Rabbit Transit (1947) - full transcript

This time Bugs' race with Cecil Turtle features a rocket-powered tortoise shell.

[theme music]

[instrumental music]


"And during the progress
of the race with the tortoise

"the hare confident
that he had to race won

laid down and took a nap."

He he he

"With the result that
the tortoise beat the hare.

It was soon after
this that the.."


The tortoise beat the hare?

Why, that's ridic..

Why, I never..


Who would ever believe
such a silly story?

- 'I would.'
- Huh?

Who said that?

I did, Mr. Rabbit.

Well, what do you know?
A naive, little turtle.

Now, take it easy, doc.
You'll be alright.

Yeah, but you better
simmer down to a slow boil.

Uh, I'm a tortoise and uh..

...and I can
beat you, Mr. Rabbit.

That did it! Listen, snail.
I'll give you the post position

as much as 100 yards.

I'll run backwards with
my hands tied behind

and I'll run you raggid.
I'll, I'll, I'll..

Wanna race?

Uh, yes.

Okay, doc.
You got that straight?

From here to Grant's Tomb.

And no cuttin' corners.


And, uh, let's agree
not to cheat.

Cheat? Why, you!

Are you inferring that I..
Would you..

Okay, Mac. It ain't
that I don't trust you.


Well, uh.
What do you know?

One for the money.

Two for the show.

Three to make ready.

- And four to..
- Telegram.

Err, uh...um.. You still
have time to place a wager.

it's in the act.

[engine revving]

Boy, this is like taking candy
away from a baby turtle.

Hey, what was that?

Huh! Must have been
Halley's Comet.

Nope. Uh,
it wasn't, uh..

No. Uh,
it was, uh..

...uh, me.

Hey, that was the..

He was..
But he..

I don't..



[instrumental music]


It's for you,
Mr. Bunny.

"From Cecil Turtle,
in Chicago."

Chicago? No, it can't be

He couldn't.

Why, that dirty,
little.. Ooh! Umm!

"At this joyous time of year

I wish you loads of
Christmas cheer."

"Cecil Turtle."


...that was mighty
thoughtful of him.

Gee, and I didn't
send him anything.

I really ought to.

Special delivery.
Sign here.

Oh! He shouldn't
have done this.

I, uh..

...wonder what it could be.

Um, I don't like
that character at all.

No, siree!


Not a bit. No.

I don't like him.

There ain't a better
use for him.


Hmm! That fellow had
a shell just like mine.

Yup! Just like mine.


Ooh! Eh! Ooh!


Having trouble, Bob?

Here. Let me
give you a hand.

Wrench, screw driver.

Suture, forceps.


So long.


Uh, I'm kind
of a slick item, huh?

He he he!

Sure got the best
of them there.

- Ha ha ha!
- Um-hmm!

Nothin' like a hot dog
cooked out of doors.

Ops! Almost forgot.

Ol' boy scout rule.

Never go away and leave
a fire burnin'.

So long, Flash.

See ya at Grant's Tomb.

If you ever get there.

[engine revving]



Come on. Wake up.

That's the way the hare in the
other story lost the race.

You don't want that to happen
to you. Come on, wake up!





I beat him.

I won!

I-I won!

I beat the tortoise.


Yup, pal.
You beat me.

Uh, but you must have been
travellin' mighty fast to do it.

- Yup.
- Fast? huh!

He he he.

I was doing a 100 easy.

Uh, um, would you repeat
that a little louder, Bob?

I say, I was
doing a 100 easy.

Okay, officers.

Do your duty.

Why, you dirty,
little stool pigeon.

You double crossing
little mutt.

Let me at him!
I'll tear him apart.

Let me at him!
I'll moidalize him.

Ooh, ya..
turtle, you.

Umm, ain't I, uh..

...a stinker.

[theme music]