¿Qué culpa tiene el niño? (2016) - full transcript

Maru, after becoming pregnant from a drunken one night stand with a immature young unemployed bachelor, is determined to follow tradition and marry him anyways.

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AND WHAT? Where are you, Maru?

We are leaving OPEN THE DOOR!


I still did not realize why we came
to this marriage farce.

Do you look at them? Shameless!

No one believes in you!

That's why I'm never getting married.

You're not getting married, Maru,

because your companion
He never gave you a ring.

Shut up, stupid.

Yes! A live to the bride and groom.

And two weeks ago?

Him, too?

- Yes.
- Arthur?

You have no idea what he's capable of.

Give it to me!

Very good.

A live to the bride and groom!

Appreciate the wedding.

Hi, how are you?

Can I help you? What's your name, sir?

There are two of us. Two.

- What's your name, sir?
- Camilo Escobar.

Escobar. And you, sir, what's your name?

- I? Renato.
- Renato, what?

- Zamarripa.
- Zamarripa. Escobar.

Sorry, but they are not on the list.

- What?
- They're not on the list.

That's a problem because we have to get in

to talk to Arthur, man.

- Bye.
- No! I can not, sorry.

No, they are not on the list. I can not.


It's fine. Thank you.

I can not.

Sire, Cad ver!

Did you come to Acapulco without being invited?

You're anything, man!

I was invited, man!
Arthur invited me.

He said, "You're invited, Cad ver.
Do not miss the party. "

Well, you're not on the list, man. You are not.

When did I fail you? Wait.

He could die, right?

You do not know the woman you left.

You do not really know.
You will not find another one like you.

- Never!
"My little Maru, my dear,

Why do we have to get married? "

And then leave me and go to Cuba!

Goodbye, bye, sayonara!

Your name was ...

Ice! The ice arrived!

It's the greatest!


"Mine, there's Maru there.
- Who's Maru?

You see the one in the red dress?
The one next to her.

It's always the same.

So what, Maru?

- Do not you remember me?
- No.

I give them a year.

I sent you a friend request
Through facebook.

- Six months ago.
- Oh yes?

- Why?
- So we can talk and ...

- Hey.
- What?

- Let's go.
- Wait.

Girls, can we sit down?

Boys, why will not I?
to look for your parents?

This was good. Very good.

Very good.


- Clean yourself up.
- Do not touch me.


Where are you looking?

Ladies and gentlemen, let the party begin.

Hurry up or piss me all over!


Are you okay?

- Why are you grabbing me?
- You almost fell.

Why do you keep looking at me?

You want to kiss me or what?



One month later

Maru, are you okay?


I do not believe it!

We have to meet!

I do not believe it, Maru! Let's be aunts.

- Congratulations!
- Just wait a second.

Let me see. Do not make that face, Maru.
Now I'm worried.

Does not Juan Pablo want to have it?

That's ... Juan Pablo's son.


Remember who I've been with
in the wedding?

- You're enjoying yourself, right?
- No, I'm not.

I do not remember who I was with.

- I did the math and he's the father.
- You did not take precautions?

I stopped taking the pill
when Juan Pablo left me.

No way! You can leave the milk,
alcohol, fats.

- The gluten.
- That.

- Gluten is bad for you.
- You can stop having sex,

but you still can not
stop taking the pill! Maru!

How could I guess it would end

- With a guy I do not know?
- No. How did that happen?

You were not in the recession.

after spending five years with a type
that you do not intend to marry.

"That would have been-"
- Pauline ...

...the best day of my life,
You were not half empty.

- You look like my mother!
"How did that happen, Maru?"

- Spare me!
- I need to know who he is.

Maru, did not he use a condom?

- Disgusting!
- I do not know.

What will you do if you have AIDS?

- A wound!
- Clamdia!

- Gonorrhea!
- S filis!

- Triconom ase!
- What?

What's this?

- There is, it gives a comix doo of cara as ...
- You got it?

- ... they told me.
- It's okay.

Thank you!

Seriously? Do not you remember anything, Maru?


The pictures!

The wedding photos!

Of course, the photos.

Here is one.


- Cut it out!
- No, I do not.

Delete this photo, Paulina. Help me here.

You should not have pissed open door.

You posed for this. You're screwed.

That's really low, p !

Who's this bass?
It appears in many photos.

It was not them
Who sat at our table?

Because they were! I remember!

Look at them here.

- Is here.
- Is here.

- No!
- What?

I just remembered.


Is he, Maru?

- He could be your son!
- He's new himself.

Who is he?

So what?

Lau, how are you? Where are you?

Good, we just got to Dubai.
It's a show!

Honeymoon in Dubai.

What a trip, come back soon!

- No way. Do not risk, do not snack.
- Yes, of course.

You're such a question ...

Daniela sent you a photo on WhatsApp.

Tell me if you know the guy in the picture.

What is dressed in vintage.

Let me see.

Who? This beauty?

- Know him?
- I have no idea.

You can be one of Arthur's friends, right?

I do not believe, I've never seen it before.

- Why do not you ask him?
- Let me see.

Love, to Paulina.
She wants to know if you know this guy.

Who, this guy? Of course I do not know him.

Take a good look at him, a-no-no.

"Why should I meet you?"
- All right, relax.

I have no idea.

- Why? Do you like it?
- You think so? I'll tell you later.

If he remembers, he'll call you.

You have no idea who it is?

No. Should be a fura wed.

It's okay, Lau, I'm going to hang up.
A kiss. Say it to Arthur.

And please bring me
a millionaire from Dubai.

It's fine. I adore you. Bye.

No one knows who he is.

You really screwed up.

Frog, the Frog!

- The Frog!
- What's it? Is that a position?

The kind of photo you asked me about.

His name is Rana.

- Aria, Arturo! What the hell?
- Yes. - Friend of Cad ver.

Who the hell is Cad ver?

the Colombian, the trafficker.

No. It can not be.

- What?
- What do you mean, what?

I'm almost coming
And you're thinking of frogs?




Why do not you learn to open the door,
your incompetent.

No way!

Is everything okay, Maru?

It's been a while!
- How are you?


What a beautiful surprise. What brings you by c ?

Well, Plutarch,
Can you wait in the car for a bit?

- I wanted to ask you a favor.
- You wanna come in?

Yes. Maybe it's better.

- Are you moving?
- No, no, not smuggling.


- Just give me a second.
- On here?

Excuse. Was he vaccinated?




My God!

- Rays!
- Rays!

Damn it, Rafa! Because you
That crap on my computer?

I'll tell you.

Sorry, that ...

I have a teenage brother.

who is exploring the body
and take me the borrowed things.

So ... what a beautiful surprise.

"Who gave you my address?"
- Arthur.

- Arthur's damn!
- Yes him.

All right, I live here with my grandmother.

I'm going to move to a house of mine.

- That's good.
- Yes.

I hear you have a friend named Rana?

- Renato?
- I do not know.

"They call him Rana.
- No.

- No?
- No.

You went to his wedding.

I saw you in the pictures with him.

- That frog!
- Yes.

- Frog, yes.
- Yes, Rana.

- He assaulted you?
- What?

Damn Frog, that bastard.

Let's go to his house.
and I'll break his nose.

No, not to my knowledge, but ...

Do you know where he lives?


But you said, "Let's go to his house and ..."


- My son is coming.
- Thank you Madam.

Where did you meet Renato?

In a wedding.

I thought they were in the same school.


No, I ... I already finished university.

I have a master's degree
in Social Development.

A graduate!

So older
that my little Renato.

You like them new. Catch boys.

No, not for that, ma'am.

You have no idea how neighbors
walk upon it.

Therefore, I always tell you,
if you walk fornicate,

- Use a condom.
- Well, I should say more often

because sometimes he forgets.

Do not tell me that ...

- Lucky!
- No, not even thinking.

- No way, ma'am.
"I thought he was still a virgin."

You do not, my Renato.

He never tells me anything, you know?

I'll give you some advice,
from woman to woman.

It does not suit you to walk behind him.

You will not get anything.

Men do not do it, my dear.

You show them a little interest,
and they use and throw away.

That's what happened to his father,
when I was younger.

We were always in a shabby hotel.

There on Alvaro Obregon Street.

- Hotel Nice, you know?
- No, I have not had a chance yet.

You do not lose anything. There are better ones.

So, the bastard ...

was married with two children. Small.

You should have heard him,

always promising me that she was going to get a divorce.

That his wife did not understand him

and that I was the love of his life.

Used to call me little grapes.

But it was my fault, you know why?

Because everything he wanted from me,
it was sex!

And one day, I said, "So will you?"
I'm pregnant then.

Well, it looks like family.

Hey, Mom.

Shit! I thought it was someone else.

Maru! Wait!

Wait, Maru. Can I help you?

Anything. You're not even done yet
high school.

No way! You live with your mother.
That was all I needed.

- Wait, see.
- Do not touch me!

- What do you want?
- I?

V l . You came to my quest.

and suddenly you get up and leave.

What? How did you know where I live?

Your friend, the drug dealer, told me.
And get dressed!

You think it's all good?

"Deplorable, my friend.
- I was taking a shower.


Let's go inside,
I dress and then we can talk.

Do not worry, I'll tell you here.

I'm pregnant.


- Congratulations.
- Congratulations?

Are you that bad?

No, not bad. Screw it!

Maru, wait.
If there's anything I can do.

Thank you! How dear! Seriously?

No, we've never met.
or we cross, no ...

I do not want to see you again.

Why not?

Why? Why next time
You should listen to your mother.

and use condoms. Asshole!

You know what? Do me a favor.

What did you think? "Shall I get the rich?"

Do not shit gold! I hope you show

some responsibility
and pay half the abortion.

- And do not think it's cheap.
- What do you mean, abortion?

Yes, it points my contact. I have to go.

- Are you going to have an abortion?
- Give me my number.

- I have to go.
- At where? Did not bring ...

All right, give me yours.

55-44-22 ...

Wait, this is my mother's.

Sorry, that ...

... start the two by 55-44 ...

... 23-78-82.

- But I do not have a balance.
- What?

I have no balance.

Do not worry. I borrowed it
100 pesos to my mother.

Do not worry. I know where you live.

You really blew it.

You went to an uninvited wedding,

and swept away!

You stayed with the most touring girl.
of the party and ...

Do not laugh!

You took advantage of me.
You came to my room.

and you fucked me without me knowing
and then you disappeared.

You're a fag.

Like your father!

How do you know my father is like this?


An abortion is easier.

I do not agree. This is my opinion.

Daniela, she will not have a baby.
of any guy

which she does not even know. He does not go to class,

you do not have a job, you're stupid.

He lives with his mother, a madwoman.

Next time, you'll see who you get into.

- What a bitch. Seriously?
- Why?

And how did it go with the Brazilian?

- Ol .
- Ol .

Dani. I was looking for you.

He is not Brazilian, Argentine.


And it was this weekend
which I ended up with Adrian.

Because. He saw an opening and fucked you.

You were back with him on Monday, were not you?

Yeah, he never betrays Adrian.

- Never.
- Hello.

Can we talk, Maru?

Juan Pablo, what are you doing here?

Well, I leave you.
You have a lot to talk about, right?

Think about what you're going to do, Maru, and ...

And he would ask Juan Pablo for advice.

"About what?"
- She told you.

Maru, call me.

Whatever you decide, I support you.

- Thank you, Pau.
- I'm not talking to you.

You have nothing to do with this.

You do not see.

Can I sit down?

- Seriously, man.
- Thank you?

You did not tell me, asshole.

You fucked Maru. Damn it, man.

You really screwed up!

And what are you going to do?

I'm a man, right? I'll run back.

No way!

Do not you understand?

- What?
- I'm going to be a father.

Well, give a pass to celebrate.

A father.

Do you know where Maru lives?

I'm thinking what I'm going to tell you, man.

"What can I say?"
- That's right!

That's it! That you thought about it.
To give you a chance.

That you're going to take care of the kid.

Introduce yourself safe, responsible, asshole.

And then, you moved to her house.

D to imagine?

He must have two maids, man.

To make you quesadilhas
and take you to bed.

No washing clothes or making the bed.

Her parents probably
I'll buy you a car, man.

- I do not think so.
- As well?

And after you gain confidence ...

invite me to watch the games.

No. Wait.

- No, not even skirts.
- What's his?

Your son's wife with another.

This is not good, man.

Please give me another chance.
I swear, I will not disappoint you.

You should have thought of that.
before you go to Cuba.

No, Maru. I swear I did not hang out with anyone.

Because. And I was born yesterday.
You know what? Forgets.

Maruchi, listen. I...

I want to marry you.


Maru, do not abort.

I thought better. I'll take care of the baby.

- Who the fuck is this?
- Stupid?

I am the father of her child,
you asshole! Who are you?

Hey, easy!


Juan Pablo, what's the matter with you?

Are you okay?

I'm going to blow you up, asshole!

What a disappointment

While going to bed



Maru, wait.


- What are you doing here?
- We can talk?

- Maru, look what I bring.
- What a shame!

What are you doing with this?
How do you know where I work?

What are you doing?
What's the matter with you?

- Maru, do not get excited.
"Sister, what a shame.

- Give us a chance, shall we?
- Us? Who or what?

How so who? To me. To our son.

Listen, you show up here again.

and I ask Plutarch to get you
another black eye. You got it?

- Fucking stalker!
- Why?

- Plutarch!
- Girl, please ...

- Please, will you?
- Yeah, do not worry.

Maru, think carefully, okay?

Calm down, you fucker, okay?

And keep it that way, man.
so it works with women.

We're still on time.

The fetus is growing, with you.

And how will that be?

I'll have to stay hospitalized or ...

No. I'll be right here in the office.

Quick, no more than half an hour.

And if all goes well ...

As well?

Well, it's an intervention and there's always risk.

It's minimal, but h .

Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine.

Preferably, bring
your mate on that day.

To be more relaxed.

I do not have a boyfriend.
Do not you have one to introduce me?

No, you're old.

I'd better bring a friend.

Okay, milestone when?

- Time is running out.
- Yes.

- Are not you going to cooperate?
- Can I have a pass?

- Since when do you smoke?
- Impulse..

- Give me a break.
- No.

- There's one.
- No, you're gonna drool over all this.

- Here, take one.
"Just a pass, nothing more.

I'll talk to Francisco later.

Maru, what are you doing?

Do not smoke, it's bad for the baby!

Look at her, all wild.

I do not even know who he is.

He's turning, is not he?

All right, calm down. Everything will work out.

You know, I thought and I'd rather ...

enter alone.

- You are sure?
- No, follow me!

Maru ...

- Please, listen to me.
- No, let me see ...

Please, listen. There's still time ...

Sorry, you've gone too far.
This is not funny.

- Do not do it.
- I'm serious.

Maru ...

Hey, save her.

Over there

That's what I was told.

No, just like you do not want me to abort?

I was not able.


I did not dare.

- So, our son is ...
- Right here! Come here!

What do you mean, our son?
I got it on my belly, you asshole.

"Ranita, you're alive, son!
- What's the matter with you?

- I'm your father.
- Get off me!

I'm going to be a father!

- I love you both.
- No, shut up.

Nobody loves anyone here!

Or I'll be back soon!

- I'm going to abort.
- Do not say that.

Our son will hear that.
They already feel things.

- Goes into.
- Is your mother home?

Your mother-in-law? It is not.

She's not my mother-in-law. He had taken her.

Renato, you and I need
to have a serious conversation.

She's your mother-in-law.

You lucky one!

- Shit!
- Seriously, man.

And when are you moving to her house?

I do not know,
We have not talked about it yet, but ...

soon, I think.

This time she was even different,

very sweet.

Having the baby one thing,

but this does not mean that I want
Something with you, alright?

Very well, man. It's a question of time.
She's already fallen!

Yes, we were talking about our future.

It was spectacular.

We do not have a future as a couple,
so do not get ideas.

Will you have more children?

I think so. I mean,
she still did not say yes, but ...

d to feel it.

You may believe so! They're connected!
the universe.


Did you choose the godfather?


We still do not talk about it.

Well, I'm available, man.

If you want, I can ...

"That would be spectacular.
- Without commitment.

No, of course. Done!

Compadres, man!

Fix it!

Now we just need the godmother.

Because there are always two,

"But she chooses."
- Clear.

Yes, she chooses.

It could be, I do not know,

somebody, and we could get the four of them out.

The four on the spree!

To party!

It could be Dani or Pau.

Or does she have an even better friend?

I do not know. I do not think so.

Let it be Dani, then. He's very good.

Remember that red dress
What did she wear at the wedding?

Dude, she was not wearing suti .

I gave you a few, did not you?

No way, my girlfriend's friend!

It's decided! She will be the comadre.

What are you going to do with him?

- Why do not you give him a chance?
- What kind of hypothesis?

- After all, he's the father.
"Never mind, Paulina. How could he?

Worth trying.

If he is irresponsible,
you end it.

Stop stuffing yourself, Paulina.
Stop talking about nonsense.

You can not marry him.

I do not plan on marrying him.
- No, it's not bullshit.

- I'm not saying they get married.
- What's your idea?

- They could live together.
- What?

There, he's handsome.

There you go! You would have a feast
to the eyes every day

like a sensual girl.

And you will be one, you deserve it.

There, the baby's gonna be cute.

- And that's important.
- Please!

And on purpose, what the deputy
And the first lady have to say?

Where did you meet this young man?

His name is Renato.
Cad ver's best friend.

- Take off the coat.
- Why?

The Cad ver?

Friend of Arthur. The one who married Lau.

- I met him at the wedding.
- We met at the wedding.

The Cad ver.

With such a nickname
I do not think it's reliable.

Of course , m e.
Cad ver is a cool guy.

- No?
- Yes, a lot.

And what about the celebration, mi da?

You rarely eat with us.

You're acting strangely, are not you?

Dad! It's just a friend.

I just wanted to introduce you. Calm.

So they're friends, right?

I'm happy because you look like me

very new to my daughter.

- The paneleiro, Renato?
- Julian!

Of course not, sir. Never in life!

Since my daughter says
who are only friends and such Cad ver ...

I do not know if you know, but she has a boyfriend.

- I do not have a boyfriend.
- Stop it.

You'll go back to him.

- I'd rather die, honey.
"Then a fool,

because Juan Pablo is a good
boy and of good families.

And a very good lawyer.
with career ahead.

I'll take you on my campaign.

Make great speeches, you have no idea.

Yeah, look, he sent me one.

"Hello, bitch, I hope you enjoyed it.
to fuck with the little larilas. "

You "You'll probably go
to catch a disease.

I wish I'd never met you.
Burn in hell, you whore. "

The can of this guy, I swear ...

I have more speeches from him if you want.

Why did this asshole write that?

Because he's the father, and because ...

Renato and I are going to have a baby.

- What?
- I'm pregnant.


Enjoy your food.

He's so new.

Not really. It will grow, will not it?

How will he sustain you?
What are you going to live for?

He will not support me, boy.
Let's live apart.

What do you mean, separate?

What are you talking about, Maria Eugenia?

Ma, I'm not marrying him.

I made one mistake, I will not make another.

He just wanted to be known.
That was not a good idea.

No. Why? My God, why?

What have I done to deserve this?

- What did I do?
- M e, you're exaggerating.

Did you take your pills?

Why did not you take the pill?

Clearly, no, no, no, no, no!

I told him.

How did it happen?
How did this happen?

Shall I tell you what it was like?

Yes. No!

Because your daughter would kill me.

But how could Maru choose you?

I have my charm.

- How old are you?
- Twenty one.

"Twenty-one, sir."
- Twenty one?


Are you at least studying?

- At the University?
- I 'm working on it ...

- I do not understand!
- There were some problems

with a teacher and caught up with me!

He did not like me and he failed me.

Therefore, for the year,
I'm going to university.

So, um, how about some vadiolas?

- Do not be mean.
What are you doing?

- Do you have a job?
- Now?

- Yes now. What you do?
- I'm in a sabbatical year.

Never took a sabbatical?

But this situation changes everything, right?

The pregnancy, the baby.

I'm going to university, sir.

And I'll start working now
to save, you see?

It's all right. Do not worry.

What kind of job will you get?

You did not even finish high school, asshole!


This is worse than I thought.

It's not that bad.

Hi, two pizzas.

- Hello.
- Marusita,

Come here for a second, little girl.

What is up?

Sit down, we want to talk to you.

So, my dear,

Your father and I spoke
about your situation and ...

and we think the best thing to do is

Forget that boy.

- Renato.
- As you wish.

What happened was a mistake.
I will be responsible.

Do not worry, I do not
a life with him. Calm down.

Still good, my dear.

In this case,
you can join Juan Pablo immediately.

- What?
"It will be the best for you, Maru.

The sooner the better,
No one needs to know.

What are you talking about?

Do not intend
have the baby alone, do not you?

- But Juan Pablo is not his father.
- As well?

For me, it's very clear that .

Yes I agree.

- I do not believe this.
- Maru, please.

You confused the dates.

That's how we get rid of it.

Aliens, it's good that he went to Cuba.

- Dad, what's wrong with you?
- V l , Maru, we're in the elections.

A scandal means fewer votes.
Yes or no?


- What's it?
- Senator, it seems

the groom, stand out, well, the suitor,

well, your boyfriend ...


What are you doing here?
Nobody sent pizzas.

- No?
- I know what?

You're such a fool.

What's it? I came to see your daughter.

Listen, I have an offer for you.

I'll give you money
and you forget my daughter.

- What do you think?
- No way.

For your benefit.
It will be a good tip.

You sign a contract to say
that you will never see.

And he already is.
You can deliver pizzas all over town,

- as is foreseen in your future.
"Who do you think I am?"

I will fight to stay
with Maru and my son.

You do not have any kids, asshole.

Get the hell out of here, right away.

Why do you treat me like that? I am your son-in-law.

- In your dreams, fool.
- As you wish.

But I am the father of that child,
and I do not renounce it.

Listen, enchanted prince,

You're not welcome in our humble home.

Do not like you
My wife does not like you,

My daughter does not like you.

Even Boris, the dog, does not like you.

You're a man! You have dignity, fool.

What's the matter with you?
Why do you say that?

- Go inside.
- Why do you say that to him?

Come back inside, Maru.

- Maru.
- Let's go.

- At where?
- Let's go.

Get on the bike.

Maru, do not go up to this motorcycle.


V s .

You're not wearing a helmet.

Yeah, here's the helmet. P e.

Maria Eugenia, you're alive!
Do not be irresponsible, please!


Hold on tight!

Renatito, I told you
to use a condom.

What are you going to do?

As well? Let's have the baby.

I'm going to open an account with my salary.

And I work too,
and I'm doing well, so ...

That's good, daughter, because

I do not think Renato can support you.

No, that's not the point, ma'am.

And where will you live?

- We 're dealing with this.
- We see, yes.

You know you can live here, son.

But let me tell you something.

But you have to help with the expenses.

- I can not handle everything.
"Thank you, madam,

thank you. But I will stay in my house

and Renato will be here with you.

This is not going to change, do not worry.

Whatever you decide.
I will not interfere with you.

I'm going to bed, I'm very tired.

Give me the coccyx.

It's fine.

You can have dinner if you want.

"Thank you, ma'am.
- Thanks, Mom.

If you want to sleep here, I do not mind.

Close the door
and do not make a sound, okay?

They do not need to show
what others do not have. Do not be mean.

Maru, come on!

- No, tomorrow, please.
- Come on!

I want to go to bed. I'm tired

and I have a meeting in the morning. Please.

Maru, your father is talking to you.

"What is it now?"
- What are you going to do?

I do not know. I do not know what to do.
I need to think.

Well, you do not have much time, daughter.

Maru, reconsider Juan Pablo.

M e, this is not going to happen. Are you crazy?

No. So do not leave me
another alternative.

- What are you saying?
- You have to get married.

- with the pizza boy.
- What?

- It's not cool, is it?
- Well, no.

Were you taken by surprise, daughter?

Maru, you can not be single.

I'm not going to marry him or
with whom. What's the matter with you?

Back to Juan Pablo

and it ends with just being
to marry the other.

- Nor one neither the other!
- Either one, choose!

What if I do not want it?

What? I do not know,

we can take the funds from the Foundation.

- As?
- You can not do that.

Of course I can.
And I can make things worse.

You know that very well. So do you.

I've been working on this project for a year.

You can not do this to me, Dad.

What does my job have to do?
with this? M e, please.

That's what I said, daughter.

What's this got to do with?
with those poor children?

Without help, abandoned,
with bleeding eyes ...

Inhuman, daughter. Inhuman.

Please, think about it, my dear,
before you start to notice.

I do not believe this.

No, I do not believe it!

Maria Eugenia, come on!

Think well!

And when you decide

let me know

"That's extortion, Maru.
- I know.

- What can I do?
- Tell him to bugger.

Do you know how many children the Foundation supports?

Yes, but marry a guy.
You know it's not the best option ...

There, your marriage would look like
with a first communion.

Is the guy really tough? Because it does not.

Worse than that. Case with me
and I end up living in "Vila Mis ria"

with his mother, the stripper .

And on! How horrible.


I have to

marry you

Yes, it's fine. Perfect.

No problems!

- In two weeks...
- Hear me!

My parents are forcing me.

That's why I'm doing it.

Because if I do not marry you
I call into question many things

and could not even buy
milk for the baby.

Why? You work, me too.

- We're in this together.
- Do not say silly. Listen.

I work in a Foundation.
which helps children in need.

We live on donations
of several organizations.

And my father.
one of the biggest sponsors.

If he takes the money,
the children are homeless

hungry, including ours.

And we can not feed it with pizza,
Why not?

- No, I do not think so.
- No, of course not.

That's why I've been thinking.

And I think it's a good idea.
if we become


- What do you mean, partners?
- Yeah, people.

We signed a contract.
Some call it "marriage."

But that does not interest me.
It means nothing to you.

- There's nothing between us.
"Wait a minute, Maru.

I do not understand.
Because you come here, you wait for me,

you say you love me
What do you want to marry me?

Wait. I did not say I loved you.

I'm not expecting you.

By a great chance, you got me pregnant.

And now we have to get married. That's it!

This is the result of transient madness

mixed with lots of shit.
So do not be confused.

If I do it, out of interest.
And not necessarily for you.

Are you okay?



You're breaking my heart, really.

V l !

How many times did I tell you?

Stop the shit, Maru.



- Partners!
- I'll think about it.

- You thought?
- I'm thinking.

Partners! That's bullshit!

- What should I do?
- Have a great party.

As in Acapulco.

The ocean, the beach, a couple of miles.

Seriously, man.

What should you do? Is not this your dream?

Being with an older girl
like Maru?

Yes, but not so against her will.

Not like partners. What the hell is that?

Calm down, man,
she is making herself difficult,

but d to see the miles,
that she's interested in you.

- You think so?
- They're all the same, man.

And you know the best part?

You told him you were going to think.

Do you know what I did not like?
She said we would live apart.

So, why marry? Fights.

Let me see. You did not say that parents
Are they conservative?

They will never accept it.

- I will not, will I?
- I said no.

Line up her game

and ver s.

But do not pay him too much attention.

Just ignore it.

Do you think Maru just wants to use me?

Damn it, Frog.

Stop it!
Get married and then you'll see.

At worst,
You get divorced and that's good,

because you get half of everything.

Wait. No one here spoke of divorce.

Well, that will not happen.
It's not what we want.

Hey, Rana, concentrate.

Who was your house to look for?

- It was her.
- It was her.

And who asked to get married.

- Well, it was her.
- It was her. And yet, do you doubt it?

You have no idea, man.

She has needs.
She's desperate.

She will not get to you and say,

"Hey, little frog, I'm excited!

I want you to make love to me here!
Give it to me! "

This is not going to happen.
She's pretentious, I know that guy.

This is not going to happen.
She's looking for a way.

Smarten up! You have no idea.

You're right, man.

Cad ver, you're right!

And, you know what?

"I'll tell him yes."
- Done.

We will have a bachelor party
like never before.

I'll get grass from Colombia. You will see.

No, man.

Can not you see I'm going to be a father?

AND? I checked, it will not affect the baby.

No, but it's a bad example for the kid.

I do not want a junkie to grow up.

He was not even born yet.

- One last one.
- No.

- The last one.
- I said no.

- Good-bye.
- No!

What are you going to tell the little frog?

"What little frog?"
- Your son, man.

- Frog, Ranita.
- When he arrives and ask:

"Dad, how did you meet M e?"

- You understand?
- Yes.

- No, man.
- What are you going to say?

"I met your mother in a wedding,

me and Cad ver, your godfather,
we made this marriage.

And we got drunk,

and we went to the beach naked.

Your mother was very hot
and we made love in her bedroom,

and for thy sake, we married. "

No, my, not like that.

It's not cool.

So you will traumatize Ranita.

That's true.

What if we did a video?

A video?

- Maru ...
- Wait a minute.

We must have a story.
Because ours is not good.

There is no history. Stop having those ideas.

Come on, please.

That's why we have to come up with one.

One that is beautiful, just like you.

Ranita will want to know
how we met.

About our first kiss.

When I gave you the ring.

Our wedding.

This will happen,
but we have to record, right?

Our honeymoon and such.

- Fix it.
- Honeymoon? Because.

I'll have to think about it, boy from the pizzas.

Why do you call me a pizza boy?

Sorry, Renato.

I'm doing this for our baby.

I do not do it for me.

Sorry, but what do you say?
it makes no sense at all.

I told you, Maru. by the child.

Keep watching your novel.

It's a series.

A o, Maru!


No, Maru. Cut it out!

- What's it?
- What was this?

I did what you asked.
I walked, turned around and said no.

- and I turned.
- You were exaggerating.

It sounded like a novel. It's not cool.

Are you saying I'm an actress?

Let's see if you can.

- Hold on, easy.
- I'm calm.

You're fine. Do not touch your hair.

- Let's do it again.
- It's okay.

- Tell me when you're ready.
- I'm ready.

God, he thinks.
what movie director? Ready.

It's all right, Maru!

You're calm, thinking to find
friends at caf .

You feel weird.

You go slowly.

And this guy, what does he want?

I do not look so dangerous.

In fact, you really like me and you relax.

That gorgeous smile.

Keep going, more relaxed now.

You're very pretentious, are not you?

And you say, "No, no way!"

What's the matter, Maru?


You are now improvising.

Now we know each other better.
You started to let go.

Girlfriend a bit.

She looks even more beautiful.


You do it. I kissed you.

Cut it out!

Cut it out!

Cut it out!

Damn it, Frog. You're a great actor.

And you, Maru, shone.

I noticed now.

You know how to kiss, Minor.

Ol !


You open there.

What? Are you having a religious wedding?

Clear. It's better.

I do not understand. What do you mean, better?

What? No civil marriage?

- Of course not.
- Why?

It was my father's idea.

And if you want to divorce
in two weeks?

You need a lawyer and everything
The boring work of bureaucracy.

Do you know where the court is?
In Arcos de Belen.

You will be robbed.

And for not speaking,
If the pizza boy does not accept the divorce?

I had not thought of that.

- Good idea.


What is up
with the advice of your father, Maru?

AND? Did you like the invitations or not?

- Yes, they're nice.
- "Symptics".

- Did you design them?
- Yes, I went.

Of course, you think I'd do something.
Are you so stoned?

- Hey, you know what?
- What?

It's the first of the three to be married.


There is the little treasure. I'm f .

Do not forget to shoot
Maru's entrance, please.

- Calm.
- I'm trusting you.

Did you bring another cassette to the camera?

Brought. Calm down now.

I can not do it, man. This scares me.

This is more difficult than a false examination.

- Believe me.
- Hold on.

You can do it, man.

Here she comes, man. Go!

Great luck has come to you,
without buying a ticket, you little cretin.

It arrives

A round of applause for the bride!

Hip, hip, howler!

The bride!

- Dad, you gotta hold him.
- What?

- You have to hug him.
- To me?

There you are.

To be continued.

Plutarch, to this side, champagne.

To this side, cheap things.

Are you okay?

Maru, are you sure?
What do you want to do with this?


Father, I like them new.

Go on, Father.

Brothers, we are here today.
to celebrate holy matrimony

of our sister, Maria Eugenia Lamacona
of the Barquera,

and our brother ...

- the Frog.
- The Frog?


- Renato, what?
- Zamarripa.


Our brother, Renato Zamarripa.

In the beginning, God created man and woman.

Therefore, man must resign
To your father and mother.

and join his wife.

The word of the Lord.

And they should only be one.

What God has united,
no man can separate.

The groom can kiss the bride.


Kiss me, you fool.

Yes we did!

The marriage went well, did not it?


That's weird,
I can not believe I'm married.

Well, goodbye, wife.

Goodbye, husband. Beware.

We'll talk later.

- Yeah, at WhatsApp.
- It's okay.



Take good care of them, Plutarch.

Honey, I brought one of the centerpieces.

And a small cage ...

- Drive carefully.
- ... to the canary.

Yes girl.

Mrs. Even if they do not sleep together,

she is now a lady.


Let's go.

What annoys me the most is this
Poor thing can not appreciate everything.

Look at him.
Looks like it was a wake-up call.

But without the funeral, right?

Plu, you make me laugh.

I really like you.

Well, the night is long,
as they say.

And not every day you get married.

Whom you say. I never got married.

What did you say?

About what?


he should have some fun.

I know you will remember

I am absolutely sure

Will see another dawn

Other arms and skin

But never true love

Like mine!

Everything I gave you

My life, my everything I

I loved you with my soul

But I was wrong in your love

You have no feelings

I will ...

Forget you

I'll forget you
I swear to God

You will suffer, you will cry

To feel what I feel ...

Damn you, Maru!

Will remember you

The kisses we gave

And you will come back

To the place where we met ...


I know you'll remember ...

He's dead for going home.

Are you better now?

Here. Take this.

Wait! He's driving!

- A routine inspection.
- Of course, sir. agent.

How many drinks did you take?

There are two. We were taking it easy.


And you, young man? How was the party?


And the prostitute?

Where did you get her?

She is not the prostitute, my mother.

You think somebody,
Just because you wear your uniform.

Easy, Frog.

Leave it to me, son. I'll handle him.


"Who are you calling that?"
- Wait, Rosi!

- Are you calling me a whore?
- No.

"With all due respect, ma'am."
- You disrespected her!

You disrespected her!

Partner! Call for reinforcements!
With this Diva, near Garibaldi.


I am a lady
and deserved to be treated as such.

To the

Can you bring reinforcements to this sissy?

- This sissy.
- Let's figure this out.

Stop, lady. Calm.

It arrives

I need reinforcements here with this Diva,
close to Garibaldi. Quick!

I'm Deputy Lamacona and I'm here.
because of Garibaldi's Diva

and her son.

Yes, please, we've been waiting for you.

Mr President, please.

Wait here, daughter.

- Dad...
- Do not get involved.

Okay, one, two, three, and ...


This time you screwed up. Perfect.

Deputy, we just had two drinks,
but we did not pass the alcohol.

We'll talk later.

Has anyone recorded this?

No, no one recorded anything.
- Shut up, you fool.

Open the door.

I knew it. First class people.

Top people.

This way.

Father-in-law, I owe you one.

No, wait a minute. Retreat.

Anyway, remember,
Lamacona for Senator.

Lamacona for Senator.

We will fight for gender equality.

You know that.

Now close.

- Sissies.
- Fuck you, ungrateful!

Thank you dear.

- It's all over, right?
- Yes.

Thank you.

What a great binge!

Did you celebrate?

- More or less.
- Maru ...

- What happens when you do not invite me.
- Maru!

Thank you.

You brought this machine!

No, ma'am.

- V l .
- What's the matter with you, Dad?

Are you okay?

Dad, what are you doing?
Let's give them a lift.

a sports car. There are only two.

Yes, father-in-law, do not worry,
we understand

OL , MARU. I need you to come home.

The view is beautiful, is not it?

That's why you wanted to see me,
to admire the view

Let's go on honeymoon, Maru.

Look, all bullshit. I noticed.

You're crazy.

Why? We are married

It was a wedding to pretend.

- Do not forget that.
- Faking it?

Sorry but for me
and for the others, was real.

Yes? And what do I say at work?

See you around.

I'm going on a honeymoon with the guy from the pizzas.

Okay, go on, you fool.

Sorry, everyone has a honeymoon.

Okay, where would you take me?

At Tepetongo, I think.

For the pools of Las Estacas?

- The wave?
- Stop it.

- To the beach.
- Because.

- That would be pretty cool, right?
- I noticed. Clear.

You want to wrap yourself in me again.

You see, I got you. Clear.

No. Everything I want
continue to make the video.

For Ranita to see the video
of our honeymoon.

Clear. How considerate you are.


You know what?
If you do not want to, do not come.

When your child asks where
You went on your honeymoon, what are you going to say?

That his father was a slacker
and that he did not take me anywhere.

And do not get me wrong.

If you want to go to bed with me, you say.
No problems.

That's what you want now.

We do not need to travel for this.

We can do it now, here.

- On here?
- Yes, on the roof.


It's the same as the others.

You only have sex in your head. Swear.

You know what, you went too far.
Stop it!

You do not have a car, how would you take me?


Convince me, man.

Come on, seduce me.

You have to go forward. You have no idea.

Maru, pack the bags, I'll take care of the rest.

"Like that, no more?"
- Yes.

Pack your bags.


- What's wrong?
- Where did you get that?

from Back to the Future.

V l , I borrowed it from Cad ver.

Maybe he stole it. You will not reach Iguala.

You should have told me, let's go in my car.

No, we're going in this one.

I checked it all, it's ready.

Tires, oil, everything.

Aliens, I want to show you that we started

This guy, anything.

Not everyone started this way.
Some do not.

But I do, come in.

Damn it, Frog. I told you!

Damn it, Renato, I warned you, motherfucker.

Damn it, Frog. I said.

Sorry, Maru, please do not blow it.

- The baby listens to you.
"There was no need, did you?"

"I checked it.

No, I checked, it's okay. "

Well, I did.

Yes, see.


Damn you, Cad ver!


I was happy

With my boyfriend and career

I did not realize when
that my life has changed

And now I'm drenched in sweat

In the middle of nowhere
Save this failed

What a nightmare, what a week

I ended up with a frog

I want to go back to everything

But no, daughter, you will marry

Everything because he came into my room

This is spectacular.

This place is fantastic.


You think you're smart.
Why is there a bed?


There is only one bed.

There are no rooms with two.


They were all busy.

Very well!

This was the only one.

- Chance of the dogs.
- Chance of the dogs.

You stay with the network, dear.


The net.


The double rooms are occupied, right?

You can come to the bedroom if you want.

No, let it be.

As you wish.

Why are you doing all this, Renato?

For our son.


Yes, yes.

- Maru, where are we?
- In Fiji!

That's not true.

Close to Acapulco.

And what are we doing?

We're on our honeymoon!

This fish is delicious!

Your father caught him.

Went swimming this morning

and brought it to me and you to eat.

The problem now ,
who will pay the bill.

It was a joke.


V l .

You also have to appear in the video.

Stop recording.

Come, Maru.

Pay the bill.


You're so pretty.

Hello, friends!

Come on! Closer!



- So what?
- What are you doing with these whores?

- It's my friends.
- She to your girlfriend?

It's my friendship.

No, I'm not his son.
I'm his wife, bitch.

I'm going to have his baby. Do you understand?

Are you going to be a father?

- What does she say.
- You're too young for that.

- How much time?
- Do not touch me, you sow.

Come on, Renato.


Because I'm telling you.

Listen to your mother. Go with her, little one.

Shut up, drugged.

I'll be right back.

Come back, the cara as.

- I'll find a way.
- Do not delay.

Thank you.

She's from Spain.
They greet each other with two kisses.

We call it b nus here.

I bring more beer.

Goodbye, handsome.

He's all handsome.

You're a big freak.

Like all the others.

We are nothing to each other.

No? We are married,
if you have not yet repaired.

You said it was to pretend.

That does not matter.

You came with me and you have to respect me.

Yes, I came with you.

- You 're fine.
- Ci mes?

- I do not understand.
- Dear!

No, darling, not in your dreams.

- So, you got no worries?
- No.

I'm going to meet the Spanish girl,
she was all good.

Where the hell are you going, you fool?

Stay here! Come on!

What's the matter with you?

I thought you did not want to know.

I do not care
what you do with your life.

- AND?
- It's a matter of respect.

You came with me, you stay with me.

We are on a deserted beach.
What if someone arrives?

I'm alone...

You're irresponsible.

It's okay, Maru, calm down.

When you fall asleep, I will.

And I cut the tomatoes.

Look ...

What is up?

Is not something missing on this honeymoon?

No, I recorded everything.

You are sure?


Come on c .

What's it?

It was a little slip, okay?

It will not always be like this.

It was only for a little bit of realism.

It's fine.


Shut the fuck up!

It's fine.

It's fine.

It's not my fault.

I was giving.


"What is it, Doctor?"
- What's it?

Do you want to know the sex of the baby?

No, better not.

Yeah. I know it's a boy.

All right, tell us.

See this here?

a piles.

Of course

- That?
- Sorry, doctor!

On here!

I knew it. I knew it from the beginning.
It's a boy.

Parab ns.

Are you sure that's it?

Maru, it's a boy.


- Now?
- Yes.

Hello, my dear.

I am?

Yes, Rana. Remember that today
the Lamaze prophylaxis class.


Prophylaxis of Lamaze, Rana.
I've been talking about this for months.

It's fine.

All right, I'll meet you there.
Is very important

It's a couples thing.

Yes, I'll find you.


So, Rana?

Dude, I need you to do me a favor.

Eight weeks of preparation,

- for an experiment ...
- Good afternoon.

Ol .

Hi, girl.

Come in if you want. Over there.

We are starting. Is your husband?

No way! What are you doing here?

Later. Can I take off my shoes?

- Yes.
- Done.

Where is Renato?

Something came up, but I'm here.

Sorry, can we continue?


- Yes, I'm sorry.
- Yes, it's fine.

What do we have to do?

We were talking about humanizing childbirth.

- Humanizing?
- Yes.

As for the woman ...

What happened? What?

Respect the woman.

- Her wish.
- Her wish.

Shut up. You're not the teacher.

This. Feel the gravity. Yes.

Where do I put my hands?

Then we lifted the four

and we rested our arms.

Look. Press and release.

Please tell him to leave me alone.


Here in the back.
With your whole hand, not on hold.

- Help me?
- Yes, I help.

- Wait.
- Where is this hand going?

Wait. I'll show you how.
Here on the hip.

- Right here, and then press.
- It's okay.

- What's the matter with you?
- I was nervous.


I am?

You ruined everything, you fool!

Wait, Maru.


It's fine.

Ol . Ordered a pizza
of pepperoni and double cheese?

Is it still hot?

Damn it!

Is not there a smaller change?
Did not bring coins ...

Honey, do you have change?

Honey, I told you I did not want pizza,
I'm on a diet.

Caught up!

Do not get ideas. She's my sister.

Of course.

And I'm Cristiano Ronaldo, right?

- You know each other?
- Yes.

See you later, father-in-law.

Wait. Come on c .

Come on, you little cretin!

Look at all these gifts, Ranita!
How nice of them.

They love you.

Your uncles and aunts.

Your grandmother.

Hi, grandma.

I'll give you an ol , excuse me.

- Not now, I ...
- You what?

- I 'm having memories.
- Hey, Renato.

Renato, son.
Come here with the men.

Listen, I've thought a lot and

I want us to make amends.


Why do we have to keep arguing?

You're right.

I thought if Maru and you love each other,

Who am I to intrude?

That love prevailed!

There, I realized that you're a good boy.


And when did you realize that?

Last afternoon, do not play dumb.

Sure, at your sister's house.


I did not bring you here.

"She would have liked it."
- Put your voice down, asshole.

Listen, I'll leave you alone.
And you did not see anything, okay?

There, I want you to get out of the pizzeria.
and come and work for me.

What do you want? The party? The Senate?


You do not know who you mess with, bitch!

I'm kidding.

We talk like that.

What did you tell him?


He said we should make amends,
but not.

Yeah, do not tell me.

If you do not believe me, ask him.

I told him that he did not get me between you,

if he left that job of the pizzas.

I said, "Boy, go work with me.
in the Senate, in the party. "

But no,
the fool was offended and left.

I do not know why,
but I do not believe a word.

Come on, daughter.

Why would I lie?

You think you can support yourself
when delivering pizzas?

Maru, my dear, think carefully.

Do not spoil your life
because of that boy.

Why did you forbid me to marry him?

It was the elections, Maruzita!

Please, think about it.

We needed social stability.

And what did you want? To be single?

Of course not. Was the minimum
What could you do after your mistake?

I'm afraid I'm living with you at this age.

and allow me to be blackmailed.

The door is open if you do not like it.

Yes? Well, I do not like it.

Why do you treat Renato like that?
He did not do anything to you.

You think your money and influence
can manipulate

- and buy people?
- Yes.

Yes? You found somebody
which can not be bought.

- Maru, my dear.
- Let her go.

The tantrum passes you.


Can you give us shelter?

Goes into.


And where does this cretin live?

In the suburbs, sir.

On the outskirts of the city.


And when did she leave?

No one knows what time it was?

Last night, I guess.

Today, when I went to her room,
I was not.

And it was for voice mail, again.

Leave it. Plutarch.


Make sure the girl
He's with the bastard.

Yes, senator.

Do it right.

Bye. Kiss.

I want you to have a good beating
this idiot,

- but do not leave marks. Are you okay?
- Yes, senator.

And that no serious. No mobile phones.

I do not want problems.


I have it here, for that matter.

Ol .

Good Morning.


You're welcome.

What are you doing?

I'm finishing the video.


You want to see?

This story begins like this ...

And then...

I found you.

As you can see, you have not yet been born.

But you're the most beloved baby in the world.

- We love you, Ranita.
- Very.

This story ...
I hope it continues.


Can you forgive me?

I really treated you very badly.

I've been a fool.

Do you want to be my boyfriend?

But now you're serious, are you okay?

- Yes.
- Yes?

I want.

Ol , Plutarch. How are you?

Glad to meet you. Is everything alright?

Yeah, it's okay.

Your parents sent for me.
They are very worried.

Okay, now you've seen
Everything is fine.

Tell them ol for me.


What's the matter, man?

The senator is very upset.

Even asked me to kick your ass.

But I said, "Easy, sir.

Rana is a good boy.
Your daughter is in good hands. "

Good, man.

- That's what friends are for.
- You can believe it. Fix it. Thank you.

And what are you doing to Rosi?



She's busy, working on clothes.

- I see.
- Yes.

- Have you had breakfast?
- Yes.


Well, say goodbye to her for me.


- We have to do it again.
- It's okay.

- But next time we're going by taxi,
- Not to make it easy.

Yeah, you really happened that day.

I tell the senator
that it's okay with Maru.

And that I left you a memory.

So you can cover me with that.
And for him to relax.

Mine, that's the biggest.

Thanks for helping.

See you later.

Where are you going?

- I'm going away!
- What are you doing?

Over there


Fix it. There's more.

That did not work.

Renato, what are you doing?

Studying, boss.

He wanted to know if he could arrive later.

I have an exam tomorrow morning at eight.

With that I finish high school.

- An exam?
- Yes.

- High school?
- Yes.

You bastard.
There is a delivery for Anzures.

- Will soon.
"But can I be late?"

Then we see this. Quickly.

I am?

Rana, the waters broke.

What waters?

Mine! You're going to be a father!

Your Honor, Maru.
It has not been nine months yet.

I know!

Son, the puto got ahead.

I'll take you to the taxi clinic.

It's fine, Mom.

- If you start having contractions.
- Yes.


You'll have to deliver the pizza!

I'm going to be a father!

- Are you going to be a father?
- Yes!



The baby is on his way.

No way! Do not get my banks dirty.

Shut up!

Rosi, call my parents. Inform them.

I was out of balance. I hate that.

Pediatric Hospital
"Dolores Sanz"


There you go.

- Give me the card.
- I have it here.

No, its not.

The m e. Or are you going to give birth too?

- Am I missing you?
- I do not know.

And who will pay me?

You do not see the whole shit.
What is happening here?

Spare me.

I'll see if she has the card.

If you want to give birth, you must have a card.

I do not know, I can not.
to render him no service.


Next, please!

Ready. Are you okay?

Son, this bastard does not want to answer.
your wife

because she does not have a card.

What did you call me?

She has no card and you're right.

- Come on.
- What can we do?

Let's go to a doctor.
Let's get out of here.

Yes wait. Your suitcase.


Mother in law, change of plans.

Let's go to the Irish hospital.

Bring her card.

It's fine, yes.
They're going to the Irish hospital.

- Hurry up.
- I thought it was social security.

- Plutarch, come on.
"All right, hold on, lady.

- M e!
- Are you okay?

Is everything okay, my dear? D i?

Girl, my daughter.
is about to give birth.

Over here, please. No!

- Sorry, but you can not enter.
- Why not?

- Yes, the father.
- AND?

He's the father. Let him in.

Sorry, I thought it was
her younger brother.

This way.

Hey, he's the father.


Shut up. To the delivery room.

- She's going to give birth.
"It will be seven months, senator.

No, because she reached the limit.
Her water broke.


Rich people.




Good, he's coming.

It was born.

How's my daughter?

- It's okay.
- Right?

Yes, do not worry.

Doctor, how was it?

As you know, the baby is premature.

But it went well.

Your daughter is in recovery.
and they bring them the baby

to know him.

- It's okay.
- He's turning.

It looks like it.

Ol .

What's the matter, son?

- Senator.
- What is it?

No, nothing.

What the hell, Rana.
I thought we still had two weeks.

He came earlier.

Here he comes.

Here you are!

Chin s.

He's handsome.

Girl, please, a question.

Did not they change the baby?

No way, ma'am.

This is the baby of Mrs. Maru Lamacona.

What the fuck!


I do not know, I do not understand.

The pictures.

Your phone. The pictures.

Okay, the photos.

No way!

What the hell?

As far as I know,
so all babies have eyes.

Because when they pull you out
do so.

That's it, man.

But then it passes, eventually.

Stop the shit, man.

What? I read about it.

This is terrible.

I'm devastated.

Get out!

I'm pregnant.

Parab ns.

I'm doing it for the baby.

Is the only reason?

Yes, .

Will you be a father?

That's what she said, but ...

How are you?


I love you, Maru.

Hi, Ranita.

I'm your dad.

How are you, son?

Step away.

Ranita, ol .

Ol , Ranita.

When you see this video you will be older.

And to make blunders.

What about me? I hope I have finished university.

and working on something
other than to deliver pizzas.

I promise.

You should ask yourself
because we are not alike.

Or that you are going to be enjoyed in school.

You do not hear them.

It happens times.

I had an av
that looked a lot like you.

I think you go out to him.


Never doubt the love I have for you

and how much I love your mother.

You have changed my life.

Without you,

without you, I would be a z -nobody.

I did not have the opportunity to have a father.

But believe me ...

You will never miss one.

I'll be here for ...

to take care of you ...

to protect you ...

to help you with whatever you need.

I'll see you grow, okay?

I want to see you happy.

I love you, Ranita.


Mo? Wake up, baby!

- Give him the pills.
- Shut up!

Okay, let's sing the parables.
to my grandson, Ranita.

V l !

Here goes!

With a mariachi tone.

- Is this serious?
- No, just ignore it.

What a bad taste.

You've never heard this song, have you?

For! It arrives

Who was the fool?

It was Cad ver, who else?

Son of...


What's the matter with you?
I did it with love!


Control your father-in-law!

He's very intense.

Ranita, say ol to Uncle Cad ver.


Stop dating them both!
My son is a year old.

Let's cut the cake.

Give me a crack!

Do not even think about it.

You're so fucked up now!

- Son of...
- And now, what have I done?

What happened?

What is up?

- You made the baby cry.
- Clean everything.

Hey, my ...

Mine, my tomatoes?

Do not you prefer a beer?

A photo, no?

Come on, Dad! Get ready for the photo.

Of course! A photo!

- Shit, Cad ver!
"And now what?"

What a bard. You're out of control.

Quick, dear! Take the photo.


You will not appear in the photo.

Say cheese!

One, two and three!

Say cheese!

Translated by: Patr cia Abreu