Pookkal Vidum Thoodhu (1983) - full transcript

- Yes, uncle.

I said we are going out of town.

Why are you still grinding?
Get ready.

Sure, uncle.
- That's good.

Are you not ready yet?
- I'll have a quick shower, uncle.

Not required.
We're going to Kanyakumari.

You can bathe in the ocean.

Don't waste the water here.
Learn to be frugal.

Hurry up!
We have to take two buses.

- Ugh!

Where to, sir?
- Kanyakumari.

How many tickets?
- One and a half!

One and a half? Who is
the half ticket for? - For him!

He looks big.
You can't buy half ticket for him.

He needs a full ticket.
- I'll pay 3/4th price.

No chance! Once you
are more than 5 years old,

you got to buy a full ticket.
- Hey!

Look at his innocent face.
No signs of facial hair yet.

We buy full ticket only after
the boy grows a mustache.

I don't care.

Once he has boarded the bus,
he needs a full ticket. - I refuse!

You must!
- I won't.

You should!
- But I won't!

It's the rule.
- I won't!

You must buy it. Brother,
drive to the police station. - Hey!

No need for Police.
Give the ticket.

Yeah! Eat more!
You gobble like a monster.

Here's your ticket.
- Get lost now.


Dear Goddess of Kanyakumari!

Please show some mercy on me.

Morons! They call
this grease box a bus!

Why don't you sell this as scrap?

My body hurts,
traveling in this.

You charge a bomb.
Why not provide some amenities?

They act as though this is charity.

Where did this dumbo go?
Dumbo! - Uncle!

You didn't alight from an aeroplane.
What took you so long?

Got our bags?
- Done, uncle.

All intact?
- Yup!

Go! Go!
Move forward.

Oh! Hey dumbo!
This is our hotel.


Don't you have many guests here?

Welcome, sir. Do you want
single or double? - What?

No, sir. I meant if you are
one or two people.

I have a donkey along.

No, sir! I can't
permit donkeys inside.

Can I bring a horse then?

He's the donkey! I'll make him
sleep down. Give us a single room.

What's your name?
- Darmadurai!

What? Darmadurai?
- Don't you like it?

Excellent name!

The booking is made.

Pay the advance and sign here.
- I won't sign.

Why, sir? Don't you sign with pen?

Do people use
something else to sign?

I don't know to sign.
- So you are an illiterate!

Hey, how dare you mock me!


Sir, kindly bend down.

Ew! You may look up now.

There's a lot of vacant
space on your head.

We can almost do
coconut farming.

This joker with large glasses
calls himself the hotel manager.

To be honest,
he looks like a terrorist.

I've never seen
a hopeless customer like him.

He can't even sign a paper.
- Hey! How dare you!

What? What is the issue now?
- No!

Nothing! Is our room
upstairs? - No!

Underground is not open yet.
Go upstairs. - Come on!

Get out of here.
- What are you looking at?

For how long
will you look at this jerk?

You might lose your sight!

Come along! They have no shame
in calling this dungeon a hotel.

Hurry up, Gowri.

Oh divine mother, bless us!

The all considerate one!


The universal mother,
show some mercy!

- Coming, uncle.

Are you blind?
Watch your step.

- Coming, uncle.

Uncle, are you not taking a dip?

Only sinners will
have to take a dip.

I am a good man.

It's enough if I step into water.
You take the dip now.


I wish to see
the Vivekananda's rock, uncle.

You want to see it?

Yes, uncle.
- Well, its seen from here.

No, uncle! I want to go on boat
and visit the spot. - Why the boat?

Vivekananda didn't go on boat.
He swam across to that rock.

You can also do the same.
Given a choice, you'd ask for a ship

to tour Kanyakumari and rocket
for offering prayers to the Sun.

Don't plan on spending my money.
Just take a dip now.

Gowri, hurry up.
We've to go to the temple.

I'm coming, grandma.

Leave your slippers here.

Token number 8, is it?

Hey dumbo, don't waste time. Leave
your slippers and collect token.

Hey, willl you guard our slippers
carefully? - That's my job!

Would you have become
a collector otherwise?


We can leave these
slippers anywhere we want.

No one will ever touch it.
- Shut up, you rascal.

Don't get smart with me. Lot of
people can't afford even this.

Get back to work, lazy!

Here's your token.

Here! This is yours.

Look how tiny
the banana is.

But it costs 50 paise.
Not more than a bite.

Doctor says the peel has Vitamin A.
So I shouldn't throw it.

This is a dingy lodge
with exorbitant charge.

They call this bed.

This bed is infused
with more bugs than cotton!

My fate is so bad.
These bugs are feasting on my blood.

Hey dumbo!
Yes, uncle.

Massage my legs
until I go to sleep.

I'll check in between.
If I catch you sleeping,

I'll kick you with this foot.
Press my feet now.

Gracious one!
- Show some mercy.

- Give us alms!

- I am a disabled beggar.

Madam! - Please!
- Give us alms.

Madam! - Sir!
- Darmadurai (Gracious one)!

Give us alms! - The beggars seek
alms since the times of

'Parasakthi' movie.
Is there no hope for our nation?

Sir, may your children
be blessed.

There is not enough food
for the children here.

I don't wish to add to it. I've no
children. - Darmadurai (Merciful)!

Please give me some alms.
- Gosh!

He calls me by my name
to seeks alms.

So I got to give alms and maintain
the pride of my name. Look!

You are the first person
to receive alms from me.

Thank you, sir.
- Enjoy! - Hey!

Come here.
- Me?

Of course, you!
- Is it invalid?

Aren't you ashamed to give
just 5 paise to a beggar? - No!

Here! Take your 5 paise.
- Hey you!

Since you called my name and asked
for alms, I gave you 5 paise.

Keep it!
- I don't accept 5 paise.

I don't donate Rs 5.
- I don't need your 5 paise.

I won't take it back. - I don't
need it. Here you go!

Here! I'll give you 10 paise more.
Run away from here.

Get lost!
- Thank you!

Hello, dear. Are you
reading the magzine?

Yes, sir! - Please carry on
after you leave Rs 1.25.

I don't have money! - What?
Why do you come here without money?

I'm tired of freeloaders.
Put it down.

'I am not running a library
for you to read for free.'

I am not doing any charity.
Put the book down.

Get out of here.
Such a nuisance.

Freeloaders like you
wait for a chance

to exploit the bookshops!

You sang

really well!


your writing is brilliant.


What is your name?
- Gauri!

What is your name?
- Hari!

Where are you coming from?
- Kodaikanal!

What about you? - I come
from Melur near Madurai.

Are you fond of writing poetry?
- Yes! I do.

What about you?
- I love reading poetry

that others write.

Oh! Are you here?

I have been looking
for you all along.

Were you writing
poetry? - Yes!

I just started
writing a poetry for you.

But you've come
before the words did.

Well, what inspires poets
to write poetry?


I am not sure about others.

But as far as I am concerned,

my loneliness inspires
me to write poetry. - Gosh!

I hope I didn't disturb you.
I'll take leave. - No, Gauri.

I want you to stay close to me.
Only then the poetry in my heart

will see the light of the day!


Do you like my poetry?

Yes! Why do you ask?

You are the only one

who appreciates my
talent in this world, Gauri.

What class are you
studying? - I...

What about you?
- I have passed 10th grade.

The schools in our village

don't provide further education.
- There are lot

of good schools
in Kodaikanal.

Why don't you continue there?
- Kodaikanal and I are poles apart.

It will never come true.
- The temple reopens only at 4 PM.

Are you interested in picking
up shells with me until then?

Please come.
Come on!


Gosh! Grandma is calling.
Please come with me.

What happened, Gauri?
Where were you all this while?

Here! Take the offering.

Who is this boy?

I come from
Melur near Madurai.

My name is Hari. - Grandma, remember
the poetry I shared with you?

He had written it.
- Is it? Dear!

Many scholars like

Vivekananda and Shankara Acharya

have offered prayers
at this holy place.

Likewise, you must
also visit here often.

Here! Accept the offering.

There's not a drop
of water in this jug!

It's empty.
Neither the hotel staff

nor the dumbo bothered to refill!

Where is this dumbo?

Sure, grandma.
- 'Hey Dumbo!'

'Dumbo!' - Gosh! My uncle is
calling me. I got to go.

Hey fool!
- Coming, uncle.

I'll slap you! I have been dying
of thirst here. Where did you go?

Run! Go fetch water, donkey.
- Sure, uncle.

Gauri, close your eyes.
- Why should I?

Do as I say!
Close your eyes.

Open your hands.
- Why should I?

Just do it.

Yes! You can open
your eyes now.

Wow! It's a beautiful chain.
- Gauri, this is my small gift.

You must wear it around
your neck at all times.

I'll definitely wear this chain
at all times in your memory.

You seem lost in thoughts.
- Gauri!

Before I met you,

every day felt like
a torturous year to me.

But after meeting you, each day

passes at lightning speed.

You have ended the darkness

and brought light to my life.
All I pray for is

for us to talk endlessly.

No one must disturb us.

The time must freeze.

The sun should stay put
in the same place.

We must look at each
other at all times.

Then we must turn into statues.

What happened, Gauri?
I am doing all the talk.

But you haven't said a word.

I wish your prayers come true.

That's all I hope.
But we are going

to part ways soon.

I wish to hear you speak

and load my heart

with your memories
in the little time we have.

So I am staying silent.
- What are you saying, Gauri?

We are going back home
in sometime.

What do you mean?

When can we meet next?

I don't know either.

Will you come to Kodaikanal?
Here's my address.

No, Gauri!

I really wish to come.


I couldn't afford a meager
sum of Rs 1.25

to buy a Tamil weekly!

How can I dream
of coming to Kodaikanal?

I am poor! How can I
think of Kodaikanal

when I can't even
enjoy a summer rain?

We are leaving, dear.

God bless you, son.
Live a happy life.

Hey Dumbo! Why is he standin
still as though a snake bit him?

- Yes, uncle.

What is wrong with you?
You don't seem okay

ever since we returned
from Kanyakumari.

Were you haunted by ghost there?
- Nothing like that, uncle.

Did you haunt someone?

Hari, you're my hope
for running a grocery store.

We are the only shop that sells
all kinds of goods in our town.

We could have made Rs 25 if you
had opened the shop on time.

We're our losing our investment.
Go on, dear. Get going.

He will never reform!

I got to trash this
donkey to work.

Go! My Goodness!
My stock is going waste.

Come here! Why did you
let the cow feast on bananas?

Didn't you see the cow
eating the bananas?

How dare you write poetry now?

You've done enough.

Take these keys! Go home
and make chicken gravy!

I'm coming home for lunch.
Go! Get lost!

Go! Go!
Get away!

The shop looks empty. There's
no place to keep my umbrella.

Hey Harihara, the cinema world
is lying at my feet.

Everyone in our town is waiting
to see me. But you come late.

How dare you? Come upstairs.
- Yes! Come upstairs.

I am coming, sir.

Brother, please take my boy to
Madras and help him become a hero.

Of course! I've come
to Melur for the same.

I read Hariharan's poetry about
bamboo in a Tamil weekly.

So I took his poetry to a
famous music director.

He was thrilled upon reading it.

He wants Hariharan to be the
lyricist for his compositions.

Don't you worry! - No, Murgesan
brother. I wish to study further.

I wish to make it big like others.
Only then I can grow in life.

That's my dream.
- Wonderful!

Excellent! Whoa!

I'm going to write a story
about a boy who yearns to study.

A poor boy wants to study
but he is unable to.

Why not, brother?
Didn't he get books? - Silly!

He had all the books.
Yet he couldn't study.

They were a lot of teachers
to educate him.

His head was full of brains
and lush locks.

He opens his eyes
and picks a book!

Yet he couldn't study.
Why?- Oh Gosh!

Despite having it all,
why is he unable to

study? I can't bear the
suspense, brother.

Please tell me. - Though he had
the brains, interest, sight

and everything,
he still couldn't study.

Why? Why? Why?
- Brother!

I can't bear it. Please break
the suspense.

Why not?

Foolish, there was power cut. So
he couldn't study in the darkness.

Wow, brother! It never struck me.

Brother Murugesan, my uncle
has given me loads of work.

He will slaughter me if I
don't finish. I'll see you later.

I also wish
to interrogate your uncle.

I'll come soon. Get going.
- Sure, brother.

Oh divine mother!

Only my shop
should make good sales.

Only my fields must prosper.

No cow should eat
bananas from my shop.

Please grant sense
and responsibility to my assistant.

I'll make an offering for you.
- [Hums a song]

I got it!
- What is it?

Yes! I got it!
I got it! I got it!

Hurry up, brother. Do it.
I'll wait for you! - Ugh!

You senseless! I meant I got
an idea for dialogue. - Tell me.

'The mosquitoes breed in drainage
the saree is meant to be draped!'

This one dialogue will turn
my film into a blockbuster.

What about the story?
- I have no idea.

I can't think in this
godforsaken place.

I need a cool and calm location.
- Our terrace is cool. Shall we go?

I can smell fish curry.
- Ooty?

Do you want to see grandma?
Let's go to Kodaikanal.

It's a perfect spot
to kindle my creativity.

Brother Murugesan, can I also
come to Kodaikanal with you?

Please take me.
- I do need some assistance.

You must take copies and
make coffee. Let's go. - Brother.

Your dad is seriously ill
at the hospital.

Please wait for
10 days, brother.

I'll make a million
in 10 days, dude.

I don't want my 40 million
Tamil fans to suffer.

The astrologer has said that
my dad will kick the bucket soon.

Send a telegram after he dies.

I'll take the next flight.
What about you?

I have decided. I'll inform
my uncle and come soon.

Why is he so scared of his uncle?
Is he a monster? - Yup!


You won't let me eat in peace.
- No, uncle.

What is your issue?
- Mr Murugesan

is going to Kodaikanal
to write a story.

Let him write a story
or rear donkeys!

It's his job!
He is the prodigal son.

His father has a lot of assets.

His father suffered
a heart attack

due to his torture and is
at the hospital now.

Once his father dies, he'll squander
his wealth on drinks

and land on the streets. Do you
want to end up like him too?

No, uncle! - Do you want me to
come to the streets? - Uncle!

I wish to join a school there
and study further.

I need some money
for books and expenses.

Check if we have
a money plant at our backyard.

I am already serving you free food.

Go away, dumbo.
Get out of here.

He cut and chopped.
He continued to chop.

He dropped!

He shed his sweat relentlessly.
- Excellent.

He screamed! He yelled!

His uncle kept screaming at him.
- Wonderful!

Brother, somehow this dialogue

seems very familiar.
- Greetings, brother Murugesan.

What happened? - Keep your
voice low. Uncle is at home.

Hey Hari, I said
we're going to Kodaikanal.

Are you not ready yet?

Are you still slogging
for this butcher?

I've made all arrangements.
Get ready.

Yes! Everything is ready.

Here he comes!

Hey dumbo, these dogs will enter
when you leave the gate open.

Why do you waste your
time on them? Go in! Get lost.

You rascal, mind your tongue.
Don't provoke me and get bitten.

You'll need 40 injections
around your navel!

Shut up, you fool.
Don't act like a scholar.

You are an insult
to great writers like Kambar.

Kambar may be a great poet.
But I am the best screenwriter.

You're living off
your ancestral property.

Don't act like a genius.

I can sell my ancestral property.
Who are you to ask? - Hey!

How dare you enter my house!
Get out of here.

My friend lives here.
I'm here to see him.

You're exploiting
him like a slave.

I'll inform the Animal Welfare Board
to catch you like a stray dog

and lock you in a kennel.
That's an MLA promise!

Anyone can become
a MLA now. Hey!

Fetch that crowbar.
- Gosh!

Let me stab him to death.
- Hey, I'll bite your throat off!

No, brother! - What do
you want? - Brother!

You are a big shot here.
Don't stoop so low.

Please leave, brother.
- Fine! I'll do as you say.

Are we back at square one?
- No! I'm here to see you.

Take a good look.
Please leave, brother!

I feel like killing someone.
- Calm down, brother!

We'll find a film star to do it.

You'll be on news. Let's leave now.

Please! Let's go, brother.
- Okay! I'll do as you say.

You are good, brother.

Lord Muruga, the gracious one!
Please save just me.

Hey dumbo! Hey fool!
Hey useless!

Where the hell are you?
Hey, where is he?

He went to Kodaikanal
with Murugesan last night.

Sir, I thought
you would be busy writing.

But you are smoking non-stop.
No progress on the story.

Hey, are you mocking me?
Unlike a water tap, creativity

does not flow whenever you want.
- My goodness!

Didn't you find a better example?
Don't get me wrong.

I got to host a prayer for our
next film on the new moon day.

Else, I'll lose my name
in Kodambakkam! - I don't care.

I can't write as you please
and ruin my name.

Look! Find another screenwriter
if you can't wait.

The Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam
producers are waiting for me.

They'll come rushing
at my call! - Gosh!

No, sir. Instead of racking
your brains like this,

I suggest you watch
10 English films

and write a mixed story from it.

Off late, there is no paper
or pen at story discussion.

It takes place
with video cassettes and TV.

Very good idea!
Can we remake Doctor Zhivago

and present it as Doctor Kunchako?
- Doctor Kunchako?

It may work for a Malayalam movie.
But we're doing a Tamil movie.

Don't torture me.
They don't permit me

to write lust stories.
The people here don't appreciate

political stories. I'm stuck
with a stingy producer

like you who refuses
to shoot grand historic movies.

What else can I write about?

It's very simple,
Melur Murugesan sir.

Let's take the camera to
a village untouched by technology.

We can film an old man
grinding areca nuts,

a group of 5-6 women
making cow dung cakes,

a husband applying turmeric
on his wife's back near a well,

a group of young boys clad
in loincloth riding on buffaloes

singing a philosophical folk song.

Please write a story
about a guy in pants

falling in love with a girl with
lipstick in the given background.

It'll be a huge success
as per the trend now.

I need 20 days' time
to write the story in my style.

I'll keep it short
and sweet. Okay.

You've been chasing
me for the story.

Did you arrange for my fuel?

Here! Have this and get started.

This won't get me
beyond the title.

I have sent the boy to buy more.
He will get the bottles now.

He is fit only for this.
- What are you murmuring? - Nothing.

I got it! I caught it!

Did your legs get
caught in the chair?

Nah! I meant I got a story!

I'll write an epic love story
like 'Ambikapathy and Amaravathi.'

I can't believe it. - We got to
cash the audience emotions.

The producers earn more
with the public's tears. - I see.

Will you kill
the lovers in the end?

Don't mock my
thought process. -Sir!

What if things got serious and I
start crying instead of the public?

See it on the silver screen!
- Why are you late, you fool?

You must be more active
at your age in fetching drinks.

I wonder what you'll do in future.
- He'll brew liquor.

Why did you send him
to buy drinks? - Why not?

He is free in the morning.

Yes, Murugesan brother.
You write stories only at night.

I remain free through the day. So...

I wish to join some school

and pursue studies.
- Go ahead. I'll help you!

Find a school and let me know
how much you need for

the fees, books, uniform
and other expenses.

I'll ask him to pay
at once. - Sir!

Why should I pay for your
assistant's education?

Not only that! You will have to take
care of our food until we leave.

I shouldn't have come
to Kodaikanal from Kodambakkam.

What are you grumbling?

Nothing, sir. Dude, fry some
chicken and fetch it here.

What about the story?
- It will flash like a lightning!

I hope your story
doesn't steal my thunder.




How are you here?

When did you come?
- I came long ago!

You gave me your address
at Kanyakumari.

I truly regretted not taking it.

I looked for you

in every nook
and corner of Kodaikanal.

Gauri, where do you stay?

Everyone here knows

Dr Kalaivani's place of residence.

It's been long since I came here.
My folks will look for me. Bye!

Please do come home.

What is this, mother?
My pressure is

rising when I look
at your blood pressure.

You are no child for
me to advise everyday.

Can't you follow my advice
and have tablets regularly?

What is this, dear?
Don't treat me

like you treat your other patients.

No, mother.
I am not your daughter now.

I must act like
a responsible doctor.

You are highly diabetic.

I will have to worry
if you fall sick.

What is this?
Why is the coffee so sweet?

Which donkey served you
this coffee? - He did!

Where is he?
- Manmada!

'Manmada! Manmada!'

Gosh! Madam is calling.

Hey Manmada! - Did you
call me, madam? I'm coming.

Are you trying to act smart?
- I lost control, madam.

I can see! Why did you
add sugar to her coffee?

Gosh! I swear upon
our family deity!

I didn't add
any sugar to the coffee.

How is the coffee sweet then?
You are the one making coffee.

You better admit the truth.
- Trust me, madam.

I served coffee
and sugar separately.

Madam added sugar
to her coffee.

Don't justify your act.
Why don't you buy her chocolates?

Madam, please
don't be mad at me.

She is an old woman
and her health is not great.

She desires to have sweets.
It's wrong to stop her.

Don't make a big deal of it.
Let her enjoy food.

I also have a desire.
- What is it, madam?

To fire you!
- Sure, madam.

Madam! I'll never
serve her coffee with sugar again.

Nope! I won't serve anyone.
I will not buy sugar.

Can I bring you coffee with sugar?
- Stop kidding. Get out.

Where is Gauri? I've asked her
to give you tablets on time.

Where were the two of you?
I was looking for you!

Don't you know that you've
to give medicine to grandma?

I had gone to the temple to pray
for grandma's well being, madam.

I'll give her the medicine now.
- No need. I already did.

Did you have breakfast, Lakshmi?

You must eat on time.


Take the offering, grandma.

God is testing my family.

He has ruined
my daughter's happy life.

I hope God showers his
grace on my granddaughter.

God save us!


Couldn't you be careful?

Are you blind?

- What happened?

Did you get the eggs?

I made a mistake, brother.
- It's the usual story.

Did the hens
refuse to lay eggs?

A young girl bumped
her bicycle on to me.

I dropped the eggs... - So you
made omeletes on the road, is it?

The crazy producer
is not in town.

I gave you the little money I had.

You have lost everything
and come with bruised hands.

What do we have
for lunch now? - Brother!

There's little fish curry
leftover from yesterday.

Cool! Bring me
the leftover rice and the curry.

When will the producer
come and solve my hunger?

I felt elated when I saw you

at the temple.
- However,

I was quite confident

that I'd meet you again.
- Gauri!

I had lost all hopes soon after

we parted ways at Kanyakumari.

My heart stopped beating.
- Please come in!

Come in!

Gauri, your bungalow
looks great.

Very artisitic.
- Sit down.

I'll be right back.

Gauri, these paintings
look gorgeous.

Our Lakshmi painted all this.

She is Doctor's daughter.
Look that's Lakshmi and her mother.

Gauri, do you know
something? - What is it?

That girl ran her cycle into me.

Gosh! Did you get hurt?
- No! I am fine.

The girl got bruised.

How is grandma doing?
- She is unwell!

I've given her medicine.
She is sleeping now. Come in!

Sit down!

Have some coffee.

What about you?
- It's fine! You have it.

Gosh! Don't you know
your place? You are a maid here.

You are allowed to serve
leftovers to your guests

in a corner
and see them off quietly.

But you have made him sit
on the same table as our boss. Hey!

Though the girl asks you to sit,
don't you know your place?

I am sure no one in your lineage
has seen a chair before.

Don't cross your limits.
Get up! Get up now!

Get out of here.

Don't be mad at me
for being strict with him, Gauri.

I would never be angry with you.
You are my darling!

I've soaked the lentils. Grind it.
I'll join you soon!

Who is this guy
with fair complexion?

He looks smarter than me. I also
looked handsome when I was 16.

Ever since I started cooking
I turned dark like this ladle.

I must apply creams
and try to get fair.




Gauri, shall we
meet near the lake?

Gosh! Not now.
I'll come later.

Just come!
- You leave.

Someone might see!

It's the fair-skinned boy!

How dare you!

Get out of here, you racal!

Hey Gauri, I am waiting for you!
He is a young boy.

How dare you wave at him!
Do I not look cute? - You?

Here! There's not much difference
between you and this!

Do I look like
a black pot to you?

To hell with your love!

For how long do I keep looking
at the falls? Why are you late?

I can't get away
from that moron easily.

I saw him rush into the bathroom.

I locked him
from outside and ran away.

Gauri, shall we walk up that falls?

It will look great.
- No, dear.

Let's stay here. I heard
there is a witch on top of it.

She takes hold of
anyone who goes up.

No one has ever returned.

The local people have told me so!

Gosh! All that is rumor.
Let's go, Gauri.

No, dear. Let's sit here.
- You wait! I'll go.

Please don't.
Listen to me.

Fine! Why do you care if I go?

Why are you stopping me?
- I...

Ouch! It hurts.

You've sharp nails.
- Let it hurt!

This pain should remind you
of me at all times.

Where is Hari now? - Thanks to you.
He must have gone to school!

My astrologer's predictions
have come true.

My dad died soon after Jupiter
moved to Aries. - It's my bad luck!

Your dad died before
we finalized the script. - Brother!

Where are you going?
- Don't worry! My dad died.

He will give you some money.
Manage with that.

Otherwise, come back to town.
Give him some money!

What are you looking at?
Don't be shocked.

I'm going to hold
the funeral at his expense.

Let's postpone the film meet.

You can't exploit
a producer like this.

You don't have a choice. Come.

Should I also bear
the 10th day expenses? - Of course!

Don't keep asking me.
Get in!

Start the car.
- Sir, petrol?

We are going downhill.
Just run it on neutral.

Bye! See you!

Why do you look dull?
Are you unwell?

Mr Murugesan

has gone back to town.
- So what? Why do you worry?

I don't think he will return.

I'll also have to go
back to town. - What will you do

after going back?
- I am feeling scared

when I think about it.

I eloped from home

without informing anyone.

I feel scared to go,
face my uncle again.

I don't know
if I'll get to meet you

ever again!

Please come with me.
My boss asked me to bring you.

Who said so?
- Grandma!

It's quite sad
when brilliant students

are unable to study

because of lack of resources, dear.

You can eat here
and stay with us.

Don't starve, my child.

However, you must help
our cook Manmadan.

Do you agree, dear?

I'll do as you say, grandma.

Okay then! Take him inside, dear.
- Thanks a lot, grandma.

It's okay, dear.
- Come with me.

'Glory to Lord Ram!'

Hey, you ran him down
with your cycle.

Do you recognize him?

We met him
when we went to Kanyakumari.

His name is Hari. He is studying
in our village school.

Grandma has asked him
to stay in our house.

"Is there anyone to beat
Manmadan here?"

"Is there anyone? I wonder"

"why are you upset with me."

"Is there anyone to beat..."
- Hey, Mann...

- Call me Manmadan, not Mann.

Okay. Grandma has asked us
to let him join us in the kitchen.

You kept roaming here and there
and finally, landed in my place.

What work do you know?
- I'll do anything that you ask me.

You have to fetch water.
- Okay.

You have to heat it.
- Okay, sir.

Then pour it on me.
- Okay, sir.

Once you bathe me with soap,
I will then teach you

my job.
- Okay, sir.

Testing times, indeed!

Why are you eating carrot?
- I want to be fair like him.


Sir? - Come here.
Madam has to leave for hospital?

- Isn't she calling?

- Everything has to be arranged?

So then, go. You keep
smiling at that girl. Run!

Get me apple juice when you come
back. - Should I make it for you?

We must drink apple juice.
I will make him stand near the fire

for so long that his
complexion will turn dark.

- Yes, madam?

Ratnam, who brings me
lunch usually is on leave today.

Do you know to ride a cycle?
- Yes, I do.

You get me lunch today.
Don't be late. - Okay.

Doctor, please check
and tell me if my baby is fine.

There's nothing to worry.
Your baby is fine.

It will be a normal delivery, okay?

Grandma did not even have
half a cup of soup.

She says, there's no taste.- Gauri,
don't doubt my culinary skills.

The soup is tasty,
she has no taste.

Because she is under
heavy medication.

Give me the lunch box soon. I need
to deliver it to madam. I'm late.

Won't you have lunch?

That's okay. I'm getting late
for school. - Fair skinned boy...

There are lot of curves in
Kodaikanal. Go carefully.

If you drop the food,
madam will skin me alive.

What makes you laugh?
Did you pack pickle? - Yes, I did.

First, send this with him. - He has
to go to school. Let him eat and go.

Will he become a collector
once he finishes his education?

Listen, we can have lunch
only after madam has lunch.

This is the rule I have made.
- How will he study,

on an empty stomach?
- He cannot.

But the rule I made
cannot be altered either. Give it.

Serve this as well.

Gauri, rice cannot be eaten
without a gravy.

Neither can gravy be eaten without
rice. Without you, I'm incomplete.

Your fingers are like carrot.
Your cheeks...

They're like tomato.
Your face is like a cabbage.

In all, you're a complete meal.

'I will never go away from you.
- Really?'

My darling. Never go away from me.

Okay, dear?
Promise me, you won't ever leave me.

I know you well.

What is so rough?

It's a dog! It ate my food. Gauri!

Excuse me,
is this boy very popular

among the students?
- Yes, madam.

Poor boy, he studies in school
all day and during the night,

he works at someone's house
as a help so he can pay the fee.

I see.

The Princpal who is here
to preside the function,

our Chief guest who is here to grace
the occasion with her presence,

the kind-hearted lady,
Dr Kalaivani madam,

everyone present here and my
dear friends, I greet you all.

In this poetry meet,

when I saw this crowd,
I hesitated in the beginning.

The title of my poem is,
'A poor man's dream'!

I gathered words, and to write it
down, I looked for a paper.

The pen I hold in my hand

kisses the paper,
but it also reminds me of something.

I ask the pen
why did it stop writing.

Why did it kill my emotions?
Why did it wake me from my dream?

My pen stumbles immediately.

And tells me, the ink refused
to flow out and hence it stopped.

The reason being my poverty.
But poetry still comes to my mind.

That is the beauty of poverty.

I have struggled many a times,
because I had no ink or no pen.

It's a shame if I say that
as I feel bad for the paper.

Thousands of song lyrics
are hidden in my heart,

but I have no notebook
where I can pen them down.

A printed note called currency
is the reason for my miseries.

God, please show me a way out.

Put an end to the darkness in my life
and light a lamp of enlightenment.

I prayed to God.
I don't know if Goddess Saraswati,

Kalaivani heard my prayers or no,
but my guarding angel with a heart

of gold, Ms Kalaivani
led me to light.

Clothes to wear, food to eat,
shelter above my head,

a way to study... When I was craving
for these, she showed me light.

May that mother live for long.

Better than doing a hundred
noble deeds is

the deed of helping a student
who wants to study.

It is because such mothers
help children like me,

that we are able
to complete our education.

It is her kind heart
that the students in this school

are provided with free books,
every year.

In short, she is a woman
with a golden heart.

I am indebted to her
and I thank her for doing her part.

I extend her a warm welcome,

and end my welcome speech.

Mom, do you know
what happened today?

What is it, dear?
You look very happy today.

What happened?
- Today, Hari spoke

in school with such intelligence.

My God! I never imagined he
was so good. Wasn't that brilliant?

The thought that I made such an
intelligent boy do household chores

is pricking me. He wishes
to study and progress in life.

I wish to help him. - This is
the right age to shape him.

As soon as I saw this boy,

I had this gut feeling
that he'll definitely be

very successful in future.
- You're correct, mom.

It is true that you recognised
the real talent in him.

I somehow missed to notice it.

Good night.
Where is he? Hari...


You need not do the household
chores anymore.

The Headmaster of your school
was all praises for you.

He expects you to top the class,
in the final exams.

So, I want you to concentrate more
on your studies. - I will, madam.

I'll also work.- No, I'll arrange a
room for you. Stay there and study.

Thank you so much, madam.
- I forgot to ask who pays your fee.

I have no one.

One of my friends who brought me
here from our village,

enrolled me in school
and paid my initial fees.

And then, he left me here
and went back to our village.

Oh, no. That's bad.

Okay. If you need any money,

take it from our Estate manager,
Mr Mali. - Madam...

What is it? - If you could
please assign me some work...

What is that for? I got it.

Do you find it embarrassing
that I'm paying your fee? Okay.

Why don't you help our Estate
manager and assist him in accounts?

Thank you so much, madam.
- Good night. - Good night.

Do ou know something?
- Tell me what did madam say.

I have got freedom from Manmadan.

Wow! Is it?

What are you whispering
in her ears? Go and cut vegetables.

Else, I will throw you out of here.
- That's not possible.

You cannot order him around anymore.

Madam has told him

to assist the Estate manager.
- You come with me.

Fair skinned guy, wait and see.

Some day when you are asleep,
I'll apply charcoal on your face.

Then I'll see
how she continues to love you.

Gross income from salary
minus source deduction.

Rs 1275.
- Hmm.

Income from plantation...
- Hmm?


Minus wages paid at site...

Paid at site... why is there
no revert? - Hmm...

Bank interest...
Bank interest paid...

Rs 17000.

I'm telling you about bank interest
while your interest is elsewhere.

No, sir. I have a small doubt.

What? - Instead of describing
in detail, what if we write

the same thing in short?
Everyone will understand at least.

That's the secret of our job.

If we write in a manner
that anyone understands,

why would people like me be hired?
Just write down what I say.

She switched loyalty
as soon as she saw him.

Sir, what about your desires?
- Vembu...

Sir?- Who did I make Idli
in the morning for?

For Gauri. - Who did I make
the roast in the noon for?

For Gauri. - Who did I apply
scent on my body for?

Of course, for Gauri.
- I'm wearing this watch. For who?

Who is all this for?

Who is all this for?


Hari... - Madam? - On your way, tell
Gopal to send a good electrician.

The heaters are under repair.
- Okay, madam.

And what about the telephone
bill? - I'll pay it, madam.

I'll get the money. - No, there is
balance from what I took yesterday.


'I want to go to the market.'
Hair, please wait.

Lakshmi wants to go shopping.
Take her along.

Okay, madam.
- Bye.

Buy me a dozen safety pins.

Isn't this beautiful?

Did you like it?

I'll buy it for you.
Keep it as a gift from me.

You sketch so well.

Continue to make sketches.

The girl who is enchanted
by the music from the flute.

She is beautiful.

'Are there beautiful girls
in your class?'

Can anyone be as beautiful
as you, Lakshmi?'

Can anyone be as beautiful
as you, Lakshmi?'

Can anyone be as beautiful
as you, Lakshmi?'


I surrender to you.

No, it's late night.
And I need to study for my exam.

Good night.


I asked you to get safety pins.
Did you get it for me?

Oh, no...

I completely forgot.

Yeah, right.

You forgot the pins or me?


why are you being so rude?
- I want to learn that game.

Will you teach me now or not?

Are you kidding?

I have an exam tomorrow.
I need to study.

And you want me to
teach you chess now?

You won't like to play with me.
On seeing her play chess,

you smile at her.
If a house help comes,

you will only feel like
shouting at her.

Hello, sir.
- Hello.

- What?

Doctor isn't at home.
Come in the morning to see her.

I am not here to see a doctor or
nurse. The help in the kitchen here,

call him out.
- You mean, Manmadan?

Did he change his name
as soon as he got here?

Call that unfaithful dog,
who came without informing me.

Don't shout, sir. Grandma
is unwell. I'll call him out.

So what if she is unwell?
Let her die. Why do I care?

We have other things
to worry about.

Sir, your bravery
is being put to test.

What is it? - A man is
waiting outside to kill you.

What will you do?- Entire Madurai
city shivers on hearing my name.

Is someone here to kill me?

That one isn't sharp enough.
Here, take this sickle.

Come on. Let's go out.
- You walk ahead of me.

Let me go.
- Sir...

I will see...
- No, sir. - Let me go.

Let me go. Hold, or else
I will kill him. He really did.

Hey, you...

I heard you wanted to kill me.
Go ahead. - Hold on.

I was mistaken.
You got me wrong.

I heard that a boy from my village
is working in the kitchen here.

Hence I came to meet him.
His name is Hari.

Oh, him? There he comes.

Hello, uncle.
When did you come? - Uncle?

Hari, is that you?

Is he your uncle?
- Yes.

Hello, sir.
- Okay, go and get coffee.

Please come.

Come in.

Come in, uncle. Please...

Please take a seat.

Hari, Murugeshan told me
that you were here.

I was passing by and so,
dropped in to see you.

Not bad. You are at a good place.

Yes, uncle. The people here
are all good. - Is it?

Well, what is the work
you do and how much do they pay?

Well, it's not a job
and I don't get paid.

I am like another
member of this family.

Well, how is everyone at home?

The village is still the same.
But I am managing without you.

I feel bad about it.

Anyway, I am running late.
I need to make a move now.

I have to go back to our village.

I'll leave. - Okay, uncle.
I'll drop you

in the car up to
the bus-stand. - It's okay.

Never mind, please come.

Come, uncle.
We'll go in the car.

It's okay, son.
I'll go walking.

Hari, come to our village
whenever you find leisure time.

I know you won't like
to come there.

But do come some day.

I will come, uncle.
- Hari...

If I have hurt you with my words,
don't keep it in your heart.

I really love you
and that's why, I behaved so.

That is what made you
what you are today. - Uncle...

I am what I am,
with your blessings. - Hari...

My blessings are always with you.


Shall I make a move?


Why are you looking so happy
today, Llakshmi?

I see. What is the great secret?

Won't you tell me?

I won't ask you for a share.

You want to get married?

Who is the groom?

You drew a big question mark.

That means, you won't tell me
who it is. I'm leaving.

I have enough chores to do.
I'm going.

Gauri, today is my birthday.

Why didn't you tell this earlier?

I would have prepared
milk pudding for you.

We are all

mere servants.

We are among those
who regret having born.

We aren't among those
who can celebrate their birthday.

Nothing can change

the fact that I'm an employee.
- Do you still

remember that?

Gauri, why did you ask me that?
- Well...

I thought you have changed.
- Gauri...

You have misunderstood me.

My attire and style
may have changed,

but my heart is still the same.
I haven't changed.

I am still the same old Hari.
- You mean...

Do you still like me?
- What did you ask?

Whether I like Gauri or not.

Do you like only me?

I like only you.

Don't you like anyone
else but me? - No, I don't.

Why are you asking me
this silly question?

Promise me that you only like me.

I promise, I like only you.

Thank God, although she had
a chest pain, she is out of danger.

Dr Vani, you diagnosed correctly
at the right time.

It isn't advicable to shift
your mom to a hospital

in this critical condition. - I
understand, doctor. I'm prepared.

I'll keep all the life saving
drugs ready. - That's right.

Mr Mali, call me if there's
an emergency. Okay? - Yes, doctor.

I am not worried

about my death, dear.
But before that,

I wish I could see
my grand-daughter's wedding.

Mom, getting Lakshmi married...

It isn't that easy, mom.
Will that even happen?

That boy...

He is good in studies,
isn't he?

What do you mean, mom?

I am talking about Hari.
- Mom...

You make no sense, mom.

We cannot take a hasty
decision in this matter.

Don't confuse yourself.

Get good rest.

I'll send Gauri here.
Good night.


Lord Ram broke the bow.

The entire court was amazed.

The Kings gathered
were suprised.

Goddess Sita who was watching,
felt highly elated. - That's enough.


Lord Ram broke the bow.

Next is the wedding chapter,
right? - Yes, grandma.

We'll hear that later.
This is enough for today.

You go and study.

Lord Ram.
Glory to you.

As per the story, Sita prepared
herself for the wedding.

My grand-daughter...

You are ready too.

Lord Ram...

Why did she run smiling?

I pray that her smile
lasts forever.

My wish is that you live longer.

That depends on her wedding.

But she isn't of marriageable
age as yet. - Leave! If not marriage

at least... Vani...

At least get Hari
and Lakshmi engaged

so that I can see them together

and then die at peace.

My soul will rest in peace.
- Madam...


What is it?

There's a call from the hospital
that a patient is quite serious.

Mom, I'll be back soon.
- Okay.

I've brought milk for you.
Please have it.

Keep it on the table and leave.

You left your dinner mid-way
and walked away without eating.

I have heated the milk
only for you.

If I leave it here and go,
the cat might drink it.

Then I will regret.

Grandma might need something.
You be with her.

Why do you look upset?

Oh, no! Your hand is warm.

- Are you unwell? Sit down.

Sir, give it all.
- Here you go.

Manmada, I think grandma

is taking a hasty decision
about the marriage.

I agree with you.

He has no kith or kin and they
want madam's daughter to marry him.

I can't bear it too.
- She spoke about their engagement.

And did not fix the wedding date.
- Whatever...

But grandma's wish is to have
a grand function for the engagement.

Lot of people will come for
the function. For her soul to rest

in peace, should I make arrangements
for the function right away?

You rogue! She is still alive.

How could you miscalculate
and plan things in this state?

Do you think this is fair, elephant?
- Why are you scolding me?

Don't you know what we were
talking about?

Hari and Lakshmi
are getting engaged.

'Should I go to Paris
or New York for my honeymoon?'

'Mr and Ms Lakshmi Hari.'


New York, Paris!

Ms Lakshmi Hari?!


I did not know

anything about this.

Everyone is

talking different things.

I don't want to continue
going to school

or study.

I will better run away from here.


This is such a nuisance!

No. I am the only nuisance for you.

I will go away.

Your life need not be
ruined because of me.

Will you go away from me?
- I won't, Gauri.

I won't leave you ever.

I don't want to inform
everyone, invite our relatives

and have a grand function
for the engagement.

It's only a function.

Only for the happiness
of my mom.

Whatever needs to be done
as per rituals,

can be done after a couple
of years. And that too,

only as the two of you
wish and as per your convenience.


My grand-daughter

is mute.

What other flaw
does she have in her?

Madam, shouldn't we call his
relative and have a word about it?

Tell me what your opinion is.


Lakshmi is a very nice girl.

I really like her.
I sympathize with her.


Right now, I am not in a state

to make any decision.
- What do you mean?

Tell us openly about
what you think.

My mom...

We're doing all this only for her.

She is weaving dreams
about you both.

You helped me study.

I am thankful to you
for that. - Hari...

Is it because my daughter
is mute

that you don't want to
marry her? - Madam...

You've misunderstood me.

I never felt

Lakshmi is mute.


I am unable to speak.

I have a lot to say,

but I cannot.

But one thing is for sure.

I don't want to marry now.

Please don't

compel me.

I understand what your problem is.

I won't let you walk on that path.
I know what's in your mind.

If we bring a stray dog home
and give it a bath,

it will still go back
to the streets.

You were given all comforts here.
Had they raised a dog instead,

it would've been loyal to them.
You ungrateful dog!

'Mom, I don't wish to gain
anyone's sympathy or support.'

'You don't worry that I did not
give a life I wished for.'

'Please don't compel Hari
for my sake.'

'I am all right.'


Gauri, I...

They say, one should be
lucky enough for everything.

I am not fortunate enough, so
what's the point in blaming anyone?

Do you also think

that I would've agreed
for this marriage willfully? - Yes.

Everyone says that you have agreed.
- So what if others say it?

Will that become true?
- Does that mean,

the wedding is not going to happen?


If anybody sees us both talking
here, things will take an ugly turn.

You leave.

Come here.

I couldn't explain things,
in front of my mom.

When I asked you if you will
marry Lakshmi,

you remained silent and stammered.
Now, I understand the reason.

You came from somewhere.

I accepted you as a part
of my family.

I educated you. Of course,

you did many things
in return for us.

But for that reason,

I won't compel you
to marry my mute daughter.

I am not so heartless.
- Madam...

You have...
- I understood everything.

You are in love
with our maid.

I don't find it wrong.


My daughter who is naive,

you made her fall
in the trap of love...

Why did you do that?

You could have told me openly.


How could I have told you

about my confused state?
- Stop it!


You shut up!

As far as I know,
there cannot be smoke without fire.

A fish won't fall in the net
without a bait.

You gave false hopes
to an innocent girl.

You became a reason
to hurt her feelings.

You will have to pay for it.
You have committed a sin.

Poor girl, my Lakshmi...

Lakshmi has

none other than you.

My husband kept a maid servant
as his keep

and so, abandoned me.

The one my daughter Lakshmi
fell in love with,

also abandoned my daughter
for a maid servant.

I was separated from my love,
after I was married.

But my daughter lost her love,

even before she got married.

It's all right.

'There cannot be smoke
without fire.'

'A fish won't fall into a trap
without a bait.'

'Can there be any girl
as beautiful as you, Lakshmi?'

'You became the reason to hurt
the feelings of an innocent girl.'

'You committed a sin.
You will have to pay for this.'

'Not even God will forgive you.'

'My husband kept a maid
servant as his keep'

'and so, he abandoned me.'

'The one my daughter
fell in love with, '

'also abandoned my daughter
for the sake of a maid servant.'

'I was separated from my husband
only after I got married.'

'But my daughter lost her love,
even before she got married.'

'Did you ask whether I like Gauri
or not? - Well...'

'Do you like only me?'

'I promise, that I only like you.'


Lakshmi, what is it that I lack in?

Nothing at all. I'll marry anyone.

But you are mute.

I will get you married to Hari.

Hari will definitely listen me.
Come with me.

'I'm responsible for Lakshmi's
love failure.'

'I am responsible
for the tears in everyone's eyes.'

'Please forgive me.
I am going to atone'

'for my sin
at the waterfalls.'