Piglet's Big Movie (2003) - full transcript

When the gang from the Hundred Acre Wood begin a honey harvest, young Piglet is excluded and told that he is too small to help. Feeling inferior, Piglet disappears and his pals Eeyore, Rabbit, Tigger, Roo, and Winnie the Pooh must use Piglet's scrapbook as a map to find him. In the process they discover that this very small animal has been a big hero in a lot of ways.

La la la la la la

La la la la la la la

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Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood

Where Christopher Robin plays

You'll find the enchanted neighborhood

Of Christopher's childhood days

A donkey named Eeyore is his friend

And Kanga and Little Roo

There's Rabbit and Piglet

And there's Owl

But most of all, Winnie the Pooh

RABBIT: Hello, there.

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh

Tubby little cubby

All stuffed with fluff

He's Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh

Willy-nilly silly old bear





Are you ready for the hive yet?

All I am is ready. Hoo hoo hoo hoo!

How do I look? Hoo hoo.

I mean, uh,
does this log make me look fat?

Ohh. Like the best honey tree

that a bee will ever see. Ha.

-Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!
-Oh, boy.

Dum da doe dum dum

Da dee dum dum

Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!


Rabbit, what are you doing?

Oh, can't you tell?

I'm lullabying the bees for our big plan.


They seem to like Bee-thoven.


Eeyore, what are you doing?

I got to use my big voice

to tell the bees about the new hive.

(LOUDER) Buzz, buzz. Great new hive.

Tigger, could you tell me
what you're doing?

I have to hold the fake hive

hive enough for the bees to see.

It's the biggest part of the plan. Hoo.

That's what Tiggers do best.
Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

You do seem bigger than usual.

Oh, hello, Piglet.

Pooh, what are you all doing?

Harvesting honey, of course.

It's all in the plan.

POOH: First, Rabbit will lure the bees

with beautiful music.

Then Eeyore tempts the bees
into their new hive.

Then Tigger holds up the hive
for the bees to see.

And then comes the best part.

We get honey from their old hive. Ha ha.

Can I help you with your big plan?

Well, thank you, Piglet,
but, um, perhaps another time.

When we have a bit smaller of a plan

or when you're a bit bigger of a Piglet.

I'm sorry, Piglet,

but I'm afraid this is a very big plan.



Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

ALL: Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!


Places, everyone.

I've gotten their attention.


Oh! Aah!

Great new hive.

Free rent. Buzz, buzz.

Oh, do the bees know the plan?

POOH: Piglet, don't get
in the way of our big plan.

TIGGER: I'm getting kind of itchy
around my leaves.

Oh, d-d-dear!

Oh, buzz.



Get the little guy.










POOH, TIGGER: Ok, Rabbit.

We're geniuses.


Sticky geniuses.

Oh, my. Oh, my.

(SMACKS LIPS) Oh, goodness.

Oh, the sweet taste of success.

(SMACK LIPS) Mm-mmm.

Our plan worked perfectly.


Didn't think it would work,

but it did.

Congratulations to us all.

Hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Hooray for Pooh!

And Rabbit.

And Eeyore.

And Tigger, too.

But... But I was the...

Oh, Piglet, I'm sorry that you couldn't be

part of our big plan.

Oh, but I thought I...


For a minute there, I thought

-I was going to break out in hives.

Oh, dear.

Even my shadow is small.


It's not as if I want to rule the world

Or even the forest or even one tree

I suppose I could be happy

If I could be helpful

With just a little bit

Of noticing me

If I wasn't so small

I could be like Tigger

Figure out ways

To help some of those in need


I could volunteer

As the friend you would want right near

More like Rabbit and Pooh

And Eeyore

I'd be useful

And helpful

The one you would call


Oh, it'd sure be nice
if my friends needed me.

Piglet, could you help me
lullaby the bees?

Piglet, could you help me
call them to the hive?

Yeah, Piglet, could you
help me reach higher?

Piglet, we need your help.

I'd be needed

And useful

More each passing day

I may be small


But in the biggest helpfulest way


Wonderfullest honey.

Oh, I thought Tiggers hated honey.

Well, they do to eat,

but to stop the itching,

oh, there is nothing betterer.

Whoo hoo hoo hoo! Oh.


Did you hear something?

I'm afraid I've got some honey in my ears.

What's that, Pooh?

I can't hear you over all that buzzing.

Who's buzzing?


-ALL: Bees!

What say we break for lunch?

But what about our honey?

It's your honey or your life.


-Come on!
-EEYORE: Oh, boy.

Whoo hoo hoo!

Oh, bother!

RABBIT: Here they come! Aah!

Aah! Ooh! Ooh! Run!

Oh, joy.

Thanks, donkey boy. Mm-hmm.

-Thanks, Eeyore.

Thank you, Eeyore.

You're welcome.



Quick, make a beeline for Piglet's!




RABBIT: Oh! Oh! Faster!



RABBIT: Run faster!


I can't stand it!

They're going to get us! Get the door!

The door!

Ooh! Hurry!




RABBIT: Oh, they're gone.

TIGGER: Or maybe just pretenderin'.

You know, bees are sneaky like that.



I was right.


POOH: Eeyore.

You got stung out there?

No. I got stung right here

where I can keep an eye on it.

Is everyone all right?

Uh, Tigger's here. Eeyore's here.

Pooh is here. I'm here.

Hmm. Who am I forgetting?

I don't know, Rabbit.

Let's ask... Piglet!

-Oh, bother.

Are you all right, Pooh?

I just landed on my, um...


Say, what do we have here?



Oh, please, Tigger.

It's just a drawing in a scrapbook.

TIGGER: But it reminds me
of the bestest family reunion

I ever had. (SOBBING)


TIGGER: Oh, look.

There's the day little Piglet
caught his first Heffalump. (LAUGHS)

That was no Heffalump.

That was just Pooh with a jar on his head.

I forgot how much I look like a Heffalump

with a jar on my head.


He captured Rabbit, all right.

Oh, let me see! Heh.

That doesn't look a thing like me.

RABBIT: Oh... What's next?

What's that tiny pink dot?

I believe it's Piglet.

Piglet? Where is Piglet?

We must've lost track of him
after we got chased by the bees.

Ohh, but he's so little.

He could be in big danger.

We have to find him
and make sure he's all right.

But how will we find him?

He could be anywhere.

Ohh... think, think, think.

You know, since this is a book
of Piglet's memories,

maybe it remembers where Piglet is.

Oh, brilliant deduction there, Pooh Boy.

It's a regular Piglet map. Hoo hoo!

That's the silliest thing I've ever heard.

Let's start with page one.

Well, page one remembers Owl's house.

Heh heh heh.

Way to go, Pooh Boy!

Why, I bet that little fella's there
right now.

Let's go find him!

Then off to Owl's house we go.

POOH: He has an answer for everything.

Not to Owl's.

Oh, no. We'll be there all day.

You can never get a word in edgewise.

Good-bye, honey.



I may be small,

but in the biggest, helpfulest way!



Where are you? Tigger?

Where are you?


Oh, no.

The bees!

Oh! Ohh!



What can I do?



Well, I did help you get the acorn.

And bring you across the river.

Maybe my friends need me.



I have to find them.

Owl, have you seen Piglet?

Piglet? Heh heh.

Of course, I've seen Piglet...

Many times.

He's about so high,
with little pink ears...

No, no, no. We mean now!

Have you seen him this morning?

Hmm. I can't imagine
that he's changed that much.


De do do do do do

This is the part where
Owl goes on for a while.

As a matter of fact, I just saw him go by.

He was just here?

Shh. Come on. Let's go.

... before he's missing.

Then you could stop, of course,

in the obvious place, which is...


As I was saying, I have some great stories

about my second cousin Rupert,

who stowed away on a...

RABBIT: Eeyore, come on!

OWL: As I was saying,

the great expedition...

What an expedition it was.

I told you this was a silly idea.

But he was just at Owl's.

The scrappity book
does know where he's going!

Well, Owl's house was on page one.

How about page two?

Which is a picture of...

Kanga's house.

Well, then, Kanga's house
is where we'll look for Piglet.

I think you must be right, Rabbit.

Piglet has always liked visiting Kanga's.

Not always.

There was one time I remember.

Oh, yes. When Kanga and Roo
first moved to the Hundred Acre Wood.

Remember, Rabbit?

Uh, n-no.

I, uh, I don't seem to recall.

Here, this'll remind your rememberer.

-Hoo hoo!

And you came up with a big plan, Rabbit.

I told you... I don't remember.

There it is.

POOH: You know, if I remember correctly,

this story is really about Piglet.

RABBIT: Well, I just don't like it.

I don't like it at all.

I tell you,
we won't be safe until they're out.

Out of the Hundred Acre Wood.



Isn't it a bit early to be spying?

RABBIT: I've never seen anything like it.

Oh, it's actually moving in!

PIGLET: Ohh! Ohh!


Roo. Roo, dear?

Here I am, Mama! Ha ha ha.

(GASPS) It's an invasion!


PIGLET: Do you think they're f-f-fierce?

Ha ha!

POOH: What does fierce look like?


That's what fierce looks like!

She swallowed him whole!



Ohh, d-d-dear.


RABBIT: He'll be eaten for sure.

Ohh, are you all right?

(SCREAMS) Don't eat me!

(LAUGHS) Why, you must be Piglet.

My, when Christopher Robin
said you'd be dropping by,

I had no idea.

You know Christopher Robin?

Oh, yes. He told us

all about you and Pooh
and Rabbit and Tigger.

The ones hiding in that tree over there.

Hello, dears.

Did you hear that? She called us dears.

I'm Kanga,

and somewhere around here is Baby Roo.

I'm not a baby!

See? I can do this!



Well, it's very nice of you

to go out of your way to welcome us.

Ha ha ha!


Oops. Sorry.


Piglet, it's almost breakfast time.

Would you like to come in
for a little... Bite, perhaps?



I do like the sound of the taste of that.

Uh, no, no, no.

We're all due
on the other side of the wood,

and we can't be late.



BOTH: Good-bye!

Might I, uh,
get that little something to go?

RABBIT: Come on!

KANGA: (LAUGHING) Aren't they dears?

RABBIT: One... Pooh will distract Kanga

long enough for two...

Tigger and I to take Roo from her pouch,

and three... replace him with Piglet.

That is very simple.

Just three little steps and...

What? Replace Roo

w-w-with m-m-me?

You and Roo are the same size,
give or take here or there.

Kanga won't know the difference. Ha ha.

Not until it's too late. Ha ha.

How much too late?

Until after we say, "Aha!"

What do you think? Huh? Hmm?

Ahh? Hmm?

"Ha ha"?

Why would we say, "Ha ha"?

Not "Ha ha," Piglet. "Aha."

It's a word to say,

"This is how things are
and were meant to be."

Then Kanga will know
that we know where Roo is,

and we'll only give him back

if she promises to leave
the Hundred Acre Wood

and never return. Ha ha.

How is she gonna know
that that is what our aha-ing means?

Because we'll practice saying it
in just the right way.

We're counting on you, Piglet.


Now, everyone pretend
that their flower is Kanga.

Ha ha. Ready? Set.



There you all are.

Oh, you brought flowers!

What nice new neighbors.


Heh. Uhh!


All right, I'm goin'!

Roo, dear! Time to come inside!

-In a minute, Mama!

-Ready, Pooh?

Yes. Except for one small thing.

What's that?

What is it I'm supposed to do?

Oh! Talk to her... Very hard,
so that she doesn't notice anything.

Oh, of course.

Heh heh.

Come on, Roo. Hop in. Let's go inside.

Oh, Kanga!


(SIGHS) Talk to her very hard about what?



I was just wondering...

Uh, that is... Do you think that...

Is that a fish in that tree?


-KANGA: Which tree, dear?
-POOH: Up there.


Snug as a piggy in a blanket.

What are you playing, Mr. Rabbit?

That's not a fish, Pooh Bear.

It's a bird.

Oh, yes.

But is it a starling or a mackerel?

Ohh, it looks kinda wiggly.

It could be a jellyfish.

Hmm. It's tough to say.

If you'll forgive me, dear,
we really must be going.

Kind of a peanut butter
and jellyfish, isn't it?

Whoa, whoa! Wait, frog!

-Aah! Oh, no!


ROO: Whoo!

Yecch! Ptoo!

Let's do it again!

This is a fun game!



Are you all right in there, Roo?

PIGLET: I'm ok. I'm ok!

All right, Roo, dear.


-ROO: Yahoo!

ROO: Ha ha! This is fun!

RABBIT: Slow down!

KANGA: Rabbit?

Oh, Roo. (LAUGHS)

Wooh-ha... Booh-ha?

Uh... uh... ha ha.


What was that word?


That's the word. Ah-haah!




Tigger, Tigger! Pooh Bear!

Oh, my, Roo, dear.
You've lost your bounce.

Tigger! Pooh Bear!

I think it's time for your fishy oil.

Fishy oil? What fishy oil?

It'll help you bounce nice and high.

You don't want to grow up small and weak

-like Piglet.

Now, did you have something
you wanted to tell me... Roo?

-Uh, no.
-Down the hatch!





See that? You got your bounce back.

And if you're a good Little Roo,
I'll let you have another spoonful.

PIGLET: No-o-o!

Oh, dear. I'm a goner!


You act like I'm going
to cook you for dinner.

A-A-Aren't you?

Why, of course not.


I'm going to give you...

A bath.


Cook me instead!

KANGA: But Roo, dear.
Don't you know by now,

a mother always knows what's best.

It's a mother's intuition

To make a little space

It's her quiet mission

To tidy up her place

-A mother's intuition

Is like a kangaroo's

She hops around, she mops the ground

She fusses over you

A mother

With her intuition

Will know just what to do


It's a mother's intuition

To wash her baby

While she won't forget behind the ears

And the extra soap suds on the tail

A mother's into cleaning

She'll clean until she's through

She's smart enough, she's wise enough

To add up two and two

A mother

With her intuition

Will know just what to do


Ba-da ba-da ba



A mother has a feeling

She pays special attention

If someone is concealing

If someone's playing tricks

She rubs and scrubs and scours the secrets


Until the answer clicks


Then she takes a brush

And polishes your teeth

She'll make you shine and sparkle new

Until she finds the real you


Oh, my goodness!


-Isn't it charming?

Just mommy and little Roo

Fresh as a daisy

Sparkling just like new

It's a mother's intuition

It's a mother's intuition

Whee! Ha ha ha!

Whee! Ha ha ha!


You know what's next.

I'm afraid to find out.

There's always two things
you get after your bath.

A cookie.

Mwah. And a kiss...



Well, it's a very subtle distinction.

But you see, a jellyfish
sounds more like a...

"Blblblblbl! Hi, I'm a jellyfish!"
Kinda like that.

PIGLET: Tigger, Tigger! Pooh Bear!

(TIGGER GASPS) Another creature
of the fiercerest kind!

POOH: Rabbit was right.

But it's me, Piglet!

Nah, the Piglet we know
isn't half as fuzzy as you.

Why, you can't pull the fluff
over our eyes!

Pooh, t-tell him who I am.

Well, I'd love to... Whoever you are.

Come to think of it, he might be
a fuzzy-fringed thingamawhatsis.

POOH: Ohh.

No, no, no.

This is more of the feather-furred
frizzamabobble variety.

But can we be sure, Tigger?


I'll prove it to you!



Where did you come from?

Lucky thing that
fuzzy-fringed thingamabob

didn't get you. Whew!

What did you find out?

Was she awfully fierce
and fiercely awful?

At first, I thought so.

But then I found out...

She's very nice.


Hello, dears.

Oh, she called us dears again. Ha ha!

I could get used to this.

Would you like to come in
for that little something now?

I'd love to.

I love little somethings.

-But what do we tell Rabbit?
-ROO: Wheeee!

Ha ha! Mama, look at me!


You gotta see Mr. Rabbit's garden!

Oh, you hear that? Mr. Rabbit. Ha ha.

ROO: It's got carrots
and lettuce and beans,

and we played leap bunny
which is kind of like leap frog.

All right. Settle down, dear.

Now, what do we say to Mr. Rabbit?

Thank you, Mr. Rabbit. I had fun.

Well, I, uh,
certainly enjoyed myself, too,

and, heh, you can call me Rabbit.

I like you, Rabbit.

I like you, too, Roo.


You're right, Piglet.

This is the way things are,

and were meant to be.



RABBIT: You know,
if it weren't for Piglet,

I wouldn't be friends with Roo.

And we'd never have found out
how nice Kanga was.

We'd never have any of Kanga's songs.

Or her hugs.

Or her cookies,
which my nose is telling my tummy...

(SNIFFS) Are right nearby. Heh heh.


Kanga! We're so glad you didn't leave!

What are you talking about, Tigger?

How Piglet took a bath for us.

TIGGER: Not just any old buddy

would do something that brave
for his friends.

Don't know if I would.

TIGGER: It was a very biggish thing
for a littleish guy to do.

And we're ever so worried
about him, you see,

because we lost him at the honey harvest,

so we're using his book of memories

to find him...

We hope.

Ohh, dear, Piglet.

But he's so small.

He could be in big danger.

Mama, may I help them look for Piglet?

Oops. Sorry, Eeyore.

Can I, Mama? Can I?

Of course, dear. Piglet needs your help.

Pooh, would you like
a cookie before you go?

Oh, my heart tells me
I should keep looking for Piglet.

Oh, but you dears will need something
to keep your strength up.

POOH: My tummy says yes.

Oh, I just thought Piglet would need

to keep his strength up, too.


Bye, Mama.

Bye-bye, dear.

So, where do we look first?

The scrapbook will give us an idea.

It's a book of memories.

It remembers where Piglet is.

Try page three.

Page three shows all of us
at the North Pole.

TIGGER: Hey, that was the day we made

our most splenderiferous discovery of all.

Then that's where we shall look.

But this is not the way to the North Pole.

Well, last time,
if I reconnoiter correctically,

the North Pole was sort of
in a south-down-easterly

kind of over and down direction this way,
magnellically speaking.

No. Last time we went this way.

No. That would be the Northeast Pole.

No, no, no, and no. Don't be ridiculous.

I know what I'm talking about.
It's this way.

TIGGER: I... Don't interrupt.

Perhaps if we told the story,

the story will tell us how to get there.

ROO: Don't forget the part about Piglet.

RABBIT: Piglet? How does Piglet fit in?

POOH: Oh, Roo's right.

It really is a story about Piglet,
isn't it?

Nine-itty-eight, nine-itty-nine,


And thirteen-itty and forty-six-itty

and one whole hundred

gravity-defiant, Tiggerific bounces.

Hoo hoo hoo hoo!

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Look out below!



Heh heh heh heh.

POOH: Dum be do dum dum

Da dee dum dum dee do

Hello, Tigger. Hello, Piglet.


What are you doing?

TIGGER: Aw, just waiting
for the other shoe to plop.



-I knew it. Hoo hoo!

These things always travel in pairs.

These are Christopher Robin's big boots.

They can mean only one thing.


An expedition.

Yahoo hoo hoo hoo!


Um, which petition?

Yes. An expedition.

It's when you go off to find a thing.

What are we going to find,
Christopher Robin?

The North Pole.

PIGLET: Is it scary?

What is the North Pole?

Yeah. Come to think of it,
we never found one of them before.

Well, it's a thing you discover.

-Are bears good at discovering it?
-And Tiggers?

Everyone will come along.

And if you see the North Pole,

shout, "Eureka!"

-Oof! Why would we do that?

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Because it means...
There's the North Pole.




I... I was just practicing.

We need a marching song.



A marching song to help us along.

Sing ho

For the life of a bear

That's me.

Sing ho

For the expedition

Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition

It's a fine day for marching

There's a tiny little breeze

And when there's honey for the making

There's a buzz among the bees

POOH: Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition

ALL: Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition

I'm itchin' and scratchin'

And scratchin' and itchin'

To find the North Pole

Findin' the Pole may be the goal

But it's strummin' for funnin'
that makes you

Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition

-Sing ho...
-Sing ho...

For the life of a bear

ALL: Sing ho

For the expedition

This is fun.

Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition

-One more time!
-ALL: Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition

I like that song.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Silly old bear.

Would you like a haycorn, Pooh?

No, thank you,
but, um, a cookie would be nice. Ha.

Or a banana.



Christopher Robin...

Perhaps I could find it easier...

If only I was sure.

That is... if I knew
what the North Pole looked like.


Well, it's kind of...

It's sort of, well...

I suppose we'll know exactly what it is
when we see it.

Are we there yet?


ROO: Pooh!

(SLURP) Ho ho...

I just fed my tummy,
and it's still calling me.

Ha ha ha...

Hey, look at me, Pooh!

Oh, I am.

Pooh, I'm swimming!

Just a moment, Roo.
I'm talking to my tummy.

Well, of course you're swimming.

You shouldn't have had that second cookie.

That's not your stomach, Pooh. It's Roo!

POOH: Oh, my!

Roo, I don't believe expeditions
usually go into the water.


(GASP) Quick!

Don't panic, Kanga.
Everything's fine here!

Nobody's in any kind of... ha ha...

Especially not Roo! Ha ha!

Do something!

Everyone... do anything!

Don't worry, Roo Boy!

I'll save ya!


Thanks, Tigger,
but I don't think I need saving.


PIGLET: I can help!

Piglet, stay here out of the way
while we save Roo!

We don't want to have to
rescue two little guys!

Catch onto my tail, Roo.

I'll pull ya out.

Just tell me when you're on.



Rabbit, Roo? Are we going swimming?

Hey! Maybe we can use this to save Roo!

Give me a push, Pooh!

Thank you, Piglet.

Ha ha. Now I've got him!

Faster, Pooh! Faster! Pooh?

Where is he, Rabbit?


Pooh! Look the other way!

I can see him perfectly from here!

Are you sure, Rabbit?

-You're right.

You can see better from up here.

There he is!



Ha ha ha! Whoa!

Roo, are you ok?

I gotcha, Roo! I gotcha!

Here he is, Kanga!


Oh... where'd he go?


My Great Uncle Rupert...

Pooh Bear? Pooh Bear!

Pooh Bear!

You can rescue me now.

I'm gettin' kinda tired.

Use the pole! Use the pole!

No time for fishing, Piglet!

We gotta save Roo!

Grab on, Roo!

-Hee hee hee!
-Pooh, could you please hold this?

Hee hee hee...

Did you see me swimmin'?

That's called swimmin', what I was doing.


Pooh bear! Where did you find that stick?

What, uh, stick?

(LAUGHS) That stick!

Well, I was standing here without a stick,

and then I had a stick, so...

Maybe the stick found me.

Assembled adventurers,
the expedition is over,

for Pooh has discovered the North Pole!




Hoo hoo! Well, I'll be.

That's the North Pole,
all right, all righty!

I should have seen it myself!

But... but... oh...

Well... Eureka!

Eureka! Yay!

PIGLET: Hooray for Pooh!


Positively magnetic!

Goodness! Where's Eeyore?

Did ya grab on yet, Roo?




POOH: Hooray for Pooh.

I always liked that story.

It has such a lovely end.

ROO: But nobody said hooray for Piglet.

He was so brave...

For someone so small.

And Piglets hate water. Hoo hoo.

Come to think of it, so do Tiggers.



Thank you, tail!

Thank you, Piglet...

Wherever you are.


Piglet's scarf!

RABBIT: That's it! Come on, let's go!

Missed him again.

Oh, my.

You know Piglet's scarf
never goes anywhere without Piglet.

(GASPS) Oh! This is more serious
than I thought!

Maybe he's in grave danger.

(GASPS) Maybe Heffalumps got him!


-Or... Or Woozles!

And now...

He's out there somewhere
with a storm brewing in.

Oh, goodness!


Do you think he's gonna be all right?

Piglet shall be very all right, indeed.

Don't let his small size worry you.

Yep. Once he even made a whole house.

He did?

Do you know the story of
"The House at Pooh Corner?"

Mmm... no.

Oh, yes. It's right here.

Page three.

On page four.

That's after three.

Oh, it's a lovely tale.

Don't you think so, Tigger?

POOH: Tigger? Huh?

-Pooh Corner. Remember?
-Oh, yeah!

Is this story about Piglet, too?

Why, yes, Roo, it is.

He seems to be the hero of every story.


The more it snows


The more it goes


The more it goes on snowin'


And nobody knows

PIGLET: Diddly-pum

How cold my toes

PIGLET: Diddly-pum

How cold my toes are growing

PIGLET: Diddly-pum, diddly-pum,
diddly-pum, diddly-pum


I was just thinking, Pooh...

Oh! Were you thinking of a way

(SHIVERING) to keep warm?

Actually, I was thinking

about how you have a house
and I have a house

and Rabbit and Owl

and Christopher Robin all have houses,

but poor Eeyore has nothing.

Well... that's certainly something
we could think about.


Think, think, think. Hmm...

Think, think, think.

I've got it!

Whoa... Oh!

Got what?

Ho ho ho... Ha ha ha...

Ha ha ha...

We'll build Eeyore a house of his own!

Oh, that's a wonderful idea, Pooh!

But... where shall we build it?


Right here.

Because this is where I thought of it.

And since this is where I thought of it,

we shall call this place Pooh Corner.

Pooh Corner?

Uh, Pooh... I was thinking along...

with you.

Yes, that's true, Piglet.

So, we could call this place
Pooh and Piglet Corner.

If Pooh Corner didn't sound better,
which it does,

being smaller and more like a corner.

So, Pooh Corner it is.

Look! Snow somersaults! Hoo hoo hoo!

Whoa! Whoa-oa-oa!

POOH: Bother.

You know, I tried to stop,
but it's snow use.

Get it? Snow use!

Hoo hoo hoo!

So, whatcha doin'?

We're going to build Eeyore a house
at Pooh Corner.

What a tiggerific idea!

Whatcha going to build it with?


We haven't decided.

Say! I just bounced
by a humongerous pile of sticks!

They'd be positively perfect
for a donkey house!


Come on! Bounce this way!

Hoo hoo hoo!

Follow the bouncing Tigger!

The wonderful thing about Tiggers

Is Tiggers are wonderful things

Their tops are made out of rubber

Their bottoms are made out of springs

But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
is I'm the only one

What did I tell ya?

More sticks than you can stick a shake at.

Gee... it's almost as if
someone left them here for us.

Whoo... ooh... whoo!

I wonder...


Now let's get started
so we can finish in time.

(GROANS) Uhh... In time for what? Ah!


(MUSIC PLAYING) With a few good
friends and a stick or two

A house is built at a corner called Pooh

With a friend and a stick or three or four

A house is built where it wasn't


With a window here

And there a door

And a nail and a peg

For the coat of Eeyore

With a few good friends and a stick or two

A house is built at a corner called Pooh

With a friend and a stick or three or four

A house is built where it wasn't


Dress it down

Or dress it up

-Invite Tigger for tea

And Owl for supper

With a few good friends and a stick or two

A house is built at a corner called Pooh

With a friend and a stick or three or four

A house is built where it wasn't




There. It's all entirely done!

Let's show old donkey boy
the fruits of our elbow grease.

Ah ah ah ah ah

With a few good friends


Oh, bother.

I suspect-erate there's something
definitely wrong with these sticks.

All we wanted was for Eeyore
to have his own house.

You know,
Eeyore could come live with me.

That is very hospiticious of you, Pooh.

Let's go give old donkey boy
the good news!

Hoo hoo hoo hoo-hoo!


Oh, dear.


Pooh Bear! Oh, you're just in time!

Look what I made.

POOH: Why, Christopher Robin.

It's wonderful!

POOH: What is it?

Why, it's you, Pooh bear.

Ha ha. No wonder he looks so familiar.

TIGGER: He looks just like you!

Except, of course, for the donkey head.

Eeyore, were you under there
the whole time?

I suppose I was.

Weren't you awfully cold under there?

I've been colder.

Last night, for instance,
it got downright...


So, I did it. I built myself a house.

Did ya hear that?
Eeyore built himself a house!

Just a leaky pile of sticks.

Did you say...


So, you have seen it.

I have? Seen what?

You know, funny thing about houses
is, uh, well, they never know

if they're comin' or goin',
and so they do.

Well... someone somewhere
must know something.


POOH: What's that?

TIGGER: It's a high-steppin'
pig highfaluter!

POOH: I believe it's Piglet on stilts.

Eeyore's house is over there.

Come on. I-I'll show you.

EEYORE: Toodle-oo.



Look at that!

(GASPS) Well, I'll be...

Oh, my goodness!

Welcome home, Eeyore. Hee hee hee.






It's my house, all right.

But I'm sure this isn't where I built it.

Where you built I? But... But... I...

Hmm. I suppose the wind
must have blown it over here.

The wind?

Oh, yeah, the wind.

Oh, well, it's been known

to do strange and windy-like things.

I think the wind had a little help.

Right, Piglet?

The important thing is,

Eeyore has a house,

and here it is,

and it's as good as ever.

And even never betterer.

You really think so?

Oh, yes. Much more better than ever,
even, Piglet.

Just one thing bothers me.

Oh, dear. What might that be?

Afraid I'll lose it again.

Don't worry, Eeyore. I put up a sign...

So, you'll always know where it is.


EEYORE: "Pooh Corner."


TIGGER: Hooray for Eeyore's house!

Hooray for Eeyore's house!

(MUSIC PLAYING) With a few good friends
and a stick or two

We can build a house
at a corner called Pooh

With a friend and a stick or three or four

A house is there where it wasn't



It's a little crowded,

but it'll do.

And that is how Piglet got the idea

that you, Eeyore,
should have your own house.

You mean Piglet built Eeyore's house
all by himself?

Yes, and that's just
how much Piglet cares.

Uh-huh. Best house I ever had.

And named it after me.






Piglet, Piglet.


TIGGER: Piglet!





Piglet! Piglet! Piglet!


Oh, dear.

We better find him soon.

Roo's getting cold.






Well, perhaps we should
look in the book again.

Hey, I just got a Tiggerific idea.

Let's see where the book ends
and go there. What do you think?

No, no, no.

If we do this in an orderly manner,
we'll find him much quicker.

Now, let's see. We've been there...

And there...

But orderlier doesn't seem
to be working, does it?

All I'm concerned about is finding Piglet.

Well, I want to find him, too.

We all want to find him!

-Rabbit, look!

(GASPS) Oh, bother.

-Rabbit, the book!
-Oh, my.


You're ruining it, Rabbit!

I am not.

Hand it over, bunny boy.

Finding Piglets is what Tiggers do best.

It's what Rabbits do best.

-No, Rabbits.


-No, Tiggers!

Stop it! Stop fighting!

-Oh, be careful.

That's the only way
we have to find Piglet.

-Oh, no!


There goes our map.

POOH: And Piglet's memories.

I only wanted to find Piglet.

We all did.

-RABBIT: Oh, dear.

We better go back to Piglet's.

We have to get Roo warm and dry.


I do wish I had called it

Pooh and Piglet Corn... Oh.

The more I look inside

The more he isn't there

What am I supposed to do

When Piglet is not everywhere?

The more I rack my brain

The more I search in vain

I guess I'll have a little snack

And wait for it to start to rain

POOH: That's the Piglet I know...

Always glad to see you.

Always thoughtful.

-Always brave.

Never thinking of himself.

Draw another one, Pooh.


I will draw a picture

And while I'm busy

Doing that

My mind will wander off somewhere

And Piglet will reappear

My mind will wander off somewhere

And Piglet will be right here


















The more I look inside

The more you're real to me

I see you here, I see you there

Feel you everywhere

We got to go get Piglet!

POOH: Let's go find Piglet, indeed.

Let's go. Let's go.




POOH: Oh, poor Piglet.

Oh. Oh, goodness.


ROO: Piglet!

TIGGER: Piglet!

RABBIT: Piglet!

POOH: Piglet!

RABBIT: Piglet!

POOH: Piglet!



Oh, look what I found.

It's one of Piglet's scrapbook pages.

Look, another one.

Maybe we could put Piglet's
scrappity book back together.

POOH: Then we can find him in no time.


TIGGER: Well, let's keep looking.
I found one!

(MUFFLED) Me, too.


Me, too.



I think...

I found...

Another other!

-Here's one.

We're getting closer.

POOH: Here's one.

How many does that make?

Look, here's another one.

-POOH: Piglet will be so happy.
-RABBIT: What's that over there?




Come back, memory!

Hoo hoo hoo!




One more scrappy page

for Piglet's scrappity book.

(GASPS) Hey, look, there it is.

But how will we get it?

Oh, we need help.

That's got to be dangerous.

What could he be thinking?


No. Now, now... No one panic.

The first thing we do
is not to panic because...

Somebody do something!

Do anything!

Uhh! Oh, my goodness!

-RABBIT: Stay calm.

Everybody calm. Don't panic.

POOH: Oh, my goodness.

RABBIT: Have you lost your mind?

What are you doing?

I'm just getting Piglet's memories.

Oh, bother.

ROO: Pooh needs our help!



Oh, bother, bother.


Rabbit was right.

We could use a little help.

TIGGER: Here you go, buddy boy.

We made you a rescue rope!
Hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Out of us!

Me, too.

It's our plan.

Ohh. Ohh. Oh, my.

Pooh, what are you waiting for?

The rescue rope isn't rescuing.

We need a little bit more.

We just need a little help.

Who's small enough?

Oh, dear. Who can help?

Piglet! Oh!

EEYORE: Piglet.

ROO: Piglet!

TIGGER: Piglet!



You can do it, Piglet. Hoo hoo hoo hoo!

My friends need me.

Hang on, Pooh! Uhh!

Oh, I'm hanging.





POOH: Oh, Piglet!

Your memories!




RABBIT: Oh, no!




EEYORE: Ohh...


Oh, no.

We... We never got to tell Piglet

how we feel about him.

Poor Pooh.

Should've told them
when we had the chance.

Ohh. Ohh!





Here you go, R-Rabbit.

Something must be very sad.

Well, of course it's sad.


ALL: Piglet!

Oh, thank goodness you're safe.

We're so glad to see you.

Glad to see me?

Oh, yes.

It's so good to have you back again.

Yeah. We've been following your memories
all over the Hundred Acre Wood,

and they led us right to you.

Too bad they're all
floating down the river.

-Oh, goodness.

-Oh, no.

POOH: Oh, bother.

We're ever so sorry, Piglet.

Aw, the scrapbook's not that important.

But it showed us
the great things you've done.

Oh, I've never done anything great.

Well, of course you have.

Let's tell him, everyone.

No. Let's show him.

That's a wonderful idea.

TIGGER: Come on. Hoo hoo hoo hoo!


EEYORE: I don't know
if I stand the excitement.

Here we are.

Ho ho. Go on.


PIGLET: Is that me?

That's you.

I'm so big.

Well, of course you are.

Why, you're double-XL. Hoo hoo hoo!

RABBIT: If it weren't for you, Piglet,

I wouldn't be friends with Roo.

Yeah. Yeah.

And thanks for saving me
with the North Pole.

-EEYORE: Piglet...

Pooh Corner's not a bad place to live.

I'd say this calls for a celebration.




PIGLET: Hooray! Hooray!

EEYORE: Come on, chase me.

ROO: Here I come, Eeyore! Watch out!

EEYORE: Come on,
you can do better than that.

-TIGGER: Hey, where you going?
-ROO: Here I come!


-KANGA: Roo!

Oops. Sorry.

Ha ha ha. That's funny.


EEYORE: That's very funny.

Uhh! Ohh.

Ho ho! Look!

ROO: Piglet, can I try?

Mmm, mmm.

(GASPS) Oh, my.

Oh, do something, everyone!

KANGA: Oh, uh, um...

-Oh, dear!

TIGGER: Good one, Piglet!

It's carrot cake.

Oh, Rabbit, you're a nut.

Mmm. That's delicious.

Oh, dear.


Where's Pooh?

POOH: Piglet!

Piglet, I have one more thing to show you.

But, Pooh, your cake.

It can wait. Hurry, Piglet.

We shall have a little something

right after I show you
a little something, Piglet.

It's right over here.

(GASPS) Ohh.

"Pooh and Piglet Corner."

Yes, Piglet.

It's the least we could do
for a very small Piglet

who's done such very big things.

Thank you, Piglet.


With a few good friends and a stick or two

A house is built at a corner called Pooh

With a friend and a stick or three or four

A house is built where it wasn't


With a window here

And there a door

And a nail and a peg

For the coat of Eeyore

With a few good friends and a stick or two

A house is built at a corner called Pooh

With a friend and a stick or three or four

A house is built where it wasn't


Dress it down

Or dress it up

Invite Tigger for tea

And Owl for supper

Hmm, with a few good friends
and a stick or two

A house is built at a corner called Pooh

With a friend and a stick or three or four

A house is built where it wasn't





Ah ah ah ah ah

With a few good friends

With a few good friends



Ah ah ah ah ah

With a few good friends

With a few good friends



Ah ah ah ah ah

With a few good friends


Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition

Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition

It's a fine day for marching

There's a tiny little breeze

And when there's honey for the making

There's a buzz among the bees

POOH: Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition

Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition

-TIGGER: I'm itchin' and scratchin'
-PIGLET: I'm and scratchin' and itchin'

TIGGER: To find the North Pole

Findin' the Pole may be the goal

But it's strummin' for funnin'
that makes you

ALL: Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition

RABBIT: Sing ho...

EEYORE: Sing ho...

TIGGER: For the life of a bear

ALL: Sing ho

For the expedition

ROO: This is fun.

Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition

RABBIT: One more time!

Sing ho

For the life of a bear

Sing ho

For the expedition


When the heart
of the Hundred Acre Wood is beating

And time is passing through

There's a shadow
looking like a rainbow's halo

And there I'm resembling you

More than fame, a name on a tree

More than power or might

Sweeter than the treats of a honey bee

I'll be here through the night

It's comforting to know

It's comforting to know

Silent as the moon at dawn

Soothing as a bed filled with hay

Strong as a hero in the land of old

I'll be here through the day

GROUP: It's comforting to know

It's comforting to know

You only get a few
good friends in this life

Who are devoted and true

And right here in this now and near

It's clear that it's all of you

I'll find you when you're hard to see

I'll look for you everywhere

You'll know just how I'm feeling when

I show you that I care

It's comforting to know

It's comforting to know




It's comforting to know

It's comforting to know