Pulse (2021) - full transcript

A young Ukrainian field athlete lives in a small town and has a big dream - to take part in the Olympics. Her competitive career has just began, and she has good results. But after a terrible car accident the girl suffers severe injuries and almost loses her eyesight. It seems that Oksana has no other choice but to forget not only about the long wished Olympics, but also about a normal life. However, she is not going to give up and wishes to prove that there are no obstacles on the way to make the real dream come true.

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Why are you so serious? One minute
of embarrassment and you're home.

We are ready.

Julia, help me out!

Get set!


Oksana, thirteen and one.

You're one step closer
to your dream today.

The Olympics are waiting.

- That's it for you though.
- What? It's because of my knee.

Mend your knee then.

With such results I'm not going
to take you to competitions in Ukraine.

So, tomorrow is an individual training,
and you will rest.

- But it is my kne…
- Enough.

But I…

You've become really bitchy.

Do I have to apologize?

You know what? You should train harder
instead of eating at night.

- Are you going to the party?
- Hey! Give it to me! Give it back!

Hey! What's going on here?

Stop her!
The star fever blows her mind away!

You'd better think about your knees.

You're dead! Do you hear me?

Is that normal?

Vira, could you give me the dress, please?

Oksana, where have you been?

Come on, hurry!

Is it funny?


All your life's been a mess
thanks to your running.

How am I supposed to look people
in the eye? It's such an embarrassment.

I think Oksana understands everything
and she'll change.

Right, sweetheart?

Next time she'll go naked on stage.

And it is called exhibitionism, mom.

At the concert there were people
from the Music College.

Mom, I'm going to quit cello,
I'm sick of it.

You will always earn a living
thanks to music. Always.

Mom, why are you so annoyed?

Because you don't realize
that life's not that simple.

You know what, mother?
Take care of yourself, please,

and I'll figure out what to do.

We understand everything.
We used to do sport too.

- I know you want the best for me.
- Dad, give me some bread.

Well, sport, it's great.

However, you're neglecting
not only music but also school.

She lives in an imaginary world.


Mother, do you know my sprint time at all?

You just don't get it.

Mom, I have a dream.

It's because the President provides
Olympians with apartments in Kyiv.

- That's her real dream.
- Shut up!

We understand everything. Everything!

Why can't you support me then?

Because, sweetheart, I'm well aware
of how many athletes actually get medals,

and how many end up with broken lives.

Look at Olena, for instance.

She's a diligent student,
she also takes additional classes.

She will enter the university.

Sorry I'm not Olena.

Where are you going?

Vira wrote me
that I'd forgotten my sheet music at hers.

Check if you want.

- Hi.
- Hey. Let's go.


As always.

It's okay.

- Come here.
- Max…

- But I've missed you so much…
- Max.

Are you drunk?

- Everything's fine.
- Max, I told you to stop!

- But everything's fine…
- I told you to stop!

Hey… Oksana!


What's the matter?

I'm not drunk, look.

Half a glass, it was my friend's birthday.
So what?

Are you insane?

Insane? Okay, okay, how about this.

Let's forget about the car,
we'll go for a walk. Okay?

Let's walk.

Are you crazy?

Well, I'm crazily in love with you.



What's wrong?

We're going to Dnipro in a week.
You and me.

Then there will be records,
parties, interviews, cameras.

You and me, together.



We'll get out of here, I promise.

Then what?


We'll go to the States,
train there and earn a fortune.

Train there?


she has a dream.

Let her train on Saturdays?

Sasha, I want our children to be happy.

Not like us.

When we were kicked out
in the street after this sport.

Life's different now.

It's even harder.

That's why we need to guide them,
so that they are happy.

Happiness is

when they create it themselves.

Here's the plan,

you will run on Sundays.

But promise me that you won't quit music.

Thanks, mommy.

I need a new Walkman then.

Nobody heard about the Walkman of course.

You will see, you'll be proud of me.

I won't forget these words.

Sweetheart… Sweetheart…




Oksana, are you OK?



Everything will be alright.



Good afternoon.

- Good day.
- Good afternoon.

No-no-no. Easy-easy.
You shouldn't make any quick moves.

Our task is to do some exercises
for the optic nerve

and watch the dynamics.





Really beautiful.

How are you feeling?


What are the doctors saying?

Will you come home soon?

There have been
constant examinations, exercises so far.

Different eye drops and stuff.

But it's nothing serious, is it?




Thanks, I'm lucky to have you.

Well. Look.

Hmm. Good.

And now?

Do you feel any difference?


You know, she's got some brain damage.

Everything's fine with her eyes.

There's a spike failure somewhere.

There's no need for Oksana
to stay in the hospital,

you can take her home tomorrow.

In familiar surroundings
it'll be easier for her to adjust.

- Adjust?
- Yes.

She and her brain
need to adjust to the new life.

But there must be another way.

Well, medicine nowadays is so… it's…

She won't be able to see
as she did before.

And… What now?

Let me.

No worries.




Don't, I can handle myself!

I brought you my Walkman.

Listen to some music, maybe?

Maybe you'll read me fairy tales too?

Dial Max for me, please.


You understand that he doesn't return
only your calls, right?

For the record, he's at the training camp.

Do you want to hear Max?
Let's use my phone.



- Hello?
- Who is it?


Now, Oksana, let's come down first, OK?

The championship is near.
I can't sit with you all the time.

With me all the time?

Max, are you out of your mind?

Who is it? Marik?

Screw you.

Oksana, jerk is a jerk
even with his achievements in sport.

The national team of Australia
took the first place at the Olympics.

Look at the board.


And now? Any difference?


What if there is some additional research?

You see, atrophy of receptors
is irreversible.

It's a great miracle
she didn't lose her sight completely…


Sweetheart. Sweetheart, open the door.


Honey, let's talk.

We'll see other doctors, do you hear me?

Where are you going?

Everything's fine.

I want to go for a walk.

I'm going with you.

Oksana. Oksana, wait. Where are you going?



Where are you going?

Are you nuts?

Take me to the stadium.

Yes, mom.

No, don't worry.

Everything's fine.
We'll walk around a bit.


Hey, could you buy me some water?


Well, okay.

But don't go anywhere,
because mom will kill me.

Just look at that.

Wow, who's here?

Oksana, hi!

How are you doing?

Did you miss running?

Keep your hands away
before I kick your ass!

Max said you were completely blind.

- How many fingers do you see?
- Screw you!

Bye-bye, the Olympics.

It's bad to make fun of cripples.

The correct way to say it
is "a person with disabilities".

Our condolences.
We'll collect money for a guide dog.

Hey, you are the only cripple here!

I'll run faster than anyone of you
even now.

This is ridiculous.

What, your knee hurts again?

I don't run with cripples.

Then try.

We'll see who is a cripple.

- Let's do it.
- Let's.



On your mark!

Get set!



Will we get into trouble?

Let's go.


Gosh, I asked you not to go anywhere.

How are you?

Let me.

I'll do it myself.

What were you thinking?

Are you nuts?


I need your help.

I see lines.

So what?

You don't understand. If I see lines,
I'll be able to run between them.

Yeah. Now go and tell our parents.

But you're my sister,

you know I won't be able
to do it without you.

Oksana, go to bed.

Yes, it's an awesome thing.
Where did you see it?

Where are you going?
I wasn't talking to you.

We're… going out.

- She needs fresh air, doesn't she?
- Oh!

Now what?

How are we going to run?

Just stay close and give me directions.
Come on.


I can't run anymore.

I feel awesome.

Ahead again.

Go, go.

Come on, go. Faster. Come back.

I want to get out of here so bad.

Move somewhere.

Get a degree. Find a normal job.

Then go travelling.

And what are your plans?

I want to get back in shape,

be trained by cool coaches.

I don't know,
Baluh or Sorochan, for instance.

I'm going to the starting line,
wait for me at the finish. Deal?


Come on! Run!

What are you doing here?

Do your parents know about it?

Come in.

What were you thinking?

What were you, Oksana, thinking? Running?

The doctor told you –
no physical activity or stress.

Are you out of your mind?

Why didn't you try motorsport.

Why are you joking?

But I'm not.

I'm on your side 100%.

Olena has nothing to do with it.

It's my decision
and I will carry on running.


I'm almost blind anyway.

But when I run, I feel normal.
Do you understand? I feel complete.

And I will run whether you like it or not.

Is she serious?

You'd better talk to the coach.
Let her run once a week.

And I will help her.

Maybe you should talk to the coach?


- I'm begging…
- No! Of course no.

I won't take such responsibility.

They demand results from me.
The budget depends on that.

I'm not going to be a babysitter.

Her sister will look after her.

I'm much better than the rest,
give me a chance.

Oksana, what if something goes wrong.
I don't want to go to jail.

We'll sign the papers.

If something happens,
we won't have any claims.


Bring these papers.

On Monday.

Hey-hey, come! Let's get started!

Oksana, what am I doing?

Wow, something interesting
is about to happen.

Girls, say hi to Oksana.

- She's back.
- Is this some kind of joke?

This cripple can't train
at the same stadium with us.

Your results are a joke.

I'm here to decide.

Any questions?

Warm up.



It must be because
of physical activity or stress.

She started running again.

What, running?

Lady, are you playing
with your daughter's health?

Wonderful, I'm speechless.

Oksana, are you done with the experiments?

Get well first
and then we'll talk about your sport.

- Mom…
- Hm?

I've decided to take part
in the competition.

The winners are going
to the championship of Ukraine.

Mommy, I must try.


That's it, I'll be waiting for you
at the finish line.

On your marks!

Get set!

Well done.

So, where's that bitch?

Over there.


how many fingers do you see?

Screw you.


You made it.

Hell yeah.

You know, I can't believe it.

Thanks for helping to convince mom.

Every time is a battle.

- That's mom.
- Well, true…

Okay, come in!
One minute and we're taking off.

Your bag is on the left.
Just ask and someone will help.


If somebody's late,
they will walk to Kyiv.

- Come on.
- Good afternoon.

Hello. Don't worry.
I'll keep an eye on her.

Oksana is our hope now.

Thank you.

Hold on.


Come on, let's go.


Where have you been? Come, quickly.

Sorry about that.

- Let me help you.
- No, thanks.


I was at the training camp.
You know it's always hectic there.

Max, I've already told you everything.

Oksana, I really didn't have time.
Please, forgive me.

- Let's start from scratch!
- Listen, give me back my bag, please.

- Wait…
- I told you to give it back!

- Calm down. Why are you screaming?
- It hurts.

Okay, sorry.
Listen, would you give us a try?

Don't touch me!

- Come here! Where are you…
- I said let me go!

- Is everything alright?
- Yes, we'll figure it out.

- Oksana…
- Max!

- She doesn't want to talk to you.
- Don't you understand…

Damn it, my arm.

Is it your bag?

Yes, thanks.

My name's Serhiy.

I'm Oksana. Nice to meet you.

Hey, sorry about…

Everything's f-fine.

- Let's go.
- Thanks.

Get up.

Go to hell.

Have you seen Sorochan?

People say he's looking for new athletes.

- The national team, it's so cool.
- So?

Are you ready?


Is everything ok?

You do realize everyone's here, right?

You have to do your best.

It's enormously important.
Do you understand that?

Turn around.

Don't embarrass me.

What's wrong?

Oksana? Is everything fine?

- Yes.
- Are you sure?

Yes, I am.

This one is ours.

Take the position, I'll check.

Please, don't worry,
everything will be just fine, okay?

I'll be at the finish line.

Get set!

- Am I the first one?
- You almost ran into me.

S-sorry, I don't know…

- What have you done?
- Me?

You see the lines, right?
Why did you run on someone's line?

I-I don't know, it was an accident.

We've been disqualified.
Don't you understand?

- Coach, I've…
- What?

- Next time I'll definit…
- There is no other time.

Oksana, it's over.
Enough, pack your things and rest.

- Listen, I…
- I've told you!

Are you the one who's just run 100m?


All right, you run well.

But it was a disaster at the start.

You know what, get lost, okay?

There's no place for emotions
in real sport, honey.

Are you still here?
Go get dressed and get on the bus.

- Where are you going?
- None of your business.

Do I need a special invitation for you?
Get on the bus quickly.

Listen, you have the signed papers.

If something happens to me,
you won't be responsible.

And now please, excuse me,
I'm not coming with you.

Are you out of your mind?

Do I have to run after you? Oksana!






I'm Serhiy. Do you remember?
We met earlier today.


Yes, sorry, I have to go.

Wait. Are you okay?

Do you need any help? A ride?

Do you know where Sorochan trains?

I do.

Could you take me there?

Sure. No problem.

Let's go.

Thank you.

Oksana, my car is here.

Sorry, I…

I don't see well.

I don't hear well.


Let's go.


I hope you're not a murderer.


I'm not.


Fix the foot.

Get set!


Vitaliy Sorochan. I told you about him.

Mom, please, don't start it.

Listen, it's my last chance to be
on the national team. I must try.

Look, that's him.

Mom, talk to you later.

Why are we standing?
Am I the one who's going to run?

- Excuse me, are you Vitaliy Sorochan?
- Why?

- I want you to be my coach.
- I'm busy.

- Could you please look at…
- My dear, am I making myself clear?

But you're looking for talented athletes.

I came from another town.
I really want you to be my coach.

Oh well. I'll train you
if you run at least as fast as she does.

- With the Master of Sports?
- Well, I don't need losers in my team.

So, are you gonna run?

Yes. Just a moment.

Warm up.

- Dmitro…
- Huh?

…control the start.

Are you sure?


I'll do it myself.

Where are you from?

Far from here.

Are you ready?


On your mark!

Get set!


Still alive?

- How are your legs and arms?
- How was it?

What's the result?

You did well.

You don't see where you run.

She has issues with eyesight,
but she wants to train with you.

I used to train at the local stadium
after the car crash.

Then I took part in the state competition,
but it didn't work out.

And then you told me to get lost.
And here we are.


I'm really sorry, I…

I didn't see you.

Oksana, why do you need running?

Money or fame?

When I run, I feel alive.

It's the first time I see
such an honest young lady.

Semenovich, we still need
to get our documents done.

I can turn the scholarship down.

Oksana, I'll be honest with you.

Our sport is about hard work, sweat,
tears and disappointments.

The rivalry is fierce,

and your chances are,
I beg your pardon, a million to one.

I understand,
but I'll fight for any chance.

Oh well. I have your phone number,
I'll think about it and give you a call.

Why are you torturing her?

She has the fire in her eyes.

But you won't become a babysitter
because of the fire.

I even don't know how to thank you.

You don't accept money.
You spent the whole day with me.


A blind runner – this is something
you've never seen before.

Well, you are an incredible girl.

Well, I understand that you say
the same things to all girls.

But anyways, it feels nice, thank you.

You can also hurt people.

Nah. I'm being realistic,

I know I won't be the same again.

Fine with me, you won't notice
a lot of unnecessary things.

Or won't see them at all.

Nice joke.


You know,

even if Sorochan doesn't call me,

it's still the happiest day of my life.


I ran with the Master of Sports.





- Is that them?
- Yep.

Sorochan is there.

Hold it, please.



Please, meet Oksana.

She'll be training with us.

- Hi.
- Hello.

I don't know what you've heard about me,

but I have several rules.

The first one –
you can skip a training only if you…


Got it.

Second of all, I'm extremely boring
and I promise sweat and tears every day.

I'll talk to your parents,
and you're going to live in the dormitory.

So, time to run now. Go.


Get set.



Push yourself, push.

Start – it's one-third of success.

One more time.

Come on, come on.

On your mark.

Get set.


Stop! One more time.

Come on, cheer up, come on.

Get set. Go!

Tie your shoes.

Put it back. Put.

Are you a bodybuilder or a runner?

Why did you take so much weight?

I used to do it like this.

Forget it. You should use less weight,
but more actively.

Remove those.

One. One. One.

Sharper. Sharper.

One. One.

And stop.

Do you want to go home?

- No.
- No.

One more time then. Come on.

Come on, let's begin.

Get set.


Give it here.

You have to make your first steps
at an angle.

At an angle, do you understand?

Come on.

On your mark. Get set.


Come back.

Did you get it?

One more time. Come on.

Are you absolutely exhausted?

What's an integral part of sport
in your opinion?

Systematic trainings,


Yeah. The ability to rest and switch.

Semenovich, how is it going?

Where are the lists? Today's the last day.

Is she coming too?


On your mark.

Get set.

Come on! Run!

- Great job!
- Thanks.

Thank you, coach.

Hello, but it's me.

Vitaliy Semenovich,
blue is our today's color.

I understood. So, girl?

Well done, my congratulations.

You are a candidate
for master of sports now.


Everything thanks to you.

Okay, time to rest.


Thank you.

I remember it vividly,
when Dad was watching the Olympics,

it was hurdles.

I was so impressed

that the next day I told my dad
I wanted to start running.

What happened after that?

After that, I got this unbelievable dream
about the Olympics.

And then,

then I met you.

You helped me and

it wouldn't have happened without you.

Thank you.

I need to pass medical examination now
and I'm in the national team.

I brought you something
from the competition.


What is it?

It's David, who defeated Goliath.

You said that Sorochan
compared you to him.



I'll wait here.

Read the third line with your left eye.


"K", "I".

Alright. Right eye.




I guess "M".

You guess?

Definitely "M".

You mean you see it clearly?




really nice.

So there's only one test left. Come here.

Put your chin over here, forehead.

Yes, don't move.

That's it, thanks.

I see.

Where are you…

going with such eyesight?

What? Everything's fine with it.

And you're lying.

Did you think
no one had learnt it by heart before?

Computers don't lie.

Listen, I…

I have to be in the national team.

The national team?
What are you talking about?

Please. Maybe we can find a way?

I guess you didn't understand me.

Sport isn't what you need right now.

So, Is everything ok?

- Vitaliy Semenovich, I'm sorry.
- Wow.

You wasted your time on a cripple, and
there's no place for cripples in the team.


Calm down.

There's still a chance, I'll talk to them.

It's too late. It's over.


There's one athlete from Dnipro,

he got into a car accident.

He thought his life was over,

had an emotional breakdown.

But his coach
didn't stop believing in him.

He proved him that there's always hope.

He got into the national Paralympics team.

Maybe there's a category for Oksana?


there's a chance.

Do you want to give it a try?

Yes, we can try.

- Well, then you need to…
- Buy new hurdles?

Sure, why not.

Let's check some rides
at the amusement park?

Come on, come on, run!

Oksana, please, don't go.

You can continue training.

It won't work.



I don't want to ruin your life.

You'll have bright future.

Oksana, I love you!


Oksana, life is a challenging adventure,

but if you have a dream
and you want to achieve it –

you have to find a way.

I understand.

What should I do?

Believe in yourself
and pass some medical examination.

Coach suggests some medical examination

so I can participate
in Paralympic competitions.

It turned out there is a category
for people with bad eyesight.

And? You have doubts.

But it's your way into the Olympics.

The Paralympics.

So what?

It's sport, competition.

And the most important
is that you'll be able to run.

It was your dream.



you have to run.

Do you hear me? Have to.

The whole world has to know
how incredible you are.

If you need any help with training,
I'll help.

What do you think?

What do you feel?


You need to enjoy training.

If you force yourself,
there won't be any result.

When you're tense, you have to relax.

So, have you rested?

Come one, here're paddles, time to row.
Come on, give me a ride.

Wow-wow, I'm joking, rest.

Why do you care so much about me?

Maybe because we're the same.

Only rebels change the world.



Your category is T12.

Our National Paralympic team
is going to Beijing with the new members.

There's a new athlete Oksana Botorchuk,

who won 100 and 60 meters distances
in Sweden and the Netherlands.

The National Paralympic team of Ukraine

will start qualification rounds
in the Paralympics in Beijing.

There are 15 Ukrainian athletes this year

and we're going to report live every day.

Let's wish them luck.

And now we will continue
our sports review…

- Thanks.
- Thank you.


No-no, everything's fine.

I'm just nervous, a little bit.


time to go.

You are already a champion for me.
Do you hear me?


I'm a bit anxious.

Everything will be fine.

Just go and show what you can do.



What? What happened?

I'm alright.

It happened before, no worries.

…Oksana Botorchuk, 2nd place.

That's it, we're in the finals.

- Feeling good?
- Uh-huh.

- Sure?
- Yes.



Hi, Vitaliy.



Mom, I'm in the finals.

Sweetheart, I'm so happy for you.

You… You did great.

I didn't have any doubts.

I'm really happy for you.

Say hi to everyone.

We're with you.

We're cheering for you.
And waiting for you here at home.

I love you so much.


Are you ready to go?


What happened? Do you need a doctor?

- No.
- Are you sure?

Yes, I'm fine.

Listen, it's not a joke.

Don't worry, I'll run.

Come one, easy.


I'm in the finals.

Thank goodness.

I'm cheering for you.

We're waiting for your victory.

Thank you.

What if I fail?

Won't you let me in when I get home?

You can just stay there.


Are you OK?

What's the matter?

I've just missed you.

So have I.

Please, don't forget to rest.

- Fine.
- And keep in mind that I love you.


Oksana, listen,

imagine that you are at your stadium
and your family is watching you.

So just run.

Did you understand me? Just run.

Let's go.

- Can I pay with a card?
- Sure.

Good afternoon.


Don't worry.
The important thing is that you're here.

I'll help you through it. Are you ready?

- Yes.
- Come on. Everyone's waiting.

Thank you.

We all aspire to happiness,

but we rarely think about
what happiness is.

Happiness for me is

when I make dreams come true.

Sometimes you will be told that

your dreams are unattainable,


That you were born at the wrong time
and in the wrong place,

and that you wouldn't make it at all.

Don't listen to those people.

Believe in yourself

and always go towards your goals.