R.I.A. (2020) - full transcript

A young woman finds herself reliving the same day over and over. Each day Ria wakes up to her normal routine, but finds a different man, her husband Jack, by her side. She lives her perfect...

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We have
intense cloud cover

and thunderstorms moving
across the state this evening.

Watch out for lightning
and heavy downpours.

A severe thunderstorm
warning has been issued

by the US National
Weather Service

and we expect this will
lift by 9 p.m. this evening.

If you're heading
out, please remember

your raincoats and umbrellas.

♪ If I don't do it today ♪

♪ This is a replay overnight ♪

♪ Why in the heck
am I so miserable ♪

♪ I've seen my number
they may do this ♪

Help me.

Help me please.


Ah, wait, wait.

Good morning, world.

What fun-filled adventures

do you have in
store for me today?

♪ One ♪

Come on, sleepy head.

Wakey wakey.

We've got a whole day of
fun to get started on.

♪ You'd got it ♪


It's a nice way
to start the day.

Now you have your tea

and I'll get breakfast ready.

Now, what would you like,
full English or cereal?

♪ It's just like a dream ♪

I'm a little sleepy, honey.

Could I have some fruit please?

Fruit wasn't on
the list, was it?


Well, in that case,
I think I'll have

whatever you're having, honey.

♪ See one ♪

Good morning, honey.

♪ Always has ♪

♪ I dream ♪

♪ Dreamed of me ♪

♪ I ♪

♪ One ♪

Is everything okay, Jack?


I'm not hungry that's all.


You're beautiful.

My life, my work, my worries,

they don't
matter when you're here.

Thank you, Jack.

Now, what are your
plans today, Jack,

because I have chores.


Would you like some help?

That would be great.

Thank you, Jack.


Not till nine o'clock, Jack.

Oh, come on, honey.

I'm just trying to
help you make the bed.

Don't be silly.

Come on.

Let's do it together.

Do you know what?

These secateurs are a great
buy from the Garden Depot.

Only 9.99.

And if you buy them this
week, you get a free voucher

to spend up to $4 on
anything else in the store.

Darling, it's our song.

Can we dance.

I'd love to.

♪ You made me wonder ♪

♪ Even after all
what we do days ♪

♪ Stay inside we
used to in the nude ♪

♪ Never stop until
we're in the moonlight ♪

♪ You made me wonder ♪

♪ Where would be
in 10 years' time ♪

♪ Will I still be
cooking for my man ♪

♪ Or will I lose you to
another friend of mine ♪

♪ You made me wonder ♪

♪ You made me wonder ♪

♪ You made me wonder ♪

Time for a quick break,
Jack, then we're back to it.

Oh, thank you.


Thank you.

Not before nine o'clock, Jack.

I know.

I'm so looking forward
to my soap tonight.

We get to find out
if it's Tony's baby

or Tony's twin brother's.

I think it's his twin brother's.

Would you like to
do a workout, Jack?

I'm going to be
lazy today, honey.

But I'll watch you.

You can teach me.

Okay, well, it's
simple really.

First of all we raise
to the tip of our toes

and back down again.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven,
eight, nine, 10.


Then we lay on our side

and we lift our leg.

One, two, three,
four, five, six-

- That is so cute.

Do I look silly, Jack?


No, you don't look silly.

You look beautiful.

You always look beautiful.

I just thought maybe

we could do nothing
together, that's all.

No, Jack, I must get changed.

I've been wanting to try
this new Bolognese sauce

forever and ever, only
150 calories per serving

and only $2 a jar.

Would you like
mushrooms in it or not?

I think I'll pass, honey.

I'm not really a huge fan
of mushrooms if that's okay.

Mushrooms it is then.


You know, Ria, apart
from the mushrooms,

this pasta is probably the
best I've ever had in my life.

- Thank you, Jack.
- Delicious.

More wine?


So are you looking forward
to your show tonight?

Of course.

I've been waiting all week.

I know.

Well, I had an idea.

I was thinking instead of you
watching your show this week

like you do every week

maybe we can do
something different,

something fun just
the two of us.

I think I'll watch
my soap after all.

Of course.

This washing up liquid
lasts forever and ever.

I certainly believe the
manufacturers and...


I think I'm gonna wait in
the other room for you okay?

Oh my God, Steve, we
can't keep doing this.


It doesn't matter
what we want.

We're hurting people,
people that we love.

Don't you think I know that?

Don't you think I know
I should stay away?

I just can't.

Oh, my brother is the
luckiest man alive.

He doesn't even know it.

I can't,
Tony, oh, Steve.

I can't do this.

Look, if I go, Beth,

you know you'll never
see me again, right?

Thank you.

I just couldn't
bear to see my child

being brought up by him.

So what, you want
me to just leave him?


Your brother's not
that bad, you know.

After all, he has put a roof

over both of our heads.

Well, if
that's what you want,

you don't want me.



You just don't get it, okay?

Get what?

Oh, Steve.

I love both of you.


Good morning, world.

What fun-filled adventures

do you have in
store for me today?

♪ One ♪

Come on, sleepy head.

Wakey, wakey.

We've got a whole day of
fun to get started on.

♪ You'd got it all worked out ♪



Now you have your coffee

and I'll get breakfast ready.

What would you like, full
English or continental?

Full English, bitch.

Now go make it for me.

Fuck, tastes like shit!

Thank you, Jack.

Now, what do you have
planned today, Jack,

because I have chores?

Fuck chores!

They're for pussies.

I'll do whatever
I wanna do, man.

That will be fine, Jack.

Not till nine o'clock, Jack.

Jack, not till nine o'clock.

We've got the
gardening to do next.

No, no, Jack, no.

You know
what I want, baby.

Jack, not till
after nine o'clock.

Get on the bed.

- Open your legs.
- Please, Jack, stop, stop.

You want your
phone watch, fuckers.

A great buy from the
Garden Depot, only 9.99.

And if you buy them this
week you get a free voucher

to spend up to $4 on
anything else in the store!

Oh, darling, it's our song.

Can we dance?

What do I look like, bitch,

Fred A-fucking-stair?

♪ You made me wonder ♪

♪ Even after all
what we do days ♪

♪ Stay inside we
used to in the nude ♪

♪ Never stop until
we're in the moonlight ♪

♪ You made me ♪

What would you
like for lunch, Jack?

I have egg, salad,
ham, or cheese.

Well, this chicken
looks pretty good to me.

And here we are, check.

Time for a little break, Jack,

and then we're back to it.

Why aren't we-

- And later, I get
to watch my soap.

I'm so looking forward
to tonight's episode.

We get to find out
if it's Tony's baby

or Tony's twin brother's.

We all dream of
having a clean house

but who dreams of
doing the cleaning?

A good housewife, that's who.


What was that?

You know what?

I've been thinking.

I seem to spend all my
time cleaning this house

while you sit on your fat ass.

Well, you know what?

Stop fucking doing it then.

And now we raise to
the tip of our toes

and back down again.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven,

eight, nine, 10.

And now we go onto our
hands and our knees

and we do 10 donkey kicks.

One, two...

I'm been wanting to try
this new cooking sauce

forever and ever.

Only a hundred calories
per serving and $3 a jar.

Cook these for me, bitch.

I want fries, do you hear me?

Don't make me get fucking angry.

Fries it is.

Got another request.

I want you to dress
up for dinner.

Hey, this food's okay, baby.

But I'd so much
rather throw it at you.

Oh, so close.




Why are you back?

I thought you were
gone for the day.


Now, what's going on here?



Okay, bro, listen.

Me and Beth have been seeing
each other for a while now.


We wanted
to tell you before.

It's just with the baby-

Right, shut up!

Just just shut up.

How long?

About a year.

And the baby?

Whose is it?

It doesn't
matter, okay?

You're its dad.

Course it matters!

And I repeat...

Whose is it?

give him something.

Go on, kiss.

♪ One ♪

Come on, sleepy head.

Wakey, wakey.

We've got a whole day of fun
things to get through together.

Oh, my God!

This is amazing.

And you're wearing
the blue dress.

My favorite.

♪ Time ♪

Oh, and the hot chocolate.

Now you drink your drink
and I'll get breakfast ready.

Now, what would you like?

Grapefruit or continental?

Grapefruit please.

♪ One ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ Always there ♪

♪ I dream ♪

Mm, thank you.

♪ To me ♪

♪ I ♪

You know, I don't
know if it's because

I'm eating this fruit here
but this fruit tastes amazing.

Thank you, Jack.

Now, what do you have
planned today, Jack,

because I have chores?

Brilliant, a chore day.

It couldn't be any better.

I'll help.

♪ You're my best friend ♪

Let's have some fun.

Uh oh.


See, now we're talking.



♪ Best friend or
something moving in ♪

♪ It's from another dream ♪

♪ I don't wanna scene ♪

♪ You think we laugh aloud ♪

♪ All the feathers
falling down ♪

♪ Yes, yes, yes
innocent is calling ♪

♪ Don't damn them ♪

♪ Don't say we were my guess ♪

♪ You spin me round
and got her own now ♪

♪ Don't judge when you just
don't want to slow me down ♪

♪ Won't spin off even
until we go out ♪

♪ Ting, ting, ting,
ting until you go out ♪

♪ Don't blend all matter
I'm your best friend ♪

♪ I got to know ♪

♪ And then all over again ♪

♪ Do it all over again ♪

♪ And again and again ♪

♪ And all over again ♪

Time for a quick break, Jack.

♪ Just what we like ♪

♪ Hold me, tell me,
tell the night ♪

♪ I don't wanna
make a mess within ♪

♪ My favorite dress ♪

♪ Maybe next we'll work it out ♪

♪ Touch it up and
spread it out ♪

♪ We're the girls
who stand up tall ♪

♪ Working, baby ♪

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven,
eight, nine, 10.

This is so much fun.

Now we stand up.

We touch our toes, our knees-

shoulders and the sky.

Our toes, our knees, our
shoulders, and the sky.

♪ Spin me round and
got her own now ♪

♪ Don't judge when you just
don't want to slow me down ♪

♪ Won't spin off even
until we go out ♪

♪ Ting, ting, ting,
ting until you go out ♪

♪ Don't blend all matter
I'm your best friend ♪

♪ Wake up tomorrow and
then all over again ♪

What would you like
with it, fries or mash?

You decide, babe.

Mash it is.


Want you to dress
up for dinner.

Why don't we dress for dinner?

Okay, I'm game.

I have to say you really
are an amazing cook.

And you look stunning
in that dress.

Have one just like it.

Thank you.

This washing up liquid
really does last forever.

I certainly believe
the manufacturers

when they say it out-washes
all other competitors.

Hey, Ria, I think you're
gonna love these drinks.

Although I
wanna be an actress,

I've spent most of my
career working in bars.

Shaken, not stirred.

I told you, Beth.

I told you I wasn't gonna stand
for this bullshit no more.

Well, you killed him!

Why did you have to kill him?

Because nobody makes
a fool out of Tony Mendoza

and gets away with it.

Not even his brother.

But he loved you.

He respected you.


It was just bad
timing that we fell in love.


Whatever that was it's done.


Now shut your mouth,
clean this place up,

and help me get rid of the body.


I can't.

My condition.

Your condition?

You were in an okay condition
just now to hump him

in our marital bed.


But you can't help me take
his body out to the car?

No, you'll do it.

And you'll be happy
about the fact

I don't shoot you in the face.

♪ You made me wonder ♪

♪ Even after all
what we do days ♪

♪ Stay inside we
used to in the nude ♪

♪ Never stop until
we're in the moonlight ♪

♪ You made me wonder ♪

♪ Where would we be
in 10 years' time ♪

♪ Will I still be
cooking for my man ♪

♪ Or will I lose you to
another friend of mine ♪

♪ You made me wonder ♪

♪ You made me wonder ♪

♪ You made me wonder ♪

♪ Where has the time gone ♪

♪ You don't know what
you've got until it's gone ♪

♪ Really truly thought
you were the one ♪

♪ But now I see that I
was just a game you won ♪

♪ You make me wonder ♪

♪ Where will we be
in 10 years' time ♪

♪ Always thought that
you would be mine ♪

♪ And that's what maybe I
didn't get it quite right ♪

♪ You made me wonder ♪

♪ You made me wonder ♪

♪ You made me wonder ♪

Are you awake and ready to go?

Come then.

Head outside, get
into the minivan.

I'll inform them you're
traveling and you'll pass

the next husband en route.

Okay, is that it then?

Darling, thanks for
your involvement today.

You were actually one of
the best we've ever had.

I thank you.

Foxtrot four, the house is green

and we are ready to go.

you, indigo foxtrot three.

J1201 is traveling and you are
clear to leave when complete.


Do you have to tell
them that bullshit?

What, that she's the
best we've ever had?

Come on, she was.

Yeah, right.

We're good to go.

in, Jack, come and get-

- Hey, wait!

Is this it?

What do you mean "is this it"?

I don't mean to
be rude but so far

this whole experience
is not what I expected.

I won the grand prize.

I don't get what
you mean, mate.

I was driven all
the way out here

by that rude son of a
bitch who you call a driver

and he didn't give
me any instructions

on what I was supposed
to do tonight.

I know, it's okay, sir.

- All you need to do-
- Oh, come on.

is get into bed, get some
sleep, and in the morning

everything will be clear.

I don't
know about that.

Good morning!

It is Monday, the
19th of March, 2040

and we have two
very special guests,

Mitchell Lawrence and
Robert Stewart-Oaten

creators and respective
producer and director

of "A Day with Ria".

Good morning.


Thanks for having us.

No worries.

So it's been four
years and five series

and the show just keeps
getting better and better.

Mitchell, tell me,
what is the secret?

Well, it's actually quite
hard for me to answer.

It's the guest stars we have

and the scenarios we put them in

that makes it very
watchable and unique.

Now, Robert, you
have won countless awards

for your directorial
style during the show.

But, at the same time,
you've been criticized

for creating a show that
some say runs itself.

True, but what most
people fail to understand

is the complexity and
ever-changing nature

of an unscripted show.

I mean sure, Ria
follows her own script

but the contestants or
husbands, if you like,

I mean, we never know
what they're going to do.

Yes, of course.

So how on Earth do you
keep track of everything

that goes on in that house?

With a lot of skill and aided

by the most
up-to-date technology.

We have about 250 cameras
planted all over the house

some as high def
and precise as this.

- Oh!
- And others as small

and discrete as this.

This little camera

is 8K in quality and my
absolute favorite to shoot with.

The others are so big and
obtrusive that the husbands

always know they're on.

Whereas those little babies,
so small and unobtrusive,

you get to the real
soul of a contributor.

Come on, you're not
into "Ria" are ya?


I love it.

It's my one and only
guilty pleasure.

The only one?


Hey, Jess, I was
wondering if...

Sorry, John, you were saying.

Vice President Flemming is
also a fan of "A Day with Ria".

As Vice President Chief
of Staff, you know full well

I couldn't possibly
comment on that.

Now the audience
are in control,

voting over everything
that happens in the house

from what Ria wears that
day to what they both eat.

In fact, every time
there is a question

or a decision
posed in the house,

Ria and the audience are
integral to the process.

So now we have a little
VT that viewers have RIAPPed

most popular contributor
of the series.

Okay, stop the car.

Okay, so I washed the dishes,

I vacuumed, and then I
dusted the whole house

all whilst wearing
this ridiculous outfit.

Congratulations, Jack.

You have won the right to
request anything you like of me.

Uh, uh, I would like
to sing you a song, Ria,

if that's okay.

Your request
has been accepted.

Okay, boys, hit it.

♪ When I wake up ♪

♪ I don't need anything ♪

♪ Not even makeup ♪

♪ 'Cause I got beautiful skin ♪

♪ In the morning ♪

♪ I splash my face and I go ♪

♪ No time for yawning ♪

♪ Just smile at people I know ♪

♪ I am happy you see ♪

♪ 'Cause I am happy with me ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

- ♪ Ooh do do ♪
- Very pretty, Jack.

♪ Do do do do do do ♪

♪ Do do do ♪

Alas, poor Yorick!

I knew him, Horatio,

a fellow of infinite jest,

and most excellent fancy.

You're in the way of my game.

In the by Cole.

- Come on!
- Right cross.

Wait it is.

Come on, man.

♪ Hoo ooh ooh hoo ♪

- ♪ Some people ♪
- Aw!

♪ Call it arrogance ♪

♪ But that's not the case ♪

♪ Some people don't
like the fact that ♪

- ♪ I like my face ♪
- I've got it, bitch.

♪ Upon my confidant side ♪

So sorry, Ria.

It's okay, Jack.

♪ They don't like it
and I don't know why ♪

♪ It's okay to be ♪

♪ This type of girl ♪

Well, we've definitely
had some interesting people

on the show this
year, that's for sure.


By the way, I am obsessed with
the 1950s theme this series.

The attention to
detail is just amazing.

So now I have to ask,

do you think I'd look
good in a Ria dress?

Erika, you would look
good in just about anything.

Oh, stop it, you.

the details are-

- Nothing on, audiences
love about the show.

Oh, in fact I can exclusively
reveal that next season,

we're gonna be doing something

a little different.

Every day Ria spends
with a husband

will be Christmas Day.

It should
be a lotta fun.

Yeah, definitely for the
viewer and even the husband.

But what about Ria?

What about her?

Well, again, in the past
you've been criticized

with, well, with people
calling the show inhumane.

Good one.

I'm not even gonna
dignify that with an answer.

Well, Robert and
Mitchell, thank you so much

for coming in this morning.

And for fans of
"A Day with Ria",

you can catch this morning's
episode in 30 minutes

right here on Channel Six.

morning, viewers.

It's 7:03 a.m.

Ria wakes up to a new day.

It's now time for you to have
your first choice of the day.

Please use the RIAPP to choose

the Scarlet Fever or
the Cinderella lipstick

from Fab Cosmetics.

Good morning, world.

What fun-filled adventures
do you have in store

for me today?

You can also
suggest the daily chores

through the app, too.

Ria, now back in the bedroom,
is ready to get dressed.

By the way, ladies,
if you like anything

Ria is wearing from
underwear to outerwear,

remember, you can find
the details of the items

on our website.

You okay, Mitch?

You haven't said much tonight.

Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm just goddamn pissed

at that presenter
bitch this morning.

And I know there
will always be idiots

protesting against Ria.

True, but I kinda
got used to it.

I just thought you had.

Of course I have.

But the producers of
"The Morning Show"

promised me an easier ride.

Well, as long as it doesn't
decrease our viewing figures.

gotta be kidding.

No, actually, the more
controversy the better.

Thank you for
reminding me of that.

That bitch this
morning helped us out after all.

I bet you those idiots
screaming "free Ria"

watch her every minute
of every goddamn day

and obsess over it.

They're hypocrites.


You're right.

Of course I am.

Hey, trust me on this one.

The more drama we bring,

the more people
will be against it

and the more people
will watch it

and will love it.

So you excited about tomorrow?

Of course.

It's been a long time coming.

Awesome, man.

Got anything special planned

or are you just gonna
improvise the whole thing?

Well, they did suggest
to have a party piece

but I think I'm
just gonna wing it.

Come on in.

Mr. Vice President,
I have some files here

that need your attention.


There's also an email
that is addressed to you.

What does it say?

Honestly I don't know, sir.

For one, it's locked under
your personal security code

and when we looked
into the IP address,

it flagged up as probably
coming from your son.

We felt it must be private.

All right.

Well, thank you, Jess.

That'll be all for tonight.

Have a good evening.

- Hey, what the-
- Oh my gosh!

Look at that.

You have to watch it.


Hey, what are we
doing here, huh?

Just having fun?

Hey, I'm sorry, sir.

- I didn't mean it.
- Oh my God.

No, no.

Right, the next one
will have to be a hit

and elevate our figures
through the roof.

I want drama, I want scandal.

I want viewers on the edges
of their fucking seats!

Well, you're gonna
love this guy then.

The background checks came back

with something fairly
interesting about him.

Oh really?

Like what?

He gave us a false identity.

He told us his name
was Jason Sampson.

Okay, but why and who is
he and should I be worried?

I don't think so.

His real name is Flemming.

I don't understand.

Robert shouting,
"Geez he's a pig."

You don't mean he's related

to Vice President
Joseph Flemming?


It's his son.



Hey, where is he?

I wanna speak to him.

Well, he just left in the car.

Okay, well, let's get him
on the phone then shall we?

I was
there for three hours.

That'll be for you, Jack.

It's always for the main
contributor of the day.

Hello and welcome.

I'm Robert, the show's director.

And this is Mitchell,
the producer.

Hi, I'm-

- Jack.

And yes, we know
who you are really.

But that doesn't change
the fact that from now on

you're Jack so you
better get used to it.

Oh, yeah, sure.

Few things before
we take you in.

You probably know them
but the rules are simple.

No tech is allowed.

No phones, no IPAs, no headsets,

no computer bracelets,
absolutely nothing.

All phones and TV in
the house are fake.

Don't reveal the truth to her.

Spoils the illusion
for everybody else.

No swearing, sex, or violence
before 9:00 p.m. at all.

It just won't be broadcast.

Now, go in there
and give us something new,

something we
haven't seen before,

something that will make
you a star of the season.

Or even of the entire
history of "A Day with Ria".

Push the boundaries,
make it a party.

Get out from under
your father's shadow.

Imagine you come
outta the show

and the whole world cheers.

They wanna party with you.

It's your show, not hers.

The cleaning
crew in the car with you

will erase all memories
of the last Jack.

You got a clean start.

Go hit it, son.

I certainly will.

Hmm, that's the spirit.

Okay one last form
for you to fingerprint

then we'll take you into
the secret location,

Ria and Jack's house.

One last thing.

What about my list?

Your list of requirements,
likes, dislikes,

food, sexual preferences,

they're all taken care of.

Now go in there, son,
and give us a good show.

We'll be watching.

Thank you.

Oh, I have got a good
feeling about this one.

Now, how do we play the press?

We gotta let them know
the VP's son in our house

without letting them know.

It's better rank 'cause
we won't cover some 33821.

Who's your dad?

Um, no one really.

You okay down there?

Oh, yeah, just
little bit of cramp.

Happens in the car sometimes.


Good, Jess, you
haven't gone home yet.

Can you come back to
the office please?

Course, sir.

Is that John?

Bring him along as well.



And we have arrived
at the destination.

Oh my God!

It reads like a goodbye letter.

What are you gonna do, sir?

I don't know.

What do you know about this
show, "A Day with Ria"?

Only that it's the most
popular piece of entertainment

on the planet.

When was the last time
you saw your son, sir?

It's been a while.

Look, the only thing I'm really
concerned about right now

is protecting this

and keeping this quiet.

I assume he's gonna
be on tomorrow?

Judging by this letter yes.

But I don't think we
should rush in too hard.

Why not?

The show never reveals
a contestant's identity

so why not see how
this plays out?

Don't think he's planning
anything drastic.

Certainly this letter doesn't
prove this is gonna be

a problem for you
or the president.

I agree, sir.

Besides, the production
company may not even know

he's your son.

And if they get the slightest
hint there's something wrong,

then if anything, our
action rather than inaction

may go against us.

I don't like it but fine.

But this stays right here
between the three of us.

There's no reason for the
president to be alerted

about this, not yet.

That's all, thank you.

Good night, Ria.

morning, everyone.

The time is 7:03

and our gorgeous Ria

is waking up to a fresh day.

Isn't she beautiful?

Get ready, viewers.

It's now time for your
first choice of the day.

Make it a good one.

Use the RIAPP to
choose the Red Devil

or the Purple Rose lipstick

from our friends
at Fab Cosmetics.

Good morning, world.

What fun-filled adventures
do you have in store

- for me today?
- Just you wait and see.

Don't forget, viewers,
you can also suggest

the daily chores
through the app as well.

Come on, sleepy head.

Wakey, wakey.

We've got a whole day of
fun to get started on.

Ah, tea.


Now you have your tea and
I'll get breakfast ready.

What would you like, full
English or continental?


Hey, what's happened?

What the fuck just happened?

We lost the signal!

I can see that, jackass!

We have never in the
history of the show

- lost a fucking signal!
- Hustle!

- There's no NI.
- What do you mean

we lost the goddamn signal?

Let me see.

Okay, we're
trying, we're trying.

- We're trying everything-
- Are we still on air?

- Oh goddamn it!
- We're trying, we're trying!

What do you mean you
don't fucking know?

Read my lips.

Are we still on air?

I don't know.

I'm trying, listen

We have everything
off with no explanation.

Thank God we hadn't
gone to the press yet.

- The color bars are off air-
- Huh, yeah.

You're just gonna
end up back directing

shitty little
commercials and all that.

That's it, commercial.

Hey, play a commercial.

Now, playing the
washing lotion commercial.

I didn't allow
myself to hear it.

20 seconds left.

Cuing the garden splash stock.

In the next five minutes,

Oh shit.

I want the TV show to air,

answers to what just
fucking happened.

- Three-
- And an extra hot cappuccino.

- Two, one.
- I'll have one, too.

this guy a coffee.


You know what?

It's off the air.

I don't know how and
I don't know if this

was part of your son's plan
but it's completely off the air

and replaying old
"Ria" commercials.

Okay, so?

This has to be good news, sir.

Perhaps the production
company found out who he was

and pulled the plug
rather than give him

- a political platform.
- Only a hundred calories

a serving and $3 a jar.

My son's a fucking idiot.

This washing up liquid

lasts forever and ever!

But it is off the air?

We need to make sure
it stays off the air.


Ria, it's okay really.

I don't think anyone can see us.

He told me he'd be here by now.

What do you have
planned today, Jack,

because I have chores.

You don't understand
what's going on here, do you?

You don't have to follow
your script anymore.

Okay, look, let me explain.

I was paid a lot of money
to disrupt the show.

I don't know how long we've got

before anybody gets here
but I have done everything

that I was asked to
do so why do I feel

like this isn't going to plan?

Are you one of those
free-reared do-gooders, Jack?

Maybe I don't want to be saved.

So eat your breakfast, Jack.

It's getting cold.

Ria, stop.

Let me call him.

He can explain better.

If that's what you
think is best, Jack.

Why are you calling me?

Because she doesn't
understand what's going on.

She's acting like we're
still being filmed.

Trust that I have a plan.

And don't call me again.

You know what?

These secateurs were a great
buy from the Garden Depot.

- It's Ben isn't it?
- Are coming back online now.

We should have the picture
of the two up to 250-

- Can you play back the moment

when Ria brings Jack
his morning drink?

The moment just before
we lost the image.

There, see it?

Zoom in on that.

Camera 45 is offline.

What the hell?

Over the angles.

There's a better angle-

- Yep, yep.

I understand, Director,
and I assure you

the Vice President will
be eternally grateful.

Of course, madam.

I'll pass you over now.

Sir, your wife
would like a word.


Yeah, I'm...

Yeah, yes, of course
I've been watching.

Honey, would you
calm down please?

Believe me, I have
everything under control.

Yeah, I know.

Honey, honey.

Do you believe in me?

Do you believe I'll get it done?

- That doesn't sound good.
- I'll get it done.

I know you're worried.

Well, what do you expect?

How did it go with the FBI?

- It was difficult.
- I don't think

it's a real thing.

Because I
couldn't tell him we knew

who today's husband is.

I see.

- It's probably some stunt.
- Better you than me.

- Thanks.
- Publicity for this

television show.

Believe me, I have
it all under control.

I knew you'd be in here next.

And you can stick to
your script if you want.

It's fine by me.

All the cameras are off anyway.

Just answer me this.

Do you understand me now?

Of course I do, Jack.

Time for a quick break,
Jack, and then back to it.

I don't understand.

Why, Ria?

I'm sorry, Ria.

Sir, I can get you
pictures in seven, six,

- five-
- Okay, good.

End commercials on her count.

But, sir, we can't.

- Just do it.
- Three, two,

one and we're live.

Get it off air now!

No, call the
police to the house.

That way we're covered.

What, no.

It will take the police over
three hours to get there.


Just do everything
we're meant to do.

Just take your time about it.

Back online.

Okay, guys, so what
are we waiting for, huh?

We got a show to make.

Now, come one, gimme
a shot of Jack.

Gimme a closeup.

the best angle I got, sir.

Okay that's good enough.

Now, bring in some music.

Make it slow and intense.

Cuing track D30.

Oh, that is it.

This is what I call
sexy television!

and gentlemen,

we apologize for
going off air earlier.

That was out of our control.

However, images you
are seeing are live.

The current Jack
in the house is,

we believe, taken hostage.

Ria, you don't
have to do this.

I'm on your side.

The guy who paid
me he loves you.

He wants to free you
from all of this.

He must have a lot of
expendable resources, too.

What do you mean?

What I mean is,
think about it.

I'm sure I'm not the
only person he paid

to get me in this house
with you today.

The TV show has a lotta
stringent security

and background checks,

not to mention getting
me fast tracked

to the full audition phase.

It's all a part of the plan.

And he did all this for me?


As I said, he loves you.

No, of
course I do, Jack.

Let me ask you
a question, Jack.

Who do you think
you're talking to now?

And, in fact, I think you've
done too much talking already.

Stop her!

Give us some good news.

What's going on with her?

- Oh, well, you see-
- Mitchell.

Hello, Tonya.

So is she being hacked
from the outside

using that cell phone?

What phone?

You don't know
about the phone?

How did they get
a phone in here?

I don't know.


There is a call waiting for you.

Nope, I said no phones.

Now is not the best time, kid.

- Uh, sir, it's important.
- No, no, no.

I think you better take it.

Rob, did you know anything-

- Sir!

This call, it's from
the White House.

Just a minute and
I'll pass you over

to the Vice President.

I've got the producer, Mitchell
Lawrence, for you, sir.

Speakerphone please.

Mr. Lawrence, this is
Vice President Flemming.

I'm sure you know
exactly why I'm calling.

Firstly, my condolences, sir,

on the dreadful turn of
events on the show today.

I promise we're trying
to get your son out

as best as we can.

I've been told that it's
not within her capabilities

or programming to harm anyone.

She just hit him on the
head, tied him to a chair,

and is threatening
him with a knife.

I think you and I have
very different ideas

about what constitutes harm.

No, sir.

What I meant was mortally.

There's no way that
she could kill.

All right, I'm
not gonna ask you

to pull the broadcast again
because people will ask

too many questions.

But I'm sure if
this does go south,

you have your own set of
rules which will cover

what can be shown.

Of course.

All right, well,
what I do want

is for this to be kept quiet.

Look, we both know
that the only way

the press will
find out who he is

is if you or I tell them.

And I can guarantee you that
I will not be telling them.

So will you?

Sir, we only found
out his true identity

a few hours ago.

He lied to our team and-

- I think you misunderstood
the question, Mr. Lawrence.

Are you gonna tell
the media that my son

is in your goddamn house?

No, sir.

If the media find out
that our current Jack

is the son of the
vice president,

I guarantee it hasn't
come from anybody

at this production office.

Now, Jack, let me
tell why you are here.

You're not here to save me.

You're here purely for revenge.

Not for Ria, but for me.

You see, ladies and gentlemen,

we thank you for
being loyal followers

throughout the years,

but now it's time
for some change.

You see, the makers
of this TV program

have become rich by
exploiting the public.

Now it's time for
us to exploit them.

Take this man, for example.

He knows what he did to
keep his little secret safe.

Mr. Lawrence, as you
know, this administration

is pushing forward
a set of proposals

to insure a tighter rein
on the use of androids.

So I would hate for my son
to become the poster boy

that actually puts
an end to your show.

Do you understand me?

Sir, are you blackmailing me?

I'm a very powerful man
who wants his son back.

And under these circumstances,

should the worst
happen, I sure as hell

won't need to blackmail you.

If it was up to
me and I could,

I'd walk into that
house right now

and pull your son
out but I can't.

Why not?

For two reasons.

Firstly, the house is
over three hours away

in the middle of the LA desert.

Secondly, and more importantly,

if we pulled him out
now, the press would know

something was up and start
asking those awkward questions

that you don't want answered.

So what is your plan?

At the moment, I
plan to treat him

just like any other contestant.

We regain control of Ria,

shut her down, and
evacuate your son safely.

The police are on
their way to the house.

Sir, they don't know yet
but the FBI's taken over.

That cuts out the LA police.

Now, do you have
any idea why my son

is being held
hostage on your show?

No idea.

I'm guessing it's about money.

But at some point the person
will contact us with demands.

What other reason
would anybody have

to hold your son hostage?

I think he's being set up.

So I doubt that this guy's
only motive is money.

Well, fuck you, too, Flemming.

Get yourself to LA

and pay that production
office a visit.

I want this wrapped
up immediately.

Yes, ma'am.


Why couldn't I have
had a daughter?

There'll be no police, no
helicopters, no negotiators

or members of the public
anywhere near this house.

We wouldn't want anyone
else to get hurt.

Now I want you to realize
what a perfect crime this is.

You see, me, the
man behind this.

No point in raiding the house.

I'm not there.

Besides, you might hurt
Jack in the process

and I'm not sure your bullets
would stop Ria anyway.

Stop Ria anyway.

And now the question comes.

Is this Jack's life
really worth saving?

All human life is, right?

Isn't it?

So it's time for
you to vote on Ria.

You've got to know Jack
over the last eight hours.

I'm sure you'll
have a view on him.

And don't worry.

It's just a test
in human nature.

Your votes won't
really decide his fate.

Shut it down!

Just pull the plug on anything!

Just shut it down!

We can't.

If we do, the
broadcast will end.

I'm sorry, Mitchell.

I can't seem to
access her mainframe.

She's outta control.

Tonya, you always assured
us that that was impossible.

Well, it is.

I just told his dad,
Vice President Flemming,

that this wasn't possible.

Well, it isn't.

I mean, let me explain.

Say you had a toaster
and your toaster

makes perfect toast.

And you love that toaster.

One day you decide that
you're gonna get your toaster

to make you a cup of coffee.

Well, it's
not gonna happen.

No matter what you do
and no matter how much

you love that toaster,
it's not gonna make you

a cup of coffee because it
has the inner components

to make toast.


Mm hmm.

It's being investigated
at their end.

They're gonna send a
Secret Service agent

over to liaise with us.

The VP's being very cagey.

Dad is doing his
best to make sure

the press don't discover
that it's his son

being held hostage.

Well, great one, Dad.


Never trust a politician,

especially if it's
your own father.

He also said the Feds
think someone paid him

to go into the house.

Which means it's
probably the same person

that's controlling Ria.

Of course.

But do you think he knows that?

Nah, I don't think so.

He was totally set up.

Just some dumb ass rich kid.

If we don't get
this under control

before the authorities
arrive, you and I are toast.

Tonya, can I
ask you something?

Mm hmm.

Well, you said that it wasn't
possible for Ria to kill.

Why did you lie?

Well, because sometimes people

don't wanna hear the truth.

They wanna hear something
that makes them feel better.

Oh, come on, we've got
an android to hack.

Now the public are
currently deciding your fate.

I think it's only
fair we give them

the full story.

Did you really think Daddy's
money could hide this?

Help me, help me please.



Ah, wait, wait.

This man here-

- He knows what he did.
- He knows what he did.

He murdered my only son.

He has no idea what that
does to a man's world,

to his family.


To his sanity.

His father pays $9.4 million

in hush money to keep his-

- Little secret safe.

How does he know?

I don't know,
Mr. Vice President.

I though we covered all
bases but clearly not.

All I wanted was an apology.

All right, get
John on the phone.

I want this broadcast
shut down right now.

Yeah, okay.

Get me John.

Now, remember this face.

This man is a murderer.

He killed my only child.

No, wait, wait!

This way, sir.

They're just in the
transmission gallery.

Are they now?

You pull another
stunt like that

and you're gonna be timing.


Hi, I'm Mitchell,
the show's producer.

This is Rob, director.


Welcome to our little
hub of entertainment.

So that's what you call this.


We have a man being held
hostage at a secret location

that up until five minutes ago

your production company
wouldn't disclose to us.

Robert, I asked you
to help out the FBI

and the authorities
as much as possible.

- And I-
- Anyway, it doesn't matter.

They're on their way now.

Do you understand?

We'll do whatever
we can to help.


Did you guys know he
had a criminal record

before you put him on air.

Oh, we did our background
checks of course.

But because he lied, we
thought all was good.

And we found out about
his true identity

all too late.

Well, I swear we
never knew anything

about this so-called
hit-and-run allegation.

Okay, I need to see
those background checks.

And I need to see the
footage of what she said

about that hit-and-run.

Excuse me, this is
all very impressive.

Sleeping routine.

Cameras in five-

- Do you guys control
everything Ria does

or can she think for herself?

Are you talking about AI?


No, Ria, totally
relies on remote control

and that happens from
the room downstairs.

Normally anyway.

There's nothing here.

Okay, I'm gonna say this once.

Ria is like a dangerous weapon,

a loaded gun if you like.

If she kills him,
she can't be charged

'cause she's a robot.

But she's your property.

So you can be charged.

Got it?

Now, I suggest you pull
this program right now,

show at the very least
you're willing to cooperate.


We'll do it right away.

In the meantime, may
I suggest my runner

take you down to
the control room

where you can see
how she's operated.

Can also take a look at
the files you requested.


Please, lead the way.

Sir, would you
like to come with me?

Uh, can I get you
any refreshments?

Tea, coffee?

Okay, here's the deal.

Get the team to cut
the signal again-

- Really, but I-

- Let me finish.

Once that's done,
contact that kid

that tried to hack our
house cameras last year.

Pay him to keep the
broadcast going over the net.

Okay, gotcha.

Just bump the show.

Okay, ready for round two.

Sleeping routing,

cameras in five.


Took them longer than
I thought it would.

There you are.

They cut the feed, Jack.

It's just me and you and-

- Ria of course.

Public can't hear this anymore.


Not even Daddy can help you now.

Hang on, hang on, it's
online, it's online.

- It's online, oh!
- Look, oh my God.

It took me a long
time to find you, Jack.

But I never forget that face.

And when I found
out who you were

and what your family did,

I knew for the sake
of my little boy

that I had to get
justice myself.

No, no, no!


Are you afraid, Jack?

You should be.

Do you have anything
to say for yourself?


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry about your son.

Yeah, it's true.

I had a car crash
seven years ago

and I had heard

that a little boy had
died due to my stupidity.

I ran like a coward.

But I knew what
I'd done was wrong

and I wanted to
go to the police.

I swear to you.

But my dad

he's a very powerful man.

He made it all go away.

And then he tried to cut
me out of my own family

like I was some kinda cancer.

I took your money because I
needed a way out, an escape.

But there's no getting away

from the guilt that I feel,

the nightmares that I have,

or the pain that
I have caused you.

I am sorry for your loss

but I don't deserve to die.

You tell me how I
can make this right

and I'll do it.

I'm behind on my schedule.

I best prepare dinner.

No, please!

Please forgive me!

Forgive me!

Watch the rest on this.

I'll go get you another one.

Pre-programmed or not,
when I sit in this chair,

Ria becomes an extension of moi.

Just not today
while this guy has her

under his control.

Relax will you?

It would take a computer
genius of some magnitude

to break through my security.

She simply cannot kill.

- I hope.
- End of-

- Um, what's going on?

Sir, the image is
being streamed online.


They must've hacked our
camera systems, too,

to keep it broadcasting
to the public.


Don't worry.

We'll take it down
before it does anything.

No, I can't, look!

I never got to say
goodbye to my son.

And now it seems, your father

won't get to say goodbye to his.

Goodbye, son.

Sir, I'm losing
her tracking signal.

She must be at least
three miles away

from the house already.

The main power station,

the tracker, they're both
located in the house.

It was designed that way so
that she couldn't go too far.

But if this guy's
hacked those, too-

- Where are your men?

She's on the run.

They'll never find her
in that goddamn desert.

She's strong and she can
run really, really fast.

Only God knows how far she'll
get from the house by now.

the FBI are here.

You have a
right to remain silent.

Anything you say can
be used against you

in a court of law.

The right to consult a lawyer,

to have that lawyer
present during questioning.

If you cannot afford a lawyer...

Come right here.

I got you.

It's okay.

You wanted
to see me, sir?

Sit down.

You've been my chief
of staff for two years.

Worked by my side for 10.

I trusted you with everything.

I know it was you.

He texted you

while I was watching my son
be murdered on your phone.

I'm sorry, Mr. Vice President.

I never thought he
would take it that far.

The years of guilt of what
we did to that family-

- Don't!

It got to me.

I'm sorry.

What are
we doing here, Mitch?

Where are we at?

Listen, my
arrest is the best thing

that could've
happened to the show.

I know, the reruns have been
getting more views than ever

but reruns won't last forever.

Ria has been MIA for months.

Everyone wants her back.

No matter what we do,
everyone will always want Ria.

She's irreplaceable.

Was she?

You just worry about how to
get the ratings up next season.

Next season?

You got that key I left you?

Uh, yeah.

Then what are you waiting for?

Happy holidays, Rob.

If you were here, you
know I'd kiss you, right?

You're a fucking genius.


Oh, Jack, isn't the
Christmas tree just beautiful?

And the fairy on
top is just perfect.

The stockings are filled
up with so many presents.


I have been so looking
forward to tonight's episode.

It's seems to
have moved the bishop.

Tonight we get to find
out if it's Tony's baby

Come along, Jack!

or Tony's twin brother's.

I think it's Tony's
twin brother's.

Oh, Jack, I just
love Christmas.

I think it's my
favorite time of year.

Course, babe, mine, too.

But in July?

And now we've had
Christmas dinner

and Christmas drinks
and now all that's left

is my favorite part, your
Christmas present from me.

Ho, ho,
ho, Merry Christmas.

This is mad!

Now has your Jack
been a good boy this year?

Oh, my Jack's
always a good boy.

Then I guess
this treat must be-

Sorry, Ria.

I was longer than I planned.

This is your
end of day treat, Jack.

I'm scared, Jack.

What did you say?

I said I'm scared, Jack.

How is that possible?

This whole time.

You've had emotional

How could they?

What are you scared of?

I'm scared they'll
take me back there, Jack.


I won't let them.

I also know

that when you're
gone I'm scared.

But when you're here, I'm not.

Do you care about me, Ria?

I love you, Jack.

I'm sorry I'm not
perfect anymore, Jack.

I am broken.

Maybe you could get a
new Ria like they did.

No, no.

We're all broken.

That's what makes us so human.

That's what makes
you so very unique.

'Cause there's no
replacing you, Ria.

I'm damaged, too.

I let hate,

revenge get the better of me

and I'm tired of it.

How can you love me?

I just do, Jack.

It's David.

I love David.

Do it!