Parasite (2019) - full transcript

A poor family, the Kims, con their way into becoming the servants of a rich family, the Parks. But their easy life gets complicated when their deception is threatened with exposure.

Translated by: SubUnited

Done already.

No more free wifi.



What is Aunt's wifi password above?


Have you tried 123456789?


Try reversed.

I already tried it.

Then can't you chat?


Hey, Kim Ki-taek.

Don't pretend to sleep.
Come think up.

The phone is dead and the wifi is gone.

What is your plan?

Women's Champion Champion Cup.

- Yes, father.

Search on the wifi.
Raise your hand.

Search slowly in every corner of the room.

This cockroach again.

Found it!

Is there really a signal?

Yes, look here.

Coffee Kingdom 2G.

A new coffee shop nearby, right?

How come I can't?

Up here.


- Can?
- You can.

Check that there is no incoming message.

Pizza Places,
they said they would contact me.

Wait ...

Oh right. From Pizza Places.

Look at this.

She is very fast.
We can finish it in one day.

- We can get the money today.
- Even standing up. She is very professional.


- What is wrong?
- Fogging mosquitoes.

- Do you want to spray it now?
- It seems.

- Close the window.
- Leave it. It's free.

Pretty good at cleaning insects.

Right. Lately a lot of insects.

Geez, the smell!

Didn't I say close the window!

Do you want to close now?

So thick.

What is the problem?

Here are the samples, you can see.

Follow the fold line.

Why are there folds here?

Why did this come off?

It's not folded.

1 in 4 boxes like this.

1 of 4 boxes.

So you cut the wage by 10%?

When viewed from the quality of your work,
isn't the cut too little?

The salary is already a little,
don't cut it anymore!

I'm telling you ...

It's not as simple as you think.

If the pizza box is a mess,
the brand will be damaged. Do you understand?

- The folding of the pizza box is damaging the brand?
- What did you say?!


- Does this have something to do with that person?
- Who?

The person who should do it
This disappeared, right?

Right before a large order.

How do you know?

Where did you hear?

That person is my brother's friend.

He is indeed rather strange,
not a good reputation.

So, boss ...

Cut 10% no problem.

Plus ...


You also got a new employee, right?

Sis, we need people.

Hire students as punishment.

I can interview tomorrow.
What time do you want?

Wait a minute.

Let me think first.

Pay first for the pizza box wage.

The pleasure of sitting together like this.

The telephone is already connected.

Let's celebrate the rise of wifi.

That man again.
The sky isn't dark yet.

Why not post it
"No Pee". I told you already.

It's no use Drunk people don't
can read and will keep peeing.

At least kick him out.

Don't pee

Don't piss!

Isn't that Min Hyuk?

Uncle, that's not a toilet.

Right Min.

Runny nose.

You're the one who's wrong but you dare to challenge me?

Here you are, runny nose.

Wake up!

Your friend is great.

Original students are different.

Very different from my sister.

He knows we are at home?

- He knows we're unemployed?
- Not.

Hello all.

Oh, you are Min Hyuk.

- How did you get here?
- Hi, Uncle.


I sent a chat, didn't you read?

Sorry to bother you eating.

We are not eating.

- How are you, Ki-jung?
- Yes, Sis.

What is the need to come home?

Because of this. I want to show you.
It's a bit heavy.

Put it here.

What is that?

When I said I'd go to Ki-woo's house,

.. Grandpa left this for you guys.

Is this the base of bonsai?

It can also be abstract stone.

In fact...

When I became a military officer,
my father likes to collect strange stones.

Put in the living room, study room ..

There are stones everywhere.

This stone can carry
fortune and good luck.

Min Hyuk ...

This is very symbolic.

Right, like now.


Thank you
us to your grandfather.

Even though he didn't bring food.

What is the name.
Bonsai base?

You also collect
stone like that?

Thanks to this stone I was able to visit
your parents. They look very healthy.

Very healthy.
But do not have a job.

Ki-jung didn't go to college?

There is no money.

Sweet right?

Is he your college friend?

Park Da-hye, still in high school.

You replace me so
English teacher.

Why is that?

Teach rich kids.
The pay is good.

He is also very jealous.

It was a problem when I went outside
country for student exchange.

Don't you have a lot of classmates?

Why did you ask me to?

So what?

Just imagine it
I was afraid.

Da-hye is surrounded
those perverted boys.


Do you like it?

Yes, I'm serious.

If he goes to college later,
I want to date him.

Before that, you take care of him.

If you're the one, I'm calm.

Thank you for having
trust me.

But I have to fake it
become a student?

Ki Woo.
Think about it carefully.

First 2 soldiers,
then came 2 soldiers.

In total you have 4 soldiers right?

Grammar, words, composition, conversation.

You teach English ...

..10 times better than
students who only get drunk all day.

- It is true.
- Yup.

But can they accept?
I'm not a student.

Pretending isn't enough.

No problem.
I will mention you, and ...

Her mother..
What is it..

Very simple.

Young and simple.


What do you mean?

Hard to explain.

Anyway I like it.

- Promise?
- OK.

Oh, yes..

I heard your sister has artistic talent.

He is very good at Photoshop?


You're good at technology,
don't want to go to art?

Do you want to die?

- Miss, smoking is prohibited here.
- Fine, give that to me.

Oh, red stamp.
All right.

It is unfortunate that there is no major in counterfeiting
document at Seoul National University.

Ki-jung must be the best student.

He is great.

Our child wants an interview.
Give good advice.

Son ...

I am proud of you.


This is not just a fake letter.

Next year I will really
get it on the prestigious campus.

You already planned it.

I just got a letter
learn this first.


Are you Da-hye's mother?

I recommended Min Hyuk ...

Yes, please come in.



Hello, ma'am.

I'm the maid here.
Please come in.

- The page is beautiful.
- Inside is also very beautiful.

Do you know the architect Namgoong?

He is very famous.

This used to be his house.

All designed and
supervised by him.

But now as you see ...

Like a children's playground.

Please this way.

- Wait a minute, I'll call Madam.
- Well.






People who want to teach come.

Your history is very good.

Besides, it was recommended by Min Hyuk.

You must know

Min is perfect.

I'm very satisfied with him.

Not related to
with Da-hye's value.

- You got it?
- Yup.

He is great.

To be honest,
next year I will also study.

I asked Min to be my teacher.

But suddenly he is
study abroad.

Even though it's a bit rude,

I will still deliver it.

If you are not the same
the good with Min,

so you don't
can work here.

In fact..
What I want to say is ...

Can I accompany today's lesson?

I want to observe the way you teach.


You want to change the answer
for question number 24?

Da-Hye, you've done everything
problem but you go back to question number 24.

That is right?


If only this were a real test
and this is the first problem ..

then you fell apart from the start.

Your heartbeat is falling apart.

A heartbeat won't lie.

So the test.

If the rhythm is a mess, then it's over.

I don't care what the answer is
correct for question number 24.

What's important is how you are
mastering the overall rhythm of the test.

That's what I noticed.


Maintain momentum.



Payment once a month.

3-5 times a week.
2 hours each.

Wages are based on working hours.

The amount I equate with Min Hyuk.
And will rise with inflation.


Let me introduce to you

He is Kevin English teacher Da-Hye.

Greetings, Kevin.

If you are hungry while teaching, tell me.

Tell him whatever you need.

He knows this house better than me.

Da-song, don't do it!

- I'm really sorry.
- No problem.

- Da-song's name?
- Yes, he is the youngest.

Da-song greetings.
This is Teacher Kevin.

These are Indian arrows.

I bought it from the American website.

Since last year he is
infatuated with Indians.

Indian tribes?

He is easily attracted to something?

He really can't keep quiet.
I could not rest.

Last year he registered Scouts.

So he can focus and orderly.

The results you know yourself.

He became even more.

It looks like Pramuk is the one who influences
he acts like an Indian.

Scouts did come from American Indians.
That is a good thing.

Have you ever been a Boy Scout?

Yes, I am
Talented Scouts.

Da-song also has artistic talent.
You can see for yourself.

His paintings are abstract
and really strong.

Really strong?

Teacher Kevin can feel it.

Is this a chimp picture?

This is a picture of him.

I knew it.

Can't be understood
adult eyes.

Da-song's art talent.

Maybe it's because of us
often changing art teachers.

Nothing lasted for a month.

He is also rather difficult to control.

- Ma'am.

I remembered a good candidate.

The name is ...

That's right, Jessica.

She's my cousin's friend
majored in art.

What is the name of the Korean ...

Anyway, he went to ...

... University of Illinois
majoring in Applied Arts.

Just returned to Korea.

Illinois ...

The class is very unique.

He is able to understand the condition of the child.

That's rare in art.

Not only the class is unique.

He can also help
The child is majoring in art.

I am curious
what kind of person.

Do you want to meet him?

But I heard he is very expensive.

Wait a minute.

Jessica is an only child,
a graduate of Illinois, Chicago.

Your schoolmate Jin Zhen, your cousin.

You know what to do
Da-Song with food at the dinner table.

He formed a mosaic.

But there is a recurring pattern.

Red chili sauce, white rice ... the point.

Basque style.

He is only 9 years old.

Really interesting.

I'm sure if Jessica has observed it.

Please continue.
I want to start Da-Hye's class.

- See you later, Teacher Jessica.
- Thank you for your recommendation.

There are many talents that can
seen from someone.


Shall we start with question number 38?

The teacher ...


Do you know?

Da-song just acts.

What do you mean?

All his actions ...

..just so he is considered a genius.
He does strange things.

Pretending to be an artist.

Da-song like that?

Isn't there someone like that?

On going and then suddenly stopped
pretending to look at the sky as inspiration.

As if he walked
then suddenly stop?

Do you understand what I mean?


He also pretended to live a normal life.

Makes me want to vomit.

Da-song is like that ...

But what are you doing
to overcome it?

I don't know.

I just delivered it.

Okay, that's the problem ...

You're done discussing Da-Song,

Now we learn English.

Use the word "mock"
more than 2 times.

Teacher, may I ask?


Teacher Jessica who came earlier ...

... whether he really is
your cousin school friend?

What do you mean?

Is Jessica your girlfriend?

I just met him today.

Jessica is very pretty, right?

You don't have a crush?

Have you seen him?

She is quite beautiful.


I knew it.

You have a crush on him.


When compared between Jessica ...

..and you...

Solve the problem.

- Please be advised if he cannot be silent.
- Well.


Get up quickly, Da-song.

In the buttocks anyway.

- You should get out.
- What?

I do not teach
in front of parents.

- But today is the first day ...
- Please just get out.

- Da-song?
- Da-song ...


- Do you want plum juice?
- What?

Plus honey agar
your mind is calm.

Yes, you may.

- Aunt.
- Yup.

I have a good idea.

Make 2 cups then transfer to his room.

You are not his parents,
of course you can come in.

Great idea.

Then I'll tell you the situation inside.

I should have done this a long time ago.

What happened?

They come down?


Very fast.
Already completed?

Ma'am, please sit down.

You can ride, Da-song.

Hurry up

- This is a Da-song painting.
- Yup.

I want to talk to Da-song's mother.

- She's like family ...
- No, I need to talk together.

Ma'am ...
I have already told ...

... if I study psychology
art and applied arts?


What happened during Da-song first class?

I just want to say ...

To determine whether
I can teach Da-song ..

I have to know.

- But how do you know?
- No problem.

The lower right side is called
area of ​​deviation.

Often shows mental state.

- Mental deviations.
- Watch this.

- Da-Song is drawing certain shapes, right?
- Yup.

That also the same?

No problem.

Same area, same shape.

Now are you aware?


I see his paintings everyday.

How can I not know?

Take it easy

It's a kind of black box on Da-song.

Would you like to open the box?
black is with me?

Yes, I want to open it.

Then it takes 2.5 million / hour
2 hours per class.

This is no ordinary tutoring.
This is art therapy.


Because it's an hourly rate
I will be taller.

- Does not matter?
- Yes, I should thank you.

Looks like the children's father came home.

Dear, introduce a new art teacher.

Jessica, from Illinois

Jessica, this is my husband.


Thank you very much.

- Is the class over?
- I did.

- Driver Yin.

- Do you have time?
- Yup.

Take the teacher home.

Right. It's not good to let it go
go home alone at night.

- Understood?
- Understood.

Teacher Jessica.

Want me to take you home?

- Where is your home?
- Do not bother.

Just take me to Hyehwa Station.

- Thank you.
- It's fine too far.

- Besides, my work is done.
- Just take me to Hyehwa Station.

It looks like it will rain.

Don't take the train.
Just take a Mercedes.

Me and my boyfriend promised at the door of station 3.


I used to drive
Mercedes-Benz right?

Mercedes-Benz ...

Dad used to park
valet at Daechi-Dong.

Dad used to be a valet parking attendant.

Yes, after the chicken shop went bankrupt,
before selling Taiwanese cakes.

For 6 months.

No, selling cookies goes bankrupt after parking.

Shall we go to the next stage?

I already put
trap at Mercedes-Benz.

Then we continue.

How symbolic.

Daddy, we eat at
the driver's restaurant.

Yes, the driver's restaurant.

You have to eat more.

Did you pay?
Those who treat us.

Eat more, child.

Eat a lot.

- What did you do to the madam?
- What?

He was very impressed.

- He was very shaken and touched.
- I have no idea.

I'm just browsing art therapy
then I say.

He cried.

What a crazy woman.

You're home
Have eaten?

- There is something?
- Aunt is out, right?

Yes, he is
take a walk with a dog.


I found this
under the car seat.

Driver Yin is a crazy man.

What is this?

I am sorry, dear.

I do not know Yin
people like that.

Is the salary you give him less?

Is he unable to rent a room?

Maybe he is abnormal.

I prefer it in
car than motorcycle.

How come this is there
in the boss's car?

It doesn't matter if it's a young child
making love in a private room.

But in my car?

At least in the front seat.

Why cross the line?


It could be he took it out
sperm in my chair.

Can be...

You know what's the weirdest one?


Usually when the car sways ...

... normal if that
left behind hair or earrings.


How can pants
in the left behind?

Yes, that is quite impossible.

I doubt that woman's consciousness.

See what I mean?

It could be cocaine!

Children will hear!
What should I do?

Dangerous if found
white powder in the car.

Calm down, my dear.


Just guessed.
But it makes sense.

No need to panic.


If I ask him ...

"What are you doing in the seat
back of my car? "Also it must be weird.

- Very strange.
- Therefore.

Can you find a reason?
good to fire him?


Don't call clothes
in or rocking car.

- We don't need to risk the style.
- Of course.

So he does not complain in the world
maya, you have to add severance pay.

Already completed?
How is Da-Song?

Not bad.

- Is class over?
- Right.

Teacher, the last time you came here ...

... you are taken home
by Driver Yin, right?


It must look strange ...

But nothing happened, right?

Not. He is very friendly.
When I want to get off at the station,

... he forced to
drove me home.

He really drove you
so late at home?

So he knows your house?

I got off at Hyehwa Station.

You are a good woman.

Why with him?

In essence, something bad happened
which should make me fire him.

What is wrong?

You don't need to know.

Too bad,
he seems like a cool guy.

Jessica, you're still very young.

You have no experience with men.

Even so,
we will find a young driver again.

It's better if the driver
a little older right?

Right, but the car is good
and has advanced technology.

My uncle's driver is good at that.

His name is Uncle Kim.
The person is very polite and calm.

Since childhood I called him Uncle.

- You know that kind of person?
- Yes, his personality is very good.

But recently
My uncle moved to Chicago.

It seems the driver hasn't
got a good job.

I'm very interested.
Can you meet me with him?

- Really?
- I don't trust others

If not from relatives
then I can't believe it.

He is your relative from childhood.
It seems very good.

Had reached.

Seriously want to meet him?

I'm very serious.

I think the best recommendation
is from a trusted person.

What do you call it ...

Trusted chain.

- Not this one?
- Yup.

Then this.

Can this be touched?

Not touched, it's to turn.

This is really sophisticated.

Mr. Kim

You have been inside for too long.

This car is very good.

Come over

He is on meeting.

Please wait here.

Hello, greetings.

Is it compatible with mobile?

No, because he needs it
higher processing power.

This is not a test, you don't need to be nervous.

A tired day at work, I just want some fresh air.

Yes, I understand.

People must be tired every day.

At least enjoy
silence in the car.


You seem to master the road.

The south road is not a problem for me.

I have already
driving for 30 years.

I respect people who
work long in one field.

Actually a job
it is very simple.

I sent a family head.

Company boss.

Or just a lonely man,
every morning crossing the streets with him.

A kind of colleague relationship.

I was excited all day long.

Time also flies by.

Your turning technique is very good.

It's simple, this is a basic skill.

He looks very friendly.
Originally he was just an old weasel

As if this is the house.

That's right.

He stayed the longest.

She's the caregiver of the Namgoong family.

Then continue serving the Diesterweg family.

After family
Namgoong moved

Then came Park couple.

"He's a good helper, hire him too."

The owner changes, the maid stays the same.

He is very loyal.

To get rid of women
that, need a mature plan.

Yes, we need a good plan.

I want to eat
Peaches, my favorite fruit.

Why not ask aunty?

Our family does not
eat peaches. Taboo.

However, according to the Diesterweg family ...

Aunt is allergic to peaches.

You know fruit skin
Peach as smooth as hair right?

When nearby,
his body will shiver

Respiratory problems, asthma,
and other serious symptoms.

There are no peaches at home.


When these symptoms appear,

I immediately went to the room to take medicine.

Because this is sudden,

... I do not remember at
where I put the medicine.


Who do you know
the woman behind this.

Our family's maid

It is true.
How to explain it ...

I was not sure.

I have seen 1-2
times in the living room.

Is this a photo at the hospital?

2 days ago when I went to
hospital for check-ups.

I'm taking a selfie for
sent to my wife.

Unexpectedly he was behind me.

Is she on the phone?

I do not mean
eavesdropping on the conversation.

I do not mean
eavesdropping on the conversation.

But I heard a little
the contents of the conversation.

Dad, your intonation is too high.

Put it down this high, understand?

But I heard a little
the contents of the conversation.

Don't style too much.

Once again I am not
intended to eavesdrop.

His voice is loud.

It's okay, just tell me.

He said he has
Open Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Almost everyone hears,
make people react.


I heard him say Tuberculosis.

There are still people
have tuberculosis?

There are still people
have tuberculosis?


Won't buy a stamp
anti-tuberculosis before Christmas?

Sounds old-fashioned, right?

But stay alert.

South Korea is now a country
The first OECD sufferers of tuberculosis.

I think Aunt has
the right to work.

But if there are children
like Da-Song at home,

But if there are children
like Da-Song at home,

TB sufferers are in
kitchen, cooking, spitting ..

Do not continue!


If there is an opportunity to add
it will definitely be better.



Please sit.

Mr. Kim

Don't tell this to my husband.


If he knows there are sufferers
Tuberculosis in this house,

... I can run out.

Don't worry, madam.

Even if it's just a presumption,
but I want to clarify ...

... that I was not there
whatever means to Auntie.

I only defend the public interest.

Convey it well.

I do not mean to complain.

Don't worry about that.

I will not mention tuberculosis.

I will find an excuse
another to fire him.

Simple reason.

Experience teaches me.

Those words.

Did you wash your hands?

Mr. Kim

Do you know the delicious beef ribs?
Just near here.

- Have dinner then go home?
- Yup.

I don't know why today
I want to eat beef ribs.

Usually Auntie cooks.

Trouble after you leave?

My wife did not tell me
why he left.

It's not difficult to find new people.

But it's a pity, Aunt is very proficient.

Adept at taking care of the house.

And very know
how to balance.

I hate people
that transcends borders.

Maybe only one problem.

He eats too much.

I heard he spent
2 servings with every meal

After all, he had done a lot of things.

Then you need to search immediately
new person to take care of the house.

Really troublesome.

Just a week home already
like a trash can.

My clothes are starting to smell.

Da-Song's mom doesn't usually take care of the house.

Dirty house, bad food to eat.

But you still love him, right?

Of course.
I love her.

That is love.

You might be able to try this.

"The Care"?
What is this?

Later I was contacted by the company.

What is the name...

A kind of VIP help.

Maid, nurse, or driver like me.

Specialist service company.

From his card, it's very expensive.

Good taste in design.

Mr. Kim knows this company?

They briefly contacted me,
because I am also a senior driver.

Invite to join.

But when they contacted me,
I already have an appointment with you.

In that case...

You refused the company
big and chose me.

I will not forget.

You jerk!

Let me give you a card
this name on my wife.

Hope you can help.

Do not tell me
who gave it to him.

Your word needs personal judgment
towards a company.

I understand.

I will try.

The contact is on the back of the card.

- You can call for a consultation.
- Just look ahead!

Hello, with Mingshan The Care consultant.

Hello, is it true that The Care?


The child can scoop up
a lot of money by cheating.

The sound is good huh.
Like me

I heard you guys offered
membership, right?

Yes, you are not a member yet?

Yes How to join?

Just prepare some information.

Can you prepare paper and pen?

Family Card, Identity Card,

To prove your income,

Land certificate, etc.

Land certificate?

Wow! Peaches!

Please taste it, Mr. Kevin.


Aunt, do not enter before entering
forgot to knock on the door.


Don't go to class arbitrarily.


Park Da-Song!

Daddy is coming!

Where are you?

- Daddy!
- My child!

Did you buy a walkie-talkie?

- Walkie talkie?
- Walkie talkie!

Do you love dad or walkie-talkies?

You still have class, why come here?

You're really busy, when do you shop?



What is wrong?

What is he doing?

That's enough, Da-Song.

They smell the same.

What did you say?
Come back, Mrs. Jessica is waiting for you.

Mrs. Jessica's smell is similar too.

We already used a different soap.

Father also changed
detergent and deodorizer.

I've washed it 4 times.

No problem.

This is the smell of a semi-basement house.

We have to move from
here so the smell disappears.

This is an easy problem, right?

There's a security guard vacancy,

500 people fight over.

While the whole family
we have a job.

Dad is right.

If our four wages are combined,

Every month they have to
pay us lots of money.

Thank you for Mr. Park ...

And also Min Hyuk

You have a good friend,
Thanks to him we can ...

You again!
Search for death!

Kim Ki-woo, our hero today!

No, it's too hard.

Just use this.

Get up!

Get up!

Get up!


Like a fountain!

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The sunny weather is over,
a small cloud slowly came.

But not cloudy.

Report received.
Now watch your brother's mouth.

It's like a duck.

Da-Hye's face is really sour.

Can't I be at home?
just learn English?

Teacher Kevin will take care of me.

Don't be silly, everyone departs.

Da-Hye, this is no ordinary camp.

You're her brother, you want to
missed Da-Song's birthday.

Dad is always busy too.

You won't regret it, understand?

- You know the projector?
- Do you want to bring it?

- Help me package the projector.
- Well.

Da-Song wants to camp
with a raincoat.

If it rains he will be happier.

You remember right?
This is Jenny, Berry and Puff.

Jenny, Berry eat this.

"Super Balance Natural Edition"

This one is for Puff.

- Fish from Japan.
- Yup.

Jenny ran with a rope
the longer one.

He likes to run and jump.

The dog resembles Da-Song.

Kiddo ...

Why are you lying outside?

Isn't it hot?

I lay staring at the sky.


Mother, I want to drink this?

Sparkling Water?

Ki-Jung, do you want to drink?

Very well.

There are various types of wine.

Father, let me pour it for you.

The rich.

Outside in the rain, we drink whiskey.

Son, what yellow book is that?

Da-Hye's diary.


Damn Why did you read it?

In order to better understand each other.

Have you stated?

I'm serious.
He really likes me.



After he entered college,
I will officially date him.

I'm serious.

Oh, my child ...

All of this will be your wife's house?

And I washed my iron plate.

Yes, wash underwear
and your in-law socks.

I like him.
He is a good boy.

She is beautiful. Will not be evil.

Because mom said so ...

What if I really do
married Da-Hye.

I have to find an actor to
acting as my parents.

I see him.

Last year he went to a number
marriage and acting as relatives.

I do not even know how
can get a bridal bouquet.

Got interest too
get an additional 500 thousand.

No wonder your acting developed.

Besides good acting,

their family too
easy to fool right?

Especially the madam.

So true.

Lady Yeon is very
simple and good.

Rich but good.

Not "rich but good."

But "being rich is good", understand?

If only I had money ...

I will be very kind.

Super good.

Yes, your mother is right.

Rich people's lives are easy.

Rich people get old without wrinkles.

Money is the electricity.

All wrinkles gone wrong.

Ki Woo

The driver who was previously named Yin, right?

This family driver.

Yes, Yin

He will get
work somewhere else, right?

Yes, for sure.

He is young, handsome,

He will get the boss
the better one right?

Shut up!

What is wrong with you?

We have a lot of problems.
take care of ourselves first.


Mind your own business, understand?

Really care about the driver!

The timing is just right.

Ki-Jung's scream invites lightning.

Jessica, cheers.

I was from above, you were in the bathtub.


What is it..
I think it suits you.

You match this mansion ...

- Fart.
- Really.

He was lying earlier
bathtub watching TV ...

As if you've lived here a long time.

I'm asking you, Ki-Jung.

If this house is ours,

If we stay here,
Which room do you want to be in?

Namgoong Architect's masterpiece.

Which part do you like the most?

I have no idea.

Let me stay first.
I'll consider it later.

Do we not live here yet?

In the living room with
all these drinks.

Yes, we live here.

Now this is our home, isn't it warm?

Warm, you say?

What if Mr. Park suddenly came home?

You will hide like a cockroach.

Kiddo ...

Like a cockroach when the lights are turned on,
will all scatter and hide.

See what I mean?

I will not go.

- Cockroach?
- Right.

What is this.

No, father.
Let go

What is this.

You're afraid, right?

Ki-woo you're scared, right?

Very real, right?

If you are serious, you die.


Dog food?

Who is that?

How did he come here?

Maid before, right?

What is he doing?

Why does he keep ringing the bell.

I'll take care of it.


Hello, I...

Mrs. Yeon isn't at home right?

I've worked here for a long time.

On the screen there is a picture of a dog, right?

Jenny, Berry and Puff

What are you doing at this time of the night?

You're the new maid, right?

The point is ...

I'm sorry come
at this time of night.

It is just...

... suddenly I remembered ...

I forgot to take it
something in the basement.

May I come in?

What should we do?

I don't know, this is not the plan.

So sorry.

- Come on in.
- Thank you.

Hurry up

I will be fast.

You're very kind of letting me in.

What do you want to take.

Let's see together.

I am not interested.

Help me push this cupboard!

Pull from over there.


Something is up.

Are you ok?

You're scared








I'm coming, my love!

Your wife is coming!

Are you ok?

I am very hungry.

Drink it up.
You don't eat for days.

Poor my husband doesn't eat.

No problem.

He's a good person to let me in.

I went in and he helped me
sliding the block that is blocked.

No wonder. I've been all this time
can't open the door.

- What's all this?
- It must be strange to you.

If I were you for sure
will be very scared.

As my colleague
shame, Chong-sook.


How do you know my name?

In fact,
Da-song sent me a message.

Tell them they are camping.

I know they are camping.

I deliberately want to
to meet you.

Let's talk about it.

Don't worry, Brother Chong-sook.

I've cut the cable
CCTV in front of the house.

Nobody knows I'm here, Sis.
Great right?

- We're not family, don't call Big Sis.
- Sis, my name is Moon-gwang.

He is my husband, Geun-Se


Very delicious.
What is your face?

I'll tell you later.
Now eat this banana.

So you spend all this time
food in the kitchen? For your husband's sake?

Not. All food
bought with my own money.

That is wrong.

How long has your husband lived here?

I think it's been 4 years.

- 4 years 3 months 17 days.
- Yes, now it's June.

4 years ago they moved to Paris.

Then family
Da-Song is coming.

Then I brought my husband along.

Usually someone's house
rich has a basement.

To evacuate from
the North Korean attack,

or a hiding place
from debt collectors.

It looks like the Namgoong family is shy
with the basement design ...

So don't tell
the existence of this basement.

Only I know this place.

So that's how it is ...

I already know the way out.

I will call the police.

Sis, please

Everyone will be troubled.
No, brother.

I will not be troubled.

We will be troubled!

We have no family, no money.
We only have debt.

Please, Sis.

He has been hiding here for four years.
debt collectors still don't give up.

They are still looking for and threatening him.

You owe moneylenders?

It's all my fault.

I opened a Taiwanese cake business,

After the business went bankrupt,
our debt swells.

Please accept this.

What is that?

Money. Not much.
But this is all we have.

I will give
every month.

I'm asking for your help for
feed him every 2 days.

Once a week is enough.

There is a fridge.
Once a week is enough.

You're overreacting.
I'll call the police.


What happened?


Mr. Kim?

What is this?

Daddy, my knee!

- Are you ok? Sorry.
- My knee, father!

Why do you call me father?

I wonder why Yin
suddenly fired.

Auntie, we have to talk.

- You cheater family!
- Sis ...

"Brother" your head.
Shut up, bitch.

I have a video for
I sent it to Mrs. Yeon.


Daddy, my knee!

There's no signal in the basement, right?

- The signal is very good.
- Damn it ...

Aunt, actually ...
We need a job ...

Shut up!
I do not want to hear!

We better go to prison together!

Are you crazy ?!

If Mr.Park sees that video ...

They will be very shocked!

They are very kind.

- Don't do this to them!
- Do not even try!

Or I press the send button.

Follow me.

Calm down, Auntie.

Don't push me!

You haven't been in a long time
breathe fresh air.

This is like a nuclear button.

What do you mean, honey?

They are very scared,
to not dare to move.

Like the North Korean nuclear button.

His Majesty the Great Kim Jong Un.

Today we see a con artist's family

They are very evil and cunning.

Deserved punishment and humiliation.

This isn't on TV, honey.

Your Honour...

In the context of embodiment
denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula ...

I decided to
fired the rest of this nuclear bomb ..

... directly to these people.

Immediately issue the order.

Your North Korean accent
really good.

Their disgusting organs
will be mixed with nuclear waste ...

And finally realized
denuclearization and world peace.

His Majesty Kim Jong-Un ...

No need to listen seriously.

Raise your hands.

This is his family.

- Yup.

- wife?
- Yup.

- Boys?
- Yup.

- Girl?
- Yup.

God damn it

What they do
on this drink?

This living room was
full of art soul!

You stupid!

Do you understand art?

How could they understand.

When the sun rises ...

Two people bathed in sunlight.

You can feel the breath of art

Let go!

Hurry up and delete it!

Be careful not to press the wrong way.


Auntie, can you please make it
fried peanut sauce udon?

Fried Udon with Peanut Sauce?

That's Da-Song's favorite food.

Boil water, just in time.

All ingredients are in the fridge.

How is the tent?

It's all a mess.

Heavy rain hit the camp.

Tents are submerged in water.

Da-Song still doesn't want to
go home before being persuaded.

We will arrive soon.
Make sure the udon is ready.

How much longer do you arrive?

According to the GPS in 8 minutes.

8 minutes to home.

Hang up the phone
then boil water.

Is that fried udon with peanut sauce?

Come on, quickly!

Hurry up!


Daddy, I can't walk!



Hurry up!
You help up.

Catch it!

You are home.

Da-song, look there
fried udon with peanut sauce.




Fried Udon with Peanut Sauce
looks delicious. Da-song doesn't want to.

- Let me deliver?
- Let Mr. Park told Da-song to eat.

There is beef.

- Beef?
- Yup.

Sincerely, Mr. PARK!

President Park already
home from office.

Sincerely President Park!

- What are you doing?
- Shut up!

You want fried udon with peanut sauce?

- Da-song doesn't want to eat?
- Right.

I'm tired, want to sleep above.

Why look at me.
I'm ashamed.

President Park.
today I can eat again.


Do you do this every day?

Yes, I sent it
sentence of thanks.

He must know right?


Morse code.

The light often blinks.

Da-song Boy Scouts,
he certainly understands.

Don't you think it's weird?

Why do we sometimes want to
surrender to children.

He is not the king's son.

He is the youngest, will surely understand.

Think about it.

Da-song's problems are quite numerous.

Trauma and moderate art therapy.

Because something happened.


Do you believe in ghosts?

A few years ago Da-song
see ghosts in this house.

When it was a birthday party.

Midnight when
everybody sleeps,

Da-song quietly goes down to the kitchen and
take out the leftover birthday cake from the fridge.

The cake is very tasty,

so before
sleep he could not forget.

Then he sat on the floor eating his cake.

Suddenly there was a scream.
I also rushed down.

And she...

His eyes rolled, convulsions,
his mouth is foamy ..

- Has your child ever had a seizure?
- Not.

If not handled in
15 minutes can damage the brain.

Of course it needs more than 15
minutes to take him to the ER.

All this time you lived
in a place like this?

Many South Koreans
live underground.

- Semi-Basement too.
- What are your plans for the future?

You don't have a plan?

I'm very comfortable here.

It feels like I was born here.

As if married here.

Retire in this place.

At least there is my wife.

Please allow me to live in this place.

That's the story.

At that time my husband was on work.

So I was having a hard time.

Since then we chose to celebrate
birthday outside the house.

This year we chose
camping at my parents' house.

His father did not mind.

I think even kids are big.

After all, said to live at home
haunted making good fortune smoothly.

Very business indeed
smoothly these past few years.

Thank God he's still alive.

You stay here first.

What's up, Jenny?

What happened to you?

What the heck?


- Mother.
- You haven't slept either. What is wrong?

I also want fried udon.
Why aren't you asking me?

Because if you haven't eaten,
Mother will tell Father.

I eat alone.

You just have to ask Aunt to cook it?

Don't know who will eat.

- It's just about the udon!
- Why not ask me!

Shut up!
Sleep there.


- Where is Ki-jung?
- Under the table. Hurry up!


What are you doing, Da-song?

He is out.
Please get an umbrella, Auntie.

Hey, Park Da-song!

You naughty.
What is he doing?

Da-song! Already Night!
Come in

Use an umbrella, honey.

You crazy!
It's raining so much!

Channel 3 emergency situation!

Turn on your walkie-talkie!

Give it to me.

If he gets bored, he will definitely come back.


Park Da-hye.

Don't play cellphone, go to sleep.

Auntie go back to the room.
Get some rest

Here the living room, you hear?

Message received.

I watched you from here. Over.

Ready. Change

The tents won't leak, right?

The tents are American, no problem.

- Let's just sleep on the sofa.
- What?

Keep an eye on the tent from here.

- It's easier that way.
- Right.

We wait until Da-song sleeps.

Indeed the child.

What smell is this?

Why does it smell bad here?

What smell?

It smells like Mr. Kim

- Mr. Kim?
- Yup.

- I did not kiss her
- Really?

You must smell it.

The car feels smelly.

What is it...

- Old man's smell.
- No.

What is it...

Raisins put a long taste?


You will know when
you kissed her.


He often almost crossed the line.

But in the end he is
not past it. Not bad.

- I admit that.
- Yup.

But if he crosses the line later,

I don't know what I am
will still be kind.

- What's that smell?
- I have no idea.

Hard to explain.

Smells like when rising

I do not know.
I haven't been on the subway in a long time.

People who take the subway
do have unique tastes.

It's like in the back seat of a car.

What if Da-song returns?

No problem.

I could not pull my hand.

Do not be like that.

Counter clockwise.

Delicious ...

That is right.

You still keep
cheap panties?


His girlfriend's underwear
Yin Yang in the car.

Wear it.
I will be very aroused.


Then I want drugs.

Buy me drugs!


You like?

Get up quickly!

Hurry up.

- What is wrong?
- Why Da-song?

Can't sleep.

Then come in.

You have to read stories to you.

It is true.

It's very noisy in here.

Okay, dad won't sleep.


What should we do?


The person in the basement.

Don't worry about it

What should we do now?


What would you do.
What is your plan?

Those who forced us to do that?

What do you think you will do?

Of course I don't want to
back in the basement.

Tomorrow we return to the house, understand?

Nobody knows what happened.

Like nothing happened, understand?

I have a plan.

Don't think about it, okay?

Come on, now we go home.


What are you doing?
Come on!

- How is it there?
- Hurry up and pick up!

How come?

The water channel overflowed.

That's our window.

Help me.

Ki Woo.

Ki-woo, close the window!

Are you electrocuted?


Wait ...
Do not move.

Damn, my head is dizzy.

Be careful, Ki-jung.

It's all a mess.


Looks like I'm concussed.

I can not see you.


Chong-sook ...


I thought he was a good person.

He kicked me

Listen to me..

Chong-sook ...

Chong-sook ...

Ki Woo.

What are you doing?


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What is wrong?

What is your plan?


You said you have a plan.

What is your plan?

About the basement.

You know what plans
that won't fail?

No plan.

No plan.


Life cannot be planned.

Look around you

What they planned
going to sleep in the gym with you?

But now ...

We all sleep together on the floor.

Then there is no need for a plan.

Without a plan it won't go wrong.

No need to plan anything.

What happened next
not important.

Countries destroyed or sold ...

Nobody cares, understand?


Forgive me.

What for?



I am in charge.

What do you mean?

Why did you bring the stone?


This stone is attached to me.

You better go to bed early.

I'm serious.

This stone is attached to me.

Ms. Jessica, sorry for calling you Sunday.

Are you free this afternoon?

Today we held
birthday party at home

Are you having a birthday party?

If you come, Da-song will be happy.

There's pasta, toast, salmon steak.
Enjoy it.

And there will also be fees according to class.

You know what I mean, right?

- Mother.

Was Kevin also invited to a party?

Of course.
You just contact him.

My dear, you only slept for a while.
Get some rest.

Yesterday I was very tired.

The party will have a drink, right?

Yes, wine shop.

Supermarket, bakery, flower shop.

I have to ask for help, Mr. Kim
I'll tell him to come here.

- I counted overtime.
- Great.

Everyone calm down!
It will be announced soon.


Sis ...

In the basement there are 10 outdoor dining tables.

Take out everything and order
around the Da-song tent.

Here I show.

Tent Da-song as a midpoint.

Like the tiered wing formation.

You know the level wing formation
Admiral Yi Sun-shin right?

The Battle of Hansan.

Suppose the tent is a Japanese warship.

The table is set like
tiered wing formation.

Spin in a half circle.

Then put the grill, charcoal,
and others near the tent.

Everything is available.

Okay, Mr. Shun
Just invite everyone.

No problem.

And no need to bring a gift.

There is no dresscode.

It's only small.
Wearing sports clothes is okay.

No need to buy gifts.

Come and eat and drink.

You know my cooking.

Right, drinking wine together in broad daylight.

With pleasure
I will sing.

Like this song ...

Slow down, Auntie.
He is still sleeping.

Today's sky is clear.
The air is good too.

Thanks to the rain all day yesterday.


Even though yesterday's camp was a mess,
you can keep partying.


Yes, if it didn't rain yesterday,
then today's party won't be there.


No need to bring a gift.

By the way, I want to have it
a car like yours in my garage.

Please come in.

Come in.
Don't block the Mercedes.

You came apparently!
Long time no see!

I told you not to bring gifts.

What are you thinking?


When you kissed me,
you are thinking about something else right?


Now I think about it.


Everyone is beautiful.

They just came ...

but it's very calm.

Everything looks natural.



Am I worthy?

What right?

Do I deserve to be here?

Where are you going?

I want to go down.

Just here accompany me.

I want to go down.

They are all boring.
Just accompany me.

I don't want to go there.

But underneath again.

What is that?

People our age are still
have to do this.

What a shame.

I'm sorry, Mr. Kim

The mother of the children forced.
I cannot refuse.

Our job is simple.

Jessica will come
bring a birthday cake,

We go out and chase Jessica.

While brandishing this Indian ax.


Then Da-song will come
Indian costume, too.

As if dueling with an ax.

Finally, Cake and Jessica were saved.

Everyone will clap!

Something like that.

- How naive.
- Your wife..

seems like a surprise.

Yes, that is true.

But this year he is busy
preparing for a birthday.

You are also busy.

However, you still love him.

Mr. Kim

Today I counted overtime.

The pay is the same as
when you work.

Have you gone down?

Not yet, but ...

Mothers should immediately
talk to them.

Find a middle ground.

Yes. Today all
people are very enthusiastic.

I said I have a plan.

- Let me see it.
- Wait up.

Bring these foods for them.

- They must be hungry.
- Yup.

Let them eat

Next year, you know?

There you are, Jessica.
The food is delicious, right?

I want to say something.

What is that?


Da-song is a bit traumatized
with a birthday cake.

It will definitely trouble you for
became the main spotlight today.

Hey, are you ok?



Kevin ...

Da-song, happy birthday!


Damn ...

Do not move!

Get out you!

- Ki-Jung!
- Here you are, Chong-sook!

Let me go!
Stop the bleeding!



Let her go!


Sick! :(

- Hurry to the hospital!
- Hurry up!

Mr. Kim, don't just sit!

Too long if
waiting for an ambulance.

No need to press it again, father.

Even more sick.

Give me the car key!

Throw the car key!


Don't hold on!

Hello, President Park.

Do you know me?


It's too late to say that,

You have the right to be accompanied by a lawyer.

This man doesn't look like a cop.

He laughed?

Wait a minute.

This doctor doesn't either
looks like a doctor

After a concussion surgery,
this is common.

He will laugh all the time.

Do you hear me?

Do you hear me?

Need I repeat?

- Which one?
- Miranda's warning.

You have the right to remain silent.

You may be accompanied by a lawyer ...

Look, he is laughing instead!

What I heard ...

Ki-Jung lost a lot of blood.

Based on witness testimony,
the defendant is proven to have broken into people's homes ..

Mother is considered as
murder for self defense.

Even if it's punished ...

.. we just undergo

Even when I visited Ki-Jung.


I keep laughing.

Even so ...

When I see the past ...

I'm not laughing.

Murder in an elite area
very rarely happens.

Especially when a bum is found
killed with a knife stuck

The police are having trouble finding the motive for the attack.

Mr. Park was killed by Driver Kim.
The one who is known to be very polite

The police are still searching
this fugitive named Kim.

Driver Kim then goes down this stairs.

Then he disappeared in this residential area

The police have checked the CCTV
but couldn't find it

And also there were no witnesses

Until now ...

Driver Kim is still missing.

The fact is,

Mom and I still don't
know where dad is

The police are still trying
following us

Until the media already
stop preaching

The police surrendered.

Sometimes I go up that hill.

From the hill, I can see
that house clearly.

Even when it snows.

But somehow ...

I still want to see it.

Lines, dots, dots ...

Dots, dots, lines, lines, dots ...

Lines, dots, lines, lines, dots, dots ...

Dots, lines, dots, dots ...

Lines, dots, dots ...

Lines, dots, lines, dots ...

Son ...

My child.

I hope you can read this letter

You're a great scout,

So father wrote it this way.

Is your recovery going well?

I think your mother is very healthy.

Father's condition is also very good.

Even though father wants to cry
if you think of Ki-Jung

Until now, I felt like a day
it was a strange day

Even as a dream.

But no ...

That day my father woke up ...

where to go.

This house is considered a haunted house

Of course it's hard to sell.

Mr. Park, I'm sorry.

Before there are new residents,
I'm having a hard time

But there are advantages too
the house was empty.

Auntie. What's her name?


Father can bury it.

Father gives a funeral
that deserves it

Like humans.

The person who sold the house
this is very smart.

Deceiving people who are
just came to Korea

Until finally this house sold.

His parents work in a foreign company.
His son studies in an international school

so it's rarely at home.

But there are helpers
who is 24 hours at home

Midnight Father is risking
lives just to go to the kitchen.

Father just found out that the Germans
don't just eat sausages and drink beer

Really lucky.

Down here it's all blurry.

Finally, today father
can write a letter for you.

Then send it
at night like this

I think one day
you'll see it later.


- Is that you, Ki-woo?
- Yup.

Father ...

Today I made a plan.

The most basic plan.

I want to work.

Have lots of money.

College and then work.
Marriage is also important

The point is I want to have lots of money

Inside is very wide.

Actually, I'm not just
take people to look at the house.

Until I have enough money
to buy this house

After I moved there,

me and mom will
are in the yard

Because the sun is so beautiful.

at that moment.

Father can go upstairs.

Before that day arrived,
take care of yourself, Father.


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