Pin (1988) - full transcript

In this low-budget descendant of Psycho, Ursula and Leon are sister and brother, living alone, save for a large wooden puppet they call "Pin" (for Pinocchio). When Ursula starts hanging around with new boyfriend Stan, Leon and Pin take action.

Take a look.

- He never moves. - Yesterday we
were here for over an hour.

- I think he's paralyzed.
- Paralyzed people move their head.

- Maybe he's dead. - Sure. And they
have him sitting in a chair?

- It's a dummy.
- That's what I think.

Why would they have a dummy
sitting in the window?

To scare people.
Keeps the robbers away.

- That's dumb. It wouldn't scare anybody.
- No? Why don't you go say hello to it?

'Cause if it's a man, that's when
I don't want to get in trouble.

See? It works.
You're scared to go.

You think it's a dummy.
You go.

Hey, look at me!

Yo! Look at me!

- Get out!
- It's alive!

Come in.

- All ready for bed?
- Yes, sir.

Let's see. What shall I
have you do for me tonight?

Ursula, can you
count to ten for me?

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

That's good.

And now, what shall we do
with the schoolboy?

How about counting backwards
by sevens from 100?

One hundred,





- Sixty-six... - No, Leon.
I'm sorry. That's wrong.

You work on it. We'll
try it again tomorrow.

- Good night, children.
- Good night, sir.






I think we have another case
of the flu here, doctor.

Pin, it's very hard to hear a
heartbeat when someone is talking.

Sorry, doctor, but I'll wager this
boy has a temperature of at least 104.

How much would you
like to wager?

How about a wool sweater? It gets
cold sitting here naked all the time.

It's a bet.

Oh, I'm afraid
you're mistaken.

103.2. Would you like to look at it?

It's not necessary, doctor.
I trust you.

Well, Richie, Pin's right
about one thing. It's the flu.

I just wanna do a little blood
test, so you come with me.

We'll go see
nurse Spalding.

- Hi, Pin.
- Hi, Pin.

I'm sorry you
didn't win the bet.

Maybe if you just asked father for
some clothes, he'd give some to you.

If I wore clothes, then no one
could see inside me,

and I wouldn't be any good
for teaching anymore.

Well, couldn't you take
them off when you had to?

I couldn't do it myself, and it would
be too much extra work for the doctor.

Well, I could come by
and do it for you.

You have to go to school.

Anyway, we shouldn't be having
this conversation.

You know the doctor doesn't like me
talking to anyone when he's not here.

We won't tell him.

You go out to the waiting
room now. Pin is tired.

Bye, Pin.

I'm afraid the boy has
a few rows on his left lung.

Are you concerned
about pneumonia?

It's crossed my mind.

I'll order a chest x-ray.



Leon, come down here
this minute!

What is this?

Do you think I have nothing better
to do with my time than clean up

- after you and your friends?
- I'll clean it up.

Never mind.

It's that new friend
of yours. The Allison boy.

He looks dirty
and, uh, diseased.

I don't want you bringing him
in this house again.

Why don't you just
sterilize him at the door?

You made me do that, Leon.

Y- you shouldn't have talked
to me that way, Leon!

Think fast!
Geez, Leon. Wake up.

We're having a game
at school. Wanna play?

He can't play. He'll get
all dirty. Right, Leon?

What do you say?

What a spaz.
Let's go to school.

Hello, Pin.

I know the doctor doesn't like me
talking to you when he's not here.

Couldn't I do it
just this once?

I don't have any other friends
to talk to except you...

and Ursula- but she's a girl,
so it's not the same.

You go home, mary.
I'll lock up.

- I left a mess in the lab.
- Don't worry about it.

I'll see you in the morning.

Now, those are
healthy lungs.

One is from your mother and me,
and one is from Pin.

- Which one's from Pin?
- The one with the blue paper.

Let's see what Pin
got you.

This is just the kind of present
I'd expect from Pin.

Gosh! Would you
look at this?

Do you think I'll ever
look like this?

If you get caught
with that-

I won't.

Do you think mother
looks like this?

Where'd you get that thing,

Marcia Bateman. She found
it in her brother's closet.

You mean she stole it.

She'll put it back.

You know Marcia's already
growing breasts?

Those aren't breasts.
That's fat. Marcia's a pig.

She happens to be
my friend.

Your friend's a pig.

You know what I wish?

I wish Pin could come here
and live with us.

Father wouldn't let him.
He's an office dummy-

Don't you ever
call him that!

He's a stupid dummy!

What are you doing
in this room?

What is that?

You're both reaching an age
where changes will occur

in your attitude
towards the opposite sex.

The reason is to prepare you
to be mothers and fathers.

If you didn't become mothers and
fathers there wouldn't be babies,

and the human race
would disappear.

Nature can't allow that.
So she equips each of us

with a biological need to join
together and create new life.

And that is why, just as people get
thirsty for water, they get thirsty for sex.

Do you have any questions
before I continue?

Does every single person
have a need?

If they're normal, they do.
Any more questions?

All right. Let's begin with
the male sexual apparatus.

Leon, take the towel
off my lap.

Leon! Do it!

I'll do it.

How did you like
Pin's lecture?

Oh, Marcia Bateman already
told me all that stuff.

But not about the need.

Do you think mother and father
ever have the need?

They must.
We're here, aren't we?

It's so hard
to picture.

I'll bet you before they do it, mother
washes his penis with Spic & Span.

Do you ever have
the need, Leon?

No. I'm not old enough.

I can't wait
to be old enough.

I think I'm really
gonna like it.

Comin' through.

Cool it.

What do you need it
now for?

What do you need it for

- How you doin', Leon?
- You can get it later.

Guys, wait for me.

? I know?

? I got a better idea?

? I should've listened
to my mother?

? I should've kept
my heart away?

? Well, are you happy?

? Yes, I really think so?

? - We're in a lot of danger?
- Marcia.

- Hi, Leon.
- Have you seen Ursula?

Well, last time I saw her, she
was dancing with Eddie Morris.

-? Let's go?
- Leon, you wanna dance?

? We are?

? On the run?

- Do you think I should sleep with him?
- You have to do it.

Oh, I don't know.

- No!
- Jesus Christ!

Leon! No!

Son of a bitch!
I'll kill you!

I'll kill him!

Stop it!

Kill him!

How many guys
you been screwin'?

How many? The whole
goddamn football team?

How many?

I'll tell you right now,

I don't want a sister
who's a tramp.

If you ever...

do it again, you can
forget I'm your brother.

- Hi.
- Hi.

This calculus
is just killing me.

I think I'm pregnant.

It's been nearly two months
since my last period.

You promised me you wouldn't
do it anymore.

I haven't.

Leon, count the weeks. It's
from before the promise.

- What am I gonna do?
- Tell father.

- No, I can't. - You have to. You have to
find out for sure if you're pregnant.

I could go to
somebody else.

There's only six doctors
in the whole town.

You're 15 years old. You think
they're not gonna call your father?

I can't, Leon.
He'd hate me.

If you're pregnant, he's gonna
find out anyway. You can't hide it.

I'll wait. I mean,
maybe I'll get it.

And maybe you'll wait too long and
you won't be able to have an abortion.

Do you want a baby
at your age?

Let's talk to Pin.

Leon. I'm coming to you with the biggest problem
in my whole life, and you want advice from-

From what?

Leon, he won't talk to us.

You know that he won't talk
to us if father's not there.

That's because he's loyal.

He knows father doesn't like us
talking to him.

Why go to him
if he won't talk?

This is different.

A really important decision has to be made
here. I can't believe he won't help us.

Leave the lights.

Hi, Pin.


Hello, Pin.

I know how you feel
about father's rules,

and I admire you
for being so loyal.

But Ursula has a decision
to make.

She thinks she's pregnant. I
think she should tell the doctor.

She's afraid.
She wants to wait.

She'll do whatever
you tell her to do, Pin.

Please help her.

It's no use, Leon.

- Leon, let's go home.
- No!

I know he'll help us.

- I'm going.
- Don't go.

Leon is right.

The doctor is
a truly scientific man.

I don't think morality
will affect his attitude.

You made a mistake
and it must be rectified.

Please excuse her, Pin.
She's really upset.

- I understand. - I really
appreciate your advice.

Anytime. You and I have a
great deal to talk about.

I told you he'd help us. I knew if it was
really important, that he'd talk to us.

When did you learn
how to do that?

Do what? God.
It was incredible.

To stand there and have him
tell me he wants to talk to me.

To me.

What's the matter?

No education like
the real thing. Eh, Pin?

After all the time you took
explaining sex to them,

giving them a better start
than I had,

where does it get me?

Sunday in the office.

Okay, Ursula.
On the table.

Aren't you going
to observe, Leon?

No, sir.

Might be educational.

And Leon, as far as
your mother's concerned,

your sister is simply
having menstrual problems.

There's no point
in upsetting her.

Are you frightened?

Yes, sir.


You won't want to
go through this again.

I told you three months ago to
do those college applications.

- I don't appreciate disobedience.
- Why can't I go to Butler college?

Because I want you
to get out of this town.

- I like it here.
- That's why you should go.

It's stifling.

- Couldn't I wait till
the spring semester? - No.

- Frank.
- Yes.

It's getting late. They're
expecting us at 8:30.

When I get back, I want these applications
filled out and ready to be mailed.

- The medical histories.
- Damn it!

If you go back now
we'll be late.

I can't give the speech if I don't
have the case histories with me.

I don't think the doctor
knows enough about the college.

He doesn't like anything
that's second-rate.

- But I'll miss you.
- I'll miss you.

But you have to think
about your future.

I don't know what I'll do
with my future.

Whatever you do, you need to get
the best education you can get.

That's what father says.
Has he been talking to you?


Go home.



Your mother is sitting outside
in the car.

I don't want her
to see you leave.

Help me with the door.

- What are you doing? - I decided to take
Pin. I can use him for a visual aid.

I hate that thing being in the
car. It gives me the creeps.

Don't worry. It'll be a one-way trip.
I'm leaving him with the society.

He'll make a good
teaching aid.

- Slow down!
- We're late.


Would you please
slow down!

Oh, god!

It was the curve.
Just relax.

I am feeling nauseous.
Can't you lay it down?

- I'm driving! You lie
it down. - Can't touch it.

Then just relax.
We'll be there soon.

Damn it.
We're not gonna be in time.

I would prefer
to get there late.

Watch out! Oh!

- Coming through, please.
- Clear this area here.



Oh, it's such a shame.

Very sorry.

It won't take more than a week to
sublet my apartment and get back here.

That won't be necessary,
aunt Dorothy. We'll be fine.

- Father left us a big estate. - I'm
not talking about money, Leon.

I'm not gonna let my sister's little
girl grow up without a woman around.

- But Ursula...
- Don't argue, Leon.

She's a minor,
and she needs adult supervision.

But you have a whole life
of your own back in the city.

Don't worry about that.

It'd be good for my heart
to move out here.

Don't feel as if
I'm being inconvenienced.

I've always loved this house.

Now, you two be good.
See you next week.


What a mess.

- What? - You know what
mother's doing right now?

She's vacuuming heaven.

And I bet she's telling God
to take off his shoes.

You know what I hate?

This plastic.

And tomorrow we can have chicken.
And then there's ribs and burgers.

We never have to cook again.

I always wanted to learn
how to cook,

but she said I would make
too much of a mess.


Can we clean up
before we go to bed?

So, what do you think?

Leon! You can't do this!

I think we should
discuss this outside.

- Father did not want him
in the house! - Outside!

I don't have to be reminded
about father's attitude,

and I think it's rude of you
to bring it up in front of Pin.

Father's dead.

What do you think would happen
to Pin if I didn't bring him home?

He'd probably be locked
in some closet or killed.

He's family-

more than any stupid aunt Dorothy
and I want him here.

Aunt Dorothy's gonna have a fit
when she sees him.

She won't see him.

I'll put him in the attic.
I'll keep the door locked.


I don't think aunt Dorothy will
be staying with us for very long.

What do you mean?

Do you want her here?

People don't stay in a place
they're not wanted.

It might take her a little while to feel
the vibrations, but I think she will.

Don't worry about anything.
Haven't I always taken care of you?


And I always will.

Good night.

- Sorry, Pin. - That's all
right, Leon. I understand.

Leon, what happened to all
the covers on the furniture?

- I took them off.
- I hope you didn't throw them away.

- I stored them.
- Good. This is very expensive furniture.

We don't want
it ruined.

You know how she is.
So much like her sister.

They were made from the same mold. She'll
have this house shipshape in no time.

First the plastic covers will go back.
Then the fireplace will be sealed shut.

It will be just like old times.

I wasn't able to find
all the plastic covers.

Do you know
where they are?

They're in the attic.

Oh, I looked up there,
but the door was locked.

Somebody lost the key.

Oh, well. I'll just call
the locksmith in the morning.

- Don't you like your
dinner, Leon? - Mm. Yeah.

I'm sure it's not as good
as your mother used to make.

- It's just as good.
- Why, thank you.

Well, did anything
exciting happen today?

I got a job
at the library.

I applied last week,
and they called today.

It's just temporary for now, but if I want
I can have it full-time when I graduate.

Ah, that's wonderful.

You never told me
about that.

It just happened.

What do you need a job for?
You have plenty of money.

Well, a good job is worth
more than money, Leon.

It's good
for the mental health.

You have a problem with
your mental health, Ursula?

I just wanna do it.

- Are you finished?
- Just with dinner.

She is taking over
the house.

She's changing Ursula.

She never kept things
from you before.

You never had secrets
from each other.

You'd better
do something, Leon.


Hi. Pin's suggestion. He
feels I was rude to you.

You were rude
to aunt Dorothy.

Well, she's gone to bed.
I'll apologize in the morning.


Oh. Chocolate's for you.




I'm right behind you,

Right behind you.


I'll call her doctor
as soon as I get to the office.

But judging from the medication
on her night table,

She had a bad ticker.

I'm sorry you kids
have to go through this.

You tell Leon if he still feels
sick tomorrow to call me.

I will.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Now you'll have
your own room.

I like this room, Leon. I hope
I won't have to leave it again.

No. No, it's yours
for good now.

Hi, Leon! I'm home.


- What do I smell? - Beef
stroganoff, and it's delicious.

Mm. You're becoming
a regular gourmet chef.

I spent three hours in the
library tonight and nobody came in.

- People don't read anymore.
- Uh, let's sit in the living room.

- I want to see your beef stroganoff.
- But it's not ready yet.

- I'm just gonna wash...
- Come on into the living room.

- Leon!
- I want to talk to you.

Well, Ursula.
How do you like it?

I love it, Pin.
I think it's terrific.

Do you think the cheeks
are too red?


I decided what I want to do with
my life. I wanna be a writer.

Not a hack, but a really
worthwhile writer.

A poet.
What do you think?

- That's fine.
- Well, you don't sound so excited about it.

Do you have a problem
with it?

No. I have a problem
with it!

I don't want it
sitting at the table.

And I don't want it wearing father's
clothes. And I don't want it sleeping-

You shut up!

Where in the hell did these
things come from? Mother? Father?

From Pin! He's the best
friend you've ever had!

And for you to treat him
the way you just did!

The way you have since he
came here is goddamn cruel!

I want you to go downstairs
right now and apologize to him.

- Now! - No! I am not going
to apologize to any stupid-

Shut up!

There are three of us
in this house now.

If you can't accept that, you can
pack your bags and live on the street.

Is that what you want?

Leon. Please. I can't eat
when he's at the table.

I'll talk to him.

If he agrees, do you
promise to be nicer to him?



- Hi.
- Can I help you?


can you tell me where the
foreign language section is?

Yes. It's the last aisle
at the back.

Uh, can you tell me the time?

I wasn't looking.

Do you remember a guy
named Stan Fraker?

He was a year ahead of you
in school.

I think so.
What does he look like?

He's got light brown hair
and hazel eyes.

He's kind of
athletic looking.

- A jock.
- He played basketball.

Why do you ask?

He goes to
Butler college now.

He's been to the library
three times this week.

I think he's less interested
in the books than he is in me.

Does that surprise you?

You've turned into
a beautiful girl.

You're prejudiced.

What are you gonna do
if he asks you out?

You haven't dated
since the abortion.

Don't you get the need


- This gladiator...
- Leon.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I tried to call you

I was, uh,
at the stationary store.

Hi. I'm Stan Fraker.

- I'm sorry. Leon, this is Stan.
- I don't know if you remember me.

No. No.
I, uh... I don't.

The reason I called earlier is because
Stan has invited me out for dinner.

I took steaks
out of the freezer.

Save them for tomorrow night. Okay?

Gotta go.
I won't be late. Okay?

- Nice meeting you.
- Nice meeting you.

Kind of a quiet guy?
Seems all right.

It was just him and me
after my mom died.

So we spent a lot of time together.
It was a good time. You know, uh,

fishing and hiking.

Stuff like that.

You must really miss him.

Yeah. Sometimes, uh,
I forget he's dead.

I catch myself
about to dial his number.

Are you stuffed?

No. I'm just resting.

- You sure you don't
want to try these? - No.

Then we'd really be late
for the movie.

- What time is it?
- It's 8:10.

You're kidding.
We have five minutes.

You frightened me.

I thought you were Pin.

Why should Pin
frighten you?

I don't know.
I was just startled.

I thought you were gonna
be home early.

- It's just midnight.
- That's hardly early.

I was having
such a good time.

He's so sensitive. He's taking Phys
Ed, but he's interested in traveling,

And he's even studying
foreign languages on his own.

I think you two could be
really good friends.

I told him about your poetry.
He's real interested.

My poetry's private. And any guy
who keeps a girl out this late

when she has to work in the
morning is hardly sensitive.

Let me tell you something.

I like him, and I'm
going out with him again.

Since my parents died, I've been busy
with the house and the finances...

and looking after Ursula.

But we can talk about
all that on Saturday night?

What's a good time
for you then?

Okay. Good.
I'll see you then.

I don't understand
why you're doing this, Leon.

I have the need.

Marcia Bateman?

Isn't your need
prompted by your sister's?

What makes you think
Ursula has the need?

She's going out with an attractive
young man. Aren't you feeling resentful?

- No.
- Not even a little?

I don't want
to talk about it.

Do you like it?

It's great.

It's got, uh, a stopwatch...

and, uh, an alarm.

And it beeps on the hour.

Je t'aime.

Wait, you're
gonna rip my shirt.

Just let me
undress myself, okay?

Aren't you getting undressed?


I thought I heard someone.

I didn't hear anything.

It might have been Pin.

Who's Pin?

He's a friend
who's staying with us.

Well, he wouldn't just
walk in on us now, would he?

- He's done it before.
- Well, tell him not to.

I- I can't.

Leon, do you want
to go to bed with me or not?

- I do.
- Good.

Then just put a chair
under the doorknob.

Just knowing he's
in the same house bothers me.

I'm sorry.

You know what I think?

I think you're full of shit.

Oh, God.

I must be crazy
to be here tonight.

You know, I told my brother I was
coming here tonight and he laughed.

And I defended you.

Boy, was I dumb.

Excuse me.
I have to see about Pin.


Leon, where's my jacket?


Okay, this is not funny.



Hello, Marcia.

Oh, my God.

Oh, get away!

Who are you?

Oh, God!

Go away.

Leon, somebody, help me!


No, please, stop it!

Leon, stop it!

It's okay.

It's just one of Leon's
electronic toys.

Leon. Marcia, it's okay.
It's okay, honey. I know.

Marcia, it's okay.
It won't hurt you.

It won't hurt you, honey.
It won't hurt you.

Marcia, it's okay.
It's okay. Calm down.

Well, how was
your date last night?

- It was fine.
- Just fine?

Is he worth
going out with?

I like him very much.

Pin and I had a little chat.

He feels that I was
too protective of you.

I don't even know this guy,
and I should, so-

So I want you to invite him
over to the house for dinner.

Couldn't we go out for dinner?

What's wrong,
you don't like my cooking?

It's not that.

What then?

I thought we could have some drinks,
I'll make coq au vin, wild rice.

Doesn't that sound
like a great evening?

I don't think that Stan
is ready to meet Pin.

Well, sooner or later,
he'll have to meet Pin.


Be nice, please.

Hello, Stan.

Hi, Leon,
how you doing?

- Are those chocolates?
- Yeah.

Great, Pin loves them.

The food smells great.

Oh, I think there's
a problem with the rice.

Ursula, can you run into the
kitchen and turn down the heat?

I'll introduce Stan to Pin.

Go on, before it burns.

Some house.

Come on.

- Take off your coat. Make
yourself at home. - Sure.

Stan, I'd like you
to meet Pin.

Hello, Stan.

It's nice to meet you, Pin.

I've heard a lot about you.

I didn't know you liked
chocolates until just now.

Luckily I brought some with me.

It's very nice to meet you. Thank
you so much for the chocolates.

You're welcome.

- Ursula told you about me?
- Yeah.

And how she named you Pinocchio
when she was three years old...

and that your nose never grew
'cause you never told a lie.

Leon, the rice is fine.

Would you like me
to show you the house, Stan?


See you later, Pin.

Are you okay?

- How can you let...
- Oh, please don't.

Just hold me for a minute.
Don't say anything.

So after we won the game, we all go piling
into the locker room to wait for the coach.

When he comes in, we grab him
and throw him in the showers.

He gets really P.O.'d. He grabs
this kid, and he nails him.

The funny thing is, we win the
championship, and he loses his job.

Leon, you're not eating.

I lost my appetite.

That's probably one of those
occupational hazards with chefs.

This meal is really delicious.

You know, you could probably become
one of those, uh, cordon bleuchefs.

This is my avocation.

My vocation is writing.

Ursula told me. I'd really like
to hear some of your poetry.

Oh, yes, Leon, please.

You really have
to hear it. It's wonderful.

After dinner, okay?

I suppose I should, uh-

I should preface this by telling you my
hero, Testes, a sort of modern-day Beowulf,

is out to gain immortality, um,

by creating as much
progeny as he can.


He'll make love to any woman
in hopes of impregnating her.

At this point he's fathered,
uh, 173 children.

Quite a potent guy.

Um, in these lines, he's
contemplating rape for the first time.

"Closer she came to him, moving,
it seemed, in silent motion.

"His heart beat steadily
within the caverns of his bosom,

"Driving hot blood thick down,
down into the depths of his loins.

"He lunged from the deepest
darkest passions in us all.

"She turned without a sound
and faced him.

"He stopped abruptly.

"It was as if a knife had
performed an instant castration.

He was looking
into the eyes of his sister."

Do you realize that
outside of you and Ursula,

he's the first person to hear my
poetry and he genuinely liked it?

Be careful. You know you have a
tendency toward blind optimism.

I'd love to sit and argue, Pin. But I'd like
to get downstairs, if that's okay with you.

- He needs psychiatric help.
- I can't do that.

You have to.

He really believes that
that thing is a person.

Doesn't he realize
he's using ventriloquism?

He's not hurting anyone.

He can just go on living here
and writing his poetry.

His poetry is sick. He's
talking about raping his sister.

- It's just a poem.
- Is it?

Would you like
another drink, Stan?

Thank you.

Leon, would you
like another drink?

I'm not feeling very well. If you
two would excuse me, I'll go to bed.

Good night.

Do you think I don't know
what's going on here?

I've read every psychiatric
text in the library.

Leon is a paranoid

No one is ever
gonna cure him of that.

But he's my brother,

and I love him.

And I will not see him
put away in an institution.

I told you to be careful.
I warned you about this person.

Now look what's happened.
He's turning her against us.

You must act, Leon,
before we lose her.

Good morning.
You're up early.

We need firewood.

Leon, thank you
for being so nice to Stan.


It's really important to me
that you two like each other.

What if we didn't
like each other?

Well, I don't want
to think about that.

What if I told you
I didn't like him?

But you do.
You read him your poetry.

What if I hate him. What would
you do? Who would you choose?

Leon, don't tease me.

Don't put me
in the middle, okay?

I'm late for work.
I'm gonna go now.

Don't make me any dinner.
I'm going out with Stan.


I like him.



Est-ce que je veux au theatre?


- Stan, it's Leon. - Hey, Leon.
Great dinner last night.

Thanks. Listen. Ursula's birthday is in two
weeks and I wanna throw a surprise party.

- How would you feel about helping me?
- Yeah, absolutely.

Do you think you could come over
here so we could discuss it?

Well, sure. Any time.

- The sooner the better.
- How about an hour?

Remember, it's a surprise.

Got you.

"Got you."

Stan, glad
you could make it.

I got here
as quick as I could.

Come on in.

Sit down. Can I
get you a drink?

I think I had enough
last night, thanks.

Come on, I hardly ever have
people around for drinks.

- Scotch?
- Sure.

Hello, Pin.

Good afternoon, Stan.
It's nice to see you again.

Did you enjoy
the chocolates?

Very much, thank you.

Oh, you could hear me?

I'm sorry, I thought
I was doing it in my head.

Well, you don't seem to be doing
anything else with your head today.

It must be love.

Would you like
to leave early today?


Finish up this cart and then
put those new cartons away.

Then you can go.

Thank you.

I have a soft spot
for girls in love.

I figure at this moment,

Ursula's worth
close to $700,000.

Uh, God.

I never knew.

She doesn't know.

She doesn't need to know.

You see, Pin and I have
always looked after her.

But sometimes
she's a little insensitive.

Sometimes she forgets
who her true friends are.

But, um...

We still love her.

We still care about...

Where she goes,

who she's with.

Are you tired, Stan?

I guess it was a late night.

I guess it was.

All the energy you expended
plotting against Pin and me.

Wanting to put me
in a mental institute.

Maybe even counting
Ursula's money in your dreams.


Get him.

Get him, Leon.


Damn it, Pin!

You told me 200 milligrams
would put him out.

You didn't give it enough time.
You frightened him.


Look at all the blood.

Clean it up.

You must have learned
something from your mother.

Get the sack. Put the body
in it. Take it to the river.

Hide his car, and then come
back and clean up the mess.

Go answer it.

Go on, Leon.


- Hi, Leon.
- Hello.

Are you okay?

- Yeah, why?
- You sound out of breath.

Oh, I was in the yard.

Guess what. Mrs. Shaver has
given me the afternoon off early.

Uh, do you want
to do something?

No, I'm working on poetry.

Well, I can't find Stan,
so I guess I'll just come home.

No! That's crazy.
It's a nice day.

Don't waste it around here. I'm too busy to
keep you company so... Go shopping or something.

Well, I'll see. Maybe.
I'll talk to you later.

Ursula's coming home early.

We don't have time to put the body
in the river. What am I gonna do?

Hide him in the wood pile.

Leon, hide the body and come
back and clean up the blood.

Leon, I'm home.

- What do I smell?
- Pot roast.

Um, Stan called.
He's cancelling your date.

- Why?
- Something about a sick friend.

He was in a hurry,
so I didn't ask questions.

Why didn't he call me
at the library?

Perhaps you had already left.

Did he say he'd call back?

All he said was to tell Ursula that
he couldn't make the date tonight.

He, uh- a friend was sick.

Hey, is it so terrible
to spend an evening with me?

I'm sorry.

Uh, I have
pot roast and carrots,

potatoes and caesar salad,
and then for dessert there's-

Well, you've been very busy.

You remember Thursday nights?

We always used to have
pot roast on Thursday nights.

Father loved pot-

Father loved pot roast.

I think- I think
that was his favorite food.

You're not eating?

I had a big lunch.

Was Stan supposed to take
you out for celery sticks?

I'm just a little
worried about him.

- I thought you loved this guy. - I do.

So why don't you
trust him?

You realize you're behaving as
though you think he's cheating on you?

I am not behaving that way,

and I do trust him.

Good. So relax.

Here's to us.

Our father would turn over
in his grave to see us drinking.

He hated that.

And now mother
will turn over with him.

It's not funny.

You used to have a great sense
of humor about mother and father.

I remember that the house
was always neat and clean...

and that dinner was always
on time and tasted good.

And that father would ask me
a question at bed time.

And gave me a kiss on the cheek
whether I answered it right or wrong.

What's wrong?


How do you feel
about dessert?

Maybe later.

I wrote a new stanza this
morning. You want to hear it?


Good. You take the wine
into the living room,

and I'll go check Pin.



Are you hiding?

Oh, no.
Oh, please. Please.

What have you done?

What have you done?

- It was pin. Pin did it.
- No, stop it!

I wasn't here when it happened. I
was out shopping. I got back late.

- Stan was here. He was in a
terrible argument with Pin. - No, no!

He said something about you
that Pin didn't like.

Stan was furious. They started
fighting. He hit his head on the mantel.

- He was dead before I got here.
- Stop it! No!

It was an accident,
but I was afraid.

I was scared they'd take Pin
away. I couldn't let them do that.

- I know you couldn't either. - Stop it!

Ursula, wait!

- Why didn't you help me? - I have
never lied to you or for you.

I want you to.
I need you to.

I don't know how and neither do you,
and that's why you do it so badly.

What am I gonna do?

We did it for Ursula.

You're lying again, Leon.

We didn't do it for Ursula.
We did it for you.

Here. Jake, he's here.

Jesus Christ, he's alive.

Call an ambulance!

Ah, Mrs. Fraker.
I didn't hear you come in.

I just stopped by for a minute.

- You go ahead. I'll be downstairs
if you need me. - Thank you.

Hello, Pin.

Stan and I are on our way
to Cape Cod for a vacation.

We'll be gone about a week.
Is there anything you'd like?

Wind the music box.

Have you heard from Leon?


I miss him a great deal.

So do I.