Pursuit of Death (1980) - full transcript

Two ruined, old adversaries meet in a rehab center and reassess the conflict that dominated their lives since the Korean War. One man is a former cop and the other is a former communist guerrilla. The film flashes back to their tragic pasts to explain how they arrived where they are.


Hey, you.

Get up, get up.

What are you doing sleeping here?

Are you sick?
I asked you, are you sick?

Sick? I'm always sick.

Let's see some ID.

What kind of ID
would a homeless man have?

- Follow me.
- Where?

There's a place where they house
people like you with nowhere to go.

They feed you and give you
a place to sleep.

- Get up.
- Where is that place?

Seoul Rehabilitation Center

Planning: Mun Hyeon-uk Song Gil-han
Original Story: Kim Jung-hui

Screenplay: Song Gil-han

Cinematographer: Koo Joong-mo

Gaffer: Cho Ki-nam

Music Supervisor: Kim Young-dong
Editor: Kim Hee-su

Art Director: Kim Seong-bae
Costume Designer: Lee Hae-yoon
Props Master: Lee Tai-woo

Make-up Artist: Kim Yong-hak
Still Photography: Park Seok-jae
Special Effects: Lee Mun-geol

Recording: Hanyang Recording Studio, Lee Young-kil
Effects: Son Hyo-sin
Developing and Printing:
Korea Technicolor Film Lab

Executive Producer: Gang Dae-gwan
Producer: Chang Hyun-gu

Kim Hee-ra

Choi Yun-seok

Bang Hee

Kim Chung-ran
Park Ae-na

Lee Su-han, Lee Hae-ryong
Jo Jae-seong

Choi Nam-hyun, Lee Ye-min
Chu Seok-yang

Ji Gye-sun, Ra Jeong-ok
Lee Jeong-ae, Kim Jee-young

- Song Gi-yeol.
- Yes.

- Kim Jin-ho.
- Yes.

- Kim Yong-hwan.
- Yes.

If you have any valuables,
hand them over.

There are a lot of people here,
and it's a hassle if you lose them.

We'll return them when a relative
comes to check you out.

Come over here one by one.

What's this?

Isn't this a rope that detectives
carry to tie up criminals with?

- I need it for something.
- We'll take it. It's the rule.

Choe Na-yeong, Yoo Myeong-sun
Ji Bang-yeol, Kim Ki-bum

Kim Gi-jong, Park Jong-seol
Park Bu-yang, Choi Il, An Jin-su

Kim Ye-seong, Choe Seok
Park K Wang-jin, Jang Choel, Park Dal

You drank a lot before you
came here, didn't you?

I'm a man with many sorrows.
I drank as I felt like drinking.

Do you eat well?

I eat, but I throw up all the time.

That's all.

- Is it serious?
- He has stomach cancer.

They couldn't treat him at the
police hospital, so they sent him here.

- He's currently in the final stages.
- I see.

Production: Kang Dae-jin

Director: Im Kwon-taek

Why are you guys smoking
in the room again?

If you keep breaking the rules,

I'll stop distributing cigarettes
from tomorrow.


These men will live with you
in this room starting today.

Look after them until
they get used to it here.

The inventory staff is out, so help
them get their uniforms tomorrow.

Yes, sir.

Come over here.

First let me tell you
the rules here.

We get up at 6. At 7 we wash
and clean the room.

At 8 we have breakfast, and
at 9 we're allowed free time.

From 10 to noon we help with
maintenance work and sunbathe.

Then it's lunch.

From 1 to 3 it's rest
and laundry time.

From 3 to 5
we get some more sunlight.

At 5 sharp we have dinner.

From 6 to 8 it's free time.


And then we sleep. Now,

you may not leave this building,
no matter what.

Be quiet when you are indoors,

and report any problems directly
to me, the prefect.

Never disclose anything
to someone outside.

If the person next to you
does not get up in the morning,

shake him, and

if he doesn't move,
come look for me.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

Come here.
I'll assign you to your places.

You stay here,

and you go over there.

You came to the wrong place.

This is a waiting room for the dying,
all waiting for the angel of death.

We're all losers who have been
abandoned and isolated by the world.

It'll feel stuffy and boring, and
for a while you'll have a headache.

Of course, it'll be better than
dying on the streets.

We still get to go out sometimes,
don't we?

Go out?

- You mean we can't?
- Look here.

Unless your family or friends
come to get you,

once you're here, that's it.

What do you mean?

I mean you can't get out
before you die.

What the hell?

Come over here.

- What's wrong with you?
- I'm getting out.

I'm healthy,
I can't rot in this place.

- Let go!
- Where do you think you're going?

I'm leaving on my own two feet.
Why won't you let me go?

- What's wrong with you?
- Be quiet, will you?

Have some respect for the sick!

A person's dying here.
What are you looking at?

Where the hell do you get off

disturbing a sick person, you bastard!

You're Jagko, aren't you?

You're nuts. Jagko my ass.

Then I'll call you Baek Gongsan.

Baek Gongsan was born at

54 Jinwon-li, Jinwon-myeon,
Yeonggwang-gun, Jeonnam

Most recent known address
is the same.

Real name: Baek Gongsan,
a.k.a. Jagko. Job: blacksmith.

Date of birth: December 29, 1925.

Education: none.
Jagko's crime:

After the war broke out in 1950,
he joined the communists in Jinwon.

As their agent he distributed
weapons he made in his shop and

slaughtered hundreds of
innocent people.

That same year on September 28,

when the South reclaimed Seoul, he
passed Ssangchisan. On the 29th,

went to Jirisan as a North Korean
partisan. As head of the "Jagko" unit,

he committed brutal atrocities
such as massacre, plunder, and arson.

He attacked police stations and
bombed bridges.

Arrested on July 30, 1953, at around
4:30pm, right after the ceasefire,

he escaped while being transferred
to prison.

Height: 5 ft 5.

Dark eyebrows, large wide eyes,
thick lips, rectangular face

Son of a bitch...
like you're some kind of detective

Anything unusual:

One side of his nose is higher
than the other,

and there's a mole on that side.

Based on this evidence,
Jagko, you're under arrest.

Retard .

Anyone in the market with a beard
must be your grandfather.

- Stop fooling around!
- My stomach, my stomach.

- I'll tie you up.
- He hit my stomach.

My stomach, it hurts.

You'll do what?

- Isn't this a crazy bastard?
- I have more evidence, you fool!

Since your eyes can see,
take a look at this.

You know what this is?

Where'd you get that dog tooth,
you loony.

This tooth is the one I put in to
replace the one you broke

when you butted me with your head
and escaped.

Use your glasses
and look at me straight.

You've lost it, and you've lost
your manners, too.

You're saying I'm crazy because you
have been caught, but it won't work.

When does a mad man admit
he's crazy?

No wonder I had a bad dream last night.

This loony's come out of nowhere
to mess with me, damn it.

Well I'll be damned.

This one's crazy.
I tell you, he's nuts.

Hey, you all, I am not crazy.

This man is a red guerilla who
got away in Jirisan 30 years ago.

I was a policeman in the manhunt
at the time.

This bastard's accusing
an innocent man...

Hey, loony, my name is Kim Samsu,
and my hometown is Yeosu.

I once heard that Yeonggwang was
near Hampyeong, but

that's land I've never
set foot on before.

This one's completely insane.

- Completely insane.
- He's crazy.

I thought there'd be some peace,
since one of us died a few days ago.

It looks like trouble
because of him.

They say unexpected things happen
when things are about to go wrong.

- You still insist I'm crazy?
- What the...

You bastard.

You son of a bitch,
where are you going?

You bastard,
you coming onto me now?

It's meal time.

- Gather in front of the building.
- Yes, sir.

- Come on, hurry up.
- My glasses, my glasses.

You may eat, but it probably
tastes like dirt.

Of all people, this guy comes
to sit next to me!

My food!

That bastard can eat a hundred bowls
a day and still he'll never be full.

- Prefect.
- Yes, sir.

This man just barged in saying
he wanted to meet the director.

What did you tell him?

He keeps saying "a red, a red."
Who is this red?

- Actually, he's this.
- What?

Then you should've assigned him
a guardian!

Sorry, sir.

- Make sure you keep them under control.
- Yes, sir.

- Take this, you bastard.
- Come on, he's crazy.

From now on, whoever you meet,
you go through me.

- You got that?
- Yes, sir.

I put it on the counter,
but when I was handing out the food,

it just completely disappeared.

Who on earth took it?

Search every inch of the barracks
immediately and find the knife!

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

Take another look at
that man over there.

- Is there any reason why we should?
- Yes.

He's a bit weird.
I'm sure he's the one.

- What do you mean, weird?
- He's insane.

You don't know what he might do.

Where did you put it?
Hand it over.

I won't even step on a shadow
if it belongs to someone else,

and you call me a knife thief.
Cut my stomach open if you must!

This's boring. Change the channel
to something else.

- Let's watch a drama, a drama!
- Okay then.

Honey! Honey!


Can't you take those sunglasses off
at least when you come home?

They scare me. Think of how scared
Manseok must be.

Do I scare you that much?

They do say the red guerillas will
bolt upright in their sleep

just at the thought of me
with my sunglasses.

Look at him. You recognize your
papa now, you cutie.

- Hello there.
- Oh look here!

- It's Giyeol, isn't it?
- Sure is.

How have you been?

- Look at you, a successful man.
- Brother-in-law!

- Brother-in-law!
- How have you been, Sister-in-law?

- Hey, Giyeol!
- Hi!

Giyeol, it's been ages.

- I heard you got promoted to sergeant.
- That's right.

Let's have a drink and celebrate.

Are you crazy?
The old landlady's going to talk.

Turn off the TV and go to sleep.

I bet you can't sleep
with me in here.

Don't you hear the gun shots? I'm
sure you're thinking about back then.

Jo! What are you doing?

- Shoot to the left, to the left!
- Yes, sir.

What are you doing? Chase them!

Turn around and spread your arms
and legs against the rock!

What? Who's this?

- You're Jagko, right?
- No, no.

One nostril is higher than the other
and you're still not Jagko?

- Jagko's some place else, sir.
- Fine.

I'll bring a witness.

Hurry over here and
take a look at this guy.

He's Jagko, right?

Go! Hurry up and go, you bastards!

Go! What are you doing?
We don't have time.

Hurry up and push them in.

Hey, you... you get in there.

The enemy who killed my father!

Son of a bitch, I joined the police
to catch you.

- Die!
- Are you crazy!

You can't kill him.
We're supposed to take them alive.

This one's Jagko.
I caught him.

In the end even the notorious Jagko

gets caught by the hand of
Sergeant Song.

I'll take this bastard in myself.

Are you sure you don't need anyone
to go with you?

Don't worry, Commander Shin.

- Who am I?
- Okay.

Then we'll continue searching
in the direction of Saetoe.

Take him straight to headquarters.

Yes, sir.

Hurry up and go, will you.

I'm too hungry. I haven't eaten
anything these past few days.

Won't you help me fill my stomach
with some water?

Me... you say I'm the last?

You're the last one with
a reward on his head.

Come to think of it,
I lasted quite a while.

Son of a bitch,
does that make you proud?

Do you know
how much time was wasted

and how many soldiers
were deployed

just to catch you?

When I think of that I'd like to put
holes in you, but I'm holding back.

I'm pretty dogged, but

you're quite persistent and tough.

Didn't you know I was a tough one?

Indeed you deserve credit,
Sergeant Giyeol.

- What? Sergeant Giyeol?
- Sorry. I called you by your name.

Then again, you wouldn't be real
if you didn't know Song Giyeol.

- You've achieved quite a feat.
- Sure.

It's too complicated to count all
the bastards I've caught and shot.

- Good for you.
- Are you teasing me?

Go to hell and tell them to try me
in the people's court.

When a man who barely finished
elementary school becomes sergeant,

that tells you something,
doesn't it?

I suppose you'll be promoted again
because of me.

Isn't it obvious?

Once I transfer you to headquarters,

it's good-bye to this Jirisan
once and for all.

I'll go and get myself a position as
chief of a police precinct somewhere.

- What will happen to me?
- You don't know? You'll be executed.

Get up.

My stomach!

What's with the sudden bullshit?
Get up.

- Let me shit somewhere.
- The regional headquarters is near.

Just hold it till we get there.

It's urgent.
It'll come out any minute now.

- Just loosen the rope around my waist.
- Shut up and keep going.

Can't you help me out?
I'll give you some gold.

- What? Gold? Where?
- In my shoe.

- What?
- This side, this side.

You sly bastard.

- Let's take a look at this foot.
- There's no more. I told you, no more.

Cut the crap.

- Where did you get it?
- In the village...

-when we were struggling for supplies.
- Son of a bitch.

A ring on your toe when others can't
afford to wear one on their finger.

You think Song Giyeol will fall
for this kind of stolen good?

- I'll seize this. It's stolen property.
- Seize...

There's nothing I can do. But what
about this other urgent matter?

No one can go to the other world
or the bathroom for you, so

all right, I'll let you go.

Son of a bitch!

You can say I'm crazy all you want.

Anyhow, your life is in my hands.

Prefect! Prefect!
Do something about this maniac.

Do they let maniacs sleep
anywhere they want?

A man's got to get
some sleep to live.

What's the matter with you again?
Hey, look here.

Go back to your place.

Now this I say, brethren,

that flesh and blood cannot
inherit the kingdom of God;

neither doth corruption
inherit incorruption.

Behold, I shew you a mystery;
We shall not all sleep,

but we shall all be changed, in a
moment, in the twinkling of an eye,

This isn't the first time
you've seen a dead body!

If you're up, hurry and wash up.

Come on, hurry.

Come on, get out.

Hey, Chungi! Chungi, come over here.
Over here.

Here, cigarettes,
three of them.

You know that guy with the glasses
who came in yesterday?

- Huh?
- You know, the loony.

When a quiet opportunity comes,

I'll pick my right nostril
with this finger.

You take his glasses and
grind them with your feet.

Got it?

Okay, then show me.

Yeah, that's it. Remember:
not when there are people around.

Do it when just the three of us
are there, okay?

Chief Ham, please come immediately
to the office.

Chief Ham, please come immediately
to the office.

Chief Ham, please come immediately
to the office.

- Doc, we have a mental patient.
- Is that so?

- Is it the old man over there?
- Yes, it's serious.

It's hard for us old men
to handle him.

His report from the police hospital
didn't mention mental illness.

They probably didn't know.

I'm so nervous about what
he might do, I can't live.

At present, all the rooms are full.

There are one or two mentally ill
patients in each room.

There's nothing we can do
in these circumstances.

Give me some more medicine.

I gave you a week's worth. Taking
more drugs won't make you better.

How are you?
Are you feeling better?

It's not like I'll be cured.
Can you just change the gauze again?

- I followed orders.
- Dress it again.

What does he have?

He has diabetes, and on top of that,
he had his appendix removed,

but it seems the wound is not
healing well

He developed complications
and has an abdominal infection.

He could die any minute.

- How are you?
- I'm always the same.

There's just one thing I'd like
to ask you, Doctor.

What is it?

I'd like to donate my eyes when
I die. What should I do?

- Your eyes?
- Yes.

My eyes can still easily
thread a needle.

That's an admirable idea,

donating your precious eyes
to the blind.

- Please help me.
- All right,

I'll let you know if its possible
after consulting the hospital.

We'll have to examine your eyes and
see if they're suitable for donation.

- Anyway, please let me know.
- No way!

I don't know about anyone else,
but not him.

- What the..
- He can't, never, no way!

If those eyes go to someone else,
that man will become another Jagko.

No, you can't let him. Those eyes
are the eyes of a murderer and a red.

No! As long as I'm here, never!

No! You can't! No matter what!

My glasses, my glasses!

That retard.

Hey, you bastard, you bastard!

You bastard.

What are you doing, you bastard!

What are you trying to do,
destroying a man's eyes like that?

Chungi, you bastard!

I told you to do it when I picked
my nose like this!

Why'd you do that
in front of everyone!

Gather around!

We're going to do maintenance work,
so except for those who can't move,

everyone gather in front of
the flower bed!

And the newcomers who came in
yesterday, follow me.

Come on.

What are you waiting for?
Hurry up!

Ah, nice.


What is this you're doing?

- What are you doing, eating mercury?
- Let go.

Let go, Let go of me.

Let go. I'm going to die.

- Jeomsun.
- Let me go.

- Jeomsun, you're not alone.
- I said let go.

- Our child
- Let go.

Is in your stomach right now.
- Let go, let go.

I can't, but Jeomsun, you go down
the mountain for our child's sake.

They say you can live
if you give yourself up.

They say there's a ceasefire.
It's all over.

A liaison officer for the
federation, and a partisan.

How could I live
even if I turned myself in?

If I try to go down the mountain,
the people here will kill me.

Even if I do make it down, do you
think the people will leave me alone?

I'll die the same wherever I go.

Anyhow, follow me.

They're surrounding us and are
up to the rocking stone right now.

If we stay here, we'll both die
for nothing. Come on, follow me.

The Oepari unit was smashed, and
they're being chased this way.

There's nowhere to run.
We'll have to die fighting.

Fuck, even if we wanted to fight
back, we don't have any ammo.

If you get caught, follow them or
kill yourself with that. You choose.

Hey, you! He's
he's a communist, a red!

- Are you going to answer for it if you lose him?
- What's wrong with you?

- Let go. Are you going to answer for it? That...
- Come on!

Let go of me, let go!

Hey you, you!

Come over here, over here.

What are you doing?

Stay put and don't move.

I'll kill you if you come out.

- Mother.
- Who is there?


- Go... Gongsan?
- Yes, it's me.

- You heartless child.
- Mother.

They say everyone who went into
the mountains died.

Where did you hide
during these 5 years?

I worked as a farmhand in
the leper village in Samwon-li.

Oh, you poor thing.

They say even birds keep away from
the leper village in Samwon-li.

I couldn't stand it any longer and
decided to escape to the North.

I wanted to see you
one last time.

This boy doesn't know anything
about communism. Forgive him.

Gongsan, run! Run!

Run away, escape!


Precinct station.
The chief just got in.

Yes, I'll tell him.

You, come over here.

- Hello?
- Where did you get this gun?

- This is Kim at the precinct station.
- Who's this?

Yes, yes, that'll be fine.

- Isn't this Bokman?
- Sergeant Song!

- Good to see you. Got promoted, eh?
- It's been about six months.

Guess what? I arrested Yuksoni
of the Yuksoni unit.

- That's how I got promoted.
- Good for you.

- Have a seat over here.
- Sure.

- Sarge, where did you get this gun?
- In the mountains catching guerillas.

You know at that time
it was finders keepers.

You probably know this, but
you can't carry illegal weapons.

I'll have to confiscate this.

Why didn't you report Jagko when
you found him, and let us catch him?

Why did you have to be so rash?

You know my story well.

Didn't I lose my job and get
my wife killed because of him?

Sarge, you haven't had breakfast yet,
have you? Let's go out and eat.

Officer Kim, get me Daeseongbok
on the line.

- Daeseongbok is on the line.
- Okay.

Madame Jang?
It's me, the chief.

I'm going to bring a guest,
so prepare breakfast.

Okay? What?

It's still morning and you're
fussing with me already?

You want to get a taste of me later?


Hello, sir.

- Brother-in-law!
- What? Oh...


You got married!
Well, it has been 3 years.

He's a handsome babe.

Where have you been
without a word?

I had a subordinate named Bokman,
who was way too young.

One clay he was all bragging and
rude while buying me a meal

just because he'd become successful,
so I beat him up.

Thanks to that, I've just come back
from spending 3 years in jail.

How could you be so unlucky!

- How's my Manseok?
- He's dead.

What? How?

Nephew, I don't know what to say.
You know how cold it was last winter.

Despite the cold, the young one
stood on the caldron every evening

and just waited for ages
for his father to return.

One clay, wouldn't you know,
he came home, his body on fire.

We gave him medicine and did all
we could, but he made no progress.

He died in three days
just waiting for his father.

We let such a poor child die.

There was no way to find you, so
we just laid him next to his mother.

Well done.

How did it go?

They decided to take them out
as soon as I die.

Kim Samsu, we took a good look at
Song here today.

He's not crazy.

The red guerilla he's looking for
is you, Baek Gongsan, isn't it?

What kind of joke is that?

You all know my history well.

When the reds attacked the South
in 1950, I boldly joined the army.

I fought the enemy at the Nakdong
River until we reclaimed Seoul.

After the ceasefire I was discharged
as a decorated first sergeant.

This grand history of mine.

That's what we thought until now,

but after listening to Song here,
that doesn't seem to be the truth.

What? Then are you saying
you'll report me or what?

I will. After all,
that's my responsibility.

- You're accusing an innocent man.
- Stop it.

We're all dying anyway.
What difference does it make now

if we're a red or a guerilla?

We could die any minute now.
What's the use?

Make a sound and I'll kill you

It's been 30 years now.

We're both as good as dead.
What the hell are you going to do?

- You need to go with me somewhere.
- To the police?

To the commander who dismissed me.

You have to go and clear up the
false accusations against me.

Get out right now.

Commander, I'm being falsely
charged. I didn't do it.

Even though there's evidence
to prove it?

It doesn't make sense
that you lost Jagko!

Look at my tooth.

As I said, that was an intentional
trick of yours

to set Jagko free.

What do you mean a trick?

The head office said they wouldn't
make a big deal out of this,

considering your accomplishments
in the past.

I'm sorry, but you have to go.

I had no idea you were
that kind of person.

How am I going to live? It's so
embarrassing to see the neighbors.


When did I ever ask you
for a gold ring?

How could you lose your mind

-over such a ring?
- Shut up.

Give me a drink... a drink...

You can't even sit straight.
Why do you keep asking for a drink?


Are you looking down on me
because I got fired?

- My gosh, what are you doing?
- What's wrong?

- Why are you meddling over here?
- Calm down, Sergeant Song.

Are you making fun of me or what?

- Oh Lord.
- What are you doing?

- You came to the right person.
- You're lashing out on the wrong man.

I'm a bastard who's just hit
his wife,

my wife, who I've never laid
a finger on.

What's wrong?
Calm down.

- I said calm down.
- Brother-in-law!

Brother-in-law, it's serious.

- Sister fell in the well.
- What?



What are you going to do?

Go to my wife, explain that I'm
innocent, and ask for forgiveness,

or do you want to die here?

I guess I did too many things
to you that I shouldn't have.

I'll do whatever you tell me to

if that's what I have to do
before I die.

Good, then let's escape
from this place right now.

How are you going to escape?

First of all, the front door is
locked with double locks.

- Shut up. You can open that, Jagko.
- How?

After you ran away from Sokcho,

you made keys in Cheongju,

You're really something.

Okay, then. How are we going to
climb over the high fence?

What's a fence when we
can work together?

True. That is true.

Like we couldn't climb over the wall.
But on weekdays security is tight.

On Saturday, there's some
space to breathe.

Then some guards go out
and they get a drink.

Saturday is three days from now.
Okay, let's do it then.

But it looks like I'll be in
a tight spot until then.

The people in our room seem to be
onto me. Think they'll keep still?

Get up! Get up!

Hurry, hurry,
come on, get up!



I would like to explain to you

that Kim Samsu sitting here

is not the guerilla I'm looking for.

First, Jagko, the man
I'm looking for,

not only has a different personal
background and details,

but his description, especially,
is where I was greatly mistaken.

Jagko's nose goes up on the
left side, but as you can see,

Kim Samsu's nose goes up
on the right side like this.

That's what's different.

Second, the critical mistake
in my investigation is

Kim Samsu's left hand.

Jagko's left hand has six fingers,
but Kim Samsu has a normal hand

with five fingers.

Based on these various facts,

I would like to
clearly explain that

Kim Samsu is not Jagko,
Baek Gongsan, who I'm looking for.

I sincerely apologize
for having worried you

and for having disturbed you
all this time.

And also, I sincerely apologize
to Mr. Kim,

who was almost charged
unjustly because of me.

Kim, I'm sorry.

- Aren't you going?
- No, I have a stomachache.

Three meals are all we
look forward to here.

Try to eat even though you're sick.

You go ahead and eat.
I'll go when I feel better.

- How're you feeling?
- I'm better.

- You already finished your meal?
- Yeah.

- Eat this.
- Isn't this an egg?

They only give you this
once a week.

- Eat up.
- Thanks.

You'll need your strength
if we're to climb the wall.

- Hey, Song Giyeol!
- Yes, sir.

Why did you break away
from the group?

You're supposed to wait for everyone
to gather around and then return.

I wanted to get Kim Samsu
his egg.

Shut up and sit down.

Yes, sir.

- Hey, hey, tuck your leg in.
- Yes, sir.

Tuck it more.

The weather outside is gloomy.
Why doesn't somebody sing a song?

Who wants to sing?
Hey, Sebsebi.

Why don't you start,

- Come on, clap your hands.
- Sure, I'll sing.

In the flowery breeze
when people sell and buy love...

All people praise God,
the root of all blessings...

When you leave sick at the sight
of me, I will let you go quietly.

Let me pluck an armful of azaleas
from Yaksan in Yeongbyeon...

In the mountains, flowers bloom.
In the fields, flowers bloom...

My poor body.
In search of what

did it wander the endless paths
of my dreams?

Good, well sung.

Why don't you try this time,
Kim Samsu?

- I'm out of numbers now.
- How about your favorite?

Tell us again about the incident
on the east coast.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, tell us.

Okay, then. since you all want
to hear it, here goes.

Now, it was the summer of 1958.

I ran a gold mine in the mountains,
but the mine collapsed,

forcing me out of business.
I, Kim Samsu, went bankrupt

and was wandering
here and there all alone

when I arrived at Sokcho
in Gangwon-do.

It was squid season at the time,
and they needed a lot of help.

I happened to get to know
an old fisherman

and helped him with the squids.

The old man happened to have a
beautiful daughter named Hwasuk.

She had a kind heart and a kind body.
She was simply a beauty.

One clay Kim Samsu didn't feel
well and stayed at home.

On that particular clay, the old lady
was out, and in the empty house

there were only Kim Samsu
and Hwasuk.

As if things were destined to
happen, an opportunity struck.

Are you badly ill?
Here... try some.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

After that the two lived together
for three years straight,

and day and night
it was blissful heaven.

- Don't leave out the part where you got kicked out.
- Right.

It was 1960, the year
the April 19 Revolution broke out.

That day Kim Samsu and Hwasuk were
once again wandering through heaven.

- Let me see.
- Stop pushing.

What are you kids looking at?
Get out! Shoo!

What are you two doing day and
night cooped up in that room?

For crying out loud,
I'm so ashamed I can't live.

- Hurry and get out.
- Come out here at once!

It's too embarrassing to see
the neighbors. I can't live.

- What is this all the time?
- Come out, now. Come out!

You won't come out, eh?

You're driving me insane.

You mindless girl!
Kim, you come out too.

There's a limit to my patience.
Pack your things and get out now!

Eventually, Hwasuk and
Kim Samsu got kicked out.

They rented a house and
started a true life together.

The secluded fun was
as sweet as honey.

For a long time, we were together,
unaware of the passing time.

Excuse me.

Who is it? Oh..

I'm a friend of Baek Gongsan.

- Baek Gongsan?
- I'm an old friend of Jagko's.

Is that so?
The place is humble, but come in.

- Come on, come in.
- Well, then, pardon me.

- Is it a boy?
- Yes.

- His nose is sure not his father's.
- They all say so.

Why are you looking for
the boy's father?

I was wandering here and
there looking for a job.

I heard that Jagko had
settled down in Sokcho,

so I thought I'd come
looking for a job.

I'm sorry.
The smell is horrible, isn't it?

Do you have a rag?

- Here.
- Thank you.

By the way,
is he out somewhere?

It's been 6 months since
he left home, but

he should return since the day
after tomorrow is his birthday.

Is that so?
Then I guess he will come

since he has such a
handsome boy here.

He'll come, he will.

I'm sorry to have troubled you
when we've just met.

I'll come back
when my friend returns.

Where will you go?

I'll stay at an inn nearby.

Why waste money on a room?

We have an empty room,
so stay here.

Ma'am, where's the bathroom?

It's right around the front gate.

Sleep here.

- I couldn't. I'll go over there.
- No, you can't.

That room hasn't been heated. It's
too damp. You can't sleep there.

- Just sleep here.
- I couldn't.

I don't mind.
I can sleep anywhere.

Why not?
You're his friend.

I suppose your wife and child
are waiting for you at home?

No, I lost both of them early.

- It must have been lonely by yourself.
- What's the use of mentioning that?

- Indeed, I've been lonely too.
- What do you mean you too?

You have Jagko and your child.

From the beginning,
I don't think he ever loved me.

A child without any love?

It's not like you can't have
children without love.

What kind of a man
has no courage?

- He's not going to come.
- Not going to come?

After the May 16 Coup, they told us
to file our resident registrations.

He left to get a copy of his family
register from his hometown.

I haven't heard from him since.

That doesn't mean he won't come.
After all, he has a child.

- It's not really his kid.
- What?

Then this child. Whose...

He knew long ago that
it wasn't his boy.


What are you doing
just leaving like this?

Where will you go
in this rain?

Look at me, look at me.

Hey, hey, can't you hear me?

Are your ears going deaf
now, too?

- Why don't you sing a song?
- I can't sing.

If you can't sing, then tell us
about how you broke your leg.


- Can I straighten my leg?
- Sure, okay.

While I was looking for Jagko,
I saved up little by little.

With that money, I opened a bar
on wheels at Cheonggyecheon.

Every year I sent rice to a person
in Jagko's village, my informant.

At last, he gave me some news.

He said that Jagko had been
wandering about the village

when he returned
after his mother died.

I rushed over to Yeonggwang

I'll give you all the money you want.
Just take me to the next station.

- Did you miss your train?
- Hurry up and go.


- Where are you going?
- A shortcut to catch the train.

That... that driver...

Step on it! We might lose him.
He saw me!

I don't think we'll make it.
The engine's too hot.

Here, here, take it, take it all
and step on it.

Step on it!
We have to catch him.

- Hurry.
- I can't!

We can't go any faster.
The engine's too hot.

You still can't?

I became lame because of Jagko,
and my body grew old.

After losing all the money I had,
I was completely broke.

Cheonil Inn

This money won't do.
Go sleep somewhere else.

It's so cold.
Where will I go?

Just for one night?

I skipped dinner to save up
that money.

You shouldn't ask for the impossible.
Who told you to keep pestering me?

If I had any money,
why wouldn't I give it to you?

- Just don't say the room's cold.
- Of course.

- Follow me.
- Thank you.

- Fill out the registration form
and put it outside. - Okay.





- What's that?
- Rat poison.

Instead of living through such pain,
let's eat this and die together.

What're you saying? They say living's
better, even if you roll in dog shit.

Just think it over
for one more day.

For people like us, one day
is the same as another.

Are you scared?

If it's what you want.

If it's what you want,
then I'll go with you.

Innkeeper! Innkeeper!
Someone's dying.

- What?
- Someone's dying!

- Which room?
- This room! This one!

- What the..
- In here.

Has this bitch gone mad,
trying to ruin someone?

- Hey, you! You in there!
- Open the door!

Oh my God! My God!

These bastards.
What is this you're doing?

Trying to kill me? You had no place
to die, so you had to come here, eh?

I don't believe this.
This is killing me.

You, Jagko!

Hey, really!
What the hell, my head!

Are you crazy?
What are you doing?

What's wrong?

My head!
The world must be crazy.

Catch him! Catch him!

Catch him! Catch him!

After I lost him,
I searched everywhere,

but I never saw him again
after that.

When I think about it, I could devour
his liver, but it still wouldn't do.

Hey, Sergeant Song, what happened
to Jeomsun that night?

Do you think she survived after
eating that strong rat poison?

- So, she died.
- How could you let her
die? After all, she was your woman.

I knew her in the mountains, but we
parted when you swept through them.

I never heard any news of her
after that.

You old man, are you crazy?
Go find someone else.

Just my rotten luck!
What a lousy start!

Like this is something to bargain
for, asking for a bargain...

Why don't you rest a while?

Now that I'm old,
no one bothers to look at me.

Just give me what you have.

aren't you Jeomsun?

You didn't die.
You're alive.

By then there wasn't a single part
of her body that wasn't ill.

She was an alcoholic and had VD
throughout her body.

She was practically dead.

I did everything I could to get
Jeomsun out of that alley.

Then, one day, she said she had
something to tell me in private.

I followed her without a clue.

- Don't. Please don't drink anymore.
- Let's just have one drink each.

I'll never touch the stuff again.


It's a disease that can't be cured.

You've gone through too much
trouble because of me.

Why are we here?

What's wrong?

Will you hold me just once?

We can't.
It's worse than drinking.

- Hold me, hold me.
- We shouldn't.

We can't go on hiding
like this forever.

I know.

We've come to the end.
There's no way to go.

Then what do you want to do?

There's only one thing we can do.

You have a plan?

- What's that?
- Rat poison.

Instead of living through such pain,
let's eat this and die together.

What are you saying?

They say living's better,
even if you roll in dog shit.

Just think it over
for one more day.

For people like us, one day
is the same as another.

Are you scared?

If it's what you want.

If it's what you want, then I'll go with you.

Truly, there's nothing harder
than a person's life.

You ran even after you ate the poison.
Did you want to live that bad?

I got diabetes
because of that rat poison.

They cut open my stomach, and I'm
suffering because I got an infection.

It would have been better
if I had died then.

What's a human life,
that I still want to live?

Eat up.

What are you going to do
if you don't eat?

Here, drink some more
of this soup.


- Why don't you eat my food instead?
- Thanks.

This disease doesn't know when to
stop, no matter how much I eat.

The countless feet of aggression
that trampled the Korean peninsula.

This isn't simply the 36 years of
oppression by the Japanese.

U.S.-Soviet Summit
If we look back on history,
it is no exaggeration to say that...

U.S.-Soviet Summit
...our country has survived our brushes
with foreign powers since we...

Turn the TV off now
and go to sleep.

If we look at specific cases,
those not based on ideology...

If what they say is true,
you and I are pitiful people.

Why am I pitiful?
Cut the crap.

- What the hell's wrong?
- Get up.

- We have to go now.
- We agreed to go on Saturday.

- Get up when I tell you to get up!
- Okay, okay.

Now, open it!

Put that knife away. Look,
I'm obediently following you.

Aren't you curious why
I said I'd donate my eyes?

To tell you the truth,

there are too many things I never
saw, because I was in hiding.

So even if I die,
I want to let my eyes

see the world to
their heart's content.

Son of a bitch.

I was so single-minded in finding
you among all those people

that my eyes got sick,
you bastard.

Look here, let's die well.

I mean, at least when we die,
let's go in peace.

What are you going to do
if you put me on the scaffold now?

Stop the bullshit.


How come I was born
with such a grim fate?

My life's about to end now that I've
spent my whole life in the shadows.

Hey, let's stop
and rest for a minute.

- You think this is Jirisan?
- I can't go any farther with this body.

- Kill me or let me live, as you wish...
- Stop making a fuss.

My stomach.

I'll kill you, I'll kill you.

What are you old men doing?

This man's a missing guerilla.

He's a missing guerilla whom I've
caught after 30 years.

Don't you know
what a missing guerilla is?

It looks like these men are patients
who've escaped from the asylum.

Look at that. Isn't that the
rehabilitation center uniform?

If we take them to the precinct,
they'll send them back to the center.

- Just call the center and tell them to take them.
- I'll do that.

Hurry up, come on.

That way goes to Mapo.

You said we had to take the train at Seoul Station.
This way.

- Really?
- This way.

Come on.

Get on.

Sergeant Song, how long has it been
since you returned to your home?

I bet you have a lot of people
to greet you.

When you're born a man,
it's no good committing a sin.

When I die, I want at least to be
buried in my hometown.

But even I know shame.
I just can't go.

The End