Psychophonia (2016) - full transcript

- Turn it off.

- Oh, shh, you love it.

- Turn it off.

Why can't you put that
on your side of the bed?

- 'Cause then I don't
get to do this.

- No.

- No.
- Come on, please.

- Please.

- Yes.

- No.

- And, yes.
- No.

- See ya in a little bit
I'm gonna go for a run.

- Hey, babe.

- In my office.

Hey, good morning.

- Good morning.

- What?

- Call me on your way back.

I got croissants and ETA
eight minutes in the oven.

- Croissants, eh, fancy.

You're freezing.

I shouldn't be too long.

- All right.
- Alright, I'll see you later.

Love you.

- Love you.

- Pretty beautiful,
morning, huh?

- Yeah, it sure is.

- Good day.
- You too.

- Hi, this is Lilly Tarver.

Please leave a message

and I'll get back to
you soon as you I can.

Hey, babe I'm gonna guess and
say you're on your way back.

So, if I'm wrong, let me know.

Otherwise I'll see you
in a few, love ya.

- Time of death was
approximately 6:30 a.m.

Get them out of here.

- Yeah, we said
hi to each other,

and we had a conversation.

Oh, my god, I can't believe
this is happening to me.

- Please go.
- Alright.

- Fine.
- Thank you.

- Do you know what time...
- I feel sick.

I feel so sick.

- About an hour ago.

24 hours are you fucking crazy?

No, I am telling you something
has happened to him.

This is not like him.

- Found it.

- Who's this?

- This is Lilly Tarver.

I'm calling my husband Jeremy.

- There's just a few things
I'd like to go over.

Jeremy's body was
found at 6:45 a.m.,

and we believe the time of
death was right before then

at approximately 6:30 a.m.

Jeremy suffered
severe head trauma.

Mrs. Tarver, this isn't
going to be easy to hear,

but Jeremy was also
posthumously castrated.

- Excuse me.

- Is there anyone
other than yourself

that would know when
Jeremy went jogging

at what time this morning?

- Yeah, probably everybody.

He ran every morning.

- Did he have any enemies
that you can think of?

Any recent arguments
with anybody?

Anybody threaten to harm him?

- No.

No, Jeremy was married
to his research, me.

- One other thing.

He works for a company
I-Gen or IGen Electronics?

- Yes, they have a
contract with JPL.

- Do you have any idea
what he was working on?

- I don't know some new
communication device, I think.

- Okay, that was very helpful.

Thank you.

- The police are gonna.

You know, they're
gonna catch the

psychopath asshole who did this.

I know it.

This is crazy, right?

- You know what's really sad
besides, you know, everything.

- What?

- He tried to call me

right before it
happened, I think.

But he didn't leave a message.

I just got a missed call.

I just keep wishing
so hard that he had,

so I could hear his voice.

- Oh, sweetie.

Well, there's two.

- What?

- There's two missed
calls from Jeremy.

- That can't be right.

- Well, maybe you just
remembered it wrong.

When's the last time you
checked your phone?

- This morning.

- Well, a lot has
happened since then.

You know, so maybe you just
don't remember it right.

See look.

The first missed
call is at 6:29 a.m.

Second missed call
is at 7:01 a.m.

- It has to be wrong.

- Why?

- The police said
Jeremy died at 6:30

and his body was found at 6:45.

- Well, it was a beautiful
service, you know

and you did so good.

I love that you told
that story about Jeremy

how he almost burned the house
down on your first date.

I remember that.

- Remember when we
dragged you to Big Bear?

He almost burned that rental.

- Yeah.

- And then he took that
cooking course, so.

- Well, yeah, 'cause he
wanted to make you happy

and he did, right,
he made you happy.

- Yeah, he did.

- Okay, well, I'm gonna go.

Are you okay?

- Yeah, thank you.

- Okay, and I'll call you later.

- Okay.

Who is that?

- Who?

- You didn't see her?

- Uh-huh, no.

Oh, but don't worry, okay.

'Cause you know funerals

people just come out
of the wood work.

- Hey, Lilly, just if you want

I can pack up Jeremy's laptop

and his other
personal belongings

and bring them over here.

- That'd be great, thanks.

- You know, I should
probably check out

some of his stuff
here just in case

there're any details that
pertain to the project.

- His office is a bit
of a mess right now.

- Yeah, no hurry, no hurry.

Do the police think that
it was someone he knew or?

It's just absurd.

Seems like a freak
killing to me.

I mean who would
want Jeremy dead.

- Okay, you know what
now is not the time

to try to solve the case.

- Yeah.
- Right.

- Yeah, we were just talking.

- Right.

- Okay.

- You okay?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- I'll walk you out.
- Yeah, yeah.

- Is something new, a suspect?

- There is something.

Two years ago we
found the bodies

of a couple Claire
and Richard Fawner

in one of the more secluded
Griffith Park trails.

A similar M/O to Jeremy's
with severe head trauma

and post mortem
removal genitalia.

And we also found this.

It's Sanskrit.

It means continuous flow.

The repeating cycle of
life, death, and rebirth.

- You didn't mention there was

anything like this
on Jeremy's body.

- Well, we didn't understand
what it meant at the time.

- Jeremy was attacked
by a serial killer.

- Claire and Richard Fawner were

well, known to be swingers?

The M/O is so similar.

I need to know if
you and Jeremy.

- Jeremy and I were in a strictly
monogamous relationship.

We had a very nice,
normal sex life.

- All right.

Thank you.

I can see myself out.

Thanks for the coffee.

- Hello.

Who is this?

No, no.

- Do you know how easy it is

to fake call you from
Jeremy's number?

It's like...

You know, like Hacking 101.

I'm sure that anybody
with a laptop can do it.

Like Skype you just pick out

a number that you
wanna call with.

Or maybe the phone company
just already reassigned it.

- That seems really unlikely.

I mean who would be so
cruel to do this to me?

- Well, what about
Jeremy's ex-wife.

- I never met her.

- Exactly.

You know, maybe she's the one
with the sick sense of humor.

- I don't know.

It just didn't feel
like a prank call.

- Well, what did it feel like?

- Like,


- Yeah, because.

Because that's what
you want it to be.

Sweetie, just do me a favor.

Okay, before you pull
out the Ouija boards

and before you light this
whole house up with candles,

can you just call the phone
company and check it out, okay?

- Yeah.

- Oh, and hey, you
know next month

we're having a group
showing at the gallery.

Maybe you could
submit something.

- I haven't felt like painting.

- I know, I know I just...

I thought it would help you.

- You might be right.

I should try.

- Yeah.

Here, honey, I want
you to take some tea.

You're gonna be okay.

- Yeah.
- Gonna be okay.

- Gonna be okay.
- Yeah.

- I'm gonna call
that phone company.

- Ma'am, I'm sorry
are you there?

- No, I have been
on hold forever.

- Yeah, I wish I could help you.

But there's nothing we could do.

- Yes, I closed his
account August 21st.

- Yeah, well, looked, and it...

- No, I know it's closed and
it shouldn't be working.

But can you think of any
reason why it might be?

- Ma'am this is not
my department.

- I'd have to send a...
- No.

- Can you understand I have
to talk to the tech team?

- Yeah, well, somebody is
calling me from his number.

- Ma'am, you're talking
to the wrong person here.

- Yes, from his number.

- Can you please hold?

- Fine, I will hold.

- Ma'am.
- Yeah.

- There's been no calls, ma'am.

- So you're saying that
no calls have been made

from his number
since August 21st?

- There's been no calls, ma'am.

- You're sure?

- Let me give you a case number

and we can talk to someone...

- No, I don't need
a case number.

- 8-6.

- Fine.

- J-0-4-9-0-K-L-J-6.

- Okay, yeah.

- Yeah, I'm sorry, ma'am
there's nothing we can do.

- Thank you.



Dennis Faxson, Voices
From Beyond by Telephone

the results of a two year
investigation into a

previously unexplored
paranormal and paraphysical.

It is my plan to
continue researching

anomalous telephone experiences

and build awareness of
this neglected phenomenon.



- Lily Tarver.

- Yes, and you're...

You're Dennis.

- Faxson.

So, I know who you are.

You know who I am.

I know what you think
is happening to you.

What can I do for you.
- What do you mean what I

I think is happening to me?

I'm one of those cases
you've written about.

- No, no you think you're
one of those cases.

- I don't think.

I know.

You wrote about people having

actual conversations
with someone

who had turned out
to be deceased.

- The people on the
receiving end didn't know

the person they were talking
to was dead, you knew.

- Okay, but you also
wrote that these calls

were sometimes messages or
warnings from the beyond.

- I get people like you
every once in a while,

and trust me 99% of
the time it's either

a dream, a hallucination,
or a hoax.

- Wow.

You really are an asshole.

I imagine it must be difficult

researching something so rare.

I bet you started out all
wide eyed and hopeful,

and then came one
disappointment after the next.

And suddenly one day
you find yourself

a little bitter, resentful.

So you start acting like a jerk

because then at
least you get to be

the one doing the disappointing.

- Let me recap this for you.

Since the invention of the
telephone until the present day

there have been a total
of 50 cases worldwide.

That's about a 100 years of
humanity making phone calls.

Billions, trillions
of phone calls,

text massages, voicemails

I don't even know
50 next to that,

50 that's nothing.

It's a drop in the ocean.

- Whatever.

- Mrs. Tarver, hold on?

All I'm saying is that

given the nature in which
the way your husband died,

you may wanna
consider that whoever

or whatever it is could
be coming for you next.

And one more thing.

You've called the phone company,

but do you have your
husband's cellphone?

- No, it's still in evidence.

- Here.

Write down any information
you might have.

The lead detective's
name, station

what else you can think of.

- What are you gonna steal it?

- I'm glad I give you
that impression.

- Thank you.

- And down the line any kind of

concrete proof that
you might have

that these phone calls
are actually happening

in your I'm sure very
vivid imagination,

that would help too, okay.

It's been a pleasure.

- Oh, you can use an app.

The recorder app records
my phone calls.

Got it.

- Mrs. Tarver, this
is Detective Becker.

Are you by any chance
by your computer?

I just emailed you something

well, I'd like you
to take a look at.

It's a photograph in the file.

- Who's the guy in the photo?

- That's Rudger Stanton.

He works in real estate.

- Did he know Jeremy?

- He was very well acquainted

with the previous two victims.

I thought maybe it
was worth a shot.

- Did he admit to
being very well

acquainted with my husband?

- Ugh.

- That's impossible he's lying.

- It's possible he's not.

- I mean are you just gonna wait

for the next body to show up?

Will that move your
investigation along further?

- I know it's
frustrating, but...

- Thank you, detective.

Jeremy's phone.

Dennis, you're good.

No service available.

That's what I thought.

Tim Warner.

Work, home.


- I don't think there are any
other personal belongings,

but whatever Gus found I
told him to pack up for you.

- Thanks for bringing it over.

- Yeah, yeah, of course.

We were so close.

Only a few more weeks

and he would've seen
the first prototype.

If it works NASA will
be the first in line.

- That's great.

- Yeah.

- He didn't really tell
me all the details.

It's a quantum communicator.

- Cryptography, yeah.

I won't bore you with
all the details,

but we used quantum particles
of light particles

to secure cyber communication.

So far that's only
be successful with

distances over a
100 miles or so.

We're looking at space.

- That's big.
- Yeah.

- Space.

- Yeah, it's pretty cool.

- Well, I guess if
anyone could figure out

how to communicate
through the ether,

it would've been Jeremy.

- For sure, yeah.

You know, I heard
that he put your name

on the patent as a sort
of life insurance.

- Really.

- Yeah, yeah, I'd
look into that.

- I will.

Do you mind if...

I'd like to go through
this on my own.

- Yeah, of course, of course.

If you need anything else,
just give me a call again.

- I will.
- Okay.

- Thanks.

- Yeah.

- Hello.


- Yes.

- We got disconnected.

- Who are you?

- You called me.

I thought you'd know.

- I do kind of know.

- You're new to this.

- Yeah.

- Who put you in touch with us?

- Claire.

- That must have been
a long time ago.

You know she passed on.

- I know.

It was a while ago.

I never could quite get the
courage up to actually call.

- Why now?

- I don't know.

I'm alone now.

I could use some human contact.

I'm really quite lost.

- You don't have
to feel that way.

Come by a Saturday night 8:00

119 Ridgeway Road.

- It's in...
- Sherman Oaks.

- Yes.

- Should I bring anything?

- Vaseline, your favorite
whip, anything latex.

I'm kidding.

Really, kidding.

Just bring yourself.

- Okay, I will.

- I'm looking forward
to meeting you.

- Me too.


Jeremy, is that you?

Whoever you are
I'm tracking you,

and I'm gonna make
you pay for this.

This isn't funny anymore.

And, Jeremy, if
this is really you,

then fuck you, you
piece of shit.

I don't know who
you are or were,

and I don't know what
you're trying to tell me.

But I don't ever wanna
talk to you ever again.

Just fuck you.

- Hi.

- Hello.

- Welcome to the love
nest of decadence.

- You're beautiful.

- Thank you.

- Love away.

- We spoke on the phone.

I'm Rudger Stanton.

- I'm Danielle Smith.

- You seem nervous.

- That's because I am.

- You don't have to do
anything you don't wanna do.

- I don't really see anybody
doing much of anything.

- It's early,

and we're in the wrong
section of the house.

Angel, this is, Danielle.

- Pleasure to meet you.

- If you'll excuse me.

- Are you married?

- I was.

I'm with Rudger now.

- Your husband did
he ever approve?

So, how do we get started?

- There's an initiation
when you're ready.

- Should I have
brought my checkbook?

- Not that kind.

- It's a spiritual kind.

We like to see things as they

pertain for a rebirth.

- But I'm agnostic.

- It has nothing to
do with religion.

Although I am partial to
the Buddhist's philosophy.

No, we cater to
people's base needs,

who we really are.

If you'll follow us, please.

Your body needs acknowledgement
just like your mind.

You nourish your mind with
literature, music, or art.

You have to nourish
your instincts too.

- What about love?

- It's all about love.

- He did this?

He fucked you, didn't he?

I can't do this.

I don't ever wanna talk
to you ever again.

Fuck you.

What do you think?

- Remind me to never
get on your bad side.

- Do you think it's a hoax?

- I'm not sure.

Yeah, a lot of early research
into this phenomenon

had to be taken at face value.

There was one other case
that was similar to yours

that I was privy too myself,

and that person didn't
have your ingenuity.

They used a camcorder.

No connection between
the two apparatus.

Nobody could track the signal,

and the recording
itself was rather weak.

Other cases that seemed
legitimate at best,

the person on the receiving
end usually described

great winds that seemed
like they were coming

from a very far, distant place.

- That's exactly how I
would describe this.

- Oh, I would too.

- You thought I was a fraud.

- I thought you were
hysterical broad

with a very excentric
coping mechanism.

- So how long does this
usually go on for?

- Well, that really depends.

There was one woman who reported

to talk to her deceased
friend for about a year.

- Is there any other way for
him to get in contact with me?

- Well, it seems phone
is his device of choice.

Of course, there's
many other avenues.

You can put the television on

the static black
and white channels

like the little girl
in Poltergeist,

it's always a fan favorite.

Ouija, otherwise known
as the spirit board,

recording electronic
voice phenomena

whatever you feel
comfortable with.

- Okay.

So, what's next?

- I'll track

the origin of the call,

and for now just try
to take note of

how long the phone call
is, at what time of day.

There's two reasons
why the deceased

would wanna resume contact

comfort and regret.

With the unusual passing
of your husband,

there could be a third.

- Which is?

- Revenge.

You paint?

- Um, yeah.

- You mind if I take a look?

These are incredible.

Where'd you study?

- I didn't.

I just sort of
learned on my own.

- What's next?

- Good question.

Just not really feeling
it these days.

- Of course.

- Jeremy always cheered me on,

but now that he's gone.

I don't know anymore.

- Well, I don't know
shit about art,

but these are pretty amazing.

- Thank you.

What did you forget?

What are you doing here?

- You didn't think the wig
fooled anybody, did you?

I thought we could talk.

- About what?

- About Jeremy and you.

- You're his ex-wife.

- He didn't tell you
anything about me, did he?

- No, nothing actually.

- And you never asked.

- It was never an issue.

- Can I come in?

Thank you.

Cute place.

So cozy.

- You wanted to talk, talk.

- I'm sorry about
the other night.

I forget how it may
feel for someone new.

It must have been so shocking.

- I'm not a prude.

- I didn't think you were.

- I guess it was shocking.

I mean I haven't kissed anybody

but Jeremy in over six years.

- That's terrible.

You must be angry.

- Why did he keep going?

What did he get out of it?

- We were only
married for a year.

It was an intense year.

But ultimately we had very
different ideas of marriage.

Sex was another story.

He kept going because it was
a safe place to experiment.

For Rudger the act is
more about connectivity,

reaching for a higher
state of consciousness.

Not just for the kicks.

- Why couldn't I be enough?

- It's not that you
weren't enough.

Jeremy put you on a pedestal.

You were to be untouched and
unharmed by the rest of us.

He couldn't imagine you with
anybody else, could you?

- Wow, that's really fucking
hypocritical of him.

- He talked about
you all the time.

We were dying to meet you.

- What do you want?

- I want you to come back.

- I don't think I'm
that kind of person.

- Everybody says that
until they do something

that they never
thought they could.

You're going through
this all alone.

We can be there for you.

If not sexually, emotionally.

We're always there for Jeremy.

We can be the same for you.

- I'm not alone.

- I hope that you
change your mind.

- Nothing at all.

- Everybody checks out.

Solid alibis, no motives,
not even rumors.

But you did know that man
whose picture I sent you?

- He's dating my
husband's ex-wife.

- We weren't aware of the
personal connection.

I didn't know you were
in touch with him.

- I'm not.

I just know.

- Mrs. Tarver, even though
everybody checks out,

it might be putting
yourself in serious danger.

It's very possible that somebody

outside the group
is targeting you.

Either way it's not a good
idea to get involved.

- I know.

Thank you for the update.





What are you trying to tell me?

You're tying to drive me crazy?

Are you trying to warn me?

Should I go back
to Rudger's house?

Jeremy, it's the only lead left.

Are you jealous?

- Hi.

- Jeremy.

- Hi.

- Jeremy.


- You're looking pretty good.

- Thanks, I'm feeling better.

- Thank you.

So, I verified the connection,

and it's definitely not coming
from a traceable source.

It doesn't have a base station.

- Phew.

- In layman's terms

it's not coming from
anything earthly.

- Really.

- You feeling scientifically
vindicated yet?

- A little bit.

- I just...

This whole thing is incredible.

I might have to write
a book about you.

- Oh, really.

- But then again I'd have to
spend a lot more time with you.

You know, get to know
your back story and all.

- Right.

- I love Chai.

- So glad you could make it.


- Thank you.

- It's perfect timing.

Tonight is Nikita and
Victor's initiating night.

- So what happens?

- We sacrifice a virgin.


- Victor, Nikita we're happy
to have you in our midst.

During our lives, we go through
several stages of existence.

You are in samsara,

a continuous flow
of life, death,

and rebirth.

By joining this family,

you become part of a greater
spiritual consciousness.

Are you ready to be born anew

to start this day

a new journey

with this family?

- Yes.

- Yeah.

- We welcome you.

You're no longer mere seekers.

But Dedicants.

- Hello.


- How are you doing?

- Okay.

- You said you got a phone call,

some kind of warning
that woke you up.

- Yes.

What's that?

- This is a very sophisticated
cellphone blocker,

a modern day equivalent
of cutting wires.

No calls could have
been made or received

from any cellphones
in this house.

- I guess not.

- Maybe it was just an alarm.

- I came as soon as I could.

You okay?

- Yeah, I'll be okay.

Um, this is Detective Becker.

- Hi, I'm Dennis.

- He's a friend.

- Nice to meet you.

- Yeah, you too.

I'm impressed.

The phones were unplugged.

I mean there's no
explanation to this.

Once again I'm at a loss.

You're painting again?

- Trying to.


- That's good.

I mean you're talented so.

I don't think there's any

good way of asking
you or good time.

Do you wanna go
for a bite to eat

or a coffee or something?

- Yeah.

Yeah, I'd like that.

I mean don't I gotta eat, right?

- That's good, it's
good to have to eat.

I hear it's good for you.

- Parker fell into a
coma this morning.

- Did he say anything?

- There was a bit
of a patent dispute

over the quantum cryptography
communication's project

with you as the beneficiary.

Parker believed that
he was also entitled

to at least half
of the ownership.

He and your husband
had been heard

and seen arguing
about it for months.

- But why did he break
into the house?

- He thought it
was here at home,

and that you would
finally find it

and file it on Jeremy's behalf

unwittingly cutting
Parker out all together.

- Do you think he had anything
to do with Jeremy's death.

- He had the motive
and no alibi.

- But what about the
markings, the castration?

- Parker was close
enough to Jeremy to

possibly know about his
extra-marital activities

that and how some of
the members of the

swinger's group were
killed in the past.

- Just sounds a bit extreme

to go through all
that for a patent.

- For a communications
contract worth billions

and billions of dollars people
have killed for a lot less.

I think as far as Jeremy's
concerned, we found our man.

- Jeremy.

Jeremy, the police
caught Parker.

You know how much I miss you.

I have to move on.

All those secrets
you kept from me.

I know you did it to protect me.

I wish we could have been
honest about everything.

But I'm starting to understand
why you did what you did.

I love you.

I'll always love you.

- Are you ready to be born anew

to live this day

your new journey
with this family?

- Yes.

- Then we welcome you.

You're no longer a mere seeker,

but a Dedicant.

- Orgasmic.

- Short, fleeting, and
not worth the effort.

- Doesn't have to be.

- You must be relieved, huh?

Now that they caught Parker.

- He's still in a coma.

- Do they know if he'll make it?

- No idea.

- Can I ask you something?

How was it, burying
the cellphones?

- It wasn't easy.

I mean part of me
wanted to hang onto it,

but I knew it was the
right thing to do.

- Yeah, and the patent?

- The lawyers are finalizing.

NASA picked it up.

It looks like a lot of money,

and, you know, now I can
put this all behind me

and move on with my life.

- I'm so proud of you.

- Well, it's been a process.


- Are you seeing anybody?

- Sort of.

- What sort of?

Come on that's all
you're gonna say?

- Okay, okay, I know it's soon.

- Yeah.

- His name is Dennis.

We're actually going on
our first date tonight,

and I have to change but I have
something for you hold on.

- Okay.

Wow, you did this?

- Yeah, I know it's different.

- Yeah, it's not, you
know, how you usually...

This is quite a statement.

- It's intense I know.

But I think it'll look
really good in the gallery.

- Right, I'm gonna find a

a really safe place for it.

It's the new you, huh?

- It's the new me.

- Okay, wow.

- Closure.

- Well, that was nice.

- Yeah, I had a good time.

- Yeah, so did I.

- Maybe we can do
it again sometime?

- I'd like that.

Well, huh.

- Well.

- I'll see you soon.

- See you soon.

- I thought you should know

Parker White died
this afternoon.

- I'm sorry.

- There's been another homicide.

Her name was Nikita Washington.

- Nikita.

- Do you know her?

- How did she die?

- The some M/O as Jeremy

only this time
nobody interrupted.

How exactly did you know her?

- I don't just the name.

- Please be safe.

- Yes, I will.

Thank you, detective.

- Poor, poor Nikita.

- Someone's targeting us.

- What do you mean?

- Don't you see, Jeremy,
Nikita, Richard, and Claire?

He removes their sexual organs.

He makes fun of your philosophy

by carving it into their skin.

All of the victims have
been part of this group.

If it's not someone
within the group,

it's someone watching us.

- I'm not gonna change who I am

because someone's
trying to scare us

back into an age of
Victorian repression.

- Maybe we could not
meet for a while

and let the police
handle things.

- Not meet I don't know what
that's gonna accomplish

if he already knows who we are.

- We can't act out of fear.

I'm sorry I was eavesdropping.

- Someone is targeting the
members of this group.

I think acting out of fear
is a pretty smart idea.

- But Angel's right.

Until we catch this
son of a bitch

we're no more safer alone
than we are together.

- I'm sorry.

I can't come back.

- Maybe this isn't about you.

Maybe it's about someone
else you care about.

Not very hard to figure out.

- No, I came here to warn you.

It's too dangerous.

I can't.

I want you to know that I did
have a really good time,

and I see why Jeremy
couldn't stay away.

- I was hoping we were more
than a really good time.

Maybe a family.

- You were.

- I'm glad to hear that.

- I'm sorry.

- I'm gonna miss you a lot.

- Me too.

- Okay.

- Watch out for that...
- Tree.

- Can't see can you?

- I can see anything I promise.

- All right, all right.

- Dr. Dennis Freedman, who
would've thought you were

capable of such grand gestures.

- I surprise myself sometimes.

- It's lovely.

- You're lovely.

No, you didn't.

- I totally did.

I stared at that screen
for like an hour.

Any one more minute and I
probably would've been sucked in.

- Well, it's a great
movie, isn't it?

I can't believe you
listened to me.

- I always listen to you.

Look there's...

There's something I
need to tell you.

- Okay.

- It's just something I
did for a little while,

and I think you should know.

- All right.

Whatever it is I'm
fine with it I'm sure.

Bring it on.

- Why are you people so hell
bent on making me do this?

You're just like the rest of the

repressed fucking
people in this world.

How you find it so easy just to

walk away from those that
you gave your word to.

- Is that why, because
they all wanted to leave?

- Well, Nikita was weak.

She just needed a call
from her Catholic father

to remind her of sin.

Now Jeremy on the other hand
was a little different.

See, he had a decade of devotion

and all of a sudden he
wanted to start a family.

- What are you talking about?

- You agreed to have rebirth.

We gave you rebirth.

Now I'm gonna take it away.

- Don't you think you should
disclose these house rules.

Who in their right mind
would do any of this

if the only out was
to be slaughtered?

You're crazy.



Wait, wait.

- You bitch.

Who's here?

- It's Jeremy.

- Jeremy's dead.

- Last one.

- This better be it.

- It's not too heavy?

- No, no, no I got it, okay.

Oh, hi, detective, yeah.

- Hi, there.

- Hi.

- I was just in
the neighborhood.

Thought I'd stop and
see how you were.

- Much better, thank you.

- Good.

Do you need help or a hand?

- No, movers will
be here in an hour,

so no need to break a sweat.

- Take good care of
yourself all right.

- I will.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- Hello.

- Hi.