, religions,

and there are, right,
those who can't be themselves.

- You mean it's my turn?
- I think so.

There are holes and in the middle of all this
there's our need to know more.

We're travelling without a map,
or the map is useless.

Well, I think it's about time
we make a map for ourselves.

- And once we've made it we show it around.
- People say a lot of bullshit about heroin.

Right. You, for example,
how did you begin?

I let myself be taken in.

It was a girl who made me try. I'd never
thought about sticking a needle in my vein.

And why did you let her?

Well, that time I was probably asking myself
"Why not?" rather than "Why?"

And how was that?

Well, that time, beautiful.

A big flash came and suddenly
all the bullshit was gone.

A big heat and then...

like... like lots of orgasms
at the same time.

My back, my legs, everywhere.

- And then?
- And then I did like everybody does.

I said to myself "I'll get high one or two
more times and then I'll stop when I want".

Did it happen like that?

No. I guess it never does.

At least, after a couple of times
I was already into it.

What do you mean?

I mean you want more and more.

And the more you get, the more you need.
Then it's easy for you to fuck it all up.

- You mean?
- I mean...

I mean you have to steal, get it?
Because no one gives you stuff for free.

Anyway, after a while
it stops satisfying you too.

But you get sick if you don't take it and
then you shoot up just to be normal.

Eventually, it's between you and her,
and everything else means fuck all.

How did you manage to quit?

Shitting my pants.

With my stomach breaking up
and my heart pounding.

Big flashes of heat and then cold.
And a terror of dying in pain.

I was 10 days in a bed I kept soiling
and a person kept cleaning.

If it wasn't for her,
I would never have got out of it.

But I don't know whether
I can say I really gave up.

Well yes, since some months
I don't get high any more, but...

Maybe it's better if I don't
think too much about it.

Was it worth it asking yourself
"Why not?" on the first night?

This is a fucking bad question.

And with this fucking question,
"Recreation Time" ends.

We talked about holes, or rather
the holes someone made in himself.

We don't know if it's
the same for everybody.

But, now we maybe know a little more.
Good night.

At that time
two new things happened.

First, Radio Raptus International
got a competitor in the same village.

Radio Raptus Town.

Second, Freccia for the first time
lost his head over a girl.

He really fell for a girl who, even if
she lived in Carpi, was light years away from him.

A hot girl, about 9½ out of 10.

How do you say, one of those girls
that pop up only when thay want.

Maybe that was
one of the reasons for the hit.

It was such a big hit that for
the second time we lost sight of him.

How can one tell a love story
with Freccia in it?

He would never forgive me.
And that's difficult to imagine.

Anyway, the story was true.
People say that there's nothing worse

than losing your head over someone
who doesn't lose theirs over you.

People say it was
a very short but powerful blast.

So powerful that Freccia ended up
imagining who-knows-what.

People say he didn't understand that no one
would ever be the only one for her.

People say... have said... many things.
HE never told us anything.

I wanted to give you my number.
Got something to write with?

So, 632426. Done?

How are you doing? All right?

Yes, yes, me too.
Very well.

What are you doing?

No, it's not to get a date with you.

I was just asking...

What do you mean you never promised me
anything? What's that got to do with it?

Did I ever ask you for anything?

Do you know you're the first girl
who didn't ask me to meet her parents?

No, honey, I'm not old-fashioned.
I couldn't care less about your parents.

I just wanted to understand why.

Okay, I'll stop calling you "honey"
and you stop pitying me.

Pick up.
C'mon, pick up.

Pick up, fuck you!

Will you pick up?

Good evening.

- Can I have a cold coffee?
- You studying to become a sissy?

Hey, what's that big bottle?
I want it shaken.

I'm 50 years old,
you think I'll jerk off a coffee?

- Then you drink it.
- Knife or gun?


If you get killed
he buys a round for everybody.

Scotch for everyone!

- So, Freccia, how are you doing?
- Bad.

- I'm dead.
- Don't be silly, I mean it.

Me too.

- You, how are you doing?
- How am I doing...

I feel like someone
who almost killed his father.

I can't make love.
I'm afraid of hurting someone.

- It was her.
- Really?

She said things like
"You're a good boy.

"I don't want to hurt you, but
I'm afraid you're not strong enough."

She was fair. Some of them
don't tell you these things.

She said it's better
if we calm down for a while.

And she rang here at the pub.
She doesn't even like that.

Really fair.

- What did you say?
- No, nothing.

It's like it's one more thing
I should detox from.

I could lock you in my house.
It worked with heroin.

And this time
I could have some fun too.

- Are you holding that against me?
- Don't even joke about that!

What if I tell you to let her be?
And my door is always open?

The only thing I can do
is eat you.

Right now you'd die of poison.

Do you think it's because
her parents are so rich?

Are cars important?
She often sees a guy with a Mercedes.

- Hi, Jena. Is Cristina here?
- Thanks for asking how we are doing.

C'mon, c'mon, that's her Duetto.
Is she here or not?

So what? Can I get in?

- You know Nadia, she doesn't want to see you.
- Okay, so call her out. Come on.

You stay here and don't move.

I'm sorry, she won't.

She's with a guy.

I'll try again. Come on.

She says you should let her be.
She says it's best for everyone.

Did you see her with this guy before?

It's the guy with a Mercedes, isn't it?

- How are you and Nadia doing?
- What an asshole!

- Who's there?
- It's Ivan. Can you come to the window?

- Come on, Ivan, what do you want?
- That you come to the window.

- Well?
- Don't you like Mercedes'? How about this?

Is that all?
I expected more, you know?

- Who's there?
- Me again. Can you come to the window?

Now stop it, Ivan.
My parents will call the police.

A second at the window.
What's the problem?

- Will you give up then?
- Is this enough?

You disappoint me, buddy.
A handsome guy like you in a pimp car!

You're an expert in pimp cars, aren't you?
And don't call me buddy.

In five minutes
I'll be here with a coach.

Stay awake for me, darling!

People say that's how it went down.

We can't know,
we weren't there.

But I like imagining him like that,
between two fires smoking his last cig.

Because that was his last cig.

One, two, three, four...

After an hour that jerk had already
found the girl who made his first hole.

She and her two friends.
He got high with them for the last time.

I don't believe he
deliberately overdosed,

but what I believe
won't change anything.

16 years have passed
since that fucking night.

In those 16 years
we've spoken Freccia's name

every time we announced
the radio station.

That's how many times we've thought
of what we would have done together.

What he would have done,
how different the 16 years would have been.

"Useless thoughts", you may say.


You're on Radiofreccia, 94.3,
until 23:59.

In the last two hours I've said a lot
which may not be of much interest to you.

But you know the story of this station
is the story of a group of people.

So if I've already said a lot,
I can do a bit more.

Let's think about going to a movie where at
the end you see where all the people are.

Bonanza doesn't go to the cinema now
but watches some home videos.

His son occasionally
gets him some of them.

We can just hope he'll never
get around to horror movies.

Virus hasn't been betting for a while.
People say he's not well.

But some say he's preparing for the Guinness
Book of Records, maybe eating that car.

Omero tried to change,
and instead of the usual lottery tickets

he started buying some
"Scratch'n'Fuck" tickets.

But clients seem less
and less interested.

Kingo... Kingo carries on.

Pluto, stopped playing his recordings
from the hereafter one at a time.

now he plays them
at high volume for everybody.

Adolfo left the pub
to his daughter

and passed to this side of the bar,
finally doing his share of ballbreaking.

Jena and Nadia
are still together.

She calmed down over time.
Maybe because there was no more.

Anyway they look like
a nice couple.

Boris is a financial consultant.

Sometimes he takes
around his little thing,

and sometimes he
still does some bullshit or other.

Tito has no fixed job. His father
got out of jail but never turned up.

So far he's managed to struggle through.
He's got a wife, 3 sons and his ghosts.

I'm finally spending
some time with my family.

Speaking of which,
at least Boris was right about that.

People like me do marry Ilaria.

Here's a reminder that the goodbye party
is going on at Plutonio.

It's 23:55 and...
we're really there.

I leave you with the voice of the guy
who gave his name to this station.

Thank you for having been there
all these years.

It's been a pleasure.

I believe in Bonimba's bicycle kicks
and in Keith Richards' riffs.

I believe in the bell ringing twice
when it's your landlord

who wants the rent
on the first day in the month.

I believe this is not all.

But before believing in something else
we have to deal with the here and now.

I think I will believe
sooner or later in some god.

I believe if I ever have a family,
it will be tough on 300 bucks a month.

But I believe too that if I don't lick boots
like my boss, things will never change.

I believe I've got a big hole inside.

But I also believe that rock'n'roll,
some girlfriends, football,

some satisfaction at my job,
bullshit with friends,

sometimes they fill this hole.

I think wishing to escape a town with 20,000
people means you wish to escape yourself.

And I believe you can't escape from yourself,
not even if you're Eddy Merckx.

I believe it isn't fair
to judge other peoples' lives,

because you know
fuck all about other peoples' lives!

# I lost my words #

# And to think I had them here
just a moment ago #

# I had to say things #

# Things that, you know, #

# Things I owed you #

# Things I should tell you. #

# I lost my words #

# It may be that I only lost my lies, #

# They hid themselves well #

# But maybe #

# They simply weren't mine #

# Believe #

# Believe in it a bit #

# Put a heart together, Try to feel and #

# Believe #

# Believe in it a bit more,
a bit more, for real #

# I lost my words #

# I wish you'd make due
only with what I have, #

# I'll make myself understood,
even by you, #

# If you listen well, if you listen a bit. #

# You're so beautiful it hurts #

# You're so beautiful the dance
goes only the way you want it #

# Words are not needed #

# I know you know it #

# My words are not
needed anymore #

# Believe #

# Believe in it a bit, you're on
Radiofreccia, look at yourself in the face and #

# Believe #

# Believe in it a bit more,
a bit more, for real. #

# I lost my words #

# Or it's them who
have lost me, #

# I know I should say #

# Things that, you know, #

# I owed you,
things I should tell you #

# I lost my words #

# I wish I could make due
with only what I have, #

# I can make myself understood #

# Even by you, #

# If you listen well #

# If you listen a bit. #

# Believe #

# Believe in it a bit #

# Put a heart together,
try to feel and #

# Believe #

# Believe in it a bit, a bit more, for real #

# Believe #

# Believe in it a bit, you're on Radiofreccia, look at yourself in the face and #

# Believe #

# Believe in it a bit more,
a bit more, for real. #