Prodigy (2018) - full transcript

A father must protect his estranged son from the outside world when the boy accurately predicts three end-of-world events.

(wine pouring)

(glass clinks)

(light piano music)


- [Man] Like so many
others, I used to say

I wanted proof.

Proof of miracles, proof of god.

So we might believe in
existence beyond our own.

It was all we ever
wanted, only proof.

And then we had it.

(somber orchestral music)

(vehicles zooming)

- The image with nothing
enhanced or adjusted in any way.

It first appeared
on August 15th, 2024

and has been studied
by top scientists

from over 11 countries.

It is currently being regarded

as an unexplainable phenomenon.

At approximately
6:15 we experienced

a global unconsciousness.

The incident has
caused widespread
panic across the globe

while there has still
been no official statement

on what may have
caused the event.

So far we know the boy
has successfully predicted

two of the three
events he stated

would change the
world as we know it.

The first was at the
planes of Garabandal,

Spain, early 2024.

The first sign, as
some are calling it,

can be photographed and
televised, but not touched

and is clearly something
not of this world.


- Really?

It's come to this?

I got to stalk you for my money?

Would you shut that thing off?

Hey, I know a lot's changed
after what happened.

But some things don't.

You still have to pay your rent.

- Things have been slow.

I got a job coming up.

- Yeah.

That's what you said last week.

Look, Erik, I like you, a lot
more than my other tenants.

But those others,
they pay their rent.

- I just need a
little more time.

- You're out of time.

Either find the
money by tomorrow

or find another place to live.

I'm sorry.

You were really
great, you know that?

(door shutting)

- [Shop Owner] We just
got a new selection.

After what happened, we've
been selling out like crazy.

- That's the one.

- Beretta 92.

Fine choice for home protection.

- Who said it's for protection?

- I'm not doing this anymore.

I told you already
you ain't getting it,

now put it back.

- Our secret.

(somber music)


- My apologies
for the early our.

I assume you were asleep.

- It's five a.m., why
would I be asleep?

- I'm Dr. Anthony Faron.

I run a research
team out of Parkland.

- Okay.

You wanna tell me
what this is about?

- I was wondering
if I might come in.

It's regarding your son.

Since the warning, the
world's been in this state

of chaos, of paranoia.

- The warning?

- That's what your son
called the blackout.

- The world was falling
apart long before that.

- We're running out of time

so I'll be as
forthcoming as possible.

It was the second of
three events he predicted.

He is yet to reveal the third.

Truth is, I came here
to take you with me.

- Not sure I follow.

- We need somebody he trusts.

- You think I'm that guy.

- He knows something.

Something he doesn't
want anyone else to know.

Said he'd only talk to you.

- So I'm the last option.

And I'd wanna help you because--

- I know the social services
has deemed you an unfit father.

This is your opportunity
to amend that.

Get a fresh start.

If it's anything
like the last event,

this could be a matter
of national security.

- Look, I wish I could
help, it's just bad timing.

I haven't spoken
to him in years.

He's gotta be 13--

- 14.

And no one's expecting you
to be father of the year.

One day, that's
all we're asking.

We would of course
compensate you generously

for your time.

- Where are you taking me?

- [Anthony] Black Satan.

Location's off the grid.

He was transferred
there this morning.

- Transferred where?

- Where he's expected to
receive the next message.

Let's go.

(somber music)

If you don't mind my asking,

what did you see
during the warning?

- I don't remember.

- Have you had nightmares
since it happened?

- Nightmares?

- Residual effects of the event.

It's not uncommon.

- I'm still not totally clear
on what we're doing out here.

- And I wish I had
time for a proper tour

but the issue is pressing.

I'm sure you understand.

It says here that you haven't
had contact with the boy

since he was four.

- Right, I've been,

- Out of the picture.

And in reality, he wouldn't
be here if I had a say in it.

I don't.

As I mentioned, he said
he would only talk to you.

That puts us both in a position

we'd rather not be in.

- And what is it
you want exactly?

- Just answers.

What he thinks is
coming and when.

Soon as he gets the message
I wanna know everything.

There are details
he keeps from us.

The details matter.

- Where is he now?

- [Anthony] He passed
every polygraph we have.

- You keep him in here all day?

- It's for his own protection.

- Yeah, I'll bet.

No TV, no windows or sunlight?

I'm sure he loves it.

All that's missing
are the padded walls.

- The appearance is
expected at 0600,

that leaves 19 hours.

He is the only one
who knows the precise

location it'll occur.

You have 15 minutes.

Get him talking.

- Hi.

It's been a long time.

Mind if I sit down?

So I don't really know
what I'm doing here.

They said you sent for me.

- They're listening.

- Maybe I should do the talking.

- Not here.

- [Erik] I noticed the burns
on your arm, what happened?

- There were tests.

Our science can't explain this.

- You think there's some
sort of message here?

- No, that's just
what I told them.

- Then why'd you ask me to come?

- There's somewhere I
need you to take me.

But they won't
allow me to leave.

- Take you where?

- If I receive my final message,

- I don't understand.

- You will.

It's six days when the
message was revealed to me.

You still dream of her?

- Of who?

- Of mom?

You saw her in the
woods calling to you.

It's where we need to go.

You did see her, didn't you?

(tense music)

Protect him.

Isn't that what she said?

- How could we have
had the same dream?

- 'Cause it's not a dream.

It just hasn't happened yet.

Time isn't relative.

So mom sees everything now.

- Your mom died.

She's not with us anymore.

- You're wrong.

During the blackout you got
a glimpse of your future.

Mine depends on you.

So will you help me or not?

- I need more time.

- What for?

- You want answers or not?

Then give me another night.

Tomorrow morning I'll
be here first thing,

I'll get you the
answers you need.

And one more thing.

I'm gonna need that
compensation in cash.

(tense music)

You all know what they're
filling his head is?

You've seen where they keep him?

- [Woman] It took you how
many years to start caring?

- I'm breaking him
out of that place.

I'll bring him to you.

There's somewhere I
need you to take him.

- What's going on, Erik?

- I don't know.

I'll call when I can.

(tense music)


What are they giving him?

- Just a mild sedative.

Helps him relax.

You're about to get a
front row seat to history

in the making.

Try not to look so excited.

- So how are you gonna
get us out of this?

What's your plan?

- How should I know?

You're the one who
sees the future, right?

- That's not how it works.

I don't choose what I'm shown.

- Relax, kid.

Just watch for my signal

and run like hell.

- That's your plan?

- It's approximately six a.m.

So far, what the boy has
seen defies explanation.

There are questions that
remain unanswered until now.

We're confident that
whatever happens here today

will be nothing
short of miraculous.

This is Dr. Anthony Faron
reporting from site B.

Stand by.

(tense music)

(dog barking)

- Remind me what the hell
we're doing out here.

- You didn't hear?

This kid's the voice of god.

- The guy better speak up.

I missed a hunting
trip for this.

- What's happening?

- Isn't it obvious?


Something's wrong.

(gun firing)

(dog barking)

- Hold your fire,
you'll hit the boy!

(dog barking)

Kill the feed.


- What is it?

- My car, I left it right here.

(dog barking)

Out of the car!


Get in.

- Hands in the air!

Hands in the air now!

- On your knees!

On your knees!

- How does a multimillion
dollar agency

with security clearance to
the Pentagon lose my nephew?

- Miss Parker, please
cooperate with us.

He was last seen
with your brother.

We're worried about his safety.

- Erik would never hurt him.

- Not Caleb's safety, Erik's.

It's possible that Caleb's not
only predicting these events,

he may be causing them as well.

If that's the case,
he could be a danger

to anyone he comes
in contact with.

Now, has he been here
or tried to contact you?

- Look, I told you.

I haven't seen my
brother or my nephew,

not since your crack team
took him eight months ago.

- And you have no idea
where he's headed?

- I don't know.

But if he doesn't want you
to find him, you won't.

- We'll find him.

Gifted or not, he's
still just a boy.

- We both know that's not true.

(urgent music)

- Officials have declared the
boy an enemy of the state.

The Vatican has neither approved
or denied his predictions

which some are calling
miraculous, proof of God

while still others
believe the incidents

to be government related.

Regardless of their
origin, there's no denying

the boy's prophecies have
affected the country.

(somber music)

- Yeah it's all right,
we'll figure this thing out.

- You know, you're not that bad.

I don't care what
everyone else says.

- Oh, what does
everyone else say?

- You're selfish, egocentric,
narcissistic, douchebag.

- Okay, I get it, thanks.

- I'm glad you
agreed to help me.

If we leave tonight we'll
make it there in time.

- Oh, slow down.

We're not going anywhere,
I have a job here.

- Then why'd you come get me?

- [Erik] I'm gonna call your
aunt, set up some place to meet

and she'll know what to do.

- So that's it?

You're just gonna pass
me off after one day?

- Look kid, I'm not your
legal guardian, all right?

Now you wanted out of
that place, I got you out.

The deal's square.

- We have to keep moving.

They won't stop
until they find me.

- Listen, whatever it is
these people want from you,

Kathryn'll keep you safe.

Much better than I can.

- [Caleb] I never
asked you for anything.



(tense music)

- [Kathryn] Hello?

- It's me.

- Eric.

You know you have the
Feds beating down my door.

Where are you?

- Not far.

I was hoping we could meet up
and maybe there's a way I--

- You could what?

Dump your kid off again?

While you were drinking
yourself to death

I was raising your son.

I'm not getting
involved in all of this.

I'm sorry.

- Kathryn?



Get in the car.

(car starting)

- We need to talk.

- Officer Scott.

Why are you here and not
out looking for the boy

like I paid you to be?

Do I need to remind you
that if you don't find him,

someone else will.

- I'll find him.

I just wanna know what it
is I'm getting involved in.

What exactly did you do here?

- I led a team, part of
the Commission of Inquiry.

We launched a
rigorous investigation

into the validity of
the boy's apparitions.

We were studying him
and the authenticity

of the messages.

- What were your findings?

- Nobody had the slightest
doubt about the boy's sincerity

or the nature of the encounters,

that they were
supernatural in origin.

- Supernatural?

- The whole world loses
consciousness for three minutes.

Things happen that
we can't explain,

see how our lives
affect one another.

Planes fall from the sky
and nobody saw it coming

but the boy.

Come to find out he
was trying to warn us

but we weren't listening.

- You're listening now.

- Yes we are.

- I wanna see the results.

- Everything we
have on Caleb Black.

Understand most science was
once considered a miracle.

If we can figure out
these so-called miracles

we can control them.

- Why'd you come to me?

You already have
half the FBI on this.

- I needed somebody who could
cut through the red tape.

Do things the Commission can't.

- What about the boy's father?

- He's nobody.

Won't be a problem.

Whoever controls the
boy controls the future.

Bring him back to us.

It's in his best
interest and yours.

(cars zooming in distance)

(airy music)

- Told you not to go
out, it's not safe.

Where were you?

- Vending machine.

- Breakfast of champions.

- Authorities are offering a
reward for the missing child.

Brown hair, brown
eyes, 14 years old.

Last seen traveling with
this man, Erik Black.

The suspect is believed
to be armed and dangerous.

If you have any information,

- Get away from the window.

Get some sleep.

We're leaving first light.

- You're gonna take me?

- I'll take you where
you wanna go to prove

there's nothing out there.

On one condition.

You do what I say when
I say it, you got it?

(car starting)

- The last car was a lot nicer.

(droning music)

(siren blaring in distance)

- Get down.

- We can't stay here.

- Well there's not
another motel for miles.

We need to switch cars.

- They'll know we're here.

- You don't know that.

- Mom would want
you to trust me.

- You don't know what
your mom would want.

(car starting)


(slightly tense music)

- [Reporter] Local
law enforcement are
searching for a black

1967 Chevy Impala last
seen at the Oasis Motel

Tuesday morning.

Authorities have offered a
one million dollar bounty

for the successful
capture or information

on the whereabouts of the boy.

- Can we stop to eat?

- We need to drive through,
need to get off the main road.

- Real food?

Just this once?

It's my birthday.

- Wait here.

(tense music)

(light country rock music)

- Two avocado burgers.

- [Caleb] Wait.

- What for?

- Say grace.

- Prayer was your
mother's thing.

Why don't you lead?

- I thank you for this food

and please help my father.

- You don't like avocados?

- If I eat them I'll die.

- That part of your deal?

Your kryptonite or something?

- No.

Like an allergy.

You drink a lot.

- Keen observation.

- You trying to numb something?

- What is this, an intervention?

- An observation.

Like you said.

- Look, you called
me, remember that.

And what I do and
how much I drink

ain't your concern, got it?

Last thing I need
is a chaperone.

- Sorry about the peach.

Ran out of cake months ago.

Some friends of yours?

- I'm Erik, this is Caleb.

- I know who you are.

Everyone does.

Your disguises are terrible.

- I told you.

- So Miss Maya.

Got a back exit to this place?

- Yeah.

It's in the back.

- Right.

- You need a lift?

I know some people
who'd love to meet you.

There's a shelter
not far from here.

- What are you offering?

- Protection.

And a shower.

Look like you both could use it.

Offer expires in
about 30 seconds.

(tense music)

I know you broke him
out of that facility.

It's been all over the news.

- They were treating him
like some sort of lab rat.

I didn't have a choice.

They went back on their word.

- The government lied to you?

You don't say?

- [Reporter] Successful
capture or information

on the whereabouts of the boy.

- Can you turn this up?

- [Reporter] Traffic's
backed up on Interstate 90

with checkpoints along
all major overpasses.

Be on the lookout
for a white male,

early 30s last seen
traveling north with the boy.

- You two are popular.

Looks like I'm with a celebrity.

Don't worry, I know another way.

- What are we doing?

- Walking.

I know the trails around here.

I got a friend who
has a cabin not far.

I'll see if he
can meet us there.

(tense music)

- Why are you doing
all these for us?

- I believe in him and
what he stands for.

- Hard to believe
in much these days.

- Where you boys headed?

- North toward the mountains.

- What's in the mountains?

- No one knows but him.

My guess is nothing.

I just had to make sure
he gets there in time.

Once we get to
this cabin of yours

we can chart another course,
be out of your business.

- Not a problem at this end.

Got eyes on the dad and his boy,

traveling north into the woods.

Some chick with them.

- Don't call me here
again until you have it.

- Hey can I ask you a question?

- No.

- You asked me earlier
why I'm helping you.

Your son's important.

He's giving humanity hope.

This is bigger than us.

- Yeah, a true believer.

- You're not?

- I believe in what I see.

(branches cracking)

- What was that?

- I don't know, come
on, let's keep moving.

- There used to be a trail here.

We have to be close.

But before we go any further,

no signal.

- We're running out of daylight.

(branches cracking)

What is it?

- I don't know, I thought
I heard something.

(gun firing)

(intense music)

(breathing heavily)

(phone ringing)


There it is.

Power's out.

The breaker's in the basement.

- I'll go.

You two look for food.

(light music)


(tense music)

- [Erik] Hands in the air, now!

- Easy man, take it easy.

- Erik, no.

Put the gun down.

This is Tom, it's his cabin.

- I came as soon as
I got your message.

Hell of a greeting.

- He can take us
where we need to go.

- Thanks, but we travel alone.

- Tom knows these back woods
better than anyone I know.

He can get you there
in half the time.

- Who the hell is this?

- I told you to come alone.

- Paul's good.

He's the only one
that knows, all right?

It's fine.

- What's this place,
why is it marked?

Well, stick to the outskirts,
take a low profile.

Avoid checkpoints until
we get through the city.

We come to the
trails, stay close

and watch out for any others.

- Others?

- Rogue militants, mercenaries.

Call them what you want.

Either way, they've
probably been tracking you

since you took him
from that site.

- They want him for the money?

- They don't care
about the money.

They wanna silence him.

See him as a threat
to the world's order.

Don't look so surprised.

The kid says he talks to god.

You don't think that's
gonna light a few fires?

Not everybody likes the
message he's proclaiming.

Your son started a holy war.

- No, absolutely not!

- What's going on?

- Paul's a journalist
from a local syndicate.

- Easy.

There are a lot of
unanswered questions.

The world will wanna know.

- That's why you came.

Exploit my kid for a paycheck.

These are friends of yours?

- We have a right to
know what's coming

and how we can stop it.

- You can't stop it.

No one can.

- Caleb, grab your
things, we're leaving.

- It's okay.

I'll tell him what
he wants to know.

It's part of why we're here.

- You claim to
know what's coming.

That we caused it.

Now if God allows free will,

then how can he know
our predetermined fate?

- Just because he knows
what we're ultimately

going to choose doesn't mean
he'll force us to choose it.

- These visions you have, Caleb.

Why don't others have them?

- Not everyone can see.

- And how do they come to you?

- I see them in my dreams.

Like a memory that just
hasn't happened yet.

- Not sure I understand.

- You will.

In four days.

- What happens in four days?

- Tears will flow if
hearts don't change.

Hatred brought us to this point,

lack of love for one another.

The warning was
ignored and that's why

so many will be lost
when it happens.

- When what happens, Caleb?

- When the earth goes black.

(crickets chirping)

- I hope he didn't
scare you in there.

- [Maya] It's not that easy.

- Look, I never got
a chance to thank you

for helping us.

- Nah.

Alcohol and I didn't mix.

Going on three years dry.

AA, the whole deal.

- A bartender that
doesn't drink.

What's the secret?

- Die to yourself.

A little more everyday.

Your wife?

- She was.

- It's okay, we don't
have to talk about it.

I just, I just figured
if the others are right,

if this really is
the end of the world,

I just might be the last
person on the planet

you can share your
memories with.

How does he handle it all?

- You know, for a long time
he wouldn't tell anyone

about the things he'd see.

He saw it as a curse.

Then he said he had to.

Thought it was part
of his mission.

I never wanted her to go
through with the pregnancy.

We were young and the
kid was the last thing

either of us needed.

But Emily said she'd have
him with or without me so I,

I gave in.

The night he was born,

they couldn't stop the bleeding.

If she would have known
what it was gonna cost her

she would have,

she would have made
another choice.

- Would she?

- Truth is I blamed him.

She died and I blamed him.

Maybe still do.

Why do you think all
this is happening?

- I don't know.

Maybe god just
wants our attention.

There was a time when
seeing was believing.

But your son's been
called a prophet

and you're telling me his
own father is a skeptic.

- Look, if there is a
god, I don't trust him.

I mean how can you trust someone

who took away the only
thing that mattered to you?

- Do you ever think he
allows the bad things

in our lives to happen
to course correct us

to the good?

- No.

- Well he has his hands in this.

All of it.

I wanna show you something.

- [Reporter] The image
has not been enhanced

or adjusted in any way.

- Broadcast 24-7 for
the past two years

for the entire world to see.

A beacon of hope for
millions of people.

And your son, he
knew what was coming

weeks in advance.

He didn't choose any of this.

He was chosen.

How else could he know?

That's my point.

People see what they wanna see

and they blind
themselves to the rest

even when the truth is
right in front of them.

Your son is the miracle
the world needed

but you can't even see that.

(light music)

- Good travels.

Call me when you get there.

- Will do.

- Any breakfast?

- No, I'm good.

- I meant for me.

- Year of the dog, my friend.

- Someone's outside.

(tense music)

- Says we have a better
chance if we don't run.

- What if he's wrong?

- He never is.

- If they find him,
they'll kill him.

Follow me.

- Go around and watch the back.

If they run, shoot them.

(men mumbling)

Open it.


- Whatever happens,
don't make a sound.

(tense music)

- Wonders never cease.

- It's really him.

- Of course it is.

You think I'd drag you
all the way out here

if it wasn't?

- The visionary that
sees the future.

Tell me the truth.

You didn't see this
coming, did you?

You want that, it's gonna
take some divine intervention.

Go ahead.

Mystify me.

Make me a believer.

- I wasn't asked to
make you believe.

Only to tell you that
love is the only thing

that will save us.

- Wow.

Ain't that beautiful?

- It's me.

Yeah, yeah, we have the boy.

I have it under control.

- So what happens now?

- We wait.

- All you gotta do is
admit that you're lying

and we'll let you go.

Just tell the world the truth.

- You don't have to be afraid.

- What was that?

- You're scared.

I could see it in your eyes.

It's for people like you
that I bring my message.

God's not too late for you.

Life on earth is short.

Everything will
pass, as will you.

- Shut him up!

- Where there's death,
there will be life.

- Stop!

Wait for Gabriel.

(light music)

- Wake up, Erik.



- We need to get out of here.

- How?

- He's on his way.

I'll call you when
he gets there.

(tense music)

- Have to keep moving.

- I can't.

I'm fine.

- [Anthony] You told
us you were going

to reveal three secrets.

Two of them have
already come to pass.

What's the third secret, Caleb?

- [Caleb] The message
hasn't been revealed to me.

- [Anthony] These messages,
how do they come to you?

- [Caleb] I hear a voice.

It guides me.

- [Anthony] You hear voices,
they tell you what to do,

give you signs of some sort.

- [Caleb] There
are always signs.

We choose whether or
not to follow them.

But the time is coming.

The hearts of men
will be exposed.

- Listen.

I don't wanna argue, but
if it wasn't supernatural,

explain to me how you
write off the blackout.

- It's simple.

Government infiltrates our
lives through our computers

and credit cards.

No reason to think they
haven't figured out

a way into our minds.

Satellite send signals
through the airwaves, bang!

Lights out.

- Yeah, yeah, that
makes much more sense.

Are we lost?

(chimes sounding)

- What's wrong with him?

What's he doing?

- [Man] That's Ellie.

She's my youngest daughter.

You'll be staying safe here.

- [Woman] John!

- This way.

- That's toward the city.

- Walk by faith, right?

- Yeah.

Or fall for a Jedi mind trick.

(droning music)

- Hey!

What are you doing in my yard?

Oh, it's you.

I'm sorry.

I didn't realize.

- We could use a place to stay.

Just for the night.

(door creaking)

- Our house is your house
as long as you need it.

You'll be safe here.

- That's what they told me
about the last safe house.

- [Man] That's Ellie.

She's my youngest daughter.

- Good looking family.

- Are you the boy
who talks to god?

Is the end of the
world really coming?

- For some.

- Your son, it's
quite a gift he has.

- Uh huh.

- Would you like more wine?

- Explain to me how
a 15 year old manages

to slip out of your grasp.

- 14.

The kid's 14 years old.

- Shut up!

- I won't lose him again.

- I know.

(tense music)

(crayon scraping)

- I saved all the news reports
from the day it happened.

Must have watched them
at least a dozen times.

Total blackout.

We all experience a
collective unconscious.

How does everyone experience
the exact same thing

at the exact same time?

Everyone's asking the
same question now.

If the world's about to end,

am I happy with how I've
been living my life?

- What did you see
when it happened?

- A glimpse.

It's hard to explain really.

Like I saw it all from
another perspective.

Alone with my conscience I,

I saw all my faults.

How my life affected others.

In those three minutes,

we all saw who we really are.

We all shared in the same
universal experience.

- And yet it divides us.

- Not everyone
liked what they saw.

Just like with any
difficult memory,

if you wanna forget
about it, you will.

We all have free will.


Ignoring it doesn't
make it less true.

(somber music)

- You making circles?

Gotta get the molars clean.


There you go.

There, good.

Get every single one.

(door creaking)

- Did you brush your teeth?

Okay well, get some sleep.

- Do you think I'm a freak?

- What?

Why would you say that?

- I'm different.

- Different's good.

The rest of us are just
carbon copies of each other

trying to fit in.

You were born to stand out.

Now go to sleep.

- Dad?

Do you ever think of her?

Of Mom?

- All the time.

- What was she like?

- You.

She was a lot like you.

Cared about everyone
else more than herself.

- I write her letters sometimes.

Tell her what I'm feeling,
tell her about my day.

Is that stupid?

- Does it help?

- I think so.

- Then it's not stupid.

You have secrets.

I'll let you in on one of mine.

I could have done more.

I'm a work in progress.

- I think we all are.

Good night.

- Details about the boy
have been vague at best.

Is he a plant by the
United States government

to hide something bigger?

Could we event trust him and
his so-called apparitions?

And where is he going?

We have a right to know.

As the search continues,
Dr. Anthony Faron

had this to say.

(reporters chattering)

- We're doing
everything in our power

to get the boy back.

Rest assured, he
will be recovered.

He'll be returned as
a government ward.

- His safety, what
about the boy's safety?

- If he's watching,
this is your last chance

to turn the boy in.

If you continue to run,
you're putting your own life

and the boy's at risk.

I can no longer
guarantee your safety.

- [Reporter] Dr. Faron,
what about the allegations

that you plan to sell the
boy back to the government?

- Like you said, allegations.

(reporters chattering)

- Far as I can tell, the
numbers are coordinates.

Some sort of mapping system.

Latitude and longitude
leading here.

- What about these?

- I don't know,
date and time maybe.

- 11,27,27.

Why this place?

According to the map,
there's nothing out there.

- No, I'm in the dark
like everyone else

but we can't go back.

- What do we do?

- We have three days.

Stick to the plan,
keep heading north.

- You really believe he's gonna

receive the message
when he gets there?

- It doesn't matter
what I believe anymore.

(tense music)

(intense music)

- Fine.

I will.

I told you I would
deliver the kid, didn't I?

But we still have time.

Don't worry about the father.

I'll take care of him.

If he doesn't, I'll
do what I have to do.

I'll take him
tonight and be there

by tomorrow morning, done deal.

(tense music)

- [Doll] It's playtime, Mommy!

- I gotta go.

- What's wrong?

- [Erik] Explain on the road.

Right now we just
gotta get out of here.

Trust me, grab your things.

- You're a slow learner.

I can't let you leave.

- [Erik] What are
you talking about?

- I only want the boy.

- Well you can't have him.

- I don't wanna hurt you.

But I will if I have to.

(tense music)

It's not personal.

It's just a lot of money.

You should be thanking me

for saving his life.

See you would never
survive on your own.

You can't protect him anymore.

- Let him go.

Drop the gun.

- [Erik] You have rope?

- It's in the garage.

- [Erik] Take Caleb.

- You've never killed
a man before, have you?

- You're right.

But I've had a lot
of firsts recently.

(ominous music)

- Where are you going?

- Looks like we
missed the party.

There was nothing at the cabin.

A tip came in from
the journalist.

He says he interviewed the kid.

Has the tape if we're
willing to pay for it.

- Give me the number.

- Caleb, time to go.

You ready?

Look, I know he scared
you but I'm not leaving,

trust me on that.


What happened?


- [Man] Make yourself at home.

- Here.

It was my mom's but,
I'm too old for it now.

You have it so
you'll remember me.

- We're in the
middle of nowhere.

- That's the idea.

- You can't leave me here.

You're the target of
a nationwide manhunt.

They're gonna find you.

Then you're gonna
wish I took your kid.

And someone is gonna fin--

- It's not personal.

- Hey!



(electronic music)

- [Erik] Not a day goes
by I don't think of you.

You left a part of you.

I see you in him.

In ways I couldn't before.

And for that, I'm grateful.

(coins clanking)

(toilet flushing)

- Surveillance at a gas
station picked him up

not 15 miles from here.

They can't be far.

- Maybe sometime I can
make you my specialty.

Strawberry pancakes.

Does that sound good?

- I'm allergic to strawberries.

- Right.

Maybe just pancakes then.

You know you remind me
a lot of my little boy.

He'd be about your age.

- Where is he?

- He's in a better place.

- You'll have another someday.

Close your eyes.

(light music)

- [Erik] Is he ready?

- I put some food
and water in there.

You sure you don't want
me to take you further?

- Nah, you done enough.

Thank you.

- What will you do?

- I don't know, I'll
think of something.

Rather not get you
involved any further.

- Okay.

Good luck.

- I may have something here.

Let me call you back.

- What is it?

- [Tom] You the doctor
looking for the boy?

- Who is this?

How'd you get this number?

- I want two million.

Half now and half
when he's recovered.

- You have him?

- No, but I know
where they're going.

- Why should I believe that?

- 'Cause unlike you,
I know how to protect

a multi million dollar asset.

There's a GPS on
them as we speak.

- Where are you?

(tense music)

(festive latin music)


- Thanks.

(speaking in foreign language)

- If I had to listen to
that a second longer,

- I'm only gonna
ask one more time

and then I start hurting people.

They didn't say where
they were going?

- They didn't say
and I didn't ask.

- You're not lying, are you?

I can always tell a liar.

- I ain't lying.

- How about you, precious?

You know where they
might be headed?

You don't want
anything to happen

to your mommy and daddy, do you?

All right then.

- Marina Forks.

It's a campground.

- Oh, good girl.

- [Maya] Where to?

- Into the woods,
where there's cover.

The deeper we go,
the better chance

of getting him there in time.

If we can get to the river,

it should take us all
the way to the campsite.

From there it's not far.

- You really wanna
go back in there?

- We sit anywhere for too
long, they'll find us.

There'll be others.

We're too exposed out here.

You don't have to do this.

You could stay here or go back.

- What would I go back to?

Slinging drinks
for minimum wage?

Like a storm, right?

The only way through
it is through it.

Let's go.

- [Man] What do we do?

- Split up.

You follow them in.

I'll come up from
the northern side.

Flank them in the middle.

(tense music)

- [Erik] Why are you smiling?

- You're starting to
believe him are you?

That's why you agreed
to take him this far.

My prayers are working.

- I agree to prove
that I'm right.

We get there, you'll see
there's nothing out there.

Nothing miraculous
is gonna happen.

Prayer's pointless, specially
when it's wasted on me.

- Are you afraid, if you
listen, god won't speak to you

or that you won't like
what you hear when he does?

- I'm not afraid of anything.

Besides, maybe
we're already dead.

- What?

- I'm serious, maybe the
blackout wiped us all out

and this is just in our minds.

My dad told me he didn't
believe in the afterlife.

Maybe we all just
hallucinate our last memories

for what seems like an eternity.

Makes sense, right?

(ominous music)

- [Maya] What do we do?

- There's a ridge
behind me, 20 feet.



(gun firing)


(tense music)

- Come on.

They'll be back.

- You have to keep moving.

If we can make it to the river,

and follow it all the way.

- You can't make it like this.

- We have to stay on our feet.

What are you doing?

- We need to keep
pressure on it.

Do you have anything left
in that flask of yours?

It'll do you more good this way.

This is gonna hurt.


- We're running out of light.

They'll be circling back.

- [Maya] We're not
gonna make it, are we?

- We'll make it.

We have to move.

Next time, could you ask
to receive your message

near the beach?

(wolf howling)

We need to find shelter.

Shelter and a fire.

Best thing to do is find
some place near a rock.

It'll radiate heat back on us.

- Won't they see it?

- We don't have a choice.

We'll freeze out here.

Help me get some wood.

See this isn't so bad.

Like any other
camping trip, right?

- I don't know.

Never been camping before.

- This one's ready.

He's nothing like
me, that's for sure.

- You say that like
it's a bad thing.

- You got a point.

- You should change
out of those dressings.

- What difference
does it make anyway?

These are our last days.

- It makes all the difference.

- Where'd you learn all this?

- Kids get cut up all the time.

- Yeah he, uh,

he told me you had a son.

- That's right.

I know what it's like,

loving someone long
after they're gone.

- What happened?

- Car wreck.

I came out of it, he didn't.

He was tough though.

Fought for a whole week.

- I'm sorry I
misjudged you before.

I thought you were just--

- Just a waitress?

It's okay.

The Nokely legacy's
shortsighted anyway.

The car wreck, it
was out of my hands.

It's when I finally
figured it out.

- What's that?

- That if I'm still here,
there has to be a good reason.

It took losing my son to realize

I can't handle
everything on my own.

That I don't have as much
control as I'd like to think.

So I trust in a will
greater than my own now.

I remember the way
he used to laugh

when he was a baby.

That sweet little cackle.

Still puts a lump in my throat.

I miss that the most.

You know, for
millions of people,

your son is proof of
something greater.

But to him, you're the
proof of something greater.

He's a good kid.

Whether you realize it
or not, you're blessed.

Not everyone gets
a second chance.

- Was it hard to move on?

- Yeah.

It's the hardest
thing I ever did.

Just realized I was
tired of living numb.

Time's something
you can't get back.

- Die to yourself.

That's what you told me, right?

- You only die once.

You can live every day.

(wolves howling)

They won't come near
the fire, will they?

- No, we'll be okay.

I'll keep watch.

(somber music)

- There's something
you need to see.

- Pack up your things.

They're messing with us.

We need to make it to
the pass by nightfall.

We'll be fine as long
as we get that far.

- You have a plan?

- I'm working on it.

Can I see that bag of yours?

- That's the last one.

We used the others on the fire.

- We're gonna make it count.


(tense music)

- You gotta be kidding me.

(bird squawking)

- They couldn't have gone
further than this in the night.

Not injured.

What do we do?

(gun firing)

- We're gonna go back
the way we came in,

flush them out.

They're not far.

(breathing heavily)

- Stop.

I can't keep going.

Neither can he.

I'm sorry.

You guys can go.

But I can't.

I'll catch up with you.

- If we don't keep
moving, they'll find us.

We have to stick together or,

- Shh.

Do you hear that?

(tense music)

- Puts things in
perspective, right?

- [Erik] What's that?

- This.

All of it.

Makes you realize how
small we really are.

- What about your boy's father?

Never mentioned him.

- Well, they say a
traumatic event will either

bring a couple closer
or drive them apart.

Mine was the latter.

We tried to have another
baby after the accident.

I couldn't get pregnant.

It wasn't meant to be.

- I'm sorry.

- I'm not.

I gave it everything I had.

In the end it still wasn't
enough for the both of us.

What is it?

- We're here.

- Hey, you're that kid, right?

Sorry, I just
recognized him from TV.

You mind if I get a
picture with the kid?


Everyone's looking for him.

It's hard to trust people
these days, I get it.

How about a drink?

I got some whiskey in my pack.

- I don't drink and
we're kind of tired.

- Right.

Okay, I'm gonna tuck it in
for the night then, cheers.

(somber music)

(fire crackling)

Good night all.

Mind if I join you?

I got a kid.

I don't drink
around them either.

I won't tell.

- [Erik] Sorry about earlier.

Been a little on edge.

- No need to apologize.

- We're being followed.

- Whoever it is comes this way,

you got nothing to worry about.

- You're a cop.

- Not just a cop.

I'm one that wants you to
get where you're going.

Your secret's safe with me.

And what happens
when he gets there,

space ship's not gonna come
and take him away, is it?

- I don't know, maybe.

- This kid of yours
is the real deal, huh?

- About as real as it gets.

- Everyone's had some sort
of unexplained experience

in their life, right?

Wouldn't be crazy
to believe them.

Might be crazy not
to believe them.

I wish you both
the best of luck.

I'm turning in.

- How about your whiskey?

- Finish it.

(branches rustling)

(ominous music)

(tense music)

- Caleb!

- [Caleb] Dad!

(tense music)

- Sorry kid.


(gun firing)


(gun firing)

- Caleb, Caleb.

I got you, I got you.

You okay?

We gotta go, okay?

You ready?

- I'm tired.

- I know.

I need you to help me out, okay?

When we get out there,
you don't stop running

until you get to the tree line.

Don't look back, you got it?

Okay, we go on three.

One, two, three!

(gun firing)

To the trees, Caleb!

(bullets whizzing)

Okay, rest a minute
and we keep moving.

(tense music)

- I'm tired of running.

- Yeah, me too.

- Dad!


(water gurgling)

- What happened?

Where's Caleb?

- He's gone.

They took him.

- Who took him?

- It doesn't matter.

We'll never see him again.

- No, we'll find him.

- We won't.

Wake up, Maya.

Your son died.

You couldn't save him
and I can't save mine.

Neither can your higher power.

There was no one
watching out for us.

Do you get that yet?

Your son is gone.

- Thanks for reminding me.

Your wife, she died
so he could live.

- The others, they
want to bring you back

to that facility.

You should have let them.

They wanted you for the money.

This isn't about
the money anymore.

Your death shouldn't be
at the hands of greed.

This is far too important.

- You're not gonna turn me in?

- Believe me when
I tell you, kid.

I have no intention
of turning you in.

Or of you ever
leaving this mountain.

You were right.

We all have a purpose.

This is mine.

- [Man] It's been confirmed.

They found the cop's
vehicle off the interstate

near the campsite.

Someone got to him first.

- And the boy?

- [Man] Still missing.

- Then we're all that's left.

- [Man] We have a team en route.

What's your move?

- They couldn't have gotten far.

Let's go find them.

- All you have to do is confess.

Tell the whole world the truth.

That god has nothing
to do with this.

- I can't do that.

- You deceive your followers.

Gave them false hope
in something that
just doesn't exist.

No one believes you anymore.

Get up, come on!

- You don't have to do this.

You have a choice.

- And you had a choice
to prevent this.

- What happened to your
brother wasn't your fault.

- [Gabriel] What'd you just say?

- Your brother killed
himself when you were 15

after the two of you
got into a fight.

After your brother died, you
stopped believing in anything.

And everything.

You've blamed yourself
ever since, but,

it wasn't your fault.

(somber music)

- Stop.

- What happened, are you hurt?

- They're coming.

We have to go.

- I'll get our things.

- No.

You've done what you have to.

Stay here, you'll be safe.

You can get off
us in a few days.

- Almost there.

What are you doing?

(branches cracking)

- [Man On Radio] What is it?

- Yeah I'm at the
top, we have no visual

on the subject, copy.

(tense music)


- If you've got a
clean shot, take him.

Just don't hit the boy.


(helicopter humming in distance)

(soldiers shouting
over each other)

- Drop it now!

(gun firing)

- Help!

(breathing heavily)

Someone please, help him!

Don't let him die,
don't do this again.

- [Man] Everyone
take a step back.

- Where'd this blood come from?

- What?

- Blood.

Were you hit?

There's not a scratch on him.

- I saw it.

The kid took that
bullet straight on.

- I came all this
way to protect you.

It was you protecting me.

- It's why I asked
you to take me.

You were in a bad place.

But you'll be safer now.

- I've never told you
before, I love you.

- The boy comes with me.

Detain him.

- Let them pass.

- You're under my jurisdiction.

- Not anymore.

(dramatic music)

(reporters shouting
over each other)

(cameras clicking)

- The search has ended for
14 year old Caleb Black.

This video was
released hours ago

while the young boy revealed
the last of three secrets.

Many believed that his
prophecy could change the world

in what some are anticipating

to be a global extinction event.

- [Reporter] Is it true that
you believe god speaks to you?

- To anyone who will listen.

The chastisement is coming.

It'll be something supernatural

that cannot be
explained by science.

A correction of the
conscience of the world.

All need to take shelter

and nothing will
be the same after.

The earth will go
black for three days

and poison will fill the air.

Board up your windows
and do not look out.

Do not go outside.

'Cause those who do will die.

You do not need to be afraid.

Life on earth lasts
only a moment.

Our lives are miracles.

You must see them that way.

So in the end, love is the
only thing that will matter.

If there's someone you
need to say I love you to,

tell them now.

I know I'm only a messenger,

and the message is one of hope.

And when this is over,

our time of peace will begin.

This is not the
end of the world,

only the world as we know it.

So open your hearts and love.

Thank you for
answering this call.

(reporters shouting
over each other)

- [Erik] For things to get
better, they had to change.

And in the end, Caleb was right.

The third event arrived
as he had warned.

Darkness lasted three days,

swept across the
earth in a wave.

Life was different after that.

And in those days and minutes
when hope seemed lost,

our son helped me see a future.

One filled with peace.

The greatest
tragedy isn't death.

It's life without purpose.

I finally found mine.

The miracles never in our eyes

allowed us to see
in those last days

or in the events
our son predicted.

It was in the heart he
changed in the process.

He had seen it all along.

That it wasn't the end.

It was the beginning.

(somber music)

(intense music)