Parasite (1982) - full transcript

Paul Dean has created a deadly parasite that is now attached to his stomach. He and his female companion, Patricia Welles, must find a way to destroy it while also trying to avoid Ricus, his rednecks, and an evil government agent named Merchant.

(ominous music)

(heavy breathing)



(labored breathing)


(labored breathing)

(glass clatters)




(intense suspenseful music)

(labored breathing)


(flesh gurgling)



(engine revs)

(ominous music)

(gate clanging)

(engine rumbling)

(snake rattling and hissing)

(snake rattling and hissing)

- [Woman] No!


Oh, please, stop!
- Over here.

- [Woman] Oh!

- [Man] Gimme that wire. (grunts)

(woman screaming)

Hold her, hold her down!

Try this thing!

- [Woman] Don't!



Oh don't don't.

Oh please don't, no.


- [Man] All right.

You're gonna like it and shut up!

- [Woman] No, no, no.


- [Man] Stop wiggling.

- [Woman] No!


- [Man] Stop wiggling!

Over here.


(laser gun fires)
(bullet clangs)

- Let her go.



(debris clattering)


(laser gun firing)



(laser gun firing)



- Jess!


(glass shattering)


- Are you gonna be all right?





- Well it's about time somebody kicked

those nuts the hell outta here.

I'm telling ya, it's gettin' so a fella

can't get away from the
god damn sickies no more.

My name's Buddy.

- My name is Paul Dean.

- [Buddy] Paul Dean, huh?

- Yeah.

- City fella, from the look of ya.

But I won't hold that against ya.

Come on over to my room and I'll

give you a cup of coffee.

- Coffee?

- That's right.

Real coffee.

Come on in.

Take a look at this.

I found a whole case of this shit

down in a storeroom after everybody left.

- Is there anyone else here?

- No, nobody to speak of.

Relax, you're not in the city anymore.

Just relax.

You know this, this coffee's worth

five bucks a pack now.

(suspenseful music)

(fabric rustling)

Are you all right?

You okay?

Geez, I,

I don't know what the hell you've got.

I don't want it around here.

- I understand, I'll be on my way.

- Wait a minute, now.

Have your coffee first.


Sip on this now.

See how that is.

- I have to leave.

- Yeah.

- [Paul] You gonna be able
to take care of yourself now?

- Yeah, I think so.


(door bangs)


(gun clangs)


(suspenseful music)

(gate clanging)


(snake hissing)


(snake hissing and rattling)


(snake hissing and rattling)


- No!



(blood splattering)

(engine rumbling)

(electronic game beeping)

(electronic game beeping)

(electronic game beeping)

(electronic game beeping)

- That'll be 105, right?

- Where you been, mister?

Silver only.

Company policy.

(coins jangling)

- Any hotel in town?

- Yeah, the Joshua Hilton.

(engine revving)

(ominous music)

(wind whistling)

- [Woman] What do you want?

- I need a room for a few days.

- Okay, just a minute.

I uh, I wasn't expecting anyone.

Nobody comes around much anymore.

That's why I'm not wearing much makeup.

Anyway who could afford it these days?

But I would give anything for
a brand new tube of lipstick.


- How about the room?

- Say I, I don't know you, do I honey?

- No, no ma'am.

- What's your name?

I mean, I can't give you a room

until I have your name.

- Dean, Paul Dean.

- Oh.

Call me Maggie.

I'll call you Paul.

When I think of all the lipsticks

I've left in dressing
rooms all over the country,

but (giggles) that was a long time ago.

You know, folks don't care
much about Joshua anymore.

I've only stayed because
I've got no place else to go.

How long are you planning to stay?

- I only have a couple of days.

I'm not really sure.

- Oh, well this is a nice place.

We've got electricity from seven to nine

and the water's free.

But don't expect me to clean up your room.

I don't clean, never have. (giggles)

How do you pay?

Oh, no, not that.

We use that for wallpaper around here.

- [Paul] What will you take?

- Well, what's in the container?

- I need this for my work.

I'm a doctor.

- Oh.

Well, what about that ring?

- It's gold.

It should be worth more
than a couple of nights.

- Well, (giggles) there's always extras.



- I see.

(suspenseful music)


- [Elizabeth] Are you in there, Paul?


- Just a minute.

- You don't have to keep the door locked.

You've got nothin' I haven't seen before.

Say, this place looks shitty enough.

What are you doing in here?

- I've been working.

I won't hurt anything.

- I, I thought you might want to know

there's food next door.

- Thank you.

Thank you very much.

- Gee.

(suspenseful music)

(engine rumbling)

- Jesus.


- I don't know how you take this heat.

Got anything to drink in there?

- I have some canned water inside.

- Good, I'll take one if you don't mind.

- I don't mind, as long as you pay for it.

- Hey, if that methane
is clean why don't you

fill it up.

- Well I hope you got some
money to pay for all this.

Nobody's filled up their
car with gas in years.

(wind howling)

(soft jazz music)

- Hey.

I wondered who that van
belonged to out back there.

- I could use a little something to eat.

- Well all we got left these days, pal,

is canned fruit, canned
beer, and canned soup.

- Canned soup.

That'll be fine.

- Mm.

The boy down at the gas station

said you paid him off in silver coin.

Take one for the soup.

That's not bad.

Okay, soup's on.

Enjoy yourself.

- Thanks.

- Hey, can you believe it?

I gave up New York for this place.

Where you from?

- [Paul] Near Los Angeles.

- Oh yeah?

I hear they got big trouble out there.

- [Paul] That's why I left.

- Hm.

Well I guess we both did the right thing.

I left New York for that same reason.

Hell, I love that city.

That's before it got crazy, that is.

And all that atomic shit started

falling out of the skies.

That's how I got this.

Hell, people started droppin' dead

right in the damn street.

(chuckles) I had to get out.

Hey, I'm sorry, pal.

I'm just making a little dinner
conversation, that's all.

- [Paul] No, I just lost my appetite.

- I see.

- It's okay.

You're the first friendly
person I met in this town.

- (laughs) Well, everybody
needs a friend now and then.

- Hey, Collins!

- [Man] Collins!

Collins, we're here.


- Collins.
- Make me a coke.

- [Man] Collins.

- Yeah I really need you guys today, huh.

- Music!

(rock music)



- Damn it, I'm sick of
these songs, Collins!

You had the same crap for a year now!

- What can I tell you, huh?

(palm smacks)

- Soup good?

- It's okay.

(spoon clangs)

- Mm-hmm.

Mm, good.


That's good.

- Excuse me.

(canister clangs)

- Hi Collins.

- Well!
- Well, Pat is here!

- If it isn't little miss
lemon grove of 1992, huh?


Hey baby.



- I brought you some lemons.

- [Man] Oh, isn't that sweet.

- Aw.
- Aw.

- Beautiful, Pat.

- I mean, uh, gifts from
the land of milk and honey.

- Why don't you mind
your own business, Ricus?

- Hey why don't you kiss my ass?

(group laughing)

- Ricus.

- Hey look, Collins, I mean fair is fair.

I mean you can't have the
girl and the lemons, right?

- You gotta pick one.

- [Group] Pick one, pick one, pick one.

- Eh!

- I said, mind your own business.

- You want to know about business?

You see that scar face?

I was in business once.

I worked for the big business boys.

They gave me that.

That was my brand,

'cause I worked in the suburbs.

You don't know about the
suburbs, do you sweetheart?

The suburbs was where they
put orphans like me to work.

Yeah, I know plenty about business.

(suspenseful music)

(door bangs)




- Get 'em off my jeep.

- Hey.

You know we were just kiddin' back there.

Why don't you stick around
and have a beer with us?

We ain't that bad.

- No thanks.

- Ooh. (laughs)

- Yeah, well, uh, I could make you stay.

- Aw, leave her alone, she's no fun.

- Hey, I decide what's fun around here.

- Don't push your luck.

- Playing games, Ricus?

(group hollering)

(man laughing)

- You ain't gonna shoot us, scar face.

- You can't shoot us, Collins.

You know why?

(gun clicks)

- No, why?

- 'Cause we're your only
customers, mister scar face.

(group laughing)

- Call me scar face one more time

and I'll blow your nuts off.

- Ooh!
- Ooh!

- Yeah I think we're just gonna

stretch this scar a little

right on over to the other side.

(gun fires)

- That's it.

- Hey, okay.

All right, you won this time.

No harm done.

Besides, um, we got better things to do.

Come on, let's go.

(group laughing and chattering)

- Are you okay?

- I'm fine, Pat.

You go on home.

(engine rumbling)

(suspenseful music)

(group laughing)

- Well, we lose one
playmate, we find another.

- Look, I don't want any trouble.

I just want to go back to my room.

- Well who said we wanted any trouble?

We just want to know what's in this box.

- Nothing!

It's just some medical equipment.

- Medical.

Like drugs, huh?

- No, there's no drugs.

- No drugs, huh?

- No drugs.

- Well I think we ought to look anyway

'cause this guy looks really loaded to me.

(metal clanging)

- There's nothing of
value in there for you.

- [Zeke] Ooh!

- Whoa, hey nasty.


(group laughing)

- Woo!

(group laughing)

- Whoa!

(group hollering)

Oh, whoa.

Come on.

(metal clanging)

Come on, come on.


Now look.

My patience is gone!

Now I heard you have some silver.

Let's have it!

- It's in the bag under the seat.

- That's good.

That's good.

Nice and friendly!

Go get it, Shell.

- Hey, whatever happened
to that silver thing

he had in the diner, remember?

- Yeah, what about that, huh?

You'd think we'd forget?

What about that container
you had in the diner, huh?

- Listen, there's nothing
in that cylinder--

- I bet there's gold in that!

- That you want!

- Oh yeah, well I think
we're just gonna take a look!


Take a look and see.

Watch him.

- All right.
- Oh god.

- Help me hold him down.

- Aw.

- Okay, finders keepers.

(metal clanging)

(papers rustling)

- Hey.

Right. (laughs)

- Let's go.

(door bangs)

Whoop, oh!

- I'm warning you.

Leave that alone!

- Shut up!

Let's take a look at this thing,

and let's take him with us!

Come on!

- All right.

- Hey.

(group hollering and laughing)

- Ricus won't open it.
- Come on!

Come on.

- Get in there.
- Right.

- Get in this car.
- All right.

(group hollering and laughing)

- Come on let's take this--
- Do it, do it.

- Woo, let's go!

(engine revving)

- Let's do it.
- Let's go.

(tires screeching)

(group chattering)

- Come on, let's open that can!

- [Paul] Open it and you're dead.


- [Ricus] Well, you
can't live forever, huh?

- I'm warning you!

- Can I open it Ricus, can I?

- Ricus, I want to know what's in there.

- Yeah, yeah.

(suspenseful music)

(Ricus chuckles)

- Hey thanks.

- Don't.

- What's in there?

(suspenseful music)

- There's something wet in here.




(group screaming and yelling)

Get it!

(group screaming and yelling)


Ricus help me!

Ricus it hurts me!

Get it off me!



Please help me!


- You feel better?

You don't talk much, do you?

Maybe a little rattlesnake tea

will loosen your tongue a little.

Hey, take it easy.


Here, drink this.

It's specialty of the house.

It'll make you feel a whole lot better.

Hey listen, I'm just kidding.

It's made from lemons.

It's good for you.



(suspenseful music)

(engine rumbling)

(wind howling)

- [Buddy] Help you there, fella?

- Sure is hot out here, I don't
know how you take this heat.

- [Buddy] It uh, has its moments.

- You live here?

- [Buddy] Yeah, I have for some time now.

- Then you've been around here

the last couple of days, I guess.

- I guess.

- Truth is I'm lookin'
for a friend of mine.

- [Buddy] That so?

- That so.

Yeah, he's a tall, thin fella.

Not feelin' too well, either.

- No, I haven't seen anybody
like that around here.

Nobody comes around here.

Except the sickies.

- Damn.

I really don't like liars.

(ominous music)

- Goddammit now wait a minute.

No, Jesus, don't!

(laser firing)


- I really hate liars.

(engine rumbling)

(door squeaking)

- [Collins] How you doin'?

- A little hungry, got anything to eat?

- Yeah we got canned fruit, canned beer,

and canned soup, and you're in luck today.

Got a little lemonade.

Fresh lemons, too.

- No kidding.

- Yeah.
- Fresh lemons?

- Right.
- I'll take one.

- Good.

- A little quiet around here, isn't it?

- Yeah, that's the way we like it.

- That's very good.

How do guys like you stay
in business out here?

I mean, nobody travels anymore.

- Well you're here, aren't you?

- Yeah, yeah.

I gotta be the only one crazy enough

to drive in the desert these days.

- Oh, no.

There was a guy here just the other day.

- No kidding.

Hey this is real good lemonade.

I'll come back and get something to eat.

See you later.

- Yeah.

(door bangs)
See ya later.


- Where do you think you're going?

- Back to town.

- And get beat up again?

- I need my equipment.

- Come on, you need to sit back down.

You've got to rest!

- I have no time to rest.

Don't you understand?

- No, I don't!

As a matter of fact, I don't even know

what I'm getting involved with.

Listen, I'm trying to help you.

You should just stay here
where it's nice and quiet.

It was a lot quieter before
that damn Ricus came to town.

- Then why do you stay?

- Hell, I don't have a choice.

I could have gone to the
city when my father died,

but they'd just put me in
one of those work camps.

Put a tattoo on my arm.

I'm still a whole lot better off here.

- Look, I need your help.

I'll tell you what you want to know,

but first take me back to town.

- Okay, I'll do what I can.

(engine rumbling)

- Hey, anybody here?

Hey buddy!

- [Man] Lookin' for something?

- Oh hi, uh, no.

I was just pokin' around.

Hey, easy okay?


The guy up at the diner said

maybe a friend of mine
was through here today

and I thought maybe you
might have seen him,

so I came back to ask you.

- Well I don't know what
you're talking about, mister.

You're the first person
I've seen around here

in the last couple of weeks.

- Is that right?

Well listen, that fella did
seem to be a little off.

Maybe he was mistaken.

- Yeah, he's a little off.

- [Elizabeth] Who is it now?

- Open the door.

- [Elizabeth] What do you want?

- Open the door, lady.

Out of the way.

- Now you just wait a minute.

What do you think you're doing?

- Well ma'am I'll be
checking in here tonight.

I'm sure you have room.

- [Zeke] Ricus?



- I'm here, Zeke.

- It's eatin' me up, ain't it?

I'm scared.

- We'll figure something out, Zeke.

- Ricus?

Promise you won't let me die?

(ominous music)

- I can do what I can, Zeke.

I'll do what I can.

- (moaning) Ric, Ric, Ric, Ric!



Take it off!

He's diggin' deeper!


(door creaking)

(engine rumbling)

(suspenseful music)

(metal clanging)

(engine revving)

(dramatic suspenseful music)

(engine rumbling)

(tires screeching)

- Hey, get the hell out of my way.

What are you doing?

- What do you--

- Hey, I'm sorry, it
just came out of nowhere.

Please, I'm sorry.

I mean you no harm.
- [Ricus] Shut up!

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- What do you want with
the guy who owns that van?

- Oh, you know him?

We work together and I
was just following him

and I'm, we're friends,
please, we're friends!

- You don't look like
such friends, mister.

- Please, can I get up?

- You move real slow, real slow!

- I mean you no harm!


- You got any more of them silver wafers

you've been handin' out, huh?

- Yes, yes, yes.

I have no use for 'em,
go ahead and take 'em.


(laser gun firing)

You're shot!

Drop the gun!

- Christ, a merchant.

We should be honored to have
an honest to god merchant.

- Shut up!

Get her out of here!

- Yes sir, mister merchant, sir.

Anything you say.

I've seen your types in the suburbs.


- You got that right.

Why don't you come back to us?

- Like hell I will!

- Then move it out of here!

Move it!

- Do what he says!

(engine rumbling)

(engine revving)

- Paul, you wrote this?

Why won't you let me help you?

- How can you?

I can't even help myself.

- You've got to talk to me.

You work for the merchants, don't you?

- Everyone works for the merchants.

- That thing on your stomach.

- A new strain of parasite.

I deserve it, in a way.

I created it.

- For the merchants?


- I thought for the government.

They're so mixed up
with the merchants now.

They work for one another.

This thing, as you call it,

is growing.

It's dormant now,

but it will soon grow larger,

and kill me.

- Paul!

- There's another one on that kid's arm.

The only other one.

I destroyed the rest when I found out

what the merchants
intended to use them for.

I need another parasite to study.

To find the cure.

- How?

- I don't know yet.

I only know this.

When it reproduces, it will cast millions

of microscopic spores into the air.

And wherever a spore touches you,

a parasite will grow.


(parasite gurgling)


- Hey.

I'm not asleep.

- Can't sleep either.

- I know.

Because of Zeke.

- Don't you understand?

It's just like the work camps.

It's happening to me all over again.

You can't care about people anymore.

You just can't!

(parasite gurgling)

(birds chirping)



(intense suspenseful music)

Damn thing killed him.

- Where is it?

(dramatic suspenseful music)

- Hey.


Wake up.

- What's wrong?

- Zeke's dead.

- Oh.

Wait a minute.




- Just move your legs
towards me real slow.

Real slow.

- Oh.



- Get to the car!

- Hurry hurry!
- Head into town!

I can't let her die like Zeke!

- [Woman] Hurry!

- [Ricus] I'm not gonna let her die.

- [Woman] Get in!

Get in!

- Yeah still.

Keep her still.

- Okay, it's okay.

It's okay.

- Come on!
- Hold my hand.

(tires squealing)

(dish clattering)

- Paul.

Paul, what can I do?

- The syringe.


- Here.


- That parasite.

I can't find the cure unless I have it.

It's that simple.

I was wrong to think I
could do it any other way.

- But how can we find it?

- We have to get to that boy.

It's the only chance.

(engine rumbling)

- Just stay put.

Keep her still.



(gun clicks)

- Breaking in during off hours, Ricus?

(laughs) A great opportunity
to blow your ass away.

- Dana's in the car.

She's dying.

Go look for yourself!

- All right.

You better be telling the truth, punk.


Oh, God.


All right, get her around
behind to the boarding house.

I'll meet you inside.

(suspenseful music)

(engine rumbling)

Let's get her upstairs, now!

- Put her on the bed.

- Look.

- Oh my gosh!

- Jesus.

(parasite screeching)


- We got to do something, man!

- Maybe we could try to cut it off.

- We tried to cut it off
Zeke and he is dead now,

and she will be too if
we don't find a doctor.

- The boarder who was here
yesterday said he was a doctor.

- Pat Welles knows where he is.

- [Ricus] Where?

- At her cabin.

- You guys stick with
Collins at the diner.

I'll be back.


- Paul?


I'm sorry.

Collins wasn't there.

Damn it, don't give up!

(metal clanging)

- There's no cure, Patricia.

There's no cure without
the other parasite.

(dramatic music)

(engine rumbling)

(door creaking)

- Paul?

- Hello.

That's who I'm looking for, Paul Dean.

Where is he?

- Who are you?

- I said where is he?

- I don't know.

- You know you're harboring a fugitive

from the state, don't you?

- I'm not harboring anyone.

What do you want?

- Dean has something that belongs to us,

and I know that he's here somewhere.

- [Patricia] Well he's not.

- I don't mean to be forward miss,

but I know that he is,

and I don't have a lot of time to waste.

- I don't know anything!

(palm smacks)

- Your memory coming back to ya, hm?


Tell me where he is.


You're very unpatriotic.

Your government does everything
it can to protect you,

and you are a damn ingrate.

Now where is he?!

Tell me where he is!

- Go to hell!



- Now Paul Dean, where is he?

(gun clicks)

(laser whirring)

Where is he?

(engine rumbling)

(punch thuds)

(birds chirping)

(suspenseful music)










(suspenseful music)

- Pat!

Hey Welles!




- Ugh.






(engine roaring)

- Uh.


- Who did this to you?

- A man.

In a suit.

- A merchant.

What did he look like?

- He had blonde hair.

- Wolf.

Wolf was the government
liaison man on the project.

(Pat sighs)


I knew he'd show up.

(Pat panting)

- Uh.

- I'm sorry.

How you feeling?

- Okay.

- Sound.

- What do you mean?

- Sound is the answer.

We can kill it with high frequency sound.

We've got to get to that other parasite,

and extract a sample of its fluid.

- [Patricia] And then what?

- I can determine its frequency,

and use it to kill the one inside me.

I still need your help.

If you're strong enough to go.

- Let's go.


(suspenseful music)

(parasite gurgling)

- Damn!



Not bad.

Still a lot of life there yet.


(dramatic suspenseful music)

(goop splatting)



(labored breathing)


(intense suspenseful music)

- Miss Daley?

- Upstairs.

- Oh my God!



(labored breathing)

(parasite screeches)




- Here.

Here take the syringe.

(fluid squishing)


(suspenseful music)

(parasite screeching and hissing)


Draw the fluid!


(parasite whimpering)

- Oh, my stomach.

- Oh my God.

- [Collins] Pat, where are you!?

- Collins, hurry!

- Oh give him to me!

- The equipment, in the jeep.


- All right, take it easy.


Easy now.

- Nice and steady.

Uh, take it!

- Easy.

Ease down.

That's it.


- I need electricity!

- The generator's out back.

I'll turn it on.

- The syringe.


(generator rattling)

- You shouldn't have
come down here, old man.

(labored breathing)

(machine beeping)


- That's it.

(machine screeching)



That's it!

(machine beeping rapidly)


(blood splattering)


(parasite hissing)

(parasite sizzling)

- Foolin' with you, old man.

Now tell me.

- Hello.

Let him go.

Turn around real slow.

Get out of here, Collins, go on.

Get out of here.

(laser gun firing)



- Should have killed me
when you had the chance.

- You saved my life.


- I guess you owe me one, scar face.



- It's over.

You killed it.

- Not yet.

Not til we kill the other one.

(suspenseful music)

(parasite chirping)

- I can't let you do that, Dean.

I know about that gun.

Don't go for it.

I need that parasite.

Don't go for that gun!

Go on, try it!

- Ugh!

- Dean!

(dramatic suspenseful music)


- Yah!





(parasite crunching)

- Ah, get it off me!

Ah, get it off me, ah!


(wood cracking)


(intense suspenseful music)


- Shoot at the tank!

(gun firing)
(flames whooshing)

At the tank!

(explosion booms)

(fire crackling)



(flames crackling)

(dramatic mournful music)

- [Patricia] You're finally free.

It's over.

(wind howling)

(dramatic music)