Purgatory Flats (2003) - full transcript

Driving drunk, Thomas Reed causes a car crash, fatal for his wife, and gets jailed for 5 years. Yet he feels like punishing himself afterward by moving to Californian small town Purgatory Flats, where he works as a humble barman. Suddenly he witnesses a shooting and volunteers to help the wounded Owen Mecklin, whose brothers Dean and Randy drag him further into their own crime life. Owen's sexy wife Sunny seduces 'Doc'. Local detective Travis McGill gets their trail. But treason proves the gravest luring danger.

[wind whistling]

[piano music]

[inaudible dialogue]

Oh, yes.


I shouldn't have had
that last bottle of Merlot.


And don't think I didn't notice
you flirting with Angela.

MAN: I was not
flirting with her.

I was not flirting with her.

It's OK.

I think it's cute.

You're so goddamn beautiful.


[tires screech]

MAN: Are you OK?






[sharp breaths]

JUDGE: Dr. Reed, found
guilty for driving

under the influence,
reckless endangerment,

and involuntary manslaughter.

I've taken into
consideration that this

is a first-time
offense, and I'm going

to accept the
recommendation of the State

and sentence you to serve a
term of five years with credit

for time served.

I hereby release you to the
custody of the Department

of Corrections to
designate what you

will serve for the
remainder of your sentence.

[slow piano music]

[gate buzzes]

[gate buzzes]

MAN: Listen, I gotta go.
Call me later.


Hey, how's it going?

What are you doing here?

Nice to see you too.

Didn't I tell you I
didn't want anybody coming?

Yeah, you did, but
I figured I could

give you a ride back to LA.

I'm not going back to LA.

Wait a second.


I'm not ready.

Look, I talked to my
boss about getting you

on as a lab tech or
an orderly until you

get your license back.

I know it's not
glamorous, but you

can pull in some decent cash,
and he's willing to overlooked

the conviction.

Thank you, but no thanks.

All right.

Then tell me, what
are you gonna do?

I don't know.

Nothing to do with medicine.

Tommy, look, don't
do this, all right?

I know you're hurting.

Try and focus on all the people
you have helped, all right?

Look, you made a mistake
and you served your time.

How long are you gonna
punish yourself for?

I guess until I
do something worse.

[truck horn beeping]

[music playing]


Where are you headed?



Purgatory Flats, about
20 miles down the road.

Do you want the ride or not?

[music playing]

[brakes squeaking]

THOMAS: Thanks a lot.

[rap music]

[slow piano music]

[country music] I got them
all just a laughing down

here tonight.

I've been begging
for the human--

What could I get you?

Uh-- I would like the
tallest, coldest beer you have.



Been a while, huh?


Yeah, it has.

Um-- can I get another one?

Hey, um-- do you know
where a guy could

get some work around here?

[upbeat music]

[country music]

It sure is pissing
down out there, huh?

Hey, new guy.

Give me another.

Uh-- didn't you
drive here tonight?

- So what?
- OK.

Could I can get
your keys, please?

What is this?

OK, well, uh, you're not
getting another drink until you

give me your keys, so.

Hey, what kind of
bullshit is that?

Now, what the hell
is going on here?

Oh, this dipshit
is cutting me off.


I think he's had enough.

This is a bar.

You're a bartender.

Now, your job is to give
him whatever he orders.

Got that?


Do you know what a
human liver looks

like when it's been subjected
to years of alcohol abuse?

Oh, leave me alone.

Well, I do.

Actually, it's, uh-- it's
black and it's scarred.

Oh, shut up.

You know, it kind of looks
like an old sponge that's

been soaked in motor oil.

Yeah, the fluids build
up in your abdomen.

Shut up.

The stomach bleeds profusely.

I said shut up.




Why don't you watch
where you're going?

Oh, fuck off,
you smelly drunk.


Is something wrong?

No, no, no.

It's just, um, you
remind me of someone.

Oh, yeah.


Whatever excuse you need.


No, see I--

I wasn't trying to--


I'm sorry.

Hey, hey.


Are you gonna make me a
drink, or do I have to climb

over the bar and do it myself?


Uh, what do you want?

Do you know how to make
a slow, comfortable screw?

Well, um-- it has been
a while, but I guess

some things you never forget.

So, uh--

You're always saying,
anytime I need something,

you're gonna be there.

You're-- you're
gonna help me out.

Do I look stupid?

Do I?

No, no, no.

I know what you're
gonna use it for.

How'd I do?

I've had better.


You are wicked.

You have no idea.

I'm Thomas, by the way.



SUNNY: [chuckles]


So, uh, what's
your story, Thomas?

Oh, well, you know,
not really much to tell.

Just sort of moved into town.


That's fucked up.

Most people I know are trying
to get out of this place.

Well, I guess I'm not
like most people you know.

Things are gonna change, soon.

And you're gonna be the
one coming to me for cash.

The answer's no, Owen.

Get over it.

Fuck you, you fucking loser.

Yo, Sunny, let's go.

I haven't finished
my drink yet.

I don't care.

We've got an appointment, bitch


Well, I still gotta pay.

Now hurry the fuck up.

Hey, let go of me.

What the fuck are you
looking at, you punk-ass bitch?

OK, so what's the
story with Vanilla Ice?

He's her husband.

Why is it the
better they look,

the worse their taste in men?

I mean, come on, the
guy's a dickhead, right?

That's my nephew.




He ain't coming.

It's not even time yet.

He didn't give you any money?

Hell, no.

A fucking load of bullshit,
that's all he gave me.

Well then what are
we doing here, Owen?

Don't fucking worry
about it, all right?

I'm taking care of this shit.

You just keep your
fucking mouth shut.

I get the impression you
haven't been a bartender long.


Yeah, well I did,
I did, in college.

But, God, I swear
the tips were bigger

and the kegs were lighter, man.


Amen to that.

I'm Dean, Dean Mecklin.

Thomas Reed.

DEAN: Nice to meet you, Thomas.

Nice to meet you.

A college boy, huh?

How'd you end up here?

Uh, I don't know.

You know, I guess I just
always had this romantic idea

about small towns.


Yeah, yeah, right, this
place is real charming.

I mean, don't get me
wrong, it used to be nice,

but it's kind of gone to
seed since the oil dried up.

OWNER: Last call.

Closing time, Doc.

DEAN: Doc?

What, are you a doctor?

Uh, I was, yeah.

No shit!


I had a pretty good little
practice in Century City.

DEAN: Is that right?

Uh-- if you don't
mind my asking, uh--

how the hell does a guy go
from being a doctor in LA

to tending bar in Purgatory?

Well, it's a hell of a
lot easier than you think.

Well, good night, Doc.

Hey, you know what?

I would really prefer it
if you call me Thomas.



[car engine stalling]

Oh, come on.

Come on, come on.

Ah, goddammit.

[zipper noises]


What the hell is that?

OWEN: What the fuck
does it look like?

What the fuck do
you need that for?

A brother's got
to watch his fucking

back out here, all right?

Listen, Owen,
this isn't a game.

Oh, you don't fucking
think I know that?

You don't fuck with
these kind of people, OK?

Yeah, no shit.

Now you better just get rid
of that before they fucking--

[car engine revving]


Oh, this is so fucked up.

You just keep your fucking
mouth shut, all right?

[dog barking]

Not by the car.
Over there.

[car door closes]

What do you need?

Some crystal meth.

Fucking plain old biker crank
if that's all you got, bro.

How much you got?

Well, actually, I was kind of
hoping maybe you could hook me

up with a couple hundred
like you did last time,

you know, just to get me going.


What do I look like, a
fucking credit union to you?

OWEN: No, dog.

DEALER: You already didn't
pay me for the last two times.

Yeah, I know, bro,
but, I mean, you

know I'm fucking good for it.

I'm your best fucking customer.

You're my best
fucking customer?


You're my worst
customer 'cause you

never fucking pay me.

OWEN: Oh, come on, bro.

It ain't-- it ain't
like that, man.

I'm gonna pay you back.

Yeah, and--

Look, I've waiting for like
fucking six months for you.

OWEN: I know.

You're gonna get
your fucking money.

You're gonna get your
fucking money, man.

How am I supposed to
trust your ass, huh?


OWEN: Please, dog.

It's the fucking last time.



[glock clicks]


OWEN: [groaning]

SUNNY: [whimpering]

[car engine revs]

[tires screech]

[ominous music]


Somebody call 911!

OWEN: [breathing heavily]



You just hang in there, OK?

You're gonna be OK.

Oh, shit.


[brakes squeaking]

[tires screech]

Are you OK?


Hey, hey.

Come on, come on.

Hey, are you with me here?


What the hell
are you doing here?

This kid's got
a gunshot wound.

We've got to get
him to a hospital.

Come on.
Come on.

Come on.
- Oh God.

Help me get him in the car.

Come on, kid.

Come on, hang on.

SUNNY: What the
hell is going on?

DEAN: He's a doctor.

What are you talking about?

He's a bartender.

Never mind, all right.
It's a long story.

Let's go.

[tires screeching]

What the hell is going on?

A little change in plans.

THOMAS: Listen to me.

Listen to me, all right.

If you care about
this kid's life,

you're getting back
in this car right now

and we're going to a hospital.

I can't do that, Thomas.

My nephew here shot first,
the other guy's dead.

If they save his life, he's
gonna spend the rest of it

in prison.

OK, so you're just gonna
let him die, is that it?

I was thinking maybe
you could help us.


Look, I don't have a license.

You're a doc, right?

Yes, but I'm not a surgeon!

Well, just help us
get him in the house

and see what you
can do, all right?

I'm on parole, OK?

I just did four years.

I don't want to do
anything to screw that up.

Come on, Dean.

He's not gonna help us.

Give me a hand with him.

I'm not promising anything.
DEAN: I know.

I know.

I've never done
abdominal surgery,

do you understand that?
DEAN: I've got his legs here.

I mean, you know,
I've poked around there

a little bit in surgical
rotation, that's about it.

Do you understand that?
DEAN: Yes.

But at this point, you're
the only hope we got.


What the fuck is going--

DEAN: What the
hell are you doing?

What the fuck happened to him?
Who the fuck did that to him?

DEAN: A low-life drug dealer.

Don't you fucking look at me.
Don't you look at me.

You stupid fucking bitch.

You did that, didn't you?

SUNNY: It wasn't my fault.
It was fucking Owen's idea!

Who the fuck is this faggot?

DEAN: He's a doctor.

- Yeah, was a doctor.
- What?

It's not like we
had a lot of options.

You want to--

Just shut up right now
and help me if you want

this kid to live, all right?

All right.
All right.

What can we do?

I need sheets and
towels and tools.

W-- w-- what kind of tools?

Exacto knife, needle
nose, some kind of wire,

dental floss, a
sewing kit, a vacuum.

You get this shit, huh?

Iodine, rubbing alcohol,
any kind of painkillers.

What about me?


You need to get off
your feet, all right?

Just apply pressure,
just like this.

I'll get to you as soon
as I can, all right?


Oh, come on.



All right.


That's it.
That's good.

RANDY: I got it.

OK, I've got sheets and,
um, needles, all right?


THOMAS: There you go.

That's it.

That's it.

Give me some water, right there.

Right there on top.

OK, that's good.

The vacuum.


That's good.

DEAN: How does it look?

The first thing I gotta do is
find the source of the bleeding

and try to stop it.

What about the bullet?

I'm not too
worried about that,

unless it's up against a nerve.

Let me get some more
water right here.

Right there.

That's it, OK.



OK, that's it.

That's it.

Oh, he is one lucky boy.


I think it's the
mesenteric artery.

The bullet just nicked it.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I should be able to fix this.

Give me, uh-- give me the
needle and the pliers.

Look what you did to him.

He's 22 years old.

It wasn't my fault.


Oh, no.

Gee, maybe-- maybe then
you can explain to me

how he went from
getting high every once

in a while to getting gunned
down in a fucking drug deal.


Don't Randy me.

Do not fucking Randy me.

This bitch got my
brother shot, Dean.

Fuck her.

Look, I don't want her
blood pressure going up, OK?

Could you give it a rest?

RANDY: Damn.

[door slams]

Why don't you go lay
down somewhere, OK?

I'll be in there as soon
as I finish up here.

SUNNY: Thanks.

I-- I need something
for my head.


Um-- yeah, I've probably
got something that

could help you out, darling.

Come here.

I'll be right back, Doc.

[slow music]



It's not bad for
being a little rusty.

[quiet knocking]

[slow piano music]

- [gasps]

Hey, it's OK.

It's just me.

How are you doing there?

OK, I guess.

OK, I just want
to clean this up.

Is he still alive?

Yeah, yeah.

But he's definitely not
out of the woods yet, so.

OK, this is gonna sting
a little bit, all right?


It's all right.

It's all right.



So, did you get any sleep?



It's all right.

I kind of learned to go
without it in med school.

Well, you're a lucky girl.

It's just an abrasion.

Do you think I'll ever
play the violin again?

You play?


Well, then I regret to inform
you, it's highly unlikely.


What the fuck is so funny?

Uh, nothing.

I was just finishing up.

Is there some place
I could crash?

[country music]

[labored breathing]

God damn you.

Hey, you want
something to eat?

I'm not hungry.

Listen, I think--

I think we should talk.

I'm gonna go, uh,
get some smokes.

RANDY: You know what?

You're not leaving
this fucking house

ever again until
you tell me exactly

what happened last night.

I already told you
everything that I know.

That is fucking
bullshit and you know it.

What happened to you?

You never used to
be such an asshole.

You fucking jerk.

Jeez, what a mess.

It took me two hours
to clean the blood out

of that back seat.

Dean, can I
borrow your car now?

Did I not just fucking
tell you not to go anywhere?

Yeah, sure.



Come on, Randy.
Give the girl a break.

She's been through a lot.
- Excuse me, what about me?

I got my first fucking
leave in three months.

I gotta come home to this shit.

DEAN: Now, don't start
with me this morning.


RANDY: You know what
the fuck [inaudible]??

DEAN: What?

RANDY: There's one
fucking guy that's dead.

You know what that means?

There's one fucking
guy that's alive.

And you know what?

If I don't put him
in the fucking dirt,

he's gonna be out there talking.
- OK.

Take it easy, all right?

One step at a time, OK?

Hey, Doc.


DEAN: How's he doing?

Well, the good news is, I
was able to stop the bleeding.

But it looks to me
like he's starting

to slip in septic shock here.

What happened?

You-- you fucked it up?


Look, even in an
operating room, there's

a high risk of infection.

All right, I cut your brother
up on a dining room table,

he's gonna need serious
antibiotics, not to mention IV

fluids to get his BP back up.

Any idea where
we can get those?

Yeah, I think you got
to get him to a hospital.

I don't think he's gonna
make it if you don't do it.

Oh, can't you just write
us a prescription for it?

It's not Ritalin, Randy.

We're talking about
surgical-grade antibiotics, OK?

Look, I understand that you guys
are worried about the police,

but this kid is gonna die.

No, you don't understand.

See, Owen's got two
strikes against him.

He gets a third
conviction, they're

gonna send him away for life.

Well, at least he'd
have a life, huh?

Would he?

I don't know.

That's a decision you two
are gonna have to make.

In the meantime, I've
gotta go to the drug store

and get some supplies.

I'll go with you.

I need something from
the drugstore too.

No, I think you
can let him do it.

It's female stuff.


He's a doctor.

Let her go, Randy.

Here, here, here, take my car.

And, uh, thanks again.

You've really gone above and
beyond a call on this thing.

Stupid shit.


Uh, yeah.

Thank you.

So what does your wife
think about all this?

My what?

I just--

I noticed your ring.

I'm not married anymore.


OK, let's not talk
about the past.

So, um-- what's your
future look like?

I try not to think about it.

Well, come on, you've got
to have some kind of a plan.


I don't believe in plans.

I used to, but I
had one and I fucked

it up pretty good so I figure,
what's the point, you know?

I don't know what you
did to wind up in jail,

but it couldn't
have been that bad.

You don't exactly look like
the serial killer type to me.


Well, I guess you don't
know me very well, do you?


OK, so what did you do, huh?

Was it drugs?


No, wait, wait, arson.

You've got a thing
about matches.



OK, um-- sodomy then.

I killed my wife.


Come on, seriously.

What were you in for?

Vehicular manslaughter.

Reckless endangerment
plus a DUI.

It usually adds up
to about 10 years,

but I think the judge
figured losing my wife

was worth something, so
he only gave me five.


I'm so sorry.

[music playing]

[brakes squeaking]

I'll see you in a minute.


There you go.



Surprised to see me, huh?

Shut up.

[highway noise]

I don't give a shit.

I just want my
goddamn money, bitch.

Will you get
your hands off her?

Fuck off, white bread.

Didn't I tell you to fuck off?

SUNNY: Johnny, stop it.



[non-english speech]
No guns here.


Could you get
your hands off her.



Get out of here.

I call police.

Call the police.

I'll put a fucking
cap on you, man.

So you think I'm
stupid, huh, bitch?

I'll fucking hunt you down.

What are you looking at, huh?


Here, Cheetos.

STORE OWNER: You leave
this place right now!

Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Let's get out of here.

You too, get out!

That was a pretty slick
move you pulled back there.

Well, you know.

Did they teach you
that in med school too?

No, no.

I learned that in the
showers back at [inaudible]..


[dramatic music]

Oh my god.

I don't believe
that son of a bitch.

Wait a minute.

You know who did this?

Fucking Johnny Ramos!

This was my grandmother's Bible.

THOMAS: All right, let me,
uh-- let me help you, OK?

SUNNY: [crying]

Oh god.


We can get this cleaned up here.

Oh, no.


It's the only picture
I have left of my mom.


Oh god.

Sunny, Sunny, Sunny, it's OK.

I gotta get out of
this goddamn town.

You will, Sunny.

Will you help me?

You don't need me, Sunny.

Yes I do.

Yes I do.

You can take me
back to LA with you.

No, I'm-- actually not
going back anytime soon.

Oh, well can go
someplace else then.

Anywhere we want to.

Thailand, maybe.


I came here to lay
low, all right?

I think in the last 24
hours I committed like seven

parole violations, and now
you want me to just skip town,

- Yeah.


I mean, think about it, Thomas.

It could be amazing.

Well, yeah.

We could just lie on the beach
all day covered in coconut oil,

drinking Mai Tais.

Or-- or you could work
as a doctor again.

Start your own little clinic.

Go to Thailand?


God, you're-- you're
just so beautiful.

I want you to.

No, we can't.

It's OK.

It's OK.

Just let yourself go.



What the hell
are you doing here?

And who the fuck did this?

Who do you think?

Yeah, it must have
been Owen's dealer.

We had a little run in
with him at the store.

His name's Johnny Ramos.

You know, Owen has his
number around here someplace.

So how long you two been here?

Uh-- just a couple of minutes.

I was going to
re-bandage her arm.

Yeah, I'll bet.

SUNNY: I found it.

It's his pager, I think.

I'm gonna kill
this fucking guy.

I mean, you fuck with a Mecklin,
you fuck with the whole clan.

- I'm gonna go take a shower.
- [clears throat]

All right.

You know, you
better watch yourself.

Excuse me?

Just because we live in
a backward fucking town

doesn't mean we're a
bunch of goddamn morons.

Well, I'll keep that in mind.

What, you just think
you're so smart, don't you?

Well, you don't know shit.

Don't go too far, Doc.

We may need you again.

[music playing]


[music on tv]

[slow country music]

Son of a bitch.

[upbeat music]

What the hell is this?

I asked for a scotch and soda.

[phone ringing]

This tastes like bourbon.

I can't stand bourbon.

Roy's Bar.

It's for you.

All right.

Look, I don't want
people calling you here.

THOMAS: I'm sorry.

Yeah, hello?

upset that we didn't get

a chance to say goodbye today.

I'm just glad to
hear your voice.

Are you OK?

How about you?

Oh, great.


Just, I've been thinking
about you all day, that's all.

So, I mean, I was
worried about you.


So, uh-- how's
your arm feeling?

It hurts a little.

I was hoping-- oh shit.
I got-- I gotta go.

Wait, wait.

Now, Sunny-- Sunny,
when can see you again?

[dial tone]

Hey, new guy, who
do I have to fuck

to get a drink around here?


All right.

Good night, Roy.


There we go.


Oh, now what?

Hey, hey, buddy.


How's it going?

I think we found a
place to get the medicine

you were talking about.

Oh, great.

Uh-- what was it we needed?

Oh, well, uh,
definitely amp and gent

would be your best bet.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.

Uh-- write this down.

It's ampicillin
and gentamicin.

You know what?

You probably ought to get a
bunch of saline if you can.


If you guys could
get your hands

on a few units of
O negative blood,

I could probably
get his BP back up.

Goddammit, Dean, I
can't spell this shit.

I-- he-- he's coming--
you're coming with us.

- Dean, I can't.
- I'm not asking.

I think it's a
good idea, just--

just this one last thing.

See, that way you can give
Owen the stuff, and, uh--

we'll be out of your hair.

What if I don't?

[dramatic music]

[gun cocks]


[brakes squeaking]

That's the phone
line right there.

You know what you're
doing here, right?

All these alarms run
off the phone line.

One wire, boom, you're in.
- Oh, OK.


Why don't you just take
me back to the state pen

while you're at it here, Dean?

No, no, you'll be in and
out in a couple of minutes.

You've got nothing
to worry about.

Well, look, look.

At some point I do have to
draw a line between generosity

and stupidity here.

RANDY: Well, not right now.

[glass shattering]

You better go.

Come on.

My guess is what we're
looking for is right in here.

I'm gonna need to get in there.



[suspenseful music]

[car engine running]

[phone ringing]

Hey, why is the phone ringing?

I thought that you--

[exciting music]



Oh, shit.

Don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

Drop the bag and
get on the ground.

Hey, easy there, OK?

I said get on the ground.

OK, you got us.

OK, we're going down.

Just take it easy, OK?

Let me see your hands.

No, no, no, no.

You don't want to do that.

You don't want to do that.

Base, this is car four.

I've got two, uh--

Caucasian, uh--


These two guys just came
running out of the building.

BASE (ON RADIO): Car four, just
maintain your position there.

I'll call the sheriffs, OK?


- Come on, let's go.

four, do you copy?

Come on.

BASE (ON RADIO): Car four.

Roger, is there something
wrong with your radio?



Car four, Roger, do
you need some backup?

RANDY: [grunts]

Dude, I'll kill you,
you son of a bitch!

DEAN: Randy, what in the
hell is the matter with you?

RANDY: He saw my face, Dean.

He saw my fucking face!

DEAN: Goddamn, we gotta
get out of here now.


Not before we take
care of this shit.

We've got to get
out of here now, OK?

I swear to God, if
you try and stop me,

I will fucking drop you.

Well, then kiss your
little brother goodbye.

Come on.

Come on, now.

Come on.


Hey, Sunny.


What'd you give her?

A little something
to calm her down.

What do you mean
calm her down?

She's almost comatose.
- Don't worry about her.

Your patient's over here.



[slow music]



RANDY: [snorting]

Oh crap.

We really gotta tie up some
of those loose ends today.

Yeah, no shit.

I'll make sure that big
bastard's out of the picture.

What are we gonna do about him?


I mean it, Randy.

He went out on a
limb to help us.


I don't trust him.

I just-- I don't like the way
he's always looking at Sunny.

Just take care of Johnny.

We'll worry about him later.

All right.

I'm gonna take a shower.



I hope you take it black,
'cause that's all we got.


You sleep OK?

Like a hundred bucks.


THOMAS: Where's Sunny?


Still sleeping.

I moved her into Owen's room.

See, look, his color's
a lot better now.



He looks good.

I guess you were right
about those drugs, huh?

I guess so.

Can I get a ride home?

Thomas, I gotta say, you
are one hell of a doctor.

You pulled off a miracle here.

Well, hey, don't get
your hopes up, Dean.

That kid's still got a
rough road ahead of him.

Oh, I hear you.
I hear you.

You know, it's a shame to
think of you wasting all--

Holy shit.

We can't let them find Owen.



Get your ass out here!

RANDY: What?

I'm in the fucking shower.


Hold this above his head.

Hold it above his head.

DEAN: All right, all
right, all right.

RANDY: Let's take
him back to my room.


Damn it.

[glass shatters]

RANDY: We'll put
him in the closet.

Let's go.

DEAN: Go, go, go, go.

Here we go.

Just get in there.

RANDY: Watch it,
watch it, watch it.

[doorbell rings]

I got it.



Holy shit.

[doorbell rings]


Be right there.


What's going on?



Hey, Travis.

What's up?

TRAVIS: Can we come in a sec.

DEAN: Yeah.

Come on in.

TRAVIS: How you been?
DEAN: Good, good.

And you?
Hey, Stan.

Do you want a cup of
coffee or something?

No, thanks.

Got a fresh pot.


Is Randy here?


No, no.

He's down at Pendleton.

Well, isn't that his
car parked out there?

DEAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

He left it here after basic.


Did something happen?

Oh, now, someone was
shot and killed down

at Hoskins the other night.

Oh, Jesus Christ.


Ah, just some
dirtbag crack dealer.

The problem is that, uh--

the gun traced back to Randy.

Are you sure?


Maybe somebody
stole it from him.

Well, you know, that
was my first thought.

I called over to the
base to talk to him.

It turns out he's AWOL.

They haven't seen
him in three days.

Oh, Jesus Christ!


I had no idea.

No idea.

So you think that, uh--

he's involved with this?

TRAVIS: I don't know.

They did find a
second pool of blood,

so somebody else
got shot pretty bad.

But I don't think it was Randy.

I checked the blood type
against the military records.

It wasn't any match.

DEAN: I don't know
what to tell you.

I don't even know how
to get a hold of him.

Randy has always been a handful.

But I tried.

You of all people
know how I tried.

[clears throat]

Those kids.

Ever since their father died.

TRAVIS: Yeah, I know.

Some kids, they just
don't want to learn.

Especially those two.

I say black, they say white.

It's always been
that way with them.

Whoo, it's hot today, huh?

You sure I can't get you guys an
iced tea or something to drink?

TRAVIS: Hey, where
is Owen and that,

uh-- pretty little
girlfriend of his?


Holy cow, he married her?


Yeah, yeah.

A couple of months ago.

Matter of fact, they're on
their honeymoon right now.

A belated honeymoon
up in, uh, Santa Cruz.

Well, God bless him.

I hope it lasts.



TRAVIS: What the hell was that?

DEAN: I wonder.

I thought you were
the only one here.

Yeah, uh-- it's, um--

Oh, um--

I'm sorry.

I didn't know anyone was here.

Hey, hey, hey.

Wait just a minute.

What happened to your arm?


Uh-- I cut it on a gate at
the stable the other day.

TRAVIS: Uh-huh.

When did you get back here?


From Santa Cruz.

Oh, uh-- uh--



Look, I'm kind of tired.

I just woke up.

Is there any coffee?

In the kitchen.

Listen, Dean, you do not
want to be pulling my chain.

Now, I came here as a friend.

I know.
I know.

I know.

It's just, uh--
it's just that, uh--

she and Owen had a fight.

She came back all hysterical.

I don't want to hear about
their dirty laundry, you know?

So, uh, you wouldn't mind if
we kind of took a look around?

No, no.

Go ahead.

[suspenseful music]

TRAVIS: Hey, Stan, come here.

Gone for three months, right?


If you see or hear
anything from Randy,

you tell him I'm looking
to talk to him, Dean.

Do you understand me?
- You bet.

All right.


Uh, see you.


What the fuck were
they looking for?


Found one of your goddamn
guns where Owen was shot.


Yeah, Owen must have stole it.

And what the hell
were you thinking?

I'm sorry, I--

Shut up!

Has the seriousness of
this fucking situation

failed to [inaudible] you, huh?

Hey, hey, Dean, why
don't you take it easy?

You stay out of this.


And you, you
stupid piece of shit.

Randy, you went AWOL?

It's none of your
goddamn business, Dean.

Three generations
of Mecklin served

in the corps with a perfect
service record till now.

You fucking coward.

You're a disgrace
to the family name.

The family name's
a fucking joke.

If your daddy
heard you say that--

[rifle cocks]

Don't even talk
about my daddy.

He hated you.

Shit, I hate you.

The only reason I'm even
letting you stay here

is you're so pathetic, you can't
stand on your own two feet.

Put the fucking gun down.

You better pick
a fucking gun up.

Just put that
fucking gun down!

Shut up, please.

This is not helping.

We've got to get Owen
out of that closet.

Now, Randy, will
you give me a hand?

Come on.

Would you put your
fucking clothes on?

I'm so sick you walking around
this house in your underwear

like a fucking whore.

DEAN: Are you OK?

Sorry you had to hear all that.


Don't worry about it.


Whatever happened to respect?

That's what I like about you.

The minute I met you, I knew
you were a man of character.





Listen, uh-- I know this can't
begin to cover your services,

but, uh--

I want you to take this.

You've been real
Christian-like, and this family

will always be in your debt.
- That's OK.

All right?
- Don't insult me, buddy.

Thanks a lot.

DEAN: We'll be in touch.

THOMAS: I was not
flirting with her.

I was not flirting with her.

It's OK.

I think it's cute.

You are so goddamn beautiful.

I think it's cute.

THOMAS: You are so
goddamn beautiful.

[tires screeching]


Come on.


Now, you, uh, you hang
in there, Owen, all right?


And don't-- don't
you worry, um--

I'm gonna find that-- that
fucking guy, all right?

[clears throat]

[upbeat music]

TRAVIS: Hey, Roy,
how's business?

Oh, evening, Detective.

TRAVIS: Just give me a Bud.

Listen, you seen
anything of them

Mecklin boys around here lately?

Dean came in
here the other day,

and, uh, then, uh, that younger
one come in and talk to him.


Uh, yeah, yeah.

The one with the
cute little wife.


When I was his age, I couldn't
get run over by a piece of ass

like that.


Do you remember when that was?

ROY: I don't know off hand.

What about him?

ROY: Oh, well, he's new in town.

He don't know anyone.

Ain't that right, Doc?


Uh, it's Thomas, actually.

Oh, that's right.

He's, uh-- sensitive about that.

Are you a doctor?

Well, I was, in, uh--

in Los Angeles.


You know, we had a break-in at
a medical office last night.

You think you might answer
some questions for me?

Uh-- no.

Uh-- you know, I'm not sure
I'll be much help, but go ahead.

Well, the third time they've
hit this place this year.

Teenagers getting in there
stealing drugs, you know.

But for some reason,
they took a shitload

of intravenous antibiotics.

Now, can you think of any
reason maybe, down there in LA,

the kids are getting
high off of a IV drip?


I don't know.

I wouldn't put it past them.

So do you, um--

do you know the
kids who did this?


We have a witness, but the poor
bastard got hit in the head

with a brick, and he can't
remember anything since Easter.

Oh, now I remember.

It was the night of
that thunderstorm.


Yes it was.




Yeah, I think
that was Wednesday.

Well, that's just
a couple of days ago.

ROY: Uh-huh.

TRAVIS: Are you sure
about that, Roy?

ROY: Oh, yeah.

She was something to see.

You remember her,
don't you, Thomas?


Yeah, I think I do, actually.

Did you happen to
notice whether she

had a wound on her arm?

Well, you know, I really
wasn't looking at her arm.


Hey, uh, Roy, can I
get that break now?

Oh, OK.



See you.

[phone ringing]



Hey, Dean, it's Thomas.


Hey, look, um--

I just thought you might
like to know that, you know,

that detective?

He just came by the bar and is
asking a bunch of questions.


Are you in the
middle of something?


I'll talk to you later.


Uh-- how's Owen doing?

DEAN (ON PHONE): The same.

Call me later.
- What about Sunny?

How's she doing?

Look, I gotta go.

Call me tomorrow.
- OK.

I just--

[dial tone]

You want this?



DEAN: You want that, hm?


Here it comes.

Here it comes.

There you go, baby.

There you go.

That's my baby, hm?


[suspenseful music]

Hi, Arlene.

[bell jingles]


SUNNY: I want you to, huh?

I want you to.


SUNNY: I want you to.



MACHINE): You missed us.

Leave a message.



[engine sputtering]

[upbeat music]



SUNNY: [moaning]

THOMAS: [grunting]

BOTH: [moaning]

Oh god.

Oh my god.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, oh, yeah.





THOMAS: What is that?


Oh shit.


[bag rustling]

[dramatic music]



[exhales loudly]

Those drips.


Where the hell did
they put those drips?

DEAN: What are you doing here?

Um-- Sunny called
and said that, uh,

Owen wasn't breathing so well.

There's some extra
drips around here.

Do you know where
Randy stashed them?

They're probably
still in the closet.


Where's Sunny?

Shower, I think.


You didn't know
about them, did you?

No, I can't say that I did.


They were crazy about
each other, and just about

drove each other crazy.

They were on one
hell of a wild ride.

Spent everything his daddy
left him in a matter of months.

When she finally broke
it off, he was homicidal.

He didn't know whether he was
gonna kill her or himself.

So he went to join the Marines,
just get her out of his mind.

It was either that
or the psych ward.

You want a sandwich?


No thanks.

How'd she end up with Owen?

Once you've had to Mecklin,
there's no going back, I guess.


Dean, you're funny.

By the way, your fly is open.

[machinery noise]

[rock music]

[neck cracks]


JOHNNY: Yo, who is it?

RANDY: I want to
score some shit.

JOHNNY: [grunts]

What the fuck is this?

You fucked with the
wrong family, motherfucker.

I don't even know
who you are, man.


Well, I know who
the fuck you are.

You shot my fucking
brother, you piece of shit.

JOHNNY: No, please.

You gotta listen to me, man.

It wasn't my idea.

She made me do it.
- Who?


Don't you fucking lie to me.

JOHNNY: I swear to God.

I'm tell telling the truth.

She even gave me
the gun to do it.

Hey, Dean.


When did you get back?

DEAN: A while ago.

SUNNY: How's he doing, Doc?

Oh, the sedative wore off.

I gave him another dose.

You did the right thing
calling me, Sunny.

Can you take that outside?

Hey, can I get one of those?


You smoke?


So you used to go
out with Randy?


So, were you planning
on telling me this?


You're starting to sound
like a goddamn Mecklin.

Just so you
know, that sedative

I gave Owen is gonna wear off
in a couple of hours, all right.

And I don't really want to be
around here when he wakes up

and starts talking.

So do something about it.

Like what?

You're a doctor.
Figure something out.

You know what I
think we should do?

I think we should go right
now, you and me, to Thailand,

just like we talked about.
What do you say?

We could do this, Sunny.

Yeah, but he's still gonna
wake up in a couple of hours

and spill his guts.

We'll be long gone by then.

It's just gonna look worse
if we disappear, Thomas.

Come on, you know that.

I can't just
keep sedating him.

What if he never woke up?

Then we wouldn't have to keep
looking over our shoulders

for the rest of our lives.

Jesus, Sunny, you
know what you're saying?

Well, come on.

You'd been doing
the world a favor.

He's not Mother
Teresa for God's sake.

He's a goddamn piece of shit.

Well, he's your husband, OK?

Can't you see who
these people are?

What they've done to me?

Why don't you run away?

Why don't you just go?

Because it isn't
that simple, Thomas.

I mean, people have obligations.


To who, Randy?

To Dean?

Look, Owen cheated a
drug dealer and got shot.

He-- he wouldn't even be
alive if you hadn't come

along and messed with fate.

All I want you to do is to
put it back the way it was.

I don't know if I
could do that, Sunny.

No, I know you.

I know you can.

If not to save yourself,
then at least to save me.

Dammit, would
you quit stalling?

It's here somewheres.

I got everything, man.

Her asking me how to do it,
how much she was gonna pay me.

I even got her bragging
about how she was gonna

spend Owen's inheritance money.

You better not be shitting me.

I'm not, man.
I swear to you.

That's why I got it.

That's why I made this.

It's a little insurance
policy for me.

You know-- you know what I mean?

Man, you-- you promise me now
that if I give you this tape,

you're not gonna
kill me, right, man?

Jesus Chr-- That's
what I said, yes.

You promise me?


Cool, man.



MAN (ON TV): Buy it, and
the fish love the Silver

Slider back in this corner.

I had a couple bites.

I haven't got anything in yet.

But let me tell you, this
isn't gonna take long.

It ain't gonna take
long with this thing.

I can see under--
- Too much fish?

MAN (ON TV): Come on, baby.
Come on.

Oh, he got away.
- Nope.

MAN (ON TV): But you ain't
gonna get away for long.


This one here's my
blue Silver Streak.

You don't have to work today?

No, not until 6:00.


Closed up early.

I wanted to come back
here in case Travis

came snooping around again.

Oh, yeah.

MAN (ON TV): That's
about a five-pounder

there, Billy, let me tell you.

[suspenseful music]

This one here I call Black Gold.

This thing gets deep in the
willows when it's cold out--

Well, I better get going.


See you.

THOMAS: All right.

Ah, shit.

He's burning up.

I think he went into shock.

I'm gonna need some ice, Dean.

DEAN: I got some in the fridge.

THOMAS: No, I'm talking about
three or four big bags of ice.

I'll run to the store.


Sunny, you come with me.

[dramatic music]

What the hell am I doing?




OWEN: [groans]





[exhales slowly]

Oh fuck.

Oh fuck.


This is not happening.

This is not fucking happening.

[rock music]


Let's go.

[gravel crunching]

[car door closes]

What the fuck
are you doing here?

I've got some bad news.

His excessive blood loss led to
a state of hypovolemic shock.

I tried to boost his
BP with the saline,

but I just couldn't sustain him.

Then he went into
severe cardiac arrest.



I'm gonna leave you two, OK?


What's that?

Well, he started convulsing
when he went into arrest.

It got pretty ugly.

Are you here alone?



Where's Sunny?

I sent her and Dean to
get some ice for Owen.


You killed him, didn't you,
huh, you stupid son of a bitch?

Fuck you.

I've been busting my ass all
week trying to save his ass.

Did Sunny pay you
to do this, huh?

Huh, did she?

Just like she did with
Johnny fucking Ramos?


Don't play fucking
dumb with me!

I got proof.

Yeah, he gave me this shit
before I put a fucking bullet

through his head.
- I swear to God, Randy.

I don't know what the
fuck you're talking about.

Oh, you just thought
you fucking knew it all,

didn't you?
Huh, Doc?

Well, who's the
dumb ass now, huh?

Oh, don't even fucking
think about it.

Now that the patient's
gone apparently

we won't need your services
anymore now, will we, Doc?

What the hell is going on?





Oh, my baby.

DEAN: Did he?

Oh damn.

You murdering bitch.

Put the gun down
and let her go.

RANDY: What the
fuck are you doing?

I mean it or I'll drop
your ass right now, Randy.

You've got no fucking idea
what's going on here, Dean.

She paid that fucking
wetback to shoot Owen.

And when it didn't
fucking work, she got

the doc here to finish him off.

THOMAS: It's bullshit.

He went into shock.

You were here when
it happened, Dean.


Well, how did he end up with a
big fucking hole in his chest?

No, don't you fucking move.

THOMAS: It was an
accident, I swear.

Come on, Dean, I'm a doctor.

I could never do anything
to hurt this boy.

Did you fuck her?

Did you?

You don't want to go there.

What the fuck are
you guys talking about?

OK, Sunny.
Go ahead.

Show him your track marks.

You just shut the fuck up.

THOMAS: When did you
first get her started?

Was it when she was with Owen
or back when she was with Randy?

I don't know what the
hell he's talking about.

I guess that's the only
way you can get laid, huh?

You sick fuck.





Who's my baby?


[exciting music]


Look, will you get out of here?

- What?
- Get out of here!

You're on your own, all right?





[car engine starts]





He's getting in the car.



[tires screeching]

Sunny, can you get
the key to this thing?

Get the key.

Right there.


[tires screeching]



Oh God.


[tires screeching]

I got it.




[truck horn honking]

[car horn honking]

[tires screeching]

Oh shit.

I got it!

All right.
Hold on.

SUNNY: [screaming]


[car engine revving]

Come on.

SUNNY: [screams]

[car engine revving]








[tires screech]


SUNNY: So where do
we go from here?

What do you mean "we"?

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Five people are dead
because of you, Sunny.

That's what's wrong.

- Because of us.
- That's bullshit.

I didn't kill anyone.

Owen's death was an accident.

I was desperate to
get away from them,

and I couldn't see
any other way out.

You know, neither of
us are angels, Thomas.

But we have something.

Something that doesn't
come along every day.

And I know--

I know that if we could just
get out of Purgatory Flats,

we could be great together.


So what do we do
about Dean and Owen?

- What do you mean?
- What do you mean, what?

We can't just leave them there.

We've got to do something.

I mean, you know,
maybe-- maybe we

could try to make it look
like they disappeared

or something like
that, you know?


Um-- you go back to your
apartment and pack up.

I'll go to the house
and get started.

Why don't we do that together?

[car engine starts]

[suspenseful music]

What happened to his gun?

I don't know.

[gravel crunching]

THOMAS: [grunting]


[gravel crunching]

Hurry up.

These two are
beginning to stink.

All right.

You want to give me a
hand with the bodies here?

SUNNY: I don't think so.

What are you doing?

I didn't want it to
come to this, Thomas,

but you just won't let
me do what I need to do.

What are you talking about?

Owen is going to
the county morgue

so he can be pronounced dead and
I can collect his inheritance.

Jesus, Sunny.

Is that what this is all
about, a few lousy bucks?

10,000 lousy bucks.



What's so goddamn funny?

Um-- I--

I used to make that in a week.




I don't think so.



[breathing heavily]

Are you gonna kill me, Thomas?


Just like you killed your wife?

THOMAS: [grunts]




Just do it, Thomas.

Why don't you put me out
of my fucking misery?

(SOBBING) It's the
only way I'll ever

get out of this fucking place.

You know what, Sunny?

I'm not doing any
more favors for you.


No, no, no!

No, no!

Fuck you, Thomas!

Put me down!

No, no, no, no.

[trunk closes]



[car engine starts]

JOHNNY (ON TAPE): $10,000?

Where are you gonna get
that kind of money, huh?

It's just sitting

in a bank waiting to be spent.

What the fuck?

Where did you get that?

a dangerous fucking lady.


I'll kill you, Thomas!

I swear to God I'll
tear your fucking

heart out, you son of a bitch!

We'll go to Thailand.

JOHNNY (ON TAPE): Thailand?


JOHNNY (ON TAPE): What are
we gonna do in Thailand?

We'll go to Thailand

and we'll lie on the beach.


SUNNY: Get me out of here!



Thomas, I'll tear your fucking
heart out, you son of a bitch!

Take care of yourself, Sunny.

SUNNY: What?

What the fuck?


[phone ringing]

Detective McGill.


Yeah, I remember you.


I got something I
thought you might

be interested in regarding that
shooting of the Mecklin kid.


If you need me, you know
where to find me, all right?


[slow music]


Open this fucking door!

Hey, Ed, you
better get down here.

You're not gonna
believe this one.


Hey, hey.

Are you OK?


Well, I'm glad you called.

Me too.

[upbeat music]


I had a lover, and I
left her in the dust

in a Barracuda painted blue.

Going 90 and she blew my trust.

I said, baby, this is you.

I left her standing
with a couple of bucks

for a biscuit and
a bottle of beer.

I pulled away, I
heard, man, it sucks.

What the hell am I doing here in
this wide stretch in the road?

Just a wide stretch in the road.

She always travels light.

She always wipes things clean.

She always doubles
back and doubles down.

There's winners and losers
and nothing in between,

and there's always
another mark around.

She was never one
for [inaudible]

like her wires were crossed.

She dragged the bottom
of the wishing well.

She's nobody's baby
and nobody's boss.

She's a little of
heaven in the middle

of hell in this wide
stretch in the road.

Just a wide stretch in the road.

[inaudible] another
death with every breath.

They're holding onto nothing
as the brakes give way.

And there's nothing
as strong and there's

nothing as tough as a kind
love when you can't get enough.

And you can't get
wiser, it all explodes.

And you can't keep shooting,
and you can't reload.

It's just a wide
stretch in the road.

Just a wide stretch in the road.

The wind, it never stops,
and the heat will rise,

and a highway never bends.

The heart dries up
and just blows away.

[inaudible] It's the same
refrain of the driving rain.

No wind in sight
to this drought.

Truth to tell, there's
not a hope in hell.

Once you're in it,
you're never getting out

of this wide
stretch in the road.

Wide stretch in the road.

Wide stretch in the road.

Just a wide stretch in the road.