Promises to Keep (2020) - full transcript

Set over Easter weekend, Evelyn and Jonathan - both widowed and in their fifties - meet again when their children fall in love with each other. They almost married each other in their ...

(St. Michael Movies jingle)

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Just watch from the back,

it's enough for me to see your marriage...

Tom, what's the matter!

(men shouting)

Call nine, one, one.

Thank you, hurry please.

[Jonathan] You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be all right man.

[Tom] Don't think so.

[Jonathan] Just hang on, okay.

Jonathan, take care of her.

No, you're gonna be okay.

Promise me.

Shh, shh, the ambulance is...

Promise me!

All right, I will, I will.

Tell her I love her.

She knows that.

Tell her it's okay about John Michael.

- (siren blaring)
- What?

No, I'm John Michael.

Tell her...

Tom, Tom, Tom!

(slow music)

(doorbell ringing)



You know he's not even cold yet

and you're after me to come back.

No, Evie, wait.

There's something you
need to know about Tom.

No, I don't wanna hear it.

Evie, Evie wait!

You need to know this.

Evie, please!

Evie, just talk to me, will you?

Evie, why do you hate me so much?

Evie please, I promised Tom.


(slow piano music)

(Upbeat music)

♪ When I first met you ♪

♪ You were kinda young ♪

♪ I said you won't settle down ♪

♪ Gonna want to run ♪

♪ But you showed me ♪

♪ That was not like you ♪

♪ And now that you've gone ♪

♪ My words have all come true ♪

♪ Know what you've got
when you've got it ♪

♪ Don't you be a kicking yourself ♪

♪ For the rest of your life ♪

♪ Know what you've got
when you've got it ♪

♪ When you have to chose ♪

♪ The time never seems right ♪

♪ Know what you've got
when you've got it ♪

♪ Know what you've got
when you've got it ♪

♪ Know what you've got
when you've got it ♪

♪ Don't you be a kicking yourself ♪

♪ Know what you've got ♪

♪ Know what you've got ♪

♪ Yeah I know what I got ♪

♪ Know what you've got ♪

♪ Know what you've got ♪

Aaron, no.


Come on, Lisa.

We've been together for six months.

When are we gonna do it?

Oh you're so romantic.

I mean it.

Everybody else is doing
it by the third date.

I'm not.

Why not, it's just sex?

I keep telling you,

it's important to me to wait.

I've been waiting.

Married wait.

If all you want is sex,

get it from somebody else.

- But I want you.
- (bell jingling)

That's my dad.

You better go.

Oh, we were just getting warmed up.

- Cool your jets.
- Whoa!

I'm sorry, you two.

Just headed for my office.

That's okay, Dad,
Aaron was just leaving.

Yeah, Mr. Michaels.

I'll see you tomorrow?

You will have to wait.

Excuse me?

I won't have your check til I get back

from the doctor's office around noon.

Oh, that's okay.

I'll be happy to wait.

Yeah, for that you'll wait.

(knocking on door)

Hey, Lis, anyone you
wanna send tithe to?

No, dad.

(slow music)

He's pushing me.

So I gathered.

Watch yourself.

I will.

I don't want another Sam.

Yeah, Sam broke both our hearts.

How do you know who's the right one?


I never told you this before

but I was gonna marry someone else

before I met your mom.

You were?

Yeah, but she didn't choose me.

Just like Sam did to you.

But then when I met your mom I thought

I can't fall in love again this quickly.

But, Holy Spirit let me know she was it.

So, I married her.

Not just romance, you know.

It's commitment.

So I should hear voices?

Uh, no.

But if you listen, God will let you know.

So I should put Aaron on the prayer list.

Yeah, St. Jude, impossible causes.

Okay, by the way I still
pray for her, you know.

[Lisa] Who?

A woman that I was going to marry.


Long story.

(cash register humming)

Well, the prodigal returns.


What's it been, two years?

Been busy.

How's business?

Good, you should know from our sales.

Yeah, I've seen them.

Are you mad at me or what?

I mean you used to come in every week.

You just disappeared.

I've been seeing somebody.

Good for you.

Who is it?

She's a nurse.

Saw me playing in a bar.

Nurses are good.

I almost married one myself.

Funny thing, I married this one.

You got married?

Geez, well I wish I'd know.

I'd have sent a present.

And I've got a kid.

Had to, had to get...

I get it.

So a small wedding and you just...

No, no, no didn't have to.

We've been married less than a year.

We just got started early.

Well congrats, dad.

So Mary Ann is expecting, too.


Tom, I don't get it.

You just disappear.

You don't return my calls.

I thought you and I were closer than that.

I mean why didn't you tell me?

Because I married Evelyn.

Wait, Evelyn Baker, my Evie?

She's mine now.

She told me all about you and her.

And how she wised up just in time.

Yeah well, you know I have
excellent taste in women.


I guess you do.

♪ Is this how Jesus felt ♪

♪ In the garden unprotected ♪

♪ Is this how Jesus felt ♪

♪ To love his people ♪

♪ But be rejected ♪

♪ Is this Jesus felt ♪

♪ On the cross your arms were open ♪

♪ Is this how Jesus felt ♪

♪ Whoa to teach us love you
let your heart be broken ♪

♪ Is this how Jesus felt ♪

♪ How he felt ♪

♪ Is this how Jesus felt ♪

♪ Is this how Jesus felt ♪

What's the matter, hon?

Well, had a fight with Lisa.

Well you're about due.

What's that supposed to mean?

You date someone for a few months,

then you have a fight,

then you break up.

Well I thought Lisa was different.

After all we've know each
other since we were little.

And what Lisa is this?

You know Lisa.


Lisa Michaels, that's the Lisa?

Yeah, I told you that.

No, you didn't.

You said Lisa, you didn't say Michaels.

I thought you knew.

There's only one Lisa.

Well I'm sorry.

You've been through so many of them.

How would I know?

What difference does it make?


We keep the Michaels at a safe distance,

strictly business.

Well you're right about that.

No pleasure there.

You're better off, you know.


Why doesn't it feel that way?

(slow music)

(knocking on door)

We're closed, go to a bar.

(knocking on door)


Hello, Jonathan, may I come in?

Yeah, sure.

I drove by before, I didn't see you.

I had to get my feet washed.


Holy Thursday.

Of course.

It's impressive.

I've only driven by.

Hey, let me show you around.

It, it's changed a lot.

I mean first we were just a wine store.

Then we started with tastings.

Then we added the wine bar and appetizers.

And eventually we added full meals.

It's been good to us.

Put our daughter through Catholic school.

Gave her a place to
work during the summer.

Always fed us.

The Lord will provide.

- Uh huh.
- (slow music)

Are you doing okay?

I'm fine, I manage.

'Cause I'm here.

If I can ever help you in any way.

Did you know that my Aaron

is dating your daughter?

Of course, they're in here all the time.

Well I didn't...

So, I think we need to split them up.

Think they're doing a
pretty good job of that

on their own.


I see.

Okay, well why don't you sit down

and we'll talk about it.

Hey, hey, you have to try something first.

I seem to remember you
like semi-dry whites.

Dry reds, now.

Oh, a sophisticated pallet.

Well, madame, may I
recommend our O'Hara Flight.

(glasses clinking)

We being down south on a bluff

overlooking the Ohio River

with Cab Frank from Kincade Ridge Winery.

Not bad, huh?

And then up to Lake Erie,

with a Pinot from St. Joseph Vineyards.

Bon, yes.

And then finally, over
to the church winery

on South River for the holy
taste of their trinity wine.

Oh that's good.

Ah, now my dear,

from the Vintner's private reserve.

What is it?

Family secret.

See that wine press over there?

My grandfather owned that

and people said he made the best wine

in all of Little Italy.

And I know the secret.

Oh, that is good!

Please, sir, may I have some more?

Easy, it's potent.

Oh, I can handle it.


What's the secret?

Can't tell you til the
statute of limitations is up.

Oh come on.

You can tell me.

Your secret's safe with me.

Rock candy.

- Rock candy?
- Shh!

It's illegal.

Raises the alcohol content.

That's my grandpa's wine was so great.

It knocked you on your ass.



It's really good to see you.

You look good.

So do you.

♪ Your presence is enough for me ♪

♪ To hold you would be heavenly ♪

♪ To kiss you would be ecstasy ♪

♪ Your presence is enough for me ♪

♪ My emotions run a pin a plea ♪

Dance with me.

Oh no.

Come on.

♪ Better bite my lip and wait and see ♪

♪ Your presence is enough for me ♪

♪ Presence presence ♪

♪ Presence for me ♪

♪ Presence presence ♪

♪ Presence for me ♪

♪ Presence presence ♪

♪ Presence for me ♪

Do you still wear
those cowl neck sweaters?

♪ Presence for me ♪

Occasionally, they're
back in style again.

♪ Presence presence ♪

I used to love those on you.

♪ Presence presence ♪

Ooh, ow!

- All right, all right.
- My ankle!

Come sit down, sit down, here we go.

We will fix you right up.

I'm good with feet.


You always had gentle hands, Jonathan.

Thank you.

This is a very nice place.

I never knew.

Maybe you could join
me for dinner sometime.

I could even take you to a play.


Oh, okay!

You would, would you?

Yeah, it'd be fun.

I don't know.

(slow music)


See, you still remember how to hold me.


I better go.

I think you should stay.

- No, I gotta go.
- Okay, I will

take you home.

I will go myself.

Whoa, whoa!


You are three sheets to the wind, my dear.

I am not!


Oh dancing was fun with you.

It's always fun.

Why is that, Jonathan?

En Vino Veritas.

I know that.

Are you true?

- (slow piano music)
- Yes, yes Evie I am.

Come on, let's get you home.

Come on.

Okay, we're there, we made it.

Yes, we're there, yes.

And that's your bed.


My bed.

Oh, bad boy!

You know you are not as
light as you used to be.

Just, just let me catch my breath.

And then I'll go.

What are you doing here?

Sorry, sort of fell asleep last night.

Here's Hair of the Dog.

It's perfect for a red wine headache.

Your grandfather kicked me.

I told you.

But hey, I told Tom I'd
take care of you, so...

When did he ask you that?

I'll tell you sometime.

I don't believe you.

What, have I ever lied to you?

Not that I know of.

Listen, Evie.

Evie, last night was fantastic.

I love your company.

Could we just do things together again?

You were my best friend on the planet.

I miss you!

No way.

Why not?

Even you said last night

you always have a great time with me.

Last night I was drunk.

So what was last night about then?

Well, last night was about our kids.

No, no last night was about us.

Don't give them a lifetime of heartache

like we've had.

What makes you think I've got heartache?

Oh, okay fine.

No heartache for you.

You just do to Aaron what you did to me.

I am trying to protect him.

From what?

From a lifetime of oppression!


The greatest gift you
ever got was your faith

and you just threw it away!

I don't need it or you.

Okay, well fine.

You just let Aaron and
Lisa choose for themselves.

Maybe they won't throw it away.

Get out!

All right, but there's
something you need to know.

You remember 30 years
ago when we were camping

and we stumbled into that little clearing

and we couldn't believe there
was a Catholic church there.

I took it as a sign.

And when you were
standing next to me there,

at that altar,

I swore to God that I
would always love you.

And I have kept that promise.

And it didn't matter when
you walked out on me later

and it didn't matter when
you married somebody else.

I mean sometimes the only
way I knew to love you

was to pray for you.

But all of my life I have been totally,

madly, lay down my life in love with you.

And I always will be.

(slow music)




Me, too.

Oh Evie, I love you so much.

I love you, too.

I never stopped.

I want you.

- I couldn't tell you.
- I know, I know, I knew.


Just, you couldn't talk, but it...

I just never thought I'd hold you again.


No, no.


I want you the right way.

I want all of you.

(dramatic music)

You can still have potatoes, can't you?

Oh yeah, it keeps me alive.

You know I never
understood how you could

be allergic to everything.

Eating out with you was a nightmare.

I know.

People still ask me if I lived in a bubble

when I was little.

I used to resent it.

But now I understand.

How so?

Well, you know, I'm celiac.

I have to watch everything I eat

just like you.

I didn't know that.

You didn't?


So, have you learned to cook celiacilly?

I'll have you know I have turned into

a pretty good cook.

I will be the judge of that.

Okay, you're on.

Tonight, I'm going to make you a dinner

that'll knock your socks off.

All right.

Criminy, it's Good Friday.

I can't have meat.

It's all right, I'll make you fish.


Jonathan, I need to tell you something.


Thomas and I...


Hey, I had lunch with Michaels today.

How'd you ever eat with that guy?

I can't have any wheat or flour or corn

or rice or corn syrup or dextrose or MSG.

I mean what the hell could he eat?



Well then after lunch he starts in on me.

What'd he say this time?

He thinks I should become Catholic.

He thinks that because I married into

this big Catholic family
that it's somehow a sign.

Oh wow, come on.

Yeah well, he's probably
just saying that to bother me.

He sure was a lot more fun before he got

fricking religion.

I'll say.

Kooky ass religious fanatic.

I mean our life is just fine, isn't it?

Of course it is.

We don't need that stuff.

Who needs to be Catholic?

Sorry, I didn't mean that.

Hey, fine.

You know,

Mr. Goody Two Shoes.

Who listens to a guy who
still bites his nails, so...

Or somebody who has that stupid ski cap

like he got it from a
longshoreman down at the wharf?


And he whistles guitar solos.

That's annoying.

I'll tell you what's really annoying,

right before he falls
asleep his teeth chatter.

(slow music)

Hey, um...

We have tickets to that play
tomorrow night, don't forget.

Yeah, I forgot but what are we seeing?



I married you.

Good thing.

So you see, God got me back.

What, because you're celiac?

No, because I made fun of you.

What'd I do?

What do you mean?

I've been this way since birth.

What'd I do?

Nothing, I guess.

Well then God didn't
get you back either.

Of course he did.

Do you remember the story
of the man born blind?

And they asked Jesus whose fault it was?

And He said nobody.

It was to show God's glory.

What has that got to do with it?

We can't eat wheat, right?

So if we go for communion
and it doesn't bother us

we can testify that it's a miracle.

Speak for yourself.

I am, doesn't bother me a bit.

Now give me a cracker and blech, I'm sick.

And I'll bet if you just come back

it'll be the same way for you.

How do you do that?


Twist everything to ask me back.

It's either an art or OCD.

(whimsical music)

Oh come on, lighten up.

I don't do it all the time.

Just seems like it.

Jonathan I'm sorry.

For what?

Making fun of you.

It's all true.

It was mean.


Then you whilst have to be punished.

Too small.


Bring it!




Call it, call it.

All right, truce, truce.



I win.

It's okay you know.

We were just protecting each other.

When I met Thomas I didn't
know you knew each other.

How could you?

I didn't even meet him
until after you left.

And I was married and so was he.

I never even told him about us.

Babe, I know that you
think he was your friend.

Ahh, he was!

Look, the four of us
used to hang out together

all the time.

We took road trips.

And then, then they
started going downhill.

First Tom would tell
me stuff and then Deb.

And the Tom and then Deb and then Tom.

And it was ahhh.

It was like being in bed between them.

But he was committed.

She never was.

He talked to you?

Yeah, who do you
think was there with him

through the whole mess?

When I met Thomas he
told me he was divorced.

And I told him about you

and he said he knew you.

He made it sound like
you were nothing to him.

Did you know that he was the only one

who took a chance on me
when I started the wine bar?

If it wasn't for him

I never would have even survived.

He told me it was to make money.

Yeah, well, maybe so

but he risked everything.

I owed him big time.

I never forgot that.

Doesn't sound like him.

Yeah, well he never let me forget it.

Even so.

Hey, Michaels, can I
get that check you owe me?

I gotta be some place.

What's the matter?

Did you write to Evelyn again?

Hey, what's wrong?

Mary Ann died.

Right here.

I, I, I'm sorry Michaels, Jonathan.

I keep thinking any
second she's gonna call

and ask me how my day is going.

I know you think because
of Evie I didn't love her.

But you're wrong.

I loved her completely.

She was my rock.


She was a good woman.


Too good for you.

Somebody upstairs liked you.

You feel like a part of
you has been torn away.

Oh, yeah.

I remember the first
time I saw Mary Ann.

I don't even know why
she went out with me.

She even told me later
she couldn't stand me.

Yeah, well, you have
that effect on women.

Thank you, thank you very much.

And then a few months later

she says she's in love with me.

So I prayed about it

and somehow I knew it was what God wanted.

Figured He knew better than I did.

So I married her.

Did you love her?

You mean as much as I did you?

Mary Ann was a gift from God.

She was everything I wanted with you.

She filled our home with faith.

She was the one who
gave Lisa her character.

She was amazing.

One time we were in bed together

and then later I was half asleep

and suddenly she shook me.

She had tears in her eyes.

You said, "I love you, Evie."

(slow music)

I was terrified but I told her the truth.

That even though I loved her

I'd never gotten over you.

And then she hugged me and she said,

"If you love someone you
never stop loving them.

Even if you can't be with them."

Then she said, "Why don't
you let the blessed mother

watch over her?"

So I put your picture in
the wall of the grotto

and she put mine in the opposite wall.

Separate, but safe.

I loved her even more after that.

"If you hurt, I hurt," she said.

If Tom had done that I
would've kicked him out.

No, you knew he had
feelings for his first wife.

He wouldn't have married her otherwise.

She came to the funeral, not happy.

Yeah, well I have mixed
feelings about all this, too.

I wanted to spend my life with you.

But if I had I never
would have met Mary Ann.

And I can't bear the thought of that.

Evie, the two most painful
things I ever experienced

were Mary Ann's death and you telling me

you didn't wanna have my babies.

I didn't want any babies.

Well you gave me your word.

No, I didn't!

Yes, I told you I wanted to marry you

and have a family,

but that I was afraid
you'd wanna run around.

I don't remember, Jonathan.

And you said that wasn't like you,

that you could be committed.

I don't remember!

So I asked you to commit
and you said, "All right."

- I don't remember, Jonathan!
- You didn't have to leave me!

You took me ring shopping.

Everybody was saying if I married you

my life would be over

and I would never get to do what I wanted.

I wanted to go,

to South America.

And I told you that wasn't true,

that you could do whatever
you wanted with me!

You know my dad hated you.


Well I never knew that.

He found out we were sleeping together

and he thought you were bad for my morals.

Okay, I was wrong and he was right.

I know that now, but couldn't he see

how much I loved you?

I wasn't gonna let him stop me again.

So I married Thomas, divorced or not.

Oh why?

Why did he have to go and die on me?

We were supposed to go to
the beach and spend time.

We were supposed to grow old together.

So why did God do this to me?

- Hey, hey.
- (sobbing)

I know, I know you don't wanna hear this

but God knows what He's doing,

even when we don't like it.

But I'll never see him again.

Yes you will.

Just trust Him.

I don't wanna trust Him!

I want Thomas back!

I know, I know.

And I want Mary Ann back.

But they're not coming.

Listen, if you hurt, I hurt.


You scared me.

Sorry, can we talk?

Only a minute.

What is it?


I'm sorry about last night.

It's fine, but I don't think we should

see each other anymore.

(slow music)

Wait, wait a minute.

I come over here to apologize

and maybe tell you I love you

and you dump me?

I'm not dumping you.

It just won't work.

I want someone who believes what I do.

And you don't.

So I'm not good enough.

I didn't say that.

We're just different.

Okay, go find yourself a Catholic guy.

Aaron, Aaron!

When I went away,

I never went to South America.

I never joined the Peace Corps.

I never did anything.

I was pregnant.


Wait, is that why you left me?

Evie, I would have married you.

I know.

Wait, did you leave
because it wasn't my baby?

No, Jonathan, you're the
only man I was ever with

besides Thomas.

Well then why didn't you tell me?

Because I didn't know when we broke up.

And I wasn't ready.

And then when I was you
were already married.

No fair, no, no!

You just, you just disappeared!

God what did you do?

I took care of it.

You took care of it!

God, Evie, no!

God, no!

I knew you would hate me.

No, no, no, no.

Don't you know?

There is nothing you could ever do

that I would not forgive you for.

I'm sorry.

I still love you.

I still love you no matter what.

It's okay, God will heal us.

Just have to, have to let it go.

We can't change it.

Hey, hey.

It's Good Friday, we have to go to church.


Evie, we have to pray
for our baby's soul.

No, no we don't.

Yeah, well how can you say that?

I just, I just know that he's fine.


Okay well I'm going.

And I'll see you after church.

(slow piano music)


I just found out that Evie
was pregnant when she left me

and she had an abortion.

What did you say?

I told her I still loved her.

It hurts.

Please make it stop.

Well, think about Evelyn.

She's been carrying it
for nearly 30 years.

Tom's gone now and she needs healing

even more than you.

You need to be present for her.

I am.

I just wish she was more like Mary Ann.

Well, God made only one of us.

The seeds are there.

As much as you want her,
God wants her even more.

Been praying for 25 years.

Seeds can lay dormant a long time.

Keep praying.

Come on, I'll give you a blessing.

Father of love, bless your son, Jonathan.

Hear his prayer, bring
her heart back to you.

Love them both, your love be all.

We pray in Jesus's name, amen.


Thank you, father.

I'll keep praying.

Just don't know if I've
got another 25 to give.

Lisa and I had another fight.

I went to tell her that...

She dumped me.

Well, I can't say that I'm surprised.


Because of who she is.

What's wrong with who she is?

She's a Michaels.

They're nothing but trouble.

What, trouble?

Never you mind, they just are.

But they're our best customers.

Which is why your
father put up with them.

But I've been going in
there since I was little.

They've always been really good to me.

They're too Catholic.

Well, you were Catholic.

How come we're not?

It's complicated.

Your dad was divorced and
in order to get married

in the church

he needed an annulment.

I didn't wanna wait
around for a long time.

I left the church, that's all.

Well it sure would
have come in handy now.

(slow music)

What is it?

It's your baptismal certificate.

You mean I'm Catholic?

Yes dear, your grandfather insisted.

And you never told me?

I didn't raise you that way.

Why bring it up?

Well who am I?

Well you're my son.

See, I never should have told you.

There, now it won't
matter if she can cook.


Oh Lucy, I'm home.

(slow music)

Oh excuse me, father?


Can we talk?

Of course, yeah.

Sit over here.

What's on your mind?

I just found out that I'm Catholic.

What did you think you were?


Well, I guess now you're something.

Yeah, but I don't know what.

It's like finding out you're adopted.

Who am I?

You could come to class and find out.

I just graduated.

I don't ever wanna go back to class again.

That's too bad.

20 years of school for your mind

and not a day for your soul.

How else are you gonna
find out who you are then?

I don't know.

You got osmosis.

No, but I do have emersion.

I've been baptized.

No, start coming to church regularly.

And see if something rubs off on you.

Do you have a Bible?


I'll give you one.

I don't suppose you've ever
gone to reconciliation,

have you?

No, what's that?

Penance, confession.

You know, tell your sins to God.

Leave them all behind.

Oh you mean, bless me
Father, for I have sinned?

Just like in the movies.

Yeah, just like the movies.

Come on, I'll teach you.

You're gonna feel 10 pounds lighter.

Oh babe, you remembered my favorite!


I could be in this
moment with you forever.

Jonathan, thank you.

So sweet.

Ah hem, here.

What is this?

Open it.

(paper rustling)


It's our old house.

Three generations of Bakers.

Four, my grandparents built it.

Why'd they have to go and tear it down?

Turn it over.

I always thought it was so cool

the way your house was
right next to the steeple.

It was like God's hands were covering you.

Smothering me.

Every morning I'd come down for breakfast

and there'd be a priest
sitting at the kitchen table.

Drinking coffee!

Anytime they needed something it was,

go get the Baker girls!

Ah well, your sister
must not have minded.

She still goes there.

Yeah, well that's her.

Who painted it?

Ah, some guy.

(slow music)

Lisa, my mom just told me and

apparently I'm Catholic.

I think you would know
something like that.

No, I was baptized as an infant.

Okay, but you weren't practicing.

So it doesn't really change anything.

But it could.


there's something I need to tell you.

I'm, I'm not what you think I am.

Then who are you?

I'm still me, it's just...

I'm not a virgin.

There was a guy I thought...

I gave in.


all that holy stuff
that you put me through

and you're not a virgin?

I'm sorry, I was trying to get it back.

Well you can't!

I meant some purity.

What was I supposed to do?

Just keep doing it with
everyone who came along?

No, just me!

It's supposed to be for marriage.

And we're not.

Well you didn't live up to your words.

You're not a virgin by a long shot.


But I never pretended to
be something I wasn't.

Why wouldn't you leave
Thomas and me alone?

So he needed and annulment so that you

could be married in the church.

So you stopped going
because you didn't want

to upset him.

And then you were afraid you
would lose him if you did.

So the longer it went, the
harder it got to go back

until finally you gave up.

We made vows.

I know, I bugged you
because I could testify

to the validity of Tom's first marriage

so that he could get an annulment.

And after that your marriage
could have been holy.

Well, you letter certainly didn't help.


You kept asking me to come back to you.

[Jonathan] Dear Evie, I
need to tell you something.

I've been fighting cancer for a while now.

I'm on a last ditch treatment.

Seems to be working right now

but they tell me when it quits I'll die.

I just want you to know that you saved me.

You gave me back my soul.

I didn't even realize I'd lost it

until you made me want to be the best man

I could be for you.

Oh Evie, don't you miss God?

Don't you miss holy communion?

I lost you in this life.

I don't want to miss you in the next.

Please, come home to our faith.

It's the most important
decision of your life.

Come home, please.

Hey sweets, what's for dinner?

Hey what's wrong?

He thinks I'm going to hell.

He said that?

Son of a bitch, who does he think he is?

I'm going down there.

No, Thomas, let it go.

No, this has gone on too long.

I'm gonna cut off his supply.

No don't!

Yeah, it ends now.

Hey Tom, what's up?

Yeah, here's what's up.

I want you to stop sending
my wife these letters!

It's freaking her out!

These letters?

I haven't written in five years.

You know what I mean.

Did you read it?

[Tom] She told me.

Read the letter before you yell at me.

No, I don't care.

We don't care!

It's over!

Why don't you get that through your head

after all these years?

Why don't I get it?

You think by now you'd understand

there's no such thing as a coincidence.

The reason that Evie was with me

and why now I'm the guy that can testify

that your first marriage wasn't valid.

That's the way God works.

He picks the last guy on Earth

you wanna hear it from.

Just to test you.

Yeah, do the voices tell you that,

or is it just some weird pleasure of yours

to harass us?

You think this is fun for me?

I swear, I try and stay away.

But then this burning starts in my heart

and this voice wells up in me and says,

"Evie, come home."

"Tom, change your heart."

This is a war.

And you don't even get
that I'm on your side.

Stay the hell away from us.

Okay, who am I supposed to obey?

You or God?


If she loses her soul
because she followed you then...

Then what?

Then she'd have been better off with me!

Is that what you want?

Look, I love Evelyn more
than you could ever love her.

And I don't make her cry like you do.

Fine, fine, I just wanted you have

what Mary Ann and I had.

I wanted us to be together in heaven.

Everybody goes to heaven.


No, they don't.

Not if you turn away from God.

Thomas, please.

You're her hero, save her.

Some friend you were, poor man.

Hey, it was the truth.

You are obnoxious and overbearing.

I was willing to have you hate me

because I loved you.


You think I, this is what
I wanted all these years?

Let me tell you what I wanted.

I wanted the four of us to be friends.

I wanted cookouts at the house

and to play games after dinner.

To go to a play.

To visit a winery.

I would've taken you in
my life any way I could.

Jonathan, we could
never have been friends.

Why not?

Because you and I loved each other.

We couldn't be together.

That's not true.

We could have been friends in faith.

Okay, so what if I got tipsy

and told you I loved you?

I'd have told you I loved you too,

but that you had to go back to Tom.

That's all?

No, I'd have gone outside and cried.


You don't understand.

I didn't say it would be easy.

But friends in faith get past that.

They get past jealousy.

There's no, in heaven
there's no husbands or wives,

it's just love.

The four of us could
have been a little piece

of heaven on earth.

Oh Jonathan, that
would've taken a miracle.

What do you think this is?

An argument.

You know, maybe we don't love each other

so much after all.

It's because we love each
other that we're arguing.

I'm going to bed.




Johnathan, wake up.

You're snoring.

I must have fallen asleep.

I'll go as soon as I put my...

Wait, come with me.

There's no law against cuddling, is there?

Never go to bed angry.

Everything I ever did
I did because I love you.

Oh I know.

What's the matter, babe?

Come on, I know you.

It's just... fruit.

Fruit, what are you diabetic?


Look, I don't wanna hurt you,

but it's just that I wanted to
have kids with you, you know?

(slow piano music)

There's something
that I have to tell you.


Promise, promise me
that you won't get angry.

I told you, I never stay angry at you.


We have a son.

What, no, no, no you said that...

I said I took care of it.

I didn't say how.

I went away.

I had the baby.

Then I gave him up.

Thank you God, thank you Evie!

I am so sorry.

I should have told you.

I don't care, he's alive, right!

Yes, are you sure that you're not angry?

I just, no I couldn't stand
the anguish, it's just...

I gotta go.

No, no, don't go!


What's his name?

What do you think?

How should I know?

He's named after his daddy.


John Michael.

That's what he meant.


Nevermind, look hey,

I would rather be happy than angry

but why on earth did
you let me think that?

I guess I wanted to see.

See what?

If you really loved me.

If I...

You've gotta be... no.

I'm sorry, babe, I'm sorry.

How can you say that?

Wasn't I always good to you?

Yes, that's what made
leaving you so hard.

There was never anything to blame you for.

You are never going
to break me loving you.

I'm not worth it.

Stop it, nobody's worth it.

It's a gift.

It's too late now.

No, it is never too late!

I'm not worthy!

Yeah, well God thought
you were worth dying for.

So do I.

I know this won't make any sense

but I have been going to mass every day

all these years,

because I felt like I was protecting you.

You're right.

That makes no sense.

Maybe someday it will.

(slow music)

I know your heart, Evie.

Just let it out.

I love you so much.

And we have a son.

(knocking on door)

What do you want?

I'm sorry I'm not
what you thought I was.

Not the first time
someone's let me down.

Aaron, I loved someone
and they let me down, too.

And it still hurts.

But there's something you should know.

It's about when we were kids

and you used to help your dad.

What are you gonna tell me now?

I've been in love with
you since we were little.

But I never thought you'd
be interested in me.

When you finally came around

I was afraid to tell you
I'd been with someone else

because I didn't wanna lose you.

I'm sorry.

I'll never keep anything from you again.

Well that will be easy
since I won't be around.

I mean, I'm sure you won't.

No, it's fine.

That's all I had to say.

Is my dad here?


Then why's his car out there?

I don't know.

My mom's still asleep.

(knocking on door)


Oh, oh!

What is going on?

- Nothing!
- What do you mean nothing?

- Dad, how could you?
- Nothing, nothing happened.

We just were sleeping.

What are you doing together?

I guess we gotta tell them.

[Kids] Tell us what?

Okay, uh...

A long time ago, before
either of you were born,

your mother and I were
going to be married.

But that's not all.

She just told me that we had a son,

who she gave up for adoption.

But, you both have a brother!


We don't actually know where he is.

Yes we do.

He's a priest.

[Kids] What?

Well I didn't wanna
hear that it was a sign.

Is everything you ever taught me a lie?

- No Lisa, Lisa wait.
- Lisa, no.

(whimsical music)

Well that went pretty well.


If that doesn't break
them up, nothing will.

Okay, are you sure we
don't have a twin daughter

who is a nun?


Not that I know of.

Well, I'm gonna hop in the shower.


You know I want to, but we can't.

I can't.

What are you talking about?

How about I stand out here
and hand you your towel?


The thrill is gone.

Just go.

Hey, no peeking.

Here's looking at you, kid.

(doorbell ringing)

Come on in.

Where'd you go?

Oh my gosh.

Ah ha, me lady Evelyn.

Tis I, sir Jonathan, thy humble servant.

Whilst thy lend me thine ear?

But I have traveled long to find thee

and tempt thee with the
most sublime request.

Wait a minute.

Why are you wearing a French
hat and talking like Camelot?

Ah ha, tis the best I
could do on short notice.

Very well, then.

What dost thou propose, kind sir?

That thou would join me
at the altar of the Lord

in holy matrimony and make
all Christendom happy.

Oh sir Jonathan.

Tis so sudden.

Ah ha, contrare my lady.

It has been 30 years in the making.

Now, whilst though marry me?

And make me the happiest man in jolly old,

wherever we are?

And if I do not will
thou fall on thy sword?

Perhaps I should cease lest
my tongue will fend thee.

Yes, sir Jonathan, thou better stop.

(slow music)

It's very nice.

Try it on.

No, me thinks not.

Why not?

You still insist on getting
married in the church?

Of course, that's where you go.

I won't go back.


I won't deny Thomas.

You don't have to.

Just listen.

How's the family?

They're fine.

She's fine.

You know I'm...

I'm thinking about taking you
up on this Catholic stuff.

Are you still going to sponsor me?

Really, of course!

I'll even testify for the annulment.

You know that.

Yeah, great.

So, I finally convince
you to sign up, eh?

Oh yeah, I finally listened to you.

I see.


You're a lousy liar, Tom.

Come on, what's the real reason?

You never listened to
me a day in your life,

you stubborn old mule.

Doc says I have a bad ticker.

That's a routine fix.

No, no, not mine.

He said I need a new one.

And I'm too far down the list.

Oh man, I'm sorry.

What can I do?

Just help me with this Catholic stuff.

I don't wanna die and all she remembers

is that I kept her away.

Yeah, absolutely.

You know, I've been praying for this.

I figured.

But I never wanted you to get sick.

Forget it.

What do I have to do?

So Tom and I went to class.

That's what he was doing.

I was afraid he was having and affair.

No, he was with me.

Why didn't he tell me?

He was afraid that if he
didn't get the annulment

it would make it worse.

We prayed about it a lot.

That's what he was doing!

I had this dream where he was
kneeling by my bed praying.

I didn't believe it.

I guess he really was.


He really loved you, Evie.

I'm so glad that he was good to you.

Yeah, things were going great until...

Here, congratulations my son.

You are a free man.

It's here!

All right, way to go Tom!

In the matter of the civil marriage

of Thomas Theodore Goodman
and Debbie Jo Goodman,

maiden name French, this
tribunal hereby issues

a declaration of nullity
based on a presumption

against the permanence
of the bond and a refusal

be open to children.

Therefore Thomas Theodore Goodman is free

to have his marriage to
Evelyn Marie Goodman,

maiden name Baker, blessed in the church.


We should bless you both soon.

I wanna get to Easter, get baptized,

then we'll see.

You think she'd be upset
if I stood up for you?


She's gonna find out
when you get baptized

that I'm your sponsor.

But Best Man, I don't know.

All right, all right, listen up.

Just watch from the back.

It's enough for me to see
your marriage blessed and Tom?

Tom, Tom!

Call nine, one, one!

What's the matter buddy?

Come on, come on, come on.

You're gonna be all right, all right?

Come on.

I don't think so.

Uh yes, heart attack, I believe.

Very severe.

Yes, 10 West Monument Street.

Thank you, hurry please.

[Jonathan] Gonna be okay, all right?

You're gonna be all right.

You're gonna be okay.

Won't get baptized.

Yes you will, father?

I baptize you in the name of the Father,

and of the Son, and of
the Holy Spirit, amen.

There, you're as Catholic as the Pope.

Thank you.

Jonathan, take care of her.

No, no, you're gonna be okay.

Promise me.

The ambulance will be here any second.

Promise me!

All right, all right,
I will, I will, I will.

Tell her I love her.

She knows that.

Tell her, tell her it's
okay about John Michael.

What, no, I'm John Michael.

- Tell her!
- (siren blaring)

Tom, Tom!

Tom, Father!

Come on Tom, breathe, breathe.

Oh Lord, come on.

You can't die.

Evie needs you man.

Lord, make him breathe.

God, God, where's that ambulance?

Tom, Tom!

You saved him.

Just like you saved me.

No, I didn't.

Yes, you did.

You made us both wanna be the
best man we could be for you.

We loved you that much.

So you see?

Your marriage was holy after all.

And you don't have to
deny Tom to come back.

Why can't you and I just be?

Because our hearts will never rest

until they rest in the Lord.

♪ Come back to me ♪

♪ With all your heart ♪

♪ Don't let fear ♪

♪ Keep us apart ♪

♪ Long have I waited for your coming ♪

♪ Home to me and living ♪

♪ Deeply on your life ♪

What's that?

Just trying to put
us back together again.

Didn't you love mom?

Oh honey, of course I did.

I always will.

Then how could you love Aaron's mom

at the same time?

Honey, you can love more
than one person in this world.

Once I chose Evie, but
she didn't choose me.

I didn't stop loving her.

It was different with your mom and me.

With her and Tom,

but well now I have a second chance.

I choose her again.

It's all I can do.

I don't know if she'll choose me back.


You're not going back
there tonight, are you?

Yep, I got Easter vigil

and then my own kind of vigil after that.

All night.


Oh honey, it's not what you think.

I told you nothing happened.

(slow music)

Pray for me, sweetheart.

You, maybe you should
go and pray for Aaron.

Jonathan, it was you.

(slow piano music)


(whimsical music)


You gonna stay there all night?

What if the neighbors see?

(soft music)


Thomas, what should I do?


What are you doing out here?


All right, this is sick.

I'm calling the cops.

Oh here, here, use my phone.

Why are you opposed to the
one thing that would heal you?

I'm fine.

And why do faith and
forgiveness frighten you?

Why are you making a
fool out of yourself?

Anything worth fighting for

is worth making a fool of yourself for.

I will fight for your mom
with my last dying breath.

And you, if you don't love Lisa that much

you're the fool.

Your father was Catholic, you know.

No, he wasn't.

Yeah, he converted.

Just before he died.

(tapping on door)


What's going on?

What did he tell you?

That dad was a Catholic.

So I'm told.

I never asked him to be.

First me, now dad?

You are, grandma and grandpa were.

Who are we?

I don't know, Aaron.

Well when you figure
it out, you let me know.

(slow music)


Oh thank God, you're alive!

Hi sweets, I missed you.

I missed you, too, but you're here!

I'll take care of you.

Jonathan, where's Thomas?

He's waiting for you.


Where you should go.

Then help me, take me to him.

I've been trying to.

Jonathan, I don't
understand, I'm scared.

Don't be afraid.

He's always been there.

Calling you home.


You know who.

No, I don't.


Jonathan, you are the
stubbornest man I've ever known.

♪ Be on guard ♪

♪ Be on guard ♪

♪ Be on guard ♪

♪ Be on guard ♪

(knocking on door)

I can't sleep.

I just had a nightmare.

Can't stop thinking about her, mom.

I love her.

I think I always have.

Even if you don't like her.

I like her fine.

It's her father.

Ah, I don't care.

Tomorrow I'm going ring shopping.

(slow piano music)

Okay, I give in.

Lord knows I've tried.


It should stay in the family.

I'll go tonight.

No, no, no, no.

Hon, wait til morning.

It'll be more romantic.

A girl needs something
special to remember.

(whimsical music)

Oh, Jonathan.

If only it were that easy.

(slow piano music)

Excuse me, miss.

I'm from the Goodman Distribution Company.

And I'm interested in developing
a long term relationship

with your business.


Specifically I'd like
to be your sole supplier

of wine, food, protection and affection.

I'm also interested in
multiplying our assets.

Through the sequential addition of small,

small personnel.

Would you be open to
discussing such a proposition?


What's in it for me?

Happiness and free wine.

I'm listening.

Well as a token of our commitment

to such a relationship,

I would like to offer you this unique,

white gold and carbon pressed finger band

that has been in our
family a whole generation.

And which is our pledge of loyalty to you

and your enterprise.

Um, seems real enough.

What did you say your name was?

I didn't.

But I am Aaron Thomas
Goodman, son of the founder.

Pleased to make your acquaintance.

I am Lisa Mary Ann Michaels,

daughter of the proprietor.

And I think we can do business.

I accept your token as a
pledge of your commitment.

But the beret's gotta go.

Well then perhaps you come around

to this side of the bar

and seal the deal, partner.

(slow music)

En Vino Veritas.

En Vino Amor.


I'll always love Thomas.

(slow, dramatic music)


Thank you.


Congratulations, about time.

Yes sir.

What happened?

Evie gave me back the ring.

Dad, I'm so sorry.

She came back to God.

That's all that matters.

(slow, dramatic music)

(music swells)

Listen, I did what...

I remember, Jonathan.


It's about time.

Jonathan, we're in church.


Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas everyone!

[Kids] Happy Easter.

Oh yeah.

And God bless us, everyone.

Okay, Tiny Tim.

[Jonathan] Three weeks later

Evie married me in the church.

Our son, John Michael, said the mass.

"It's not everyday you get to marry

"your mother and father," he said.

Lisa and Aaron got married
about six months later.

And John Michael said that mass, too.

"It's not everyday you get to marry

"your brother and sister," he said.

The next four years Evie
went to mass and communion

with me every day.

She became a woman of great faith,

just like Mary Ann was.

Oh, and no problem with
communion being wheat, either.

About a year into it she says,

"This is better than before, Jonathan.

I should have come back sooner."

Oh Evie.

Were we happy, you bet.

We finally made up.

It was healing, it was peaceful.

It was love.

Then she got breast cancer.

First Mary Ann, then Tom and then Evie.

I held them all.

The Lord gives.

Thank you Lord for the time you gave us.

I buried her next to her beloved Thomas.

I try to go everyday.

There's a bench on the hill

where I can see both my girls,

and pray.

Meanwhile I'm still in remission.

Go figure.

Anyway, I miss them.

They're probably up there
making fun of me right now.

Make sure there's no flour in that.

You steal that hat down at the wharf?

Well, what can you eat?

Maybe you should live in a bubble.


All right, knock it off.

Don't make me come up there.

(upbeat music)

♪ Well I want more than this life gives ♪

♪ I want all of eternity ♪

♪ With our loved ones who believe ♪

♪ And even our enemies ♪

♪ I have seen a glimpse of this ♪

♪ When the peace of Christ ♪

♪ Is magnified in eternal bliss ♪

♪ Take me ♪

♪ Take me ♪

♪ Take me to ♪

♪ Take me to the place in your heart ♪

♪ Where you keep your love for me ♪

♪ Hold me hold me there ♪

♪ You know it's just a matter of time ♪

♪ Til this love divine we'll share ♪

♪ Will I see you there ♪

♪ Will I see you there ♪

♪ Will I see you there ♪

♪ Will I see you there ♪

♪ Will I see you there ♪