Primo amore (2004) - full transcript

Vittorio is looking for a woman who matches his ideal. Through a classified ad he meets Sonia, a sweet, pleasant, intelligent girl. However, she weighs 125 pounds -- which according to Vittorio is way too much. A goldsmith by trade, Vittorio is obsessed with the desire to shape Sonia's body and mind as does a fire with gold. Almost imperceptibly Sonia becomes a passive participant and the relationship grows into a reciprocal masochistic game. When the two lovers isolate themselves in a country house in the Veneto hills, they dangerously lose touch with reality and the rest of the world.

I'm still here.

Because I know you're here too.

Don't be afraid.

Nothing irreparable has happened.


- Nice to meet you.
- My pleasure, Sonia.

- How are you doing?
- Have you been waiting long?


I pictured you like this.

- I didn't, frankly.
- How then?


- Really?
- From what you told me.

If I don't suit you,
I can get the next train.

- Let's have a drink at least.
- You can leave if you want.

- Whatever.
- We can get a drink, right?


No sugar?

Thanks for the coffee.

- You're already leaving?
- Yes, what's the time?

It's early, 5:15.

I'll catch the 5:30 train and go home.

You live alone?

No, with my brother.

And you?



What do you do for a living?

My job?

I work in a free-trade store.

At night, I model
at the Art Academy.

- Night Academy?
- Yes, and you?

I have a goldsmith shop.
A small one.

Just two workers.

- I get by.
- Nice.

Not always...


- I'm going.
- Are you in a hurry? Leaving so soon.

Sort of, because...

What's the point of being here?

- We'll chat a bit.
- About what?


Thanks for the coffee, but...

It doesn't seem like you...
Do you want to talk to me?

I got the impression
that it was better...

- You haven't forgiven me, huh?
- ...for me to leave.

Well... no.

What can I do?

Let me go.

Do you come here often?

Once in a while.

- Alone?
- Often.

Do you like being alone?

Do I like being alone?
I just am.

Vittorio, come here a second, please.

I can't take responsibility
for certain choices.

I spoke to him this morning.

You know, he's pretty old...

...he's got an ancient mindset,
like your dad.

I'm stuck inbetween you two, this
situation's getting out of hand.

What? Getting out of hand?

- What situation?
- Finding myself here...

...not knowing what to do...

...if I should use 10 or 8 pieces.
- So I should always be here?

If you'd come by to check...

Sonia, age 25, friendly, outgoing,
sweet, apparently.

She's convinced she's thinner
than she really is.

Strange. It's usually the other way around.

About 55-57 kilos.

It's hard to be more exact,
dressed how she was.

In any case, with that weight,
it'll never work out.

She'd have to lose
at least 10 kilos...

...And I know how it would end up.
I mean, I know it would end.

I found you!

I was hiding.

You have your father's mouth.

It's all wrong.

It's all wrong.

What's all wrong?

Are you taking the medicine?


Every day?

- That's not the point.
- Then what is?

Things always end up happening
the same way, that's the point.

They were one way before, now even
with medicine they're the same,...

...only I'm more dazed now.

There are two aspects to it: part can be treated
with medication,...

...that can be of help...

...but you can stop this thing
from happening...

...if you figure out what it is.
- I know damn well what it is... know too, right?

You tell me.

It's always the same:

...a body, but not a mind,
I find a mind, but not a body!

- Do you want a body or a mind?
- Both!

They should come together.

Despite everything, she comes
looking for me, of all people.

As if she wanted
to tell me something.

I've always looked for a body first, and then a mind.

I never imagined it could be the other way around.

Finding a mind first, then a body.

Write down the measurements,
we'll place an order...

...with the warehouse on Tuesday.
- Alright. Come in.

- Hello.
- Hi.


You liked it, you wore it...

- I use it.
- You use it?

- Here's Marco. And Michele.
- Hi.

- Here he is.
- Hi. - Hello.

Aren't you going to introduce us?

Sure, sorry. Anna...

- Hi.
- Hi.

Antonella, Vittorio.

Mopi, who just got here
with the merchandise.

- Hello.
- Vittorio.

How's it going?

- And you?
- Fine! I'm glad you're here.

- Hello.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

Good morning, Mario.

- The future owner.
- The future owner!

- Could be.
- Yeah...

Show her.

He's sanding.

- That's gold.
- Oh, God!

It gets into the air
and sticks to everything.

- Even onto hair.
- On mine too?

Against the light...

I glitter.

You glitter.

We'll wash your hair after.

- Mine?
- Of course, I don't have any.

You silly boy...

There was a guy
who worked with my dad...

- Do you remember, Mario?
- Yeah.

With long hair, who always wore gel.

He'd come with his hair slicked back...
...and he'd run his fingers through his hair.

Obviously, before...

...he'd go like this.

Gold dust would stick,
and he'd slick his hair.

He'd go home, wash his hair
and collect the gold dust.

- He stole gold?
- Yes.

- How long did he work here, three years?
- Yes.

When dad caught on,
he fired him.

We could've denounced him.

- You mean, with that dust?
- Sure.

From here, there's a view...

...of the castle of the Capulets
and Montagues, in that direction.

A reference to the story
of Romeo and Juliet.

You're not just buying a home,
but a chunk of history.

I'm pretty convinced.

- We'll...
- Vit!

- ...discuss the price.
- Vit!

The price is always negotiable.

- Did she call me? - Yes.
- Vit!



Should I get it?


- Are you sure?
- It's you who needs to be sure.

- It's not for you two?
- No!

- I thought you'd live here together.
- It's not for us? - No!

- It's not for us!
- I thought it was.

Why? You said you liked it.

- Yes, it's perfect for you.
- Why?

- Isn't it a bit too soon?
- For what?

For you and me to live together.

Why is it too soon?

- You don't know what I'm like.
- Who says so?

You hardly know me.


Well, I already signed
a pre-contract.

- Yes...
- Sure.

And you can't pull out.

I can't pull out,
he just reminded me.

Unless you pay a penalty.

What do you want me to do?
You signed the pre-contract.

Just say yes...

...I won't live here alone.

You can say no too,
but just say so.

- Think about it, ma'am.
- How much fucking time do you need?

Say yes or no.

If you say no I'll lose money,
but I don't give a shit.

I just need to know.

- There was nothing here before?
- No...

...we made it all.

I'm a taxi driver... when you come home,
you have to create your own nest...

...where you can escape, dream...
- He's talking your ear off?

Kind of.

- An interesting guy.
- Like him?


Do we accept him?

Let's flip a coin?

Heads or tails? Heads!

Can I take the yellow box
that you like?

Just this once...

I've never felt
this anxious before.

Maybe it has to do with you.

Something makes me feel...
I don't feel comfortable,... avoid saying I'm nervous...

...I'll say I'm uncomfortable
on this fucking hammock.

- Actually, before I fall off...
- I don't understand...

You're uncomfortable because
Sonia's moving in with me?

I was relaxed before...

...then we mentioned Sonia and there...
my freedom... I don't know.

- Your freedom of what?
- Freedom to be at ease.

What's worrying you?

I don't know you.
It's my sister's choice.

But as siblings,
we live together for many years,...

...we share a garden too,
the freedom to stretch out here...

...with you looking at me
in that creepy way...

Dunno, maybe...
it's pre-departure anxiety.

- Are the lyrics nice?
- Very.

- Sorry.
- No problem.

Lift your back a bit.



- Not bad, 51 and...
- 51 and a half. - A tad more.

- Very good.
- Thanks. - You're welcome!

- Are you happy?
- I'd say so. - Me too.

This weighs nothing.

- It's a weird collection.
- Hi, Vittorio. How's it going?

What are we supposed to do
with this stuff?

I was thinking...
we could manufacture them.

- These?
- Let's see how we'll manufacture them.

- This collection?
- Why not?

- It's not commercial stuff.
- Anything's possible.

But it's not sellable.

If we sell this stuff,
we'll be done for. It's not sellable.

So much detail, no weight, huge loss.

We should make what your father made,
bracelets like this.

We'll still do them.

This is new stuff,
we'll keep doing those.

But it's ugly new stuff,
it's not marketable!

Don't worry, let someone else decide!

Let's try making a small series,
then we'll evaluate the profits.

No problem, you'll do the evaluating.

I'll do it.

Thank you.

- We can close the deal.
- Good!

- 6, 7? How much?
- No, the price is an issue.

- 5?
- 3?

- What?!
- 3. - 3?!

- But we can do a large quantity.
- That doesn't even cover expenses!

Relax, they're watching.
They're important clients.

- 3 euros, Paolo!
- Take it easy, don't do that!

- We said 5, possibly even 6, 7...
- They are behind me!

I'm working for you,
I'm not getting a cut.

No cut, but your brand name goes on it!

They know it's you, I'll introduce you.
What's the problem?

This is how I started too!

- Can I close? - Close it.
- It's important.

- Okay, three euro.
- Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.
Thank you.

- 50 and a half tonight.
- 50? - And a half.

- What's wrong?
- I would've guessed a bit more.

- No.
- I'm rarely wrong.

You're wrong, grab the marker and write.

I'll write it down, but I think...

- It's 67 kilos.
- 60...

- 67.
- 67. 6-7.

It should be...
I weigh 68.

I weigh 68 on the one in my shop.

Let's try with weights
to see if this one's right..

...or the one at the shop is.

- The one at the shop is good.
- That doesn't mean it's exact.

- This weighs...
- ...20.

It's right, let's add 20 more.

Doubling it up?

- In fact, 39 and...
- 950.

- 50 grams.
- 50 grams.

- Less.
- Less.

- That's not a little.
- It's not a lot either! - 50 grams...

Why is it so off?

- So off?
- It was perfect when I got it.

Everything drops with time.

Not much time has passed.

- I will fix it.
- Do you think...

...the scale could be off because
someone altered it on purpose?

- I don't think so. - Is it possible?
- Yes, everything's possible.

Is it hard or can anyone do it?

- You'd need a scale specialist.
- Really? - Yes.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

- It's not that easy, is it?
- No, it's not that easy to do.

- Then make things easier for me!
- You too.

Don't eat when I'm not home.

- I told you I never eat!
- Please!

You ate them with your friends, I'm sure.

I doubt you'd offer them some
and not eat any.

Yes or no?

- One. - If it were a cookie...
- You ate it, right?

Did you eat it?


Did you eat it or not?
Just say yes.

- I had company, I probably ate one.
- You ate it?


- I don't know...
- Yes or no? - Yes!
- You just said so.

See, you force me
to behave like this!

You think I enjoy it?

It's the principle that counts,
not eating one or ten.

It's not about the quantity.

If you do it once, you'll do it again,
and a third time...

...then it'll become a habit.

And it must not.

Am I wrong?

- You like yourself more this way?
- Maybe a bit...

- Do you like yourself more?
- Yes, because you like me this way.

When you look in the mirror,
do you like yourself more?

As you are now, not before.

- Yes, a bit more.
- So?

- I'm trying my hardest.
- If you're trying your hardest...

...don't eat when I'm not here.

Baby ant climbing up your neck...

You seem to think the world consists
of absolute things only.

A person says something once,
and might not realize...

...That maybe she made a promise
she can't keep.

Plus there's the basic issue.

Do you have the right
to ask something like this?

Why not?

We talked about it,
this is the real problem.

- It's a different situation.
- Different? - Yes.

- It's not at all different.
- It is, very much.

Because you're molding a person
according to your desire.

It's her desire too!

Whose idea was it?

Both of ours.

Are you sure?

That it was both of ours?

Sonia always desired a man
who wanted her to lose weight?

Or did she realize it
when she met you?

So what's wrong with that?

And if she realized it
because of me?

She's transforming herself
because she met me.

But you're perfect this way?

- Not at all!
- What are you transforming yourself into?

It's what I don't want
to transform into...

...what I don't want
to transform into!

It's transparent.

It's silk chiffon,
very lightweight.

- I like it a lot. Do you?
- Well...

- You don't like it?
- No, no...

- It falls straight.
- It's a relaxed fit.

- But it flatters me.
- It makes you...

- Makes her what?
- I mean, it doesn't make you.

You prefer something tighter?

Maybe something more fitted?

- What did you have in mind?
- The one from before.

The black wrinkly one?

Will you try it on?


May I?

Try this sandal,
I think it's more appropriate.

To change...

Turn around.

- It's not bad.
- Nice, like it?

- Yes...
- Are you sure?

- Is anything wrong?
- What's wrong?

This one...
What's wrong with it?

- Is it too tight?
- Sonia, what is it?

- What's wrong?
- We'll just take the other one.

No problem.
Don't cry.

What's going on?

What's going on?
Come sit here.

Can she have a glass of water?

What's going on?

- Yeah?
- It's Trevisan Vittorio, I have an appointment.

One moment, I'll check.

Paolo! Paolo!

- Is Vittorio here?
- Just a second.

What can I say?
You're right in a way.

- I have tons of work...
- I am right?

Yes, you are right.
I have tons of work...

...when you have lots to do,

Come on, Vito...

You have to learn to be punctual,
that's the problem.

You can do it with me,
but do it with a client..

...and you're through. You can do it
with me 'cause I'm a friend.

- I'll respect the terms.
- It's your last chance.

No more chances for you,
that's how expos work.

Get your shit together...

...organize your brain
and go to the expo...

...with punctuality, politeness.
You have to change,... more business-like.

Okay. I hope we'll keep working together.

I want to work with you,
but it has to be done together.

Business should make both sides happy.
I'm not happy...

...and you?

What did you bring up?

- The red plates.
- No, the tablecloths.

- You said the red plates.
- No...

...we need to fill this
with tablecloths.

- Not with plates.
- But you said...

- You forgot what you said!
- No, look here.

We have to fill this,
plates have nothing to do with it!

You go down,
I brought the red plates.

Put them aside and we'll continue.

We don't need them!

- We need to do the tablecloths.
- No, move them!

We'll put the red plates here!

They don't belong here.

Sonia! Sonia, enough!
Anto! Anto!

- I can't stand her anymore.
- What's going on? Sonia...

I can't deal with her.
You try!

She's out of it!

Seems things are getting worse.

You're never there,
he's always complaining,...

...I'm sick of this situation.

What're you trying to say?
Speak, damn it!

The situation's ugly, I wanted to see
if you had something to say.

I've already told you.

It's a rough moment,
try and be patient.

- We can't anymore.
- It has happened before, right?

The money has always come in
and so have the orders.

We can't manage anymore,
an opportunity's come up now...

Are you saying
you're abandoning me?

Possibilities for an interesting job have come up.

We wanted to see if you had
something interesting to say.

So you found another job?

- Then say so!
- Yes. - Then say so!

Now I told you, sorry,
it's awkward...

Say it, you haven't yet.

- We want to leave.
- We want to leave.

We came to tell you
we're quitting.

Send me a letter then.

I see, we'll work out
the money situation later.

If you give me time, you'll do me
a favor, if not...

We've always tried
to meet you half-way.

There's nothing more to say.

- If you have to leave, just leave.
- Alright, then we leave.

- We're sorry, but...
- Bye. - Bye. - Bye.

After years of working
with his father...

4,500 euros.

My final offer.

- Can't we do 5,000?
- No, I've already wasted time.

That's all it's worth,
nothing more.

- Can I start loading?
- Fine.

- Or we'll unload it all.
- Go ahead and load.

Load it up!

Load it up!

You bring me down.
I finally freed myself of that job.

I have time for me, you.

We can consider
doing something together!

I can start playing the drums again.

You don't seem to care at all.

- Sonia!
- No, no... - No, no, what?

What's important is
that you're with me.

- But I am with you.
- Like this you're not!

This way, you're not... at all.

What happened?


Is there a doctor?

Give her room to breathe.
Let an expert take a look, sir.

Tell them you feel better.

- What?! How's the lady?
- She's fine.

- Let the doctor decide.
- I know what's wrong.

- What?
- Low potassium level.

Is this the first time it happened?

- She's fine. Sonia!
- Her pulse?

She's my girlfriend,
I know what's wrong.

Leave her alone, let her breathe.

- I just want to be sure.
- Doctor, take a look.

She doesn't need a doctor!

What are you doing?

Take it easy, please.
Let the doctor look.

- Let the doctor look!
- Leave me alone!

I'm going to throw you out.

- I'm going to throw you out.
- Leave me alone, damn it!

- There's a doctor, I don't want trouble in my club.
- Vit!

Please, don't stand up.

- Stop it!
- Vit! I'm fine.

Leave her alone!
Where are you taking her?

- Leave him alone!
- What?

Vit, I'm fine. I'm fine.
Just go away!

I planted eggplants there...

...huge black cabbage here,
the ones mom liked...

...then strawberries...
- Wow...

Plus celery...
What are you wearing?

You silly boy...

- Where did you get those?
- From Mars.


- You're funny, cute.
- I'm handsome, right?

But you seem wilted.

- Think so?
- Like a thirsty flower...

...keeled over. Understand?

Almost thinned down.

- Have you lost weight?
- A bit.

I'm fine.

- When are you leaving?
- Next week.

- So soon?
- I'm going to Bolivia, Lake Titikaka...

...the Uyuni Desert,
the Atacama Desert,...

...on the border
of Bolivia and Chile...

...where roses bloom once a year
for only a few hours.
- Really?

- Very beautiful flowers.
- How nice!

You look worn out.
Are you having problems?

- Is there something wrong?
- Nothing. - Are you sure?

You're not telling the truth.

Come here.

I'll make you fly!

A bit more work
and it'll be over.

It's odd, because I should be sad.

Instead I feel more free.
As if everything is losing weight.

Sonia, first you have to remove
everything, understand?

When there's nothing left,
then you begin to scrape...

...Nice and easy.

You throw nothing away,
you gather it all into bags...

...And have it burned.

But something still remains.

After you've burned it all,
the ashes remain.

Then the ashes melt away...

...And finally
only what's precious...

...What truly counts, remains.








Where did you go?

- Where were you?
- I went for a walk.

I'm here.

Don't ever disappear.

You're not you anymore, get it?
You're you with 15 kilos less.

I know it's no joke.

The mind needs to get used
to a body that's transforming.

When you reach the right weight
and stabilize...



Are you listening?

I can understand
if you're not here.

I'm not here either,
in some sense.

You're lagging behind,
your mind is.

It's not at 45 kilos,
maybe it's still at 50.

But I'm ahead, I'm already thinking
of when you'll be at 40.

In some ways, neither of us
are here in this moment.

Understand what I'm saying?

You live a bit behind, in the past,
I live a bit ahead.

When you reach 40
with your mind too...

...I'll already be there.

Then finally,
we'll both be there.

And we'll begin to live.

May I suggest a particular dish?

Potato dumplings with
white asparagus, quite delicate.

Perhaps you'd prefer
tonight's special,...

...something very particular...

...fettuccine with St. George's mushrooms.
- St. George's mushrooms?

They're special mushrooms which are
in season and have a delicate flavor.

- From around here?
- Local, exactly.

- Would you like to try?
- Yes.

Has anything particular
caught your eye, ma'am?

Yes, sir?

Let me finish ordering...

- Fillet?
- Yes.

- Well done.
- No problem.


A first course, a starter,
or a second course?

- For me, a green salad.
- A salad as a starter...

A generous portion.
No dressing, make sure.

- No problem. And?
- Enough...

A de-boned guinea hen?
Grilled meat?

The gentleman ordered a fillet,
the same for you?

Something roasted?

Or mixed cold cuts,
our local meat,...'s quite interesting.

Didn't you already order?

Very well, excuse me.

Thank you.

You can drink half a glass of wine.

No... You think?

Vit! Hi, everything okay?

- May I? It's a pleasure, Mauro.
- Sonia.

The others are over there,
come to our table.

- Danilo, the others, Luciano...
- Luciano?

- Come to our table.
- The whole crew's there?

Come on, we'll have a drink together.

- Maybe...
- Come on!

- Maybe for coffee.
- Can I steal him from you?

- Go ahead.
- Come on!

- Fine, I'll come say hi.
- You have to!

- Be right back.
- Excuse me.

Guys, big surprise...

- How are you doing?
- Fine. And you?

Sit here!

- I have to...
- Come on, just a second.

- Here's a glass for you.
- You can't refuse a drink...

...we played together for ages!
- Exactly!

What do you mean?


Ma'am! Ma'am!

Sonia! Sonia!

What is she doing here?

Know how much fasting you'll have
to do, how many calories they are?

Then why do you do it?

Are you calm now? You sure?

Take her out of here.

Let's go.

Stop it! Stop it!
Come with me.

How dare you!

Knock it off!

No, no!
No mashed potatoes...

I want to eat whatever I want!

- Take her out of here.
- No!

I said no mashed potatoes!

- Calm down!
- Please, give me some mashed potatoes!


You'll never fit into this anyway.

Look what you forced me to do!

Come back here!

Get back over here, please.

You want to eat? Eat.


What the hell should I do now?

Tell me, what am I to do with you?

I can't trust you anymore.

You really disappointed me.

Say something, please.
Nod your head.

- Let me go.
- Say something!

I can't let you go, Sonia.

You do understand
that's not possible?

Plus, go where?

I'd run after you, Sonia.

I left nothing behind,
I have nothing to lose.

Remember how you were?

Do you remember?

- Say something once in a while.
- Yes, I remember.

You're a different person, but you're
not even a different person yet.

You're nothing, Sonia!

I'll be nothing too,
if you leave.

Do you understand this?

Do you?

- Speak!
- Yes, I understand.

So you also understand
I can't let you go.

Don't be afraid.

Nothing irreparable has happened.

I could've died,
but it's not your fault.

We got it all wrong.

We tricked ourselves into thinking
we could make it.

A mind, always together with a body...

...And I shouldn't have
left you alone.

Your body wanted to eat,
not your mind.

Weight... doesn't matter,
it's something more specific.

The same volume, but gold weighs more.

My dad taught me this.

"If you can lift the ingot
without moving it, it's yours."

And I couldn't, I didn't understand.
Something so small, but so heavy.

To remove everything, Sonia,
to burn everything, to melt the ashes.

In the end, only what truly counts, remains.