Pabuya (2022) - full transcript

Gang leader, Pepe, is chased by his rival gangs and the police so he runs to his old flame, Bella, who he trust. But this trust is shaken when the police issues a reward for his capture.

"It's better to be
loved than feared."


Seems like business
is slow again, huh?

Yeah, I don't know
what's up with Pepe lately.

Where is Pepe?


We didn't get paid enough again.

What's new?

We're fucked again.

Baby, you're so good.

- It wasn't too much?
- Nope.

- Bogs!
- Boss!

Thanks, boss.



You're giving me that look...

I know that look.

So, what's the problem?

Boss, my payment from last month.


you know I'll pay
you like I always do.

Don't worry, it's coming.

You owe me 100 thousand.

Oh, really?

As soon as we get our turf back,

we'll make as much as we used to

and you'll be compensated.

Don't worry.


our members keep joining Jojo,

And he keeps taking more
and more of our territory.

That fucking Jojo.

Don't worry.

We'll have our turn.

What are we gonna do now?

I really need that money.

Baby, wait a sec.


You pawn this, take the money,

and when this shit gets sorted,

you give it back.


Thanks, boss.

Of course, for you.

Cheers, baby.


Come here at 5:30 AM.


Lito wants to meet us

at 5:30 AM.

Now? What time is it?

5 AM.



Let's bounce!

I have to go work, baby.

Alright, but...

my allowance.

Your allowance?


When did I ever forget you?

I know that just goes to
your shopping anyway.


Is this all?

But that's all?

Yeah, this isn't enough.

Not enough?

Listen, baby,

when we get our territory back,

I'll make it up to you.

- Okay.
- Okay?


Give me a kiss.

- Don't be upset anymore, okay?
- Alright.

I'll take you shopping soon...

Let's go!

You know where to go!

The warehouse.

Miss, what's your name?

I'm Iris.



What are you into?

I want it rough

and wild.



I love it wild.

You really found
me innocent girls.

Which do you prefer?

I'll take both.

You two can share
the innocent one.


Let's go.

Boss Jojo is such a prick.

What a horny asshole.


let's just share her?

- You're not gonna help?
- Yeah.

Why not?

Keep going. Kiss.

We're not like that.

What do you think of us?

I got a lot of cash here.

I'll give a big tip.

How much?

30 thousand.

- Okay.
- Okay, fine.

Wanna join us?

I love it here, bro.


And bro, the girls

make you wanna keep coming back.

Like earlier...

Did you like it?

Oh my god.

Hold on, bro.


How are the goods?

All good.

But I hope we
keep it up so that...

you know,

we could come here more often.

So that next time,

we get a girl each!

Now we're done,

where's the 30 thousand?

Talk to your boss.


Where's the 30
thousand? Fuck, Jojo!


Another toast for Jojo.

- Of course.
- Cheers, cheers.

Did you hear back?

Here's the deal.

For all the guns we got from Pepe,

we'll make a million.

Fuck. Poor Pepe.

I bet he could use that cash now.

You have almost all his men now.

Plus guns

and his stash.

What if he gets back at us?

What's he gonna do?

Be here at 5:30 AM.


Lito wants to meet now...

about the mess between
us and Pepe's crew.

Hold on!

Let's chill for a bit.

Shots, everyone.



What was that?

What can we do about
it? We got scammed.

But to be fair,

you were great.




- That fucking Jojo.
- Let's finish this,

- those motherfucking savages.
- Let's go.

- Let's go.
- Let's go, bro.

- Over here.
- Here.

Your lighter, bro.

That motherfucking Jojo.


I need you all to break

their motherfucking faces.

Damn right,

after all that Jojo
put us through.

Let's go.

I'm really gonna crack
that bald guy's face.

I'm going after that
motherfucker Bogs.

Let's make sure this is
the last time we see them.

Don't worry,

they won't live long.

After this,

we'll have the
whole territory back.

- That motherfucker Jojo.
- Right, boss.

Let's finish them.

Long time no see, Pepe.


Let's finish this now.

These motherfuckers.

I've been waiting
forever to destroy them.

Missing your items yet?

Ready to lose more?

You think you can take it all?

I only take it
because it's so easy.

Why are you after my turf
when you have your own?

The city is huge.

I like yours better.

Stop it.

Settle down.

Let's settle this war tonight.

I'm in charge so I'll resolve it.

Thanks, boss.

No weapons.

Whoever wins gets the territory.

I don't want to be
back here every week!


All clear with us, boss.

Okay, make some space.


Fuck, Ray got stabbed!

Go after Pepe!

Fuck you, Pepe!

Fuck you, Pepe!

Hurry up!

Let's go!

Let's go boss!

The subscriber cannot be reached.

Please try again later.

The number's disconnected.

Is that the only number?

The office is abandoned,

they moved a long time ago.

They're gone?

What are we going to do?

The network company
took everything.

I have no other way
of reaching them.


how many people
do you owe money to?


How much?


What are we gonna do now?

What happened to your arm?

Just a sec.


we got into a fight.

I killed someone.




I stabbed him.

Are you sure

he's dead?


Because I stabbed
him in the chest.

What's your plan?

They might follow you here.


only Bogs knows about this place.

I'll regroup with
the guys tomorrow.

This will just be quick.

Does this mean the war's done?

You're gonna earn more again?

We'll see.

I'm sure they're
scared of you now.

What do you need from me?

Just don't tell anyone I'm here.


what else?

Let me stay here...

Maybe three days.

You have food?


What else can I do for you?

Oh right, you're hurt.

It's nothing.

Does this mean I
can get a motor...


When you get your territory back,

because that's where
you lift motorcycles, right?

I don't know,

I'm just trying to

lie low for now.

You wanna take a bath first?

You go first.




50 thousand if you
tell us where Pepe is.

Why would I do that?

He pays for my rent.

How much?

15 thousand a month

plus he gives me an allowance.

You tell us where he is

and we'll give you 500
thousand, and cover your rent.

And I want a motorcycle.

You can have mine.

We're going to find him anyway,

and then you'll get nothing.

242 Ashcroft Ln, Apartment 2B.

Hurry, he's almost done bathing.

Your turn to wash up.

We're near.

Where is he?

I don't know!

He was just here!

Where is he?

- I really don't know!
- You changed your mind?

Of course not, I want the money!

Where is that fucker?

I told you, I don't know!

Are you fucking with me?

- Motherfucker!
- I was just in the bathroom

when I texted you!

Our deal still stands.

You help me find him,

I'll pay what he owes you.

Okay, bro.

Please answer...



it's Pepe.

I need your help.

Can you

give me a place to hide?

Can we meet?

You have money?


Where do we meet?

Our spot.

Last request,

can you get me a go-bag?

Where I keep my things.


Thank you.

Yes, sir?

Ray got killed
earlier in a gang war.

Find out who is responsible.

Yes, right away sir.

Head to the scene now.

Okay, thank you sir.

They were childhood friends.

One went into crime

and one

went into law enforcement.

Something like that.

Jojo, were you here

when it happened?

We won't have trouble
with the evidence.

You really won't help us?

You know, it's simple.

If you don't tell me
what you know now,

I could bring in

your whole gang for questioning.

Doesn't matter to me how
much Lito pays my boss.

We're looking for the same guy.


There's a huge bounty on him.

He has no escape.

Last night, our undercover
officer Mark Serrano,

known as Ray, was killed.

He was stabbed by Pepe Camacho,

and we've already
issued a warrant of arrest

against him.

That's why I want you to
setup barrages and check points

all over the city,
including all highway tolls.

Ma'am, do you know
him, or have you seen him?

No, sorry.

Have you seen Pepe Camacho?

Oh, no sorry.

There is a 500 thousand
cash reward to anyone

who provides information
leading to his capture.

500 thousand reward?


half a million pesos.

When you see him,

please call our office.

Please let the authorities know

if you see him.

You better get moving fast

so we can find out
where he's hiding.


- Yes sir!
- Now get out of here.

Excuse me.

Hi miss.


Can we talk to you for a sec?

We just wanna ask you something.

Oh sure,

what is it?

We're looking for someone.

You might know him.


yes, that's Pepe.

I know him,

but he hasn't been here in a bit.

Someone told us he's often here.

If you find out anything

about this guy...

Just call me.

Anytime you want.


Thank you.

You're new, huh?

Yes, why?

You also work at Diamonds, right?

Yeah, you can find me
in a few other places.

You know him?


that's Pepe.

I always see him around.

When was the last
time you saw him?

A few weeks ago.

Haven't seen him since?

Or heard anything
from the girls about him?


Why? You have a problem?

Where can I find him?

Oh, you should ask his girlfriend.

Oh, you're back to working.



I can't quit now, can I?

There might be a way.

You're still a troublemaker.

And you...

And you're still beautiful.


So, three days?

Three days.

Might be longer.


I got your favorite biscuits.

My favorite?

You're so cute.

Bella, hold on...

I have one rule...

No cellphones,

I'm keeping this later.

Then what are we
gonna do to stay busy?

Get on.

Hold on tight, okay?

Let's go...


- where are we going?
- Just follow me.

This is it?

Be careful.

Let me.


your phone?


Is there another one?

I only have one.

Let me check, okay.


I'm not sure.

Who bandaged your arm?

It's like they rushed through it.

They did a terrible job.

Where are you going?


How have things been?

Allie's almost due.

That was fast.

How's TJ?

He's good.

He wants to be a firefighter.

He's always playing.

He goes around the apartment
all day putting out fake fires.

Such a cute kid.

Just like his father.

How's work?

Are you still working for that

networking company?

Not anymore.


Remember that

investment scheme
I told you about?

The one I told you not to do?


it was a scam.

I'm in a huge debt
because of that.

I need to pay them back

or else, the lenders are
gonna come after me.

How much do you owe?

A lot.

To serious people.

This is all good,

thank you.

So, how much?

Give me their
numbers. I'll settle it.

They're not going
to be intimidated.

They're all well connected.

I'll talk to them.

I'll find a way.


You have the cash?

No, I'll talk to them.

Let's make a list of their names.

Can you get some paper?

And list their contacts

and how much you owe them.

Let me handle this,

don't worry about it anymore.


Can I depend on you?

Can I trust you?

Of course.

I really missed you.




- What?
- What is it?

It's late.

I'm still waiting for a call.

From who? Why?

Come here...

I need to catch Pepe

so that I can get a promotion

and a salary raise...

Then we can buy our
dream house and car.

I know that, babe...

I just worry about

what it's gonna take.

I don't want you to get too angry

that you make a mistake
and go overboard.

Because you and
Ray were close as kids.

It's not just that.


I was the one who convinced him

to go undercover
for this operation.

I know that, babe,

but you're good at what you do.

You'll find the guy.

You know what,

don't worry,


Just relax.


Just take your anger out on me.

Do you think he's
with any of his family?

Could be,

but they're all in Zamboanga now.

Any other friends I
don't know about?


would know better than me,

he's his best friend.

Any ex-girlfriends?

I deleted all the ex's
numbers on his phone.

Does he have any mistresses?


but there was one name that would

keep popping up
when I check his phone.

Who's that?

B something.




Do you know where she stays?


but he would get
very protective of her.

And he'd always send her money.


Do you know a Bella?

Yeah, Pepe's ex from years ago.

Where does she live?

She lived with her sister,

somewhere in
Barangay Dela Paz Sur.


Miss, miss,

do you know a girl
named Bella around here?

No, sorry.

Miss, miss,

do you know a Bella
who lives around here?


Can I ask

if you know a Bella
who lives near here?

Bella? No.

Who is she anyway?

Try looking in that
alley over there.




Are you Bella?

She's my sister,

my half sister.

Do you know where she is?

Why? Are you her friend?

Where is she?

She left yesterday and hasn't
answered my texts since.

Then call her.

Is that her only phone number?

Yeah, you can check
my phone if you want.

Congratulations on the new baby.

Your sister is hiding a guy
with a huge bounty on his head.

If you give him up,
you can get rich.

How much is the reward?

500 thousand from me,
same from the police.

So if your sister's smart,

she'll tell us where he
is and collect double.

What's your number?

I'm Jojo.

Tell her to text me the address.

I can't believe

you still do puzzles.

I love them.

Plus, we have so
much time to kill here.

You still haven't changed.

You're exactly the same
as when we first met.

It's a shame...

it didn't work out.

We were too young.

I think we're a better fit now.

You know I don't dance.

But you're so cute when you do.

You're more mature now.

Yes, very.

But still getting
yourself in trouble.

That's not gonna change.

No matter what,

are you going to have my back?

Yes of course,

you can stay here
as long as you want.

With Allie and TJ.

About your debts

don't even worry about it anymore.

Promise I'll take care of it.

I love you.

I love you too.

Pepe is wanted by the
police and rival gang.

You're in danger, sis.
I'm outside. Meet me.

Can we meet?


I need to go.

I'll be a little while.


take care.

You'll be okay here?


I won't take long.



What the fuck happened?

I said

no weapons.

Yeah, I didn't have any!

Ray was the one
who took out the blade.

Lito, you know me.

You didn't kill just anyone, Pepe.

That was Jojo's second in command.

You have to pay up

or you have to go.

In the old days, we used
to respect each other.

That's how we started.

Now we just put our hands
in each other's pocket.

Those were the old days, Pepe.

That's in the past.

Put that in your little brain.

Give me another chance

to form a truce.

It's not going to
change anything, Pepe.

They're out for blood

and I can't let this pass.

So that's it?


Jojo put out a bounty.

You're worth 500 thousand.

If they find you, they
won't turn you in alive.


This guy Jojo came to our place.

He said his gang

and the police are after Pepe.

He said if we give him up,

he'll give us 500 thousand,

and the police will do the same.

We can't do that, Allie.

He was so scary, Bella.

He didn't even hesitate

to take his gun
out in front of TJ.

Did TJ see the gun?


Bella, they know who we are

and where we live.

You have to decide if
we're gonna give Pepe up,

or if TJ and I also
have to go into hiding.

But they're still
gonna find us, Bella.

I saw it on the news too,

the entire police
force is after him.

I don't wanna lose his trust,

I promised I'd keep him safe.

They're gonna catch him soon.

Either we take this
opportunity now,

or we get nothing.

At least this way, we
can pay off your debt

and our lives won't be in danger.

- Are you Pepe?
- Yeah.

- You're Jake?
- Yes.

Bella owes you money?

Yeah, a lot.

What's this?

Take it.

Is this original?

Go find out at the pawnshop.

What's this?

It's not enough.

Not enough?

Yeah, she owes me
much more than this.

You can have my
motorcycle outside.

Are we good?


We're even.

Tell the others

they'll get theirs soon.


will do.

My boy...


I just want you to know

that I love you so, so much.


Yes, pa.

Come here,

I love you my boy.

Yes, pa.

I love you.

You talked to Bella?


That was fast.

This is how it's going to work.

You give me the money
up front, right now,

and I'll tell you where he is.

If you fuck it up, that's on you,

but you're paying
for the information.

I'll kill you if you don't
tell me where he is.

Remember my sister, Bella?


She's at a police
station right now.

I told her that if you didn't
pay me within 15 minutes,

she'll tell the police
you murdered me.

I sent her

a photo of you and everything.

It's just five minutes
away from here.

Surround the house,
he'll arrive anytime now.


Sorry you are late, TJ.

- Take care.
- Yes, ma.

Good luck, baby.

Bye, ma.

Go and play.

Are you gonna tell him?

Tell him what?

That I'm the reason

his father's dead?

Here's our payment.

They just left.


Our payment, thanks.