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Peranbu (2018) - full transcript

A single father tries to raise his daughter, who has cerebral palsy, even as she is beginning to wake up to her sexuality.


I am writing this story based on a
few select incidents from my life.

And I write this just so you realise
how blessed your lives are.

Compassionately yours,

Sir, look at your daughter.

Didn't I tell you everything will be fine
once you move here?

Paapa, Paapa!

Look over there.

Look that way!

That's the house your
daddy has bought for you!

Do you see it?

Arianna, I've told all your stories.

I'll be staying here for another 3 days.
Is it okay?


Just be careful. Real-estate guys are
really keen on this property.

I gave this to you,
just for your daughter.

She'll be better here.


Chapter One.

Nature is hateful.

What's this?


Good night.



What happened?

I don't know.
She's been like this for a while now.


Generally people who come across children
like my Paapa empathise...

and shower affection upon them.

But this children never know the reality that
such affectionate people will be gone soon.

Like the last born kitten never knows
it will soon be a meal of its mother.




I started writing this letter after the fifth
minute you called me from Chennai airport.

I will not be at home
by the time you reach Thindivanam.

You left on the pretext
of work to Dubai and...

in these 11 years you hardly
came home for 100 days.

After you came to
know that our child is spastic...

you came less frequently
and eventually stopped coming.

All these days, as a mother...

I took good care of our child
and trained her my best.

But your mother, your sister-in-law,
this town and my mind...

have tormented me and
made me a bad mother as well.

All these years I have taken care of her.
Now, it's your turn!

I am leaving.

I am leaving with a man
who loves and respects me.

To put it loud and clear,
"I am eloping with another man!".



- Reached home?
- Yes!

Dear... Daddy.

Don't scream dear,
I am your dad.

Daddy, here.

Don't scream dear! Daddy...
Hey Amudhavan, open the door.

Hey Amudhavan, open the door.

Shut her mouth, do it now.

Don't scream. Neighbor Aunty
will loosen her dogs.

What happened Paapa?
Shut her mouth.

He's your daddy.

It's ok. Don't cry dear.

Listen to me dear.

Mom? Mom... She will come soon.

Mom! That eloped one should have
dragged this thing along with her.

Mother, stop the rubbish!

I have been asking you to banish
this kid since her birth.

At least listen to your mother now.

Okay. You eat on your own.

I will get some water.



- Paapa...
- Uncle.

Do you know what you should
do, to be friends with Paapa?

- What should I do?
- One second.

You should keep this hand
like this; Other hand like this.

Keep the mouth like this.

Keep the legs apart like this.

Then if you walk she will like you.

Hey, what are you doing? Go inside.

You better bring your wife
back and move to a separate house.

Your mom and your wife
can never be in good terms.

My daughter keeps imitating your daughter. I
fear, that one day she will turn like her.

Isn't it troublesome enough for me
to be married to your brother?

All these years I was worried
why Paapa is not like other children.

But when I tried walking like
her, I realised...

comparing one person with another
is brutal.

What happend Paapa?
Why are you crying?

What happened?

Shall daddy take this to
doctor and make it fly?

Would you like to come with me?

Shall I leave, then?

Please wait, my son
will come in sometime.

The residents' association
members have come. Talk to them.

Hello. Welcome. Please sit.

Mom, get coffee for everybody.

Sir, we are not here to drink your
coffee. Take a seat. We need to talk.

Tell me sir.

Mr.Krishnan, you tell him.

We have already spoken about
this to your wife and mother many times.

Please vacate this house.

Don't mistake us.

We understand your situation. You
should think about ours too, right?

We built homes with our lifetime savings to
spend our retirement life peacefully.

We are sick as well.

Each time your daughter
screams, we almost get killed.

We are house owners. You are a tenant.
You're obliged to listen to us.

Where do we go? Wherever
we go, the issue is the same.

How does that matter to us?

It's the fruit of your sins!
You should bear it yourself.

Give us a solution! Yes, I will!

Get lost!

This man doesn't seem to comply. No point
in talking to him. Come, let's go.

Why do you need a house
in an isolated place?

Sir, he is a nature lover.

He wishes to live his life
in the green pastures.

That is not true, sir.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry in this
town knows that my wife eloped.

It's embarrassing to
walk on these streets.

My daughter is unwell.

Even my kith and kin
don't like my daughter.

What happened to your daughter?

In English language, it
is called as 'spastic'.

What medicines do you give?

I am not giving any medicines.

Alopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda or Siddha.

None of them has a cure for it.

And this is not even a disease,
that needs to be cured with medications.

This is how she was born.
This is how she will be forever.

Sorry sir.

That house is owned
by a foreigner.

She wants to sell it to someone
who's genuine and good.

They are very
eco-friendly people.

You should not get an electricity
connection or commercialize it.

They have few
conditions like that.

Any condition is fine with me.

I need a place where humans never intrude
and sparrows never die.


Daddy is going out.

I'll come back only in the evening.

Chapter two.

Nature is wondrous.

After that, she stayed outside
when I was inside the home.

And I stayed outside
when she was inside.

We started to live our life
like the sun and the mist.

This horse is just for you, Paapa.

I named it Nail Polish.
Come out, Paapa.

In the days that followed,
lights of harmony began to shine.

One, two, three...

One, two, three...


After one, two, three, it's four.

One, two, three...


One, two, three, four, five, six.

One, two, three...

Whether we know to count till three
or three million, we can't count the stars!

What's the point in knowing
the numbers that can't be counted!

My regrets that,
Paapa didn't know many things...

became tinier than the star
that shone at the farthest horizon.

Paapa, won't you ever talk to daddy?

Am I too serious?

Shall I become more cheerful?

You like music, right?

Shall I sing? Shall I? Wait, wait.

♪ Old Tamil melody song ♪

You didn't like it, right?

I will sing a happy song.

♪ Old Tamil folk song ♪

Alright, you didn't like
this one too, right?

I will sing a Hindi song.

♫ One two three four five
six seven eight nine ♫

No no...

♫ One two three ♫
♫ One two three ♫

Daddy knows only this much of Hindi.

Alright, Daddy will sing one special song!

♪ Singing Gibberish ♪

Why are you being like this?

The foreigner danced that day, right?

Shall I dance like that?

Do you like it?

You like puppies a lot, right?

Shall I become your puppy?

See, it is wagging it's tail.
See, tail...

I don't know what should I do beyond this?

What do you want daddy to do, Paapa?

Don't you like this house?

Don't you like daddy?

Should we move to some other place?
Don't you like this place?

You tell me what do you want?

Daddy will get it for you.

Promise. Promise.

Tell me Paapa, tell me.



Close the door.

It flew away.

my six months wait didn't conspire,

Everything, my efforts didn't conspire,

A tiny bird from a faraway land
with its tiny flaps,

Conspired, shying away the past.

O dear one! You are the epitome of love.
O dear one! You are the apple of my eyes.

A tiny bird is enough and more
to bind the sky and earth.

O small boat,
you are the one who carried the sea.

O dear one! You are the epitome of love.
O dear one! You are the apple of my eyes.

Rivers where the sparrow swims.
Forests where the fishes fly.

Fire that unfurls the snow,
You are the magic.

Your fallen face in the lake
will be carried away by the angels.

I lost the directions.
And floated over the waves.

Then, you came, you stood like an island.

O small boat,
you are the one who carried the sea.

O dear one! You are the epitome of love.
O dear one! You are the apple of my eyes.


Mannavanoor Govindraj asked me to
bring you immediately.

How long will we stare
at each others' face?

Make your decision, fast.

Ask me any number of times,
but my answer won't change.

The house is not mine.
That foreigner owns it.

If you want it, ask her.

Oh, the foreigner owns it!

You tricked her with your sob story
and got a 10 million rupee house...

for just 1 million rupees.
Trying to fool us now, smart-ass?

It's okay. Let it go.

You got it for one million rupees. He's
offering one and a half million rupees.

Why don't you sell it off and leave for
good? He's come all the way from Chennai.

I'm not selling it.

But he will buy it.

Sir, ask them not to hit.

Hey! Stop it.

Reporter from Vikatan magazine.
Oh! You are back with your mafia again?

You're mining illegally. You know
what will happen if I publish this?

Fine, you take him now.
Don't bother him hereafter.

Sir, let's go. We'll handle it.

Govindraj phoned me. But by
the time I came it was late.

These people kept bothering that
foreigner lady, too.

Don't worry. We are all here to help.

I witnessed God's hand only through you.

This is the moment
I found the purpose of being born.

Thunder and lightning broke in,
But the lonely tree survived its plight.

You speak in the language of moon,
I speak in the language of earth,

As we went on,
the flowers began to speak.

Oh, my dear daughter!
Oh…Oh, my dear daughter!

One, two, three. One...


One, two, three, four...


Chapter three.

Nature is cruel.



- Wait.
- Okay, Sir.






What are you doing here, Paapa?

It's nothing.

Come, get up. It's nothing.

Don't be scared.

Listen, Paapa. Daddy is home, right?

It's nothing, it's nothing...
Nothing to worry.

Daddy's home. Don't be afraid.

Daddy is here, alright?

Okay? Don't cry.

Daddy's got a nice lady to help you.

Don't cry. Come here.

I will ask her to come.
Just wait, okay?


Please hold her tight, sir.

Get moving, woman!

Wait. I'm going, I'm going.

You said you'll come in the morning.
And you walk in now!

I've not come to work, sir. Just pay
me yesterday's wage. I'll get going.

But Paapa hasn't changed anything.

Sir, you pay my money.

Please wait.

I told you everything yesterday.
What's your problem now?

This is a desolate house
in the forest.

And you are incredibly fair and handsome.
Plus you're tall!

See, that's my husband.
He suspects me.

Sir, please just pay me. Let me go.

Shall I try talking to him once?

Please don't make it worse.
Just let me go. Please give my money.

- Hey...
- Wait.

Sir, don't hand it to me.
That man will abuse me for that, too.

Leave it on the floor.

Only nature treat humans based on
their genders as man and woman.

Thus, I was fathomed that love and
affection is beyond such differences.

After that I started to take
care of all the needs of Paapa.

Chapter four.

Nature is miraculous.

Mannavanoor Govindraj said,
you were looking for a maid?

But I was looking for a housemaid.

Hey, what are you...?

Who are you? Where are you from?

You just barged into the house…?

Vijayalakshmi, Sir.

Not from here.

Got nowhere to go.

I've got problems I can't even describe.

If you give me food and shelter.
I'll do all the chores.

Not just chores, you'll have to
look after my daughter, too.

I can do that, sir.

No, she's a bit different.

She's the new housemaid.

I will take care, sir.

This day the rains fell on my shoulders
and wagged its tail.

This day the firefly winked
over my eyes in the pitch darkness!

Even if you plant a seed upside down,
the sapling will rise towards the sky.

The eternal love straightens
all twisted roads of life.

Even if the season passes away
the grasses never wither.

It takes only a downpour
to bring back the green pastures.

This day the rains fell on my shoulders
and wagged its tail.

This day the firefly winked
over my eyes in the pitch darkness!


What are you doing?


You must never ask her such questions.

Just pretend like you didn't see it
and walk away.

A father must never speak such things
to his daughter.

She's just a child.

She's a child only to us.

She needs to meet and
hang out with girls her age...

to handle these teenage issues.

You just dragged her
to the middle of the forest.

Who will she talk to?

Poor thing!

Oh, come on.
As if other kids would talk to her!

My own brother's wife asked
her kids not to mingle with Paapa.

You won't get it… Vijayalakshmi.

The pouring raindrops never know
the place of its fall.

The wandering soul never know
the existences of kith and kin.

Below the cloudless sky,
Like a thirsty bird,

Even when you fly with no hopes,
Caring people will come to you.

If the breeze is damp,
And a forest is seen afar,

They will say aloud that
the water creek is nearby.

This day the rains fell on my shoulders
and wagged its tail.

This day the firefly winked
over my eyes in the pitch darkness!

Look over there, that's the house.

Let that be. Is it done or not?

How can I do it so fast?

I need to speak to them,
earn their trust and then convince them.

Alright. What happened to your mobile?

There's no network in that house.
It's a forest!

How can I tell them that?

They barge into the house and ask me
why my wife hasn't called yet.

Tell them I'll get it done
somehow in another 10 days.

Govindaraj, isn't that Vijayalakshmi?

- The lady you sent?
- Yes sir.

Is it him?


If you're planning to quit,
please let me know.

He's my maternal uncle, sir.

Where you go, whom you meet...

I don't have the rights
to question all that.

I won't leave, sir.

I don't even have the
right to ask you this.

My wife… just left without even a word.

I was okay. After all I'm
just the husband, right?

But Paapa, poor child…

she suffered a lot.

I really won't leave, sir.

My wife is not a bad person.

She's a good mother.

It was me. I was barely a husband.

Are you laughing at me?





Drink some water.

Shall I bring you something to drink?
No, it's okay.

No. Go to sleep, Vijayalakshmi.

No, I'll bring you tea.

Was I too loud?

What did I say?

I wasn't listening.

I hardly talk to anyone, right?

So I end up muttering things in my sleep.

That's what I was thinking, too.

Why do you live all alone in this forest?

If you live in the city,
there'll be someone to talk to.

And Paapa will learn a few things, too.
She will be happy.


Drink your tea.

Nobody has ever soaked
my feet in warm water, Viji.

Nobody has ever rubbed
holy-ash on my forehead, Viji.

Why are you being so nice to us, Viji?

Please drink the tea.

In my dream, my wife
was sleeping with another man.

She was laughing at me.

I couldn't take it.

I am also a normal man, right?

I can't handle this.

I can't.

I can't.

No Viji, you should go and sleep.


What Viji?

Yesterday night...

Yesterday night?

What's with that smile!

- Viji...
- Yes?


Tell me! Yesterday night...?

Here, eat the potatoes
your daddy sliced up.

I brought the water.

Viji... Yes, yesterday night...?

Will you marry me?

Eat, eat.

Chapter five.

Nature is mysterious.



You are Vijayalakshmi's
maternal uncle, right?


I've been trying to find you for a week.

Viji and I got married.

I've been meaning to tell you.
And here you are!

Come on, sir. Let's go home.

What's the matter with your motorcycle?

Tyre is punctured. Oh, puncture?

Alright, we'll leave it at the workshop and
take it tomorrow morning.

No. I'll handle it, sir.
Come on, come home.

Viji will be happy to see you.
Leave it sir. I will take care of it.

Come, sir.

Sir, I'll manage.
That's okay. I'll help you.

Viji, Viji...

Your uncle!

Why do you look so shocked?
Make him feel at home.


Come in, sir.

Viji, serve him food.

Please sit.

What happened?

Both of you start eating.

Paapa may wake up. I'll be with her.

It's my wedding waist-cloth.

I lived in Dubai,
so I wear track pants at night.

I only have this one waist-cloth.
Hope it's fine.

Please eat your food.

How's the food?

It's nice, sir.

Look at me, I'm asking you
about your niece's cooking.

Viji cooks really well.
Please eat, sir.

Oh, you haven't been served veggies.

- Enough sir.
- Eat sir.

You haven't changed?

No, it's very cold. So pants are better.

Oh, okay.

You don't have to lie on the mat.

It'll be too cold.
I can sleep there.

All this time,
it was just three of us, right?

After Paapa falls asleep,
Viji and I sleep on this cot.

Now that you've come, I'll buy
another bed before your next visit.

You lie down there.

Please lie down.

Cover yourself with the blanket.

It'll be too cold.
At nights, it just snows down!

Okay, sir.

See, I didn't even ask your name.



Can I call you Babu?

Okay, sir.


Viji has turned this place into a home.

I haven't seen Paapa this happy before.

Viji is the only person
to cut my nails for me.

I didn't ask her about
her hometown or anything.

What's the point in asking?

Babu, one should be blessed
to have a wife like Viji.

I have suffered a lot.

Now life's peaceful.

All because of Viji.

Open the window.


I won't ask you anything.
Please come out.

I know you did all of this for us, Viji.


We should somehow get this
done in a week's time.

There's no other way around, Viji.

Chapter six.

Nature is dangerous.

Babu, your tyre wasn't punctured.
It just needs some air.

I've pumped air and left it there.
Okay sir.

Thanks sir.

Next time you're around here,
you must definitely drop by.


- See you later, then.
- Bye.


What the hell you doing?

Get lost!

How stupid of me to trust you and
let you in my home!

Come anywhere near my house again,
I'll kill you.

Good that you've saved me.
Get lost, woman.


Where are you going?

It's nothing. You go inside.


She says she can't live with you anymore.
She has broken the marriage.

As compensation,
she's demanding this house.

If you don't give, she'll go to the police.

You know what will happen
if a woman files a police complaint.

They'll beat you black and blue.

Or, If you're planning to go to court,
go ahead.

But remember,
your daughter is all alone at home.

We'll send her to beg in the streets.
Hear me?

You could have just taken
the 1.5 million and left.

You played too cool that day.
Now you lost everything.

Sign the papers.

Sign them now.

Sign now.

Sign now.

Stop staring. Sign now.

I shouldn't have sent her before
checking her background. It's my fault.

Sorry, sir.

It's okay, Govindaraj.

That man isn't her maternal uncle.

He's her husband.

Those mobsters
who threatened us at the quarry...?

They used them as bait
to snatch the property from us.

That man and her husband
have cheated us.

Your marriage to her
is not even valid.

Just say the word, we'll go to the police.
I'll come with you.

No, Govindaraj. It's okay.

He's my son, sir.

I've left Paapa's clothes here.

I have packed everything.

We are also leaving.

Paapa isn't a child anymore.

She has all the feelings of a grown woman.
Take care of her.

Sir, at least ask us why we did this.


Just hear us out, once.

Sorry, Babu.
I didn't know you were her husband.

Or I wouldn't have brought you home
and spoken such things.

Forgive me, Babu.

Why are you asking forgiveness?
Sorry, sir.

Please ask us once, why we did this, sir.

Please sir.

You have such a normal, beautiful baby...

and you still thought to cheat
someone like me.

Then how awful your problem must be!

It's okay. Let it go.


He's such a good person.

Then what are we!

This nature taught me that the anger,
regret, irritation, complains, revenge...

and all such emotions
within me is so meaningless.

I don't know what more nature
has in its kitty for me.

Floor is wet. Please mop it.

I won't do all that.
Cleaning guy will come tomorrow morning.

The child may slip!

Wait, I will bring a sack-cloth.


Shall I mop it?

No, it's okay.

Sir, is this your daughter?


There's this Goddess Amman temple nearby.

Take your daughter there.
If you go there, everything will be okay.

Hey Guru, what are you talking over there?

Go and attend room number 8.
I'm coming, sir.

Stay here for a while.

Hey, let go of me.

Oh, you'll only go with the customers?
Not the bell-boy?

You're a trouble-monger.






Can't refund the money.

Sir, I came looking for you.

There's the MN Lodge nearby.

Take your daughter there.

It's a safe place.

My boss will be looking for me.

I must go.

Goddess Amman temple. Don't forget, sir.

Take your daughter there.
She will be alright.



Daddy has kept biscuits, apple, rice
and water.

Eat on time. Okay?

I will lock it outside.

Nobody will get in.

Don't be scared. Shall I leave?

Give me your hand. Good girl!


Chapter seven.

Nature is unbridled.

How many years of experience?

10 years in Dubai.

You got police verification certificate?


Then you have to pay extra
1000 rupees for that. Yes.

Come for a test drive tomorrow.

Ok sir.

Place your thumb impression here.

What do you want?




Do you want lollypop?

Say thank you.

Thank you.


Daddy will get a good
job in another 4 days.

Then we can move into a nice house.

Have it.

I will do the dishes and get back.

Paapa, look here.

Look at the TV.
Watch how this uncle is dancing!

Like daddy did the other day.

Oh, you have put on some make-up!


Look now.


How about a sticker?

What happened? Were
you day dreaming?

See what I got for you dear!

Barbie doll!

Is it nice?



Sanitary pad?

We don't have any.

I'll go buy one?

But will you stay without fear?

Don't worry. I'll be back soon.

Do you have any vehicle?
Need to go urgently.

Take my cycle. Be careful, sir.

Oh, you are watching TV?

Come, daddy will do it.


What are you going to do?

What are you up to?

Will you do it yourself?

Careful. Watch your step.

For children like Paapa, activities of a
normal child are like Everest climbing.

I felt I have nothing more to achieve
if she does this one thing by herself.




What happened?
Didn't I tell you?

Come on. Get up.

Didn't I tell you I'll do it?

Sit, sit here.

Hurt your leg?


Okay, I will do it for you.

What's wrong Paapa?

Daddy will do it for you.


They're taking care of her.

Who's your gynecologist?

No one.

Duty doctor will be here around 7.
You better consult her and go.

Any problem?

That... doctor will explain.
Please wait.


The doctor's calling you.

- Paapa?
- I'll take care.

Who was handling these things till now?

I was. But this time she wouldn't allow me.

She's becoming a woman.

She's beginning to see
that her father is a male.

She's not a child anymore.

What's the problem, doctor?

There is no problem.

Since she didn't clean properly,
there's a fungal infection.

I have asked the nurse to clean up.

Just to be safe,
I'll prescribe an antibiotic.

Which special school is she attending?

She doesn't go to any school.

Rehab, therapy, something of that sort?


She's in her teens.
She will have a lot of confusion.

Her immediate need is counselling.

There is Dr. Dhanapal
in Spastic Society of Tamil Nadu.

I'll share his contact with you.
You must definitely consult him.

Paapa, you're
watching too much TV.


Sleep now.


Don't worry. The school campus is safe.

Let her walk as she pleases.
Sit please.

I'm a driver in a call-taxi company.

It's only been two days since I started.
I'm looking for a house.

Even if I find one...

I'll be forced to lock her up
when I go to work.

Can you admit her in some special school
from 9 to 4...

and spend the rest of the time with her?

It's very difficult doctor.

Only if I work for 12-13 hours,

I'll be able to scrape through.

There's only one option then.

Admit her in some residential home
where they provide such training.

Normally, I wouldn't recommend this.

But at this point...

if you don't provide her counselling and
therapy, it will lead to other problems.

The residential home is
a short term solution.

You should create a comfort zone
and a female support...

and bring her out at the earliest.

That's the best for her.

Is there no other solution, doctor?

Sir, you always think about
what's easy for you.

Fearing the society and the
judgement, you hid her in a forest.

She lost her social skills.

You have no money, so you
brought her back to the city.

She's confused.

At least this time, be practical
and do what's right for her.

I'll recommend few homes.



Did my daughter come down?

You keep her locked, right?
Did you check in the toilet?



Sir, it's nothing.

There was a power cut.
Paapa got scared and screamed.

To pacify her, I used the
duplicate key and brought her up.


Chapter eight.

Nature is ruthless.

I wish to run this home
without taking donations.

But I can't afford to run it on my own.

Most of the parents doesn't
pay the fees regularly.

But, we can't send these kids off.

We have a conscience, right?

I am managing somehow.

Okay, sir. Let me tell and
pacify Paapa, before leaving.

It's not a good idea to
meet her before you leave.

Anyways, come along.

Do you like actor Surya's movies?

A lot?

Sir, sir, don't.

It's difficult to handle.

Whom did you watch with?


Come after some three days.

But you must come for sure.

Because most of the parents say so,
but never turn up.

Alright? Leave peacefully.

Uncle, come here.

Don't leave little sister here.

They'll hit.

They keep hitting me.

My dad. David. Phone.


Ask him to take me out.
Take me home…

Oh, he started again?

Hey Hitler, take him inside.

Take him in.

Sir, wait for a second.

Hello, sir.

What, sir?
My son spoke to a parent again?

Same thing! The usual.

Okay, give it.

One minute, I'll pass the phone.

Sir, his father.

You should leave without any doubt.

Please talk to him.


Don't worry about anything.

My son keeps lying to everyone like that.

It's a good place, sir.
They'll take good care.

Everything else is out of our hands.

Praise the Lord.


Leave her alone. She will cope
with it after crying for a while.

The mind is dead.

The earth is deaf.
And I am blind.

Whom will I ask
in this entire universe!

You, the one who left me
has also disappeared.

The mind is dead.

And it's dark here.
The moon is unseen.

O fate, you tell me,
Whom will I ask!

How to carry on shoulders,
a plant that's now a tree?

The mind is dead.

Even to stand and sleep,
there is no place on this earth.

When I hopped on a tree pole to live,
even the birds didn't let me in.

The mind is dead.

Let her go.

What happened?

It's nothing, sir.

Here, drink some water.

Oh no, you're bleeding?
Who's that guy?

More than half our customers
treat us like this, like beasts.

Shall we go to the doctor?
No, sir

I'll take you.

It's okay sir. My people will be
standing there. I'll go.

Thanks, sir.


those things are
neither male nor female.

If you get into their
problems, you'll be screwed.

As it is we're homeless, living out of the
car. Why to make it worse? Go, get in.

Like a baby crow I cried,
and there's no day left without it.

You stood under the tree,
But never strained to look up.

Even if it is impossible,
I tried before failing.

Even if it doesn't dawn,
I stare at the east.

In nature's judgement,
Am I the culprit?

Is nobody there,
To rectify and amend it?

The mind is dead.

Sister, eat, eat.

Sir, come inside.

I have shown you nearly
15 houses since morning.

This is the last house I know.
2000 rupees rent. Look around.

Some students are living here now.

They'll vacate in a week. If you're
okay with this, I'll fix the deal.

Such a bad day!

Sir. Sir.

What're you doing here?

Don't you recognise me?

Alright, wait there.
I'll come down.

The type of house you're looking
for will be around 5000 rupees.

Give me two days' time.
Now show me some money.

Thanks, sir.

That's our house. Come home, sir.

Some other time.

Please come home.

Won't you come to our house?

I'll come..

Don't take off your shoes.
It's okay. Just come in.

- Mom, sir has come.
- Please sit.

Welcome, sir.

My mother, sisters the elder
one, the younger one.

And this is our Blacky.

I'll make some tea for you.

No, I'm fine.

Please sir, I insist.

Speaks in transgender's language.

Hey, shut your mouth.
What's she saying?

It's nothing sir.
No problem, tell me.

It's just... You look very handsome.
No wonder Meera likes you so much.

Stop that crap.

Don't mistake us, sir.

Uncle, give it to me.

Daddy will find a home soon and take you.

Eat. Eat it, Paapa.

Sister. Eat. Eat.

Sir... When he likes someone a lot,
he does this.

Come on, eat it.

What's up?
Haven't seen you around for two days!

All the rides were around the beach.
So, parked there and slept.

No luck with customers here today.

Will you please drop me in the ECR area?
Get in.

Why are you rolling down the window?
The A/C is on.

It's always closed windows
with the customers.

At least today let me have
some fresh air on my face.

You're not my customer, right?

The lives like mine,
Have no place to retreat.

I have no one except you,
As mine and for myself.

The breeze on my face...

The breeze on my face,
Is dampened with sins.

And when I lean on you,
All my curses vanish.

Rains never stay up the skies,
Seeing the umbrellas beneath.

Life never ends in the middle,
Seeing the hurdles ahead.

The gently beating heart.

I've let it to a Bihari.

He's gone to his
hometown for six months.

Till then you can live like a king here.

The rent is thousand rupees.
Come inside.

What's this Meera?
Is he going to live in the loo?

My daughter's used only to the water
toilet. That's why I checked.

Oh, you've a daughter, sir? Yes.

- Where's she?
- In my hometown.

Then your wife?

Is that even a question? Wife will
be where the daughter is, right?

Sir, do you like the house or not?

Take a good look around, sir.

Sir, sir.

Yes, sir.

I need to see my daughter.

- Which one?
- Paapa.

Paapa? She's gone for a
picnic to Pondicherry.

Pondicherry? Nobody informed me.

They'll be back by tomorrow evening.

He's gone along with them.

You can meet him tomorrow.
Okay sir?

Gone? Yes, he has.

Uncle, uncle. Come here.

Sister. Up there. Beaten.

Should I come, sir?

You keep quiet. I'll
handle it myself.

Okay, sir.
Just make sure no one comes upstairs.

Okay, sir.




Don't panic, sir. I will open the door.

It's nothing, sir.
I will open the door now.

Relax, sir.

Sir, sir...
Paapa, what happened?

What's all this, sir?
She fell down.

Does it look like she
got hurt in a fall?

She became violent, so...

You should understand our situation too.

I should understand your situation!

Should I understand your situation?

The girl doesn't care who
is around, or where she is!

She starts fingering herself.

Only by hitting can we correct her.

Chapter nine.

Nature is thirsty.


- Hello sir.
- Hello.

The church is under renovation.

We don't have chairs here.

Please sit here. I'll get some water.

Please drink.

Sir, that home is
not as good as you think.

Your son is right. They beat
the children over there.

They have beaten my daughter too.

I brought her back.

Mine is a girl-child. I brought her
back even being a single father.

You have a boy, right?

Please bring him back.

Poor thing!

You're working in a church.

You don't need
my words to understand this.

Does it matter!

Church is not in the heaven, right?

Suddenly he will take off his clothes
and run naked to the streets.

He'll jerk off mindless of the place.

The rogues and the dogs of the road pelt
stones at him like he's a stray dog.

At least they're hitting him
now behind closed doors.

Let them.

Mother Mary will take care.

Take a seat.

Maybe, children like Paapa don't
know that it's a private thing.

You're not alone.
Lot many share the same.

Watch this video.

You'll see that your plight is
much better then their's.

Not just spastic kids,
even normal children face this issue.

Most teenagers today are depressed due to
lack of company of girlfriends/boyfriends.

21 is not the age where
you learn sex on your own!

Kids should learn about sex by discussing
with parents from the ages of 10-12.

So parents should be made aware of this.

My brother is forty,
attack-6 cerebral palsy.

I am twenty-five.

Parents are not alive.
I'm taking care of my brother.

As my brother lives with me
nobody is ready to marry me.

And for my brother there's
no question of marriage..

But we both do have sexual
feelings, what to do?

Sex workers are the only solution.

Nobody from our family cares about us..

I struggled a lot to bring her up.

All I pray to God these days
is to take her before me.

My daughter's hands and legs are paralysed.
She's mentally retarded.

I make her bath.

I clean her shit.

Then who else will do 'that' for her?

For the society, sex may be a taboo.
For parents like us, it is a normal thing.

Are you ok sir?

Should we inform someone?

No, It's Okay.


Leave it. Leave it.

I'll take it out. Don't worry.

It's nothing. Don't worry.

It's alright.

Daddy will never leave you
and go anywhere, alright?

Chapter ten.

Nature is lawless.

Who are you?

I came to the house upstairs.

Go up, then.

Sir, please sit down.

He has come.


Your ex.

Why's he here now?

I don't know.

We made things clear
last time itself, right?

You come and talk to him.

- No, that's...
- Please come.

Tell me Sir.

We came back to Chennai.
Oh okay.


Make a tea for sir.

We changed Thangam's name as Stella.

Drink your tea, sir.

Was born last month. Girl child.

She's all good, normal child.

Drink your tea.

Okay, I am leaving.

Drink your tea and go, sir.

If they had asked a word about
Paapa's well being,

I would have asked
them to take care of Paapa.

If I had stayed a bit longer,
maybe, they would have asked.

But I was not able to stay any longer.


I told Meera that your daughter has come.

She has come to see her.

You left the door locked as always.

I've got her in with my spare keys.

Meera's cooking is unbelievable sir.

Even a woman won't cook this good.

Sir, your daughter likes Meera a lot.

She ate well and is sleeping peacefully.

Sir, join me for a drink later?


Good, sir.

Meera, come out.

Take your bag.


Will you accept if I barge
in to your house like this?

No, sir.

So you guys were doing your
dirty job when I am not here.

Nothing of that sort sir.

What the hell you both were
doing in front of my daughter?

We did nothing sir.

I just talked to her, gave
some food and then she slept.

My daughter doesn't need any of these.

Please don't come here anymore.




You like daddy a lot?

Will you listen to
whatever daddy says?

Then will you stop watching TV?

Okay okay. You watch TV.

Will you come with me wherever I go?

Will you jump after me, If I do?

Daddy was just kidding.





I'll get it.

Welcome sir.

Mom, busy tying those flowers?

Sir has come.
Did you give him anything to drink?

- I asked him.
- Wait sir.

Sir, I thought you'll hate me forever.

I am really happy that
you've come to my home.

Thank you sir.

That's okay.

I need to talk to you.

What's it about sir?


Sir has got something personal
to tell you, isn't it sir?

I'll wait in the auto-rickshaw.

You said you wanted to talk something?

Back home in Kerala, we wear
this saree only for...

special occasions or during festivals
or when we go to temples.

I'm wearing this for the first
time after coming to Chennai.

Do you like it, sir?

Yes. Nice.

Don't feel shy. Tell me what it is?

You still haven't said
what you wanted to say.

Do you know any brothels nearby?


No... You know these kind of...
any brothels around here?

I maybe someone who does business
on the road for cheap money.

But I don't know these kind of places.

I'll go wash my hands.


I've told to madam.
Ask whatever you want.

You please wait outside.

This isn't a place that provide
those kind of services.

We're an NGO for the
welfare of sex workers.

I am meeting you because Meera said.

What do you want?

Male prostitute...!


No, men who do these kind of jobs?

There are separate groups for gays.

I will share their contact.

It's not for me.

To whom then?

For my daughter.

I have been doing it for ten
years before coming here.

Never have I seen a dirty scum like
you, pimping his own daughter.

Get out first.

Why do all fathers seek
grooms for their daughters?

Why do they get them married?

It's for this too, right?

My daughter's hands and legs are paralysed.

I can never get her married.

She is just fourteen.

But she has feelings.

I am the only one for her.

Death comes to anyone at anytime, right?

I wish to do everything I
can for her before I die.

We will go for the needs of
oldies and bedridden males.

But men won't do so.

I'll let you know if I
come across someone.

Sorry, sir.

Meera... the one who came with me?

She just left.

Chapter eleven.

Nature is endless.

Let all the Gods bless us
with the best of words.

What's her name and age?

Paapa, age, 14.

Food will be there. Wealth will be there.
Will live long.

The lines of fortune
are at their best.

She's her dad's darling.

Education will prosper.

Seems her marriage will happen
somewhere between 18 and 20.

Her prince charming will be a good man.

She maybe lucky to have 5 kids,
but chances are better for 3.

She'll be a role model for women and
will prosper in the field of medicine.

No other issues.
The angels are with her.

Do you want to know anything else?

Nothing else.

Pay me then.


How are you?

Meera, what are you doing here?

Don't you know?

See you, Paapa.

Paapa, look here.

Will you come with me wherever I go?

Shall we go to some place
where nobody can see us?

Shall we get under the sea?

Shall we?


Shall we?



Come on. Don't be scared.


Daddy's here. Come.

Don't scream!

Leave her sir. Leave her.

Chapter twelve.

Nature is compassionate.

What is it?

Paapa, wait.

Let her go, Meera.

Come on, she's going all alone.

I had to plunge into an ocean
and emerge out of it...

to discover something
there is called compassion.

And the person who made me
discover this, is my wife, Meera.