Paathshaala (2010) - full transcript

Rahul Prakash Udyavar joins Saraswati Vidya Mandir, which is located in Mumbai's Eastern suburbs, as an English Teacher. Shortly thereafter he also agrees to teach music at the request of Nutritionist, Anjali Mathur. With the school facing shortage of funds, pressure is being brought by Manager Lallan Sharma to try to get students' parents to pay more for a variety of activities. When the Principal, Aditya Sahay, supports Lallan, the students and staff are forced to raise funds. Despite of their best efforts, however, a stage will be set for a much-publicized confrontation that may well result in the closure of this institution.

'Saraswati Vidya Mandir.'

'A school that's much honoured..

..compared to other schools.'

'It doesn't just
make baseless promises..

..of progress and development.'

'But also lives up to it.'

'The school's building
might have turned old..

..but the foundation of
its knowledge and ideas.. much stronger
compared to many other schools.'

'And the credit for
all the success..'

'..goes to the principal,
Aditya Sahay.'

I have no choice.

I have to do it.

I'm sorry.

I have to do it.


Why are you late?

Come on, hurry up.

Let's begin the prayers.

"Let's begin today."

"Think another way."

"For a better day, let me pray."

"Time and time we pray."

"All we have to say,
for a better day."

"Let me pray."
- "Let me pray."

Hail India!
- Hail India!

Don't you think the
prayer has become longer?

Mr. Hansotia, don't start
complaining in the morning.

I'm not complaining.

Thanks, bye.

Yes, Mrs. Bose, how are you?
- I am very nervous. - Why?

You know, the principal
has called me to his cabin.. 5 o'clock.

Mrs. Bose, the principal has
called everyone. - Everyone?

Thank you for the information.

I get high-blood pressure
whenever I hear his name.

Mrs. Bose, have you not
done your homework? - What?

Were you late for school today?
- What are you saying?

Did your parents forget to
sign the remark in the calendar?

What are you saying?

I'm not a student. - Then why
are you scared like one, Mrs. Bose?

Actually, after living
with him for so many years..

..even I feel scared of him.

Everything will be fine, isn't it?

Whatever it is, we'll find
out in the meeting, Mrs. Bose.

You're coming, aren't you?
- Do I have an option?

Even I don't.
- Yes, we don't.

No chance, dude.

You lost my pen the last
time I lent it to you.

I won't lend you one again.
- Come on, give it.

Are you all ready to go into space?

Space journey.
- What? What?

It's Hanshotia sir's class?
- Oh no.

He'll be here with his
private chalk and duster.. bore us.

I don't know why he wants us
all to go to NASA. - I swear.

But you know, sir..

He just knows a few names.

NASA. Universe. Deep space.

Kalpana Chawla.

Kalpana Chawla.
- Sunita Williams.

And who was that Indian..

..whose name he keeps
repeating every time?

Natasha Singh.
- I couldn't follow him.


Did you understand
anything in class today?

Go, go.

Go on.

Hey. Hello. Where's Natasha?

Hello. Hello.

Sir's here. Sir's here.

Hello, where are you?

Nats. Tell me.

Vikram Bhatnagar, you stupid fool.

Looking out of the window.

But right now, you're in my.. Cyrus Hansotia's class!
Where are you?

Cyrus Hansotia!
- Sit down.

You fool, what are you doing?

Sit in your own place.
- Sorry, sir.


Be quiet. Be quiet.

Why are you all making a commotion?


Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit!

What do you want for
being seated quietly?

- Bench. What did he just say?

Uncle Waghmare, he said bench.

- No, you wouldn't understand.

Sit! Sit!

That's not my bench. This is..

..where Nikunj is sitting.

This is your bench.

As if you'll pass without studying..

..if you sit on this bench?

Go sit there.

What are you staring at?
- I'm thinking.

He can think.

It'll take you time to
understand what I say.

I've studied till the 5th grade.

That too in Marathi Medium.

Who has a doubt here?
- I.


God. Everyone has a doubt.

Fine. Sit!


What's going on here?

- Children are enjoying it.

Are you a child?

Aren't you ashamed?

Dancing in front of the
management like a Monkey.

If you keep dancing like this..'ll start getting
bananas for salary from next month.

Get that?

Come on, get back to work.

Serve tea to the principal.

Wonder how long we'll have
to endure these old hags.

Once I'm given
charge of the management..

..they've had it.

Hey, you just bumped
into the management.

Sorry about that. I'm late.
- You aren't late, but very late.

This isn't the age to join school.

I've done the
'Kriyakaram' (Final rites).

It's 'Kriyakarya' (Exercise),
and not 'Kriyakaram'.

Get it.

Excuse me. Good Morning.

Yes. Good Morning.

Where's the principal's cabin?


Go straight, take a right.

You'll find the chemistry lab.

Take the steps next to it.

And you'll see the
principal's cabin.

Thank you.

Are you a 12th grade student?

No, I joined as a teacher today.

So young.
- And you?

I'm Ms. Chandramukhi, Hindi teacher.

And I'm Mrs.
Shinde, Marathi teacher.

Nice to meet you.

Rahul Prakash Udyavar, English.

- English.

Let's go, we're getting late.

Ah Mam..
- Later.

The British have returned.

They're still venting out their
anger on the English teachers.

Anyway, you must be getting
late for class. I'll see you.

Where to?
- The Principal's.

- I don't want any.

Tea for the principal.

Follow tea.


Do you have Appointment.
- Of course.

You have a lot of experience..

..and certificates
according to your age.

It's your first job.

But I'm sure you'll do it well.

Thank you, sir.

It really means a
lot coming from you.

I promise you I won't let you down.

Professor Dixit was saying.. have interest in music.
- Just a hobby.

Turn your hobby into a profession.

The school needs a
music teacher as well.

If you don't mind, sir..

..I've never looked at music
from a commercial point of view.

And teaching music is
something I'm not sure about.

And I don't do
things I'm not sure about.

Talking like the rebels.

You belong to an era of revolution.

Sir, revolution
doesn't belong to an era.

It can occur anywhere,
anytime and anyhow.

Right, sir?

Well said.

Start from day after tomorrow.
- Okay, sir.

Actually, since I've
got here right now..

..I'll start work right away.


Attend the staff meeting
at 5 o'clock in the evening.

About the meeting..

Right, sir. Thank you.

Hello, send Sharma in.

It's 5 o'clock.

Good evening, Mr. Chauhan.
- Good evening.

Good evening.

See, Mr. Chauhan
always arrives before time.

Chandramukhi, you
must've heard that saying..

.."You can leave the army,
but the army won't leave you."

Similarly, for a sports coach..

..whether he's on the
field or out of it..

..his life is always
controlled by a stop watch.

And this is my lifeline now.

You're absolutely correct,
Mr. Chauhan.

I completely agree with you.

Thank God the
principal hasn't arrived yet.

- Hello. - Just see
how my heart's beating.

Relax, Mrs. Bose, the
principal is on his way.

Excuse me.

We were supposed to meet
here at 5 o'clock sharp?

Good evening, sir.

Good evening, sir.
- Good evening, sir.

Good evening, sir.
- Good evening, sir.

Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.

- Thank you.

Sit down.

He's our new teacher.
- Hello.

Rahul Prakash.
- Udyavar, sir.

- Udyavar.

Good evening.
- Hi.

Hello Rahul.
- Hello.

Rahul Prakash Udyavar.

- Hi.

I joined this school 32 years ago.

At that time, there
were 30-35 students.

And we were at the top.

Now there are 350-400 schools.

And where are we now.

Sir, our school is still
remembered in history.

We're the best in academics.

I don't like people
who talk about history.

I believe in the future.

Mr. Chauhan.
- Yes, sir.

As a sports teacher are you
happy about the facilities..

..the management has
provided you with.

Sir, not completely.

But, it's a nice cemented court.

I agree it needs
some repair. Not much.

Painting, slight
touch-ups here and there.

And we're good to go.

If it would've been a
wooden court instead of tar..

Cushions instead of benches..

Indoor floodlight court,
then maybe..

Then what, sir?

Less injuries, more games,
more champions.

It'll be a dream come true.

But at the moment
it's still a dream.

- Anjali.. - Sir.

What did you join as?


Basically, you think about..

..what children should eat
and what they shouldn't.

But since you joined
you've become the cook.. look after the cafeteria.

You're the cashier
and the matron as well.

I like it, sir. I can do
anything for children.

It's very nice of you.

But if I'd sent you
abroad for further studies.. would've done wonders.

Thank you, sir.

You thought about it. And
that's more than enough.

I think the same for everyone.

But it's a question for me now.

Four years ago..

..this school..
Daniel High School..

..would charge thrice the
amount we charged for fees.

It might be charging
eight-ten times more now.

Though it's a smaller
school as compared to ours.

Yet, all the parents
line-up there.. get their
children admitted there.

They're ready to pay
as much donation.. the school demands.

Sir, that's more of a
five-star hotel than a school.

I've heard that they
use digital blackboards.

There are many hi-tech

..which we can
never compete against.

And, sir.. Sorry, sir.
- Why 'sorry'?

What you said is true.

There are many schools..

..we don't stand a chance against.

Then, what do you propose, sir?

What do we do?

How can we help you?

I just want your cooperation,
that's all.

The management is
putting together a plan.

Next week, I'll e-mail
you all the information.

Okay, sir.
- Okay.

Come on, get back to work.
- Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir.

Thank you very much.

I can't even look at him.. I
just closed my eyes.. - Excuse me.

Hello. First day?
- Yes, ma'am.

I'll see you.
- Okay, bye.

Mrs. Bose, Geography.

Were you scared?
- Of whom?

The principal.
- No, it's nothing like that.

Don't be scared. If you
feel scared, come to me.

I'm there.

It's time for my class.

Excuse me, ma'am.
- Yes.

School's over.

I was confused.

See you.
- Bye.

Oh, God..

Excuse me. One moment.

Anjali. TCA.

Hi, Rahul. English.

Nice to meet you.
- Nice to see you.

Actually, I wanted to talk to you.
- Yes, sure.

Yes. Thanks.

So, first day?
- Yes.

- I joined last year, in mid-term.

I thought I'd be
here for really long.

But now that isn't possible.

Why, any problems?

No, no problems.

I sent a job application in the US.

So, I'm waiting for that.

- Slightly.

You begin day after?
- Right.

So, how was the first day?
- Interesting.

But I think, perhaps, I'll
have to put in a lot of effort..

..from the first day itself.

I like the principal's
views on modernization..

..and growth of the
school and all that.

But I also feel that
the school needs funds.

Do we get salaries here?

We aren't facing such
bad days, Mr. Rahul.

Just joking.

Want to have some coffee?
- Yes, sure.

You know, our principal
worries a lot about the school.

That's why he's quite
stressed these days.

He really wants to prove a point.

He's very ambitious.

That means he's
going to America as well.

Yes. You're really funny.
- Sometimes.

But getting back to the principal..

..he doesn't seem to
have modern thoughts.

I mean, one isn't
necessarily the way he appears.

Exactly, take a look at yourself.

When I heard your name
for the first time..

'Rahul Prakash Udyavar.'

Everyone thought it'd be..
- Some stiff-upper-lip..

..old, adamant English teacher.
- Yes.

Well, here I am.
- Exactly.

Finally, someone my own age.

That's why I'm trying my luck.

What do you mean? - The
principal must've spoken to you..

..about teaching music.

Yes, he was saying, but..
- You said you wouldn't do it.

Look, it isn't easy to teach music.

I think you need to be
a professional for it.

And, I've never
tried it professionally.

But actually..

Music is more of a formality here.

The same CD is played everyday.

The children are bored.
They don't learn anything.

There's no interaction with anyone.

They're children after all.
- Exactly, they're children.

That's why it's so difficult.

I've only taught English.

And that's what I'm good at.

I hope you understand.

Yes, actually me too.

It's actually my mistake.

I promised the
children without asking you..

..that music classes
would start from tomorrow.

And they were really excited.

That's okay, I'll talk to them.

Anyway, welcome to SVM.
- Thanks.

See you later.
- Yes.

- Bye.

- Bye.


Be quiet!

Madam, we need the
hostel's accounts.

I'm getting late for music class.

And the children are waiting.

- Okay.

There's no music teacher..

..and there's a music class period.

These children are just..

The school
authorities have gone crazy.

Anjali, why are you in
such a hurry? - The children..

Children? What's
wrong with the children?

Nothing, I'm getting
late for music class.

I was nervous.
- Bye. - Bye.

"Lord, tell me where you are?"

"Where can I find you?"

"We're only travellers."

"Looking for our destination."

"Lord, tell me where you are?"

"Where can I find you?"

"We're only travellers."

"Looking for our destination."

"Whenever I miss you.."

"'s really tormenting."

"I feel lonely."

"I often say to myself.."

"Why did you break my heart?"

"Why did you leave me?"

"Why am I still waiting for you?"

"Why do you come to me?"

"Why do you torment me?"

"Why am I still so restless?"

"Lord, tell me where you are?"

"Where can I find you?"

"We're only travellers."

"Looking for our destination."

"There's a distance,
yet you are close."

"I know I am, but
you aren't helpless."

"It torments me every moment."

"It makes me really suffer."

"I'm always lonely."

"I say to myself often.."

"Why did you break my heart?"

"Why did you leave me?"

"Why am I still waiting for you?"

"Why do you come to me?"

"Why do you torment me?"

"Why am I still so restless?"

"Lord, tell me where you are?"

"Where can I find you?"

"We're only travellers."

"Looking for our destination."

"Lord, tell me where you are?"

"Where can I find you?"

"We're only travellers."

"Looking for our destination."

"Why did you break my heart?"

"Why did you leave me?"

"Why am I still waiting for you?"

"Why do you come to me?"

"Why do you torment me?"

"Why am I still so restless?"

Come on, everyone go to sleep.

Who is that?

Who's there?

Who is that?

Who is that?

Who's there?


Rohan. What happened?

What happened?

Why are you crying? What happened?

What happened?

Why are you crying?
- What happened?

You fought with him, didn't you?

I swear on God, ma'am,
I didn't. Don't laugh.

What happened?
- Why are you crying?

Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

- Toilet!

So, why are you crying?

There's one there,
and another there.

There's one in your room.
Go, quickly.

Ma'am, I think all
three are occupied.

Okay, go to my room. Take the key.

Listen, Rohan, don't dirty it.

- What now?

Nothing, go.




- Goodnight.

There are two abilities
that you need in any sport.

Physical and mental.

Because you can physically do..

..what you're mentally focussed on.

You have to focus.

You like painting, don't you?

If you keep staring
there you'll lose.

Concentrate on the game.

Sorry, sir.

- Yes, sir.

I'll be back.

But remember, fair game.
- Yes, sir.

Let's go, sir.
- Okay.

Stay within your limits, get it.

You're staring a lot at Natasha.

Stay off my sister.

They both are fighting again.

"Why did you leave me?"

One lunch, please.
- Cupon. - Me too.

Shelly, where are you lost?
- Sir sings so well, isn't it?

I know.

I've heard it ten
times since morning.

I've recorded Rahul
sir as well. Look.

Rahul sir?
- He's so cute, isn't it?

When did you take this?

Keep the phone inside.
- Fine.

Amin. You're my friend.
- Yes.

Will you do something for me?
- What?

Will you please find out
what Rahul sir's age is?

And if he has a girlfriend.

What are you up to?

I was just joking, have your lunch.


Shall we sit here?
- No, no.

Not here.

Ugly ducking.

He's scary.

Please, sir.
- No, no.

Please, sir.
- Okay.

Tomorrow after recess. Alright?

Sure, sir?
- Sure. - Bye, sir.

Get back to your classes. Bye.

Don't worry, sir.

He won't bite him.

He's his friend.

But, all the children
are playing together..

..during the recess,
and he's all alone.

What else will he do, sir?

His name is Parth.

He's a very sweet child.

But he doesn't have any friends.

And no one talks to him either.

That puppy is his only friend.

He plays with him all day.

And he feeds him his leftover food.

He's such a sweet child, sir.

But God has given
a blot on his face.

Sir. This file..

Keep it on my desk.
- Okay. - Thank you.


I've done an extended version..

..of Rahul sir's
style of shaking hands.

Recess is over. Come on.

Stop. We'll do it, you just watch.

The bell has rung.

Sir will beat us.
- He always comes late.


That's great.

Whose class are you in?
- Cyrus Ganshotia.

Sit down.
- Yes, sir.

You fool, go inside.

Go inside.
- Sorry, sir.

Go. Go.
- Sorry, sir.

- Did you read the e-mail?

I'm doing just that.

In the meeting held last week..

..we talked about the
progress of the school.

I can understand progress,
but this means..

Only he knows what he wants.

The principal
promised us something else.

But this mail is
completely different.

Did you check the principal's mail?
- I forgot.

I'll do it right now.

Do it right away.

And come to the classroom quickly.

We're all discussing it there.

Okay, bye.

You know, Mr. Rahul.

I'm feeling negative
for the first time.

This is utter nonsense.

- Exactly.

There are 40 students
in each of our classes.

This is more compared to others.

And now he wants us to handle more.

Anjali, 65 students in one class.

How will we handle?

How can the children study?

And that's his first option.

The second option.

The second option is more dangerous.

Cut down the number of staff.

How can we reduce
the number of staff?

But he'll certainly drop me?

And where will this
thrown out teacher get a job?

This is dangerous.

This is not done.

Anyway. Mr. Chauhan is our senior.

Let him take the decision.

Rahul, what do you think?

The principal hasn't
left us with any option.

I hope the others agree
with what we're thinking.

Did you talk to the others?

I have.

They are with us.

That's good. Let's go ahead then.

Welcome, Mr. Dholakia.

Welcome, sir.

Sir, it's really
nice to see you here.

The school is just like you left it.

I've looked after it.. - First,
take care of yourself, Sharma.

Sir, that's a
wonderful thing you said.

Come, come.

The school is much
better than before.

How is sister-in-law?
- Shut up.

She must be fine.

Your e-mail's reply was negative.

Your plan failed.

Tell me, what now, Mr. Sahay?

Even your teachers aren't with you.

They clearly refused you.

I will talk to them.

Forget about talking.

They don't even want
to discuss it with you.

I have an option.
- And what is that?

Leave it to me, sir.

What do you think, Mr. Shah?

I think, let him use it.

Fine, then.

Mr. Sahay, you go
ahead with the plan.

You're the boss.
- Thank you very much.

But remember, this second option..

..shouldn't give
them any other option.

I'll see to it.

I'll see to it.

Good. Good, Mr. Sahay.

You have enough time
in a limited period.

Thank you, sir.
- So, good luck.

I have a lot of
expectations from you, Sahay.

Don't let me down.

- Sir, please come on
teacher's day. - Shut up.

Thank you.

Rohan, who are you taking this for?

I'm taking this for uncle Waghmare.

We're all confused.

But there's one girl who knows..

..what she has to give Rahul sir.

But what's in it?

Stop it.

I have a surprise plan for him.

- Whatever. - I hope he likes it.

He should like it.

He will like it.

"Let me be forlorn
in your innate eyes."

"Let me lose myself in your arms."

"Without you life is incomplete."

"My heart always searches for you."

"Let me be forlorn
in your innate eyes."

"Let me lose myself in your arms."

"I never knew.. what love was."

"I never knew what it felt like."

"Let me be forlorn
in your innate eyes."

"Let me lose myself in your arms."

"Without you life is incomplete."

"My heart always searches for you."

"Let me be forlorn
in your innate eyes."

"Let me lose myself in your arms."

"I never knew.. what love was."

"I never knew what it felt like."

Rahul Vaidya.
- Yes, sir.

Give him the football.

Natrajan Subramaniam Iyer.
- Yes, sir.

Give him the football as well.

Joseph Pereira.
- Yes, sir.

No, sir. Keep the football.

Why is that, sir?
- Go and sit in your place.

But, sir.. sir..
- Sit in your place.

Hey, boys.
- Morning, sir.

Morning. What happened?

Why aren't you practicing?

So, Mr. Sharma, what's going on?

I'm distributing,
footballs to your students.

You should know what
you're distributing.

This is not a football,
it's a basketball.

It's one and the same.

Whichever ball it is.. has to go in to the net.

Anyway, will you
tell me who decided..

..which children would
play and which wouldn't?

There's a new rule.

Until you buy the
ball from the school.. can't play.

These children play with this
ball everyday, it's their ball.

Then they should go
home and play with it.

If they want to play here,
they will have to buy the ball.

It's a new rule.

Don't interfere with
things you don't know about.

There are ten players
and one ball in this game.

And not ten players and ten balls.

You know the rules of the game.

And I know the management rules.

The players you're
refusing are my best players.

I know they're your best players.

But they aren't the best payers.

Mr. Sharma, please leave.
I'll talk to the principal.

The principal is
returning in four days.

You can talk to him.

But there's a request for you.

Please don't toy
around with the management..

..for these four days.

I mean, please don't
interfere in my work.

See you.

Yes. Adab Khan.

- Isn't he there? - He isn't here.

Keep it. We'll sell it later.

This coupon has been
hiked up to 10 rupees.

And in the name of a combo-meal.

Do you know what a combo-meal is?
- No, madam.

If the children want
to buy one sandwich..

..or a snack, they have to
pay for the entire combo-meal.

Madam, we need to buy cold
drink and chips as well.

Didn't I say no to chips and
cold-drinks for the children?

What are you doing here?

Get back to work.

Go and distribute
the coupons, go on. Go.

- Yes, sir.

Madam, did you restrict the
purchase of cold drinks and chips?


I mean, with whose
permission did you do that?

Why do I need permission?

I'm the nutritionist of the school.

I stopped whatever would be
bad for the children's health.

You're worried about the
health of the children..

..but not of the school.

You're making the
school incur losses.

What's the loss? It's beneficial,
Mr. Sharma.

No, no, madam, it's
highly detrimental.

Let me explain to you.

We get four containers of
cold drinks in our school.

On a discounted rate of Rs.6.

We use one, and sell the
rest in the market for Rs.12.

So the school is making a
profit of Rs.6 per bottle.

Fine, then why are you
selling it to the children.

Sell all four in the market.

No, madam, we can't do that.

We need to use at
least one container.

This is a legal matter.
Don't interfere.

I suggest that you read this.

This is the hostel rate list.

Sharma, this is..
- Madam, I'm very tired.

Please don't ask me anything else.

Come on, give the cupons.

He's tired.

I should get all the papers of
the third standard. - Yes, sir.


Why are you all standing outside?
- Mr. Sharma told us.

Thank you.

Come inside.
- Yes, sir.

Come. Come.

Very nice, very nice.

Play it. Go ahead.


Play it louder.

Play it as loud as you can.

Play it. Play it.

Don't fall down. Play it.

Good. Good.

Play it louder.

Let Kittu play it loudly.

Go ahead.

Mr. Sharma.
- Hello, Udayavar.

How are u.
- Hello.

What's going on here?

This is fun.

Learning instruments.
- Not instruments.. Guitar.

Anything that plays music
is an instrument for me.

Who gave them the guitar?

Udyavar, all your
answers are in this.

Read it. Read it.

Have you read it?
- I am.

Read it.

You keep playing.

Very good, son, very good.

I like seeing children happy.

Don't you like
seeing children happy?

I do. But you can see only them.

Yes. - But I can see
those children as well.

Do you see them happy?

Actually, sir, their parents
don't want to see them happy.

Otherwise their parents
would've paid the fees..

..and they would be
playing the instruments..

I mean the guitar.

Mr. Sharma, have you
ever played the guitar?

No, I never learnt how to play it.
- Exactly.

Exactly. You need to
learn to play the guitar.

These children are so small..

..they can't even hold
the guitar properly.

Forget about playing it.


Everybody put your guitars down.

Put your guitars down.
Put your guitars down.

Okay, sir.
- Show me.

Put your guitars down.

What happened?

I'm taking him to medical,
don't worry.

Don't worry. Don't worry.

It's paining.

This is nice.

He doesn't teach anything himself..

..and is trying to teach me.

Please calm down.
- How can we calm down, madam?

You're doing as you please..

..and you're asking us to calm down.

You're forcing us to buy
things the children don't need.

And at twice the rate.
- So?

Footballs are available for Rs.300.

And you're selling it at 500.

And the guitar is
available for 500..

..and you're selling it at 1200.

You've even included toothpaste,
comb and towel.

What's going on, madam?

Look, it's the
management's decision.

We can't do anything about it.

Just keep blaming each
other for it. - Right.

You've signed on the circular,
isn't it?

And now you aren't
giving us an answer.

Wonder whether
they're running a school..

..or a departmental store.
Exams are so close.

Instead of teaching students..

..they're busy raking in money.
Aren't you ashamed?

Look, the principal
is returning tomorrow.

We'll discuss with him.

Please wait for a day.

What will you discuss, madam?

What will they discuss?
- It's all a false promise.

Let's go, talk to the management.
- It's futile talking to them.

You've already stooped quite low.

How much further will you stoop?

They haven't done
anything till now. - Disgusting.

I've to make all the arrangements.

It's so hot out here.

Hey, Waghmare.
- Sir.

What are you doing?

He was standing under
the sun since morning.

So I thought..
- Oh, really?

You've started thinking as well.

I've made him stand under
the sun. Get that? - Yes.

What's in your hand?
- Water.


If you give him
water I will fire him.

I wonder why this school doesn't..

..get these old people to retire?

Why are you staring at me?

Shall I fire you as well?

Go on.

The parents will have
to endure it as well.

Vijay.. Vijay, dear.

I've been standing
here since morning, Papa.

I'm here now, son.

Come on.

This is not fair, sir.
- You aren't doing the right thing.

This is not the way. - We'll
take your school to the court.

Yes, we'll take you to court.

Whether you take the
coat or the pant.. doesn't make
any difference to me.

But before doing
anything you better read this.


What is this?
- What is this?

This is the supreme court's order..

..which states
that private schools..

..can increase their
fees whenever they want.

- Do you get that?

Is your case sealed now?

Are you happy now?

So, leave now.

This is good.



They've turned the school
into a money-minting machine.

The country is like that.

They don't let us follow the law.

Excuse me, sir.
- And, who are you?

I'm Vijay's father.

Vijay? Who is Vijay?

Vijay Damodar. My son.

Vijay Damodar.

He was trying to
avert it for a long time.

Your son has a short memory.

He didn't bring the fees. So
he was bound to be punished.

No, sir.

He wasn't avoiding it,
nor is he forgetful.

He knows that I
don't have the money.

That's why he didn't tell me.

But you made him stand in
the sun for such a small thing.

That isn't right, sir.

That isn't right.

And it's right for your
son to sit in the class..

..without paying the fees.

You were enjoying that.

And when I punished
him for the fees.. came barging in here.

No, sir, I didn't barge in here.

With great difficulty I
managed to save up his fees.

But you suddenly hiked the fees.

So I'll need some time..

We're just asking
you for a little more.

That's not a problem.

And if it's a problem,
take your child home.

And shower your love
on him. What do we care?

Sir, if you could
give me some time..

If you're asking for time,
I'll give it you.

Fine, I give you two.. hours.

Two hours?

Sir, are you mocking me?

If you're so addicted to begging..

..and you don't have the stature..

..then get your son
admitted into some other school.

Don't trouble us.

Good that you
reminded me of my stature.

I thought I'd get my son
educated in a good school.

But I didn't know that
people here would be such misers.

Now you know, don't you?

See you, bye.

Leave now.

You're honest and I'm the liar.


You were the only one left, come on.

What are you doing, Mr. Sharma?

I'm doing my job.

My duty.

Does your duty teach you.. pluck out a
plant before it grows?

Mr. Udyavar, I feel blessed
to listen to your preaching.

But you do understand one thing.

This is a school
and not an orphanage.

Neither does this
school run on donations.

Tell me some thing.

Will you work without your salary?

I will do it this month.
- Really?

Strange. I didn't understand that.

You won't understand it, Mr. Sharma.

I suggest you deduct
Vijay's fees from my salary.

Not in front of the child.

Vijay, come on, go to your class.

Excuse me, sir, can we come in?

Oh, yes.

Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

Sir, we want to talk
to you in private.

Mr. Sharma.
- Yes, sir.

Please step out for a while.


Thank God you've returned, sir.

Otherwise, this Sharma
was out to sell the school.

He was doing as he pleased.. the name of the management.

Mr. Chauhan is right, sir.

Be it parents or the staff..

..Mr. Sharma
misbehaved with everyone.

He didn't spare anyone.

Sir, please stop Mr.
Sharma from what he's doing.

Please help us.

Do you think Mr. Sharma
has the power or the talent.. do as he pleases?

He's doing everything
according to my instructions.

On your instructions?
- Yes.

A while ago you
asked for my cooperation.

Some days I asked for
your cooperation as well.

You may leave now.

Sure, sir.

If this is being done as per
your orders I'll surely leave.

What do you mean?

I don't know about the others..

..but as a teacher I
can't tolerate this.

I would rather resign.

Mr. Chauhan is
absolutely right, sir.

He's a senior here.

And my decision is same as his.

In fact, it's the
same for all of us.

Yes, sir.
- Yes.

I wonder what's going on.

But, what do you say?

Why have you called us all here?

Whatever happened between you
all and the principal today..

..I witnessed everything,
I heard everything.

But, sir.. there's one thing
that you all don't understand.

We don't understand?

We approached the principal.. complain about Mr.
Sharma and the management.

And you know what
happened after that?

Sir, you could've talked to him.

Tried to explain to him.

You saw that the principal
wasn't ready to listen to us.

So, it was necessary
to do this to stop him.

Chauhan, this isn't a
solution for anything.

What if the principal
takes action against us..

..for taking this step?

Mrs. Bose, this is the limit.

Why are you so
scared of the principal?

And Mr. Cyrus, you
always talk negatively.

Say something positive.

What if he resigns?

That isn't possible, Waghmare.

Because if all the
teachers resign together.. will the school function?

What is this?

What is it?

New staff.

- What do you mean?

He has actually
arranged for new staff.

The principal and the management..

..are many steps ahead of you all.

When you all give your resignation..

..he'll accept them.

And appoint these new
teachers in your place.

But they won't think
freely like you do.

They'll do as per the
management's bidding.

I'm a man of humble means.

That's why I'm just a peon.

You all know that I've
studied only till the fifth grade.

I would walk for
five miles everyday.. go and study in the school.

Everyday, daily.

I put in as much effort as..

..students put in for
becoming doctors or engineers.

I put in as much dedication.

I've been here since
the school was built.

Many students came here.

Studied. And left.

But, sir, whenever I
think about these children..

..I get very upset.

Now you have to think of
something for these children.

You're all educated people.

You can think.

Excuse me, sir. May I come in?

Yes, please come in.


Come. Come in.

Mr. Sahay, may I begin?
- Please.

With your approval..

..we'll take complete
advantage of the media.

We'll make your
children participate.. every talent, game
show and dance competition.

That will cover your school fees.

And without any doubt
you will make profits.

And the same goes for marketing.

We'll show that your
school isn't just a school..

..but is as famous as a brand.

A brand everyone would
like to be a part of.

Ms, Suchitra.

My job will be to add to
the reputation of the school.

The name of your
school will be flashed.. every newspaper and
television for some reason..

..or maybe without any reason.

If something is
flashed ten times a day.. will compel
people to think about it.

But all this will be
possible only if..

..I get full cooperation
from you and your staff.

You'll surely get support, madam..

I'm sorry, sir. But I
don't understand this.

If you don't mind, sir,
may I explain this? - Please.

Okay, just a second.

Thank you, Chitra.

Here. Read the second page.

On the left side.

Have you heard this school's name?

Maruti High school.

This school is in Nasik.

Have you ever been to Nasik?
- No.

See. You might never
have been to the school.

But you know about it.

That's the power of the media.

Let me show you something.


The achievement of a
child From that school.

"It's the time to disco."

"It's the time to disco."

Superb, what a performance.

What a performance?

We'd like to ask Lokesh..

..who he would like to give
credit for his singing talent?

To my Maruti High School.

I'm Lokesh's class teacher, Shreya.

Lokesh sits here.

Thanks a lot to 'Little Sensation'..

..for giving him such a big chance.

Lokesh is now a hero.

And now I want one of them
to be successful too. Please.

Hello, I'm Lokesh's mother.

We're grateful to
Maruti High School.

My child came on
television because of them.

And for your information..

..this school has
generated a revenue of 1.5 crores.

And is planning for
a college as well.

Very nice.

Trust us.

Mr. Sahay. Respected members.

All we want is your cooperation.

And we will make this happen.

Yes, just cooperate.

Sir, this will affect the
studies of the children.

Sir, the children will be tired.

They won't be able to cope.

I don't get tired at this age.

How can the children get tired?

Believe me. The kids will enjoy it.

Auditions begin in 10 days.

You, your students, and
teachers have to work hard.

The countdown begins tomorrow.

All the best.

You may go now.

"Come on every boy and girl."

"Move into this crazy world."

"Education is a tree,"

"That sets your vision free."

"This is the Paathshaala."

"Its dawn, the day begins."

"I feel.. everything's different."

"I don't know.. what's wrong."

"I've set out.. without a thought."

"I would always stay quiet."

"But, now, in my
heart there's boom-boom."

"Who cares, because
I'm happy right now."

"The ambience's.. filled with joy."

"The ambience's.. filled with joy."

"The conclusion drawn."

"Listen to what we say."

"We'll be.. educated."



"This is the Paathshaala."

"We all go to Paatshaala."

"We all go to Paatshaala."

"We all go to Paatshaala."

"The ambience's.. filled with joy."

"The ambience's.. filled with joy."

"The conclusion drawn."

"Listen to what we say."

"This is Paatshaala."

"The ambience's.. filled with joy."

"The ambience's.. filled with joy."

"The conclusion drawn."

"Listen to what we say."

Wow. Rohan, you've
made such a nice cake.

You're so handsome.

You'll surely be selected
for the show. - Thank you.

Fine, now give me some cake to eat.

"Listen to what we say."

"We'll be.."

- Good morning.

Come on, everybody, come on.

Come on.
- Good morning, sir.

Good morning. Good morning.

Sir, why are you waiting outside?

Because I've decided..

..we won't learn music today.

What, sir?
- What, sir?

Why, sir?

Today we'll meet someone
who doesn't look like us..

..or speak like us.

But there's one thing
they do exactly like us.

What do they do, sir?
- What is that, sir?

Make friends.

Make friends?

Let's see who befriends them first.

Me, sir. Me, sir.
- Me, sir. - Me, sir. - Okay, quiet.

Quiet. Are you all ready?
- Yes, sir.

- Yes.

Right, let's go.


Wow. Puppies.


So cute.

Sir, they're trying to bite us.

Look there.

Parth has befriended the puppies.

How can Parth befriend the puppies?

Parth doesn't know
how to make friends.

Only those who have friends know.. to make more friends.

Are you Parth's friend?
- No.



Then, why did the
puppies befriend only Parth?

Because the language
of friendship is unique.

It only listens to the heart.

That means Parth's heart is
more pure than all of ours.

So today's friendship
award goes to Parth.

Parth. - Yes, sir.

Come here.

Come here.


Parth, would you
like to be my friend?

Parth, will you be my friend?

Parth, from today we
all are your friends.

We all are your friends.

We all are your friends.

If anyone says anything to you..

..I will beat him up.

Sorry, sorry.

Come on, boys, buck up.

Look, if you..

Chaudhary sir, will our
photos be published in the papers?

Yes, of course.

I know.

The first layer should
be ready as I whistle.

Second layer ready for mount.

Come on. Vikram.

Very good. Very good, boys.

Come on. Bravo.

Move ahead.


Third layer. Ready
for mount. Come on.

Prashant, be careful.

Careful, son,
balance. Try to balance.

Yes, right, balance your feet.

Up.. go up.

Rishi, balance.

Spread your hands.

What superb balance.

Mr. Chauhan, you've finally
created the great wall of Japan.

The children are ready.

Sharma, ask them to hurry up.

Mr. Bhatia..
- I'm doing it.

They're ready. Take the photo.

Mr. Sharma, it's a
technical process.

I have to help them focus.

Don't disturb me.

It's not like you.

The children are ready at the
sound of a whistle. - No, no.

What are you saying?

Mr. Chauhan, just two minutes.
- Steady, boys, steady.

Bravo, Rishi.

Careful, son, careful.

Hey, be careful.

Very good.

Careful boys.

Then go and cover it.
Who are you waiting for?

That's it, boys, very good.

The children are standing in the
sun. Will you please hurry up?

Hurry up, hurry up.

It's the great wall of Japan.

It can collapse any second.

Sharma, you're very funny.
- Take the photo.

Steady boys.

- How will I focus?



Keep it there.
- Yes, give it here.

Treat everyone.

I have acidity. You
just keep it here.

What are.. - This is in a
triangular formation as well.

Now you can take a photo.

Steady boys, steady.

Bravo. It's okay.

Just a little longer. Vikrant.

Vikrant. Vedant.

Okay. Okay.

I know it's tough.

Why did we practise so much?

Come on, well done.

What happened?

See that.

What did I say?

It's the great wall of Japan.

It can collapse any second.
It has collapsed.

Vicky! Vicky! Rishi! Get up.

Sorry, boys.

What happened, Vedant?
Are you badly injured?

No, sir, it's fine.
- Vicky, take him to the dispensary.

No, sir. It's fine.

It doesn't even take 10
minutes to get over with this job.

But you're taking so long.

Why don't you understand?
They're children.

They've been practising
since morning. They're tired.

And what they're doing
is a very difficult task.

These children aren't stars.

You're behaving like
their mothers are here.

Do you know who they are?
- No. I don't.

But now I really want to know.

Which newspaper are you from?

Mr. Sharma, you know
we're freelancers.

Yes, they're freelancers.
- Freelancers.

Which newspapers do you write for?

Times of India, Indian Express,
Hindustan Times..

..Dainik Bhaskar?

Mr. Chauhan, they write
for all the newspapers.

Don't you?
- Yes.. we're going to.

Did you hear that?

They are going to.
- I heard it.

They're very
influential freelancers.

They're hogging on free snacks.

Eat it.
- No, Mr. Sharma.

That's enough.

We're being insulted.

Wait, wait.
- No, no.

Wait, take the photo. - It's a
question of our self-esteem.

It's the question of
the school's reputation.

Mr. Chauhan, please go
and get your photo taken.

He insulted us.

Bhatia, take the photo.

Back to your classes, come on.

We'll do it once more, sir.
- No need.

Please, sir, everyone
has been working hard..

..since so many days.

Sir, just once.
- We'll do it, sir.

Sir, sir, please.
- Please.

Come on.

I'm coming right away.

I'm completely bored here.

I'm coming.

Come on.
- Where do we have to go?

Let's go. - We're
needlessly getting bored here.

His Ferrari is rolling out.
- Who fled away?

Mr. Sharma, why do you
eavesdrop everywhere?

An actor's Ferrari is
rolling out from the customs.

We have to go and cover that.

Please. We're
leaving now. You take care.

We'll come back tomorrow.
- Yes.

And yes, the snacks..
- They'll be here.

You just be here.

It's entirely your fault,
Mr. Chauhan.

You always keep finding faults.

Now he's gone to cover that Ferrari.

Now bring back your
students tomorrow.. make this great wall again.

Sharma, don't talk to much.

Someday you'll get beaten up.

Back to your classes, boys.

Sir, the photograph?
- They'll come back tomorrow.

Now go.

Is it paining a lot?

He doesn't feel any pain.

He's our superhero.

- Yes.

Isn't it, Vedant?

- He should've
bled some more. - Why?

That way your superhero
would've come back in shape.

Vicky, we worked so
hard since morning.

But they didn't take our picture.

That's okay.

Chauhan sir has said
they'll return in a few days.

They'll take it then. By
then you'll be fine as well.


"I'm your lover.."

"I'm your lover.."

Very good, very good, son.

- But, sir..

Fine, son..
- I haven't completed..

Next, next.

Come fast.

Come on, start.

"It feels so unique in your.."

What happened? Do you have
a soar throat? - No, sir.

Then sing properly.
- Yes, sir.

"It feels so unique in your.."


How are you?

What's going on?

How was the party?

Did you enjoy it?

You sing. You sing.


"Don't ask me how"

"It feels so unique in your arms."

No, no, I can't come.

"Don't ask me what will I
get coming into your arms.."


Take it down.

992354631.. 0.

Excuse me, sir.
- Yes, I've sent it.

I'll talk to you later.

The children are singing.
If you could just..

I'll call you later, I'll call you.

Mister. What is your name?
- Rahul.

Mr. Rahul, I can
clearly understand..

..your excitement as well
as that of the children.

But see.. I'm just doing my job.

I do this everyday. Okay.

And I know my job.. very well.

- Yes, sir.


If we keep taking
auditions of everyone.. will take a week.

I suggest, we pick up
five-six children randomly.

Okay. Start selecting.

Sir, that one.

No, there's no..
character in his face.


Come out, come out. Come on.

Come on. Yes, come on.

Take him.

Sir, him?
- Look at his face.

Sympathy votes, stupid.

Definitely, sir.
- I hope he cries in every show.

Sir, these ones? Come on,
come on. Get up fast.

Sir, this one or this one?

But we've rehearsed together.

That one.
- Fine, fine.

Go there, quick.

Leave her hand.

And go there. Quick. quick.

And you sit down.

And you be quiet.

Sir, shall we take him?
He'll be absolutely perfect.


Bad. Very bad.

If you like him you
can take him home.

Excuse me, sir, please
behave with the children.

Please don't
discriminate between them.

Let everyone audition.

Will you stop directing us?

Look, you've done your job.

You've taught them what you had to.

Now, let us do our job.

That's exactly
what you aren't doing.

Your assistants choose anyone..

..and make them stand on the stage.

Some sing solos, some duets.

Some sing Indian,
while some sing western.

And some sing for quire.

And then, you're also
breaking up their combinations.

That'll shatter the
confidence of the children.

They'll lose.

They'll lose?

Mr. Rahul, this is a reality show.

Do you know what a reality show is?

Which has everything
except the reality?

Everything that you see..

..the judges quarrelling..

..children missing their parents..

..their surprise visits..

..them being
shocked when eliminated.

All that you see are charades.

They're only charades.

And they're perfectly
scripted and performed.

Mr. Rahul, we do need talent.

But to ask for votes.

And you've been
interfering for so long by saying..

.."Take him, take him."

Will they get SMSs?

- Yes, my friend, SMS.

Everyone sings well.

But people like
and select the ones..

..who have the talent to
ask for votes as well.

Because the TRP's of
the show increases..

..through these votes.

And through SMSs
channels make profit.

Anyway, let's not talk
about the industry..

..that you don't understand.

You're right.

I don't understand the
ways of your industry.

But I do understand these children.

Please act sensibly
with these children.

They're trying to impress you..

..and you aren't even
giving them a chance.

If you want help I'm right here.

Just ask for my help.

But give them a fair chance.
- Okay.

He sings well.

He sings well.
- Yes, he does.

Come on, come on.

Come on, come on.
- Go.

Come on, fast, fast, fast, fast.
- Go, go, go.

Come on, come on. Come on,
come on. Faster, faster.

Yes, good. Come here.


This is your microphone.
Come on, sing.

Sing your favourite song, alright.
- Yes, sir.

Good, start. One, two, three, go.

What happened? You
sing well, don't you?

Come on.

What happened?

I said, sing.

Come on. Stop crying, stop crying.

Come on! Come on, start singing.

One, two, three, start.

Your face will be seen
on the screen as well.

Don't hide your face.

Oh, God! What the hell is this?


Is this what you've
taught them, Mr. Rahul?

They're your winners?

Who'll come to the
sets to pacify them?

Will you?

You behave similarly..

..when they score
less marks, don't you?

So this is my way of working.

Are you satisfied now?

I'm sorry.

No, I won't go for the
music show without you.

But you've been selected.
- No.

We're best friends, Preeti.
- I know.

But when you come on television..

..I'll cheer, clap and SMS for you.
- No.

Madam, I've been telling
everyone the same thing.

Look, the children are studying.

And this job is going on as well.

What is it called?

Extra 'kaalikuli' activity.

Yes, I mean that
curricular activity.


Madam, it's a part of education.

Why don't you keep them on my head?

Yes, I was saying.

Madam, it's a part of education.

Wouldn't you like it as well?

Your child's photo will be
published in the newspapers.

He'll be seen on television.

When you walk on the road,
People will say..

.."There goes Krish's mother."

Oh, yes, "There
goes Bittu's mother."

Get it?

Okay. Goodbye.

Sir, have you understood?
- Yes.

Then please leave.

I have to take
care of so many files.

Hi, darling, will you come with
me for the party this evening?

Get out of my way.

No one can dare to
refuse Jimmy Oberoi.

Move away.

Let go of my hand.

Whenever Jimmy Oberoi
holds someone's hand..

..he never let's go.
- Leave my hand.

A helpless woman can
sacrifice everything.

But not her honour.

I suggest that you
give everything to me.

And keep your honour.

- Darling.

Cut it, one more. One more.

Atif, help him memorize the lines.

That fool.
- Yes, sir, right away.

You don't seem well.

You're also sweating.

I suggest, you go inside and rest.
Don't stand out in the sun.

Yes, you better leave.

- But, how?

Mr. Sharma is standing at the back.

The school seems so wonderful today,

What a nice name for the school.

Lovely School.

I'm tired, how long
will they make us do this?

It's so hot.

Even I can't bear it anymore.

My face is burning. I
need to go to the washroom.

Anyway, the shoot's there.

You can go.

I think we should go. - Hello,
hello. Girls, where are you going?

Come on, one more take.

Okay. Back to your positions.

You go there, and you there. Okay.

Come on, hurry. Hurry.

Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.

Sir, let the girls leave.

And we need to go to
our class as well.

Hey, hero, go to
your position. Come on.

That's what we've been
doing for the last two hours.

You're shooting there,
your hero's there.

What are we doing here?

I said go to your position.
Don't you understand?

Sir, behave properly.
- Manners.

You'll teach me manners?

You'll teach me manners?

Acting smart.

Do you want a slap?

Let him go. He's just a child.

What happened?
- He's trying to teach me framing.

What happened?

Sir, explain to your children.

Tell them we've paid you cash.

Please talk to them.
- You don't worry.

I'll talk to him. I'll talk to him.

What's going on?

Will you finish studying today?

Will you take all the degrees today?

Just quietly stand
wherever he asks you to stand.

If you don't behave properly.. won't stay in
this school. Get it?

Do you get it or not?

Go and stand in your place.

Come on, children, go and
stand wherever he asks you to.

Director, please continue.
- Forget it.

How much?

100. One degree more
and you'll be normal.

It's 103.
- What?

Go and inform the medical.

Come on, it's time for dinner.

Come on, quickly, I'm hungry.


Is everything ready?

Camera. Action.

Hello, friends.

I'm Rohan.

And today I would like to share.. birthday experiences with you.

I didn't trouble my
parents for toys at all.

Instead, I gave them a surprise.


By baking a cake for them.

It was very yummy and very easy.

First, take a big bowl.

Then add egg, sugar, milk,
flour and this.. baking powder.

Cut, cut.

Mr. Cake baking powder..

..and Jhil-Mil cream tastemaker.

Will you remember that?

Continue from there.

Camera. Action.

Flour, milk, Mr.
Cake baking powder..


- This child is..

- Cut!

What a stupid child?

Where did you get him from? Useless.

He can't even say the
sponsor's name correctly.

Sorry, sir.

Say, Jhil-Mil cream.

But I practised at night.
- I know.

And he told me the name right now.

I know.

Is the sponsor's name necessary?

He's just a child.
- - What are you saying?

They give us money
and finance our shows.

If we don't take
the sponsor's name..

..our channel will shut down.
Are you out of you're sense?

They're everything for us.

Please, son, you leave.

Sir, give me one more
chance please. - No!

Not even once.

You're stupid.

You don't have a brain!


Why are you still
standing here? Go from here.


Is there anyone else?

Yes sir.

Next. - Make these
children rehearse properly.

Yes, sir. - Until then I'll take
the shots of the other children.

Who is next?

Who is next?
- It's, her sir.

Silence please.
- Silence please.

I'll see how much
you remember. Come on!

Hello, I'm Sweeny.

A second-standard student
of Saraswati Vidya Mandir.

And today we'll discuss
many interesting things.

Today I'll teach you how to make..

..delicious potato snacks.
- Excuse me, this first one.

Wait. wait.

Friends, are you ready?
- Wow. Good.

I think, yes.

So, first we'll take the potatoes..

..which we've already
chopped into small pieces.

Now, first we'll take Dr. Cook salt.

She remembers the names of
the sponsors as well. Good.

Okay. Later, we'll
take Kirana chilly powder.

Hey, switch on the fan.

The chilly powder you
add to the potatoes..

- Chilly powder in the eyes.

Keep rolling. Keep rolling.

Zoom, zoom, zoom.
- What happened?

There's chilly
powder in Sweeny's eyes.

Keep zooming.
- Good, very good.

My eyes are burning.
- Brilliant.


This will do wonders for the TRP.
- My eyes are burning.

Someone quickly get water.

My eyes are burning.
- Get the camera.

What happened, Sweeny?
- My eyes are burning.

Get the lights. Get the lights.
- My eyes are burning.

Get the water quickly. Sweeny.

Move the lights away. The
child's eyes are burning.

- Aren't you ashamed? - Move it!

What are you doing?

We'll go to the doctor.

Move the camera.

Madam, what are you doing?

What if the
camera's lens had broken?

What if something
happens to the child's eyes?

We're going. We're going.

Take them away.
They're all rejected.

We were only shooting extra footage.

We've already
finished our selection.

Come on. Turn off
the camera, let's go.

Yes, sir.

Everyone's asleep.
- Yes, dear.

One minute, Okay.

Rohan. Rohan.

I'll say everything properly.
- Rohan.

Mr. Cake baking powder.

Jhil-Mil cream.
- Rohan. Rohan.

It's okay.
- Sorry Ma'am.

It's okay. It's okay.

Everyone's asleep.

And you didn't change your uniform.

I was tired, that's why.

Sorry. Just a minute.

Rohan, it's okay. You
don't need to change. Okay.


Not just the uniform, no
one has eaten as well.


This is what happens everyday now.

They get tired and fall asleep.

They used to create
such a commotion earlier.

Now I don't even hear them whisper.


You haven't eaten?
- No.

Don't worry, I'll feed you.

It's your favourite dish.

Potato, lentil and bread.

This is potato, and yummy,
yummy lentil.


"Lord, You control everything."

"Nothing happens without your wish"

"No one can go against Your will."

"In the scorching sun.."

"..Lord, you can
make flowers blossom."

"You created the paths."

"You created the destination."

"We've set out with our caravan."

"Lord, You control everything."

"All the leaves have
fallen from every branch."

"This garden has been disrupted."

"This place once beamed
and gleamed with happiness."

"You're our guardian."

"So why did You
bestow this order on us?"

"Even the angels will be upset."

"To see these consequences."

"No one wants this."

"Why are You acting
so strangely with us?"

"Lord, You control everything."

"No one can go against Your will."

"In the scorching sun.."

"..Lord, you can
make flowers blossom."

"You created the paths."

"You created the destination."

"We've set out with our caravan."

- Yes, sir.

I need your help.
- Help?

My help, sir?

Who, sir?

The school.

The school.

I gave 30 years of my life to it.

It's a small task.

Tell me.

But it's dangerous.

But it's for the sake of the school.

It's much more compared to
your 30 years of service.

What do I have to do, sir?

When Mr. Dholakia was here..

..he gave the principal this file.

And sir asked me to keep it safe.

Mr. Rahul, what's in these papers?

The answer to all the questions.

Which all of you need?

Sir, can I keep the file back?

Keep this back.

- Yes.

Please come out and take a look.

- Take a look for yourself.

What is the problem?

What's going on here?

Why are you all standing outside?

Are we having the
assembly outside today?

Get back to your classes.
- Sorry, sir.

But no one will go inside today.

So, you're their leader.

No, sir, you're the leader.

I'm just the staff.

And they are your students.

We just want to
ask you one question.

What's the reason..'ve turned your back on us?

I don't consider it
necessary to answer you.

Get back to your classes, come on.
- Sorry, sir.

But as long as you feel.. isn't necessary to answer us,
we'll keep standing here.

So? Are you assured now?

Did you hear what
the principal said?

Mr. Udyavar, on the
first day you gave me a jolt.

Will you get the entire
school to agitate now?

He has already chosen his career.

All of you better
worry about your careers.

I'm sounding the bell.
Get back to your classes.

You won't listen this way.

I'll teach everyone a lesson.

I'll throw each one
of you out of here.

Mr. Rahul, You didn't know my worth.

That's not the point.

When I am not sure what I
was doing right or wrong..

I wouldn't have been
here if you were wrong.

We were all suffering.

Everyone wanted to do
something to get out of this.

I could've never
imagined what you did today.

We're all with you.

Once again, welcome to SVM, Rahul.
- Thanks.

We've just received news from
Saraswati Vidya Mandir school.

Located in the
eastern suburbs of Mumbai.

The students of
Saraswati Vidya Mandir school..

..located in the
eastern suburbs of Mumbai..

..are on a strike.

Thousands of students
have gone on strike.

Even the teachers
are supporting them.

According to our sources..

Sir, these papers..

Rahul Prakash
Udyavar is behind all this.

The reason behind this strike is..

Yes, Sujata, I've received
so many calls since morning.

I'm just watching
that on television.

The children are standing
in the sun since morning.

'Zestful morning' with Janvi.

Good morning, how are you?

I'm your favourite Archana Janvi.

And you're listening to BIG 92.7 FM.

And this isn't a joke.

Students have set a
principal straight.

I don't believe this.

This morning's.. This year's..

This century's biggest news..

A young teacher of
Saraswati Vidya Mandir..

..influenced the students so much..

..that they went on a
strike against the principal.

God, what's happening?

They say, "If this continues.."

"..what will happen to the
school and the country?"

Sir. Strike in school.

Today, for the first time I feel..

..that something good is
happening and I'm a part of it.

Mr. Hansotia, it's the first time
you said something positive today.

I will not be scared from today.

I won't be scared of anyone.

I will stand before the
principal and face him.

Ma'am, now I feel that
your name suits you. Bose.

Sir, your name?
- Rahul.

Sir, I've heard that
you've started this strike..

..and the entire school is with you.

But what's the
reason for this strike?

Well.. - Are the teachers
supporting the children's decision?

This isn't a strike or a revolution.

We're simply asking the
principal a few questions.

And we want answers. That's all.

No one is answering
our questions properly.

But it seems like this
is a very serious matter.

Let's find out the
reaction of the people..

..from our correspondents.

Strike, what is that?

Saraswati Vidya Mandir.

Yes, my friend studies there.

Right now we are in front
of Wilson college of Mumbai.

We want to know that..

I think it's purely unethical.

They've called for a
strike at such a small age.

What will they do in future?

Nowadays it's really
important to pressurise the system.. get what you want.

But that doesn't mean you
put your career at stake.

That is not the right way.

Come on, pal.

At times they give
electric shocks to children.

Or make them hike
up to 10 kilometres.

Or clip their hair.

What's wrong with the school?

I didn't get a chance to study
that's why I'm a taxi-driver.

Strike is a common
thing in this country.

The schools these days have
turned into business centres.

They ask the parents to get
money for every small thing.

And education..

Education has gone for a toss.

But this is the time to teach
these school authorities a lesson.

I'm standing right outside..

There are many questions and..

The on-going strike by the
students of Saraswati Vidya Mandir.. an historical event.

Has the era of revolution returned?

Surely, the era of
revolution has returned.

I know principal Sahay.
He'll surely solve this issue.

It'll be recorded in
history as a black day.

Black day.


Sir, I'll have it sent.


Dholakia, what's
going on in your school?

Don't worry sir. I'm
look into the matter.

I don't want to hear anything.

Look, the media is
pressurising our government.

And the CM was inquiring as well.

Sort this matter out internally..

..before an inquiry
commission is ordered.

Or else, it'll affect
your other business as well.

Fine, sir. I'll talk
to Sahay right away.

Cancel all my meetings.

I don't want to see anyone.

Sahay, who is this new teacher..

..who's creating all this trouble.

What the hell is going on here?

The entire press and the media..

..have gathered outside my office.

I don't want that man.
Do you understand that?

That is what you wanted.
- Don't try to teach me, okay.

Stop this charade.

I'm answerable to 10 people.

And you know very well..

..that I'm the
trustee of the school.

Do you know the meaning of trustee?
- Sahay..

Shut up!


'Sir, revolution
doesn't belong to an era.'

'It can occur anywhere,
anytime and anyhow.'

'Right, sir?'

Mr. Principal, what compelled
the children to go on a strike?

The people are asking
this question and not us.

You will have to answer it.

Principal Sahay, this issue
has reached the upper house.

What would you like
to say about that?

I'm the principal of
this school, Sahay.

I'm responsible for
everything that has happened.

And I resign.

Would you like to ask anything else?

Mr. Principal, what is
the reason behind this?

Sir, tell us the reason behind it.
- Why are you resigning?


You cannot leave like this, sir.

Why can't I? That's
what you all want.

Not just the teachers, but the
children want it as well. - No, sir.

No, sir, these children are here..

..because I know what the truth is.

I want you to tell them the truth.

What do you know?

I read the file.

I can understand
your situation, sir.

These children are
your strength, sir.

Tell them the truth.

What good will that do?

Until now you were fighting alone.

But now we'll fight together.

Please, sir. - I don't
know why you're doing this.

My friends, colleagues.

Rahul Prakash..
- Udyavar, sir.

- Udyavar.


Rahul Prakash Udyavar.

He compelled me to..

..say something to all of you.

'Vidyadaan' (Imparting education).

It's such a noble profession.

But teachers are paid the least.

When there are no choices left..

..then people come
here to become a teacher.

I feel really bad.

In our times..

..when children make
it to the merit list..

..there are only two
professions they choose.

Doctor and engineer.

But the teacher's profession..

..would always attract me.

I always felt that we get a chance.. create a new generation.

One lifetime is less for such a job.

I didn't want to share my sorrows.

And that's why I didn't get married.

Even if I had gotten married..

..I would've had two children,
but there are already so many.

I know everyone by their names.

I know who is mischievous.

But when.. you grow up,
you look different..

..and grow moustaches,
dress differently.

There are times someone
comes and touches my feet.

And I ask, "Who are you?"

And he says, "Sir, I
belong to the '86 batch."

Saraswati Vidya Mandir.

I'm in the army now.

I'm the owner of that company.

Or the manager.

It feels really nice, very proud.

What else can you call it?

I never considered it a business.

It has always been a
profession for me.

That is what I believe.

Today, this profession
has turned into a business.

Commercialization has
taken over everywhere.

There's competition.
Everything needs to be upgraded.

Whether your thoughts
are up to date or not.

But the school has to be updated.

Unfortunately, I have to say..

..that the parents are getting
attracted towards this as well.

It's true that there
should be certain amenities.

But this is a school.

Not a five-star hotel.

The chairman.. of our trust..

..called me regarding this issue.

Sahay, I think
you've been showing me..

..the same account books
for the last 12 years.. which only the dates
change and not the figures.

What's going on?

Where are the profits?

Sir, they leave our school
educated, that's our profit.

Education is a noble profession.

And that is what we've been
doing for the last 12 years.

And monetarily, we're doing fine.

You're that old school master..

..who doesn't dress traditionally.

Grow up, Mr. Sahay, grow up.

The world has changed.

Competition has become intense.

The schools, which were
social commitments for you..

..have turned into
profitable businesses.

Daniel High School.

It started four years ago.

And is charging ten times our fees.

But the reputation of
our school is much better.

I don't want reputation,
I want money.

Have you understood that?

Do you understand that?

Get infrastructure.

Give them facilities.
Introduce courses.

Improve the canteen.

I don't care how you
do it, just do it.

It should be like
a five-star school.

That means you want
to create an illusion.

You want to create an
illusion in the parents mind. -Yes.

And if you don't help me..

..I'll be forced to
close down the school.

Don't give me that smile.

Don't give me that smile.

You know that I can do it.

And if you have the courage,
read this.

If you don't make huge
profits from this school..

..I'll close it down. Get it?

So, upgrade, Mr. Sahay.

Upgrade your school.

But don't expect any
money from me. Understand?

'No, there wasn't any other option.'

It was important to
introduce new facilities..

..and for that we needed money.

Look, I could've helped you..

..if you needed a
personal or housing loan.

But you're asking me for something..

..where there's no
guarantee of returns.

Please take a look at the file once.

You may trust.. - Trust is
not a guarantee, Mr. Sahay.

Please try to understand.

I can't do anything. I'm helpless.

Mr. Sahay, please.

Try somewhere else.

Hello, send him in.

If you take a look at
the file once.. - Madhav.

Send Gupta in.

'I went to finance companies.'

'But they gave me the
same reply everywhere.'

'No. Some said it subtly,
while others rejected me outright.'

But I didn't lose hope.

Vrijesh Kumar.
- Yes.

Sujata Adhikari.
- Yes.

Tanushree Verma.
- Yes.

You can go in.

I'm Aditya Sahay.

Oh.. sorry but your name
is not in the today's list.

I had an appointment.

I know that, but sir is very busy.

I'll come back tomorrow.

Sir is going out for two months.

You can come after that. Excuse me.

Slowly, all my
hopes were shattering.

I was shattering.

I thought I wouldn't be
able to save my school.

I wanted to share
this with all of you.

But I thought you all
are not that strong.

Maybe I was wrong.

Maybe you're stronger than that.

I know you've suffered a lot.

I'm sorry.

And I was suffering as well.

So please forgive me if you can.

Because I had a reason.

I wasn't aiming for any profits.

Just one..

For the first time I took
a decision from my head..

..and not my heart, and I was wrong.

I'm only happy about..

The school not closing down.

Because you all are together.

I never realised
how I spent 32 years.

I don't know how I'll
spend the rest of the days.

I love you.

I love you.

All the best.

Which are the two most
frequent events in this country?

First is the hike in petrol prices.

And the second is a strike.

The game's over now.

Everyone get back to your studies.

Because the strike in
Saraswati Vidya Mandir is over.

We're standing outside
Saraswati Vidya Mandir.

But regretfully the
principal has resigned.

But we'll always
remember what he said.

Yesterday's incident is an
eye-opener for those schools..

..that concentrate more on
the facilities of the school..

..than on education.

Like principal Sahay said..'s necessary to
upgrade the school.

But more important than that
is to upgrade your thinking.

You can SMS us your views
on 6688 for Aaj Tak.

I am Para Sultani for Aaj Tak.

Excuse me, sir.

You're excused.

For seeing my personal files.

I came back for some
stuff that I had left behind.

I wanted to say
something to you, sir.

Your reputation is much greater..

..compared to your
age and experience.

It sounds nice when it
comes from your mouth.

By the way, sir, this
school needs a principal.

I tried from a
commercial angle, and failed.

So why don't you try
it as a hobby, sir?

It's not my hobby. It's my passion.

You talk like the revolutionaries.

Sir, a revolution
doesn't belong to an era.


I heard that somewhere.

Passion is everlasting.

Have a good day.

Look after yourself.

Sir. -Yes.

What is it?

What is it?

Tell him.

Thank you.

Cut your hair.

Sir, please, please don't go.

Please, don't go, sir.
- Please, sir.

Please, don't go, sir.

We love you, sir.

Please, don't go, sir.

Please, don't go, sir.
- We love you, sir.

Ask the teachers.. to meet
me in my office at 5 o'clock.


Sir, he didn't wet his pants today.

Sir laughed.

Sir can laugh as well.

Get back to your classes.

Get back.

We love you, sir.

So, sir, we'll meet in the evening
at 5 o'clock for the meeting.

Your most lovable angel,
Rahul Prakash.

- What? - Udyavar, sir.





"I've been waiting for
you on the lonely paths,"

"You dwell in my breath."

"Wonder what I lost, what I gained."

"I don't seem to
understand anything."

"I've forsaken my past,
yet I can't find peace."





"Your thoughts just braced me."

"I wish is that you come
running into my arms."

"Why do you torment me?"

"This is my last wish."