Parallel Mothers (2021) - full transcript

Two women, Janis and Ana, coincide in a hospital room where they are going to give birth. Both are single and became pregnant by accident. Janis, middle-aged, doesn't regret it and she is exultant. The other, Ana, an adolescent, is scared, repentant and traumatized. Janis tries to encourage her while they move like sleepwalkers along the hospital corridors. The few words they exchange in these hours will create a very close link between the two, which by chance develops and complicates, and changes their lives in a decisive way.


Are you smiling at me with your eyes?

Now relax your face, look
at the other side and then turn to face me.

Like this.

Now rest your elbows on the table.

The chin...
Like this.

No pushing.
And now the other side.


Smile a little.

Look at me.

Now look at the target.

- Here you go. - Thanks.
- Excuse me, Janis, are skulls necessary?

- Well, I don't know, we'll see.
- All right, then.

- Shall we sit down?
- Yes.

What are the skulls for?

They asked me to shoot a portrait
Hamlet-style, like this, with a skull.

It just seems too obvious to me,
forensic anthropologist posing with a skull.

- We don't do that.
- Good thing.

The editor said you want
to ask me something.

Yeah. If you have time,
we'll talk after the shoot.

Yeah, no problem.

- I wanted to ask you about the excavation of a mass grave.
- Ah!

Tell me.

Outside my village there is a grave with ten corpses.
Among them is my great-grandfather.

When the Historical Memory Act came out,
the relevant judge abstained.

- Since then we have had nothing but negative responses.
- Now it is even worse, they have withdrawn the grants.

In an interview, President Rajoy boasted of not having
placed a single euro in the Historical Memory.

- Yeah, I read about that.
- It's crazy.

- That's why I wanted to talk with you and ask your advice.
- Okay.

To the Historical Memory Association
of my country, beyond the mountains,

we've been gathering information
on a pit.

- Do you know where it is?
Yes, everyone in the village knows, that's why it's intact.

My grandmother left me all her papers.

The pit is here.

My great-grandfather was taken away as soon as the war broke out...
in the first week.

How can you be sure of the location?

One of the victims buried by the phalangists,

was him, Manuel Blanco Trujillo,

They left him for dead,
but he was only wounded.

That night he came out of the pit,
came home and told all about it.

Before he went into hiding, he told his family...
who the other victims were and where the grave was.

My great-grandfather.
He was a teacher and a photographer.

Before the war, he had photographed
of all those who would die with him.

Nicasio Sanz García, the Carlist.

Facundo Nuño Tomé.

José Gutiérrez Castro
and Francisco Alonso González.

Gregorio Sánchez Muñoz, the Rincagnato.

César Cruz Arranz.
His daughter is still alive. Her name is Brigida.

Teófilo Robles García.

Pepe Medina Sánchez
and Benito García Rodríguez.

My grandmother. She wrote down the names of everyone
who disappeared with her father.

They're in a notebook. I'll show you later.

Some families still live in the country,
some don't. But others live in the next village.

All this information
is very helpful.

With the Village Association,
we've managed to scrape something together over the years.

We'd like to know how much it would cost
to hire you to do the digging.

- I'd do it for free, but I can't...
do it alone. - The whole country would help you.

All right, but I need personnel
who specialize in archaeological digs.

- Not just workers with picks and shovels.
- Sure.

Anyway, if there's anything we can do...
the whole country is ready to help.

Well, I'm... I'm improvising.

I'm part of
of a private foundation in Navarre,

called the Brotherhood
for the Recovery of Historic Memory.

- Well, I knew that.
- You did? - Yes, but I didn't dare...

Shall I pour?

It is a scientific foundation that deals with
the study of the roots of Navarrese culture.

Our job is not to reopen the pits,

but the situation has already led us
to intervene once before.

It all depends on the place, the date, the
information about the war that we can get from it.

For example, the fact that this grave dates from
the early days of the an interesting fact.

It was the night of July 25th, so they say.
my grandmother and the other villagers.

You could present the project
to the foundation for study.

Since it's so detailed,
I'll make sure they at least consider it.

- I can't tell you how grateful I am.
- Of course, but it won't be immediate.

It takes years for the foundation
to approve a project, but it's worth a try.

Oh, but of course.

Thank you so much, really.

I'm leaving today at 4:00,
I'm taking my husband to the doctor.

Ah, sure.
How is he?

He's a little tense.

Poor guy.

- Yeah?
- Hi, Janis. How are you?

Hello, Arturo.

I called to tell you that the foundation
received the project. They'll call you.

I sent it three days
after the photo shoot.

One more thing. In a week's time
I'll be in Madrid for a survey.

I was thinking we could meet up,
if you want to, of course.

- When?
- Next Wednesday.

I'm free in the afternoon.

Ah, well... I'll see you Wednesday then.

See you Wednesday.


Breathe through your nose.


Don't do that... it's worse.

Like this.

Like this.

Don't be afraid, everything will be fine.

You'll see.

- Are you married?
- No, are you?

Me? No, no...

Then we're two single mothers.

Mine was an accident,
but I'm so happy.

Mine was an accident, too.

I'm not sorry.

I am.

Come on, don't say that.
It'll be fine, you'll see.

You're not alone, are you?

No, I have my mother.

- Good.
- But she's still not used to the idea.

Well, you'll get used to it.


- Hi.
- Shouldn't you be in bed?

Walking's good for her,
helps get the baby out.

- I'm Janis, her roommate.
- I'm Teresa, her mother.

- What about the room?
- It's over there.

Let's go.

All right.

Come on, easy.

I talked to Dad.

- He can't come.
- I thought so.

He wishes us luck.
And he says you have to take it easy.


- Hi. I'm here.
- Hi.

- Hi, honey.
- How you doing?

- Does it hurt a lot?
- A lot.

They're about to give us an epidural.

- I can't wait to see
Cecilia's little face. - Me, too.

What your grandmother would give to be here...

- This is Ana and her mother, Teresa.
- Hi.

- Elena is my best friend.
- Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.

- You're very close too, eh!
- Yes, very close.

I'm gonna push. Come on!

Rest, breathe.
Breathe easy.

- I can't do this.
- Yes, you can. You're doing great, honey.

You can see the head!

- You can see the hair.
- She's got hair! - How exciting.

Don't be afraid, it's coming out.
Come on, one last push.

Come on, get some air. Get some air...

One, two...
Now push hard, come on!

Push, push, push!

Honey, that's it, hard! Push, push!

There you go, there's your little girl.

Hello, love.

You did great.

Yes, my love...


- The nurse told me you were here.
- Ana!

Come in.
Come, sit down.

I'm glad to see you.

And the little one?

She's fine.
She's under observation.

They laid it on me
just for a moment.

Isn't it wonderful to feel her beating
on your chest?

I can't wait till they bring her back.

- Is yours under observation too?
- Yes, she is.

It must be normal.

Mine had trouble adjusting
to life outside the womb, the doctor said.

We're off to a good start, this is
the life that awaits her, extra uterine.

- Yeah.
- Turns out it's nothing.

The poor thing was having difficulty
breathing outside the womb.

- What's wrong with yours?
- Apparently her blood sugar's low.

- Anyway, they said it's nothing.
- Yeah, definitely.

I'll leave you my number,
if you want to call me.

We're in the same situation,
so we can chat.

- When do you get the baby?
- Tonight, I think, or in the afternoon.

Me too.

Let's see...

- It's my cell phone.
- Good.

I'm gonna leave you the home line, too, okay?


- Hi. - Good morning.
- May I? - Hi.

Hi, honey.

- How was the audition?
- Oh, it was great!

I just finished.

I was supposed to play one of the young ladies...
but I asked the director to try out for the part of Rosita.

I practiced it at home
without anyone telling me.

- But Donna Rosita is the main character.
- Yes.

He made me audition her
and he liked me!

Then he made me read
a very difficult final scene.

He gave me a couple of pointers,

and I identified immediately
with that withered, frustrated character.

- That's nice, Mom. - She gave me some more scenes
to study, and we're gonna continue auditioning tomorrow.

I was a little rash,
but he liked it,

and he was amazed, you could see it in his face.

Imagine if she made me
play Donna Rosita!

- Congratulations.
- But it's not certain yet.

They already have an actress for that role,
but nothing stops me from dreaming.

- I'm happy for you.
- Thank you, honey.

You guys okay?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Croquettes. Clarissa made them.

- And the girls?
- They're fine. They're under observation.


- I'm off, see you tonight.
- See you later, Deborah.

I don't understand this.

- She lives in your house like a queen and doesn't even help out.
- She has to study during the day.

It's the only way to get a nanny for the night.

Deborah takes advantage of that.

- And then she eats like an ox.
- Get out!

- If you see her on her cell phone too much, let me know.
- She won't let go.

You want to eat my finger?

- What a wonderful little thing! - Mom,
keep it down, she's sleeping. - Yes, yes, baby.

I'll see you tonight.
If you need anything, call me.

I can't believe she got the part.

- I think it's overdramatic.
- She's very happy.

Every day that went by was like
an undergarment being ripped off my body.

A friend is getting married today,

and then another and another,

and tomorrow she has a baby... and it grows,

and he comes to show you
his report card grades,

and they make new houses and new songs,

and me, always the same,

with the same heartbeat.

Always the same.

But one day I go for a walk and I
I realize I don't know anyone anymore.

Boys and girls
they leave me behind because I tire myself out.

And one says, "Look at the old maid."

And another one, handsome and curly, comments:

"Who's gonna take that now?"

I feel,

and I can't scream,

but I'm just gonna go ahead

with a mouth full of poison

and a tremendous urge to escape,

to take my shoes off,

to rest

and never move again,

ever again,

from my corner.

- You're ready for your first one, Teresa.
- Thank you very much.

We're done for the day.

About the premiere,
the date will be the same, but not in Madrid.


The producer says Madrid won't be available,
so we'll tour the other provinces.

You'll have more information this week.

- Are we postponing the premiere?
- No, we're opening in another city.

Bilbao or Valencia, we'll see.

- It's not so bad to arrive in Madrid with the
with the show already on the road. - You could have told us before.

I have commitments in Madrid next month.

- I just heard, and you have one month
to make arrangements. - I can't leave Madrid.

We'll talk about it now, Teresa.
Tomorrow you'll have the details of the tour.

If you have problems, now is the time to fix them.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.

I can't leave because I have my
teenage daughter with her newborn daughter.

- I can't leave them.
- Find a solution, Teresa, the theatre is like that.

- But you told me we'd make our debut in Madrid.
in Madrid. Yes, but we can't, I'm sorry.

I'll see what I can do, but I don't know.

Ana, the theatre in Madrid where
we thought we'd make our debut is not free.

I've just had word that we'll be doing
a provincial tour for a few months.

- A few months?
- Yes.

My heart is broken, I don't want to leave you,

but I've been waiting my whole life
I've been waiting for a chance like this.

This could be a turning point in my career.

But if you ask me to stay, I'll stay.

You know I won't ask.

What if we called your father and told him...
that you're going back to the country? He'd be very happy.

With me and the baby?
Don't talk nonsense, please, Mother.

If I leave the company, I'll never work again.

Besides, I wouldn't be away all the time.
Monday to Wednesday we are free, except in Barcelona.

Go on tour, then,
but I need help.

Besides, Clarissa has to rest
from time to time, so you'll have to hire a nanny.

A cousin of his is available.
I like her and she has experience.

- I don't want just anyone,
talk to her. - Yeah, sure.

And ask Dad for money
for my child support.

- Remind him I'm still underage.
- Don't worry about money, it's not a problem.

Ana should go back to Granada
She doesn't know anyone here.

- I don't think she wants to come back.
- Call her and ask her nicely.

Tell her she'll be better off there than anywhere else.
anywhere else. Show her some interest.

- After what he's been through... - To return
would be to bring up the past.

I can't miss this chance, Alex. ??
It's horrible to fight about this!

Ask her if she wants to come.

First I'd like to sense
some interest from you first.

I remind you that under the law
the girl is your responsibility, Alex.

You took her from me,
and remember how you gave her back to me.

- That has nothing to do with this,
right now. - Well, here's the thing.

Call me and tell me what you decide.

- Hello?
- Hi, Janis. How are you?

Very busy, as you can imagine.

I'm in Madrid. Can I come by
to see you and meet Cecilia?

I'm not presentable, and I'm busy.

But let's make it in an hour or so, okay?

All right, thanks.

I'll see you later.

Janis, can I talk to you?

After the Hispanic Philology course

I'd like to enrol in Classics.

Could I still stay here?

I don't know... If you want to stay,
you have to do everything I say.

You're very distracted.

- And don't wear your headphones at night.
- No, no.

"No, no", but you always do as you please!

I'll get it. Leave us alone,
don't let me see you around the house.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Happy anniversary.
- It's not my birthday.

- Today is exactly one year since the first time
we were together. - Really? - Yes, it is.

Something wrong?

I'm pregnant.

And, uh, what do you think you'll do?

I want it.

I've been thinking about it.

I didn't think this would happen,

but I've always wanted a child
and I'm gonna be 40 soon.

- Time's almost up.
- Yeah.

Sorry, I'm a little shaken up.

- Yeah. - I like the idea of having
a child with you, Janis, believe me.

- But I don't know if I can afford it now.
- The question is not whether we can afford it.

- The point is, they're already here.
- Not yet. There's an alternative.

No, Arturo, I want to keep it.

- My wife has cancer, she's in the middle of
chemo. - I know, and I'm sorry.

This is not the time to tell her
that I'm having a baby with someone else.

Arturo, I told you this because I thought you should...
but I absolve you of all responsibility.

I will carry on the family tradition.

I'll be a single mother,
like my mother and grandmother.

Janis, please...

at least consider
not having it now.

- We can plan for the future.
- The future is now.

Arturo, our relationship
has been very clear from the beginning,

no commitments,
neither from you nor from me.

I don't regret anything,
I was very happy with you! Very!

Me too, that's why I don't want to lose everything.

- I don't think we're strong enough
to overcome this problem. - And what do you propose?

That we break up,

no hard feelings.

I'll take care of the baby. But to deal with this.
I'd rather we didn't see each other.

Don't say that, Janis.

If we see each other,
we'll keep fucking,

and in a few months we'll find ourselves
having the same conversation again.

It's best to stop now.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Long-time no see.

It's been a while, I've lost track of time.

- Here, this is for you.
- Thank you.

- That's cute. - I was waiting for you to call me,
but you didn't, so here I am.

- Can I see her?
- Yes, she's sleeping.

- I won't wake her up.
- Come on. - Thank you.


- Can I touch her?
- Sure.

- She'll be a brunette like you.
- Yes, very brunette.

Who do you think he looks like?

I think she got my father's features.

- I thought you'd never met him.
- I didn't meet him. I was only a few months old.

My grandmother said he was a handsome Venezuelan...
with almond-shaped eyes, very handsome.

- You have his eyes.
- Yeah, he...

She'll be very beautiful too.

So, uh...

And how are you?

With lots of work, as always.

- And you, all good?
Do you need anything? - No.

I have an Irish au pair
helping me with the baby,

and I've been saving up to stay home for a while
because I can't leave her right now.


- Do you want a drink?
- No. No, I have to get up really early.

I just wanted to stop by and say hi.

I'm leaving.

- So, uh...
- She's a beauty.

- You did a good job.
- Thank you.

I work in the morning. In the afternoon.
I'm at the hotel, the same as always.

- Call me if you like.
- All right. See you around.


- Hi.
- Hi, Arturo. - Come in, come in.

- Just a second, I'll send an e-mail.
- All right.

Have a seat.


- Do you want a drink?
- No.

All right, I'm listening.

Since the baby was born,

I really wanted you to come and see us,
even though we were broken up.

- Sorry, but it was your decision.
- Yes, it was my decision.

- But I thought you'd be
curious to see your daughter. - I was.

For the past few months, I've been fighting myself
not to call you until I couldn't anymore.

I came to your house with an overwhelming desire
to see her and to see you.

Then what happened yesterday?
And don't tell me nothing happened.

I guess the baby's not mine.


I didn't recognize her.

- How could you not recognize her...
- It's what I felt.

- Arturo, what you're saying is not very scientific.
- I don't think she's my daughter, Janis.

- Are you saying it's someone else's?
- I don't know, you tell me.

When we were together.
I wasn't with anyone but you.

- Do you really think that little girl looks like like your father?
- You know I never met him.

- I only know what my grandmother said, and
she didn't know him either. - Do you even have a picture?

No, nothing!

Arturo, if I was going to lie to you about your paternity...
why would I ask you to leave us?

If I wanted to lie,
I would have stayed with you.

Remember that when we broke up I didn't...
I didn't ask you for anything! Why would I lie to you now?

I don't know either.

To settle any doubt...
let me take a paternity test.

- No.
- Janis, please.

I'd better go.

Don't call me again. If there's any news on the
the mass grave, have someone else call me.

- I'm sorry we have this in common.
- We're adults, there's no reason to mix things up.

Put your pride aside. When in doubt,
all that remains is to take the test.

- I have no doubt.
- But I do! - All right.


Credit is running out.

What about this foot?
I'm gonna eat this foot!

- Janis, it's Ana.
- Janis, it's Ana.

- Ana who?
- We gave birth together.

Ah, Ana!

Excuse me, dear. I just had a fight
with the father of my child and I'm furious.

- I thought you didn't care about him.
- Yeah, yeah, I don't. I don't.

It won't happen again.

- How are you? And your Anita?
- She's nearby, I'm changing her.

She's so beautiful.

- What? What do you mean?
- I can feel it.

I'm a little tired, honestly.

I need sleep, but I'm fine.

- Doesn't your mother help you?
- Eh, my mother...

My mother comes and goes.

She's out of town right now, away
playing the unmarried Donna Rosita.


- I see, but do you have a nanny?
- Yes, yes, and Clarissa helps me too.

You know, Janis, you were right.

Anita is a gift,
she's the only important thing in my life.

It's only natural.

- How's yours?
- I think she's wonderful.

I'll come and see you,
so you'll see her and they'll get to know each other.

I'd like that very much.

- Look, I have to go now.
- Call me anytime.

- I was glad to hear from you, even though
you're pissed off about it. - All right.

A little kiss.
A kiss. Bye.

Come on, honey, go to sleep.

Janis, I'm going to the hospital.

The washing machine is running. When the load's done,
please hang it out so I can iron tomorrow.

All right, all right.
How is he?

Well... it doesn't look good.

Yes, love, yes...

You need to sleep...


- How's the webpage?
- I'd say very well.

- How many hits today?
- Over 3,000.


Excuse me.

- Hi, Janis.
- You busy? Do you have a second?

No, but go ahead.

I want to start working again.

I can't stand the Irish woman anymore.
I want to hire a real nanny.

If you need some cash, I can help you out.

Thank you, Elena, but I need to work.

Do you have anything on the books
right now for me?

Not immediately.

I've already got the bulk of it.
What do I have left?

A few still lifes of accessories.

A few shoes, jewellery,
belts, not much else.

I enjoy photographing shoes and belts.

Come on, you're too smart for that.

But I need to work.

As long as I don't have to move from Madrid,
count on me for still lifes of anything.

- I don't loathe anything.
- All right.

I'll stop by your place later and we'll talk about it,
so I can see the little one.

I was also thinking that you guys could
come and stay with me for a bit in the chalet.

You know there's plenty of room, there's the garden...

- We'd keep each other company.
- Thanks, that's kind of you, but it's a little complicated.

Besides, it's too far away.
It's more comfortable here in the city.

All right.
I'll see you then.

- My love...
- Do you need anything?

No, thank you.

I can't stand her, I swear.

Look how much fun he's having.

Let's get out of the water.
Let's get out so you don't catch cold.

Ah, what a little thing...

Ah, what a little thing...

Every day she seems more "ethnic" to me.

She looks like your father. Just like him!

- I don't know what my father looked like.
- He was Colombian, wasn't he? - Venezuelan.

A drug dealer, that's what my grandma used to say,
but who knows?

- I thought you were sure.
- I'm not.

She couldn't look like anyone else,
besides the anthropologist?

- Because it seems to me
you don't even look like her. - No!

- I've only been with Arturo.
- Then she looks like your father. End of story.

Cecilia, is it true that you look like
your Venezuelan grandfather?

I'll be going then.
I'll see you tomorrow at the office for the pictures.

- And don't worry, something will come up.
- Thank you. All right.

- Think about the chalet idea.
- I said no.

You are so stubborn.

See you tomorrow.

You, my love...

Little angel face.

Strike a pose for Mom.

There, there...
Now she's getting angry.

Ooh, that's naughty.

A package arrived.

- Thank you.
- Look at her, she's prettier than a piglet.

- Come on! - That's what they used to tell me,
and look what a beauty I am!



Wear gloves.
Do not smoke.

Make sure there are no organic
residues in the mouth.

Then we'll wait until tomorrow.




Let's see it, baby.

This way.

This way, my love.

There you go, my love.

This way we'll both feel better.






Méndez Law Firm.

Hi. May I speak to
Mauricio Méndez, please?

He's currently in court,
would you like to leave a message?

No, I'll call back later, thanks.

- Hello? - Hello.
Can I talk to Ana? It's Janis.

Ana can't come, Miss Janis, she's giving the baby a bath.
I'll have her call you later.

It doesn't matter,
I just wanted to see how the baby is doing.

The baby gives us a little trouble
at night, but she's a beauty,

and Ana's a great mom.


Well, thank you very much.


- Hello?
Hi, Janis. You called me?

I didn't... Must have been
a call from my bag.

Ah, well, yeah, it happens.
You all right?

A lot of trouble.

I want to send away
the au pair and...

Domestic problems, nothing serious.

I can hear you stirring.

You caught me in the middle of a brouhaha.
I can't talk right now, I'm sorry.

Hello, Arturo.
Thanks for calling.


I'm sleeping with the baby today.

- Shall I help you?
- No, thanks, I got it.

Come here to Mommy.

Come here, my love...

- I like the colour. - Well, it's been
a pleasure, as always. - Thank you very much.

- Hi. - Hi.
- I'd like to change my number.

- What phone do you have?
- This one.

- But I would like to keep everything on it.
- No problem.

- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.

Headphones again?

I told you a thousand times to lay her
on her side! The regurgitation could suffocate her!

Come on, love.


Don't you understand me when I talk?

Don't you understand me when I talk to you?

You've been here your whole life and you don't learn
nothing. I don't want you to stay.

- But I've already signed up.
- I don't care, find another house.

I will not leave my daughter with you
One more night!

That's enough.

Be good.

Be good...

Hi, how are you? Come on in.

- Here I am, together with Cecilia.
- Hi, Cecilia.

Leave the fanny pack here.

Let's see, little one.
My love...

She's a little upset
because she just woke up.

It's okay, come...
How beautiful you are!

I'm a little nervous,
It's the first time I've left her.

You have nothing to worry about,
I'll be watching her all day.

This will be her second home.

Here... like this.

Ah, yes...

- You're just gonna leave her on the floor?
- Yes, I will.

They should never be forced,
she'll decide how she's most comfortable.

I brought you what you asked for.
The wipes, a changing bodysuit, the bottles...

- Good.
- The cream... that's it.


- If you need anything, you have my
phone number. - Very well.


My love.

I'll pick you up later, little mouse.
I love you.

I love you.

- Thank you.
- No problem.

I'll see you later.

I'm sorry.

It's just that I have a baby girl.


- Hi. What can I get you?
- Hi.

A latte and a blueberry muffin.

Ana?! Are you Ana?

- Yeah, Janis, it's me.
- What are you doing here?

Well, I work here.

- You've changed so much, I didn't
recognized you! You look great! - Thank you.

I'll get you some coffee, okay?

- Do you mind if I sit down for a minute?
- Sure.

How long have you been here? I didn't see you.

Almost a week.

We're neighbours.
What a coincidence!

I actually went into the bar
because I wanted to come see you at home.

But I was embarrassed to call you
and I sat here and had a drink.

So the boss offered me a job.
Well, I asked him, actually.

I'm staying
in a room at his house.

- And your mother?
- She's in Barcelona now, with the theatre.

It never stops.
She's finally succeeding.

- Did she leave you alone?
- Yeah, I still call her every now and then.

But I haven't told her I've gone away.
and I forbade Clarissa to tell her.

- When she returns, she'll find a nice surprise.
- So you escaped.

I'm an adult now, Janis,
and I'm just a burden to her.

- What about your father?
- He didn't notice anything.

- What a nice family picture!
- I'm used to it.

I don't have any money, but for the first time...
I feel in control of my life.

- I'll be fine.
- You will.

I can't stop, Ana,
that cab is for me.

- Hold on.
- It's okay, I got it.

- Yeah?
- Yes. - Thank you very much.

Uh, what time do you get off?

I finish at 9:00 today.

See you at my place?
You have the address.

All right.

- It's good to see you.
- You too.

- Bye.
- Thanks for the coffee and the... - You're welcome.

Good morning.

Where are we going?

- Quintilian 17, please.
- Right away.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Thank you for inviting me.

- What a beautiful house!
- Thank you.

This morning, in my haste,
I didn't ask you about your daughter.

How do you manage her now that you're working?

You're dropping her off at day-care?
That's a lot of hours, isn't it?

What is it, Ana? Are you okay?

Anita is dead.

Don't tell me that.

But the child didn't seem sick.
What happened to her?

Cot death.

But how?

Cot death, it's called.

She died in her sleep.

What were her symptoms?


The baby was perfect.

Her brain forgot to breathe.

Brain immaturity, the doctor said.


The first year of life the brain
is not yet fully developed,

and may forget to give the order to breathe.

Can't anything be done about it?

No, it's a very rare case.

It happens onece in a million.

The baby was fine. You saw her.

I'm sorry.

She's beautiful.

Do you want to see her?


Did you sleep well, love?
Look, Ana came to visit us.

- Can I take this?
- Sure.

Do you want to come with me?

You look beautiful.

How great you are!

How beautiful you are!

- I'll be right back.
- That's nice.

- Who is it? - Hi, I'm the manager
from the bar, I'm here to pick up Ana.

Oh, okay, I'll call her right now.


The head nurse, she wants you to come down.

- Oh, yes, that's right, I have to go.
- He'll be right down. Yes, he is.

- You're a wonderful child, Janis.
- Thank you.

Could you send me
a picture of your Anita?

Sure, but you changed your number.
I called you a thousand times and...

Yeah, I'll write it down.

I'll get my backpack.

- There it is.
- I'll send it right over.

I'm so sorry, Ana, I really am.

Thank you.

Well, uh...

- Hello, beautiful.
- Hi.

Hi, Ana.

Come on, love.

See you at my place at 9:00, then.

All right, Ana, see you tonight.


- You okay?
- I'm fine.

- You look worried.
- We're way behind.

- I'm gonna go see if Dana's ready.
- I had plans tonight. but I'm free if you want to have dinner.

No, I can't tonight.

I'll go rush her.

- Wow! - How do I look?
- It's gonna be so easy to take pretty pictures of you!

- I'm a little nervous.
- No, it's easy, you'll see.

It's my first cover
for a women's magazine.

It's about time, girl!

- Do you want to start by lying on the floor?
- Okay.

- If something makes you uncomfortable, tell me.
- I will.

- Like this?
- Yeah, that's how we'll start.

I like the way the shirt fits.

Move freely, as you wish.

Feel free.


Hold on, hold on.

Very good.

Very good.

It's Ana!

- Hi.
- Hi. - How are you?

- I'm making a potato tortilla.
Can you help me? - Sure.

- The baby?
- I just put her to sleep.

- I'll show you later.
- Have you ever peeled potatoes?

No, I've peeled oranges, apples...

Well, it's not the same.
Take this and see how I do it.


Like this.

- It's easy.
- Real easy.

And now they're washing.
Go on, you wash them.

Shake them well.
Remove the soil.

The most important thing is how you cut it.

Grab that pink knife.

What matters is the thickness of the slices.

- The thickness?
- Look.

- Thin.
- Like this. Be careful not to cut yourself.

How much do they pay you at the bar?

500 euros, plus tips.

I've been thinking, that sooner or later Dolores
will leave because her husband is very ill.

- If I want to keep working,
I'll have to find someone else. - Of course you will.

I could give you 800 euros, no tips,

but with room and board.

Are you proposing that I work here?

- Yes.
- What am I supposed to do?

Take care of the house and Cecilia.
Drop her off and pick her up from the nursery.

Take care of her at night,
because I'm really exhausted.

- Of course I'd help you out when
when I can. - Of course you would, Janis. It's a deal.

Of course.

Think about it,
it's not exactly a bargain.

- In fact, it's better for me than for you.
- I don't need to think about it, really.

I'm excited about it.

Look how beautiful!

I don't know if I'll be able
to do what you ask of me.

I will teach you
how to run a house and cook,

but for now, all that matters
is that you take care of the baby.

All right.

You try it, if you don't like it,
you go back to the bar and friends like before.

But you have to commit
for at least a week.

It's a pleasure, really.

Look, how pretty.

She likes you.

She's so pretty and good.

- Good.
- Very good.

That's great, honey.

Have you heard from your mother?

I told her I left.
She was stunned.

I can imagine.

She freaked out.

She was so mad at me.

- I'm not surprised. She's your mother. - Yeah, she just...
she went on tour while I was in the middle of my depression.

I had a terrible time, Janis,
but now I want to live.

It's the only thing
my mother taught me.

Live life and be free...

like you always did.

I also told my father
I'd stay in Madrid and work.

And what did he say?

He's been very angry,
but I don't care about him.

Maybe I'll change my number,
so I don't have to listen to him anymore.

- Can you unplug the camera?
- Yes, I will.

Here, let me help you.

- Put your things in the closet.
- All right.

I have a cot too.

and a stroller.

I've got a bit of everything, if you need anything,
I can get it from my mom's house.

I have the keys.

Thank you.

- Do you have a hammock?
- No.

The children like the hammock.
Anita used it a lot.

Probably still has his scent.

That's true, I didn't think of that.


- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

- I missed her.
- You want to take her with you?


I have to get used to it, and sleep.

- I need a lot more sleep.
- Are you sure you're okay?

You're sweaty.

Come on, stay with us for a while.

Come on.

- Have you had breakfast?
- No.

- Did you brush your teeth?
Did you eat any gum? - No, why?

I'm gonna get you a saliva sample, all right?
Open your mouth.


It's for some analysis.

- Is that what they do now?
- Yeah, I'll get you a full package.

Even the baby.

You too, honey.

You too!

Well, you're very good.

You're going with Dolores today.

So he'll show you the stores he goes to
and what we usually buy.

All right, I'll take notes.

Stay here, I'll be right back.

I'll be right back.

- Janis, we're leaving.
- All right.

I'm gonna drop the baby off at the day-care.
and then we'll go shopping, okay?

All right.
A kiss, my love.

- Say hello!
- Bravo.

- Have fun.
- Bye, Mom.

- Bye!
- See you later.


- Teresa?!
- Hi, Janis.

- Am I disturbing you?
- Well, I was working.

- Excuse me, is Ana here?
- No.

- The bar downstairs said he was here.
- Yeah, she'll be back in a bit. Come inside, Teresa.

I had a day off today, so I took the bullet train..
but tomorrow I'm on stage in Barcelona.

Would you like a drink while you wait? Coffee?

A cognac?

I think Dolores has something.

- Sometimes she drinks because her husband
is very sick. - Oh, boy. - Oh, yeah.

Do you smoke?

All right.
But let's go to the terrace.

Yeah, sure.

I'll get a jacket, it's cold.

I don't know what Ana
told you about me.

A little.

I got married to get away from my parents,
and a year later Ana was born.

But my vocation
was neither to be a mother nor a wife.

I wanted to do theatre.
I'd already done it at university.

Then I divorced Ana's father
through the Holy Rota.

You have no idea what it's like...
A terrible humiliation.

Basically, you had to admit you were
a whore to get an annulment.

I accepted every humiliation just to be...
to be free and to devote myself to acting.

Luckily, I didn't have any money problems.

The father obtained the paternity of Ana,

and soon afterwards remarried
and formed another family in Granada.

And he still lives there.

But you could see Ana, couldn't you?

Her father took revenge on me
by using the child.

He barely let me see her,
anything to make me suffer.

I did small parts in theatre and television,
and I suffered for not seeing enough of her.

She wasn't worth giving up on.

I started acting late.
Thirty is a long wait to start.

And looking like a snob
doesn't help in this business.

It's not a job for snobs,
the actors are all left-wing.

- And whose side are you on?
- I'm apolitical.

My job is to please everyone.

- How did you get Ana back?
- Her father sent her to me when she got pregnant.

You could have used it
to win your daughter back.

Yeah, I...

but I'm terrible at it.

And it was a little too late.

Ana came back traumatized.

We were strangers.

I did what I could,

but a few months later
Lorca's play arrived.

And right after the opposite character,

the drug-addicted mother
from The Long Ride Home.

I couldn't refuse, Janis.

I'm 47 years old, and this was my chance
to prove that I'm not an imposter,

that I'm an actress and I'm talented.

I was the worst mother in the world, I know.

I'm not like you,
I don't have the maternal instinct.

That sounds horrible.

And I'm sorry about Ana.

She's been very unlucky with both of us,
with her father as much as with me.

No one deserves what she's been through.

When the baby died,

I was on stage in Madrid.

But after a month, I had to leave,
heartbroken with grief.

To be honest, I left because
Ana didn't seem to care.

Do you think the baby died
because of the situation you were in?


Didn't Ana tell you?
Cot death, the doctor said.

An hour before, the baby was fine.

Ours is not exactly
a model family,

but the child never lacked for anything.

Ana never left her side,
neither day nor night.

Ana really surprised me.

Since giving birth, she has become
suddenly a grown woman,


The little one has never lacked for anything.

Maybe that's why
I've taken certain liberties...

We're back!

- Mom, what are you doing here?
- I came to see you.

Would you like to go to your room
for privacy?

No, no, let's go outside.


Thank you, Janis.
Thank you for everything.

You're welcome.

Aren't you cold like this?

No, I like this jacket.

If you wanted to change your hairstyle,
you didn't have to run away from home.

- You live here?
- Yeah, at Janis's house.

- What do you do?
- I take care of the house and the baby.

You're a maid?
I can't believe it!

Is that why we made you study?

- Mom, I have to work.
- Your father can get you a proper job in Granada.

Don't mention my father or Granada.

- Hey, Ana, how are you?
- Hi.

- What will you have?
- Tea for me, please.

- Strawberry ice cream.
- Good.

Thank you.

After Anita died
I heard you arguing with dad on the phone.

Neither of you wanted to take charge of me.

I was too sick
to make a decision,

but as soon as I regained my strength
I left and I'm not coming back.

Least of all in his home!

I'm an adult now, Mom,
so you go your way and I'll go mine.

Now we put the fish on the potatoes.

If we see that it dries up too much,
we add a little more wine.

All right.

It's my mother.


Answer her.

I don't know, I don't want to be mean to her anymore.

Well, then write it down.

"Mommy, I don't want
to be mean to you anymore."

You'll see... she'll like it.

Who's the hippie?

My mother.

- And the baby is you?
- Yes, I am.

I had a few weeks there,
we were in Ibiza.

You know he named me after Janis Joplin?

And who's Janis Joplin?

- The one who's singing.
- Wow!

And like Janis Joplin.
my mother died at 27 of a drug overdose.

It was summer and life was not easy.

I was five years old,
but I was already living in the village with my grandmother.

- Is that your grandmother?
- No, that's my great-grandmother.

This is my grandmother Cecilia.
She was the one who raised me and educated me.

One day you must come to the village
to see our house.


To your grandmother Cecilia.

To your mother.

To your daughter.

And you.

And you.

He's here.


Did you tell the father his daughter's dead?

I don't know who that is.

Aren't you curious about that?

There were three of them... schoolmates.

We were high on booze and pills
at the house of one of them, the one I liked.

His parents were away
for the weekend.

I was really stoned.

I slept with the one I liked
and the others filmed us on their cell phones,

and threatened to put the video
on the Internet if I didn't go with them, too.

So I did.

But that's rape!

Two days later they told me the same thing.

That if I didn't fuck them,
they would post the video.

- So I went to my father and
I told him everything. - And he turned them in?

No, he wanted to avoid a scandal,
partly to protect me.


Yeah, so I wouldn't have to put up
the pressure of the press and all that.

A month later I found out I was pregnant
and he sent me to my mother's.

You should have reported them. Those boys
could do it again if no one stops them.

I didn't have the strength.

I was terrified of the trial,
the police and the press.

I didn't want to relive a thousand times
what had happened.


Is that them?


Bedtime, bedtime.

Give her a kiss.

Come on, little angel, go to sleep.

- Elena?
- I don't think so. She would have called.

- I'll go look. - All right,
I'll take care of it. - To sleep, to sleep!

Come on, stop playing.

- Who is it?
- It's Arturo, Janis.

- Hi. - I've tried calling you several
times, but your number doesn't work.

Yeah, I changed it.

I have some very good news for you,
but I'd love to see your face.

Wait for me at the tavern.
I'll be right there.

All right.

Who was that?

An old friend, wants to see me.

Since I changed my number and he couldn't reach me,
he came straight here.

Why didn't you let him up?

I want to get some air.

What about dinner?

- Will you be back for dinner?
- I don't think so.

What would you like to drink, miss?

A chilled white wine.
Thank you.

- To celebrate what you're going to tell me,
you said it was good news. - I did.

The foundation has decided
to reopen your pit in July.

You're reopening the mass grave?
In three months?

You'll be notified officially if you give me
a phone number where I can call you.

I'll give it to you right now.

- Do you have a pen?
- Yeah, yeah.

In July?!

I will direct the excavations
and the foundation will provide us with tools.

- I don't know how to thank you, Arturo.
- There's no reason to thank me, Janis.

That's why I took the liberty
of coming to your house.

This is my new number.

- Didn't you want me to track you down?
- Not you, for God's sake!

It's a long story.
I'll tell you one day.

Looking good, how's it going?

Yeah, I work a lot, but it's all good.

- And the baby?
- She's wonderful.

- What about you, your family?
- Good.

- My wife is completely cured,
according to the doctors. - I'm very happy.

And we're separating.

- I told her about us.
- Now? Why would you do that?

I didn't like the idea of keeping it from her.
I didn't feel comfortable lying to her.

Don't wake up.

You smell like alcohol.

I had some wine.

Go back to sleep, come on.

I'm not awake.

I'm dreaming.

That's good.

This wine is good.

Go back to sleep, it's late.

I'm tired.

You were with your friend the whole time?


Did you fuck him?

No, why would you say that?

You didn't miss the passion.

We chatted and drank.

I'd forgotten how to do that.

Your friend from yesterday?

His name is Arturo
and he's the father of my daughter.

- You told me you weren't going to see
see each other again. - We had a lot to talk about.

Are you jealous?

I don't know.
What did you have so much to say to each other?

I'll tell you about it another time, okay?

I have another cover story with Elena
and I'm already late.

- What about Elena?
- What about her?

I think she likes you.

We've known each other since we were kids,
but it's true, I think she's always liked me.

Anyway, he respects me,
if that's what you're worried about.

I have to go.

Look, when you want to come out, just tell me.
I don't want you locked up in here.

- Is that okay?
- But I want to go out with you.

Take me to new places
and we'll get drunk together.

Then we'll get drunk at home,
or else who's gonna be left with the baby?

Come on, I have to go now.

Janis, you're gonna make me go back to the Botellón!

You don't want to tell me
about your friend the other night?

- Arturo?
- Yeah.

Arturo is a forensic anthropologist
and is part of a scientific foundation.

They're going to open the mass grave in my country,
where my great-grandfather is buried.

We were talking about this the other night,
and we were celebrating.

You're obsessed with that pit,
and he takes advantage of it.


We must look to the future, otherwise we will only
end up reopening old wounds.

- Who told you that, your father?
- I did.

And you feel the same way?

I don't know, I never thought about it.

It's time for you to open your eyes
about the country you live in!

I don't like you talking to me like that.

It seems no one in your family
explained the truth about our country to you.

There are more than a hundred thousand missing, they're...
buried around in ditches and beside cemeteries.

Their grandchildren and great-grandchildren
would love to be able to exhume their remains

to give them a proper burial, as they promised their mothers...
as they promised their mothers and grandmothers.

And until we do,
the war will not be over.

You're young, but it's time for you to know where
your father and his family stood during the war.

It'll be good for you to know, so you can
decide which side you're on.

I just want to be where you are.

- That's not what this is about now.
- You don't care if I want to be with you?

Forget it.

Aren't you going to eat?

I'm not hungry.

You're sick of me already, aren't you?


So what's up with you?

You slept with Arturo
and you're ashamed to tell me?


I have problems with myself.

All these months...

I kept something from you.

That you don't love me and you want me to go away?

- That you've decided to get back together with the father of your child...
and start a family with him? - No, I...

Then what?

Come on.

Look carefully at what I'm about
to show you, it's very important.

{I don't know.


Do you understand what he's saying?

That it is excluded that María Janis Martínez Moreno

is the biological mother
of Cecilia Martínez Moreno?

He says I'm not Cecilia's mother.

I don't understand.

Look at this other document.




"Ana Manso Ferreras is the biological
mother of Cecilia Martínez Moreno."

But Ana Manso is me.

Cecilia is your daughter.


I guess...

they accidentally switched them at birth.

"Ana Manso Ferreras

is the biological mother

of Cecilia Martínez."

I don't understand...

I've never had
a maternity test.

I made you do it without telling you.

Do you remember, when you first arrived,
when I put on the latex gloves?

Why didn't you say anything?

The girl...

I'm going that way.

Hello, princess.

My daughter.

You're my daughter, huh?

Janis, I'm freaking out.

Is it true what the tests say?

- How could I lie to you about something like that?
- Then where's your daughter?

What did you do with her?

They switched them, I told you.

You mean my Anita was your daughter?

I'm sure she is.

They must have switched them
while they were under observation.

How long have you known?

When you arrived I already knew that I was not Cecilia's mother.
and that Arturo was not her father.

We both had our doubts,
so I took the test.

- Did you know when I told you Anita was dead?
- Yes, I did.

Yeah, I...

I wanted to talk to you about my doubts,
I swear to you,

and I even called you as soon as I heard,

but then I thought better of it.

When I invited you to dinner the first time,
after I met you at the bar, I wanted to tell you.

But when you told me
that your daughter...

which is my daughter,

she was dead...

I wasn't able to.

I was terrified of losing
the two girls in one fell swoop.

- And you never thought about me?
- Always!

You've never put yourself in my shoes.

While we were living together,
sleeping together...

You've been quiet all these months
not giving a damn about me.

Is that why you changed your number?

So I can't find you?

I guess so.

Yes, Mom, I'll explain later.

I'll bring the baby too.

Not the mother, just me and her.

No, I'll take a cab. It's better.

All right.
See you in a bit.

What do you want to do?

I'm going to my mom's house with the baby.

She was very happy.

Did you tell him?

Not yet.

Please stay.

Please give me time
to get used to the idea. Please!

I'd better go,

I need to digest this.

But can't we discuss
the situation here, together, as two adults?

The hardest thing was to tell you,

and now I have.

I can't bear to have you take her away.

You've overcomplicated things.

We'll talk about this later.

Come on.

Can you get the bags?

Let's go.

My love, I love you so much.

Hello, little one.

Come on, let's go.

- Arturo, it's Janis.
- Arturo, it's Janis.

- Are you in Madrid?
- Yes, what's up?

Can you come, please?

She has my mother's features.

It was terrifying
to find her when she was already dead.

Hi. Did I wake you up?


I'm woozy from the anti-anxiety meds.

I'm sorry I left like that,
but the thing is...

The situation was very difficult,
and it's my fault.

It's only fair that I should suffer this punishment now.

It's not a punishment, you can come
to see the baby whenever you want.

Thank you.

I'm much calmer now.

It wasn't easy to figure it all out at once,
but I'm worried about you.

We have to find a solution.

The worst was last night.

Now I have to be able to detach myself
a little at a time from the baby.

I'd come and see you right now,

but it's best to wait a few days.

- You can't stop seeing her from one day to the next.
- No, of course not.

I'll call you as soon as I'm ready.

Janis, we need to talk about us too.

I feel very disoriented.


We'll talk about anything, anytime.

A kiss.


It's here.
They say it happened here.

- Let's go straight to the sick woman.
- Yes, Aunt Brigida.

The poor thing might not make it to July.

- The victim's two granddaughters
- Perfect.

- Janis, what happiness! - Hi!
- How are you? - I'm glad to see you!

- How beautiful you are!
- So are you.

- This is Arturo. - Hi, how are you?
- He's in charge of the dig. - How do you do?

- My pleasure. - Grandma?
- She's inside. She dozed off while waiting.

- He didn't sleep a wink last night from the excitement.
- Ah, of course. - Come in. - Thank you.

Grandma, they're here!

Aunt Brigida!

- Don't get up.
- I was afraid you wouldn't come.

Sit down.

Aunt, this is Arturo, an expert.
He'll be in charge of the dig.

- I'll take some saliva samples.
- Are you gonna give me a shot? - No, it's just a swab.

If you need to give me a shot, go ahead.
I'm like a pincushion now.

She's sick, I told you.

Open your mouth, Auntie.

Very good.

Well, there you go.

I'm very sick, Janis,

and I have only one wish,

that you find my father
and bury him next to my mother.

- She wants to be buried there, too.
- I don't have much time left.

Grandma, don't say that.

Let the cancer consume me,

but my dream, is to bring the
whole family together.

If we weren't together in life,
we can at least do so in death.

Mrs. Brigida, tell me about your father.

- I was four months old when they killed him.
- She was so small, and yet she remembers him.

I remember what my mother used to say.

- And what did your mother tell you, Auntie?
- Lots of things.

When they came for him,
my father held me in his arms.

He was playing with me.

My mother told me about it
and now it's like I remember it.

The last thing my father did
was play with me.

I had a rattle.

which disappeared when they took him away.

My mother looked everywhere for it,
but she could never find it.

I think he took it with him.

Hi! Hello, Herminia, how are you?

- Hi!
- How are you? - Good.

- What's up?
- Hi!

- This is Arturo, in July he'll be in charge
the exhumation. - Thanks, we can't believe it.

- Janis must have told you about it. - Yes, she has...
- Please come in. - Thank you.

- What a well-kept patio!
- Have a seat.

Ooh, waffles!
Long time no see.

I made them for you.

- Do you remember anything about your grandfather?
- Lots, but we didn't see him.

We know him from what my
grandmother told us when she decided to talk about it.

Until just before he died, he didn't open his mouth.

Out of fear.
Everyone was very afraid.

Grandpa was tall and handsome,
and with big eyes...

One, actually, the other was glass.

You can't tell from the photos.

This picture was taken by my great-grandfather.

Did your grandmother ever tell you
if she used to wear anything?

A watch, a pen,
a pipe, maybe a piece of jewellery?

My mother said grandpa never took off his wedding ring.
his wedding ring, even to work in the fields.

- Faith.
- Yeah, never.

Inside it was engraved his date of birth
and my grandmother's name: Josefa.

He was wearing sandals when they took him away.
He didn't have time to change his shoes.

My grandmother inherited the house from her mother,
and I from her.

I spent my childhood here.

In this room my grandmother was born

and my mother.

Here's something.

Look, it's a shell casing.

- How was your trip?
- It was great. - Here, let me help you.

Oh, the little one!

- Hi, Elena.
- Hi.

Hi, Cecilia!
How are you?

- How are you? - How are you?
a kiss? - She's a little upset. - Yeah?

- She doesn't like the car at all.
- Ah, well. - How's it going? - It's going well.

How many years have I waited
for this moment, Arturo.

- You don't know how important this is to us.
- I can imagine, it is to us too.

- Do you need anything?
- No, we're going to eat in town.

- Actually, yes, water and coffee, if possible.
- I'll get them for you.

- Go and settle in quietly, it will take
some time. - How long will it take?

I don't know, it depends on the depth,
but three or four days.

- You can come whenever you want,
the others too. - Yes, they all want to come.

- Be quiet...
- Let's go home. - Are you OK? - I'm fine.

- See you later?
- Yeah.

I'll get you a drink right away.

- I'll drop by my place and then I'll bring him water...
and coffee. - Maybe we'll stop by this afternoon.

Sure, let me know.

- Are you ok, Elena?
- I just feel like crying.

Bye, I'll talk to you later.

- It's rustic.
- Yes, very.

I didn't want to modernize it.

I like it a lot.

- Do you like it, Cecilia?
- Do you like it?

- I'll show you the house later.
- All right.


You're gonna have a little brother, Cecilia.

- Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet?
No, it's still early, only three months old.

- And what name will you give it?
- If it's a girl, Ana.

I like that.

If he's a boy,
Antonio, like my great-grandfather.

Do you like it?

My great-grandfather was sitting right here...
having dinner with my great-grandmother,

and my grandmother Cecilia, only ten years old,

when three phalangists came in
and took him away.

They didn't even let him finish eating.

When he returned at dawn
he was pale and covered in mud.

He had spent the night digging
his future grave.

The next night they came back for him again,

and he never returned.

Why didn't he run away after the first night?

I don't know, I guess he didn't
want to leave his wife and daughter.

And out of pride and dignity.

I don't know.

If the femur goes this way,

the pelvis should be there.

- So be careful with the pickaxe, the skull
should be around there. - All right.

- Then shall we continue?
- Yes.

A phalanx.

And a button.

He was handcuffed with barbed wire.

The rattle.

Arturo, I'll put a tag on.

Yeah, we'll take a picture later.

- Hi. Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

This is your moment. We're leaving.