Rabbit Romeo (1957) - full transcript

Elmer Fudd's Uncle Judd gives him a huge, lovesick Slobovian rabbit who falls for Bugs Bunny.

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[ "The merry-Go-Round broke
down" plays ]

ELMER FUDD: Slobovia?

Who do I know
in Slobovia?

"Dear nephew, take care
of this rare and valuable

"Slobovian rabbit
till I arrive.

"Uncle Judd Fudd.

P.S... I will pay you $500
for your trouble."

Oh, boy, 500 bucks!

What a lovely name.

Come out, millicent,

You cute little
slobovian rabbit.


Well, looks aren't
everything, you know.

Let me show you
to your room, millicent.


Here we are.
Make yourself at home.


Oh, boy, 500 bucks!
Ha ha ha!

Now, remember, millicent,

I want you to be happy,
and if there's any--



[Crying loudly]

You say a slobovian rabbit

Gets lonely and must have
another rabbit to talk to?

Alright, doctor.
I'll get one right away.

Here, rabbit, rabbit.
Come get the lovely carrot.


I've eaten so many icicles,

I'm 20 degrees cooler inside.

Man, what i wouldn't give

For a genuine
14-Carat carrot.

rabbit, rabbit.

Come get
the lovely carrot.

Here, rabbit!


Got some salt, mac?



Now, then...eh...

what's up, Doc?

Rabbit, have I got
a surprise for you.

Meet millie.

[Crying loudly]


Who, me?

Who else, glamorpuss?

Give to me large kiss.



I like this way
you are kissing.

Well, uh, close your eyes,

And I are kissing you again.


Oh, he's wanting to play

seek and go hide,
go hide and go seeking

I'm seeking for you,
you're hiding for me

Where are you,
my little boblichki bunny?

Alright, big boy.

Give me
a large bunny hug.


Ugh! Wait
a cottonpickin' minute!

Women don't chase men
in america.

Oh, brother.

First there's
a long courtship.

It starts like this.

How do you do?

How do you do?

Courtship is over.

Now we make marriage.


Oh, there you are.

In slobovia, is custom
before marriage

To do slobovian
rock and roll.

Well, when in slobovia,
do like the other slobs do,

I always say.


[Lively dance music playing]

Is now your turn.




Come snuggle,
my little bunny boo.

Go on, bunny boo.

Alright, alright,
already! You win, doc.

I know when I'm licked.

That's more like it.

Now I can go to bed
and get some rest

And leave you
two lovebirds alone.

Ha ha ha!

[Door closes]

Large-Kiss me, big boy.


Not bad for a beginner.

Name the wedding day,
and we will be marriage.

I hate long engagements.
Uh, what say we elope?

I'm with you.

Ladies first.

How nice.



open the door, I say!

Let me in!

Wake up, Doc!
Wake up!

Uncle Judd's
at the door!

Huh? What? Uncle judd?

Oh, boy, my 500 bucks!

Here. Quick. Slip
into this bathrobe.

I'm coming, uncle Judd!



I don't like you...

but you I like!
Give to me large kiss.

Oh, no!



Ha ha! Darling!

Ain't i the little
matchmaker, though?

Hee hee hee!

[ "The merry-Go-Round broke
down" plays ]