Point of No Return (1994) - full transcript

An ex-soldier whose life has been disrupted and his emotions disturbed by his experiences at war and in prison, escapes from custody after attending the burial of his murdered brother.

(soft foreboding music)

- Where we fear to go,
Jesus has already trod

that we may fear no longer.

So it is that they who
walk with Jesus do not

live in fear of an unknown future.

At the end of life,

the judgment we expect considers

only the way in which we have lived.

Christian Grady acknowledged Christ

as his lord and redeemer.

They knew each other as friends.

That familiarity now
brings him to new life.

The hold of death over those who

walk in faith is more mature.

Because the call to life is
the substance of Christ's

victory over sin and death.

Let us now raise our voices in praise

of the Lord our Father.

Our father who art in
heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day, our daily bread,

forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive them who
trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil, amen.

(somber music)

We pray that Christ's
victory is now Christian's.

May he rest in peace.

(somber music)

- Well, it's a nice day for a drive.

It's gonna be a long time
before you get another chance.

Pity you didn't get to see your brother.

Probably couldn't stitch his head back on.

- Kopinsky, watch where
you're driving, will you?

You're giving us both the shits.

Just sweat on getting this
guy back in one piece.

- Okay, okay.

(somber music)

They were lucky to even find
him in that rubbish tip.

Maybe they should have
had a tiny coffin as well.

Like a hatbox.

(dramatic music)

(tires squeal)

(man grunts)
(car horn honks)

(tires squeal)
(metal clangs)

(dramatic music)

- Get him off me!
(tires squeal)


(man grunts)

(dramatic music)

- Grady!

Get back in the car, Grady, so help me.

Or I'll drop you.
- Come on mate, get out!

(car horns honk)

- If you were gonna shoot,
you would have done it by now.

- [Driver] Hey asshole, off the bridge.

- Either way, I'm not
going back in the slammer.

- I'm doing you a favor, Grady.

You're safer inside.

- Look, if you're gonna shoot, shoot.

(ominous music)

- Shit!

(ominous music)

(dramatic music)

(gunshot fires)

(dramatic music)

(gunshots fire)
- What the fuck are you doing?

- He'll get away!
(gunshot fires)

(dramatic music)


(somber music)

- Any dizziness, any double vision?

Does this hurt?
(cop grunts)

- He was just bloody standing there.

You should have dropped him.

Look, will this heal okay?
- Good as new.

- You just let him walk,
you dopey bog Irish shit.

(EMT murmurs)

(dramatic music)

(thunder booms)

(mysterious music)

(soothing orchestral music)

(bat thuds)

(woman screams)

(water splashes)

(explosion booms)

- Sandy!

Don't go under, Sandy, don't go under!

Sandy, wake up!

Wake up!

Don't drag me down, Sandy, wake up!

Wake up, don't go under.

Wake up, breathe through the pain.

Breathe, don't go under!

Reach for the pain, reach!

Don't let me down Sandy!

Sandy, wake up, fuck you!

Sandy, wake up!
(explosion booms)

Wake up, Sandy!

Sandy, wake up, wake up!

(Sandy gasps)

- Are you okay?

Boy, I need a drink.

- Get the hell out of my life, Grady.

(Sandy grunts)

- I think you're gonna have to carry me.

- Any cop with half a brain
will come looking here.

- Yeah, eventually.

- You scared me stiff, you know that?

I thought you were--
- Chris?

No, I think you missed your last chance

for seeing him today.

- You bastard.

(telephone rings)

- What were you two up to?

Just taking in the scenery?

A dangerous prisoner goes
for a swim in broad daylight.

A new patrol car

back in the panel shop.


Backed up for hours.

You know, you two are
a couple of no-hopers.

- But sarge, I told you--
- Shut up.

You know, if I were you two,

I would pray that Grady
comes up as a floater.

Because if he turns up out there,

causing any kind of mischief,

the commissioner is gonna have your hides.

Now piss off, the two of you.

And I want a detailed report
before you go off duty.

- I reckon I clipped you now out there.

Jesus, let's pull on his mates.

- No, the only thing
you'll pull is your dick.

Round up the usual suspects.

- Yeah, well if you had
the balls to drop him--

- Look, I don't shoot guys in the back.


Next time, he won't walk away.

- Oh, give me a break.

(ominous music)

So what do you think, he's gonna

email you his current address?

What's this?

Convicted of illegally
transferring undeclared currency.

The guy's an accountant, a pussy.

- Killed a guy in prison.

Convicted of manslaughter,
got six years added

to his sentence.
- Probably bored the guy

to death.
- Don't sell this guy short.

Here, check out his file.

He did a stint in the SIS.

Honorably discharged on medical.

Deported from the States
for overstaying his visa.

Foreign Affairs lifted his passport

for selling his services to
an unfriendly government.

- So?

I have a cell just warmed
up waiting for him.

- Bit of a mean bastard, this one.

- Mate, if we get close to this prick,

we'll shoot him first,
read him his rights later.

- Yeah, I wouldn't get too close.

Seems he's pretty good with his hands.

- You said it was close by.

- It's just a bit further.

- You've got a nerve
after all these years.

Jesus, what if we get pulled
over by booze bus or anything?

- Well, I'll tell them I
abducted you, all right?

- That wouldn't convince
the police for long

when they look up our past.

- Will you relax?

You credit them with too
much smarts, you know that?

- They caught you.

(saxophone music)

(thunder booms)

(bell rings)

- Shitty night to be out, eh?

- Rains make the air clean.

- It still stinks like diesel to me.

- Grady!
- Hey Keith, how you doing?

- What the fuck are you doing out so soon?

- Self-motivation.

Read all those books you left me.

- Shit, I wish my kid would.

- Yeah.

So mate, I need to call on a few favors.

- Oh shit, mate, you didn't.

What the fuck did you break out for?

- You forget pretty quickly don't you?

- Dad.

Any hassles?

- Go on and check the LPG pressures

out the back, would you, Jimmy?

- I already did it this afternoon.

- Just do the fuck what I tell you!

Please Jimmy.

- Yeah, sure, I'll do it again.

- That's your kid?

The one who used to
hash up your computers.

- Grady, please.

- Now, you owe me, mate.

- Look.

Take some cash, but just keep going.

- I don't want your money.

Have you forgotten that time those

ruins at your bed over the laundry.

Now if I hadn't come along,

they'd have really made you squeal.

I need you to tell me about Chris.

- Look. I was really sorry to hear it.

- Thanks.

- He just got in too deep.

Trusted that fuckwit cousin of his.

- You're gonna tell me about Frank?

- Yeah, that silly prick.

I still reckon he's the
one that bugged us in.

- I need a place to stay.

And I need to get rid of these.

- Look, I know it isn't much,

but I'm starting out
from square one again.

Please don't fuck it up for me.

Look, take what you want, but
please don't make me help you.

- All right, give me the tape.

(ominous music)

I was never here, right?

- Never here, not at all.

- You know, Keith,

we believed we were invincible, didn't we?

We dropped our guard.

And that's when we ran out of luck.

- I don't believe in luck.
- Don't!

(tool clangs)

He's a good kid, he'll do you proud.

- Stay away from Frank, bud.

He's bad news.


The '80s were good for us, eh?

- Yeah.

They were the best.

(saxophone music)

- Where is that place
Chris had up the coast?

- You want me to write
down the directions?

I'm out of here.

- I want you to take me there.

Grady, I'm not a taxi service.

- What am I supposed to do?

I can hardly thumb a ride, can I?

- I'll drive you there to
get you out of my hair.

- Thanks.

- Then the slate's clean.

After that you're on your own.

(saxophone music)

I was scared you were
gonna rob that place.

- Well, I did.

I'm just kidding.

Just collecting some debts,
that was Keith back there.

- Keith, running a service station?

The paper said he had
money stashed overseas.

- Well, they said the same thing about me.

And as you can see, they were incorrect.

- You're not gonna give me
any of that innocent routine.

I couldn't stand it.

- No, I got caught fair and square.

You don't know how lucky you were, Kate.

You nearly went down with a loser.

- Grady, I would have waited for you.

- It's better the way it turned out.

At least you kept it in the family.

- Don't make me feel
sorry about Chris and me.

Because I'm not.

You'd shut me out, what I did
from then on was up to me.

That guilt trip doesn't work anymore.

(somber music)

- Is that my brother's car?

- I've never seen it before.

Maybe it's the police.

- Well, there's no flashing light.

Do you want to just duck in over there?

(ominous music)

Do you see that?
- What?

Look, I've got a job to go to.

- Count to a hundred
and then beep the horn.

- One, two, three, four.

- Slowly.

- One.

(cellphone beeps)

(ominous music)


(suspenseful music)

98, 99, 100.

(car horn honks)

(suspenseful music)

- Hi Frank.

- Grady, I wasn't taking anything.

- It's okay.

Missed you at the funeral, cousin.

- If I'd known you were going.

- Families should stick together.

This is a girl's piece, Frank.

- Yeah, well it was a present.

- What makes you think I wouldn't
go to my brother's burial?

- Yeah, with being tied up and all that.

- And all that?

And all what?

- You know, you had a
big falling out over,

I guess that's been squared away.

- I thought you'd be long gone by now.

- I'm just checking my answering machine.

Hi Frank.

- So.

You're just picking over the wreckage?


(phone rings)

- [Answering Machine] Hi, this is Kate.

I can't come to the phone at the moment,

but if you'd like to leave your name--

- Hello.

Who is this?

(ominous music)


- So, what's the word?
- On what?

- On what.

On Chris.

What happened?

- I don't know.

Listen mate, I know you and me had

the odd run-in when we were inside.

- Now here is your chance
to mend a few fences.

I hear you and him were pretty close.

- Not that close.

- Is that now.


Chris and I had our ups and downs.

And all brothers do, it's not big deal.

But I've been inside for four years.

And I'm just trying to piece
together what happened.

All right?

It seems to me he was
making a bit too much money

to be working as a bodyguard.

- He gave that up ages ago.
- Why, he was good at it.

- Between you and me,
word was he'd lost it.

- Lost his nerve, that
doesn't sound like Chris.

- When word gets round.
- All right, fair enough.

How'd he make out?
- With his contacts,

he was moving military hardware.

- Frank, I don't see my
brother as a traveling salesman

selling clapped out
weapons from two wars ago.

There's no money in it.

Big governments do it
openly nowadays, don't they?

- No, you've got it all wrong.

He was flogging the latest
Russian night vision gear

to whoever could pay for it.

That's the name of the game now.

- How'd he get his hands on it?

- If you have the right connections,

you can get anything in Russia.

And he'd done some favors
for the right people.

Your brother was selling gear

the Russian army hadn't even seen yet.

The North Koreans used to call
him (speaks foreign language)

he bought everything he could smuggle out.

- So?
- So he got ambitious.

He expanded.

- What do you mean, bigger stuff?

- He used to boast he could
flog a ballistic missile

if he could smuggle it out.

No, smaller.

He went for a bunch of thermic switches.

North Koreans have heaps of the hot stuff.

They've got the mass to
make the atomic bomb.

But what they needed were
the electronic triggers

to pop the certain explosive
in sequence to set it off.

That's the key.

But they couldn't make it.

And no one would sell them any.

Except him.
- He got his hands on some.

- And the chinks paid heaps.

Like most Russian gear, it was shit.

The switches wouldn't work at tests.

The chinks went bananas, lost
some face and all that wank.

Not to mention hard currency.

- I suppose he didn't give
the money back, did he?

- He was working on a replacement ship.

Russian mafia promised the
next batch would be goers.

- All right.

Well of course.


He sent me this note at the slammer

about this package that he had,

it was gonna get him off the hook.

Do you remember that, Kate?

Listen, I'm on a tight schedule so.

- Yeah, I understand.

A lot of catching up to do?

Listen mate, I might be
able to put you in touch

with some people that might
be interested in that package.

- Yeah?

Well, I'll think about
it, if I'm still around.


- Grady.

Someone picked up the phone at my place.

It's probably cops, or worse.

- I'm sorry.

I should have kept you
out of it, shouldn't I?

- Sorry?

It's a bit late to be sorry.

You've been dragging me
all over the countryside,

making social calls with half
the police force after you.

Chris told me that there
were people looking for you.

And what's this nonsense about a package?

- Well, Frank's a bit
of a snitch, you know.

That guy's taken it up
the ass in the slammer

for a packet of cigarettes.

He'd sell anyone out at a price.

- Great, and you let
him walk out the door.

- Well, as long as he thinks he can

finish the deal that Chris started,

he's not gonna go to the cops, is he?

Well, it's either that
or killing him, I guess.

- What if he tells those guys

you've got those switch things?

- That's what I'm counting on.

I'm on the run, Kate, I can't
frig around looking for them.

They're gonna have to come to me.

These people killed my brother, Kate.

- I know that.

And we're both torn up by it.

But all this macho revenge stuff

isn't gonna change what happened to Chris.

Prison's scrambled your
brain, I'm out of here.

- Hang on, hang on.

Now who do you think is
gonna be waiting for you

when you get there, if you get there?

Since everyone knew
you were on with Chris.

- That sticks in your throat, doesn't it?

- Why would you want to go to the police?

I think you better stay here
till this gets resolved.

- While they catch up with you.

(ominous music)

(dramatic music)

(saw whirs)

- [Newscaster] South Korea
responded by preparing

contingency plans for war with the North.

The United States announced it was also

ready with contingency plans to boost

its defensive capabilities in South Korea.

- Anything about me?

- No.

You should eat something.

- I could use some coffee.

- Have some of this.

Look, I've been thinking.

So far no one's been here.

And from what you told me,

it seems that you got away by accident.

And with the stress of
your brother's funeral.

So maybe if you contact the police

before they get too close,
it won't go so hard for you.

I can put you in contact
with a good lawyer.

- A good lawyer.

- Who can work out a deal.

- The slammer was full of good lawyers.

- Where will you go?

- I'm not gonna make it
far, that's for sure.

- It gets more dangerous for you

the longer you stay on the outside.

- Well, I'll take my chances.

Thanks for this food.

What have you been doing?

- This and that.

- I saw your routine last night.

- I only do it to keep fit.

- You gave up dancing?



And those dreams you had?

- I grew up, Grady.

- What are you doing now?

- I'm a property consultant.

- What, in real estate?


- And what the hell have
you done with your life?

I'll get some coffee.

(TV chatters indistinctly)

(somber music)

- It's funny how things
work out, isn't it?

I always thought it'd
be me to get it first.

Chris was always the cautious one.

(somber music)

It was always him with
this supernatural stuff.

I remember him as a kid
running around with sheets

on his head, scaring the
hell out of me all the time.

He made me do a pact with him once.

Whoever died first would get
in touch with the other one.

No wonder I can't sleep at night.

- Sounds just like Chris.

He was always such an organizer.

- He got me this deal on a car once.

One of his mates was
flogging confiscated vehicles

from a drug bust or something.

And it had these three bullet
holes in the driver's door.

So Chris is going on,
trying to get a discount

because of the slugs,
that's why I wanted it.

I probably would have paid
extra for the bullet holes.

(device beeps)

This is a Geiger counter.

No wonder you couldn't
turn the TV off with it.

(Geiger counter beeps)

This is one of Chris' toys.

Sandy, this is a key?

- Grady?
(dramatic music)

Grady, what is it?

(Geiger counter beeps)

What are you after?

If you tell me what you're
looking for I can help.

- Come on Chris, it means something.

(Geiger counter beeps)

I remember the story he told me

about his buddy in the Middle East.

He used a radioactive tracer.

- You're not looking for
an atomic bomb or anything?

- No.

(Geiger counter beeping)

The smoke detector.

- Grady, maybe you should
catch up on some sleep.

(Geiger counter beeps)

Whatever it is will still

be there after you've had some rest.

(Geiger counter beeps)

You've been on the move for ages.

(Geiger counter beeps)

Could whatever we're
looking for be outside?

- Try the basement first.

(dramatic music)

(Geiger counter beeping)

(dramatic music)

(Geiger counter beeping)

Feel this?

(Geiger counter beeps)

- This one's out of hot water.

- It's colder, isn't it?

(Geiger counter beeps)

(dramatic music)

At least it won't be hot water.

(ominous music)

That would be the tracer.

(ominous music)

Okay big brother, what have we got here?

- [Kate] Grady.

Grady, what is it?

What are you after?

If you tell me what you're
looking for, I can help.

- [Sandy] Come on Chris,
it means something.

- No, let me do it.


Now, we're both torn up by it.

But all this macho revenge stuff

isn't gonna change what happened to Chris.

(car horn honks)

(suspenseful music)

It's rewound.

(suspenseful music)

Bloody surveillance camera.

- Sandy.

What do you think of the house?

If you see this tape,
then I'm probably dead.

Which is highly unlikely, but if I am,

then I'll trust you to
get the bastards for me.

I hear the boys have
been taking care of you.

Which is...

No hard feelings, eh, little brother?

(static crackles)

- Zone activated.

(static crackles)

(static crackles)

(eerie music)

(doorbell rings)

(dramatic music)
- Please, be my guest.

- [Gangster] You sit.

Listen, my superiors
really are unsatisfied.

- Just keep your socks on, okay?

- [Gangster] You did not
deliver what you promised.

- Well, how do you think I feel?

I mean, we were both let
down by the Russians.

But the thing is, there is
another package on its way.

Now, this one is gonna be kosher.

- [Gangster] What?

- Number one.

- We do not know that.
- Well, no, but I do.

- [Gangster] My superior requests

the package be returned to us.
- You've just got to have

a little patience.
- We have been patient.

When the switches arrive
and prove to be adequate,

we will resume negotiations.

- Well, then the price might go up.

But if you want to back out, that's fine.

I've got another from the Japanese.

- [Gangster] We simply
request our funds be returned.

- I mean, I would love to screw you guys.

I get the package and I'd
throw it in the ocean.

Just so that you don't
get your hands on it.

- [Gangster] That would
be prudent, Mr. Brady,

not to come between us.

(dramatic music)

- The Japanese told me
where the Koreans come from.

They said, it happened when

the Chinese screwed some monkeys.

Of course, I told them that that's what

you say about the Japanese.

And then he went onto say that Koreans

have these tiny little--
- Ha!

(dramatic music)
(Kate screams)

(ominous music)

(static crackles)

(ominous music)

(men grunting)

(suspenseful music)

(static crackles)

(men talk indistinctly)

(static crackles)

(eerie music)

- [Kate] And all this macho revenge stuff

isn't gonna change what happened to Chris.

(somber music)

Prison's scrambled your
brain, I'm out of here.

(somber music)

- Listen.

So organized.

Different passport.

Swiss bank account codes.

No wonder he couldn't give
the money back in time.

- That's all?

- [Sandy] Video pack.

- You just saw your brother
killed, and that's all?

(Kate sobs)

You have a way out.

Use his passport, you
can pass for Christian.

You have all the money you'll ever need.

- I'm not going anywhere.

Not just yet.

- Leave it to the police,
send them the tape.

- The police would piss on that tape,

it wouldn't make it to court.

- Just leave it.

- Kate, I would have been
whacked in the slammer

if Chris hadn't have
reached the right people.

I owe him.

- Well I don't owe anybody anything.

- Well, good for you, why don't you

take your car, and fuck off.

You didn't even owe him
enough to go to his funeral.

For Christ's sake, was I the
only one who gave a shit?

- It was over with him a
long time before he died.

- Moved on again, had you?

(somber music)

- I wouldn't go to the funeral.

Not after what they did to him.

I couldn't bear to see
him again like that.

You'll go the same way, Grady.

(somber music)

You wouldn't let me come and see you.

(somber music)

(romantic music)

- We should be watching the babes place.

- I know, Grady's not gonna backtrack.

- We've gotta take her down.

- Where are we gonna start?

- So what are we doing sitting here

with our thumbs up our asses?

- Crims do one of two things
when they smell freedom.

They run, or they settle old scores.

It's usually both.

- Yeah?

Well, I'd run.

- Yeah.

You haven't been inside, have you?

Now Grady.

All those long nights
of staring out the bars,

thoughts just ticking over in your head.

Eating you up.

Revenge can taste a hell of
a lot sweeter than freedom.

At least when we catch the poor bastard,

he'll get a decent night's sleep.

- You're sure getting into this guy.

- I may run with the hounds,

but my heart's with the fox.

- I suppose you send one to catch one.

- What do you mean by that?

- Well, you being a mick and all.

- I checked the restricted file,

and it seems our informant here
got Grady into the slammer.

Copped a reduced sentence for his trouble.

The thing of it is,

Grady might not know it.

- So how do we have him find out?

- Here's our buddy now.

Is this vehicle road worthy?

- You got the rego slips?

- You don't look like traffic cops,

but keep up the harassment,
that's where you may end up.

- Is that so?

- Look, I'm clean, okay?

- You can search the car, no warrant.

- Seen this villain?

- Have a closer look.

- I was in prison with him years ago.

- You did time Frankie?
- Family specialty, eh.

So you haven't seen him around lately?

- Grady's out already?

- Yeah.

Compassionate leave.

- Grady's on the run.

If he comes close, you
let us know, all right.

- Is there a reward?

- Don't worry, Francis, you'll get yours.

- Nice car.

- That was Mark.

'Cause after I was caught,
everything began to unravel.

Plus, I lost the money
that I was counting.

So they were pissed off with me.

Soon everyone in the slammer was trying

to get into their good books
by giving me a hard time.

- How did you survive that?

- You learn pretty quickly
there's no way out of a brawl.

You hit them first and make it count.

- That how the prisoner died?

- This guy just,

just went too far, really.

Wouldn't back off.

The cops were scared I was
getting preferential treatment.

I reckon I was lucky to
get out with manslaughter.

(somber music)

- Grady.

- I know what you're gonna say.

- I know I keep saying it.

But leave while you can.

Go to Spain like everyone else.

- I can't stand paella.

- Be serious.

No one asks questions
when you've got money.

- Why don't you come with me?

- No.

- Why?

- It's over.

It took me four years to
learn not to love you.

I won't go back.

It was always the three of us.

We were inseparable.

And then there was only two of us.

You froze me out of your life.

Chris was there for me.

I just seemed to drift towards him.

(somber music)

One day we were just together.

(somber music)

It was only a question of when.

(Chris talks indistinctly)

(somber music)

First he reminded me of you.

Then it became unbearable,
and it ended for me.

(somber music)

Chris went so close to the edge.

He was always trying to prove himself.

He took up with the worst scumbags.

He knew he was headed for a fall.

And you both caused me so much pain.

(melancholy music)

(static crackles)

(dramatic music)

(somber music)

- Another waste of time.

- I don't think Grady's
brother spent much time here.

- Yeah, it's just a crash pad.

- He certainly had the dough.

- It's too clean.

There's nothing in the fridge, no laundry.

Grady hasn't been here.

You should check out that woman's place.

- No, no, he's moving
forward, I can feel it.

We're getting closer though.

- Yeah?

Well, just let me get close enough to him.

- You know, I wouldn't get
too eager if I was you.

I'm ready to snap that
guy's neck like a carrot.

We're off.

(ominous music)

(Kate hums)

(ominous music)

(TV chatters indistinctly)

(people cheering)

♪ I was the one ♪

♪ The only one that you ever loved ♪

♪ And for awhile I believed ♪

- How's that?

(Chris shouts)

(somber music)

(Chris sings indistinctly)

- Big finish, big finish.
(Kate and Chris squeal)

- Chris.

Come on, turn around.
(somber music)

Stop it, stop it!

Go on, I have a ton of things to do.

Ta-da, lunch, are you hungry?

(saxophone music)

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

(somber music)

(static crackles)

(Kate moans)

- Grady.

You know, I was thinking that.

That's enough.

Do you enjoy torturing yourself?

- I was watching the
highlights of my life,

the last couple of years.

- You gonna go on feeling
sorry for yourself

until someone puts you out of your misery?

- No, just going through the essentials

that my brother was taking with him.

- I wasn't part of his life anymore.

- Well, he thought so.

Were you screwing him
while we were together?

- Is that what you thought?

Is that what was eating you
up, making you reckless?

- Were you?

- Yes.

- Listen.

I think you should go.

I think you should just get in the car

and go somewhere where I
don't know you for awhile.

- Come with me.

- Well, I don't think we'd
get very far together.

If the cops have been at your place,

they'll be looking for your car.

And the only way for you to get

out of this mess is to travel alone.

- We could meet up somewhere.

I know a place.

(dramatic music)

What is it?

(dramatic music)

Looks like a tradesman.

- It could easily be a setup.

That van could be full of SWAT cowboys.

It could be a nice little distraction.

- Is that how'd you do it?

- Yeah.

That's how I'd do it.

(dramatic music)

(door knocks)

- He'll go away.

(door knocks)

- Answer the door, Kate.

- Sorry, I was in the shower.

- Hi, is this Christian Grady's address?

- Do you have something for him?

- I sure do.

AK Couriers.
- I'll take it for him.

- And you're?
- Mrs. Grady.

- Right.

Well, I'm sure glad I found this place.

Look, I'll just get you to sign.

(gun clicks)
(ominous music)


Hope it's nothing breakable.

I'll just get you to sign.

Get you to sign on this sheet here.


Have a nice day.

(ominous music)

- Seemed on the level to me.

(mysterious music)

The Russians wouldn't be dumb enough

to mail those switches, would they?

- Don't bet on it.

It's declared as computer parts.

- It seems so obvious.

- It's too easy, really.

It just came a little late, that's all.

(phone rings)

- Let me answer it.

- No, don't.
(phone rings)

- I'll say that I've come
to check the house out.

- No, don't do that.

It might be Frank.

- No, leave it.
- No, no.

I was thinking that maybe I
could do a deal with him now.

(phone rings)

Or I could stall him.

(phone rings)

It's bad enough having the
cops on my tail as it is.

(dramatic music)

(phone beeps)

- Anyone home?
- Well, no one's answering.

- Hi, this is Grady.

I'm not in right now, but
if you want to arrest me,

just leave a message
at the end of the tone.

- I think we should take a
drive up there and have a look.

- The place is miles from anywhere.

Look, it's gonna be dark soon.

We haven't checked--
- Are you afraid of the dark?

- This is a bum lead.

- Just drive.

- Yes sir.

(somber music)

- We go to a hotel and
book it under your name,

use your credit cards.

Now when we split up, if I'm
not there in a couple days,

then you go home--
- I return home,

I report my card stolen and a burglary.

- Right, that should convince the cops.

(romantic music)

You've wasted a lot of time on me.

(romantic music)

Okay, well, let's go.

(dramatic music)

- It's them.
- Shit.

(dramatic music)

Open that case.


(dramatic music)

That's now loaded.

You raise the hammer back--
- No.

- It's just in case, you might--

- No, I don't want to be any part of it.

(dramatic music)

- All right, go down to the cellar.

And don't come up until I get you,

no matter what happens.

(dramatic music)

- Grady, it's me.

Can we talk?

(dramatic music)

Grady, these gentlemen
want to talk to you.

They can help.

(dramatic music)

- Good evening gentlemen.

I haven't got much time.

- We need to complete
your brother's bargain.

- That slate's clean, mate.

If you want to make a deal, let's deal.

Take a seat.

- As you know, we have been
very patient up till now.

But before we continue negotiations,

I wish to confirm the components.

- All right, that we should.

First we deal.

- We paid for those.

- Well, the components might
not be in this briefcase.

- Come on, Grady, we're
trying to do business here.

- Thanks for the tip.

I know how you do business, Frank.

(ominous music)

- Shit.

He's stolen a diplomat's car.

- Yeah, I think we better
call for some backup.

- Yeah, and if he's not
there, we're gonna look

like a pair of wankers again.

- I know what you're thinking.

You're asking yourself
if I kill this Kajing,

and the goodies aren't in the briefcase,

then I'm in the shit.

Am I right?

So we're gonna do a deal
before you can have a look.

You see what happens when you

miss out on 40 years of capitalism?

You can only negotiate
down the barrel of a gun.

Am I right, Frank?

- Anything you say, Grady.

- What do you want?

- I want you to call
that other guy in here,

and I want you to tell this
one to drop what he's packing.

- Look, let's just back
off and try and conduct

this in a more businesslike fashion.

- We handed over the money in good faith.

(dramatic music)

- Grady!

- It's okay sir, you're safe now.

(speaks foreign language)

(gunshots fire)

Drop your weapons!

(gunshots firing)

(men shouting)

(gunshots firing)

(ominous music)

(dramatic music)

- Remember me?

I've come back, I'm your worst nightmare.

Now you didn't have to
order my head sliced off,

we could have come to an agreement.

- Grady, we have to go.

- No, I want to hear
what this man has to say.

Go on.

I'm listening.

- Fuck you.

- No, fuck you!

(dramatic music)

- Grady, it's over!

(gangster murmurs)

(dramatic music)

- Just hold onto it tight.

(somber music)

- I've seen one of these before.

That's just a gut wound.

You'll be all right.

I'm gonna give you an ambulance,

and you're gonna give
us a day's head start.

- Yeah.

- It hurts like hell, doesn't it.

I guess you'll say anything to get help.

So I want you to give me your word.

Otherwise we're out of here.

- Yeah.

Yeah, you've got my word.

- This'll help you tell the
good guys from the bad guys.

- Grady.

If you're going to go,

just piss off.

- Fair enough.

- Operator?
- I need an ambulance.

- Address please.
- What's the address?

- 14 Almaria Road, Lakeland.
- 14 Almaria Road, Lakeland.

- An accident.
- What type of injury.

- A shooting.
- Stay on the--

(phone clicks)

- Let's get out of here.

(metal crashes)

(ominous music)

There's another guy out there.

- I've got my keys.

(ominous music)

- I have to draw him in here,
and I'll jump him in the dark.

(ominous music)

(Kate screams)

(ominous music)

(gangster murmurs)

(dramatic music)

(man grunts)

(dramatic music)

This guy can see in the dark.

- We can make a run for the car.

- No, he'll cut us off.

They really can see everything.

- Well, let's go for it.

The ambulance'll be here in a minute.

- We're gonna need a couple
seconds to start your car.

- I can make it.

- Okay.

All right.

I'll keep him distracted for awhile.

- I'll bring it round to the front.

- Okay, just beep the horn.

- Grady, just take care of yourself.

(Kate gasps)
(Kate screams)

(dramatic music)

(punches thud)

(attacker grunts)

(punches thud)

- Take off, Kate!

(dramatic music)

- The sword!

(men grunt)
(punches thud)

(dramatic music)

- Toss!

(dramatic music)


(attacker screams)

(somber music)
(Kate sobs)

(siren wails)

(Kate sobs)

(siren wails)

- We have to make it.

We have to.

(sirens wail)

- I think we are gonna make it.

(somber music)

- [Airline Announcer] Singapore
Airlines wish to announce

S747 for Hong Kong is
now boarding at gate 74.

Passengers are requested to make their way

to the passport command.

- Walk in front of me.

Make it look like I've
abducted you, just in case.

- That big detective.

- Lieutenant O'Rourke?

Did you know him before?
- No, I just took his word.

Chris' passport's my biggest worry.

- [Airline Announcer] Regency Airlines

wish to announce flight RG415
is now boarding at gate nine.

Passengers are requested
to make their way.

- Come here.

Point of no return.

- You walk into a door, Mr. Grady?

- No, car accident, actually.

I had to shave my lip for the stitches.

(computer beeps)

- Just a moment.

(dramatic music)

Mel, can you come here a minute?

- What's the problem?

(dramatic music)

- Sorry Mr. Grady, this
might take a moment.

- [Clerk] Thank you Ms. Davidson.

(dramatic music)

- You've gotta clear the command cursor

before deleting the text.

- [Clerk] Have a nice trip.

- When he called over the
other guy I nearly died.

- Yeah, me too.

(soothing music)

One more thing.

- Do you know how much
you're tossing away?

- We've got more than we'll ever need.

Let's quit while we're ahead, eh?

(soothing music)

(metal detector beeps)
(dramatic music)

- Try it again.

- Why don't you go on ahead
and I'll catch up with you.

(dramatic music)

(metal detector beeps)

- Damn handcuffs.

- That's my watch.

Does it all the time.

- Have a nice trip.
- Thank you.

Let's go.

(upbeat music)

(soothing music)