¿Para qué sirve un oso? (2011) - full transcript

Guillermo discovers plant-life in the Arctic and, becoming depressed about the prospects of conservation, returns to Spain to see his brother Alejandro, who is obsessed with trying to get photographic proof of the presence of bears in the region.

62? 39'46"S 60? 23'20"W

43? 11'56"N 6? 06'39"W
Asturias, Spain


Yes, don Alejandro, sir?

Do bears have horns?


Then what is that?

- A cow?
- A cow.

Are cows
an endangered species?

- No.
- No. Why not?

- Because there are a lot of them?
- That's exactly right.

Know what species is endangered?
Besides bears?


You! You're endangered.

I'll exterminate you myself
if you let my cow Gaia out again.

If you want to be a zoologist,
you have to try harder.

Zoology requires more sacrifice
than you can imagine.

When I was in Tierra de Fuego
studying Magellan's penguins...

...I spent four months
stuck in a camping tent.

Four months...

...before the penguins finally
trusted me. Four months.

Four months in a tent...

...collecting my own excrement
in plastic bags...

...until those penguins
considered me one of their own.

That's zoology.

Hunger, patience
and a bunch of crap!

If you can't hack it,
you'd better just quit.

No, sir.
I want to stay with you.

It won't happen again,
I promise.

Gaia should never be untied.

Carelessness like this
ruins research.

A zoologist can't afford
to make mistakes...

- Are you all right, sir?
- Of course I am.

I was only demonstrating
what happens...

...when a zoologist
lets his guard down.

Let that be a lesson to you.
Now get me down from here.

Am I interrupting something?

- No. Hi, Natalia.
- Hi.

What's up?

This is private property!
Take a hike!

Josephine! Josephine...

Don't shoot, it's me.


- Hi, Josephine.
- You finally got a Nobel.

No, no.

Then what are you doing here?

I left Antarctica.
I quit science.

Okay, Gaia seems to be just fine.

I can't pay you this time either.

- That's okay, it's my job.
- When the bears come back...

...I'll be able to.
My work is starting to pay off.

- Really?
- Yeah.

How exactly?
- Did you change your hair?

Alejandro, you've been out here
four years and still no bears.

And you know why?

Because they don't belong here
anymore, and neither do you.

Why don't you go home?

This is my home!

Why don't you people
care about bears?

I don't get it.

Bears are important.

What are you doing?

Your teeth are loose.
You're undernourished.

How long do you think
you can keep this up?

As long as I have to.

As long as I have to.
Zoology is sacrifice.

Nature only offers you her wisdom
if you risk your own life.

When I was in Mexico...

...studying monarch butterflies
I spent three months...

...eating roots and tree bark.
Three months.

Until the butterflies trusted me.
Three months...

What's this for, tetanus?

- No.
- What then?

To get you to shut up.

They're horse vitamins.
They'll do you good.

See you next time, Alejandro.
- Right.


Are things that bad?

What will you do?
- I don't know.

Live like a normal person.

Normal people don't worry about
climate change, so I won't either.

What do normal people do, anyway?
- I don't know. I'm British.

Never mind. I've had it
with this planet anyway.

I didn't train you
to be a quitter.

I'm not a Doberman.
I'm a person.

You're a scientist.

The world needs scientists,
not people.

Did you tell your brother
about the plant?

What for?
I know what he'll say.

And I know what I'll say
and I know how it will end up.

It's better he doesn't know
I'm here.

Besides, I wouldn't even know
where to find him.

Right behind you.

"The Lord of the Bears."

- What?
- Nothing.

- Tell me.
- "The Lord of the Bears?"

I think it's very pretty.
Bears are not just bears.

We're all bears.
Lost in the woods...

...hoping someone will find us.
Your brother...

...isn't just looking for bears,
he's looking for himself.

Sometimes we're not the bears
we'd like to be...

...and we have to let others...

Dinner's at eight.
As usual.

What are you doing here?

I brought you a glass of milk
with casadiellas?

I'm not eight years old anymore.


Are they your casadiellas?

- Of course.
- Fine, bring them over.

It feels like yesterday
you were both still living here.


I know what you're up to.
- I'm not up to anything.

I just got a little nostalgic.

I came to this house
more than 40 years ago...

...to educate you two.

I was just a British girl...

...trying to get over
a troubling experience.

You were in love?

I was at Woodstock.

Then I heard two boys
in Asturias...

...had been orphaned
and needed a nanny.

Ever since then, my life
has revolved around you two.

Touching. I'd cry...

...but you never taught me how.

I taught you more important things.
Love for science.

Remember the bird?

Of course I do, Josephine.
But it won't work.

And when we'd
watch movies together.

Remember the one
about the Wilson brothers?

- Yes.
- It was your favorite.

I still remember. You'd play
all day pretending you were them.

Josephine, I'm not going to look
for the Lord of the Bears.

At least I tried!

I was going to let you
use the car to go see him.

Where was the Lord of the Bears
living again?

All right.

I'll show him the plant.
But this won't change anything.

"Every forest starts
with a single plant."

- Newton?
- I read it on a shampoo bottle.

Okay, I'm off.

Want me to give him a message?
- Yes.

Tell him I'm proud of him.

- What about me?
- Yes.

Scratch the car and I'll kill you.

Nice helmet.


Do you know this man?

It's the man living in the forest.

Did he do something bad?
Are you going to arrest him?

Are you a policeman?
Will there be...

...a shootout? Can I try your gun?
- Take it easy, I'm not a cop.

- Then what are you?
- I'm a biologist.

- What are biologists for?
- Basically...

...for nothing.

- Is he a biologist too?
- Yes.

Well, he's a zoologist.
That's useless too.

- Bothering you?
- No, it's okay.

I was asking him.

Come on, time for class.
- Follow the road...

...to the wooden bridge.
The man living in the forest...

...is on the other side.

Kid, I think we're gonna get lucky
this time.

I have a hunch.
Scientifically speaking, of course.

You said the same thing last year.

If I say I have a hunch...

...scientifically speaking,
then that's what I mean!

Got it?
- Whatever you say, sir.

I was only trying to...

Did you hear that?

It came from the camp.
Let's go!

That doesn't look like a bear.

It's my brother.

- Your brother Guillermo?
- Yeah.

Guillermo Mendez?

Don Guillermo, sir.
It's an honor.

I can't believe you're here!
I always carry one of your books.

Will you sign it for me?
- Yeah, sure.

Got a pen?

Look, don Alejandro.
He signed "Earth Alarm."

That's great, Kid.

You can write about it
in your diary later.

Now go into town
and get the pictures developed.

- Hello, don Alejandro.
- You finally got a Nobel.


Then why are you here?
To check my work?

Josephine made me come out here.

Hey, get me down!

That's what I was going
to tell you.

I found it growing in the ice.

Then I'd better hurry up
and find bears.

Will you get me down from here?

No, no! No, no, no!

Coming or not?


Yellow, yellow.
Yellow, yellow.

How many bears are there
around here?


But they're coming back.

I have a hunch.
Scientifically speaking, of course.

- They're coming back?
- Yeah.

- That's your scientific method?
- Yeah.

They have to come back.
- Why is that?

Because the Lord of the Bears
says so?

No. Because of this.

Houses! They're going to build
houses in my forest.

With roofs, walls for stupid
humans and their stupid sofas.

But if the bears come back in time,
they won't be able to.

Because this forest belongs
to them, not to the humans.

"Without bees, civilization
would only last four years."

Albert Einstein.

Without bees,
there's no pollination.

No pollination, no food.
No food, no humans.

That goes for bears too.

Bears love honey.
I imagine you planted honeycomb.

Of course I did.

All over the place.
You think I'm stupid?

Show me.

Are you hungry?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- I think this belongs to you.
- I just threw that in the trash.

- I know.
- Were you in the container?

No, but plastics go
in the yellow bin.

Otherwise they can't be recycled.

- You're the bear guy's helper.
- Yeah.

I'm doing field work
with don Alejandro.

- Where are you from?
- California.

- You left the beach to come here?
- Yeah.

I prefer this to California.
- Seriously?

I thought it was all blondes...

...in bikinis.
- Yeah.

You know the problem
with California girls?

They throw away their plastics
in the yellow container...

...and you have no excuse
to talk to them.

Trout are extremely intelligent

If you want to catch a trout,
you have to think like a trout.

Wanna order pizza?

What will you do with the plant?

Actually, I was thinking about
planting it.

I quit Antarctica, science...
I'm out.

You've been in Antarctica
for 10 years.

Ice is your life.
You are ice.

James Lovelock is right.
It's too late to save the planet.

This is for leaving Antarctica.

There, I scolded you.
That's what you wanted, right?

I'm serious. I quit.

We're moving back in
with Josephine.

- You won't last a week.
- You're wrong.

I'm going to enjoy life.

I'll do all the things I couldn't
do because of this damn planet.

And its damn creatures.

Which, by the way...

...aren't so smart.


- Nice house.
- Thanks.

I'm Rosa, by the way.

I'm Kid.

Yeah, that's what don Alejandro
calls me.

He can't pronounce my name.
But I have one.

A normal one,
like the one my parents gave me.

But I'm a little nervous right now
and I can't remember.

Kid is nice.

Well, I'd better get back.

Don Guillermo just arrived.
- Who?

Don Guillermo.
Don Alejandro's brother.

He's a world renowned biologist.

Earth Alarm.

"Earth Alarm."

You don't know?

He wrote it at age 20,
he's like the Mozart of ecology.

He's in the woods with us now.
- Hey.

You think he could visit the kids
at school tomorrow?

Sure, I'll tell him.

He's my friend.

Those kids sure are lucky.

From what you say
about don Guillermo, yes.

I wasn't talking
about don Guillermo.

Know what, Kid?

You're cute.

You look like a squirrel
that got run over...

...but you're cute.


I think.

If you want milk,
I have to milk Gaia.

No, thanks.

Actually, I'd better be going.

- I'll take you back.
- No. That's okay.

Josephine lent me the car.
- Don Guillermo, sir.

Could you do me a favor?

Yeah. What, exactly?

Could you visit the kids
at school tomorrow?

An informal chat about your work.

In four years nobody's ever
asked me to do an informal chat.

Kid, thank them for me, but
I can't do it, I have to leave.

Tell them don Alejandro
will do it for me.

No way, forget it.

You'll spend the night
and give the chat tomorrow.

You'd better do it.

- I don't like kids.
- You don't have to eat them.

I know. But they asked you,
and you're doing it.

You can go on with your life
after that.

Kid, get dinner ready.
- What should I cook?


- Snow White is a dummy.
- Why?

- She eats poisoned apples.
- She didn't know they were.

They're apples!
Nobody eats apples.

They're full of vitamins!
Snow White is a beautiful story.

- Daddy used to tell me...
- Daddy is...

Sweetie, I'm sure Daddy would have
loved to tell it to you.

But I'm the storyteller now.

- You only tell kissing stories.
- Those are the best.

You'll see.

Once upon a time
there was a beautiful princess...

...who lived in a far away kingdom.
Her name was Snow White.

Snow White
had a wicked stepmother...

...so she had to move in
with some dwarfs.

The she ate a poisoned apple...

...fell asleep,
got kissed by a prince...

...woke up, got married...

...and lived happy ever after
with the damn dwarfs!

Now go to sleep.

- Need anything else?
- No.


Good lord!

Don Alejandro, sir?

Do you think I'm cute?

What I mean is...

...do you find me attractive,

I understood you the first time.

And I'm not sure I want to have
this conversation.

- A girl told me I'm cute.
- A human girl?


Kid, let me tell you something
about women.


We're looking for bears,
not female humans.

If you want to be a zoologist...

...get your priorities straight.
Are they?

- Bears, don Alejandro, sir.
- Good.


Bears are important.
Natalias aren't.

But her name is Rosa.
Natalia is the vet...

To your tree.

Go to your tree!

This is the Earth...

...and this...

...is the sun.
The sun is our source of heat.

When the Earth heats up...

...it releases infrared radiation
into the atmosphere.

This radiation
heats up certain gases...

...which are returned to the Earth.

We call this...

...the Greenhouse Effect
and it's made the planet...

...livable for 40 million years.

Are you with me?
- Yes.

Good. Okay.

The problem arises
when your parents...

...those irresponsible j..s,
insist on buying huge cars...

...sleeping with all the lights
on at home...

...wasting and...

...squandering natural resources,
which are limited, by the way.

So they start dumping...

...millions of tons of carbon
dioxide into the atmosphere...

...which causes an imbalance
in the Greenhouse Effect...

...and the Earth starts getting
hotter and hotter...

...which is causing...

...the polar ice caps to melt...

...sea levels to rise...

...marine life to go extinct...

...forever and the planet
will become...

...an unlivable hell.

Some of you will have to kill
for a glass of water.

That is if you survive
the floods, tsunamis...

...epidemics and droughts.

Any questions?

I don't like ballet.

How do you know
if you've never tried it?

You might like it and become
a famous ballet dancer.

- Like who?
- Like...

I don't remember.
- Then they aren't that famous.

Yes, they are. It's just
that they're all Russian...

...and they have funny names.
- I don't want to go to Russia.

You don't have to.
The school is right in town.

Rosa will be your teacher.
You'll meet other girls there.

- Russian girls?
- No, silly.

Normal girls.
- I don't want to be normal.

I want to be an adventurer.

- That is not a job.
- Yes, it is.

A biologist came to class today
and said we're all gonna die.

- What?
- His brother lives in the forest.

Was Alejandro there?

- Do you know him?
- Yes.

And he's nuts, just like you.
- Why do you say that?

Because he lives in a tree.

Eat your apple.


He's worse than ever, Josephine.
Worse than ever.

He lives in a tree with an American
in the wrong cult...

...and a crazy cow.

What about the bears?

The bears are great.

Except for one tiny problem.
- Which?

There aren't any.

But that's okay, because
my brother's scientific method...

...consists of starving to death
waiting for the bears to turn up...

...because, this is the best part:
"They're coming back."

If he says they'll come back,
they will.

No, they won't!
They're gone...

...along with the polar ice caps
and the Beatles.

They're gone forever.
It's over.

The war is over...

...and we lost.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Do it already.
- What?

You're from California,
ask me to dinner.

Dinner? You and me?

Like humans?
With little round things...

- Plates.
- Plates.

What if you say no?

I'm a very sensitive zoologist.

If you don't ask me,
we'll never know.

I don't have any money
to take you out.

- We'll have dinner at my place.
- I have to ask don Alejandro...

Look, kiddo.

You live in a tree...

...and I'm pretty enough
that you'll never forgive yourself.

It's up to you.

Will you have dinner with me
at your place?

We'll see.

What the hell!

- What are you doing?
- After the war comes darkness.

So we won't be needing
these around.

Those are 100 years old!

I know, I brought them
to this house.

But they're just old scraps now.
- No! No!

You think I don't know
what you're up to?

You want me to rescue
all that knowledge...

...to force a reaction out of me.


The decision is made.
I'm through with science.

Very well.
Then give me a hand.

You think I won't?

It's a first edition of
"The Origin of the Species."

Signed by Charlie.

All yours.

I told you, Josephine.
It's over.

This changes nothing.
Tomorrow I'm starting a new life.

What does this new life consist of,
may I ask?

Staying here, with you.

You've always taken care of us...

...it's time for us
to take care of you.

You're old, half-nuts,
biologically speaking...

But don't worry, Josephine.

Starting tomorrow,
I'll look after you.

Thank you, my child.

Having you here is a huge relief.

I never told you about
Daniela's dad?

No. I only know what the papers
said about it.

It's too bad.
- No, it isn't.

He died the happiest man...

...climbing a peak
an eight-thousander.

But the papers didn't mention
the note he left.

What did it say?

"The mountain is asking me to stay,
and I want to stay."

Not a word to his daughter.

They tried to find the body,
but all they found was the helmet.

Daniela thinks he died like a hero
and nobody can take it off her.

You want some advice?

Never fall in love with
a mountain climber. You know why?

Because they're already in love.
- To sedentary men.

By the way,
I made Kid ask me to dinner.

Rosa, sweetie, didn't you hear
a word I just said?

- But he's...
- Different.

That's what I thought
about my husband.

If you fall in love with Alejandro,
you're in trouble.

His name is Kid.
Alejandro is...

I know who he is.

Another round?
Yes, right?

Good morning, my child.

Josephine, you have no right
to throw me out of my own house.

- I don't?
- No.

You're overstepping your authority.
I'm sorry, but you're fired.

You're completely bonkers!
- And my aim is worse than ever.

So get going!
- Where will I go?

You're the genius.

You'll think of something.

- No, no, no. Not the woods.
- You're not staying here.

I won't have you living
in this house...

...with your brother living
in a tree.

He's happy in the trees.

- No, he isn't.
- No?

How do you know?

Because we all live in a tree,
waiting for someone...

...to get us down.
Trees are not just trees.

Every single one of us...

What do you want me to do?

Help Alejandro get down
from the tree.

- And after that?
- Let him help you climb up.

Are you drinking in secret?

Hit the road, baby!

Without bees, civilization
would last four years...

- Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein.
Albert Einstein.

Look, Kid.
You and me...

Okay. Back to work.

I calculate this honeycomb
will begin producing honey...

...in about three months. Too late.
So we skip straight to plan B.

Don Alejandro, sir,
that's cheating.

Kid, in zoology
you have to take shortcuts.

Will you help me or not?

Don Alejandro, sir.
Can I have the night off?

To do what?

I'm meeting someone for dinner.

The female human?

- Her name is Rosa.
- I don't care what her name is.

Have you forgotten your priorities?
- It's just dinner.

It starts with dinner
and you end up with human cubs.

Then what happens?

Goodbye bears, goodbye zoology,
goodbye everything!

Is that what you want?

With all due respect, sir,
I'm going out for dinner.

I think you should do the same.

With you two?


But maybe you should ask a human
to dinner every once in a while.

We're zoologists,
but we're also humans.

We need human contact
with other humans.

Enjoy a nice dinner with them,
and the be...

- No.



- What are you doing here?

And what is all this junk?

- Josephine threw me out.
- So?

- What do you mean, so?
- Yeah, so?

I have nowhere to go.

So I'll just stay a while,
until I figure out what to do.

Stay here? No way.

- Don't worry, I won't bother you.
- You being here already bothers me.

I won't interfere with your
ridiculous scientific method.

Kid, get out of that bed...

...this instant!
- Just five minutes.

Guillermo, I don't want you here...

...or any of your junk.
This forest is no joke.

It's not yours,
so you can't throw me out.

And I remind you,
that junk is also...

...your junk.
- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah.
- Well, watch this.

Watch what I do with my junk
and your classical music...

Are you okay?

I'm wonderful.
Better than ever.

Don't touch it!

The pressure is containing
the bleeding.

Kid! I need your help!
- Yes, sir.


What do we do now?

I need to think.

Okay, here's the plan.

Guillermo, you'll remove
the hatchet.

You will remove the hatchet!

Then Kid will cover the wound
with sugar.

- What?
- Sugar is a natural coagulant.

It will stop the bleeding.
- What?

I saw them do it once
to a horse in Patagonia.

Did it get better?

I don't know.

We had to eat it the next day.

Just do as I say!

On three.

Kid, are you ready?
- Actually, no.

I don't care! On three.


- Wait, wait.

- What now?
- Let me do the sugar.

- No, I get to do the sugar.
- Are you a biologist?

- What does that matter?
- It matters a great deal.

Give me the sugar.
- No.

Give me the sugar!

Stop arguing! Guillermo,
take care of the hatchet.

Okay, I'll pull it out.

On three.

One, two and...


...which part of "on three"
did you not understand?

One, two and three.

Sorry, in California we go on
three, not "one, two and three."


Okay. Switch to plan B.

That includes doctors, right?

Something like that, yes.


- Will he be okay?
- Yes.

The hatchet didn't reach his brain.

Though in this case,
I don't know if that's good or bad.

Okay, this is all set.

But as your veterinarian,
I advise you to see a doctor.

I'm Guillermo, his brother.

- Another zoologist?
- No.

Someone with lousy aim
who's leaving tomorrow.

I'd feel better if someone stayed
with you for a few days.

I have the kid.

I'd feel better if someone stayed
with you a few days.

You heard the lady.
You need me.

I'd better leave you alone.

- How's your daughter?
- Fine.

Why do you ask?
- No reason.

Typical question people ask
when being stitched up...

...by a veterinarian.
- Fine.

Seeing you at school
really affected her.


Yeah. She thinks
you're an adventurer.

But I told her you aren't.
That they don't exist.

That little girls
need to be little girls...

...and that someday she'll marry
a chess player...

...who sits at a table all day
and never gets hurt.


That's okay,
I take pain very well.


That makes two of us.

- You know about the universe?
- What about it?

It's expanding faster and faster.
In a few thousand years...

...you won't see any stars
in the sky. Just darkness.

- So?
- So the universe has its own plans.

Right before the sun burns
all its fuel...

...it will become
a gigantic fireball.

It'll melt the Earth like butter...

...and absorb the entire
solar system.

We won't even be a bad memory.

That's seven billion years
from now.

All I'm saying is why waste your
time trying to save something...

...that will disappear anyway?
- You're right.

Put yourself out of your misery.
Go jump in a volcano.

Man's only chance
is colonizing Mars, of course...

...for that...

...we have to create
a breathable atmosphere.

How do you do that?
By generating a climatic change.

Doesn't that seem ironic to you?

Ironic is not being able to sleep
in the forest.

I'm not making this up.
Stephen Hawking would agree.

Then go to his house
and keep him up...

I'll be quiet. I'll be quiet.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.

- Good night.
- Good night.


Hi, Kid.

I know. Come in.

Daniela, go home
before your mom finds out...

...and sends us both
to boarding school. Now!

My mom thinks I'm staying
at the neighbor's.


You want adventure?
You're going to get one.

A night in the woods
surrounded by wild animals...

...killer spiders and creatures so
horrible even the killer spiders...

...are afraid of them.

An hour from now you'll be
begging me to take you home.

Good night.


Aren't you gonna tell me a story?

And no princesses,
dwarfs or kissing.

- Chocolate houses?
- No.

You're not making this easy.

In the Amazon I heard one about
an anaconda...

...that snuck into villages
at night to eat the children.

That will give her nightmares.

It'll give me nightmares.

Tell her the one about the sun
melting the Earth. She'll love it.

Have you ever heard the story
of the Wilson brothers?

What is this?

A movie.

Alejandro and I used to watch
when we were your age.

There's no color!

Who are they?
- The Wilson brothers.

Two naturalists who in 1912...

...set off in search of
the duck-billed penguin.

The duck-billed penguin?
There's no such thing.

- You a zoologist?
- No.

Okay, then.
The duck-billed penguin...

...was a species the scientific
community and...

...certain smartypants
thought was only a legend.

But the Wilson brothers
never gave up easily...

...and they decided to go out
and find one.

- What does that say?
- "They crossed dangerous rivers..."

And that?

"They visited forgotten

"As always, risiking their lives
in the name of science."

That's the story
of the Wilson brothers...

...and that's how the duck-billed
penguin went extinct.

That's right.

Hey, wake up.

- What are you doing?
- She fell asleep.

That's the idea.

Did you ever wonder what happened?

What do you mean?

To the Wilson brothers.

Sometimes I wonder
what happened to them.

Josephine never found
the last reel.

What do you think happened to them?

I think each one went his own way
and forgot the other.

That's what brothers who want
to save the world usually do.

Who cares if the bears
don't come back?

We lived without dinosaurs.

We can live without bears,
can't we?

Of course we can live...

...without bears,
whales or elephants.

And without teachers.

But the world wouldn't be
quite as beautiful, would it?

I think it's fine you want
to save creatures...

...but they're just creatures.
- You're a creature too.

I mean, an animal.

You're a Homo sapiens.

And a mammal.
And an omnivore.

Welcome to the theory of evolution.

What are you teaching
those kids?

Excuse me, do I look like
a chimpanzee to you?

That's what you are.

A chimpanzee
who can't turn off a faucet.

Don't you know our natural
resources are limited?

I'll do as I please with the
natural resources in my own home.

I think I'd better leave.


For the road.

For the last time, you can't live
in the forest with us.

- I want to be an adventurer.
- Be an astronaut for all I care.

I can help.
I know a lot about bears.

Kid, take her home
before her mom shows up.

- I'm warning you.
- Oh, yeah?

What will you do?
Have your dolls beat me up?

Are you nuts?

You want the whole town to hear?

If I let you go,
will you do it again?

Kid, come here, quick.

Don't let her scream.
I need to think.

Maybe if we let her stay
and help us with the cooking...

I need to think.

Okay, okay, you can stay.

A little while, then you go home.
All right?

Don't touch anything
or do anything...

...without my permission.
Not even breathe or think.

And most importantly,
no questions.

What's that camera for?

- For photographing animals.
- Why do you photograph animals?

To know which ones
come through here.

How does the camera know
when to take the photo?

It just does.

How does the camera know
when to take the photo?

It's a very smart camera, okay?

How does the camera know
when to take the photo?

I won't fall for such an old trick.

How does the camera know
when to take the photo?

How does the camera know
when to take the photo?

How does the camera know
when to take the photo?

For God's sake, tell her!

The camera goes off...

...when an animal or a crazy
little girl crosses in front of it.

- Which animals have crossed?

- All the ones I'm not waiting for.
- Bears?

Bears, for example.

Where are they?

That's what I'd like to know.

What are bears for?


You're too young to understand.
- You don't know!

Yes, I do!

- Then what?
- I won't tell you.

What a crummy zoologist.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Is Alejandro okay?

Yeah, he's fine.
I felt like stopping by.

Did my brother ever mention me?

- Actually, no.
- That's normal.

We never had a very fluid

- Why?
- We're very different.

You know the story about the bird?


When we were kids we found a bird
with a broken wing in the garden.

It was raising its chicks,
it couldn't feed them.

So I picked it up and took it home
to care for it...

...but Frankie had other plans.

Who was Frankie?

Our cat.

I got it out of his mouth
but it was too late.

I spent weeks dissecting
and studying that bird.

It was the first prize
I got at school.

What about Alejandro?

Alejandro climbed the tree...

...and fed the chicks worms
he'd chewed himself.

He stayed with them
until they all left the nest.

My brother and I have always
seen things differently.

Life, nature, women...

You, for example.
- Me?

I see you as a mammal
with fine genetic material...

...excellent bone structure...

...symmetrical facial features,

...but I'd find you much more
interesting as a woman...

...if you were a fossil.
- Thanks.

My brother wouldn't share
this opinion, of course.

Have a nice day.

By the way...

...since a veterinarian
is practically a scientist...

...and colleagues
share information...

...Daniela spent the night
in the forest with us.

Trout are extremely intelligent

If you want to catch a trout,
you have to think...

...like a trout.
- What do trout think about?

- About trout stuff.
- Like what?

- I don't know, I'm not a trout.
- Then how will you catch one?

Are you a zoologist?


Hi, Mommy. Alejandro's
teaching me how to fish.

Get out of the water.

- Obey your mother.
- Okay.

And you.
What were you thinking?

- We were only fishing.
- She's a little girl.

Little girls don't belong
in the forest.

Remember "Little Red Riding Hood"?
- Take it easy.

I can teach her useful stuff.
- Like what?

How to fall out of a tree?
Or get bitten by a poisonous snake?

There aren't any poisonous snakes
out here... I think.

There are if I say there are,
you got it?

Did it ever cross your mind
I might be worried?

Of course not.
I'm only the mother.

She's the one who came
to my forest.

Is this any place
for an eight-year-old girl?

- I was camping alone at her age.
- Yeah?

I don't care if you were
breastfed by a wolf.

Daniela isn't like you.
- She isn't?

Daniela has nature in her blood.

Leave my daughter alone!

I've got photos.

A fox, a wild boar, a wolf.

Another wild boar, a fox.

Another fox, another wild boar.

A wolf, another wild boar.

No bears.

Where could they be?

Are you listening, hairy beasts?

Don't you realize
you're about to disappear?

I'm your last chance!

That girl...

- Don't worry, she'll be back.
- Who?


Natalia will let her, you'll see.

I don't want her to come back.

She only gets in my way.

She belongs with her mother.

That's too bad.
Because she likes you.

She's a little girl,
she'll get over it.

I meant the mother.


I paid Natalia a visit.

And I think she's interested
in you, biologically.

- You did what?
- What's wrong?

You think this is like
summer camp?

Take it easy.

She likes you, you like her.

Ask her to dinner
and let the instinct...

...that perpetuates
the species do the rest.

I like Natalia!

You forgot the "don't."

- I'm grounded.
- How long?

My mom says until
I marry a chess player.

- Right. Want me to talk to her?
- Would you?

- No.
- That figures.

Okay, I have to go.

Do you know the story about the dog
that became leader of the wolves?

- Sure.
- Will you tell it to me?

I said I have to go.

You're nuts! You know that?
Now listen to me.

If your mom catches me here,
she'll kill me very slowly.

She'll chop me up
and use whatever's left...

...to make croquettes.

You got it?
- Her croquettes are great.

Does she make casadiellas?

I have to go.

Just tell me the beginning.

- I said no.
- Do you want kids?

- Now I'm definitely leaving.
- I need a dad.

Are you interested?
- No!

- Why not?
- I'm a zoologist, not a father.

It's easy.
You take me to school...

...pick me up, punish me if I'm bad
and buy me a dog if I'm good.

Even a child could do it.

Nuts. You're nuts.


- Hi.
- What are you doing here?

I came to apologize.

You're right,
the forest is no place...

...for a little girl.
- Apology accepted.

Thanks. Everything okay?



- How about you?
- Yeah, great.

- Great.
- Fantastic.


Good night.

- Yes?

I was thinking...

...if you're ever hungry...

...we could share food sometime.

Are you asking me to dinner?

Scientifically speaking, yes.


You've always been nice
to my cow Gaia and me.

I want to make it up to you.

Then stop putting crazy ideas
in my daughter's head.

Can you make it
a little easier for me?

I haven't asked a female human
to dinner since 1997.

- A female human?
- I was trying to be nice.

Thank you, there's no need.

As you wish.

Anybody feel like a beer?

Don't worry,
nobody will touch your forest.

- Nobody. It's okay.
- It's not my forest.

- They can do as they please.
- What about the bears?

People need houses, not bears.

- What about me?
- Want some advice?

Don't follow my footsteps.
They only go in circles.

Right. To the bears...

...wherever they may be.

Good luck, my furry friends.
You're going to need it.

I hadn't drunk beer since 1995.


Put me down.
Put me down!

Bears! Bears!

Hi, Kid.

Hi. I want to talk to you.

- No flowers?
- Flowers?

I'm not bringing you flowers.
They're living things!

Come on!

I want to show you something.
- You mean like...

...a dead rat?
- I mean like shut up.

You see?
Recycling is important.

- Hi.
- Hi, Rosa.

I have good news and bad news.

Which do I start with?
- The good news.

- I'm in love.
- I said the good news first.

- Kid is different.
- No, he isn't.

When his work here is done,
he'll move onto another forest.

- Not him.
- Why not?

Because he made me a boat.

Alejandro's the one leaving.

That was the bad news.
- Why?

He should have left
a long time ago.

He doesn't belong here.

They're better off without me.

And you without them?

What do you want?

Me living in a house
like everyone else?

With walls, a bed, a chimney...

- What's wrong with that?
- Nature is my life, that's what.

But nature doesn't know that.

What do you mean?

- Nothing.
- Say it.

- I don't want to argue with you.
- Say it!

You're the worst zoologist
I've ever seen.

Your scientific method is childish.
Your research is a total failure.

Nobody cares about
what you're doing for nature...

...nature least of all.

There, you said it.
Feel better?

Alejandro, I'm only trying
to get you to consider...

...other alternatives.

You're not a kid anymore.

I think it's time to come down
from the trees.

What was that?

Advice, I think.

Brotherly advice.

We're playing brothers?

Let's play. When's my birthday?
What day?


How many chances do I get?

We're scientists, for God's sake.
Those are insignificant details.

June 6th.

- I was about to say it.
- June 6th is yours, d..t!

You see? I know when your
birthday is, because I care.

All you care about is yourself.

Not Antarctica, or the solar
system, or climate change.


You want me to stay here...

...because you think
that's what's best for me.

You know what?
It's a little late to play brother.

- It's never too late for that.
- Yes, it is. Yes.

You've never taken me seriously.

You always treated me like
the clumsy Wilson brother.

- No...
- Yes, you did.

You always walked ahead of me.
You never let me walk beside you.

Like them.

You know what?

Our ending will be just as
disappointing as theirs.

I'll go it alone from here.
Thanks for your brotherly advice.

Einstein was right!

We're lost without bees!
- I'm not in the mood, okay?

Get out of my...

You wanted a bear?
There you have it.

Take a photo, paint a picture,
but do it now!

It's a bear.

Yeah, it's a bear.
And it's hungry.

Hurry up!

Take it!

What are you doing?
- You did this for me?

Alejandro, can we have this
conversation some other time...

...without a bear present?

Climb up!

I'm coming.

- I'm still here, right?
- Take my hand!

- What about the bear?
- Some things are more important.

- Are you sure?
- No.

So come on, take my hand.
Come on!

Take it!

Your scientific method
is childish...

Actually, it makes no sense at all.

But you were right.

I couldn't have done it
without you.

Yeah, but you were right.

- But you helped me.
- Yeah, but you were right.

Don't contradict me. I couldn't
have done it without you.

I have to contradict you.
I was wrong!

Me, me, me! You're egocentric
even when you're being nice.

And you're so used to losing
you don't even enjoy winning.

- You know what?
- What?

I love you.

- I love you more.
- Jesus!

Just what we needed!

I should have been
a bacteriologist!

- February 14th.
- What?

That's your birthday.
I just remembered.

It's the day Darwin reached
the Galapagos Islands.

August 8th.

My birthday is August 8th.

It's been August 8th for 45 years.
- Don't get all upset.

I'm trying.
- Well, stop trying. It's not funny.

Don't blame me.

You're the one who can't build
a treehouse.

Find a way to get us down.
- I'm on it.

- Kid!
- Kid!

- Mom? You were right.
- About what?


They always leave
and we end up alone.

We're not alone.

Will you read me Snow White?

Sure, sweetie.

Are you sure?
There's a princess.

And kissing.

And apples.

Once upon a time...

Know anything about bears?

We should call the police,
the fire department...

- No.

- I thought you wanted the bears.
- I did.

Well then? I don't get it.

"A country's greatness
and moral progress...

...can be judged by how
it treats its animals."


If that bear falls into the wrong
hands, it could be the end.

Humans have a special gift
for spoiling everything.

Trust my brother.

- What do you want me to do?
- I need to put the bear to sleep.

Measure it, weigh it,
hair and blood samples...

...I need scientific proof
the bears have come back.

You want me to put a bear to sleep.

- It can't be so hard.
- It's a bear!

It worked on Snow White.

This would put a bull to sleep
for a couple hours.

- Great.
- I hope it's enough.

It is, thanks.

I can't pay you this time either.
- Are you sure?

This isn't what I want.

This is.

There are more than 100 bears
living in Asturias.

Most of them live
in the Cam?n Real de la Mesa...

...where this movie was filmed.

The Cam?n Real de la Mesa
consists of:

Belmonte de Miranda, Candamo,
Grado, Las Regueras, Proaza...

...Quir?s, Teverga, Santo Adriano,
Somiedo, Yernes y Tameza.

Thank you all for taking care
of our crew and our bears.

Special thanks to
the Principality of Asturias.