Prahaar: The Final Attack (1991) - full transcript

Prahaar is the story of Major Chavan, a tough and stern soldier, trained to destroy the enemy. He can see the enemy on our borders but is unaware of the invisible enemy within ourselves. ...

I have to go. When you know that, send me off with a smile.

Come on, smile. Smile, darn it.

But why must you go when it is not compulsory?

It is compulsory. - You liar!

Asha's brother too is in the army. He say's it's not compulsory.

He belongs to the supply corps.

ASC, Army Service Course.

It's not compulsory for them. But it is for us. Okay?

Liar! We've just got engaged.

Soon we'll be married. That's why I must go.

I have to be tough, strong to lead a life with you.

May I help you?

Tell me to do something. I know Shirley will manage from now.

Anything I can do?

No need to work for him! Compulsory! Lying to us!

The army won't standstill if he doesn't become a commando!


She's calling me a liar.

She never came to watch my matches in college.

I can't bear to see you lose.

She has no confidence in me.

Why must you go when it's not compulsory?

You want to go? Yes? Then go!

I won't marry you! To hell with you!

Why are you losing your shirt? Let him go.

You are destined to marry a soldier.

You too? You too? Okay.

Where do I keep your shoes?

The place is right but they will slip off.

You're with him.. what's this?

Is this the time to smoke? Becomes Churchill when he's nervous!

Arrange it. I'll get back.

You must study further. - I will.

I intend to study but it will have to be along with service.

Younger brother's education is important. - Chiku!

What's wrong with you?

Why are you sad? C'mon cheer up.

I'll return soon. - The lady upstairs is also leaving.

Paying guest aunty!

Yes, she has finished exams and is going to Pune today.

But what's your problem? - Who'll tell me stories?

That's a major problem.

When I return, I'll be a story in myself.

And you can watch and hear it.

Then you may go.

Eat this.

"puranpoli'? (Sweet rolled bread) Wow!

Sister, you are great. Just great.

These are the things that hold me back.

Your "puranpoli', Chiku's prattle.

Shirley's tantrums and Dad's loneliness.

Real nice.

I'm leaving for commando training. I know you'd have been happy.

Keep an eye on him.

Till he finishes studies..

.. no TV and no video for him.

Right, Chiku? - Right, sir.

Come back soon. - Okay.

You're not alone now. Shirley is with you so take care.

Bye, see you. Bye, sister.

What's happening? Why are you giving them money?

My brother has come to see you.

He's been waiting for long. - Listen to me.

Hi, uncle Willy. - Hi.

Ready to leave? - I'm packing for him!

I explained so much to him but he refuses to listen!

And.. my father-in-law!

He's joined the enemy camp! - Why do you scream so much?

You too? Okay!

I know everything.

Shirley for God sake, please.

Going, Peter? All the best.

Take care because you're getting married soon.

You have to be careful, okay? - Yes, I have to be careful.

He will. I know he'll take care of himself.

You don't worry, okay?

Why the photo? What will you do?

Why do you want to carry the photo?

What do you want? Get out!

What's wrong with you? Peter's friend has come to see him.

I know why he's come! Get lost!

Your army has no human feelings.

You've just got engaged. And you're leaving your fiancee.

I'm feeling very sad.

Don't act! I know how sad you are!

I told you not to give him cash! You know what he does!

Return it!

Keep it.

Time to leave.

Give up these drugs.


Who will take these? - What?

Who will take these? - What is that?

Didn't you forget something? - What..?

Sir, please write your name, unit and command.

Please sit in the vehicle.

Finished bathing? - No.

Raina is taking a long time.

Diganto. - Yes?

Very strict training. You'll grow even shorter.

If we get stuck in Major Chavan's group, we've had it.

Have you had papads? - Yes I have.

Is he so strict?

Can't be worse than NDA.

He's puts you through rigourous training, rips your underwear!

Then gradually you get one stitch at a time.

I've brought it on my palm.

Are you describing Chavan or a tank?

We've seen worse. We'll see him too.

Why are you already worried?

How do you know him so well?

How can you forget him? He's one son-of-a-bitch.

He was my platoon commander in the first term at NDA.

Then he was a captain. Now he is a Major.

He is businessman. - Forget it.

He's a bloody pain. You know where.

You've got high hopes.

Diganto will gain. - How?

His eyes will open. - Only his eyes?

Quiet. He'll teach us something. - Sure.

Give me a cigarette.

You're not allowed to smoke here. You'll get court martialled.

You have to fall in at the PT ground at 4.00 in the morning.

Listen to that. 4 in the morning?

Welcome Jokers.

I'm Major Chavan from 2nd Maratha 5th battalion.

At ease.

You are here for commando training not for a picnic!

We turn youngsters into youth and youth into fearless commandos.

A commando's motto is, the tough get going when the going gets tough.

Now I'll tell you about the activities of the next 35 days.

First training for a few days to make your muscles tough.

Then BOC, UC.

That is battle obstacle course and unarmed combat.

Then confidence jump, survival training.

You will be taught explosive and demolition.

Assault charge..

Advanced steel cutting technique will be taught.

Living off the land and making of traps, marking routes.

Rock climbing technique.

Practice carrying a partner to increase endurance.

And climbing down a chopper from a rope ladder will be taught.

I want to tell you one thing before the training begins.

For its' success, I need your co-operation, excitement.

And firm will.

If a joker has some administrative or organisation problem in training..

He can meet the Admin. JCO or Organ. JCO.

It's a different issue that after training from 4 am to 11 pm..

No joker will find time to meet them.

You will probably get 4 hours of sleep at night.

That will be your entertainment.

Does any joker have any doubts regarding the briefing?

There shouldn't be any.

Now you will introduce yourselves.

Commando Ahmed Khan, sir!

Commando Sikander sir! - Don't talk like a sixty. Talk like a soldier!

Commando Sikander sir!

Commando Peter D'Souza sir!

Commando Ajay Morey sir!

Go on. What's the problem?

Sir, I'm scared of heights.

Go on. What's the problem?

Hold here, like this and go..

What's difficult? Come on.

Give me the rope. What's the problem?

What's the problem?

Come here. What's it?

Commando.. - Keep this leg here.

Here, like this. Touch the hip.

Like this. First balance yourself.

Now go.

This steep climb will kill me..

What are you doing? If Chavan sees you..

The tough get going when the going gets tough!

Commando Sikander reports on completion of activity.

Commando Morey reports on completion of activity.

Commando Diganto reports on completion of activity.

May I leave? - Yes.


Anyone hurt? - No, sir.

Any doubts? - No, sir.

Exhausted? - No, sir.

Completed the course successfully? - Yes, sir.


Commando Peter and commando Khan, fall out.

Completed the obstacles successfully?

Any problem in the steep climb? - A little.

A little?

Commando Khandagle made best timing in today's practice.

One good observation.

Right turn.

May we drink water sir? - Sure.

Thursday. It's dry.

There's no water sir. Thursday is dry day.

Go running and drink water from where it is.

"How are you feeling? - What do you think?"

"You've become restless."

"I'm ruined."

Can't do it sir..

I'm scared of heights.

Can't do it..

The enemy of humanity took my life.

Who is smoking..?

Blow some smoke here too.

Who the hell is it?

There's a fly on my nose. Blow it away pal.

Fly off, fly..

Gone? - No.

She's also taking undue advantage.

Tell Chavan to order it 10 rounds.

We'll see Chavan.. how long you can survive..

Stand here.

What will you say Peter? - Got a sprain in my shoulder.

Your shoulder? Then my arm.

Watch me today.

Okay doc. - Okay. - Bye.

What's the problem?

Pain in the left arm. - Left arm

And you? - Sprain in the shoulder.

What's your problem? - My foot is hurting sir.

Pain in the foot, stand here. Sprain in shoulder at the back.

Pain in arm this side. The rest remain here.

Come here. What's wrong with you? - My stomach is paining.


Today I'll look into stomach pain. The rest I'll handle tomorrow.

What's the problem? - Pain in the stomach.

Tummy ache? - Yes sir.

Take off your clothes and lie there. - But my stomach hurts.

Undress and lie there.

Ram Singh. - Sir? - Stethoscope.

Hello Jokers. - Group, attention.

At ease.

How is your shoulder?

What did Doctor say? - He's called us tomorrow.

He believes in nature therapy. - Yes, sir.

Khandagle? - Yes, sir?

How's your stomach? - No problem sir.

How did you find the doctor? - He's nice, sir. A genius.

After meeting him once, nobody in the whole course has a tummy ache.

We'll meet in 10 minutes at the lecture stand.

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

Give my top back. Get your own.

"I'm youthful."

She's waiting for him. Singing doesn't fill the stomach.

Take her away.

"I'm youthful."

To top it she's got this nuisance!

"Listen to me, O Spring."

"I'm youthful. - Mom."

"Listen to me, O Spring."

Give me money for a top.

"I'm becoming old."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

Mother, give me money for a top.

Give me, mother..

Come, I'll give you.

"I'm missing my beloved."

Come on. - Let go my hand!

Let go! - Mother!

You come inside with me. - Let go off me.

I'll give you money. - I don't want it!

Let go! - Come on!

Let go!

I don't sell myself!

Help, brother!

Come With us quietly. - Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go! - Quiet.

Mother! - My baby!

Let go of my mother.

Move aside. - Let go off her.

Get lost, you bastard!

Leave my mother alone.

Leave me. My baby. Leave me.

Let go of my mother.

Let me go! - Let my mother go.

I don't want to go with you.

Come on. - "I can't bear the pain."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

Sir, shall I serve dinner? - What?

Shall I serve dinner? - No.

You may go. Switch off the light.

Commando Peter D'souza go.

Commando Peter D'souza.

Ready sir. - Begin.

Stand up! Stand and walk.

Well done. Proceed.

Commando Peter D'souza get ready for the jump.

Commando Peter D'souza is not ready for the jump sir!

Steel yourself and jump. - I'm firm I won't jump.

Then keep hanging there.

Nice jump. - Commando Khandagle! - Yes, sir.

Commando Khandagle ready sir! - Begin.


Stand up.

First stand up.

Don't be scared. Stand. - I'm trying sir.

Good. Well done.

Come on. Move ahead.

Easy.. c'mon.

Come on. You have the best performance in BOC.

I'm going sir.

What are you doing sir? Why..?

Don't bother coming up. I am going sir.

Stand up, you can do it.


I'll fall off. - You won't.

What's the problem? - It's very high.

Get up. Come on!

You can do it. - There's no place to keep the foot.

How much place does a man need to keep one foot?

Get up! You'll have to do it again.

I'll do it sir. - Now!

Tomorrow sir. - No, just now!

Sir, be careful.

C'mon. Stand up or I'll push you down!

Please, don't do that.

Khandagle, I'm telling you, I'll kick you. Come on, get up!

Only this much is left..

Jump down.

Commando Diganto.

Commando Diganto ready sir. - Begin.


Well done. Proceed.

Can't do it sir. - What? Go ahead.

Can't sir. - Move ahead!

Use monkey climb and go ahead.

I won't go ahead. I'm fine here. I won't even come down.

Sorry to be writing so late.

I get so tired after the morning to evening training..

I neither feel like doing anything or have the strength.

The body is not with the mind.

Sometimes I feel if I had listened to you..

It would have been better. Then I recall..

What Dad told me before I joined the army.

Look at the scene here. Who will run the business?

Age is not on my side. Neither is Sharon alive.

She delivered you and went up.

Had she been here, I..

If you leave what will I do alone?

Let him go!

Let him go! I am here, isn't it? I'll look after you.

You don't worry. Let him go!

Thinks he's a General because he got the best NCC cadet medal!

Still I say, don't go!

Don't be pigheaded, okay?

If you want to join the army for adventure, it's possible here too.

Swimming, shooting, riding, flying.

You can do everything here. - He's right. Think over it. Take your time.

I'm sorry, dad. I've taken my decision.

Do you have the sense to take decisions?

You explain to him.

Let him go if he likes it.

I support Peter.

Go if you want to.

My bakery is not very big but..

There's a line for our bread. Why? Because we're the best.

You have to prove by becoming the best soldier.

Promise? - I promise, dad. - I hate you. - I love you, Shirley.

Good day. - Good day.

Bring the uniform here.

How have you fixed the ribbon?

How many years have you been in the army? Fix it straight!

Get me some water.

Hello Jokers. - Sir? - Sir?

Good evening, sir. - Good evening.

Sit down. - Sir, you..

Sit down.

Checkmate in one turn.

No sir. Impossible in one turn.

Think about it.

You don't play chess. - No sir.

You must play. It's a good game for a soldier.

Sir, not everybody can do everything.

You play chess. I play the mouth organ.

Khan. - Yes, sir?

Check and mate.

Give it to me.

Won't you come for prayers? - Found my mother?

She'll be found.

Come with me.

"We have the stars in our fist."

"Whenever it opens, it will shine."

"We have the stars in our fist."

"Whenever it opens, it will shine."

"The star that never breaks."

"The whole world knows about it."

"We have the stars in our fist."

"Whenever it opens, it will shine."

"We have the stars in our fist."

"Whenever it opens, it will shine."

"The lines on the palm are incomplete."

"We don't want to know who wrote our destiny."

"The lines on the palm are incomplete."

"We don't want to know who wrote our destiny."

"No one will come to make your life beautiful."

"You have to consider that as your destiny."

"We have to create our own destiny."

"We have to rise and shine."

"The one who comes out of the darkness and shines..

..the world will recognize him."

"We have the stars in our fist."

"Whenever it opens, it will shine."

"We have the stars in our fist."

A commando's best friend is..

We teach you to catch snakes..

Because when we have nothing to eat in the forests..

We can live off it.

The commando who can eat a snake..

..can eat any animal.

Would anyone like to touch it?

A little ahead from Khilari..

I mean, before Mangal dam.

Hi uncle. Hi, dad.

Hi, Soni. Sit down. Give him company. - Okay.

Okay, thank you. - Okay, bye.

Want to join the commando wing? - No way!

These baldies of yours.. - Commandos not baldies.

The same thing. They whistle very well.

They stare at girls as if they have never seen one.

Who whistled?

They all look alike. - How did he whistle? Like so..


Just like this.

Our mission is to destroy the enemy ammunition bunker.

We have only two days for this surprise mission.

We'll have no eatables during the mission.

We'll have to live off the land for survival.

What a discipline.

No commando will drink water without my permission. - Yes, sir!

On the way, enemy booby traps..

We have to steer clear of their guns.

If there's any danger the forward group will warn the group behind.

How will you do it?

22. - Yes, sir.

By whistling like birds.

Absolutely right.

On this mission you'll carry 2 sacks of sand weighing 15 kgs each.

Come on, get up.

Get up.

Come on, get up.

Get up, come on!


Take it off.

Come here!

Your buddy is wounded. From this point you'll carry him piggy back.

Come on, fast.


My orders were nobody will drink water without my permission.

He is in a bad shape sir.

Put him down, Khan.

Peter, now you will carry him.

He is in a bad shape.

Sir, my shoulder is aching due to the weight.

I'm in agony. - Doctor Mathur will set it right.

Serves you right. You bloody clot.

Keep hanging there!

You can't leave like this.

Can't bear it anymore.

Why do you want to ruin your career?

You have to complete the course. There's no way out.

The unit will send you back.

Why don't you understand? You can be court martialled!

You know what you're doing? - Yes, sir.

I can't do it. You may fail me and send me back to my unit.

Show. Who is this?

My fiancee.

Tell her you've run away.

She'll be thrilled to marry an eunuch.

Tell your parents they gave birth to a eunuch not a soldier.

Well Jokers. - Sir!

Tomorrow morning after PT at the Lido tank. Good night.

Commando Peter. - Sir.


Commando D'souza ready sir!

Commando D'souza begin.

Commando Peter D'souza ready for jump sir!

On successful completion of commando training..

I congratulate you.

Because this training is not possible for ordinary men.

The difficulties you have overcome during the training..

That in itself is a major achievement.

And I believe, in every field of fighting, this victory..

.. will repeat itself.

At the end, I would once again..

..on behalf of the instructor staff of the commando wing.. to congratulate Commando Peter D'Souza..

..on being a proud recipient of the commando dagger.

Sir, give the order, Run joker, run!

I'll run straight to Shirley.

And tell me what I must tell her now?

Tell her I've returned a winner, not on my knees.

How's your light? - Saved before going out.

But Diganto has a complaint against you.

Why? Hey 22.

What's your complaint? - Nothing sir.

Khan said you have a grouse.

Sir, what a name you've given me.

What name?


You must keep something that's been given with love.

Commander sir wants to see you. - I'll come by.

I just spoke to the General.

An urgent job.

I've chosen you to execute it.

20 children of Saint Paul School and their 2 teachers..

.. have been hijacked.

We have the task of releasing them.

According to the available information now..

At this moment..

..square 6486..

They are at the search point of Mangal dam.

The terrorists have given the government till noon tomorrow..

They say if their comrades are not released..

They will kill one child every hour.

We have to save those children at any cost.

But we have no time for rehearsal.

And rehearsal is a must. - Don't insist on it.

Whom will you choose as your team?

The officers of my group have not yet returned to their units.

I'll chose from them.

We've got some slides of that area.

General VK Singh will explain it to you.

I want that gun.

I want that gun! - Keep quiet.

Tell uncle to give it to me.

Don't insist. - Give it!

Stop crying.

You will wait here. We will return at 10.

Excuse me. May I go to pee?

Wait. Do it there.

As I said, there are 3 terrorists.

One is in the bus and two are on duty outside.

The left one is about 20 yards away standing in the trees.

The terrorist in the right is 30 yards away from the bus. Here..

You'll silence the left terrorist.

You will provide cover fire for your buddy.

If the terrorist in the bus tries to communicate with his comrades..

You will answer like this..

Any doubts? - No sir.

You have to complete this task before 0413.

I will distract the terrorist in the bus at exactly 0415.

At the sound of gunshots the right terrorist will move towards the bus.

You will finish him, Peter.

You will cover Peter.

Any doubts? - No, sir.

Set your watches.

When I say time, it will be exactly 10.30.

Ten. Nine.

Eight. Seven. Six.

Five. Four. Three.

Two. One.

I.. I don't want to go.

Don't.. kill me..

I don't want to go out.

See who it is. Get up.

Go. Properly.

Look behind.

No.. there's nobody there.

What is it? - There's some sound.

There's nobody.

Fire as soon as the door opens.

Don't be scared. Sit down. This is the army.

"My heartbeat has stopped."

"My life is going on."

"My heartbeat has stopped."

"My life is going on."

"The palanquin of my memories."

"The happy days are here."

"O dear, you are my happiness."

"Trust me."

"My heartbeat has stopped."

"My life is going on."

"There were many faces around me."

"One was yours and one was mine."

"There were many faces around me."

"One was yours and one was mine."

"I wonder, what you've given me."

"I've got the whole world."

"My heartbeat has stopped."

"My life is going on."

"Words on my lips."

"Those are full of tunes."

"The tunes make a song."

"It praises about you."

"Get lost in the embrace of your dreams."

"Get drenched in the shower of memories."

"My heartbeat has stopped."

"My life is going on."

Give me some medication. I'm in great pain.

I've given you a sleeping pill. Quietly go to sleep.

I'm in great pain sister!

No, I can't give you more drugs.

Tell doctor I can't bear it.. - No, he won't give more drugs.

Shut up and go to sleep.

Why are you screaming? What's the problem?

A soldier lost his legs and doesn't even sigh and you.. Idiot!

Screams like a weakling in spite of being a soldier! Sorry, sister.

The valour and courage shown by our commandos in this brave venture..

.. has prompted the President to..

..announce the following medals. Major Chavan, Kirti Chakra.

Second Lieutenant, Peter D'Souza, Shaurya Chakra.

And a Shaurya Chakra for second Lieutenant Diganto after his death.

Now for the sports news.

In the Asian Games competition being conducted in New Delhi..

India didn't win any medals today too.

Hello. - We've done it.

The President has announced a Shaurya Chakra for you.

You deserved it sir.

There can be no award greater than this.

Good night. - Good night, sir.

Excuse me. Do you know where Peter D'souza is?

I'm John D'Souza.

He is my son.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you know..

..Lieutenant Peter.. leaving us due to medical reasons.

I wish him the best of luck..

..for his private life and on behalf of all of you..

..I request Lieutenant Peter to accept..

..a small memento from Maratha light inventory regimental staff.

Thank you, sir.

"He's a jolly good fellow."

"He's a jolly good fellow, so say all of us."

"So say all of us."

"He's a jolly good fellow."

"He's a jolly good fellow, so say all of us."

"So say all of us."

"He's a jolly good fellow."

"He's a jolly good fellow, so say all of us."

"So say all of us."

"He's a jolly good fellow."

"He's a jolly good fellow, so say all of us."

What had to happen has happened.

But I am glad that..

My son will now remain with me. Forever.

Shirley is getting married.

Unfortunately, to me.

I tried to explain to her to marry a complete man.

Of what use is a man who can't stand on his own feet?

I can't write her answer in this letter to you.

You have to come here to hear it.

You have to come. The wedding is next Saturday on the 25th.

This mission will be incomplete if you don't grace this occasion.

Your joker, Peter.

Do you want a hotel? - No.

First class hotel, sir.

You'll get an off season discount. - Don't want.

Sir, I'll forego my commission. - I don't want it.

Look at me just once.

Everything will be arranged.

Are you a man or.. - A pimp.

Stop here.

Who are you? Go away.

I'm Peter's friend.

I've come here for his marriage. - Peter is dead.

Jesus Christ..

..bring the body of our brother to be buried in its human impartment..

Pray with confidence to God who gives life to all things..

..that He'll raise up this mortal body to the perfection..

..and company of all sayings. Amen.

But why do you want to know?

What happened? How?

What will it change?

Will he return?

Peter is dead. He is gone.

You cut his legs and sent him to me.

Brain washed him.

He lost his life.

But Peter is here.

With me.

Try to understand him.

I can't write her answer in a letter.

You have to come here to hear it. That's why you must come.

There was a message for you from Peter.

Before dying he said..


He said.. he didn't run away from the battle field.

he fought to his last breath.

He was killed in front of all.


In front of everyone.

Everyone watched the scene of his death.

Nobody came to his aid.

How did this happen?

Peter had an argument with Uncle last week.

Dad I've told you, I don't like this!

Have you given a trial for your clothes?

First you tell me, why did you pay them when I've told you not to?

You wanted a tie pin. Shirley, Vinnie knows it..

Don't change the topic! - You're stuck with nonsense!

You're getting married next week.

There's so much work.. - They will be done.

You said, we don't pay protection money anymore.

You lied. Why do we have to pay when we are decent shopkeepers?

I'm not the only one. Everybody pays.

They will come and vandal the place if we don't pay.

Try to understand, my son.

Who will be responsible for it?

How many men are they? 8? 10? 20?

And how many are we? Why don't we fight them?

Because we are decent people. It's not our job to fight.

We give them some money and buy time for us.

After that I tried to explain to him.

But he paid no heed.

He said, he'd fight them.

He kept repeating it.

Soldier never quits till his death.

You taught him that?

Uncle was frightened.

He went to the gangster's den to give them the money.

Maybe he was too late.

The gangsters had left.

Peter was in the bakery..

Outside the bakery.

When the hoodlums asked him about uncle..

He told them to go away if they had come for money.

No shop keeper will pay extortion from today.

You will pay protection money!

Will you pay? - No!

Say, will you pay? - No!

I'll show you!

Now say, will you pay up? - No!

Didn't the police do anything?

They did. A first hand report was filed.

The police did not get one eye witness of this murder.

Peter was killed in front of hundreds of people.

But they were decent.

They are accustomed to living in the shade of fear..

They are tied to each other with this string of fear.

They neither see evil nor hear any evil.

Neither speak evil.

Whom do you want?

Mr. Singh? - He's inside.

Hello. - Okay, sir.

Major Chavan. - Please.

What happened to the Peter murder case?

The case has been filed. - Why?

Because you need eye witnesses to prove the crime.

Witness to the crime. - And you found none?

You may go. And don't worry.

If there was a witness, why would the case be filed?

He was killed in the presence of hundreds.

Really? - Everybody knows it.

Okay. Get 2 witnesses. I'll open the case again.

Come with me. I'll get you witness.

I've been there once. No point going again.

I'll have to go to your superior if you don't come.

You may waste your own time but he doesn't have time for petty issues.

You don't know the customs here. To clear your misunderstanding..

I'll come with you. Come on.

Don't do that.

Enough of it now. Come on.

Was Peter D'souza murdered here? Did you see anything?

No sir. I neither heard nor saw anything.

Where do you live? - Just here.

Know anything about this case? - I know nothing.

Yes, he lived there. But he died.

How? - I don't know.

We had gone to the airport. Her brother was coming from Dubai.

The customs people were troubling us.

We know nothing.

Hello, Mr. D'Souza. - Hello.

You are Peter's father. Any grouse against us?

No, none at all.

No complaints. Ask anyone. You are the king, our God.

Did you hear that? You may still try.

The case can be opened at any time.

Goodbye, Major. Goodbye D'Souza.

You call it news? Hoodlums kill somebody and its' news?

In a city like Bombay, hundreds of people die like cats and dogs.

Is that called news? This is called news.

Peter was no ordinary man.

He's an army officer recipient of Shaurya chakra.

He risked his own life to save kids from terrorists.

Saved his brother officers. - That story was printed.

But what is it now?

Yes, speaking. The Home Minister caught a cold?

I'll print it. What? He's going to London?

I'll print that too.

On the front page.

Are you leaving?

No need for thanks.

I keep paying guests.

Show him the room upstairs.

Switch on the light.

This room. Rent 600 rupees.

Two months advance. Come here.

This is the bathroom. Water comes for an hour.

Come here.

This is the stove. Make tea whenever you want.

I'll bring tea once.

This door is always kept shut. It was our bedroom when Papa was here.

This table fan. Switch it on whenever you want to.

Keep it on 3 or it will become hot.

Switch off the bulb at 11 or the neighbours will shout.

This is a table and a table lamp. Use it whenever you want.

It works. Whoever comes here has to tell me stories.

May I go? - You talk very well.

Only I talk. Mother never speaks.

And I take the rent. - What's your name?

Chandrakant Dodhar.

But people call me Chiku.

Mother says I'm as sweet as a chiku.

What's in this?

I'm going. Mother is calling me. She has to leave early.

Where? - Hospital. Mother is a nurse.

Remember the story..? - Yes.

Wait for a minute.

Give this to mother. Advance.

Mother said she doesn't want an advance.

Why have you come back here?

Get out! Get out of here!

Do you want to know why I kept quiet in front of the police?

Peter's mother died after giving him birth.

I reared him. And now he's snatched away from me.

First I lived for him. Now I live with his grief.

I don't want any father to go through this pain.

As for the sorrow, that is there.

Tell me who is not unhappy. Look at Kiran.

She was pregnant. She had gone on a picnic with her husband.

Hoodlums teased them.

Her husband objected and was killed.

They beat her up so bad that her dream of motherhood remained a dream.

Chiku is not her son.

Some unfortunate soul died on giving him birth in the hospital.

She adopted him.

Nobody knows this. What?

She's fighting alone.


These army rules don't work here.

Peter never understood this. Neither will you.

Soldier never quits till his death.

Peter believed in this. What did he get?

One wheel chair and two yards of land in a graveyard.

Soldier never quits till his death.

Oh my.

Look there!

Can you see mother? - Yes.

My wallet.. Major!

I'd got my pension. Somebody flicked my wallet.

How much? - Ten bucks.

Please come home.

Come in. Sit down.

Shirley, make some coffee for the Major.

Shirley is not home.

We never dreamed we'd see this kind of independence.

What happened today?

This freedom looted us. - The same thing again!

Freedom. Independence.

How long will you play it?

Change in your old age.

Shut up. You good for nothing.

There were other freedom fighters with him.

They are minting money, doing well.

And he kept chewing on honesty.

Does it fill your stomach?

Keep quiet. - How long will I keep quiet?

Go away! Vagabond!

I'm ashamed to call you my son!

Roams with hoodlums! Drinks! - What else do I do?

Listen to your lecture?

I was getting a good job in Dubai, would have earned in millions.

But you didn't have 5000 bucks.

When the heart burns, so will the tongue.

Now tell me what to do. - Shameless! Why don't you die?

Sits on his father's head!

I'll take you along if I drown.

Freedom fighter! Does anyone ruin their family for the country?

You are responsible for our ruin.

One who couldn't control his kids can't do anything for the country.

What have you done? What did you achieve?

400 bucks a month as charity?

For that charity, you have to prove that you are alive.

Get lost, you stupid fool.

Go away. - Excuse me.

It would be better if you hadn't taken birth!

Who asked you to give me birth? Had I sent an application?

Come in.

Sit down.

Thanks a lot for punishing that loafer for whistling.

I didn't think you heard it.

I stopped hearing whistles after Chiku's father passed away.

Everybody wants a lonely widow.

Somebody whistles, somebody claps.

Somebody is sympathetic. Each man has his own style.

Yet I liked it a lot. Somebody answered the whistle.

Thank you.

Thanks for the tea.

Hello. - Hi.

Sorry I have to study. Mother, I'm hungry.

He's very cute.

He's mine.

How are you? - Hello.

How long will the bakery be shut? - I'll start it soon.

How long will it be closed?

What's this money for? - Get lost.

What's this money for? - Get lost, you pimp!

He's the one who trained Peter! - Else Peter was so nice!

You'll leave tomorrow! - Then who will save us?

We have to live here! - Why is the army needed here?

Don't spare this man! - Hand him to the police!

Beat him!

Major Chavan!

The local people have filed a report against you.

I can arrest you on charges of disrupting the peace in the area.

But I spare you with a warning because you're an army officer.

It would be better if we don't meet again.

Let me go across. I have to go to the hospital.

You can't go now. The Prime minister's convoy is passing by.

My daughter isn't well. She's pregnant sir.. - Move behind!

Have mercy sir! - I'll lose my job then.

Don't be scared child. Why are you standing quietly?

Don't' be scared. Please let me go.

Sir! See the girl's state..

Let them go. They just have to go across.

Do your work. Let us do our duty.

Move the cyclist behind.

What has happened! Lord!

Whose duty do you do? Who pays you your salary?

Had this happened to your mother?

You'd be born on the road like this and would die!

Look at that! You are born and you've also died!

That dead child is you. And the screaming woman is your mother!

Why is the army needed here? - He's the one who trained Peter!

You'll leave tomorrow. Then who will save us?

Beat him!

Wants a lot to eat but won't beg for a penny!


Give me your watch.

What are you looking at? Give me your watch.

Go away. - I'll stab you! Come on!

Did you break it?

Fix a new one. Each costs 15 bucks.

Okay. I'll fix it.

Are you annoyed with me?

To date you haven't told me a single story! What did I tell you?

I'll tell you one today.

Which story would you like to hear? - Of fairies!

Okay. A fairy tale.

Sit here.

What strength!

Strength lies in the brain not in the muscles.

The fairy tale!


There was a fairy. She had a small, tender prince.

Like you.

Both lived happily.

One day two devils came.

And carried the fairy away.

The prince tried hard to save his mother.

But he couldn't save her. Why?

Because he was small.

He sat there and cried. Then a sage passed that way.

He saw a little prince crying.

So he took him to his orphanage.

He learnt to read and write. And grew up there.

Then one day he left to look for his mother.

"The wretched cuckoo is singing."

"The wretched cuckoo is singing."

"She's making me feel jealous."

"She's making me feel jealous."

"It is giving rise to..

..desires in me."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm missing my beloved."

"I'm youthful, O Spring."

"I'm youthful."

"I'm youthful."

"O Spring."

"I'm getting older."

I won't go!

Let me go! No! - Get in quietly!

Let me go! - Acting pricey!

I don't want to go! - Don't jump so much.

Have we paid money for nothing?

My baby! I won't go!

I don't solicit customers!

What are you watching? Get lost!

Let her go.

What did you say?

Did the prince find his mother?

Have you started soliciting customers?

Are we dead? - The nurse from our area..

.. nursing outsiders is not acceptable to us.

Throw the man out.

And you'll be booked by us for all your nights.

What advance do you want?

Let's see the grade of your stuff.

Come on, shunt him out!

What does he have that we don't?

Get him out!

Wearing bangles like a girl? Come out!

Come on, kill me.

Kill me.

Come on, kill me.

Kill me.

What did you think?

You can do anything.

You'll come here and throw stones into houses.

Hurl abuses.

Trouble citizens.

What can one weak woman do?

You know there's nobody here who can help her.

Because whenever you come, everybody hides behind their doors and windows.

No finger is lifted.

No window is opened.

And so you can do anything.

Those who watch from behind the window are as guilty as you are.

Destroying you is very difficult.

You are in huge crowds.

Like insects.

That doesn't mean I'll get tired and sit down.

As long as you continue with your work, I'll carry on with mine.

Come on, get up. Kill me.

Kill me.

We fought 3 wars on the country's borders in the past 43 years.

And the time taken was 3 months.

We called the remaining 42 years and 9 months, peacetime.

Can we call this peace time?

In the army we are taught to save the country from the enemy.

To give our lives for it. We have some duties ad I've done my duty.

There should be some just reason to die.

For us the reason is our country.

But what does country mean?

Roads buildings, houses, fields, farms, rivers..?

Is that it? And people.. where are they?

Whom do we save? At the front we know whom to shoot.

But here you have enemies all around.

An enemy is an enemy.

The only difference is one is across the border, one is here.

The enemy here is more dangerous.

They're eating away the country like termites.

Making it hollow.

Isn't it our duty to fight this enemy?

Fighting for our rights can never be wrong.

I'm a soldier.

Soldier never quits till he is dead.

This is our motto.

What can I do if the battle field changes?

I think army training should be compulsory for everybody.

At least one year of your life should be given to the nation.

Today people have no value of independence because it's free.

Major Chavan has been disturbed mentally by the evils of society.

Due to this he forgot his duty and made the mistake of..

Trying to reform society.

That's the job of our leaders and administrators not the army.

The court advises that till the time these influences are erased..

Major Chavan will have to remain under psychiatric care.

In this period, his salary and seniority won't be affected.

Mentally unstable. They could have hanged me!

Am I insane, sir? - Come on, Chavan!

Why do you worry? Everything is fine now. Come on.

His room is upstairs.

Uncle isn't there.

Mother.. he's there.

I missed you so much.. Don't ask.

I will ask. Why didn't you come? I waited for so long!

Nobody tells me any stories.

There's much on your hands.

Don't say that about earth.

Flowers grow in this mud.

Someday there will be flowers all around over here.

The wind will be heavy with the aroma of flowers.

Then butterflies will sit in the lap of flowers and hear tales from birds.

When will these people let you go? - I don't know.

But when I have lots of friends like you..

I will be free.

How are you?

How are you?

I am fine.

Uncle is not unwell.

Yes, he is not sick.

We'll wait for him.

Let's go.

Welcome Jokers.

You've come here for training not for a picnic!

Move towards one side.

Move towards one side.

Come on, run!

"No matter someone follows you or not, we have to reach there."

"No matter someone follows you or not,..

..we have to reach there."

"We have to make new roads..

..for our younger generation to walk on."

"Take whoever comes with you."

"If nobody comes, then walk alone."

"The one who comes out of the darkness and shines..

..the world will recognize him."

"We have the stars in our fist."

"Whenever it opens, it will shine."

"The star that never breaks."

"The whole world knows about it."

"We have the stars in our fist."

"Whenever it opens, it will shine."