Padrenostro (2020) - full transcript

Two young boys, Valerio and Christian, form a powerful friendship over the summer.

Next stop exit on the right.

Move over!

Attention, please!

Evacuate the premises
following the indicated routes.

Do not use the elevators.

Breathe with your belly.

Evacuate the premises
following the indicated routes.

Breathe with your belly.


Attention, please!

Evacuate the premises
following the indicated routes.

Do not use the elevators.

Attention, please!

Evacuate the premises
following the indicated routes.

Do not use the elevators.



Le Rose.

Take off your robe
and lay on the table, please.

Belly up.

- Can you do push-ups?
- Yes.

Do 30, please.


Height 144.

- Le Rose, right?
- Le Rose.

- Your birthday?
- August 1st, 1965.

Blond hair...

- Eyes...
- Green?


Seaquake is coming.


I'm drowning, help me!

- Help!
- Here I'm! - I can't swim!

Raise your arms.

Vale, pull your head out!

Let's go! Come out!

Let's go! On your feet! Up!

Keep this, Vale.

Let's go, dinner's ready.

How nice, Vale.

Come on, let's go.

- Do you want some, Vale?
- No, thanks.

But you're so skinny, you've
got to eat. I leave them here.

So, Mrs., if it's ok
With you I'd be going.

Sure, go.

Alice, watch, you lost your slipper.

- Are you going out tonight?

- Yes, but I won't be late.
- All right, all right.

- You look very nice like this.
- Thank you.

- So, have a good dinner.
- Go, have fun. - Bye, guys.

Hi, how are you?

Fine. Look what I brought you.

No, no, please, eat,
I was not hungry any more.

Lazio starts off
with Re Cecconi,

passes to Ghedin,
who makes a beautiful feint.

Wilson, throws in to D'Amico.

But Chinaglia moves in,
and he sees him.

And now he is alone in front of
the goal net, shoots and scores!

Goal! Goal!

Beautiful goal!
Long John's goal.

Lazio fans are all cheering.

Have a good evening, Sir.

He's home, I gotta go.

Bye, see you tomorrow.


Yes, he just got back.

Sure, I'll put him right on.

Yes, hello?

Let's do it as usual.

Thank you, Mancuso.

- What's for dinner?
- Chicken cutlet and French fries.

- Ah, did you make it?
- No, Ketty did.

- They're delicious.
- Hey, young man! - Hey!

I have to give it to dad.

- Why you didn't show it to me first?
- Come, come.

- They gave it to me at school.
- Give it to me, Vale.

- He has a little heart murmur.
- It's nothing, I had one too when I was a kid.

- What else it says?
- Mom, tell him how tall I am.

Height 1,44, weight 31.

Are you sure he got it right?
My god he feels like lead.

- And is the height fine?
- I won't have to ask for the stadium ticket still for a while.

- Why?
- Because up to 1,50 you get in for free.

- When are we going?
- When you go to bed, Valerio.

We go next Sunday. If you don't
grow in the meantime. Now go, go!

- Bye, sweet, good night.
- Bye, good night.

- Good night.
- Did you brush your teeth? - Yes! - Bye.

Morning radio. It's 07.30 A.M.

Come on, come on, go.



Go, go!

Vale, there was the recital today.

- When is dad coming home?
- I don't know.

- And mom?
- I don't know!

You're so annoying,
you never know anything!

What you want from me,
you're asking me every day!

Where are you?

Come back to me.

Come back later,
I hope they'll tell me something.

This is the situation.
This, dear, You have to turn it this way.

- Mom!
- Sweetheart.


- Why didn't you wake me up?
- I just arrived.

And when is dad coming back?

- Ketty, get milk ready, please.
- Yes.

Why is that car always in front
of the house? Who are they?

They're dad's friends, Vale,
they're just waiting for him.

Did you see I brought pastries?

There is also a letter for you.

A letter from your class.

Look, I have to...
I have to make some calls.

- Are you coming With me?
- Yes.

Thanks, Ketty.


Vale, what are you doing?

Roadblocks are immediately setup.

They're trying to come up with a reconstruction
of the events. They're looking for witnesses.

The caretaker of a building in the street where
the attack took place has been tracked down,

about 15 days ago he has been
assaulted by two youngsters.

Who were running away
after spotting a police car.

Suspicions are that the two
events might be related.

The caretaker recognized the killed criminal. He's
one of the two youngsters from 15 days earlier.

Meanwhile, it's 10.30, two judges,
Ierace and Vitalone, just arrived.

The dead criminal is searched,
on him, in addition to two magazines...

- Valerio! - No, no, I want to watch it.
- What do you want to Watch!

- I want to see...
- Where did you get the key?

Where is dad? - If a room is locked
up you are not supposed to get in it!

- I want to know Where dad is! - Stop it!
- I want to know Where dad is! - Stop it!


Yes, he died on the spot.

No, he didn't have children.

What are you talking about, mom,
I mean, it is still terrible.

No, I told you, I really can handle this.

No, the trip is too long, and I also
don't want dad driving, honestly.


It's hard, yes.

Yes, it's very hard.

No, no, the kids didn't see anything.

Of course.

Mom, yes mom, of course I hold on.

You know me, I always hold on.

I'll go now.
Give my kisses to dad.


Bye, mom. Bye-bye.

Hi, honey.

Did you sleep good?

What happened to him?

He underwent an operation.

- What kind of operation?
- That's not important.

- Important is that everything is all right.
- Then why is he not coming back home?

I bet that...

if you dress up, and give me
a big smile, he'll be right back home.

That's not true.

Sure it is true, I promise.

- Here, here's the spot. - No.
- Yes, yes, is this one, right here.

- I knew you Were not dead.
- Sweet, What are you saying?

You knew?

- Young man.
- Hi.

Have you been the man of the house?

I brought you something.

Come, come on in.

Look here.

I did not make this.
Is the real signature.

They played with this last Sunday.

What is it?

- Valerio.
- Let him go, let him.


Mom, I'm not hungry any more.

Vale, just one last bite.

Why don't you make coffee, Gina?

Who is it?

Leave it, I'll go.

- Good evening.
- Hi.

Every day my wife is asking: "How is he?
How is he?". Here, that's how he is.

- How are you, Francesco?
- Good morning. - Hi, Iole.

And now let's go to Alfonso.

- Here he is.
- Yes, thank you, Francesco, and...

We have here our Valerio Le Rose,
for a championship that is now at the end.

What can you tell us?

Oh, come on, now you're embarrassing him.

Press blackout.
He doesn't Want to speak.

Do you want to try?
It's easy, look.

When you Want to shoot, press here.

With this you zoom in,
you get closer or move away the image.

Don't touch here,
if it opens you burn the film.

Put the eye in the
viewfinder and go, shoot.

Are you ready? Wait, I'll take
the right position, don't start, wait.

Are you filming?

- Hi, Valerio. - And the ice cream for me?
- Do you want some ice cream?

- No?! Is he on a diet?!
- Tough life.

They were warned the night before.

Yes, but reports come every day,
how could you know?


What if I brought the kids to school?


The kids saw something?

No, no. They were sleeping,
they didn't see anything.

Quad jacks.

Three kings two aces. Quads.

What the fuck are you, a magician?

- Who's the next?
- Here I am.

Quad jacks.

Buenos Ayres: the climate of terror in
Argentina is worsening after the coup.

126 corpses riddled
by machine guns were found.

People who were kidnapped,
the desaparecidos, are now...

- Good morning, young man.
- Hi.

In San Juan, Puerto Rico, the most developed
countries meet for the second time...

We're starting back today.

Milan, clashes at La Scala premiere

mark the baptism of fire for
the circles of the youth proletariat,

who already made the headlines for the scuffle
at the party of Parco Laura last summer.

Rome: violent clashes
occurred between fascist groups...

Vale, could you pass me...
Do you see that bar of soap over there?

Why don't you wet it?

Look at this.

Did you see?
It heals right away, see.

Children, do you know why
Valerio missed school these days?

To be with his dad.

And do you know who Valerio's dad is?

Valerio's dad is an hero.

Now you tell me
why Would your father be an hero?

I don't know.

My mother said that you should
leave the school. Do you get it?

- Look in my eyes.
- I'm talking to you. - Look at me!

You got to look straight at me
when I'm talking to you.


Your father is not an hero, he's a vile.

Stop it! Quit it!

Le Rose!

I'll take care of you later.

Sit down!

Take the left here,
and then left again.

- Get down!
- Stay down! Down! Stay down!

Hi, Vale.

You know, you're so bad.
Let me tell you.

Come, give it here.

I'm not stealing your ball.

Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
eleven, twelve...


- Where were you? I couldn't see you any more!
- Mom, I was playing with...

- I was looking for the ball, it was...
- Yes, we'll get the ball tomorrow.

Listen, We are not telling dad about this.

That reaches up to Germany.

Which, in fact, is divided in two.

The division Was made
after the Second World War.

Now turn the page, at page 77,
you can also see the picture of the Wall.

It goes up in the middle of the
city of Berlin, and divides it in two.

Underneath you should find
also some picture of the city,

so you can see the difference
between east side and west side.

Le Rose!

Here, come on, jump.


- I'm Christian.
- Valerio.

Your hands are dirty.

- Who were those guys?
- No one.

- Where are we going?
- Around.

But if...

But if you Want!

Let's go!

Sit down!


Yes, hello?

Mrs. Le Rose?

Come with me, Dr. Le Rose
sent me to pick you up.

Come on, let's go.

- What is it?
- No, nothing.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

We can't go there.

It's full of money.

- We need them, right?
- Yes, but you can't just take them.

Let's go.

Hey, kids, what are you doing?

Here, take them, run!


Run, run, fucking move!
This way!

What are you doing! Take care!

What is this place?
I mean, where did you take me?

- My place. - Seriously...
- Really, this is my home.

My bed, kitchen, bathroom...

And your parents?

- My father is a pilot.
- Pilot of what? - Airplanes.

- And your mom?
- She's an actress.


- My mother is so beautiful.
And she's good, too. - Lucky you.

I'd like my mother to be an actress too.

- You believe everything you hear?
- Come on!

Earlier, when you were running
I swear, you looked like a ghost.

You know ghosts really exist?

- I swear! I saw one.
- Where?

At the house in Calabria,
in the attic, in Riace.

- And how is it?
- I can't remember very well, now, I was young when I saw it.

- Why, What are you now?
- Now I'm normal.

- That means?
- Not too young, not too old.

And you, what are you? - I don't know,
I'm fourteen. What are you at fourteen?

- At fourteen you're normal too.
- Then we're two normals.


Then, if you live here...
you saw it too, right?


The shooting.

Why, what did you see?


Here is a car...

And here is a van.

In here there are the bad guys.
And here there is another car.

And here,
this is the car of the good guys.

The bad guys are here.
They start shooting...

So, the good guys get hit.

And then, there is blood, blood, blood.

And then they also start shooting.

And one of the bad guys falls.

Wait, come here, lay down.

Bend this leg.

Get up.

You are me.


Are you out of your mind?

- How could you do such a thing?
- Alfonso!

Let's go home, come on!


He needs to go to a psychologist.

No, psychologists.
He needs his family, not a psychologist.

What family, Alfonso?

Honey, you're never home.

- You never stop.
- I can't stop.

- You know it.
- No, I don't know it.

Why don't you tell me?


That you're scared.

- He saw everything, do you understand that?
- He is young. In few years he'll forget all of it.

You cannot forget these things.
He needs to see someone.

- We are doing it all wrong.
- We are not doing it wrong.

We're not doing it wrong.

It's hard, but we're not doing it wrong.

Let's leave.

- To where? - In Calabria.
Let's leave all together. I'm coming too.

I'll come With you.
Let's go away from Rome for a while.

You'll see, we'll be fine.

Here we are.

- Dad, but this is not our car.
- It is from today on, do you like it?

Nice, uh. Come on get in.

Mr. Le Rose, we are done with the car.


I'd like to drive.

- No, that's not possible.
- Don't Worry.

- Sir...
- I'd rather.

Thank you.

Let's go.

Are you sure you feel like doing this?

A musical show was planned, but since it's
the last broadcast, we'll go on a while.

- Absolutely!
- I'm excited!

Crying at the very
last episode would be the best.

Let's go on with the dedications.
Let's make some.

We'll do one or two,
then we'll go ahead with music,

and halfway down the program
we'll do some more.

This afternoon the music will be sent
to your radios by Marco and me,

..and from his house also from my friend
Jordan, who is listening to us right now.

We're sending him a big hello
and we wish him well for his flu.

Hoping to see him soon with us,
under our beach umbrella.

So, since the soccer
championship is over...

Do you really need to do it right now?

- Vale, wake her up.
- Let her sleep, Vale.

Well, then this is the first song
chosen by Matteo Ferri.

Stop, Stop!

- Good morning, Sir!
- Have a nice day, Franco! - Thanks to you too.



Good morning.

Go, go, go!
Go! Go, go.

- Move, go ahead!
- Alfonso!

Start the engine, come on, come on...
Move, move!

It's nothing, Gina, it's nothing.

- Vale!
- Vale...


Stop there! Stop right there!



Hey, Vale!

It hurts, I can't breath.

Put your hand here, feel it.

Breath With you belly slowly, slowly...

Look at me, do as I do.

Feeling better?

Let's go.

We're here, honey.


He's sleeping.

- Do you want me to Wake him up, Alfonso?
- No.

Let's go, young man.

Come on, honey.

- Hello, mother. - How are you, son?
How are you? - Fine, everything is fine.

- Did he fall asleep, my baby?
- Yes.

- I'll bring him upstairs.
- Sure, go, go.


- Thank you, aunt Ermelinda. - Everything ok?
- Yes. - He gets blonder and blonder.

Come up to dad, come.

Good morning!
Did you wake up, my love.

Come to your grandma,
let me give you a kiss, come.

My God, you're so grown up.

We let you sleep, Vale.

Hi, sweetheart, watch out watch out!

Who is this Fritz?

Let me see, you are at least 40 kilos.
No, wait, wait, Wait.

- 38.8.
- RorĂ², don't overdo it, watch for your back.

There are no terrorists here, get it?

- You turned white.
- Leave me alone.

Say hi to your uncle.

- Dad.
- You arrived.

- I didn't hear you coming.
- I got here last night, dad.

- Gina!
- Good morning, Giuseppe.

Go say hi to your grandfather.

- These are some good kids.
- Alice.


I want to tell you something.

Now that we're all here,
I'm so happy.

You know, the night before that day,
I dreamt of Adele.

She told me, "I'll take care of,
Alfonsino, don't worry".

She's your guardian angel.

To Adele.

To Adele.

Mom, did Adele tell you anything about me?

Same old you.

- Who's Adele?
- Adele, my love, is your dad's mother.

No, grandma Maria is dad's mom.

Actually, dad has two moms,
grandma Maria, who grew him up.

And grandma Adele who gave him birth
And now she's no longer with us.

- Do you understand?
- A sip of Wine, makes you grow stronger.

- Drink!
- Come on, kid, drink.

Look at him.

- 'Morning. - 'Morning.
- 'Morning, Lauro. - 'Morning, Sir.

- 'Morning.
- 'Morning. Where's, Vale?

Vale, are you still there? Let's go.

Can I come riding my bike?

Come by bike, come.

- Ok. See you there.
- Ok, bye.

Just a little hint of sugar,
that goes with it.

Here he is! You've been so fast, honey.

Tomorrow you can go grocery shopping
for me. Riding your bicycle.

You almost arrived ahead of us.

Do you see down there?

There's a beach over there,

you can reach it only by sea
my father used to take me there.

One of these days, with a quiet sea, we borrow
the boat and we go there, just the two of us.

What do you think?

Can I go explore over there?

- Go explore?
- Yes. - Go.

"Hey, you in the shack, everybody out
and hands up, or you'll end up in hell."

"Wasted breath."



Valerio, we are going.
You bicycle is over there.

Valerio, your snack.


"You are my salvation."

"Hail Mary, full of grace."

Where's dad?

He had to leave, but he'll be back soon.
Everything's ok, my love.

Where are you going?

- Sweetheart.
- Where's dad?

He had to go to Rome,
but he's coming back soon.

Why didn't he say goodbye?

Come here.

He asked me to say goodbye to you.

Why am I not enough for you?

'Cause you're not dad!

What's wrong with you?
You can't even ride a bike.

But... what are you doing here?

I came to visit you! I
wanted to see if this

ghost really exists or
you're just full of shit.

- What, you're not happy to see me?
- No.

Come on, hop on.

- You there?
- Yes.

Watch out!

- How did you come here?
- I took a train.

- And how did you take the train?
- I bought a ticket.

What, do you want me to tell you
all the train stops, Vale?

Go there,
I'll show you this amazing place.


Did you ever jump?

You shit your pants, eh?

My father told me a legend.
Would you like to know it?

So, then there was this crook,
called Fox, because he was very smart.

He Was running away and he hid in a barn.

Christian, are you coming?

But there was this boy living there.

- The boy finds him...
- And he kills him.

No! They become friends.

- No, I don't Want to!
- Come on. Let's go swimming.

- I don't feel like it.
- Come on, look at the water, is beautiful.

Yeah, but I don't
really like the sea, so...

- Come on, let's go.
- No, I don't Want to.

And he hangs with him,
brings him food...

But one day they get caught.

They were running, and running,
until they get right here.

And then Fox said they had to jump.

- And they jumped.
- And did they survive?

No, they died.

Both of them?

Both of them.

Ok, then I'm going back home.

But, if you're here tomorrow,
we can meet, right?

And where am I supposed to go?

In the woods?

In the woods?
What the fuck are you talking about?

I took a train to come and be with you
and you want me to sleep in the woods?

What the fuck are you talking about?

I'm kidding.
Come on, let's go. Take your stuff.

Come on, move!

Wait for me!


Let's go.

Come, come.

This way, this way.

- Leave it, I'll do it later.
- All right.

- Be quiet, or they could hear you.
- I think the woods were better.

See you later, bye.

Ketty, can you pass me the wine, please?

Thank you.

What is it?

Adele's ghost.

Pass me that.

So, what do we do?
Where are you taking me?

But... it's night, I have to go to sleep.

"It's night, I have to go to sleep."

Look... I'm going out,
if you want to come come.

Come on... Wait for me! Wait!

Come on, wait!

- Ok, are we going back now?
- Why?

- Where do you have to be?
- No, but... let's go back home.

Look at this place!

Why did We get in?

Because is cool.

Are you scared?

A little.

Well, me too a little but...

So why don't we leave?

Fuck you!
Drink. You try.

More, more.

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Say, should I jump?

Sure, jump.

What the fuck are you doing?!

What the fuck are you doing?

- You shit on yourself, uh!
- Fuck you.

I never had a friend like you.

What are you doing?

Take it.




A blood oath.

Sorry, sorry.

Give it to me.

From now on, forever friends.


- I told you to wait for me in the attic.
- I know, but I Was getting bored.

Wait for me.

Hello, Fernanda.

Go, quick!

- Now I drive.
- No, no, I'm driving, I'm driving!

Faster, go faster, they are after us,
we only have one second.

I'll catch you!

Hey, you! Say your last words!

Look at this one!

Safe! Your turn.

Up to twenty and don't peek.

One, two, three

five, nine, ten, eleven,

fourteen, seventeen, twenty!

And who are you?

Nice to meet you. My...

My name is Christian.

I'm Valerio's friend.

Hi, dad.

Hi, young man. Hi.


- Where's your mom?
- She went to the market.

And how long are you staying
in Calabria, Christian?

I don't know. It's not up to me.

So, if your parents agree, maybe
you could come with us in Sila tomorrow.

Hi, dear.

You're already here.

- I'll go get dressed.
- All right.

- Good morning.
- Good morning, Lauro.


And who are you?

Nice to meet you. I'm Christian,
I'm Valerio's friend.

Ah. Gina, nice to meet you.
Are you on vacation, too?

Um... yes.

And when did you arrive?

Mom, dad said that Christian can come with
us in Sila tomorrow. Is it ok with you?

- Is that What dad said?
- Yes, he just told us.


All right, I'll go talk about this
with dad and I'll let you know.

- I think I better leave.
- No, no, wait.

When did it happened?

They tried to save him
in every way possible, Sir.

He didn't make it.

They left a notice.
Do you want me to read it?

- Sir, are you there?
- Yes.

Today, June 8th 1976.

Armed Proletarian Cells put to death
the State executor Francesco Guarna.

And the two mercenaries that
were protecting him.

This action fulfils the following purposes:

it gives substance to the strategic line
of the attack at the core of the State

that goes against the working class
with all its coercive actions.

Moreover, it develops
and doesn't end "Le Rose" operation.

Whose target was to underline
the violent counter-revolutionary contents

of the imperialist State
behind a democratic mask.

Our message is mostly for him.

The judge should know that we didn't finish with
him, and that he turns out to be our next target.

Anywhere he's hiding.

Honour to him, comrade Montanari
and to her, comrade Balzarano.

Thank you, Gaetano.

We'll talk soon.

Mom, can Christian sleep over here?


You too.

Take this.
I need to get some fresh air.

- Where do you want to go, sir?
- We take a walk this way.

Let's do this, you guys go down driving...

- It's dangerous, sir!
- No, don't worry. Look...

- I grew up here. I know these...
- Are you sure? - Of course, of course!

- Shall We go?
- What are we doing?

Come, come. You'll see, come.


- Is everything ok?
- Yes. Everything's all right.

- Mom? - This way...
- Where are we going?

Let's follow dad.

- Dad, did we get lost?
- No, baby, not at all!

Would you rather go back?

Come. Here it is.

Come, my love, come.
It's like skiing!

- You arrived!
- Here We are.

- Good.
- He arrived!

- Look at the girl.
- Valerio!

Hi, Gina.

Ok, enough. Let's go.

Are all these your relatives?

I think so.

- And you can remember all the names?
- No.


Me on your side.

Three and two, five. One, two,
three, four and five. - You first.

- I take the Fritz.
- Come on.

Valerio, go over there. Go.

Go, Valerio.

Go, this Way! Go, go!


Hey, this guy is good.

Right away, give the ball right away.
Come on!

Go, immediately. Go to Christian.

He goes, he goes.

Two-nil, two-nil.

Come on! Let me go.

Quick, one touch, Valerio.
One touch, right away.

- Penalty!
- What are you doing, it's penalty.

- I didn't even touch him.
- What do you mean you didn't touch him. - I didn't touch him!

Give me the ball. - Dad, do you think
he touched him? - It's penalty!

- I saved it!
- It's goal!

- And he took the ball with his hands, so is foul any ways.
- What are you saying? - Excuse me, dad!

- Please... - No way, no such thing.
Is the first block that counts.

- He touched it with the hands.
- Alfonso, Alfonso!


- No, no!
- Penalty! - No!

I didn't do anything! I touched the ball.

- Do you want to go to the emergency room?
- Emergency room. It takes 40 minutes to get there.

- Take him to Micu.
- Micu? Is he still alive?

- Of course.
- Yes? Come, Valerio, come.

Come to daddy.
Easy, easy.

Good evening, Mr. Micu.
I'm Alfonso Le Rose, Giuseppe's son.

I know who you are.

- What happened?
- He got hurt playing ball.

Come in.

- Should I put him here?
- Yes.

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes.

Thank you.

It's not your fault.


It's not your fault.

- Who are your parents?
- Sorry?

He Wants to know Whose son you are.

Are you feeling better?


Come down, come down.

What is it?

Young man.

Good night.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Sleep, don't chat.

You're a wild animal.

Stay, stay.

Sit down.


Your feet hurt?

A little.
Thank you.

You go to the sea
and the pain is gone.

- Good morning.
- Hi, good morning.

For me?

- Good morning, miss.
- Good morning.

Give me a kiss.

Today the sea is quiet.

Valerio, come here.

You take the helm.
Come on.


Ah, how nice.

Look at the water, look.

- Dad, can I take a swim?
- Sure.

- Bravo!
- The water is fantastic!

You're not going to swim?
Look how nice is the Water.

No. Maybe later.

Can I ask you something?


What it's like to get shot at?

You don't feel anything. Everything
happens so fast, you don't feel anything.

Have you ever killed anyone?

Give me your hand, come on.
Give me your hand.

Climb up, good.

Dry off With this.

I'll take a swim.

- That fishing pole is my father's.
- So?

- Come on, give it to me.
- No!

- Let it go. Let it go.
- I'm using it.

- Come on, let it go!
- Stop!

Oh, what the fuck are you doing.
What the fuck are you doing?

Come on, apologize!

- Let me go.
- No! Apologize!

- Apologize!
- I'm sorry. - I can't hear you.

I'm sorry!



Here, I'm here, stay calm.

Can you reach it, lean there.
There, climb up, go.

Did you guys have fun?

Is everything all right?

Look, I found a picture of you.


Where is Valerio?


Do you hate me?

I don't care who you are.

Let's go away then.




Dad, you have to breathe with your belly.

Breathe with your belly.

This way...

Like I do.

This way.

This way.

Let's go.

Let's go!