Pieces of Easter (2013) - full transcript

An arrogant young executive must rely on the help of a grizzled, reclusive farmer to get her home in time for a holiday gathering with her estranged family. Along the way they encounter a series of mishaps including rat-infested motels, convenience store holdups, rural rabbit stalkers, and a starstruck couple from the local trailer park. Best of all, they are forced to encounter each other, as the two worlds of the princess and the hermit collide at every turn.

In other news, the upcoming Easter holiday

weekend promises to have
roadways and interstates at

full capacity, so motorists
are advised to use

extreme caution.

Coming up...

Come on.

Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on.

Not now.

Tri-State Auto Club, how may I serve you?

Yeah, my name is Alza Reese.

I'm a member.

My car just died.

I'm right off of exit 34 from I-96.

Across from an old Tasty
Buns place, it's closed.

Well, we're certainly sad to hear that.

I'm sorry ma'am, but we
don't have an Alza Reese

listed in our database.

Bennett, Alza Bennett.

Reese is...

Look, how long is this gonna be?

We'll notify one of our
friendly tow truck operators

and the driver will call
you 20 to 30 minutes

before they arrive.

From when?

20 to 30 minutes before they arrive.

I know, I know, but 20 to
30 minutes starting when?

Before they arrive.

I know, but how am I
supposed to know how long it's

gonna be if I don't know
when they countdown starts?

I appreciate your
situation, ma'am, but there is

absolutely no reason to get snippy here.

I'm sorry, it's just really important.

It's fine.

I'll just wait for him to call.


Have a nice day and good luck.

Tri-State Auto Club, how may I serve you?

Yeah, this is Alza Bennett.

I called earlier.

Yes, Ms. Bennett, how are you?

Look, it's been over an
hour and no one's called.

Yes, well, it is Easter
weekend and the tow trucks

are a little backed up.

So do you have any idea
when he's gonna call?

20 to 30 minutes before they arrive.

Before they arrive.

Thank you so much.



Ms. Bennett?

Yes, is this the tow truck?

No ma'am, this is Amber
at Tri-State Auto, remember

we spoke earlier?

Yeah Amber, I remember.

Where is the tow truck?

Well, it seems I made a
little mistake when I looked

up your account.

It has been brought to
my attention that your

membership expired four months ago.

Well, can't you just renew
it for me over the phone?

Not without a major credit card.

I have that, just let
me give you my number.

I'm afraid I'm not authorized to do that.

You'll have to speak to someone in our

membership department.

Well, can you please transfer me?

I could but it wouldn't be much help.

And why not?

Everyone in that department
has already left for the day

because of the Easter weekend.

They'll be back in the
office Monday morning at 7am.

Would you like that direct number?

No I would not.

Reese residence.


Alza, what's...

Now, daddy, just stay calm.

I'm okay.

I need you.



Oh no!

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ Easter's on it's way

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ It's Easter bunny day

♫ He's gonna hide Easter eggs

♫ When no one is around

♫ He's bringing all the candy

♫ When he comes to town

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ Easter's on its way

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ It's Easter bunny day

♫ Take it girls

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ Easter's on its way

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ It's Easter bunny day

♫ He's gonna fill our baskets

♫ With jelly beans and Peeps

♫ A big ole chocolate rabbit

♫ For you and me to keep

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ Easter's on its way

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ It's Easter bunny day

♫ He's gonna hide the Easter eggs

♫ When no one is around

♫ He's bringing all the candy

♫ When he comes to town

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ Easter's on its way

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ It's Easter bunny day

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ Easter's on its way

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop ♫



Um, my car broke down out on the highway.

Do you think I could
possibly use your phone

or your cell?

I don't have one.

You don't have a phone
or you don't have cell?


So how do you call people?

I don't.

Well, how about your neighbors?

Do they have phones?

How should I know?

Well, if I...

Do you even have neighbors?

Closest one's about
10 miles up the highway.

Look, I'm in a jam.

Would it be okay if I
plugged in my phone charger

for a few minutes?

You do have electricity, don't you?

There's an outlet next to the sink.

Do you have anything I can drink?

Water's in the fridge.

Great, plenty of battery, no signal.

I don't believe this.

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

I guess you're wondering
what I'm all worked up about.

I have got to be at my
parent's house for Easter.

Where do they live?

New Bristol.

New Bristol?

By Sunday?

Are there airplanes where you live?

I don't fly.

I know, I know.

Seems unrealistic for a
person in my position.

I'm an investment broker.

I've just been terrified to
fly ever since, never mind.

It's just I left an extra
day early so I'd have plenty

of time to get there and
I was doing good until

the stupid auto club rejected my...

Why don't you just catch a bus or a train?

Buses and trains are too slow.

Plus, they make a million stops.

I'd never get there by Sunday.

Would you drive me?

What's that?

Would you drive me to New Bristol?

Sorry, I'm not a taxi service.

I realize that but I'm desperate.

Lady, there is no way I am
driving you to New Bristol.

I'll pay you $1000.

Plus, I'll cover all fuel,
food and hotel expenses

we incur along the way.

Look, you got that much
money to throw around,

you should have any trouble
finding somebody else.

I've already lost a whole
day and I really don't have

time to keep exploring my options.

I have to get there by Easter.

Looks like you need
to get there pretty bad.

Yeah, I do.

Mr. James.

Please don't make me beg.

$1000 huh?

That's right.

Are we all set?


Oh, you don't need that.

The route's real easy.

We just get back on 96
east til it runs into...

We're not going that way.

And why not?

Because I don't drive
this truck on interstates.

Are you serious?

What, is that some kind of religious thing?

It's the rule.

It'll take us a week to get there that way.

It'll add a day at the most.

You'll still get there in plenty of time.

Why can't you just do it this one time?

I told you...

Take it or leave it.

So what kind of name is Lincoln?

What kind of name's Alza?

It's one of those great old family names.

My first name's Carol,
but in second grade I felt

my middle name had more,
I don't know, pizzazz.

So I went with it.

Hey, did you see Dancing
With the Stars last night?


You know, I just realized
I haven't eaten all day.

Can I get a regular salad.

No croutons.

No bacon.

No cherry tomatoes.

No cheese.

And diet thousand island on the side.

Ma'am, we don't have salads.

Do you remember that
really tall Asian guy on

American Idol that sang
the song about the whales?


Is there any way I can get
a chicken sandwich without

the onions and honey mustard?

And just one pickle?

And no lettuce?

And is the bun whole wheat?

Let's approach this from a different angle.

You don't have a TV, do you?


Okay, so that's one big bonanza meal,

no salt on the fries, hold
the olives and special sauce,

american cheese instead
of cheddar and leave off

the aloe parfait.

Will that be all?

Want some fries?


Maybe we should start
trying to find a hotel.

They only had one room left.

Parking lot's half empty.

The manager said six of
the rooms got fumigated today

and another one still has
blood stains on the wall.

I'll flip you for it.

I'll sleep in the truck.



What are you?

Well, I didn't even know I
was getting coverage again.

It's been.

Well, yeah, I'm on my way to
my parents house in New Br...

Well, I left the office a
day early so I could get

a head sta...

I'm sorry, I wanted to wish
you a happy Easter too, but.

Um, yeah, the purple strapless.

That'll look great with the...

Hang on, I'm getting another call.

Stephanie, it's my dad on
the other line and I gotta

take it.

Steph, Steph, you don't understand.

The last time I talked to
him the phone went dead,

so he probably thinks I'm in trouble.

Because I am in trouble.

I mean I was.

I mean, look, I really gotta
get off here now, okay?



Oh my gosh, it's so
good to hear your voice.

Listen, I'm still okay but
I'm gonna die if you don't.




Saw you talking over there.

You get in touch with your parents?

I did before my incredibly
cheap battery died on me.

Can't you just plug it in again?

I could if my charger
wasn't sitting on your

kitchen counter right now.


Well, this is all turning
out to be such a lovely

Easter weekend.

Instead of decorating the
house, my parents are probably

out gathering ransom money
because they think I've been


Yeah, that's a shame.

So why're you so dressed up
to ride in a truck all day?


This is how I dress.


Yeah, always.

Look, you gotta get me to a phone.

I don't care where.

You know, all this stopping
is gonna cost us big time.

I don't care.

I cannot have my parents
worried sick about me.


Hi, I seem to be in a
little predicament and I was

wondering if I might use your telephone.

Uh, yes, by all means.

Come in.

Lloyd, come here.

You come here.

Will you come here?

You're not gonna believe who's
standing in our living room.

I'm sorry honey, what was it you needed?

A phone.

It's in the back.


Hi Kelly, it's Alza.

Is mom...


It's Alza!



Do you guys have any Gatorade?


Now the main thing is
we don't wanna get these

people spooked.

So I want you to speak very
slowly and remain calm.

Can you do that?

Alza, oh my gosh.

Thank God you're alive.

What do they want?

Mom, mom, calm down.

I haven't been kidnapped.

I'm fine.

I just had some car trouble yesterday.

Ma'am, is there any special reason

why you've been staring
at me since I got here?

Oh, I'm so sorry for staring.

It's just, I never in a million years,

I mean.

Oh I just wanted to tell you I
loved you in that Crazy Heart


The one you won the Academy Award for.

Oh, and the Big Lebowski.

That's always been my favorite.

There was just something
about you playing a

country music star.

You are Jack Bridges, aren't ya?

You idiot.

This ain't Jeff Bridges.

So sorry Mr. Adkins.

It's Trace Adkins, the singer.

Toby Keith?

And then the sheriff's
office called us and told us

they had impounded your car.

Well at least I know it's safe somewhere.

Mom, I gotta run, but
I'll call you back just as

soon as I can and fill you in.

What did you say to those people?

What's so life or death
that you're paying me a grand

to get you to your parents house by Sunday?

Oh my gosh, did you
actually just open up and talk

to me of your own free will?

Are you like, okay?

Do you need me to drive or anything?

It's because it's Easter.

These past couple years I've
only been making it back

for two holidays, Christmas and Easter.

And since I missed last
Christmas, well, there you go.

So you're obligated.

Well, no.

It's not like that.

My family's not into the
whole, you know, guilt thing.

I lay most of the guilt on myself.

So, how about you?

How about me what?

What do you do?

When you're not helping
out maidens in distress?

Is that what you are?

I do a little farming.


Train horses.

Build things.

I saw that picture on your wall.

Did you build this truck?


Well, you know, I do feel
bad for keeping you away

from Easter with your family.

You do have family, don't you?

Not really.



So you're basically a hermit.


A guy who lives alone out
in the woods with no family

or significant other.

Has no telephone, paints,
makes his own truck.

Yeah, that pretty much puts
you in the hermit category.

What, did I say something wrong?

Our Easter special is any
egg dish or dish with an egg

is 30% off.

So who's first?

Can I get the windmill salad
but leave off the cucumbers

and bacon bits, put the
dressing on the side.

Do you have fat free ranch?

Uh huh.

And no green onions.

And can you make it with spinach
instead of romaine lettuce?

Well, you're in luck, the
windmill comes with chopped eggs

on top, so you'll get 30% off.

I was just gonna say, can
you please hold the eggs?

Are you sure you wanna do that?

Yes, I'm sure.

You won't get 30% off.

I know.

I could put the chopped egg on the side.

No, it's okay.

You don't have to eat it.

No really, it's fine.

And a diet Pepsi.

How about a milkshake?

I don't want a milkshake.

It's got an egg in it.

Seriously, just a diet Pepsi.

And for you sir?

I'll have a cheeseburger.

Would you like an...


How about a...


Do you need something...

Water's fine.


I mean, it's not like I've
actually done anything to

feel guilty for.

Getting back to the
situation with my family.

I haven't really done
anything to feel guilty about.

Except maybe that thing about
only coming home twice a year.

Or less.

It's just, it's always so hard to get away.

Okay, maybe I have done a
few things that weren't what

they thought were the best choices.

Like the guy I chose to marry.

They all thought he was the wrong one.

Why, did he give you a fake name?

Don't bust my chops.

I don't mean mistaken identity wrong.

I mean, wrong person for me.

As in my family couldn't
figure out why I was with him.

What's his problem?

He knock you around?


No, nothing like that.

He just does things that are
contrary to what my family

believes in.

Plus, when we got married,
I had just started making

a lot of money and it was
easy, you know, to get caught

up in all that.

Oh, I don't mean like
doing drugs or anything.

No, no, no, just more like into stuff.

Having a lot of stuff.

Stop going to church.

Are you sure you wanna
be telling me all this?

No, I really don't.

Can I get you anything else?


How about a poached...

We're fine.


Excuse me.

Where did you get that?

I bought it.

You bought it?

I found it.

You found it in the back
of that truck over there.

What would you like to hear?

Just nothing, nothing at all.

Do you want it back?

Thank you, no.

Happy Easter.

Let's go.

I cannot believe that just happened.

I mean, we're supposed to
be living in a society here.

What's the big deal?

Are you kidding me?

I had those two rabbits
made specially for my

niece and nephew.

I had to order them 10 weeks in advance.

It takes 10 weeks to
make a chocolate rabbit?

It does when it's special
order from Bloomenthal's

of San Francisco.

You're just gonna have to
take me to get another one.

Well, it's just a guess,
but I don't think that

Bloomenthal's of San
Francisco has a branch office

around here.

Just find me a market.

Completely sold out.



I'm sorry, but that's mine.

I got here first.

Well if you got here first,
then you'd be holding it.

Be that as it may, I really
need for you to give it up.

It's for my little nephew.

And it's for my grammy, so
I don't know what to tell you.

I'll give you $50 for it.

Sorry, can't help ya.

Oh come on, nobody's gonna
turn down $50 for a little

$2.00 chocolate bunny.

Just watch me.

Look, I don't have time to argue.

This rabbit is mine.

Says who?

You stay right here.

Says him.

Hmm, I don't know.

This looks pretty cheap.

My nephew's probably gonna
figure out it's not from



But check this out.

They did have a replacement
for my phone charger.


Your truck does have a
lighter hole, doesn't it?

Wait a minute.

Where's my phone?

I don't know what I'm gonna do now.

Just lost every phone
number I've had for the past

four years.

Plus I have to get in touch
with my carrier to get

the billing stopped and I
have to figure out what they

want me to do with all my GPS coordinates.

Of course I wouldn't expect you to relate.

You don't even own a cell phone.

No, but seeing how much
joy it's brought you,

I'm gonna rush right out and get one.

I'm starting to think that
God is trying to tell me

this whole trip was not such a good idea.

I mean think about it.

My car breaks down, the auto
club, my phone, that bum ate

my rabbit, the guy at the store.

Say, where's your husband
been through all this?

Why wasn't he traveling
with you to begin with?

He's never really been a
big fan of religious holidays.

And you are?

Sure, yeah.

I love Easter.

With the candy and the
baskets and mom's baked ham.

The big Easter egg hunt.

Plus Kevin, my husband, he
had to be in Houston this

week to approve some new architecture.

Don't you think he's worried
he hasn't heard from you?

Well yeah, I'm sure he is
but I can't be bothering him

with every little problem
when he's working.

Listen, my toes are a little cramped.

Pull over some place so I can
grab another pair of shoes.

Sandals won't work, I've got red toenails.

Maybe I should just do the flats.

Come on, pick some shoes and let's go.



Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't see your hand there.

Why would you put your hand there?

Get in the truck.

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.

Oh my gosh, I can't
believe I just did that.

Oh, I think I have a
first aid kit in my bag.

Here, let me get the door for you.



Oh my gosh, I didn't see you.

I didn't see you.

I'm doing my best to
get you home for Easter.

Why are you doing your best to kill me?

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,
oh my gosh, oh my gosh,

oh my gosh, oh my gosh,
oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry, I didn't.

Oh my gosh.

I can't believe I just did that.

How's your thumb?

It hurts.




You know, I lied earlier.

The reason my husband isn't
with me isn't because he's

working in Houston.

It's because we got divorced a year ago.

You don't say.

And the thing is.

My parents don't know.

Or anybody else in my
family for that matter.

How do you keep something
like that a secret?

It's not hard.

I've really let myself get
cut off from them these

past few years.

At Christmas I lied and told
them that Kevin and I would

be on a cruise for the
whole month of December.

And I just couldn't lie
my way out of another

family holiday.

So I made a big deal about Easter.

And bringing all the goodies
for the kids, coloring

the eggs, being in charge
of the Easter egg hunt.

I figured if I really
contributed this year then

maybe I could soften the
blow of telling my parents

how I've managed to screw
up my life, once again,

with this divorce.

From somebody they thought
you shouldn't have married

in the first place, right?


Listen, we're coming up on a town.

I'm about ready to call it a night.

Me too.

I am all up for a good night's sleep.

Have you ever heard of
anybody filling a water bed

with sand?

You know, I've noticed something about you.

What's that?

You don't say much.

Is there a problem with that?


Well I mean, I guess not.

Especially since you seem
to be into this whole

lone wolf sulking cowboy kinda thing.

Have you ever tried it?

Tried what?

You know, being more talkative.


Well, you might wanna consider it.

Then maybe people wouldn't
see you as being so


Can we move on?

Just give it a try.

Ask me,

ask me something about myself.

What, that you haven't told me already?

And what is that supposed to mean?

Means I'll be in the truck.

You know, I'm trying my
best not to get offended here.

Want anything?

No, I'm good.



What is that, mace?

Body spray.


You outta be ashamed of yourself.

It's Easter.

I know.

Much obliged.

Anything I can do for you folks?


Do you have a phone inside?


But I got one right here.

Is it okay if I borrow it?

I need to make a call.

Help yourself.

You've got no service.

Can you believe it?

My daughter in law gave
me that for father's day

last year and I'll be
danged if I've been able to

make half a dozen calls
on it since I got it.

I think we got a satellite
problem out here.


Thank you.

And Happy Easter.

Gosh, what is that?

It's called par for the course.

And that would be called a flat tire.

Suggest you make yourself comfortable.

Um, how long is this gonna take?

A few minutes, why?

No reason.

Are you about finished?

No I'm not.

Well what's taking so long?

Isn't changing a tire
supposed to be a quick thing?

Normally yes, but as it turns
out, somebody overtightened

the lug and the stem sheared
off when I turned the wrench.

Now I have to take the old
stem out and install a new

one before it'll take the lug.

Which all means what?

It means I'm not finished yet.

Well can you hurry it up?

What is your problem?

I have to use the restroom.

You're kidding.

I wish I was.

Why didn't you go back at the market?

Well I meant to, but with
all the excitement I guess

I just got a little distracted.

Look, do we really have to
discuss every last detail?

No we don't.

So there's the woods and
I'm gonna get back to work.

Wait, you expect.

Oh, you are not serious.

It's that or hold it.

I've never gone outside before in my life.

I guess that makes this
a learning experience.

Can you still see me?


What if I see poison ivy?

Then don't go there.



You keep away from me.

I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it.

You know you're trespassing?


This farm.

You're trespassing.

Oh, I'm really sorry.

See, our truck, it got
a flat back over there

and I was just trying
to find a place to use

the restroom.

It's all right, I'm the owner.

Oh, so you live here?


Well do you by any chance
have a bathroom and a telephone

that I could use?

Mom, I promise I'm fine.

The important thing is
I'll be there by Easter and

we're all gonna have a great time together.

Um, you know, I'm just really
sorry that Kevin couldn't

make it.

Yeah, that last minute trip
to Houston really just came

out of nowhere.

So yeah.

Okay, um, I'll see you tomorrow.

Oh and you're gonna love what
I did with the Easter eggs.




I'm not gonna yell for her.

Here, I figured you'd
probably be thirsty from

all that walkin' in the woods.

Too sweet?

No, it's just fine.

And I thought you might like
to meet this little fella.

Oh my goodness, he's so adorable.

What's his name?

I call him Red after Red Grange.

I don't get it.

Get what?

Hi little fella.

Hi little fella, how are you?

You might wanna be careful there.

He gets a little excitable
this time of year.

Why, because he's the Easter bunny?


Because this is when I
always turn him loose.

Then what does he do?

I'm not really sure.

And he always comes back?


About the middle of November.

Does he come right back to his cage?

Oh no, he hates the cage.

No, I have to trap him.

But he looks just like every other rabbit,

how do you know it's
the same one every time?

Birth mark.

Oh gosh, I better get back.

My friend, he's gonna
be wondering where I am.

How're you doin'?

Got her all set.

Happy Easter.


He had a bathroom.

You know, it would be great
if you could try to find

a little nicer motel tonight.

I'm doing the best I can.

I realize that but you should
think about maybe finding

a brand name.

I heard you.

I don't know when I'm
gonna get these eggs colored.

After I begged mom to
let me do it this year.

Why is that such a big deal?

It's not.

It's just something my grandma always did.

I just wanted to do something
to be a part of things

this year.

Why's that?

So I can show everyone that
I'm not a total screw up.

I thought we went over this.

Well excuse me for not taking better notes.

There's been so much useful
information flowing out of

you I guess I got behind.

And how much longer do
we have to listen to this?

Listen to what?


This country muzak junk.

Mama's jumping off of
trains and dogs dying.

I like it.

You would.

Stop it.

Come on, this stuff is brutal.

Leave it.

No, you leave it.

There are two people in
this truck and one of us

can't stand country music.

Yeah, well it's my truck and my radio.

But I'm paying you.

And I guess that's the way
you look at things, isn't it?

Throw somebody a couple
of bucks and that puts you

in charge.

That's the way the world
looks at things, cowboy.

It's called customer service.

I told you on day one I'm
not a taxi and that means

that you're not my customer.

And I'm sure not getting
paid to listen to all this.

All this what?

All this whining.


Whining about your divorce.

Whining about your car.

Whining about your chocolate
rabbits and your colored eggs.

You made your point.

Not to mention
your cell phone and the number

of croutons in your salad.

I said, you made your point.

You got real priority problems, sweetie.

Oh that is just great coming
from a burned out hermit

who's so afraid of everything
he doesn't even have

a phone, because God forbid
somebody might call him

and actually force him into a conversation.

You're the one with the problem, Maverick.

And let me let you in on a little secret.

It has been no great picnic
being stuck in this cramped

up little truck with you
either for three days.

What do you think you're doing?

I'm eliminating one of your problems.


Which one?


After all I tried to do for you?

Do for me?

I've been doing for you.

You think I had nothing
better to do than blow

three days driving some
spoiled princess halfway across

the country?

You think I had nothing
better to do with $1000

than to give it to you so
you could get your stupid

tractor fixed?


Not to mention the fact
that I saved your life

back at that store.

Saved my life.

From a guy with a water
pistol that wet his pants

the second I grabbed him?

Well I didn't know that.

Look, you cannot just leave me here.

The way I see it, I
got you 659 miles closer

to your destination.

That leaves you better off
than the day you showed

up at my house.

Something I wish I could say.

You doing all right, hun?


She doesn't know it yet,
but this is her lucky day.

Hey there pretty lady.


Oh hi.

What's a sweet little
thing like you doing in

this establishment?


Gorgeous woman all alone.

Bags all packed.

Looks to me like you might be
running away from something.

Or somebody.

Um, look, I just want
to sit here and try to get

my thoughts together.

Could it be that you need
somebody to protect you?

Somebody like me?

Would you please back up?

Your breath really stinks.

Don't worry about it.

You'll get used to it.

Excuse me.

This seat taken?

Yes it is.

That's a shame.

You all right?

Who are you?

- He's my boyfriend.
- I'm her driver.

- He's my dentist.
- I'm her husband.

Whatever, we're very close.

And we'd like to be alone.

You sure you're all right?

If I start to cry, will
you promise to put your

arm around me?

If it's all the same to you,
I'd really rather you didn't.

Promise me.

Okay, I promise.

Can we please go?


Come on.

You promised.

Thanks for coming back for me.

Yeah well, we have a deal.

Is that the only reason you came back?

Maybe not.

I figured I'd better save
the guys in that bar from

getting body wash sprayed in their eyes.

Oh my gosh.

Did you just make a joke?

Are you all right?

Do you need to pull over
for a minute and lie down?


What's all this?

I borrowed these from the manager.

Thought you might wanna get
a jump on those Easter eggs.

But I never even bought.

Two dozen grade A's.

Oh, um great.

Just set them over there.

It's a pretty big job,
I could use some help.

I don't know the first
thing about coloring eggs.

And I do.


The first thing...

Got my masters from NC State.

Right after the firm recruited
me and that's when I moved.

Why are you afraid to fly?

You'll think it's stupid.

I saw that Snakes on a Plane movie.

You know, the one with Samuel L. Jackson?

You're right, that is stupid.

Thanks for helping me with the Easter eggs.

And for getting the stuff.

I know I was probably making
too big a deal about it.

It's just not much fun
being the prodigal daughter.


Yeah, that's what I call myself sometimes.

When I first left home, I
couldn't wait to be independent.

Make lots of money and have
my own lifestyle, do what

I wanted, marry who I wanted.

Didn't go so well, huh?


And now all I care about
is working my butt off so I

can show my family why
they should still love me.

Even though I wonder myself sometimes.

You think coloring some
eggs is gonna fix everything?


But hopefully it's a start.


I know that talking about
yourself is your least

favorite thing in the world.


I noticed you always pray before you eat.

Yeah, so?

Well it just seems a little out of place.

You know, with your whole
tough guy rodeo thing.

Am I wrong?


You're absolutely right.

I don't like talking about myself.

I got myself baptized about six years ago.

Praying over meals just got to be a habit.

I used to be bad.

I did bad things.

I had a bad father, bad
brothers, bad friends.

One day I realized I was
gonna wind up in jail or dead

if I didn't make some changes.

Go on.

So just on a goof, I read the whole bible.

Then I read the whole bible again.

Tended to spell things out for me.

You read the whole bible twice?


And I gotta tell ya, I don't
remember the Easter part

mentioning anything
about chocolate rabbits.

Well didn't the bible
tell you not to be a hermit?


Person who's community challenged.

I liked the idea of knowing
I was going to heaven.

So I purposely stayed away
from all the bad things

and the bad people who
could get me off track.

Longer I did it, the easier it got.

After a while, I was
content not to see anybody.

I started liking the peace and quiet.

You know, I don't mean to
try to tell you how to live

your life, but I don't think
that's the way it's supposed

to work.

Maybe not for you.

Well it just seems to be
that if you go to such great

lengths to change your life
and become a better person,

then maybe, just maybe,
somebody good might enjoy

your company.

I guess I'll burn that
bridge when I come to it.

All right, maybe.

That better?

Well, look at me.

We started off kinda rough
and now we're sitting here,

having a nice conversation.

Yeah, you're also paying me.

I'm pretty happy with my life, okay?


I still say it's no way to live.

For me it is.

If you say so.

And that woman at that
house thought you were

Jeff Bridges.


I don't see it.

Buffalo Bill maybe.


Let's go.

You know, we're already
cutting it close if we're

gonna get you home by...

It's okay.

I wanna go.

It just feels right this morning.

You're the boss.

Come on, hurry, it's
getting ready to start.

Hi, I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to run, I just hate

being late.

Never a rush here.

We're just so glad you came.

Happy Easter to you.

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter.

There's nobody here.

You can sit anywhere you
like, we're just about to begin.

Where is everybody?

It's Easter.

Oh, today's our first service.

We just purchased the building last week.

We were meeting in the basement
of the fertilizer plant.

You think you got enough room?

Oh don't worry, we're gonna grow.

I would like to extend
to you a warm, warm welcome

and wish each and everyone
of you a happy and glorious

Easter morning.

He is risen indeed.

You can't hear the singing.

The organ's too loud.


I said, you can't hear the singing.

I said, the organ's too loud.

But it was wonderful.

As I was walking through
the market yesterday picking

up a few things for my wife's
Easter brunch, and as I have

done so many of these last
few years, I passed by rows

and rows of Easter baskets.

Candy eggs, chocolate
rabbits, gummy bear crosses

and big inflated bunnies.

So I asked myself, what
does any of this have to

do with celebrating the miracle of Easter?

Paul Harvey once said that
today's symbol for Christmas

has become the bottle and
the symbol for Easter has

become the egg.

Now, before we dismiss the
whole over commercialization

of the Easter holiday, let's
take a look at that egg.

It doesn't seem to explain much, does it?

But what makes it in my
opinion a valid symbol?

Is it just something to
paint colors on and hide in

the bushes?

Or is it something much deeper?

How about the egg meaning new life.

When Jesus went to the cross
on that fateful Friday,

he was making sure that we
all get to begin a new life

come Easter Sunday.

Jesus was making a statement
that said God loves you.

Even after a lifetime of sins.

No matter how much you disobeyed
him, no matter how much

you disappointed him, all you
have to do is come home to him

and a new life will begin today.

I'll be right back.

Excuse me, is there a phone I can use?

It's kinda urgent.

I'll get it.

No, I'll get it.

You finish getting dressed.

I am dressed.

Well then you get it.

Woman wastes more time running her big.


Reese residence.


Alza, where are you, sweetie?

We're just about to leave for church.

I know.

I ran into a couple more
setbacks, but I'll be there

by early afternoon and I've
got all the things I promised

I'd bring.

Honey, we don't care about any of that.

We just wanna see you.

Same here.

Um, dad, listen.

There's something I need to
tell you before I get there.

About why Kevin won't be with me.

Well why would he be?


Oh no, you don't understand.


Kevin and I are actually...

Split up.

Divorced, I know.

You know?

Who told you?

Honey, nobody had to tell us.

Willis, come zip me up.

I'm on the phone.


I'm on the phone.

Let me impart some life's
wisdom on you, baby girl.

Part of loving somebody is
knowing things about them

without any need for words or explanations.

But if you knew, how come
you never said anything?

It's been a whole year.

We just never had any luck pushing you.

We knew that if you weren't
telling us right away,

that meant that you wanted
to do it in your own time.

When you were ready.

But I could've stopped
this whole charade so long...

Listen sweetie, we have
just been waiting this whole

time for you to come home.

We don't care about any
who's or what's or how's.

Yesterday is just that.




I'll be there in a few hours.

I can't wait to see everybody.

I love you, Alza.

I love you too, daddy.

Willis, if you don't
get off that phone right now

and come zip me up, I'm
gonna punch you in the brain.

Your mother says happy Easter.

♫ It's been a long time coming

♫ It's been a long road back

♫ I've spent a long time running

♫ But I'm through, no looking back

♫ 'Cause there's a miracle occurring

♫ In the corners of my soul

♫ And I'm picking up the pieces

♫ Of broken dreams

♫ And I'm heading home

♫ And I'm finally coming home

♫ Oh it's good to come
back home again, yeah

♫ Wipe the tears from my face

♫ Fall into loves embrace

♫ 'Cause it's what you do, you know

♫ When you finally come back home

♫ When you finally come back home

♫ It's been a crazy journey

♫ I've been playing hide and seek

♫ But I never had to worry ♫

The eagle has landed.

She's here.

You take a personal check?

You covered the gas and everything else.

How about we call it even?

Oh no, you don't drove
your truck halfway across

the country.

Maybe this was a good thing.

Maybe I did need to spend
time with somebody else

besides me.

But I want to pay...

Alza, it's a gift.

Happy Easter.

Thanks for getting me home.


I left something for you in the seat.

What's the problem now?

Everybody wants to meet you.


I don't know.

And I want you to stay
and share Easter with me

and my family.

I don't even have a clean...

Mr. James?

This is not negotiable.

You think three days
at each other's throats

isn't enough?

Well, what can I tell you?

That was yesterday.

This is today.

♫ And I'm finally coming home

♫ Oh it's good to come
back home again, yeah

♫ Wipe the tears from my face

♫ Fall into love's embrace

♫ 'Cause that's what you do, you know

♫ When you finally come back home

♫ When you finally come back home

♫ It's been a crazy journey

♫ I've been playing hide and seek

♫ But I never had to worry

♫ 'Cause when I was busy hiding

♫ You were seeking me

♫ Oh I'm finally coming home

♫ Oh it's good to come
back home again, yeah

♫ I wipe the tears from my face

♫ Fall into love's embrace

♫ Laying all my troubles down

♫ Plant my feet on solid ground

♫ 'Cause that's what you do, you know

♫ When you finally come back home

♫ When you finally come back home, oh yeah

♫ When you come back home, yeah

♫ Oh I'm finally coming home, yeah ♫

♫ I said hip hop, hip
hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ It's Easter bunny day

♫ Hip hop, hip hop

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ Easter's on its way

♫ He's born to hide the Easter
eggs when no one is around

♫ He's bringing all the
candy when he comes to town

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ It's Easter bunny day

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ Easter's on its way

♫ He's gonna fill our baskets
with jellybeans and Peeps

♫ Big ole chocolate rabbits for you and me

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ It's Easter bunny day

♫ Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop

♫ Easter's on its way ♫