Pattanapravesam (1988) - full transcript

Six months after the events of the prequel (Nadodikattu), C.I.D. officers Ramdas (Mohanlal) and Vijayan (Srinivasan) are called to Kerala to find the murderer of a police officer. The two incompetent and clueless men find themselves facing a dangerous crime syndicate that deals in drug trafficking. In addition, Anandan Nambiar (Thilakan), the man they put behind bars six months before, escapes from jail.

Good Morning, Ashok Verma here

At the guesthouse? Oh ok, sure.
No I wont be late. Leaving immediately

Night patrolling was successful

A car came till Boat Jetty, saw the
Police and went back

During the chase, our jeep broke down.
- Then?

They cannot escape as we are still
vigilant in city limits

Home minister is at the guesthouse
His PA had called

Since he is foolish, its very difficult
to explain the case status to him

Nothing gets into his head

He keeps ordering me to catch
the criminals, catch the criminals

in the same tone as he used to chant
slogans in his early days

I'll try to come back soon,
You should be available here

The coming 2-3 days will be very

I know it Sir

This is all I can do, you also
need to understand my difficulties

When you reach my posi....

All of you please wait outside

Sit, Mr. Verma

Not that I don't know the difficulty of
the case

If you could arrest atleast one person,
I could show something in the Assembly

A responsible Customs officer and an
investigating Police officer are killed

They are not some ordinary citizens

Sir, without a full-proof plan, there is
no point in arresting someone

By the time your plan is ready, my
government will fall

Mr. Verma,"we have suspicion on 5-6
individuals, 1 or 2 have been arrested"--

--such news should come in papers, else no
meaning in investigation

Sir, how can I arrest someone
without evidence

Instead of arresting one individual, I am
targeting to capture the whole gang

It will be done in 2-3 days

That's not enough, tomorrow there is
another meeting

Something should happen in the next
24 hours


You may leave now

D.I.G had called

From an anonymous discussion heard over
the phone,

we understood the smugglers are getting

They were able to hear some threats
against you


Phone number was traced. It was from
public booth near the 2nd gate

D.I.G has asked you to be vigilant

No worries

I'm now convinced that my investigation
is moving in the right direciton

This is why they are getting restless

The gold that were smuggled through our
ports, have not left the city

The people who are guarding that gold
are also the murderers

We are unaware how powerful
they are

Maybe we will face an encounter, maybe
tomorrow itself

"In the shadow of power, ignoring the
hardworking citizens"

"Bringing the state into turmoil, we
demand the resignation of the HM"

"We request the citizens believing in
democracy, to join us in this movement--

-- to demand the resignation of the HM"

What time had I asked you to report?

How long should the Home Minister wait for
you, Mr. Mohandas?

Sir, I vomitted blood in the morning
- Why?

What disease caused you to vomit blood?

I was told it is a very dreadful disease

Isn't there a name for this disease?

Name?.. Sir, nobody gave an accurate name

This could discover a new disease in
Medical Science.


Scanning is completed, reports are pending

When we want to assign this major case,
how can you bring your scanning results?

Please, excuse me sir, disease is not a

Police officers shying away from their
duties of catching criminals--

-- with naive excuses, is a very serious

I have brought all the required medical

Experts say that I need atleast 6 months
of rest

Instead of these, you could have just
brought your Death certificate

The smugglers have killed Ashok Verma

It seems Verma had information about
the locations where the gold is hidden

They stole his briefcase as well

These smugglers seem to be very clever

No doubt, they are still hiding in various
disguises in this city

In which disguise Sir?

This is an embarassment for our

Ashok Verma's murder is a slap
on our face

Mohandas's withdrawal from duty is
another shame

Sir, I have to get my X-Rays at 11.30
- Leave then

Sir, my files?

I.G., you need to make a decision

Mr. Surendran, I expect you to boldly
take over this case

Sir, in any other situation I would have
happily taken over

What do you mean?

Sir, I have been married for 7 years

After a long wait, I will be a father
next month

Hence, I am planning to take leave
next month

What relation does it have with this case?

I am certain about one thing

Your behavior is far more cunning
than the smugglers

Your are supporting the opposition party
to oust us from power

I assure you one thing, whether we
solve these cases or not--

-- we will complete our term of 5 years

I had warned you earlier, I didn't want
the home ministry

Does this saree look good?

Does this color suit me?

Please tell me

Can you please go away?
I am too stressed

Listen, don't show your Assembly
behavior to me

You have changed a lot after
becoming the HM

My father provided you funds during
elections, not your party

You will not give me a peace of mind

We may have to forfeit power if we
are unable to solve this case

Forfeit power?

You mean in 6 months, instead of HM's wife
I could be known as Ex-HM's wife?

Don't you dare say such things

People are already jealous of our
current status

I should be slapped for bringing you along
to such places

Be careful with your words

You being the HM does not
frighten me

"In the shadow of power, ignoring the
hardworking citizens"

"Bringing the state into turmoil, we
demand the resignation of the HM"

"We request the citizens believing in
democracy, to join us in this movement--

-- to demand the resignation of the HM"

The opposition is provoking the people

"HM should resign, HM should resign"

Will there be law and order if the HM

If you can't find the culprits, what
can I do?

After Verma's murder, entire police
department is in fear

Suicide is better than accepting this
case, is their opinion

I agree to that

I have come to discuss another idea

Abandon the case? Any idea is fine, but
be quick

Everybody is demanding CBI to
investigate this case

But before that, lets try one last option

Can't you speak without the exaggeration?

Sorry sir, but some exaggeration is
needed to explain this

It is something new that does not fall
under our Department ranks

Yes, tell me

You may have read some news articles
published 6 months ago?

No, after becoming the CM, I have stopped
reading the news

Sir, please listen carefully

A notorious smuggling group, well known in
India and abroad--

-- were caught 6 months ago in Madras

Notorious criminals Anandan Nambiar
and Perreira are in jail today. - So?

Internationally acclaimed assassin Pavanai
was easily murdered

Drugs worth crores were captured

Do you know who achieved these wonders?
- No

Two young Malayalees

Today they are an asset to the Tamil
Nadu Crime branch

My strong opinion is to involve them into
this investigation

In such a particular scenario, Tamil Nadu
government should accept our request

No matter what the difficulties and
obstacles from Tamil Nadu government--

I've decided to bring those two brilliant
CIDs here for the investigation

Sir, please come

Sir, this way


Way to the entrance is here

CIDs are well aware which way to take

I.G asked me to inform you that
there is no danger here

He might not be aware that every
situation is the same for us

What he actually meant is that, don't get
scared by the news regarding--

-- the murder of multiple officers who
were investigating this case

Scared? We?

So he is unaware of our previous

Haven't the papers here published the

.. about how the Underworld in Tamil
Nadu have surrendered to us?

Yes, they have

Even then, he is advising us not
to be afraid?

Whom to fear?

There cannot be a more vicious criminal
than Anandan Nambiar in this city

Even if there is, they would themselves
flee, once they know we are here

Smugglers and murderers won't show
up anymore

You may not know how efficient and
dangerous we are, but they know

Even we know, Sir

Then stop such baseless discussion,

Don't move, everybody put your hands up

Sir, we..?

You may be Police officers, but we will
not allow you to interfere here

Sir, he is your cook

This is your house for stay..

So the murder was not here? - No.

Then take us to that house first


Its a two-storey building, correct?
- Yes Sir

Is there a back door?
- Yes Sir

How old is this house?

We don't know that exactly.
- Why? Find it out

Age of the house and the murder..?

What is the relation you mean, correct?
It has an importance

At what time did the murder happen?

Doctors say it may have happened
around 11 PM

The location of the body has been marked

Sir, the body was in the room inside

Sir, that's the marking of the body

This is the head, correct?

No Sir, that's the legs

This is the hand?

No, this is the head

Marking is not correct

Its correct sir.
- Who said?

Are you going to decide that?
- Sir...

Constable, take out the diary

Constable, also take out the tape

Measure the distance between the body
and the door

How much is it?
- Around 3.5 feet

Note it

We have found a button fallen from the
shirt of the murderer

- Isn't that an evidence?

Whether that is an evidence or not,
we will decide on that

Button? How many buttons of the same
design are manufactured regularly?

How will you find the killer with this
one button?

Constable, measure the distance between
the head and the legs

Before that, one moment please


Undermining me has always been in your

I don't like you referencing me as

At TN Branch, you are a Constable,
I am an Inspector

That's there. Why reference it here?

No issue in saying the truth, your complex
won't end until death

I am B.Com first class pass, you are a
pre-degree fail, we can never be equal

In CIDs, there is no B.Com or pre-degree,
all are CIDs

If you repeat, I will become barbaric

You don't need to, you are already

At the door we found some blood, which
could be the killer's

That's another evidence. We have sent it
to forensic labs for tests

Send it, but we don't need it

To find evidence and to solve the case,
we don't need State Police's help

We have been sent here because of
your incapability

Sir, whatever is possible..

No, we will give some orders, you just
follow that

First, Mr. ...? What's the name of the

Ashok Verma

What was Ashok Verma's weight at the time
of death?

Around 70-72 ...

Approximate is not enough, I need the
exact weight

And build a dummy of the same weight

We will drop it from the top floor to
the bottom

Sir, Verma died by stab wounds.
Then, why dummy?

You don't need to know that

However the death, we will drop the dummy

That's our new procedure

Dummy, one is not enough, let there be
two. - Why?

One the victim, other the killer

Oh, that should be fine, Constab.. Sorry,
CID Mr. Vijayan

We need photos of the victim
- Photos of the killer will also be good

Aren't we here to find the killer?

Correct, but if we have the photo it
would be easier

Ok, for now, we can leave

We have come here after solving several
complex cases in Madras

However smart the killer is, we will
catch him

If the killer is present in this gathering
it is better to surrender yourself

Don't expect you can escape from us

My experience is less

Do you want some?

Based on the case history, do you want
such a publicized investigation?

It's necessary, the criminals should know
that we have come to investigate this

Knowing this, most of them will
surrender themselves

I don't think so

We can see

Inform the concerned parties, the
criminals will be caught soon

We can discuss the rest later

From my side....

We are not expecting any brilliance from
your side

If we need a car or jeep, we will let
you know. - You can leave

We thought this is where the murder
took place

As soon as we arrived, we thought you
were sent to attack us

CIDs always need to suspect somebody

Even my wife has not beaten me so cruelly

Whenever I face my enemy, my each punch
weighs 1 quintal

If I had joined, it would be 2 quintals

Now its 3 quintals
- What?

My hand

That's ok. This is not the first time I
have been beaten

But, most of the people who have beaten
me, have given me money for medicines

I will also give you money. Because of you
I got some practice

Yes, First, please bring some tea

Sir, do you have any humanity?
- Not much

Not at all. Can I use this hand for 3 days
at least?

Should CID's starve then?
- Its ok, let the poor thing rest

We'll have dinner today..

.. from outside
- Yes

Your hogging well

Today somehow I am very hungry
- That's not something new

Please inform our new cook to prepare
such delicious food daily

We are not here to hog food and sleep

Eat when you have the chance, else regret
when you are diagnosed with diabetes

If you eat like this, you may need to
regret earlier

Where is the fried rice?

Will bring it soon
- Make it quick

There's no point waiting, today we need
to make a decision

- Maybe, I will shoot

But, that could kill
- There may be no other choice

Old memories are making me laugh

How many insects used to survive on
our blood in Madras. - Yes

It used to be feast for mosquitoes
and bed-bugs

Vijay, every coin has two sides.
- Is it?

Ofcourse. With happiness, there's sadness,
with success, there is failure

If there are tears, a smile is not far

Look at the respect these police officers
have for us

This CID job is pretty comfortable
- Yes, but we need to solve cases

That can be done. Weren't our
investigative findings correct today?

Other than your stupidities, all were
correct from my side

Oh, do you mean you have already found
some evidence regarding the killer?

Did you get any evidence?
- If you have found something, so have I

Isn't this that same person?
- Which person?

Come lets follow him

Leave it, lets not follow in the night

The is no morning or night for CIDs
- I do, I want to sleep

Who is he? - You sleep, no need to know,
I am going to follow him

Hey look, 50 paise coin

Who is bursting crackers now,
isn't Vishu festival is over?

Crackers, it might be for Diwali

Or was it a gunshot?
Did you take the gun?

Why would someone carry the gun
for dinner?

Look, someone just shot at us, the
bullet passed from here. - Run


What happened?

Sir, this is an encounter between the
criminals and CIDs

Which CID?
- We are the CIDs

This is a very notorious area, it is
dangerous to be here

Please get into the car

If my car had not come, they may have
killed you

We did not expect an attack so soon

Anyhow, I have a satisfaction that I was
able to perform a good deed

You were lucky that my meeting related to
opening an orphanage ended late

So Sir, are you a contractor?
- Oh no, I am just an innocent citizen

A social worker who wants to do something
good for the society. - Oh, I see

You are here to investigate the DYSP
murder case, correct?

Not just that case.. - We want to
eliminate all the smugglers in this city

To be honest, I feel pity for you

All officers who tried to apprehend the
smugglers in this city,

have ended up getting killed mercilessly

Did you know about this before accepting
the case?

One Customs officer, two DYSP officers and
many others have been killed

Since you are still young, I felt a
bit concerned for you

Wouldn't it be better to abandon
the case?

Sir, we are not cowards.
- Not at all, Sir

Actually I was just cautioning you

Also, if you would ever like to meet me,
keep this card

Ok then, I'll take your leave

Kunjikrishnan, you think its child's play?

Did I ask you to perform stunts on the

4-5 loads of copra came in, so thought of
focusing on that

So sent Kannan and Ismail to ambush them

Copra? Aren't you aware that I have built
this mill as a decoy

It is just a camouflage for our Gold and
Drugs smuggling business

My apologies, Boss

Hours of stunts will not help us to get
rid of our enemies

When I understood it is getting out of
hand, I went there with my car

If any one had got caught, I would be in
deep trouble

Such mistakes will not be repeated. Deve
Gowda had called again from Mangalore

But it is not that easy to transport
marijuana from Idukki

If you at least killed those CIDs, I would
have got some motivation

Boss, you remain patient, I will wear
a mask

God's will must be that they die
by my hands, just like Ashok Verma

Tell Deve Gowda, marijuana will be on time

You should not leave here
- I won't

Don't forget, our boxes of gold are in
the shed

I won't get sleep until they reach Gujarat

I am going to visit the Guruvayoor temple

I will pray to God to get rid of these
obstacles for us

Didn't you sleep?
- How can I sleep?

I am worried that our end is near

Didn't you say CID is a comfortable job?

Who knew there is so much danger
awaiting us?

The Circle Inspector was right, CIDs
should not publicise their investigation

I was just thinking about that

Remember on the road I said lets
follow a fat guy

We need to find him soon

At the restaurant, I heard him say that he
will kill us. Shucks, he got away

Let him go. We will go back to Madras

If we keep running away like this,
how far can we go?

If not this case, then another one, but we
have to investigate

Unfortunately this is our job

I am thinking of leaving this job itself

Vijay, don't you dare say that

Aren't you fed up of starvation and

After living like beggars for years, we
found a job and you want to give it up now

I just learnt the fact that CIDs should
be in disguise during investigation

The fat guy is definitely their leader,
we need to find all his secrets

Lets where a disguise

In 10th grade, I got a first prize for
fancy dress competition

Then nothing to worry about

Lets change our religion.
- For what?

With a beard and cap, lets disguise as
Muslims who repair umbrellas

Try saying, "Any umbrellas to repair?"
- "Any umbrellas to repair?"

"Any umbrellas to repair?"
- "Any umbrellas to repair?"

Yes, there's an umbrella to repair

"Any umbrellas to repair?"
- Yes, there's an umbrella to repair

Should we go?
- Of course, we have to

If the fat guy is not here, it would be a
waste of time

Lets try to find some info of the fat guy
from that lady

What if we need to repair an umbrella?
- We have to

Will you repair it? - All this is your
idea, you try and repair one

If its some stitching work, that should
be fine

Bring the umbrella that needs repairing
- Don't ask for any atrocious charges

Charges are not an issue, get the umbrella
- Don't argue later

Its a small job, few stitches, canopy has
to be changed, one rib is broken,

Grip needs to be tightened, so the job is
very small. Tell me the charges

Give the umbrella, I'll tell you the

Have you seen a big fat guy with a beard
around here? - For what?

We just wanted to see one

I have seen many such guys.
- Name one?

First tell me the charges.
- First you name one

First the charges

How much will you give?

The work is only for 50 paise, I
will give you 75 paise

Agreed, give the umbrella

Moideen, please get this fixed
- Its ok, you fix it

I'll assist you, you get it fixed.
- Not needed, you fix it

I am a constable, you are the officer,
you fix it

No need to consider that, you fix it.
- Fix it

Oh, the handle came off.
- Fix that as well

Hold it correctly
- Ok, pull

Whats happening?

We are two Muslim brothers who repair

Hence, we are repairing the umbrella

Mom, who are they?
- Why?

One guy's beard is coming off.
- Beard is coming off?

Yes, it seems they are burglars. They must
be in disguise to identify houses to rob--

--then they will come in the night
- Oh, my God

Hey everyone, please come soon,
there are thieves in our house

Please come soon
- Huh, thieves entered the house?

Come lets check

Oh God, they are getting into our house.
Come soon

Hey, we are not thieves.
- Catch them, quick

Oh Inspector, yes investigation is
going well

Today, we were successful in our
disguise mission

Yes, we do suspect some people

Its not time to confirm that

What nuisance is this?

When its time, we will give you a call

That Circle Inspector is a big pain

Its his curiosity

They have expectation that we will do
some wonders here

Vijay, suggest me another disguise.
We need to locate that fat guy very soon

How about as labour grinding spices?

Lets not choose some work we don't
know for disguise

The only work you know is to cheat others
and to hog food. - Is it?

- Then do it yourself

TN government is not paying to sit idle

You feel that you are the leader and I am
your understudy

Have you ever considered any one of my

For that, have you ever given any ideas?

Then shall I give you an idea?
- Yes

Lets disguise ourselves as Parrot

We can enter anywhere and say any lies

Being a Parrot astrologer, wouldn't we
need to make the parrot pick a card?

That's easy. The parrot's wings will be
cut, we need to bring it out of the cage

Then knock on the cage twice 'Tik, Tik',
the parrot will pick the card

Where did you learn this skill?

Das, as you think I am not a worthless CID

I can give you another 100 ideas like this

Let's first see if this will succeed.
- No doubt, success is guaranteed

Useless CID job. Either we need that fat
guy's name or his address

Without all this, how do you expect us
to find him?

Also, this damn thing is very heavy

Didn't you say if we become Parrot

criminals will come directly to us to get

Anyhow it is better than your umbrella
repairing idea

That day we escaped because of the
blessings of my ancestors

CID job can be risky at times, if you
don't like it then leave the department

Who said I don't like it?

If I had investigated alone, this case
would have been solved long back

Ya right. Henceforth, you investigate this
case your way, I will do it my way

That's fine with me. But before that I
have a question.

Where was the first place you saw that
fat guy?

At the restaurant.
- Sure?

- Instead of doing all these antics,

did you not think of checking at that
restaurant once again?

Yes, I missed it

So I thought of that idea now

We need to immediately go to that
restaurant. Call for a Taxi

Hey, you have proven your stupidity once

Have you ever seen any Parrot astrologer
travelling in a Taxi?

- Come lets catch a bus

Hey, stop there

Hey, what happened?
- Where are you guys from?

We are from Tenkashi

You guys were here to pick-pocket, right?
- No way

Yes, the other day you guys came to
repair umbrellas at my place

Then they were wearing a beard and cap.
These moustaches are fake

Hey, don't touch the mustache.
Let go

Catch hold of them


Sir, I am not able to understand

You won't. You can never understand the
difficulties of a CID

After getting beaten at the bus stop, even
this guy hit us

Look at this

Sir, they are? - They have come from TN
to investigate a case

Didn't we tell you a 1000 times?

You need to beat them up for interfering
in the freedom of a CID

Well, when you came home you were in a
Muslim attire, at the bus stand--

--a Parrot astrologer, anybody could
doubt you, Sir

That's okay, you can leave. But you have
no right to harm someone

That's what we are here for.

Sir, what are you upto?
Muslim attire? Parrot astrologer?

So what? If we solve the case, we know the
State Police won't like it

TN is not short of cases, we came because
you begged

If you have issues, then let us go back

I have no issues

About the murderer's blood test, we didn't
get any update from you

But then you said it's not needed

No matter what we say, you need to
fulfill your duties

We need that result immediately

You are not even capable of arranging
a dummy

Sir, we can go in my Jeep.
- What?

Jeep? - We don't need any help from...
...the State Police

When we went to fix umbrellas, we
almost got beat up

In Parrot astrology, that was fulfilled

Do let me know if you have any more
ideas like this

During that struggle, we lost the cage
and parrot

else it was a good alternative for you.
It was a perfect match for you

What are you looking at?

She's a woman. Else I would have slapped

Hey, how could she know we are CIDs?

If you had told the truth, these problems
could have been avoided

I have seen disguised CIDs only in movies

Using such many disguises, we have been
able to solve many complex cases

Please don't be mad for spoiling your

Is that important? All my bones are broken

That's Ok. Didn't your bus come yet?

I missed the bus. Anyways, I won't reach
on time today, so going back home

Oh, where are you working?

It ain't a big job, I am a Sales girl at
a textile shop

What's your name?

- I'm Ramdas

Das, our job is to investigate cases

Where is this textile shop?
- In the sky

When going for a case investigation, main
officers are accompanied by a Constable

to look after everything

I'm B.Com first class. This poor fellow
could not go to college..

.. so he became a Constable

He used to sell vegetables in a cart in

Yes, correct. I remember disguising like
that for a case investigation

You are never going to change

He seems to be short-tempered

Oh no, he just has an inferiority complex
that I am an Officer and he is a Constable

See you later

I hoped that your dignity will improve
after becoming a CID

If you mention about the vegetable cart to
anyone again, I'll poke you in the face

Its been so long you have been speaking
about your B.Com first class

my skin is burning.
- Let it burn

Its jealousy. Can you ever dream of a
B.Com first class?

You are a foolish CID trying to include
yourself in my successes

Get lost you fake CID

Hi baby, shall we go home?

Shobha, the CID you were talking about
is here

Hi, this is a pleasant surprise.
Come, sit inside

Don't cry, baby

The day we came to fix the umbrella, we
didn't see the baby

He was at the day care then

I have seen many Police Officers,
Collectors, Ministers before

But for the first time I am seeing a CID
for real

Did the public assault you a lot
that day?

Where is the other CID?

I still feel bad about what happened

No, that's Ok. We damaged your
umbrella that day

so I got another one for you.
- That's not necessary

Let it be.
- Oh, that was very old umbrella

Ok then.
- Please have a cup of coffee

No, its Ok.

Why, any issue having something from

Nothing such.
- Then just a minute, I'll be back

This must have cost a lot

That old umbrella was bought by Rajendran
3 years ago

Who is Rajendran?

Leave it. CID, What is your salary?

My name is Das, Ramdas, please refer
to me like that

CID sounds more powerful

Where is your hometown, Ramdas CID?

Its towards the North

Are you married?
- No

I'll give you an advice, don't marry
a girl if the horoscopes don't match

What's your Zodiac sign?

Zodiac sign, Cancer

It was my son Rajendran's Zodiac sign
as well

His horoscope wasn't the issue

His son was born in an inauspicious time.
We knew its unlucky

Within 6 months of the child's birth,
my son passed away

Well, its all in the past now

Shobha is your son's wife, right?

Mom, what happened?

I'll see you later

You didn't have the coffee?
- Duty first

I made an attempt yesterday night

Only if we move carefully we can

Since we have come so far.. yes we will
not surrender

Who's there?
- I'm just a passer-by

But, this is not the sidewalk.
- That's why I am going back

So yesterday night also he tried to kill

Yes, he said "Only if we move
carefully we can succeed"

That means he does fear us a bit

He said he will not surrender

Vijay, its time we get prepared as well.
- Absolutely necessary

Its great that we located him.
- Now its easier

Its time for us to proceed

No Sir, I did not blink once in the night

I think this bird is highly vigilant

I moved without making a single noise,
still the bird stopped singing

Are you sure it's a bullfinch?
- It comes under the bullfinch species

Its claimed that there are only 198 bird
species in Kerala

I will prove that wrong

For many bird researchers, it will be a
slap on their face


I have sacrificed my home and family,
for researching on birds

I will only gain satisfaction after
winning the Salim-Ali award this year

A demon, who is highly clever, has the
strength to face 50 people at a time,

and who kills people as if he
is killing ants.

With the help of several powerful
people in the society--

-- and many intelligent accomplices, they
are able to trace our movements--

-- well in advance

Then lets arrest him immediately

No, our plan is to catch him red-handed

If we arrest him now, the accomplices
will escape

Arrest them, beat them up and force to
confess the crime--

--and then court acquits them due to no
evidence, this is what you follow here

That's not how we work, we follow a very
unique procedure

Once we apprehend, they can't escape

Our each move will be well calculated

Now we need all the props and equipments

Car, bullets, wireless to communicate with
all police stations in the city..

.. and immediately, 10000 rupees

10000 rupees?
- Why are you worried?

There may be a car chase, or we may need
to stay and eat at the hotels where--

-- the criminals are hiding. How can we do
all this without money?

Case investigation is a very expensive

We can't ask for money time and again,
we don't need to do that

By the way, let the car be a Benz,
correct, CID Mr. Ramdas?

That's good, CID Mr. Vijay

The CM himself travels in an Ambassador

Let it be, but we need a Benz

Sir, we can only arrange for a jeep.
For God's sake, please co-operate

What's the status of the blood group
examination of the killer?

We received the report, its AB+ve
- AB+ve?

Oh, that AB+ve. - Yes, then it should be
easy to identify the killer

Isn't there a Gold detector machine?
We need that as well

Police should be always ready

If guns or any other weapons are required,
supply it immediately

We are prepared for an endless encounter
and are proceeding towards it

Also, please arrange for some Police dogs

Sir, you here?

I am here to see the DYSP

I am building a hospital for poor people

I'm here to invite him for the

Also, I have some work related to the
orphanage as well

Since I am childless, such social work is
the only satisfaction I have

By the way, what's the status of your

We have progressed very well

We have understood that people disguised
as honest men are the actual culprits

We won't let anyone getaway


The other theatre has a James Bond movie
- Let's watch that tomorrow

Yes, we have a lot to learn from that,
this James Bond....

Forget James bond, I'm very hungry, lets
eat something

He ran away
- Why did you hold me from behind?

When I tried to catch him, I caught
you and..

Shucks, he ran away
- Did you see his face?

Nothing to see, he works for
that fat guy

Good thing is, we have one shoe, we can
catch him easily

How? - Just catch the guy walking with one

I am very worried

Why? - If he gets any suspicion, he will
slaughter me

That's why you are in a disguise

I always get beaten when in disguise

Then what's the issue, you have the

Listen, in case you die, no need to worry,
I will solve this case

Das, don't jinx it
- It won't

Listen, two drops of blood, just two drops

If it is AB+ve, then this investigation is
a complete success

Ok, once I go there as a servant, then?

You dimwit

Vijay, how many times I need to explain

See, this is the syringe, ok?

You need to insert this into his hand
or leg

and then pull this behind, that will
collect the blood

Then you said something about this bottle
- I'll poke you in the face

This is chloroform, take some in this
cotton and apply it on his nose

then he will loose consiousness, after
that you need to collect the blood

Oh, thats all. So if I ask him if I can
apply chloroform, he will agree, correct?

You fool, you need to apply it when he
is sleeping

Oh ok, so first I go there as a servant,
and then .....

Ok then, as decided, wish you success

So, this syringe...
Syringe your Grandmom..

Who are you?
- I am ... I am

What do you want?

Since I am a hard-working servant, Sir
should give me a job

There is no job here

I know all Northern, Southern and Central
Kerala cuisines

There is no requirement

I don't want salary, Sir
- Get lost

I don't want food also, Sir
- Get out

What happened?
- He said Get Out

Don't give up like that, try once again

I told him I don't want salary and food,
if I go again he will hit me

None of this is going to work

Like the CI suggested, arrest him first,
then collect blood as much as you want

But to arrest him we don't have
any evidence

Then you go there with a beard

Bro, I don't have the look of a servant
even if I wear a beard

If you can get into any one of the houses
in this neighborhood, that's enough

What's the use of that?

We can watch him, we can track his

.. and also we can come in the night to
collect blood

Lets try that house
- Should we?

Yes. Listen, don't we want medals, fame,
reach new heights?

Don't you want to fulfill the dreams we
had when we were jobless? - Yes

Big house.. - Car, AC, fridge, ....

Exactly. Go ahead, try that house

I can do any job
- Why should I care?

I can clean utensils, wipe floors, chop
woods, draw water from well - So?

Everyone told me the madam who lives here
is very kind to poor starving people

They must have spoken about someone else,
you came to the wrong house

Madam, I am a modest man

You look like a thief

Oh the beard.. I mean hair..

Can you please leave, we don't need any
servant for now

Who's there?

I asked you to leave

Greetings Madam

Who is this guy?

I have come as a servant, Madam

As a servant? So you are not a servant
for real?

Then come to the backyard.

Hey, not through here, come via the
outer area

I won't allow strangers in this house.
- Who are you to say that?

You stop staring and come to the
backyard. - Thanks Madam

Let my husband come, I want to know if
I have any authority here

He is not required to confirm that

You have absolutely no authority in this
house. You come to the backyard

Who are you? Who are you, man?
- passer-by, passer-by

No electricity. I forgot about the change
in power cut timings

Thangappa, you need to fill the water tank

- Then who, me?

You mean to say that I need to manually
fill the water tank on the second floor?

There's no time to talk, there isn't a
drop of water available. Make it fast

Darling, should I get you something
to drink?

Hey, do you want to get paid for sitting

Thangappa, chop the wood

I'm loosing breath, let me rest for a

Go to Ooty if you want to take rest

The more you work, that much you can eat,
that's the principle here

I don't care if your bones break, I will
not let you sit idle

Chop the wood.
I said chop the wood

After that, wash all these clothes and
dry them before sunset

Should I do that as well?

Then who else will do it, your lover?

God, did you make me a CID to wash
others clothes?

Das, you jerk

What are you murmuring?
- Nothing

Hey, you didn't fill the tank
- He has other jobs to do

Then what should I do if there is no water
to cook? - Then fill it yourself.

You chop the wood

Nobody else can give orders to the servant
I hired

Whoever hired him, my husband is the one
who will pay him

He was my son first before he became your

Thangappa, I am warning you

Hey, you keep chopping

I don't give a damn. Nobody will get lunch

You should follow only my orders

Don't be late to fill the tank

Keep chopping

Who are you?
- Sir, you here?

Who are you man?
- I am ...

He is our new servant, Thangappan

He looks so evil. I got spooked
when he opened the door

Even though he looks filthy, he's good
at work

Thangappan, wipe the floor

We can't trust anyone these days, what if
he steals?

Then it will be his end.
Will you dare to steal?

Hi, where are you coming from?
- I went to get him from day care

It was good that I came to your house the
other day

We found the criminal who we were
searching for all these days

But you didn't have the coffee I got
for you

Thats alright. Investigation is more
important than coffee

If you are not busy, please do come today.
Mom was asking for you

I am busy, but still I will come. I may
not find time later

Please sit. Don't run away again.
I'll be right back

CID, where have you been?

Yes, I was wandering around due
to work

Yes, you will have to wander.
Aren't you Kedhu?

No, Ramdas

Not that, isn't it Kedur Dasha (bad luck)
currently in your horoscope

That I am not aware

That's bad. Then how will you prepare

If there is bad luck, we need to nullify

Its a bad period for people with
Cancer Zodiac sign

Don't you get your horoscope checked
regularly? - No

I must have checked my son's horoscope
at least 100 times

No astrologer told me that at 32 years of
age such a thing will happen

But this can't be predicted, because it
was not a natural death

my son was murdered

What are you saying?

I wanted to ask you something for
a long time

What is it?

You can do it, because you are a CID

It was a lamp that glowed like the sun,
suddenly the flame blew away

Now this is a family without a patriarch

You didn't tell me what to do

Can you please find my son's murderer?

I just wanted to ask him, why did he do
such a cruel thing.

What happened Mom?

I'm just a stranger, still..

Please don't be upset with Mom

Since Rajendran passed away, Mom is not

That's not what I wanted to ask

I know, you want to know if Rajendran was
actually murdered?

Yes, that's what she said
- Its true

He was a Police inspector. He was killed
at the check post during duty

He tried to stop a lorry transporting

Didn't they catch the culprits?

What's the point? We won't get Rajendran

So, I decided not to pursue the case

If I had, Mom and my son would have

But, being a murder case..
- Who is going to show interest?

Governement, or lawyers?

The government tried to prove that it was
not a murder

So that they can block the indemnities

Since I was widowed, some people tried to
get me a government job as compensation

But since Rajendran's two year's service
was short by two days,

the government rejected it

But you shouldn't have given up like that

Then what, should I have begged for it
in front of the minister's doorsteps?

Now, at least I am satisfied that I didn't
loose my dignity

I am going to put efforts into helping
my son prosper in life

What about your parents?

They have already disowned me, for
marrying Rajendran, a Hindu

Oh, I forgot to mention that I was born
a Christian

I never knew you were living with so
many difficulties suppressed inside you

I am trying to forget everything.
I have to

Mom believes Rajendran died due to my
son's horoscope

To be honest, fearing Mom I leave my son
at the day care when I go to work

Not because I have money for it

If you don't mind, I'll try to find you a
much better job

- In Government service itself

I won't get one

Don't say that. Our lives are like
a struggle

You need to fight to survive

Let me give it a try

Who's that?

Oh Thangappan, it's you

Didn't you sleep?

Hey, what's wrong with your voice?

It's flu, now it's fine

Where are you going, darling?

Why do you want to know? Why haven't you
slept till now?

I loose sleep when thinking about my
family difficulties

Then don't think about them. Go to sleep,
I am going to get a beedi

Will you be back soon?

I may or may not come back

When I saw you struggling to chop the
woods, I felt miserable

Go to sleep you nuisance

Vijay, you're proving your in-capabilities
time and again

If you had a shred of common sense, would
you have applied Chloroform to yourself?

Shucks. God, it would have been a
blessing if he died doing this

If the sun had risen before I gained

that fat guy would have killed me

Then I would have pardoned him from this

Das, I messed up once

Why am I putting efforts to wipe the floor
chop woods, draw well water?

Its for the success of our investigation

You somehow arrange for some more

No matter what, I will collect his blood

I am happy about one thing.
- What's that?

Since we know Prabhakaran Thampi already,
even I can come to that house

From there, we can track all the
movements of that fat guy

Henceforth, that house will be the base
from where CIDs operate from

Anandan Nambiar, you.. ?

I, escaped from prison

Drugs worth 15 lakhs seized at Kavaratti

Customs officer Rajashekaran and his team
seized a boat carrying drugs worth 15 lakh

which was on course to Kavaratti islands.

From the smuggling group, three were
arrested, two jumped into the sea and fled

Too bad. I'm fed up of these custom

Due to them, smugglers are unable to
survive these days

Smuggling king Anandan Nambiar escapes
from prison

Anandan Nambiar, who fled from Central
Jail yesterday,

gained fame with smuggling and murders
when operating from Madras.

Police have confirmed that they have
already laid traps in Tamil Nadu--

and other states to capture him

Hey, Anandan Nambiar

Oh please don't hit me, I haven't done
any wrong

Hey, look here. This is me, Prabhakaran

Oh, you frightened me

This fear is the reason you got imprisoned

Listen, being a smuggler and murderer, you
shouldn't be such a coward

That's easy for you to say

If you had endured one percent of what I

you would have died long back with a
heart attack

My life as the smuggling king of Madras
was destroyed by two Malayalee CIDs

I utilized every option I had to get them

but none of them worked against those

So Prabhakar, how is everything?

Why do you look downbeat?

How are the murders and smuggling going?

All going fine

But you didn't think of visiting me when
I was in prison

I was in Idukki at that time

I came to know you were jailed when I was
working on my marijuana plantations

By the way, trouble is coming our way

There's a news article on you in the paper
with your latest photograph

- Look

Oh My God

I won't be able to go out

But Anandan, you have to go out

The Police has never suspected me for

Using the orphanage and hospital as a

I am living here with the image of an
honest man

If the Police discovers I have any
association with you--

It will ruin my future

So then?

Anandan, you must leave
- Prabhakaran!!

Quiet. I have not shown this newspaper to
my wife

Even my family doesn't know my secrets

Without getting me into trouble, Anandan
should leave immediately

Are you the same old Prabhakaran?

7 years ago, at the Casino hotel in

we hacked a Marwadi businessman to

and split his 4 lakhs rupees among

Can you so easily forget those good

Don't waste time by speaking about the

Take some money if you want

Money is not what I need now, what I need
is a place to hide

I will not be safe anywhere in India

You please get me a fake passport

I will go to Malaysia or Singapore and
live as a labourer

That's not very easy to obtain Anandan

Then should I surrender to the Police?

Yes, that would be better

I won't leave this house if you don't
get me a fake passport

There's no way I can let you stay
in this house

You do one thing, go hide in my copra mill

But you need to change your looks

- I mean you need to disguise yourself

Wear a wig--

and a beard

Also, you need to change this crackling
voice of yours

After you came here, my life is better,
else I used to do all this work

Did you have the sweet rice?

I am not some ordinary or mediocre fellow
like you think

Oh my, darling I didn't say anything as
such to annoy you

I like short-tempered people

They have love in their heart

Darling, have you ever loved anyone?

Look lady, I know where you are going
with this

Don't even keep such expectations

I earn more than 1000 rupees a month

1000 rupees?

Don't lie to me darling, Madam told me you
earn only 40 rupees a month


What's going on between you two? Will you
spoil my good name?

Thangappan, you have to go to our copra
mill with that cycle

You have to drop someone.
- Ok

Who's that?

I asked who's that?

I am asking you

How did you get in?

I... am... Prabhakaran's friend

Mom, this is my friend Ibrahimkutty

You saw him last night

Oh, was this the guy who went with you
upstairs? - Yes

But, he didn't have a beard then

Yes he did

Yes I did

I can't remember clearly
- Yes Mom, he did

Is it? Isn't he wearing your clothes?
- Oh that's because ....

Son, why are you friends with such useless

Nambia... Ibrahimkutty, the cycle is ready

Thangappan, where are you off to?

He will drop him at the bus stand and
come back

You had said copra mill
- Oh yes, copra mill

What for? - I'll explain that later,
please leave soon

Thangappan, come back soon, you need to
collect cow dung from the shed

Is it too far?
- No, its close by

Are you going for labour work at the
copra mill? - No.. I mean yes

Oh brother, its bad times for you
- Why?

These are merciless people

They will make you work until your spine

You just focus on the cycle.
- I was just warning you

I just noticed, both our voices sound
the same

Where is your hometown?
- Kayamkulam

Oh ok, I have visited there long back

Is it?
- Yes

Where is your hometown, brother?
- Kuttanad, why?

My father had a tea shop there long ago

Stop blabbering and just cycle

You can get down
- Is this the place?


I have seen this fellow before
- I have met this guy before

Maybe not
- Maybe not

Oh, hello Sir
- I was just visiting

Please come
- Yes

Sir, where were you?

Where were you Sir?

When you entered this door, I went
through the other door

Then I came through the other door and
came upstairs

Lets sit downstairs

Anyways I came up, let me see the house

Well there's nothing specific to see
here Sir

I mean, lets take a look at the

Devu, two cups of tea. Quick.

Sir, till date no one has come or slept in
this room

Just a spare room, right?
- What?

Just a spare room?
- Yes yes

How is this neighborhood?

All good people live here sir

I mean, everyone in this neighborhood are
humble and reputed, like me

Honestly speaking, since I'm childless,
such neighbors are my only satisfaction

Last time we met, you said orphanage and
hospital is your only satisfaction

That's a different satisfaction

Sir, I like you a lot

Kind of a special affection which you feel
for your father

My mind is always restless to meet you Sir

Can I visit this house regularly?

Why not, since I'm childless..
- .. this would be another satisfaction?


It's so beautiful to look out this window,
I liked this room a lot

This is my own blanket, I use it regularly

Let it be, I didn't ask about that

I was just informing

Sir, Tea

Rascal, you scared me

- Get out

My Mom...
- What?

She will hire such fools for work

This rascal is not just a fool Sir, he is
a gigantic fool

Is this how you bring tea to a reputed
person's room?

Oh my God

Hey Vijay, leave him, leave him.

What's this?

Kill me, just kill me. There is no use of
this body now

I am getting punished to work with such
useless CIDs

Damu, don't talk nonsense
- I will only talk nonsense hereafter

Since he was wearing a mask, I thought he
is the murderer

Rubbish, I wore the mask so that the
killers will think I am there member--

--and not hurt me

You are so foolish, Damu

You guys are foolish

You have been wandering for so many days,
what crap have you found?

Shut up Damu

Fed up, I am fed up of this life

Where is your wig and beard?

You are a cheat, a jerk

If I am a gigantic fool, then you are a
Hippopotamus, a wild one

When that guy slapped me, how could you
not do anything?

When you are in disguise how can I...
- I don't want this useless disguise

All the household work has broken my spine

I am going back to Madras

I will handle some local case there and
live an average CID's life

Go, go back to Madras

Anandan Nambiar is waiting there to kill

Anandan Nambiar?

Yes bro, he escaped from prison

Oh God, there is no place where we can
go to. - Exactly

Vijay, if we solve this case--

we can request the minister to add us to
Kerala police

If we go to Madras, Anandan Nambiar won't
let us live

Who, the HM? At the guesthouse?

Sure, we will be there soon

State Police, Tamil Nadu CID, I don't want
to hear all this

Tell me if there's progress on the case?
- Yes, It has progressed well

But a humble request, like the State
Police suggests--

don't force us to arrest the suspect

Who are you suspecting?
- He is in our Line of Sight Sir

Who? Me?

No, I mean he is been cornered in our trap

For your assurance, I will show you some


Sorry, CID Mr. Vijayan, open the box

This is a very enormous evidence, Sir

Sorry, Fingerprints


Bata owners are the murderers?

No Sir

I have one more evidence, A mask

Once we get one final evidence, we can
then arrest all the suspects of this case

Which evidence?

The suspects blood sample, that's all
that is remaining

We already have the syringe and chloroform
to collect the blood sample

What the hell is all this? I cant
understand anything

I've heard rumors of you catching
some big criminals in Madras--

but I don't think its true

Assembly meeting is close by

I have to answer to the questions there,
not you

If you don't solve this case immediately,
all the expenses for this case--

will be recovered from you

Sir, don't you dare speak like that. If
you will, then I have something to say

Last year June, do your remember an
Inspector named Rajendran--

who was murdered at the Udarinnur
check post?

You falsely concluded it as a natural
death when actually it was a murder

You denied the indemnities that
his family deserved

You denied job to his widow because he
was just two days--

-- short of his two years
of service

As they were poor, they couldn't file
a case

First give them justice, then we can
think about the investigation

Oh, I didn't recognize you
- One moment please

I'll be right back

You look like a model from a TV commercial

Is it the attire?
- Yes

This is an international attire followed
by the CIDs

Haven't you noticed it in English movies?

I don't recollect
- Pay attention henceforth

By the way, I vented my anger at the

Which minister?
- Home minister

I told him there will be trouble if he
does not sort out Shobha's issues

He must have said 'Let me study the case',
I have heard this several times

Don't know when they will learn

You be calm, Shobha. Everything will be

Who is that suspicious bald, bearded
guy at the counter?

- On my left

Oh, he is just a worker here, he's decent

Not necessarily, the way we CIDs disguise

criminals also disguise themselves

Be careful

Who did you go to meet at the
textile shop?

Don't think I don't know what's going on

I will inform this to the department

I'll inform that instead of investigation,
you are flirting with girls here

You were sent here with a serious

A person with jaundice will see everything
in yellow

Even you were sent here with a serious

I gave you Chloroform and a syringe

You can't even collect a blood sample of
a person, and you call yourself a CID?

If Chloroform got over, then...

Leave it, I don't need your assistance

I know how to get his blood sample

Let's collaborate...
- No, no collaboration

Within 24 hours, I will collect his blood
sample and show you

Did you order for anything?
- No, I thought we'll order together

20 rotis

Do we need that many?
- Sir, you don't worry, I'll adjust

What else sir?
- Boneless chilly chicken, four plates

Would four plates be enough Sir?
- Should be enough for now

Then, fried rice

Or else, get what I ordered first,
rest I will order later

Sir, order?
- Yes, Omelette

Sorry Sir, something bit me

We are not here to see your antics

Get the food again

Something bit me again, I swear Sir

Oh, its you

I know this guy, I suspected him
long back

He's trying to kill me by injecting some

Someone has sent him to kill me and steal
my research


Oh, was it you Prabhakaran?- I thought
some CID has come

No wonder why Madras Police caught you.

Why you still wearing the wig and beard?
- Better to be safe than sorry

Did you ask for me?

Where were you?

Have you lost your old enthusiasm?

I asked you to kill those CIDs, you didn't
get that done

Moreover, I am fed up of Deve Gowda

You call up at Idukki and ask them to send
the lorry with marijuana

As usual, jump the check-post, kill the
policeman or do whatever needed

But the marijuana should reach Mangalore

You again, I going to kill you today

Who sent you to kill me? I will kill him
and you. Stop there

Oh no, what a time to breakdown

Yes, what's the problem?

This marijuana lorry...
- Marijuana lorry?

This marijuana lorry

Oh yes, this marijuana lorry, yes tell me

I mean, we got an information that this
jumped the check-post

Let them jump the check-post, let them
come with a gun--

I will still catch any marijuana lorry

You used to doubt and despise us, right?

What do you think now?

Inspector, along with solving the murder
case,we're going to purify the entire city

Bring the lorry to the Station

CID from Tamil Nadu

This is the very first time.

How many times we have jumped the

How many Police officers we have killed

But nobody seized our marijuana lorries
till date

It was a bearded fat guy who attacked
our people

I don't know who that could be

They all might be CIDs

Anandan, don't take this the wrong way

But the day you stepped into my house,
that day my troubles began

Prabhakaran, don't mock the dead

I lost everything and came to you as a

Please arrange a fake passport for me

Lakhs have gone down the drain,
and you care about your passport

Kunjikrishnan, those guys who were in the
lorry, ask them to go underground

Ok sure

I'm going to visit Guruvayoor temple,
that is the only satisfaction

My passport?

Shobha told me she saw your name in the

It seems, you caught some big criminals

Oh, you read it? I thought you didn't, so
I got the paper along

My photo was published in the Indian

Headline was - "CID Ramdas and company
along with the seized marijuana lorry"

How are you able to find such things, son?

Uh, we have been trained for that

And we are also allowed to shoot suspects
if needed

Oh, is it?

Hey son, I got you a gift

Oh this wasn't necessary

Kids of this age should always have a

Just because we accepted a new umbrella
last time, this is unnecessary

You will just gift him a cycle and go

Tomorrow if this gets damaged, we won't
be able to buy him a new one

Lets not pamper him too much.
- That's alright

I just bought it for the satisfaction of
solving this case

To be honest, there's nobody else here to
share such moments with


Well, everybody has a story

We were a well-to-do family, but lost
everything one day and--

my mother had to live as a maid at a
relative's place

At the time of my mother's death, I was
in Madras, with no address and no food

Not much, but still I have learnt and
suffered enough in life

Any relative back in your hometown?

If I become rich, I may have a lot of

For now, there's no one

His leg...

Are you in a hurry?
- No

Nambiar Sir

Sir, please come

We didn't get the fake passport

Will you go to Dubai?
- That also needs passport, right?

Not needed, there is an alternative

There's a cargo ship that can take you to
Dubai. - A ship?

- In this era?

No doubts, he has saved thousands of
people in this manner

Who's that?

This is the guy I was talking about

Even at this age, you still have dreams to
go to the Gulf, you wicked man

My son's marriage is in Sharjah next week,
with an Engish woman

English woman
- Yes yes

Didn't get a passport in such short
notice, I'm not going for a job

So its your luck that I came now

This cargo ship is going to California

- To California

So just for you, we will take a diversion
via Dubai

Do you know how to swim?
- Why?

To swim

We cannot take the ship too near to the
coast, so--

you will need to swim a bit

I can swim, but what if I get caught by
the Dubai Police

But who said you will arrive right in
front of the Police

He's an aged man, so he's not very brave

So I'm there to help

You just do one thing, get an Arab outfit
along with you

As soon as you reach the coast, where the
Arab outfit

Also, I will teach you some basic Arabic
words now

Then there's nothing to worry. Dubai
Police won't nab an Arab

But still, how to learn Arabic so soon?

Its not so difficult, I will teach you
now itself

Say, Aslamu Alaikum


- Aslamu

- Alaikum

Aslamu Alaikum
- Aslamu Alaikum

Va Alaikum Musalam


- Va

Alaikum Musalam
- Alaikum Musalam

Done, thats all

So, come here on Friday night with the
Arab outfit and money

I didn't understand, what so particular
about Friday?

I have heard the voice of this bullfinch
several times

From far away, like a dream, I was able to
interpret their colorful wings

I just realized that all these happened
on Fridays

So on other days, they might be wandering
in other unknown areas

Yes, so this Friday night, we will go to
the island--

with all our equipment and find that

The ship is waiting in the outer sea, have
you got the money?

Yes, 20000 rupees

Then give it to me


Your look has changed completely, why have
you worn the Arab outfit now itself?

That uhh... I just wore for it for a
practice. Is it enough?

Enough? Don't think I am flattering you,
clear-cut Arab looks

Don't get offended, its not that I don't
trust you

But the last time a person claimed he has
given me the whole amount--

but when I checked on the ship it was 2000
rupees short

Just to avoid a fuss in the middle of the
sea, I will count this now

Please do

Ok, the boat is here.

We can reach the island in half an hour.

Bullfinch's thermogenesis period will
start soon

I won't let him escape like the previous
day from the marijuana lorry

I also noticed that guy accompanying him

He might be some international smuggler.

Its like two birds with one bullet

If we catch them with evidence, then is
blood sample required?

How many bottles of blood do you require,

we can draw as much as we want when he is
in custody. - Oh yes

Oh, they are going to the sea

Vijay, a boat chase might be required.
- But where do we have a boat?

Boat... Hasn't one been arranged?
- By who, me?

See, there's one boat

Hello, please wait

Unnikrishnan, CIDs, escape, escape


Catch him
- Oh God, please let go

You promised to drop us in Dubai and
cheated us

You dropped us in Madras Marina beach
saying its the Dubai coast

Dear sons, I also thought it was Dubai, I
didn't do it on purpose

- Wait Das, don't kill him

Anyhow, Madras did not ruin us.

In a way, Gafoorka was our lucky charm.
- Yes

Today we are two well reputed CIDs

CIDs can kill anybody whenever they want

So if you want to live, return us the
money we paid you

I want to live, but I don't have the money

What's this?
- Its just some tobacco

Show me

Tobacco, huh?
- Yes


Dear sons, please return the money, I have
a family... - Shut up

Nambiar, you?

I jumped into the sea

Prabhakaran, don't get shocked when I say

No, I am sure you will get shocked

The same CIDs who apprehended me are
now here

No wonder one of your marijuana lorries
were seized

Let alone marijuana lorries, they are
going to ruin you altogether

Did you see those CIDs?

Yes, just before boarding the boat and I
immediately jumped into the sea

The same two CIDs from Madras, its not
safe for us to be here anymore

Then why the hell did you come here?

Oh, you also jumped into the sea?
- I had no other choice

Kunjikrishnan, please get rid of this
nuisance somehow

only then I will be at peace

Prabhakaran, I am not heartless like you

Even if I get apprehended, you should

I am definite that the CIDs have laid
their traps around this house

You should be very careful

Let my issues be

Kunjikrishnan, please hide this guy
in a sack and get him out of this city?

Lets hide him in a lorry bringing the
copra load? - Thats good

Prabhakaran, I will go, but again to the
copra mill? I don't have the courage

Don't you dare step into this house again

At the Casino Hotel in Vijaywada...

Several recommendations like this have
been submitted before

That's true

But Shobha, the department values me a lot
after I seized that marijuana lorry

I told the minister that if he wants me to
solve the murder case--

he needs to sort out your job first. Why
not give it a try?

Listen, just sign this

Rest you leave it to me. Come.

Boss, copra has been unloaded. The driver
is ready to go.

I troubled you a lot

That's alright. Once you reach Mangalore,
then you are safe

Deve Gowda is an expert in fake passports

You also lost a lot of money because of me

At the Casino Hotel in Vijaywada...
Oh, get ready to leave

Is this lorry driver a Malayalee?
- Yes, he is, nothing to worry about

About me escaping from prison...?
- We haven't told him anything

I will send you a letter once I reach
- Ok

Hey, don't send any letters, that could be
trouble. Come, lets leave soon

Escape, escape
- Why, what happened?

CID, CID spy
- Who is the CID spy?

That driver Balan, he is not a driver, he
is a CID spy

I know him very well

He is not here to unload the copra, he is
here to spy on you

Prabhakaran, please beleive me

In Madras, he was in the disguise of a
taxi driver

With his help, those CIDs apprehended me

If that's the case, then he won't leave
from here alive

Hey you, don't you want to see your

Get down, get down here


Wait, wait, why are you hammering me?
What wrong have I done?

Just because you all are hefty, how dare
you bully me?

Nowadays, I am so regularly beaten

You, where are your CIDs?
- Which CID....

Open the trunk


Isn't there place to sit inside the car?

Come on, get in

Aren't you guys coming along?

So, how are you Bala? Did you recognize

Swami, I didn't recognize any of you


Nambiar Sir?
- Shut up, you cheat

Why the hell are do you have a red band on
your head?

Take it off, you dog

You brute, because of you today I am
wandering around like a zombie

Long ago, when I met with a car accident,
you took me to the hospital and saved me

But what you asked in return cost me

I was peacefully running my smuggling
business, and you destroyed me

What are you talking about, Nambiar Sir?
For what crime are you beating me up?

You don't know anything huh?

In the past, didn't you bring those CIDs
to my office in Madras?


You requested me to hire them, so that you
could help them find my secrets

Tell me the truth. Aren't you a CID spy?

CID spy?

Nambiar Sir, when Marwadis seized my taxi
because I couldnt pay the installments--

with a lot of difficulty I found this
job with the inter-state lorry transport

This is the seventh time I have come to
Thampi Sir's mill for unloading

Shut up

Diamonds are best to cut diamonds

Our men have already kidnapped your wife
and kids in Madras

Do you want to see them alive?
- My wife and kids....

You have 24 hours, you need to kill those
two CIDs by yourself

CIDs or your family, you decide

Which CIDs are you talking about Sir?

Don't you know CIDs Dasan and Vijayan?

Those scoundrels, they're here too? No
wonder I am getting beatings regularly

Shut up you rascal

Sir, I swear I don't know any of this

If you don't, then listen, we were unable
to kill them

If its you, they will never doubt it

There's no time to think, what do you say?

My family?
- Yes, keep that in mind and take this gun

Just two bullets

My dear son Munuchami, daughter Kanaki,
such a fate has come to your father

Who's that?

Leave him Damu, Leave him, he is a friend
not an enemy

Damu, this is our dearest and beloved

In Madras, he is the one who saved us from
starvation and got us a job

Sir, if you hadn't come, I may have
killed him

Balettan, we are always vigilant in this

After two attacks, we trained him for such

After becoming CIDs, we did not get a
chance to meet you

Before completing our training, we were
sent here for a case investigation

Damu, get tea
- Ok

You are the stepping stone for all our
success Balettan

That Balettan's stepping stone has shaken

Who shook it? How they shook it? We won't
let it shake

We will tighten it for you

Tomorrow you cannot see the person you see

God is the one who gives burdens in short

- It seems he has gone bonkers

Hey, keep quiet

It seems Balettan's mental health is not
very well

That's what I said in other words "He has
gone bonkers"

Dasan, I have always disliked this fellow

Balettan, first take bath, lets talk
after that

Give this to me - No, I'll hold it,
Leave it, I'll hold it

Why do you have a bomb or gun in it?

Balettan you go take a bath

It would be better to take bath in emblica
water. - Hey, I will slap....

If this operation is a success, I will get
you a bungalow in Shimla or Darjeeling

Prabhakaran, I don't need a bungalow from

Just a provision to perform smuggling with
comfort and peace

If CIDs are erased from the face of this
earth, then I don't fear to live in India

Is it true that your men have kidnapped
Balan's family?

Is it true? I just got a call asking if
they should be killed

Then we are safe

Balan will kill those CIDs for sure


What is it?

Prabhakaran, CIDs have surrounded this

A dangerous CID is currently watching us.

- Look there

Oh this guy

He is a simple fellow who recently shifted
to that house

All CIDs look like simple people

Didn't your driver say that your marijuana
lorry was seized by a fat bearded guy?

- Isn't he fat and bearded?

Nambiar, stop scaring me
- You can't avoid it, Prabhakaran

I can identify a CID just by looking at

That fat guy is a partner of those Tamil
Nadu CIDs for sure

God, I was stupid to come here after
fleeing from prison

I was stupid to give you asylum

Why don't you get lost somewhere?
- Now, we will need to get lost together

Yes Sir, its true

Its a truth that will shock the world of

I found the bird on a banyan tree and took
a photo

In the photo, I was able to capture its
twin beaks

Yesterday when I tried to shoot, I
realized the gun was empty

I won't falter again, definitely I will

All the evidences are in my briefcase

No matter what, I will not loose the

At any moment, there can be an assault, so
we need to leave this place

Sir, come in the morning with a car

I want to reveal the evidences in this
briefcase to the world very soon

Hey.. Hey, Nambiar..

Hey, its me, its me

I thought its a CID

CIDs, they are prepared, they are planning
to shoot us

That Ashok Verma who we killed had a
briefcase with all evidences

Evidences regarding our marijuana
plantations in Idukki and Perumathura,

Diagrams regarding how to find our
smuggled gold,

He has a similar briefcase like that

He is going to reveal the evidences in
that briefcase to the world

We have to snatch it, we have to, we
have to

Balettan, that's a gun, it will fire
- Let it fire

Balettan, I am Dasan, Ramdas, your old

Won't you let me sleep?
- Don't move, I will kill both of you

Dasan, I had told you he is gone bonkers
and you didn't believe me

- Balettan?

I have to kill you soon or else they will
murder my family

What are you talking about?

I noticed a change in you since you came,
I am not able to understand

I can't. Both of you shoot and kill

They kidnapped my family

If you guys don't die, Anandan Nambiar
will murder them

Yes, Anandan Nambiar itself

That same old Anandan Nambiar who went
to jail because of you two

Nambiar's men beat me up when I came to
unload copra

Then he gave me this gun and sent me here,
to kill you both

Nambiar.. Is he here?
- Yes he is

It seems he escaped prison to mainly kill
you both

Who are Nambiar's helpers here?

I don't know that, a fat guy beat me up
and gave me this gun

Fat guy?

He's slightly bald?
- Yes, that's him

Then there's nothing left, we have got all
the evidences. - What evidences?

We can prove in court it is that fat guy
who gave Balettan this gun to kill us

We can arrest him and make him confess to
all his crimes

Vijay, call the CI, we need vehicles,
bullets, bombs, be ready for an encounter

Its not yet morning...
- Just call him

This sunrise, will be his last sunrise

He will be put into a prison with no

We are loosing time, call the CI

Balettan, you don't worry, nothing will
happen to your family


He's trying to escape because somehow he
got to know we are coming

Then lets call the Police Control room and
ask them to block all roads. - No

We'll catch him first then we will call
the Police

I got the briefcase
- Good job

Success, now there's nothing to worry

Who's that?

Prabhakar, open it later

This is Thampi Sir's copra mill
- Yes

There is Thampi Sir

Sir, what's all this?

Nambiar? Vijay, that means all of these
guys are together

Wait, wait, one minute, I have something
to give him

Hey Balan, I....

No, kill me, but I won't give this.
- We need you not the briefcase

We are going to end your smuggling and

Why are you beating this fat guy?
- Wasn't he the one with Nambiar?

That guy is not this one, he is another
fat guy

Then who are you?

I'm a bird watcher

Dasan, he took it

Vijay, call the Police

Dasan, you go, go

What a face, I can't resist myself

You said my family is in your custody? Now
you are in my custody

Shobha, that's your appointment order for
government service

Its not just my efforts, Shobha always
deserved it

Here our work is done, so we are going

Son, you are leaving?
- Yes

After meeting you, we felt there is
someone here for us

Don't change that feeling, you can believe
that I will be there for any help

Now I can keep my head held high in the

We will complete our five years term

That's not enough

People who ask you to quit politics after
60 years of age are our enemies

Even if you are unable to walk, you should
continue to govern us

That will be my efforts henceforth

I wish you a safe journey

We are sorry that we troubled you

Since it was for something good, it's fine

We will invite you for Isaac's Bullfinch
book launch, please don't miss it

Wherever that launch is, we will be there

Dharma Samsthapanarthaya Sambhavami
Yuge Yuge (verses from Bhagwad Gita)