Predok (2020) - full transcript

- Let's go ahead.

- "Thunder", can you hear me?
"Thunder", where are you?

- "Tiger", I'm here. Don't panic. Wait.

- Wait for? For when we will be surrounded?

- Wait, Misha. We will stick our plan.

- Sergey! They are here!
I'm under attack! Where are you?

- Misha, hold on! I'm here.

- That the big tank!

Come on, disperse them.

Take that!

- Yes! I just shot one.

- Sergey, I'm on fire!

I should have listened to you.
Why did I go there?

- Be patient. What the tricked-out tank!

- Sergey, surround him on the left.
Take the boss.

- It's for you!

- Sergey, don't hide. Shoot!

- Not now...
- What do you mean not now? They'll kill me!

- It's not to you.

- Here! Take it!
Sergey, go on the right.

Sergey, where have you disappeared?
Why did you stop?

- Ira, what are you doing?

- Lapin, finish the game.

Dima will be back soon.

- Ira, we will win and then...

- Lapin! Win me!

- I've won you already.

- Please. When was that?

- Last week, we had something,

- Well, maybe you had. I hadn't.

- Heck! Ira.

I'm killed.

- Lapin. I'm bored.

- Ira, it's because you don't have a hobby.
Look, I have a hobby.

I'm not bored at all.
Find yourself a hobby, you know.

Embroidery, maybe. Coloring pictures.
Read the book, after all.

- It's funny...
- What book?! Where've you been?!

Where are you?..
- Let's go.

- Quick!

- Let's get up.

- Stand!

- Stop!

- Come here!

- Guys, where is Katya?

- She's a girl. They won't hit her too hard.

- You jerk!

- Did you call Dima?

- Yes. He doesn't answer.

- Call again.
- Let him hang out.

It's great that he is not sitting before a computer
like all kids are now.

- Call him again.

- Come on, Misha, go around him on the right.

- We missed them.

- Leave it. Let's go.


- Where are you running from daddy?

Come on, Misha, we crush him. Here. Here...

The fascist is killed.

Don't be afraid, Misha,
se don't abandon our friends.

Here you go! Take it!

Go go go. And I'm here! Take this! There is!

One more enemy is destroyed.

Who is so brave out there?
Did you dare to play a duel with me?

And here we are...

Why do you have no fresh photos?

You shall not trample my Motherland
by tracks of your tank.

Misha, go around him to the left.

Come on, come on. There are three of them left...
Why are you so slow?

Here! Here. Come on.

The right one is yours, Misha.
Crush the moron. Come on.

Well, Misha, I will take an armor-piercing shell.

- Hello.
- Hello, Dima Lapin is your son?

- Yes.
- Come to the police. Kibaltchich street. Take him.

- Train surfers - what the hell is this?

- I have no idea.
The police said he was taken off the train.

- Without a ticket?
- From the roof of the train.

He and his friends climbed onto the carriage
like monkeys and...

- I have told you - he has friends.
He is fine.

Ira ...
- What?

- I've already had a beer.

- Is that your bandit?
- Dima!

Are you okay?! Nothing is broken?!
- Yes. Not. Everything is OK.

- Shame on you, parents. Why aren't you watching your child?

Thanks to the guards.

They managed to notice.

What if he fell under a train?

- You have nothing to say?

- Thanks to the guards.

- And what are you so indifferent?

- Am I?

- Hit him.

Come on.

Smack him upside the head.

Just a father's regular punch.

- Right here?
- Yes, here!

- It's not necessary to do here.

- It would be better do at home. In a family circle.
- Yes.

- In the family circle, we have no time.

In the family, we play the toy tanks.

Not toys. The real tanks.

- What tanks?

- "Tank Control". Online.

- What tank do you ride, tank driver?

- T-34.

- Classics.

- I prefer heavy tanks.

Couple shots and it's done.

- I prefer to make mess in the rear of the enemy...

- I'm "Turtle".
- "Thunder".

- Well. Let's go.

- My wife is suffering. I have a hobby. She hasn't.

- I see.

But we have to fill out the documents.

And there is a fine.

- What a mess.

- Okay. I will write that he was crossing the street
in the wrong place.

- Thank you, comrade!
- Let's go.

- Have you seen the magic?
We have a brotherhood.

And you say: "Why do we need those tanks?"
We just saved quite the dough!

- Dima! What were you thinking?

It's very dangerous. You could have smashed.

Did you want us to collect parts of you
between the rails?

- Ira! Don't say that.

He just got out of jail.

What If he has a knife in the sleeve?

Dima, shall we put some music on?
What do your cellmates are listening nowadays?

Radio "Russian Chanson"?

- Lapin, I'm tired of your jokes!
- Normal dad jokes.

- Dima, cover your ears.

- Lapin, do you understand that he at a difficult age?
- Yep.

- You don't. He needs a father.

He needs a man's upbringing. Do you understand?

- I see...
- He doesn't need your idiotic jokes.

Talk to him like a man.

Can you do it?

- Ira, I can do everything for you.

But this isn't the right place for it.
- Do it at home.

- I'll punish you at home.
- Yes, punish him at home.

- Could you go faster?

I want to punish him as soon as I can.

- How do you feel at home?

Do you have any complaints?

Food? Questions? Complaints? Suggestions?

Is the room comfortable enough to you?
- Enough.

- Yeah. It was the adventure today.

- Yes. Forgive me.

- I understand everything. You are young.

But mom...

She took my computer away from me!

- Really?
- She demands that I punish you.

- Punish then.

- Don't rush.

Tell her that I have punished you.

- OK.
- Don't turn me in.

Otherwise we will have troubles.

And I will suffer more than you.


And no more TV cartoons!!!

- Perhaps you are interested
in some specific model?

- Sure.

I need a car of the kind that could help me....
to steal someone else's wife.

- Don't say a word!
I know what you need.

A great choice.

- Did you see, Misha,
how well I peddled him this car.

I won his trust.

Then played along a bit, as if he's my rival.
That was so smooth.

He is our age. And he can buy cars
like we buy cheap food.

- What do I tell you every day?
- What?

- We have to leave, Sergey.
- To where?

- To our dream. To the tanks.

- My current dream is a good lunch.
- Sergey...

Do you hear about the "10 thousand hours" rule?
- No.

- You need to devote 10 thousand hours to your case to achieve success.

I have spent 4 thousand hours for now.
You spent even less.

- May I come in?

- I'm busy.

- But I'm on record.

- I'll call you when I'm free.
Come out, please.

- I won't go out. I will...
- Complain?

- No.


May I come in?

- Sure.

Sorry, please. I just...
We don't have enough staff.

I have to fill out all the papers myself.
Have a seat.

Why did you come?

- You're an ophthalmologist?

- Yes.
- Good.

- And I have eyes...

Even if my eyes are certainly
not as beautiful as yours.

But maybe something can be fixed?

- I get it... Sit on the chair.

I'll check everything.
- Check it out.


- Here, take it.

Close your right eye.

Let's start with the left eye.

Come on.

- Sh, B.

- Come on. Next.

- M, K, N.

M, N, K. Yes.

Y, M, B, Sh.

B, Y.

Have you ever been to classmate meetings?

I haven't been in Russia for a long time.

- My husband is my classmate.
So I have a meeting of classmates every day.

Name the next letters.

- N, Sh... Maybe let's go today?

- Where?

- To the meeting of classmates.

I just arrived and decided to throw a party.

The beautiful place
on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

- No no. I'm sorry. I can't today.

There is a parent meeting at school
in my son's class.

It can't be skipped. Name the next letters.

- Maybe... let Lapin go to the school meeting.

This is his son too.

- Actually...

Fair point.

- Sergey, I'm serious.

I wrote a letter of resignation.

- Why didn't you show this the boss.

- Every retreat should be properly planned.

Let the bank approve my loan first.

- Why do you need a loan?

- Sergey, I just explained this to you.

We need a computer.

The powerful one. Like those, in real tournaments.

- Sergey, have you lost your mind?


- Hi, wife!

- Lapin, I forget that today at 7:00 is a parent meeting at school.

- I can't come.

- No, it's me who can't come.

I have extra duty.
You just want to play tanks again.

- Ira, this is very important thing to me!
- What is important?

- Have you heard about the
"10 thousand hours rule"?

- Lapin... Okay...

If you do it I will allow you
to buy a premium subscription.

- Deal! Text me the school address.

And what class?
- Lapin, are you an idiot?

- Sergey, we even have a flag!

Are you in the game?

- I'll see if it would work to you.

- The topic of today's meeting...

- Hello.

- Don't get distracted.

I hope all parents are gathered now.

So I repeat. Topic of today's meeting is...

the safety of our children.

- Okay, enough. Thank you.

- Thank you.

- I changed my last name
because it was funny.


Now I'm Orlov.

Does that sound good?

- Listen... In school you were such a...

- A nerd?

Ira, you can speak frankly.

Yes. I was. I admit that.

The point is, such guys make the best people.

- Well, but where are the classmates?

Тo one will show up. Yes?

- Ira, I'm sorry. You're a married girl.

I couldn't just ask you out.

You would refuse.

Don't leave me please.

- I wasn't going to.

I'm just curious.

- If I were you,
I wouldn't worry about education.

The only important thing now is make sure
that everyone was alive.

And I created an account
on behalf of a teenager.

I infiltrated their secret group.

There our children publish their exploits.

Look on them.

And applaud.


- Real speed! The guys got quiet because...

- Jesus, how horrible!
- Samsonov is their leader.

He easily makes friends.

And just as easily he manipulates them.

- Wild! Kolpak is here with me!..

- Kolpakov Grisha is a rather good student.

But now, as you see,
it's hard to predict his future.

...And Moroz!
- Hey! Cool!!!

- Morozov Vasya. What can I say about Vasya?

Einstein wasn't a genius in school.
Mathematics made him a genius.

- What are their parents doing?

- Finally - our treasure - Dima Lapin.

I didn't think this student
would join this group.

He is the future pride of our school.
An excellent student.

There are many videos here.
They have been doing this for a long time.

Though Dima Lapin joined them
six months ago.

- He told me that he did it just once.

- He is deceiving you.
To calm you down.

So you would leave him alone..
This is a "train surfing".

Not drugs.
But it's no less deadly though.

- Are you crazy?!

Everything was right until now.

- Ira!


Ira, please. I have an yacht out here.
We could...

It's near.

We can just ride.

As friends. Like classmates.

- Hellyeah, I also have a yacht... Stop it!

As classmates,
we will see each other at the meeting.

The first Saturday in February. Got it?

- Can I lift you?

- I really love taxi. Thank.

- Are you still here?

Run to save the children! All.

Everybody's free.

- It's horrible.

- Nightmare.

- You scared us a lot.

I certainly heard about something like this...

But when you see it with your own eyes...

- This is absolutely right reaction of a father.

Do you know why all this happens?

- Why?

- Have a drink?

- But most of all is that he started lying to me.

He looks into my eyes
and sincerely says: "Dad..."

- He will lie to you every time since now.

Because your father's authority
has been stolen.

- How was it stolen?
- Not "how", but "whom".

By Samsonov, a cynic and a nihilist.

Now ask me why?
- Why?

- Women.

Who is raising future men today?
- Who?

- Women.

Who does a boy need? A man.

He's need an object to follow. An authority.

And who are you?

- Who am I? I have nothing to do with it.
- Exactly - you are nobody.

You were excluded from education.
Or maybe you excluded yourself first?

That's all.
He found himself a new authority.

His classmate Samsonov, in this case.

He runs after Samsonov like a puppy.
He jumps on moving trains.

Sergey, do you want to save son's life?

Take back your authority.

- Dima, have you done the homework?

- Not yet.

- What are you waiting for?

Hurry up.

Parents are coming soon.

Stop staring at your phone.

You'll miss everything.

Here is our next peak.

- Wicked cool.

- Are you seriously talking about "Sapsan"?

It's 200 km/h.

- I hope we get to the site where it will be 250 km/h.

- We will be blown away.

- We won't. We're not stupid.

Kolpak, are you scared?

- Yes. I was scared to lose weight.
It would be a shame to lose the style.

Are you serious?

- Guys, are you tired of crawling on slow trains?

- I agree.

- You see? Even Dima agrees.

- Samson, do you have a plan?

- Sure.

My plan is here.

- So, Sergey...

Here's my plan ...

I will follow them online, and you will wait.
- OK.

And as soon as I see that they are going
to jump on the train again.

I call you. You grab everything.

And run to jump with them.
- Jump?! Me?!

What for?!
- Are you shocked, my darling?

They will be shocked too.

You have to infiltrate their gang.

Destroy Samsonov's authority.

And regain your fatherly authority.

- Follow me.

Well, well... a charming woman.

From Yamalo-Nenets District.

Have you let me down?

- Me? When?

- You missed our son.

How did you bring him up?

He's a man. He should see his father as an example.
And what did you do?

- What did I? I did nothing.

- Exactly!

Sure. I haven't always been perfect. I know.

But you had to come up with something.
Make him to respect me.

To tell him that dad is great.
We are nothing without dad. Dad is God!

On the Earth.

The Pope, by the way, is also a pop.
- What?

- Not for me. For son's sake.

Do you know that I am not an authority for Dima?

He doesn't respect me.
- Is it my fault?

- Who else?

You could take to me some of your credit.

If you cooked meal, thanks to dad, he got the meat.

If son got a good mark at school - well done, kid,
you're like dad.

At the very least, you could tell him
how cool I was, when I was his age.

- When it was? 20 years ago?

- Enough! Where is he?

- I don't know.

- The mother. Touché.

Enough. Now I will take care of his upbringing.

- Parents are calling.
- Answer.

- Hey there? Yeah.

What do you mean "where"? At a friend's.
We're doing homework.

I'll see.

- I have a question for you.
- Later.

- Watcha want?

- Whatever. I'll try not to be late. Bye.

- Dima, how do you talk to your parents?

- How?

- Are you daring them?

You have to understand, Dima,
parents are the closest people.

You should, on the contrary,
tell them as many sweet words as possible.

- Moroz, show him.

- Daddy, mummy, I love you so much.
What I would be without you?

I don't even know.

- Got it?

Clean up your room, take out the trash,
do the dishes.

Let them relax.
Let them stop controlling your every step.

The difficult age is for fools.
You have to be smarter.

- What are you doing ?!
- Throw away the firecracker!

- Through the window!

- The firecracker didn't work.

- Get away!

- That was wild!
- Didn't it work?

- You can tell your parents that, for example...

...Dima farted too hard.

- Fool.

- Dad, I'm late for school.

- Wait.

I didn't love you enough as a child.

- It's fine, I had enough.
- Yes?

It's very important for you to understand...

That I'm your father
and you're my son.

Friends are good, but you have nobody closer than me.

You can tell me anything.

I'll understand, listen, support you...

- Dad, I'm late!
- Wait.


Smoke, smoke.

Don't hide in toilets. I know.

It's better to try with me
and learn that nicotine is harm and evil.

- I don't smoke.
- Are you sure?

Good. Wait. Wait.

How are you with girls?

Was it?.. Well...
- I get it. Not. Was not.

I remember: if anything,
I will come to you straight away.
- That's right.

That's right. I have experience, knowledge.
I can tell, to show...

To direct... And come before the event.

We will make a plan.

And... that's enough. Well?

Okay, fella, off you go.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Have you decided?

Don't look at the figure. It will change.

Have you seen Selena Gomez?
- No, haven't.

- She was the same in childhood.
But I'm prettier.

Dima! Have you forgotten anything?

Okay, I won't push you.
But since we are in the same school...

It would be a great love story.


- What's this?

- This is our army photo album.

An acquaintance made it to me.


- But we didn't serve in the army.

- We all served. But we forgot.

- I made the past for us
so that we can easily enter the future.
- Yeah.

- I announced to my wife that
I was going to the tanks.

- She understood?

- Course.


Women. All they need is food and jewelry.

- But what about your son?!

- What happened to him?

- He needs a father and education.

- I have already raised Sasha.
He is quite educated guy, by the way.

- How did you managed? He is 10 years old.

- You realize that a child is brought up up to 7 months.
In the womb.

I did my best that time.
I didn't staying late in office. I was talking to the belly.

And got a well-bred baby, right from the start.

He didn't even cry.
He got out of the stomach and said Hi.

And I cut the umbilical cord.

- I should have done the same way. I'm late.

- You teach him to play Tanks.
Then he will always be near.

- Here is "T-34".

The most enduring fastest tank ever.

Lightweight, easy to play.

"SU-100" ((?)) are dangerous for it.
But they are dangerous for any tank.

So... Carefully... Back, back.
- What's going on here?

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Don't get distracted, fighter. You have to fight...
- Lapin!

Have you decided to hook your son on your tanks?

- Irina! We learn history through practice.

So, Dima, don't fuss... Calm... SHOOT!!!

Wait. You are late. Step back, back, gently.

Where are you going? Why are you going there?
Don't. These are heavy tanks. Easy. Wait.

Give it to me.

- That's all. We lost him. Go to bed.

- Take that!

- Lapin.
- What?

- I'll stay at work for the weekend.
- Well?

- I'll probably stay up late.
- Well!

I'm glad that the work has become your hobby.

- Did you decide to go anyway?

- Yes. What did your parents tell you
about the toilet?

- They asked Dima to choose less peaceful objects
for bombing next time.

- Samson... we...

- We can't train.
- What do you mean?

Is it a sabotage?

- My mother have shouted at me for two hours yesterday.
After the meeting

I didn't understand what she was saying.

She said that Einstein was a fool, I am a human, and so on.
Some kind of nonsense.

- And I had the same thing.
I was forced to study mathematics yesterday.

I lost 300 grams of weight due to such stress.

It's necessary to cancel the "Sapsan" project.

- We will not cancel anything.

- The school year will end in two weeks.
Everyone will leave. What are we doing?

- Guys, don't you understand?
Our parents don't care about us.

All they need is to come home from work and watch TV calmly.
And think that everything is fine.

Just give them that confidence. No problems.

- So how long do we have to debase ourselves?

- The rest of your miserable life.

Anyway. The plan is - today we go home after school.

Open all textbooks and pretend
that we are learning hard.

We will train at night. Understood?

- What if the parents find it out?

- Put something under the blanket, Einstein.

- Dima, the test is today?
- Yes.

- Y'all should get the highest grades.
- But this is impossible! It's too much work.

- Parent's calmness is more important than your laziness!
- Samsonov? Why are you sitting there?

Get back to the track right now!
- Let's go.

- Run! Run! Run!

Kolpak! Quick!

Dima's teacher: It's time!

- Where have you been?

- It's not my fault that my parents
stayed awake for so long.

- If you're late again, we'll leave without you.
We have already missed 3 trains.

- Dima, is your father there?

- Nope.

- Are you sure? He picked you up from school today.

- He is stepfather.

- Did you tell him everything?

- No! I have no idea what he's doing here.

- What do we do?

- Don't panic.

- Well, what, kids? What are you doing?

- Nothing. We breathe fresh air.

- Let's breathing all together.

- We're already done. We are going home.

- Don't be afraid. I'm one of you.

Let's be honest. I know that you are train surfers.

Dima didn't tell me anything. I overheard.

He talks in his sleep.

I overheard. He's saying something like:
"Ah... train, train... train tomorrow..."

- I don't talk in my sleep.

- Dima, you don't notice,
you are sleeping at that time.

- In short, what do you want?

- You love extreme. I also love extreme.

Let's ride the trains together.

- We are not interested.

- Easy!

The parents won't know. Just me and you.

Are you afraid of competition?

- I'm afraid for you.

Too old and overweight.
You need to start with light workouts.

- Don't worry about me.

I have a lot of experience in train surfing.

Don't believe me? I'll show you now.

Hop! Have you seen?! Have you seen?

I jumped on the first try!

I have excellent physical fitness.

Will you stand still? Hop up here.

Guys! What the matter?

- Let's get out of here.

- Guys! Guys!

- Where have you been?!
- In Vyborg.

- Where?

- In Vyborg. I was jogging.

I decided to be an example to Dima.

But I am not going to push him.
He can run with me next time, if he wants.

- Why didn't you answer the phone?

- Phone?

- Dangerous dude.

He's probably still on this train.

- Let's start the lesson.

- Hey, how is your father?

- Stepfather.

- He's kind of strange.
Why did he want to ride with us?

- He's old man. I have read the article that...

- Afanasyeva! The lesson has begun.

- Nothing wrong. They will laugh and stop.

The main thing is
that they saw how you jumped on that train, Sergey.

So now you are not dangerous for them.

Now we move on the second base.

- What will we do?

- You need... to drink with them.

- Drink?! They are children! What for?

- "They are children..." They are teenagers.

Sergey! It will be way better
if you will do it like a caring father.

Than if they will learn to drink at these parties
by themselves.

And you need to destroy Samsonov's authority.

- I can do that.
No one has ever beaten me in drinking contests.

- Don't overdo it. And one more thing...

Come up with a nickname for Samsonov.

An offensive nickname
can destroy authority very effectively.

This is your homework.
- Copy!

- See? It's easy. Kolpak you're next.

- Stop laughing!
You better help me.

- if we don't learn how to use the tools properly
we will be blown off the train like flies

- Some flies looks like elephants.

- You're an elephant, moron!

- Kolpak! What are you doing?

- Hi toddlers!

Why do you need to clash over diaper rash?

- How on earth did he get here?

- I don't know.

- Last time we started at the wrong end.
I suggest we drink under my guidance.

I'll teach you that in an engaging way.

- We are not interested.
We're enjoying the views of the nature.

- Why are you so whiner, Blondie?

You're not interested in jumping on trains.
You're not interested in drinking.

Are you interested in life?

- I said - we will not drink this swill.

- I will. Can I?

- Sure!

- Me too. I'm fed up the PE.

- Do you have snacks?

- Course, Kolpak.
Do you like meatballs?

- Yeah!
- Follow me. No parent will make such generous offer.

- Where did you go?
We have training!

- Samson, don't be a bore.

- Hey, Blondie, you're free to stay here if you want.

- Well, let's see how Dima is doing.

- Ira!



You look terrific.

Give me a sec.

- Well, young people... Come on in.
Don't be shy. Make yourself at home.

But don't forget that you're at party though.

Sit here.

- Where are the plates?

- Dima, bring the plates.

- Why are you sitting there?
Come here. Come on.

Open it. Quick.

So, youngsters, now we will drink.

And there will be a smell from the mouth.

Then you come home. And it's desirable
that your parents can't find out anything.

There's parsley.
This is the best thing.

Put it in your mouth and chew it thoroughly.

That the juice is emitted.
And quite of saliva.

In case if there is no parsley.

What are we looking for?
Anything green.

Tear it off, stick it in mouth and start chewing.

The same way, so that get the juice.

Repeat after me.

All together.

Do you feel it? Do you feel it?
Sweet boy.

Now I'll tell you about the customs in drinking.

If you take too much...

What will happen next? You'll turn into an animal.

You will crawl.

Then you will fall asleep in the salad.

The salad will stick to your face.

You shall not do that!

Stop laughing.

- Oh, a real tank!

Did you shoot a tank?

- Did shoot and win!

- Did you serve?
- You were too young, you don't remember.

- Will you serve in the army?

- Let's talk something uplifting.

- I'll join the army.

- Will you? Seriously?

- The armored corps.
I'll drive "Armata" tank.

- Real tank drivers are drinking out of the bottle.

- Here.

Well, young people. We finished the theory.
Now you know how to deal with spirit odor.

I propose that we proceed to the practice.

- Let's cheers tank drivers!

- Stop, stop. What are you doing, Snow White?

Did you know that we have to cheer the ladies first?

Katya - cheers.

- Guys, how cool you are!

Everything is settled!
I'll take you fishing tomorrow!

- Do you often ride a yacht with Lapin?

- Yacht?

- You said last time that you have a yacht.

- Oh...

We sold it.

Lapin is afraid of water.

- Lapin is afraid of water? Are you kidding?

He was the best swimmer in school.

- After the birth of the child,
he began to have problems with nerves.

He is constantly worrying about our son.

- Lapin most of all had motivated me
for success in school.

He was a star.

- Yes. He was an incredible guy.

I was lucky with him.

- No, he was lucky with you.

You are incredible.

Lapin... Lapin...

No, Ira. He is not in your league.

- Why?

- Because the school is long over.

It's time to move on.

- And what happened to him?

- I don't know. He wanted to play on the guitar
and fell asleep.

- Well.

Dima, go to your room.
I'll clean up here.

- He seemed such a positive person.

- Yes. It turned out funny.

- We must get rid of this eccentric old man.

- How does he find us?

- With Dima's phone.

- Maybe we need to get rid of Dima?
This way his father will leave us alone.

- Is that you 'll take care our exams?

I'll get rid of this man.

And Dima will help me.

The main thing is to listen to me.
No amateur performance this time.

And stop pretending to be drunk.
I poured an apple juice in your glasses.

- It was a juice?!

- Yep. Juice.

Well, why did you stop?
Let's go for a walk on the rooftops.

- Dima.

Didn't I fail yesterday?
I hope it was fun.

- Yes, it was fun...

Dad, can we go home?
Fish don't bite anyway.

- Dima, did I promise your friends fishing?
I always keep my word.

Not like your gang, where are they?

- I've told you -
their parents wouldn't let them go.

- Exactly. Not every kid is so lucky
to have such a great father like you have.

But it's rather good that they aren't here.
We're spending time great together.

- I doubt it. We sit here for 4 hours,
waiting for the fish to wake up.

- Fishing is not about fish.

Fishing is about a quiet conversation.

Never mind the cold.
Learn how to not pay attention to the weather.

Are you in trouble?
Does something bother you?

Tell me everything. I will help.

- Yes, I have one thing.
- What the thing?

- Do you remember when you said that you would help me
as I want to meet a girl?

You said that you have experience.

- Sure! Is this Katya?

- Not! Dad, I want to be grow-up.

All the guys in school are saying that...
- Say them too!

Don't rush to grow up, Dima.

Childhood is the most important thing that a man has got.

- Ok.

Okay, okay. Then I'll ask Samsonov to help...

- Not! Not! Wait!

I'm sure I can help!

The hasty boy.

- Your Dima will grow up.
He is at a transitional age.

- It's too early!

- Do you remember yourself at this age.

- Yes.

- It's good that he is honest with you.

It's good.

To whom would Dima address this problem before?
To Samsonov.

And now he's talking to you.

We are moving in the right direction.

- And what should we do now?

- If he wants so...

...we will find a specialist.

- Give the flowers as we enter.

Smile nicely, and...

Here... The thing... It...
How shall I put this... This...

- I know.
- Good. Here.

Most importantly, don't worry.

Nature itself will tell you everything.

Have you changed your mind?
- Not.

Don't worry.
- Me? I'm fine.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Flowers.

- It's very nice.

- Here, the young man - Dmitry.

- Dima.

- Alina Vladimirovna.

You can call me Alina.

- Extra lesson?
- The basics of family life.

- Come in.

- You can wait in the next room.

Or, you want to watch?

- What? Not! I go there...

I'll wait in the next room.

- Sit, Dima.

I'll put on some soothing music.

Let's start with theory.

Have you already studied anatomy?

We will repeat a little bit.

- The boy is worried.
- Don't worry.

We will do everything ourselves.

- Consider the body structure of a man and a woman.

Let's start with a woman.

The universe has laid many mysteries in a woman.

And you and I will try to solve all these riddles.

Are you ready?
- Yes.

- As you can see, a female body
is not much different from a male body.

The same heart, liver, spleen.

But there are parts that are different.

- Open immediately! We know!

- Wait a second.

- Vitalik, break down the door!

Break down the door!
- Is the time over?

- I don't...
- Start filming!

- Who are you?

- Boy, are you all right?!

Things are good?!
- Yes.

- Something happened?

- What happened?!

Or what didn't happen?! Thanks to us!

Capture this face on video!

- Who are you?
- Who am I?!

Juvenile justice.

Here is my ID!

Look at her. She looks quite surprised!

Are not you ashamed?

- Stop it. How do you talk to me?

- How should I talk to you?!

Two adults brought the child to the hotel!

- Relax.
- I'm relaxed!

- I am a child psychologist.
- Fat chance.

And this is a pediatrician.
You know?

Pediatrician. Capture this "pediatrician".
- Move away.

- They play doctors. Did you hear?
- I have diplomas and licenses.

I trained abroad. I have documents.

I have a degree.

- Get them on video.
- You can check it.

- Of course we'll check.

Excuse me...

Who are you?

- Fortunately, a teenage psychologist
responded to the call.

But we are sure he will continue
to molest the boy.

- He asked me to.
- Shut up.

- Dear parents, I want you to understand
that your child may be taken away.

- How?

- It's my only mistake.

- Come on.

No, it was more than one time.

Take a look.

So. Stop. Stop. Snow White...

Greetings ladies. Cheers, Katia...

- Lapin.

- And here he teaches Dima
and his friends how to ride trains.

- Lapin! Pack your things and get out of here.

- Divorce!
- Yes!

- In the matter of guardianship,
the court will be on your side.


It doesn't work well.
- What?

- Who you will be?
- Who?

- You will be a single mother.

This is not good. What is this?
- What?

- This is a vulnerable social group.

- I will get married. Very soon!

- Well? Is it done?

- Mom kicked him out.

- Nice.

- You came up with a cool idea.

- Come with me.

- Ekaterina Alekseevna.
Why didn't you tell me that she is a teacher...

- I wanted you to be sure
that she is a prostitute.

Dima was not supposed to guess.

Alina Vladimirovna has very creative lectures.

Dima would be afraid to think about sex
until he was 20.

He would devote all his energy to study.

- Ira didn't even want to listen to me.


- Sergey.

This glass will wait for you at this place
every evening.

Everything turned out surprisingly right.

- Right?

- Well, that woman. Your wife...
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to say anything bad.

But she has no mission.
She has no goals in life.

Jeez! She wants this divorce.
She will get it.

What, Sergey?

Why are you looking at me so hungrily?

Haven't you figured this out yet?

It was Dima who called the police.

They planned everything in advance.

Where did they get the video?
What do you think?

- I'll kill Samsonov!
- Right!

Kill him. You will go to jail. Samsonov will go to heaven.
And I will forever be tormented by remorse.

- What will we do?

- Sergey!

You need a new son.

You need to start a new life.

It will be a new gorgeous life.

Stop dwelling in the past.
We must open the door to the future.

Sergey, we will raise the perfect son!

Scientist, astronaut. Maybe a future president.

What are you doing, Sergey?

Relax. You're very tense.

I'll prepare a sea salt bath.

We'll swim there like in the sea.

You'll relax.

- Sergey! It's easy-peasy.

Turn right first.
There'll be a rickety fence.

So turn left. You understood me?

- Misha, wait. Just meet me.

- I can't meet you!
I have an important fight right now!

It's next to the railroad.
Two minutes walk. Easy to find.

- Good. Send me the address.

- See you.

- Or is it better to have a daughter?

You won't even worry about raising her.

- Come though.

- Well, how are you doing here?

A bit Spartan style, well.

But what does a real man need?

Wi-Fi and a purpose in life.
Are you hungry?

- Do you have vodka?

- No way! I have a purpose in life!

Take this.

- Meet. This is the "Sapsan".

- It's more cool that Mount Everest.

- What time does the train leave?

- 13:20.

Katya, take a picture of us.

- You've already arrived?

- I didn't think it would be that way.

But I can't wait any longer.

- Shcherbakova. This is Dima's teacher.

- Yes?

- What?!

- They are waiting for us at the station.
We'll jump on the train here.

Hey, mute your phone.
Otherwise they will notice us.

Are you kidding me?!
- Mum?

- I'm listening.

- Hello?

- Son, what kind of "Sapsan" are you going to?

- Me? I have no idea.

- Have you? Don't deceive me.

- Your teacher just called me.

I give you half an hour.

You should be home in half an hour.


- Yes.

- And keep pretending to be a goody.

You are good at it.


- What happened?

- My mom had an accident.

- My mom too.

But she ended up in a sect.
We must run to save her.

- My sister was bitten by a snake.
I need to suck out the poison.

- Are you guys kidding me?

- No, we're not kidding, Katya.

We must cancel today's operation "Sapsan".
- I agree.

- Let's prepare properly and come here next spring.

- Next spring?!
- Yes.

Guys, that's it. Let's get out of here.

- Guys, we trained!

- Are you coming with us or not?
- Where do you go?

- Ira, don't worry.
- He doesn't answer the phone!

- Everyone rode trains in childhood.

- This is not just a train.
This is "Sapsan". 250 km/h

- Don't worry.

The problems will be solved by men.

I will stop this train, no sweat.

This can be done in a couple of minutes.

- Here! Lead them to me.
- Now! Come on, come on...

Come on.

- You need to change her name in the phone.

- WMTH. "Was married to her."
I call my ex-wife that.

Don't answer. We have the goal!

- She probably wants to apologize.


No, I'm not with Dima.

- What?!


- Hello! Hello!

- Dima is not with Lapin.

- Hello. Sergey Viktorovich? Good day.

Yes, this is Orlov. How is your wife?


I have a favor to ask...
We must stop the "Sapsan".

There are children on the roof.


This is not your branch?
This is not his branch.

To whom should I direct?

Good. Thank.


We are waiting for SMS.

- That's the speed!

- Cool!

- Sick!

We're going too fast!

- Yes!

- Here's the SMS.

Hello, hello.

Hello. You have reached the Single Information Center of Russian Railways...

- What did they say?

- They said they couldn't help.

- We're going too fast!

- Heck! Where are they?!

- Approximately 20 km.

It's a few minutes.

- What to do? How to save them?

- Get out on the way!

Get out!
- Are you sure?!

- Get out! That's an order!

Come out! Where is your red rag?

Come on, Misha!

Run there! Run towards the train!

Run as far as you can and swing the rag.
They will see that the paths are blocked.

They will start to stop. Run, Misha! Run!

- Sergey, pull the car away!

- Run!!!

- Yes?

- Where are you?!
- At the crossing. I'm trying to stop the train.

- What crossing?

Lapin, I beg you, stop the train!

- How, Ira?! What can I do?

- I don't know! Think of something!
You can always come up with something.


Hello! Lapin, can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

- Hold on!

Hold on!
- I can't!

- Hold on!

- Don't let go!

- Wait!

Wait! Brake!


- Don't let go!

Don't let go!

- Katia! We're stopping!
Katia! We're stopping, Katya!

- One. Two. Three. We started.

- This is Fresh-TV, Hello. We are at the scene.

At the place where an unknown man
brought down a tree on electrical wires...

...stopped the "Sapsan" train.

The man is now in the hospital.

What was it? Vandalism? Accident?

Or was it suicide?

We will find out very soon. On Fresh-TV.
Stay tuned.

- As it became known from our sources,
at that moment there were two children
on the roof of the "Sapsan" train.

And today we are near their school.

- This news came to us a few minutes before the broadcast.

While doctors are desperately fighting
for the life of Sergey Lapin.

People on social media launched a flash mob.

People support our hero.

- Sergey? Yeah... Sergey is...

Well... Sergey...

- The famous sculptor was shocked by what happened.

He decided to carve Sergey Lapin in stone.

He has already come up with a name for the monument.

The name seemed to appear in the air by itself.

- "The Man Stopping Sapsan".

- The man stopping "Sapsan"...

I like it.

Ira, will he really make the monument?

- Why not?

I feel like a hero's wife.

- I just wondering...
Maybe we will be forgiven the mortgage?

- Lapin?

It's time to go to the procedures.
- Okay, Antonina Mikhailovna. I'm coming.

- ...And inside. And there are many,
many holes...

- Oh, kids, hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.

- Thanks you.
- You're welcome.

- Well, where are you!
Don't jump like that.

- Dad, I want to talk to you.

- Dad... It was we who called
the juvenile police.

So it was me too. I betrayed you.

- Yes, you betrayed your ancestor, Dima.

- Dad, but I really needed to get on this "Sapsan".

You could show up at the most unnecessary moment
and ruin everything.

- But I helped after all instead.

- You helped. Thank you, Dad.

- Katia. Let's go!

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Get better.

- Good girl. I like her.

- Do you want the same one? Can't promise an exact copy.
But I'm sure she would be as good as this one.

- I'll hold you to that.

The man stopping "Sapsan".

- Sergey! This is a gold mine.

This is my personal little oil well.

- What's wrong with your eye?

- It's my brand new third eye.

Listen to these divine sounds.

I don't know what fools made this.

You can only win here.
Impossible to lose.

Sergey, congratulate me.
My winnings are equal to your salary.

I'll fly to my son's school on a space shuttle.

I already promised him that.

Try it! You can buy an apartment.

Come on.

I'll lend you money for your first game.

Let the rates be maximum.

You can pay fine to the railroad.

Click, dude!

We will bring these idiots down.

- What are you laughing at?