Pan de Salawal (2018) - full transcript

A special little homeless girl (Aguy) travels about the Philippines curing the afflicted with her mysterious healing powers, until one day she befriends a sick old man (Sal) who for some perplexing reason she is unable to cure. The unlikely pair are drawn to each other with both of their lives forever changed by their unique friendship and magical journey together.

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My name is Salvador.

Sal for short.

People always say, life is short.

My doctor even says

I have a kidney problem.

A very serious kidney problem.

All the women I've loved had left me.

I never had children.
I couldn't have children.

If life is really short,

why am I still alive, at sixty-eight,

and rotting alone in this world?

This is my last trip.

I give up.

Take me, I beg you.


Catch today's news!

Care about the issues!


Catch today's news!


Have a haircut, bro!

Mom, how are you? Are you feeling better?

You look beautiful today.

Where do you want to go after treatment?

How about you?

Where do you want to go after treatment?

Anywhere. Let's go out.

Anywhere. Let's go out.

Or you might…

Or you might…

…be stiff as a rock.

…be stiff as a--

Mr. Salvador, you know you should be

having regular hemodialysis, right?

Three times a week.

Try applying for medical aid
from the government.

It will help you save on expenses.

What are you doing, little kid?

Why are you pinching me?


Mr. Sal!

How was your dialysis?

Do you still have medicine?

No need for meds, for now.

Sal, my bro, want a haircut?

50% discount!

Maybe, tomorrow.



The Chinese are coming!

Filipinos, defend our land!





Did you see that?

Hey, did you see that?

The Chinese are a hit!

I am a poor firefly

Being swept away in the breeze

Searching for a home to rest, sigh

In the garden among the flowers

Ouch, ouch, such pain!


I'm confidently,

beautiful with a heart.

I'm confidently beautiful with a heart.

I'm confidently beautiful with a heart.


My gosh.

My underwear.

-My gosh.
-I'm so sorry.

-Miss Pilar, are you okay?
-It's perfectly all right.

No, but are you okay?

Thank you for that wonderful question.

As a matter of fact, I am.

I thank you.

Shame on you!

You dirty, dirty old man!


Lala. Earth to Lala.

-What are you staring at?
-Sorry, Ma.

You need anything, Ma?

Mr. Sal!


Just one pill for now.

Are you feeling okay, Mr. Sal?

You look paler than usual.

Bruh! I'll marinade
more sweet pork for you later.


Gotcha, Bro.

Hi, Bruh.

From your secret admirer.

Can you please tell this secret admirer,

it would be nice
if he brings this himself next time?

He's a workaholic.

It's been like this every day
for almost a year now.

Ever since Mama and I moved here,
I haven't really gotten to know him--

Just eat it.

Pork sausage?

With pepper again?

Okay, I'll eat it.

Still in love?

I didn't imagine it to be this hard.

Girl, deal with it.

It tastes good, right?

Real good.

Is this meat fresh?

What did you say?

I said, is this meat fresh?

We don't sell double-dead meat!

Don't come back
or you will be double-dead!

Let's close shop early, my sons.

The Big One earthquake is at hand!

Thousands of Filipinos will be wiped out!

Can you do it in Bicolano?

The Big One earthquake is at hand!

Thousands of Filipinos will be wiped out!

I dare you, in English?

The Big One earthquake, coming soon!

Philippines, the end!


You really do know everything!

You make my nose bleed!

Where are you from exactly?

Here. There. Everywhere.

But who are you living with?

No one. Just me. Forever.


May I listen to your heartbeat?

You're all alone?

Oh well..

I, myself, haven't been home in years.

My family does not miss me anyway.

They're better off without me
in the province.




Is it okay

if I stay here for now, old man?

The weird lady keeps on looking
for me and her undies.


Just for tonight. I promise.

Sorry, my house is old and tiny.

By the way, I'm Sal.

And you are?

I'm Sal…



"Aguy" means "ouch" in Bisaya.

Is this kid in some kind of pain?

Aguy is my name.

They said that when I was being born,
my Mama kept screaming "aguy."

It must have been very painful.

Poor Mama.

Even in her last breath,

she just kept on saying "aguy."

That's why I'm called Aguy.


I think, for sure,

you must be starving.

I'll get you something to eat.


where do you live?

Here. There. Everywhere.

But who's with you?

Your father, maybe?

No one. Just me. Forever.

Please make yourself at home.

This is perfect!


Wait for me, I'll just go out

to buy some food.

Bake me some bread, old man.


That's Miss Pilar's!

I always see that hanging
in her clothesline.

Why do you have it?

It's not for you.

That's why it won't stay.

It might not fit, it might not suit me.

But even for a short time,
it fits perfectly.

It's a perfect fit!

Who are they?

Those are my…

Those are my ex-girlfriends.

They were never happy with me.

Each of them left me
and rode that awful train.

This stone?

This was my last girlfriend's
parting gift.

On the night she left me,

she was so angry, she threw this at me.

But as the saying goes,

"When a stone is thrown at you,
throw back a piece of bread."

So that's what I did.

I threw bread on her face.



I'm sorry,
but this is the only toy in the hou--

This kettle came from a granny
with gassy tummy.

I punched her in the guts.

These came from a man with rabies.

I bit him right on the neck.

This one came from the chubby boy.

What a pig!

Aguy, can you heal people?

I hurt them.

Bread's ready!

Why is it

so tasteless?

Bye, old man.



Nice hat! I like your style.

Looking for something?

Where can I get some salt?

Try over there, in the meat stall.





Can I have some salt?

This one?


How much do you need?

Just give her a lot, big bro.

I'll get one fourth kilo of pork steak.

Not too fatty, okay?

Last time, I got--

Dad, is it just me,

or is your left nipple getting bigger?

You look like you have a boob.


It's because of my new workout routine.

Why don't you have it checked, Papa?

That might be the same as Mama's.

It was too late when we found out
about the cancer--

My love's case was different.

Hers was a colon problem.

This is very far from the colon.

Don't worry,
I'll have it checked tomorrow.

So we can be sure.

My sons.

You get nervous easily.

Don't drink too much coffee.


Two. Ma, relax your muscles.


You really miss dancing, Ma?

Sorry, I don't know
how to dance the Cariñosa.

That's because you have two left feet.

What do you mean, I have two left feet?

Mama, you joker.

Let me show you.

Let's go round and round!

It's just you and me again.

Old man!


For a much tastier bread!

Are you all right?

Are you crying?

No, I'm not.

Hey, kid.

Be careful next time.

You nearly got hit by the train.

Do I look like I'm crazy?

You think I'd let the train hit me?

Let's go!

Don't be scared.

It's just salt.

"Don't eat salt.

It's a sin."

The most delicious bread

in the whole world!

I'll go ahead, old man.

I'm already sleepy.

If you want, you could sleep here again.

It's not safe outside.

Besides, the floor's not taken.

Wait here, I'll just sweep it clean.

Don't bother.

Thanks again for the bread.


Do I look good?

Do you still have a crush on me, my love?

Even if I have…

You know.

But I shouldn't be worried, right?

It's nothing, right?

This is nothing.

This is nothing.

Why are you always on the tracks?

Maybe, it's nice and comfy.

Why don't I sleep there sometime?


The metal rails are hard.

You'll hurt your back!

Okay, okay.

You know it's not good for you,
yet you keep on going there.

That's why your back always hurts.


Do you want to accompany me?


you might get bored.

We're going to ride the train.

-We're going to ride an airplane?
-No, just the train.

Here's your request form.

Good morning.

Good morning, sir.

You're applying aid for?

I need aid for dialysis.

Hi, Bruh!

Sweet pork!

-Go ahead, invite him.
-I can't, Ma!

You can do it.


Come, let's eat!

Sorry, Lala!

Dad's not here. I can't leave the shop.

How much per kilo?

Wait a moment, Ma,
I'll just get something.

I'll stay here for the night.

You don't like it out there anymore?

I wanted to try and sleep in the tracks.

But you said it was hard and icky.

I'll just sleep on your floor again.

It's soft and comfy.


Catch today's news!

Care about the issues!

Just stay here for today, Ma.

I'll take care of the store.

Just wait here, okay?

Go get him, girl.

Ouch, ouch, such pain!

Like flowers for the one who yearns

Ouch, ouch, such pain!

Ouch, ouch, such pain!

Don't be sorry for this poor dragonfly

There you go.

It's a good day to be out today.

You're going out?

Not just me.

You and me!

Sal, my friend!

-Have a haircut!
-Maybe tomorrow!

-But bro…

My friend.

You don't have any hidden grudges
against me, right?

Of course not, my dear friend!

And as I've said, this is on the house.

Free haircut!

By the way,
who's this cute little kiddo with you?


Aguy? She lives--


I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it.

-Sorry, bro, sorry!

-Please forgive me!
-It's not a big deal, bro.

It's just a cut.

Really, just a tiny cut.

Not much blood.


There's blood?

You monstrous hand!

All I want is
to give people nice haircuts.

Is that too much to ask?

I'm begging you…

One, two, three…

-This looks great, Sal!
-I certainly hope so!

Aguy, slow down. I'm old.

-I'll give you a copy of this photo!

Thank you, Sal and Aguy!

-What's in the bottle?



Ma! I'm sorry, Ma!

I can't bear it anymore.

I thought I could do it.

Hey, look at this!

I'm okay with this size!

-Lala wasn't there.

Hey, you flirts.

If you're not going to buy anything,
get out of here.


And you, always covering your nose.

You stink so much more than our pork!

Dad, that's enough.

In times like this,

when a man finds out

that he has a tumor in his breast,

which is so rare for a man,

people shouldn't be pissing me off.

Bro! Let us celebrate tonight!

Drinks are on me!

Let it fly high, Aguy!

Hold the undies-kite tight!

Feels good to run?

Before, I only used to run that fast

if someone was running after me.

I remember this man who forced me
to hurt people for a hundred pesos.

One dude was even cheaper,
only asking for fifty.

And then, there was the bearded lady.

She told me
joining the circus would be fun.

But it was no fun at all.

It was hell, to be honest.

She would hit me
when I get too tired from hurting people.

It's not always easy, hurting others.

How about you, old man?

Will you force me to hurt people, too?

Don't get me wrong. I like hurting others.

That's all I'm good for, anyway.

Especially when I see
in their eyes that they need it.

I feel their pain.

After hurting them,
they'd have this blank stare.

Then the most beautiful thing happens.

Their eyes would have a new shine.



If I may

just ask you,


If one day, you feel like,

only if you want to

live with me at home,

you're most welcome.

I shall bake

all the bread you can eat, every day.

You can go to school.

In the mornings, I will walk you there.

And when the school day ends,

we'll come here and fly

those granny undies up in the air!

All I want is for you to be happy!

Old man,

can I listen to your heartbeat?


People say

if one can dance to your heartbeat

it means you're happy and full of life.

Listen to mine.


Now it's your turn!

Why aren't you dancing?

Is there a prob--

Don't worry,
we'll just bake lots of bread.

And while I live with you in your home,

your heart will have more happy beats!

Sal, join us!

I see you're having a celebration.

Sal, my friend, thank you.

Thanks to you,
my barbershop is back in business.

People are lining up again!

Thank you so much, my friend.

Oh my! You know what, Dingdong?

Aguy fixed my hands!

You and your barbers' tales!

But can you really heal?


Bruno, is something wrong?

I have a tumor in my breast.

They say they are not yet
100% sure that it's cancer.

I still need to undergo a few tests.

But I'm pretty sure what that means.

Such luck.

Bruno, calm down.

First it took my dear wife.

Now I find out it's my turn?

Bruno, why don't you just go home--

All I want in life,
is to take care of my sons!

Brando, take your dad home!

Damn this tumor!

-I just want to…
-Bruno, calm down.

That's enough, Bruno.

Dad, please, that's enough.

That's enough, man.

I just want to take care of my sons.

I just want to take care of my sons--

World peace! World peace!

Excuse me.

-Dad! Dad!
-I am healed!

It's gone. It's gone.

The tumor is gone!

Look! Feel it! No more lump!

It's gone!

-The tumor on my breast is gone!
-It's gone, Dad!

I'm healed! I'm healed!

My tumor is completely gone!


I'll do it.

Can you still help him?

You can do it!

Will you accept my love for you?

-I understand if you don't--

I do! I do!

She's speechless!

I can't--

What's the problem?

She can't breathe!

Stop, young lady.

You deserve this crown.

I can't do it.

I'm really sorry.

I don't know why it wouldn't work.

Aguy, I gave up a long time ago.

Maybe that's why magic gave up on me, too.

I won't give up
until your eyes get that shine.

The worst pain

brings out the most beautiful sparkle.

I am a poor firefly

Being swept away in the breeze

Searching for a home to rest…


Aguy, go back to sleep.

Don't worry about me.

I'm going to be okay.

Do not cry for this poor firefly



You'll just stay here with me, right?

Bye, Papa.






Aguy, don't leave me.




If I get hurt,

will you come back to heal me?



If I get hurt,

will you come back to heal me, my child?

Old man!

I told you, we look good together, Papa!

Even just for a short time,

we were a perfect fit, my child.

We fit!

We fit!

Perfect fit!

We fit! Perfect fit!

Bye, Papa.

Perfect fit!

It's the end of the world!

It rained salt all over Manila!

-Good morning!
-Sal, I see you're back in business.

Freshly-baked bread coming up

for my early customers!

It's okay.

I have lots of that.

You can keep it as a souvenir.

Do you remember

the Miss Manila pageant in 1951?

I was your escort.

My escort.

You were so beautiful in your golden gown.

And you…

You were very nervous.

Good thing you told me
a beauty queen secret…

Just imagine

all of the audience

are just in their undies.


I remember everything perfectly well.

Like it was yesterday.

Hi. My name is Salvador.

Sal for short.

People always say, life is short.

That's why we need to live life
with sweetness,

with a dash of salt,
and a sprinkle of spice.

There is no last trip.

There's always something
or someone that comes

that will make life taste much better.

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