Polsestra (2019) - full transcript

Half-sisters from a small coastal town who were never that close are forced by circumstance to share a flat in Ljubljana.

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You're still wearing
that old jacket?

Ciao, Mom.

Do you have something to eat?

Isn't it cold here?

You come here once
every three, four months,

upset me, and then you leave.

I'm not leaving yet.

Do you have those
600 euros to lend me?

Are you really leaving him?

I already have.

My things are at Sanela's.


Can you lend me
the money or not?

If you have no other option,
you can come back home.

What are you talking about?
I have a job in Ljubljana.


Why can't we ever
talk without arguing?

I don't want you to lose
everything and regret it.

That's all I'm saying.

Don't you think I know
best what's happening?

I'm unhappy with my life.

Can you put this ball
in and button it up?

Why are you doing this?
Are you crazy?

I have apnea.

What's that?

It's when you stop
breathing in your sleep.

You can die from it.
- How do you know you have it?

I keep waking up
in shock at night

with my mouth completely dry.

I need these balls,
so I don't turn on my back.

Who told you to do this?

Doctor Kulesic.

Why didn't you tell
me about it before?

Because you only care
about your problems.

Everybody wants a deposit
and payment in advance

and the agency takes a
month's rent for their cut...

Hey, where do you
think you're going?

Go fuck yourself, you slut.

What did you say?!

I said she's a slut,
look at her.

Why don't you look at
yourself you piece of trash!

They should run you
people out of the country!

Say that again if you dare!
- You heard me!

Are you sick?
I'm calling the police!

Stop filming, you stupid cunt!

Neža, calm down!
Everybody's watching.

Leave me alone.
They were looking for a fight!

Go fuck yourself!

You're like your old man,
no ethics, no morals...

You wait. I'll fuck you up!

Don't touch me!
I'll kill her!

Calm down.
Let's get out of here.

You're sick!
Get some help!

Stay away from me
you retarded cunts!

What do you want from me?
Aren't you in Ljubljana?

What's up with you?

Are you still at university?

What's wrong with you?
I graduated two years ago.

Don't you talk with father?

Do you have work?

Go fuck yourself.
Mind your own business.

Fuck you for talking to me like that.
- Just leave me alone.

I was renting rooms
to stupid tourists.

AirBnB, Bookingxom,
stuff like that.

I quit the job because
I hate the tourists.

Who do they think they are?

They rent a cheap apartment
and act like royalty.

They complain if there's no
hot water like it's a big deal!

They can all go fuck themselves!

And then it's my fault if they
refuse to pay the cleaning fee.

Thank god I'm
getting out of here soon.

Where will you go?

If you really wanna know,
I signed up

for an MA in communications.

I like communications
and all that.

Here in Koper?
- No, in Ljubljana.

How is father?
- What do you wanna know?

You shouldn't take so
many tranquilizers.

What else should I do?

You'll get hooked.
If you're not already.

I saw Neža yesterday.
Did you know she graduated?

There's a lot of
rumors about her.

You know what I suggest?
Go back home to Brane.

I'm sure you can
solve your problems.

- Ciao.

What brings you here?

I wanted to see you.

Since I couldn't
get you on the phone.

How's the team this year?

So-so. Sixth place in
the second league.

The refs keep blowing
whistles at us.

How's the job?

Fine, but the pay is lousy.

How's Brane?

We're getting a divorce.

Really? Just like that?

Yes, just like that.

Did he cheat on you?

Let's not get
started on this dad.

How did you divide up your things?
You both satisfied?

No, the apartment
is his grandmas anyway.

And where will you go?

I heard Neža's
coming to Ljubljana.


She wants
to continue her studies.

That's what we promised her.

You're gonna pay for her rent?

I will.

Do you think
I could move in with her?

In that apartment?

Just for a couple of months
until I get myself back together?

Just a temporary option?

How would you two get along?
You think it could work out?

I can adapt.

It's not easy with her.
She's a strict vegetarian.

There's worse things than that.

I can live with it.

She's a choleric. I don't
even know how to ask her.

You want me to ask her?

I'll talk to her
at the right time.


- Ciao.

- Ciao.

Now what?
You're still here?

Haven't seen you in years
and nowl see you every day.

I go back to Ljubljana tomorrow.

Didn't you go to
Koperwith your mom?

We had a fight. She doesn't
know how to give up.

I'm going to the market
to get something to eat.

Are you two hanging out now?
Does your mother know about it?

Come on, Neža.
Keep some things to yourself.

Be a little more civilised.
Come on.

Silvo, what exactly does
“civilised“ mean to you?

How do you understand
that concept?

Come here, Jimmy!

Are you my good boy...

I'm leaving.

Neža, are you coming with me?
- No.

See you.
- Ciao.

How's your mother?

You know. She's nuts.

You're getting a divorce?
- Who told you that?

You're coming back to huh?

To live with her?
No way.

Irena, is that girl
waiting for you?

Just a moment.
I'll be quick.

Is this haircut OK?
- Yes.

Here, this is
the bathroom, the kitchen,

there's the balcony...

Where's my room?

You can't get a two-bedroom
apartment for this price.

It's really hard to get
anything for long-term.

Everyone rents out
to tourists, you know that.


I can't go home tonight.
There's no more buses.

Let's smoke on the balcony so
we don't stink up the place.

Are you serious?

You and dad really
screwed me over.

The moment I saw you in Izola
I knew there would be trouble.

You can sleep
on the couch if you want.

I don't want.


I'm off to work.
The keys are on the table. Ciao!

This place is such a
shit-hole. It sucks.

I can't stand her.
How long is she staying?

Hello, are you still there?

She's driving me crazy.

Silvo, you screwed me over good.

I sleep on the floor like
a refugee, thanks a lot.

She says you can only get crap
for this kind of money.

How's Jimmy?

You're accepted as a part-time
student, not full-time.

Why didn't someone
inform me before?

Didn't you read the notice
we sent you?

You were three credits short.

What does that mean?

You can register as a
part-time student, if you like.

What's the difference?

It's the same program,
but there's tuition.

How much?
- 1800 per semester.

- Of course, what else?

Son of a bitch.

I'll have a beer.
- What kind?

- What kind?

Any kind.

It's so fucking cold outside.
- It's not that bad.

Dad told me you're a vegetarian.

So he told you
everything about me?

And I'm vegan,
if you really want to know.

You don't eat meat,
and what else?

I don't eat eggs, milk,
and honey too.

What do you eat then?

Everything else.

For example?

Don't mess with me.
Mind your own business.

So your mother never cooks meat?

I'm not my mother.
Remember that.

I didn't mean anything by it.

Of course not. Not at all.

You never would.

How's your sister?

You look grumpy today.

Sanela, can we switch?
Can you take over the gentleman?

Yes, sure.
- I'll wash her.

Why are you hiding out there,
for fuck's sake?

You told me
to smoke on the balcony.

I'm following your rules.

Have you been here all day?

That's none of your business.
I was at school.

Who are you trying to fool?

What are you saying?

Could you stop staring at me?

I'm not staring, don't mind me.

Aren't you going home
for the weekend?

What will I do in Izola?

Jimmy hasn't
seen you in two weeks.

Dogs have no concept of time.
Didn't you know?

Two weeks or two minutes,
it's all the same to them.

It's true.

It got cold.
- Yup.

Can I borrow something to wear?

Not really. Most of my
winter stuff is still at Brane's.

Tell him to bring it here.

It's not that simple.
He's always blackmailing me.

You want me to get your stuff?

Would you really go there?


Shit, you scared me.
I thought you weren't home.

The bell doesn't work.
What's up?

“Em sent me tn get
he: maker domes.

Why didn't she come herself?

You know, “ma.
- hem sent you?

Am I some kind of
psychopath in this scenario?

I don't want to get involved.

Just bring me
her stuff and I'll go.

If not, no big deal.
- Come on,

What now?
Come in.

Get them yourself.

This one's not bad.

Take the pink one, too.

I don't like it.

Is this for yourself
or for Irena?

For her. But I really
don't like her style.

You still working that
Amy Winehouse look?

I always liked your style.

It's interesting that you
and Irena get along now.

Who says we do.

Let's have a drink.

No thanks.

A quick one.
Good schnapps.

We never really had
a chance to talk.

What do we have to talk about?

Neža, come on.

OK, give me that booze.
But just a quick one.

That's great
you two are cool now.

But it is a little weird.

We're just roommates.

She once told me
you're retarded.

You don't need to tell me that.

I took a lot shit in my life.
From men and from women.

Nothing can hurt me anymore.

I think you're cool.


I noticed you before,
at the wedding.

You're a lot more
grounded than Irena.

That's just your impression.

You Ljubljana people
don't have a sense for humor.

I'm from Maribor.

Same shit.

What if you two make up

so she can come back home?

That would be
best for everybody.

I'm not the problem here.

Good schnapps indeed.

We could get along,
if we knew each other better.

I'm sure no one understands you.

And you do?

Don't go.

What do you want from me?

You'd fuck her half-sister
just not to suffer so much?


Come on, Neža,
you got me all wrong.

Tell Irena to call me.

Say something good about me.

Like what?

I don't know.
Think of something.

I'll think about it.

OK, take care and be cool.
- For sure, I have always been.

He let you take the stuff
just like that?

What else was he supposed to do?

And what did he say?

Call him and find out.

You're his PR agent now?

I'm just telling
you what he told me.


What else was said about me?

What do you want from me?

Why did you even marry him?

He wasn't always like that.

What was he like?
He was always a creep.

How would you know?
You only met him three times.

And he was a creep each time.

Where do you find
these frustrated jerks?

Did he come to you for
a haircut, or what?

Are you fucking with me?

OK, I'm just trying talk to you.
I'm curious.

Forget it.

Krona, open the fucking door'.!

Shit, you have
such negative energy.

Could you at least wait a little?

Why are you so
pissed-off all the time?

Why are you so
fucking pissed-off?

You're so self-obsessed
it's unbelievable.

You could keep your mouth
shut every once in a while.

And brushing your teeth
wouldn't kill you either!

And you could be nicer to me.

You only need me
for the apartment, don't you?

Not everything
is about you, you know?

Same goes for you.
So what if you got divorced?

Can you stop bringing that up?

Like it's your problem
and not mine.

A poor hairdresser breaks up
with some idiot. Such a tragedy!

You think you're so smart?

Yes, I'm smart.

I'm fucking smart.

How can you be a
fucking communicologist,

when you can't even talk
like a normal person?

Is it my fault
you're uneducated?

If you went to college,
your life would be better.

At least you
wouldn't be so dumb.

You don't have to tell me
how dumb I am,

because I know exactly
how dumb I am.

Why don't you think a little
how dumb you are!

You want me to tell you?

Go ahead. Tell me!

You're dumb as fuck!

You think I don't know what
all of Izola says about you?

And what do they say?

Just look at yourself!

You look at yourself!
And think about your life!

My life is quite clear to me.

My life would be fine
if it wasn't for you.

Do you want me
to jump off the balcony?

Do what you want,
I don't give a shit.

You're crazy.
Just like your mother.

What are you talking about?
You're just like your mother.

Go fuck yourself.

Fuck you and your mother, Anesa!

Who do you think you are?

Fuck you and your crazy mother!

Fuck you and your...
I don't even want to say it.

Say it!
What about my mother?

Sol can hear you.
What did you want to say?

I know very well
what you want to say.

How do you know
what I want to say?

I've known all along.
You think I didn't?

Say it with your
beautiful Slovenian mouth.

Fuck you and your
Albanian mother. Am I right?

Dad leaving your crazy mother
wasn't the worst thing.

The worst thing is that he
left her for an Albanian.

How embarrassing!

What do you want me to say?

My mom and I are the ones
who got their lives ruined.

And after all that you come
to live in my apartment?

Shut the fuck up!
Your apartment?

Dad pays rent, I pay
the expenses. What do you pay?

There's not an ounce
of morality in you.

You're lucky he's such a pussy,

a normal guy would already
put you in a nuthouse.

Get the fuck out!

Where are you going?

I asked you something.


1 need some tucking
document to enroL.

Can't they send it?

How are you getting there?

What do you care?

Sorry I'm late.
- No problem.

What'll you drink?
- Water.

Come on, what will you drink?
- Wa-ter.

Mineral water for her.


So, where will you live?
With Neža?

You could at least
give me the car.

How did you figure that out?

I need the car.
Come home and you can have it.

Look. I've decided.
- What did you decide?

I've decided it's too late.

What about what
I think and what I feel?

I don't give a fuck about
how you feel, don't you get it?

So tell me
are you going to sign it or not?

I just can't. I can't
go against myself.

If you don't want to sign,
we'll have to solve this

a different way. I'll need
to talk to my attorney.

Why aren't you listening to me?

Don't make a fool
out of me again.

It's enough, I gotta go.

Irena, come on.

I gotta go to work.

Are you gonna stalk me again?

- Ciao.


Hi, Brane.

Is everything okay?

Brane, what do you want?
- I came for a haircut.

Come on, leave. -Can't I...
- Just leave, please!

We can't discuss it here.
- Okay, then where?

We'll talk about it later.

I don't want to bug you,
but I can't live like this.

We can't discuss it here.

I don't recognize you anymore.
I don't know where this is going.

You know very well
where this is going.

Okay, where?
- Come on, give me a break.

I have to go.
- You left on an impulse.

It's not the way
to solve problems.

Hi, Brane. How are you?
- Fine.

You have a dye-job
in ten minutes.

I really have to go.

Are you depressed again?

Fuck off.

I know you too well
and this isn't you.

Or has Neža had that much
influence on you?

I'll call the police, I swear.

Because you're stalking me,
don't you get it?

I don't like your tone.

I don't give a fuck what you
like and what you don't.


I don't give a fuck what you
like and what you don't.

You don't give a fuck?
- I don't give a fuck!

I definitely give a fuck!

Come with me
and we'll talk it over!

Let me go!
- Don't use that tone.

Don't touch me!
-Don't use that tone, just come with me.

Don't make a scene.
- Who's making a scene?

Am I making a scene?
- Yes, you're making a scene again.

Just wanna know what's the problem.
- You know what's the problem.

- Let me go.

What's going on here?
Are you OK?

Go inside.
- Yes.

What's wrong with you, Brane?
You gone crazy?

I'll call the police,
if you don't leave.

Now you're all against me?
Everything is OK.

Just don't make a scene
in front of my shop.

Go have a coffee somewhere
and calm down. Walk away.

I'm sorry.
- He's leaving.

Does he come here, too?

I haven't seen
him, but he could.

Should I go up with you?

No need to.

You think he's capable
of hurting you?

I have no idea.
I guess he could.

He could slit my throat.
That's trendy now.

Do you want us
to go to the police?

I just need to sort my life out.

I'm too old for this shit.

Want a smoke?

Thank you.

- Take care of yourself, Irena.

Dad, I don't know.

I'm not going to apologize
to her! Try talking to her.

I don't know,
I think she's studying.

She said she's had
some classes already.

I will, Dad. Good night.

Ciao, Dule.
- Ciao, Neža. You can't come in.

Are you kidding me?

Why not?
- You know very well why not.

You're not serious.
I can't go in?

You can't go in.
Boss says no.

Irena called me.

She needs psychiatric
treatment, urgently.

Neža, you're pretty volatile too.

I'm not volatile,
I just don't let people fuck with me!

What? Why are you
looking at me?

You shouldn't talk like that, Anesa.
Be patient with her.

Have some respect.
It's not easy for her.

She'd never ask us for help
if she wasn't desperate.

She's your blood. You should
get used to each other.

Speak Slovenian, Mom!

Why the fuck did she
have to show up now?

We were fine
without her for 27 years.

I can't live with her,
it'll fuck me up completely.

Who is it?


It's me.

Me, who?

Neža! Who else
fucking comes here?

So? What's up?

If you don't want me here,
I can leave.

- Nothing.

I've been missing
your emotional coldness.

If it doesn't gross you
out: vegan Albanian pita.

Don't you want some?

I didn't mean what I said.

That's nice. You're
a cunt by an accident.

If you're a cunt, you're a cunt.

You can't be just a little cunt.

I got my period, I don't
wanna argue with you again.

Start putting your clothes
in the washing machine.

Do you have psoriasis?
- It sucks.

Don't worry,
it's not contagious.

I got it, too.

What do you use?
- Elocom.

Corticosteroids are bad.
Too many side effects.

It thins your skin and
you can get coarse hair.

Quitting smoking would help.


Don't talk to me, please.
I'm sleeping.

Can you walk me to the salon?

Are you nuts?


- Morning.

Come inside for a coffee?

OK, thanks.

Where do you have
that skin cream?

In the cabinet.
Don't use too much of it.

Fuck it, I just want
these patches to go away.

What is that?

Who is it?

The police.
Could you please open the door?

Open it.

Did you do something stupid?
- Come on. Don't be silly.

What's the problem?
- Good evening.

Are you Irena Furlan?
- No.

I am Irena.

Good evening.
We received a report.

What report?


The report says that there
are several women in this apartment.

What's with you?
It's just the two of us.

Seriously. We are the most normal
women in the world.

It was probably a false report.

That fucking pig.
What a moron, that Brane.

Maybe it was the
downstairs neighbour.

Son of a bitch.

Gimme one, too.

Do you have
a boyfriend in Izola?

I'm more of a lone wolf.

Who could put up with me?

What about friends?

I don't have any talent for friends.
It's too much work.

Did dad make you drink
warm milk for breakfast too?

He boiled it so much
that creamy skin formed on top.

You also find that disgusting?

It was like swallowing sperm.

Aren't you supposed to be vegan?

What do you mean?

Do vegans swallow sperm?

You perverted bitch.
What do you care?

I'm vegan for ethical
reasons, not nutritional.

Good evening.
-Good evening neighbour. Can I help you?

No, thank you.

Did you bring something to eat?

What happened?

It's nothing, I'm just bleeding a little.
- Let me see.

Who did this to you?

Jesus, you have to
go to Emergency.

No need to.

Your nose is broken!

Go and clean it!

What happened?
- That asshole.

It's not important.
- Fuck him.

Step aside!
- I did.

You're standing in the doorway.

Everyone will have to wait
longer because of you.

I just want to ask...
- Vidic, you're next!

This sucks.

Don't hold your head back.
That's not good. I think.

I don't know, look...

We're waiting here
like two assholes.

OK, stop panicking.

Thank you.
- I called Silvo.

What did he say?
- He is coming.

Why are you involving him?

He said he's coming.

He's coming to Ljubljana
just because of me?

He's only an hour away.
He's a fast driver.

People are really fucked up.

Is anybody normal anymore?

Besides me... and you?


There was fog on the way,
otherwise I'd been here sooner.

They should just lock up
that bastard.

Don't you go do
something stupid, too.

Of course I won't.

Furlan Irena!

That's me.
- Come in.

Have you been to Radiology?
- No. -What's in your nose?

He's got a temporary
restraining order.

One week for now.

What are you waiting for?
Send a patrol to kick his ass

and then lock the pig up.
It's obvious he did it!

It doesn't work like that.

He broke her nose! Isn't it
clear what happened!

Does he have to kill her?!

You're all fascists!!

Excuse me?
What did you say?

Cool it, Neža. We'll
take care of everything.

We'll do what we can.

Who gave you that uniform?

I've had enough of you!
Please move

to the end of the hallway!

Come on, Neža.
Wait there.

What a shame,
what a country we live in!

A woman doesn't
trust another woman!

Listen, isn't it obvious he did it?

You want to press charges?

- Fine.

Calm down, Neža!

Don't tell me to calm down,
that really makes me nervous.

Cut it out, you're
totally useless.

Let's hire my Albanians
to fuck him up.

Break his legs or something.


What did I say?
- Come on.

Thanks, Neža.

Toast with ajvar.
It is good.

I'm too good. That's
why life screws me over.

Are the painkillers wearing off?

I need a smoke.

How's school?
Are you going to classes?

Silvo, don't you have more
important things to think about?

Could you stop calling me Silvo?

That's your name, isn't it?

You have a long drive home.
Want some coffee?

Are you coaching tomorrow?
- Yes.

Don't slouch like that.

Would you have coffee
with Mom some time?

With who?
- With Mom.

- Thanks.

It's good.

How's Jimmy?

Fine, I guess. Being a dog.

Neža, look after Irena.

I'm not her babysitter, Silvo.

Everything will be fine.
Don't be so cheesy.

Text me when you're home.
- I will. Take care, girls.

Hi Silvo.

Branko, can we have
a talk? Man to man.

About what?
- About Irena.

Suddenly you all
care about Irena?

Branko, open the door!

You and I have
nothing to talk about.

If you ever hurt Irena again,
I'll kill you!

My mom says hi.

You really hate her, don't you?

I don't really.

It's a bit stupid to blame
her for everything, isn't it?

Like the old man had
nothing to do with it.

I was so jealous,
I wanted to kill you.

- You.

I used to watch the three
of you by the waterslide.

Your parents playing badmington,
you sleeping in the buggy.

I wanted to smash
your head with a rock.

No one would have seen me.

I almost did it, too.

I tried a couple of times,
but something got in the way.

Shit. Don't I have all
the luck in the world.

My folks never
told me about you.

I figured it out by myself,

when I saw Dad walk you home.

I followed the two
of you and saw

you had the same last
name on the mailbox.

The shock made me puke.

I still remember the taste.

Do you ever shower?

Don't be so aseptic.

I brought something to eat.

Fuck, it's cold outside.

You eat so funny.


You don't give a shit
about the rest of the world.

You think so?
- I do.

I guess I really don't.

Are you really going
to work tomorrow?

What else can I do?

She said she'd fire me
if I take more sick pay.

I keep causing her
trouble anyway.

Did she see your face?

You're way too smart
to waste your life in a hair salon.

I'm really worried about Jimmy.
He misses me.

You worry about animals,
but don't give a shit about people.

You are fucking complicated.

Don't take that as an insult.
It's a compliment.

But you don't know how
to accept a compliment.

It feels nice, doesn't it.

I have to remember this feeling
for tough times.

Why did you get divorced now?

Why not a year ago
or later? Why right now?

Why can't you shut up
for a second?

Let's go home.

You have a restraining order!

I'm in a public area.
I need to speak to my wife.

Brane, stop.

You can't. She isn't
your wife anymore.

Just back off and
everything will be OK.

First, I want to
talk to her. Irena.

She doesn't want to talk to you.
Don't you fucking get it?

This has nothing to do with
you, so move out of the way.

You move out of the way!
- Brane, go home. Please.

You see what you did
to her, asshole?!

You know your
father attacked me?

You're lying.
- Am I?

The idiot came to my door
at 3 a.m. looking for a fight!

Don't talk about him like that or I'll kick your ass.

Do you see what you're
doing to me. You're all insane.

I physically can't
stand you anymore!

You heard that? Get lost!
And leave my family alone!

Stop interfering, you cunt!
You wanna get it, too?

What did you say,
you talking asshole?!

- Don't touch me!

Just try.

I'm just standing here.

What's with the police?
Waking me up at night?

Something about lawyers and
a restraining order...

Go fuck yourself!

Won't you say anything?

Just leave me alone!

If you touch her again,
you're dead meat!

I'll gut you myself,
you fascist chicken-shit.

Fuck. He took off
with my knife.

I'm meeting up with Neža.

Now you're best friends?

Come on, Mom. Cut it out.

What does that Albanian
woman say about it?

You don't have to call
her “that Albanian woman.“

What should I call her?
That Eskimo?

Did she really stab him?

Just a little bit in the arm.

Those Albanian women...

Don't forget that
her mother ruined our lives.

Come on, Mother.

Thirteen more minutes
and rinse your hair. Ciao.

- Ciao.

What's up?
- Nothing.

Will this winter never end?

Last summer you
couldn't swim anyway

because there were
too many jellyfish...

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