Playing Cupid (2021) - full transcript

Clara Martinez has a knack for knowing when two people are right for each other.

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(school bell ringing)

- [Woman] Hi, Mrs. Fox!

- Hey, Vinnie!

I saw the game on TV last night.

My condolences.

- Kirkland got
another hat trick.

We didn't stand a chance.
- We'll get them next time.

- How do you do it, Kerri?

These kids love you.

You've only been
here six months.

- Guess I just try to make
learning fun for them.

- Mm-hmm, I try to be
the fun teacher too,

but I still can't
get them to like me.

I don't know what your secret
is, but you've got the gift.

- I guess I just talk to them
like they're people, Marnie.

- They're people.
- Yeah.

- That's where I've been
going wrong all these years!

- I'll see you at lunch.


It's not as scary as it sounds

because risks can be calculated.

Trust me, I know.

Six months ago, I moved
my entire life here.

Now, looking out at
all of your faces,

the first thing that
comes to mind is,

"Oh, I wonder if my apartment
in Oregon is still available."

(students laughing)

But seriously, you guys,

I want you to consider
taking a real risk

as we begin our next project,

which will be worth
40% of your grade.

(students groaning)

Annual Business Competition.

This was a favorite
at my old school.

For the next five weeks,

you will each start
your own business,

a real business where people
pay you for your services.

(students oohing)

Ah-ah, as a fundraiser
for the school.

(students groaning)

You'll create a budget,
develop an inventory list,

but the most important part, a
comprehensive marketing plan.

Now, I want you guys to think
outside of the box, okay?

Because this is a
district-wide competition,

there's also an
Innovation Award,

which looks great on
college transcripts.

And, you know, if we are
raising money for the school,

I could also use a new desk,
(students laughing)

a new laptop and,
come on, you guys,

please do not make me sit in
this old awful chair forever.

(students laughing)

Think about my back, I'm old!
(school bell ringing)

All right, you'll be
graded on three criteria:

innovation, execution,
and potential for success.

Get your ideas to me by Friday.

Make me proud.

Have a great day.

You okay, Clara?
- Yeah.

I'm fine.
- Okay, well, I'm only asking

because you got a 55 on your
last test and a 60 before that.

- I'll study harder
for the next one.

- Hey.

I know it hasn't been easy,
but (pausing) this project's

gonna be really
important for you.

- Yeah.

See ya.

Have a good day.

- I heard your class cheering
through the wall today.

You make me look really
bad; I hope you know that.

You can make it up to me

by buying the first
round at happy hour.

- Can't tonight, Adam
and I have plans.

It's our one-year anniversary

and six months of
living in the same city.

- Wasn't your anniversary
two weeks ago?

- I know, but he's
been busy with work,

so tonight we're
gonna reconnect.

We've hit a bit of
a speed bump lately,

but we're gonna get
back into the groove.

What about you?

- Me?
- Mm-hmm.

- No one new.

Maybe I should get back
on the dating site.

I mean, I have my
feelings about Adam,

but you did meet him on there.

And I'm sure there are new guys.

Relationships die every day.

(Kerri laughing)

But I do hope things
go well for you tonight

while I sit at home alone
and watch that dating show

where everyone's
wearing blindfolds.

- I can't believe you're
still watching that.


Really, really sad!

(happy mariachi music)

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- Are you sure I can't
get you anything?

- No, I'll wait for my
boyfriend to get here.

He texted, he's
running a little late.

- You know what?

I'm gonna bring you
our abuela sangria.

It's a house specialty.

Old family recipe.

- I never could say no to a
house specialty or an abuela.

- Coming right up.
- Thank you.

- Sorry.

I know I said I was
gonna be a little late.

- An hour is more than a little.

- But it's for a good reason.

I got invited for
drinks with the partners

and the big-money clients.

- You went out for drinks
before our anniversary dinner?

- Yeah, but only
because the partners

are finally taking notice of me,

which they don't do unless
they see a potential future.

They didn't even ask
Kevin out for drinks,

and he's been there way longer
and he's got more clients.

- Okay, Adam, just
(pausing) stop.

We have barely seen each
other in the past two weeks.

You're an hour late and not even

a, "Hi, hello, how are you,"
before launching into work?

- I'm sorry, I'm just amped.


This is all for our future.

- Feels like we spent so
much more time together

when we were doing the
long-distance thing.

- You have to look at this
for what it is, Kerri.

- I...

I moved here to be with you.

- I know.

But me and my career
are a package deal.

We all have to make sacrifices.

(Kerri scoffing)

- You know, it's interesting.

The people who say that, "We
all need to make sacrifices,"

never seem to be the
ones making them.

- C'mon, let's just order.

- You know what?

I can't do this anymore.

This isn't about your career.

I have always supported that.

It's about you being present,

being here when you say you
will, and you never are.

- Don't you think you're
being a little rash?

- Just, I'm tired of
being disappointed by you.

Thank you.

Now, if you don't mind,

I'd like to drink my
abuela sangria in peace.

It's the house specialty.

- [Adam] Fine.

Goodbye, Kerri.

(soft ranchera music)

- Another?

- What is the most
(pausing) decadent, greasy,

cheesy-filled comfort food
that you have on the menu?

- Well, I don't know about
greasy, but for that look,

it would have to be
the carne asada burrito

with cotija cheese and
slathered in mole sauce.

- Make mine a double.

- Um...

Look, I don't know
what went down earlier,

but it seems to me

that if somebody puts
you in second position,

they don't deserve your
time and attention.

That's just my (mumbling).

- Where were you a year ago?

Could've used that
instinct then.

- You know, actually, I was
going through my own separation.

Great instincts for others,
terrible for myself.

- I think we should
make it a rule

that we should not be able
to choose for ourselves.

- That's a rule I
could get behind.

- (sighing) Thank you
for cheering me up

on an otherwise
unfortunate evening.

- That's what we do here.

Cantina Corazon,
food for the heart.

I'll go get that double started.

- Thank you!

(soft piano music)

- You know I did
not wanna be right,

but you're all about
lifting everybody else up

and Adam's all about Adam;
you did the right thing.

- [Kerri] I feel like
I failed, you know?

And I hate that.

- [Marnie] Mm, you
can't have any regrets.

It was something you needed
to learn for yourself,

and now you know.

- I mean, I've always trusted
my instincts to guide me,

and moving here felt right.

- And it is, it's
just not exactly

the home you thought
it would be with Adam.

- Maybe I should just
move back to Oregon

when the school year's over,

be near family, watch
my nieces grow up.

- Mm-hmm.

Well, you don't have to
decide that right now.

You never know what the next
four months could bring.

- Clara's doing just fine,
Eva, don't worry about it.

Being a parent
means being present,

and that's kinda hard to do

when you're all
the way in Texas!

Temporarily has lasted a year,

so I don't know
what to tell you.

Can we get this one
without cheese on the fly?

She is not going to Texas.

Now, I gotta get back to work.

- Well, that sounded fun.

- Armchair quarterback
has feedback

about my parenting skills.

(soft mariachi music)

What'd I tell you about
that mole? (laughing)

Everything good?


How's it coming, ladies?

- I still don't know what
to do for my project.

- [David] Oh no.

- I'm doing websites and
I'm interested and coding.

- I like that, fine choice.

- My mom's helping me.

- You know, mija, if you like,

you can use the
restaurant kitchen if
that helps you decide.

Or you could do a
portable taqueria.

That's how Abuela Liliana
started this place.

- That's your specialty, Dad.

This has to be unique to me.

- Oh, it is unique to you.

It's your family.

It's our legacy.

- So, you'll let me work
here then and earn money?

- Your job right now is school.

If you work hard,
than you can create-

- Create your own future.

I know, Dad, and I am.

- Well, your report card
would beg to differ.

You need to figure
out this project

and get those grades up, Clara.

- I will.

- Hey, Marnie!

- Hey!
- Usual to go?

- Thanks, David. (laughing)

Hi, girls.

- [Both] Hi, Miss Rossmore.

- I'll just...

I'm just gonna sit right here.

- So, I said, "We always
go to the dances together."

And she was like,
"In eighth grade,

"everyone has to
go with a date."

So, now I have to worry about
if someone's gonna ask me?



Are you even listening?

- What?

Sorry, what?

- I was talking to
you about the dance.

Where are you?

- Look at them.

They totally like each other.

(soft music)

- Really?

- Check out their body language.

He was sitting, reading.

But as soon as she came
in, he put the book away.

Now look at him, learning
forward all alert.

And she usually gets her
takeout at the kitchen,

but she sat right
across from him

just so she could look at him.

And, look, she's looking
at him right now.

She likes him.

- You got all of that
outta Miss Rossmore

walking in to a restaurant?

- She wants to talk to him.

- Maybe she'll ask
him out to the dance

since she's a chaperone.

Then we'll really be the
only ones without a date.

- Really, again?

You know that
doesn't matter, Liv.

All the boys in our school
are ugly and annoying,

even that boy Trevor.

I'm gonna go help her.

- Wait.

Help her with what?

- Miss Rossmore,
for the book report,

I can't decide
between "Animal Farm"

and "To Kill a Mockingbird."

- Oh, both are great books,

but I do love how "Mockingbird"

explores the moral
nature of human beings.

Are they inherently
good or inherently evil?

- I'd say they're
inherently good,

at least Atticus
Finch thinks so.

- Every student who passes
through my classroom

reads that at some point.

- You're a teacher?
- Mm-hmm, middle school.

- An admirable profession.

- You've both convinced me.

I'll do "Mockingbird."


- I'm Gavin, by the way.

- Marnie.

- Hi, Marnie.

May I join you?

- Please!

- That was masterful! (laughing)

You are hereby charged with
finding me a date to the dance.

- I can find anyone
a date to the dance,

which is exactly what I'm
doing for my ABC project.

(light upbeat music)
(school bell ringing)

- Miss Fox?

Wait, you're Clara's teacher?

- Yeah.
- I'm her father,

David Martinez, from
Cantina Corazon.

- I'm...

I'm sorry, I didn't realize
who you were the other night.

I don't normally share
all of my personal issues

with the parents of my students.

- I don't generally share
mine with my customers.

- Okay, so now that we've got

that awkwardness out of the
way, what can I do for you?

- Um...


- Isn't that a fun idea?

- Fun, no.

Nuts, very.

- Dad?

What are you doing here?

I told you not to come.

This is my choice.

- Clara, 13-year-old matchmaker.

What does a 13-year-old
even know about love?

- What does anyone
know about love?

- I think it's innovative,

and in all the years I've
assigned it, I've never seen it.

- Well, of course you
haven't, because a business

where you can't even
quantify its success.

Eighth-graders don't
wanna be matched up.

She's already struggling in
school, she could get held back,

and her mother seems
to think that...

Look, I'm not even gonna
get into that right now.

- Well, I think this
could be just the thing

to get her grade up.

- Her friends are doing
dog-walking and making candles.

- Also great ideas.

- So, why are you
encouraging this?

- Because we, we learn
so much about ourselves

when we climb out on a limb.

- Branches break and
people fall every day.

- I can do this, Dad.

I even matched my
teacher, Miss Rossmore.

- I happen to know that's true.

- She's had a rough year,
and the last thing she needs

is to embark on a losing battle
when her future's at stake.

- Dad, I can hear you.

I'm right here.

- With all due
respect, Mr. Martinez,

she's thinking outside the box.

- There is nothing wrong
with staying inside the box.

It's safe, it's comfortable.

Good grades exist in the box.

- Right.

Well, maybe we could get you
to step outside of the box

for just two seconds.

- Would you give
us a moment alone?

- [Clara] (groaning) Dad!

- She's excited about this.

I haven't seen her
this enthusiastic
since I've been here.

- Like I said, it's
been a tough year.

- Which is why I'm so
encouraged by this.

I'm asking you to trust me.

- And I'm asking you
to give me a reason to.

- (sighing) Okay, a
majority of the grade

is based on
execution, all right?

And I mentor them
through, beginning to end.

- I can't even begin to see
how this is even gonna work.

How are you gonna grade it?

Play a slow song and
count how many couples

show up on the dance floor?

- Actually, not a bad idea.

Listen, leave it up
to Clara and I, okay?

We'll figure it out.

It'll be great.

- She can't fail.

If she does, we're
gonna have a problem.

- I won't let that happen.

- Okay.

- Okay.

- A matchmaking business?

That's unique.

Well, I can't wait
to see how she does.

You know, once upon a time,
you had a sense of adventure.

- Not with my daughter's grades,
never with Clara's grades.

- You could loosen the
reins just a skitch.

- Yeah, I don't know
what a skitch is.

(Andrea laughing)

And I give her a lot of rope.

(Andrea shrieking)

Okay, maybe I don't.

What am I supposed to do?

It's all on me right now to
make sure that she succeeds.

- She's a good kid.

She'll succeed.

But she can't be afraid to
tell you these things, David.

- Know that she's afraid?

- She calls me sometimes,

when she can't get her
mother on the phone.

- She can talk to me.

I'm the one who's here.

Like always, Eva's good
cop and I'm the bad guy.

- There are certain
things that girls

just can't talk about
with their dads!

- Clara can.
- Of course she can!


She's not going to.

- I fire you yet this week?!
(Andrea laughing)

(soft music)

(cell phone ringing)

- [Kerri] Hi, Mom.

Sorry I'm a mess, I'm on a run.

- Oh, you're a mess?

I told your sister that
I'd babysit the girls,

now I look like a feral raccoon.

Was way more phone when
you were here to help me.

- I miss them.

I miss all of you.

- Well, then come home.

- I can't, I'm in the
middle of the school year.

- No, I meant right this second.

I really could use your help
right now with these two.

I don't know why you
just don't come home.

- I just, I feel like
I'm off my game right now

and I don't think I can make
any more big life decisions.

- Please don't doubt yourself.

Adam was a different
guy in the beginning

and we all thought so.

- Felt like I had it all
figured out, you know?

I knew how my life was gonna go.

- And you're gonna
figure it out again.

We're here for ya,
honey, and we all,

we all miss you.
- I love you.

I'll, I'll call you
this weekend, okay?

(faint siren wailing)

- And ticket presales
for the dance

are at an all-time high as well.

Now, onto PTA fundraising.

Next up is Valentine's
Day candygrams.

- Ugh, this guy?

I swear he's everywhere.

- Now, we're gonna be selling
these for a dollar each

in front of the school all
week leading up to the dance

and they'll be distributed
in the classrooms.

- Why has he been
running the PTA?

I thought Marcy Fulton
was the president.

- She was, but she
went into early labor,

so they had a special
election last Tuesday

and David Martinez stepped in.

- Of course he did,

'cause he likes to keep
an eye on everything.

You know, I can't
get a read on him.

He seems like a nice guy.

But then this morning, he
comes into my classroom

and makes it very clear he
is not a fan of my methods.

- Oh, he's a little intense
when it comes to his daughter.

She got a C on her book report

and he made her do three
extra credit reports.

I would've had her only do one.

- [Kerri] Yeah.

- Although, he does
channel his energy

into an insanely good
tamale, which I'm craving,

so we're going to the
cantina after this.

- No, are you kidding me?

One run-in with him is enough.

I do not need another.

- He's not there
tonight, he's here.

- Everything from assembly,
sales, even accounting.

- Okay, fine, but only because
his mole burrito is amazing

and it helps me not
feel feelings anymore.

- Can we cut the chatter in
the back and focus, please?

Please focus.

Now, we are gonna need
som faculty advisors

to help with candygrams as well-

- Let's go.
- Everything from assembly

to accounting, (pausing) sales.

Maybe a show of hands

of everybody who's
available this week?

- Okay, excuse me.
- No one, okay.

All right, we'll just,
we'll make a signup sheet.

(soft ranchera music)

- [Marnie] (sniffing) Mm!

Are you on salary here?

- I wish.

When my dad's here, I'm here.

- Oh.

Did ya hear that, Marnie?

He's here.

Isn't that great?

- If only he had someone who
could run things for him.

I don't know, maybe someone
that's already been doing it

for, say, 15 years. (laughing)

- I heard that.

And as the owner, the
buck stops with me.

- You know, you used to be fun

when you had a life
outside of this place.

- We both know that's not true.

I was never fun.
(Andrea laughing)

- You two following me?

- It's the tamales.

- Surprised to see you,

given that you have a
whole class to mentor

for that ABC project.

- Well, you know, some of us

like to take time for ourselves,
live life a little bit,

leave the schoolwork behind.

And as for the project, I
get some parents in to help.

Three or four entrepreneurs,

multiple mentors help
me divide and conquer.

- Well, if the
ideas are anything

as unorthodox as my daughter's,

you're gonna need all
the help you can get.

- [Marnie] Are you volunteering?

- No.

I've got too much on my plate
with Clara's schoolwork,

running the PTA; oh
yeah, and this place.

- It's fine, I can cover here.

- Oh, no, you don't
have to worry.

I have two mentors already
lined up, so we're good.

- You said you
need three or four.

- And I'll find them, Marnie.

- And you...

You said that no faculty members

volunteered at
tonight's meeting.

You were so frustrated
when you got back.

I know, why don't you two trade?

- No, that's not necessary.
- No.

- You joined the PTA in
order to spend more time

with your daughter.

This literally puts you
right in her classroom.

- In my classroom.

- Great idea.
(Andrea laughing)

- Wow, okay.

Um, you're not gonna be watching
me like a hawk, are you?

Making sure I don't ruin
your daughter's life?

Because I really don't
like to be second-guessed.

- That's actually the part
that appeals to me the most,

keeping an eye on you.

On; no, on, on this.

On the project.

- Are all of Clara's teachers
under such a watchful eye

or am I just the lucky one?

- Nope, we all are.


Great food though.

- Fine, I'll do it.

- Fine.

Be in my classroom
Tuesday at noon sharp.

- Okay, fine.

- Fine.

As you work on your
operating budget,

don't forget insurance
and payroll tax.

And I need your marketing
plans in by Thursday.

Ah, you guys, this is Mr.
Martinez, Clara's dad.

He owns Cantina
Corazon downtown.

Maybe some of you have been.

Mr. Martinez is going to
be a mentor for our class,

along with Trevor's
dad and Arden's mom.

You're tardy.

- No, I know; we had a
corporate lunch thing

that I had to help-
- I let one tardy slide.

After that, I write you up.

- I'll remember that.

I'll get to work.

- And when you hire Trevor
at the Cutting Edge,

your lawn is always perfect.

I'm gonna make millions,

but I promise I won't forget
you all when I'm famous.

(students laughing)

- I love the name of
your company, Trevor.

I just want you to
be more sensible

with your income projections.

I mean, realistically,
how many lawns can you mow

after school and on weekends?

But it would be great
if you raised millions.

After all, we are raising
money for the school.

(students laughing)

All right, Clara, you're up.
(students applauding)

(soft piano music)

You're making her nervous.

If you'd just like
smile or something.

Guess that'll have to do.

- I'm Cupid Clara, and I'm
here to help you find a date

to the Valentine's dance.

I am a matchmaker.

So, if you find yourself
single on Valentine's Day,

I can help you change that.

You know how it is
with these things,

girls on one side,
boys on another,

everyone too afraid
to ask the other out.

I can help you change that.

Let me do the work for you.

- Can you explain a little
bit about how you do that?

- Mostly, I go on instinct.

- Okay, well, instinct is
great, especially in business,

but you need to be able to
show your potential clients

how you put that into action.

- So, take, for example,
(pausing) Neil and Sarah.

I happen to know Neil
is a huge soccer fan

and Sarah plays for the Austen
Middle School soccer team.

And I saw them both at the
same movie last weekend,

so clearly their
tastes are in sync.

This is a match I would suggest,
if they were interested?

Nope, which clearly they're not.

I look at my clients and
search for common ground.

- That's, that's a good start.

But I'm gonna ask you to
do a little more research

as you move on with your plan.

Marketing is key in
a person-to-person
business like this,

so finding a unique
angle is important, okay?

It's okay, Clara.

It's out there, I promise.

(students applauding)

(Kerri sighing)

(message notification chiming)

(message notification chiming)

(message notification chiming)

(phone keyboard clicking)

(message notifications chiming)


(knocking on door)

(soft pop music)

- [David] Oh, look
who's late now.

I may have to write you up.

- Don't push your luck.

I'm a volunteer here.

- Aren't we all?

- When you offered to feed me,

I figured you'd just bring
food from your restaurant.

- My mother was always
against takeout.

It's a big part of
our business now,

but she always believed that
when you cook for someone,

it should be fresh.


- Sure.

You know that good grades
can't be bought, right?

Even with food as
amazing as yours?

- We'll see about that.

We take our customs
very seriously.

Couldn't feed you a mole burrito

that's been sitting
around for an hour.

What would Abuela say?

- I don't know.

But I'm pretty sure we
would've been friends.

- Probably.
(Kerri chuckling)

Then again, she loved everybody.

Grab your tortilla.

You need some carne asada.

Then you can work your
way through the toppings

and top it off with some
delicious mole sauce.

(Kerri giggling)

- You know, I can't believe

you just threw all
of this together.

- It's nothing, really.

- Where's Clara?

Thought she'd be here to help.

- Basketball
practice, until 9:00.

So I'm forced to
feed the faculty.

- Hmm, well, it worked.

- She thinks she knows
exactly what she's doing.

- They all do; they're kids.

They think they know everything.

- They're a complete
mystery to me.

- Are you kidding me?

Wasn't that long ago
we were just like them.

- Not me.

I worked at the restaurant
from the time I was 12;

before school, after school.

I loved it.

And it paid off too.

We're still doing well,
even since my mom's passed.

I don't know, I thought one day

Clara might wanna
take it over, but...

She seems more interested

in becoming a
matchmaker these days.

It's only a couple of weeks.

It's not forever.

And I think, you know, the
sooner you accept that,

the easier it might
be for both of you.

- Have we met?

I'm not so good at the
accepting part of things.

- Mm.

Nope, can't say that
I've noticed that.

Maybe you could
try that sometime.

- [David] So, what made
you wanna become a teacher?

- When I was a kid,
I had a stutter.

And even with all of the
help that my parents got me,

it wasn't until the third grade

that I was really
able to overcome it.

My teacher, Miss LaBelle, she...

She really worked with me.

She made me feel like
my voice mattered.

And she wouldn't
stop until I got it.

That's the power of teachers.

And I knew then that I wanted
to be that for other people.

- Wow.

- Sorry, that was a really long
answer to a short question.

- No, it was impressive.

- Also, I just really like
to tell people what to do.

I try to talk to my
students and not at them,

and I think sometimes
people forget to do that.

- I try to hear my
daughter out, but...

I'll probably be responsible

for extensive future
therapy bills.

(both laughing)

- I think Clara
will be just fine.

- Thank you for
caring about her.

- You're welcome. (giggling)

It's really cold.

Do you wanna?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, okay.

(both laughing)
- Watch out.

- Thank you.


Oh no. (laughing)

So, these were on the floor.

And even though they're wrapped,

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't
pass quality control.

I mean, I think we
need to eat them.

- Yeah, the ground
is filthy out there.

We definitely can't sell these.

- I mean, what would
the parents say?

- A lot.

Parents have a lot to say.
- Yes, I'm aware.

(David laughing)
- What's so funny?

- Um...

Just doing our part
for the school.

- Okay.

I need advice.

I went online and I found
matchmaking services

and they have questionnaires
that people can fill out.

Should I do one?

- I think that's a great idea?

- What do you guys
look for in a date?

More than just age and job.

(Kerri clearing throat)

- Well, I think you can
learn a lot about someone

by who they spend
their time with.

If it's only people from work,

it's a red flag and you
shouldn't ignore it.

- People don't always
see things the same way.

It's important to date
someone with an open mind,

someone who doesn't think
they know everything.

- Very important.

No one likes to be
questioned or doubted.

- Or bossed around.

- [Kerri] Find out what they
like to do with their friends,

how they like to spend
their Saturday night.

- Common interests,
shared values.

Those things are all important.

- What do you want in a date?

- (laughing) She
doesn't want a date.

Do you?

- Dad, no.


- Oh!
- You like someone?

- No.


Besides, it isn't about me.
(both laughing)

I think I know what to do now.

I should have my classmates
fill out my questionnaire

and they can decide
whether or not

they want to purchase their
results to find their match.

- That's a great marketing tool.

I mean, you create
intrigue with the product

and then they wanna purchase it.

- You guys should do it,
since you're both single.

- Well, this isn't about us.
- No, we don't need to-

- I mean, for practice.

For me.

- I'm telling you, I
put my gardener on hold

to give Trevor a shot, and I
might not ask him to come back!

He's doing a great job.

And now he's doing my
neighbor's lawn. (laughing)

Plus, he's willing to
come before school.

- That's great, and thank you
for supporting my students.

- Hey, they're my students too.

Plus, Trevor's a lot
cheaper than my guy.

Don't tell him I said that.

- Okay. (laughing)

- Another satisfied customer.

- Great work, Trevor.

I'll see you in class, okay?


Gotta get to the school now.
- Oh.

- And I'm sorry, I can't
meet you for lunch.

I've gotta check
in on Kristy Forbes

and her tutoring business.

- Mm, you're running
yourself ragged.

You give new meaning to the
words "above and beyond."

You sure you're not deflecting?

- What does that mean?

- When I broke up with
Dennis, I vacuumed every day.

It made me feel better

to have those little
lines in the carpet.

I think maybe this ABC
project is your vacuum.

- Well, I mean, if
that's the case,

it's only because
this I can control.

I just need more
control in my life.

I don't wanna make
any more mistakes.

- I tell my students there
are no mistakes, only lessons.

Look for the lesson
and be willing to bend.

- Hey.

I bend, okay?
- Mm-hmm.

- I mean, I'm the one that
picked up and moved here.

Adam is the one
who needs to bend.

- Needs to?

You want him back?

- I just...

I want things the way that
they were at the beginning,

when they were good.

But good is fleeting.

- Good is still out there,
if you're open to it.

Don't let this situation
with Adam shut you down.

- I'll see ya later.
- Bye.

(soft upbeat music)

(pan sizzling)

- Buenos dias, sleepyhead.

- Buenos dias.

- [David] So,
how's school going?

- Good.

- [David] And your ABC project?

- Fine.

- What about your other classes?

- Good.

- Did you finish that essay

that Miss Rossmore
wanted you to do?

- I will.
- And what about-

- Why do we always have
to talk about school?

(soft piano music)

- Look, Clarita...

I'm trying here.

I know you talk to your mom on
the phone for hours at night.

You know, Miss Fox thinks
that I could be better

about accepting things.

- Well, she is a great teacher.

- I'll do better at that, okay?

- Okay.

- Hey.

(speaking foreign language)

(speaking foreign language)

- Yes, please.

That's it?

- [David] (laughing) Okay.

(light upbeat music)

- [Alivia] And
now Sarah and Neil

are going to the
dance together too?

- [Clara] More
satisfied customers.

- Did I match with anyone?

Or did anyone ask about me?

- This is a business.

And if you want my product,

you need to purchase
it like everyone else.

Don't wait too long.

The dance is next Friday and
people are already coupled up.

- So I did match with someone.


What about you; did you do one?

- Maybe, just for practice.
- And?

Who did you match with?

- It isn't about me.

I'm the connector.

- It's Trevor, isn't it?

- No, it's not ever
someone in our class.

I have to talk to Miss Fox.

See ya later.

- Fine, you win!

I'll pay for it! (sighing)

- Hey, Miss Fox.

Are you busy?

- Always.

But of course I
have time for you.

- So, the intrigue around
my questionnaire is working.

A lotta people bought it.

- That's great!

- So, what if I went bigger?

I mean, took Cupid
Clara outside of school?

Everyone is matched
up who wants to be,

so there isn't
really anyone else.

- Well, what were you thinking?

- I'm gonna need your help
with my dad on that part.

(Kerri laughing)

- I think you
overestimate my abilities

if you think that I can
convince your dad of anything.

- No, you can.

It's kinda weird, actually.

(light upbeat music)

- [David] A Valentine's
Day fundraising party

in the restaurant.

Now you wanna match up adults?

- [Kerri] You've gotta give
her credit for her confidence.

- It's perfect.

Your logo is literally a heart.

And we can call it El
Dia del Amor y Amistad,

just like Abuela used
to do every year.

- What does that mean?

- El Dia del Amor y Amistad

is the day of love
and friendship.

It's what Valentine's
Day is called

where my mother
came from in Mexico.

She used to love celebrating
it at the restaurant.

- I like it.

I mean, it makes it
sound less formal.

Maybe you'll find a
date on Valentine's Day

or maybe you'll
just find a friend.

- Yeah, local singles will
fill out my questionnaire

and I'll match them
with their top three.

And we can even old traditions,
just like Abuela used to do,

like mariachis could
come and play love songs.

- (laughing) Can this even work?

I mean, she's a kid.

No offense.

- It will work.

Your place is the best:

great food, great
music, great drinks.

- Okay, now you're
trying to butter me up.

- And I'm reminded of
a miss Marnie Rossmore,

whose relationship is
still going strong.

- Yeah.

I'm good at this, Dad.

Everyone in my class is
coupled up because of me.

- I don't know, mijita,

'cause I'd have to close the
restaurant to the public,

and Valentine's Day is
on a Saturday this year.

- Do you really think singles

are gonna come for speed
dating and not buy tacos?

- Fair point.

- It's a fundraiser.

And as PTA president,

you're always trying to
get people to step up.


- Wow, they learn so quick.
- Yeah, they do.

But I really think this
could give her an edge

for the Innovation Award.

- Which looks great on college
transcripts, right, Miss Fox?

- You know your
father well, kid.

- I'll help in any
way that I can.

It just has to be after 4 p.m.

I've got Ricky Morris's car
wash business to oversee.

- Fine.

If you can get people
signed up, we'll do it.

- Yes; I'll do it, I'll do it!

Thank you!

I love you!

I'll make it work, okay?

Make you proud.

Thank you.

- So...

We are doing this.

- We are.

It's gonna be great.

- Mm, yeah, this is me
letting go, accepting.

- You look a little uptight.
(both laughing)

This is me very proud of you.

- Thank you for meeting me here.

Andrea's son's hockey
game went into overtime

and I had no one
to watch the place.

- Hmm.

We'll dine in, the way
Abuela and I like it.

- Papa, Alivia and
her mom are here.

I'm gonna go.
- Okay, you got your stuff?

- [Clara] All set.

- Kisses.

(cell phone ringing)

- Oh, maybe it's another
Cupid Clara customer.

I'm at 15, by the way.


Hi, Mom.


- Bye.
- Bye.

- I...

I got her a phone so she
could talk to her mom

whenever she wants.

She does, (laughing) for
hours, but it's good.

She needed that.

Divorce has been so hard on her.

- Well, look at her now.

She's really coming
out of her shell.

- It is nice to see.

- How about you?

Was it hard on you?

- Sometimes, two people can
seem perfect for each other.

You try and you try for
your daughter's sake

to make it work.

It's never going to.

- Yeah.

And, you know,
sometimes an algorithm

based on yes-and-no answers

tells you that someone
is perfect for you
and you believe it

because, well, the computer
said you are a perfect match,

so you must be a perfect match.

- We all have our stories, huh?

- Yeah.

But I will spare you
the rest of mine.

- No.

Please don't, I like
listening to you.

(soft music)

I mean, who knows teenagers

better than a middle
school teacher?

I have a lot to learn
from you, right?

- Hang on, I'm sorry.

Could you just say that again?

I'm not sure I quite
heard that properly.

- Which part?

- You know, the part
where you might actually

trust my advice?

Hey, actually, hang on.

I'm gonna get this on camera

'cause it might
never happen again.

- You heard me just perfectly.

- No-no-no, I didn't;
you need to do it again.

(David laughing)

(soft mariachi music)

- Four boxes of 200 each,

not counting what
we have at my house.

Should we have gotten more?


Bienvenidos a Cantina Corazon.

Let me show you
to our best table.

- Kerri?

- Hi.

- This is Gail.

We're just...

You know.

- David Martinez.

I own the place.

- Adam.

Yeah, I've been here before;
I work around the corner.

- Right, sorry.

Adam, this is David, my-

- You know I don't like
to put labels on things.

Let's just say good friends.

- Right, good friends.

- Wow.

That's fast.

- Well, you know what they say,

"When it's right, it's right."

- Right. (laughing)

Enjoy your dinner.

- Let me show you to your table.

- Have a good night.

(Kerri exhaling)

- Thank you for that.
- Anytime.

That wasn't awkward at all.
(Kerri laughing)

- Sorry I'm late, but
Jacob won it for them

in sudden death overtime!
- That's great!

- (laughing) I'm
such a proud mom!

- [David] He's leaving
senior year in style.

- Is it okay if I leave
my car in the lot tonight?

- Of course.
- Think I'm gonna walk home.

- All right, goodnight.

- Go, walk that lady home.

- What do you do when the life
you thought you'd have ends?

Change your identity, dye your
hair green, (laughing) what?

- They say acceptance
is the first step.

- Oof, I liked that word
better when it was about you.

- It's a nice night,
do you wanna sit?

- Yeah.

- I say you focus on the
things that make you happy.

- And what makes you happy?

- I've always wanted
to visit Veracruz,

where my mom came
from in Mexico.

Almost every single item on
my menu was invented there.

It's such a part of my life
and I've never even seen it.

- What's stopping you?

- I don't know.

I'll go someday.

- Mm, someday is now.

- Look, I know that
(pausing) your life

hasn't turned out
the way you expected,

but that's not
necessarily a bad thing.

Maybe it will better.
(soft music)

- You don't know that.

- I don't not know that.

Mine is different.

It's not worse.

It's getting better every day.

Clara's doing great, and I
have you to thank for that.

- Wasn't me, it's the project.
- No.

It's you.

It's you.

You've given her excitement
that she hasn't felt in a while.

Neither of us have.

- Same.

I was beginning to
think I didn't know

what a reliable, nice
guy looked like...

Until you came into my
classroom and threatened me.

- I did not threaten you.

- (laughing) Yes you did!

Uh, "If she fails, we're
gonna have a problem."

- Look, I still stand
by that statement.

You're just lucky she's doing
so much better now. (laughing)

- And you were worried
no one was gonna pay you

to design a website.

Look at you.

I'm proud of you.
- Thanks.

- Good, now you
take that number,

and this is where you put
in your operating costs.

- Hey.

Did I match with anyone?

- I don't know.

I have to check my
records, in here.

I don't remember
every one of them.

- Okay. (laughing)


- Cool.

(sighing) Blew it.

It's okay.

Hey, Miss Fox, can
you sign my flyer?

- Sure.

Let's see.

Okay, and you've already
purchased this domain, correct?

- Yes, and Liv made the website.

- I love it, supporting
each other's businesses.

Okay, great; send me the
website when it's live

and your flyer is approved.

- Not so fast, lady.
- What?

What's wrong with it?

- As if you don't know.

- No, I don't know.

- Look closely.

- Nope, nothing.

- Branding.

Unless you include my official
logo on there, I'm out.

- I can't believe I
forgot about that.


- It's okay, it's
not your fault, mama.

It's your mentor.

- Here you go, good job.

- Now we just have to pray

that all these
clients actually show.

- They will.

(school bell ringing)

Work hard, you guys!

I don't know how much longer
I can take this chair.

- We start candygram
sales tomorrow.

- Yeah.

Bright and early.

- I look forward to it.

See you later.

(deep breathing)

- You seem to be spending
a lotta time together.

- It's just for work.

- It's for the school,
for my daughter.

- (chuckling) Yeah.

- Maybe so.

But you seem a lot
lighter this past week,

even more so than when
you were with Adam.

Maybe something's happening?
- Psh.

I mean, sure.

He's nice.

He's reliable.

He cares.

But I thought all of those
same things about Adam

when I first met him too.

- I'm just sayin'...

Open your mind.

- Maybe something's happening?

- She just broke up with
someone, in my restaurant.

She needs more time.

- (scoffing) Don't you
be making assumptions

about what she needs.

You like her. (giggling)

(deep breathing)

- I don't know, it
just feels too soon.

- There is no timeline.

And things were already
kind of ending with Adam

before you walked away.

- My mind is open.

It's actually the first time

I've even entertained the
idea of dating since Eva.

But what if-

- What-ifs are futile!

- What-ifs are preparation.
(Andrea groaning)

- It's just, I feel like
I created this fantasy

in my love story with Adam,

and now I don't even
know what's real anymore.

- Look, Ker, you
moved here for love.

Well, maybe that love
wasn't with Adam.

Maybe it was with somebody else.

(both groaning)

- Okay, and $3 is your change.

- Just put the recipient's name

and class on the card provided
and put it in your box and...

- (laughing) They don't care.


- Thank you.

- Hi.

Five please.

- Five.

- Who are these for?
- Friends.

- Which friends?

- Don't worry about it.

- Here you go.

Oop, you okay?
- Yeah, thank you.

- Don't worry, they
can't all be for crushes.

- Am I that transparent?

- Yeah.

- [David] We are definitely
going to need to order more.

- [Kerri] Wonderful,
more ribbons.

- Ah, more candy.

You're looking at
this wrong. (laughing)

(cell phone ringing)


Gimme a second?
- Oh yeah, I can finish up.

- Eva.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I'm not using her project
to promote my business.

I'm allowing her to use my
business to promote her project.

No, I am not gonna cancel!

This means everything to her!

Stop, E-

Stop; no, she's not
coming to Texas.

Well, fine then,
you can come home.

This move of yours was supposed
to be temporary anyway!

That's what I thought.

Now, look, if you're
still there in the summer,

then maybe she can
come and visit Dallas,

but she's thriving for
the first time in a year.

She doesn't need any more
shakeups in her life.



(soft music)

- It's okay.

Do you wanna grab a
coffee or a bite to eat?

And a bottle of wine? (laughing)

- Coffee sounds great.

Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- So, I have something
I wanna tell you.

I booked a trip to Veracruz
this summer for me and Clara.

- That's so great.

I'm glad you're finally
going, and Clara too.

I hope you come back with
a thousand new recipes.

- Another thing I owe to you.

- You don't owe me anything.

- You walked into our lives
and set us both straight.

- I was just doing what
anyone else would do,

throwing myself into
other people's business

so that I don't have
to deal with my own.

- A fine coping
mechanism, I know it well.

- So, my mother thinks that
I should move back home

after this semester.

- [David] What do you think?

- I don't know, I
think I'm just waiting

on some kind of
a sign, you know?

Something that makes
it as clear as it was

when I first moved here,
but I'm coming up short.

- Well, I wish I could help you.

But I do know this:

If you leave,

there's gonna be a lot of us
being real sad to see you go.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

(light upbeat music)

- And as a reminder, I
need a full breakdown

of your businesses by tomorrow

so I can submit to
the competition.

Deadline is Friday.

(knocking on door)

- Okay, everyone, five-minute
break for candygrams.

(students chattering)

- Got one for you, Miss Fox.

- For me?

- [Vinnie] It's a
pretty interesting one.

(soft upbeat music)

- So?

Who's it from, Miss Fox?

- You know, I think I'm
someone's favorite teacher.

(students groaning)

All right, back to work.

- Hey, Jane!

Just picking up PTA mail.

- [Clara] "Meet me outside
the dance at 7 p.m."?

- [David] Hey.

Did you hear?
- Hey.

- Candygram sales
have made enough money

to pay for field trips
'til the end of the year.

- Wow.

Does that mean no more ribbons?

- (laughing) No such luck.

Demand is at an all-time high.

- Well...

I mean, the kids
do love them, so-

- Well, it's not just the kids.

I know adults around campus
who appreciate it too.

- Absolutely.

I mean, it's nice to
know that someone cares.

- Yeah; you know, it's
funny how a small gesture

can kick up things that people
haven't felt in a while.

- Couldn't agree more.

- [Clara] What are
you doing here?

- I, I was just leaving.

I dropped by to
pick up PTA mail.

- [Clara] You could've
gotten it at pick-up.

- Yes, but I had to
meet with the treasurer

to get an accounting
of candygram sales.

- Mm-hmm.

So, the event is now
36 people and counting.

Mom thinks it's crazy, but
I think it's a huge success.

- Boy, that is a lot of
heart-shaped tortillas.

Can you believe I
let her convince me

to make heart-shaped tortillas?

Do you have any idea how
time-consuming that is?

- Dad, we have to do it,

just like Abuela did in
Dia del Amor y Amistad.

Come on, it'll be
fun, like old times.

- Yeah, well, you're gonna
help me prep tonight.

- Can't, I have basketball.

What about Andrea?

- No, her sister's
kids are sick.

She has to help
take care of them.

I gave her the night off.

- I'm happy to help.

- No, we couldn't ask you.

You've already done
so much already.

You have an entire
class to mentor.

- Thank you, but, I mean,

I've never made
heart-shaped tortillas

and I feel like that's a
skill I could really use, so-

- Oh; I know it's
generally your department,

but I am a pretty good teacher.

- Hmm.

We'll see about that.

- Okay.

Then it's settled.

Thanks, Miss Fox.

I owe you.

(soft upbeat music)

- [David] "Okay,
then it's settled."

(David and Kerri laughing)

- [Kerri] She knows
what she wants.

- [Marnie] Do you wanna
go to happy hour tonight?

- [Kerri] I can't
tonight, I'm sorry.

- Let me guess.

You're helping David
Martinez solve world hunger.

- (laughing) No,
I promised Clara

that I'd help her prep for
the Valentine's Day mixer.

- Oh.

Are you giving all your
students this much attention?

- Yes, actually, I am,

which is why I look
so tired all the time.

- Okay, maybe...

Maybe you were right.

Maybe moving here does have
more to offer than just Adam.

(Marnie gasping)

- I knew it!

You like David
Martinez! (laughing)

I swear, that restaurant is
like a magical love portal.

(Kerri laughing)

("Ain't No Mountain
High Enough")

♪ Listen, baby ♪

♪ Ain't no mountain high ♪

♪ Ain't no valley low ♪

♪ Ain't no river
wide enough baby ♪

- Is this a private concert or
can anyone join?! (laughing)

- Oh, my god! (laughing)

Grab an abnormally large
carrot and join in.

♪ I'll be there in a hurry ♪

♪ You don't have to worry ♪

♪ 'Cause baby there ain't
no mountain high enough ♪

♪ Ain't no valley low enough ♪

♪ Ain't no river wide enough ♪

♪ To keep me from
gettin' to you, babe ♪

♪ Remember the day
I set you free ♪

♪ I told you you could
always count on me, girl ♪

♪ And from that day
on, I made a vow ♪

♪ I'll be there when you
want me, some way, somehow ♪

♪ Oh, baby, there ain't
no mountain high enough ♪

♪ Ain't no valley low enough ♪

♪ Ain't no river wide enough ♪

♪ To keep me from
gettin' to you, babe ♪

- Are we doing this? (laughing)

♪ No wind ♪

♪ No rain ♪
(Kerri laughing)

♪ Or winter's cold
can stop me, baby ♪

♪ No, no, baby ♪

♪ 'Cause you are my love ♪
♪ If you're ever in trouble ♪

♪ I'll be there on the double ♪

♪ Just send for me, oh, baby ♪

- We should get started
on the tortillas.

- Yeah.

Don't touch anything,
I'll be right back.

- Hands off.

♪ I'll be there on the double ♪

♪ Just as fast as I can ♪

♪ Don't you know that there
ain't no mountain high enough ♪

(soft music)

- Heart-shaped tortillas,
balloons that say "amore,"

and she sent the mariachi band

a list of approved love songs.
(Kerri laughing)

- Well, she's giving it her all.

- She's a tyrant.

- I mean, the customer
is always right,

so be extra nice to her.
(David laughing)

- And if you put
oil on your hands,

it keeps the dough
from crumbling up.

- Another Abuela secret?

- She had hundreds.

I'd watch her cook for hours,
first at the taco stand

and then when my dad
got her this place.

She loved to feed people.

- You're carrying
on a great legacy.

- You need flour now.

Way too much oil.

Get some; here.

You need to get it underneath.

Get some oil on your hands.

You're starting to stick again.

- How many of these
do we have to make?

- A lot.
(soft piano music)

- We're gonna be here all night.

- I could think of worse things.

(woman clearing throat)

- I hope I'm not
interrupting anything.

- Eva!

(cell phone ringing)

- Marnie?

- [Marnie] Turn
on Channel 9, now.

- What?


- And my friend signed up

for this Dia del Amor y
Amistad Valentine's Day event,

which is being put on by
a middle school matchmaker

for a class project.

- She's 13.

- Well, I don't know; when I
was 13, I was pretty boy-crazy.

I think I could
make a good match.

- Come on, Misty, what does a
13-year-old know about love?

(chuckling) No thank you.

if I wanna find someone
completely incompatible.

- He's gonna kill me.

- Nobody watches "Good
Morning Seattle" anyway.

- Everyone watches it.

That's why we all
wanna win the award.

- It doesn't matter.

I mean, if no one comes, if
everyone shows, who cares?

You've rocked this project
and I'm proud of you.

- I need it to work,

but (pausing) not just that.

I think that someone might
be playing a trick on me.

(soft orchestral music)
- Why would you think that?

- I don't know.

I've never really thought
about dating and stuff.

I mean, look at our family.

- Clarita.

No, mama, what happened
between your mom and me,

that is not indicative
of your future.

I promise you that.


You are going to make some
lucky guy so happy someday.

- You think?

- I know.

As long as he's nice, decent,

and you don't date
before you're 30.

- (laughing) Okay.

- But in all seriousness, mija,

maybe you should give
this secret admirer

the benefit of the doubt.

You never know who it could be

if you don't put
your heart out there.

- Thanks, Dad.
- I love you.

Now, get in there,
you're getting wet!

- Oh, what timing
the ex-wife had!

- Tell me about it.

I mean, no one even knew
that she was coming home.

Between that and the "Good
Morning Seattle" segment,

the hits just keep coming.

- Have you talked
to David at all?

- No, he said we'd talk later.

But besides one text this
morning about the segment,

it's pretty much
been radio silence.

- I'm sure they're just figuring
it out for Clara's sake.

- I just hope I didn't
steer Clara wrong.

She's so excited
about the party.

What if no one shows?

- Well, you said it yourself:

It's about the execution,
not the success.

- Still, I don't wanna
break a 13-year-old's heart

on Valentine's Day.

- She's got the dance tonight.

She'll be fine.

She'll forget all about it.


Why are we doing this?

- Kerri!

Glad I caught you
before you left.

Can we talk for a second?

- Yeah, hop in.

- Hi.

- Hi.

- I wanted to apologize for
the interruption last night.

- Oh, you don't
need to apologize.

Family comes first.

How's Clara doing today?

- Oh, she's more concerned
about the dance tonight.

(laughing) Boy stuff.

- Right, sounds about
right for a 13-year-old.

- She really does want
that Innovation Award.

- I mean, she
might still win it,

even if the event is a bust.

(soft piano music)

- Hey, that's not what I
wanted to talk to you about.

Our time last night, I enjoyed
it, interruption and all.

- I did too.

- So, I...

I'll see you at
the event tomorrow.

I hear it's the place to be
if you wanna make a match.

(Kerri laughing)

- Yeah, I hear the same thing.

- Bye.
- Bye.

(upbeat pop music)

- Clara.

What are you doing out here?

- Oh, I was...

I was watching my
successful couples arrive.

You two are the last.

- Well, come in with us.

(soft mariachi music)

(crowd chattering)

- Group three, one
table to the left.

Group two, one
table to the right.

- And you were worried
no one was gonna show up.

- You were worried;
I was never worried.

(phone notification dinging)

(Kerri laughing)

(soft upbeat music)

(knocking on door)

- Miss Fox.

- Hi.

I've got some really
great news for Clara.

She's one of the finalists
for the ABC project.

- Oh.

Do you usually make house
calls for all your students?

- No, I...

I was just really
excited to tell her.

I know she worked so hard and...

I mean, I was on my way home,

so I just thought
I would stop by.

- Oh, I know.

We are so proud of her.

And we really appreciate
all you've done,

so I will happily
relay the message.

We're just in the
middle of family time.

- Right.

I'm sorry, please
just let her know.

- [David] Kerri.

- Clara's a finalist
for her project.

- Oh, wow.
- Miss Fox

wanted to let you know.

Isn't that sweet?

- So, Clara must be
so happy she's back.

- She is, she is.

Between project and Eva being
back, she's herself again.

Might be a bit confusing
for her if you and I-

- I was thinking the same thing.

You know, it's important that
there aren't too many changes

for Clara all at once.

- Yeah, just for a while.

Sorry, Kerri.
- You don't need to apologize,

because I actually decided
that I'm going back to Oregon

when the school year's over;
you know, to be near family.

- Oh.


If (pausing) that's what's
gonna make you happy.

- It is.

- Well, you will be
very missed around here

by all of us.

- It's for the best.

Okay, well goodnight, and
please congratulate Clara for me

and tell her I'll
see her on Monday.

- Will do.

- Goodnight.

- [David] Goodnight, Kerri.


- My press has already begun,

and I am not counting a "Good
Morning Seattle" segment

where they doubted me.

- And we haven't even heard
about the district awards yet.

- You know, I don't
really care about that.

Feels like I already won.

My mom is home,

my dad's happier than I've
seen him in a long time.

Things are good.

- I'm really happy for you.

And although I don't know
much about the other schools,

I think you have a pretty good
shot at the Innovation Award.

- I guess we'll
find out tomorrow.

- You can't leave!
(Kerri laughing)

You make all of our lives better

and then you selfishly
take it all away from us?

- You'll be fine.

You have Gavin now.

You'll live happily ever after

and you'll forget all about me.

- Not possible.

- Maybe this was just a
learning experience, you know?

Maybe I'm not supposed
to take so many risks

with my personal life.

I'm just, I'm glad it ended
before I got in too deep.

- Your risks
weren't for nothing.

You don't have to run.

(soft piano music)
- I'm not running.


Okay, maybe I'm
running a little bit.


I was just looking (pausing)
for a concrete sign,

a reason to stay.

And I found the opposite.

- [Clara] Mom's not joining us?

- No, she's actually
looking for an apartment,

a two-bedroom so
you can stay there.

Look, mija, I know that you're
happy you're mother's back,

but she and I are
just gonna be friends.

I know that's hard for you
to hear, but I'm sorry.

- I'm Cupid Clara, Dad.

I know when people are
right for each other

and when they're not.
(David laughing)

- Of course you do.

- I'm happy Mom is back, but
you two are so not a match.

I knew that long
before you even did.

But I happen to know who
is your perfect match.

- Is that right?

- Think you just
need a little help.

(soft orchestral music)

- Wait, you were
my secret admirer?

- Think of it as
a proxy for her.

- Proxy. (laughing)

That's good vocab word usage.

- Of course, I'm doing very
well in school know, you know.

- I know, Cupid Clara.

I know.
(glasses clinking)

(soft pop music)

- Hi.



Hey, guys!

Listen, good luck tonight, okay?

I have a really good
the Innovation Award

is gonna come out
of our classroom.

- Miss Fox, you
know Bink and Misty

from "Good Morning Seattle"?

They're here, recording.

Right there.

- Mowing lawns for
all of his neighbors.

Are you enjoying that, Riley?

- That's a really good sign.
- I know!

(both laughing)

- We should probably
get to our seats.

Good luck.
- Okay.

I'll see ya later.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- [Woman] Ladies and gentlemen,

please join me in welcoming
Superintendent Weaver.

(audience applauding)

- Thank you, and welcome to

the Annual Business
Competition Award.

This year was the most creative

and outside-the-box
group of businesses

I've seen in my 22-year career,

specifically out of
Austen Middle School,

who had the highest
number of award finalists

in the district.
(audience applauding)

And now, it's time for the
coveted Innovation Award.

Every single nominee hit it out
of the park on this project.

You are all winners.

(audience applauding)

That being said, the
business that has been chosen

for this year's Innovation
Award in our district...

A rather...

A rather unusual
business venture,

to Clara Martinez

for Cupid Clara's
Matchmaking Service.

(audience applauding)

- I'm so proud of you.

- [Clara] I love you guys.

- Come on up here!


- Thank you!
- Well done.

- Can Miss Fox come
up here, please?

Miss Fox?

- Congratulations!

I'm really proud of you.

- You know that makeover
you were talking about?

- Oh, the classroom make-

Clara, I was just joking.

- Well, you deserve it, and
I wanted to do this for you.


- You guys!
(audience oohing)

- A brand new desk and
chair, top of the line,

with extra lumbar
support, just for you.

- You guys, thank
you. (laughing)

Should I sit in the chair?

- Yeah!
- Yeah; okay.

- You like it?

- It's perfect.

- Great.
(audience applauding)

We love you.

- Thank you.

- And...
(audience oohing)

For you. (laughing)

I know you were just
joking, but David Martinez

and Clara's mother, Eva,
wanted to do this for you.

They coordinated everything.

(audience applauding)

Did you really wanna
leave all this behind?

- Thank you.

- [Clara] Thank you,
I'll see you later.

Oh, hi.

- I'd like to
order my match now.

But I don't really care
who it is, unless it's you.

(soft piano music)

- Are you (pausing)
my secret admirer?

- Yeah.

I'm sorry, I chickened
out on going to the dance.

I was just thinking
about how much you risked

with your project, so I
thought that I'd take one too.

- Okay, and we did match.

- (laughing) I thought so.

- So...

What now?

I mean, I only know
how to make the match.

I don't really know
what comes after.

- Well, would you like to
come and see a movie with me

on Saturday night?

- Yeah, I'd like that.

- [Trevor] Okay, cool.

Well, see ya then.

- Bye.

- Did he just ask her out?

- I think boys are gonna
have to be your department.

- Well, you don't
have to do it alone.

- Thank you, and
your class as well.

You guys did an incredible job.

I'll see ya later.

- Hi.

- Congratulations again.

- We're gonna have a
celebration at the restaurant.

You wanna come?

- I don't, I don't know.
- No, please.

Please, you have to come.

You helped make all
of this possible.

You have to be there.

- Okay, yeah, I
can come by, Clara.

- Thank you.

See you soon.
- See ya.

(soft upbeat music)


(power switch clicking)
(soft piano music)

- I hope you don't mind
it's just a party for two.

You know what's funny?

My daughter is such
a good matchmaker

I thought you were
my secret admirer.

- You had a secret admirer too.

- That kid. (laughing)

- She's somethin' else.

- She really is.

- But I will continue
to keep my distance

so it's not weird for her.

I don't want-
- No.

Please don't.

Nobody wants that.

I know that you've
decided to go back home.

But if you're willing
to give us a chance

over the next few months,
see what could happen.

- I actually changed
my mind tonight.

I mean, those kids...

I'm staying in Seattle.

I mean, did you
see my new chair?

If that's not a sign,
I don't know what is.

- I picked that chair.
- Hmm.

Then I couldn't possibly leave.

(rising romantic music)

(light upbeat music)