Queen of Hearts (2019) - full transcript

A successful lawyer jeopardizes her career and threatens to tear her family apart after engaging in an affair with her teenage stepson.

- Hi mom!
- Why haven't you gone yet?

We don't know.

- Where's Dad?
- He's in there.

Why didn't you go?

The police called from Stockholm.
They want me to come up.


I don't know.

- I'm coming with you.
- No, stay with the girls.

It's not necessary.

It's best if it's just me.
Rebecca's coming too.

- Should I drive you to the airport?
- I ordered a taxi.

- Can you call when you arrive?
- Yes.


There's someone in the bathroom.

It's someone I'm helping at work.
Have you found your shoes?

- No.
- Then bring some others.

I thought we had a deal.

No, we had a discussion
in which we did not agree.

I don't have my patients
visiting here at home.

Because they suffer all
sorts of infectious diseases.

This isn't workable. It's our home.

There are people who need help.

We're not discussing
if they need help.

- We're discussing whether they should be here.
- I can't handle this.

It won't work when Gustav moves here

Can't we have a place where
the girls are free from your work?

A single place where the girls are
allowed to have their mother to themselves?

They aren't damaged by
a visit from reality are they?

Why can't you just say:
"Okay, Peter"?

Why should everything need to be
discussed into the infinite?

It's my home too.
I'm right to say what I think.

Okay, Peter.

- I see, Peter. You are right.
- No no no...

I'm so lucky.
You know that, huh?

Yes I know that.

Did you drink alcohol that night?

- Yes.
- How much had you been drinking?

Two or three glasses.

- Two or three?
- Three.

How many men have you been?
on a date with in the past year?

- Under ten? Over ten?
- Under ten.

And how many of them
have you had sex with?

You have to be prepared for the
defender going after you hard like this.

They'd like to paint a picture
of a woman who wanted to, okay?

So how many?

- Seven, I think.
- Is that correct?

No, I... seven.


You'll do well in court.

Do you think that's a lot?

You have nothing to be ashamed of,
at all.

"The rabbit-hole went straight on
like a tunnel then dipped down"

"so suddenly that Alice hadn't
a moment to think of stopping"

"before she found herself falling
down a very deep well"

"Either the well was very deep
or she fell very slowly for"

"she had time to look about and
to wonder what would happen next"

Mother? Why don't I get to
stay up too when Gustav comes?

Well, they'll be late.

I promise not
to say anything to Frida.

- He'll be here tomorrow when you wake.
- Are we his family now?

We have been all along.

- Why hasn't he lived with us?
- You know he lived with Rebecca.

- Why?
- Because she's his mother.

He couldn't live
in two countries simultaneously.

- So dad would rather be with us?
- It's not that simple.

Now you should stop thinking
and go to sleep.

- Good night.
- Good night.


Hi. Are you here already?

- Welcome, Gustav.
- Thanks.

It's good to see you.

- Did you have a good trip?
- Yes.

The keychain is for your new key.

- I did the drawings. Good huh?
- Thanks.

I made that wooden heart of wood.
We've got a workshop at the school.

- With a machine-like, a machine...
- Go and sit down now. Come on.

- What will you have?
- Dad, can you pick us up today?

No, today my Mom fetches you. I have to
make some arrangements with Gustav.

- Can I come?
- No, it's just him and me.

- That's not fair.
- Yes, you're right. The world is evil.

Frida, sit in your own place.

- I want to sit with my dad.
- You're a big girl. Come on now.

I thought we'd go and buy
some things for your room today.

OK, if you want to.

I thought it could be nice,
make it a little more your own.

Yeah, of course.

- Can you take that?
- Yeah.

I didn't think
you had contact with him.

He's been kicked out of school again.

Rebecca wanted to put him in boarding
school, but the school year's over here.

- He starts after the summer holidays.
- Can he speak Danish?

That's the smallest of the problems.
He's totally against the whole project.

I understand that. He's leaving
his friends and everything.

It's not forever.
I expect him to move again.


- What does Peter say about that?
- He's happy, I think.

But he's also a little... you know,
I think it will be good.

- They can get closer to each other.
- Yes that's true.

How's Mom?

She's just been hospitalized again.

I think she'd enjoy a visit.


It's totally unacceptable
that you bring it up like this.

Yes, you could also see it yourself
if you took off the system hat.

Yes Yes.

Good. Just call.

Yes. A thousand thanks. Bye.


I didn't think you were home.

I was just going down
with some of your stuff. And so...

Is it good?

What's it about?

- A man.
- Okay?

- Just a man?
- Yeah.

Oh okay.

- Sorry, I know it's late.
- Has something happened?

- I just don't think it's going to
be ok. - I know it's hard.

- But I'm sitting right next to you.
- I can't... I just can't...

I understand that above all you
just want to escape right now.

Try to remember you're not
just doing it for your own sake

But for all girls around here

I just wish I hadn't
started all this.

- What are you afraid of?
- That they won't believe me.

Yes, I understand that too.

It's possible he'll be set free

But if you don't testify, it's you
that let him escape.

And I think you'll regret it.

Shall I take that one?

- Who should shower first?
- You did last time.

Because the horse threw me off.

- Come on. Can I take your helmet?
- That's not a good reason.

- I was totally crazy.
- I smell the most.

You both smell very sweet.

Okay. Then we have to turn it around.

What should I do? I can't be
in Sweden and I can't be here.

You're not old enough. When you are
you get to do exactly what you want.

You're not of age. Right now your Mom
and I decide what's best for you.

You don't hear. Listen to me.
You're not allowed to move out of home

Because you're so damn good
at communicating?

- Where are you going?
- I'm going out!


It's as if we don't know
each other at all

It's your first time living together.
It takes time to find each other.

- I have no idea who he is.
- No, but that will come.

I don't know. Maybe it was the
wrong decision to bring him here.

It might be better for him
at boarding school.

- You know it's wrong.
- He doesn't want to be here.

- I know. He hates me.
- Of course. You're his dad.

You just have to find that out.
You're the adult.

Rebecca has given him free rein
for far too long.

Because she's so damn self-absorbed
and then she gives up

and then it runs off the rails
and I stand here with the shit.

That's not fair. Who stood with
the shit when you slipped?

- When the hell did you become Rebecca's ally?
- She's been alone with everything.

- I haven't been able to help.
- It's your turn now.

Yes Yes.
But it may be too late.

Maybe we should
expect more from him.

Right, now he lives here
as if it's a hotel.

I don't think that's very healthy.
He needs to get involved a little.


Yes Yes.

No no no.
No, I'm coming in. Absolutely. Hi.

- Good night.
- Good night.



You did really well.

- I feel so stupid.
- Yes, but it's not your fault.

- They didn't believe me. Like I
said, right? - Right

Are you having fun?

I'll call you later.
Yes. Okay, hey.

Does it feel good?

An iPad, my bag,
your watches, jewelry.

I haven't done a full check
of what's missing.

I called the police. They're on
their way here. Just wait a moment.

Gustav, check your room to see if you're
missing something. We've had a burglary.



No. No, luckily.
They're riding.

Okay. Yes. Yeah see you. Bye.

- I didn't accuse, I implied.
- You sought out the accused in the parking garage.

My client was dragged around the ring
and the defendant had a party.

If the Attorney-General's office
agrees, it could be made public.

- I'll pay the fine.
- It's not the money.

It's upsetting.
Don't you understand?

Why are you so concerned
about what people think?

- So is my company.
- Yes, I know that.

But you knew what you were getting into.
You know me.

You know how I am.
When did you become such a coward, huh?

Can't you just for once
admit that you made a mistake?

- Stop now.
- You have to learn to master yourself.

- Yes.
- Yes.

I found this. Isn't it yours?

Yes, thanks.

I found it out on the driveway
some time ago.

And put it in my bag.
But then I forgot to give it to you...

And then my bag was stolen
because we had a break-in.

So I found it today in your pants
when I washed your clothes.

Have you been looking
through my stuff?

It's quite advanced, doing a
burglary in your own home Gustav.

- What are you talking about now?
- What did you do with everything you stole?

Are you in work-mode now?

You have to tell Peter.

And then we have to go to the
police and explain it to them.

I can tell him, if it's better.

Do whatever the fuck you want.
I don't care. You don't know me.

I know the system. It's hard to kick
the habit once you're addicted.

Especially for someone like you
that they've already got hold of.

But there's another possibility:
that we don't say anything to anyone

But it requires you to sign up
to the family and travel with us.

But I don't know if you can.

You have to decide that.

What's your favourite food?

- Can you only pick one thing?
- Yes of course.

Then I say curry meatballs.


I have a rabbit and a dog and a horse,
but I can only choose one thing.

- Then I say the dog.
- Great.

What's the matter with the tape recorder?

It's my old one actually.

He found it down in the basement.
I don't know what it's about.

- Now Lucas also wants a brother.
- Then you'd get another one Lina.

You can hook me up with a delicious
young doctor at the hospital Peter.

They're probably all taken, but I
certainly can find some old doctor.

Is it more your style?
A lot of hair in the ears.

What would you bring?

Okay, in that case my quilt.


Hi. Sorry, we...
This is Amanda.


This is my stepmother.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Amanda. Hi.
- Anne. Hi.

- Welcome.
- Thanks.

- Have you been out?
- Yes you could say that.

We've just been around a bit
and had a little fun.

- I didn't know you were up.
- I'm just sitting and working.

But hey,
we shouldn't interfere, so...

- And what do you do then?
- I throw the chair against the window.

- Why?
- I want to go out.

- Why don't you just open the window?
- It's screwed.

- Why don't you use the door then?
- It's locked.

The window's screwed shut and the door's
locked by your foster parents from the outside.

- Is that correct?
- Yes.

What do you do when your foster
father finally opens the door?

Then I push him.

Why do you do that?

I just want to get away.


It was getting late.

I've got something I have to
to watch before tomorrow.

- I'm not quite done here yet.
- Are you sure?

I've started the article
which I promised to write.

- You can write it this weekend.
- No, because then I'm at a conference.

- Are you?
- It says in the calendar.

I hadn't seen that.

Look at this shell.
I rinsed it a bit.

I found one! A seashell!

- No, it was just a stick.
- There!

- There, there, there, there!
- What did you find?

Don't you go swimming?

No, I have something I need to fix.

Boring! Lets see if I find anything.

- We'll look for white shells.
- And mussels.

- Are you going to swim?
- Yes, I thought I would.

You never want to bathe.

- I've found something!
- What did you find?

- There! Isn't it nice?
- Yes.

Is she completely gone?

Do you miss Stockholm?

Yes. And no.

You are welcome to invite people here
that you want to meet.

I haven't really got
that many friends.


Neither have I.

- Where did you get those?
- These?

All over the place.
I know someone who knows someone and...

I did these myself.

I didn't know you did stuff like that


It's crap.

- I can do one on you.
- No. I shouldn't have any.

- Why not?
- Because I just shouldn't.

It's just skin.

If I wanted a tattoo I'd have
got one. I've had plenty of chances.


May I look at your arm?

May I look at your arm?

- Yes, perfect. Here. A tiny one.
- No. Not there. What?

- Where?
- Well, nowhere!

A little higher up. Wait.
I'll check it out. Here.

The world's smallest tattoo.

Forget it.

Where do you think?

Do you like it?


- That's it.
- That's it.

And this...


We're talking thousands of dead
toads around this pond.

- And every one has exploded.
- Was it an explosion in the pond?

At first we suspected a virus,

Avirus from South American horses
which were nearby at a riding school.

Then a biologist takes a closer look at it
and then you discover-

- on the back of all toads -
there's a small, small hole.

And all the toads have no liver.

- So it was a toad massacre?
- Did the liver burst out of the body?

No, it didn't explode,
it was removed.

- By whom?
- Is it a delicacy?

- Who wants to eat it?
- Birds, maybe?

- Exactly. A bird.
- Is that true?

And what bird?
Not just any bird.

- A crow!
- A crow.

- It's the ones with the jewellery right?
- No, it's a raven.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Are you okay?
- Yes Yes.

- Don't you have to say hello?
- I'd rather not.

I can understand that.

Where are you going? If I may ask.

I'm just going to buy cigarettes.

Do you want to join me?

If I were to ask.
It'd be fucking cool.


Are you kidding? You have guests.


What about Amanda?
If that's her name.

- Anita? Amalie? Anton?
- No, her name is Amanda.

Her name is Amanda.

It was just the way you say it.

Is she cute?

She's cute.

- She is cute.
- Are you together or what?

I guess "or what"

Maybe she's not the one
that you're compatible with

Compatible in what way?

- I think you know.
- You think so?

- And you?
- Me and Peter? It's good.

I don't expect that's
something you want to hear about.

I didn't want to hear
about mom and her...

- Did she have many?
- Yes.

- And you?
- Me?

It's hard to answer.

I probably wasn't quite as active
as you, I think.

I gotta go.



But thank you very much
for the beer and everything.

See you at home.

- Where have you been?
- Have they already gone?

I've been trying to get hold of you, but
your cellphone was here. Where have you been?

- I was just walking around.
- A stroll? We had guests.

Are you aware of how disrespectful
that is, to me and to them?

I was worried. At least take
the mobile so I can get hold of you.

Get it together!

Here you are. The rest is yours.

...five, six, seven, eight

nine, ten, eleven, twelve

thirteen, fourteen...


Frida's taken!

Come on, Gustav! Hurry up!

Okay. One two three

four, five, six, seven, eight...

- Hello. Need help?
- Yes, I want to look at a computer.

- Something special?
- No, it should do a bit of everything.

- Some heavy work or...?
- No, it should just be good.

For school assignments and stuff.

What does this cost?

By the way, I have
bought a new computer for Gustav.


He needed decent stuff.
Is it a problem or what?


Then there's no excuse
for not doing homework.

- When he starts school.
- We might have talked about it.

How can that be a problem
that I buy a computer for your son?

Because he's my son.
I might have wanted to be there.

Do I have to ask about the rules when
I cook for him or wash his clothes?

Or is it just
when something's fun?

No no.

That was nice of you.

Well, I mean it. The...

That was nice of you.


Can I try?

- Come here.
- Huh?

No no no.

- Not here.
- Why not?

- Because we'll wake them up.
- And what then? Huh?

Not here, I said.
Because we'll wake the kids.

Let's go up to bed instead.
Come, come, come.

So she came.

What the hell?!

He said I had gossiped
to the municipality.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have started
to keep track of us again.

Then I said I hadn't said anything,
but he didn't believe me.

And then he grabbed me
and I just ran.

Is that something he does often? Hit you?

- He's unpleasant when he drinks.
- Does he drink a lot?

Every day?

I have to report this.
You know that, huh?

He didn't do it on purpose.

No, I know.
But I have to report it.

- He didn't do it on purpose.
- No.

But I have to
inform the authorities.

I want to go home now.

- I can't let you go home.
- I want to go home now!

- Yes, I understand, Sara.
- Let me get out then!

- Sara, it's for your own sake.
- You are not the boss of me!

- I know, but I'm guilty...
- I want to go home!

- We're going now.
- Yes.

- It was good that you called.
- Have a good time, Sara.

- Hello.
- Hello.

"Let's all move one place on. "
He moved on as he spoke.

And Alice was a good deal
worse off than before

as the March Hare had just upset
the milk-jug into his plate.

Alice did not wish to offend the Dormouse
again, so she began very cautiously

Good. See ya.


Oh no... No, no, no.

Are you sitting here in the nice
weather? Where's Mom?

- Hello! Where's Mom?
- We don't know.

You're back early.

I couldn't concentrate.
So I took time off.

So, girls. Now we can go out.

The sun shines. Air, air. Come here.

- Who are you?
- You know that.

What's the best experience
you've had in your life?

Getting the girls.

- And the worst?
- Losing my dad.

- And how old were you when he died?
- Eleven.

He had a bad heart.

Who's your best friend?

Lina, my sister.

What are you most afraid of?

That everything should disappear.

What's your favourite dish?

- Cheese.
- Cheese is not a dish.

It depends on how much you eat.

If you could bring only
a single thing to a desert island

what would that be?




Who was the first person
you had sex with?

- Are you asking everyone that?
- You have to answer all the questions.

It was someone it shouldn't have been.


I don't want to talk about it.



Sometimes things just happen
but shouldn't happen again.

A little like the two of us?

It was fun.
I'll get the girls.

- What are you going to open now?
- We'll take these.

Yes, it's exciting.
These aren't soft.

- How cool!
- Awesome!

- They shoot water!
- It's a water cannon.

- How cool
- They're so great!

- Mom, can we try them?
- Shouldn't you open all the presents?

- We'll do that later.
- Please, Mom!

- Okay. I'll fetch water.
- Did you say thank you?

- Happy birthday.
- Thank you Lucas.


Hi. Not now.

Not here.

- What's up? What's wrong?
- Not here, I said!

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

- Why?
- Why do you think?

- Stop now.
- What the hell are you doing?

- What are you doing? What?
- It's nothing.

- Can't you stay?
- He's a kid! - Lucas!

And then we clearly sing it
in English version too, right?

Let's start with Fanny.

A fourfold life for Fanny!
Hip, hip

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

Also for Frida!

Just leave that. I'll take it.

- What is it?
- We can't talk now.

- What's happening?
- You should leave me alone!

- Huh?
- You should leave me alone!

- What?
- Can you stop that?

Can you stop throwing them?

Shut up. Then I'll throw
them on your friends instead.

Gustav, can you come down from there?
You're ruining the whole birthday party.

- Can you come down from there?
- What's the matter?

Can you stop throwing those?

Can you stop it and come down?
So we can continue!

- What are you afraid of?
- You're ruining it!

- Are you afraid I'll fall down?
- Please. Can you just come down?

- What's he throwing?
- Be careful! Stop now.

- What did you say?
- You could hit someone. It hurts.

Gustav? Can you hear me?
Lie still, don't move.

Call an ambulance.
- Don't move, lie completely still.

- I can't feel my legs.
- Lie still.

- Call an ambulance!
- Don't you have a cellphone?

- Lie still. - Did you call?
- I can't feel my legs.

It'll be fine, Gustav.
Just lie completely still.

No, wait, wait.
Sorry, I was just kidding.

- It was just a joke.
- That's enough now.

- Dad, sorry. Sorry.
- Let me go.

Let me go, I said!

It was just...

What the hell is wrong with him?

I think we've done everything we
can, but it just doesn't work.

We might still think about
other possibilities.

What then?
Do you want me to send him away?

- That's not what I said.
- What are you saying then?

I don't know.

- You have to mean something.
- You said it yourself.

But I just can't
give up on my own child?

- No.
- You don't do that?

I'm just trying to help, okay?

We've always known
that it would end sometime.

And that time is now.

- Gustav. Do you understand?
- Yes, I said it myself.

I hope it doesn't mean
destroying something.

Huh, what do you mean?

We're happy to have you living here.

You mean a lot to the girls.

Yes, sure.

- What about Peter?
- What about him?

- You're not going to say anything to him?
- No, of course I won't.

No, good, good, good.

None of us should say
anything to Peter. Or to anyone else.

- I hope we agree.
- Yes.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Take your time.
You may want to think about it.

- Sure.
- Please, try.

- Hi.
- Yes, I'll think about it.


I'm thinking of going up to the
cottage a couple of days with Gustav.

It would be good for us to be
together, just he and I.

- I think we'll go tonight.
- Okay.

- Isn't that good?
- Yes...

You think that's a bad idea?

No. I'm just trying to
understand your priorities.

What do you mean priorities?

You worked through the girls' holidays
and now you're free for Gustav

- Did you want to come along?
- No, we won't go.

Lina called.

- You?
- Yes.

What did she want?

She didn't leave a message.
She wanted to get hold of you.

"Take off your hat," the king said
to the hatter. "It isn't mine. "

"Stolen!," the King exclaimed
turning to the jury

who took it into account.
"I keep them to sell. "

- "I've none of my own"
- Mom?

It's because...

Why didn't we go with them
to Sweden?

Dad and Gustav needed some time
together, Just the two of them.

What do you think they're doing up there?

They do what we usually do
when we're up in the cabin.

Fish and... and chop wood

- and bathe
and light a fire in the garden.


Are you coming? If we're going
to do it, we must go now.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- We were going riding so we looked in.
- We have strawberry pie with us.

I tried to call,
but we took the chance.

- The girls were missing Lucas.
- We're already doing something today.

- Okay.
- But pop in and say hello.

- I've called many times.
- Yes, I know that.

- Can't we talk a little?
- No, I really don't want to.

You called Peter. It's best not
to say anything to him huh?


Are you going to start crying now?
It's not you that deserves pity.

- It's over. It just happened.
- I don't want to hear and you should go.

- Can't we talk? Huh?
- I want you to go.

Girls? Come on.

- Come on, old fella.
- Can't we stay a little longer?

It's not good timing today.
No, another day.

- See you.
- See you, Lucas!

- Bye.
- Bye!

Hello Darling. It's me. I just
wanted to hear if everything's ok.

I just needed to hear your voice.
Can't you call?

- Are Dad and Gustav back?
- Yes apparently.

- Yes!
- Take off your riding clothes!



- Dad!
- Hello. Oh, you two...

- Weren't you going to stay for a week?
- Yes, but I missed you too much.

- Where's Gustav?
- He's just going for a little walk.

- We came home by taxi.
- Yeah? Why?

Because mother's car is broken.


It stopped.
It will be right again in a few days.

We were the very, very last
to be retrieved.

I was going to go into the office
and get some paper.

You shouldn't go anywhere.
Sit down.

I've talked to Gustav.

He told me he had...

He's decided he wants
to go to boarding school.


Well it might be great.

You think so?

Yes, if that's what he wants.


I told him that I

was really happy to finally have
the chance to live with him again,

how much I had been missing
him ever since he was little.

Then he suddenly collapsed.

And then he told me...

...that you two...

...that you have had a relationship
with my son.


But that's crazy.

You don't believe that?

Right now, I actually don't know
what to believe.

Why would he tell me
that if it wasn't true?

Don't you think it's obvious?
Attention. Because...

Why would I want to have
a relationship with your son?

This is an absolutely absurd accusation.

He told me details about you two,
things he couldn't possibly think up.

We're not done here.

I have out up with so much from him.

I've treated him so well
I just get shit back!


But this, this is the limit.

- What are you doing?
- Packing.

I know he's had a hard time.

He has learned to hate me since he
was small, because I stole his father.

Can you stop that?

I also understand that he wants to
punish me for what's happened.

But this... it's totally sick.

Can you stop this?
Can't you calm down a little?

If you just calm down a little,
so we can talk about this. Anne...

If you believe it, you're not
who I thought you were.

What the hell are you imagining?!
I'll never forgive you for this.

I'm just telling you what Gustav
told me. Please, I beg you.

And you believe more in a boy you don't know
than the woman who gave birth to your children?

I don't know what to believe!

What should I believe?!

- Anne, for Christ's sake.
- Stop it!


Ask your son who broke into
our house and stole our stuff.

- Huh?
- Yes.

- Gustav?
- Yes.

But I spared you, because I wanted to give
give him another chance. For your sake.

You have no idea how people work.

You can't see through shit.

You don't see the game he's playing, do you?

He wants you to choose me
so he can get you to himself.

To think you're so easy
to manipulate.

- If you just explain to me how...
- Explain what?

I can't convince you
that it hasn't happened.

You've decided.

I'm going away for a few days.

And when I'm back...

you should have found another home
and Gustav should be gone.

Please. Can't we just take it
a little calmer and talk about it?

There's no reason
to be so dramatic...

You think I'm a monster.

- What's your favourite season?
- Spring. So, it's hot...

- Who are you?
- You know that.

What's the best experience
you've had in your life?

We need to talk about what you
told me in the cabin.

I know I wasn't around
for you when you were little

and I'm terribly sorry for that
and I understand you're angry, but...

It's not Anne's fault
that Rebecca and I separated.

Things had been bad for a long time.
We weren't good for each other.

We understand that it was difficult for you
to come down here and give up everything.

We may not have been good enough at
making you feel at home here.

We may not have been good enough at
listening to you and your needs.

You only need to know one thing and it's
that we want to get better at it.

And we're here for you.

What's this?

What you accused Anne of
is very, very serious.

No matter how angry you are, you can't
just say something like that. It's not ok.

You can't lie about that.

Dad, I haven't lied.

Aren't you going to say something?


- Huh?!
- Gustav. Please.

It's okay.

I understand if you're sorry.

And I understand too
that you think everything is difficult.

But this...

- Why are you doing it?
- You know exactly why I'm doing it.

No, I don't really know.

Oh my God...

- Are you completely ill in the head?
- You lied to us.

You stole from us.
But now it has to stop, that's enough.

We are a family, Gustav. In a family
you have to be able to trust each other.

If we can't, we can't have you
living here. It's as simple as that.

So what do you want to do? How do
you feel we should move on from here?

What do you need?

Talk to me.

Say something!


He can't live here anymore.

- Now we have to go Fanny.
- No.

- You can greet Gustav at school.
- No!

Yes. So... So, come on.

- Fanny.
- Go to Mom.

Is there anything you need?


I was just asking if you needed anything.


- Hello Sara.
- Hello.

I was allowed to quickly
drop by with these.

Why do I deserve flowers?

I just want to say thank you
because you helped me.

Of course.

How's your dad?

I have a foster family
until he feels better.

- They seem pretty nice.
- That sounds really good.

I might call one day
and tell you how it's going.

I would be very happy
if you did that.

- Yeah see you.
- We'll do that.

- Bye. And Merry Christmas.
- Thanks.

Good morning.

It can feel difficult while
it's going on, with this discipline.

- But I'm pretty sure you...
- Hello.

Good morning.

Should we...? Do you want to?

Yes... Have a good time.

What are you doing here?

- You have to tell everything to Peter.
- It's not going to happen.

He has to know
that I'm not lying.

Otherwise I'll report you.

Yeah? What do you want out of it?


Okay. What exactly is it that
you think I've done to you?

You're an adult.

And what are you? A child?
Have I wronged you?

I don't know. You're the expert
on this, so you tell me.

Is there something I've misunderstood?
Didn't you have fun at all?

Whether I wanted to or not
isn't the issue

It's about what happened.
It's illegal and you know it too!

You especially,
if anybody should know!


Why do you think someone is going
to believe in your story?

Because it's true.

You have no evidence, Gustav. Huh?

No one will listen to someone like you.
You're not credible.

I think you'll come out
on the wrong side of this.

Tell your dad that you lied
and we can all move on.

And if you can't,
then you must stay away.

Four, three, two, one.

Now you have to look.

A dog!

Open it.


Open the door. Open the door!

- I want to talk to Peter. - Dad!
- You'll wake the girls.

Shut up! Fuck that!
I warn you, let me in!

- No no no. Come on. Nice and easy.
- Let go. Let go of me.

Let go! Let me go! Let go! Let go!

I want to talk to my dad. Not with you.
Dad! Dad!

You shouldn't come and wake up
the whole house. Listen!

Your dad can't do it anymore.
Do you understand? Huh?


Your dad can't stand anymore.
Do you understand? Huh?

You take up too much space.

You don't live here anymore.


You should go now.

Go on.

Dear Anne, dear birthday girl.
An old saying goes like this:

"After the reaping
there will be the sowing. "

It's a very accurate description
of mine and Anne's collaboration.

Yes, I think you've already figured
out the role distribution.

Unlike the rest of us, you have had
nothing just handed to you on a plate.

You've fought hard to create
a better life for your girls

than you had yourself.

The journey you've made has given you
an insight, a resilience

that you use every day
in your work

and that comes to all those that
you meet on your way, to their benefit.


Are you enjoying yourself?

It's really cozy.

I'm really glad you came anyway.

It means a lot to me.

I work well when I listen
to jazz. I can actually read.

You'd probably work well too
if you listened to something else.

No. It can very easily
distract me.

Was it Rebecca? What did she say?

- She doesn't know where Gustav.
- What do you mean?

He hasn't been to school
since before the Christmas holidays.

And no-one's seen him?


Has she reported him missing?

No, not yet.

- Should we send people home?
- No, of course not.

- Are you sure?
- Yes Yes.

It's your party.

Hi mom!

- Why haven't you gone yet?
- We don't know.

Why didn't you go?

The police called from Stockholm.
They want me to come up.


I don't know.

- I'm coming with you.
- No, stay with the girls.

It's not necessary.

It's best if it's just me.
Rebecca's coming too.

- Should I drive you to the airport?
- I ordered a taxi.

- Can you call when you arrive?
- Yes.

It was a hunter who found him.

Far into the woods.

Almost up at the cabin actually.

They think he was lying there
for a few months, then the snow fell.

Now it's started to thaw, so...

He probably froze to death.

Maybe he got tired and just
wanted to rest. I don't know.

I really don't know.

Drugs and alcohol may have contributed,
but we'll know that after the autopsy.

They even believed
that he might, that he...

...that he had...

That he simply gave up
and just sat down.

When he lived with us... Gustav...

Nothing was your fault.

It wasn't your fault.
I didn't know what to do...


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