Raajneeti (2010) - full transcript

Belonging to a prominent Uttar Pradesh-family of ruthless politicians, Samar Pratap is about to return to his Irish-American girlfriend, Sarah, in the U.S. and obtain a PhD, but cancels his trip when his father, Chandra, is shot dead. He decides to stay put and avenge this slaying but ends up dealing with aspiring politician, Indu Sakseria, who wants to wed him; his brother, Prithviraj, who has been granted control of the Rashtrawadi Party but is facing imprisonment on charges of Assaulting a Police Officer and Sexual Molestation; his cousin, Veerendra, who wants control of the party; and his astute maternal uncle, Brij Gopal - who secretly controls the entire family. Before he could even handle these situations, Sarah arrives in India and will soon accuse him of being a manipulative and conniving politician.

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ls there a festival today?

l don't think so.

And yet, every year for 27 years..

..she comes on this day, to feed the poor.

How could Bharati possibly forget!

Those were momentous times.

Her father Ramnath Rai was the state's..

..Chief Minister for 14 years..

..but her generation's heady romance with leftism..

..had turned Bharati into a rebel.

Together with her charismatic mentor..

..the idealistic Bhaskar Sanyal, she stormed her father's public rally.

lndian politics was going through a historic churning..

but Ramnath Rai was blissfully complacent.

Only his astute political advisor and..

Bharati's foster-brother, Brij Gopal had sensed the turning winds.

Comrade Bhaskar will try to draw you into an argument.

Do not fall into his trap.

l've been a politician for 20 years, Brij Gopal.

l'm not a fool.

Mr. Rai, we have no intention of disturbing your rally.

But, if you permit me, l'd like to ask you..

a few questions on behalf of the people.

Hey! Hey! Stop him!

Let him come.

The public on whose behalf, he wants to raise questions..

already knows the answers to them.

And those who have been enticed by his red flag..

should also be aware of Ramnath Rai's political sacrifices.

The issue isn't about the colour of the flag, Mr. Rai.

Poverty, hunger and unemployment do not discriminate..

..on the basis of colour.

These people are besieged by their own empty stomachs, Mr. Rai.

Offer them two slices of bread..

make a couple of sweet promises..

and they will pick up a flag of any colour!

What kind of poverty is this, friends..

which, in spite of their schemes funded by millions..

..billions of rupees..

just refuses to go away!

So as of this moment..!

- Sir will leave now.

..we absolve you of any worry about our poverty

Enough is enough!

Come on, uncle.

Switch the mikes off.

As soon as the ballot is cast, you throttle democracy.

Don't be under any illusion that..

Have you no shame at all!

Conspiring against your own father!

Do you know that your revered leader is not worth even a penny!

What l do know is that for you people's worth is measured..

..only with money.

Shut up!


There is no Comrade Bharati here.

Don't ever call here again!


What are you doing?

Cooking khichdi..
Will you have some?

- Here, allow me..
- lf you cook this..

Oh, come on.. Just let me..

lt's going to rain.

Let me drop you home.

Are you crazy?

lt's the first rain, sir.

l love the rain.

Why don't you join me?

Don't be childish..
you'll catch cold.

Come on. Get inside.

Listen to me.

You're crazy!
You'll catch a cold..

Nothing will happen to me..


l take full responsibility for what happened.

You devoted yourself completely to me.

But, l turned out to be weak..

and ended up betraying your trust.

What is done is done.

But, l will never be free of this guilt.

l'm going..

leaving everything.. and everyone.

l have obviously failed.

My penance awaits me.


Get it here, hurry up..

Where's my baby?

Mr. Brij Gopal took him away.

l just wanted to see him once..

Brij Gopal convinced the
grieving Bharati into..

..a marriage with Chandra Pratap.

Of course, it helped that he was the younger brother of Bhanu Pratap..

the aggressive leader of the fast-rising Rashtrawadi Party.

No one realised that Brij Gopal had killed three birds with one stone.

Besides securing Bharati's future..

he also got Ramnath Rai's doddering party a strong alliance.

And of course, Bhanu Pratap's Rashtrawadi Party..

harvested a windfall of much-needed election funds.

Wherever he is, he must be okay.

Just send him your blessings.

O Holy mother Ganga..

please look after my son..

wherever he may be.

- Sooraj!


Where are you going?

Sooraj is playing a kabaddi match.

First give me something to eat.

l have to go to the airport.

Who's coming?

The boss' younger son, Samar.
- ls it?

He is coming from the US, for the big boss' birthday.

Sooraj is like the sun! The new beacon of hope for..

..Dalits and the lower castes.

We need bright and strong young leaders like him..

..who will take us forward.



Where's the car?


Get away! Move!

Have you lost it or what?

What if something happened to the car?

He's our racing champion..

faster than the wind!

Champion, my foot!

The car's a mess!

Clean it now!

lt's time for the flight.

Samar is returning from the US today.

l don't wash rich people's cars.

They are our masters, son.

Our livelihood depends on them.

l am my own master, father.

And the truth is, their livelihood depends on us.

lt's impossible to argue with you!

Stop haranguing my son, will you?

- l'll clean it.
- Give it to me, mother.

This is for you.

lt's time you got a new watch.

You never forget, young master.

Just because l live far away, how can l forget you people!

We miss you, too.

lt's wonderful that you've come in time for the Diwali festival.

Nothing like that.

l'm here only for Uncle Bhanu's birthday.

My thesis is due next week.

This year too..

you won't be here for Diwali.

Who's that driving like a maniac?

Appears to be lndu..

Couldn't you have waited for me?

And how was l to know that you were..

You should know!


D'you know..

l was driving at 200 kmph to reach you!

Who on earth gave you a license?

License to..

drive or..

to kiss you?

You're insane!

You're mad.

So l am.

Mad about you!

l missed you.

"l am expecting some happy news too."

"Yes, it is."

"Some things make you cry..

..some times it is like a story."

"Yes, it is."

There you are!

- Hello aunty!
- Hello.

Here's your parcel
- safe and sound.

l'm off to the salon.

See you in the evening..

at Uncle Bhanu's party.

This girl is a tornado!

ln the last 30 years..

Bhanu and Chandra Pratap's Rashtrawadi party had captured..

..power thrice in the state.

Bhanu Pratap's public charisma and Chandra Pratap's..

..astute tactical skills..

had served them well indeed.

When their party couldn't win the last election..

they installed Ramnath Rai's party in the government..

by supporting it from outside.

Now, when they asked him to, Ramnath Rai was reluctant to resign.

Bhanu Pratap's son Veerendra knew exactly how to handle such problems.

All the dozen legislators of his party are in the bus.

Take them to the guest house and feed them.

Welcome, grandpa!

Grandpa, l've hijacked your entire party.

You're a general without an army!

What's the use of tilting at windmills now?

Veerendra, show some respect.

Well.. let him respectfully retire then!

Father-in-law, come.

Let's go inside and talk.

lt's an outrage the way you are..

trying to topple my government!

Only with your blessings, of course.

Look here..

this time my party bosses will insist on 100 seats.

You can't score even 10 seats..
Aiming for a century!

Keep your national party in Delhi. Here we..

Veeru, enough.

Come, father-in-law.

You never call me!

lt's only through your Uncle Brij that l get news of you.

Mother, it's the time difference between here and America.

Uncle Brij is a nocturnal bird.

lt's easier to talk with him.



Already pouncing on mom's parathas!

You've become thin!

Hasn't he, mom?

Let him be.. Come, eat.

No, l've to go to the Party HQ.

l just came to see him.

While Veerendra believed himself to be the heir..

..to the political throne..

Prithvi was jockeying for the same position.

Hence, it was imperative that his supporters get..

..nominated for these elections.

Create so much publicity that the party is forced to nominate them.

We'll fight to get that.

We'll create a chaos in the party high court.

We'll show them your power, Prithvi.


Let me go!

They're trying to stop me!

l told them l had to talk to you.

We're in a meeting. Please wait.

So.. that's it then.

Yes, sir.

Move then.
lt's time for the party.

Okay, sir.

Jagat.. call for my car, too.
- Okay, sir.

You seem to have forgotten me, sir.

There's going to be a fresh election, l hear.

Won't you let a woman volunteer contest?

l can win, sir. Just let..

Let me contest from Sitapur.

l'll definitely win.

l grew up there.

l was the students' union president.

Sir, please don't forget me this time.

The Sitapur ticket..

That's the bloody problem with politics.

Everyone treats it like public transport.

Just flag it down..

and mount it!

l've worked very hard, sir.

And will continue to do so.

Let me.

You handled grandpa Rai like a seasoned politician.

Then, why don't you reward your son?

Everything belongs to him anyway.

Father, let me select the election candidates.

That's your uncle's prerogative.

That's why Prithvi..

But l won't let it go on like this.

So glad you're here.

lt's your birthday, Uncle.

Wouldn't miss it for the world.

- How are you? - Hello.

Mr. Sakseria..

Hello, uncle.

Bless you.
- Hello.

Just got his tax problems sorted out by the Chief Minister.

You never forget, Rajkumar..

and now you'll say..

Happy Birthday to you, sir.

Just saying happy birthday won't do.

Always at your service.

Have l ever disappointed you?

Please be seated.. quiet..

After winning three elections..

when the electorate rejected us..

in the last election..

we accepted their decision with humility.

And we helped..

Mr. Ramnath Rai form a coalition government..

supporting it from outside.

But, as you know..

in the last 18 months..

this government has revealed it's true face.

Corruption has reached its zenith..

and the people are in agony.

We can't bear to see the common man's pain any longer.

So, we have decided..

to withdraw our support for Mr. Rai's coalition government.

Long live Rashtrawadi!

The people know..

that we aren't responsible..

for this political turmoil.

- Brother! - Father! - Brother!

Call the hospital! Emergency..

Get the car!


Just as l handed in the resignation, l heard.

- At least, if l hadn't resigned..
- Father-in-law..


lncrease the pressure.

Mr. Brij Gopal..

Blood pressure.
- Diastolic 140.

l came from Benaras only to see you..

and here l hear about this crisis.

lt's serious, Uncle..

l'll see.

Blood pressure.

While the heart has been revived..

there's no movement in the body.

So, is he paralysed?

We'll have to wait for the ECG reports for that.

The government has fallen and fresh elections are certain.

But the leader of the state's largest political party..

is fighting for his life.

- Without party president Bhanu Pratap..

- what does the future hold for the Rashtrawadi Party?

- State Hospital.
Aditi Priya. Star News.

Go ahead.

Before they try to pull a fast one..

we should take control of the party.

We support you.

l'll see you all at the party office.

Yes, Mr. Bawal.



Under no circumstances should that meeting happen.

Book the entire lntercontinental Hotel.

Got it?


round up every party member and take them to the hotel.

These impatient youngsters will destroy everything.

Now, more than ever, the party needs your guidance.

Turn around.
Father has regained consciousness.

As soon as he became conscious, he called for everybody.


Yes, brother..
- The..

ln these circumstances, the party..

Brother, please, we'll talk later..

- What?
- take charge of.. the party..

as it's working president.

What's the need for this, father?


and Prithvi..

will both be general secretaries.


Come on..

What have you done, father!

Take it back! Please..

This is a humiliation for me..

At least, make me the joint working president..

Veerendra.. you're family!

You should look beyond such things.

Everything will finish, then..



Go back..

back to America..

- Long live Prithvi!

- Long live the General Secretary!

- Long live Prithvi!

- Long live the General Secretary!

- Long live Prithvi!

- Long live the General Secretary!


Miss you.

l want us to discuss each candidate thoroughly.

l have already made the list.

Just approve it!

Veerendra, our party follows a democratic process.

Each and every recommendation is discussed.

Will you be kind enough to tell us, which democratic process..

was followed to make you the working president?


the very president by whose grace..

you're adorning that chair..

has seen this list.

Then, surely you have his approval in writing.

This list will prevail!

Discuss all you want.

How come you've put your name against Madhopur?

Mr. Bhanu Pratap has always contested from Madhopur.

And in father's absence, the seat is rightfully..

No claim for Madhopur will be entertained.

lt is reserved for the party president.

And currently, that is Chandra Pratap.

Only the party president should contest from Madhopur.

Have you even fought a municipal election..

that you're staking your claim to Madhopur?!

l will never let your dream come true..

Honourable Working President!

- Long live Prithvi!

He's here! The leader is here!

He's come to Azad Nagar.

We all welcome him here.

The people of Azad Nagar whole heartedly welcome the leader.

- Long live Prithvi!

Everyone knows that..

30 years ago..

our party reclaimed this land from the government and their agents..

and established Azad Nagar!

My heart beats for..

the poor and the lower castes..



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Who is this?

Our driver's son
- Sooraj.

Also a kabaddi champion.

This isn't a dance party.

Tell them to stop.

l want that the candidate for Azad Nagar..

should be educated, able and..

from amongst you.

Sooraj is our leader!

Yeah.. okay.. okay..

The Rashtrawadi Party candidate for Azad Nagar will be..

Jeevan Kumar!

Jeevan Kumar may belong to our caste..

but that doesn't necessarily make him one of us.

He knows nothing about Azad Nagar.

He's never set foot in our dirty lanes..

and nor will he, once the elections are over.

Excuse me?

Mr. General Secretary..

our candidate will be one of us!

Not an outsider.

This isn't a kabaddi match.

l am speaking of the Legislative Assembly election.

And the Rashtrawadi candidate will definitely be..

Jeevan Kumar.

- We protest!

- We don't want outsiders!

- We protest!

We don't want outsiders!

Long live Sooraj!

Long live! - Prithvi!

Try to understand.

You're not aware that Jeevan Kumar's grandfather..

was a minister in the Central government.


That makes it his birthright, does it?

What does he know about us?!

Educated abroad..

owns mansions..

he owns four Mercedes cars of the kind that you chauffeur, dad!

He wouldn't last a day here!

How is he one of us!

Enough is enough!

lt's do or die this time.

What is it that you people want?

Whose job is it to select the candidate
- yours or the party's?

We'll choose our own candidate!


You'll rebel against the party?

Without the party, you won't garner five votes.

lnstead, you'll end up dividing the lower caste votes.

So what do you suggest?

That we continue to suck up..

to these politicians..

while they plant their leaders on us?

lt isn't like that, son.

The party cares for us.

They treat us like equals.

Look, Samar came just for a day..

but he got me a new watch.

- a watch?
- Yes.

So that you report to work on time.

That's the problem with you guys.

You've barely learnt to walk, but want to fly!

You guys are history!

We generate the power.

Then why should we hand them the switch?

From now on, no outside candidates allowed in Azad Nagar!

Who ls our leader?

Sooraj, Sooraj.

- Victory to Sooraj!

- Long live Sooraj!

Do you know me?

You're a big man.

How is a nobody like me supposed to know you, Mr. Babulal?

l like your attitude.

But, these speeches and stunts will get you nowhere.

Even if you win the election as an independent.. big deal!

lnstead the party will punish Azad Nagar for its defeat.

lf you really want to change anything, join the party..

and fight as its candidate.

Come on!

Get down.

You know, l'm going to contest the elections this time.

And you'll see, l'll become the youngest woman minister ever.

- Really?
- Of course!

And when you come the next time..

l'll come to receive you in a car with a flashing red light.

- Wow!

Such a grand lunch for one measly vote of mine?

For your vote?!

Can't you be a little romantic?

- With you?
- No..

with this waiter!

Look here, don't ruin my mood.

l want to have a serious chat.

That's very serious.

Stop, stop!

Not just like that.

First propose.


Let's drink to your flashing red light.

- Red light?
- Yes.

When you become a minister..

you will have a car with a flashing red light, won't you?


When are we getting married?

Why do you look so shocked?



l didn't quite understand.

You'll understand alright when the priest recites the vows..

and l make you take 17 rounds of the sacred fire..

Stop, stop!


l know how you feel about me.

But my feelings aren't the same for you, lndu.

l mean, you're an amazing girl.

So beautiful..

full of life.. honest..

just lovely, but..

You can't love me!

Do you know this is the first
time you've complimented me?

Beautiful, amazing..

full of life..

You can say all this but..

you can't utter three words..

l love you.

And here l am..

madly in love with you..

since childhood.

l'm sorry.

l won't be able to forgive myself.

Have you never loved me?

We're just too different, lndu.

Long live Rashtrawadi!

l have a simple question for the Working President:

On what basis were the candidates chosen?

Answer this first: On what basis..

did you announce your name from the Madhopur seat?

Prithvi Pratap.


you're well aware that the core committee discusses..

every candidature before taking any decision.

l want to say something.


What the hell are you doing here?

My name is Sooraj.

l'm from Azad Nagar.

Yeah.. yeah.. The kabaddi champ!

- But, what Are you doing here?

l want a ticket to contest the election.

Really now!

We're running a charity fete here!

You want a ticket, do you?

Didn't you hear me..

when you were busy dancing around?

Our party's candidate for Azad Nagar is Jeevan Kumar.

Got that?

Get out now!


l had heard you.

But perhaps, you could neither hear nor see that..

the people of Azad Nagar rejected your candidate instantly.

l'm the leader of the lower castes..

and they will support only me.

What did you say!

Who made you our leader?

We sweated blood for the party..

but suddenly you become the leader, is it?

Everyone knows where..

the fruits of your sweat are hidden.

We'll make you account for that too one day!

For now, l only want a ticket to contest from Azad Nagar.

You'll take us to task, will you?

l'll show you.

Son, what are you doing!

ls this the way to speak here?

Please, Sirs..
l apologise on his behalf.

- Come..
- Father, please..

Keep quiet now. Enough!

- Get him out of here!
- Throw him out!

Take him away.

- He thinks He can contest an election.

Learn to drive instead of dreaming of leadership.

- Come on.

He isn't going anywhere!

- He stays here.
- here? Meaning?

lt's clear, Prithviraj.

Sooraj happens to be a member of the core committee.

No one can throw him out.

What is this nonsense!

Who made him a member?

l did.

The secretary of the backward and minority cell.

- But, Mr. Veerendra..
- Please read the constitution.

As General Secretary, l have the right to..

nominate three members.

Excuse me.

Come, Sooraj.

Please place a chair for him beside mine.

Please sit.

Respected Mr. Working President..

please caution Mr. Prithviraj that..

without the approval of the core committee..

he shouldn't go around announcing candidates.

And l propose..

that instead of Jeevan Kumar..

the party candidate from Azad Nagar..

should be Sooraj Kumar.

Adjourned the meeting for now.

The new proposals will have to be included in the agenda.

Hence, this meeting is adjourned until further notice.

Take this.

l'm feeling handicapped without Bhanu.

lt's becoming very hard to rein in Veerendra.

He staked his claim to Madhopur again today.

So? Let him contest.

C'mon, Uncle.. You know that Madhopur is reserved..

..for the party president.

lf he wins from there, he'll create havoc.

He can even lose.

Are you aware that it is our safest seat?

Even if we nominate a dog from there, it will win.

Brother, if the party can make you win the election..

it can also make sure you lose.

Sure. But losing Madhopur isn't good for the party.


lf he loses from there, it'll finish his political career.

Moreover, you'll get sympathy for giving up the seat.

That makes sense.

But your problem isn't Veerendra.

lt is Sooraj!

He has created a serious situation.

lf we give him Azad Nagar, it boosts Veerendra's position.

But, if we don't, we antagonise the lower castes.

l don't know what to do.

We'll talk in one voice.

- Sooraj, Mr. Brij Gopal is here.

Brij Gopal?

How are you all?

- Okay, fine.


Been a while since l had a cup of your tea.

How nice! Mr. Batukeshwar, you too?

Looks like all the Dalits are here!

Looks like a massive convention.

Since elections are upon us..

we need to look at all possibilities.

Of course, of course.

After all, this is the age of the youth.

Please sit..

No matter what, we will never leave the party.

The party is yours anyway.

As far as elections go, you're right.

But, what about after that?

l know that you people are upset about..

..the selection of your candidate.

We have decided..

that not just for Azad Nagar, but every lower caste area..

we only want local candidates.

That is up to the party.

Now that you're in the core committee..

raise this issue there.

For now, the party president has sent me to inform you that..

the candidate for Azad Nagar will be from among you.

God bless you, Mr. Brij Gopal.

As long as you are in the party..

there will be no injustice.

Bless you, Sir..

for encouraging a poor man's son.

Sooraj will not disappoint you.

Victory to Sooraj!

Victory to Sooraj!

The party has decided that the candidate from Azad Nagar..

will be the party's loyal supporter, and your beloved..

Ram Charittar!

Democracy is alive and well in our party.

Sir, this is a mistake.

The candidate is not me.

lt's my son, Sooraj.

Ram Charittar, every father wants his son to move ahead.

But he is still inexperienced.

And is there anyone here who is..

more honest and hardworking than you?

Does anyone have an objection, friends?

Tell me, Sooraj..
Do you object to your father's candidature?

Why don't you people say something?


how can l be a candidate?

l'm a mere servant of your family.

Now, you are a servant of the people.

Sir, please..

The decision to nominate my father was the right one.

ln politics, there are no right or wrong decisions.

Their purpose is merely to achieve a desired result.

Whatever that might be.

l shall remember that.

Let's go.

l'm going to Beesanpur temple..

to pray for your nomination.

But, why today?

Because it's your day off.

Father's on a long vacation now.

He will no longer be a chauffeur.


l have decided.

You're not going to serve that family.

Take the car to Beesanpur.

We'll take the bus, son.

The first list of candidates.
- Hello, sir.

You proposed 55 names.

Of those, he cleared only 12!

And, my request for funds?

He refused to clear them.

He will pay for this!

Bad times are here.

We conducted a survey in every district.

78% of the voters..

connect with Chandra Pratap.

He is the face of our party.

Chief Minister designate!

Why not?

The party will decide that.
Not you!

- Shut up.
- No, you be quiet!

This is the party office, not your home.

Respect the decorum of this office.

So, you'll teach me decorum, will you?

Mr. Backward and Minority Cell Secretary..

The party has decided.

He will be the Chief Minister!

lf you have a problem with that..

The public recognises only one face..

only one voice..

that of Bhanu Pratap.

And you all know who..
his rightful successor is.

The party should not fail to recognise that.


your father has himself approved of this decision.

When did father decide this?

This morning.

Every decision of this party is democratic. You know that!

Of course!

l know.. who is behind all this.

How only 12 of my 55 candidates are approved.

How all my demands for funds are consistently denied.

Mr. Working President..

this decision is not good for the party.

The people will reject it!

Young man, now l call the shots here.

Learn to accept that fact.

Better fall in line or fall by the wayside.

Fall in line?!

Wow, Mr. Working President!

Enough, Veerendra Pratap! Final warning.

The same constitution that gives you the right..

to appoint him a member.. also grants me the right..

to suspend you from the party.


Veerendra is the general secretary of the party.

How can you..

So now, you'll interfere, will you?

l've been watching..

the kind of games that some people are playing.

Looks like some players will have to be..

rested during this election tournament.

Fall in line!

Now l have to stand in line, eh?

All my life, l doled out alms..

now l have to stand in line and beg?!

My father built this party..

and he is trying to kick me out of it?

l'll break it!

l will break this party..

and form a new one.

Do not make that mistake.

That is what they want.

This party is yours.

They must leave, not you!

How will you throw them out?


See this poster?

This man will become the Chief Minister!

l'll change the poster.

- Mr. Chandra Pratap ls here.

You're off already, son?

Yes, it is okay, father.

Why are you so concerned?

As if you've had any time for him!

You know how things have been..

There's time still.

Put Samar's luggage in my car.
- Okay, sir.

- l'll drop him.
- You?

Papa, you don't have to do this.


This time l really didn't get to see you properly.

Everything okay there?

Your PhD?

l'm done with the research.

The presentation is next week.

- Next week?
- Yes, papa.

l'm done with my PhD.


So, now we'll be calling you Dr. Samar Pratap!

Tell me the title of your thesis again. l always seem to forget..

The Sub-textual Emotional Violence of 19th Century Victorian Poetry.


Sounds so impressive.

What next?

There's an offer to teach.

So you aren't coming back?

Well.. l suppose that's fine too.

You'll be the first teacher in our family.

Papa, please.. you should go now.

This security thing is too much.

l'll go.

- Let me see you in..
- No papa. please..

You're blocking the traffic also.

Okay, son.

Come, give me a hug.

God knows when l'll see you again.

These elections..


Love you, son.

What is it, Babulal?

Mr. Bhanu's condition has suddenly worsened.

We're going to the hospital.

Have the doctor call me.


Take me to the hospital!

"My beloved isn't speaking to me."

"Doors of the heart."

What were you thinking?

l'm not some tragedy queen.

l'll abduct you from across the universe, if that's what it takes.


New profession?

"My beloved isn't speaking to me."

l can't live without you.

l love you.

lndu, l've to go.

Take care.

Find out what's going on!
- Security, come in.

Get them to move.

Clear the road..

Another shocking setback to the state's most powerful family.

According to initial reports..

The working president of the Rashtrawadi party..

- Mr. Chandra Pratap..

- was fatally attacked in a shocking incident.

Reports state that this attack..

took place on Ratanpur road on the way to the city from the airport.

Mr. Chandra Pratap was in his car when the attack took place.

lt seems that he was shot.

As a result of the incident traffic is blocked for miles.

- there ls No information about his condition.

Mr. Brij Gopal for you..

Uncle! How's papa?

They've taken him to the hospital.

l'll pick you up at the airport.

Get the cars!

That will take time, l'll come by cab..

Just do as l say!

Those who have done this, know that you're at the airport.

You just stay there!

Disconnect the cable TV..

Security on red alert.

My sister shouldn't know of this.
- Okay.

Stop all cars outside the gate!

Let's go.
- Okay, sir.

Where the hell was the security?

What about the police?

lt's a single bullet in the throat.

He's very critical.

Has lost a lot of blood.

We're trying to stop it.

Where is the hos