R.M.N. (2022) - full transcript

A non-judgmental analysis of the driving forces of human behavior when confronted with the unknown, of the way we perceive the other and on how we relate to an unsettling future.

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Several languages are spoken by the film's characters
In translation, Romanian is written in white

, Hungarian in yellow/orange
.and other languages in pink/purple

Translated automatically from
the Arabic translation by: Nizar Ezz El-Din

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"Official Pick 2022"

{\fs26}Magnetic resonance imaging

!to your sites!

. We'll turn on the font

!Turn off your phones!

Did you ask me to take your place? -
Yes, I have a problem.

I will take care of it

!Stop arguing!

.Go to download


.You don't have a break.

Help them unload the sheep

. Go to work -
.I have an emergency -

!Dirty gypsies, you're all lazy -
What? -

can companies that works
It has more than thirty employees

get 56,000
.extra from the European Union

and our stock? -
.will increase proportionally -

. However, rental equipment will be taken into account.

Are any other calls received?

.someone from Toplita called yesterday

.When I told him he had to leave, he hesitated.

.I'm afraid Traian will leave us too

How is his son?

.He is still undergoing treatment with his mother

, all these papers are useless

.if we don't apply for a grant of 136,000

would be hard to find
...five qualified workers before the deadline

What if we don't announce the salary?

.we got a lot of calls to no avail.

. We just have to do another round of ads

. without specifying the salary
Only “overtime pay is double.”

What do I have to say to the office
Recruitment regarding the three workers?

.Save time, and send the new ad.

.We'll see later




! Good morning!
.Good morning -

Has the priest arrived? -
.not yet -

Can I paste another ad?

Hey, the door is open

. Thank you.

.I brought you a beer

. Hello-
.Good morning -

are you coming to the rehearsal? -
.I will try -

Do you still have that bike?

Are you dying to get it?

Hello, can I submit an ad?

Are there no job candidates? -
Not really.

Any news about your cousin? -
He found a job in Stuttgart.

Can he take Mara? -
He lives in a truck container.

Since her mother lives in Italy
I will take care of Mara and the elderly

Send her to rehearsals.
I don't stop her!

Hi, Mara? -
.Welcome -

Do you train at home? -
.Yes -

She exercises on her smartphone

,this is not true

My grandfather makes me go to our church choir

One can do both

We train at school.
I asked him to.


.I'm coming

do you allow me?

. There's a phone -
.thank you -

"Beware of wild animals"

This is better, right?

. Thank you, Father Otto.

. On Monday, we'll practice at school -
.ok -

.someone will come to take the instruments

. Thank you

Are you passing by "Mercuria Ciuc"? -
go up -

.Welcome. Papers please

Where are you from? -
"Münster - Germany" -

Is everyone like that?

Except for him, he's from Regensburg

honor "?"


!You! Lower the sound

Auspicious travels

.Thank you

!"Shut up, "Caesar

Let's keep qualified bakers
And experience is required

Transfer is secured.

I add, “The overtime fee is double.”

.Weakness. That's it

No, we will not put the salary

.That's it. Yes

Online, is that available now?
.I will manage immediately

.Thanks. Thanks

"Recia Ricvalva"

. Thank you

How are you?

what are you doing here?

Why did not you call?

My phone broke

.Take off your shoes

How's Rudy?

.the same

does he talk


Have you met the doctor? -
I consulted him. Yes -

No need to bother him
He will speak when he is ready

Did you buy him anything for Christmas?

.I did not have time

I'll get him something from here


.Turn off the game. Your father is here


That's enough, it's too late

You finished this part

Will you drive him to school?

Doesn't he go alone? -
He hasn't since he freaked out.


What did you see in the woods? Tell me

Not before bed

You don't get involved!

.It's okay, I'll take it

It's all right, okay?

Your father came home
There is no reason to be afraid

.go to bed

Does he sleep alone now?


You really don't help him

He wets his bed if he sleeps alone

Did you visit Father Otto before you came?

No, I came right away

You should, it's not feeling well

.Good night

Was he the one who scared you?

What are you doing there man?

Hi, I'm talking to you

Did you come here to steal?


I don't want to see you here again!

.You scare children

.Son of a whore

.Come on, come on

Take your bag

From here you will go on your own

.Come on, I'm watching you

!OK Go

! That way, good!

. You could have caught her

!Girl, go!

you! What is this?

.Let me not hear you say it again, or you will be punished

are you back? -
.yesterday evening -

Shall we go for a drink later?

How are you, Matthias?

Are you home, or is it just Christmas?

I don't know, we'll see

Is your contract for three years? -
.Two years -

Mathias, I apologize for asking this, you just arrived.

But can you slaughter my pig?

The man who took your place did a dirty job

I prepared my tools before I left

.a good knife..that will suffice

when? -
Today, if you can -

.I'll try -
God bless you.

Only four for the Prado, okay?

What about Toplita? -
.two boxes. Thanks -

If you don't want them, tell me
I have a show for them in Navodari

.Well. These are the three candidates, we'll take them

.I hope to find two more in the area

What is the deadline? -
.seventh of the month -


Do you really hope to find
Bakers during the holidays with that salary?

With aliens, you can't be sure of anything
Then you have to inhabit them

How can you not be sure of anything?

They are more serious and less paid than our country's workers

Do you mean Asians? -
.yes -

We do not work with "Africa" at all

We'll think about it.
And the three, when will they arrive? -

Two of them will arrive tomorrow
They're already in Bucharest

.Yes, I can't speak. I'll call you later

.I apologize

.Welcome -
.Welcome -

You've lost weight, I think!
It's the clothes that give you the illusion of that.

As for a smoking area here?

Nobody smokes anymore.
Oh really? -

But you can smoke -
Won't they kick you out? -

from? -
Managers -

.I'm the manager

Is all this for you now?

.It's the owner's, but I'm in charge

You said you'd never come back.
Yes, but something unexpected happened -

Why did you call me? Why did we agree?

Rudy's emergency
I'd like Tanzo to check it out

Why don't you call him? -
He changed his number.

You shouldn't have called me then

How is that?

Tanzu and I broke up two years ago

.I thought you knew

I regret that -
.No problem -

And "Tanzo"?

I don't know his news. it is in
Hungary, I think.

He's gone anyway

But what's wrong with Rudy?

.I don't know, he no longer speaks

There is a problem

So will you stay?

.Maybe. yes. I don't know

Is there work here? -
Not really.

Will they reopen the mine?

No. Perhaps you are looking for a job as a lumberjack?

..a lumberjack

Or if you are interested, we are looking for bakers

And what is the salary?

But the wages for overtime hours are double

double? -
.Excuse me. I mean double -

.I will think about that

Not for long, the show is coming to an end

Do you still live there?

I took my parents' house, and I renovated it

...you renewed it

I'll be back, I'm cold.
.okay see you -

.See you soon

. Dad

Are you okay?

.Come on, let's get up

. Let's get out of here

.Don't move, okay? I will be back

Take, this is Colliner. ten
Drops for cerebral circulation

You have to do the tests in the city
I can no longer do anything more than that


Yes, for diagnosis. at his age
This could have several reasons

He must stop milking his sheep.
...has to stop -

He's getting old, and he has to accept that

Someone has to take care of him.
Stevie came to visit him.

He needs someone around every day

To give him his grain, to wash him, and to stay with him

Do you know anyone? -
In the village? -

They all work abroad

People are running low here fast.
.Yes -

He has trouble expressing
.same too. more than before

.This is possible

Could it be hereditary? -
What? -

Difficulty expressing oneself

.not really

Because the Germans here were getting married
.from each other

But you speak well.
Not me. I was thinking about Rudy.

Didn't he speak?

.not yet

In this case, it will be
It is necessary to consult a doctor

Here's the recipe

Take him for a checkup at a neurologist in Cluj

.Thank you

. Please come in

.Thank you

...I don't drink -
You're big now!-

Did the pig get some? -
My mom gave it to him.

I put a little with his bread


.Let's go

.Catch him -
I won't touch him.

.Take this

Give me the knife!

Arm first!

.catch her

Put him down!

Hold him tight!

I put him down!

!Catch him

Don't be afraid, it's me

What the hell are you doing here?

I slaughtered the priest's pig, and he gave me a piece of meat

And yet?

I wanted to get you some
Are you fasting for Christmas?

.I? no
.but I don't eat meat anymore

Do you no longer eat meat? -
.no -

and what are you doing?

.I mean for Christmas

.I watch movies

the movies?


...I don't know

It is difficult to be alone on Eid

Are you with your family?

Not talking about me... I was thinking about you

I'm with Caesar

...with Caesar

...I wanted to tell you

I can't work as a baker


...and I might do nothing else but--
.Good. go home -

.I'm in no hurry
Rudy has already fallen asleep

No doubt your wife is waiting for you for dinner.
.No. She's not waiting for me.

.It doesn't matter. Go and sleep

I'm not drunk.
...maybe but -

Also, don't come to my house
.again from the backyard

from the backyard?

.Yes, and it is better not to come at all

We'll talk tomorrow. Go home

.Good night

.Good night


what are you two doing

We will go to school

Won't he go alone today? -
.no -


We went together yesterday, that's okay

.he is afraid

.Rudy, don't be afraid

Never hit him!
No, crazy one.


. Come to your father

.get down. Tell your father what you saw

"something wrong"

something wrong?" -
.Yes -

Did you take him to the doctor?

Which doctor? During the holiday season?

I talked to the priest about it
We will visit him on Sunday

...the priest

Rudy, come on. Your father will come with you.
.and we'll take the gun

I'll fetch it, come down

.come up



Do you see the bear?

.Between trees

We'll just fork it out a lot
.so he doesn't scare you anymore

what do you think?


!Welcome -
.Welcome -


. Please. Come on. Come on



. Mahinda

...please, take off the



.Hi, Chilla-
.Nice to meet you -

and “Alec.”

.Hi, I'm "Alec-"
Chilla, nice to meet you.

.Nice to meet you

And this is Mrs. Denise. She's the owner.

. Hello-
.Hello -

Sorry to bring you here just before Christmas

.work first

where are they from? -
from where they are? -

From Sri Lanka

Take a quick walk, they must be tired

We will practice tomorrow

Is there a final signature? -
We will complete the procedures.
three hundred fifty
00:28:15,880 --> 00:28:17,079
. follow me

. Good luck -
.Thank you -

Three flocks of sheep and three shepherds

One from Moldova, one from Transylvania
And one from Montaña

,"the patron of Transylvania and the patron of Montaña

They were here talking, making bets

.to kill with one shot either a dog or a wolf

As for the Moldavian shepherd, he is braver

.he had more soft and lovely sheep

.magnificent horses and ferocious dogs

, so, in three days
Again, as usual

.his beloved sheep stayed there, happy

. Happy Holidays

Hello mister, Paccio

Well done!

Happy Holidays!

. Merry Christmas
What a beautiful song.


Well done, that was great

.Thank you for the gifts

Say thank you for gifts.
.Thanks -

From "Santa Claus."

Matthias told him he wasn't there.
I don't want him to believe in illusions.


Madame Paccio, may we...
Rent your rooms to our new workers?


There is a wood fireplace.
They need wood.

.the wood. Understood -
."the wood" -

Can Chella come today? It's urgent

We will be waiting for you.
.Thanks -

.Happy Holidays -
.See you later -

Come and see

.bring the stick back here

Plant it well!

Hide it under the leaves

Leave the meat visible

If you drink this, you will die. It is full of dirt

.because of mine

.but it's still water

It seems that Otto's ancestors are buried here

They have arrived from Luxembourg

.about 700 years ago

Do you know where Luxembourg is located?

next to Germany

.I will teach you how to purify water

Do you know what this is?


In the spring, I'll show you the edible plants


It's not good, but it's drinkable

If you know how to start a fire
Boil water, and you can live

But in order to survive, you are
.Need to learn more

.and know how to fight

.that's easy

You must not be pitiful

Area invaders, did they have any pity?

.This is life

If you have pity, you will die first
And I want you to die last

.Let's go

Go wash your hands

They gave them beautiful gifts at the factory

,By the way

Did you talk to Chilla again?

To Chilla?

.Yes, after I came back

what is this?

Santa Claus hat

He made it.
he? -

He's good at sewing.
Damn, it's a boy!

No need for such words

There is no argument at the table

The meek eat and are satisfied.”

The Lord will praise Him

Your hearts will live forever


.Good appetite

.Good appetite

Do you want a beer? -
.no -

.tell me what you have. I am sleepy

Why are you talking to me in that tone?

What tone? -
This tone!

Did you bring me in for this?

And me, did I come back to hear that?

I don't know why you came back

Why do you think?

.I don't care. You do what you want

And "Rudy"?

I told you I take care of everything

What exactly?

What are you hinting at?

to sleep with him?
He has turned 8 years old!

.it is small

You keep him small and that's why he depends on you


You teach him sewing, not German!

This calms him down, which is recommended

Recommended? Do you want to turn him into a sissy?

Does he have to kill animals to be a man?

It must be strong so as not to be trampled on

.right on time -
He's the laughingstock of his class.

I used to work there like a dog.
Not for me.

Watch what you say!

And if I don't?

Raise your hand on me again, and I'll leave

.Help yourself

And I'll take the little one.
.never. He will grow up in my house -

your house?

.Listen to me carefully
.If you take my son, I will kill you

Did you understand?

.to stop

.You can go back to your sweetheart

Don't sleep here if you're going to act like this

If you want us to stay
In this house, me and Rudy

Sit down, Caesar

.Everything is automated

and are you married? -
.Yes -

And you? -
.no. I am no longer -

Do you have children? -
.Yes, I have two boys and a girl -

And do you have children? -
.No, not yet -

.work. a job. a job. all the time

what about him?

.No, it's too small

.He is 25 years old. I am 44 years old

We say, "You funded his ego." Which
It means “May God prolong your life.”

. Thank you

.in Romanian

.complicated Romanian

.Well, I'm not Romanian-
truly? -

Well, yeah, but I
.I belong to Hungarian ethnicity

Does he speak English?

.a little bit

.Look. your house

.very cute

The two workers arrived

Ura, bring the cabbage.
.please. And porridge too

Aren't they Japanese?

He spoke of Chinese and then Nepalese

.and in fact, they are Sri Lankan

.here we are. -
.very good -

Can we bring the...? -
.Yes. Yes. Go ahead -

Do they know how to start a fire?

.I believe. Otherwise, they must learn

Come to lunch -
It would embarrass me. It's Christmas.

!Come here. Come here

And what about them? Do they eat pork?

Do you eat pork?

.No. But don't worry


.Because you are there, the world to you is the West

.much more than first friendships


.You're exaggerating -
.never -

.We know your history well.

. Anna can tell you.

.Then you don't know anything about the East.

.You're generalizing a bit, but yeah
History will always be for the strongest.

. This is the reality -
.Yes. Yes. Of course -

.You have become mighty, and have erected great cathedrals.

..because we are.. here

.we were struggling with the spreaders of darkness

..the Mongols

..the Avars

And the Huns, who are the worst

. That's right

..look at the map
.Romania has always been among empires.

..You have the Germans, the Russians, the Hungarians

.And we've been here for two thousand years

.Yes, but we also won two world wars

And you finally left us to the Russians.
Enough politics!

Ura, bring the cabbage to the guests.

I will disturb you.
No, sit down.


.No. I do not want anything. Thanks

How about a little candy?

Well, I can't say no

.me too

Mara, is Santa Claus gone? -
.yes -

You were sober

.demure as picture

We are waiting for you at rehearsals.
She goes to choir.

I've heard her sing before
.but playing a musical instrument will help her

some wine? -
I have to drive.

Make room for me!

I didn't introduce you to Mr. Ben

. "chilla" -
.Nice to meet you -

He is a member of a non-organization
French government to protect bears

And how long will you stay?

.Until we finish. We have to get to know bears

and then?

. We're still counting it. But we are not in a hurry

. Transylvania. "Beautiful country, friendly people." -
.yes. Yes -

...and where


I interrupted you.
.There is nothing wrong -

...Transylvania is "beautiful. Yes, but"

.but it's not a country

countries and regions.. today
It's all included with "Europe."

..we can say that we are all

..Yes. yes. We have a proverb here

.My brother, my brother. But not in the money

"My brother is my brother, but cheese costs money" -
.there it is -

They learn it in school

And where do you live?

.here, upstairs

At the request of the Honorable Mr
This is part of the contract with the European Union

Did you find workers?

We've had a tough time. So all of these
.. Advertisements were not required by anyone

They all work abroad

They destroyed our economy

I even suggested it to Mathias.
What? -

To work as a baker

He will go back to Germany, he has a life there

This is what will happen

The little boy didn't speak German anymore since I left

It's okay, they're learning
.quickly when they start

He will learn what he needs


Excuse me, I'm going to see Father Otto, he's bedridden

No one should be left alone at Christmas

We are the only ones who work non-stop

Thank God, we find
The bread we need daily

Give the Sarmal to your good father!

.everything is ready before

what is this?

. "The" Koznak -
.cakes -

is this? What is the? -
.Tuna pie -

Would you like some cozonac?

Can I?

. Go ahead

.There are nine sheep

...the same number as before, I think


I am in the hospital with Father Otto

.I can't come tonight, I'm sorry

.they look like they know what they're doing

. It'll be fine

"We can produce 800 Kozonaks."
and sold in Toplita

So did I send the acceptance to the other two people?

or wait a bit?

.The deadline is approaching

.You're right, send the acceptance
If the conditions deteriorate, we will lose the warranty.

Do you have any gifts for them?

. It's for everyone
I invited them to the party tonight.

How are you doing, man?

There is beer


When are you going to bring him home?

I am waiting for his test results

What does he suffer from?

.of something in the head

.that's unfortunate

He didn't lose his mind, some sheep really did disappear

.might be a bear

Are you able to leave? -
I'm waiting to see -

Will you lose your job? -
.maybe -

Is there work here? -
Poor salary.

And in the finishing?

They already cut everything

Moreover, they are hiring
.Local people. So that they save money

!Austrian bastards!

Are you done?

.I finished

.See you later -
Hello comrades -

.Happy holidays -
.to you too -


.more gypsies

I saw some of them in the woods

They are not from the gypsies

They work in the factory
.Nepalese, or similar

They make you black, long bread

Didn't they find anyone from the area?

At minimum wage?


People leave for money
leaving their children behind

Damn them and their reward!

Hello, stranger!

Come and let's chat!

!Come here. Come here

You wouldn't dare, right? do you fear?

Maybe they stole your sheep

.they don't eat pork

Are you coming to the game to cheer us on?

aginst who? -
"Prado" -

We will crush those gypsies

.What is with you? You are primarily German

.hardly, he's a real bastard

Are you taking Rudy to?
Your hockey team?

I want it, but it?

Take him to the game, he might like it

once again?

We crushed the gypsies, and they were many

He danced with your sister!
!you are kidding -

.I am going -
.See you soon -

is this a joke? -
.I swear to you -

. dirty cockroach

!You'll see what I'm going to do to you

So do you love me?

Do you love me?

.I would love to have sex with you

!Fuck you!

.You like me to fuck you

.in the back

Can't you say you love me?

.I love you

No, in Romanian

...in Romanian

.It's weird

You mean for a big boy like you?

.I can say it in Hungarian

.please enter

.say it

How is it said?

.you're empty."

.you're empty.

.yo mochu applet

What's in that bag?
What bag? -

.the ones that are there


purposes, like?


.and things like that

Can't you say you love me?
But you will move in with me?

."I told you I love you

Say it again

.you're empty."

It means "bon appetit."

.i love you

What is this gun? -
It's for you.


.only when needed

.you live near the forest

We all live near the forest

Give it to Anna

.she doesn't love me

Do I love you?

don't you?

Can you do me a favor? -
What? -

Tomorrow? -
.yes -

Can you go to Bekaz station?

I'd rather you not stay here tonight

so when?

.I don't know

.I want to hug you

.You want to fuck me

.that too




.I don't know

.Tell me


Next year? -
!Next year -

When do chickens have teeth?

.Fuck me, baby

I sent you a link, open it

"Local Forum"

! Take them all out!

These immigrants won't do any
Nothing but stealing and killing people!

Would you rather Romanians say that about us?

!If we say yes to these, the invasion will happen soon

They have 10 children and 3 wives each
All of them are funded by the European Union!

! They bring back diseases to us!

in Germany they charge 1,500
Euros, excluding salaries

!Kinga, please!"

is everything alright? -
.Yes, thank you very much -


.No -

. This is the way to Bucharest

...Ah, to the west

.No, west of that direction

.In our country, everything is towards the West

Is Budapest far from here?

.according to the way

. I'm "Raouf."

Thanks, I'll manage

What is this?

for tonight's game. Are you coming?

.I will see

.see you later


. We've made dinner, please join us

.I can't
I promised the little one that I would take him.

.ok, next time

Hold on tight!

Come on, Prado!

!"Come on, Rcvalva

Are you okay?

! Have no mercy, Geza. Hit where it hurts

Come on!

Don't we have something to fight for?

Come on!

Go home, Wallachians!

Long live Dacia!


Why are they dressed as bears?

.to become one with the animal.

and what are these sticks? -
.They are fighting for the new year -

against whom? -
.The hill opposite the valley -


.It's an imitation

.to ward off the evil eye

“There are no immigrants in Resia!”

It's the Hungarians who discriminate!"
Leave Romania!

Close the Hungarian language schools.

Hate attracts hate.
Europe: Industrious and Enslaved

It is the Hungarians who must leave.
Not the aliens!

"Do strangers see strangers?"

! Get back to work!

, bless our parish

, hoping to bloom next year

..and always available from

.perpetuates the spirit of our ancestors

. Amen

How is your boy?

Bring it to our church, there is almost no difference

I will suggest it to him.
!"Mathias" -

!"Mr. Felix

. Thank you


.wait -
.that's nice, it wasn't necessary -

.Happy New Year

.And a Happy New Year to you

What is there? -

Rudy has disappeared.
How is that? -

.I couldn't find it anywhere

what is happening?

Rudy has disappeared

did you hurt yourself

.Bring a first aid kit

.don't worry, he'll find it

.will find it



!stay away

..don't ever come close

..from a wild animal

.without being armed

!Happy New Year

They have received death threats
.Alec sent it to me

Hold this please

you guys? Mahinda, Alec?

.Don't worry about it tonight. Not tonight

. Let's have fun. Please

..turn off your phones -

.We'll take care of all that tomorrow

.Father, something must be done

.They are also children of God

.Maybe they are children of God in their homes

, we have nothing against them
.but they don't belong here.

.Our children also work abroad

.It's different in town
They blend in with people.

.They just make bread. They don't build houses

.Honestly, I don't buy bread from there anymore.

.The problem is that we don't know anything about their hygiene.

, they keep their hands on bread all day

.And we eat it

. We eat it baked

You think they don't touch him after that? -

.They touch him in order to move him. I've seen them myself.

and our workers, don't they touch it? -
..and if they touch it -

..the problem is that virus diseases are different

..in the far country

.from a medical point of view

if only there were one or two
.only, that would have been good.

but they're going to be three. Will it ever stop?

.Look how they leave for overseas

.They earn a little and then find themselves in need.

And then, they blow themselves up
.or they kidnap you in a car.

, we recently got rid of the gypsies
Are we going to repeat the mistake again?

. He's right

. I'll go talk to the factory about it -
.ok, father

Ask why they didn't hire local workers

You know that some people
From here they work abroad.

would you find that normal
Are they being taken advantage of by others?

.While our villages are full of such people

!I have seen the gypsies very well
They are settling into an empty house.

Who knows what they want?

.they want to go west, we're just a pit stop

.don't raise your voice in church


must be reported to the factory. And must
.that happens immediately

.We are just a group of villagers
We respect each other

.ok, I'll go after mass

.we don't want them here

, we have nothing against them
.but let them stay in their house

.we don't want them in our church

.take action before it's too late

. Let's pray together to refocus.


1500 euros per month, and accommodation is paid

Check it out, however
To be a resident because he is half German

Does he speak German? -
Yes, with an accent.

.This is a great advantage
I'll take a look at the butcher's job offers


For the new two, do you have the papers?

.Here it is

Think and call me quickly
The matter cannot be delayed

.good day -
.and you the same -

The priest asks to speak to Mrs. Denise

.she is busy

.it's about strangers

. People were angry in the church

.Look, it didn't happen without documents, everything is legal.

.I understand, but the villagers don't want them.

Should I throw them in
the street after I brought them here?

.you should have made sure you were approved by our community beforehand

But anyway, we did
.by placing ads for several weeks

.We have our priorities, we are asking for European funding

. It's complicated -
.Sure -

.I don't want it to end up exploding

How's that?

, I'm telling you what people say
Take him into consideration.

Did these people tell you that they
They created a Facebook group against them?

that they're sending them death threats?

.I don't control Facebook.
.We have to take it seriously -

Who are bothering them?

.They work hard. They are two good people

...it's possible, but

.the people don't want the bread they make.

why? -
.because they don't want him -

.Sorry, this is out of bounds

They don't have the plague, everything
.legal. I'm sorry if that bothers you

I doubt things are going in
The right direction, but I'll get over it.

. God bless you both.
And God bless you -

.Come on, go

.stop. Take it out

. Throw it away

.well done

! the priest is back

. again

So, Father? Is it again?

.Unfortunately, you won't give up on these strangers.

! Speak Louder!

.what a bitch

. I explained to them

.for them, they are good and hardworking people

.work from home, then.

.Let's start a petition to kick them out of the village

Do you have paper?

Do you think this is a good idea?

.Why not? We will say what we think

! Get back to work!


. Say hello to my boss, Chilla.

. Hello-
.Hello -


.You don't have to worry, everything is fine

.You say you are like a mother to us


.Yes. I am the mother, and they are two very good boys

.They work hard

.They cook really well. They cook wonderfully

Do you want to see?

. Look.

. fried chicken

. Rice with vegetables

. Samosa

!Bon appetit

..thank you! Wait

."This is our chef," Alec

.Say hello

. Hello-
.Hello -

so you don't have to worry, okay?
.everything is fine

.I'll take Mahinda back to you, so he can say goodbye


. Look, this is my brother -
.ok -

is this? -
It's Pepsi -



what's his name?

what's his name? -
"Pepsi" -


. I also have a dog, and his name is "Caesar."


and where is your brother? -
.he is in China. Works there -

and your family too? -
No, my family is in Sri Lanka

. My brother is in Spain -
.good -

where in "Spain"? -
“Barcelona” -

and your parents? -
.My parents are dead -

! I'm sorry!
.do not worry. It's okay -

!He's an amazing musician!


.Yes. He makes music

.He can play cups

.Come on. Do it

. Show us

Can you help me?

. Hold the cups.

very cute! can i? -
.Yes -

.This is amazing

Can you play this? -
.Yes, I will try -

. Let's see

Go back to your country, or we will kill you!


! What a shame
Show yourself if you are really men.

Did you sleep with the whole village?
And you started sucking black cocks now?

! I'll call the police. I know you

We know where you live, you idiot

.Yanxi, is that you? I'll call your father."

If they don't come out, we will burn you all!

!Good luck! And get out of my face

what is happening?

We can't keep them here, I'm sorry

They are good people

.maybe, but my wife is weak of heart

...you said two, now it's three

We'll pay you more.
.that's not the point -

Take the lead and push them away.
Where shall I take them at this hour? -

We can't keep them here

.at least until tomorrow, please

And if these thugs come back, what are we going to do?

I will risk my wife's heart attack for 500 lei?

The ambulance takes
.hours to get here, you know

What's wrong?

Can I help?

Have you seen "Raouf"? -
.no -

.Go back and watch from the inside

Where is "Raouf"? -
.I don't know -

.Rauf was very afraid.

Is he really a baker?


. He's not at home.

.OK, let's go

. We'll go then -
.thank you -

Shall I go with you?

.No, it's okay

. Take -
.Thank you -


. Thank you

.It's the new year, honey.

what is happening?

.They attacked the aliens
They will sleep here tonight

attacked? -
.yes -

of whom?

I don't know, they were masked

Were they drunk men? -
.probably -

Do you know who they are? -
.I have no idea -

This is no longer my business

Oh really?
Even though we almost got burned alive?

And you? What were you doing there?

Is this the problem? -
This is part of it -

If only they were
They will burn, would you be satisfied?

...of course not, but

.They don't belong here


You are the ones who need them, but they are
They will never be at home here

.Let's go. Go home

And you? Where will you sleep? -
I? what do you mean? -

Where will you sleep?

Here, of course!

Well, that's kind of crossing the line
If you ask me for my opinion

.I don't ask you

We have sex, and that's it
.I am not your wife

We're having sex, is that all? -
You understand what I'm saying.

You don't say "I love you" to me, but you give me your opinion?

...Yes, because I am

I don't want you to sleep with strangers

What is the problem?
Do you think we'll all have sex together?

..Listen, if someone is going to touch you

What? What are you going to do?

I'm not your type!

Go home, organize your life
As long as you are this strong

.Get out

.Check and sign

.I did.

Do you suspect someone? -
.no -

did they speak Romanian? -
.Yes, but with an accent -

.I see

what did you understand from that?

.they had a Romanian accent.

Will this help the investigation?

.This is a fact

.everyone knows Romanian here, even the Hungarians

.but they don't speak it

. When necessary, they speak Romanian

Do you have any news regarding
Threats on the Internet?

, We have transferred the matter to the province
And they have the required technology.

Is the mayor present?

.is not available today

. He's in town
ten thirty
01:20:26,200 --> 01:20:29,199
, call me if needed
.or you discovered something new.

. Absolutely-
.thank you -

. Have a good day -
.and you too -

any news on the third? -
.no -

did you tell the police? -
.no -

.I spoke to the mayor.

He has called for a general meeting in the church tomorrow.

Shall we bring the press too? -
.will not accept -

.He wants it to stay between us
The communication sites are already on fire.

And what about the grant application?

. We'll keep it

Can I accept the other two? -
.Yes -

In Dietrau, they asked us
.stop bringing more

And in Toplita? -
We only sold two boxes.

And here, in the village, they restored everything
.and old bread

We will use this to make toast

We don't have packaging.
We'll ask for some.

Bring it all inside

. Hello, ma'am -
.Good morning -

is the priest here? -
He's eating his breakfast -

Can you ask him to come over when he's done?

God bless you!

what did we say? -
...I told them that you

did you know that the mayor
Has he called for a meeting tomorrow?


Okay. Actually I wanted you to
You meet them before this meeting.

What is the purpose of me meeting them?

.I personally have nothing against them

.I am only a messenger conveying to you the will of the people

, since you have nothing against them
Do you agree with those who expel them from the Church?

.Muslims were not allowed to enter before.

.They are not Muslims. This is Catholic

, madam

, if people don't want them
I can't help them.

.Everyone has their place in this world

.This is God's will

Is this Christianity, Father?

, don't come and talk to me about Christianity
You never step into the church.

and our fellow citizens, what did they benefit from
So who's going to?

. Please leave

It's getting late, and I have to get ready


. Have a nice day

. Have a nice day

Do you suspect anyone?

...if I was in doubt


Where were you last night?

.at my house -
completely alone? -

Speak, we already know

So what do you want from me?

.this is what I want

Demeter Zolt

He said he was with you last night

Is that true or not?

...since he said that

Do you want us to bother Father Otto with this question?

.I do not think so


.do not play with fire

I called the governorate, and they asked me if I was in the village

Your German employer asked them about you

What should I tell them?

.Good evening

!Good evening

Is Mathias here?

No, not here

.Understood. Thanks -
Is there a message for him? -

No, it's okay. I will call him

Are you fine?

.There is nothing wrong

.good night

What the hell are you two doing here? -
Why are you following him? -

!he is afraid -
Let him go alone.

I will leave him when he is no longer afraid

...to stop! you are crazy

.he saw a man

.in the forest

.hanged on a tree

Why didn't you tell me?

.I learned that yesterday. He drew it for me

Come on Rudy, we'll be late

.show me where

Was he here?


Do you know?

.There is nothing that can scare you

.maybe it wasn't true

.there is nothing. Tell him too
It's just fear

He saw it!
What did he see? -

Do you think people evaporate?

Monsters may have eaten it

I'm sorry, Rudy

I didn't mean to scare you. Forgive me

, before giving the floor to the mayor

, let's pray together

.May God help us to do what is right

in what language?

.each in his own language. Father

, our Father who art in heaven

, hallelujah be your name

..your kingdom come

! Stevie, I'm here!"


.Excuse me


There are still people outside

.I leave the floor to Mr. Mayor

...dear compatriots, let me

Louder! There's a crowd

. speak louder

Do you have a speaker?

.Not connected

. There are loudspeakers in the village hall.

is she busy now? -
.no -

shall we go there? -
.Yes -

.It's warmer there

Let everyone go to the feast hall

! Calm down, please

Let me pass

!to the feast hall

. Please sit down

Will you alow me?

Can everyone hear me?


in Romanian!

Is everything okay?

Are you asking me if everything is ok?


.you see for yourself

I wanted to apologise


For making you angry.
.Oh really -

And for what I said

.There is nothing wrong

.GIVE me your hand -
This is not the right time.

are you ashamed of me

Everyone has their own language

I want your hand.
This is not the right moment.

Your hand and I will remain silent

Avoid spreading rumors...
.which will make us laugh later.

Do we all agree? -
.Yes -

Are there any reporters in the room?

.good. Very good

.I see some intruders

. No problem. We have nothing to hide

.Our societies have always been doing well

. We have had no conflict since the 1990s

.Except for that crime eight years ago -
It was an unfortunate accident -

but the culprit didn't come from
The historical background of our societies.

Since there are no more
People of that race in the village

.We coexisted peacefully, Hungarians and Romanians

And the Germans!
Yes, what's left of them -

Didn't we get rid of the gypsies and fight the strangers?

Are gypsies the problem?

Let's watch the words we use
The West will listen to us

!Let's from the West

My son-in-law is in Germany

They call him a gypsy all the time

He is more German than immigrants
Who pick up the people's trash

There is where they claim tolerance

Soon the West will not allow us
Even by saying my mom or dad

Well, I'll put it another way

Such claims harm local tourism

We have obligations to the European Union.
By buying their low quality products? -

.Let us start. Here's what I suggest

I will say a few words and give you the floor

Does anyone want to talk?

! Yes -
.Yes -

Let's stay civil, without interrupting each other

As the chosen one, I guarantee you

That those who want to express
About themselves they can

Is there a speaker in the room?

.Okay, let's get started

...we're here because you signed a petition

.that the local factory hired foreign workers.


.They are not immigrants, as we hear everywhere.

You, dear compatriots, submitted a petition

.demanding their expulsion

Who signed it? By names

Do you have the list? -
.yes -

Nimeth Zolt, Kelemen Tibor.
"Chibario Eureka", "Honor Matthias"

... Teodoresco Avram, Lanco Aron

I'm not the one who put my name on the list

I don't pay any attention to this.
.completely -

There are 395 signatures

Do you want me to read all the names? -
.No. No -

411 They are exactly that

Make a copy, please, and attach it

.on the bulletin board

There is also a list of people who
They don't mind staying, and she's here with me, too

who are they?

I, Zabu Chilla

Denise Victoria, Traian Amzulescu
, "Steffi Oner", "Nagy Rica"

Nemeth Kinga, your sister.

Are you making fun of us? They are factory workers


You got them to sign.
We didn't force anyone.

They sign because they know these strangers personally

.It is their own initiative

Some even came from the Prado

.I work here, and I have the right to express my opinion

How many names are on your list?

There are 28 of them, but we only started this morning

!Come on!

!If you allow

You no longer want democracy
If things are not going in your favor

There are 28 vs. 385
.This is not even debatable


Let's continue

.Mrs. Miklos -
Will you allow me? -

. Hold the speakerphone close.

We have nothing against those
People, if they stayed in their homes

, not in our factory
And their hands are in the bread we eat.

, no doubt I'm old-fashioned
.but this disgusts me.

.Me too

Let's not buy from them again
.others until they are expelled.

...indeed, Mr. Mayor

Let him speak
It's good to get an outside point of view

Who is this guy again?

It came from a non-organization
...French government to maintain

. Please. Please

I have come to help you protect
Your beautiful biodiversity.

He helps us by counting the bears

Should someone do the translation?

Do we pay him for it? -
.maybe. I don't know -

. please.

How much do we pay him to count bears?

I don't know, we're not the ones paying him

It is a matter of principle

...we are unemployed and the mine is closed

!by environmentalists

Monsters are ravaging our lawns, and we
We pay, sir, to count bears?

Why does he not prepare it while he is in his country?

Because they don't have any more bears

They killed it so they could build highways

And the wolves as well

Well, they've evolved very well

Should we still be the zoo of Europe?

Like they did in Africa

Except that we are not savages

Please, let him speak

Calm down!

. Thank you

..just wanted to say

.that people today are free to move around

This justifies the number of blacks and Arabs
.in Paris more than the French

We no longer dare to take the metro

.But these people are French

If you want settlers, accept them yourselves

we do not have. Then what are they doing here?

Sir, there are people too
From here they beg in Paris

Hungarians never beg!

Neither do the Romanians
They are gypsies!

.don't mix things up

. Roma. Yes, but they are also citizens

...Listen, Mr. Fraternity and Equality

If you love them so much
Why do you send them back to us?

.because they are forced to integrate into their country

It is impossible to merge gypsies
Stop hiding behind your finger!

Calm down, please

If you were so talented, you would
You have already managed to integrate blacks and Arabs

.but we've merged them -
Oh really? -

They'll cut your throat before that.
And that would be fine.

You haven't learned anything from Charlie Hebdo
You no longer have anything sacred

Let's close parenthesis on
So, back to our topic

..by our respect

Who is disrespectful to?

Can we now tell the truth?

Go back to communism!

You will be punished if you speak your mind

Please, let's get back to the topic

We are right about that

We have seen what happened in other countries

...it starts with one, two
Then they bring the whole family

This is their way

After that they want mosques

In Germany, it is not possible
.one even enter their neighborhoods

They attack women in the street if they are not veiled

.I don't think we are threatened by that in this village

But if we let them come
Will they claim their rights?

.using bombs and all forms of mayhem

Let them go away!

Rest assured, no attacks will happen here

Even if they blow us all up
We will not appear on the pages of newspapers

What are you saying?

Let's get back to you, Doctor, but
.Enter the subject directly.

.I have one remark to make

.."I don't know these people from Bangladesh

.They're from Sri Lanka

.from Sri Lanka. And they may be very clean

And I'll say it in Romanian so everyone can understand

...scientifically, diseases are different

.GIVE me your hand

their diseases and viruses
And their immune response as well

This is how we got AIDS, bird flu

.God knows what's next

through human societies
directly related to animals

...monkeys, bears and bats

They spread epidemics because they are
They can go anywhere!


They were given a comprehensive health check before being employed

...If you allow

.It is a matter of cleanliness

Excuse me, but Muslims
.they don't use toilet paper

...they work in the bakery

They are not Muslims!
.albeit -

!If you allow

Mister Paccio

.I have one last thing

The end of the world is not a nuclear bomb

It's with all these people who invade us

While the European Union pays us
Money to grow orchards in the countryside

He wants pickles according to the specifications

!It's easy to make your own pickles according to your specifications!

.This is a fact
Why is a garden made in the mountains?

I can answer you in this regard

This allows us to access
Subsidies available from the European Union

For this, gardens were established in rural areas

What about the water channels? And paved roads?

There were no grants for this

But with park aid money
We lit the public streets

I raise my hand from the beginning

Stay on topic.
I'll stay on topic.

My name is Prebo Vasily

For those who don't know me
I worked in the factory

The real problem is

Why are foreigners employed in our places?

People here don't want to work

How is that? Are you paying them enough?

They would rather live on unemployment benefits

This is a big fallacy. I disagree

Aside from having only one pair of pants
.or two, as is the case everywhere

Our men work hard in every country they go to

You know that very well, understand
.don't browse in those countries

When the Westerner appoints you, he exploits you

.but he pays you more

.well said. thank you sir

The question is: why pay
Factory wages that bad?

Why don't you pay extra?

We pay the workers! double pay

incorrect! 43 hours out
Overtime and not paid

.I even filed a case against you

You can check, we have been paying them since 2018

You wouldn't think I would believe that

I'm a former employee

I am in a position to say
..I tell everyone that I'm working overtime

I didn't get any wages

Mr. Pribo...
...Mr. Mayor -

..I speak on behalf of all workers

.who dare not say anything

For fear of being expelled

The ads have been there for weeks

We want to hire people

.at the minimum wage

What if bread costs 5 lei?

And why not be 10?

At the bakery, we work hard, even during the holidays

You need fresh bread every day

.This is a fact

You really have to work hard? -
.Yes -

So why doesn't that apply to you, too?

How much does that Mercedes cost?

While paying your workers a pittance!

My car is rented

All this on the backs of your workers, madam

The priest also has a Mercedes

.it's for my mom

.a used car

.we are still going off topic

Thank you, Mr. Pribo, we have heard your complaint

...excuse me, I think we have the right to reply

In Romanian, please!
.Good -


In the last years,
We created most of the local jobs

We also support the local orchestra

We want to continue developing the region

For this, we are applying for European funds

As if the money would come back to us.
Yes, this money will be spent here.

You mean money that does not spill out of your pocket

We're still getting off topic

.I suggest we take a vote

who votes to hire foreigners
Who were brought to the village?

. That would be obvious.


I didn't quite understand

.who vote to remain aliens

The problem is not well presented

Of course it was well put up!

We are afraid of public opinion
But we clearly don't want them here

Here is what I suggest to avoid complicating the situation

...we'll outfit the aliens with a pair of gloves

Otherwise, we will change their place
And they won't touch the dough anymore

We don't want them, is that hard to understand?

What if we live in another village?

No, let them go!

Who agrees not to buy
Bake them at the moment?

There are still laws in this country

And that's why we want to decide for ourselves
Therefore, we will not take orders

How are you Hungarians?
..who constitute a minority among us

Do you discriminate against other strangers?

"Honor Matthias"

Mathias, where are you?

Mathias, come home.

What happened? -
Father Otto has hanged himself!

May God have mercy on him

.Help me

.I love you, Dad

.I love you

Let's apply again
In the “less than 30 employees” category

. We don't have time for that anymore.

. We're going to stop production and we're all going to work on it tonight.

. The other two are due to arrive tonight

. Let's revoke their acceptance -
...we can't -

So what are we going to do in light of this situation?

.They are human beings -
.I am well aware that they are human beings -

.But we're human too

, without customers

, what took ten years to build will disappear

.And we'll all end up on the street

.Nobody will end up on the street

.You'll find a job, and you'll leave me alone in debt

.Please go ahead and come forward again

.No, I won't do that again

have a family, contracts, we can't
Washing our hands is one of our obligations.

.Nobody washes their hands of anything

.I spoke to the mayor
They will sleep tonight at the station.

. Tomorrow we'll set them up in the Prado. Tell them

.I was offered a job in Germany

I didn't want to accept it, but by looking
.what's going on, I'm resigning

.You were the last one who didn't stick a knife in my back

.You have until tomorrow to reapply

.Inform the workers of my decision

. Take my car

. the car is open -
.ok -

Is that all? -
.Yes -


. And don't worry. You will be safe there

.I'll see you later

.Warm condolences

.Warm condolences


.Thank you -
.Thank you -

.Good evening -
.Good evening -

.Warm condolences -
.Thank you -

.I'm so sorry, Mathias

Who is there?

Open up for me!


Open up for me!

where am I"? -
she's sleeping. what do you want? -

Let the dogs calm down.
Why? What is there at this hour? -

.I want to talk to her -
You will speak tomorrow. come home -


Come and meet your father.
You scare him!

Rudy, your father loves you!

You will talk quietly tomorrow

Go home

Calm down, we'll talk tomorrow.
Rudy, open up for me.

Go home!

Open up for me!
!I'll call the police -

Open up for me!


Rauf, wait.

.I'm sorry

.I am really sorry

.Pardon me

Forgive me, I beg you

Translated by: Nizar Ezz El-Din

Screenplay and direction
Christian Mungio