P!nk: Beautiful Trauma (2017) - full transcript

"Beautiful Trauma" is a song by American singer-songwriter Pink. The song was written by Pink and Jack Antonoff, with production handled by Antonoff. On November 21, 2017, a music video for...

[audience chattering

[audience cheering]

[audience cheering
and applauding]

[pop rock music playing]

[audience cheers]

[audience cheering
and applauding]


Thank you.



How amazing is this place?

[audience cheers]

This place is insane.
Thank you for coming,

for spending tonight
with us. Tonight...

Tonight might be,
it might get weird.

We're gonna...


maybe that kind of weird too.
I don't know.

Thank you. Your first concert?

For seriously?


I'll try to be all right.

I'll try not to forget
any other words.

It's probably gonna happen.

We're gonna do
new stuff tonight
for the first time...


We practiced earlier.


Yeah, it's gonna be

What are we gonna do first?

Oh, yeah! You've heard this.

[audience cheers]

[somber pop music playing]

[audience cheers]

[audience cheers]

[audience cheering
and applauding]

Thank you.

[Pink sighs]

I gotta let that s*** go.

I have so much to say about it.

[groans] Anyways,
moving right along.

[audience cheers]

You know what?
I'm gonna tell you this.

I named my album
" Beautiful Trauma" because...

life is f*****g traumatic...

[audience cheers]

for a lot of people.

It's all relative.

But we are all...

There are so many
beautiful people in this
country and in this world.

And there are so many
good people

and we're not going anywhere,
we're not gonna disappear,

and it's all,
I just feel like it's...

Somehow it's all gonna be okay
if we just stay who we are,

and just be together.

That's all.

Soapbox put away.

For five minutes.

I wanna introduce everybody.

I wish I had
a cool way of doing it.

These are the loves of my life.

We've been together for...

I don't know, what...

15, 16 years? Fifteen?


I'm sorry.

Jason Chapman on keys.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Stacy and Jenny over there
making me look and sound good.

[audience cheers and applauds]

[Pink laughs]

Eva over here killing it.

The coolest f*****g girl
I've ever seen

with a bass guitar.

Mark Schulman on the drums.

[audience cheers and applauds]

AKA Disneyland, 'cause he's
the happiest guy in the world

and he reminds us all to be
grateful. Thanks for that.

Jessy's back!

Yay! Sex on a stick!

[audience applauding]

Adriana finally came back to us

after raising a child
till he could fend for himself.

-[audience cheers and applauds]
-[Pink laughs]

And Justin.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Uncle Spanky.

You're all right.

I asked him
on a Monday if he could
play flamenco music.

He was like, "No."

And then on Wednesday,
he came in and he was like,

"I mean, I'm just really..."

[imitates guitar playing]

You're an a*****e.

But thanks! Let's do it.

We're gonna do a new song
called "Whatever You Want."

[audience cheers and applauds]

[woman] Okay.

[man] I think so.

[pop rock music playing]

[audience cheering]

[audience cheering
and applauding]


Thank you.


It's interesting playing
songs that you haven't
heard before, right?

It's kind of like,
you get to hear it once.

I don't know. I don't know.

It's cool though.

Thanks for being my testers.

All right, so here's the thing.

I really want a Rap Grammy.

It's something that means
a lot to me.

I got a rock one,

and they dissolved the category
the next day, not lying,

for "Trouble."

They were like, "No more girls.

No more girls in Rock, ever.
S**** you."

And then country,
with Mr. Kenny Chesney.

Not a Grammy. Not a Grammy,
but like, something.

And so I really want
a Rap Grammy.

So, I wrote this song,
and it's, I don't know,
it's fun.

I was drinking a lot, so...

It's called "Revenge."

[audience cheers and applauds]

[funk pop music playing]


Now here comes
that singing part.

[audience cheers]

[audience cheering
and applauding]

[Pink] Yup.

There's a first.

I want a f*****g Rap Grammy.

Thank you to Apple
for making this happen, here,

[cheering and applauding]

at the Ace Hotel.

It's my first time here
and it sounds awesome
and I'm happy.

Thanks for coming.

It's pretty.

All right, so I told you
the album is called
Beautiful Trauma.

There's a song called
"Beautiful Trauma"!

[audience cheering]

[pop music playing]

[audience cheering
and applauding]

I wrote that song
with Jack Antonoff.

And he's awesome.

He's a lovable human.

I love him very much.

And we were talking
about our relationships

and telling stories
and he was like,

"Have you ever written that?"

And I was like, "No, not that."

Believe it or not,
there's one thing I haven't
written about Carey Hart.

So that's that song.

It was a beautiful argument,

he punched a hole
in the wall and I thought
it was a masterpiece.

I framed it and dated it
and made him sign it.

This is a song
called "Barbies."

Do you guys love
Julia Michaels
as much as I do?


She's 23. She's so talented.

I wrote this with her.

[pop music playing]

[man] I love you, P!nk!

[audience cheering]

Thank you. This is so fun.

All right.

Oh, thanks!

[woman] I love you!

I'm gonna be 38.

[audience cheering]

Yeah, dog!

I'm stoked.

And I live in dog years.

What's that number?
38 times 7?

I don't know.
I'm not asking you.

[both laughing]

We're gonna do
a song you know,

'cause I feel like that's
a little more fun, right?
For you?

[audience cheers]

Sort of?

But we're gonna do it
a little different,
'cause we have the pleasure

of her company tonight.

[audience cheers]

Willow and I took
violin lessons this year.

Yep. We got nowhere.

But we looked cool.
On the Gram.


All right.

I think.

[pop music playing]

[audience cheering]

[audience cheers]

[audience singing along]

[audience cheers]

[audience cheering
and applauding]

[audience cheering
and applauding]

Thanks. You guys sound good.

All right, I'm taking
my shoes off for this one.

I can't dance in these shoes.

They're cute and all,
but they suck.

I'm built for comfort.

[audience cheers]

All right.

There are so many
rad girls in this world, and...

[audience cheering]

So many of you guys.

There are so many girls
killing it in music.

One of the OG's,

one of my OG favorites,

we do a little
mash-up now, so...

we're gonna do that.

[audience cheers]

[pop rock music playing]

[audience cheers]

[audience cheers]

[audience cheers]

[audience cheering
and applauding]

[laughs] Thanks.

That's so fun.


This is how tall I once was.

I'm not putting them back on.

[Pink laughs]

I'm little.

All right.

I'm 5'3" and three-quarters.

Those three-quarters
are on my license.
I made them put it.

How's my hair?

-[exhales sharply]
-[audience cheers]

All right.

You wanna hear
another new one? Maybe?

[cheering and applauding]

Thanks for saying yes.

Okay, this is called...
This is... Be serious.

-[clears throat]
-[audience laughs]

This is called "For Now."

[audience laughs]

[audience cheers]

[pop music playing]

[audience cheers]

[audience cheering
and applauding]


That was all right.
That one went kind of okay.

[audience cheers]

You're good sports.

So I spent about a year
trying to write songs
for movies.

And, whoo!
I might not do that again.

When I write songs
for my record, it's...
I have to like them.

And if I like them,
they're going on the record.

But I had
an awesome time, actually,

trying to write...

and almost being rejected by,

no being rejected by,
I got rejected.

I tried to write a song
for the movie, Suffragette.

Did anyone see that movie?

It is incredible.

It's a beautiful film
about the suffragette movement

and women's rights to vote,

and it's heartbreaking
and wonderful
and I tried to write this song.

But I didn't think the movie
should have a pop song
anywhere near it.

I thought it should just be
beautiful heart-wrenching
classical music.

And I talked the director
into not using my song,

But I kept it,
because I never would have...

I'm a feminist, and I...

[audience cheers]

I love men, I don't want to...

That has nothing to do with it.

I think when I say that
it turns my husband off.

He thinks I'm like beating up
on him again.

But I love men.
I know fabulous, fabulous men.

I just think women
are just as fabulous.

[audience cheers]


I never would have attacked
the subject quite like this

had it not been for a movie
to inspire me to do that.

So, I'm really grateful
to that film.

And this is that song.

And we have incredible
women up here...

[audience cheering
and applauding]

to play and sing with us.

It's called,
"Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken."

[pop music playing]

[audience cheering
and applauding]


Thanks for having me.
Thanks for being awesome.

Thanks, up there.

[audience cheering
and applauding]

I love you.

[pop music playing]