Polarized (2023) - full transcript

Lisa, an aspiring songwriter, whose farming family has suffered foreclosure is forced to work at a new, 'urban farm' where she meets Dalia. Her casual racism leads her to be fired but the women end up drawn into a passionate affair.

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♪ I put a spell on you ♪

♪ 'Cause you're mine ♪

♪ La-la-la-la-la-la-la ♪

♪ You better stop
the things you do ♪

♪ I ain't lyin' ♪

♪ La-la-la-la-lyin ♪

♪ I can't stand it ♪

♪ You're running around ♪

♪ I can't stand it
when you put me down ♪

♪ La-la-la-la ♪

(singing in Arabic)

♪ Because you're mine ♪

(singing in Arabic)

(singing in Arabic)

♪ I put a spell on you ♪

♪ Because you're mine ♪

♪ La-la-la-la-la-la-la ♪

♪ You better stop
the things you do ♪

♪ I ain't lyin' ♪

♪ La-la-la-lyin, lyin' ♪

♪ I love you ♪

(singing in Arabic)

♪ I love you anyhow ♪

♪ And I don't care
if you don't want me ♪

♪ I'm yours right now ♪

♪ I put a spell on you ♪

♪ Because you're mine ♪

♪ You're mine ♪

♪ You're mine ♪

(singing in Arabic)


(clearing throat)

I just think Agritech
is so scientific.

We have an image problem.
Even with buyers.

I mean,
we've moved to a small town

because land is cheap.

Why not buy more of it?

We'll put up barns.
Do pony rides, events, weddings.

Create something
that looks like a real farm.

We are a real farm.

What you want
is just cosmetic.

- What do you think, Ammo?
- Tarek: It's a good idea.

(birds chirping and dog barking)

Lisa: I'll do the rest
of these later.

Wait, wait, wait.

- I made you a sandwich.
- I'm late.

No, save you paying for lunch.

They have snacks
and stuff at work.

Yeah, well they can afford it

now they've driven
the rest of us out of business.

- (sighing)
- You're taking that to work?

Yeah, I thought
I'd practise at lunch.

♪ When you're like
a broken bird tell Heaven ♪

♪ Battered wings
against a darkened day ♪

♪ When your worries
won't let you sleep ♪

♪ Tell Heaven ♪

♪ When the tears
won't ever go away ♪


Hey. Settling in okay?

- Yeah.
- Great.


- Hey.
- Hey.

What's up?

I just finished clearing out
our old place this morning.

(whispering) Shit.
Hey, come here.

Millie's later?
Take your mind off it.


Marjorie: Ow!

- (wincing)
- Oh, my God.

Hey, go get the first aid kit.

Are you okay?

The cutters
were up the wrong way.

- Are you dizzy?
- No, I'm okay.

There should've been
covers on those cutters.

Oh, I should've checked them
before I picked them up.

It's not you.
It's them.


Can I help you?
Excuse me!

- I have a complaint.
- Then you can see me.

Come on in.

Where's your uniform, Lisa?

It's wrapped around
Marjorie's hand.

She cut it, just now.

Do we need a doctor?

What we need are better
safety procedures and systems.

You've been a farmer here
for three weeks now.


So how do you know
what systems we need?

Because my dad
used to have a real farm

a mile down that road.

That really doesn't answer
my question.

We're much more technical
than an old-style farm.

I mean safety.

There are rules to follow
in this country.

"In this country"?
What is that supposed to mean?

It means there are rules
to protect people like us.

"People like us"?


Let me tell you
something about rules, Lisa.

There are hundreds of them

and, actually, we comply with
every single one.

If you think you can improve
something, let me know.

But don't come in here
talking about "this country"

like I don't belong here.

Do you?

You know what?
You're fired.

I'm entitled to notice.


Yeah, you definitely are.

You can have your notice,
but not here.

(Arabic music playing)


I thought you were working.

No. No.

Preacher on radio: We should
want to know that we are living

in obedience to Christ,
and his teachings in baptism

is no different.

The Bible is very clear
about that.

Jesus said that we...

(sighing) Listening to stuff all
day is gonna make you depressed.

So does foreclosure and cancer.



Don't joke about it.

Look. I got you these.

- Oh, no.
- Try one.

Come on.
They're good for you.

Those are something.
They're sweet.

I got them from work.

You talking to that radio again?

Lisa is home.

Oh. What happened?

Some computer thing.

They sent us home early.

Computers on a farm.

I hate to ask, but, um,

you think they'd give you
an advance on wages?

I never thought
I'd worry about rent.

I'll take care of rent.

Um, what do you want for dinner?

I think I might see Ben.


(sewing machine running)

- Jill: There she goes.
- Sam: She's talented.

Jill: Well, you know how many
talented people never make it.

(sewing machine running)


- Hey, you.
- No traffic?

Oh, they settled out of court.

I left early.

(singing in Arabic)


Dalia, you're late.

We have to choose
for the wedding.

You know Omar's late too, right?

Omar works in town, mama.

Lucky Omar.
I miss it.

- Reem: Anyway, Omar is the man.
- Oh, the man?

Right, I forgot.
Men can't choose food.

This is cappuccino
of tabbouleh.

It's modern Palestinian cuisine.

You know, we can move away
from the whole

Middle Eastern thing, right?

What do you want?
Meatloaf and mashed potatoes?

(others laughing)

Omar, how's work?

Good, thanks.
How's it going at Agritech?

I have a lot of ideas
for our growth.

Oh, well,
Dalia never mentioned that.

Oh, well, to be honest,
I'm not hassling her

with every detail.

She has a lot to do
before the wedding

and after that, well...

And after the wedding,
Dalia plans to keep working.

The business
means a lot to her, so--

It does.
I mean, it was her idea.

Okay, but you two
will wanna have kids, right?

- Sure.
- Okay.

How was work?

Dalia fired a farmer.

- She was kinda racist.
- Good for you then.

I just wonder if firing her

made us seem more
like the enemy, habibti?

Omar: Workplaces need to have
a zero-tolerance policy

on that stuff, Ammo.

I know, but this town is not
like where we used to live.

People need time
to get used to us.

Baba, we didn't land from Mars.

There are Palestinians
in Stonewall.

- Yeah, like all twenty of us.
- Dalia: Whatever.

Why should Lisa's racism
be my problem?

You need a cool head
to run a business, Dalia,

and a family.

He's asleep, yalla.
Take him up.

Why don't you take him up?

I need to speak
with your father.

Go ahead.

- Sayeed: Night, Baba.
- Zein: Say goodnight, everyone.

- Goodnight, Sido.
- Goodnight.

Aren't you late?

- Oh, they don't need me today.
- What?

They just pick
and choose when you work?

How are you supposed
to make a living like that?


How'd you get in here?

(sighing) You didn't change
the back door code.

What do you need?

What I said to you
the other day.

I've been going over it a lot.
In my head. (sighing)


I don't wanna make excuses.

I just...
I wanted to apologize.

Do you wanna sit?

(clearing throat)

I was having a shitty day
when I came into work.

I'd just packed up our farm
We lost it to the bank.

You know, we lost our land too.
Back in Palestine.

Urban farmers move in?

This town was dying
long before we got here.

That's not how people see it.

What did you grow on your farm?

Corn, soybeans.

See much overlap
with what we grow here?

What happened to your place
in, uh, Palestine?

Our water supply was diverted.

We couldn't do
anything about it,

except watch everything die.

It was totally
out of our control.

Is that why you only hire
Arabs in the tech room?

To help your community?

Why? Is that something
you wanna do?

Not really.

But, you want your job back?


But, I need to tell you
something first.

I stole a box of produce
after you fired me.

It's just that my dad has cancer

and everything's organic.

And it tastes amazing.

Yeah, well, that's Agritech.
"The way food used to taste."


(both laughing)


You know, I'd have never known.

Yeah, but it's stealing.

I don't wanna miss out
on paradise

for a box of strawberries.

Look, take whatever your Dad
likes whenever you need more.

What? No.

I don't want this because
you feel bad about my dad.

It's not that.
It's not that.

I'm getting married in a month
and it'll be a lot easier for me

if you just came back.

- Okay.
- You can just call me Dalia.

Well, thanks.

- Yeah.
- (sniffling) Okay.

Yeah, so I'm just adding
a method

to regulate the irrigation.

- Okay, so if that--
- Merhaba.

What's that girl
doing back here?

I hired her back.

I don't remember
us discussing that.

And I don't remember needing
to check everything with you.

Sorry about that.
Um, okay...

(restaurant playing
Arabic music)

- Hey, Nancy.
- Nancy: Hey.

- What's goin' on?
- Nancy: Not much.

What are you two bad boys up to?

You like this racket?

It's better than that
fuckin' Patsy Cline shit

that Millie plays all day long.

Yeah, well,
that shit we grew up on.

(Nancy scoffing)

(Arabic music playing)

How you doin'?

Ali, the chili in that falafel
really blew my head off.

- So, it was good, huh?
- Oh, man!

You wanna make sure
to keep your music turned down?

Yes, officer.


- I'll spot ya.
- No, it's good.

Just toss it on my tab.

Your tab is already
over the limits.


Pastor Joe: Just breathe.

Feel it.

The laying on of hands is power.

It is belief.
It is baptism.

It is healing,
because we know

there is no miracle
that God cannot work.

Thank you.

And now, I think I'll
leave it there,

because, I'm feeling like
you're all a bit hungry,

and the next thing
you wanna be laying hands on

is Jill's tuna bake
and Mary's red velvet cake.

(congregation laughing)

Thank you.

Pastor Joe.
That was so moving, Pastor Joe.

Thank you.

Sometimes I do feel like
I go on a bit too long.

- Oh, no.
- Just a little.

Sam, your diagnosis,

it's just doctors.

- There's always prayer.
- Jill: Thank you so much.

(sniffling and coughing)

Lisa: Hey, Casey.

You should come over later.
Dad's been asking about you.


- Bro!
- Hey.

The guys missed you
on the weekend.

Oh, yeah, well,
just wait until you have a wife

and baby on the way.

I believe it.

(Jill breathing deeply)

Jill: Lord, bless this family

and give us the strength to face
the trials that you send us

knowing there is paradise
to come, amen.

Sam: Amen.


You know,

crazy thing is--

I feel okay.

Jill: Eat something.


- Mama.
- Habibti?

I can do both.
Work and the wedding.

Agritech means the world to me.

I know, mama.

Agritech is important
and you made a good business,

but it is not the world,
not like a family,

like what you have with Omar.

Zein: Oof!
The baby's down finally!

Imagine having another one.

Reem: We're not imagining.
It's happening.

- Can't Sayeed help out?
- Sayeed has to work all day.

Right, because it's
the 21st century everywhere,

but in this house,

where 1950 is alive and well,


I don't like it.

You don't like it?

- No.
- (Zein sighing)

(Lisa singing indistinctly)

♪ They'll bark ♪

♪ They'll bark... ♪

♪ For there across the sea ♪

♪ Another heart ♪

♪ Waits patiently for me ♪

♪ For me ♪

♪ For me... ♪

♪ Tethered ties ♪

♪ Steel heart lies ♪

♪ I feel a storm
is coming fast ♪

♪ In a box beneath the willow ♪

♪ Lies my past ♪


What was that song?

Um, it's just, uh...

(clearing throat)
I wrote it.


It was really good.


You're surprised
I could write something good?

That's not what I meant.

- Lis, it's time.
- Okay.

Hey, I wanted to ask
if it would be all right

if I could practise in here
sometimes after work.

It's just I don't wanna
disturb my dad at home.

Yeah, of course.
It's totally fine.


Bye, Ammo Kareem.

Reem: Yalla. Bye.

Bye, Ali.
Bye, Dalia.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's goin' on?

Um, we had some greens
headed for the trash.

I shoulda asked, but I thought
that I'd try Millie's.

She won't buy from us.

Yeah, I even offered them
at half price.

- It's not the price.
- I get that now.

Just take 'em home
or give 'em away.

(horn honking)

(sighing) Listen, do you have
somewhere you need to be?

- No.
- Do you wanna grab a drink?


Great. Gimme a second.

Bye, Mama.

- Where do you wanna go?
- Uhh...

- I know a place.
- Great, okay.

(crickets chirping)


I probably shoulda
just brought us to a bar

or somethin'.

No, no, I'm glad
you brought me here.

It's beautiful.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

(sighing deeply)

I just can't stop
thinking about it as home.

My room was right up there,

and it was my dad's,

and my grandfather's.

Three generations on this farm.

I can see why
it means so much to you.

Do you have
any brothers or sisters?

Yeah, a brother. Casey.

- He's a cop.
- Wow.

He never really liked
being outside much.

So you took care of everything?

You know what it's like.

You have problems
with your brother at work

sometimes, right?

Oh, Sayeed's not my brother.

He's married to my sister, Zein.

She doesn't work at Agritech?


In my family,
you go to university

because education
is important,

but then they sorta expect
the women to get married,

stay home, have babies.

That's kinda like my family.

- Yeah?
- Yep.

Except without the college part.

(both laughing)

(engine running)

This is it.

It's nice.
It's huge.

It's partly why we moved here,

to have a place where we could
all live together.


Thanks, Lisa.

For the ride,
and for showing me your farm.


See you tomorrow.

- Tarek: Hi, habibti.
- Waiting by the door, Baba?

No, no, I heard an engine.

(engine starting)

♪ Don't forget about me ♪

♪ When you sleep ♪

♪ Don't forget about me ♪

♪ When you leave ♪

♪ 'Cause day after day ♪

♪ This love grows ♪

♪ And in so many ways ♪

♪ This love knows ♪

♪ How my heart
is dyin', tryin' ♪

♪ Fightin' all this passion ♪

♪ Inside me ♪


- Hey.
- Hey.

Dalia, what's going on?

I thought you'd be happy.

I am, but, floor manager?

I mean, there are others
that have been here

way longer than me.

Yeah, but you showed
initiative on the sales,

did the safety audit
without being asked.

Dalia's right, Lisa.
You earned this promotion.

Well done.

Thank you. Right.

(both laughing)

Good job re-hiring her, habibti.

Well done.

♪ I'm goin' down to Florence ♪

♪ Gonna wear a pretty dress ♪

♪ I'll sit atop the magic wall ♪

♪ With the voices in my head ♪

♪ Then I'll drive on
through to Memphis ♪

♪ Pass the strongest shows ♪

Oof, yeah, if anyone
starts square dancing,

I'm outta here.

(others laughing)

I'm guessing
there's nothing halal there.

- Why? The hog roast.
- (laughing)

- Careful on this one.
- I'm okay.

Ben: Hey, Mr. Fairwell.

Hey, let me get you to a seat.

Lisa: It's all good.
It's fine.

- Oh, Ben.
- Thank you.

- Jill: Good to see you.
- Hey, Casey.

- You got him, Ben?
- Yeah, man.

- Jill: Get over here.
- Mom, hi.

You know,
I remember this festival.

- When I was in--
- Both: In high school, yeah.

(laughing) Okay.

(all laughing)

I'll be right back.

- Hey, where are you going?
- I'm just gonna say hello.

- Oh, well, here they come.
- Mom, shh!

- Hi.
- Hi.

Uh, Mom, Dad, Casey,

this is my boss, Dalia.

Oh, well, you seem
very young to be the boss.

Thank you.

Mr. Fairwell,
how are you feeling?

Oh, not too bad.
Thanks for asking.

Good. Pastor Joe,
nice to see you.

You too, Daylia.

You know,
the fair looks beautiful.

Agritech has really
spruced up the place.

Oh, sunshine helps.
Great weather we're having.

Well, it was great
to meet you all.

Uh, I'm gonna... Bye.

So, how do you know Pastor Joe?

He's called on us before.

To see if he could get us
to come to church.


You live close by?

Uh, yeah.

I live, um, right there.

That really is close.

- Yeah.
- (both laughing)

Maybe I should get back.

Yeah, me too.

Mm. These are good.

It's the way food used to taste.

Maybe it's because
they don't have six generations

of pesticides all over 'em.

Wow. The boss is nice to you,

and suddenly you're just
drinking the Kool-Aid?

I'm gonna go check on my dad.

Hey, come on.

Lis, don't be like that.
Come on.

Announcer: And now,
put your hands together

for Stonewall's own
Lisa Fairwell.

(crowd applauding and cheering)

♪ Just moved in to a city
bright light ♪

♪ Skyline spreadin' out ♪

♪ For miles ♪

♪ And though
one would think ♪

♪ I am lonely ♪

♪ My world exists ♪

♪ In one love's smile ♪

♪ Eyes closed ♪

♪ Heart blind ♪

♪ Baby, seems to me ♪

♪ You're the answer
to everything ♪

♪ All questions silenced ♪

♪ In a moment ♪

♪ Lay down by the stream ♪

♪ Live out any young
love's dream ♪

♪ I'm sayin' words
I've never spoken ♪

♪ I think I'm fallin' for you ♪

♪ Feel the eyes
of others watchin' ♪

♪ But I've only
got eyes for you ♪

♪ I think I'm fallin' ♪

♪ For you ♪

♪ I think I'm fallin' for you ♪

(crowd applauding and cheering)

That was amazing.

Did you save me
any barbequed roadkill?

It's really not that bad.

You have been gone
from the city way too long.

Ah. Maybe.

You want another drink?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

How much have you had?

One glass, but you know,
it was like a beer glass.

(both laughing)

All right, stay right here.

I will fight my way through.



What are you doing down here?

Party's not your thing?

I was heading home, but,
I didn't wanna be there either.

You were totally amazing
on stage.

I mean, so good.



I was holding my breath.

You need to do something
with your music.

I had plans,

but it'll never
turn into anything for me.

You can't make money
writing songs.

People do.

A few, maybe.

So why not you?

♪ I wish ♪

♪ I woulda
laid my hands on you ♪

♪ Shown you a thing or two ♪

I should...

♪ I wish I'd have pushed you
against the wall ♪

Omar will be looking for me.

♪ Windows indiscreet ♪

♪ I wish you'da
laid your hands on me ♪

♪ That kind gonna bring you
to your knees ♪

- Hey, did I do something?
- What?

No. Why, habibi?

You've just been distant
the whole night.

I'm sorry. I'm fine.

Let me sneak in?

And risk the firing squad?

Dalia, it's so late.

Omar, habibi, drive home safely.

- Thanks, Aunty.
- Bye, Dalia.

- Bye, Omar.
- Come on.

- Yalla.
- It's bedtime.

What do you think?

I like the idea of a real farm.
It's good for our image.

Can we just stop calling it
a "real farm"?

If it helps sales,
then fine.

Sayeed: Good.

There are places either side
of us that can work.

- Sayeed: Dalia?
- Yes, sure.

I need to go check on something.

Her mind is on the wedding,
and then it'll be kids.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I've been thinking
that I should quit.

No. No.

It was a moment.
Too much wine.

I don't drink.

You know what I mean.

Do you think it's wrong?

No. No, I don't
think it's wrong.

I mean for me it is.
I'm getting married.

Ben: Hey, Lis.

Hey, where's that kale?

Just give me five.
Okay, Ben?


I gotta get some kale.

Hey, there.

Come to pray for your dad?

I just wanted some time alone.


Kareem: Good morning, Nancy.

Nancy: Good morning, Sir.

How are you doing today?

I am well, thank you.

Coffee on?

Yes, I have the coffee brewing.

Do you want to join me for
a coffee this morning, Nancy?

I would love one.

I got nothing but time.

Well, let me tell you something.

What is that?

It's gonna be a nice day.

Dalia: Okay, great.

Thank you.


Weekly report.


Want me to run you through it?

No, that's fine. Thank you.

♪ Ache for those summers ♪

(playing chords)

♪ That harvest moon ♪

♪ Fall ♪

♪ Time stretched thin,
still we ♪

♪ Barely basked in it ♪

♪ All ♪

♪ Smell of the fields ♪

♪ Sky ♪

♪ Traded for man-made things ♪

♪ On our last goodbye ♪

♪ It's a cruel ♪

♪ Joke ♪

♪ Only you ♪

♪ Already know ♪

♪ The punchline ♪


Preacher on Radio:
Jesus is the same yesterday,

today, and forever.

This simple fact gives us
all the confidence we ever need

to face the uncertainty
about the future,

and do you know why?

The absolute certainty that

Jesus Christ was sent to save us

- and he is always with us--
- Hey, dad.

- Hey.
- And he will never leave us.

- I got you some energy drinks.
- Preacher: Are you trusting in

him as your saviour?
As your shepherd?

As your--
(radio shutting off)

Your mother is worried
about the state of my soul.


Dad, do you still...

...believe in God's will
and all that?

After losing the farm
and getting sick and...


It wasn't God who lost our farm.

It was me.


Don't say that.

I miss our house, though.

Maybe I wouldn't be
this scared there.

(birds chirping)


Now you can hear the birds.

Both of them.

Let's change this.


Nice, nice, nice.



You shouldn't be running
around me on your day off.

What else am I going to do, huh?

Go bowling with Ben.


Mom put you up to that.

Write a song, then.

What are you doing?

Just sitting with you.

Get out of here.

Go, go, go.


My car keys.

I know it's last minute, Dalia,

but I can still
join this meeting

so Health World get to know me.

They want someone to
explain the science.

Which farmer are you taking?

She really impressed me
since she came back.

No, I asked Ben.

- Ah.
- But Lisa's a floor manager.

Right, she has a lot to do here.

- Bye, Baba.
- Bye.


Yeah, we agreed. It's far
and the meeting's at 5:00,

and then tomorrow
I'll pick up the wedding stuff

with Uncle Fadi.

They want to meet
a floor farmer,

otherwise I would have
sent Sayeed with you.

You promoted her.
Give her this chance.

Get her a toothbrush
and a change of clothes.

Baba, I have a credit card.

Take care, Baba.

Sorry, we're not going
to be able to, uh,

send you on this trip.


So, I didn't ask you
to come because--

What do I have to
say at this meeting?

They'll probably
ask about sustainability.

We use much less water
than traditional farms.

No pesticides,
maximize nutrition.

But you know all
that stuff backwards.

I'm glad you're with me,
to be honest.

I didn't know what I'd talk
to Ben about for three hours.

I mean, he's a nice guy,
I know that you two are--

Oh, wow. Amazing.


Everyone assumes the same thing,
that there's this plan that

I'm going to marry Ben
or some version of Ben,

just like my mom
and her mom before her,

and it's-- God.


You do get there's a whole
world outside Stonewall, right?

Where you could write music,

play it.

Meet other people.


You mean women.

You asked me if
I thought it was wrong.

It's not wrong, Lisa.


But I've never done
anything about it,

until the other night.

I'm sorry, I--

I shouldn't have kissed you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I brushed over it.

I'm sorry I made you feel
like it didn't mean anything.

It did?

Yeah. It did.



Well, when I think about Omar...

He's like the other half of me,

we've been friends
since we were kids,

and I don't want to hurt him.

So, what I felt that
night when we, you know...

It was like this separate thing.

It didn't feel like real life.

Does that make sense?

It's the only thing that
felt like real life to me.

♪ (singing in Arabic) ♪

What do you think, Ammo?

It's a beautiful spot.

We could put more controlled
space where those barns were,

out here a farm shop.

Over there a proper event space,

a small hotel even,
down the line.

Do you know how much fresh water
traditional agriculture uses?

Why don't you tell me?


But with droughts and fires
and climate change, it's...

You do believe in
climate change, right?


You think the church knocked
the scientific sense out of me.

I don't know. It could have.


I mean, the Earth is flat.

- (laughing)
- I'll give you that.



Oh, what was that?

(car dinging)

Did I hit something?

What happened?

Oh, come on.

It's going to take forever
for a breakdown service.


Do you know
how to change a tire?

Is it the plaid shirt,
or do you just assume I grew up

driving tractors all day?

I'll find a mechanic.

So, you don't know
how to change a tire?

I never learned.

They didn't cover that
at Harvard Business School?

I didn't go to Harvard.

And look where it got you.

What are you doing?

Well, I actually did grow up

driving tractors all day.

Well, can I help?


You could turn up the music.



(music turning up)

Oh, here. I got that.


You're lucky
you brought me along.

Ben can't even
change a lightbulb.




Thank you very much
for your time.

- Great meeting.
- Great meeting, thank you.

Thank you.

♪ It's 3:00 am
and I'm packing a suitcase ♪

♪ It's been a long time coming
and I'm wearing thin ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

I watch their gigs online.

I just can't believe I'm here.

Is this actual
sawdust on the floor?

It's for the beer spills.


♪ Look at me now ♪

♪ As your walls
come crashing down ♪

What do you think?

She's good.


♪ It's some time now ♪

♪ Since we sat in your sedan ♪

♪ Head on my shoulder ♪

That'll be you one day.

♪ You were looking
like half of a man ♪

No one's waiting for my songs.

The world's fine without them.

♪ They were all lies, yeah ♪

Yeah, but you're not.

♪ Every last one
was the perfect disguise ♪

♪ Mm, just look at me now ♪

♪ As your walls come crashing ♪

♪ Look at me now ♪

♪ As your walls come crashing ♪

♪ Look at me now ♪

♪ As your walls come crashing ♪

♪ Look at me now ♪

♪ As your walls come crashing ♪

♪ Down ♪

♪ It's 3:00 am,
I'm packing a suitcase ♪

Wait, I--

Thanks for tonight.

It was really special.

The music?


But also just...

I know.



(both breathing shakily)

Omar: Hey.

Omar. What are you--

Well, I thought
I'd surprise you.

Hi. I'm Omar.

Dalia's fiancé.


It's good to meet you, Lisa.

I've been texting you all night.

I must have left my phone off.

Well, I just thought...

We never get
a night alone together.

Right. I'm, um...

I'm just surprised. That's all.


I'm going to head up.

- Yeah.
- No, hold on.

We'll go up together.

Come on.


Thanks for dinner
and everything.

You're welcome. Goodnight.

(door beeping)

(breathing heavily)

Not bad.


How's the bed?

Oh, I don't know.

Well, give me a minute.

We'll find out.

(water running)

God, that was a long drive.

It'll be so much better
when we move to the city.


Sorry your dad's not doing well.

We'll be home soon.

Are you sure
you don't want to drive?

No thanks.

Unless you're tired.

No. No, I'm fine.

Get some coffee. I'll stay here.



Stop crying.

I'm not dead yet.

What about the hospital, Dad?

Just to be more comfortable.

I always said
I'd die in my own bed.

We should have
stayed in the house.

What were they going to do?
Evict us?


(phone vibrating)

(clearing throat)

Hi. Do you need me
to come back in?

I'm just checking on your dad.

And you.

Are you okay, Lisa?



I'm okay.


I gotta go.

Who was that? Ben?

My God.

Does Ben have to be the centre
of the whole universe?

Hey, Lisa.

Hey, I heard about your dad.

I'm so sorry, honey.

Teddy, I, um...

I want to get him
back in the house.

He doesn't have long
and I, uh...

I have money.

I know that it's not enough to--

Hey, hey.
That's your future there, now.

I want to use it for this.

Someone put in an offer to buy.


The Arabs.

The ones you work for.


Sayeed: Lisa just quit.

She was asking for you, Dalia.

Tarek: Dalia.

What's going on?

Did you know?



Agritech is buying our farm.

I just came from the bank!


You knew about this,

and you didn't tell me!?

Lisa, what difference
does it make?

The farm was for sale
and someone was going to buy it.

So, why didn't you tell me?

I didn't think it mattered!

No, I didn't mean it like that.

Lisa, I didn't
mean it like that.

Just-- Just give me
a second to explain.

- Just--
- I took you there,

I showed you where I grew up,

and all you're thinking
about is how to make a buck.

Just let me explain. Lisa. Lisa!

You should have told me before
putting an offer on her farm.

It's not her farm.
It belongs to the bank.

The bank gave us a discount
if we moved quickly.

I'm sorry Lisa's upset about it.

Is that all she's upset about?

She's been nothing but trouble.

It's like she's got some
kind of hold on you, Dalia.

You know what?

Your desperation to
get me out of this business,

my business,
is really sad to watch.

- Dalia--
- No, seriously, Sayeed!

Live your life how you want.

If Zein's happy to stay home
and iron your shirts

that's fine,
but do not come in here

and interfere with my life.

Come on, Dalia. Calm down.

Please, habibti.

Get married,
have your honeymoon.

And then when you come back your
place is here for you, habibti.

We-- We're family.


(crickets chirping)

(door closing)

How's dad?


The pain.

Teddy called from the bank.

You're kind, you know that?

Just to try.

Anyway, Agritech
bought the farm.


I guess now they'll build
warehouses on our crop fields.

Don't worry about that now.

Those people have no shame.

(birds chirping)

Can I get a couple days off?

Lisa's dad passed.

I want to help out,

arranging the funeral
and whatever.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

I thought maybe she told you.


Please, tell Lisa
that I'm sorry.

Will do.


(Crow cawing)

Thank you so much,
both of you, for coming.

(speaking indistinctly)

Mrs. Fairwell,
I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm going to ask
you to leave now.

I was just going to see Lisa.

No need.

I think you should stop

hanging around my daughter.

We're friends, Mrs. Fairwell.

You have nothing
in common with my girl.

You leave her alone.

Zein: There you are.

You look like you need a drink.

You have a hip flask
hidden anywhere?

It's only a matter of time.

Mama's freaking out that
you haven't been shopping yet,

or booked a honeymoon,
or had your legs waxed.

My legs are fine.

I figured.

I made that last one up.

If it's last-minute jitters,
it'll pass, Dalia.

Trust me.


Yeah, I'm fine.

You know what
your problem is, right?

You question everything.

You always have.

I love that about you,
but sometimes--


Maybe you overthink stuff.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You disappeared. What's up?


Are you having second thoughts?


Hey, remember when
we were 10 years old?

New country, new school.

I had the strongest Arab accent,
I couldn't fit in.

Both of us did.

Yeah, but you never cared about

what the other kids thought.

I did.

But you never needed
them or anyone.

I guess what I mean is...

...it would be great
if you can think of

nothing else but the wedding.

And me.

But I don't think
that's who you are.

That's what I love about you.

Why don't we go out?
Change of scene.

Where to?
Millie's fucking Diner?

Watch your mouth!

Or we could go for a drive.

Wow, nightlife in Stonewall.
Holy shit.


You know, there's a whole
big world out there, Ben.

You don't have to stay
in this place your whole life.

(dishes clattering)

Give her time.

She's just upset.


No, I think it's something else.

(singing in Arabic)

Yeah, but you
look so handsome.

Thank you.


Sayeed: Auntie, do you have
a rose for me?

You're married to my rose.

Don't I know it.


Do I look okay?

You look wonderful, both of you.

Yalla, let's get you married.

(cheering, applauding)

The Lord's presence is with us.

You're doing his work.

There he is.

We should get going.

Joe: Well.

Shall we have a talk?

Lisa, your family
and your friends, well...

We're worried about you.

We'd like to talk about certain
feelings you've been having.

Baby, this is for your own good.

What is?

You and Dalia are
all over each other.

You know what, Ben?
You don't own me.

Lis, come on.

Casey, what are you doing?

Look, let's just calm down.

You're family.

And when we see someone we love

doing things
that might hurt them,

we need to intervene.

Baby, baby.
These urges that you're having,

- you can get over them.
- Don't touch me!

Lisa, Lisa.

Let me go. Let me go!

Like the temptation
to drink or do drugs,

these-- these urges,
they can be overcome.

Think about it, Lisa.

Why can only
men and women procreate

or be married in
the eyes of the lord?

Everything else is
just desires of the flesh.

Oh, my God.
(breathing heavily)


Let's pray.


Please, trust me. Trust in God.

Dear Lord,
give me the vision to see

the path I should take

to know that your
guidance is always true.


Casey, Ben and Jill:

- (Lisa grunting)
- Amen!

Casey, Ben and Jill:

Joe: Amen.

Casey, Ben and Jill:

Lisa, we can't change unless

we admit there's a problem.

Would you like to confess
these feelings inside your body?

These impulses?

Fuck you. Fuck all of you.

Lay her down.


I'll get the holy water.


We love you, Lisa. We love you
and we are with the Lord.



(lock jiggling)

Jill: Baby? Open up.

(lock jiggling)

Baby, just come out
so I can talk to you.

Just let me talk to you.

Baby, just come out.

♪ Ache for those summers ♪

♪ That harvest moon fall ♪

♪ Time stretched thin ♪

♪ Still I barely
basked in it all ♪

♪ Blanket of snow,
green painted night... ♪

♪ Sky ♪

♪ Traded for man-made things ♪

♪ On my last goodbye ♪

♪ It's a cruel ♪

♪ Joke ♪

♪ Only you ♪

♪ Already know ♪

♪ The punchline ♪

♪ Longing for the days,
swimming 'neath the haze ♪

♪ Never any place
so close to Heaven ♪

♪ Mosquitos in the heat,
smell of gasoline ♪

♪ Fresh baked muffins
straight out of the oven ♪

♪ First loves, mistakes ♪

♪ And I will wait ♪

♪ For you ♪

♪ Beneath the harvest moon ♪

♪ I will wait ♪

♪ For you ♪

♪ Beneath the harvest moon ♪

Are all your songs this sad?

I have a happier one.

Just one?

Pretty much.
You want to hear it?

Come down here Tuesday at 9:00
and I'll get you a spot.


There you go, hon.


Happy anniversary.


Three months ago today
we got married.

Can you believe it?

No, wow!

Here's to three more years,

and then to another 30.

(glasses clinking)

(phone ringing)

Man: So, what kind of position
are you looking for?



I forgot the olives for
your mom, for the pickles.

We'll get 'em next time.

Are you going to
tell me what's going on?

What do you mean?

You've just been
somewhere else the whole time.

I don't know how to explain it.

Hey, try.

I love you, Omar.

Since we were at school,
I've loved you.

But I think I love you like...


Like my best friend.

And I don't think that's enough
for me, not for my whole life.

Is there someone else?

Nothing happened.

Really, it's just...

She's not even around anymore.


Anymore? Are you kidding me?

You said you felt
something was off.

Something, yes. This, no way!

Are you kidding me, right now?

Oh, my God.

You're still in love with her.

(engine starting)




No, in fact,

you owe me $133.12.

And $2.70.

Are you deaf?

Or just a loser who can't
pay for his Coke and gum?

Hey! Hey, stop it!

You have no idea
what it's fucking like.

Alright? You have no idea.

I am from Palestine, then Syria.

I have seen things
you can't ever imagine.


The fuck is so funny, Nancy?

I'm selling my TV.

I got all the entertainment
I need right here.


Come on.
Come on, let's go.

Stay out here, asshole.


Piss off.

I'm sorry.

You could file
a complaint if you want.

His father died.

He's lost his way.

Kind of.

(doorbells chiming)


Is he pressing charges?

You deserve it.

What the fuck, Casey?

I don't know, man.
I don't know what--

I don't know what the fuck
I'm doing anymore.

I'm sorry for your loss.


Take this.
Baklava, to your mother.

For the funeral, your father.

The funeral already happened.

Take it. Take it.

It's okay.

Thank you.

Kareem, or you can
call me Abu Ali.

The father of Ali.

(phone ringing)


Oh, she's here.
(clearing throat)



Got your message.

You have to make it work.

I can't, Baba.


You have to settle down,
you have to have a baby.

What about my happiness, Baba?

What do you mean, habibti?

What can make you happier
than having a baby?

Sayeed: Is this even about Omar?

Stay out of this, Sayeed.

Reem: Dalia!

We saw you in the parking lot

with that girl, Lisa.

You obviously have
feelings for her.

There's something
going on between you two.

Nothing is going on.

But, yes, I married Omar knowing
I have feelings for Lisa.

I don't understand.

So, now you are gay?

You know, there's nothing
wrong with being gay, Sayeed.

Look, I am getting a divorce

and this family
will not fall apart.

You're only part of this family
if you respect your husband.

Okay? If you respect our honor.

Baba, I tried with Omar.

I can't stay in this marriage.

Then you no longer belong here.

Or at Agritech.

Baba, you can't say that!

No, no, no, no. What?


Baba. Dalia!

Sayeed: We need to talk.

Yes, we do.


Calm down, both of you.

Dalia. Dalia, wait!

You shouldn't have married Omar
knowing you felt for this girl.

Poor man, you broke his heart.

I know.

Growing up, you and Zein
always made fun of me

because I nagged you to
get married and have babies,

and I wanted this for you

because I love
your father so much.

I love being married to him.

I love having you both
and having my grandson.

I just wanted this
happiness for you, too.

I know.

Give your father time.
Maybe he will come around.

Mama, thank you.

You see, you were wrong,
you and Zein.

It is not 1950,
even in my house.

(phone ringing)


What do you want?

Mom needs your signature
on the last papers for--

for Dad.

Haven't you heard of email?

Yeah, well the lawyer
needs it in person.

Certified or whatever. Um...

Look, Lisa. I'm sorry
about the intervention.

I-I-- I never should
have let that happen, and--

Tell her I'll come by tomorrow.

Just to sign.

(phone ringing)

Lisa: Hello?


I'm sorry I missed
your call last night.

Lisa: Oh. That's okay.

How are you, Lisa?

I'm fine. You?


Listen, I interviewed
for a job at Health World,

and they won't hire me
without a reference, so.

Oh, okay.

I know I quit on you,
but I was--

I don't care about that.

I mean, I know why you quit,

and Lisa, I need you to know

I had no idea Sayeed would
move in on buying a farm,

especially your farm,
that fast.

I would never want to hurt you.

Listen, if you could just
leave it at reception,

then I could come
pick it up later.

You're here?

In Stonewall?

Just today.

Okay, but, um...

About the letter,
I actually can't give it to you

at the office. It's just, um--

Okay, well.
Just forget it then.


Who was that?


(scoffing, laughing)

The nerve of her.

Even after I told her
to leave you alone.


What do you mean, Mom?

What do you mean, wh--

When did you see her?

She showed up at
your father's funeral.


And I told her to stop

sniffing around you.

It is her influence that
caused all this trouble.

I am only ever trying
to protect you, baby.

That is-- That is all
I'm ever trying to do.

My whole life has been
about you and Casey.

Right? Lis. Right?




I'm sorry I hung up on you,
I just--

Here's the reference letter.

You know, the Health World guy
is saying that

they're going to set up urban
farms in the city.

- Makes sense.
- Yeah, yeah.

I thought you might
be interested, or your family.

Anyway, I should go.


My family kicked me
out of the business.

And the house.

Why, Dalia?

I told them I married Omar
knowing I was in love

with somebody else.

I've been so lost
since you left.

It was like I'd finally felt
something that was real life,

and then it was gone.

You were gone.

And I couldn't even
get up in the morning.


I'm so sorry
I pushed you away.

Can you say something?

You just disappeared.

I had to.


Let's go.

Let's go.