Pacchigi! (2004) - full transcript

Kyoto 1968. Several high school students deal with their life as Korean-Japanese trying to earn each other's love and respect. But the times are not kind to them.


♪ I'm looking smart

♪ I am!

♪ A psychedelic romance


♪ You're the one I love

♪ I love you!

♪ Let's go dance!

♪ You're saying "No"

♪ No!

♪ But the rhythm says "Go"

♪ Go!

♪ You're a dream

♪ Dream!

♪ Please dance with me

♪ Dancing seventeen
Dancing seventeen

♪ Let's dance all night

♪ Dancing seventeen
Dancing seventeen

♪ Let's make love

Directed by Izutsu Kazuyuki

KYOTO, 1968

April 27th
Today's Matinée: The Ox's

Bitoh Isao will be performing, too.

Hey, Kosuke! Why don't
we try hairstyles like those?

People at school would stare...

Girls would be all over us!

They'd let us have a piece...
No doubt about it...

Akamatsu Ai.

'Ai' is a girl's name!


Kosuke, let's get one of
these mushroom haircuts.

Our dream will come true.

We'll experience penetration!

They're going at it.

♪ Deep in Northern country

Norio! Norio!

♪ A heartbreaking sight
The tears of a swan

♪ That sky, those clouds
they know the truth ♪

- No, stop!
- Please, don't do it!

Outta the way!
Let us through!

Excuse us.

- Who are they?
- Who called them?

Which of you ladies
foamed from the mouth first?

- Hideto!
- This girl here.

I was first!

- Ai, wake up!
- Will you just carry her away!

How's she?

She's breathing, alright.


- This one's lost it!
- Passed out.

Do you think they're from Tokyo?

Either way,
we were laughed at yet again.

It's procedure!


First, you make them laugh.

Then you introduce yourself.

Do you like the Beatles?

That's how love is born...

And then...

Isn't it, Kosuke?

Perhaps if we had electric guitars.

I believe it's a deeper issue.

That's it!
I'll do it!

I love all of you!



How stupid!

- Norio, I'll go home...
- Where are you going?

I'm tired.
I'll go home.

Don't go yet,
"Hear-my-motto" Akimoto!

I've been having English classes.

Do you think you're
Edith Hanson or something?

He's useless.

I don't see why they call it
"The Temple of the Silver Pavilion."

It's not silver at all.

Nagasaki castella cakes are much better.

"Colossal Heian-kyo," my ass.
It's no big deal.

It's "Peaceful Heian-kyo."

That's right.
It's Heijo-kyo that was "colossal."

It's "Colossal Heijo-kyo" first,
"Peaceful Heian-kyo" comes later.

Just wait a minute, Mr. Postman.

I spy with my little eye,
girls from North Korean High.

Hello, there.


- Won't you even say "Hello"?
- Well, I love girls with an attitude.


Let's play behind the Temple.

That's where our school is.
Would you like to see it?

The famous
Korean Barbecue School!

You trying to pick a fight?


The guys from North Korean High.

I'll fucking kill them!

- Should we run?
- Of course!

Wait up!

Hey, asshole!

- Don't look, Norio. It'll be worse.
- I won't look if you won't.

Did you do it?

We're leaving.

Who picked on you?

We made a mistake...


Who's next?

Eat your heart out,
Muhammad Ali!

An unexpected illegal move
swiftly ends the fight--

- We're coming for you now!
- Just start this damn bus!

Where is our Tour Guide?
Get out!

Do it!

- Another brawl...
- Do you think he's dead?

Don't say that!

Stinking Japanese!

Have one on me!

- What's with the hair?
- It's like Akamatsu's.

Akamatsu Ai.
I'm sure you know him.

I don't care 'bout no fucking Ai,
just give me the guy who did it!

I don't know what's going on

but will the person who did
something wrong please stand up?

What's up, kimchi-eater?

Take a nap!

- Are you North Korean?
- I'm just Kosuke!

The North Koreans can go
pote@ku*ri konare!

What fucking language was that?

Do it!

Please! This is real
Cypress! Even the legs!

Old man, just give it up!

I must protect it.

It's been in the family for years.
From the bottom of my heart!

Move! We're coming!

Wait! Wait!

Bastards! Replace
the damn thing!

I don't mind the bus,
but the table is mine!

Listen, I'd better go home now,
or my mum will be worried.

Push him out!

That's the guy!

This piece of shit?

Are you ready?

And a one...

- Shake it!
- Yeah!

What the...?
You can go now.

You know what? Get back on.

I'm back on!


Let's see it, now!

- Push it!
- C'mon, harder!

Oh, God!

All the way!

Where's the teacher?
Someone go find him!

One more time!

Yes! This is it!


- You broke a tooth.
- Maybe we should take a picture.

It's a school trip, after all.


I'm very sad...

Of course the people who
did this are in fault, but so are you!

You're both equally stupid!

It's normal you'd have your little
skirmishes with the North Koreans...

It will be a great memory...

Have something to say, Norio?

Please go on.

As students living in Kyoto,
you should try to get along.

I'm sure we can find a better use
for your overflowing young energy!

I've used up mine...

This is the most widely read publication
in China at the moment.

Here's what chairman Mao
has to teach us:

Have you been to China?

I haven't, but I know.

The world is yours,
and it's also ours...

But it's gonna belong to you.


Just listen, Kosuke...

Right now, in Vietnam,
in Bolivia, in the U.S,

even in our very Kyoto...

Everywhere, it's war!


This monster that makes
people kill each other

will probably be wiped out
by human progress someday.

However, there's only
one way to end war.

Atomic bombs?

Are you stupid?

Resurrect Martin Luther King?

America retire from Vietnam?

You mean "pull out"!

Earth becomes
the Planet of the Apes.

He meant "pull out"!

You dregs of society!

We should fight war with war.

But that's more war...

A revolutionary war to end
anti-revolutionary wars,

A people's revolutionary war to end
the people's anti-revolutionary war,

A revolutionary war between classes
to end the war between classes.

That's what Chairman...
Damn it!

Chairman Mao says!

And it's not supposed to be read the
Japanese way, he's Chinese.

It sounds funny, but you know better.

What I'm trying to say is that
all of us, each one in his own way,

should think hard about
what's the right thing to do!

Who's the week's
Class Leader? Sada?

It's Matsuyama!


Go to the North Korean School and invite
them to a friendly football match.


I think your energy is better spent
in peaceful means than in fighting.

Norio, why did you leave the
football club after just 3 months?

Yes, I remember it well...

Go with Matsuyama!

Sir, I can't play football!

Fool! All you have
to do is kick the ball like this!

The seniors are busy with exams, so you
should be the ones to work this out.

Let us have a peace agreement in Kyoto
and be an example to the whole country.

Look at the trouble
they're having in Osaka!

Now, the two of you go
and set up the friendly match.

I don't hear your answer?

"Hail Kim Il-sung, the beloved
leader of the Korean People!"

Can we reach a peace agreement?

Kosuke, let's be revolutionary!

The world is ours!

Norio, you scare me
when you talk like that!

If we went to war now,
who do you think would win?

Do you believe the
Yankees could defeat us?

So, our side?

If we get serious,
it will be one hell of a fight!

The bond that unites our army under
General Kim Il-sung is very strong.

But don't the Americans
have lots of new weapons?

You mean the Intercontinental
Ballistic Missiles, right?

They have a strike range
of over 6,000 km.

It might even be 7,000 km!

Our thoughts alone could
turn them around!

The Americans would never really use
their Hydrogen Bombs or Neutron Bombs.

They just build them.

Whether it's a brawl or a war, it all
comes down to who has more spirit!

Ho Chi Minh's Vietnamese
Army has lots of spirit, too...

The Vietnamese jungles are
full of tunnels.

They're the best
tunnel-diggers in the world.

The American military
are not trained to dig tunnels.

- True?
- True!

You're really sure?

I guess we would win, after all.
Look at what our football achieved!

That World Cup game
made me cry...

An-sung, you're
gonna skip training?

I've made up my mind.
I'll return to our Fatherland.


You're asking me why?
Because I'll join our national team

and be in the next
world cup, that's why!

Do you think I could
have your belly band?

This old thing? Sure!

I'll leave as soon as the
repatriation ships start sailing.


Around the end of summer.

Bang-ho, wanna come?

I wonder...
We sure aren't welcome here in Kyoto...

What the...?

- 3-1.
- Can't read Korean.

- What a weird haircut.
- What school are they from?

Excuse me...

It's the moment of truth...

Be positive.


How ya doin'?

You've taken the bus here?

We're looking for the school office...

It's an exercise for my wrist.

I think you should have this...

A declaration of war?

Only war can end war!

Say what?

Wait up!

Say something, Nagasaki boys.

They're from around here in Kyoto.
Just some pieces of shit!

Good afternoon.

Akamatsu hair!

They came to declare war.

I love war.

You dropped your eraser.

Excuse me.

Watch it!

- Hey!
- Shh!

- Why up the stairs?
- No other way...

I don't think there'll be a game...

Don't give up yet.

I guess you're right.

Let's go find the school office.




He's lost it now...

I'm leaving.

- Who are they?
- They're Japanese.

Excuse us...

Don't stare...

She means you.

They're looking at us.

We're from East High,
my name is Matsuyama Kosuke.

We're harbingers of peace.


We've risked our lives to come.

I know a North Korean was killed
by high school students in Kanagawa.

We've come to invite you
to a friendly football match.

- Friendly match?
- What's it about?

I'll take it.
You may go now.

You have to go through me first.

Oppa, stop that!

Please consider our proposition.

We're free to go, right?

Is it in Japanese?

I'll erase it so
you can rewrite it in Korean.

Kosuke, we're leaving.

Don't stare, stupid!
Excuse us!

Don't let the door hit your ass!

That girl, she's
the bully's sister!

Oppa's sister?

Oppa means "older brother."


A bit.

Cruel world, isn't it?

There's a 3 hour wait time.

Where's An-sung?

With Momoko.

What does he see in that moron?

She has nice round tits.

But Gang-ja's are much bigger.

What do you mean, "But"?

You're much smarter, too!


Women need three things: An agreeable
disposition, a pretty face, a nice ass.

And the 3 things a man needs
are a strong arm, courage, and...


Gang-ja, wait!

Even Ohashi Kyosen
said in his show that

the age of free sex
has already begun.

You really gonna take me
to the amusement park?

I want to see the leopons.

What's the big deal about the
hybrid of a leopard and a lioness?

They're cute!
I'm dying to see them.

Okay, okay.
They're in Hanshin Park, aren't they.

We should go to a hotel.

If we did, it wouldn't
be "free sex" any more!

That's what "free" is about!

Did Ohashi say that, too?
I don't really like that...

Say it!
Who's your daddy?

And you alone.


Those bastards
from East High are here!

- Hey, wait!
- It's unfinished business!

Don't get hurt!

Ossu! I'm Onishi.
26.5 cm.

We don't like to wait!

Working out, huh?
How many kilos in this?

Ossu! Ossu!


This is fun!

I thought I smelt some kimchi.

Don't get big-headed just because
you've tipped some bus over.

- I won't, Konishi!
- It's Onishi!

Shut up, Tanishi!

Ossu! Excuse me! Ossu!


Show 'em, Jae-dok!


You a billboard or something?

Your job's done.
Rest for a while.


Stay down!

You've told Gang-ja
about the thing, didn't you?

- What thing?
- Why don't the staff do something?

I'll teach ya!

Stop or I'll call the police!

Just call them!

It costs 10 million to replace a lane!

Can't be that much...

I'll call them...
I really will!


Ossu! Ossu!

- Jae-dok, need help?
- Hurry!

Somebody just call the police!

Please don't! Please don't!

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile!

Neutron Bomb!

- Are you done?
- Just one more frame.

Get out!

Pick them up!

Pick up those marbles!

Try saying "Ossu!" now!

Feed them this!

- An-sung, haven't you had enough?
- Leave us be!

Momoko, go watch the entrance!

Eat all of it!
It's Korean food.

My teeth hurt!

Delicious, huh?

I want no secrets between us.

- I've finished mine!
- You have?

Onishi, does the champion
need a hand?

It's my pleasure!

Our pleasure!

So expensive...

It's a Yamaha.
53 grand.

No scoffing, please.

That was a really nice girl...

- Give it up!
- Shut up!

You'll hurt
our friendship like that!

Let the Beach Boys
keep the electric guitar.

Folk is the new thing.

- Fork?
- Knife?


It makes some nice sounds...
Give it a try.

In "G!"
Tightly, now.

Don't know that one.

♪ Imjin, river of limpid water

♪ Tranquil as you follow your path ♪

- It's by The Folk Crusaders!
- That's folk music, too?

I'm surprised you know it.

We've heard it there, right?

The song the bully's sister was playing.

That single that was censored?

Not censored, cancelled.

Some folk records only have
300 copies made.

- 300?
- Private pressings.

Can you do that?

I'll show you.
Kuri, I'll come back later.

Come with me.

Kuri, call me when
the new Martins arrive.

♪ Far beyond the waves you've sailed
And you have not yet come back to me

♪ A camellia in her hand,
The island girl--

♪ Island girl...Island girl...
Island girl...Island girl

That's a lot of island girls.




I've no money,
if that's what you want.

I really have to
go to the hospital.

You're sick?

I need money for a phimosis operation.

What do I care if you've got
some foreskin?



- You're early today.
- So is work, tomorrow.



Could you write that in kanji?

♪ Come on, baby, and rescue me

Kikumasa wants more.

I'll get it!
Kikumasa, right?

The Imjin river runs right
in the middle of the Korean Peninsula.

- Vertically?
- No, like this.

It was a song by a
North Korean but a guy

here in Kyoto made
this Japanese version.

The song talks about how the countries
north and south of the river

long to be unified again.

- A divided country, so tragic.
- ♪ Rescue me!

And all this began because Japan
had occupied the Peninsula. Our fault.

So I've heard...

We even changed their names to
Japanese ones. Kanayama, Takayama,

Matsuyama is
not on the list, I'm afraid.

But they were forbidden names with
any connection to the imperial family.

Some 600 or 700 thousand people
were brought to Japan, like cattle.

Now it's about the Soviet Union and the
U.S. fighting over who'll keep Korea--

You're wrong! It's China who came along
in those Soviet tanks and bang! Bang!

- ♪ Rescue me
- Shut up!

The Americans came close to using nukes!

- 5 million died.
- 5 million?

There's a truce, now. The Korean
War is not over, it's just a truce.

What can we do?

We should all just try to get along.

They should not have divided
the Koreans on the 38th parallel.

They keep drawing lines everywhere.
This is mine, that is yours.

♪ Rescue me!

- Walk him home.
- I'm the one who needs to be rescued.

Our very own Hokkaido was almost
handed over to the Soviets, back in the day.

My wife's from Hokkaido.
Can you imagine?

- Where from?
- A family of jam makers in Furano.

Her skin is fair.

What would you do if someone
asked you to go to war tomorrow?

I can't. I have school, right?

- Where are you going?
- Bang-ho's place!

- Morning.
- Good morning.

This one, too.

- More bottles, Jae-dok!
- Got it!

I'd like to do something big!

And what could you do
in a rusty dump like this?

A pachinko parlour?
Ride mules around town selling bread?

Come, come...
That's it!

Jae-dok, didn't you wanna be
an action star at Toei Studios?

You should try to get
Sonny Chiba to help you.

If you want to get rich,
all you have to do is work hard.

- Who's that?
- He came from Busan, 3 days ago.


We named him "Kim Tarou."

Kim Tarou?

You should learn Japanese.


I'll live in France or something
and become a diplomat.


Keep the croquette.

An-sung, give us a hand.

Yesterday's meeting has utterly
destroyed all hopes

of an agreement with
university authorities.

It's very clear their principles and
our principles are irreconcilable!

Very true!

They have failed to persuade us!

We must not let them off the hook!

We will continue to occupy the
Seibu Auditorium

until the council of
deans agrees to negotiate!

Donations, please!

What faction do you belong to?

The Kyoto East Kujo Ward...
Arirang Reunification Front.


Know the guy who got a skull
fracture in the Sanrizuka riots?

It's for his medical expenses.

You were at Sanrizuka?

Then you know Morimoto,
from here at Kyoto University?

I don't think we've met...

Donations, please!

You could use these for molotovs.

I'll take all the helmets you have.

How about some pipes?
Short, long.

I'll take 15.

These are solid steel.
Forget about wood bats!

We can bring about
the world revolution!

This will change their minds!
Go for it!


Hey, Kosuke,

what do you think would happen if the
U.S. and the Soviet Union went to war?

They might draw a line
and divide Japan, too.

For example, a line right over
this river.

It seems there's a division already...
That would be tough!

We wouldn't even be able
to reach Kyoto Station.

Why do they fight?

Because they don't get along.
The same as here.

The North Korean Neighbourhood is
over there, we live on this side.

Your flute player
probably lives in that area.

Yes, but...
why do they go to war?

Because one side tries
to get rid of the other side.

Who does?


But who makes up a country?

I have an idea...

If Kyoto became independent,
if we became a new country.

- Your Highness?
- Easy now...

- I have a proposition.
- What? Let's hear it.

Let's form a folk band.

A folk band?
Easier said than done...

Look! Chinnen is on!
I love him! So cute!

John, would you like some?

Kyung-ja? Sweetie? Isn't it
about time you married me?

Will you drive me to school
in a Cadillac everyday?

I will...

That's it! I will even send
you to North Korea University!

Can I have more pig's wombs?

Mother! Wombs, please!

What a big mouth, going on and on...
We're out of wombs!

No wombs!

Kyung-ja, come have some!
Let's eat!

Brother, where
did you get those?

Damn TV show!
Same thing everywhere you go!

We've started our own
little business enterprise.

Could you get those?

That looks expensive!
It's all very well but take it easy now.

That was a good piss!

What kind of enterprise?

Something wrong?

Is "Tenamonya Sandogasa"
over yet?

I wanna watch "Three Outlaw Samurai."

Watch it then.

We sold some of our junk
to those silly students.

They even bought that
National record player.

The National?

Yes, the old one.

"Island Girl" was in it.

Island girl?

The Harumi record
I got as a gift.

I haven't listened
past "Island Girl" yet.

Then it was just a record?


I didn't...

If you kids keep smoking,
drinking and fooling around like that...

You'll grow up to be one of these!

"These," he said...

- Mum?
- What is it, Achim?

Those circles again!
Always circles!

Makes you cry...

"The Beatles" comes from "beetles,"

How about "The Crayfish"?

Not right. Sounds sluggish...

"The Z-ling," "The Tabase."

You could go on forever.

Oh, yeah, c'mon.

♪ Sittin' on the cock of the bay...

Let's not use "College Folk,"
sounds like a Tokyo band.

Think so?

Practise "Imjin River", okay?

...could have sex less often
or avoid full penetration.

That doesn't mean you can't
have sex at all. Around this time...

The Batable.

- Watch your head. Hungry?
- Just a little.

Who's that?


Come here.

- It's a small world...
- Hello.

About the game...
Come, Natasha.

Birthplace: Moscow, Class: Stripper,
Special skills: Acrobatics.

She's from the Bolshoi Ballet,
a Soviet troupe.

- Soviet?
- Keep it down!

Two years ago they came to Tokyo
for a performance.

She fled her room during the night.

Her intention was to seek asylum at the
Canadian or West German Embassies,

but got lost and, before she knew it,
she had ended up here.

I'm mad about Kyoto!

Longing for a taste of freedom,
she left the great land of tundra

and now makes a living
the revolutionary way!


I'd love to see YOU
go try and be revolutionary!

Norio, about the football match...

It might not happen.

The North Korean School's principal sent
me a letter welcoming the idea.

We need more players.

I'm in! I'll go!

I'm all for it!

Mne ochen' khorosho!
True courage knows no borders.

Natasha, I'll take you home.

See ya!


Our school?

Friendly match?

And they need players?

I've heard they're as good
as our national champions.

We have enough players,
so I think I'll just watch.

I wonder what that
gentleman intends to do...

May I help you?

Remember me?

Could you... tell me your name?

What for?

Could we...


Kyung-ja, what does he want?

Who knows...

Beware of men.

The song you were playing,
"Imjin River."

I sing it all the time.
Isn't it a great song?

Let's go.

I wonder how you spell that...

I think I might be graduating
a bit earlier than everybody else.

Your dad's illness?

And the law could catch up with me.
I'm a big girl now.

What will you do afterwards?

Hairdresser? Not for me.

Bargirl? Not for me.

Maybe I should marry you
and follow you back to North Korea.

I have no need for a bodyguard,
I'm just going back to play football.

Consider the advantages...

I'd do the cooking, the washing.
I'm very thrifty, too!

In over my head, huh?

The goal keeper
can even take a nap!

Let's keep it friendly...


Chairman Mao says we should
fight to end the fighting.

This game, let us all fight!
For peace!

Got it!

Give it all you got.

Fucking Japanese!

Referee, foul!

Professor Fukawa,
this one's questionable, too.

I hope you can forgive my header.

You, there--

The referee?
Why didn't he say so?

Should've told me.

Cut it out now!

It's hopeless...
I think he stopped breathing.


Rider Kick, that's one point.
Kick in the face, one more.

A beautiful header and a hat-trick.
He's top scorer, all the way.

A pity. I had some curry and saw the
Yoshimoto Shinkigeki Comedians, instead.

Somebody stop them.

- On two..
- One, two.

- Don't touch me! You stink!
- What should I do, you fuck? Bite you?

Give me your best!

You're weaker than I thought.

There's some for you...

Gimme a sec!

Buddy, you had a weakness
after all lots of them--

- Scram!
- Shut up!

- Bang-ho, can you take it?
- Yeah!

You know something?
You are fucking shit-imnida!

Ossu! With your permission!

This will be good!

Yoshiike, you're still
far from worthy of this.

- Come along!
- Ossu!

Bang-ho, where are your helmets
when we need them?

Sold out!

Got it?


Fucking Japs!

Plaster them!

Feels so good!
Order more cement for us!

Bring it on a truck!

Japanese-Korean Dictionary,
Korean Vocabulary.


One, two, three, four!


♪ The sky and its beautiful glow
The sky that always moves me so

♪ Just gazing at it, so far away
Made me cry again today ♪

It's a "C"!

I can't concentrate!


Take the plunge!


"Osaka Koseinenkin Hall."
A Folk Festival!

Will you come?

I'll take the Trans-Siberian Railway
to Sweden.

"The Land of Sexual Freedom."

"The Perfect Welfare State."
I wanna check out the place for myself.

In this Japan of our times,
we do not know freedom.

But you are so free!

You are the one
pushing up the roll-up door.

The pushing up thing
is what I'm fed up with.

Even if he can't get
into Kyoto University

he could at least go
to Kinki or Ryukoku.

I shudder to think...

Mr. Sakazaki is a Doshisha graduate.

And running a liquor store?
What a waste!

There's more to life than
riding society's conveyor belt.

In future, people won't accept a
Buddhist monk who's not been to college.

How will I be able to
look people in the eye?

I haven't yet settled on
becoming a Buddhist monk.

Then you go and
tell that to your father!

- Let's go to Uji!
- Uji?

You can trust me!

Need something for your ass?
Try a pain killer!

If you pick a fight with every guy who
stares at you, you won't live long.

Then, should we just
take their money?

Ah! Why not make
a withdrawal from the bank?

I guess I'll just
cancel my phone line.

Extravagant, as usual!

There's another!

Outta' the way!

I'll call you again later!

- Don't forget your change!
- You're in the way!

- Did you see us?
- No, not at all, I've just looked now!

I see...


Did he cut your dick?

- The anaesthesia hurt.
- Really?

They inject it in your willy.
Right in there!

It's a day's work!

You know, Bang-ho is
finally getting the thing done.

Take this and go
get him something nice.

- What can we get?
- I know he likes strawberries.

Strawberries, a pineapple,
hassaku oranges, anything.

And later...

Go to his house...

And take his collection of nude pics
from Heibon Punch magazine.

I heard you could die
if you get a boner.

"Good afternoon."

"My name is Matsuyama."

I'm taking the plunge.


Where's the phone?


Hello! My name is Matsuyama.

Could I please talk to Kyung-ja?

- This is her, speaking.
- Huh?

It's me. Do you remember me?

I was wondering if you would like to
accompany me to a concert.

It's at the Koseinenkin Hall in Osaka,
on the 6th.

It's the Folk Crusaders.
Do you know them?

They sing,
"I Feel So Sad I Can't Take it."

And they sing "Imjin River," too.

Will you come?


I'd really like to go with you.

Just the two of us.

I can't go on the 6th.

I'm going to another concert.

Why don't you come?
It's at Maruyama Park.

Could I? Really?

No problem.

I'll go! I'd never miss it!

Goodbye, then.

- Excuse me?
- Yes?

My period's late...

- Is this your first visit?
- Yes.

Then you should try
the Obstetrics Ward.

Sis, I really need new shoes.

Is water leaking through?


Those will do fine.

Why are you crying?


Are you a nurse, too?

She's the lady from the bowling alley.

Actually, I'm at a shoe shop now.

- How old are you?
- 3 years and 2 months!

You're so smart!

- Want some gum?
- Can I have all of it?

- Sure!
- Thank you!

Don't forget to share.

It must be such fun...

Is it An-sung's?

Sis, our train's coming.

Can I give you some advice?

You two,
aren't really meant for each other.

Every day the U.S. Air Force drops
more and more bombs on North Vietnam.

The fear of Viet Cong snipers,
who could be anywhere...

This war is one
of extreme violence.

Have you heard Muhammad Ali
refused to serve in the military?

America is completely mad
to go to war in Vietnam!

- Don't you think?
- Yep! Kind of...

This is no time to
sit around playing guitar...

Why do you get so
restless about this?

Vietnam is so far away.
What's your opinion?

Can't you see this horrible situation?

Don't turn your eyes away
from the world,

How about using a guitar
to fight for peace?


You'll never get anywhere.
Too conventional. the Vietnamese swamps when it rains,
the vegetation of the rubber forests...

I'd like to thank all
of you for coming here today.

I'll go back to our fatherland
and work very hard.

I'll dedicate myself to
socialism, body and soul.

I ask you to please
look after my mother and sister.

An-sung, if you ever
find yourself in trouble over there...

Just remember this pretty face!

Here, one more pair, for the road.

Just in case.

- Really?
- Why not?

Kim Tarou!

Study hard enough for the both of us.

- Who's that?
- Kim Il.

He came in illegally from Busan.

Is that so?

I'm glad you came!
Welcome, welcome.

I'll look after him.
I'll take care of you!

Here in Japan,
there's no North or South.

Kyoto has achieved reunification, right?

I'll meet you in front of Seoul Station,
when our land is reunified.

I'll work hard and be a rich man.

I'll take care of that.
Let's drink.

- Where's Bang-ho?
- Sleeping.

The idiot won't stop yelling "Ouch!"
every time he gets morning wood.

Can I leave yet?

What are you talking about?
You are today's main guest.

We'll all miss him.
No word from mother yet?

Not yet...


Once there, you should take your
father's ashes to your grandparents.

I'm so worried.
I hope you'll be okay over there...

He's already told everybody
how hard he'll try.

I'll get by.

Aren't you going?

Me? Not yet.

It's up to mother.

If I'm not mistaken,
the next ship sails in the summer.

The Japanese say "Leave", South Koreans
say "Don't let them."

The Red Cross should do something.


You should go, too.
The Fatherland is heaven on Earth.

You can play the flute and everything.

Those who've been there say it was hell!

This is not the occasion to debate that.

An-sung, what about John?

I wish I could take him.

Don't do that!

They eat dogs there, you know?

It saddens me just to imagine that.

What is it?

The guy from East High!

You want revenge?

Is that a machine gun you have in there?

Your sister, Kyung-ja, invited me...

Hey! I'm President of the Association
to Protect Kyung-ja's Virtue.

You really came.

You're dating?

Kyung-ja? Dating?

Wait a minute, now.

My name is Matsuyama.

I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.

I heard there'd be a concert...

Yes, come join us.

An-sung, you be nice to him.

Jae-dok, that means you, too.

So, wandering singer...
How much do you charge for one song?

10 yen!

Kyung-ja, sing with him!

I'll give her 1,000 yen,
if she joins him!

I'll take you up on that!

Just one!

Excuse me!

Didn't you say you
sang it all the time?

"Imjin River"?

Well, well...
Can you play it?

I can.

All in "F," okay?

You look great together!

One, two, three.

♪ Imjin, river of limpid water

♪ Tranquil as you follow your path

♪ Waterfowl may fly freely
Back and forth

♪ But I cannot visit my homeland
in the South

♪ Imjin River, when you follow your path

♪ Do you carry my sorrow
in your waters ♪

That'll be 1,500 yen, please.


Kyung-ja, you were great!
The guy is no big deal.

I don't like him...

You can sing again later.
Come have a drink.

- Sure.
- Nice duet!

This is me.

From the radio?

Just a humble director.

I'd love to drink some makgeolli now.

Sure, come have some!
You must try the cow's intestines.

Noriko, we've been invited.

You too, young man.

Thank you.

Where am I?

- Hang on!
- I'm fine!

- Watch the step!
- I know! I live here!

Excuse us, please!

- Welcome...
- Are you okay?

How embarrassing.

Kosuke, are you trying to kill yourself?
What did you have?

Barbecued intestines.


- The park.
- We were having a celebration.

You're not exactly
from a private school, are you?

Final destination: North Korea.

Who's going? You?


That family there...

Those who want to go back
may take a repatriation ship.

- Let's go, Kyung-ja.
- See you later, Kosuke.

Ah, I'm Lee Kyung-ja.

Won't you answer?

I'm Matsuyama Sanae.

- There are no flights?
- No, there aren't.

By ship, then.

So you and Kyung-ja
will be going back there?

"There"? You make it sound
like a day trip to the hot springs.

See ya, Kange.
Let's go.

- Kange?
- That's my name, in Korean.


Just a moment.

Brother, the phone! Brother!

Who is it?


- It's me.
- What is it?

Let's break up.

What are you talking about?

Let's go tomorrow.
The Leopons at Hanshin Park.

I don't wanna see no leopons.

That's not what you said before.
Truth is, I wanna see 'em, too.

Go by yourself.

They're cute.
There's Leokichi and Ponko.

Did you know they're a cross
between a leopard and a lioness?

I don't care.

Then I'll just go alone!

Fuck the leopons.


I wasn't expecting Prince Namor!

I've translated this...

But it's different from
the Japanese version...

It's from the second chorus.

What are "communal farms" and
"seas of rice ears"?

Stuff we have in North Korea.

Will you go back?


Kyoto isn't your homeland.

It isn't.

Then, is it North Korea?

I'm not sure.

I'd like to see other places, too.




I want to study...
Orchestra, music.

I like music, too.

I might take part in a folk music
contest on the radio.

You should do it!

Could you be with me?

Be what?

What if...

What if we were to have
a serious relationship.

If we were to marry...

Could you become a North Korean?


Ask her if you can feel her breasts.

Sure he can!

I dropped that watch.

- You like it?
- It's mine, give it back.

Are you fucking with me?!
Let's step outside.

I'm kidding!

Pretend she's Kyung-ja
and feel her up.

Tell me about her.

- How far have you gotten?
- First base? Second?

We won't tell An-sung.

Actually, we've only kissed a bit...

But you have to be bold.

If you'll do it, do it right.

If you ever flirt with another girl,
her brother will massacre you.

You should say to him:
"Tanshine ke mokkoshi sumnida."


"May I have your sister's hand?"

That's it! It means,
"May I have your sister's hand?"

He probably won't accept you
if you don't make a proper request.

Here's your chance!

- Hey, Bang-cock! Sorry, Bang-ho.
- Long time no see.

What's with the extravagant place?


I want to eat your dog.

I want to eat--

I heard it the first time!


Bang-ho, you fuck!
Teaching him stupid stuff.

I'll explain later...

Bang-ho, show our colourful friend here
your newly remodelled dick.

I wanna see it!

Amazing, dad!
Opening a second club so soon.

Quit school.
I'll let you run this one.

Learn the business...

Police Commissioner Yoshida
is on the phone.

The colour TV I sent him
must have arrived.

Bang-ho, you've chosen a great place...

Is "Ahh!" all you have
to say, Onishi, my friend?


Excuse me...

Kange! Kosuke! Come quick!

That way!

What a happy coincidence!
We wanna talk, shorty!

Wha-- What's up?

You're his son?
Let's take him.

- Daddy, help!
- Come.


Hang on.

You'll be our loan guarantee.

- We're done talking.
- I'm scared!


Why is it always like this?

The truth is,
I'm very scared of fighting.

I don't know how many times I've had
this dream that when I turned the corner

there are a hundred people
waiting to beat me up.


I've given up becoming
an action star for Toei.

Will you teach me how
to play the guitar?

An-sung will go home,
Bang-ho is going to graduate.

Be my friend.


How can I tell Kyung-ja
"I want to rehearse with you"?

"Turiso hamke hagoshipoyo."

- You're not fooling me again, are you?
- Say it with a smile.

- Turiso hamke hagoshipoyo.
- That's right.

We'll do it again.

I'll pull you in!

Does he know?

Idiot... why don't you tell him?

How can I count on someone
who's leaving the country?

Have you considered
how your child will feel?

I didn't had a father, either...

Are you prepared?

It's more like "pregnant."


- How much is it?
- For a checkup, it's 310 yen.


Sorry about those
harsh things I said.

This is Sumaura beach, in Hyogo.

Every Sunday it is
filled with families and...

Kyung-ja, do you like Kyoto?

Wanna come along?

I like Kyoto.
It's better than Osaka.

The weather's not so dry.

I liked Tokuyama, too,
and Shimonoseki.

But we didn't have a toilet.

You were always
crouching behind the bamboo.


Mother, you could always come later.

If your father were still with us

we'd all probably
already be there...

The restaurant can be closed
at any time.

We have no debts,
but we have no possessions either.

We don't even have Resident Cards.

But I believe in this girl!

That again...
The decision is yours.

Believe in me, too!

I'll play in the World Cup!

I also have to keep an eye on
that one until he finishes school.

- Auntie?
- What is it?

- Come outside for a moment.
- Why? What's wrong?

- Auntie?
- What?

Please tell me the truth.
I want to hear your honest opinion.

You're scaring me!

I've always wanted you
to be my mother,

- Ever since I was 5!
- And so?

What are you doing?

Is this okay?

Let me see.

What's happened down there?


- An-sung?
- What?

What was that about?

W-- Wait!

Call Momoko right now!

- Gang-ja?
- Good evening.


Could they undo this at
the hospital you work at?

Gang-ja, listen to me!
It's two different colours now...


You've returned!

How was Sweden?

TV kept saying "the land of free sex,"
"sexual liberation,"

so I had high hopes.

All I saw were a few reindeer
in marshland.

TV is full of bullshit,
you should never believe it.

I'll cross the United States next.

I'll look for a middle-of-the-road bar
and see what their "freedom" is about.

I'll also check out
the Statue of Liberty.

I want your opinion about something.

I bet your mother's still nagging you!

It's a drag!

This is what Martin Luther King said
before he was assassinated:

"I have a dream"

"that one day,
on the red hills of Georgia,"

"the sons of former slaves
and the sons of former slave-owners"

"will be able to sit down together"

"at the table of brotherhood."

Never give up.


- Ossu!
- Ossu!

The Satsuma-Choshu Alliance made
the Meiji Restoration possible.

Japan lost to American scum
because it was surrounded

by the Allied Forces' A-B-C-D!

Easy, now...

You know the A-B-C-Ds?

"A" is for America,
"B" is for Britain,

"C" is for Singapore...

Don't look away, retard!

We'll surround the North Koreans.

You've contacted the Osaka Hopes?

Ah, there they are.

How much does it cost to have a baby?

Around 50,000, I think.
Maybe 100,000!

I wish I could at least give
her the money.

That's my line.

We've no more pipes or helmets.

You know, I heard Chong-su
sold his jacket for 100,000...

An-sung's should be
worth twice as much.

It was just an idea!

Is that true?

Let's not waste time.

I could go for you. Let me.

What's the joke?

- Whatcha lookin' at, Korean fuck?
- Want some?

I can give you some!


"Lee An-seng"?

I'm Lee An-sung, from East Kujo!

Kyoto belongs to me!


Are you okay?

We've come from far away.
You could at least try harder.

Guys, more of them
at Kawabata-Gojo!


You Osaka Hopes work fast.

I'll get them all.
Try and headbutt me now, An-sung!

You fucking screw-up!
This is not An-sung.

No way?

His name's Park.

Central Park, you okay?
Sorry about that.

Fucking Japs!

It's the police!

Give it back!

How brave!

Aren't you hurt?

What's going on?

Shut up!

Watch it!

Screw you!

- You must be strong, now.
- He's right.

Can someone give us a hand?

Go help!

The coffin's here.

It's here.

Watch your step now!
Take it in.

Door's too narrow.
Try it sideways.

Push it in! Push it.

- It's not working.
- What shall we do?

- He has to be in a coffin, right?
- Of course!

- Get it in!
- We know.

Make way!

Do I have your permission?

Do it, please.

Do it!

What are you-- No!

Let me!

That will do.


Bang-ho, let's drink.

Damn you, Jae-dok.

I had something
I wanted to show him...


My foreskin.

Let me see it.

Put it in his coffin.

I wonder what's keeping the monk.

You don't know any Korean mantras?

I'm afraid not.

Drink with us, Kosuke.

I drink with you as my brother.

Kange, I drink with you as

my distant cousin.

I wish we could have played together.

Put this in his coffin.

You're not coming?

We'll have our own funeral.

- I'm sorry.
- Just leave it!

Forgive me.

Go home.

Go home!

Get out.
I'm saying it in Japanese!


- Grandpa, let him--
- Stay out of this!

Have you ever eaten
basket clams from the Yodo river?

Or the plants growing by the road?

I was planting rice back home...

They showed me a document
and made me get on a truck.

My grandmother was crying.

Crying desperately
all over the field...

When the ship left Busan

I contemplated jumping
into the sea and dying!

They brought so many of us,
there was almost no one left...

You Japanese youths
don't know anything.

And you never will, either.


We're nothing like you.

Who do you think dug the Ikoma Tunnel?

But the money went to a
corporation, Obayashi or something.

The marble used in
the National Diet Building,

Where did it come from,
and who piled it up?

You don't know anything.
Nothing at all.

So just leave.

This Japanese... I stole some pork
scraps to eat

but the lookout,
that bastard, beat me.

I still have a twisted leg.

No one knows what
became of my elder brother.


You're not welcome here.

Please go.

You're leaving?

Bang-ho, come with me.

Now you're talking.

Kim Tarou, will you join us?

I'd be honoured.

♪ The sky and its beautiful glow
The sky that always moves me so

♪ Just gazing at it, so far away
Made me cry again today

♪ I feel so sad, so very sad

♪ So sad I can't take it

♪ These unhappy, unresolved
feelings I have

♪ Should I tell someone about them?

♪ I watch the white clouds as they float

♪ My dreams are shattered

♪ I have no hope

♪ I feel so sad, so very sad

♪ So sad I can't take it

♪ This bottomless hole I feel inside

♪ Do you think there's a cure ♪

No! No!

Not now!
Not now!

Tarou, step on it!

- I'm leaving, then.
- See you tomorrow!

- I'm sorry, I have a wake to attend.
- An emergency patient asked for you.

A pregnant woman.

Breath out!
That's right!

Try to relax!

Very good!

- Momoko?
- Her water broke. We should hurry

but the birthing room is full.

Momoko, be brave!
Be strong!

- This is what you wanted.
- An-sung!

Wasn't that nice?
Her voice is so sweet.

But Ishizuka, the current
champion, is very good, too.

Play the jingle and
then it's the traffic spot.

It's time for the
KCB Kyoto Traffic Spot!

Minowa, what have you got for us?

This is the traffic spot for Kyoto...

He arrived! He's here!

He's late...

We've been waiting!

Good luck!
One minute to air.

Where's your guitar?

I dropped it, in the river.

There are twice as many...

Korean trash!
Is that all?

Japanese scum!

All quiet on the
Korean Reunification front!

We'll meet halfway!


I don't think I can play.

Don't play with my feelings.

What are you doing?

Just my job.

He intends to sing a
North Korean song.

North Korea? Where's that?
I don't think I've heard of it.

Selling it, broadcasting it,
is forbidden!

We'll be on soon...

Play some ads.

The Association of Korean Residents...
The South Koreans, the Defence Ministry,

even the police and the Cabinet have
all made it clear to Toshiba Records.

- This is a dangerous song!
- There's freedom of speech.

- Not for ordinary people.
- Haven't you heard of the constitution?

Screw the constitution!

Jackass! There's no such thing
as a song that can't be sung.

Nor in this galaxy, nor
anywhere else in the universe.

Who do you think you're talking to?
You needn't bother coming back here.

I'll take all responsibility.

What responsibility?
You're a nobody, you fool!

You don't get it, do you?
Kosuke, give me a minute.

Come here for a moment.

He said it's okay.

Shall we?

Let's go!

♪ Imjin, river of limpid water

♪ Tranquil as you follow your path

♪ Waterfowl may fly freely
Back and forth

♪ But I cannot visit my homeland
in the South

♪ Yet Imjin, river of limpid water

♪ Remains tranquil as it
follows its path

♪ From the lands of the North
All the way to the Southern skies

♪ That's how the birds fly
Those messengers of freedom

♪ Who was it that tragically
divided my homeland in two?

♪ Who was it that tragically
divided my homeland in two? ♪


This is the Korean headbutt!

Hi, Gang-ja!

Your son...


Ouch! Damn!

♪ Imjin, river of limpid water

♪ Tranquil as you follow your path

- Stop transmission! You hear me?
- Excuse me for a moment.

We can discuss this!

You're sounding good!


What is it?

Is that Kosuke?

♪ Imjin river, won't you
bring me a rainbow in the sky

♪ River, please flow on and tell them
about my tearful longing

♪ My homeland will forever
stay in my heart

♪ Imjin, river of limpid water

♪ Tranquil as you follow your path ♪


Wait here.

You are...?


Sorry, I'm the father.

- She's still inside?
- Yes.



You came!

Hey, An-sung!

You can't leave Japan just yet.

And the fight ended in a tie, too.


- Is it a girl?
- A boy.



I'll stay, then.

You can go...

We'll both tag along.

Of course we will.

You look surprised, An-sung.

Take care of us, will you?

Hey, shorty.

Papa is crying because of mama.

Who's "papa"?

It's me!

Let's go see the leopons,
the three of us.


Why don't...

the two of us...

have sex?


Look, a bird!
Isn't that a swallow?

It is.


Wait up!

Wanna have lunch?

- BP is 114/90. Normal.
- Thank you!

Nice weather, isn't it?
I'd love to take you for a drive.

Group sex, striptease,
lesbianism! All night!

Group sex, striptease, lesbian--


Could you go buy me cigarettes?


Kange, where are we going?

Wherever my
Kyung-ja tells me to.

- You gotta be kidding.
- Sorry.

- Sorry.
- Damn!

Shun Shioya: Kousuke Matsuyama
Sôsuke Takaoka: Lee Ang-sun
Erika Sawajiri: Lee Kyung-ja

Kazuki Namioka: Motoki Bang-ho
Hiroyuki Onoue: Park Jae-dok
Yôko Maki: Chun Gang-ja

Keisuke Koide: Norio Yoshida
Joe Odagiri: Sakazaki
Kyôko Yanagihara: Momoko

Subtitles by Mazaliche

Directed by Izutsu Kazuyuki