Prementha Panichese Narayana (2019) - full transcript

"Hari! Hari!"

'This is Bhagyanagaram (HYDERABAD).'

'A place filled with
stories and poetry.'

'Once it was ruled by grand kings..'

'..and later saw
rebellions of poor people.'

'You can see mansions
of rich people..'

'..and also garbage dumpsters
where beggars live.'

'The stones here still
echo the heartbeats of Nawabs..'

'..who built Bhagyanagaram
to win the love of Bhagyamati.'

'Here, you hear loves stories
not just at Charminar..'

'..but also at garbage dumps.'

'You will see hearts filled
with love everywhere.'

'This city shines
like a bright light..'

'..because of the dumpsters
that are in the corner.'

'If those stories start to
move and the hearts start to beat..'

'..if those love
stories come to life..'

'..and rebel if those dumpsters
swell like an ocean..'

..and come upon the city
like a great storm why say it?'

'Let's see it for ourselves.'

O Lord, everything is in your hands.
Please guide me.

- Auto! Stop!
- Where to?

- Okay, get in.

'The number you are trying
to call is switched off.'

Stop here.

Here you go.

Hello, doctor!

- Hi!
- I'm the CI of this area.

- How is she?
- Her condition is very critical.

She's been stabbed
once in the intestines..

..and twice besides kidneys.
She has lost a lot of blood.

So, when can I question her?

I'll inform you as soon
as she gains consciousness.

Okay, doctor. Thank you.

- Sir, the girl's bag.
- Open it.

Her phone.

- Did you inform her relatives?
- Yes, sir.

What happened, dear?
Oh God! Shirisha! Oh Mother!

Didn't you find any
clues at the crime scene?

They are still searching, sir.

What happened to my daughter?

- What happened to her?
- Is she your daughter?

Yes, she's my daughter.
She's my daughter.

Who is the guy beside her?

He's the one who ruined
her life in the name of love.

- Where does he live? - He works in
a used things shop beside our colony.

He came home to ask
for her hand in marriage.

But I refused.
I'm sure he did this to exact revenge.

- Ramesh!
- Sir!

Bring him to the station.

Sir, they are here!

Hey, get up!

- Oh no! The police!
- Come on, get up!

Who is Hari? Where is he?

Come on, answer me!

- Where do you think you are going?
- Sir, I don't know anything.

We are telling truth.

Hey, stop!

- Why is this man after me?
- Stop! I said stop!

- I don't know anything, sir.
- You fat fellow! Stop.

I didn't eat anything there.
Please leave me. Sir! Sir!

- Stop right there!
- Oh, Mother!

- Why are you running?
- I'm scared of the police.

- Who is Hari?
- Definitely not me.

- Where is he? Answer me!
- I don't know. Sir, I don't know.

Hari escaped, sir.
I'm sure he left the city by now.

Okay, come back to station.

What is all that blood on your shirt?
Did you stab someone?

I didn't sleep all night.
The CI gives me too much work.

What is all this blood?

Why is blood flowing
from the bathroom?

Who is inside? Who is there?

Who is it?

Open the door!

Who are you?

What is all this blood?
What are you doing?

Answer me! Answer me!

Oh, God!

Stop! Stop!

- I don't know, sir! Oh, God!
- Tell me.

- I don't know, sir!
- Answer me! Come on, speak up!

This generation's
youths are so twisted.

They chase girls in the name of love..

..and if the girls refuse,
they stab them to death..

..or pour acid on their faces.
This is the trend now.

Nobody is afraid of Nirbhaya Law too.

It is a waste of time
to take these guys for trial.

We should kill them on the spot.

You know how our CI works.

He uses his revolver even
for minor pickpocket cases.

He won't let that guy get
away with such a big offense.

- Ramesh!
- Yes, sir!

- Did you bring him in?
- Yes, sir.

- Good morning, sir!
- Bring him to me.

Come on, get up.

- What is your name?
- Hari Krishna, sir.

Where do you work?

In the scrap shop,
beside the main road.

- How long have you been working there?
- Since one year.

- Where are you from?
- Chodavaram.

- Where is that?
- Near Srikakulam.

Why did you come here to Hyderabad?

Why are you avoiding my eyes?

Tell me the truth.

My parents died when
I was two years old.

I didn't have any relatives
or any work to feed myself.

'I was all alone.'

'I came to the city looking for work.'

'Since this city has welcomed
and fed many people..'

'..I came here with the
hope of finding some work.'

Bless my scrap shop, Lord.

Who are you?

Why are you sleeping
in front of my shop?

Get up! Every homeless
man comes and sleeps here.. if there is no
other place in the street.

Wake up. Come on.

Who are you?

Who are they?

What is this?


Who are you? Let me go!

You can't get away!
Who are you? Stop it!

Last night they were trying
to run away with some cans.

I found them suspicious,
so I caught them.


When I started losing
things from the shop..

..I thought maybe my
workers are stealing stuff..

..but you are the real thieves.
Rascals, how dare you!

Weren't you afraid to catch them?

I was. That's why I tied them up.

God showed me the way to go..

..and Mother Earth showed
me the path to walk on.

You look like an innocent
guy and you are from my village.

'You can work for me.
Let me introduce to the other boys.'


My parents sent me
to the city thinking that..

..I'll waste my life
if I stay in the village.

But I'm really wasting
my life sitting in this scrap.

My father called me the other day.

He asked me what I'm doing these days.
I said scrap.

He said I will definitely
reach great heights.

If he finds out what scrap is,
he will definitely go up.

Why didn't our boss come yet?

If he comes,
I'll sell him off with this scrap.

He buys scrap, who will buy him?

What is this meeting
early in the morning?

- Here he comes.
- Did I hear you talking about buying?

This young man is from my village.
From Chodavaram.

He has nobody here.
He will stay with you from today.

Take care of him. Okay?

You don't pay us enough
and now you hired another guy.

- What are you murmuring?
- Nothing.

These rascals are cunning. Be careful.

'Everyone thinks that people
in the cities are like robots.'

'But I found people with good hearts.'

I found friends who will
risk their lives for me.'

Rattalu! When I see you.."

Move aside.

Hey, you move aside. Move aside.

One can is not enough for you,
you'll need at least 6.

Get lost, Skinny!

Why are they getting ready?

We'll get our salaries today.

- We live in this dump,
so let's go out today. - Let's go.

We shared our joys,
sorrows, laughter and tears.

We were waiting for you.

If you give us our salaries,
we'll go out and have fun.

Hari, here you go.

Your salary.

Hey, get up. What are you doing?

This is not just salary for me.

You've given a new life to an orphan.

That's how I started
working at the scrap shop.

My daughter's life is ruined.
You will rot in hell.

- Don't talk too much.
- I curse you.

What is going on there? Go check.


- Stop fighting. Stop it.
- How could he do that to my daughter?

Venkat! What is going on there?

Send them away.

Sir, these people ruined
my daughter's life.

Send that rascal out.

- I'll kill him with my own hands.
- Send them away.

- Go away. Come on, leave.
- Sir! Sir!

Sir, that informer
is eating my brains.

Bring him out.

Hey, come out.

- What's your name?
- Sippy!

Sippy? What kind of a name is that?

My full name is Singareni Picchaiah.

I shortened it to Sippy,
since it sounds more stylish.

- Look, Singareni Picchaiah..
- Sippy, sir. Sippy!

Tell me where Yerranna's gang is.

- What gang, sir?
- Don't act innocent before me.

I know that you are an
informer to Yerranna's gang.

I don't even know my village well.

How can I be an informer
to a gang hiding in a forest?

- You!
- Sir!

Why are you hitting me, sir?

It is against the rules.

- Rules? You will tell me rules?
- Please stop, sir.

I don't have anything
to do with Yerranna's gang.

Please sir, believe me.

Then where were you going last night?

I was going to my second mistress
without my wife's knowledge.

- You!
- Sir!

You mean you have
a first mistress too?

Of course I do,
that's why I said second mistress.

- Sir!
- Answer me.

Your men found me and
brought me here at gunpoint.

- Sir!
- What's the status of that case?

We are investigating it, sir.

Lock him up.

Come on, get inside.

Who is the girl beside you?

Cat got your tongue?

Answer me!

- Is she your girlfriend?
- Who is that girl?

every guy has a girlfriend. Tell me.

She is Shirisha, sir.

The girl I fell in love with.

My life was going well.

One day a girl entered
my life like a gift from God.


What is going on there?
What's with those balloons?

Maybe they are celebrating love.

Let's check it out.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I feel that girl was born for me.

- For you?
- Maybe.

But who says she grew up for you?

Emotionless fool!
Can't you say anything good?

The light in her eyes chased
away the darkness in my life.

Her smiles pricked my heart
like thorns on a rose bush.

- Hello!
- Yes?

Are you waiting for your girlfriend?

She'll definitely come.
There is joy in waiting.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you. Same to you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Stop blabbering.
Drink the beer and go to sleep.

'Happy Valentine's Day!'

How long will you look at that flower?

Your looks have withered it.

She gave flowers to everyone
in the park, not just you.

Go to sleep.
There's nothing special about it.

Don't harass the blanket
with all that rolling.

Hold this. Now watch me.

- Don't step on me.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Hari, get up.

What happened to you?
Why are you stumbling?

That's me.

I'm a normal man before drinking..

..but after drinking
I become an invincible man.

Forget about me.
Why aren't you sleeping?

I'm thinking of the flower.

Which flower? I know many florists.

I'll bring you whoever you want.

No, I'm thinking of the
flower we saw in the park today.

Oh, that girl. I got it.

When a girl looks deeply
into a man's eyes, he loses it.

Loses what?

His heart.
Don't misunderstand my words.

Guys who sell beer bottles
can't afford to like girls in BMWs.

We proudly use the
English word scrap..

..but nobody who knows
what it means will respect us.

Take my advice and forget..

Looks like you are going to puke.
Go away.

Yes, come here. Get under the blanket.

Hey, stop!

If you apply breaks like that,
your auto will fly off the road.

What's that board on the gate?

Beware of dogs.

Everybody keeps this board
even if they don't have dogs.

Throw it away.

- Good morning, grandma.
- Good morning! How are you, dear?

I'm good.

Here you go.


- Open the gate! Open the gate!
- Open the gate! Open the gate!

- Open the gate! Come on.
- Hey, open it. Open it.

Who is it?

- Who are you?
- We want the security guard.

I'm the security guard.

- We want to meet the security guard
of this house. - Yes, that's me.

They called us to collect
the scrap from this house.

Oh. Come with me.

Not that gate, come this way.

- He won't fit in that gate.
- We'll go this way.

- Okay, go on.
- Maybe there are dogs here. Be careful.

Laxmi, wipe that properly.

You take salary but don't do the work.

I'm sure they have a lot of scrap.

You come here, and you go there.

Who is she? The landlady?

No, she's a servant.

- The landlord's sons live in America.
- Laxmi, clean that.

She takes care of the old couple.

I've never seen a servant
with so much authority.

She's acting like the
mistress of the house.

- We shouldn't have removed that board.
- Why?

- She's like a dog.
- Hey! Who are you?

- They came for scrap.
- Okay. Okay.

It's in the backyard.
Go count everything.

I'll come and check in some time.

Come with me.

- Count them correctly.
- Wow, so many beer bottles.

I'm sure that woman
drank all this beer.

If I collect all these drops,
I'll be sorted for tonight.

Oh God! You broke it.

I like the view.

She's my flower from the park.

- Are you sure it's your girl?
- Very sure.

Then come with me. Come on.

- Let's go.
- Okay. Let's go.

- What?
- Shut up!

How dare you call me with a whistle?

You rascal! You are dead.

Shut up!

- The girl upstairs is going to be
my friend's girlfriend. - Yeah!


He's in love with
your boss's daughter.

He'll become his son-in-law very soon.

So be respectful.
Go bring juice for us. Apple juice.

- What?
- Mom!

Mom, I'm leaving.

I finished cleaning the first
floor and ground floor. Okay? Bye.

Okay, dear.

She addresses her servant as mom.
She's so good.

She calls me mom because I'm her mom.

You are her mother?

Close the doors!

- This is why they said beware of dogs!
- Brothers! Come on!

Everyone come fast.

- These rascals are getting away! Stop!
- She's closing in on us! Run!

Fatso, run faster!

You'll get caught! Run!

You can't escape! You are dead!

- Stop! Stop!
- Run! Run!

Please stop. Slow down.

- Otherwise, I'll lose them all.
- What?

- Change.
- You fool!

- Stop right there!
- Oh, God!

Rascals! Do you think
you can get away from me?


- Please forgive us just this once!
- Stop!

Oh God, we are so dead!

Run, go that way! Don't get caught!

I caught you!

Let me go. Let me go.

- Bring the chili powder.
- Chili powder?

We are dead, Yadigiri.

Oh God! Please let me go!
I beg of you! Let me go!

No, sister! Please, no, it burns!

Please, no! It will burn me!

- The girl upstairs is going to be your
girlfriend? - Oh, God! No, please!

- Rub the chili powder on him.
- No, please! Stop!

Please. Please don't do this.

Please don't do this.

Oh God!


God! My skin is burning.

My skin is burning.

My skin is on fire.

Oh, God! I can't bear this anymore.

It's like I'm sitting on fire.

Nothing is happening to you?

How can you be so cool?

I'm not cool.
There's a cooler behind me.


My body is on fire.

Oh, there's a cooler behind you.

I used to cry if the
food is a little spicy.

And that woman rubbed
chili powder on my whole body.

I'm burning up.

Forget love. Forget that girl.

Why will I forget my
girl for such a small problem?

Is this a small problem for you?

She almost killed us.

I don't care.
I thought she was way out of my range.

But now I know she's
well within my range.

I've decided that I'll love her.

- What?
- What?

- What? - I've decided that
I'll lover her, Yadigiri.

"You are superb, bro.
I liked you at first sight."

"What did love do to me, O Narayana?"

"His smile is killer.
His smile is heartbreaking."

"I've decided, Yadigiri.
I've given my heart to that girl."

"I'm lost, Yadigiri.
I'm lost in her love."

"I'm lost, Yadigiri.
I'm lost in her love."

"Some call it love
and some call it like."

"Whatever it is,
I've lost my heart to this girl."



"My dear Yadigiri!
"What is this new sensation?"

"My dear Yadigiri!

"My dear Yadigiri!
What is this new sensation?"

"What did love do to me, O Narayana?"

"What did love do to me, O Narayana?"

"Kohli's batting cannot
give me this high."

"A date with Sunny Leone
cannot give me this high."

"Offers from Jio cannot
give me this high."

"Swiss Bank balance
can't give me this high."

"Her love gives me the real high."

"What will I do without it?"



"My dear Yadigiri!
What is this new sensation?"


"My dear Yadigiri!
What is this new sensation?"

"What did love do to me, O Narayana?"

"What did love do to me, O Narayana?"

"Owning Taj Mahal cannot
give me this high."

"Drugs cannot give me this high."

"Ambani's wealth cannot
give me this high."

"A selfie with Modi
can't give me this high."

"Her love gives me the real high."

"I'll go crazy if I lose her."



"My dear Yadigiri!
What is this new sensation?"


"Yadigiri! My dear Yadigiri!
What is this new sensation?"

"What did love do to me, O Narayana?"

I got all her details.
Her name is Shirisha.

She's studying Intermediate
2nd year in a government college.

She crosses our shop
when she goes to college.

Some guys are already after her.

- That's the matter, Hari.
- Light House!

- What? - You grew up like a palm tree
but you don't have brains.

You should find out the real details.

She has a monster mother.

She has two uncles who are goons.
Do you know that?

The other day you escaped
the chili powder attack.

Or else you would've known.

Don't be scared.
Just give me three days time.

I'll make her fall for me.

- Is that a bet?
- Yes. What do you want?

10 beers and 5 'Biryanis'
with boneless chicken.

If he mother finds out,
she'll break all our bones.

Light House!
Your mechanic shed will be our den.

Sir, tea! Yes. Your tea, sir.

Now I have to wash these cups.

He's doing this to impress that girl.

Hari, girls like cricket, not caroms.

Stop your nonsense.
Tell me if she's coming.

Tell me if her uncles are with her.

Okay. First order some tea.

Look at his style of
ordering four cups of tea.

Who are they?
Why are they sitting before my stall?

Do you think they are
flirting with my wife?

No way. They don't
stand a chance with her.

My darling!

I'll pour this decoction on you,
you rascal. Good riddance.

- Go, give them tea.
- Give them tea.

Here you go. Hot tea.

Here you go. Here you go.

Why did you choose to sit here?

I have to sit here to win the bet.

Impressing girls is not an easy feat.

Okay, give me money.

What money? Put it on our account.

- Account? - He'll clear the bills
after the girl falls for him.

- What if she doesn't?
- Her uncles will clear the bills. Go.

They don't have money to buy
tea but they want girlfriends. Idiots!

Did they give money?

No, they asked me to
put it on their account.

- Okay then, I'll put it
on your account. - What?

Hari, she's coming.


- Here she comes.
- Here she comes.

Will you tell her that you love her?

What? No.

Our eyes should lock on each other we
should talk, sing duets, have fights..

..there are so many things to do.

You think she'll look at you?

Definitely. You can wait and watch.

The bet is for three days,
not for three months.

I know. I have my plans.

Now watch me.

Oh God!

Why is she showing me his fingers?

I sent you four cups of tea.

That whistle wasn't for us.
Can't you see?

Did you see that? She saw me.

- Did she?
- Yes, she did.

I didn't see it.

I know you are trying to
wiggle you way out of the bet.

- Hey, girls! Do you want some company?
- Look at the road, you idiots!

- Waste fellows!
- Right!

Yes, we are. See you later. Bye.

Did you see that?
Guys just go to that border.

They know they will die
if they cross that border.

You think nobody
can cross that border?

- Yes.
- Come with me.

- No, stop! Where are you taking me?
- Hop on.

Wait a minute.
Hari, the breaks don't work.

Just like me. Bye.

Buddy, please stop. Let me get down.

- Bye!
- Bye!

I don't want to go with you.
Stop the bike! Stop!

Shut up.

- Get down.
- Where are you going?

Give me a signal when
the girl comes this way.

What signal?
How can I do that if I die?

Hari, Stop. Don't leave me here.

Stop, Hari.

Oh God! I might die of
this stink before she kills me.

Is she coming?

- No, buddy.
- See properly.

Oh God! Her uncle is coming.

If he sees me here,
he'll sacrifice me to this dumpster.

Oh God! Where do I hide?

Oh no! Why is he coming?

God, if you save me from this goon,
I'll offer my hair to you.

Why is he opening his pants?
Will he pee on me?

- Good.
- Rascal!

- Is she coming?
- Who?

Is the girl coming?

Yes, she's coming.

Oh, God!

Hey! Hey!

- Oh God!
- Hey!

- Oh dear, you fell down.
I'm very sorry. - Oh, no!

- I'll help you to get up. I'm so sorry.
- Okay, okay.

I thought he will confess
his feelings to her..

..but he made her fall down.
Her mother will kill us.

I've to run.

- I'm very sorry.
- Okay, okay.

- I'll help you to get up. I'm sorry.
- It's okay. It's okay.

- Please, get up. Get up.
- It's okay.

- Did you get hurt here?
- Okay, I'm okay.

Wait a minute.

- Here are your books.
- It's okay.

- I'm very sorry.
- Okay.

Wait a minute.

Here's your bag.
Take care. Don't ram into anyone else.


'He rammed into me and
he is lecturing me. Idiot.'

'Did she see me?'

Where am I going?
These roads are confusing.

Did her uncles see me?

Oh no! It wasn't me, sir.
I'm innocent.

- I don't know him, sir. I really..
- Hey, it's me.

You? Let go off my shirt!
Why did you do that?

Guys usually protect
the girls they love.

But you tried to take her life.
Is she alive or dead?

Shut up. I didn't
ram into her to kill her.

I did that so that
she remembers me. Only me.

I don't know if your lady
love will remember you or not..

..but if she complains to her mother..

..that woman will
definitely remember us.

Don't be silly. I said sorry to her.

She said it's okay and went her way.

She's so naive,
she doesn't know your intentions.

Okay, start the bike.
It will be dark soon.

Her mother and uncles
come to this area often.

- Let's go.
- You coward! Hop on.

Let's go.


Hello, bro!

Did she come out?

Not yet.

You've been here since
10 in the morning and now it's 4.

She won't come out. Let's go.

"Come out, my darling.
Let me see you."

"Come out and give me one smile."

"I've been waiting
for you for so long."

"Give me a smile and make my day."

"Make my day."

She came out to take the clothes.
She didn't see you.

She saw me.
If you still doubt me, wait and watch.

She'll open the window as if to see if
it's still raining but she'll see me.

Oh no! Her uncles are here.

Your girl!

Will you ram into her again?

That day nobody was around..

..but if you do it today people
will come and break your bones.

Oh God! Her uncles are here.
Go faster.

- Hello, bro!
- Hi, Chandu!

- Hello, bro!
- What are you all doing here?

Her uncles are going
to come any minute.

Why do you want to take
the risk of talking to her?

Give me your leg.

God bless you!

I don't know if you'll
have legs when you come back.

Take care, buddy.

Hey! Hey!

You are the girl who rammed
into me the other day, right?

How are you? Are you okay?

Did you go to the hospital?
Did you get hurt?

Show me your hand.

- Oh God!
- Did you get an X-ray or a scan?

I couldn't sleep all night.
I was thinking about you.

'Why is she walking away?'

'Why is this fellow following me?'

Hello! Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Okay, bye.

Brother! Why are you walking away?

- Brother!
- Go to the hospital without delay.

Get lost!

They are coming.
He's dead. I'll escape.

Yuck! It stinks like week old garbage.

Hey, didn't the garbage
man come to collect your waste?

You are here, right?

Why are they coming here?

If she doesn't look at you,
you should forget her. Okay?

She'll definitely come.

How can you be so sure?

I'm confident.
She'll definitely look at me.

- He's looking at you.
- Shut up.

- She's coming.
- Where?

You are looking at him too.

- There, she looked at me.
- You looked at him.

- No, I didn't.
- She didn't see you, buddy.

There, she's looking at me.

- She is not.
- She is.

She looked at me a minute ago. Darn.

- No, buddy.
- There, she's looking at me again.

What did you say?

Why is she doing this to me?

- Why are you telling lies?
- I said shut up.

Do you think I'm blind?
I saw you looking at him.

I saw it too.

Stop talking.

- I said I didn't look at him.
- Now watch me.

- Venkanna!
- Yes.

I asked you 5 cups of tea.

Why are you ignoring me?

I came here for you.

I've been waiting for so long.

Don't you have any mercy?

How can you do this to me?

He's begging you.

- Look at him just once.
- Please show me kindness.

Why is he giving me
so much respect today?

No way. He's talking to them, not you.

Guys! Look, she's looking at me.

- She looked at me.
- No, she didn't.

- What did she see?
- You shut up.

They are talking about something else.

You've been fighting
over it since morning.

She looked.
No, she didn't. Why do you care?

We'll get free beers
if she doesn't look at him.

There's still time.
Let's see who buys the beers.

Take as much time as you want.
She won't look.

- Keep the money ready for beers.
- That's right.

They appear as soon as
I start thinking about a guy.

Everyone has a problem with me.

Her husband got drunk
and fell down on the road.

But she's upset that
I asked her about it.

Why are you always angry, mom?

Nobody respects a
woman without a husband.

I need to be a shrew in
order to survive amidst them.

Why are you sitting in
front of the mirror at this time?

Get ready and go to college.

You are always scolding me.

Today is the last day.
You'll win if she looks at you.

Otherwise accept defeat
and buy beers for us.

Where is he?

Maybe he went to buy beers.

Why are you hiding here?

Are her uncles bringing chili powder?

No. She looks at me but
turns away when you look at her.

She looks at me when
you all are not looking.

If I hide, you'll know
if she's looking at me or not.

Now wait and watch.
She'll look for me.


Look at her.

'Why can't I see him?'

Yes, buddy. She's looking for you.

- 'They usually stand here.'
- She's looking for you, buddy.

'Oh God!'

There's no doubt at all.
She's looking for you.

I told you so,
but you didn't believe me.

I knew it.
I knew it. Now see what I'll do.

She's going. She's going.

'He's usually here.'

Shout my name.

But you are right here.
Why should I shout?

Hey, shout my name. Shout Hari.

But you are right here.

She's going. She's going.

- Shout my name.
- Hari!

Yes! Yes!

Catch! Come on, catch! Catch!

Oh no, the soap fell down.

To your left. To your left.

Left! Left! To your left.

Now to your right.

Follow my instructions.
Lift your hands.

Left. Move them to your left.

Move them forward. Move them forward.

Yes! Black woman! Fat woman!

Can't you hear me? Have you gone deaf?

Rascal! How dare you
watch a woman taking bath?

- Rascal!
- She broke my skull.

- Get up. Get up.
- Oh God!

How did you fall?

She would've killed me
if I rolled down that side.

- Did she hit you with a pot?
- How did you know?

She did the same
thing to me yesterday.


Hari! She's coming.

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

- Isn't your boss here?
- No. Why?

It seems you took scrap
from the house the other day..

..but didn't give money.
Mom asked me to bring it.

Our boss isn't here.
Will you come back tomorrow?

What? Do you think I
don't have any other work?

I'll wait here till he
comes and leave with the money.

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

She came for you. I'm sure of it.

This is the right time.
There's nobody at the shop.

We'll stand outside
and guard the place.

You go to her and directly..

Hey, I can't do that.

Come out of your gutter mind.

I just want you to go
confess your feelings to her.

I'm scared.

At first you'll be scared,
but after that you'll feel good.

- Really?
- Yes.

Go tell her that you love her.

Alright then.

- Tell her.
- Tell her, Hari.

What do you want?

I.. I.. I want that.

What is that?

That. I want that.

- There is nothing here.
- There is nothing here?

- I wish there was.
- Oh.

Yes, I want that.

Gross! Take it!


Idiot, didn't you get anything else?

Darn! Scrap fellows.

Does it hurt?

If it feels so good to see it..

..I wonder how good it
will be to actually feel it.

Hurry up. If you delay,
she'll drink all your blood.

Oh God! Boss is here.

Hari, ask her to leave your finger.

What are you doing here?
Don't you have any work?

Who is that girl?

- 'What should I tell him?'
- Who are you, dear?

She came for you, boss.

It seems you owe her
mom some money for scrap.

- She came here to take the money.
- What?

I already paid it with Paytm.
Didn't she get it?

Oh, you paid it with Paytm?

My mom doesn't know
how to check it. Thanks.

- 'That was a close call.' - I can never
understand this generation kids.

- Get back to work.
- Okay, boss.

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

"Don't provoke me so."

"Don't turn this into a spectacle."

"Your smile is enough
to put my body on fire."

"Your look is enough to
win the World Cup 100 times."

"If you say yes, I'll come
with a procession to marry you."

"Come to me, I'm ready for you."

"My bridegroom, don't bet with me."

"Don't provoke me so."

"Don't turn this into a spectacle."

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

"I'll kiss your milky cheeks."

"I'll hit you if you pinch my waist."

"Wait and watch,
darling, I'll steal your breath."

"Be ready for me,
I'm packing my things."

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

"If you say yes, I'll carry you home."

"Come to me, I'm ready for you."

"My bridegroom, don't bet with me."

"Don't provoke me so."

"Don't turn this into a spectacle."

"I'll enjoy eating
you like an ice-cream."

"I'll be waiting for you on my bed."

"Let's forget milk and
fruits and get started."

"Let's not wait for auspicious
time and get started."

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

"If you say yes, I'll keep
you up until the cock crows."

"Come to me, I'm ready for you."

"My bridegroom, don't bet with me."

"Hari! Hari!"

"Hari! Hari!"

We were so lost in our
love that we forgot the world.

Only me and her.

Very good.
Your love story is interesting.

Even Mani Ratnam and Bala Chandra
cannot come up with such love stories.

But you came up with it.

This ACP will not leave me in peace.

- Let go off my bag!
- Give it to me!

- No, this is my bag!
- Give it to me!

- Rajesh!
- Give it me.

- Yes, sir.
- Did the informer tell you anything?

He hasn't said a single
word even after I beat him up.

But there's something in his bag.

What's in that bag? Bring him out.

- Give me the bag.
- No. I won't give it.

Rajesh, take that bag from him.

- Give it to me.
- Sir, this is about my honor.

Tell him not to open it.
Please, sir. I beg of you.

My God!

Why do you need so many condoms?

I feel uncomfortable everytime
I go to buy a packet.

When I saw a good offer,
I bought them in bulk.


Ramesh, bring him to me.

Okay, you followed her,
told her that you love her..

..then convinced
her to elope with you.

- What aren't you telling me?
- I don't know anything else, sir.

Hey! I know guys tell
lies to girls and police.

I've seen many people
like you in my life.

Come on!

- Who is he? - Last night
that girl travelled in his auto.

He's the prime witness
of the incident.

- What's your name?
- Nazir.

What happened last night?

I witnessed a murder
for the first time in my life.

She was my first customer that night.

I was going in my auto
and she came to me in a hurry.

I took pity on her since she's
a girl and asked her to get in.

When I asked her where to,
she said to the bus stand.

But suddenly this man
came there out of nowhere.

'Where do you think you are going?'

'How dare you deceive
me and run away with him?'

He stabbed that girl and ran away.

Sir, he's telling lies.

Sir, I saw him running away.

- Hey!
- He's the one, sir.

- What are you talking about?
I'll kill you! - He's the one, sir.

Lock him up.

I'll kill you!

I'll kill him! I don't know who he is.

He's the one who stabbed her!

How dare you!

Let me go! Let me go! I'll kill him!

He's telling lies!

- Nazir! Give us your details
and go home. - Okay, sir.

- You should come back when
we call you. Okay? - Okay, sir.

I'll make you pay for it. You rascal!

Should I tell you
what really happened?

You asked her to come
to your room at night.

You wanted to use
her for your pleasure.

When she refused you,
you stabbed her. Right?

How can you say that, sir?

How can I stab my Shirisha?
Where is my Shirisha?

He's trying to escape. Catch him!

Drag him back here!

Give me the rifle!

How dare you!

How dare you grab
a policeman's collar!





Gangaram! Did he confess?

He will. I will make him.

Okay. Carry on.

- Order a tea for me.
- Okay, sir.






- Sir!
- What is it?

We found this wallet
at the crime scene.

Who is Rahul? Bring him in.

Sir, he is Mayor
Rajeshwari Devi's son.

Mayor Rajeshwari Devi's son?

'Shut up!'


I didn't do anything.

Open the cell.

We'll be in trouble
when the CI comes in, madam.

Shut up!

Who do you think you are?

You arrest people without
knowing who they are?

You stepped on a landmine.

Release my son before
the bodies start to fall.

Excuse me, madam! I locked him up.


Bravo! Such a sincere police officer!

You should be commended.

Now the truth.

How much did you take from my enemies?

- Madam, you are..
- Shut up!

How much did they give you?
What's your price?

If you don't like it,
arrange for a deal with my enemies.

One time, two times, three times..

..I'll buy you over hundred times.

- Madam!
- Shut up!

I've my men in the
opposition party too.

On one side, the opposition
party will go to the CBI office.. file a complaint
that you are taking bribes.

And on the other side,
your superiors are.. my guesthouse deciding
on a reason to suspend you.

How is my plan?

Hey! Release him!

Come on, open the cell.

My lawyers will discuss
the remaining details.

You know to kill
only during encounters.

I learnt to do surgical attacks
when I was just in college.

Get lost!

Madam, your son drove
a car while he was drunk..

..and killed two
people in an accident.

- Did you see it?
- The ones who saw it told us.

This is a conspiracy
by the opposition party.

What evidence do you have?

Just like the ones
who saw it told you..

..they gave me the evidence too.

My son has nothing
to do with the accident.

It's a Benz car.

So the fault is with
the Mercedes company.. driver and the
ones who gave him a license.

They are responsible for this.

How can you walk away
with just one comment, madam?

TV channels are very good
at showing that one comment.. hundred different ways.

You can use this
comment the whole month.

Now get lost! Come on, son.

- Venkat, bring him out!
- Okay, sir.

- What are you looking at?
- What?

What? Don't shout!

Come on out! Come out!

Do you know Rahul?

Do you know Mayor
Rajeshwari Devi's son?

Answer me.

- Answer me.
- I know him.

Do you know Mayor
Rajeshwari Devi's son?

I know him.

I'm so lucky. Where did you go?

I saw you that day
but then you disappeared.

Do you know how long
I've been searching for you?

Finally I found you.

Come on, get into my car.

What? Who are you?

Let's talk on the way.

Hey! Let go off my hand!

- What?
- What?

Is she your friend?

Oh, hi. I'm Rahul.

Son of Mayor Rajeshwari Devi.

Hi, I'm Hari Krishna.
Care of Scrap Shop.

How long have you known her?

- Ever since Valentine's Day.
- Really?

That was the first time I saw her too.

What a coincidence!

We both saw the same
girl on the same day.

- I couldn't meet her that day.
- And I chose her.

If you don't mind,
I want to tell her something.

Go ahead.

I love you.

If you don't mind,
I'll make her say something.

- Okay.
- Come here, Shirisha.

I love Hari.

Got it? Now leave in your car,
and we'll leave on our cycle.

Let's go, Hari.

Oh, you came home.

Instead of roaming outside
in the name of jogging..

..and walking,
why can't you help around the house?

You are there to do
the work at home, mom.

Yes, I'll come to your in-laws
house to do the work there.

Now take a shower and
get ready for college. Go on.

Okay, I'm going.

It made a good sound
but it didn't hurt.

You need to take B-Complex
to gain strength.

Don't you have any shame?

Shame? Why?

I enjoyed your touch.

Are you a human being?

How dare you take photos
of a girl when she's bathing?

Even when you are fully clothes,
my body heats up.

I wanted to see how it
feels to see you without clothes.

I don't know who to blame for it,
your body or my eyes.

Idiot! Disgusting!

You can't escape from me.

I'll kill you.

Just say yes, I'll kill myself.

Animals are better than you.

Yes, they obey you if you hit them.

But the more you hit me,
the more I'll chase you.

Let me go.

Give me an answer about my proposal.

Don't ask me anything.

I won't ask. I'll just take it.

Let me go.

Let me go. Somebody is at the door.
We can talk later.

- Where?
- Not here.

Yes, tell me.

Should we go to a movie?

I have a class.

You have classes every day.

It's okay if you miss one,
let's go to a movie.

I won't come.

You have to come. That's it.

Okay, bye.

You've peed enough. Let's go.

Wow, you are taking us
to a movie after a long time.


What is this?
You called me to Coffee Day..

..and now you are going
to a movie with him?

This is cheating.

What's your problem?

Will you spend a night with me?

What is wrong with you?

Sweet cream.

Hari, she's coming.

Welcome. I've been waiting for you.

We are getting late. Shall we go?

Hari, I don't want to go to a movie.

- Why?
- I don't want to go.

- What happened?
- I'm not in the mood.

- But why?
- I said no.

What happened, Siri?

- Do you know what he said?
- Who?


What did he say?

What did he say?

Forget it.

- Tell me what he said.
- I said forget it.

You said he said something.
Tell me what he said.

Hi, bro!

You look upset.
It was a simple request.

What did you say to Siri?

You shouldn't be so sensitive.

What did you say?

I asked her to sleep with me.

I asked her to spend a night with me.

It is wrong to ask her to marry me.

But it's not wrong
to ask for one night.

Are you angry? Will you hit me?

Will you murder me? What will you do?


I feel dizzy. Put me down.

Put me down.

My God!


She's coming.


Hi! I was going to text you,
but you came to see me.

Are you free? Let's go out.

No, I'm very busy today.
You remember the bungalow?

Which bungalow?

The other day you came
to pick up scrap, that one.

My mom is going out of town today.

So I have to take
care of the old couple.

I'll be all alone there tonight.

- So?
- I came to inform you.

I'll be there till tomorrow morning.

- I can't meet you.
- I see. Okay.

- Yadigiri!
- Yes?

We'll go to Borabanda first,
then go to Sanath Nagar..

..and then come back
to the shop, okay?

Hello! Stop it!

You can discuss that later.
First focus on me.

You do you work and I'll do my work.

I'll be all alone.

After an hour don't
come knocking saying..

..that you can't
stay without seeing me.

Because I'll be all alone.
So don't come.

Because I'll be all alone.

I don't understand anything.

I'll be all alone. Understood?

What is she saying?

Hari, take a shower
and go there immediately.

- Where?
- Where else?

To the bungalow. Come on, hurry.

Don't you have any sense?

She told me not to come and you
are shamelessly asking me to go there.

Hari, when a girl says no,
it usually means yes. Go on.

He's not an idiot. He came.

Who is it?

There's nobody at home.


"Don't look at me like that."

"I feel shy when you
look at me like that."

"When I look at you like this.."

"I go crazy when I
look at you like this."

"Don't ask me anything,
don't demand that I give it to you."

"Why don't you stay away from me?"

"Why are you getting closer to me?"

"Shall I tickle you
and make you breathless?"

"It is time for us to become one."

"Don't look at me like that."

"I feel shy when you
look at me like that."

"I'm sure you cast
a magic spell on me."

"I can't stay away
from you even for minute."

"You mesmerized me with your eyes."

"My heart doesn't listen to me.
It is yours now."

"I'll hide you inside my heart."

"I'll make all my dreams come true."

"I'll tell you my desires
and increase your heart rate."

"I'm so lost in your
that I'm forgetting myself."

"When I look at you like this.."

"I go crazy when I
look at you like this."

"You baited me and
I'm your prisoner now."

"We are always lost in our dreams."

"Let's get naughty and
wrap our bodies together."

"Let's unite our
worlds and stay as one."

"Let's spend our nights
in each other's arms."

"You are my life,
I started breathing after I saw you."

"You are my life.
I will follow you everywhere you go."

"Don't look at me like that."

"I feel shy when you
look at me like that."



Don't you have any shame?

Didn't you find anyone
other than that scrap collector?

I'm ashamed to call you my daughter.
Wretched girl.

Hari, whether the lion
comes out of the cage..

..or we go into the
lion's cage, we die.

Listen to me and pack your bags.

We missed the last bus, but we can
catch the first bus tomorrow morning.

She chased us and
beat us up even before.. confessed your feelings
to her daughter. Let's go.

Yes. I'm sure she's readying
knives or chili powder for us.

She'll be here any minute. Let's go.

Let's go, buddy.

Is this what you've been up to?
I'll have to do something.



How do we look in this attire?

We look like factionists,
but without weapons.

These are Ramaraju's
'dhotis.' Very comfortable.

He must be so embarrassed to be naked.

Why did you bring his 'dhotis' for us?

No, I'm not talking about
the Ramaraju who has HIV.

Ramaraju is a brand name.

You didn't tell us where we are going.

I'll tell you. Come on.

I wonder where he's taking us.

Why did you bring us
to the Pakistan border?

I hope we are not in danger.

I heard your conversation last night.

I'll help Hari to
get married to that girl.

Come on, let's talk to her mother.


Talking to her mother
is like provoking a lion.

Let's go back.

I'm very good at taming lions.
Don't be scared.

We might not have clothes
on our bodies when we return.

She's a beautiful girl.

'What is he doing here?
Why did he bring everyone?'

Why did you come here?

We came to talk to your mother.

Please go back.
She's very angry with Hari.

Shirisha! Shirisha!

Oh God! Mom is calling me.
Please leave.

Where are you?

I beg of you. Please leave.

- Shirisha!
- Hari, leave.

Where are you?

If the opening scene is like this,
what will be the climax?

- Who are you?
- Hello! My name is Paidithalli.

I own the scrap shop
in the city center.

All these boys work for me.

I need to talk to you. Can I come in?

No need. Say it here.

Give me the saree.

Coconut and bananas.

Give me the jasmines too.

His name is Hari Krishna.
He's a good guy.

He and your daughter love each other.

I think we should give them
our blessing and get them married.

What do you say?

'How was it?'

'Why is he looking up?'

Give it to her.

What? How dare you
ask for my daughter's hand?

You collect scrap and sell it.

How dare you come here
for my daughter's hand?

Who do you think you are?
Are you my brother?

Who are you to ask
for my daughter's hand?

What are you saying?
Have some humanity.

We came here because
they both are in love.

Did you hear that?

They came here because
you lead them on.

- Mom!
- Come here!

- Please, mom! Let me go!
- She called you here, right?

I'll teach her a lesson right now!

You think you are old enough
to fall in love and get married?

Please stop her.
Madam, Please don't hit her.

- Who are you to stop me?
- Stop her, please.

Please tell her to stop.

Stop it! Are you a mother?

How can you hit a grown up girl?
Are you a mother?

I'll show you what I am!

Oh God, I'm dead!

Boss! Boss!

Get up. Be careful.

Boss, get up. Are you okay?

Bring some water for him.

Boss.. Drink some water.

Let's go inside.

Come on!


Brother, that's the guy. Kill him.


You will die if you
say her name again.


How dare you!


How dare you say her name!









Move aside, uncle.

Have you gone mad?
Who asked you to come home?

Who do you think you are?

If you come here again,
I will kill you myself. Get lost!

Go away! Leave!

Go away!

Go away!

I don't want to see your face again.
Get lost.

- Come on, let's go inside.
- Mom!

You'll be dead if I
see you in this area again.


If you see him or meet him again,
I'll kill you myself.

I told you time and
again not to fall in love.

You are ruining your own life.

Hands off!

Get your hands off her!

I'll kill you all if you hurt her.

Why are you crying? Stop it.

Don't cry. I'm here for you.
Hari is here for you.

Move aside.



He's lost.

Give it to me.
It's my turn. Now watch me.

Hari, play with us.

Where are you going?

Saritha, I haven't Shirisha
in the past three days.

I don't know where she is.
Do you know anything?

She hasn't been coming
to the college since a week.

Oh okay. Where do you think she went?

I don't know.

She said she doesn't
want to see you again.

So, why are you still
worried about her?

No, Shirisha will never do that to me.

Hari, that's how girls are.

They are in love as long
as their parents don't know..

..but once the parents know,
they do as they say.

We searched everywhere,
but we didn't find her.

Her mother is a smart lady.
I'm sure she is hiding her somewhere.


What's that?

- Let's file a complaint with
the police. - Saying what?

That Shirisha is kidnapped
by her own mother.

- Please stop.
- Run. Serves you right.

Let's wait before her
house for a whole day.

- We'll find some clue. What's say?
- Okay.

We might find Shirisha
if we follow him.

Come on, hurry.

I think this is the house.
Let's go to the backside.




Why did you come?
Will you never change? Go away.

My uncle will kill you.
Please forget me.

I can never forget you.

Please go. Forget me.

I can't, Shirisha. I can't.

Shall we elope?

- Oh God!
- Shall we elope?

Yes, let's elope.
I can't stay here another minute.

Let's go. Let's run.

- Will you do as I say?
- What?

Okay. Now see my acting prowess.

Uncle! Uncle!

- How's my acting?
- Superb!


How did you come here? You..

Wait a minute, uncle.

How dare you come here?

Look at his arrogance, uncle.

Listen to me.
There's nothing between you and me.

I'll kill you if you
try to meet me again.

My mom is more important to me.
I'll do as she says.

I'll kill you if you try
to meet me again. Get lost.

Forget it. You have no heart.

I can't believe that
I fell in love with you.

I was stupid to fall for you.

Now you know. Now leave.

- Will you stick to your word?
- Of course I will.

- If you try to meet me again..
- That will never happen. Get lost.

- And don't try to call me too.
- Why will I call you? Leave!

- Get lost!
- Get lost!

- Let's go.
- Get lost!

Get lost!

- Get lost!
- Let's go.

Get lost!
Go take selfies with dead bodies!

Boss, this is for you.
Your favorite brand.

And here's 'Biryani' for you.

It has chicken, mutton,
fish and everything else. Enjoy.

- Let's have some beers!
- Cheers!

He's drinking as if he doesn't care.

Why is he drinking like this?

Why are you sad? Drink up.

You are leaving in some time.
I wonder when we'll see you again.

Why are you laughing?

Do you want me to cry like you?

We've been best of friends.
Aren't you sad?

Sad? Not at all.
Shirisha is coming for me.

We both will live happily ever after.

- I'm on cloud nine, you know.
- What about us?

You are scrap.
You'll rot here. Go ahead and cry.

Don't beat me!
Don't beat me! Please stop!

Don't beat me! Don't beat me!


What happened to you?

Why are you crying?
We will be with you. Don't cry.

You are crying like a child.


Why are you crying?

My friends..


- Boss..
- Don't be so sad. Get up.

Why are you giving me this?

Love is not enough to live.
You need money too.

I started for the bus stand.

When I saw a police jeep I
got scared and took a different route.

Are you Hari?

Yes, it's me. Why did you stop me?

I'm getting late for my bus.
Let me go.

Please, sir. I have to go.


- What are you doing?
- Sir..

I said I'm getting late. You rascals!

I escaped from them, went to the
bus stand and searched for Shirisha.

I couldn't find her.

I was so exhausted that I fell asleep.

When I woke up,
there was a big crowd before me.

I ran to the bathroom
to wash off the blood stains.

That's when you caught
me and brought me here.

That's what really happened.
I don't know anything else.

Shirisha is my life.
Please save her. I beg of you.

I can't live without her. Save her.

Sir, there are no
records of that incident.

Do you think they have been erased?

- Who can it be, sir?
- Our own men.

Nobody else has that talent. Let's go.

Adarsh Bank.

I liked you.
I said I love you, but you refused me.

I said I'll make you my mistress,
but you refused.

I asked you to spend a night with me,
but you refused.

Now you are running
away with that scrap seller.

Do you think I'm a fool
to sit quietly and watch you go?

I've been observing you.

You both will die
at the same time tonight.

Stop! I said stop!


How dare you choose him over me!

Stop! Copy this
footage in a pen drive.

Have you lost it?

Why do you want to
arrest the Mayor's son?

I've incriminating
evidence against him.

I don't care if he's a
mayor's son or a minister's son.

See the footage on this pen drive.
You'll understand.

This is not a short film to enjoy
watching it and bestow awards on it.

No matter what we do or who
we arrest we should have a solid plan.

We caught him red-handed.
We don't need any plans.

That day she barged into
the station and took her son.

Today I'll drag her son
to the station and lock him up.

That will show her the
power of our department.

Give me permission to arrest him.
I'll handle the rest.

Okay, handle it.

If we have one sincere officer
like you in every station..

..we can erase corruption. Go ahead.

Sir, he's the auto driver
who testified against Hari.

What did you understand?

I understood that from
today Rajeshwari Devi..

..will use autos instead of her cars.

- You fool!
- Sir.

They changed the CCTV camera
footage to sidetrack the case.

They can easily buy this
auto driver's testimony. Let's go.

Hello, sir!

I'll see you later.

Stop there!

This is not a dance
club where you can waltz in.

This is Mayor Rajeshwari
Devi's office.

- Get out.
- Sorry, madam.

When it comes to catching a criminal
we don't care if it is a club..

..a pub or a public place.

Who is a criminal here?

You are a criminal for stepping
into my office without my permission.

And you are a culprit
for not following protocols.

That will be clear in a minute.
Call your son out.

Why should I?

We have solid evidence that
he stabbed a girl on the road.

Where did you find the said evidence?

Did you find it according
to the rules of the constitution?

Or did you carve them into stones?

Evidence, my foot.

Don't you watch TV or read newspapers?

Many men who've raped
and murdered girls.. away with it very
easily with currency notes.

This case is not as
serious as those cases.

There are many cases where the truth..

..has been buried innocent
people have been framed.. false cases and given
years and years of prison sentences.

Do you have stronger
proofs than those cases?

Famous politicians have
been murdered in the disguise..

..of accidents, but there
is no evidence for those crimes.


I'm not here to listen
to your political speeches.

Shut up!

You said you have
evidence to arrest my son.

Is this your evidence?

A fool like you wanted to
dig up a mountain with a needle.

Tell me the truth.
Where did you get that pen drive?

Shut up! How dare you interrogate me?

- Madam..
- Gangaram!

Sir, that pen drive.

Stop it, Gangaram.

Mrs. Rajeshwari Devi
is a law abiding citizen.

Is this how you respect her?

- Sir..
- Don't say another word.

Let's take this to my office.

Hari! Hari!

Yadigiri! Did you go to the hospital?

Did you see my Shirisha?
Is she out of danger?

Yes, she is recovering well.

She is fine, right?

She is fine. Right?

- Yes.
- Did she ask about me?

She asked about him, right?

Yes, she did.

Of course she will.
I know my Shirisha.

Why is she crying?

- Shirisha is hanging between life
and death. - What did he say?

They just dumped her here.

We need millions of
rupees for her treatment.

The doctors said she won't survive.
Hari is responsible for this.

Look! Shirisha's condition
is very critical.

Her treatment will
cost a lot of money.

It has to be done
by specialist doctors.

Sir, Shirisha is my life. Save her.

We'll definitely save her.
But you have to do as we say.

I'll do whatever you tell me to do.

Everything you need to
do is written down in this.

Read it carefully and sign it.

Is this what you want?


Congratulations in advance,
Rajeshwari Devi.

If our party wins
the elections this time.. will definitely
become the Home Minister.


In the party High
Command meeting today..

..half of the members
nominated your name for it.

Oh. Thank you, sir.

You've to be very alert from now on.

Apart from the opposition party.. have opposition
from our party members too.

I'll handle it.

I'll take care of it, sir. Yes.

- Thank you, sir.
- Okay.

Hello, madam!

What is the status?
I don't want any obstacles.

That won't be a problem.
We shut his mouth forever.

He signed a statement
that he stabbed her.

He agreed to do the
same in the court tomorrow.

- Did he say that in your ear?
- What do you mean, madam?

People say one thing
when they are hungry..

..and another thing after
they fill their stomachs.

They say one thing
if you give them money..

..and another thing
if you give them alcohol.

If everybody kept their word,
there wouldn't be.. many political parties
or scams worth billions.

In fact, politicians
are corrupt because of them.

What do you want me to do, madam?

Listen carefully.

He shouldn't open
his mouth in the court..

..and that girl shouldn't
open her eyes in the hospital.

End their lives before
they come out of the darkness.

Okay, madam.

Who is it at this hour?

Oh, ACP sir.

Is your CI at the station?

- No, sir.
- Okay.

Kill that youth before
he comes to the station.


Okay, sir. I'll do it.

Hari, wake up.

Will you have some tea?


Constable, give him tea.

Here you go.

Give him biscuits too.


Why are you giving
me tea and biscuits?

- Today is the last day of your life.
- What?

I mean, you'll be presented
at the court tomorrow.

This is your last
night at the station.

- Pull this up.
- Why are they tying ropes?

- Pull it up. Knot it there.
- What are they doing?

- Nothing. Drink your tea.
- I don't want it.

- Make sure it is tight.
- Tie it well. Is it strong?

Sir, I confessed everything
and signed the papers.

Pull it up.

What is going on here?
What are they doing?

Please don't kill me.
I already confessed to everything.

Tie his hands.

What are you doing? Let me go!

Let me go!

Hold him tight!

Catch him.

He's getting away.

Hey, stop!

'How will I find her?'

Look at me, Shirisha. Look at me.

Shirisha.. Shirisha..

Look at me.. Please look at me..

Look at me, Shirisha. Look at me.

Look at me, Shirisha. Look at me.

I came for you.
Look at me. I can't live without you.

I came for you.
Please look at me, Shirisha.

Please look at me just once.

Hurry up.

This way. Hurry up.

Hari! Come on, let's go.

Come on, hurry up.

Shirisha! Shirisha!

Pick her up. Come on.

Pick her up.

Come on.

Hari, hurry up. Get in.

You guys go home. Take care. Bye.

We'll be safe. Don't worry.

Don't worry.

Bye. Bye.






Stop right there!

Don't beat me.


Shirisha! Shirisha!





Hari, come on!



Come on, get in.


Hari, be careful. Come on, go.

Come on! Hurry up!

Start the engine. Go, go, go.

Bye, Hari.



Bye, Hari.

Why isn't it moving forward?
Get down and check.

That fatso is clinging to the tire.

Drag him away.

No! I won't let you go!

I'll protect you, Shirisha.

Aren't you tired?

Does anyone feel that their
heart is a burden to them?

Why do you love me so much?

I don't have anybody.
I never experienced mother's love.

I never saw my father.

I don't know where I was born
or how I grew up. I'm just an orphan.

But after seeing you,
I didn't feel lonely anymore.

God took away my family but he
compensated it by sending you to me.

He asked me to shower
all my love on you.

My love is yours.
My life is yours. My breath is yours.

I'm living for you, Shirisha.

I like you.
I'm crazy about you. I love you.

"I like you.
You stole my little heart."

"You made me go crazy for you,

"You called to me
and pulled my heart."

"You made me love you
more than my life, darling."

"My eyes are for you only,
my words are for you only."

"I'll walk with you
and savor your smiles."

"I just need you."

"I like you.
You stole my little heart."

"You made me go crazy for you,

"You made me dream of you
and forget the whole world."

"My heart is racing for you."

"My mind is constantly
filled with your thoughts."

"I don't want to stop it."

"I just need you."

"I like you.
You stole my little heart."

"You made me go crazy for you,

"I won't lose you
until my last breath."

"I'll stay with you till the end."

"I'll make the same promise to you."

"I'll be with you forever
until my last breath."

"I just need you."

Hari, stop!


I said stop!



Hurry up.

Hari, stop!

Siri.. Siri..

Siri, get up.

I can't run anymore, Hari. Let's die.

Let's go somewhere and die.

We didn't come this far to die.

They won't let us live.

I'd rather kill myself
than die in their hands.

Let's die together in peace.

No, Siri. We should live.
I'll live and I'll save you.

Come on.

Hair, stop! It is for your own good.

You didn't do any good to us.

We can't trust you with our lives.

Your lives are in our hands even now.

If you don't do as I say,
I'll shoot you right here.

Go ahead, shoot us.

We didn't fall in
love to die like this.

Since you are not letting
us live in peace in the city..

..we thought we can
live here in the forest.

Won't you let us live here as well?

Stop your nonsense!
You are just a scrap seller.

You don't deserve
a lover or a love story.

I deserve it. Aren't we human beings?

Don't we have hearts?
Aren't we capable of love?

Yes, I collect scrap to earn a living.

But now I know that
you are the real scrap.

Hari, you'll die.

Go ahead, kill me.

People in love die for love,
they don't kill for love.

Love knows giving, not taking.

I won't die if you kill me.
I'll live. I'll live at least one day.

I'll live to announce
our love to the world.

I'll live to expose your
true colors to the world.

Maybe you are planning
to kill us and bury us here..

..but we'll die amidst people,
before everyone.

Our deaths will make history,
they won't be a mystery.

Our deaths will make history.

Let's go, Shirisha.

Why did you come back?

Why should we run?

Why should we be scared of anyone?

Even dry grass will
catch fire if you light it.

I'm a human being.
I have some pride too.

Can't I threaten those
who are threatening me?

So I decided to go
there and face them.

Hari, that's a rash decision.

If I delay, it will be
like giving them another chance.

If I live, my love will live. If I die
you will have to help lovers like me.

- Hari.. - Use photos, videos,
whatever you want to use.

Everybody should know
how much we suffered for love.

Even a poor lover deserves to dream.

People should realize that
even dumpsters have love stories.

If you can do that, I'm ready to die.

Go ahead then, go die.

We cannot help those who want to die.

Won't you do what I asked you to do?

What should we do? You fell
in love and now you want to die.

Where do we fit in?

You have nothing to do with it?
You don't? Tell me!

Hari, no!

- Are you saying you are not my friend?
- Stop it!

Hit me. Hit me, go ahead. Kill me too.

I'd rather die in your
hands than do what you ask.

What are you talking about?

Did I take those
beatings to see you die?

Did I do this to put garlands
on your funeral pyres?

We'll come with you,
we'll die with you.

Please try to understand me.

You don't have to do anything for me.

If you make my story known to others
you'll be helping many guys like me.

It will be like giving
them your blessing.

Please. This is my last wish.
Don't refuse me.

But we..

"Fight back with courage to win."

"Make your love victorious."

"Fight back with courage to win."

"Make your love victorious."

"Make your love victorious."

"Make your love victorious."

He is Hari, madam.

You don't know me,
you've never seen me.

Why are you doing all this, madam?

Your son stabbed this girl.

You asked me to take the blame
for it in order to save her life.

But what did you do?

You sent policemen to
kill me in the jail cell.

You sent doctors to
kill her in the hospital.

Will politicians, doctors
and policemen kill everyone else?

Is this your kingdom?

Will you decide when
we live and when we die?

You are talking too much!

Even prominent people
are afraid to talk before me.

You are just a piece
of junk from the scrap yard.

How dare you lecture me!

A piece of junk should
be left in the scrap yard, madam.

If you step on it, you'll
septic your foot and lose your leg.

Shut up!

I've seen hundreds of men like you.

But this is the first
time you are seeing me.

No matter how powerful you are,
you will fall one day.

- Are you threatening me?
- You've been threatening us till now.

If God blessed the
lion with sharp claws..

..he also provided domestic
animals with horns.

Those horns are enough
to pull the claws out.

Kill him!

You are the one who
is committing crimes.

Don't make me take the blame for them.

Why do you want to kill me, madam?

Did I convince your daughter
to run away with me?

My life or love life
shouldn't concern you.

Did rich people make a
rule that poor people can't love?

Do you think poor girls are born
to satisfy the desires of rich guys?

Will you kill people
like me when we refuse?

Come on, kill me.

Who are you to decide my death?

I'll live. I'll live at least
for a day for my love, for Shirisha.

Love gives me the courage to live.

You are powerful,
but please don't play with our lives.

We can't win against you.

You can't live if you fight with us.

Stop your games right now. Stop them.

"Make your love victorious."

"Make your love victorious."

Stop! Stop right there!

Where do you think you are going?

You think you can come here
to threaten us and go back alive?

You can leave if you want,
I'll spare your life.

But leave her here.

Come with me.

Come on!




Hari! Hari! Hari! Come with me!

- Come.
- Let me go!


You hurt my ego by saying
'I love you' to him before me.

You insulted me by throwing
me in the garbage bags.


Go ahead, tell him that you love him.

But sleep with me. Come on.

I won't let you leave
without satisfying my desires.




Come on!



ACP, what are you waiting for?
Shoot them!

Come on, shoot them!



No, wait here!



It's gone viral on Facebook.

People who've seen
Mayor Rajeshwari Devi..

..ordering the police to
shoot Hari Krishna and Shirisha.. save her son from prison,
are raging with anger.

Will they shoot
everyone who is in love?

That's what it looks like.

Can't poor people fall in love?

Why not? How can it be wrong to love?

Is it wrong for poor
people to fall in love?

If poor people fall in love,
will rich people kill them?

Our society has gone to the dogs.

How can they kill people
for falling in love?

Warn your son. He says he's in love.

They might shoot him too.

Will they kill everyone
who is in love?

Get up, Shirisha.



What took you so long?

We came here to arrest you,
not to protect you.

What rubbish?

Lower your voice.
Everything that happened here.. being telecast
live in the news channels.

You insulted him for
being a scrap seller.

He dragged your status
and power to the dumpsters.

- Oh God!
- Naresh!

Powerful people are behind
bars for attacking people in love.

We'll suffer the same fate.
It will become a big issue.

Don't kill them. Let them go.

Okay, boss.

"I won't lose you
until my last breath."

"I'll stay with you till the end."

"I'll make the same promise to you."

"I'll be with you forever
until my last breath."

- Hari!
- Hari!


All the love stories in
the world start in the same way.

But they end very differently.

When a love story ends with happiness,
nobody notices it.

But if a love story fails,
it will be remembered forever.

The couple in this love
story lost their lives.

But their story gave a
new life to many love stories.

It helps many couples
to face the world with courage.

If you refuse love,
there will be a great storm.

But if you accept it,
love fills the whole world.

"I like you.
You stole my little heart."

"You made me go crazy for you,

"I like you.
You stole my little heart."

"You made me go crazy for you,

"My eyes are for you only,
my words are for you only."

"I'll walk with you
and savor your smiles."

"I just need you."