R (2010) - full transcript

The R of the title stands for the young protagonist, Rune, fearlessly played by Pilou Asbæk. Imprisoned for violent assault, he's a cocky, good-looking young man placed in the hardcore ward, where his survival depends on quickly learning the prison's parallel world of rules, honor, and obligations. R also stands for Rachid, a young Muslim prisoner who becomes Rune's friend and accomplice, defying the rigid racial stratifications among the inmates.

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I'm here to pick up
one Rune Pedersen, right?


You're Rune, right?
You're coming with me.

This way.

There you go.

These aren't allowed inside.

That's not allowed, either.
And neither is this.

Take off your clothes.
All of 'em.

Trousers, underpants, T-shirt...

Thank you.

Step over there, please,
and squat for me.

More than that.
Thank you. Stand up.

Lift your left foot.
Thank you.

The right one.
Thank you.

Spit it out.

Thank you.

Open your mouth.
Stick out your tongue.

Hands. Palms up.
Thank you.

Run 'em through your hair.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Just out of curiosity...

What did you do to
wind up in this ward?

The other inmates
are twice your size.

The big guys upstairs,
they're waiting for you.

They know you're coming,

so you must've done
some pretty dumb shit.

Bjorn... Bjorn!

Which cell do I
put the new guy in?

- In no. 465.
- 465.

Follow me.

465. This is your cell.

You okay?
Are we straight?

- Hey... Hey.
- What's up?

Could I have some cleaning materials?
I'd like to clean out my house.

That'll have to wait.

You can do it after yard-out.

Hey! Claus!

- Where are you going with that?
- He doesn't want it.

He says it's too soft.
We made a deal.

- It's not yours, is it?
- He let me have it. It's too soft.

- It belongs in that cell. Got it?
- He doesn't want it.

That's just the way it is.
Here. Put it back in your cell.

Let it go.

You either calm the fuck down
or hit the sack, right now.

All of you. Shut up.

If I hear just one peep out of you,
you can all just hit the sack.

Helmuth, you're the first.
Go to your cell. Good-night.

You can go to your cell, too.

Any other smart-asses?
Shut up!

Now, I want some fucking quiet.

Thank you.
Fucking unbelievable!

Welcome to Horsens!

Get over here.
Stay quiet.

I've been waiting for you. The guy
you stabbed is a friend of mine.

No one gets away with
shit like that. Get up.

You either fuck somebody up,
or you get fucked up. Get it?

I need you to fuck up that
rag head in the red jacket.

The one next to the nigger.
Look at him. Fucking look at him.

Memorise his face.
Look at me.

Memorised his face? Good.
You're gonna fuck him up.

You either fuck him up
or get fucked up.

Now, fuck off
before I change my mind.

- Got any smokes, Sune?
- Yeah.

- Can I have one?
- Sure.

What the fuck are you smiling for?
What's so funny?

Mason, calm down, dammit.
Go out and cool off.

You just stay there.

I hear you're gonna fix
a little something for us.

You think you can handle it?

It's the Albanian.

We need you to smash
out all of his teeth.

I suggest you take him upstairs
while we're in the yard.

There are no guards up there.

Give him the royal treatment. Make
sure he doesn't come back for a while.

What happens to
me afterwards?

Nothing's gonna happen.
You just mind your own business.

Yard-in, people!

It's now or never.

You'd better hurry up
if you wanna go outside.

A breath of fresh
air will be nice.

I could do with some air.

Closing up 4!



Pipe down!

Shut up and calm down!

Cut the bullshit.
Cut it out.

I've had it with you. Next time,
you're going in the hole! Get it?

Just cut the bullshit
and shut the hell up.

Thank you.

Your turn. Come here.

Turn around.


- We're shutting the ward down.
- Get in your cells, people.

468, closed.

465, closed.

461, closed.

460, closed.

Let's go, buddy.
Put that out. Put it out.


Faster than that.

What were you doing in
the stairwell? Answer me!

What were you doing
in the stairwell?

Answer me!

Who beat him up?
You did, didn't you? Answer me.

You owe the others a favour.
You're the new guy, right?

Aren't you the new guy?
Give me a straight answer!

- I don't know, goddammit!
- You don't know?

What are you, stupid?!

Are you?

Tell me. You did it, didn't you?
Didn't you? Didn't you?

Fuck off, you fat pig!

- I'm not taking your shit. Answer me!
- I don't know, goddammit!

The hell you do!
You're full of shit!

Who did it? Answer me!

I don't know!
I don't know!

All right You're gonna
spend a few days in the hole.

Hey there, little darling.

Back again, huh?

Did you miss me?

I've missed you.

What's that you're hiding?


Then turn around
and show me nothing.

Holy crap.

- Who's she, your sister?
- My girlfriend.

Your girlfriend?
She's hot.

How the hell did you land her?

- Got her under control?
- Yeah.

Do you know what she's
doing right now?

She's probably
fucking some rag head.

Your house is so fucking neat.
I like that.

Clothes all folded nicely.
You'd think your mom had been here.

You like cleaning?

- Do ya?
- It's okay.

It's okay?

I've been thinking. Since you're
this fucking cleaning wizard,

some asshole has pissed
all over the toilet.

You can start by cleaning it up.

Think you can manage that?

- Do ya?
- Sure.

Hold these for me.

- Want one?
- No.

You don't want a grape?
Try a fucking grape when I tell you.

They're good, huh?

Open your mouth.
Open up.

Again. Open up.

Once more, once more.

Once more.

Once more.
Open up. Wider.


- What've you got there?
- Check this out, Sune.

It's his girl. Hell yeah.

- She's not his girl.
- He says so.

- Got any nude pics of her?
- No.

Wanna buy some?

Check this dude out, Mason.
He looks just like Rune.

- He's got the same hair-do.
- Yeah, he does.

Is that carpet clean?
Did you clean it properly?

Clean enough to lay a little baby
down on it? Lie down for me.

Just like a baby,
in the foetal position.

That's not the foetal position.

On your side with your legs lifted.
Just like that.

Now suck your thumb.

You're so fucking pathetic.

I think you're doing
an okay job.

I'll let you have this one,

and the cock-sucking one and
the one with the hairy legs.

But this one,
just let it stay there.

All right?

- Ain't I good to you?
- Yeah.

- Say it: "The Mason is good to me".
- The Mason is good to me.

I almost believe you.

- Rune...
- Yeah?

You need to start paying as much
attention to me as you do the Mason.

I'm starting to dislike you.
Straight up.

- Understand?
- Yeah.

When I say 'jump',
you say 'how high'. I mean it.

I ain't taking your shit no more.


Didn't we go on the
same transport?

My name's Rashid.


- How long are you here for?
- Two years.

- What about you?
- A year or so.

It ain't so bad. With good behaviour
I should get out sooner.

Got anyone on your back?

There's no one
on my back, all right?

Chill, man. Ease up.
There's no one on my back either.

- Cigarette?
- Nah, I don't smoke.

Staying healthy, you know.
You like your new job?

- It's all right.
- It beats doing dishes.

What the fuck are
you guys doing?

Go make some friends.
I need to talk to this guy.

Listen up.

After work, you just go in your house
and stay there for half an hour.

Don't go anywhere, Mason.
I need to talk to you.

Stop fucking around
and hand me a towel.

A clean one,
for fuck's sake.

What the fuck happened in the ward
yesterday? You know what I mean.

Yeah, him.

It's fucking ridiculous.
This is the third time.

- You need to recruit better guys.
- They don't grow on trees.

Don't look at him
when I'm talking to you.

You need to have a serious word
with him. Really serious.

- I don't wanna see him again.
- No problem.

Get your shit together.

- Are you done here?
- I'm just gonna...

You're done.
I need to talk to you.

Something's about to go down
that the guards mustn't see.

I need you to lather up the guard
station so they can't look out.


What's he doing?

Did you tell him to do this?


- What're you doing?
- I'm cleaning the windows.

What's the problem?

Step out of the office.

- What are you doing?
- Kim told me to clean the windows.

- Did you hear anything about this?
- He told me to do it yesterday.

He told me to do the hall
and the windows, too.

- It's like a pigsty around here.
- Well, get to it, then.

Nice. Don't forget
the rest of them.

Alarm! Assault on an inmate.
Get over here!


Move! Step aside!


What the fuck?

You don't like my drawings?

- Did you roll that spliff for us?
- Yeah.

Keep watch by the door.

- Want me to light it?
- Yeah.

I saw you got your shit
sorted out yesterday.

Right on the nose. Busted it
wide open. He started crying.

So we grabbed him...
Into the sink. Into the radiator.

Threw him in the showers.
Suddenly he was quiet.

But my guy just kept going.
I had to pull him off him.

'You keep your mouth shut',
I yelled at him.

I'm not sure if he heard it,
but he got the message.

Sounds like it.

I'd told him,

that you don't carry weed
and money at the same time.

- But now we've got a new problem.
- Yeah, I know.

We've gotta do something.

The monkeys are getting edgy.
They didn't get shit for three weeks.

After that thing with the Albanian
they've started muscling up.

Think of something or we'll lose
our bread and butter. Open the door.

Outta my way.

Don't open the door while
I'm standing here with a joint.

Are you stupid?
Use your fucking head.

Hey grandma, it's Rune.

I'm fine. How are you?


I was thinking maybe you'd
like to come and see me.

In Horsens.

Bring me some of those
Kinder Surprises I love.

Kinder Surprise.
You know, the chocolate eggs.

That's great.

I haven't got much time, grandma.
I'm using a telecard.

See you. Bye.

- What's up?
- Not much.

I'll never get these dishes done.

You're in 2nd West, right?
Could you do me a favour?

Tonight, go to the first
toilet on your left.

See if you can open the hatch
at the bottom of the waste pipe.

- Rune!
- Coming!

Just do it.

- Say when.
- When.

- Are we allowed to smoke
in here? - Sure.

How are you?

I'm fine.

You've lost some weight,
haven't you?

- Does it show?
- It does.

Do they serve decent
food here?

- What did you get today?
- Potatoes.

- Nothing but potatoes?
- In a hash.

I see.

I feel strange sitting here.
I don't know what to say.

- Can't we just sit here a bit?
- Sure.

I've brought you something.


They're the ones
you wanted, right?



Don't eat all of it.

- Show me what's inside.
- You want me to open it?

- How cute.
- A little lion.

Remember how we used to go to
the zoo? You used to love that.

We spent so much time there.
You were so fascinated.

We went to the circus
and God knows what.

You were always
such a happy boy.

You were always so happy.

My dear boy.

Some day, this will all be over and
good things will come your way.

It all works out in the end.

You'll have to give me a
hug before you leave.

You have to.

- Mind the coffee.
- I know.

All right.

Cheer up.

Cheer up.

Goodbye, Rune.

We're done here.

- Was it there? Did it open?
- Yeah.

- Can you fit your hand in there?
- I should think so.

Tonight at seven go to that toilet.
You'll hear me knock three times.

Stick your hand in there and
catch the thing I'm flushing.

Then knock three times
so I'll know you caught it.

- What are you flushing?
- Wait and see.

Remember to put the
hatch back in place.

We can't let the others
know what we're doing.

- Rune!
- Just a moment.

- Open up! Open up!
- I'm not done shitting.

I don't give a fuck. Open up,
or I'll go shit in your house.

- Now! Open up, goddammit!
- I'm coming.

Did you get it? The thing I
sent down to you yesterday.

I didn't get anything.

Unless you mean this.

Do you realise what
we can use this for?

Yeah, I'm not stupid.

Who's that knocking?
Woody Woodpecker?

- Whatcha want?
- Can I talk to you?

Sure, come on in.

In private.

In private? Sounds kinky.
You a kinky dude?

- Whatcha want?
- I can help you.

- With what?
- With that thing.

Before you spill the beans,
close the door and sit down.

I can get stuff down
to 2nd West.

First time is on tick.
After that, it's money up front.

I'll cover any losses.
And I want my cut.

And then you leave me alone.

Leave you alone?
Only if this scheme works.

It does.

I'll let you think about it.

Why? I've got nothing to lose.

Go get the Mason,
so I can steal his dough.

Whatcha want?
You little faggot.

So, did he swallow?

I need to talk to you.

I understand you're helping
us with that thing.

Close the door.
I've got something for you.

Don't look.

Jesus Christ.

All right?

- Hey.
- What's up?


- There's a wad missing.
- I know. Wait.

Here you go.

- Why are you counting 'em?
- It's not my money.

- So what?
- I need to check the amount.

- You think I'm trying to hustle you?
- Calm down.

There's a fiver missing.

- No, there ain't.
- Yes, there is.


You almost gave me
a heart attack.

- We're doing good, huh?
- We're doing awesome. Awesome.

Couldn't be better.

Well, it could, but...

What about you?

Doing fine.

I wanna have a word with you.
Come along.

This way.

How about a change of scenery?
Mini is moving out.

Now, you can have this cell.

This view is more exciting than
the view of the fucking yard.

By the way, we're playing poker
tonight in the lounge.

You should drop by.

- Johnny is in. And the old man?
- I'm out on this one.

Let's have some cards.

Right, I'll hit you up.

- Damn, you're a lousy dealer.
- Yeah, I know.

I'm out.

You like rubbing up
against me or what?

- Stick to your butt boy over there.
- Stop acting so smart-ass.

- I was just kidding, man.
- You having a laugh or what?

So, little man
Like your new place?

It's great.

You're on the sunny side now.

Hey, I know that girl.
Does she come to visit you, too?

For you. I found it lying around
in the Mason's cell.

- Thanks.
- All right.

- So, Ladby, is the match on?
- Yeah, we're almost ready.

- Just drawing up the lines here.
- We had to help his ass out.

- Should we let 'em warm up first?
- Nah, I think they're warm enough.

- Shit, footie? Who's playing?
- Queen's Park vs. Copenhagen.

Queen's Park in the yellow jersey.
Gotta make sure they don't fly away.

Yeah, they're known
for trying to escape.

They sure are.

The kick-off can't
be far off now.

And the game is underway.

Own goal!
The first goal is scored.

- We're ahead 1-0.
- He's a feisty bastard.

Go, Queen's Park!

1-1. He's all alone on the field.

He's at it again.
Come on, Queen's Park.

- Another own goal!
- The goalie's just standing there.

What the hell's going on?
I'll give 'em some more fodder.

They need more fodder.
He's grumpy 'cause he lost.

Shut the door.

Nice and easy.

Don't be scared of it.

With you, it doesn't take much.

Come on...

Jesus Christ.
Come on...

You little bitch!
Open the cage!

He's a fucking predator, man!

- You know who's got a little dick?
- Who?

- The Mason.
- Get outta here...

- Why're you checking for dicks?
- Don't you?

You've never looked at another
guy's dick in the shower?

If I did, it was only by chance.
I ain't staring.

It's not like I'm standing there
staring at the Mason's dick, man.

It was just casual, like...

Okay, you've had your tea. We've got
meals to prepare and dishes to do.

So step to it. Understand?
Get up.

3-2 to the Danes.

Fuck me, you're good.

What's up, man?

I know about your hustle.

From now on, you deal with me.

- Do you understand?
- What are you talking about?

What are you,
a stupid fucking Dane? Are you?

Are you stupid or what?

Is Rashid lying to me, then?

Want me to talk to him?

I'll talk to the Mason next.
I'm sure he'd like to know about it.

- Ahmed, you're the goalie.
- Why?

Because I say so.

- Okay, I just want the same price.
- I don't wanna talk about it here.

I want the same price.

- Why're you still standing here?
- Fuck off!


You shouldn't have
told him how we do it.

I had no choice.

Now, I'll have to deal with Bazhir,
and I don't trust him.

I'm still the mule.

I don't care which one of
you stuffs it up the ass.

We ain't shit no more. Everybody
knows about our hustle now.

You'd understand if
you were in my shoes.

I need a big load.
More than usual.

How much?

How much can the little
Arab pack up his ass?

Three times the usual amount.

- I can't swing it.
- Sure you can.

- I can't.
- You can.

What are you afraid of?

Those fucking homos over there?
Afraid of those tattoo faggots?

Make sure I get
the shit tonight.

Did you hear the Albanian's back?

Can I talk to you?

I wanna ship three times
the usual amount tonight.

You put a lot of trust in
those monkeys down there.

Have you got the balls for it?

You're in big trouble if
something goes wrong.

Then it's your ass.

All right, where's my cue?


You did good today.

What's up? Nothing.

Have you got my...?

I ain't got no dough.

I swear, I ain't got it.

He told me you and
him had a deal.

What're you looking at?

- You get me that money.
- What money?

I don't give a fuck how you do it.
Just get it.

I have nothing to do with it.
I thought you and Bazhir had a deal.

The ragheads fucked us, man.

- Is he talking to you guys?
- I don't fucking know.

- Those monkeys fucked us.
- Who is 'us'?

- The ragheads. They fucked us.
- Who the fuck is 'us'?

- Have you got the dough?
- What?

Pay attention, asshole!
Have you got the dough?

- Sure, no problem.
- Then what are you on about?

- The fuckers ripped us off.
- We warned you about that.

- Who did they rip off?
- Us.

Who the fuck is 'us'?
There is no 'us'.

What's so funny?

Grandma, it's Rune.

It was nice seeing you.
Yeah, really nice.

Listen, I was thinking...
Have you got any savings?

You know, savings. Money.



Never mind.

Calm down, grandma.
I'm not in trouble.

I was just curious.


Our risen Lord and Saviour.

You who are present among us
with all the bounty of your love.

Grant that we may receive your body
and blood in remembrance of you,

and in confirmation of
our faith in absolution.

I spoke to the old man.

You have a score to settle.

I've got it under control.

You haven't got
shit under control.

I'll handle it.

The monkeys downstairs have
something of ours that you vouch for.

I'll handle it.

You say that again
and I'll smack you.

This is serious business.

The only reason the Hadjis
haven't jumped you yet,

is because the old
man is protecting you.

But that's over now.

You'd better think of something.

'Cause if you don't...

...someone else will.

Sleep tight.

You owe me money.
You owe me some fucking money.

- Fuck off, man.
- You fucking owe me money.

Any of you owe him money?

Fucking bitch!
I'll cut you up!

You're dead, faggot.

Hold him!

Shut up!


Ready? Turn him over!

- He's strapped down.
- Good job.

Are you trying to
hog both showers?

You got a problem?

I talked to Bazhir.

He's still willing to
do business with you.

The guards took his money,
so he's not to blame.

Come with me.
We can't talk here.

Come on, man.



Guard! Guard!

Who went into the cold store?
You must've seen something.

Come on.

He was your friend, right?

The Mason wants
to talk to you.

What's up, Rashid?

- How're you doing?
- I'm good.

- They interrogated you, right?
- Yeah.

- What happened?
- Nothing happened.

Some people squeal when
they're interrogated.

Let's go sit in the shed.
It's fucking cold out here.

You know what Hot Coffee is?

- No.
- Never heard of it?

- Is it coffee?
- He's never heard of Hot Coffee.

Anyway, it's called Hot Coffee.

You take the electric kettle
from the kitchen,

and fill it with oil.
Olive oil.

Then you add a pound of sugar,

and let it boil up real good.

Then, when the sugar
is all melted...

...you go in someone's house,
if they've been squealing...

...pull back their blanket
and soak them with oil.

Once, there was this canary...

sitting up in his house.

We made him some Hot Coffee.

I've never heard anyone
scream like that before.

We need to put our foot down
when people talk too much.

That's why shit happens
the way it does.

Just to let you know.

Other than that,
it's business as usual, right?

- What's he doing here?
- He's eating.

- Pass me a plate.
- I don't want him here.

He's cool with me.

Hand him a fork.

Go ahead and eat.

- How ya doing?
- I'm okay.

It's tough.

It's really tough. I know.

Luckily, you're not to blame.

- He wasn't supposed to die.
- That's the way it goes in here.

You gotta stay focused now.

- You don't wanna stay here for ever.
- Of course not.

You just need to
focus on your duties.

Then everything'll be all right.

Rashid? Where are you?

You've got visitors.

Just let me change my clothes.
I'll just be a minute.

- Now.
- Just let me change.

Rashid, you've got visitors.
Right now.

- I'm just gonna...
- You wanna see them or not?

Right now. Let's go.

See, it ain't so difficult.

How are you doing, my darling?
How is my baby boy?

How are you?

You have no idea how much
I miss you. I can't sleep at night.

I think about you all the time.

I don't know what's going through
your head. What's happening to you?

God will show you the way.
Do you say your prayers?

Rashid, don't lie to me.
Do you pray regularly?

- Why won't you say anything?
- What do you want me to say, mama?

Kim I wanna visit the mosque.

Not at this hour. It's in the
middle of the fucking night.

I wanna visit the mosque now.
Just this once. I need it.


I need to talk to you.

What's on your mind?

I know how this stuff gets around.

I never saw this.

Put it back in your pocket
and return it to its owner.

You do your final three months...

...like a trooper and
stay out of this.

You're too good for that.

There's something else.

I know who killed Rune.

The Mason and the Albanian.

Good morning, Rashid.

You have something
that belongs to me.

- Where's the fucking egg?
- Right here.