Pearl (2020) - full transcript

After her mother is murdered by her stepfather, gifted 15 year old student Pearl goes to live with an ex-lover of her mother, a grumpy unemployed film director who, pending the results of a paternity test, may be her biological father.

I can't be late.

You won't be.



I know you love me.

I wanna control my

And how do you
envision achieving that?

I'm going to work hard,

harder than anyone else.

And I'll graduate with honors
and go to Harvard or Yale

with a double major
in political science

and global economics.

I wanna intern at
the UN and one day

be an ambassador to France.

And why
do you think Winston

is a good fit for Pearl?

A mixture of your
strong academics

and the individual attention
you have for the girls

makes you a wonderful
fit as you would say.

Well, Pearl is a
magnificent girl.

A 4.4 GPA, eights and
nines on her ISEEs,

an accomplished pianist,

well-liked by her teachers,
popular with her friends.

What's your secret?

Well, it takes a village.

A stable home is paramount
in creating Winston girls.

If there's trouble in the house,

there's very little we
can do to overcome it.

Oh, this way.

Oh I'm telling.

What, you think I'm gonna
put up your whoring around?

Would you calm down?

Oh good,
'cause you don't want

a whore, I'm unreal.

Let it be.

- Who was he?
- A guy.

Oh uh, you go
with the internet guy, right?

- I wasn't with that guy.
- You fucked him!

Now get away from...

No, you
fucked him, didn't ya?

You fucked that
British guy Simon too.

I fucked 'em all

because I need a man not a
crazy drunk, emotional cripple.

Mom, Anthony?



Oh my God.

Were they married?


We're they married?

Come on, Grandma.

Let me help you up.

Come on.

That was a new trick.

- Jack Wolf?
- Yeah.

It's Isaac Robbins.

We met years ago when you
were seeing Helen Rosen.


You were um,

her pal, a lawyer.

You sort of
swept her off her feet.

Yeah, it was mutual.

representing her estate.

Her estate?

She's dead.

She was killed last night.

I'm sorry, Jack.

What do you mean killed,
how was she killed?

The funeral's Friday.

Mountainview in Altadena, 10:00.

I thought you'd wanna be there.

Do you know I haven't seen
her for many, many years.

It's important
that you be there.

You have to eat something.

That policeman asked if
I was angry at my mother.

I don't know what happened.

They were fighting.

And then Anthony shot Mom.

And then he shot himself.

She shoulda...

She can't be gone.

She can't be gone.

It's not possible.

I'm so sorry, Nana.

I know.


What the hell are you doing?

- You just pulled out.
- You just come screaming

- down the street.
- You didn't even look.

You have to look

- before you pull out.
- Could've killed somebody.

Look what you did to my car.

What I did to your car?

What the fuck you did to my car?

I, I didn't see you.

I was upset...

No one lived.

I don't think I was focused.

I wasn't concentrating here.

No, it's my fault.

I was speeding and I
wasn't paying attention

and then suddenly
you were just there.

Are you okay?


You're American?


So what were you upset about?

husband just left me

and I think it's my fault.

I mean, I know it's my fault.



Oh, uh, Jack, Jack Wolf.

I uh...


For insurance.


Well, you know, it's
probably for the best.

Your breakup.


That's what they always say.

Oh, I'm not so
sure about that.

Should I give you my number,

- I mean, for the car?
- Do you wanna,

do you wanna have a drink?

What, you think I need one?

I know I do.


I know, I,

look I know you don't,

you don't know me

so I...

No, I know, I mean,
I don't know you

but I can see you're kind.

I don't belong here.

I'm from LA.

Me too.

West Hollywood.


I wanna go home.

I'll take you.

I will.

We just met.

How long were
you and Michele together?

Seven years.

Do you
think he knew you?


You married?

Mmm nnn.


Never married.

But you've been in love?


Yeah, once.

What was she like?

She was curious,

smart, funny.

She sounds sexy.

Mmm hmm.

Where is she?

Um, she's uh,

she's right here.

Yeah, she's right here.


aren't you dressed?

I'm not going.

What do you mean?


You have to go!

It's your daughter's funeral!

I'm not going!

You have to go, Nana!

My daughter is dead.

What difference does it make?

You can't not go!


You must be Pearl.

I'm Isaac, Isaac Robbins.

I'm an attorney and an old
friend of your mother's.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

Well, I have a car
waiting to take you

to the service.


This is all simply
too much to bear.

Did you know my
mother a long time?


I admired her.

Did you know my dad?


He died before I was born.

I'll go get her.

I hear it's pretty good.

An old friend of yours.

Hi, thought
you'd never make it.


You got
a telephone here?

Been a long time.


It has, um...

Look, I appreciate
the invitation

but I don't understand.

I couldn't say what I
have to say over the phone

and there was no time.

Well, how much
time do you need?

I don't think so.

It's authentic.

How long have you had this?

I just opened her safe
deposit box yesterday.

Yeah, but it's
addressed to you.

Helen trusted me.

Does the girl know?


I want three.


Mmm hmm.

My mom was one of three

and I've always wanted
a brother and a sister.

You know, I don't think
I could handle three.

I mean, having one
is tough enough.

I think I'm gonna wander off.

Wander off?


Meet you back here in an hour?



Do you love it here?

Thought I'd lost you.

There's a problem
with the order of death.


Well, it's better if we
discuss it in my office.

I'm not coming to your office.

This has got nothing
to do with me.

Look, I don't want you
to be that girl's father.

To be honest,

I don't understand what
Helen ever saw in you.

And I wish to God I had
never opened that letter.

Do you get that?

Mmm hmm.


Helen left her entire
estate to her killer.

We can get around that.

But his family might contest
it and tie it up for years.


No, anger.

What are they angry about?

I don't know, maybe
they feel guilty.

They don't wanna
accept responsibility.

Times of tragedy, people
scurry away like mice.

Will you take the girl?


She's your daughter.

Helen never
told me anything about this.

For all I know she
could be your daughter.

I was not Helen's lover.

Can you support Pearl?

I haven't even met her.

Do the math.

Why would she choose
you if it weren't true?

I have no idea.

Is that Helen's mother?


She doesn't look
too good right now.

Look ,

I would make a poor
choice as guardian.

You're some sort of
artist, aren't you?


They weren't actually married.

His family doesn't want
that girl to see a penny.

Well, surely Helen
had money put away.

You know, just in case.

She was too smart not to.

I have no idea.

You were her lawyer.

She was in love and he
was a very wealthy man.

She was in love.

Yeah, and he
fucking killed her.

I can't live with my nana.

You should just live with us.

My mom loves you.

Oh God yes.

We'd be like sisters.

Do you really think
it could happen?

I'm positive.

I love you, Pearl.

I love you, Kate.

Oh, it's okay.

You don't have to...

Like that.

Hi, I'm...

My name is Jack.

I just wanted to come over

and offer my condolences.

Thanks, Jack.

You knew my mom?


Yeah, I did, a long time ago.

Well, it was nice
of you to come.

Um, yeah, sorry.

Uh, thank you, thank you.

So fucking weird.


Do you wanna live
with your grandmother?

Because I'm concerned she
can't take care of you.

She can't.

I wanna live with Kate
Siegel and her parents.

Do you think they
would take you?


They really care about me.

Well, it's a huge

Did they tell you
they would foster you?

Not yet.

I can't live

with my grandmother.


Go away!

What the fuck?



Please come in.

What do you do?

Little of this,
a little of that.







What do you want?

What do you mean?

Coffee, tea?

You drink coffee?

Do you have espresso?


I'll have tea, Earl Gray.

I have that.

So what
do you do here?

Uh, mostly I write.

What do you write?

Um, films.

Essays, journals.

Do you sell anything?

I have sold things
from time to time

but mostly I write for myself.


Are you my father?

Why would you ask me that?

You were dating my mother
when she got pregnant.

She didn't tell
me she was pregnant.

not sure, are you?

What if you're my father?

You could be my father.

You don't want me
to be your father.


So what do you want?

Kate Siegel is my best
friend and her parents

want to adopt me.

Her dad's the head of
a big talent agency.

What, Marty Siegel?

You know him?

Um, he's one of the top
agents in TV packaging

in Los Angeles.

what's best for me.


The Siegels know everyone.

They go everywhere, stay
at the very best places.

They would protect me.

This is how my mom
would've raised me.

So my thought is if
you're my legal guardian,

you could say I'm meant
to be living with them.

Does your grandmother
know about this?

She's not on board
with this, is she?

She wants you to live with her.

I can't.

You could
take care of her.

I love her but I can't.

Did Robbins give
you my address?

Oh, and you thought
it was better

to just come here rather
than call me first.

You see the letter?

He showed me a copy.

And you still
think I'm your father?

Does it matter?

You don't want a kid and
I have somewhere to go.


Practical girl.

All you have to do

is have a paternity
test and claim me.

And hand you over
to the Siegels?

I'm sure they'd
be appreciative.

Maybe he can help
you find a job.


Why shouldn't you
benefit from helping me?

Jesus, how old are you?

Do this for my
mom who you loved.

Just sign this for me please.

It says you're my
guardian and you agree

my life would be
better if I lived

with Sunny and Marty Siegel.

This is what you want?

This is what I want.

I'm pretty sure
I'm not your father.

My grandmother's an alcoholic.

Thank you.


Good luck.

You too.

I think I got a crush on you.

I know.

Oh, you're pretty
cocky, aren't you?


I can't believe
you found that loser.

It'll never hold up in court.

My mom wanted him
to be my guardian.

He's my father and he
gave his permission.

He's not your father.

It doesn't matter.


Because the Siegels
don't want you.

Yes, they do.

I spoke to the mother, Bunny.


She loves me.

They feel that you need
special care right now.

Given the exigencies of
Martin's responsibilities

at the agency,

the household couldn't really

withstand the changes that
taking on another child,

especially one with
special needs would bring.

You're lying.

Call Kay.

Yo, it's Kate.

You know what to do.

Please call me.

Face it, kiddo.

I'm all you got.

Don't you lock your door?


My grandmother poisoned
their minds against me.


The Siegels?

Marty Siegel?

They don't want me.

He's an asshole.

No, he's not.


He's an asshole.

Can I stay here?


Just until I can reach
Kate and straighten this out.


You don't have
to be my father.

If I'm not your
father, then I'm guilty

of kidnapping a minor.

No one would prosecute you.

Your grandmother.

Hey, Mr. Robbins.

Pearl Rosen.

Can you talk with my dad

or the guy who might be my dad.

I need to assure him
he won't go to prison

if I crash on his
couch for a few days.


I'm actually here right now.

- Nope.
- One second.

I don't wanna talk to...


Yeah, but I'm not her father.

Yeah, without my
knowledge 15 years ago.

Uh huh.

Well, I'm still not gonna
say that I'm her father.

Yeah, you too.

You have that old
sports car, don't you?

Come back here,
you little thief!

I know you took my money!

I didn't take your money!

- Help me!
- It's my money.

- I'm being robbed!
- She seems upset.


Call you tomorrow, Nana.


Come back here with
my child, you crook,

you goddamn crook.

I love you.



I make you happy.


When will
you know the results?

I'm not sure.

Next week maybe.

Where are you gonna sleep?

Downstairs on the couch.

I sleep there often.

It's fine.

What's that?

It's the mailbox.

Mail comes through
right in the house.

It's, uh...

old school.


This one's for you.



I'm Jack Wolf and this is Pearl

and I was wondering if we
could see Ms. Whetstone.

Is she expecting you?

We don't have an appointment
but it's important.

Sorry to barge in.

No, no, please come in.

Mr. Robbins called.

And may I say how terribly
sorry we all are for your loss.

Thank you.

How are you feeling, Pearl?

I'm okay, thank you.

You know, under
the circumstances

she's doing incredibly well.

Mr. Robbins explained that
you're her birth father.


I only recently came
into Pearl's life.

And you're here to
discuss the letter.

No, I wanted to tell you
that there's no problem

on paying the tuition,

- full-time.
- Mr. Wolf,

it's not about money.

But my grades, my
community service.

I'm going to be frank.


Despite our
reputation for rigor,

we want our girls to succeed.

And Pearl has gone through
an incredible trauma.

We felt the Winston program

would only add to her stress.

Don't you
think that's a question

you should ask
Pearl or her family?

Honestly, we felt your
plate was terribly full.

I know how disappointing
this must be for you, Pearl,

but I sincerely believe that
this is what's best for you

at this time.


I am sorry.

I don't think you are.


Can I come in?

You need to ask before
you open the door.

Oh, I'm sorry.

You busy?


Well, put a pin
in your social media

'cause we need to talk.

No, we don't.


I'm sorry about Winston.

Go away!

We need to talk
about your school.

Winston is my school.

I've enrolled you into JB.

What's that?

John Burrows, it's
a local public school.

I'm not going
to public school!

Yeah, you are.

You are going to public
school at least for this term.

You can't stop me!

Winston is my school!

I'm not going there!

It's not your fucking
school now, is it?

God, I hate you!

It shoulda been you that died!

I know that you
don't trust me.

But it's the best
I can do right now.

It's gonna be okay.

Why didn't
you tell me about him?

He had a father and a
mother but they're all gone.

She was pretty with
red hair like mine.

He looks like his dad

with those ears.

Are all those people
related to me?

My God, where did
he get those ears?

Do you want me to come in?


Not even to say
hi to the principal?

All right, I'll pick
you up after school.

We live six blocks away.

Go write or whatever you do.


So library's over there.

And then the science building's
next to the parking lot.

You can smoke there.

I don't smoke.

What are you lookin' at?

You I guess.

Don't be lookin' at me.

Don't you ever be lookin' at me.

I thought you
were looking at me.

Why would
I be lookin' at you?

I don't know.

I didn't wanna be
rude by looking away.

You didn't wanna be rude.

So you stare right at me?

I'm Pearl.

She's new.

Are you here for the
Special Ed program?

Are you special?

No, just trying
to be friendly.

Okay, we should go.

You're an interesting
girl, Perlita.

So are you.


That's a beautiful name.

Are you
brave or just stupid?

So how come a big-time
Hollywood director

wants to teach
Film Directing One

at an art school?

I just wanted to teach.

Uh huh.

Why now?

You know, I've
been very fortunate

so I thought it was
time to give back.

Uh huh.

I talked to your agents,

your former agents.

They said that you're a pariah.

Nobody wants to work with you.

Why is that, Jack?

Uh, 'cause I got a big mouth.

Not proud of it.

So the big shot gets his
comeuppance, is that it?

I'm not a big shot.

I'm just good at what I do.

Well, it's a basic course.

It's not artsy.

You ever teach before?

We don't need an auteur.

You know, you're thinking I
don't have to teach for a living

and that, you know, I'm
betting if a slot opens up

at "Gray's Anatomy", you'll
be outta here like a shot.

That is not true.

You're here as a
favor to Isaac Robbins.

He's a decent man.

He's never asked a
favor of me in 15 years.

I told him you probably
wouldn't take the job

and if you did, you'd be
outta here in a month.

When do I start?


Need help?

No, it's okay


His name is Zack
and he's way old

But I think he liked me.

I don't know if he
liked me that way

but we made a connection.

Is that too dumb to say?

I don't know.

Should I buy this?


And he
gave me a record.


How'd it go today?

Kids okay?






You're too young.

For you.


How did you um,

how'd you learn to do all this?

Oh yeah, she was,

she was a great cook.

When she was inspired.

Yeah, well...

I don't really believe
in inspiration.

I think that you
get up every day

and you go to work and you
do the best that you can.


This is fucking fantastic.

I got a job.

When do you leave?

I'm not going anywhere.

It's here in LA.

I'm teaching.

What will you teach?

Film directing.

But dean already hates me.

didn't take long.

Well, I didn't do anything.

It's just...

He hates who I am.

Some people hate
you for who you are

and some people hate you
for who they think you are.

You're paranoid.

Uh uh.

He hates me.

You know how I know?


He told me.

He told
you he hates you?

Uh huh.

He hates every single
thing about me.

Why do you have a gun?

Sometimes I just...

Think about killing yourself.


I got rid of it.


When you moved in.


Yeah, really.


What's this?

An invitation.

Ah, Kate Siegel.

That's good, yeah?

Read it.

Hmm, they want
to invite me too.

Her dad remembers you.


Will you take me?

Yeah, sure.

It's for Kate's party.

What do you think?

You look amazing.

I have two others.

Let's see 'em.

Could be a bit longer, maybe.

Just below the knee.

I'm just sayin'.

I haven't
seen Kate in weeks.

Since you died, people
have avoided me.

It's like I'm damaged.

I have to show her I'm okay.

I have to show all of
them I'm doing well,

that I'm strong.

Pearl, Jack, smile.


All right, gimme
your serious face.

That's really good, right.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, awesome.

Hey, go find Katie.

She's over by the
chocolate fountain.

She's had her face
tattooed by a gypsy woman.

And gimme one more.

Hey, buddy.

Ah, Pearl looks great, huh?

What are the odds
you could be her dad?

Yeah, what are the odds?

How you doing, buddy?

Fine, Marty.

I'm changing.

Yeah, yeah, I
know, they called me.

I told 'em you'd be a natural.

I'm still
a filmmaker, Marty.

Yeah, of course
you are, buddy.

I mean, shit they bet a
little bit on the last one,

but just let it blow over.

Disney's got a
very short memory.

Thanks, Marty.

And it was Warners.


Oh my God, hi!

You have to get
your face painted.

Harper, gimme the chair.

Can you paint Kate on her arm?


You okay?

It's okay.

Let's get outta here, come on.


There's one that's like a thong

but that doesn't
seem right to me.

Mini, maxi, wings.

Eve, stop yelling.

Yeah, I got it.

It's 28, right?

All right, it's got 36.

Okay, great.

Thank you, thank you.

Did you
get the right ones?

- Yep.
- You're sure.

You called Nana?


Just tell me you're okay.

Listen, if you tell
me you're okay,

I'll leave you alone.

Tell your father
I said he's an idiot.

I can hear you, Eve.

She's 15 years old.

Did you at least
get her the pads?


She's taking a bath.

I know she's taking a bath.

And no, I am not drunk.

Why not?

I'm eight days sober.

Ah, you finally
joined a program.

Mazel tov.

One day at a time.

You never thought about her
getting her period, did ya?

Why would I?

You're parenting
a teenage girl.


Call me tomorrow.

Thanks, Nana.

And thanks for getting sober.

Now, I'm choosing to believe
that you're a strong person

who will survive this because
of your ultimate resilience.

Did he
do that with you?

All right.

Try to show his
feelings through movies?

I don't care about his
movies or his lame attempts

to teach me about life.

His movies aren't real.

I'm real.

You can't see me.


Miss Rosen.

Yes, sir.

Am I boring you?

No, sir.

Your posture would
imply otherwise.

It's not you,
sir, but the lesson.

Too easy?


Jack spends half

his weekly allowance on candy.

To earn more money, his
parents let him wash

the car for $4.

How much is the weekly allowance
if he ended up with $11.


Please demonstrate.

96 students went
on a field trip.

Four buses were filled.

Eight students took a car.

How many students
filled each bus?


Do you want me to demonstrate?

Thank you, students.

Have a nice day.

Uh, Miss Rosen, one minute.



What Filsoufi want?

I hurt his feelings.


He told me not to
make him look foolish.

What'd you say?

I'm sorry, Mr. Filsoufi.

You going home?


You live with your dad, huh?

How did you know that?

I googled you.

Read about your ma.

I bet she was a righteous bitch.

She wasn't a bitch.


You could tell
she was a good ma.

How can you tell?

'Cause you coulda
turned out to be

a snotty rich little
ho but you ain't.

That's your ma's doing.


She was a righteous bitch.

They put you back?

What do you mean?

Like, when you transferred,
they put you back a grade?


Ah, so you a smarty.

You're a smarty
too, street smarty.

Head down, chica.

You're shitting me.

$65 for a movie?

My brother can get
you anything for free.



He gets 'em for free.

He steals them.

Only rich people
think like that.

I'm not rich anymore.


Hey, Perlita.

This is my friend Silvia.

That's Zack.

Hey there.

You got a girlfriend?

Why do you ask?

My friend thinks
you're very handsome.

No, I don't have a girlfriend.

Boyfriend then?

You could tell me, it's okay.

How old are you?


Ah, sweet 16.

You like young girls, Zack?

You wanna take us out?

We could get in trouble
for flirting like this.

Were we flirting?

You know it's in French.

Am I happy?

Is your life everything
you want it to be?

You play the
hand you're dealt.

Come on.

It's only an old man here.

You're very wise,

but your not 16.

I'm a Scorpio.

I ordered El Coyote
if you're hungry.


Do you identify
with the father?

No, I don't think so.

I hope not.

And I'm just
the ungrateful son

who realizes I
really do love you?

Pearl, it's just
a movie that I liked

and I wanted to share
it with you, that's it.

Do you ever think of
doing something with me

that I wanna do?

Could you just gimme a chance

to like learn how to do this?

What if my mom had chosen you?

Would you be finding your way?

Would you tell your child
to give you a break?

My mom just did it.

She took care of everything.

She was good at everything.

She was smart and funny.

She just knew what I needed.

Yeah, 'cause she loved you.

She didn't love me.

Yes, she did.

What makes you even say that?

Because she left me to you.


I'm sorry.

You can't even hold a job.

Happy New Year.

Why are you defending him?

He's a monster.

But he
made you breakfast.

Yeah, it's inedible.

At least he's trying.

Hey, bitch, hold up.

That's my sister's phone.

That's my phone.

Give it to me.

What are you doing

- with my sister's phone?
- That's my phone.

Are you calling me a liar?

No, I'm saying
you're mistaken.

That's my phone!

That's my sister's
phone, you little thief.

Why are you doing this?

You're gonna go to jail.

What are you gonna do, huh?

I'm gonna disable the
phone, tell the police,

and you're gonna go
to jail for nothing

because you're stupid.

If you tell anyone,
I'll kill you.

Go ahead, kill me
for a cell phone.

Go ahead, kill me!

You're going to prison!

You all right?

You're dead!

Both of you are dead!

Are you all right?

Are you?

You should've run.

He took my phone.

Your dad would
buy you a new one.

Back that shit up.

We're good until 11:30.

I've got Spanish.

With Gutierrez?


Don't worry, I'll fix it.

How can you fix it?

I'm his teaching assistant.

Don't worry, I got you.

You sure he's at work.

Your dad's won Academy Awards.


Those are from dinky
little film festivals

in Podunk towns.

No, this one's from Germany.

Belgium, a student festival.

Why you diss your papi?

He's a star.

Who reads all the books?

He studied literature.

dad's into teddy bears?

Those are mine.

You got your own room?

He gave me his.

He sleeps downstairs.

What do I
gotta do to get adopted?

Trust me, you do not want
Jack Wolf as your father.

Does he beat you?


How was your day?

Where's my charger?


For my phone.

I don't know.

It was right here.

How was school?

I hate it.

What, school, what happened?


Nothing happens there.

It's just a place
where hopeless people

send their hopeless kids.

Can you set the table please?

I'm not hungry.

You gotta eat.

I'm not hungry.

Come on, I went
to John's on 3rd.

Stuff is expensive.

Gimme that fucking,
that fucking...

That's mine!

Don't you dare
raise your hand to me.

I'll do what I want.

You can't control me.

I'm responsible for you now,

you ungrateful little bitch.

You can't, you can't.

What are you doing here?

Um, I was in the neighborhood.

I thought I'd give you a ride.

I have plans.


I'm Silvia.

Hi, Silvia.

Jack Wolf.

Sure I can't give you a ride?


You know Pearl has told me
what a great dad you are.

Thank you.

My pleasure.

- Thank you, Pearl.
- See you tomorrow.

Bye, Silvia.

Listen, I know you miss her.

You don't know anything!


You can't fix it.

I know I can't.

Stop it, just stop!

- Get out!
- What?

Just easy.

I'm surprised you're awake.

I'm exhausted.

I need to sleep.

That's it?

That's all you got to say?

Where were you?

I was out listening to music.

Oh yeah?

You have fun?


Who's the guy?

There was no guy.

The guy who drove you home.

He was just a guy
who drove me home.

What am I supposed to think?

You're not supposed
to think anything

because it's my life.

Look, I worry about
you because I love you.

No, you don't.

No, you don't love me
because if you love me,

you'd want me to do whatever
I wanna do to be happy.

This is my house.

Your house?

Yes, my house.

You know what?

It's your house.


Just calm down, Helen, okay?

- That one's like you.
- Man, if had more money,

I'd buy the Chanel bag I want.

If I had that bag,
I'd be truly happy.

That's all you
need to be happy?

Well, if
your dad had more money,

you'd be at Winston.

You'd have all the
shoes and the tops

and the Chanel bag too.

That wouldn't make me happy.

Well, it would make me happy

'cause I'd have a rich friend.

But I
wouldn't know you.

Oh shit.

No, wouldn't bring your ma back.

But it would ease the pain.


You decent?


What you up to?


Hi, Mr. Wolf.

Hey, Silvia.

Hey, you think it
might be possible

to gimme a ride to the bus?

We'll give you a ride home.

That's really
considerate, Mr. W,

but I can take the bus.

We'll take you.


Get your stuff together.

Come on.


You're welcome.

Can Silvia stay over, Dad?

Ah, it's a school
night, honey.

Plus I think Silvia's
parents would like to get

a glimpse of her.

My ma's working two shifts.

She's a nurse,
trauma unit at USC.

Wow, that's
intense work, yeah?


You know, I
think you two need a break.

Come on, we'll be so good

and we study so well together.

Your dad is right, chica.

I gotta check in on my
little sisters anyway.

Catch you.

Thanks for the ride, Mr. Wolf.

No problem.


I just wanted to spend

a little time with you.

I finally make a friend.

You're right.

Go get her.

Hey, where are you?

In my room.

Come outside.

My dad said you can stay.

Another time, chica.


You were just up for it.

Go home.

I'll call you later.

You're sure.

Yeah, go.


Stop here.

What's up?

I'm gonna get something.

Do you want me to park?

It's okay, I'll walk.




Hey, sorry, we're closing up.

Can you gimme a ride?

I thought you lived nearby.

I'm not going home.

Where you going?

Where are you going?

I'm headed home.

Where's that?

Silver Lake.

Me too.




My turn?


The other way.

That's where I live.

Can I come in?

I don't think so.

I want you to be my first.

That's a big responsibility

and I'm not up for it.

But you care for me.

I know I'm too young for you.

You're not too
young to be my friend

Do boys even want that?

My dad says all they want is...

You should
listen to your dad.

He's not really my dad.

My mom says a good
man is better than none.

It's stupid.

All right, I'll go.

But you have to kiss me.


One real kiss.

You're not 16 are you?

I am.

Don't ever leave.

Not like that.

Did you propose?

She didn't wanna marry me.

So she said no.


She just made it clear

that she didn't
wanna get married.

God, you're such a loser.

Hey, if you
could live anywhere,

where would it be?

Honestly, my dream
is my old life.

I had everything but mostly
I had a mother who loved me.

And your friends?

I had great friends.

Well, where are they now?

I think they feel I left them.

You had no choice.

You always have a choice.

Did your mom have a choice?

That's different.

What's your dream?

I want your life.

My old life?

Your life.

My life?

Get up on Saturday morning,

put on my expensive clothes.

My mom and I will go
to Rodeo Drive to shop.

We'd have a credit card

like one of those
heavy gold ones.

No, platinum.

The AMEX platinum card.

And then we'd just go
from store to store

and buy whatever we want.

And then we'd go to
a fancy French cafe

and get one of those
colored macaroons.

You know, for like $20

for a tiny cookie.

I want your life.


Is it normal?

How late are you?

It's been five weeks.

Well, that's pretty long.

But, you know, it's not
unusual for someone your age.

Don't worry.

It's gonna be okay.

Call me.

Can I help ya?

Is Silvia here?

no Silvia here.

Silvia Lopez
doesn't live here?

My name is Harold Arbett
and I own this house

and there's no Silvia here.

I'm so sorry.


Where do you live?

Where are you?

I'm at what I
thought was your house,

the house we drop you off at.

What do
you want, chica?

I came to see you.

I needed my friend.

Go around the corner.

Can I come in?

What do you want?

I don't care about your house.

I'm not your sister.

I'm sorry I didn't call.

What do you want?

I wanna run away.

Go home, chica.

Wow, I thought
you'd understand.

Because I have real problems?

My mother was
shotgunned to death.

Doesn't that qualify
as a real problem?

How long you gonna play that?

Your whole life?

You're here for what?

A year?

Then you'll go back
to your private school

and everything
returns to normal.

You just be the unfortunate girl

everyone there feels sorry for.

I thought we were friends.

Look at my house, chica.

That the house of your friend?

I don't care about your house.

Yeah, you don't care
'cause it's not yours.

- That's not what I meant...
- No, I know what you mean.

You don't care 'cause
you think your life

is so fucked up
'cause you don't live

in Beverly Hills no more

and you gotta live in
a fairy tale wonderland

that your daddy made for you

and you think it's shit.

You don't care 'cause you're
just a spoiled little bitch.

Go on.

Get outta here.

Would you have married her?


You're sure?

Even if she was pregnant?


If you say so.

I was crazy about her.

I thought she felt the same way.

I thought that she loved me.

So why did she end it?

I don't know.

I don't, I don't know.

I'm pregnant.

Are you sure?

Have you seen a doctor?

No, but I've taken a test.


You tell anyone?

You didn't tell
your grandmother?

She'll think I'm an idiot.

How far along is...

Seven weeks and a day.

How could you be so sure?

I'm sure.

I can't have a baby.

We'll work this out.

Look at me.

We'll get through this together.


Can we go see my mom?


I'm afraid.

What are you afraid of?

I'm afraid I'll forget.

That's not gonna happen.


It's not gonna happen.

No one will ever
love me that way again.

She loved you too.

Ultimately, I think
we were just friends.

It was more than that, Jack.

I loved you.

Even when love is
right there with you,

it's hard to believe
you're worthy of it.

I thought I had lost you.

You will never lose me.

But I thought
you were in heaven.

I am, honey.

It's right here.

Why did you leave me alone?

I left you with your father.

Is he my father?

Did you get the results?

I love you.

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