Pinky Memsaab (2018) - full transcript

The lives of a gullible maid; a beautiful socialite; an ambitious investment banker and a happy go lucky chauffeur are entwined together in Dubai, in this bitter-sweet tale of self discovery.






My darling.

What's wrong?

Are you upset with me?

Come here, dear. Are you upset?

God, look at your dandruff.

Good job.


You'll cry when I'm gone.

You know I was just like you
when I got married.




Okay, sorry. You're not crazy.

You are up, finally.

Yes, I am.

Thank God.

Have you refilled the pipe?

How could I not?

Thanks for the favor.



Coming, Aunt!

Good morning.

-Good morning, Aunt and Uncle.
-Good morning.

-Good morning. How are you?
-I'm fine.

Where were you?

I went to the shrine.


To pray.

Is it so important to pray there?

It's her village.

She is free to go anywhere.

I wanted to go there.

What's the matter?

What's wrong?

The zip broke.

Please don't cry.

I can't leave you if you cry.

How will you manage?

You don't have faith in me, do you?

When you go to the airport,
hand over your luggage.

They will scan your bag through a machine.

Mind you, it's just for the luggage.
Don't get on the machine.

Listen. Let's stop at Shahid's shop
for some ice cream.

Why have you come here?

To tell you...

I'm off to Dubai.

Live happily with your new wife
and your son, Shahid.

Let's go, Pinky.

Come on, get up.

Or we will be late.

Hurry up, my child.

I was thinking later...

I didn't find the time, you know.

Writing again? Same old, I guess.

See you.



Santosh Kumar from UP Bihar.


Ms. Mehr told you, didn't she?

I've come to pick you up.

God, why is this so heavy?

Let me... Let me carry it.


Don't worry, this will take us up.

Don't be scared. I'm here.

Dubai is full of machines
like this escalator. It's automatic.

Everything here shines.
Be careful while stepping off!

I'll hold this.

Now, be ready to jump. Come on, jump.


It's been two hours.

When I came here for the first time,

I was also naive...

just like you.

You remind me of those days.


Why did you have to get
a maid from back home?

Look at that clown of yours, Santosh.

Such tall buildings, right?

Ma'am is calling.

I can't answer.

The laws are very strict here.
The police fine you immediately.

Won't she get upset?

She must be wondering
when we will get there.

What can I do about it?

She will understand.

Have you met her?


She has got quite a temper.

My mother says

that if the wife is good-looking,

you won't mind a bit of attitude.


She can cook Pakistani dishes.

And she'll give me a head massage
once in a while.

I don't know about the rest

but your massage is most important.

Otherwise, your Filipino maid will quit.

My wife left me five years ago.


What to do?

Now, I have my son and my mom
in my family.

And driving is my life.

Here we are.

This is Jumeirah.

It's a posh area.

You'll find many white people here.

They lie on the beach all day
in their underwear...

to get tanned.

You understand what tan means?

And look at me...

I'm applying sunblock all the time

but my complexion is still the same.

Do you think it's funny?

It's a serious problem.

Ask my mom.

When I was born,

my complexion was dark.


You should apply lemon on your face.


Will that help?

If so, I'll keep a whole basket.

I'll apply it throughout the day
while waiting.

We have arrived.


-How was your journey?
-Good, ma'am.

It's okay. I'll handle her.

Okay, my bossy aunt!

Thank you so much, Aunt.


I'll introduce you to Grace,
our other maid.

She will show you around the house.

Have some food and take a good rest.


This is for you.


It's very nice.

I don't wear such colors but that's nice.

Okay, you may go now.

Go. Go on.

What happened?


It's so messy here.

I keep doing the same tasks.

Don't you sleep here?

I don't sleep here.

I go to my sister's house.

Every day.

Hasan, our son is unwell.

What have you done?

Hello, sir.

How much would you like to send?

-The entire amount here.

You look pretty today.

Our usual, skinny?

Maids are bringing up the kids.

And the maids are being paid for
by husbands.

So, Mehr, what do you do?

The next Kamila Shamsie?

Ma'am, you look really tired.

Keep quiet.

I'll apply some pain relieving oil.

-Hello, sir.

Sir, can I get you something?

No, nothing.

What happened?

Nothing. Not in the mood.

Mehr, let's go.


You want another favor from Ravi?

Okay, fine. I'll just...

All right, okay...

We won't talk about it.

You spoke to the publisher today, right?

Why do you have to run after them?


Ms. Mehr is so nice.

Any man would be lucky
to have her as his wife.

But sir just screams at her.
I'm really afraid of him.

Aren't you?

Why would I be scared of him?

In fact, I think he is scared of me
when I am around.

Ask her.

Isn't sir scared of me?

Is sir scared of you?

Thanks for cramping my style.

Please ignore her. She is joking.


Don't you have a husband?

Let me explain.

She doesn't believe

-in marriage. She just dates men.

Every Friday for 50 pennies only.

What? Fifty pennies?


Look at her attitude.

I'm divorced.

Why did you get divorced?

I was only 16 when I got married.

He used to write me secret love letters.

I didn't even know
how to read properly then, Santosh.

But there was something about him.

He was muscular

and he had a big mustache.

I fell for him.

Five years passed.

We couldn't have children.

On the sixth year,
he told me that he would marry again.

And then?

I asked him to divorce me first.

I think he was waiting for me
to say that, Santosh.

He divorced me.

Good that you divorced him.

I didn't divorce him, Santosh.

He did.

I literally hate mustaches now!

They've taken her to the city hospital.

They say she needs an operation.

She will be alright.

-But I can't give you a leave right now.
-No, ma'am, I don't want a leave.


If I can get some money...

How much?

About three months' advance salary.

Didn't you just send
a huge amount recently?

Last month, right?

Pinky, wisen up!

They are taking advantage of you.

Are you sure
it's for your mother's treatment?

What's that nod for?

I've spoken to my mother.
She sounds very weak.


Don't make that sad face.

I'll talk to my husband.

Okay. You can go.

Is Mehr back?

No, sir.



Here's some money.

Keep it.

Keep it.

What is your mother being operated for?



That's not too serious.

So, don't worry.

Sir, did Ms. Mehr tell you about this?

Please don't tell Mehr
that I gave you the money.

She might say that I'm interfering again.

Sir, you can deduct this money
from my salary.

There is no need for that.

Thank you, sir.

Ma'am, we have arrived.

Mister, this is the wrong one.

I don't go here.

Ma'am, this is the Index Exchange.

All branches are the same.
It doesn't matter where you send it from.

Do you have green tea?

-Please get me one.

Thank you!



Look at me, you fool.

Don't you recognize me?

Sister Kulsoom?


I haven't seen sir visiting the school
with you.

He doesn't bother about all this, does he?

Have you ever seen him bothering
about anything except his work?


Ma'am, can I ask you something?

Please don't mind me saying it.


The fact is you are a housewife.

Please don't get me wrong,
you are a perfect wife.

But perhaps

you could focus a bit more on the house,
won't that be fine?

What do you think?

Focus on driving

and stop watching soap operas on TV.


-Take me to Mr. Shahzaib's office.

What does Mom tell you about me?

That I eloped?

Yes, I heard.

He left me two years ago.

And what will I do going back there?

I have a son now.


-Want to see his picture?


He is so cute, just like you.

-Isn't he?
-And you look nice too.

-You have changed so much!

So, I don't want to keep you in the dark.

I just want to say...

Why don't you tell me if anything
needs to be edited? We can do it together.

No. The first book was good.

This one is not.

Hasan is making good money.

Shall I be blunt
and tell you what I don't want to say?


Please don't be upset.

But this is how it is.


I want to go to Jumeirah!

Where exactly in Jumeirah?

One second...

Oh, no! My phone is dead!

Where is Pinky?

He needs a shield.



Did you see a girl here
in a traditional dress?





Santosh, have you been looking
in the right places?

Is there just one money exchange
in Bur Dubai?

You are right.
Let me check the other branches.


-Look there.

Who's there on the stairs?

-Wait a minute...

You won't send me back
to Pakistan, will you?

-Yes, ma'am?

Let's go to the airport.

Ma'am, it's a joke, isn't it?

Ma'am, I'm so sorry.

You should be sorry!

Ma'am, please cool down.

My mother was right, I am cursed!

Nothing can go well with me.

Madam drama queen!

You are not an actress of a tragic film.
Got it?

You are supporting
your entire family by yourself.

You are earning far more than other women,
aren't you?

How many Pakistani women

get a chance to work in Dubai?

Tell me.

And you feel sorry for yourself?

Ma'am, I got lost.

My phone...

So what? Are you a helpless child?

What is our address?



Jumeirah what, Pinky?


You focus on driving
and let me handle this.


I'm telling you all this
for your own good.

How long will you go on like this?
You have to be stronger than this.

I can't go looking for you every day.

You can say this
because you're well-educated.

You have been to places.
I am just a girl from a remote village.

What about Grace?

She is also from a village.

And what about our hero here?

How may Doctorates has he earned?

Ma'am, thank you. I'm flattered.

But don't you think she's right?

Look at yourself, ma'am.

You are so perfect and modest.

What if you groom her a little?
Won't that be great?

Think about it.

Keep your eyes on the road.

And try them right here.

Ma'am, aren't these too revealing?

Good. Come here.

What have you done?

Not doo...

It takes time.

-It's looking good.
-Isn't it?

Not that...


-Write this tomorrow, okay?

I don't know when your birthday is.

So I bought you a gift.

-Open it, please. Yes.
-Should I?

What's this?

You're learning English, aren't you?

This will help you learn it faster.

Thank you, Santosh.

You're welcome!


Pinky is not coming.


She is studying.

-Let's go.
-All right, let's go.

Where have you been?

I've hardly seen you.

There was a lot to do.

And Ms. Mehr has given me
a lot of homework too.

Does that mean that you can't meet me?

It's not like that.


Santosh, you know,
I'm really enjoying my studies.


As if I have never studied.


Greetings! Hello.

-You look very nice. Really.
-Thank you, ma'am.

All thanks to Ms. Mehr.

-Wow, Mehr!


Would you like some coffee or refreshment?


Have you finished packing?

Yes, sir.

And my sweater?

I've packed two. Checked on the phone,
it's freezing in London!

Wow! I'm impressed.

Can I put her in the suitcase
and take her with me?

Do you like it?

What is this, Pinky?

Yellow flowers?

They're not that bad.

What is so funny?

Let me explain.

Yellow is sir's favorite color
and it's his birthday,

I thought he would like it.
See how nice it's looking.

You're becoming too smart!

Just mind your own business.


Change the yellow flowers.

Take them out!

They look hideous!

-How is my darling doing?
-Is he?

She's my life.

Mr. and Mrs. Chughtai!

Don't I get a kiss?

Please don't look at me like this.

But I was about to say that...

I know that I look like a fool!

You look really handsome.

Can't you find someone else's wife
to hang out with?

-I'll take care of her.
-Can you stop this?

He gave up so easily.

If I were him,

I would die before leaving your side.

Why? If you need inspiration,
I'm here to inspire.

When your wife starts looking
more like your mother...

Amna... Where is Amna?

What's wrong?

As they say in your language,

"Big people doing big talk."

You mispronounced it.


And it is for you
from the bottom of my heart.


I've been trying for many days
to find the courage

to say something to you.

Santosh, I have some work. I'll be back.

Pinky, please. If I don't say it now,
I will never be able to.


I have to work. I'll be back.

Sir, do you need anything?

Sir, are you unwell? Should I call ma'am?


Will she even care?

You know, when I met her
for the first time,

I was blown away.

I didn't even want to get married.

I met her for my dad's satisfaction.

"Why should I go and serve them tea?"

She eventually came in with the tea.

Oh, my God. I felt she was ready
to throw it on my face!

And then just to tease her, I said...

"Excuse me, this tea needs more sugar!"

This is it! She's the one!

For as long as I can remember...

Every day, in the scorching sun,
I used to come back from school,

throw my bags,
grab my tennis racket and ball.

So, when I met Mehr...

So this is why you ended up
being an investment banker.

Oh, God!

What have I become, Pinky?

Everything will be all right, sir.

-She also loves you a lot.

We were so stressed out today.

By we, I mean...


Pinky, come forward!

Come forward!

Wait a second.

What's the rush?

Where do you want us to go?
This is our house.

Mr. Chughtai is in...

In love with his work.

But I was wrong again.

He is actually...

He is actually...

He is actually
in love with our maid, Pinky.


Ahad is sleeping in the adjacent room.

You're so concerned about Ahad today.

Do you?

What do you do the whole day?

Tell me.

I don't do anything, do I?

Really, I don't do anything.

What about a week ago?

Come here.

My father didn't pay
for your master's degree.

It was my expense.

This is the same guy
who decides my end of year bonus.

As for this so-called beauty...

This taste, this style, these brands,
they don't come for free!

You're not half the man Asher is.

Get out of here.

Get lost!

Mehr, listen.


Ma'am, please listen.

Come here, my dear.

What was that?

Ahad, my dear.

Let's go, Ahad, or your mom
will get upset.


Hello, Pinky.

I'm so glad you called.

We are running out
of building materials every day.

You have proved to be like a son.

-Who is it?
-Can I speak to her too?

Here, talk to your uncle.


-My dear, how are you?

I am fine, Uncle. How are you?

Top of the world!
So, what else is going on?

Don't worry about that.

You sound low, dear.


Hello, Pinky?

It got disconnected.

-Don't worry, she's fine.

What are you doing?



Do you want to go to Pakistan?

No, sir.

You want to work somewhere else?


All right, I'll ask Santosh

to look for something...

I will leave tomorrow.

Okay, son.

Come on, be a good boy.

I'll really miss you and Grace.



Just one more to go. Come on!

Buck up!

Here you go.

A hot cup of tea for you.

This reminds me of home.

Doesn't it? Open skies and fresh air.

What's this?

My friend gave it to me,
saying it's good for cough.

Wait, I'll give you some hot water
mixed with honey.

You and your boring indigenous remedies.

They don't work here.

So, have you thought about it?
What do you want to do now?

I know I can't go home.

I have to send money every month.

You've become responsible now.

What now? What will you do?


Please talk to someone
at the salon for me.

You're not suitable for the salon.

They need experience.
It's tough to get in.

Everything has been a lesson so far.
I'm sure I can do this.

What have you learned?

Which life have you seen?


That's the universe of the rich.

This is a totally different world.

The world of my kind.

Your friend Grace
is searching for a job for you, right?

I'm sure she will find you
a maid's job. A good one.

I don't want to be a maid anymore.


I don't want to be a maid anymore.

So what do you want to be?

Tell me.

A boss?

Just because you've experienced her life?

Crazy girl.

Just do whatever comes your way.

You look beautiful.

Hi, everyone.

What are you doing?

Do it like this.

Move your hip like this...


This is what people see.
It's not the '80s anymore.

Hey, Timmy.

Where were you?

That dog has been sniffing around.

Where would I go?

I was around.


Is her makeup done?


Come, do my makeup.

Did you go to the doctor?
Got a checkup done?

All good?

Thank God.

Do you have money for medicine?



There's a girl I know.

She's looking for a job.

Talk to Saleem.
Maybe he's looking to hire.

No. Idiot.

She's not that kind of a girl.

If you come across a decent job,
let me know.


I will.

Hello, Dad.

I have been playing this song
for the last two hours

to welcome you.

"Till now my heart
has some expectations from you.

So, come just to..."

"So come, just to snuff out
the last flickering torch of hope!"

How are you?

I'm fine. And you?


Please sit.

I should go freshen up.

Sure, go ahead.



You look so tired.

Yes, I had a night shift.
It was a bit hectic.

-Come here, take a seat.

Has Mehr arrived?

She just got here.

This is the first time I'm meeting her.

So, we will have lunch together
and then I'll get some rest.


It was okay.

It was a short flight of just three hours.

Your daughter lives there, Dad.

-What is it?

Have some rice, dear. You didn't have it.


She doesn't like rice!

Don't worry, ma'am.

He's upset because I said something
about his favorite poet.

Dad, do you really think

I've started eating rice now?

Can you give a haircut?
A manicure? A pedicure?

Sir, should I consider this a job offer?

Yes, but on one condition.

You need to clean, cook and take care
of the kids. Will you manage?

Yes, I will.

You have to change yourself.
You need to be presentable.

What's wrong with these clothes?

I would suggest that you
do a training course first.

Otherwise, it will be difficult.

You must wear a traditional dress,
that's easy to wear and to work in.

You look too fashionable.

So, should I wait for you?

No, sir.



-Santosh has--

We used to work together in the villa.

Ma'am is now in Pakistan.

So, sir doesn't need me.

They have sponsored my visa.

They have permitted me
to work at some other place.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Coffee for you.

She looks like a hard worker.

Let's try her out.

I have the job?

What are you reading?

Your generation
is totally enamored by Manto.

There are plenty of good writers.

One or two become stars and celebrities

and the rest fade away into oblivion.

Give me suggestions on what to read.

Go ahead.

There's Rajinder Singh Bedi,
there's Ismat Chughtai...

There's Ghulam Abbas, and...

Qurat-Ul-Ain Haider.

Read them sometime, my darling.

How is your writing going?

For now,

take this blanket

before you catch a cold.

And then you'll fall sick
and make me sick too.

How sad.

My wife has no sense of romance.

Had I known this before, I would have...

What would have you done?

It's not too late.

I can leave you and go back to Karachi.

You'll be sorry.

Mom, come on.

Here, at this point, please.

Behold. What airs and graces.


How can I not fall for them every time?

Ahad, my baby.


I've put cardamom.

It's not as good as what Mom makes.


Six months.

That's hardly any time.

You know...

Even more than she loved me.

No one can replace Sania.

Jahan Ara knows this very well.

She doesn't resent this?

Loneliness is a slow poison, my child.

Especially in old age.

You feel like everything around you
is on fast forward,

while you drag yourself in slow motion.

You need support.

And so...

maybe I...

became Jahan Ara's support...

and she became my support.

How's Hasan?

He is fine.

Won't you bring Ahad here?

He must see

how beautiful his country is.

I'll bring him.

I'll bring him soon.

What happened, dear?

Come here, lie down.

Come here, what happened?

No, my son...

Dad, did you see this shot?

Okay, goodnight. Sweet dreams.

You know...

Ten years have passed
in a blink of an eye.

Running in this rat race,

I'm trying to make money,

hoping my son's future
will be brighter than mine.

I'm laughing

and making others laugh.

But the truth is,

deep down, I feel totally empty and alone.

You know what, Pinky?

No matter how strong a man pretends he is,

he will always need a woman's support.

This is the law of nature.

Isn't it?

Santosh, you are my best friend.

-My only one.

You don't need to say anything more.

I know you well enough now.

Pinky, I've decided to go back...

to my village...

To my place...

To UP.

I'm missing my family.

My son is there.

I want to be with him. He needs me.

And my mother is unwell these days.

She too needs her son to be with her.


I want to start living for myself now.

Can I tell you something?

My mother...

She wants me to marry a girl back home.

You know what I said to Mom?

I asked, what if this one runs away too?

She won't.

May I ask you something?


She used to come
and help around the house.

I sent her to school.

When she finished her matriculation,
I sent her to a nursing school.

Then by the grace of God,
she qualified as a nurse

and soon after, she was married off.

But unfortunately, she was widowed
at a very young age.

And now she works
as a nurse during the day,

and in the evening, she gives us company.

You can't imagine
how happy your father is.

And so am I.

Who is it?



Is everything all right?

What happened?


It's time we bathe the body.

Who will accompany me?


No, Erum.

Not you.

How can she?


You are right, Isha.

How can she go?

When my wife was alive,

this girl would massage her feet,

comb her hair.

When she was burning with fever,

she stayed up with her all night.

When she threw up,
this girl cleaned it up.

She has fed her with her hands,
like a mother feeds her child.

Were any of you,
well-meaning relatives, there for her?

And now, when she is gone.

How can this girl bathe her dead body?

Erum is Jahan Ara's and my daughter.

She will be part of her mother's funeral.

And those who have a problem
can stay back.

She is definitely coming along.

What happened, darling?

I have made a big mistake.

First, come here.

I feel that I have finished.


Say something. What's wrong?


But it's my day off today.


I'll be there in 30 minutes.

Where are you going?
Can I come along today?

What will you do there?

At least let me talk to them.


Stay home.

You don't need this blood-sucking job.

Life is hell there.

Let's go, Kulsoom.

Table number three.

It's a special request.

Make her look like Sri Devi.

Which film?

Hurry up.

Hello, miss.

Who are you?

I'm Pinky.


-How are you, Pinky?
-I'm fine. And you?

I'm also fine.

She's my cousin.

She came to see me
and she was about to leave.

Shall I talk to him about the job?

Don't keep the customers waiting.


-Pinky, what will you have?
-No, I'm okay...

-Tea? Cola?

-I'm fine. Thank you.
-Have something.

I was wondering
if you can train me for the salon.

Train for the salon?

She wants to be trained for the salon.

Kulsoom, shall we teach her?

Maybe she'll become as good as you.

We will definitely train you.

I trained Kulsoom too.


-So, you really want to learn?
-Yes, I do.

Timmy will train you.

Right, Timmy?

Of course, I will.

Can I quickly go and see Kulsoom?
Then we can begin.

-You want to see her?

I knew you would freak out.

Sometimes you don't have a choice...

to pick between right and wrong.

Life doesn't give that chance to everyone.

When I was drowning in my misfortunes,

I grabbed the only opportunity
I saw at that time...

without thinking.

At least my baby had something to eat...

But somewhere along the way,

as I started giving my child...

the things he deserved
like good education,

I stopped feeling guilty.

Your son...

Does he know what you do?

What if you lose him?

If that happens...

then to hell with him...

And this education...

that couldn't teach him
to value his mother's sacrifice.

What is wrong with what I do?

I just dance for men.

What about your elite boss ladies?

Don't they dance to the same songs?

With other men. Do men not ogle at them?

It's my work, that's it.

Have I murdered anyone?

Have I duped anyone?

Have I robbed anyone?

Please don't cry.


Okay, listen.

Look at yourself.

You've come such a long way.

Can you go back to your old life?

Decide what you have to do,
who you want to be.

Life is a bitch.

You have to stop being afraid of it.