RDX Love (2019) - full transcript

RDX Love talks about Alivelu (Payal) who takes charge of a village and solves their issues against all odds.

Cigarette smoking
and alcohol consumption..

..are injurious to health.

Smoking and drinking alcohol
is injurious to health.

It causes cancer.

What are you doing?

Oh dear! Lord Rama!

Lord Rama! Goddess Sita and you..

..lived in the jungle for 14 years.

But the people of our village..

..have been living as
outcasts for the past 50 years.

Governments are changing
but our village problem..

..hasn't been resolved.

So, we came to a decision..

..that only you
can solve our problem.

That's why we separated
you and Goddess Sita.

In the past, you built
a bridge and crossed oceans..

..in order to save Goddess Sita.

Now you've to build a
bridge for the Goddess Sita..

..in our village.

Not just your Sita's heart..

..the hearts of our villagers
should also fill with joy.

This is a deal between you and us.

You've to take Goddess
Sita through that bridge.

If you try to take
her in any other route..

..everyone in our village
will commit suicide..

..before your Sita's eyes.

Dad, Goddess Sita is crying.

It seems Goddess Sita is crying.
Come on!

Let her cry. The more she cries,
the better it is for us.

That will melt Lord Rama's heart.

Only then he will
come to take her home.

Let her cry.

Dad, Lord Rama isn't coming yet.

He'll definitely come.


He can't stay without her.
He will come for Goddess Sita.

Arya! Naresh! Come on out!

You bring a girl to your
room and have fun without me?

You remember me when
in need but not in happiness?

You'll die with STDs. Come on out.

You had fun without me
at least four times till now.

I didn't mind it in the past
as the girls weren't so pretty.

Such a idiot!

I heard that you got a
really pretty girl this time.

I won't let you get away with it.
- What is he saying?

Ignore him.

She's not a call girl,
she's Charan's girlfriend.

That's why they are
inside and we are out.

Please come upstairs, let's talk.
- Please come.

No! I won't come. I don't trust you.

You've to trust them.
I'm the landlord, so trust me.

I thought she was a call
girl and went upstairs..

..to have a share in the fun.
I was so disappointed..

..when I found out that
she's your friend's girlfriend.

Come inside, we've to talk.

I'm dead.

Come inside.
- Please, man.

She's his girlfriend.

I won't come.
Now you say she's his girlfriend.

I won't. Let me go. I won't come.

I won't forgive you
if you do this again.

You said this was
your first time too.

Now I know that you've
done this many times before me.

I'm shouting like crazy
and he's still with his girl?

Thanks. Now I know his true colors.

Neelu, listen to me..


I think she broke him.

Are you happy now?
You want to be a virgin.

You are waiting for that one girl.

So why do you want to ruin our fun?

I don't want you
to have fun with girls.

I will keep disturbing
you till I find my soul-mate.

You are a sadist.

Oh God! We can't bear
this torture anymore.

Please send his perfect
girl into his life.

Come on, let's go.

Have you lost it?

Excuse me! Your name?


My name is Alivelu.

Did you ever have sex with strangers?

Forget about strangers,
we are not getting any sex..

..from acquaintances too.

That's his experience.
What about your experience?

What is she talking about?'

Okay. I think you are
feeling shy to share..

..your experiences with us.
Just one thing.

Don't forget to use safety..

..when you have sex with strangers.

Sex without safety leads to HIV.
It will ruin your life.

Use safety. Save your health
and the health of our society.


HIV Awareness Committee.
Courtesy of..

..Indian Government.
Alivelu and team.

Thank God!

Excuse me.

I can't give a ride to so many girls.

No, uncle.
Did you ever have sex with strangers?

Of course,
that's why I'm so energetic.

In fact,
I'm going to do that even now.

What? Even at this age?


I'm retired but not tired.

Creepy old man.

Then you need these.

No, baby.
I might forget to take my wallet..

..but I never go out without these.

You can wage war with
a stranger without a sword..

..but without a condom..

No, no!

Responsible senior
citizens like you..

..are the life and blood
of our awareness committee.

So, one selfie with you?

Come, come. Come on.
Come, come, come.

Excuse me.


My friend here forgets
to use safety sometimes.

Is there a chance of getting HIV?

Who? He or you?

Hello, sir!

A guy here did the
job without using safety.

He is asking if he'll get HIV?

We can't say if he has
HIV or some other disease.

His blood will confirm it.
Ask him to go for a blood test.

Okay, sir. Okay.

Your friend needs
to go for a blood test.


We will pray to God that
his reports are negative.


Where do you live?

Sarojini Naidu Women's Hostel.

Room No. 5.
Road No. 1. Krishna Nagar.

Why do you look shocked?

Girls usually don't give
their addresses when asked.

But you gave me your full address.

So what if I tell you?
You'll come searching for me.

That's it, right?

Watchman! Go call Alivelu.

Sorry, sir. Visiting hours are over.

Is this a hostel or a hospital?
What visiting hours?

Go call her.

Sorry, sir. I'll be in
trouble if the warden sees you.

Nothing will happen.
I'll take care of it. Go call her.

Who is there?

Warden sir!
Call Alivelu. I've to meet her.

Not possible.
Even if she wants to meet you..

..I won't allow it.

Only girls can meet girls
and boys can meet boys.

Why should girls meet boys?

Get lost! Alivelu! Alivelu!

Hello! I came to meet you.

Tell me this.
When a ladies hostel can have..

..a male watchman and a male warden..

..why can't other boys visit you?

We trust them.

I need to talk to you. Can I come up?

Why? I'll come down. Wait there.

Excuse me!

Tell me. Why did you
come to meet me at this hour?

I need some safeties right away.

My girlfriend's parents
went out of town.

She suddenly called me
up and asked me to meet her.

You said we shouldn't
do it without safety.

Idiot! What are you asking her?

Since you always carry
them I came to take some.

Why couldn't you
go to the medical store?

All the medical stores are closed.

That's why I came to you.

I don't have any with me.
We distributed all of them.

All of them?

Okay, let's do one thing.

Where are you taking me?

You'll see.

Who is it?

Sir, it's me, Alivelu.

What do you want at this hour?

A guy wants safeties.
He didn't find any shops open..

..so he came to me. I don't have any.

You have some. Can you give me a few?

Is this an Apollo Pharmacy
to be open 24 hours?

Sir, you said we've
to spread this awareness..

..even at midnight, because
it is our duty to prevent AIDS.

Yes, unfortunately I said that.
Wait, I'm coming.

And next time give
me a call before you come.

It disrupts the flow of things.

Okay, sir.

Here you go.
Don't use them carelessly because..

..you got them for free.
Use them wisely.

Oh God! I wonder how long
it will take to get back in flow.


Stop. Park aside. Come on.

Stop! Stop!


Where are you coming
from so late at night?

He wanted some safeties,
so I helped him.

You are roaming around
at this hour for safeties?

I understood what's going on.

Constable, keep this guy
here and bring the girl aside.

Okay, sir.
- Sir, please let me explain.

Shut up!

Are you deaf or what?
Bring her aside.

We didn't do anything wrong.
I was just..



How much is he paying you?

Free of cost.

Are you doing social service?

Yes, sir.

Does the offer apply only to him?

No, sir.
It's free of cost for everyone.

Do you want some?
I'll give some to you.

Why will I say no if
you want to give me some?

One minute, sir.
I'll go bring the safeties.

Why? I don't use them.

That's wrong, sir.
You've to use safety when..

..having sex with strangers.

But it's better without them
with a beautiful girl like you.

Sir, I don't understand
what you are saying.

I can't control myself around you.

Sir, wait a minute.

You can start misbehaving
after knowing who I am.

Tell me every desire in your heart.

Give me everything
without hiding anything.

Oh God!
- Give it to me.

It's not that, sir.

Are you an AIDS patient?

Why didn't you tell me that?
I would've left you there.

It's okay.
We can try if you are interested.

Shut up! Get lost!

It's wrong to hate an AIDS patient.

AIDS is not contagious, sir.

And AIDS patients
are not untouchables.

HIV Awareness Committee.
Courtesy of..

..Indian Government. Alivelu and tea.

Go away. Please go away.

What does your SI think of himself?

How can you laugh in this situation?

I showed him HIV Awareness
Committee card, that's it.

He thought that I was
an HIV patient and let me go.

Girls should carry these
cards instead of pepper spray cans.

You are unbelievable. Let's go.

I would've destroyed my life.

Hide them before
anybody else sees them.


Now you can hurry up
and go to your girlfriend.

She'll be waiting. Go.

Thank you so much.
You've been very helpful.

It's okay.

Hello! Give me your number.


Hello, Siddhu! I'm Alivelu here.

Yes, Alivelu. Tell me.

Did you reach your girlfriend's
house in time last night?

Yes, I did.

Okay, just a small favor.
I want to meet your girlfriend.

Will you introduce me to her? Today.


Today only.
Tell me a place and I'll be there.


'What is this new twist?'

- Hi.

She's my girlfriend Aishwarya.


How can you ask Siddhu to come at..

..odd hours? How can
he find safeties at that hour?

When our parents are not at home..

..we've to control
our feelings and desires.

And if you can't do that,
keep some safeties on hand.

Yesterday you didn't
have a problem because..

..I could arrange
some at the last minute.

Next time you call him home,
plan everything well.

- Yes?

I asked you to introduce
me to your girlfriend..

..because I wanted her
to have some knowledge too.

Take care of yourself.

Take this.

I don't want to live.
Burn me to ashes.

Burn me. I want to die. Let me die.

Siddhu, stop!

What are you doing, man?
- I don't want to live.

What are you doing?
What happened to you?

What? Aishwarya broke
up with him because..

..he told others that
they are sleeping together.

I can't live without Aishwarya.

Burn me. Don't stop me.
- Siddhu! Siddhu!

Let me go! Don't stop me!

You did this, Alivelu! Let me go!

- What?

Do you think he will die?
- I think so.

Boys are more sensitive
than girls these days.

We are doing this to save lives..

..but looks like it is going
to take lives. What do we do?

Let's call him once.

She's calling me.
- Answer it.

I told you she'll call me.
- Answer it.

No way. Reject.

He's not answering.

The customer you
are trying to call is..

What would've happened?

Oh God! Maybe he's dead.

I'll try again.

He's calling.

- Hello! I'm Alivelu here.

Oh God! Alivelu,
our friend is in a bad state.

He's not touching food at all.

Anything can happen
to him any minute.

We are afraid that he'll die.
Please save him.

Where does he stay?

Look, it's Aishwarya!


She didn't hear us.

Aishwarya! Let's follow her.

Come on, faster.

Alivelu, call her!

Aishwarya, stop!

Sorry, sweetheart, I'm late.

A sweet punishment for coming late.

Aishwarya! Don't you have any shame?

You broke up with one
boyfriend a few hours ago.

And now you are kissing
another boyfriend?

Morning show with him and
midnight show with that guy?


Nobody values girls
because of people like you.

He's sitting there and crying
for you without eating food.

But you are having
fun with another guy.

Stop it! Don't say such
things without knowing facts.

Siddhu is not my boyfriend.
He's my childhood friend.

He's my boyfriend.

He asked me to act
like his girlfriend..

..so I stood there with
him for 10 minutes. That's it.

I can't live without Aishwarya.

Burn me. Don't stop me.

Let me go! Don't stop me!

You did this, Alivelu!

What did you say?
Can you repeat it for me? Please.

Just because she broke up with you..

..do you have to
cry nonstop like this?

Who are those girls?

Oh, them. They came here
to comfort him just like you.

Come inside.
We are tired of comforting him.

Cool him down.

Modern girls know when
to cool them down and..

..when to tempt them. Let's go.

I'm sorry, Siddhu.

I didn't expect Aishwarya
to react like this.

I'll do my best to talk
to her and unite you both.

I know you are angry with me..

..but don't show it on food.
Come on, eat.

You won't be able to
eat because you are sad.

We'll feed you.

Aishwarya also fed me
like this with her warm hands.

Do you know how loving
my Aishwarya was?

You can't imagine how
sad I am after she left me.

She used to fill
her mouth with honey..

..hold an ice cream
in her hand and kiss me.

Did it feel good when
she kissed like that?

It was heavenly.

We are feeling vibrations
in our body after hearing you.



We want to cross limits too.

They are tempted. After two minutes..

..they will lock the doors
and switch off the lights.

We'll have lots of
fun in the dark room.


If you don't mind,
shall we some motivational videos..

..to help with this mood?

Oh nice. Very exciting.

Come closer.

Stop it! Don't say such
things without knowing facts.

Siddhu is not my boyfriend.
He's my childhood friend.

He's my boyfriend. He asked
me to act like his girlfriend..

..so I stood there with
him for 10 minutes. That's it.

I don't know what is
going on between you and him.

Go ask him.

'How did she find that idiot?'

Don't ever disturb me again.

We mixed laxatives
in the food you ate.

One tablet will make you
go to the washroom four times.

So, how many times for 40 tablets?

You guys will be stuck
in the washroom for a long time.

If you want to talk to girls,
tell them the truth and beg them.

They will give in to you.
Don't hurt them with lies.

They will give it back to you.

Sir, please go away.
I'll lose my job.

Hello, Mahesh Babu!
Alivelu is not here.

Even when she comes back,
she won't talk to you. Leave.

Mr. Warden, hear me out.
I didn't come for Alivelu.

I came for you.

For me?

I had to break the
rules to bring you inside.

Maintain a low profile.

Warden sir! I like you a lot.
I'll spend the night with you.

Why did you shout so loudly?
Can't you speak softly?

I'll spend the night with you.

This is better.

Warden, once I'm done with you,
I'll go to Alivelu and..

..have a heart to
heart talk with her.

What is this getup?

This is my real getup,
that's my professional getup.

You said you will
spend the night with me..

..so I came in a nightie.

Don't come close.

Only for you.

Sorry, I'm not type.

Please don't say no.

I liked you the moment
I laid my eyes on you.

I hoped that someday you'll be mine.

Get away from me. Please.

Hey, stop!
- Alivelu!


When I asked you why
you have a male warden..

..in a ladies hostel,
you said you trust him.

Now I understood why
you trust him so much.

I like you a lot. I lied
because I wanted to talk to you.

I came here for you.
Forgive me, Alivelu.

Forgive me. I'm sorry.

You think Alivelu is better
looking than me? Idiot!

Siddhu, your phone is ringing.


Hello, Siddhu!
Can you come to the Blooms Hospital?

What happened? Is there a problem?

Yes, there's a problem.
Please come immediately.

Okay, I'll be there in five minutes.

Excuse me. Where's the waiting hall?

It's on the right side.
- Right side?

You said there's a problem.

All five us became friends
with one guy without..

..each other's knowledge.

We became very close to him.

And now, we are pregnant.

What are you talking about?

Yes, we are pregnant.

You too?


You distribute safeties
but don't use them?

There was a shortage
at that time, Siddhu.

Oh God!

You are a God to us now.
We came here for abortions.

You've to help us, Siddhu.

What should I do?

You've to say that you
caused these pregnancies.

- Siddhu.. Please, Siddhu.

One minute.


What's the problem?

There's no problem at all.
Everything is done.

She's already pregnant.


My one month old girlfriend
is three months pregnant.

Congrats, man!

Get lost!

Don't be sad for us. Come in.

What a wretched life!

Hello, Doctor!


Tell me.

He's my boyfriend.

We got carried away.
We came for an abortion.

It's so easy to have fun
but difficult to erase the effects.

You do the bad deeds
and make us commit crimes.

An abortion will
cost you 10,000 rupees.

Another 10,000 rupees
for me for doing that sin.

Total 20,000 rupees.

Okay, doctor.

Stay here. I'll send them in.

We are in the same predicament, sir.

Where's your man?

I'm their man too, sir.

An average looking guy
like you has so many offers?

You aimed three arrows
at a time like Bahubali.

Five, not three.

He's our boyfriend too, sir.

We both also want abortions, sir.


You look like a life-size
cutout for God of Love.

What do you do?

I'm jobless.

No way. I can see
how hard you are working.

Don't say you are jobless.

I can't even manage one,
how did you convince five?

I didn't convince them,
sir, they called me.


Called you?
So, you are a male escort?

'What a wretched life!'

How is your business?

Did these five girls
call you at the same time?

Yes, sir.
We all made a deal and shared him.

Very good.
Your unity gave him group fun..

..and gave me group funds.

Five abortions will
cost you 100,000 rupees.

Won't you give a discount?

This is not wedding shopping
to ask for a discount.

You gave them unwanted pregnancies.

Pay the cash at the counter.

What is it, Roja?
Are you interested in him?


You saw his performance, right?
You'll be pregnant.

You can't get me pregnant..

..so you can help
me get an abortion later.

Here you go.

You've already done enough.
You don't have to pay.

I thought you were gold,
but you turned out too bold.


I think of you as a good boy.
Please drop us back.

'She won't let me
get away so easily.'

Okay, come.

I hope the operation doesn't fail.

I've handled thousands of abortions.

Not a single one failed.
The success rate is 100%.

Then our operation
is 100% success too.

Your operation?

Yes. A sting operation
on all your illegal operations.


Abortion is a crime.

And people who help with
the process deserve punishment.

I recorded everything
that is going on here.

So, five of you booked
one guy to get me into trouble?

Thanks for involving
me in such a good deed.

I should thank you for
helping us though we lied to you.

Girls can take huge risks
but they will feel more brave..

..when a man is beside them.
That's why I called you.

If you say yes, I'm ready
to be with you all my life..

..to give you courage.

There's a reason why we came here..

..and why we gathered you here.

The number of deaths in
your village is increasing..

..but the number
of births is stagnant.

In one word, women in this village..

..haven't become
pregnant for many years.

You've to tell us the reason.

Since you gathered
all this information..

..why didn't you
find out the reason too?

What do you say? Tell her.

We came here to find
the problem and solve it.

Please trust us and tell us.

Why aren't you having any children?

What can we say?
The liquor minister..

..does all the brewing here.
Our men work there.

They get drunk after work,
come home and sleep.

How will we have children?

My husband gets drunk every day and..

..falls down at the
outskirts of the village.

I bring him home and put him to bed.

Then he wakes up only in the morning.

My husband is a little
better in this case.

No matter how drunk
he is when he gets home..

..he looks at me.
Then he falls asleep.

When will he sleep with me?

And when will I give birth
to children and play with them?

Even though my husband
comes home drunk..

..he kisses me properly..

..but he falls asleep
before we reach the main event.

When will I become pregnant
and eat raw mangoes?

So, even though our
lives are different..

..we have the same problem.

Our men don't have
relations with their wives.

They are too intoxicated
to do anything.

Why don't you file a
complaint with the police?

We did that. We thought the
police will come to sort it out..

..but instead the
minister's men came.

They said they will make
us pregnant if we want..

..but they won't close
down the breweries.

We want children but
we won't sleep with other men.

I understood your problem.

We'll stay in this village
until your husbands..

..have relations with
you and make you pregnant.

Alright, then you'll
be here until you die.

We won't say no to you.
Do as you wish.

Let's go. Come on.
Why are you still sitting? Let's go.

No, wait. Wait a minute.
- They are just words.

Wait a minute.

Many people have
promised us many things.

Listen to me.
- Let's go.

Why did he come here?
Ask him to leave.

Why should I leave? I won't.

You can't stay here. Leave.

Women And Child Welfare Department.
Courtesy of..

..Indian Government. Siddhu.

I joined too. They gave
me this ID and your address.

So, I'm on duty.
Give me any work and I'll do it.

Okay. First arrange to
bring jasmines from the city.

Jasmines? Me?


Wait! What is this?
What are you doing?

This is a part of Flowers
For Every House Scheme.

What is the meaning of this scheme?

When your husband returns
home tonight, don't be angry..

..go to him and make
him smell these flowers.

Even if he sleeps far,
go to him and sleep beside him.

Keep the jasmines near his nose.

What a idea?

Do you think men
who are not interested..

..in a woman's scent will
be interested in a flower's scent?

It's okay. She's doing this
for our own good. Try it and see.

If it doesn't work
the flowers will go waste..

..but if it works you'll
become pregnant. That's it.

This is the perfume I like.

'Utter flop.'

Hubby! Wake up. Smell the flowers.

Go away.

Sit here.

Why did you dress
up like a new bride?

Is it our wedding anniversary?


Is it your birthday?

You have jasmines in your hair.

You were waiting for at the doorstep.

Who were you waiting for?

Who were you waiting for?

Stop right there!


We did as you said.
You saw what happened.

You said you'll be here
until we become pregnant.

What will you do now?

Let's do one thing.

What thing?

You've been waiting
for your husbands..

..to take the initiative,
but they are not doing it.

Why don't you take the first step?

No way. We will feel shy to do it.

Your shyness is keeping
you away from marital relations.

Taking the first step doesn't
mean becoming shameless.

Be loving, that's it.
Start your work and be patient.

You think it will work?

Yes. But before you start,
read this book.

What book is that?

This book is Vatsayana's Kamasutra.

If you read this,
you will see better results.

Read this and share it with everyone.

You read it to us.
We all will listen to you.

Oh no! I shouldn't read it to you.
They will do it.

Listen to it and do as it says.
That's it.


Girl, read that book to us.


What are you waiting for?
Read it aloud.


What are you doing?

Having marital relations.

Since you are not able to do it,
I thought I'll do it.


Let me go.


Come inside.

Let go off my hand.
You wretched woman.

I left you alone for so long,
what did you do?


Today I'll settle this
matter once and for all.


Don't touch me.

Hey, you!

Why are you getting irritated?
How long should I wait?

I've been waiting for so long,
but you didn't do anything.

Today we'll do it
until we get exhausted.

Let me go.

Oh God!

We did as you said.
We didn't sleep all night.

Last night was so wonderful.

It was a celebration
for us because of you.

May God bless you!

What do you want us to do tonight?

You don't have to do anything now.

Why? Just one day of
marital relations are enough?

Calm down, aunt.
You tell us. What do we do?

Once a man likes someone,
he'll do anything for them.

Why can't he quit drinking?
He'll definitely do it.

It's in your hands.

Remind them every second that..

..the pleasure of being
with you is greater than drinking.

It's getting dark.
Why are you still here chitchatting?

Let's go, I'm very hungry.

What are you doing here?
Let's go home.

I want to smell the jasmines.
Let's go home.

Enough of talking.
Let's go home and talk about us.

Let's go home and celebrate again.

Let's go. Come on, hurry up.

Boss! A woman came to our village..

..and instigated all
the men to leave their work..

..and spend all their
time with their wives.

It's her.

They look like unadulterated liquor.
Load them in the jeep.

Come on!

Hey, stop!


Come with me!

Alivelu! Sir! We all will
be grateful to you all our lives.

We'll deal with this idiot.
You all leave.

Come on, go. We'll see to him.

Do beautiful girls like
you need such a risky job?

Onlookers may feel it is
not necessary, but we need it.

Actually our lives
aren't so great that..

..we can leave our jobs
and come to do social service.

We have very ordinary lives.

We have a responsibility
and only government can help us.

That's why we are doing
this work for the government.

People should recognize our service..

..and it should be mentioned
in TV and newspapers.

After seeing all that,
the CM should call us..

..to personally appreciate us.

Then we can tell him our
problem and get it resolved.

That's our goal.

Your problem will be
solved if you meet the CM?

We have faith.

Your problem will be solved
before you finish the ice-cream.


Is this Alivelu?


I'm calling from CM's camp office.


You've an appointment with
the CM at 5:30 pm tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm Chakradhar.
CM's personal secretary.

Thank you. Thank you, sir.

Come and meet me at the
camp office tomorrow. Okay?

Thank you so much. Thank you.

We got CM's appointment.



I'm so happy.

Finally, we are going.


Where is Siddhu? We are getting late.

I don't know.

The customer you are
trying to call is currently..

..unavailable. Please..

He said he'll be here an hour early.
Why is he late?

Alively, we shouldn't miss
this appointment. You leave.

As soon as Siddhu comes,
we'll come with him.

Come on, go.

Hey, best of luck! All the best!

Excuse me. Mr. Chakradhar?

Here he comes.

No, he's very busy with
his activities. Call me later.

Sir, you called me yesterday.

What time was your appointment?

5:30, sir.

5:30. Now it's 5:45.
Means you are late by 15 minutes.

So sorry, sir. Actually..

Look, it's not easy
to get his appointment.

Since you got it easy,
you don't value it.

Sir, I understand.
I beg you. Please..

This is not a software office
to say sorry and get on with it.

It is CM's camp office.
You can just leave now.

Please, sir.
- Yes, sir.

The number you are calling
is not reachable at the moment.

Please call again later.

Where are you going
alone at this time?

To the hostel, madam.

Which hostel?

Sarojini Devi. Krishna Lanka.

I live nearby. Come, I'll drop you.

No problem, madam. I can manage.

The crime rate in this area is more.

It's not safe to be alone.
I will drop you. Come.

What's your name?


What do you do?

I spread awareness
for government schemes.

Oh, great.

Two minutes, Alivelu.
I've to sign a file in the station.

What will you do here alone?
Come inside.

It's okay, madam. I'll wait here.

I don't want you to wait
here all alone. Come inside.

- Yes, madam.

Bring me the file.


Why are you standing here like that?

We've a guest. Show some hospitality.

Okay, madam.


I don't have a husband.
So I got used to drinking. Join me.

I don't drink.

Modern girls do everything. Drink it.

I really don't drink, madam.

I'm a friendly police officer.
Don't be shy. No problem.

Take it.


You don't drink alcohol?

Then what do you like to do?
Loose woman!

My name is Alivelu.

A woman like you shouldn't
be called with her name.

Tell me. What do you like to do?

Do you like to trap
guys from rich families?

Do you like to turn them
into puppies to follow you?

What are you talking about?
I don't understand.

You will not understand
it if I ask you nicely.

Loose woman!

She has many followers.

Or, did you get it wrong
because you got tempted?

I'm not sure, madam.
Let me measure once again.

Do you like her so much?

You can marry her and
then measure her every day.

Her measurements can
make any woman jealous.

So they will definitely
make the men go crazy.

Are these real or did you
do anything to enhance them?

When Mona David takes
a baton in her hand..

..she'll break down
even the toughest ones.

No matter how much you cry,
your lover can't come here.

Just because you are pretty,
if you try to trap..

..anybody you like,
this is how you will get crushed.

Get up. Get up.

Dump her somewhere before she dies.

Loose woman! The train that
you've to get into is coming.

Usually it doesn't stop here,
but it will stop for you.

It will remain here till you get in.

If you want to live,
get into the train and disappear.

If I see you in Vijayawada again..

..your body will float
in the barrage. Get lost!

Your father had a mild stroke.

The doctors said that
he has to take good rest.

If you take up the
business responsibilities..

..before he gets
discharged and comes home..

..he'll feel happy.

Inform the chamber
that I'm on my way.



Did you think I really
had a heart stroke?

I cause people to get
heart attacks by telecasting..

..Breaking News again
and again in my channel.

Nothing can give me a heart attack.

My heart is very strong,
my dear wife.

Your son is in love
with a roadside girl.

If I say no to him,
he'll think I'm the bad guy.

I don't want that.

He has to see me as a great father.

So I pushed him from
love to responsibilities.

Come to the hospital
every day for 10 days.

Let's stay here.

Sir, you are not just
good at voiceovers..

..you are good at acting too.

Why did you come here again?

Are you so addicted to
him that you couldn't leave?

And you brought other
loose women with you?

I left, madam.

But I remembered
my duty and came back.

They are my team.
We really don't know who he is.

He followed us there.
We all came to this city with a goal.

We won't have anything
to do with him from now.

We'll stay in the city.
Please, madam.

You've many tricks up your sleeve.

Are you trying to trick me?

No, madam. If you feel
we are doing anything wrong..

..we'll readily bear whatever
punishment you give us.

Please, madam.

I hate such sentiments.
But what can I do?

Even though we are different
we are of the same kind.


So, I'll let you go.



You don't achieve
anything by being here.

Be with them.
If she even looks at him..

..shoot these loose woman.

Okay, madam.

Alivelu! Alivelu!

Alivelu and team are
not here since two days.


If you want you can call them again.

They will come out if they are here.


They spit everywhere without
leaving an inch. Disgusting.

What is your duty here?

Make them give up 'Gutka.'

You can make Tamilnadu
people give up bull taming..

..but you can't make these
people give up betel quid.

Okay, my legs are paining.

Can we have some tea and
Osmania biscuits? Let's go.

Give us six cups of tea.

He swallowed betel quid
like it's glucose powder.

It's not good to chew tobacco.

Mukesh tells his
story in the theaters.

My name is Mukesh.
I got mouth cancer..

..because of 'Gutka.'
Didn't you hear it?

I don't have to hear
anyone's stories. I know.

Then why are you chewing it?

Aren't we living knowing
that we'll die someday?

This is the same. Have tea.

Why did you push the knife away?

I was scared that
it will slit my throat.

In the same way, fear for
your life and quit chewing tobacco.

Otherwise I'll stay you with it.

Well done, brother.

What's your name?


Hi, Alivelu and team.

'Oh, it's him.'

Actually my Dad had a heart attack.
He was in the ICU.

That's why I couldn't
meet you. Sorry.


Let's go.

Okay, let's go. Let's go.

Please listen to me.

No discussions.


Brother! Who is the person that
people in this colony are afraid of?

Give me his name and address.

In the past it was Zakhir Bhai.

Not it is his grandson Imran Bhai.
Just 27 years old.

People pee in their
pants if they hear his name.

Go straight and take a right.
That's his house.

- Hello!

You can't deal with him.
You need to speak in Hindi.

I'll handle it. You watch me. Okay?

Hello, Imran Bhai! How are you?

Bhai, criminals and idiots
in this area are consuming..

..too much betel quid.
We've come here to stop that.

So we need your help in this matter.
What do you say?

Get up, you fool!

How dare you say that men who chew
tobacco are criminals and idiots?

Do you know how blissful
it is to chew tobacco?

Open four packets and
stuff it in her mouth.

Hey, stop! Stop!

Do you know who I am? Do you know?

I'm a policewoman. Police.

How dare you come
to our area in mufti?

Tie her up in the betel quid shed.

Brother, please let her go.

We brought her along to help us.

We are Alivelu and team.
We do social service.

As a part of Clean India Mission,
we came to ask for..

..your support to help people
in this are to quit betel quid.

You won't have my support.

We all start our
morning with betel quid.

How can you ask us to give it up?
You quit your work.

Did you stuff her mouth
with betel quid or not?

Oh God! No, I don't want to chew it!
I don't want it!

We successfully finished
all the projects.

But this task is very difficult.

I feel we are taking a huge risk.

We'll get recognition
only if we take risks.

Yes. Winning Alivelu's love
will increase Siddhu's value.

What is your nuisance?

If you talk too much,
I'll tell Imran Bhai that..

..you are trying to
make me quit betel quid.

Oh no, please don't do that. Sorry.
- Go away.

Let's go.

Love you, Alivelu.

My friend Imran.

When did she become your friend?

I'm wondering the same thing.

I need to talk to you for a minute.

Tell me.

I met Nazria yesterday.
She wants to meet you.

I won't meet her.

She said you were
deeply in love with her.

She loves you too.

That's a lie. She doesn't love me.

When I said I love her,
she said no and left.

I built a temple for her in my heart.

She came to kiss you and
say that she loves you too..

..but she couldn't
endure the smell and left.

She couldn't bear the smell
of betel quid even for a minute.

How will she be able to
bear it for a hundred years?

No need to build a temple for her,
just quit betel quid.

What? She came to kiss me?

Yes. She wants to kiss you even now,
if you don't smell.


My friend. Is it okay now?

Nazria will tell you that.


Go to her.

Nazu, why didn't
you tell me this before?

My friend! How is the kiss?


More than betel quid?

Very much.

So, do you want love or that packet?

I want love.

This is not just Nazria's problem.

The whole society
has the same problem.

Unite them with love and
separate them from 'Gutka.'

Then you will be this area's
new leader. Lovely leader.

- Yes, Bhai!

From today we won't chew betel quid.

We won't allow anybody
to sell 'Gutka' in our area.

This should be telecasted
in our channel.


Everyone should know
about Alivelu and team.


- Okay.

Now a report on inspirational
women Alivelu and team..

..who helped a whole
area to quit chewing tobacco.

I gave him the responsibility
of my channel..

..but he's taking up
that girl's responsibilities.

This is Breaking News to me.
Ask them to take my ECG.

Her name is Alivelu.
She and four girls make up her team.

They distributed safeties
to create awareness about HIV.

They helped a village
to quit alcohol.

They also helped men
to quit chewing tobacco.

They are creating awareness
in people regarding..

..various issues and
imparting knowledge to them.

Alivelu and team are
moving forward courageously..

..overcoming many
obstacles in their way.

People are appreciating
their social service.

These girls say that they
are doing this to get a chance..

..to meet the CM and that
has made everybody curious.

Alivelu! Alivelu!
We got a call from the CM's office.

After reading your interview..

..the CM invited you for lunch.
All of you have to go.

Yes! Yay! Yes!

I saw you on the news.
I was surprised to hear that..

..you are doing all this
social service just to meet me.

What's the reason for that?

It's a problem of 40 villages,
including our village.

You can reduce a long
200 kilometers journey..

..into a 4 kilometers
journey with one bridge.

Without that bridge,
we are losing many lives.

That place is moving
away from development.

Which place?

Narsingapuram Mandalam.

Oh. Korumala constituency.

Yes, sir.

There are many villages
there but there are less people.

The voting percent is too low.

Their voting won't affect
the politics in any way.

Forget the state government,
even the central government..

..won't come forward to
allot funds for a project there.

But since you asked me,
I'll try to solve your problem.

I can't make any promises.

Shall we eat?

No, sir.

We met you thinking
that the government..

..will want to fulfill
the needs of its people.

But now that we know that
it is only interested in..

..doing business with people,
we'll leave.

Our five votes can't affect
your government in any way.

Let's go.

They would have been more
upset if they found out that..

..we called them for
lunch to impress the voters.

Make sure that newspapers
highlight the news that..

..the CM gave an interview
to Alivelu and team.

Excuse me, sir.

I beat her up and sent
her away as you asked me to.

Then, I gave her a chance
because she begged me.

That girl is sincere.
But our boy doesn't want to lose her.

I called you here
to discuss that matter.

But I got tempted and did this first.

Why would he want
to lose a beautiful girl?

What's the solution?

Let's offer our condolences
in the headlines.

We'll kill her without
evidence when we get a chance.

Why is Alivelu so sad?

We are going to be felicitated,
so we should be happy.

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

You said it's a felicitation.

Why did you bring
us to a kabaddi field?

These kabaddi players
are going to felicitate you.

Really? Very interesting!

Wait a minute.

Sir, you?
You are going to felicitate us?

Then the live telecast
will be amazing.

The felicitation will
be even more amazing.

Who is Alivelu among you?
Please come forward.

You are even more
beautiful than I imagined.

No one can be satisfied
after just one taste.

That's why my son
wants you for a lifetime.

Hello! You called us
here for a felicitation.

Why are you talking
indecently to the poor girl?

Let's go.

Oh God!

Actually I called
you here to kill you.

But after seeing your beauty,
I want to enjoy it first.

I'm really tired of
seeing men playing kabaddi.

It will be fun to see beautiful
girls playing against..

..muscled men.

If you win this game, I'll
let you live for a little longer.

If you lose, I'll kill you right now.

What did I do to deserve death?

You did a big mistake
by entering my son's life.

Will you play? Or will you die?

Come inside.

Come closer.

Let her come closer.

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Let her come closer.

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Let her come closer.

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!


Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

You're an embarrassment. Idiot.

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Come on!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!
- Let him come. Move back.

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Alivelu, stay back.

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!


Come on!

Come on!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!


Bravo! Brilliant! Fantastic!

You defeated men that
are like wild bulls.

Your courage has filled
my heart with fear.

I'm afraid that you
will make my son yours.

You won.

That's why I'm going back on my word.

Guys! Start chopping off their heads.

Finish them before
they can utter a sound.

Girls! Run!

Stop! Stop!

Come on!



Run fast!

Let's go that side! Come on!

Alivelu, where are you?
They are planning to kill you.

I already touched
death and came back.

Listen to me and run
away to a faraway place.

I'll run away, but not alone.

I'll take the man who
loves me along with me.

I need someone to save
me when they come to kill me.


Alivelu here. I'll share my location.

Please come here, Siddhu.

What did you do this time?

You all leave before
Siddhu comes here.

But Alivelu..

Please, don't say anything. Leave.

Did you get into
another risky operation?

Yeah, but no problem. Leave it.

Did you finally forgive me?

Thank you so much.
Now tell me why you called me here.

Will you come away
with me for a week?

I want to share my whole
life with you, not just a week.

One week is enough.
Just the two of us..

..without any communication
with your family.

One minute.

Hello, Mom! I'm going
out for a week for some work.

Don't call me. Take care of Dad. Bye.


Tell me. Where should we go?

We are going to live here.

Hi, Siddhu.

You said just the two of us.
What are they doing here?

We are here to make sure
that nobody disturbs you.


There's a small function.

After that,
the whole house will be empty.

Alivelu and you can
spend time together.

Let's go.

What are you looking at?

Alivelu's lips are
so beautiful, right?

Do you want to bite and taste them?

Yes, but I'm scared
that she'll be upset.

She's waiting for your kiss.

How do you know that?

No girl will ask you to kiss her.

She'll eagerly wait
for her boyfriend to..

..take the initiative and kiss her.

Did you observe something?

When a woman talks to her boyfriend..

..you can see all
her feelings on her lips.

Go and see if you want.



What are you doing?


Shall we go for a walk?

It's nice here.

It's nicer there.

You are right. All her
feelings are seen on her lips.

They said they are
ready to be kissed.

What are you waiting for?
Go bite them.

Why did she slap me?

Because you kissed her.

She kissed me too.

- Now.

- Where else? Here.

She didn't kiss you. You kissed her.


And why weren't you gentle?
Why did you bite so hard?

She bit me too.

Oh God! I think you lost
your mind when you kissed her.

You forgot everything.
Next time be gentle. Okay?

Don't confuse me.
The kiss was perfect.

I don't care about the slap.
At least she felt something.

We can fight about who
kissed whom later. I'm going.

Alivelu here, the one who
escaped death in your hands.

I took your son with me.

If you want a better word,
I eloped with him.

I sent you your son's status
on Whatsapp. Check it out.

Your son and I just kissed.
My lips are still wet.

Since it's our first kiss,
we both want more.

I will keep updating
you the status of our love.

Keep your phone close.

A man who wants to hunt
sees a girl like a deer.

But a woman who wants to
hunt views a lion as a puppy.

I'm a woman. What about you?

Alivelu's game has begun.

It's a beautiful location.
Why did we come here?

To bathe.

Why did we come so far for that?

We could've done it in the bathroom.

There we've to bathe
one person at a time..

..but here we can all bathe together.

Alivelu threw me the soap.
But I don't use soap.

I use something else.

That soap is not for you.
It's for her.

She gave you her soap.
What does that mean?

That means she wants you to help her.

- Yes.

Sir, we got the latest Breaking Pic.
Take a look.

Did you see it?
Your son kissed my feet.

He rubbed soap on my
body and helped me to bathe.

I feel so fresh and relaxed.
I'll share the location.

Come and catch us if you've the guts.

Why did he stoop so low?

It seems he rubbed
soap on her and bathed her.

She's using my son as a massage boy.

We are so used to using others..

..that we can't bear
others doing it to us.


Hey! Where is Alivelu?



She gets irritated if
something falls on her body.

She'll shout at us if she gets up.

I won't let her shout.
- How.

Turn around please.

Now turn back.

There's nothing here. Okay?

'What should I do now?'


Alivelu gets very irritated
if something falls on her body.

I can't do it.

Why? Why can't you do it?

Not here. Not now. Later, in private.

Control, Siddhu.

I get scared whenever
I hear the message beep.

I'm scared to see
what else my son did.

She must've sent something.
Check the message.

You saw it? Tell me what it is.


What is he doing?
Did I father a son or a dog?

What is with that licking?

Sir, I never thought
that your son was so romantic.

That's not romance.
That's stooping to the ground.

He stooped to the dust
and he's dragging me down.

She's using my son as she likes.

Yes, sir. If we use the police
and political power we have..

..we can find her in minutes.
Why don't you use them?

They should be in media's control.

They shouldn't have
control over media.

My son's life shouldn't
turn into a public press meet.

It should be like a sting operation.



Why are you deceiving me?

You kissed me back
when I kissed you that day.

I know that you know what
I did when honey fell on you.

You know why I'm still
here even after knowing all this?

You invited me here
because you like me..

..but you don't have the
courage to tell me about it.

I can't do it anymore. I can't
stay away from the girl I love.

Tell me if you like me,
we'll become one right now.

Tell me, Alivelu.
Do you like me or not?

Speak up, Alivelu.

Do you know where
your son is right now?

He's sleeping peacefully on my chest.

I'm sure you've guessed
what happened between us.

I thought of sending you a pic.

But I thought you'll die
with a stroke, so I didn't send it.

I need you to be alive.




Siddhu! Siddhu!



My son left your chest
and came back to my nest.

A woman's game will
be a kids' game after all.

Only a lion can tell you
how to play a game and how to hunt.

I'm a lion. What about you?

Do one thing. I'll share my location.

Come here if you have the guts.

Welcome to Giri
Prakash Narayana's den.

Sir! You were just kidding
but she really came here.

Sit down.

Did she come to our house
or did we go to her house?

When someone shows us respect,
we should accept it.

My son is not at home.

I didn't come for your son,
I came for you.

I came to tell you a story.

Sir knows many stories too.

This is a story that
your sir can never imagine.

Once upon a time there was a village.

Listen to it. You have to.

Who is that?
If you have any problems..

..you can discuss them later.
First give way.

Minister sir has to
go to the secretariat.

What will he do there?
Does he have to sign contracts..

..for himself,
his own brother in law..

..that man's mistress and her family?

Give way. He has to go right now.

Does he remember us,
the 40 villages around here..

..who have been struggling
for so many years?

What is your problem?

Don't you know?
How many people should we say it to?

How many political parties
should we say it to?

How many governments
should we say it to?

Everyone listens to our plight but
doesn't do anything. - Give me way.

Are you making your wife talk now?

Let me talk to him, Laxmi.

What will you say?
What will you say to him?

Men like you join your
hands before men like him.

That's why our village
problems are still unresolved.

Let me talk this time.
I'll talk to him.

Just look at those.

What do you think those are?

You think we are making
our babies sleep there?

None of those babies
have their mothers.

We tied the cradles there
so that you can count them.

Count them.

Our heart goes out
to those motherless babies.

If a pregnant woman
goes into premature labor..

..we can't take her to the hospital..

..because the hospital
is 100 miles away.

And on the way we
are filled with dread..

..wondering if the mother
will live or the baby will live.

If we want an education
for our children..

..we have to travel
100 miles for that too.

Thousands of children
are quitting school halfway.

We work so hard to grow our
crops but we can't sell it here.

We go into loss if we sell it here.

We have to travel 100
miles again to sell it.

Oh God! What kind of justice is this?

40 small villages,
thousands of people in them.

We have been asking
for it for 50 years now.

We can't travel 100
miles for everything..

..just build us a 4 mile bridge.

Everyone hears our
plight but no leader is..

..really interested in helping us.

If we don't take drastic steps now..

..this problem will remain
like this even after 100 years.

So, we've decided.
We won't let you go until..

..you solve our problem
and improve our lives.

Yes, we won't let you go.
Do what you want.

The other leaders will
come here at least for you.

They will have to answer us.

Sir, please listen to me.
Even the most powerful leader..

..has to be fearful
of people sometimes.

Let's go to the guesthouse.

Did those people leave?

No, sir. They are still there.

Even at midnight?

Great! Though the people
in my constituency..

..don't support me,
nature is supporting me.

It will be amazing to
travel in this pitch darkness.

Oh God!

Oh God!

He killed them!

Oh no!

4 mile long bridge..

- Bridge..

Laxmi! Laxmi!
- Bridge..

- Laxmi! Laxmi!

4 mile bridge..
- Laxmi..

Bri.. Bri..

Until today,
only your village knew its problems.

These deaths will make
them known to the whole nation.

I will fulfill my responsibility.

In Chandrannapeta village,
eight women lost their lives..

..when a road roller
sped into a big crowd.

The whole village is in a
state of shock after the incident.

What are they saying?

The state government has conveyed..

..its deepest condolences
to the families of the victims.

They are blaming it on a road roller.
What a big lie!

Thanks, Giri! You turned
the murders into an accident.

Take it.

What is this?
This is not enough. I want much more.

I had to become one of
them in order to deceive them.

Now I have you.

Radios and newspapers
are becoming outdated.

Channels are the new trend.
I want to start a channel too.

If you don't want this
footage to be public knowledge..

..start my news channel
with your money.

We girls grew up
looking at your photos..

..listening to this same story.

We focused on our problem
instead of our enemy.

Until we saw you we didn't
know that Siddhu was your son.

But once I got to know that,
I decided that..

..I'll die for my
village but not for you.

I was willing to
sacrifice my honor too..

..which is more
valuable than my life.

I sacrificed it.
I offered it to your son.

How much did I offer him?
This pen-drive will tell you.

Take a look.

I never do anything wrong,
but I did one mistake.

I used your son who
loved me sincerely.

I had no choice. Since
he's enjoying his Dad's wealth..

..he has to carry his Dad's sins too.

If you don't want this
footage to be public knowledge..

..instead of using media
to deceive them like last time..

..use it to bring justice to them.

Your village innocence
fills me with pity.

That will never happen.

A boy's romance with a girl.

Fathers are no longer
afraid of such videos.

He's a man, so he used you.

I will proudly announce
it to the world.

The number of videos
only improves his ranking.

These threats can scare
a middle-class father.

They can't scare a
filthy rich father like me.

They can't solve the
problems of your village.

Now get lost.

If you don't have money,
sell your lustful love story..

..to some sex website.

Earn a living in the
name of my son's manliness.


Just a minute.

I want to give you an
offer for your sacrifice.

If you want the problems
of your village to be solved..

..you've to do something for me.

You should go away from
my son's life and memories.

You should give your life.

If you are ready to do that..

..the government will be
in your village in a few hours.

The foundation stone
for the bridge will be laid.

As soon as that happens,
the villagers should..

..light your funeral pyre.

If you are ready for it, I'll
start my network in a few minutes.

I'm ready.


That will increase
the value of my life.

Sir, she may go back on her word..

..we better make
her sign an agreement.

No need.

The word of an upright
woman is like an agreement.

You will need the CM's
support for your networking.

His life is in this pen-drive.

Any government will focus
on attracting more voters..

..with a small project.
In fact, voting percentage..

..is more important than
the needs of the people.

If people hear his
dialogues about viewing..

..people only as voters,
they will end his political career.

Sir, she's a dangerous girl.
Think about it once again.

She loves her village
more than my son.

That village should bury her, not us.

Hari, I had a dream last night.

I saw Goddess Sita
building the bridge..

..in order to bring
Lord Rama to our village.

Even Lord Rama could not
build the bridge on his own.

How can Goddess Sita
build it all by herself?

I don't know.
I never understand some dreams..

Hello! Alivelu and team
brought your village problem..

..to our attention.
We came here to solve that.

First we'll create drama
that you all are ready to..

..burn yourselves to death.

It will get everyone's attention.

No, son. No need for drama.

If it will solve the
problem of our village..

..all of us will willingly
burn ourselves to death.

If it will tell the
nation about our plight..

..all of us will really get
ready to burn ourselves to death.

People of Chandrannapeta
have taken to the roads..

..with petroleum
containers in their hands..

..threatening to
sacrifice their lives..

..if their problem is
not solved within 24 hours.

Many people are expressing
their indignation..

..against the government
on social network websites.

The whole nation is waiting
to see what happens next.

Why did you come here?

The people who opposed
you in the past..

..are now ready to
sacrifice their lives.

So what?

You've to lay the foundation
stone to the project..

..that you've ignored in the past.

What if I don't?

Before you can cross
your camp office..

..my channel will telecast
a story with proof.

The tragic incident that
took place in Chandrannapeta..

..20 years ago wasn't
caused by a road roller..

..but it was caused
by current CM Bapineedu.

After that another
story will be telecasted.

CM Bapineedu views
people as just votes.

Are you wondering how
I got proof for that story?

The girls that came to
meet you recorded a video.

Do you know who those girls are?

They share the blood
of the innocent women..

..that you killed that night.

How is this Flash News?

'I'll use this to my advantage.'

Move aside. Give way.

Look at him proudly
walking into our village.

Why did he come here?

Stop! They shouldn't
enter our village.

They are monsters.


Dad, you saw their
cruelty in the past.

You will see their goodness now.

Goodness? How do you know them?

Alivelu killed the
cruelty in them, uncle.

These five girls explained
your village problem to us.

It is true I didn't
address this issue sooner.

So I have decided to
lay the foundation stone..

..for this project.

I won't leave after
laying the foundation stone.

If necessary I'll stay here
till the project finishes and..

..run the government from here.

Your five votes are important to me.

Come and break the coconut.

My Dad used to tell me
that Lord Rama will come for you.

I used to think why
you can't go to Lord Rama.

They are building
a bridge in the village.

Your Lord Rama will come to you.

But my Siddhu can't come to me.

I want to tell him that
I love him with all my heart..

..but I can't.

You tell him to forgive me.

Where is Alivelu?

You like creating fear
in people with Breaking News.

But as a mother I want
to fill my son's heart with love.

So I brought him here.

The Alivelu that
challenged you is dead.

The Alivelu in his heart lived.
She will continue to live.

She will be with my son.

Glory to Lord Rama!

Glory to Lord Rama!

Glory to Lord Rama!

Considering the evidences
submitted by Alivelu..

..and her village,
the court pronounces CM Bapineedu..

..news channel head
Giri Prakash as guilty..

..and gives them a prison sentence.