Peppermint (2018) - full transcript

Five years after her husband and daughter are killed in a senseless act of violence, a woman comes back from self-imposed exile to seek revenge against those responsible and the system that let them go free.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

- You don't remember me, do you?
- Fuck you! Fuck...

Jose, she's here.

Did she find it?

Don't wave.

All right.

Mom, hurry up.


- Riley!
- She's back.

- Riley!
- Just keep going.

I know
you can hear me.

Honestly, I don't know
what you were thinking.

Sorry, Peg.
I said I was sorry.

This parking lot is
where we set up.

Everybody knows that,
from here to the Pottery Barn.

We have earned this spot
because we sell

more Firefly Christmas
baked cookies than anyone.

Maybe if you actually showed up to a Den
Mother meeting, you'd know these...

Well, not all of us can sit around
in our perfect little houses

south of the Boulevard,

Some of us have to work.

I will be lodging
a formal grievance

- at the next Den Mother meeting.
- Okay, you do that.

I don't think you're
Firefly Troop material.

Neither one of you.

Come on, Penelope.

What an asshole.

- Don't say that.
- Well, she is.

Well, maybe so.
But still...

You should've punched
her lights out.

her lights out, huh?

You can't go around punching
people who are jerks.

Then you're just as
bad as they are.

Mom, I know you took
the morning off work.

Thanks, for trying
to help me.

Do you know
how amazing you are?

Happy birthday,
get in the car.

Run, run, run.
Go, go, go.

Listen, I wouldn't ask...

When do you think?

Next month.

Right. Yeah, thanks.

- Hi, Daddy.
- Hey, squirt.

- Oh, how are you?
- Hey.

- I'm good.
- Good.

- I should be home by 4:30.
- Okay.

Someone's gonna have a birthday party.

The other kids
will be there by 4:00.

Can you handle 30
minutes on your own?

How many other kids?

All my friends, Daddy.

Chris North, everything in your life
has prepared you for this moment.

Oh, hey, I'm late. Love you.

Love you, bye.

- Love you.
- Bye, guys. Bye!

Come here,
birthday girl. Oh!

Oh, hi, Mr. Watson.
I'm late. Sorry.

Well, we'll talk about it later. I
gotta do some Christmas shopping.

- Okay.
- And I need you to close today.

- Oh, today is actually...
- Dee Dee called in sick.

So you're closing.

- It's my daughter's birthday...
- You asked for extra hours.

I'm giving them to you.
You're closing.

Are you sure, Mickey?
Are you really sure?

- 'Cause, don't put me in a situation...
- I got kids too, man.

Ten minutes, our lives change.
Our kids' lives change.

Nobody knows, nobody will know,
all you gotta do is drive.

I'll take care
of everything else.

I don't know, Mickey.
I don't know.

You wanna get Riley a house, right?
Good school for Carly.

This greasy hand shit, it's
not gonna get you there, man.

This will.


I'm here.

Happy birth...

Where's everybody?

Nobody came.

Nobody came?

Riley, Peg.

Let's forget
that little snafu

in the parking lot
ever happened.

We're having a little
holiday get-together today,

Penelope invited
the whole class.

I think Carly's invite must
have gotten lost in the mail.

Feel free to stop by. If you're
not doing anything else.

I'm sure you remember the address.
South of the Boulevard.

Hope to see you guys.

Told you.

You should've punched
her lights out.

You know what,

We don't need them

It's your birthday.

My birthday sucks!

Carly, language.

It does.

We're gonna go out
for pizza.

Um, we are, just the three of us.
It'll be fun.

And then we're gonna go... we're
gonna go to the Christmas carnival.

- Yeah!
- Oh! Yes, the Christmas carnival.

And when we get there,
we are gonna ride every ride,

and play every game.

We'll do all the virus and germ infested... Whatever.

But I'm good with that, it's your birthday.

- And then...
- Ice cream?

- Ice cream.
- Ice cream. Yes!

Heck, yes. Ice cream, yes,
as much as you want.

All right, we're gonna have
a big night. Go get a jacket.

- Let's go, go, go.
- Yeah! I'll be ready in a second.

I'm sorry, I just...

Hey, honey...

it's not always
gonna be like this.

You promise?

Yeah. I promise.

Come here.

This is Mickey. I'm not here
right now, please leave a message.

Mickey, hey, it's Chris.

I'm out.

I'm not risking it.

It's not worth it, man.

All right, listen, I'm sorry. Uh,
give me a call when you get this.

- Where's your dad?
- He's out here.

Oh, good.

Carnival! Yay!

All right.

Here we go.

I'm so excited.

♪ Jingle all the way

♪ Oh what fun
it is to ride... ♪

It's me. Is the boss around?

I found the other one.

you trying to rip me off?

Did you really think you were
gonna get away with it, Mickey?

Hey, boss, it's for you.

It's Cortez.

I have to take
this phone call.

I hope you don't mind,

Talk to me.
What you got?

I'm tailing the other guy.
What do you want me to do?

Smoke him.

Make an example.

A loud one.


is this what you wanted?


Is this gonna make
all your problems go away?

Feels good, huh?

Have some folding cash
on you.



Fucking puto.

Yay! I'm the king!

Give me that one.

High five!

I kept my eyes open
almost the whole... Oh!

Oh, I hope
I look smart.

- Aw. Not so much.
- Look at me.

You're a booger.

- Pretty charming.
- Oh, ice cream!

Let's get ice cream.

- Come on.
- We're coming, we're coming.

what'll it be?

Uh, two of your finest
Rocky Roads, and...

Yes, and whatever
the little lady...

Double scoop.

And a peppermint
double scoop.

- All right.
- It's her birthday.

- Happy birthday to you.
- Thank you.

- ...with the...
- Yeah, I agree.

look at that.

Can I try that?

Do you like it?

- Birthday, kiddo.
- Bye, sweetie pie.

- I'll grab a napkin.
- Okay.


- Do you mind?
- Yeah, you got it.

- Thank you. Have a good night.
- Bye-bye.

- I know. Every day!
- We're gonna have your birthday every day.

Hey, make sure we can
get it in the car.


Three, two...

Adult female, 35 years old.
Gunshot wound to the head.

Severe cerebral hemorrhaging,
vitals holding.

Closing up.

We're good.

Can I take a look?

It's messed up,
I get it.

But you need to get
your game face on.

We got a job here,
all right?

Shit ain't easy
when it's a kid.

It's not
supposed to be easy.

That's the difference
between us and them.

You were
supposed to call me the moment she woke up.

You don't wake up
from a medically-induced coma

like flipping on
a light switch.

The gunshot may have
missed her brain,

- but the cerebral swelling...
- But she's gonna be all right?

"All right,"
is out of my hands.

When her memory returned

We had to restrain her
and she had to be sedated.

Mrs. North.

- My name is Detective Stan Carmichael...
- Detective.

I've been waiting
to speak to you for a long time.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Forgive me for jumping in so abruptly,
but we have three suspects in custody,

who we otherwise will have
to release tomorrow.

Detective, this is
really not the time.

I... I can talk.

We think that what happened
may be linked to your husband.

There were rumors
he was involved

in a plan to rob
a drug dealer

named Diego Garcia.

He wouldn't have to...
He wouldn't do that.

No, yes,
you're absolutely right.

We recovered a voicemail
on his friend's telephone,

your husband did refuse
to go along with it, but,

word had already gotten out.

And got back to Garcia.

Now, an informant has given
us a very credible lead,

but no witnesses
are willing to step up.

We know everything,
but can't prove anything.


I think that's enough now.

You get some rest,
Mrs. North, I'll come back.

But I, uh...

thought you might
wanna have this.

I saw them.

All right, bring 'em out.

Let's go.
Get in there.


It's number five.

Number five,
step forward.

Take 'em out.
Next group.

Number three.

Number three,
step forward.

That's him.



Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

Hey, thanks.

What's the matter,
you not hungry?

Tell me what that is.

That would be
a detective badge.

That would be all they found on the
last cop who went after Diego Garcia.

It was in his locker,
hanging in his locker here,

Metro Homicide Headquarters.

Garcia has people
on the inside?

Garcia has a nickname,
La Guillotine.

There's a reason
for that shit, Stan.

Chris North didn't even
rob Garcia.

He just considered it, and he's on the
wrong side of the grass with his kid.

Whatever happens with
this case, let it happen.

Don't be stupid.

You'll only get dead
and it won't change anything.


- Oh, Mrs. North.
- Who are you?

I hope you don't mind
I let myself in.

Um, I'm...
I'm a friend.

Uh, do you
wanna have a seat?

What do you want?

Eviction notice.

I can only imagine how
awful all of this has been for you.

I mean, how does one even begin to
recover from something like that?

Why are you here?

I just, uh... I just wanna
give you a bit of advice.

The road to recovery
has to begin somewhere.

The recognition that um...
as gut-wrenching as it is,

in the end, nothing's gonna
bring your family back.

I know, and that's the regrettable,
yet unavoidable truth.

Eventually, maybe
not right away,

but eventually it'll be
time for you to move on.

New place, new clothes,
new memories.

A new life.

What is this?

Lorazepam. Lithium. Risperidone?
That's an antipsychotic.


I think it's time
for you to leave.

Maybe you've made
a mistake.

Your memory is
a little hazy.

I'm just
putting it out there.

Maybe you didn't see things

the way you thought
you saw them.


Get out of my house.
Get out of my house!

Get out!

You think that
you're gonna have justice?

Make them all pay?

They won't.

Get the fuck out!

Is there anything else you would
like to ask the witness, Mr. Henderson?

One last question,
Your Honor.

Mrs. North,
just to clarify one point.

Did you see them
get out of the car?

- No.
- Hmm.

Did the car ever stop moving?


And yet you identified my clients
as the alleged shooters?

- They did it.
- Objection, Your Honor.

Calls for legal conclusion.


- Mrs. North, we're interested in facts. Not opinions.
- He just asked me a question

- and I just answered.
- It's okay.

You identified
my clients, correct?

- Yes, I did. They did it...
- Okay. Okay.

And are you currently on any
antipsychotic medications?


- Lorazepam. Lithium. Risperidone?
- Wait.

- Is there anything else we should know about?
- But that's not...

- Wait, that's not accurate.
- You identified not one, but three men

in a moving vehicle
at night from 30 feet.

- After a month in a coma...
- I saw them.

- and a mental breakdown...
- It's not something you forget.

And under the influence of antidepressant
and antipsychotic medications.

Excuse me,
he's not listening to me!

Is it possible that your recollection
isn't what you thought it was?


No further questions,
Your Honor.

Wait, but you're not hearing me.
Can you help me out?

You're the district attorney.
Can't you do anything?

I didn't even
take those pills...

It is the opinion of this court
that in this preliminary hearing,

the evidence is insufficient

for a juror
to reasonably conclude

that the State has met
its burden of proof.

I see no reason to hold
the defendants over for trial.

Wait a minute.
This can't be over.

- These men killed my family.
- Mrs. North, you're excused.

No, they killed my family!

- This guy showed up in my house.
- You are excused, Mrs. North.

No, I am not finished!

- You are excused, Mrs... Mrs. North.
- He offered me money!

- No, no, no! I am not done!
- Mrs. North, you're excused!

- They are killers! They're fucking killers!
- Mrs. North. Bailiffs!

Get away from me!
I'm gonna kill them.

remove this woman.

Mrs. North, I'm remanding you to a
mental health treatment program.

Next case.

Why is she bleeding?
What happened?

She wouldn't stop banging
her head into the bars.

- She's all yours now.
- All right.

Mrs. North? Riley,
it's Detective Stan Carmichael.

Do you hear me?

Hey, guys,
come on, come on.

She saw her family get murdered and
the guys who did it just walked.

How about you lighten up?

One, two, three.

- Where is she going?
- County General, psych hold.

That place is a nightmare.

County General, psych hold.

That place is a nightmare.

Hang on. Let me make a call.


- You all right?
- Yeah.


Well, you called it.

She'll turn up.

One way or another,
they always do.

Carmichael, 3-8-7-7,
Gang Homicide.

Don't you look especially
pretty this morning.

Thanks for showing up.

I've always been a firm
believer in beauty sleep.

Pro tip.

Wait until you're dead
before you embalm yourself.


that's new.

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way ♪

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh ♪

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way... ♪

- Good morning, Lisa. You got a minute?
- What?

Somebody drove a truck
into a gun store

out in San Bernardino
a couple of nights ago.

The place was
a class-three dealer

and military-grade stuff.

ATF called us after reviewing
the security footage.

Uh, it was a woman. They got a
partial frame of the suspect's face.

Give it to
the DHS Fusion Center.

Let them run it through
their facial recognition system.

I did. Got a possible match
from customs

on a stowaway incident,
container ship,

at the Port of LA
three months ago.

Uh, your name popped up
on the case file, so I...



Are you maybe thinking
what I'm thinking?



Yeah, sure.

The FBI wants to talk to us.


Did you guys
run out of terrorists?

How come the feds care about
a squirrelly soccer mom?

Didn't she smack you in
the head five years ago?

Smacking dumbasses
ain't a federal offense.


Bank robbery is.

The night Riley North
got away from you,

she stole $55,000 from the
bank where she was employed.

Are we talking about the same Riley North?
Bank robbery?

Mm-hmm. She just disappeared,
completely off the grid,

as if she just ceased to be.

You're shitting me.
She wasn't the type.

I agree.

A woman with no priors, even if
her family is brutally murdered

doesn't just up and take
50 large and then take off.

Got my attention.

How many times did you
betray your oath, Your Honor?

I think that you're so goddamn
corrupt, I don't even stand out.


So, here's the deal.

If you can tell me my name,
I'll let you live.

I mean, you'll eat out of a
tube the rest of your life,

but you'll live.

You ready?

Do you remember my name?

Interpol tagged her
four months later.

Used her real name in a
hospital in Hong Kong.

Showed up with
a dislocated shoulder,

facial fracture,
ruptured spleen.

- Car wreck?
- Don't know.

She left before we could
have her apprehended.

She vanished.

Every now and then, a lead
trickles in from somewhere.

Some we can almost
substantiate, some we can't.

She's a shit magnet. Why
are you wasting our time?

Then we found this
on YouTube.

Wait, that's...
that's Riley North?

in Europe last year,

under one of the four identities
we've tracked so far.

She got really, really good
at staying off the radar.

So she spends the last five years
bouncing around the world,

learning how to
get into trouble. And?

We don't exactly know
what she was doing.

What we do know,
is that she arrived in L.A.

three months ago.

Security cameras got this during a
gun shop burglary a few days ago.

She only took military grade.

Automatic rifles, high-capacity
shotguns, specific ammunition.

She knew exactly
what she was looking for.

She's back.

And today, you found the three guys
that allegedly killed her family.

Strung up, execution style.

Do you know what
the date is today?

- Come again?
- The date.

What's today's date?

It's December 21st.

Five-year anniversary
of her family's murder.

This stuff wrapped around you
is det cord, explosive rope.

You can cut through anything
with this.

Cut through trees,
cut through concrete...

Corrupt judges.

Watching someone
take everything from you.

All you have,

all you're ever gonna have,

just gone.

Hurts, doesn't it?

And knowing that it's all over,

and there is nothing
you can do about it.

You didn't serve justice,
Your Honor. I will.

Carmichael. Hm-hmm.




Steven Goldman
and Robert Henderson,

the DA and attorney
at that hearing,

- five years ago?
- Yeah.

Goldman was found face down
in his swimming pool

and Henderson's house
burned down with him in it,

last night, both of them.

And that's not all.

LAPD bomb squad
is currently onsite

at the residence
of one James Stevens,

criminal court judge,
recently retired.

Some sort of explosion
at his house.

There's barely enough left of
him to fill an evidence bag.

Don't think I need
to tell you who he was.

We gotta go wide with this.
APB, the media, the whole deal.

That looks good. Stack it up.

We need
to talk to you.

- We have a problem.
- What?

Just a minute.

Our informant called.

She got a judge
and, uh...

And a lawyer
we paid off.

Smoked some of
our homies, too.

The ones we sent
to take out her husband.

When the fuck was this?

Like, five years ago.

Is there
a problem?

No, just uh...

Go and get Jessica
out of the car,

bring her in
with a couple of drinks.

And that thing?

Put a paycheck
on her head,

call it a day.

Some personnel stuff.

You know how it goes.

Got ten more tons...

Your bullshit
ain't why I'm here.

You know, you shouldn't
play games with the cartel.

I came to deliver a message
from my father.

It's just a misunderstanding.

One shipment goes missing,

maybe it's a mistake.

But two?

In a week?

You think I tried
to steal from you?

That I lasted this long
by being stupid?

Everybody wants to be
a big dog.

Little dogs
trying to eat my food.

That's all it is.

Hey, baby.

Get the fuck outta here.

There's something
you need to remember.

You are still
a little dog.

Don't let our business
be interfered with again.

Who's that for?

It's for you.


Is he okay?

He drinks.

I have to take care
of him sometimes.

Stop requested.
Please use rear...

Dad. Come on.


I told you
not to speak to strangers.


Where'd you get
that shitty toy?

Sit. Sit.

Give me your wallet.

Oh, okay.


I'm gonna need you
to stand still, please.

All right.
What do we have here?

Bryan Hartley,
1214 Harlow Street.

Open your mouth, Bryan.

This is one of those
life-altering moments.

Do I have your attention?

I want you to take your boy
Christmas shopping.

I want you to give him
the time of his life.

I want you to grow up and
be the father he deserves.

Do you understand me?

I understand.

- Say it again.
- I understand.

- Do you swear?
- I swear.

1214 Harlow.

I will never forget you,

Are we clear?

- Yeah?
- Yes, ma'am.

What are you still
doing here?

Come on.

You ever sell him anything else and I
will blow you and this place to bits.

- Do you understand?
- Mm-hmm.

- Do you have a car?
- Yeah.

Give me the keys.

Consider it a rental.


You're in the wrong place.

Oh, actually I'm not.

Get the fuck out of here.

- What's up, man?
- What's going on?

Listen, I'm about to get
this money, homes. this normally
quiet upscale neighborhood.

Maureen, can you tell us more?

What do we know about
the suspected bomber?

North is suspected to
have been behind today's bombing

and of possibly killing
up to five others.

Authorities believe her to be
armed and extremely dangerous.

If you see her, please contact the
police at the number on the screen. called
"sweet killer."

What could be expected
for her next move?

What will the law enforcement
agencies respond with?

What the fuck?

Come on. Let's get
the fuck out of here.

Come on!

Oh, shit.

- Hi.
- Oh, God.

I have questions for you.

You're not busy, are you?


A fire has partially
destroyed this downtown pinata store,

Crazy, crazy.

She's fucking crazy, man.

You already said that,

Yeah, well,
I'm saying it again.

So, you decided
to tell her everything.

The whole damn operation.

Yeah, but you guys would have
done the same thing. It's...

I'm so impressed by how
fucking stupid you are.

How much
did she take?

She... Well, she
didn't take anything. She...

She burned all the money.

It's the last fucking shit
that I need right now.

Boss, I'm so sorry.

You know that
I would never...

It's just these were
some extenuating...

Shut the fuck up!

Trust me, we will
have a short...

a very short conversation
about this in a minute.

Double security.

Put that bitch
in a box before sunset.

Before she
gets us all killed.

Thank you, Joanna.

Today, Los Angeles
has witnessed

a disturbing series
of violent events

which some are speculating
are part of a pattern,

possibly even the work
of a single suspect.

According to sources at the
Los Angeles Police Department,

everything seems to lead
to the same name,

Riley North.

So, who is Riley North?

Looking to social media,
theories abound.

One possible link,

Riley North's husband
and daughter

were gunned down in a drive-by
shooting, five years ago.

There is a storm of online
speculation about a connection.

Folks, I'm gonna need
you behind the tape, thank you.

Thirty-four, Asian, male.

- Yeah, yo. Check it out.
- Roughly...

Well, I got a dozen witnesses who
suddenly went blind and didn't see shit.

So we got that
going for us.

What the hell are the Koreans
doing, slumming it with Garcia?

Money laundering.

Garcia's using their infrastructure
to launder his cash.

These fuckers ain't
gonna be happy.

It's gonna get a whole lot worse
if we don't get ahead of this.

We got every black
and white in this city looking,

every camera. Her face
is all over the news.

Well, she knows
what she's doing.

It's turning into a typical
social media shit storm.

Garcia's gonna love
all this attention.

Hey, man.

There's, uh, something I
want you to take a look at.

Over here.

Stand back, thank you.

Well, this is
a hard sell.

You honestly think that
Riley North did this?

Well, your Fed girlfriend
thinks so.

- My what?
- Stan, my man,

you gotta focus on the task at hand.
It's embarrassing.

The only interest I have in
Agent Inman is professional.

- If you say so.
- Oh, Jesus Christ.

All right, I'll hit up Gang Narcotics
and see if they have any intel

on suspected
Garcia locations.

Get a list,
set up some Code 5s,

do surveillance
and see if she shows.

You be careful who you ask
those kind of questions to.

- Fuck's sake. Here we go again.
- Oh, hey.

It only takes a few guys
in the right places.

Watch your ass
is all I'm saying.

And you say hi
to Bigfoot for me.

What, lover's quarrel?

What about Bigfoot?

Yeah, we were debating who gets to
be impressed by your FBI prowess.

I won.

So what are you thinking?

Riley North arrived in LA
almost three months ago.

Aren't you guys a little curious
where she's been hanging out?

You have a crime analysis
department, right?

Yeah, come with me,
I'll take you there.

Cartel up our ass.
And now the Korean Mob?

What's she gonna hit next?

Bet Marvin told her
about the lab.

- That would be my bet.
- Fine.

Then we send everybody there and
just kill her when she shows up.


How'd she know
about Marvin?

The one guy who happened
to know everything.

And she doesn't kill him.

How did she know?

She must have been watching us.

Oh, you think?

Those missing shipments,
it was her.

She's been stirring shit up,

finding out the moving pieces.

Bitch has been
fucking with us for weeks.

If that's the case,

then maybe she's expecting us
to send everybody to the lab.

That dance is over.

Bitch wanna have
the motherfucking lab,

I will give her
the motherfucking lab.

The system tracks reported
crime in real time.

From that data, we determine
where to send our resources.

Stop problems from spreading.

Any anomalies?

Areas of higher violent crime
than expected?

Besides tonight?

Going back a few weeks, are
there any areas that stand out?

This can't predict
where she'll turn up next.

It might tell me
where she's been.

Everywhere she goes, people get dead.
She has to be living somewhere.

Maybe I can locate
where she's been staying,

her base of operations.
Find her that way.


No sector or neighborhood
stands out.

No abnormal spike
in crimes anywhere.

It was a good idea.
I was impressed.


Oh, you wanna see something
really interesting?

I was looking at this
before you got here.

Social media is lit up
with support for her.

She's a multiple
homicide suspect.

Well, not to them she's not.

Now that people know what she's been
through, they're rooting for her.


Zoom in.
There. What's that?

Skid Row?

Why does it look
safer than Bel-Air?

Hmm. That's odd.

Has it
always been like that?

You keep the data,

Can you
give me a minute?

What's going on?

You see anything?

I don't see nothing.

She's in.
Hit the remote.

Uh... Okay,

so the crime pattern started
changing about three months ago.

Oh, shit. What's that?

Multiple reports
of an explosion.

Fire. Industrial warehouse,

You stay here.
I'll catch up with you.

- Catch up? Where are you going?
- I got a hunch.

But we didn't talk about
a hunch.


Radios are lighting up.

- What happened?
- Downtown warehouse just exploded.

Is it her again?

I'll check it out.

Was it on the list of Garcia
locations you got from Narco?

- I don't know.
- What the heck does that mean?

Did you get a list or not?

It... I haven't heard back
from them yet, okay?

But I'm on it.

They're probably just busy,
there's a lot going on right now.

Yeah, right. By the way,
Bigfoot says hi.

Oh, come on, Moises, it doesn't
mean anything. They're just...

Hey, are you okay?


Hey, what the...

Hey! Hey!
Get out of my car!

Wait, come on!

Give me my car back!

It's them.

They got her.

What's the word?

Hey, boss,
we smoked her ass.

Are you sure?

She was up in there
when it went up.

There's no way she's
living through that shit.

Trust me, she's gone.

You fools are moving up
in the world.

Be calling some shots
pretty soon.

Thank you, boss.

Now get your ass back here.

We'll be calling
some shots!



That's a cop.

How do you know?

Who else would be dumb enough
to bring a new car here?


Can I talk to you guys
for a second?

You lost?

I'm looking for someone.

Looking for someone.

No one's
looking for nobodies.

Isn't it dangerous
at night for the kids?

Not anymore.

Why's that?

'Cause we got an angel now.

Is that car following us?

What are you talking about?

I told you to lay off
that shit, man.

- You're getting paranoid.
- Shut the fuck up.


What the fuck's up
with that guy?

Oh, no.

Ah, yeah.

check it out.

What makes you think
Riley North did this too?

'Cause I saw her jack this
dude's car and just take off.

And she was pissed.

Social media continues
to explode with debate

about female vigilante, Riley
North, still on the loose.

It's them. Open it.

Kill the lights.

Stay with the boss.

Don't, please. Please, don't.

I'm not here
to hurt you. Shh.

- He...
- Go.


Don't fucking move!

Who the fuck are you?

What do you want?

What do I want?

I want justice.


Come here, baby.
Let's go!




Where is she? Where is she?

It's okay, baby.
It's okay. It's okay.

Jefe, we gotta go.
We gotta go now!

We gotta go now!


Good evening, Peg.

I remembered the address.

Sorry, we missed
the party last time.

you're fucking crazy.

Everything they said
about you is true.

You know,

I couldn't help but notice,

you're not wearing a ring
on that finger anymore.

He left you, didn't he?

For someone younger,

Go fuck yourself.


Yes, he...

He left, okay?
You're right, I...


This is... This is
not gonna bring her back.

I... I'm very sorry
that Carly and...

Don't say my daughter's name.

I won't. I...

You're gonna get
locked away.

You're gonna go to jail
for a very long time.

They will catch you.

This is not... You don't
wanna be doing this.

- Thank you.
- I'm going to

burn your house down now,

with you inside of it.

Oh, good.


Riley! Get back here, Riley!

- No!
- Stop squealing, Peg.

- I'm just kidding.
- Riley!





- Got that info you wanted.
- Shoot.

All right, this place is owned by
an overseas company out of Belize.

So, any number
of assholes can be...

This is Diego Garcia's house.

Hey, I'm just saying.

Hey, you seen Carmichael

I can't get him
on the phone.

Ain't my turn
to watch that baby.

Hey, asshole.

If you see him,
tell him to call me.

- Getting a little worried about him.
- Roger that.

Hey, Barker.


What the fuck's going on
in Narcotics?

Carmichael's been trying to get
a list of Garcia locations

from you guys
and he gets blown off?

You got somebody trying to
protect that motherfucker?

- Hold on, Moises...
- No, no. Don't "Moises" me.

I've been trying to call
Carmichael all goddamn night.

- What?
- Yeah.

Calls, texts, emails.

Even went by his desk twice.

We've been trying to coordinate
with him since this thing started.

Who told you
we didn't call him back?

He did.

I think
there's another cop.

Where's your backup?
What took you so long?

Sorry, they're
a little behind.

What do you got?

I snooped around
a little.

Look what I found.


The van wasn't even locked.

You'd have to be insane to leave
a vehicle in this neighborhood.

But unlocked, with an
arsenal in the back?

People are too afraid
to steal from her.

I don't think it's fear,

It's not some software glitch
that makes this area low crime.

It is low crime
because of her.

So how do you wanna play it?

Set up surveillance, apprehend
her when she returns.

- We can take her alive.
- Alive?

She's obviously been watching
Garcia's operation for weeks.

God only knows
what she's figured out.

We get her to talk, we take
down him, his suppliers,

everything and everybody.

If the rumors are true,

Garcia has someone tipping
him from the inside.

And she's gotten closer
than we ever will.

I'm gonna head back
to the office,

I'll coordinate
the inter-agency, FBI,

and Internal Affairs.

Hey, Inman, I have to
tell you something.

- Yeah, what?
- I'm sorry.

I know where to find her.

Stay where you are.

You gather your crew.

Tell those fuckers it's
time to earn their money.

I don't care if we have
to burn the city down.

But this shit ends tonight.

Let's get
these motherfuckers.

I got someone
in the 911 center.

Any calls from this area
will route through him.

We gotta to do this fast.

Is this smart?

We're announcing ourselves. I
don't know that she's here yet.

If she's here,

we'll find her.

All right, let's go.

- Hey!
- Get up!

Get out of here.

Check over there.



You have to wake up, now.

We got something here.

west of the alley.

Whoa, whoa, come on.

Talk to me, guys,
what's going on?

Did you find her?

Maybe. Going in now.

Holy shit.

Man down.

Cortez, we heard gunshots.
Did you get her?


Listen to me.

Get outta here.

Leave these people alone.

Just give me Garcia and go.

Or so help me God,
I will kill every

single one of you.

Your choice.

She's bluffing!

I can hear the pain
in your voice.

You're hurting.

You're hurting bad.

Out-manned, out-gunned.

How you really think
this is gonna go?

I'm gonna shoot you
in your fucking face.

And then I'll pretty much
figure it out from there.

I'll see you soon.

reached Special Agent Lisa Inman.

- She's not answering me, either.
- Shit.

We gotta find her.

See if we can get a location
on Inman's cell phone.

- Find out where it last pinged a tower.
- Yeah, already ahead of you.

Hi, this is
Special Agent Li.

I need
a cell phone location.

- This is Barker, Narcotics.
- Special Agent Lisa Inman.

I need a stingray van
immediately, Los Angeles area.

- 323 555-9357.
- What? Yeah, yeah, right now.

Where's the remote?

Where's the remote for the TV?

- Where's the remote?
- Here.

- ...prove it to you right now.
- Moises, we got the van.



You see,

that guy is a dirty cop.


That scumbag right there,

that is Diego Garcia.

He is the man who killed
my entire family.

If you have a news crew,
come on down,

and if you have a cell phone

and you wanna come and
take videos, come on down.

And if you are the LAPD,

this is where the party is.

I'm not going anywhere.
Come and get me.

I'm Riley North.
I'm in Skid Row,

I'm on the corner
of Olympic and San Julian.

- We got a location!
- Riley?

Let's go! Let's go!

Let me go! No!

- Stop.
- Hey.

Come on, man.
He's just a kid.

You're in this.
You've always been in this.

You want out,

just nod.

No, you're right. I'm in.


soon-to-be dead bitch,

you hear me?

I've got someone here
I want you to meet.

Say your name, sweetheart.

Tell her your name.

My name is Maria.

Maria, here,

she's about to die
because of you.

Damn. You just don't seem to have
any luck with little girls, do you?

No! Stop!

I'm gonna count to five.

Then I'm gonna blow
her fucking head off.







I'm coming. I'm coming.

SWAT team is
ten minutes behind us.

Forget it.
We're not waiting.

Drop the gun!

Are you okay?

I knew you'd save me.

I knew it.

You were right.

Here I am.

Let her go.

You have to go now,

You have to come
with me.

- I can't. I wish I could.
- No!

- Get her outta here. Come on.
- Just go. Get safe.

No! Please!

No! No, get off me!

Get off me!


Stop. Stop.

Are you scared of me?

Is this where you have one
of your flunkies shoot me?


You don't wanna get
your hand dirty, huh?

Get her up.

- I'm waiting.
- We gotta get outta here.

She's toying with you.

- Just get it over with.
- Shut the fuck up!

Let me have a little fun here.


You hit like a girl.

Oh, Jesus.

You see that?
She ain't toying with shit.

I must say that
I'm a bit disappointed.

I thought you were
gonna put on a real fight.

Make it fun for me.

You wanna hear a secret?

You should've
listened to Carmichael.

Stay where you are.

Drop your weapons.




- You sold me, puto.
- No!

Uh, you guys can't
go through here. Stay back.

Yo, hey!

Move! Move!

Out of my fucking way!

Riley North!

Step back! We got him.

We'll take care of it.

Like you did last time?

No, he ain't getting away.

Just drop the gun.


On the ground!

Don't do it.
I'm begging you.

Please, Riley.

You're a crazy ass.

You'll spend more time
in prison than me.

We're not going to prison.

Cease fire! Cease fire!


Where the hell is she?

Airship, Airship, what do you see?
You got eyes on anything?

Negative. Negative.
We lost visual.

Total clusterfuck.

She could be anywhere.

We're setting a perimeter
ten blocks out, but...

Who knows?

Don't bother.
I know where she's going.

I've missed you.

I've missed you so much.

I miss you so much.


My husband.

My daughter.

They're waiting for me.

Please, just let me die.

I can't do that.

This isn't where
the story ends.

It is for me.

Need an RA! Now!

Thank you.
So is Riley North a vigilante,

folk hero, common criminal,
or all of the above?

Public opinion seems largely in support
of her, but the law may not agree.

The LAPD's stance was clarified
just an hour ago

by Chief Matthew Rogers.

The Los Angeles Police
Department's position is clear.

Riley North will answer
for her actions.

And she will stand trial
for multiple counts of homicide.


How you doing? Detective Beltran.
I'll take over for a bit.

Why don't you grab
yourself a cup of coffee?


Hi, Riley.

Remember me?

How you feeling?

You killed a lot of
very bad people.

You took down
a massive drug operation.

Exposed dirty bastards,

in my own department.

There's not a cop I know


let's just say, some of us wish
things didn't have to be this way.


Hope you get better soon.

Subtitles by explosiveskull