Picture Me Dead (2023) - full transcript

When a district attorney's niece is murdered and the man who is responsible is exonerated, the attorney is willing to risk everything she has to bring the murderer to justice.

[singer] ♪ Ooh,
ooh, ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, under ♪

♪ I remember them times
like it was last night ♪

♪ I was stuck in the dark
without a flashlight ♪

♪ When a [indistinct]
goes through ♪

♪ That was my past life ♪

♪ Couldn't picture me dead
living the fast life ♪

♪ Fast life ♪

♪ Give them the truth ♪

♪ The proof they
lie in your face ♪

♪ Getting consumed, you
never could find a way ♪

♪ Something's been tryna
pull me under, under ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Under, under ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, under ♪

♪ Oh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, under ♪

♪ I've been coming out
from a dark place, huh ♪

♪ Watch your clock,
came like a dark fate ♪

♪ Dark fate ♪

♪ I'm living good, now
living lovely, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ [indistinct] I'm
moving my way ♪

♪ On the highway
on the highway ♪

♪ Give them the truth ♪

♪ The proof they
lie in your face ♪

♪ Getting consumed, you
never could find a way ♪

♪ Something's been tryna
pull me under, under ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, under ♪

[Angela] Mom, dad, please
don't say things like sex.

It makes me wanna throw up.

[Leslie] Well, you need to
stay off the social media

because it's all over
there these days.

- [Giovanni] Exactly.
- Yeah, but not from my parents.

Oh, you should be glad
we're talking about

things like this, otherwise
you wouldn't be here.

- Exactly.
- Hmm.

Well, I'm 17, and I'm in here,

so I don't wanna hear
about it anymore.

You about to get a baby
brother in a minute.

Oh, I'm with Angie on that.

I don't wanna hear that either.

- Oh, stop.
- [Angela] Anyway,

I still don't
understand why you guys

didn't let me stay with
Heather while you're gone.

No offense, Auntie Kris.

Hey, you better be glad you're
not staying into Grandma's.

No offense taken,
but I was actually

wondering the same thing.

It's not like I didn't have
any special plans with Martin,

and no, they do not
include my baby niece.

- Hmm.
- Oh, gosh.

Now you're getting
nasty, too, Auntie.

What is going on
in the world today?

[Kristen] You would
know with how much

- you're always on that phone.
- Uh-hmm.

- That one.
- [Kristen] Anyway you guys,

we're gonna let you go.

Enjoy your vacation

and don't worry. Mwah.

You know baby girl
is safe with me.

We're actually gonna
have a movie night.

[Leslie] Okay. Well,
you guys have fun,

and I'm gonna go ahead
and call your grandma,

so we could check
on your baby sister.

Okay, mom and dad.
Love you guys.

- Bye, guys.
- Bye. Bye.

- I love you, baby.
- Bye.

You know I was just
playing, right?

I love spending time with you.

Martin is always gonna be there,

but you, you're gonna
go off to college

- in a few months.
- Uh-hmm.

And you're gonna
forget all about me.

Oh, gosh, stop
being so dramatic.

I'm gonna visit every weekend.

That's what you say now
until you get there.

Auntie Kris, can I talk
to you about something?

You can talk to me about
anything, baby girl.

It's about college.

I don't wanna go.


your parents have worked
so hard for you to go.

Yeah, I know, and
I appreciate them,

but it's not something I want.

You're 17 years old.

You really have no choice.

Yeah, I'm always being
told that I'm too young

to make any
decisions for myself.

That's not what I mean, Angie.

What I mean is,
you're gonna be 18

in a couple of months,

don't make any drastic
decisions right now.

Go with the flow
of your parents.

They love you and they only
want what's best for you.

But they don't care
about what I want.


Angie, what is it that you want?

I wanna model.

[deep breaths]

Angie, do you know
how many opportunities

there are in this world for
a beautiful woman like you

who actually has a brain?

But modeling is what I want.

- Look.
- What is this?

It's an audition
for models tomorrow.

If I win,

I can get a $50,000
contract with Pacsun.

- And what is Pacsun?
- It's a popular clothing brand.

Look, I didn't tell
my mom or dad yet,

but I was wondering if
I could go tomorrow?

Angie, are you crazy?

Your parents will kill me

if I let you go to
something like that,

and while they're on vacation?

You know I have to say no.

[sighs] You just don't get it.

Oh, come on, Angie.
That's not fair.

You're gonna thank
me later, anyway!

[birds chirping]

- Morning.
- Morning.

I'm sorry about last night.

I know I was a little extra.


I remember what it was
like when I was your age,

and I too thought I
had it all figured out.

I was head cheerleader
on my high school

and I wanted to be a
professional dancer.

So, what happened?

Turns out,

just as great as
I am at dancing,

I'm even better at
catching bad guys.

Look, the point is,

sometimes the things
we think we want,

they change.

You're so young, baby girl,

and you have so
much time to decide.

Yeah, you're right.

Thanks, Auntie Kris.

No problem.

The verdict for the Gregory
case came in this morning.

I guess we'll see if
your auntie is as great

as everybody thinks she is.

Oh, come on, Auntie
Kris, you're the best.

It's gonna be a guilty verdict.

No one's better than you.

We'll see.

How about I get you
your favorite sushi

from your favorite
restaurant on my way home,

and we actually have
that movie night

that you owe me from last night.

Sounds like a deal.

Hmm, come here. I love you.

[Angela] I love
you, too, Auntie.

I love you so much, baby girl.

I'll see you later.
And don't forget,

- we have date night, okay?
- All right.

- [chuckles] See you later.
- Bye.

The facts and the evidence,

it's all there.

For almost a decade,
Officer Swanson,

seized schedule one and
two narcotic substances,

seemingly to get them
off of the streets.

Only to entail sell said
the same narcotics back

into the communities
he patrolled,

all for his own personal gain.

[camera shutters]

[upbeat music]

[Kristen] Ladies and gentlemen,

we deserve better
and we demand better.

But the only way we can do that,

is by showing those
like Officer Swanson,

that their crimes will
not go unpunished.

Plain and simple,

we need to make an example.

[camera shutters]

[cameraman] Now, look at me.

[Kristen] And you,

you can do that here today,

by finding the
defendant guilty...

and bringing back justice

and respect to our system.

Thank you, Your Honor.

The prosecution rests.

Thank you, Counselor.

Ladies and gentleman
of the jury,

the facts and evidence
have now been presented.

The court room will
now take a recess

for the jury to deliberate.

[siren wailing]

[Cooper] There she is.

Kristen Jordan.


Congratulations. That
was a hell of a win.

Thank you, Cooper. And
indeed, was a team effort.

Oh, I'm still shock that
you even took the case.

Going up against a cop?

You could've tarnished
your 97% conviction record.

- It 98, sir.
- [chuckles]

And I knew losing
wasn't a possibility.

I mean, after all,
Jurors 5 and 8,

both have relatives that
were political activists.

- That's why we love you.
- [chuckles]

All right. Drinks are
on me tonight, okay?

- I'm gonna hold you to that.
- Everybody back to work.

That was amazing. Great job.

Listen, I wanted to talk to
you about the Johnson case.

- Of course, yes.
- What do you think if we use

the forensics that we have
on him and bring him back in?

I think we can definitely

convict him off with
just that alone.


Big win.

Congrats. [chuckles]

- [sighs]
- [phone ringing]

[Angela] Hey, Auntie.

Another win. You were right.

I told you.

What are you up to?

Please don't be mad, but
I came to the audition.

What? After I specifically
told you not to?

Are you insane?

Where are you? I'm coming
to get you right now.

- Please don't be so dramatic.
- Angela?

[Angela] Hey!

What the hell are you doing?!

What's going on?

Angie, what's going on?

[Angela] Help, Auntie!

- Help!
- [Kristen] Angie.

- [Angela] No! Help!
- Bri! Bri!

[Angela screaming]

[suspenseful music]

[camera shutters]

[Kristen] My sister trusted me.

She trusted me with her baby,

and I let her die.

This is... this is all my fault.


Kristen, I can't imagine
how hard this is for you

but this is definitely
not your fault.

Did you at least
find her body yet?

You don't have to do this now.

Stan, I have to.


We triangulated her calls

to a little shady
photography studio.

Your niece's car was
in the parking lot,

but that's it.

There was no sign of her.


It was clean.

It's owned by an Asian
man named Hong Wu.

He was out of town and
we don't have a way

to utilize who had the
space at that time.

What about her phone? Maybe...

Her last call was
a signal to you.

We're doing everything
we can, Kristen.


I've known you since
you were a rookie.

You're like a daughter to me.

I've never seen you like this.

Go home, take some time.

I'm sure the DA's
Office will understand.

What do I tell my sister?

She's gone, Stan.

How? [sobbing]

Hey, Kris. Where's Angela?

What's wrong?

Where's Angie?

- Kris, what's wrong?
- I'm sorry.

What are you talking
about? Where's Angela?

Where's Angie, Kris?

Les, I'm so sorry.

- What's happened?
- She's gone. She's...

[Leslie] No, what?


- She's gone forever.
- What?

- I'm sorry.
- No, what?

- I'm sorry.
- What?

- No! No! No!
- What's wrong?

- Where's Angie?
- Mom!

- [Leslie] No!
- Where's Angie?

- She's gone, Gio. I'm sorry.
- What do you mean she's gone?

- Where's Angie?
- I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

[Leslie] No!

[Balor] They found her
body dumped in a trash bin,

in the woods near Jansen Park.

That's awful.

You know I could get in
trouble for this, right?

Stan, it's me.

I need this.

I need to catch this monster.

[Balor] They found a tiny
hair but enough for DNA.

Well, that's good
news. Anything else?

There's no blood at the scene.

So does that mean she was
killed somewhere else,

and then dumped into the woods?

She wasn't just dumped.
She was placed, like posed.

Hey, Chief.

What the hell is this?

- Pump your brakes, Espinoza!
- No, Cap.

The last thing I need
is her snooping around

and jeopardizing
my investigation.

Look, I'm sorry for your loss,

but you know the
rules, Ms. Jordan,

or don't they not apply
to people like you?

I'm not jeopardizing a damn
thing, Espinoza. All I'm...

You're a hypocrite,
you know that?

You stay the hell
away from this case,

or I'll do everything
in my power to make sure

you're disbarred.

Sorry about that.

You know, he was partnered
with Swanson years back.

You would have put
away the person

that he was partners with.

And this is who you
assign to my niece's case?

Don't worry. He's a boy scout

and one of the best
detectives we got.

Not only is he gonna do his job,

he's gonna do it by the book.


- Hey, Kris.
- Hey.

I didn't wanna wake her.

Is she still asleep?

Yeah, she's finally sleeping

but she still ain't
eating, though.

Baby, give me one second,
okay? I'll be right back.


By the way,

thank you for
letting us stay here.

It's doing a lot for Leslie.

We're gonna get
through this together.



No. No.

Leslie, no. No.

Wake up. Gio!

Leslie, no.

- Gio!
- What happened?

- She took some pills.
- Baby, wake up.

How is she?

She's doing as best as she can.

She's gonna be okay, though.

I gotta get this one
home and get some sleep.

Okay. I'll be here.

- Okay.
- Bye, Aunt Kris.

Bye, baby.

-Get some sleep, okay -Uh-hmm.

- Both of you.
- Okay.

I'm sorry, Kris.

I'm so sorry.

I screwed up.

It just hurts so bad, you know?

I miss my baby.

I know, sis.

You don't have to
explain yourself.

You just have to promise me
you'll never do this again.

What about us, huh?

What about Diana?

She's already lost her sister.

She cannot lose her mother, too.

I know.

You're right.

I'm so sorry.

[phone ringing]

I have to take this.


Are you sure?


Thank you.

Sis, they got him.

That was the Chief of Police.

They made an arrest tonight.

- What?
- They got him.

There was a hit on the DNA
linked to the crime scene.

- They got him.
- So does this mean?

This means that they got
him and he's gonna pay, Les.

He's gonna pay,
Leslie. I promise you.

He's gonna pay.

Stay right here, baby.
We'll be right back.

I love you.

- I love you, baby.
- I love you too.

[bailiff] All rise.

Court is now in session.

The honorable Judge
Jacqueline Rice presiding.

Please be seated.

Your Honor, the defense requests

that the charges
against my client

- immediately be dismissed.
- Your Honor, this is absurd.

Counsel is attempting to
turn this into a circus.

[lawyer] My office has
obtained critical information

concerning the
evidence in this case.

May we approach the bench?

You may.

What's going on, Kris?

I don't know.

I think they're trying to say

there's something
wrong with the DNA.

Well, apparently,
the DNA obtained

in this case has
been contaminated.

And it is no longer a
viable source of evidence.

- What?!
- What?

- Are you serious?
- No.

- [Leslie] What is going on?
- Order in the court!

Is there any new evidence
the state is prepared

to present at this time, to
meet its burden of proof?

No, Your Honor.

Well then, I'm afraid the
court has no other option

but to grant the
defense's motion

to throw out this case.

Mr. Wilkins, you're free to go.

Case dismissed.

- What?!
- Serious?

Kris, is that it?
He's free to go?

No, hell no. What
is this crap?!

- Please, please, please.
- [Leslie] No, no, no, no.

My baby, no, no. No, no.

You said we had him,
and now he's free to go?

- Why?
- [Kristen] I'm sorry.

- Why?
- Thank you.

No, no.


- Hey, Auntie.
- I know you did it.

- Help me, Auntie.
- I know you did it!

And I swear you won't
get away with it.

I swear!

I swear you won't
get away with this.

- Calm down.
- Get off of me!

- Baby...
- No, it's okay. It's okay.

- It's okay. It's okay.
- He did it.

[birds chirping]

[elevator dings]

- Is this everything?
- Yup, just like you asked.

[Kristen] Thanks, Bri.

Oh, excuse me for a second.

Kristen, I heard you
were in the building.

Why don't you come
in to my office

so we can talk for
a couple minutes?

There's nothing to
talk about, Coop.

I've already told you, I'm
not ready to come back,

and honestly, I don't know
when or even if I ever will be.

The Wilkins files?

Whether you decide to
stay with us or not,

I told you to keep
away from this.

I did.

And look how well
that turned out.

Counselor, just remember
there's a thin line

between justice and vengeance.

[sighs] Ryan.

[Dr. Green] You have some
friends in pretty high places,

Ms. Jordan, to get
these files open.


One more thing.

I need an address on Vernon.

You know I can't do that.

I could lose my license.

Mrs. Green,

I'm the assistant
district attorney.

I can assure you no one will
ever know I was even here.

Detective Espinoza?
What are you doing here?

I wanna know what happened
to the Morales case.

- What?
- You heard me.

I, um... uh, I thought
that maybe you could...

You thought what?

It was an accident.
The DNA sampling.

Don't give me that crap.

I know how serious
you take your work.

Now what happened?

[siren wailing]

Got your message.
You wanna see me?

I wanna know why your name
was on the sign-in roster

at the forensics lab.

- Dude, chill.
- Don't tell me to chill.

- I wanna know what you did.
- Come on, bro.

We had to get back at her,
for taking down Swanson.

So, you let a killer go
free, just to settle a score?

What kind of cop are you?

Whose side are you on?

Hey, leave the kid
alone, Espinoza.

He was only doing what
he felt was right.

Mind your freaking
business, Logan.

[chuckles] I'm not gonna
say it again, Espinoza.

Back off or I'll
make you back off.


So all of you are in on this?

We let a murderer go free,
just to get back at ADA?

Hey, I ain't losing
any sleep over it.

Besides, I mean, how do we
know he's guilty anyway, huh?

You all deserve to be locked up.

[Logan laughs]

What are you gonna
do, boy scout, hmm?

Snitch on all of us?

Let's go, guys.


How you holding up?

You know me, hanging in there.

Not a day goes by
that I don't miss her.

I'd feel better knowing
that Vernon was behind bars.

I know, sis.

Be patient.

I've been following him.

He's such a creep.

What do you mean following him?

Kris, isn't that dangerous?

This man is a murderer.
What if you get caught?

I'm not going to.

Trust me.

I know what I'm doing.

I promise you,

I'm not gonna stop
until he's behind bars.

I promise.

[suspenseful music]

I heard the owner is about
to open this back up.

Yeah, back to business as usual.

What're you doing here?

- I could ask you the same thing.
- You know why I'm here.

Well then, I guess like you,

I'm a little stuck
on this one, too.

I'm not stuck.

I'm right where I need to be.

- If you're...
- Look, detective...

Pablo. The name's Pablo.


If you're here to tell
me that I need to leave,

- just no, it's just not...
- No.

I was gonna say, if you're
wondering where it happened,

we're thinking about two
feet to the left over there.

Luminal tests says that
there's a high concentration

of bleach and cleaning solution,

used to scrub the floor,
right in that specific area.

Did you have anything
to do with the evidence?

No, I didn't.

But there were few
other cops that did.

- They were trying to...
- Retaliation?


[sighs] So if I had to guess,

this was my fault, he got away.

- Had I not...
- No, Ms. Jordan.



What I was gonna say is, they...


We failed you and your family.

And for that, I'm sorry.

I guess I feel a little
like it's actually my fault.

And I suppose the department

isn't gonna do a damn
thing about it, huh?

There was too many
cops involved.

Why am I not surprised?

Would you like to get some
coffee and talk about it more?

No, thank you.


Now look to the left.

Now look to the right.

And give me more lips.

Don't look at me.

What was that?

Got you.

Okay, everyone. That
was magnificent.

It is a wrap.

- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.

Lynette? Uh...

may I have a word with you?

[Lynette] I'm so glad you
invited me here tonight.

Thank you for accepting
my invitation.

Are you kidding?

When The Vernon Wilkens asks
you out, you don't say no.


So, how many pics do
you have here tonight?


I have six photographs,
four portraits,

two still life,
and one abstract.

How much are they going for?

Starting bid starts
at 50,000 each.

Oh my God.

What it's like to be Vernon
Wilkens for a day, huh?



But this one...

This is one is my favorite.

It's beautiful.

It was a task to get.

Can I ask you a question?

Of course.

Why me?

Out of all the girls
you could have brought

here tonight, why'd
you choose me?

It was in your eyes.

They spoke to me.

Come along.

I'd like to show you some pieces
during the Renaissance Era.

Some might call it
contemporary, but honestly,

I call it avant-garde.

It's a distinct
measure between, hmm,

art and trash, [laughs]
I'd like to say.

[Lynette chuckles]

[suspenseful music]

[camera shutter snapping]

[ominous music]

Got you.

[engine revs]

[somber music]

- [Kristen] Lynette James?
- What the hell?

I'm so sorry. I did not
mean to frighten you.

My name is Kristen Jordan.

I'm an attorney for the
Los Angeles DA's office.


This is Orange County,
what do you want?


We have reason to believe
you might be in danger.

What kind of danger?

Well, you were with
Vernon Wilkens tonight

and we actually
have been having him

under surveillance for
quite some time now.

Is this about what
happened with Angie?

Angie Morales, yes.

You knew her?

I knew Angie from high school.

She always talked
about modeling.

We weren't really friends
because she was a grade

under me but she was cool.

But I don't believe
that Vernon had anything

to do with her murder.

What's it to you, anyway?

That was my niece.


Well, um, I'm sorry
for your loss.

But that doesn't really
change the way I feel.

Vernon doesn't have to
kill or rape anyone.

There are hundreds of
women dying to be with him.

Do you know what
one whisper from him

can do for a model's career?

- Are you one of them?
- What?

One of the ones that would
do anything to get at him?


Listen, this is a
pay to play game,

and I'm here to do whatever
the hell I gotta do to win.

And I know Angie
felt the same way.

Angie was 17 years old,

a baby.

And you know what she felt?

Pain, despair, betrayal, and

a cold steel blade
between her ribs.

Now, if you don't watch
yourself with Vernon Wilkens,

I'm sorry to say,

you're gonna be feeling
that too, unfortunately.

Lynette James is her name,

and I believe she
is his next victim.

We have to lock up
Vernon Wilkens, now.

We have to stop him
before he kills her.

Wilkens isn't even in town.

I don't think he's
gonna kill anyone,

so I need you to calm down.

I know what happened to
your niece was tough,

but you're obsessing
with this guy.

I need you to stop it.

And how do you know
he's not in town?

Because I assigned a few
of our people on him,

that's how.

We know that Vernon Wilkens
boarded a flight to Paris,

first-class, at 6:30
AM this morning.

You really think I was just
gonna let this guy walk?

- I...
- We've been watching him

for some time now.


Then you know he was
just with her last night,

at an art show.

The bastard had the audacity

to have a photo of
Angela's hand on display.

It's up for auction, Coop.

I know, Kristen, and I'm sorry.

But we can't just
have this guy arrested

because he's, uh, a
smug, callous jerk.

But you can have him
detained on suspicion.

You know what I
found suspicious?

It's you, Kristen.

What the hell were you
thinking, tailing the guy?

What if he would have made you?

I was thinking that I wanted
to see him pay for his crimes!

That's enough.

You're out of line
and you know it.

Wow. That's so rich
coming from you.

Your people are the reason why

he got away in the first place.

Why haven't any of them
been locked up, huh?

Tell me that!

Kristen, please, would
you listen to me?


While Wilkens is gone,

will you just stop
and do some thinking?

And think about what
you're doing right now?

Honestly. You were so
focused on this man,

I think it's driving
you a little crazy.

- I don't need time, Coop!
- Look, I'm...

what I'm saying is,
maybe there's another

possibility that you're
blinding yourself to.

No, there's not!

He killed Angela.

And he's gonna kill Lynette

if you two don't do
something to stop it!

Kristen, you must keep
away from Vernon Wilkens.

And that's an order
you better heed,

if you ever think you wanna
work with the DA's office again.

[Leslie] Okay, Katie.

I've got your special,

jelly belly cupcake.

- Thanks, Les.
- You're welcome.

[Kristen] Thank you.

- [Leslie] Hey.
- How's it going?

[Leslie] It's
good. Kind of slow,

but I'm sure things
will pick up.

It's Thursday. It's
always slow on Thursdays.

You got my sugar donut?

You know I do.

[Kristen] Yes! My favorite.

I mean, you know,

this family business
is the only thing

that's keeping me
going right now.

I just wanna say
thank you for that.

There's nothing I
wouldn't do for you, sis.

- I love you.
- [Leslie] I love you more.

You know, I almost love these
donuts as much as I love you.

- [Leslie] Mm.
- Almost.


[door shuts]

Hey, B. What are you doing?

I was at the coffee
shop, waiting for you.


I totally forgot, I'm so sorry.

Kris, what is this?

What are you doing?

You know what it is.

You took these pictures?

You've been following this guy?

I'm conducting my
own investigation.

Since when does taking
pictures of this guy

mean you're conducting
an investigation?

Evidence of his movement.

I have to be able to
catch him in the act.

- In the act of what?
- [Kristen] I don't know, okay?


Look, Kris, this isn't your job.

If you want this guy tailed

then you get your
boss or the cops.

I already did that.

What if I find something
that they didn't?

Come on, Kris. You
are not Superwoman.

Look, this can only
end one of two ways,

either you are stalking
an innocent man,

and we both know how that
can end if you get caught,

or you are tailing a murderer.

Both ways are bad.

I wouldn't expect
you to understand.

This is why you've been
blowing me off, huh?

Huh? Because you've
been over here obsessing

- over this guy?
- Yes! I'm obsessing!

He killed my baby niece

and she was in my care!

This is my fault!


[sobbing] My sister...

trusted me with her baby's life

and now she's gone.

It's my fault.

So, I'm gonna do
everything in my power

to make sure that monster
is brought to justice!

Does Leslie know
what you're doing?

Does she know that you're
over here doing this?

Yes. But she doesn't
know everything.

She's dealing with enough
right now and honestly...

I am, too.

Look, baby...

this isn't your fault.

- Nobody's blaming you.
- I blame me!


I blame me.

She wouldn't want
this for you, Kris.


But what she wants
is her baby back

and we can't do that!

So, I'm gonna do
whatever it takes

to make sure he pays
for everything he did!

Kris, baby, this
is consuming you.

You gotta talk to someone.

Martin, you either get behind me

and support me

or you can just...

Or I can just what, Kris?

Or you can just leave me
alone and get out of my life

because honestly, I can't
deal with this right now.


So, it's like that, huh?

It's like that.

Goodbye, Kris.

[siren blares]

[police radio chatter]

[singer singing in foreign
language over radio]

[Leslie] I know you're
doing this for me,

and I thank you for that.

I really do, but...

We're gonna get him, Leslie.

We just need real,
concrete, evidence

to put Vernon away.

I can get that.

We did the best we could,

and they let that bastard walk,


I don't trust the
justice system.

I think it's time
we take matters

into our own hands.

What do you mean?

I mean taking the justice system

into our own hands.

Leslie, you know
I can't do that.

I will lose my job

or even worse, go to jail.

He took my baby from me
and now he's walking free!

I understand that,
Leslie, but there's rules.

Don't give me that rules crap.

Either you're gonna help me

or I'm gonna help myself.

Come on, Leslie.

[phone chimes]

I always knew you're the one.


Ms. Jordan?

- Yes.
- I'll be your Maitre D'

for the evening.

Please, right this way.

The gentleman will
be with you shortly.

Would you like a glass
of wine, champagne?

Moscato will be perfect.

- Thank you.
- Right away.

[ominous music]

So basic.

I would have taken you
for a red wine, woman.

You son of a...

Come now.

No need to make a scene.

No need to get the
authorities involved.

Call them. Go ahead.

[Vernon scoffs]

And ruin the night.

After you so graciously
accepted my offer.


[Vernon chuckles]

[Vernon] I wouldn't
leave if I were you,

especially if one
were truly guilty

of what you accuse me of.

If I were you, I
would be worried

about my cohort's well-being.

Where is Martin?

Excellent question.

Such a perfect topic of
conversation over dinner,

wouldn't you say?

Let's make a deal.

[clears throat]

You sit,

have dinner with me,

and after dinner I will
give you Martin's phone,

and tell you where he is.

- Is everything all right?
- Oh!


I'll have a glass of champagne,

the blue caviar,

and the filet mignon,

extremely rare seafood plate.

[Maitre D'] Absolutely,
sir, right away.

What is this?

It's my attempt to let
the past be the past.

Let bygones be bygones.

Let's start a new beginning.

Let me get this straight.

You kidnap my boyfriend.

You steal his phone.

You trick me into coming here,

coerce me into having
dinner with you

after you just singlehandedly
killed my niece?

You are one sick psycho.

[Vernon] Oh.

No need to be so crass, Kristen.

Pygmalion. Pygmalion. Pygmalion.

I was merely just trying
to have a moment with you.

One would call this romantic.

If you...

think for one second

that I feel anything for you

other than sheer
hatred and contempt,

you are sadly mistaken.

Hmm, I could understand.

You know, after all of the
fiasco with the authorities,

and then the tragic
death of Angela, well,

you know, one could
see your point of view.

What you did.

What you did to An...

What you did to
Angela, you animal.

I swear

if you speak her
name one more time,

I don't care if
Martin is safe or not,

I will personally kill
you right where you sit.

I see, you're not
gonna make this easy.

[speaking foreign language]

You know, it was tragic,
what happened to...

Your niece's tragic death,

that was awful.

But the real question is,

would you have traded
places with her?


What kind of sick
question is that?

Just a conversation.


In a heartbeat.


Madam, sir,

fresh caviar.

- [Vernon] Merci!
- [Maitre D'] And your champagne.


You should really
try the caviar.

It is simply fantastic.

Simply to die for
in the West Coast.

I've lost my appetite.


did I get the perfume right?


Vendetta by Valentino,


Ah, so apropos for a
prosecuting attorney.

Such a unique scent.

And it has been discontinued
for a few years now,

so it wasn't easy to get.

How do you even know
what perfume I wear?

That day in the courtroom.

Then, again, at the gallery.

- What?
- My mother used to wear it.

You don't really believe
that I didn't know

that you were following
me around, counselor.

But I must say,

oh, I was so thrilled

to have you...

so close.

Ah, but I was hoping that
you would go even further.

That you would
follow me to Paris

so you could see the chandeliers

and the Eiffel Tower.

So I could show you
all of the sites.

[Kristen] This is a
game to you, isn't this?

On the contrary,


this is kismet.

Our worlds were meant
to be intertwined,


brought you into my life.

It wasn't fate.

It was your crime.

You are a murderer,

and you were caught.

The only reason why
you sit here free

is because you got lucky.

What you call serendipitous,
I call divinity.

Call it what you want,

but I promise you you
will never do it again

because I'm personally going

to make sure I take
you down myself.

Why wallow in such sorrow?


you know, my attorneys
have informed me

that they have arrested a man

that they believe is
responsible for the crime.


Justice has been served.

So, please,

let's start anew.

Get this through your
thick psychotic skull.

I wasn't surveilling you

out of some twisted attraction.

You are nothing more to
me than a depraved lunatic

that deserves to spend
the rest of his life

in a six by eight concrete
home on death row.

Do you understand me, Vernon?

Did you catch my drift?

This is the part where we kiss.

But since you're gonna be
such a Debbie Downer...

[clear throat] Let's
just call it a night.

Where is Martin, Vernon?

Here's Martin's phone.

He's in the LA Marriott,

Room 4266.

[speaking foreign language]

You should run along.

No telling how long
he will be conscious.

[singing in foreign language]

[tense music]


Kristen, what the
hell is going on?

I don't know. It's Vernon,

I think he did
something to Martin.

Oh, okay. All right. Did
he say a room number?

- What's the room number?
- 4266.


[Pablo] I need a key
to 4266 right away.

Mr. Sanders, if you're
in there, open up.

It's the police.

Can I... can I help you?


Oh, you must be
the ex-girlfriend.

Martin. Martin.

Martin, wake up!

- Kristen?
- [Kristen] Son of a bitch.

What are you doing here?

- You lost something?
- What's going on?

[Pablo] Kristen,
maybe we should go.

Did Vernon put you up to this?

Hey, I'm not in this.

This is between you guys.

Yeah, Kris, it's between us.

You kick me out, remember?


Come on. Come on.
Definitely time to go.

- Let's go.
- [Kristen] Don't call me!

- It's over, Martin.
- [Pablo] Come on.

You wanna tell me what
that was all about?

Vernon, he text me.

He invited me to dinner.

You had dinner with
Vernon Wilkens?

Yes. No!

I went there thinking
it was Martin.

He got ahold of his phone.

I'm guessing that slut
upstairs must've handed it over

in between screw sessions.

It's when I got there

that he insinuated something
happened to Martin.

Why go through all the trouble?

He knows I'm tailing him.

In his sick mind, it's
some type of flirtation.

He referred to me attacking
him in court as kismet fate.

You gotta be kidding me.

- You sure know how to pick 'em.
- Come on, Pablo.

It's not funny.

I could be next on
this man's hit list.

Okay. All right. It's okay.

You got some place to
stay? Your sister's maybe?

I would never bring this
murderer to her doorstep.

It's been enough.

You're right.

All right. Go home, pack
a bag, get some clothes.

I got some place you can stay.

I usually put my CIs
there during a trial

to keep tabs on them.

- Thank you.
- You got protection?

I got pepper spray and
a Taser in the car.

[Pablo] Here.

Take this.

You know how to use it?

Do I?


I'll send somebody to tail you,

make sure you get there safe.

Thanks so much, Pablo.

Yeah, anytime.

[tense music]

[dramatic music]

[knocks on door]

[singer singing in foreign
language over radio]

Detective Espinoza.

Uh, please, come in.

What brings you here
so late at night?

I don't know what kind of
game you're trying to play.

But it ends now.

You hear me?

I'm... I... I'm so sorry.


You caught me.

I... I'm at a loss.

I have no idea

what you're talking about.

You know exactly what
I'm talking about.


You think it was funny trying
to set her up like that?

Ms. Jordan...

I believe you and she
misunderstood my intentions.

I was merely trying
to inform her

of her significant
other wayward behavior.

Being a good Samaritan
and giving her his phone.

I know what you're trying to do.

You're trying to intimidate her,

let her know you can get at her.

[suspenseful music]

[gasps] Oh, please, please.

How does it feel now?

No, no, no. Please, please,
don't hurt me, please.

How does it feel to be
threatened right in your face?

Please, don't hurt me.


Uh, it's seems the LAPD

is looking for another
discrimination lawsuit.

Now, unless you're prepared

to see how far this will go,

but I would think twice
about your next move.

Ah, good man.

This isn't over, Wilkens.

You are amusing.


Such bravado

playing the white knight,

showing up to be the hero.

Does she know?

What are you talking about?

That you have feelings for her?

Ah, another rooster
in the hen house.


Like I said, it is of
no consequence to me.

But you are amusing.

Have a good night, detective.

[suspenseful music]


[cell phone rings]

[Pablo] Questioned the girl.

Name is Beauty.

She said some guy paid her
to steal Martin's phone

and drug him.


You know, whoever it
is got a lot of money

to be able to drop $10,000
or something like that.

[Kristen] You think
it was Vernon?

Could be.

She didn't give us his name.

[Kristen] I found something
interesting in Vernon's file.

Apparently, Vernon has
a history of violence

dating back to his childhood.

He watched his father
killed his mother

right in front of him,

who was an inspiring model.

And you know what
else is interesting?

It was a single stab wound

on the left side
between the ribs.

I'll do you one better.

I called in a favor at the FBI

and they did some
digging on your boy.

It turns out that every single
address that Vernon's had

in and out of the country
over the past 20 years,

has had a woman's
mutilated corpse

found within a 30-mile radius.

- Are you serious?
- As a heart attack.

[Kristen] Why haven't they
done anything before now?

We need to get him.

[Pablo] He wasn't
on their radar.

They haven't been able
to connect the dots.

Think about it.

That's ten countries,
three continents.

All the victims
have been homeless,

transient, known prostitutes.

That's over 20 victims.

And every time they
would get closer,

he'd just pick up and leave

before they can even
blink their eyes.

So, why did he
stay after Angela?

That's a good question.

[birds chirping]

Sorry, we're closed.

[suspenseful music]

I'm sure you have time

- for one more customer.
- [gasps]

- He came to the bakery?
- What the hell, Kris?

What am I supposed
to... I wanna kill him.

What do you mean,
he come to the shop?

Calm down. Let me
figure this out.

Just calm down.

I know. Let me talk to her.


I came as fast as I could.

- What happened?
- He came to the shop.

He threatened to kill me.

He threatened the family.


I'm so sorry.

I swear, we're gonna
get this bastard.

Really? Who?

The police department?

Excuse me if I've
lost all faith.

Because of them, he's out free.

Free to do whatever
the hell he wants,

including what he did today.

Look, I'll talk to Pablo

and see what we
can do about this.

I'm tired of you
playing by the book.

I get you not trying
to lose your job,

but if you don't do
something about this,

you're gonna end up
losing your family.

He's insane!


[somber music]

[birds chirping]

Okay. You know I've
been watching him.

So, I know everything
there is to know about him.

Where he lives,
where he hangs out.

And like you said,

the law isn't doing
enough for us.

So, I'm gonna take
matters into my own hands.

Are you sure you wanna
go through with this?

I'm gonna do whatever it takes

to make sure I bring
down this monster.

Whatever it takes.

Whatever it takes.

[tense music]


[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

[Maitre D'] Mr. Wilkens,
right this way.

[Vernon] You are beautiful.

Thank you.

Mind if I take a seat?

Ms. Jordan, such a
pleasant surprise.

You know I'm not gonna
take too much of your time.

I just wanted to
personally let you know

I'm coming for you, Vernon.

And what I'm gonna
do to you, hmm,

is far more worse

than what you actually deserve.

Is that a threat?

Oh, yeah.

Not if I get to you first.


Oh, I will.

[ominous music]

- Let's see who's stalking.
- Oh, so sorry, Vernon.

[tense music]


[tense music]

[Kristen grunting]

This is for Angela.

[birds chirping]

Come on, Mommy. I
don't wanna be late!


Ooh, look at you.

Daddy did good with your outfit,

- baby girl.
- [laughs]

You're ready for
picture day, huh?

- Yeah.
- All right. Come on.

Let mommy grab her keys.

[cell phone rings]

Hey, Pablo. What's going on?

[Pablo] I'm here.


I'll be right down.

And what brings you here?

Well, I figured today
was a special day.

It's your first
day back at work.

I wanted to do the
honors of taking you.

Aren't you a gentleman?

[both chuckles]

So, does that mean
you get coffee too?

- We can arrange that.
- [laughs]

[car engine starts]

[indistinct chatter]

[camera shutter clicks]

[woman] Here.

[camera shutter clicks]

[suspenseful music]

What a beautiful dress.

Oh, thank you.

What's your name?


Wow. Such a beautiful name.

Big smile, Diana.

Big smile.

[suspenseful music]

[camera shutter clicking]

[ominous music]

Kristen, it's great
to have you back.

It feels good to be back, Coop.

Thank you.

[suspenseful music]

[bell ringing]

- Diana!
- Diana!

Have a good day, guys.


- Hey, Leslie.
- Hey, Roger.

Have you seen Diana?

She's not here. She
left with her uncle.

Uncle? What? What
have you done?

- [Roger] Uh, I...
- No! No. Call the police!

- Is everything okay?
- No! Call the police!

Oh, my God!

[suspenseful music]


What is going on?

He got my baby, Kris.

He got my baby. [sobbing]

[police siren wailing]

Do we know for sure that
it was Vernon Wilkens?

We've obtained school
security footage of the man

thought to be the assailant

posing as a school photographer.

We don't know how he got her,
but the footage is of him

putting her in the
trunk of his car.

- My baby. My baby.
- What? What's going on?

Please, Lord, don't let
him take both of my babies.


Les, are you okay?

- Relax.
- Babe. Babe, breathe, baby.

- Relax.
- Baby, breathe [indistinct]

- Ma'am, let us help her.
- Breathe.

- [sobbing]
- She's okay.

She's just stressed.
Let's give her some space.

Can somebody give
me a cold towel?

- [phone beeps]
- I'll be right back.


[phone beeps]

[suspenseful music]

[Leslie sobbing]

[suspenseful music]

Hey, where's that cold towel?




- Kristen!
- [Giovanni] Kris!

[suspenseful music]

She's not in there.

I need ice on Ms. Jordan now!


[tense music]

[door rattling]

[tense music]

[classical music playing
in the background]

Come on, Vernon!

I'm here!

Where is Diana?

[Diana] Aunt Kris!

I'm here, baby!

[Diana] Aunt Kris! Aunt Kris!


[suspenseful music]

[Vernon] Aww, touching.

Come on, Vernon!

[classical music continues]

I'm the one you want, right?

Isn't that why you took her...

to get to me?

Well, I'm here now!

Just me, no cops!

[Vernon] Yes, that is correct.

You are the one I want.

Actually, you're
the only one I need.


What makes me so special?

[Vernon] Don't you know
that you are my reason?

Everything that I've
done has led me to you.

Is that why you killed
Angela and Lynette?

[Vernon] Ah.

You're so sweet, Kristen.

You remind me of her.

Her who?

[classical music continues]

[Vernon] The only
woman I ever loved.

My mother.

You should've killed me
when you had the chance.

But you didn't. You
didn't because you need me

just as much as I need you.

Come on now, Vernon.


You wanna kill me? Kill me!

Just, please, let Diana go!

[classical music continues]

[Vernon] It's in
the eyes, you know.

That's how I choose them.

That's how I knew you were
the one the moment I saw you.

I didn't have to find you.

No, you found me.

Ah, so tragic what happened
to Angela, but, well...

never could I imagine that
she would lead me to you.

Come on, Vernon.

I know all about you, Vernon.

How your mother

was killed in front of you.

So tragic...

for anyone,

but yet...

not you, Vernon.

You're a survivor.

You're not a monster

like the man who
killed your mother

right in front of you.

Even took photos...

with the only thing

your father left you with.

His camera.

Is that what this is
all about, Vernon?

Your mother?

You don't know
anything about me!

Why don't you just
leave it alone?

But no, you had to keep digging
and you had to keep digging.

You're obsessed with me.

You looked for me

and you even took the time

to get to know me.

That's how I knew that
we belong together.

That's why I spared your life.

I'm sorry, Vernon.

No child should have to
endure that type of pain.

But it still doesn't
give you the right

to inflict that
pain onto others!

You think this is
the Oedipus complex.

Don't you psychoanalyze me!

You know what?

You're right.

You took my baby
niece away from me!

You are pitiful!

You're nothing special!

You're nothing but a small man

that has mother issues!


[classical music continues]

Oh, Diana!

I'm so sorry, baby.

Are you... are you okay?

Oh, baby. I'm so sorry.

We gotta get out of here.

Watch out!

- [screams]
- Auntie!


You don't know me!

You are nothing!

My mother was a queen!

And she was taken from me!

[Kristen] Vernon, no.

No, Vernon. I'm sorry.

You were right, Vernon.

Please. [sobs]

You were right.

I did.

I took the time to
get to know you.

I did. I'm sorry.

You were right.

We belong together.

Now, let me heal you, Vernon.



You can't help me.

[suspenseful music]



[Taser clicking]


[Diana screams]







[Vernon screaming]

Move, baby.

[Vernon grunting]



We got him, baby.

We got him. Let's go.

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Go! Go!

[dramatic music]

[tires squealing]

[sirens wailing]

[Leslie] Oh, my
God. Oh. Oh, my God!

Look who's here.

- Baby!
- Mommy!

Oh, my God, baby! Oh, baby.


I'm so happy you're okay, baby.

Auntie Kris got
the bad guy, Mommy.

He can't hurt us anymore.

I know, baby.
You are so brave.

Mommy is so proud of you.

Y'all need to open
up and let me in.

This is some emotional mess.

[Leslie chuckles]



I'm happy we got him.

Me, too.

So, I was wondering.

If I was to ask you out,

what would you say?

I'd say, what took you so long?


I know a good restaurant.

It's a date.

[melancholy music]

I love you, sis.

I love you, too.


[singer] ♪ Ooh, ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, under ♪

♪ I remember them times
like it was last night ♪

♪ I was stuck in the dark
without a flashlight ♪

♪ When a [indistinct]
goes through ♪

♪ That was my past life ♪

♪ Couldn't picture me dead,
living the fast life ♪

♪ Fast life ♪

♪ Give them the truth ♪

♪ The proof they
lie in your face ♪

♪ Getting consumed, you
never could find a way ♪

♪ Something's been
tryna pull me under ♪

♪ Under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪

♪ I've been coming out
from a dark place ♪

♪ Huh, watch the clock,
came like a dark fate ♪

♪ Dark fate I'm living good ♪

♪ Now living
lovely yeah, yeah ♪

♪ [indistinct] I'm moving
my way on the highway ♪

♪ On the highway ♪

♪ Give them the truth ♪

♪ They proof they
lie in your face ♪

♪ Getting consumed, you
never could find a way ♪

♪ Something's been
tryna pull me under ♪

♪ Under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪

♪ Ooh, under ♪