Portrait of an Unknown Woman (1954) - full transcript

Keller, a painter, while at the ballet is impressed with the beauty of Nicole and sketches her head on the body of a nude model. When it is shown, it causes embarrassment to Nicole's ...

Portrait of an Unknown Woman

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May I borrow your program for a moment?

I didn't expect you back so soon, sir.

You needn't get up once
you've lain down, Sascha.

Not for your sake. I wanted to
know how the ballet was.

I don't know, child. I left during
the intermission. -Ha, I understand.

It was a proper ballet, I take it?
Do you understand? You understand.

Passed away, like a piece
of poetry by Grattius.

You are mistaken, Sascha.
Go to bed. You're old and tired.

Two women telephoned. I took
care of them. -Thank you, Sascha.

Everything is ready upstairs. Crudit?s,
cheese, yogurt, Miss Jacqueline...

-...is up there, too.

You're back already.

I really did sleep.

You're marvellous when
you're sleeping, Jacqueline.

And when I'm awake?

Then you're the "ous" of all
marvels, because you're talking.

You even say what you're thinking.

Sometimes I even talk in my sleep.

Hey... come on, wouldn't you rather
go back to sleep, Jacqueline?

You're so pretty.

Tell me, do you sometimes
understand what I'm thinking?

I'm terribly dumb.
-No, enchanting!


Who is that?
-An unknown woman.

I saw you, and then you were gone.

I looked for you, but couldn't find you.
Perhaps I only dreamt of you.

Ugly creature.

I'm happy you didn't find her.
-May God forgive you, child.

She should also be happy
that you didn't find her.

Why, my dear?
-You search longer than you find.

It usually doesn't last long
once you have found.

Sometimes you speak
surprisingly sensibly, Jacqueline.

Hold that pose a moment.

Will you sketch me?

Should I take off this black stuff?

I'm asking if you want to draw me?
-Pose just as before, please!

That's good.

With you, one never knows if one
should laugh or cry.

Laugh and cry. That's it. Understand?

Hello, you!
-Hello, you!

It was not nice without you.
-No, it wasn't nice without me.

-Our car is in the parking lot.

Actually, it was very nice without you.
The freedom, you know?

Pretending one isn't even married.

Alone in Paris, as in the old days, or
rather, not alone if one wishes so.

Yes, of course, I only said that to make
you happy. -How thoughtful of you.

It was likewise lovely
without you here in Madrid.

You know, I'm so fond of train
stations. One can kiss someone

without attracting attention.
-Someone? -Yes, you, for example.

Nicole, please don't forget.

Did you go to see Miroir?
-Yes, on the very first evening.

But not by yourself? -But yes, I
thought it would be better than if I...

I sat at your table.

How was the new singer? -You know, much
better than me! She has a great voice.

When I was sitting down there, I
wondered if the little one up there

would someday have
as much luck as me.

That, one day, a wonderful man would
come and take her away from all that...

To a wonderful life. A man
roughly like you.

Did you bring something for me?
-Yes, something very nice!


Walter, this is not a train station.

Hey, I managed to cancel our contract
with Philip Hernandez in time.

That'll cost the guy 10 million pounds.
-Why on earth do you deal with

these horrible people all the time?
-But I must, child.

If this contract had come into being,
before I saw through his cunning tricks,

it would have had catastrophic effects
on our nation's economy.

I have finally grasped what
makes Hernandez was so successful.

He is unaffected by emotion.

Yes, yes. We have been alone for a
whole minute and you've been talking

the entire time about
this awful Hernandez.

Won't you finally take me in your arms?

No! No, that's not a telephone.
It's bells from far, far away.

Well, go ahead.

Yes? Yes, Your Excellency,
I just arrived.

Thank you very much.
Yes, I will be right there.

But of course she understands.
Yes, I will tell her.

I couldn't possibly leave
three attach?s waiting.

For 160 years it has been
outrageous to leave attach?s waiting.

Oh, go away. I don't
want to see you anymore.

When are you coming home?

It's going to take long. I'll probably
just pop in to get changed.

And, Nicole, please be ready.
We're invited to dinner.

We must meet His Excellency
downstairs at precisely seven.

Come here.
-Three attach?s, my child.

Come here. Just for a moment.

I know myself too well.

And, Dear, if I forget: Only one
glass of champagne tonight, not two.

You are irresistible after two glasses.
But you know that.

I won't promise anything.

But I'll promise you something.
You and me. We won't stay long.

How long?
-Until eleven.



Stop that immediately,
Nicole, I beg you!

Oh, please forgive me, but I had
to. I'm so happy.

You broke your promise.
You had two glasses of champagne.

Hey, I did keep my promise! I promised
you I wouldn't drink two glasses.

I drank three.
-What kind of person did I marry?

I wonder if that will last?
-What do you mean, the marriage?

No, I mean his career. Isn't this
capricious little woman too distracting?

To the contrary. She has worked
wonders for him, in every respect.

I'm afraid we will soon lose him.
He's going to climb the ladder.

I'm sure he's not thinking
about his career at the moment.

Nicole, are you sure I was in
my right mind on our wedding day?

Most certainly not. You behaved
strangely all-around.

You made a thoroughly
confused impression.

I'm just as confused today
as I was at the time.

It will be the same tomorrow
and in 20 years...

Oh, in 20 years you will have long since
exchanged me for another woman.

For one who doesn't drink so much
champagne, and who doesn't sing

when she isn't supposed to.
-I will never exchange you.

We want to grow old and Grey together.
Me first, and you much later.

And maybe you will exchange me.

I'm so happy, but I don't have a tissue.

If one doesn't have a tissue,
then one mustn't cry.

One should laugh when one is happy.

In ten minutes it's half-past.
Let's leave early.

I'm cold.
-Damn, and I'm hot.

That's life, eh?

OK, cover yourself.

You have a cute body.

If only you had her head.

Philip Hernandez does himself the honour
of inviting me and my wife to a charity

party for the benefit of the
children's hospital in Nuestra Merced.

It's an outrage.

May I formulate the declination
somewhat less politely than usual?

Wait, wait. That's not
quite so easy.

Yes, please come in.

Aha, I got something like that, too.

Children's hospital. That makes
it hard to decline, don't you think?

Impossible to decline. Even the
Cardinal of Madrid couldn't afford

to decline such a blasted
thing, with a charity party.

Do you any idea why
Hernandez is doing such a thing?

I think it's unlikely, but perhaps
he has suddenly found religion.


Excellency! -I heard that you are
auctioning off one of the precious

pieces of your famous collection for the
sake of the hospital tonight. -Yes, yes.

Very generous. -I'm not generous,
Excellency, I'm a sinner who's

trying to bribe God.

I hope you will be successful.
-Thank you, Excellency.

Se?or Hernandez. -You have
the most enchanting wife in Madrid.

I'm glad we have finally
found a point of agreement.

Once we have broken ground,
we have reason to hope. Madam.

He either hates you, or
he wants you to hate him.

If we lived in the Middle Ages, he'd
probably put poison into our wine.

Well, it is a bit like the
Middle Ages here.

May I?

Nicole, you must tell me where you
got that dress! -In Paris.

It's from my seamstress. It's my own
design. It's premiering today.

All that's left is for you to tell us
that the pearls are from the county fair.

They were a wedding gift from Walter.
I don't know where he got them.

My great-grandfather brought them
back from the Turkish wars

for my great-grandmother.
-How nice of him.

Sometimes I wish we were
100,000 miles away from here,

and you were a manufacturer of brushes
or a little mailman, or something...

But I am a sort of mailman, and there
is my boss, the senior mail secretary.

Admirable, what she
has learned in one year.

Well, they learn in theatre school, or
somewhere like that, how to behave.

There are queens in most plays.

She has charm, General,
and probably heart.

I wish we had more of her kind in
the diplomatic corps. -Nuns.

Isn't it a pretty picture?
-Of course it's a pretty picture.

But all of this doesn't really
exist anymore; I mean, in reality.

But here it does, Nicole.
Spain lives off its past.

The local society upholds the traditions
and glory that sank with the armada.

I must say, I'm very interested in it.

Say, when did the armada sink?
-How am I supposed to know?

What does a diplomat know about history?

That was about 400 years ago.
-August 8th, 1588.

Why are you so surprised?
After all, I went to school, too.

Ha, cute.

A group of busts by
Tilman Riemenschneider.

Expert's opinion by
Professor Smith in London.

Privy Council Bode, Berlin.
And Professor Olargy...

...Actually, you are wonderful...

The minimum sale price: $8,000.


$8,100. Do I hear another? $8,100!


$8,300. Do I hear another?




$10,000. Anyone bidding more?

Oh, God, I just wanted it to continue.

Going once, going twice, and...

What is it, General? Capitulation?

To a beautiful woman? It's an honour.


$10,100. -How awful. Sometimes one
does things by mistake, don't you think?

$10,100, going once, going twice. Sold!

Picasso. "Harlequin". Blue Period.

Signature and expert's
opinion also by Picasso.

Based on information from our benefactor,
it's a gift to you from the artist.

Starting bid: $5,000.

There's a phone call for you.
-A call for me?

Please promise me you won't
buy anything. -I won't.

I know Picasso. I once danced with him
at a studio party at Montparnasse.

Back then...
-Well, painters... It's a unique world.


Who is this, please?

I discovered that painting in the atelier
of Jan Maria Keller during my last trip

to Paris. Even though I have little
interest in such subjects per se,

I bought the painting anyway. I
thought you would prefer to keep it

out of the public eye.
-Very gracious of you.

The face of the model really does
look very similar to that of my wife.

I would say it is downright uncanny.

But most astonishing to me
are the... pearls.

Did you commission the painting?
-Keller does not work that way.

He doesn't work off photographs
either, as you seem to be insinuating.

He's a spoiled, independently wealthy guy
who can afford to paint what he wants.

Most of the time, his lovers.
-How much is the painting?

It cost me fewer thousands
than you cost me millions.

I'm prepared...
-No, just put your chequebook away.

You're not in possession of the means to
bring our relationship back into balance.

But you could, for example, promise not
to meddle in my affairs in the future.

Your word of honour would suffice.
-And if I don't promise that,

you will auction off the
painting now, right?

I have no interest to keep that
painting in my collection.

As I said, I am not interested in the
depiction of neglected women, sadly.

Go ahead and auction it off.

My friend, a diplomat, who
is embroiled in a scandal

must resign his office, or, if he's very
lucky, he'll be seconded to Timbuktu.

From there, there's no way he can
meddle in my affairs.

To me it doesn't matter
what you decide. To you it does.

Going once, going twice, sold.

A Romanesque pillar, strong
and sturdy like General Alvares.

You must now be very brave.
-Jan Maria Keller...

Oh, God, Walter, what's wrong
with you. You look like...

...This painting from the
Parisian artist for $800.

Minimum price.
May I ask for a bid?

A bid please!

Yes, but... how come?

Portrait of an Unknown Woman
for just $800. -$800.

$800? Won't anyone bid more than $800?

No other offers for an unknown beauty,
who, with such innocent perversity...

$800, going once, twice, thrice.

Our cars, please.

Please have the painting
put into my car immediately.

I don't know this man. Until today,
I... I didn't even know his name.

How is something like this
even possible without....

But that's you. That's your
face. Those are your shoulders.

But it's not my body.
That's something you should...

Of course, it's not exactly your body.
Painting is not photography.

Your face is fuller in reality anyhow.
Nicole, I believe you. I'm just trying...

But why did you tell me earlier
that I must now be brave?

Did you know the painting would
be auctioned off? -Yes.

Hernandez tried to blackmail me.
He wanted me to promise him...

You didn't promise everything he wanted?
You'd rather leave me in this quandary?

Yes, Nicole. You and me.

You're understanding this all wrong. I
didn't sacrifice you... but probably me.

I mean, my career.

But this is all nonsense.

His Excellency took my arm
and very officially...

A gesture, Nicole, nothing
more. Routine.

Skilled sobriety. That's all.

He wants to talk to me again tonight.


No, I want to be there.
After all, it is... my scandal.

In this country, tradition
and etiquette are everything.

Whoever is sent here by his government
must above all be societally well-versed.

Here that is more important
than political talents.

That is probably the reason
I have been here so long.

At the time you two
were planning to get married...

I'm sorry to have to discuss these
matters in your presence, Nicole,

but this was your wish. -Please, say
everything you planned to say.

We have become really very
fond of you, Nicole, truly.

But if he hadn't gotten so
involved back then...

Then Walter wouldn't have married me?

But of course, Nicole, he
would have married you regardless.

I just mean...
-My dear, please.

I thought you were a terrific guy.

Think. Pardon me, Nicole, think.

Obviously, think.


The awful thing is... whether or not
you are the model for this painting.

Or whether there's even some relationship
between you and that painter...

Can we discontinue this
discussion, Excellency?

Please, Nicole, do you happen
to have an Alka Seltzer upstairs?

My heart always reacts to these
shocks with vascular constriction.

For Walter's situation it's practically
irrelevant whether Nicole is guilty.

I think what you said in the car
earlier was correct, Walter.

You didn't sacrifice me.

This matter will have absolutely no
professional repercussions for you...

If you divorce Nicole.

Excellency, my wife has nothing
to do with this painting.

But my dear boy, anyone would have
doubts when faced with such facts.

-You are a man.

But I know my wife.

I will hand in my resignation tomorrow.

Even if Nicole is not guilty, you have no
other choice. No one will believe her.

One might find her
touching, but incredible.

From a human perspective, it's
grotesque, but that's how it is.

You know what? Go straight to Paris and
have a look at this Jan Maria Keller.

I mean before you make a
decision; a decision like that.

One must find out how this ominous
painting came into being.

Am I interrupting?

Am I interrupting?

Walter, this is all so
sinister. It's Medieval!

Even if I had posed for the painting -
and I didn't - would that be so bad?

It isn't uncommon nowadays for a woman
to allow herself to be painted nude.

That doesn't mean... -Of course
it isn't uncommon, dear child.

The man arranges a
price with the painter.

The woman surprises her
husband with it for his birthday,

and the painting is hung
up in the bedroom.

In any case, it's dependent
upon having discreet personnel.

In your case, the painting
is cause for divorce.

For such a scandal there is
unfortunately no dementi.

Whoever tries it can
confirm that afterwards.

Come, drink up. It's late.
Try to sleep. We'll talk more tomorrow.

Oh, my purse.

I must have left it here somewhere.

How can I convince Walter that...

Child, Walter is practically the only
one who still believes in your innocence.

God, Nicole, I'm a woman, too!
I know how these things happen.

I have almost a... shall we say,
sisterly compassion for you.

Are you waiting?

The only thing I don't grasp is, how can
one get involved with a man

who sells such paintings?

I mean, that simply cannot
happen to a lady.

Oh, there's my pocketbook.


If you really got up to something...
be decent and tell him the truth.

If you divorce him, he can
remain a diplomat.

You can go back to your world.

He has no other world.

What's he supposed to do, sell
champagne or go to circus university?

Why not, if he loves me?
Is it a disgrace?

No, of course it's not a disgrace.

But what loses its lustre gets dull.

After one year, what would be left
of his great sacrifice to love?

A torturous memory?

Why don't you come to bed, Walter?
You must be terribly tired.

Tell me, Walter, what would you
do if I had reason to reproach myself?

I beg you to be quiet. I cannot
think such a thought.

But... please tell me what you would do.

Let's go away for a couple of days. Just
the two of us. First thing tomorrow.

-To Paris?

Yes, to Paris. And then
we'll go to the Miroir again.

And then to Colombes. -A little filet
mignon. A turtle soup appetizer.

Your cr?pes noisettes, like that time.

And we'll drink more than two
glasses of champagne. -Yes.

What about Keller? Do you want to...

Come, loosen up.

Tell me, Mr. Keller...

Those naked women in the paintings...
were they all your lovers?

All of them.

After the second, third session, I
annoyed and ate them all up, you know?

It's my requirement. I need
it for my artistic development.

I understand that very well.

I would also develop
much more quickly if...

Shut your trap, you, little toad.

Yes, yes, yes, that's good.

What is it, Sascha?
-The man is here now.

Which man?
-Why, the one who telephoned.

Not me.
-But me.

I told him...
-Oh, yes, yes. Must it be now?

He looks like he has money.

OK, then send him up.

Turn around.

There. -Should we do that
now, when the man is coming?

Get dressed!

That's perfect! Keep it in that
position. I'll paint that.

And now, privately, that's my answer.
-Ow! -Yes, "Ow".

Oh, hello. Keller is the name.

I called from the motel. -Yes, I know.
You're interested in my paintings.

Why don't you have a look around.
Maybe you'll see something you like.

I'll be right back.
-Thank you.

Your head this way, please! That
guy is of no interest to you.

Uh huh, now pull in your stomach.

No, the reverse. I said to pull in
your stomach, not your bum.

Do you still paint models?
-Yes, more or less.

A body is as unique as a face, no?

I recently saw a painting of yours.

It was the nude of a woman with pearls.

Oh, Portrait of an Unknown Woman.

Hernandez bought it. I didn't
really want to part with it.

Well, one has to survive, right?

I, for example, like to live well.
I'm far less creative when

I can't pay for milk.

And I drink a lot of milk, you know.

This unknown woman... I mean
the model for this painting,

is especially appealing. Is this young
woman... -I'm happy you like her, too.

I painted her over there.

That was during the time before I
solved the problem with the body.

Take a look.

Peculiar face, no?

Not even pretty, but... a cross between
a Mona Lisa and a cheeky girl.

A lizard on a hot boulder in
Provence, don't you think?

It's great how the eyes fit with the
bend of the nose. And the jawline is...

almost timeless.
Come on child, relax!

Well... would you like to have a glass
of milk with me? Of course, I also have

harder drinks.
-No, thanks.

She was naturally not a
stranger... I mean to you.

Ha, just imagine! Partly yes.
-Mr. Keller, I have a question.

Ah, the model...
-You know, I have a counter-question.

Do you want to buy a painting, or would
you rather have the woman's address?

You can have a painting,
but not the address.

She really was a stranger.

And even if I had her
address, I wouldn't give it to you.

You just said "partly".
How did you mean that?

I had the body, you see?
Unfortunately not the head.

And I run a painting studio,
not a dating service.

Mr. Keller...

This supposedly unknown
woman is my wife.

My husband is visiting Mr. Keller.

Excuse me, please, but I just couldn't
stand it in the taxi anymore.

Good morning.

You are...? And you, of
course, think that...

Oh, if only all of the turmoils of
our lives were so easy to reverse.

I am incredibly delighted to see you
again, dear lady. My name is Keller.

Won't you take a seat?

May I offer you an ap?ritif?
-No, thank you.

And the husband? -Mr. Keller, I think
neither of us interested in

your attempts at charm.
How was the painting of my wife made?

One moment, sir. Before we
start behaving badly...

Your wife is seeing me
for the first time today.

Is that not true?

Oh, please don't even bother.
I think Walter knows everything.

Why did you sell the painting, our
painting? I don't understand it.

I can't lie anymore, and I beg you
sincerely to do the same.

Otherwise everything will
be ruined. Please.

Walter, I'm sorry I didn't tell
you all this back in Madrid.

But I just couldn't.

I... knew him from years ago, before
our time, and when I saw him again

this spring...

I guess I'm not the woman with
whom one grows old and Grey.

I traded you in.

Please, may I sit here for a bit?
-Of course. Now here, take a drink.

Say, what did you do there?

Why did you lie to your husband?

This is the first time you have seen me.
That must be obvious to him.

You can't go in this condition.

All of this is crazy. Can't
you at least explain?

I can sense that I have something
to do with it; I or my painting.

I even kept silent about
your craving glances at me!

Should I assume you are using me
to get rid of your husband?

It looks nothing like you! Listen!

But don't you think a few clarifying
words would be useful in this situation?

Please let me go. I have my reasons.

And I'm supposed to be happy with that?

I didn't ask you what prompted
you to ruin my life!

For God's sake, I'm willing to reveal it
all, but I, this drama and the motives...

In case you're interested,
all of this just fascinated me.

And the girl who posed as the body
lives 5 minutes from here. She'll

tell you everything. She's proud that
that's her body. We're going to see

your husband! I have no desire to play a
funny side-role in a Strindberg tragedy!

Don't be so hysterical!

Come, child, that's enough
for today. Get changed.

Did I make you angry, Mr. Keller?

If I'm angry, I'm angry at myself.
I'm angry at my arrogance.

Come here for a sec.
-Yes, Mr. Keller?

Say, Tatjana, you're
always such a sensible person.

Do you have any idea of
what happened here this morning?


Gimme a light.

But it was terribly upsetting. It
must have had to do with love.

I don't even know this person's name.

I don't even know where she could be.
I just know that something horrible has

happened or will happen to her, and
that it's somehow my fault.

But you have the taxi number. Maybe
Sascha can find the driver for you.

And if he doesn't find him?

You are infatuated with the poor lady.

It seems the current situation
has nothing to do with infatuation.


Now the doorbell rang.
-Maybe Sascha has returned.

But he didn't go anywhere.

Well, who's there?
-A bellhop with suitcases.

A bellhop with suitcases?

What's this? For whom is this?
-She wants to move in here?

Shut up! Who sent you?
-The concierge of the Louvre.

Do you know the number of the Louvre?
-Louvre 6300.

Three... and then?


Hello? Concierge please.

Quick, give me a cigarette, please.
Um, this is Keller.

The painter Keller, for God's sake!

Yes. Listen you just brought me
cigarettes... But I have one...

Er, luggage. For whom is that?
At whose bequest was that?


Please put me through to the
gentleman in 62-207.

Aha. It seems to be his
specialty to slip away.

Yes, hello, I'm still here.
And the lady?

I see. May I at least have
the name of these people?

You don't feel authorized. I see.
Get well soon.

Get all this stuff...

Where is he, gone?

Then I give up trying
to find this unhappy person.

I'm sure she'll at least
be back for her things.

A woman wouldn't desert such things,
even if she's awfully miserable.

Come on, take that off.
Get dressed and get lost.

Mr. Keller? -Yes?
What does "C.D." mean?

Diplomatic Corps.
-It's on all of these.


Leave it.

There are international
implications. I sensed it.

I found her.
-Where is she?

Every evening at five she
stands at Place Pigalle.

-The taxi.

But the driver knows nothing
of the lady. Only that she cried.

Mr. Keller...

"Diplomat Scandal in Madrid"

"I give you my word. I haven't spoken
with this woman until today."

Oh, and all that came before
was a silent film?

You idiots! I don't want a comedy
to become a tragedy. Understand?

If it becomes a tragedy, it's
your fault. You were the director.

I must find this woman again. Tell me,
where can such a person have gone?


Where is such a person's home?
-It says here that before her marriage

she showed up somewhere in a pub.
Jerome, you know all girls in Paris who

"hop around and warble".
Do you remember this pretty lady?

Mm hm. This neckline
seems somehow familiar to me.

But other than that...

Of course, that's Hummingbird.
She sang chansons at the Miroir.

She has a touching style, like a little
birdie. -Don't tell me about...

The lady, I said to her, love here,
love there. One doesn't do such a thing.

One does not marry a diplomat.
-Jerome, I beg you, where did she live?

In a small hotel near the Panth?on.
I took her home one time.

Alas, just to the front door.

Here you are! I've been looking
for you all afternoon.

I need a couple of sentences from you
on the scandal. What do you prefer:

"Keller's painting shows similarities
to diplomat's wife", or

"Keller explains diplomat's
wife was his greatest experience"?

Let's go with, "Keller is
ashamed of himself".

Good evening.
-Good evening.

Forgive me, did a woman
named Nicole live here?

They called her "Hummingbird".
-Yes, she lived here.

Oh, my God, that's great!

Allow me.

You see, the matter in question...
-If you're from the media, then

let me tell you, if Hummingbird
allows herself to be painted nude,

there's nothing wrong with it.

Then it must be for love, or for art.
You see, we let nothing happen

to the little one. But
this bastard of a

painter... one should
chop his hands off.

Ahem, yeah... Actually, I
came for a different reason, madam.

I just wanted to ask you if this
"Hummingbird" was here today?

-She wasn't.

Why do you ask?
-Well, there are other possibilities...

Is she even in Paris?
-I think so, yes.

This scoundrel from Madrid!

What do you think about this: Let
him auction off the painting.

Personally, I find him even more
abhorrent. -Well, bravo, young man.

You have good judgment. That's rare.

Let me shake your hand.

No, I find that too risky.

You see, I am the painter.

Hey, you!

If you give me 100 francs,
I'll tell you something.

What will you tell me? I
won't buy a pig in a poke.

I'll tell you where Hummingbird is.

Where is Hummingbird?
-Where are the 100 francs?

Here. -And Hummingbird
is up there. Number 12.


Scoundrel! Cheater of
children! To kiss me!

I'm just bringing the luggage
of the lady who "doesn't live here".



I'm just bringing you your suitcases.
I got them from the hotel.

After all, you need what one needs, no?
-Did you talk to my husband?

No. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I
got the impression you didn't want that.

Besides, he...

Besides, he left the city.

A letter was with the luggage...


How did you find me?

That was not hard. A bit of
instinct, a bit of a combination.

I would like to do something for you.


Is there something you...
-No, no. Thank you.

But you need money.
-Not from you.

Of course. I mean,
not "of course", but...


This article in the paper
is atrocious, but...

Now at least I know what I did to you.

However, I still don't understand
that scene from this morning.

I don't understand it.

After this scandal, my husband can only
remain in his profession if we divorce.

And he will never divorce me if he
doesn't believe I have betrayed him.


Now I understand.

There's no other world in
which he can live with me.

Do you understand? It's too
late for him to start from scratch.

Well, what's he supposed to do?

Should he sell champagne or
ride in a circus school?

If he loves you.


But why?

No. No, he would get
unhappy, and then...

What loses its shine gets dull.

You know, the whole thing
is becoming tragicomic.

Really, nobody can possibly know that
the lady in the loge is a diplomat's

wife, much less from Madrid.

What if I were a little girl from
the ballet, or a secretary,

or the daughter of the
woman downstairs?

What do you think my parents would say?
Or my friends, or my neighbours?

Do you think that would be less bad?
-Yes, a bit. For one.

And for another, my painting shouldn't
be all that awful, you see?

It was painted with decorum.
It's not my fault if some swine,

who imbue the picture with
their indecency, are appalled by it.

Right? But...

That doesn't help you, either.

Nothing at all.

OK, then.

I got a kiss, I got slaps to the face,

And now I want my 100 francs!

Uh huh, well, that's only fair.


But this is a thousand!
-OK, yes.

Can I not leave you some
money after all?

Until everything has been cleared up.
You can pay me back later.

Oh, well... The only thing left is for
me to apologize that we are damned...

Unimportant. Come, my friend,
we are not needed here.

Hummingbird needs sleep.

The wine stock is the soul of the place.
This I have to do myself, otherwise

the bottles grow legs.

I had an employee here once,
a relative of my wife...

In one month, the wine
stocks were almost empty.

Well, at least it stayed
in the family, huh? -Yeah.

Beaujolais Superieur! -What about
Hummingbird? Do you want her? Yes or no?

Honestly, no.

When Hummingbird sang here,
the place was packed.

When she no longer sang here,
it was still packed.

Why pay money for a singer?
Anyway, I have a new one.

For a trial period.
But it doesn't cost me a thing.

She also a relative of my wife.


Well, what are we going to do now?

I'll bet money that the woman will work.
She has to be distracted, understand?

Ha ha, for my good money?

You know, if it were a real scandal...
a queen or a princess, understand?

Then one could hang up the
painting and raise prices.

But the wife of a provost, a diplomat,
and not even a foreigner...

I have decided it is pointless
to appeal to your heart, right?

Yes, that it is.
-I'll pay her salary myself.

I see! Oh, that's how it is.

Well, if that's how it is.

I still remember the first time vividly...

As if it were today.
I think back on it so often.

The day was silver-blue, and for us...

passed like a silhouette of luck.

It was walking, as if
somebody were walking...

Back and forth.
Back and forth.

And within us rang
things yet undone...

Like tender music.

Then you stood still
and looked at me...

And then, yes then,
everything began.

Everything wonderful began.

I remember the last time vividly...

As if it were today.
The day, the hour, and the room.

I lay, as every night, by your side...

But I was not in your dream.

In your unfamiliar smile I could read...

I'm still faithful,
but soon I'll be free.

It was so magical with you...

But now it is over.

You woke up and looked at me.

Then, yes then, everything was over.

Everything wonderful was over.

I remember the next time vividly...

As if it were today.
It'll never be like it once was.

Maybe someone will return to my side...

And will talk to me tenderly.

You may - I will say - go
ahead and kiss me...

Why not? Why not?

I kiss with pleasure, but I
don't want to hear

anyone talking about love.

No, don't stay standing.

Don't look at me.

Because then, yes then,
it will all begin again.

Everything wonderful will begin again.

I must tell you, "Hummingbird",
you were wonderful.

Completely different from the old days.
-Thank you, Albert.

Instead of flowers.

Couldn't you have painted
me this way to begin with?

But one evolves.
You sing very nicely.

Where are we going for dinner?
-We? -Yes, you and me.

Singing makes one hungry. Are you
not hungry? -Yes, very.

I'm glad that we at least have hunger in
common. Maybe thirst will be next?

If it continues like this!
-Goodnight, Mr. Keller.

You can't let me go through life
with guilt on my shoulders.

I will collapse.

Collapse. I have nothing against that.
-Listen, that's not right!

Heretofore, you have only gotten to know
my dark sides. In reality, I'm charming.

Inordinately charming. One just
has to give me the opportunity.

How will you prove it to me?

In your company. It won't
work any other way, unfortunately.

Where that happens is your choice. And
have no fear, I will as soft as...

a male dove.

What would the lady like to start?
-Turtle soup.

Times two.
-And then a filet mignon, medium.

Times two, once well-done.
-And then, spinach Mont au Lison.

Yes, right, and then cr?pes noisette.
-Flamb?ed at the table.

One portion. For me, cheese.

Ah, it won't take long, will it?
I'm enormously hungry today.

The lady is making us very happy.

He's not even talking to me.
He must think I'm your child, or what?

Isn't it lovely here?
-I hope.

Good evening, madam. I just heard
that you were dining here again.

How would you like a sherry, with your
soup? And a Chablis with the filet?

The lady always has number 23.

Well, if the lady always has number 23,
then please bring me number 24.

Number 24.

I have to correct something, madam. See,
I'm not charming. I just said that.

I'm irritable.

Is that so?

I don't like myself at all.

Yes, the same applies to others.


You also don't like yourself?

No, I meant that no one likes you.
-I see.

You're using my occasional melancholia
to tell me you can't stand me.

Yes, just not so bluntly.
-Well, that's very kind of you.

But you like yourself, yes?
-Mm hm.

-Most of the time.

Even in the morning? Are you
happy early in the morning?

Not at the moment. But if I'm
happy, then I love to wake up.

Strange. I always awake deeply sad.

It's like that for the whole morning.

It starts again in the
late afternoon, but...

Oh, well... It clears up a bit around
midday. I'm usually asleep then.

Perhaps I have never really been happy.

I'm over here.
-Yes, yes, I heard every word.

Around noon you feel a bit better, but
maybe you have never really been happy.

Were you here often with your husband?

Yes, every evening.
-Over there? -Mm hm.

No, not a sip. The check, please!

And if you ever again take me to an
eatery you went to with your husband,

I'll burn the place down.
Upon my life.

I don't know if that would be of use.

What are you looking at again? Hm?

I shouldn't have come. I don't even
recall what it's like to be cheerful.

But I demand that you laugh. I don't
even know what you look like when you

laugh. I mean, from a painter's
standpoint, you know? -But I want to!

It's pointless to sit in a corner

and dream of something
that no longer exists.

I just know how to undertake it.
-It's the first step to desire it at all.

What am I supposed to do? Should
I make faces or walk on my hands?

I'm already presenting you modern
gaiety, and even so you're not laughing.

I have an idea! Please order me two
glasses of champagne right away.

Even better, three. But I have to warn
you that I will behave terribly.

That's OK. As far as I'm concerned,
you can't behave badly enough.

I need at least five minutes
between the two glasses.

Yes, cheers.

Yes, is my mouth a vagabond...

That always has to wander...

From one kiss to another kiss?

Why aren't you telling
me to stop singing?

Because I like it.

Actually, I have a reason
to be happy and thankful.

You know, I agree with you.

I don't dance with every woman, see?

So you don't know how much
exertion dancing is for me.

Please understand, it has
nothing to do with you.

I got my old position back...

And I'm earning much more
money than before.

That's being paid for by...

The fatso.

A gangster.

Yes. If you think it's not enough
then tomorrow I'll go... -No, no.

I promise you. -No, please,
it's costing him too much money.

Do you think I'm singing much
better than before? -Of course.

I know why... you like me much more...

Because I'm sad.

I don't have a handkerchief.

And when one doesn't have a
handkerchief, one isn't allowed to cry.

I don't have one either.

To be honest, I get sadder
and sadder in the morning.

You see, it's almost morning.

It's really odd.

Just imagine your husband were to really
become a circus rider. -Uh uh, mailman.

Mailman. One day you see my painting in
the newspaper... -My painting in the...

See your painting in the newspaper...
Nothing would have happened.

Nothing would've happened.
He might have clobbered you a bit...

That wouldn't have been as bad.
-Yeah, what would've been the big deal?

And then he would've come to me. -Yes,
and then he would've clobbered you a bit.

You must not interrupt me.
-I beg your forgiveness.

Don't interrupt him when he's pondering.
What you're saying is very interesting.

Also clobbered...
-Then he would've come to me...

And would have clobbered you as well.
-Yes, and the whole thing would

have been cleared up
and delightfully resolved.

He probably would have asked for my
forgiveness, and everything

would have stayed the same.

Then I would have known you...
and where to find you.

This is a wise person.
-See, he says the same.

That's how nice it could have been if
the husband weren't a diplomat.

If I wouldn't have been
so happy with him.

How happy I would have been with him...
that's something you cannot understand.

Oh, yes.

I may not have much imagination, but
enough to conceive of being very happy.

With you.

With him, not with you. With him.

The evening must have
been awful for you.

But for me, it was very nice.

Yes, my God, let me tell you.
One time I had a toothache.

They started at 1 a.m. At three
I began to climb the walls,

and by five I was on the ceiling.

That was the most horrid
night of my entire life.

Until today.

But I have one consolation. I know that
you will be very happy again one day.

Yes, I know that. Because you belong to
those whose job it is to bring happiness.

Only they can be happy.

Me, however, you have made unhappy.

Yes, so, good night.

Or good day, or good morning.
Whatever you want.

By no means "See you again".

Why not?

Do you demand a confession of me?


Well, then.

See you again.

Why, oh why, is my heart so dumb...

And doesn't want to stay?

Why, oh why, is my heart so dumb...

To rove about as it does?

Yes, and is my mouth a vagabond...

That always has to wander...

From one kiss to another kiss?

Why, oh why, is my heart so dumb...

That it forgets where it is at home?

And that only you, Cherie...

Are the master of my heart.




You're calling me?

But you can't wake me
in the middle of the night.

I'm very sorry, but it's
something very important.

You see, I received a letter
from my husband's attorney.

I'm supposed to deliver an
explanation to the law office.

About the question of guilt, you see?
To speed up the court case.

The lawyer writes that he
wants to employ you as well.

Yes, but it's very important that
we have our story straight.

I am also not very happy that we
have to see each other again.

Go on in. Mr. Keller
will be right with you.

She's here.

Would you believe, I just got a contract
to paint the wife of the Peruvian envoy!

Like that?

I don't know yet.
She's 60 but looks like 58.

But you're so happy! -Yes, firstly
because it's early afternoon, you know?

And secondly because, despite all bad
intentions, I'm joyful to see you again.

How are you doing, Hummingbird?
-Very well.

I've gotten a few nice offers, small
roadshows on the Cote d'Azure,

but I'd rather stay at the Miroir.
-That's great.

One should stay where one feels
good, don't you think?

Yes, yes, I got that, too.

Please help me. I want to put it
behind me as soon as possible.

Oh, yes, that's in my interest
as well. Here you are.

They are going to ask us how
we got to know each other.

Yes, I'm sure they will.

I was thinking... it might be stupid,
but how about at a fashion show?

Or what do you think? You're more
knowledgeable in this area.

I think we should say we knew
each other from the old days.

That always makes a good impression.

Yes, but we would have had to meet
each other somehow in the old days.

Yes, we would have had to
meet... in the old days.


It was in the Miroir. You were
singing your sad songs.

I was sitting all night... in my seat.

No, I don't like that at all.
-Oh yes, it was already taken.

OK then, in the subway. You offered me
a seat because I looked so melancholy.

Young people often have
a lot of compassion, no?

No, that's not good either.

That's not good either. Something
more poetic and delicate...

Yes, it was in Bois de Boulogne.

You were going for a stroll.

It was spring, everything was
blooming. You were all alone.

Yes, or so you thought,
but I was standing there!

And saw you.

And you were holding
a tiny sparrow in your hand.

And were looking up longingly at
the crown of a tall tree.


I saw that you seemed to be seriously
considering climbing up the tree.

But that really wasn't proper,
because you are a lady, you see?

Anyway, I walked toward you.

Asked you politely for the sparrow
chick and climbed the tree...

To the nest.

That's how we could have gotten to
know each other, don't you think?

On that day. Do you still
remember how lovely it was?

Silver-blue, I think,
we went for a long walk.

Back and forth, back and forth.

And then... and then...

That's when the horrible time of
waiting and impatience began.

Do you remember how long it took before
I could kiss you for the first time?

Details are not necessary, I think.

Well, with judges one can never be sure.

And suddenly you were there.

My magic!

Full of fear.

Full of expectations, Nicole.

Nicole, do you mind if, during my
testimony, I add a personal note

that, for me, a wonderful period of time
began with our first night together?

A period during which I was
even happy sometimes.

It was a time when jewellery shops
held a certain fascination for me.

Solely because there, these
simple, small gold rings, paired...

And how did it end?

It didn't.

But it must have come to an end.

Oh, yes, yes, of course.

The usual. One stopped
loving the other.

I suggest you stopped loving me.

And then... then everything was done.
Everything wonderful was done.

What's more, you got married
and moved to Madrid.

And I was stuck with my ring.

And one day you did return
to Paris after all.

Once again, it was springtime,
and we met in the theatre.

By chance.

We ate filet mignon, medium,
together, and so forth...

One glass of champagne followed another.
You know how poorly you tolerate it.

Yes, yes, I know. And then the
painting was painted. -Yes, yes.

In six long nights.

And then we met again.

Most love stories are composed of
separations, and you just had to

return to Madrid.

And how did the sale
of the painting eventuate?

That's the easiest part.

That's the easiest part. Good citizens
believe artists are debased, right?

Especially painters. Despite all vows
never to show or sell the painting,

I succumbed to the lure of the gold.

It's actually a...

very simple story.

And still, if it had happened,
two people would have been...

very happy for at least a little while.


Tell me, do you only paint
strangers, or your girlfriends too?

It depends. Most of them
are professional models.

And which ones were not
professional models? -The girlfriends.

I just hope we don't have
to swear to all of this.

I couldn't do that. I can't
swear to something that isn't true.

Whether you believe it or not,
I'm a fundamentally ethical person.

Yes, but I just agreed we would
give written transcripts.

I don't know, it looks damned
like a solemn oath, no?

Oh, dear!

Naturally, there is one option...

To make everything true.

Mr. Keller, a miracle would
have to happen.

You're a demanding woman.
A real miracle?

Mm hm, a real miracle.

Such as?

Snow in August.

My God, this is so unexpected.

You should have written.

Telephoned beforehand.
-I did call.

I was told you would be right back...

How are you doing?
-And you?

You look well.

Yes, maybe. I'm working.

At the Miroir. Yes, I heard.
You're successful.

Mm hm.

Can't we go upstairs?
-Yes, of course.

How are the dogs? -The little one
got a thorn in his left back paw.

He has been limping for awhile
like an old man with sciatica.

Oh, the poor thing!
-Hernandez broke his leg.

It's not much, but better than nothing.

This place looks just
as it did back then.

Oh, the place is an atrocious mess.

How are things in the embassy...
I mean upstairs, in the apartment?

Everything is as it was. Only,
it's a little too big... now.

It was actually always a little big, no?

I'm sorry, but I have
to find a different room.

I really should have
had it tidied up by now.

But it doesn't matter. You
like things a little painterly.

Please forgive me.
It was unintentional.

Can I not offer you something?

I only have a Vermouth here, but I can
have something delivered for you.

No, thank you. I don't want
anything... at this time of day.

Don't you want to sit down?



It's really nothing important.
I'm in Paris for a few days.

On business, you know? And I thought...

I just wanted to at
least say hello to you.

That's sweet of you.

I won't be in Madrid much longer.
I was transferred to Tokyo.

I'm just winding things up.

I'm sure this is the last
time I can see you.

I was at the lawyer's today.

It will all be settled in 14 days.

You two don't have to
deliver this... statement.

As a reason for the divorce, I
submitted "irreconcilable differences".

Are you in agreement with that?

Irreconcilable differences, yes.

Is it good? I mean Tokyo.

I got kicked upstairs, instead of...

It's a job that's
full of responsibility.

I'm very happy for you.

Nicole, I wanted to tell you that
I'm sorry that I simply left.

In such moments, one is...

And that I sent your suitcases
to Keller without a word.

But Keller said he picked
them up at the hotel.

No, I sent them to him.

I'm sorry.

It's of no consequence.

Well, you'll probably be
ambassador soon.

How often I have recently
wished I were really a mailman.

Please go now.

Maybe I'll be sent to Tokyo
sometime. Then I'll drop by on-the-go.

Well then...

Oh, yes, I almost forgot.

I don't think you will still wear them,
but perhaps you can sell them.

After all, they belong to... you.

Alas, I cannot forget you...

As much as I try.

In the ledger of my life...

You are unfortunately still inscribed.

Alas, I cannot forget you...

Despite everything that happened.

What you were, in good and bad,

Is all still there.

Even if I know you're
not even worth the tears...

I cannot help that
my heart belongs to you.

Alas, I cannot forget you...

Whatever I do.

In all the wishes, in all the dreams,
you're the only one there.

The little one has exactly what
one likes to hear these days:

A bit of genuine feeling.
-Yes, one gets a sense of heart.

When is Hummingbird showing up?

Tomorrow, around the same time.
Maybe fifteen minutes later.

Where is she now?
-In the office.

Ah, you have missed something. Namely,
that our Hummingbird is becoming a star.

Does that mean you will pay her salary?

On the 26th of August, 1868,
it snowed in Paris.

1.5 centimeters.

So, it is possible. Hopefully
we won't be too old.

What's wrong?

I just wanted to phone you. My
husband visited me in the hotel today.

He going to Tokyo. We don't have to
give our statements to the lawyer.

The divorce is almost done.

Do you want me to go?

Oh, all this back-and-forth!

Please stay. I don't want
to be alone right now.

Please. Stay with me.

Don't be mad, but I'd
rather not go to the Lido.

I want to go somewhere where
I can get really drunk.

Please don't drive to the Lido. Drive
somewhere where one can get really drunk.

I'm so tired.

Getting drunk doesn't help you, Nicole.

At least not what you
call getting drunk, hm?

Can't we go somewhere where
there are no people at all?

Please drive somewhere where there are
no people and one can't get drunk.

Drive to the forest.

So we'll walk for 1 to 5 hours. Maybe a
little birdy will fall from its nest.

But one can't see that at night.

Please stop the car. I don't want to
go for a walk. I'm too cold as it is.

Listen, I'm taking you back
to your hotel, okay?

But I don't want to sleep, and I
certainly don't want to go to my hotel.

You're cold. You don't want to be alone.
You don't want to see people either.

You're tired, but you
don't want to sleep.

Do you have any idea what you want?

Couldn't we maybe...

Oh, yeah.

Your last suggestion.
We'll go to my place.

You now find yourself in the only
enterprise in Paris that is capable

of fulfilling all of your
capricious desires.

You can be alone. If you want to see
people, ring the bell and Sascha

and I will provide them. We'll
walk up and down the street together.

And if you want to sleep,
please help yourself.

If you want to listen to
music, here you go.

If you... don't want to sleep, look at
my paintings. You won't find better.


If you want caresses, even that
I could agree to do, if necessary.


If you get the idea in the middle of the
night to return to your hotel, go ahead.

We can have a taxi here in two minutes.
Do you have any other wishes?

Is there nothing you want?

Please want something.

Anything that I can do for
you in the middle of the night.

A bicycle, perhaps, or
a balloon, or a piano.

Snow in August.

I can't work miracles, Nicole.

I would like...


I would like to be really,
truly happy again sometime.

To be happy?

How is happiness?

We live like a hedgehog
in an armoured house, Nicole.

How is it? One retracts the quills?

One lies dutifully still and
allows oneself to be petted?

I can't imagine that.
Is that how it is?

Exactly like that.

Then you be... dutifully still.

You little hedgehog.

Miracles don't exist.

In reality, you don't want to be happy.
You are in love with unhappiness!

You strange, horny chameleon lady! You
have made your husband into a monument,

and now you're having
heart palpitations.

I'm sure he's a very nice person, but
he's only 179 cm, and now that

he's far away, he
becomes a giant to you.

And grows taller every day...

Against all laws of perspective.

And you are a midget, and
you are becoming ever-smaller.

I have received better
compliments at night.

So have I.

And that was the end of today's program.
Goodnight, ladies and gentlemen.


Hey, wake up! It has snowed!

I worked the whole night like
an animal. -Yes.


Don't kiss me.

If you kiss me I'll wake up.

As long as I'm sleeping,
I can think I'm dreaming this.

Jan, please wake up!
A miracle has happened!

No, no miracle has occurred.

Just a bit of magic,
and that's not enough.

Not enough as a melody and
not enough as echo.

Can you listen to me for two minutes...

All adult-like and sensible, the
way I actually don't like you.

Yes, well, I'll try.

When I started to work miracles tonight,
Nicole, I though everything would work.

But the more fern frost grew
on the window, the more I got...


And sensible.

And when I was finished,
then I was finished.

Then I knew miracles don't exist.

You see, that stuff down there is just a
bit of... charm made of cotton wool,

of plaster.

It's a type of snow that can't
melt in the hot August sun,

but that can't kill flowers.

A replacement.

A spell, but not a miracle.

I know, Nicole, that this spell
would suffice for the moment,

and that this moment would last
for days, perhaps weeks, months...

But one day you would know
what I know already today,

namely that you wouldn't be kissing
me when you're kissing me.

That you wouldn't be embracing me
when you're embracing me.

And that day would not
be very silver-blue.

Not for either of us.
That would be a farewell.

Yes, it's very odd. I would have
needed a miracle much more than you.

And a much easier one.

You would have simply had to love me.

This weird Don Quixote
lying in front of you...

Is of no use, especially now...

And not in lieu of...

Love, Nicole.

Without betraying a monument.

Do you know, my whole life everything
I have had has been enchanting.

For time, pas distance.

The miraculous thing, that I
must have in its entirety.


Around me.

In there.

So, now let me close my eyes
again. It's much nicer to dream...

Than to be so appallingly awake.

I don't know if you're right. Maybe yes,
maybe no. I don't know anything anymore.

I would have loved to kiss you.

Please don't bolt away from me.
I have to speak with you.

Must that be here, of all places?
One scandal is enough for me.

If you don't listen to
me, I'll get loud.

This is not the first time
I have been extorted.

I don't give a damn what you call it.

Do you really find it necessary? -Yes!
I find it necessary that you take your

wife back!

I can't stand these
circumstances any longer.

I wish it were exactly as you think.
I would be the happiest person

in the world, but it is not so.
Because you are her monument.

You are a giant, and
I am a midget in her eyes.

I have tried everything, and I mean
everything, to win her affection.

I am a hundred times as unhappy as you,
and Nicole is much unhappier than

you and me together. And for that you
and I are at fault, my friend.

You see, your wife did not cheat on you.
She lied to you when she said that.

She wanted to save your
god-damned career!

And I want you to know that.

There. That's all.
Everything is on you.

Thank you, Albert.

Lately you always look alarmed when
you see me. Are you seeing a ghost?

Please forgive me. You were
so far away... I meant...

I thought you were gone.
You were going...

Yes, I wanted to, but...
Have you eaten already?

No. -May I invite you, revered
artist, to eat with me?

I know a nearby restaurant
where the food is superb.

Do you remember? On the first
night? I was terribly stiff.

And you said, "Firstly, I'm not hungry,
and secondly, I can't just allow you

invite me out to dinner, and thirdly, I
still have to sing twice.

It'll be 11;30 by the time I'm done."

And I said, "But can't we go
between songs?" And you?

Well, I went with you.



OK, two turtle soups,
two filet mignons, medium...

Spinach Mont au Lison, cr?pes noisette.

Please flamb? that at the table.
The lady always enjoys that.

Our soup, as always, our
sherry, and with the filet...

Chablis #23.


We always had number 23.
-Yes, but I always wanted to try #24.

As you wish.

Please bring champagne and six
glasses, and make it snappy.

You are enchanting to me.

Tell me, what is all of this for?

Yesterday you said farewell permanently,
and today you are pretending that there

never were irreconcilable
differences. Why is that?

That's your fault, Nicole.

Yes, because you exist.

When I gave you the
necklace yesterday...

And then walked down the
strange steps of your hotel...

I was tempted to go back
and take you into my arms...

Even though at that time I didn't
know... -Why didn't you do it?

It would have been so
wonderful if you had done it.

So nice.

What is wrong?!

Why didn't you do it? Why didn't
you notice that I lied to you?

How could you even believe me when I
told you I had betrayed you?

And how could you turn around and
walk away without a single word?

I had to believe.

Yes, you "had to". You only
ever do what you need!

No more and no less.

I beg you, child, be quiet.

If I hadn't just said that,
you would still believe it.

There really are no miracles.


I'll use my own handkerchief.

For a second please be my
dear, little, steady Nicole.

Now you're starting with that, too.

I know, my love, it's unforgivable
that it took me so long...

To grasp what a wonderful wife you are.

And what you did for me.

And what is to happen now?
Do you even want me back?


All of sudden it'll work? It'll work
now without selling yourself

and without a circus?

Of course, for a couple of months
we have to be cautious,

until grass has grown over
this whole dumb business.

Excellency thinks...
-Is all of Madrid in Paris?

No, I called him in Madrid an hour ago.

Aha, and then he told you
what you should do, right?

Now you may, perhaps, love
your little wife again, right?

Nicole, you are being unfair.
He just wants to help us.

He thinks we can even separate,
for appearance's sake, so to speak.

Then you could come join
me there in the winter, he thinks.

At first you'll have your own
little apartment in Tokyo.

That way you could skip
the burdensome receptions.

And one day...
-And one day?

I'll marry you again... if you want.

The legation councillor
has his little geisha.

You're cute.

-What is it?

A monument fell over.

Nicole, you have drunk too fast,
and probably too much.

Eat something first.
-No, I don't want to eat anything.

I only want to drink,
because I'm so happy!

Oh, come on, let's get out
of here. I want to dance.

Are those you arms holding me?
-I think so.

Those are not your arms.
Please kiss me.

Here, in front of everyone?
-Yes, please kiss me.

It's not your mouth.

Walter, I can't come with you
to Tokyo. Not right away.

And definitely not in the winter.
Never. Not as your geisha.

And not as your wife.
Please, forgive me.

This is the first time you have
cause to need to forgive me.

Oh, don't put on such a horrified face.

My world and your world
just don't fit together.

It was an indefinite enchantment,

and I'll thank you for that
for the rest of my life.

But it just wasn't a miracle,
and I simply need to have my miracle.

Is Mr. Keller home?

What are you doing here in
the middle of the night? Huh?

I'm bringing you a miracle.

Yes, but I'm just in the middle of
cleaning up the magic, Nicole.

Should I help you?

No. No. I'd prefer not.

If you don't kiss me again today...
-What will happen?

What will happen, Nicole?

Then at least paint me again, as
you have painted me before.

Like Hummingbird.

Subtitles by
BobbyFletcher/Oliver L. for KG.