Partners (1982) - full transcript

Benson is a police detective. After a series of murders in the Gay community he is ordered to go undercover with a gay police clerk named Kerwin as his partner. In order to be noticed they have to be flamboyant enough to attract attention which Benson finds rather disturbing. Can an uptight heterosexual and a mousey homosexual form a meaningful relationship?

Hi, Ken.

So how come you don't
answer my calls?

Detective Sergeant Benson.

Sergeant Benson's
here to see you, sir.

Captain Wilkins will be
with you in a moment.

Won't you sit down, Sergeant?

I'm Fred Kerwin.

I have an appointment
with Captain Wilkins.

Have a seat, Officer Kerwin.

You may go in now,
Sergeant Benson.

Sit down, Benson.

The guy waiting outside,
you know him?


What do you think?

First impression.


You been following
the Davis case?

The homosexual that got
murdered in a motel

a couple weeks ago?

The cover...

What's it do for you?

It's not my style.

This Greek god's father

happens to be a newspaperman,

and he's managed to
trigger off a smear campaign.


"Because my son
was a homosexual,"

"his murderer
is still free today."

"I accuse the police department"

"of flagrant sexism."


Son of a bitch.

It's funny. You caught on
right away he was gay.

God knows, he's done
everything he can to hide it.

His name is Kerwin.

He works for us downstairs
in records and identification.

Nice guy.

He's been singled out, too.

Singled out for what?

You two are gonna handle
this case together.

I want you to move
into their neighborhood.

You'll eat at their restaurants,

shop at their stores.

I want you to live
as a gay couple.

Is that clear?

You can come in now,
Officer Kerwin.

A case?

A homicide case.

You could be out on the
street with one of my men.

Out on the street?

I've always worked
in an office. I'm in R&I.

I know, I know.

You're doing a wonderful job.



That's not the...


It's not the side of you
I'm thinking about now.


I said that that's...

That's not
the particular quality

about you I'm thinking of.

Oh, really?

What is it, then?


How can I put it?

Does it show that much?

Would you like a drink?

How does it show?

As a matter of fact, Kerwin,

it would help us if it
showed even more.

I want you to be
Sergeant Benson's partner.

I want you to
help him infiltrate

the gay community.

Well, I'm sorry.

You'll have to find another
partner for Sergeant Benson.

Ask Benson to come in, please.

Come in, Benson.

Meet Fred Kerwin.

Kerwin, this is Sergeant Benson.

I know how you feel, Benson.

You don't wanna work with Kerwin

because you're scared.

He's gay.

It's dangerous.
He might rape you.

I can picture you
as a defenseless virgin

while this...
This monster

takes advantage of you
like a wild beast.

I see your point, too, Kerwin.

You don't wanna work with Benson

because you're scared

you'll have to reveal yourself.

You've been hiding in the
closet for so many years.

Now, suddenly you're
asked to face up to it.

I can see why you're scared.

Except... You guys
are cops first.

You're gonna work
and that's an order.

If you refuse, you'll be
back working foot beat down

down at skid row, get it?
And in uniform!

As for you, Kerwin...

Whatever I say to you

won't make you any
unhappier than you already are.

It's time you owned up to it.

The point is...

We really need you, Kerwin.

You make your own decision.


Call before coming by, angel.

Why, aren't you alone?

Hey, you're going on a trip.

Taking me with you?

Strictly business.

Well, where you going?

The car's around
the side, Sergeant.

It's a VW.


Hey, you got a new car.



Excuse me.

Would you please
stop apologizing

and just treat me
like any other partner.

I'm sorry.

Wilkins got us off
to a bad start.

You probably think I don't
like gays. Well, that's not true.

To each his own.

I know some gay people.
They're very nice.

Move. We're on a curve.

Move. We're on a curve.


Sergeant Benson
on line one, sir.

Got it. Yeah?

We're in a garage.
We had an accident.


Yeah, Kerwin started acting up

and some guy hit us
in the rear end.

Started acting up?

Listen. We're not gonna get
anywhere with this faggot.

Why don't we just cut
our losses right now, sir?

Don't be a sexist, Benson.


I said, don't be a sexist.

Go back, hold his hand,
and get the job done.

Let me ask you something, sir.

Why did you choose me
for this job?

Because you're
a good cop, Benson,

a real good cop.

And because of your cute ass.

This is the motel
where the murder took place.

Oh. What can
I do for you?

Have you got a room?

Sure thing.

Let me show you the way.

Well, come on, boys.

After you.

Football? Boxing?

I bet you do a lot of sports.



Nothing like a beautiful body.

And here we are.

See you later, fellas.


Oh, my God.

What the hell do we do now?

Beats me.

We'll never make it.

Phone Captain Wilkins.

I already did.
He told me to get lost.

I might as well face it,

pretty soon I'm gonna be
back in a patrolman's uniform.

Well, maybe we can
play on the fact

that this guy likes you.

Make him believe
that he can impress you

by discussing the murder

because it turns you on.

You mean, you want me to
put out for this old screamer?

Let's go.

Hold it!

Well, shouldn't we wait a while?

I mean, if we were really, um...

making it, then...

Well, we wouldn't
be through so fast.

Have you got anything
you can change into?


So you look sexy.

Well, I mean,
you're all we've got.

Just smile.




Hi, boys.

Lovely day.


Wanna have a drink?


He wants all the gory details,
doesn't he?

He's so morbid,
this big boy here.

Well, it's such
an exciting story.

It was more like a nightmare.

Cops on my back
for two whole weeks.

You can't imagine
what I went through.



Those cops grilled me for hours,

but they got nowhere.

Good for you.

I never talk to cops.

Twice they closed down my place.

They can go fuck off.

Right on.


It's adorable, isn't it?

It's very sexy.

At least I think so.

To think you were
just a few feet away

from the killer that night.

Minutes before the murder,

I went out on the terrace

for a breath of fresh air.


Excuse me a second.

He's feeling
me up under the table.

I noticed.

I didn't spend
10 years on homicide

to be mauled by some old queen.

You're right. Let's drop
this whole thing.

No. Not now. He's about
to tell us something.

Well, can you hang in there
just a few more minutes?

I'm not sure.

Peek-a-boo, you guys.

Just the phone.

Another booking.

Where was I?

You were saying that you
went out on to the terrace

for a breath of air.

Oh, yes.

Then something
caught my attention...

Flashbulbs going off
in one of the bungalows

through the Venetian blinds.


Then what?

When I thought about it later,

I figured the killer
must have been

taking pictures of his victim.

That's all.

Keep your hands
to yourself. He's mine!


It must be awful to be a woman.

Some guy you can't stand

putting his hands on your ass.

What a nightmare.

What do we do next?

I got to admit it, it's working.

That business about
the photographs...

We may have a lead.

So we keep at it?


We're in apartment 2-G.

Let's go.

You'll adore it here.

A delightful apartment.

I lived in it 20 years.

And then my friend died
of a sudden heart attack.

Oh, you're a nice, nice,
nice young couple.

We were your age
when we moved in,

John and I.

We shared 20 years of happiness.

Oh, children...

Children, children...

If you want to last 20 years,

listen to me.

Hang on tight.

That's the secret.

Hang on tight.

There's a long road
ahead of you.

It can be a glorious road,

if you travel together.

So hang on tight.

Hang on tight,

hang on tight.

Good luck, children.

I need a shower.

Hi, there...

Where are you going?

I need some fresh air.

I'll be right back.

I'm just gonna take a shower.

Who's the guy?

What guy?

With the surfboard.
My brother.

Great-looking, isn't he?

You don't stand a chance.

He's married.

You think I'm
a fruit, don't you?

It's nothing.

It's just one of those things.

Maybe you're under
a strain right now.

Don't worry.

It's not serious.

I mean, next time
you'll make it.

What the hell is going on here?

Here he is at last.

I just need some ice, girls.

I think you could have
waited a little while

before you threw our first orgy.

This has nothing to do with me.

They're neighbors.

This is our housewarming party.

They brought their own bottles,

their own records, everything.

I've been holding
down the fort here

for the past hour!

I don't know what
you've been doing,

but I haven't been
wasting my time.

See that blond kid?

He lived with the victim
for two years

and he has not told the
police everything, either.

Did he tell you
he lived with Davis?


You got him to talk.
Well, that's pretty good.

What else did he say?

We were interrupted.

Well, you're on to something.

Now stay with him.

Come on. Come on.

Stop playing with
those damn glasses.

Go on, get out there.

Why not?

What's the matter, Kerwin?


Then go talk to him.

Why the hell not?

Because he asked me to dance.

So what?

I refuse to dance with a man.


I let an old queen feel
me up this morning.

The least you could do is
dance. You got to be kidding.

You're supposed to be the
expert around here, anyway.

I won't dance with a man.

Let me go!


Let me go!

Ask my pal to dance.
He's dying to.



No, thanks.


He wouldn't talk.

Well, keep after him
until he does.

He asked me upstairs to
his apartment for a drink.

Up to the victim's apartment?

Nice going, Kerwin.

So what's the problem, Kerwin?

Let go!

What's going on?

Have fun.


He couldn't tell me much.

He and Davis shared
the same apartment,

but they led separate lives.

He lives two years with a guy
in the same apartment

and can't tell you a thing?


Well, maybe you didn't
use the right approach.

You're right.

I don't think I know
the right approach.

You take the bedroom.
I'm going to sleep here.

Nothing happened.

I couldn't.


Don't let it bug you.

It happens to all of us.

Look, you're under
a lot of strain.

Next time, you'll make it.

I think we could both
use a nightcap.

I managed to swipe this
while he wasn't looking.

The leather freak's Davis.

The other guy's his boyfriend.

He had a steady boyfriend?

No mention of this
in the police report.

Nice going, Kerwin.
This is important.

You awake?

What time is it?


Do you take coffee
with your breakfast?


Look. Leave it. I'll be
up in a second.

I'll get my own...

No need, Kerwin.

We'll have to hire somebody
to do the housework.

Where'd you say
this guy hung out?

He works in a coffee
shop in La Brea.

Yeah, let's go pay him
a visit tonight?

You did okay with
blondie last night.

I'm gonna let you take on
this guy as well.

They're two of a kind.

You're wrong.

How's that?

Look at the photograph.

He likes macho leather types.

I wouldn't stand a chance.

Now, if I had shoulders
like yours,

it'd be a cinch.

I'd just get
dressed up in leather...

Give him the eye...

Pick him up, no problem.

What are you getting at, Kerwin?

It's time you went in.

I'll just wait until they go in.

But the next show
doesn't start till 10:00.

If anybody laughs...


Give me a beer.

What time you get off?

I beg your pardon?

I said what time
you get off work? 1:00.

I'll be waiting for you
outside at 1:00, okay?


There. That's over with.

Well, that's not him.

You just picked up
the wrong guy.

That's the guy.

Oh, no.

You saw his picture.

Yeah, I saw his picture,
those two faggots

looked exactly alike,
just like all faggots.

Well, what do we do now?

It's simple. You go back in.

You break your date with the
first guy and ask out the second.

Well, they'll think I'm some
kind of a pervert.

Give me another beer.
What time you get off?


I'll be waiting
for you outside. Hey, what about me?

Shove it, creep.
Yeah, but...

I said shove it.
I'll see you later.

Here he comes.

You sure it's him?

Very funny.


Oh, I'm exhausted.

You know what I'd love?

If you'd drive to the beach,
I'd love to go for a swim.

At this time of night?

I love moonlight swims.


Let's take off all our clothes

and play in the water together.

What do I do now?

I'm not gonna run around
bare-ass with this guy.

What's taking you so long?

Come on! What are
you waiting for?


Bet you can't catch me!

An athlete yet.

Well, I'm waiting.
What do I do now?

Don't ask me.

If this guy lays a finger
on me, I'll drown him.


Move it, faggots.

Two fags and a Peeping Tom.

This way, girls. Come on.

Move your ass, sweetheart.
You're awful slow.

Forget it.

Unhappy, faggot?

Hey, sweetheart.

After you, miss.

Why don't you give him
his clothes back?

Come on, can't you see
he's shivering with cold?

Davis and I didn't share
an apartment because...

I still live with my mother.

But I saw him every day.

I loved him.

I really loved him.

But he got the phone call,
and he left.

What phone call?

This guy, he had this
really terrible voice.

It was, um...

Um, kind of a hoarse whisper.


There was this chance
of a lifetime.

He went to pose
for some pictures.

"Best-paid photographs
in the world."


Yeah. He was a model.

I guess the guy, must've said

that he wanted
to take his pictures.

He was so handsome.

God, he...

looked exactly like you.

More coffee?

How come you didn't
call the cops?

Oh, I thought about it.

Then I said to myself,
"Forget it."

won't lift a finger."

Is that it?
Oh, yeah.

They never caught
the guy who killed Clyde. Clyde?

Clyde Thompson,
a friend of ours.

Was murdered six months ago.

Cops gave up.

Same thing'll happen.

Stay out of jail, men.

"Double wash. Rinse loop."

I've been checking the files.

Clyde Thompson was murdered
about six months ago.

He's the same age as
the Davis kid. Gay, too.

He was shot about...

Oh, excuse me.

Oh... Shit.
I need a pot holder.

You fixed dinner.

Well, I'm not quite
used to this oven.

I hope it's done.

Christ, we could've gone out.

You know, those assholes
down at headquarters missed this,

but Clyde Thompson
was a model, too.


Yeah, and he appeared on the
same magazine cover as Davis,

Man's Man.


You should try some gravy.
It makes it less dry.

No, not at all.
It's really terrific.

Two models murdered.

I don't understand
how they missed it.

You really should try the gravy.

I think we're on to something.

Oh, I think I ate too much.

Oh. Would you like
some coffee?

Sit down. I'll get it.

Another guy with a good
body was Clyde Thompson.

He worked out here, didn't he?

Clyde Thompson had a roommate.

Sure did. Petersen.

Ed Petersen.

He lives about
two blocks from here,

near the supermarket.

Oh, thanks.

How's it going?

I am bushed.

Clyde Thompson lived with
a guy named Ed Petersen.

He was modeling, too.

Nice work.
I got an address.

It took me three gyms
and three saunas to get it.

How about an aspirin?


Chocolate cake?

Yes, but don't expect too much,

that oven is still
giving me trouble.

I feel like an early supper
and a good night's sleep.


I'll run your bath.

Say, what's on TV tonight?

That's Petersen.

Here he comes.

Let's go.

What are you doing?

Are we on a case or
a shopping expedition?

I'm behind with the laundry.

He's seen us.

Okay, wait for me at home.
I want a word with this guy.

Be careful.

What do you want?

Are you Ed Petersen?

My name is Benson.
I'd like a word.

My God! Benson,
are you okay?

Just fine.
What happened?

I guess I'm not his type.

You're sure?

Yeah, yeah.
Well, thanks anyway.

They don't have
a thing on Petersen.

Goddamn case!

Okay, what do we know so far?

We know the murderer's
probably some kind of a pervert

who likes to photograph
his victims, right? Yeah.

And both victims were
professional models

who had posed for
the cover of Man's Man.

Is the next issue
on the stands yet?

Probably. I think it
comes out twice a month.

Did you pose for
the cover ofMan's man?


Well, two of their models
have been murdered.

Is this some sort of a joke?

Did you notice anything
unusual in the last couple of days?

Unusual? No.

Hey, wait. I did get
a strange phone call

at the beginning of the week.

Tell me about it.

It was some guy
with an awful voice.

Kind of like a hoarse whisper.

He offered me a lot of money to
pose for him, but I turned him down.

Well, if he should call back,
find out where he can be reached,

and then contact
Homicide immediately.

Be careful.

Well, the whisperer called
him, I doubt if he'll call back.

That son of a bitch!
How are we going...

Wait. The magazine.

Let's use the magazine
to set a trap!

Good thinking.

Not bad.

The snag is finding
someone attractive enough

to pose for the pictures,

and gutsy enough
to act as a decoy.

No, Kerwin. No way.

I'm a cop, not a male model

for a porno magazine.
Find somebody else.

And stop ironing
my damn underwear!

Guys don't iron
other guys' clothes.

This whole case
is a crock of shit.

I won't show my ass,
and that's final!


Oh, he'll be here right away.

What's keeping him?
We haven't got all day.

He'll be out...

That man is absolutely rude.

I only wanted to apply
a little oil to his body.

Son of a bitch!

He'll be here right away.


Benson, I know what
you're thinking.

Let's drop this whole thing. It
was a stupid idea to begin with.

Come on. Let's
call this quits.

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

It was in the cards.

The minute I agreed to get
dressed in skin-tight jeans

and live with you,
it was in the cards.

I should have resigned
right then, and...

Are you cold?

He's here at last.

All right,
let's get down to work!

Take off the towel.

Take off the towel.

Can you concentrate a bit

harder, if you know what I mean?

Bitch. Treats me like
a piece of meat.

Not a word.

Just you wait. I'll show
her some concentration.

Your pictures
should turn out nice.

I'll send you some
contact sheets.

Look, you're a bit green,

but you've got what it takes.


You got a number?

I might have more work for you.

Yeah. 555-14...


"4-1-8-8." Good.
I'll be in touch.

Damn it. I can't do this.

Here. Let me see.


What's for dinner?

How about Chinese?

Oh, well.
Why not?

Let's stay at home,
I hate restaurant cooking.

But I haven't fixed anything.

Oh, come on, you can whip up
something simple, can't ya?

An omelet or something?

Don't even know
if there are any eggs.

Well, I'll take a look.

Oh, you asshole!

There's crab cocktail,
porterhouse steak, and cheesecake.

What's the occasion?

It's the end of our
first week on the case.

Nice of you, Kerwin.
Real nice.

We... We don't have
much bread.

Do you think you could pick
up a loaf while I set the table?


Do we need milk?

Oh, yes.
I'll be right back.


Brought your contacts.

I was, in the neighborhood
and thought I'd drop them off.


You want to come in?

You were on your way out.

Nah. Doesn't matter.
Come on.

She brought the contact sheets.


Christ, I look like
such a schmuck.

How about a drink?

No, thanks.

I've got to be going.

You busy tonight?
Not really.

Would you like to have
dinner together?

Nice little Chinese
restaurant around the corner.

Come on, let's go.

And what about my dinner?

Oh, right. Won't it keep?

Not sure about the crab.

Listen, if you two had something
planned, I can take a rain check.

No. It'll keep.

Wait. What if
we ate here?

Why didn't I think of that?

He's a fantastic cook, aren't
ya, Kerwin? Tell her the menu.

You sure he wants me to stay?

I want you to stay.

I had to cut them in half.

Are they cooked enough?


But, somehow, I'm just
not very hungry.

Me either.

Yet it's so good.

It's outstanding.

Oh, okay.


- I'd love some.
- Me too.

What's the matter?

Nothing's the matter.

He's with her.

Will, Orange Blossom.

You, get him a refill.

Where'd you meet that guy?

He's a hustler, isn't he?

What did you expect?

Don't cry over a hustler.

Forget it.

I mean, he's a
great-looking guy,

but he's cold as ice.

I'm off to bed.

Good night.

Going home?

She there, too?


Don't go.

Look, I know that woman.

You're playing
right into her hands.

She loves to break up guys
who are going steady.

She did it to a
couple friends of mine.

It ended very tragically.

Why don't you stay
at my house tonight?

No monkey business, I promise.

I'll sleep in the living room.

It's times like this
you really need friends.

I appreciate that,
but no, thanks.

Hi there.

What's with him?

Well, you know that chick
that used to hang out

with Ed Petersen,
the photographer?

Sure do.

Yeah, well, she's trying to
put the make on his friend.

Know what I was told?

She killed Clyde Thompson.

Oh, you scared me.

What are you doing in here?

Making breakfast, if I
can find some coffee.

I make breakfast around here.


I like mine black with no sugar.

Just a minute.

All right. You can
come in now.

Thanks, Kerwin.

Oh, it's Benson.

Well, our cover's in jeopardy

because he's
bringing girls home.

Yes, well, one of them
even spent the night.

Of course I don't mind, sir,

but it doesn't help
the case any.

Yes, sir.
I understand.

She's leaving.

She'll be right out of here.

I'm leaving.

I left my phone number
on the dresser.

You call me.

Is something wrong?

I have the magazine.

It's perfect.

Boys in Homicide must
be busting their gut.

No. No. They know
you're doing your job.

You're working.

I'm sorry.


Did you have the magazine
give out your number?

Phone hasn't stopped ringing.

Mostly horny admirers
and cranks.

I even got a few legitimate
modeling job offers.

Now, listen, this guy's
going to call you.

I know he's going to call.


Is that you,
Robin Hood? Yes.

This is your
soft-eyed doe speaking.

You've got me totally
at bay and I'm dying...

Another goddamn freak.

What are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

How'd you get this address?

Man's Man.

Would you...
Well, you can't stay here.

I'm up to my neck in work.

Work? You call this
your work?

I want to speak to the model

on the cover of Man's Man.

First you disappear without...

Could you hold on a minute?


You must pose for me.

How about $3,000?


How about tonight?


Be at the corner of
Santa Monica and Doheny.

I'll pick you up
at 9:30.

We got him.

What is going on around here?

What time is it?

It's 9:00.

Time to go.


Where am I supposed
to hide that?

But you must have it.

What about a handbag?

Don't worry, Kerwin.

Okay, we got 'em.

Black limousine,

license number

heading west on
Santa Monica Boulevard.

Where are we going?

To a motel.

Far from here?

You in a hurry?

Take your clothes off.

No one move until
we get Benson's signal.

It's too bad we can't see them.

Oh, but then of course,
you're used to this sort of thing.

I mean, you know
when to move in.

I mean, you wouldn't let one
of your own men get killed.


Well, what are we waiting for?

Don't let's overdo it.

No, you know what you're doing.

I mean, you're old pros.

Shut up, for Christ's sake.

What's the matter with you?


Then get undressed.

Well, the lights have gone
out! I mean, what is going on?

Shut up!

Well, do something,
for Christ's sake!

Don't just stand there!

I said shut up!


Well, let's go, men!

Police! Don't move!

Who's the asshole
who jumped the gun?

Such hysterics. Take a
tranquilizer if you're feeling edgy!

Drop it, Benson.

I'd like to drop it.
The apartment,

the building,
the neighborhood...

The whole thing is fucked!

Oh, get a load of weepy over here.
I must be the only cop in the world

that's got a partner that cries!

Knock it off, both of you!

If it's the guy,

you'll never have to
work together again.

I'm hungry.

There's still some
leftover souffle from lunch.

Oh, yeah?

Petersen, Edward X. It happened
less than a half hour ago.

Got it.

Didn't you ask us for a rundown

on this guy Petersen?

He was a model for
Man's Man, too.

Then we have the wrong guy.

Pull over here, will you?

How come?

I feel like walking.


Oh, you scared me.

Can I come in?

Sure. you should
have called first.

I did. I got your
answering machine.

I'm telling you.
She's bad luck.

She took care
of Clyde Thompson, too.


They say it's her fault
Clyde is dead.

Clyde was
Ed Petersen's boyfriend.

They say she killed him,
and I believe it.

Hey, Dino.


Hi, it's Teddy.

I'll be home tomorrow morning.

I have a new layout
for you to do.

Wait a minute.

Hi, Jill. It's Marcel.

I'm just in town from
Paris for a few days.

I want to discuss...

There's one thing
I don't understand.


If she killed
Petersen's boyfriend,

how come Petersen
didn't do a thing?

Like go to the cops
for instance?

Maybe he had a better idea.

Like what?

Like blackmail.


Is that what he was doing?

Well, that's what I heard,

and it's still going on, too.

Petersen was killed tonight.

He was murdered.


Do you think she did it?

I don't know what to think.

I must talk to Benson.

Oh, what now?

Don't answer it.


It's her.
You talk to her.

What'll I say?

Hello? May I speak
to Mr. Benson, please?


It's him.


Oh, yeah. I'm really
very sorry to disturb you,

but can she hear?

We're screwing, goddamn it!

Yes, well, um, yeah.
I'm sorry to disturb you,

but I have something
very important to tell you.

Well, I got something important
to tell you. Can you hear me?



Benson, I got to run.

I didn't hear the alarm.

There's coffee
in the kitchen. Bye.



You doing anything this weekend?

You want to go
somewhere together?

Fantastic. I'll call
you at noon. Bye.

I'm sorry about last night,

but I only disturbed you

because I stumbled
onto something.

They say that she
killed Clyde Thompson.

Who's "they"?


Well, he knows what
he's talking about.

He also told me...

Petersen was blackmailing
her, and that she...

Kerwin. I don't give a shit
about your faggot gossip.

I've taken it for two weeks,
it's gotten us nowhere.

Give me a break.
Leave the girl out of it.

Oh! You never believe
anything I say.

What is it?

Sergeant Benson
on line one, sir.


Sir, I quit.

I want to speak
to Gavin Wilkins.

Do you have an appointment?

No. Just tell him
it's Fred Kerwin.

He's like a jealous woman.

If I should so much as look at
a female, suddenly she's a killer.

She killed Clyde Thompson.

What evidence do you have?

It's awful what happened to Ed.


Petersen. Haven't
you seen the papers?

They found him strangled.

But she is a part of it,
I'm sure. That bitch!

Thank you for sharing
your insight with us, Kerwin.

They're very interesting, but
let's concentrate on the case?

There's nothing personal about
this, it's just you've got to arrest her

because Benson is in danger.

Benson can take care of himself,

especially with women.

Goodbye, Kerwin. Have a good
day. Thank you for everything.

But he is in danger!

Must be that time of the month.

Those photos I took with you.

Call you tomorrow.
Au revoir.

Hi. It's me, Petersen.

Something's going on.

I know a guy's been following me.

His name is Benson.

I dropped by your place on the way home

and I left you-know-what

in the darkroom under the left counter.

Now, maybe I'm imagining things,

but I'm worried.

So you call me as soon
as you can. See you later.

This is Benson. I'm coming over.

This is Tony. Trees are all trimmed.

I don't know what to
do about the sprinkler.

I'll keep working on it. Bye.

Give me the negatives.

You searched her house?

I found it in her darkroom

taped under a counter.

You must get it
developed right away.

Wait here.

Got a sworn affidavit
from him, said 4:30...

Here you go, Captain.
Can I get a cup of coffee?

Yeah. Okay.


Check if it's the motel where
the murder was committed.

Find out the identity
of the man with Davis.

It's the same motel.

I recognized the furniture
and that print on the wall.


Come to think of it,

Kerwin did a pretty good job?

I'd like to, ask
this girl photographer

a few questions.

Send a black and white
to pick her up.

I swear I had
nothing to do with it.

Petersen forced me
to take those pictures.

He was blackmailing me also.

Where are they?

A guy named Benson has them.

Hi. It's me, Petersen.

Something's going on.

A guy's been following me.

His name is Benson.

I dropped by your place
on the way home and I...

Benson spent the night here.

He's got the negatives.


It's me.


Still want to go away
for the weekend?

Sure. What time
should I pick you up?

I don't know what time
I'll get off work.

Okay with you
if we meet at the motel?

I'll give you the address.


Santa Clarita.

I'll see ya.

Okay. Bye.

What about Kerwin, sir?

Kerwin. He's waiting
to see you in your office.


Keep him out of my hair
for the time being?

Tell him I'll call him
when it's all over.



Hensley Motel.

Has a Mr. Benson
checked in yet?

One moment, please.

Mr. Benson hasn't arrived yet.
We're expecting him.


The poor guy's really obsessed.

Just when I thought
I'd seen everything,

one of my cops falls in love
with his partner.

She's dead.

It appears she's been strangled.

Find Benson immediately.

Any word on Benson?

No trace of him, sir.

Here I am.

I must talk to you.

Kerwin, I've been very patient.

But your life's in danger.

You're life is gonna be in
danger if you don't clear out!

Now, you got five seconds.

I found some negatives
at her place.One... Two...

And I turned them over
to Wilkins. You can phone! Three... Four...


Where are you, Benson?

In a motel.
What motel?

Listen, Kerwin stopped
by with some story.

What motel?

The Hensley, near
the Santa Clarita exit.

Are you armed?

No. What's up?

Listen, don't move, lock the
door, don't let anyone near you.

I want those negatives, Benson.

Who are you?

I said I want those negatives.

You're making a mistake.
I'm a cop.

Detective Sergeant
Benson of Homicide.

The negatives are
in police custody.

You haven't got a chance.

Why'd you kill those models?

Thompson, Davis, Petersen.

Why'd you kill them?

I didn't kill Thompson.
The girl did.

What about Davis and Petersen?

Why'd you kill them?

Davis tried to ruin me,

seduced me into
going to that motel.

Girl took some photographs.

Later Petersen
came around for money.

Now... They're all dead.

You killed Jill.

You're not going
to put me in jail.


It's me, Benson.

You're gonna be all
right now. I'm here.

Come on.
Let's go home.

Come on now.
Hang in there.

I need you.

My apartment's a mess.

I'm sick and tired of
eating alone in restaurants.

I can't take it anymore.

Come on. Let's both go
home. What do you say?

Hey, Kerwin.

Kerwin, what's for
dinner tonight?

How about your lemon chicken?

Your lemon chicken is fantastic.

Let's hurry home and have us
a great meal. What do you say?

We're going to get
a bigger apartment, too.

One with a custom-built kitchen.

Ours is too small,
you need more room.

We're gonna get along fine.

You'll see.

Just fine.

Sergeant Benson?

That's me.

And this is Officer Kerwin...

My partner.

He's dead.

No. He's tougher than we
all thought. He'll make it.

Thank God.

We misjudged him.

He was right.
There were two murderers.

Douglas, a stockbroker
and a family man,

and then the girl.

That's why we were all confused.

Well, this is the toughest
case I've ever worked on.

Can't wait to go away
with Clara for a few days.

Yeah. You know, he
came to in the ambulance.

And we had a chat.

One thing sure is giving
him the will to live...

He said you two are
setting up house together.

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