Pacerville (2022) - full transcript

During the pandemic, a burned out teacher on the verge of a breakdown overhears his students making fun of him in a zoom class and vows revenge.

George Washington was a bitch.

Hey, guys, can we not
degrade the president,

the first president
of the United States?

Like a straight up bitch.

Miguel, language.

Sorry, Mr. Dunbar.

All right,

you obviously have pretty
strong views on Washington,

as you should, as
you have a right to.

Can someone share
their thoughts on that?

Slaves, duh.

Slaves, good.

Slaves are good?

Miguel, I obviously
wasn't saying

that slavery was good.

Go ahead, Sadie.

You were talking
about Washington.

Oh, well, I mean,
he had slaves,

and I mean, yeah, he did
all these great things

like he killed British people

and he made more dirt
roads or whatever,

but slaves cut down the
trees to make the roads.

He didn't pay them.

And that's deforestation,

like the rainforests in Brazil.

It's really bad.

Didn't he also bang
a few of his slaves?

No, that was John F. Kennedy.

That wasn't JF...

Guys, I think,

I think if we can
look at Washington

through the prism of
being a fallible human,

like a lot of our
historical figures,

they weren't superheroes.

These were people.

They were, they were messy
and they were complicated,

but I think if we look

at his accomplishments
with his flaws,

I think that we can all relate

to Washington a little more.

I don't know. Still
seems like a bitch.

All right, let's
wrap it up, okay?

Do me a favor, get your
essays in my Dropbox

tomorrow by-00 PM

or I'm docking you guys

10 points per day, okay?


- Sorry I'm late.
- Hey, it's okay.

You texted me. It's fine.

I had a meeting run over.

My boss was rambling, so.

It's okay. Thank
you for bringing her.

Hi, Daddy!

Hi, baby!

She's with me all day now.

- Yeah?
- Because of preschool, yeah.

What happened?
Did they quarantine?

No, precautionary
for a couple of weeks

till the numbers go down,

which is fine.

Look, we're
violating the order

by me even being here,

but I know you'd wanna see her,

so now you've seen her.
Well, thank you.

Uh, I'm
keeping their original,

but the lawyer
says the court copy

is just fine for...

Where is your mask?

It's in the car.

Did you wanna put it on?

Not really.

I'm in my apartment
all day teaching.

I don't go anywhere.

Still, the optics matter.

People see you.

Okay, well, I'll take
that under advisement.

You look really good.

I mean, your eyes
do, your forehead.

You got a haircut.
I can tell that.

How has teaching been?

Um, it's been all right.

Challenging. I'm
getting through it.

Oh, hey, come here for a second.

I brought you this.

You left it when you picked
up your last few boxes.

Well, I can't fit in my
car. Can you disassemble it?

I can, not fast.

I can just bring it by.

I don't even
have to come inside

if you-
No, it's not a good idea.

Why isn't it a good idea?

You know why.

So is he like, is
he parked in my space?

No, he is parked in what
is now my extra space.

You call the therapist yet?

Fuck you, Kim.

Nice. Nice, you know what?

- Hmm?
- Keep the bike, sell it.

Whatever you want.


That's it, then.

Say bye to Daddy.

Bye, baby. I love you.

I love you.

What are you doing?

Mm, well, there was
an outbreak on campus.

They sent us all home.

Well, you have to get tested.

No, it was a night custodian.

All of us in the
counseling office

aren't on his rotation.

So what did they
do with the school?

They wanna play it safe,

so they shut it down.

It's gonna be a ghost town
for at least a few weeks.

It looks like you're
stuck with me.

Oh, the horror.

I've got two more
bags in the car.

Mind taking a break

from your busy studies
and grabbing them?

I gotcha.




Yeah, no, I'm fine.

I'm fine, just having some
technical issues over here.

I'm logging on now.

Yeah. Fuck.

Huh? No, no, no, I'm...

I, uh, I understand
that the parents

are calling you nonstop
right now, I get it.

I also understand that you

have better things to be
doing during a pandemic.

I'm not fucking stupid.

Listen, the last time
I checked, I'm a,

I was a history teacher,

not a fucking IT guy, okay?

I'm doing the best
that I can here.

If it's not good enough for you,

you call my union rep.

Hey everybody, sorry.

I'm sorry that I'm late.

Um, a little technical issue.

Uh, let's turn to page 248.

Gee, you want tech
support, motherfucker, huh?

Yeah? Did you reboot it?

Did you, did you restart it?

Did you fucking restart it, huh?

I fucking wanna get COVID.

I'm serious. I'll kick its ass.

It's the invisibles
diatribe again?

I am, I placed third in
the last MMA tournament,

in case anyone forgot.

Yeah, you're a black
belt in douchebag.

Every night before
I fall asleep,

I seriously think why
don't break up with you.

I bet that's not
all you think about in bed.

Ugh. Thanks for
getting my burger.

I'll get you back next time.

It's fine. Don't
worry about it.

Aah, I'm gonna
fucking die of boredom

before I die of COVID.

You know what we should do?

Throw a party, get fucked up.

Where? Everyone's
home, parents too.

There's the old
warehouse on 18th.

It has a security guard.

How do you know?

I take walks with
my mom at night.

I always see a security
guard out there texting.

What other buildings

are empty 'cause of COVID?


Yeah, but schools have
like maintenance men there.

Actually, no, they don't.

At least not ours.
They shut it down.

What are you talking about?

My mom said some
janitor caught the virus,

so they're not take any chances.

So what, is totally empty?

It's school, guys.
It's not a rave venue.

That's why it's perfect.

If there was just
an outbreak there,

then no one's gonna
go near that place

for at least a few days.

This shit's like radioactive.

That's hardly a
compelling argument

for us to go ourselves.

Trevor, did you sell
your paintball guns yet?

Not yet.

There we go!

We'll get drunk and tag up
the school with pellets.

That's stupid.

Oh, come on.

They closed the paintball
park since the pandemic.

I know you miss going.

It's like the only loser
thing you're good at.

Thanks pal.

I mean, you have to
impress Sadie with something.

Don't be an asshole.

No, I, I think
it could be fun.

We should do it.
I don't know.

My mom works in the
counseling office.

It could mess with her
job if we get caught.

We're not gonna get caught.

And if someone shows up,

we'll just go out a
side door or something.

We can outrun any
old-ass janitor, right?

Now, I know you're in.

Are you in?

Only if Trevor is in.

This pussy's in.



Hey, why
aren't you wearing your masks?

We're good, bro.

It's just like study pods,

a little herd immunity here.

You should wear your masks.

I'm safe, dog. I promise.

I wear a condom at least
like half the time.

You're gonna get your ass

kicked one of these
days with that mouth!

We're teenagers.
We're invincible.

I'm just saying, if the
British didn't have guns

and the Americans
didn't have guns,

then the militia wouldn't
have needed guns.

Right? I totally
agree, but they did.

I mean, those are the origins
of the Second Amendment.

Well, it's ridiculous.

I'm sorry. I don't know.

No, don't say that.

I like it, I like
it when you open up

with your thoughts like that,

it's, uh, it's refreshing,

it's refreshing and charming.

So I think, I think
the argument with guns

is that they were a
natural right for citizens,

for them to be able
to protect themselves,

to feel safe, to
feel like they have

some sort of control
of their future.

Do you own one?

I don't think my, uh,

my feelings or my hobbies

should intermingle with
our class discussions.

That's a yes.

I think the amendment was

to protect citizens
from everyone.

You know, governments,

governments were
not always honest

and the most well-intentioned
with their countrymen.

Hello? Gender-neutral.

Country-people, please.


Thank you, Genesis.

I don't know.

Stop saying you don't know.

Tell us what you think.

I just don't wanna
get shot, right?

One thing about the pandemic,

at least you don't have to hear

about a school getting
shot up every month.

That's one thing you
don't have to worry about.

That's a good point.

That is a good point.

You know, I don't always
agree with your opinions,

but they're, they're always
really well thought out,

they're, they're salient.

All right, should we head
to our breakout boxes now?

What about-00 PM?

Later, my dad
will be downstairs

until at least
30 watching TV.

Sadie, can you come over?

Yeah, my aunt's cool with it.

I'll be there around six.

Trevor, you good
for tomorrow night?


You gonna
bring the paintball guns?

I'll bring 'em, dog.

And what about your mom's key?

What do you mean?

Well, we're
not gonna break windows

to get into the school
to play paintball.

We need your key.

Dude. Come on, man.

Don't pressure him.

Look. It's fine.

I'll get 'em. I'll get 'em.

I mean, if you can't,
we can always get Sadie

to blow Mr. Dunbar for his set.

Miguel! You're a pig.

That is so
not cool you said that.

Whatever, he's always like,

"Sadie, please go on."

Sadie, please, we wanna
hear what you have to say.

Sadie, when school starts,

can you wear a shorter
skirt so I can try

"and catch a glimpse
of your panties?"

You're inappropriate.

And disgusting.

I'm joking. Right, Trevor?

Don't involve me.

You're an asshole.

I'm sorry. I'm joking.

I'm joking, Sades,
but not about him.

The dude's a fucking weirdo

who certainly jacks off

to what you look like
clothed, much less naked.

Okay, you need to stop.

Oh, he's not a creep?

He's gross, but
that's not the point.

The point is you're
being a dick,

and you need to stop.

- His wife left him.
- What?

Yeah, my mom told me he's
going through a divorce.

I guess he's got rage issues.

I mean, we never knew

'cause we didn't have
a class with him,

but supposedly he went nuts

on a teacher's aid that
came in high last year.

Are you serious?

But what
did dumb-ass Dunbar do?

I don't know. I know
he got written up for it.

I think the charge is
still pending, though.

There it is.

The dude's a fucking
psycho. Mystery solved.

- Don't be-
- What?

No, Sadie. Please continue.

I'm just saying he seems okay.

He's just sad.

We all go through
hard times sometimes.

Oh, you wanna fuck him?

Miguel, I'm dead serious,

you want a hand job
before summer break,

it's gonna be a miracle.

Next up, please.


You know what?
You're right, Miguel.

Fuck that fool, man.

That's what I'm saying.

No, fuck how he
talks to Sadie.

It's messed up.

I don't give a damn that
he's having marital problems.

Maybe his wife
left his loser ass

because she knows he like
to fuck with the students.

Don't be a creep and shit
won't happen like that.

It's karma.

Heard that.

Yeah, he's fucking creepy.

You know, if we
go back to school,

I might just lie and
say he touched me

if he makes me
feel uncomfortable.

Whoa, you guys are more
coldblooded than me. Damn!

What the fuck is this?

Oh, come on, dude. Really?

Dude, come on man. Move over.

What the fuck, dude?

Seriously, man.

Fucking move over.

What the fuck, man?

Dude, what the fuck, man?
Pedestrians have

the right of way.

Oh yeah, you gonna
fucking hit my car,

you fucking pedestrian?

Okay. I'm sorry

that I hit your car, okay?
Yeah, yeah,

you are fucking sorry, man.

I'm fucking jogging because
I'm a little stressed out.

Right, listen, I don't give
a shit about your stress.

You don't hit my
car, you understand?

I understand, yeah.

What the fuck? Dude!

- Fuck you, shithead!
- Fuck you!

Dude, what the fuck?

- Fuck you, Florida bitch!
- What the f-

- Oh, oh, oh shit.

What are you fucking-

- Hey.

Listen, Nobody's gonna
fucking come here

and help you, okay?

So, you go fuck yourself.

Mr. Dunbar?


What do you think?

About what?

The internet connection was,

uh, was not great.

I didn't, I didn't
hear what you said.

I was talking about
when Washington died,

the dilemma the country was in.

What dilemma?

I mean, I don't know.

Don't say you
don't know, Sadie.

Come on. Tell us, tell
us what you think.

It seems he was
a soldier at heart.

Maybe not the smartest
guy in the room,

but the most capable.

I mean, maybe
that's what it takes

to be a strong leader.

He never thought that he
was smarter than he was.

He seemed grateful, even simple.

Grateful for what?

For the hope of what things
could be for the country.

So you're saying that he
knew his place in history?

Exactly, he died
knowing he made his mark.

His hubris wasn't such
that he needed to be king.

Yeah, yeah.

I totally agree with that.

All right, that's enough.

Thank you. Thank you, Sadie.

And everyone have
a good weekend.

That a way, that a way,

that a way, that
a way, that a way!

You gonna get that?

It's your door.


Okay. All right, don't do it.

Just sit there.

I'm watching the game, dammit.

Yeah? Yeah?


Is everything okay?

No, not at all.

Go inside.

I can't
believe I'm saying this,

but I kinda miss this place.

Wait, the lights are on.

Trevor, are you
sure no one's here?

Um, that's what my mom said.

- See something? That's-
- Guys-

- That's, that's a cart.
- Guys.

- Let's go. Go, go.
- Sh, sh.

What are you doing?

He'll move back around.
We don't have time to run.

Come on!

- Fuck.
- Come on!

- Fuck.
- Come o-

- Okay.


Wasn't how you
envisioned it, huh?

- Let's go.
- Okay.

It's so quiet.

Spooky quiet.

Have you guys
been here when it's empty?

Only once with my mom, so.

Hey guys,
why are we whispering?

- Sh!
- Dude!

I can't hear you bro, what?

- Oh, my god.
- Sh!

- Sh!
- Sh!

- Cock!
- Dude!

Cock, fuck, big,
hairy nutsack, queef!

- Sh!
- Shut the fuck up!

- Sh!
- Don't sh me.

Fine, because no one's here.

No one's here, are you?

Is anyone here?
♪ Here ♪

I don't think anyone is here.

We're all
alone, motherfuckers!

I think we run this bitch!


- Yeah!
- Whoo!

- Whoo!
- Whoo!


- Whoo!
- Ah!

Ah, ah, ah.

Get up!

And then that little
rat-faced sophomore

had the nerve to tell me,

the best actress that
they have in drama club,

that I was stepping
on her lines.

I mean, I'm the goddamn lead.

I can step on your lines
if I want to, cunt.

Ugh. I'm totally
with you, baby.

You're the star.

Such a good listener. Oop!

Does that mean we can have
sex tonight?

You know what we haven't done?

I can guess.

Can you?

Are we talking around
the parameters of an orgy?

Gross. Do not include me.

We have never taken
a shower together.

You need a refill?

I've still got
three-fourths of a cup.

I, I wasn't trying
to get you drunk

Is it bad if
I say I'm disappointed?

Dude, did I ever
tell you guys the time

that I cut oceanography
and snuck in here

to catch a glimpse of
fifth-period girls changing?

There are so many hot girls

in fifth period, right, right?

Okay, so anyway, it was
like raining that day

so no one got dressed.

So I'm like hiding
in here waiting

and no one shows up.

But then when I try and leave,

Ms. Bishop comes in to use
the PE coaches bathroom.

And I'm like, "Okay,
what can I do now?"

Maybe I can catch a
glimpse of her vag, right?"

But then, all I end up doing

is smelling our
Spanish teacher's shit.

Did I ever tell you
guys that story?


Okay. Okay, I get it.

You know what?

It's not the size of the whale,

it's the speed of the dolphin.


You know
what I'm talking about?

- No, I don't.
- You're crazy.

- Yeah, you do.
- No, I don't.

- Yeah, you do.
- Bye!

You were saying?

Was I?

I don't even know.


To dolphins.


Did you guys know that I
was Lady Macbeth in 8th grade?

The school let us use this stage

for our opening night.

Do you remember it?

That night?

No, her monologue.

Hmm, some of it.

Hmm. You should
perform it for us.

- Here?
- Yeah.


- Come on.
- Come on.

- Please. I wanna see it.
- Me too.


- Come on. I wanna hear it.
- Come on.


Come on.

Genesis, Genesis,

Genesis, Genesis, Genesis, whoo!

Let's get it.

Come to my women's breasts

and take my milk for gall,

you murdering ministers.

Wherever in your
sightless substances,

you wait on nature's mischief.

Come, thick night, and pall thee

in the dunnest smoke of hell

that my keen knife see
not the wound it makes,

nor heaven peep
through the blanket

of the dark, to cry...

Fuck you, Miguel!

I thought I was good.

And turn that light
off, you idiot.

Miguel! You're an asshole.

Why am I an asshole?

So good. Really,
really impressive.

Trevor, I wouldn't
run if I were you.

I've already seen your faces.

Plus, I know you guys,

so, uh, I'm pretty
sure I could give

a pretty detailed description

of who you are to the police.

Oh, sorry. Hold on.



Turn around.

Oh, that's a good one.

Oh, that's good.

See this, this,
school's not gonna think

that I doctored these.

All right.

How are you guys
doing? You good?

Okay, the only other question

that I have for you is,

do you have pellets for this?


You guys don't want me to play?

- Are you serious, Mr. Dunbar?
- I'm totally serious.

This is gonna be fun.

I'm not gonna turn you
guys in. I swear I'm not.

That's not, that's not the
kind of person that I am.

I won't.

What do you, what
do you wanna do?

I just wanna play.
That's all I wanna do.

I just wanna play.

Come on, what do you guys think,

you were the only ones that
were bored out of your minds

at home during this
fucking pandemic?

Let's do this.

Okay, so let's get
these all loaded up.

We'll do two teams.

We'll start at different
positions at the school.

Trevor, these are all your guns?


How often do you play?

I have a
season pass to Paint World.

I'm sorry, you have a
season passed to what?

I have a season
pass to Paint World.

You have a season pass
to Paint World. Wow.

And you lay in bed at night

wondering why you're
struggling with girls.

- Oh, shit.
- I'm kidding.

I'm just busting your balls.

But seriously, you're
gonna be a rock star

'cause you're gonna have
two women on your team.

Miguel, you're coming with me.

Wait, why am I on your team?

Because I'm
clearly the best shot

and you are the weakest link.

Okay, who are you
calling a weak link?

No offense, man. No offense.

I just, I play this all
the time, all right?

I have a, I have
a sixth sense.

I can tell by
looking at somebody,

whether they're good or not,

and you don't look
like you could

hit a barn with a shotgun.

Am I, am I right, Trevor?

We did play for my
birthday last year, yeah.

What? You suck.

Shut up.

It's true.

Very good. Okay, so
here's the rules, okay?

The rules of the game:

no head shots, no chest
shots, arms and legs.

If you get hit in
the leg, you limp.

If you run full out,
you're disqualified,

you're cheating, okay?

Three shots total and your out.

Ah, this is gonna be so dope.

This is gonna be so dope.

One more thing
though, don't hate me.

All right, guys.

Phones in. Let's do it.

All right? Come on.


We have to do it. Come on.

It's, I don't want people
signaling each other

while we're playing.

No, I'm not
giving you my phone.

Can we promise not to?

Yeah, we'll like
give you our word.

Your word, really?

I, you know that
I've been teaching

for almost two decades.

A 17 year old's word
means about as much

as the principal's word,
which is not at all.

So put your phones
in the locker.

I mean, he's right.

I mean, I've played with guys

who've signaled their
team members all the time.

It's kind of hard not to

when you're pinned
down and desperate.

'Cause he has a point.

Expert analysis.
Thank you very much.

Extra points this
semester, for sure.

For real?

Guys, come on. I'm
really, I'm a nice guy.

I'm cool, and this is like,

this is a time machine for me

with you guys right
now doing this.

This is amazing.

Don't think that I'm so old

that I don't remember
what it was like

to be your age, because I do.

Come on, level playing
field. Let's do this.

I, I'm in as well.

Come on, give me your phones.

Thank you.

Give me your phone. Come on.

Genesis, come on.

Thank you.

The game demands a strong
willingness for teamwork.

The game demands
strategic thinking.

The game, ladies and gentlemen,

is capture the flag,

located in the perfect midpoint.

We start on opposite
ends of the school.

Sadie, Trevor, and Genesis,

you take up position
at the south entrance.

Miguel and myself will start

on the edge of the east
wing. Hey, you do me a favor,

when you see that clock hit-00,

it's go time, all right?

That's the green light.

Well, what do we do then?

Just follow me.

Watch the firework. Here.

You're out.

So look, we're three,
we have the advantage.

I'll run point.

I'll signal you guys forward,
you sweep the perimeter.

English, nerd.

Look around and make
sure no one is there

and wave me forward.

We'll stop at the
locker on the way.

Um it's not the best cover,

but it's better
than nothing, so.

You are way too into this.

Have you ever been
shot by a pellet?

I have. It doesn't feel
like a water balloon.

Water balloons hurt.

Here we go. Come on.

Come on.

That's it.

The flag's right there
inside the office.

Wait here.


What are we waiting for?

- Wait!
- What?

Is he there?

He's right by
the soda machine.

So he beat us.

Only one way to find out.

When he takes me out,
there'll be a moment

where he's focused only on me.

I'll obscure a path.

That doesn't make sense.

It does. He's
sacrificing himself.

- Are you sure that'll work?
- Not at all.

Look, chances are
one or both of you

will be able to run with me.

It's the only strategy we have.

Okay, but-

- Look, on three.

One, two, three.


Oh, snap!


Ah! Motherfucker!


Okay, well, it looks like
I chose the wrong teammate.

Did you see me in the
mirror over there?


Tactical skills on point.

Should bode well
for your future.

You guys ready to
go for round two?

Shouldn't we take a second

to like clean off and regroup?

No, no.

We, we don't wanna be here

for more than one or two hours

because that security guard
might loop back around again.

You know what though?

I do wanna change up the teams.

Sadie, do you
wanna come with me?

What, did I say
something that was funny?

No, not at all,
Mr. Dunbar.

Why do you want
her on your team?

Well, Trevor two things,

first, she's really great
at taking direction.

And as you were all
painfully aware of

in this last round,

my current teammate is not.

And the second?

And the second is, and
you guys should know this,

I have a massive,
massive crush on her.

What? What, did I say something?

Mr. Dunbar,
that's really weird.

Why is that really
weird, Genesis?

But I'm just parroting a rumor

that I heard from some
students at school.

What are you talking about?

I was in your Zoom meeting.

I heard everything
you guys said.

I, I heard you guys even talking

about coming here tonight,

which is why I am here
just to have a little fun.

That stuff we said,
I mean, we didn't-

- Yeah, we were kidding.

No, the thing, I don't think,

I don't think that
those were jokes.

Genesis, I think if, uh,

if the mood struck you,

that you'd, you'd turn me in.

I do.

I think that you guys would
have lied collectively

and ruined my career.

And that sucks.

Doesn't it? Doesn't that suck?

And why?

All because I showed a
little favoritism to Sadie,

or, I'm sorry, should
I say @LittleSadie888?

Mr. Dunbar, you've
got it all wrong.

We would never do anything

like that.
I don't think that I do

have it all wrong.

I think that you have
it all wrong, Miguel.

I think that you have
it all wrong about me.

Your faces. You
guys are ridiculous.

I'm kidding. I'm joking.

I'm not mad. I'm not mad.

Your faces.

I do, however, wanna fly
solo on this next round

if that's okay.

Is that okay with you guys?

Should we, say, what,

when the little hand
hits the five, game one?

That sounds good?

Yeah? All right.

What the fuck was that?

Miguel, you're shaking.


You guys, I think we
should get out of here.

you think? Let's go.

Wait, what about our phones?

- Shit, shit.
- I don't care about my phone.

Okay? Let's just
get out of here.

Are you fucking high?

I'm not leaving here
without my phone.

I'm serious.

Fine. You guys
go on without us.

We'll get your phones

and we'll meet you at
the front entrance.

- Come on.
- Yeah, whatever.

Yeah, let's go.
I'll see you there.

- Jesus Christ.
- Fuck.

Why do we need our phones?

Because. It'll be okay.

So what was all that about?


He knew your Instagram handle.

So what?

- I mean your own private-
- What, Trevor?

Did you give him your
number or something?

Did I give him
my phone number?

I'm asking.

No, he follows
me on Instagram.

It's not a big deal.

But your page is private,

which means you had to give
him access to your page.

We have all of our pictures

on your page.
Yes, detective. So what?

Did he ever DM you?

I don't know.

No, fuck that. You'd remember.

I DM a lot of people.


I'm not talking about this.

I just wanna go home.

Fuck this.

I think
somebody double-locked it

so no one can come
in or come out.

Let's just go out
the way we came.

Yeah, but, hold on.


What? Metal?


It's giving me a
little bit of slack.

I, I think they were locked

by chains from the outside.

They probably are. What?

Trevor, when we came in,

there weren't chains
on the outside.

You were looking?

- No, but-
- So how would you know?

Then why won't it open?

I don't know, let's just
go back the way we came.

Come on!

Why don't you just
break a window then, tough guy?

There's no point.

There's barbed wire
on the windows.

Stop. Jesus, Gen, stop!

I need my phone!

I'm not leaving without it.


- Fucking-
- Trevor!



Something is wrong.

Something is fucking wrong.

Here, move.

Keep going.

Yeah, I am.

I almost got it.

Mr. Dunbar?

You know, that's
a pretty serious offense,

destroying school property.

Let's get out of here.

I'm not leaving.



What the fuck, man?

Dude, we're not
playing anymore.

What the hell, man? Stop!

Gen, let's go.
My phone!

Forget your phone.

You guys, we
need to get out of here.

Yeah. I'm over this shit.

No, he locked all the doors.


Dude, I'm not fucking
around anymore.

We're done playing.

Really? You're
done playing paintball?

Look, someone's
gonna get hurt.

And if you don't stop
shooting that thing,

it might be you.

Good. The game's over.

I'd be lying if I didn't say

I wasn't a little disappointed.

You know, Washington, he
may have been a bitch,

but I don't think
he ever surrendered.

Hey, we gotta go.

We have to get past him

to get to the west entrance.

Yo, we're leaving, man.

It's a free country.

Why don't you just come out?

I just gave up my
Second Amendment right.

That's not enough?

- It's okay.
- What?

We have to walk right past him.

He threw his gun out.

Well, what if he
has another one?

I'm not staying here.



It's fine, he bailed.

- Ah! Oh!
- Hey, what the fuck, man?

We said we were done!

- Ah! Oh!
- Trevor,

this is not paint, oh my gosh.

- Trevor!
- Oh shit, it's blood!


- What the fuck?
- Shit, dude!

- Fuck!
- Get up!

- Get up!
- Come on!

Oh fuck, bro!

Come on, go! You've got it!

Keep going, keep going! Get up!

Get up!

Come on!

- Get up!
- Come on!

- Get up!
- Get in the fucking door!

Get up!

Come on, put him here.

Put him here, come on.

Stay there,
stay there, stay there!

He's bleeding bad.

- Don't say that!
- Say what?

You're talking about
me like I'm not here

and it feels like I'm
gonna fucking die!

You're not gonna die!

Look, nobody's gonna
die, man, all right?

Genesis fucking
bailed on us! Ah, fuck.

All right, help me with this.

Come on.

I'll get it. I got it.

I got it. I got it.

- This way.
- Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Okay, come on, come on.

Get up, get up.

Get your ass up! Come on!

- Oh, fuck.
- Hold on, hold on.

Guys, get in here!

Help me get this window open.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Oh, I'm sorry!

Come on, get up, man.

I can't. I don't
wanna die, man!

It's okay. Stop!

You're not gonna die.

This only opens a little bit.

We can't fit through here.

You know what
really upsets me?

That we never got to
Theodore Roosevelt in class,

who is by far, in my opinion,

our greatest president.

And I quote, "The
fool, who has not sense"

to discriminate between
what is good and what is bad

is well-nigh as
dangerous as the man

who does discriminate


And yet chooses the bad.

Hey! There's
someone out there.

- What?
- Hey! Help us!

No, on the podcast
that we will never do

but we should do

if we had any balls at all.

Hey, help us!

Help us!

I their I'm lightheaded.

And we don't judge,

'cause we wanna see this
thing through, right?

So we're laying on the couch,

we got the wine, and this mutt

won't leave me alone all night.

- Fuck! God.
- Come on.

So I kick it a
little, you know?

Okay, I don't
wanna hurt the dog.

I kick it just a little bit,

just to say, you
know, "Let's not."

She's a little,
unhurt, unneutered dog,

gonna have sex with my dime.

I mean, what the...

Can we? Hold on a minute.

You know what?

Let me call you right
back, all right?

Yeah, let me call
you right back.

Come on! Hey!

Help us!

What are you
kids doing in there?

Help us!

- I'm lightheaded.
- Help!

Hey dude, hey.

Get up! Get, get!

Fucking help me, please!

Ah shit.

Help me Hey!

What the fuck?

We have to go.

We have to go now.

We're not leaving him here?

We have to, if we don't,

we're gonna die too, come on.


Shit. What the hell?

What the fuck is this shit?

- Hey!
- Hey!

We're the fuck have you been?

I was hiding.

I saw him go outside
and I couldn't get

through any of the doors.

Where's Miguel?

He's fucking dead.


We have to get outta here.



Can you stand up?

- No, yeah, get up.
- Get up. Stand up.

Come on, get up.

We have to get another way.

This side of campus
is all locked.

Mr. Dunbar has
been here forever.

He's gotta know all the hallway
passages and everything.

And with her hobbling,
we'll never be fast enough.

Don't even think about
fucking leaving me.

No, someone has to bait him.

No. I think, I
think we all go.

I could run.
No, no, no, no, no.

Stop helping her.

Look, I'll lure
him that way, okay?

It'll buy you guys some time.

I'll find another way out.

- Okay.
- Just go.

Good plan.

- Go.
- Okay.



Your friends left you, huh?

That is fucked up.

Hey, help us!


Help us!

Fuck you, Dunbar.

First of all, it's Mr. Dunbar.

Fuck you, Mr. Dunbar.

If there's one thing

that you learned from
my class this semester

as a baseline are
fucking manners.

You know that?

- Ow!
- Come here.

What are we waiting for?

I don't know which way to go.

I'm not picky.

Why can't you think of away?

Well, for one, I think
I have a concussion, okay?

Don't pressure me. I don't
do well under pressure.

Well, I could go-

- Wait, last semester,

drama club after school,

I would go and smoke-

- Gen, who fucking cares?
- No, no, no.

The backstage stairwell,

it's the auditorium roof.

It's never locked.

Are you sure?

Now, no. It was last winter.

But it could still be unlocked.

You have a better idea?

Come on.

Is there anybody in here?

Because if there is, I
am definitely gonna need

to see a bathroom pass
at the end of this.

You know what bothers me
more than anything has

for the past few decades
that I've been a teacher?

Kids saying that they have
to go to the bathroom,

you get them a bathroom pass,

but they don't
really have to go.

They're just bored.

I mean, I understand
that. Hell, I get bored.

That doesn't seem like
a boredom issue for me,

that just seems like a
general respect issue.

I'm a slave to the
bell also, you know?

I can't leave. I can't go.

I gotta stay.

It's ridiculous. It's archaic.

What other job forces
you to clinch a shit

for 55-plus minutes,

just staring at the
clock and praying?

Let's wait. Stop.

- Come on we're almost there.
- Let's wait. Stop.

You go and see if it's
open and then come back.

Stay here.
Don't go anywhere.


locked all the doors.


Please, you're scaring me.

- Are you okay?
- He's here. He's here.

- Where's Gen?
- I don't know.

Crazy story.

I never told
anybody this before.

I got a call from Principal
Kabasis a few years back

asking me how I would feel

about teaching a theater class.

The regular teacher, I
guess she got some sort

of like mononucleosis
illness kind of thing.

She retired early

and took her syllabus with her.

- Where is he?
- I don't know!

I don't know.

I was, I was nervous.

I was reluctant. But
then, you know what?

At some point I thought,

"What the hell."

I'm gonna step outside
of my comfort zone.

"I'm gonna dive in."

I even wrote a
little one-act called

"The Death of Lincoln."

You know, I put a
lot of time into it,

not just writing the playbook,

but like prep
hours, lesson plans.

So we're a few days from
coming back from summer break

and I find out that
Principal Kabasis

reallocated the budget
funds for the class.

- We gotta go.
- I'm not leaving her here.

So the class got cut.

They spread out the kids
into different electives

and I went back to
another awesome year

of teaching history.

But it's funny, I always,

I always wondered what
would have happened

if I had gotten the chance
to put that play on.

And now, I don't have to wonder.

This is it. It's
happening right now.

I have a cast. It's amazing.

Mr. Dunbar, please.

She seems really scared.

Either that, or she's a
really, really good actress.

You wanna try for extra credit?


Three questions, no mistakes.

Get three in a row,
you live, okay?

You good on that? Perfect.

So am I.

All right, first one,

this is a, it's a layup,

it's an easy one,

name the president that
helped free the slaves.


Abraham Lincoln.

What war did he preside over?

The C-Civil War.

She's very good.

Sadie, a little
competition for you.

Who killed Abraham Lincoln?

I know, that's a hard one.

I'll give you three clues, okay?

He shot Lincoln in
the back of the head,

he escaped from the
scene of the crime,

and he has three names.

Wait. Wait, I know this.

I know this.

Three, three word name.

Lee Harvey Oswald.

Gen, no, no.

No. No


No! Oh god.

Let's go!

In here, come on.

He's locked up the doors.

All the windows
have bars on them.

We can't leave, we can't call.

Does the school
have any landlines?

What does your mom use?

All the landlines
are on a channel,

where the main office calls out.

That's too far on the
other side of campus.

He's probably
cut them anyways.

We can't get to
our cell phones,

unless you have
another one, I don't.


There is one.

What? What do you mean?

You have another phone?

No, Coach Bird
keeps one his office.


He keeps a old burner
phone in his drawer.

I seen him use it at the
Ultimate Frisbee Competition.

But I mean, we all
think he has something

going on on the side.

I mean, he's married, but-

- No, you have to double back.

You could be walking
right into him.

We can't go anywhere.

Everything is sealed off!

Either we find a way
to call or we die here.

That's it.

I don't wanna be left alone.

Look, just stay put, okay?

I'm coming back. I'm
coning right back.

Please stop, I'm scared.

I'm scared too.

But this is the
only shot we have.

That is one of the
fastest suicides

that I've ever seen run.

For real. And believe me, I
subbed a lot of PE classes.

Ah! Ah!


I wouldn't worry about it.

You'll be okay. Just
put some ice on it.


And you're not supposed to be

in the coach's
office unattended.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.

Yes! Fuck.

My name is Trevor
Bentel and I need help.

Somebody's trying to k-

Somebody's trying to f-

- I like it when you open up

with your thoughts.

The game demands
strategic thinking.

The game, ladies and gentlemen,

is captured the flag.




It's a beauty contest,

right, Lilah?

Lets bring out our
animal contestants!

Hey, baby. Hi.

Look at you.

I love you. I miss you.

What are you doing?

I'm just watching the
TV and Mommy is sleeping.

It is really late.
You should be sleeping.

What did you-

- What are you doing calling me?

Can you put Sierra
back on, on the phone?

- No.
- Please.

You have a lot of gall
calling after that shit

you pulled with the
bike the other day.

I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

That's a first.

It might've been
the first time I've said it,

but it is definitely not
the first time I've been it.

What do you want?

It is really over, isn't it?

We're over. I get that.

I understand that now.

I just tried so freaking hard.

I did. I tried, really.

I want you to know that.

I know. I do.

I know. I know you do.

You gave up.

Just don't ever forget that.

You're the one that gave up.

No. Listen, I just knew
when it was time to go.

That's something
you something you,

that's something you
never figured out.

I guess I was
too late for that then, huh?

Listen, the hex bolt for
the, for the bike to,

to put it all back together

is in the top drawer in my desk.

John, where are you?

Can you do me a favor?

Just tell Sierra that
I really love her,

that I do, and you too.

Forget the bike, tell
me where you're at.

Do you know why I
saved you for last?

What do you want?

Do you know why you're last?

You're not last.

I never had any
intention of hurting you.

Mr. Dunbar, you-

- Don't call me Mr.
Dunbar. Call me John.

Let's just stop playing games.

I don't wanna be here.

What do you mean?

What do you mean you
don't wanna be here?

I don't wanna be here.

Remember when we were
texting on the phone

right after you gave me
your number on Instagram?

That was for school.
It was for an assignment.

You were flirting with me.

No, I was not
flirting with you!

- Yes you were.
- No.

I wasn't.
Then why did you

give me your number?

- I didn't mean to.
- Really, why did you

give me your number?
I didn't mean to!

I'm stupid! I'm a
stupid teenager, man.

What do you want me to say?

I'm sorry.

Remember when you
said that you wished,

sometimes, that you could
start school all over again?

Everyone says that.

You can.

You can, we can.

We can move somewhere else.

And I can get a respectable job,

but I need to have
someone strong

beside me for that.

You know how many
years of my life

I've lost to this fucking job?

And I refuse to believe

that it's too late for me.

I refuse.

Come here. Come here.

Everyone deserves a
second chance, everyone.

And I know that you don't
understand that now,

but you will.

You were always
the cleverest one.

Put the gun down!

- Sir!
- Hey, guys.

- Step away from the girl!
- Don't, don't start yelling.

Okay? We're having
a conversation here.

Put the gun down.

I'm a public
servant also, okay?

- Step away.
- Put the gun down.

I'm not asking again.

I'm one of the good guys too.

- Drop the gun.
- We're all good guys.

Sir, drop the gun.

Sadie, are we gonna
do this or what?