Phobia (1980) - full transcript

A psychiatrist treats his patients - sufferers from agoraphobia, claustrophobia, acrophobia, a fear of snakes, and a fear of man - with radical therapy in which they confront their fears by watching them on a large screen. The result is that each patient is driven to commit violent acts, and each dies by what he most fears.

This is a piece of cake, doc.
A piece of cake!

I thought you said this was gonna be
tough, doc. You call this tough?

Hey, doc.


I'm having a little problem
breathing now, doc.

I'm getting a little hot, here.

Are you listening to what I'm saying, doc?

Ease up a little, doc. Ease up.

Are you with me, doc?

Come on. Ease up.

I can't breathe, for Christ's sake, doc.
I can't breathe. Come on.

Jesus Christ, doc, please stop it!

Are you listening to me? I can't take it!

I want you to stop this right now, doc.
Help me.

Stop it, for Christ's sake, doc! Stop!

Help me! Help me! Help me!

See how powerful he is, bubba?


Watch him move.

Just get him out of here!

You're lost.
Everyone looks strange to you.

I'll find my way.

They're staring at you.

- They're closing in.
- I won't let them stop me.

- Smothering you.
- They mean nothing to me.

You're running for your life.

No! I have to get away.

They're going to catch you, Laura.

Don't touch me!


Let me go!

Let me go!

No! Let me go!

Look up.

Look up, Henry.

Way up.

There's no one with the child.

She's too close to the edge.

She's gonna fall.

No, don't...

No, don't. My god!
It's too close to the edge!

Now, look down, Henry.

- I can't.
- Think of falling, Henry.

You're falling.

- Falling.
- Oh, no!


Very good, Henry.

In light of these results, Mr. Chandler,

I would say we're well on schedule
with our research.

The patients respond at a different rate
to the method

depending on the depth of their phobia.

However, in my estimation,
I would say that they're...

70% through their work with me.

Dr. Ross,

I have on a few occasions been present

when one or another of your patients
has left the treatment room.

They were, to say the least,
emotionally overwrought.

How long do they continue in this state
after the treatment?

Not unreasonably long.
As I'm sure you know, Dr. clemens,

the phobia is maintained
because the patient's anxiety

prevents him from getting close enough
to see through his irrational fear.

In the treatment,
I compel the patient to confront

the source of their phobia
to increasing intensities...

Flooding them with their anxiety
to get them beyond it,

back to a more reasonable perception
of reality.

But as their anxiety increases?

I use relaxation techniques to help them
learn to tolerate the increasing levels

as a point of interest, Dr. Ross,

may I ask how you arrived at your theory?

As a matter of fact,
it's based on a personal experience.

When I was a child,
I was afraid of the water.

I didn't want to learn to swim
because of it.

And finally one day my father
threw me in the water...

And I swam.

Implosive therapy.

Well, Dr. Ross, you have met
the ethics committee's concern

for the welfare of your research subjects,
for which we thank you.

Thank you.


Laura, I want to show you something.

How do I look?

You look very nice.

I wonder... I wonder if I need a coat.

Yeah, wear your coat.

Is that new?

All new.

You're so right, Peter.

- We never were in step, were we?
- I'm sorry, Alice.

Is there any reason
why we can't be friends?

Of course not. We already are, aren't we?

You know exactly what I mean.

Look, once and for all, let me recap.

I did all the things
I tell my patients not to do

when they find themselves
in a similar situation.

Well, it's a case of the psychoanalyst
not being able to take her own medicine.

- But it's over.
- Please?

That's what you told me
when you left me, wasn't it?

That I was smothering you.

Look, Peter. I don't even know
who that jealous woman was.

It wasn't me. Honestly.

Let me prove it, as a friend.

Please? Please? Come on.

Alice, this is a silly conversation.
We never stopped being friends.

That's good.

- I'm very glad we made up.
- You are?

Sorry I didn't get to hear
your full report. Terrific work, Peter.

Thank you.

I am intrigued by your research.

Well, as a psychoanalyst, I am concerned
with the unconscious motivation.

What happens to that?

Well, I wouldn't worry about it.

I don't think anybody's ever found
the unconscious.

Hey. Don't you look pretty!


Good luck.

Hey, Barbara,
hope you have a real good time.

- Then what?
- Then you're gonna take a walk.

Then you leave the park,
you walk three blocks west,

you take the subway, go downtown
and buy yourself something.

Hat, gloves, scarf.

Whatever you like.

What if I panic?

You won't.

You're the most advanced in the group.

You'll face your phobia head-on.

Think I can?

And after you've bought something,
you're to come straight to my house.

I'm going to be there all afternoon
trying to catch up with our research.

I'll drive us back to the hospital.

But your house,
I don't even know where it is.

I'll show you. It's not far.

I often jog from my house to the clinic.

Takes six minutes.

You see up here? That's Rose park.
Just ahead is my house and my street.

It's 181 argus.

181 argus.

Tough afternoon, Mrs. Casey.

Afternoon, doctor. I'm just finishing up.

Good. I have some work to do.

- Dr. Ross?
- Yeah?

It's Thursday.

What are you doing home on a Thursday?

Oh, my god. The game. What time is it?

- It's quarter after 2:00.
- It's the semifinal. I got to go.

Wouldn't want the boys
to lose their star forward.

Mrs. Casey, can I ask you a favor?

I have a patient coming by, a miss grey.

Would you explain what happened
and ask her to wait for me?

- Sure. Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
- Thank you.

I'm controlling my fear.

They mean nothing to me.

I'll find my way.

I won't let them stop me.

I don't know where I am or who they are...

But I won't panic.

I'm controlling my fear. I'll find my way.

They mean nothing to me.
I won't let them stop me.

I don't know where I am or who they are.

I won't let them stop me.
I won't panic. But I won't panic.

I don't know where I am.
I'm controlling my fear.

They mean nothing to me. I won't panic.

I won't let them stop me. I won't panic.

I'll find my way. I won't panic.

I don't know where I am...

Or who they are...

Dr. Ross...

Where... find me Dr. Ross.

You'll be miss grey.

I'm sorry. Dr. Ross isn't here.

But he did say for you to go
right on upstairs to his place.

You'll be fine.
You just make yourself comfortable.

In here, dear.

I'm Mrs. Casey.

I'm the super here,
and I kind of do for Dr. Ross,

you know, him being a bachelor and...

Do you know what I think you need, dear?
A good, strong cup of tea.

Wouldn't you feel better
with a cup of tea?

Right. Look, I keep a kettle boiling
in my apartment,

and it'll be faster
if I go down and get it,

so you just look after yourself here,
and I'll be back in a jiffy.

- Fantastic.
- Thanks. Good game.

- Hey, you were fantastic!
- Hi, sweetie.

- Great job, doc.
- Thank you. Good game.

- Pick you up later.
- Lucky shot, lucky shot!

- Telephone. Emergency.
- For me?


Dr. Ross.

Dr. Ross. I can't believe
what I saw with my own eyes!

- Are you all right?
- Yes,

but you know what I was doing
just before it happened?

I was bringing her a cup of tea.

It's going to be okay.

Dr. Ross is here, inspector.

- Been to the morgue?
- Yes, inspector.

He identify the body?

Yes, inspector, he did.

Sit down, Dr. Ross.

Are you all right?


Dr. Toland went over
when she heard about it.

Very good she was with Mrs. Casey.

Very helpful altogether.

She wanted to come back
and wait for you here.

We have Mrs. Casey's statement.

She told us where to find you
when it happened.

Isn't it a little unusual for someone
from California to play hockey?

How did you know I was from California?

Come now, doctor. You're not exactly
just another face in the crowd.

Your program was front-page news
not too long ago.

And the deceased was
one of your experimentees, wasn't she?

She was one of my patients.

So she was. So she was.

How would you describe your reaction
to the murder, doctor?

Were you surprised?

Yes. Of course.

Well, I'm not.

What surprises me is that
you don't seem to realize

that it was supposed to be you
in that drawer downstairs.


That experimentee died by accident,
not intent.

I'm sorry.

I thought it was you that was dead!

- I'm sorry.
- I waited and I waited.

When you didn't show up, I phoned
your place and some idiot answered

- and said that there had been an accident.
- It's okay.

- They wouldn't tell me...
- It's okay.

So I went over to your house.

Sit down, miss...

St. Clair.

Jenny St. Clair.

Miss St. Clair, I'm sure you know
Dr. Ross's associate, Dr. Toland.

We haven't met before,
but I'm a great admirer of your work.

Thank you.

Peter and I went
to one of your exhibitions last year.

He bought me
one of your smaller sculptures.

I forget the occasion.

I just have a few more questions
to ask Dr. Ross,

and then you can all go.

Does anyone else,
I mean other than Mrs. Casey,

- have a key to your apartment?
- No.

Why did Barbara grey go
to your apartment this afternoon?

I told her to. She was an agoraphobe.

We thought that she'd do well today
going downtown with the crowds.

Whatever happened, she was supposed
to come to my house afterwards.

Miss St. Clair, do you know any
of Dr. Ross's experimentee...


No. I've only seen a picture of them
at Peter's place.

Too bad. I thought I could make use
of your woman's intuition.

Dr. Toland is too close to the subject,
so she says.

Someone wants to kill you.

- I can't believe it.
- Well, you'd better believe it.

And you'd better start thinking
about who wants you dead.

You're somebody's target.

Maybe you should think about
taking a holiday.

California's nice this time of year.

We had to seal off your apartment.
Where will I find you?

He'll be at my place.

I'll drive miss St. Clair home.

If you want to reach me,
you can call the hospital.

My answering service
will get in touch with me.

Peter, you should've seen your apartment.

There was blood everywhere.

I thought it was your blood.

Peter, who would...

I don't know.

One of your patients from the hospital?

Anybody else from the hospital?

Which one of my sculptures
did you buy for Toland?

Woman asleep.

I know this is going to sound ridiculous,
but that makes me very jealous.

- Jenny...
- I know, I know.

Why didn't you tell me about her?

Why talk about something
that has no importance now?

Why clutter up the present with the past?

You're right.


Here I am talking about being jealous,
when some...

Are you going to stay with me tonight?

- We'll see.
- I think you should stay here until...

Don't smother me, Jenny.


Be careful.

Let's be careful.

- Dr. Ross...
- Dr. Ross? Just one question.

- How do you feel?
- What do you mean?

- You're lucky to be alive after...
- Are any of your patients suspects?

- Of course not. Why should they be?
- They are all convicted criminals.

They are volunteers.

The program is one
with broad humanitarian goals.

By participating, they're striving to show
their goodwill to society.

Why volunteers?

Because the treatment is a new method
for curing phobias.

What does it involve?

Excuse me. The administrator
and spokesman for the hospital

Dr. clegg is supposed to meet with you
in a little while.

Any questions you have,
he'll be able to answer.

- If you excuse me, I have to go to work.
- Come on, Dr. Ross...

Good morning, doctor.

Good morning, inspector.

It was a bomb. No doubt at all.
Those files were a booby trap.

It was meant for me?

Definitely, yes.

Would you consider yourself
a ladies' man, doctor?

I'm sorry. I don't quite understand
what you're driving at.

Well, everybody loves you.

Your ex-wife and kids in California,
your ex-mistress, your present girlfriend.

In fact, someone loves you so much
they'd like to send you to kingdom come.

You didn't tell me Alice Toland
had a key to your apartment.


I've just been wandering around
the hospital this morning,

looking, listening.

I just asked Dr. Toland
if she had a key, and...

She turned it over to me.

I'm not here to pry
into your private affairs.

I'm here to try to save your life.
Do you mind?

Of course, as far as I'm concerned,
the prime suspects are your experimentees.

I'm going to stick with them, at least
until I'm satisfied they're ruled out.

You're meeting with them this morning?

They're waiting for me right now.

I want to be present.

I'm bound by a standard
of professional confidentiality.

Yes, I know.

I saw a TV show about that.

The psychiatrist was asked what he'd do

if a patient of his confessed
to having committed some major crime.

Would he betray his patient's confidence?

The psychiatrist thought about it,
and then he said...

You know what he said.

I could venture an educated guess, yes.

He said he thought it'd be best for
the psychiatrist to persuade the patient

to go to the police himself.

Well, that'd be just fine.

But with you, Dr. Ross,
there won't be any confession.

I mean, you being the target and all.

So why can't I watch them?

There won't be any breach
of confidentiality.

It's not like you were going to
give them a treatment.

You are just going to talk about Barbara
and things in general, aren't you?

I think it can be arranged.

I've asked the hospital...

To arrange a special memorial service
for Barbara later this week.

We'll all go together.

She was a fine lady.


She was faster than the rest of us.
A real bright thing.

She had a lot of class.

What I can't get over, doctor,

is if it hadn't been Barbara,
it would have been you.

So she would have been here today
and you wouldn't.

Bubba king, ex-boxer.

Armed robbery. Killed his wife's lover.

Who could it be?
Somebody from the hospital?

Dr. clegg?

He hates Ross's guts.

Ross is doing all the big treatment work.

That medical magazine I showed you?

The one with all our names in it?

And what it said about
"brilliant young behaviorist"?

Didn't hardly mention old clegg.

He's a regular pain in the ass.

I always thought there was
a screw or two loose with him.

You know most psychiatrists are nuts?

Johnny venuti.
Grand Theft Auto. Record a mile long.

Listen to miss timid tits.

- Which femme do you mean?
- Toland. Alice Toland.

How the hell did he get
the parole board to agree

to letting them come and go
the way they do?

That's right.
She still has the hots for him.

I seen the way she's looking at him.

All I'm saying is, she's playing it cool.

She don't love him like she used to.

Love and hate gets mixed up sometimes.

Yeah. Jealousy.

- Who's that little guy with the bald head?
- Owen, Henry.

Dr. Toland and Dr. clegg are no more
involved than you are.

I trust you.

I trust you completely,
just as you trust me.

And we mustn't permit this terrible
tragedy to interfere with our work.

We mustn't let them shut us down.

Could they do that?

There is a possibility, remote, I hope.

And if it happens?

We all go back to jail.

Look, doc, I'm not going back, okay?

I'm never going back. You think I...

You think I spent all this time
in this torture chamber just to go back?

No way!

Johnny, I'm not saying
they're shutting us down.

I'll fight any such proposal.

I'll use the influence I've got,
and I've got plenty.

That's what you say. That's what you hope.

Come on, tell the truth. If they want to,
they could kill this program in a minute.

Johnny, they're not shutting us down.



You're coming with me.

I didn't do nothing, inspector.
I'm innocent. Honest to god.

Henry, get it over with.

Thanks, doctor.

I'll expect Henry back
in time for his treatment.

If he's late,
I'll send him back with a written excuse.

Laura, Johnny, you can go.


Let me out of my treatment today, doc.

Let's skip it today.

For Barbara?

- Wheeler?
- Yes, sir.

Bring him in.

What's the matter?

You forgotten how to walk straight?

What've you been doing,
lying on your back all day?

Sorry, inspector. I guess I wasn't
expecting the sergeant to push me.

Has the sergeant been treating you badly?

No. I mean...

We're not interested in what you mean.
This is a police station, not a hospital.

- I reckon you can tell the difference.
- Yes.

I thought so. You've been in
and out of police stations enough.

No, that's not what I meant.

I just told you that I don't care
what you mean.

But we still have to teach you
the difference.

- No.
- First he says yes, then he says no.

What are you trying to do,
give me a hard time?

Sit down.

What are you looking for?

You want Dr. Ross to come in
and save your ass?

Look at me
when I'm talking to you, understand?


You worked with explosives...

When you were with the Ferguson gang,
robbing banks, wasn't it?


You were the expert at safecracking.

- You set the charges?
- Yes.

Last time during the getaway,
you couldn't follow your partners.

They had to jump
from one building to another.

A teeny, little three-foot jump,
but you couldn't make it.

- No, I couldn't.
- So you got caught.

- That's right.
- And now you're all cozy in the hospital.

What kind of con did you use
on that damn fool, Ross?

It wasn't a con. The warden told us
they were looking for guys with phobias.

I got this phobia
about heights and falling.

You don't say.

Stand up when I'm talking to you.
Show some respect.

Now, sit down.

When I tell you to sit down,
I don't mean fall down.

But god almighty,
what are you trying to do,

give me a phobia?

Look at it, bubba.

That's it.

Just relax.



Now I'm going to put him down
on the floor, okay?

Come back, bubba. You'll scare him.

I can't. I don't want to.

Please, doctor, take it away.
I can't stand it.

Bubba, stop making such a fuss.

Come back to your chair.

No, I won't! I'm going to leave!

No, you're not going to leave.

You're gonna finish the treatment.

Now, you come, you sit down.

Come on.

Get up!


You lazy sob, no lying on your back
in this police station!

Now, I want you to sit down in the chair,
and you behave yourself properly.

Sergeant Wheeler is going to get very mad
if he has to keep jumping out of your way.

- I'll try.
- You'll try.

So you want out of the program, no?

No, I want to get better.
You're too scared to do it.

So you know what this fink does,
sergeant Wheeler?

No, I don't, inspector. What did he do?

He turns on that soft-headed doctor.
It was neat.

He attached a bomb to his filing cabinet.
It was pure genius.

He'd kill the doctor and destroy all
records of his research at the same time.

I didn't do it. I like Dr. Ross.
He's my friend.

- Who's talking to you?
- Well, you said I did it.

- I did what?
- Said I tried to blow up the doctor.

- Did I say that, sergeant?
- I didn't hear you say that, inspector.

Are you calling me a liar?

Look at him, flying through space.

Doesn't seem to bother him a bit.

I think he'd be terrific
on a free fall, don't you?

Put the chair down, Wheeler,
and come with me.

You wait here. Sergeant Wheeler...

Sergeant Wheeler and I are going
to check out a few details,

and we'll be right back
to take your deposition.

Get up, for Christ's sake.

What would the good doctor think
if he saw you sprawled on the floor?

Look at the poor creature.

What did he do to you? Nothing.

He didn't attack you.

He didn't strike you.

He just wanted to get away from you.

Don't put it near me. I won't touch it!

Don't put it near me. Don't!


We've been working towards this
for months.

Remember? Months.

Touch it.

Just once.

It's not gonna hurt you.

Very good, bubba.

Very good.

That wasn't so bad, was it?

That's it.

And tomorrow we'll try again.

One of these days...

You're going to be ready
to put this snake in the sack

and take it out again all by yourself.

You, Owen. Come on.

Come on!

Get in front of me! In front of me!

Get back!

Let's go!

Get over there!

Get down the stairs!

Get over in the corner.

Get out!


Open the door!

Now get out!

Get out!

He's got my car.

Oh, my god!

Hold it!

Don't shoot him! He's unarmed!

- Let's take a breather.
- We've hardly started.

I'm not in training for the Olympics,
you know.

You said a friendly jog around the park.

Don't you ever get out of breath?

Got to keep fit.

Wouldn't want me
to lose my place on the team.

How far do you run when you're alone?

Six miles. Twice around the park. Come on.

This is the park where Barbara
was walking yesterday, isn't it?


Barbara grey.


She was a good patient.

Is that going to be her epitaph?
"She was a good patient."


Sweetheart, I'm a doctor, I'm a scientist.

One must keep one's objectivity.

That's such a callous word, Peter.

A woman was killed yesterday.
Don't you feel any pain?

Jenny, I got nothing to say to that.

Peter, wait. Just a minute.

Peter, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.

Jenny, I love you.

I've never cared for anyone
as much as I care for you.

Will you try to remember that?


Now can I continue my run?

- Take me with you.
- Let's go.

Damn. I got to get to the car phone.

- Is that the hospital?
- Yeah.

I told them not to bother me
unless it was an emergency.

Come on.

Come on, I'll race you to the car.

Take it easy, Mr. Owen.

No one's going to hurt you.

Come on down now.

Come down.

No one's going to hurt you.

Please, Mr. Owen.

Dr. Ross! Down here!

- What happened?
- He ran amok.

Assaulted a policeman and took his gun,
held a young girl hostage,

and stole two cars at gunpoint.

Now he's up there and says he'll jump
if I or any of my men comes near him.

All he wants is to talk to you.

Is there anything else I should know?

No, nothing.

Peter, be carefull

Take it easy, Mr. Owen.

Dr. Ross is here.

He's on his way up to see you.

Hang on. He's on his way.

There's no net.

Can't use a net.
He's too high up for that.

The net would break.

You didn't get much sleep.

It's an awful picture.

I don't know.

It's kind of beautiful in a way.

I mean, you're trying to save his life.
Your hands are reaching out for him.

Peter, you did everything
you could yesterday.

He almost made it...

You know, to the top of that structure
all by himself, alone.

Do you understand what that means?

That means with a few more treatments,
I might have had him cured.

It's not your fault, Peter.
You can't blame yourself.

I'm not blaming myself.

You're right.

I have to forget Henry.

I have to go back to work with the others.

They need me more than ever now.


Why don't we go away for a while,
take a little vacation...

- I can't.
- Why can't you?

Because if I go away, there won't be
any program when I get back.

Look, Jenny, you don't understand
what keeps the damn thing going.

Clegg, clemens, all of them,
they'd shut me down at the drop of a hat.

What about Toland?

Sometimes I think
even she'd like to see the end of me.

- I'm sure.
- Jenny...

I can't go away now.

At least not until
I've completed the work.

I thought you said
she was one of your strongest supporters.

- Who?
- Toland.

- You know something?
- What?

Sometimes I think that
you are the only support that I have.

- I got to go. I'm late.
- I know, I know.

- See you later.
- Okay. Be careful, Peter.

Well, all the reports
are very sympathetic.

And I don't think the hospital
has really been hurt by all this business.

No, but has Ross?

Here he comes now.
I'd like to have a few words with him.


I think we'd better talk alone.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Come and sit down.
- Thank you.

Thank you very much, gentlemen.
I'll see you all later.

- Well.
- Thank you.

You've really run the gauntlet.

- Here, let me.
- Thank you.

Tell me...

Was it an accident or suicide?

I don't know how to answer that.

According to the freudian model,
there's no such thing as an accident.

Henry Owen killed himself
because he was guilty.

Guilty of what?

Of making an attempt on your life
and killing Mrs. grey instead.

- Is that what you think happened?
- Yes.

The police are of the same opinion.

Inspector Barnes phoned me,
and he said as far as they're concerned,

the whole case is closed.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah, of course.

Do you intend to continue
with the program?

No question.

Well, the committee and I
are behind you all the way.

Thank you.

- He's in our corner. You'll see.
- Come on. Get off it.

- He said we should trust him?
- Okay, okay. I heard.

- Look what the hell happened to Henry!
- What do you know?

Do you think Ross had a choice?

I'm telling you the way that it happened!
It's the way it is.

He is the one that let Barnes
fuck around with Henry's head.


- This ain't getting us nowhere.
- Shit.


Can we talk?

Well, I ain't got nothing to say.


- Would you like to talk?
- No.

I ain't feeling so good today.


May I come in?

What are you reading?

Is it good?

I understand
how difficult this is for you.

It's difficult for me too.

I liked Henry.

Maybe we shouldn't have treatment today.
It's okay.

We'll pick it up tomorrow.

Dr. Ross?

Do you really believe
Henry tried to kill you?


I was following you,
but I couldn't catch up.

I'm sorry I was mean to you.

I've come for my treatment.

I'm glad.

Let's get to work.

Come on.

- Sure you feel up to it?
- Yes, I think so.


Today we're going to see
something different.

Now, turn around. Just relax.

That's you, Laura.

You are the girl, Laura.

That's you.

Watch them, Laura.

The men are all over you, Laura.

Feel them touching you.

Turn around.

Go ahead.

You're helpless, Laura.

You can't get away from them.


They like what they're doing to you,

They like hurting you.

Sit down, Laura.

Turn around, Laura.


It's all right. You're all right.

It's okay.

She identified with the girl
on the screen.

You did fine. Just fine.

It's the first time
she made a breakthrough.

- You did just fine. That a girl.
- You can explain it to me later.

Come on, honey. Upstairs.

- Have a nice, warm bath.
- I'm proud of you, Laura.

Calm down.

Just calm down.

Just relax.

You're going to be just fine. Come on.

Now, sit back.

That a girl. Sit back.

That's it.

Now, I want you to take
a few deep breaths.

That's a girl. Breathe in.
Come on, come on.

And let it out slowly. That a girl.

Now smile for me.

That a girl.


I think...
I think you're going to be all right.


Dr. Ross doesn't answer his beeper.
He can't be found.

- He's at the rink.
- Pardon me?

If he doesn't answer, he's at the rink.

We'll go and get him.
Did you reach Dr. clemens?

Yes, sir. She's on her way
from the university right now.

Don't stand there. Get Ross.

Yes, sir.

- Pierson?
- Yes, inspector?

This man and Johnny venuti,
take them into custody.

Yes, sir.

I didn't do it.

I wouldn't harm that little girl.
I loved that little girl!

Anybody'd hurt her, I'd kill them!

Well done, Dr. Ross.

That's a pretty wicked shot you got there.

You've really got that killer instinct,
haven't you?

- If you want to win...
- Yeah, I know.

I used to play defense a long time ago.

You didn't come here to talk.

No, sir.
Inspector Barnes wants to see you.

What about?

It's Laura Adams. She's dead.


That's right. She's dead.


She drowned in a bathtub at the hospital.

Oh, my god.

Barnes wants to talk to you.

Have yourself a shower.
I'll wait for you outside.


Make it a fast one, okay?

Son of a bitch is lying.

I can smell it.
I know it, but he won't admit it.

What would he lie about?

He knows where Johnny venuti is,
but he won't tell me.

What about Johnny?

He's gone.

Either he or this one here murdered Laura,
and I'm gonna nail one or the other

if I have to tear them both to bits.

"Murdered Laura"?

The coroner phoned. It wasn't an accident.
Somebody held her under.

Not me. Not me, Dr. Ross. And not Johnny.

We was playing cards the way we always do.

Why did Johnny run, bubba?

When we seen Laura's body,
he just took off.

But he'll be back, Dr. Ross.
He always comes back.

- Always?
- Yes.

Sometimes he goes and picks up a girl
or goes to a movie downtown.

And I cover for him sometimes.
But not now.

I don't know where he's at.

Wheeler, put out an apb on Johnny venuti.

- Where are you going, Ross?
- To find Johnny.


- You owe me.
- What do you mean?

Nobody but you, Barnes and I
know what happened

during Henry Owen's interrogation.

Did Owen...

He did.

It wasn't me. Barnes set it up.

The commissioner
will find you equally guilty.

If you're trying to blackmail me,
that's a serious offense.

So is mistreating a prisoner.

- What do you want?
- Half an hour before you put out that apb.

I want to find venuti myself.

You get 15 minutes.

I'll be delayed, Jenny.
I'll be there as soon as I can.

Anything more about Laura?

Barnes wants to question Johnny about it.
They can't find him.

- I want to find him first.
- Peter!

Jenny, just wait till I get there.


I'll be right here.


Didn't give his name?

Says it's a friend?

I'm sure he is. Yeah, put him through.


Johnny, it's okay.
We'll straighten it out.

I want you to meet me
at Jenny St. Clair's.

That's right. The address

is 1418 north oak street.

Third floor.

But don't let anybody see you go in.

- Who is it?
- It's me, Johnny venuti.


- Hey, come on. Johnny venuti.
- What do you want?

Dr. Ross told me to come here.

Hey, come on, open up. Please?

Okay. Okay, hold on.

Come in.

Are you all right?

I've really done it to myself.

Feel I'm gonna have to...

Go back and finish my sentence.

But I can't.

I can't. I'd kill myself first.
I'm not kidding.

Don't worry. Please.
Why don't you sit down?

I don't feel so good.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

See, I'm no good.

I'm bad.

- No, I wouldn't say you were bad.
- Yes.

I've always... I've always been bad.

Bubba's good.

I never had... I never I had the...

Guts for armed robbery
or nothing like that.

Cars is more my thing.

I don't think nothing of stealing cars.

You hear what happened to Laura?

Yeah, I heard.

Yeah. She...

She was real good, you know?

Gave me a funny feeling, though,
you know, when I...

I saw her body underneath that sheet.

I don't know.

It was like...

It was like bubba and me was next.

God almighty, come on back.
I can't wait all night!

I'm sure he's coming as fast as he can.


What? What?

- Did you call the cops?
- No.

- Did you?
- Nol

Think she knows more
than she's letting on?

I don't know, but we're going to find out.

- Put out the apb on Johnny?
- Yes, sir, I have.

What floor does she live on?

- Third, I think.
- Jesus.

Somebody, stop the elevator, please.

Stop the elevator, somebody!

Somebody, please stop the elevator!

Somebody, please stop the elevator!
Stop it!

Stop it. Help me, please!

Oh, god!

Wait, please!

Help me! Help me!

Stop the elevator!

Somebody! Please!

Stop the elevator! Please!
Somebody, please stop it!

Help me! Please stop the elevator!

Officer, call an ambulance!

- Ross, is that you?
- Yes.

Get up here!

So Ross telephoned you
and told you about Laura's death.

He also said that Johnny was missing,
and he was going to try to find him.

About 20 minutes later,
Johnny arrived at your apartment

saying Ross had told him to wait for him.

Yes. I've told you all that before.

That's the extent of your involvement?


Very well, miss St. Clair.

Now, doctor, after leaving the hospital,

how long before venuti phoned you?

Five or ten minutes.

I took the call in my car.

Who put him through?

The call service.

They said he was a friend of mine.

I guessed who it was.

Why were you so late arriving
at miss St. Clair's?

You should have been there before us.

Maybe you were.

I'd hoped to be.
I wanted to take Johnny to the hospital.

I got stopped running a red light.

You were an officer in vietham?

Along with
a couple hundred thousand others.

You had instruction in demolition.

You could've killed Barbara.

Are you accusing me of murder?

Who the hell knows
what you were saying to Henry.

You could've said
or done something up there,

something we couldn't see or hear.

You could've murdered Laura.

You've been in and out of patients' rooms
so often, the ward no longer notices you.

In fact, no one could say when they'd
last seen you in the corridor.

- You know where I was.
- Yes. The hockey rink.

And conveniently,
the attendant didn't see you arrive,

so I don't know when you got there.

Are you accusing me of murder?

Is this your gun?

You know damn well it is.

- Why do you keep it in the hospital?
- Where else should I keep it?

You and the others have been telling me
someone's trying to kill me.

It was my sidearm in the service.

I'm sure you've checked the serial numbers
and know all that.

Something about this whole thing
smells to high heaven.

I know it, I sense it, I feel it.
All your alibis are just a little too pat.

I'd arrest you...

Except for one thing. There's no motive.

All that's lacking is a motive.
There's none that I can see.

You arrogant, unconscionable bastard.

When you discover the motive...

Let me be the first to know.

I'll get right to the point, Peter.

Your program is finished.

There will be no further experiments
with implosion therapy in this hospital.

I'm sorry.

Peter, I think I can speak for all of us.

We're just as disappointed as you are.

But I'm sure you'll have
other opportunities.

There will be other hospitals,
other universities...

Let me reassure you that nothing negative
need be said about this.

We intend to keep as low a profile
as possible.

How's bubba?

He had to be medicated last night.
He's sleeping now.

The warden is sending a man down
to pick him up.

He'll be back in prison this evening.

I'll go see if he's awake.

No more treatments, Peter.
You're shut down.

You made yourself perfectly clear,
Dr. clegg.

Certainly you don't object
if I go and say good-bye.

The press is waiting.
Would you like to be present?


Thank you.

Go check on them
and see what time they're coming.


Thank you, inspector. Sergeant?


I was looking for Peter.
Am I in the wrong office?


Come in.

I didn't know you shared an office.

We don't.

Those his files?

I was just about to glance through them.

With or without his permission?

Look, miss St. Clair, there is no reason
for you and I to be enemies.

My fondness for Peter
in no way affects your relationship.

He's deeply attached to you.

And I to him.

What are you searching for?

Peter won't mind.

I thought I might find some hint,
some clue as to what's been happening

that Peter may have overlooked
in his records.

Four out of five patients
in this project are dead.

- The deaths must link up somehow.
- And do they?

You walked in on me
before I had a chance to find out.

Where is Peter?

He went down to see bubba king
to say good-bye.

Say good-bye?


He's finished here.

Yeah. Yeah, I thought that would happen.

Tell me.

How was Peter last night?

Johnny's death
must've affected him terribly.

But I'm sure he didn't show it.

That magnificent detachment.

As a doctor, he has to remain objective.
You know that.

But in his own personal life,
he does show it. I've seen it.

I saw it when he told me
about the death of his sister.

I didn't even know he had one.

Yes, well, he did.


She drowned.

He tried to save her, but he couldn't.

How old was he at the time?

Seven, I think.

That's why he's afraid of water.

And when his father threw him in,
forcing him to swim,

he must've seen it as a punishment.

He must've seen it as a punishment.

As if his father wanted him to drown too.

He blames himself for his sister's death.

He feels like a criminal.

His patients are criminals.

And they're guilty too.

And if he...


And if he can't cure them...

What are you saying?

Where's bubba king's room?
I want to talk to Peter.

Where's bubba's room?

One floor down.

Could you tell me
where bubba king's room is, please?

Actually, I'm looking for Dr. Ross.

Dr. Ross has taken Mr. king
to the treatment room.

Room 111, down the hall.

Okay, thank you.



Jenny. What a nice surprise.

- Are you all right?
- Everything's fine.

I thought you might be depressed
or feeling...


What's happened is for the best.
I'm ready to move on.

- I'm glad to hear that.
- What do you think about Houston?

- What do you mean?
- I think it would suit.

It's got great hospitals, good clinics.
Handsome endowment fund.

I could do my experiments,

lecture at some
of the more important hospitals.

- I don't know, Peter.
- I do.

I think that we could find
a wonderful house with a big backyard.

Probably even strike oil.

You are mad!

Where's bubba? You finished his treatment?

Bubba? He's here.

Oh, my god!

What happened to him?

Is that a rattlesnake?


Peter, what happened?

I had to punish them.


I planned his death differently,
but he was being taken away from me.

I thought of letting him go...

But that wouldn't have been fair
to the others.

They had to be punished too.

Peter, you don't know what you're saying.

But they were weighed in the balance
and found guilty.


I gave them the chance.
I built this room for them.

I gave them the rooms,
the screens, the images.

They wouldn't get better.

I tried.

God knows I tried.

But they wouldn't be cured.

They wouldn't swim,

so they had to drown.

I won't listen to you...

You will listen.

I had a baby sister once.

I can never remember her name.

She died when I was seven.

She drowned in the family pool.

I couldn't get to her in time.

I bagged that rattler for bubba myself.

And I waited and planned ever since.

I kept that snake well hidden.

And then this exigency.

I would've preferred to have done it
the way I wanted.

Five airtight alibis.

No. No, Peter! Please, no.

All I had to say to Henry...

Was, "look down...

And, lo, trust in me."


Give me the gun, please?

I'm not going to spend the rest of my life
in a chemical straitjacket.