Paappan (2022) - full transcript

A gripping crime investigation journey of Kerala Police confronted by an ex-cop Abraham Mathew Mathan aka Paappan. As he dives deeper into the case, destiny has an emotional tryst in store for him.

Listen! Once the sun is out, we
won't be able to catch any fish.

For that,
you need to wake up at dawn,

instead of cozying
up under a blanket.

It's not like we're going to
catch sharks! Just anchovies, right?

That's your case! I won't return
until I catch a big fish.

Don't make noise!
There could be a rogue elephant.

Hey, look over there.

What's this car doing
inside the forest?

KL - 7...

They are not from here.

Anyway, who would
it be at this hour?

Must be someone making out.

Come on, dude.

Dude, careful. Let me check
if there is anyone inside.

No one's inside?

They must have come to click
pictures or for fishing.

Then they must have been
chased away by an elephant.

Yeah, right!
Come, let's go.

Must be lovers.

We could have watched
them making out.

Let's leave before
we get into trouble.

Bro, wait! Let me pray
at the forest Goddess' stone.

Dude, pray for us too.
- Okay, bro.

Pray that everyone
gets a big fish.

To catch fish, you
must throw a hook.

What is the point in praying
to the forest Goddess?

Dude, don't be blasphemous.
Let him pray.

Hey! Come here!

What is it?
- I found an iPhone.

Phone? Where?
Let me see.

Where did you find this?

Here, on the ground.

Dude, try to switch it on.

Dude, isn't this
superstar Ravi Varman?

Yes, that's right.

It's his phone.
- So, that car?

Oh yeah! This is his
registration number.

I have seen it on Instagram.



What is this, bro?


Oh, no!

I was promised a role in this
Ravi Varman sir's next movie.

So tragic!

Soman sir!

- Yes.

The fire brigade have arrived.

Make the arrangements they need.
- Okay, sir.

Raghavettan, please help them.
- Okay, sir.

This is an absolutely
shocking news!

If latest reports
are to be believed,

in the forest near the border,

a superstar from Malayalam
film industry has been killed,

and has been found
hanging in a sack.

The police were informed by a group
of four, who were out for fishing.

ASP Vincy Abraham,

who took charge of Pathanamthitta
rural region recently,

has arrived at the crime scene.

Madam! Madam!

Madam, when did the police
get this information?

Clear the media.

Can you give us the details
of this crime, Madam?

Please step aside.

Forensic team is
inspecting the car, Ma'am.

Wasn't the car locked?

The key was inside the car.

Move! Hey!
- We've been waiting

- for long, Madam!

Please step aside.
- Move, move.

Hey, move, move aside.

Did you bring the body down?
- We were waiting for you.

Any evidence?
- Negative, so far.

Police dog is not responding.

Reporting time?
- 7.30 AM.

Incident time?

It rained sometime
during the night.

It must have been hanged
once the rain stopped.

Have you informed the
relatives of the film star?

We have informed them, Madam.

It's here.

- Yes, Ma'am.

Have you decoded that phone?

It's not unlocked yet.

We are trying to break-in.

Track all the activities
on that phone.

Yes, Ma'am.

'Moving on to the most important
news we have received now.'

'Superstar Ravi Varman
suspected to be murdered.'

'Inside the deep
forest of Pulimala,'

'a dead body was
found tied in a sack.'

'This is the body of Ravi Varman,'

'as per the initial information
from the police.'




Media, please step back!

Got a call now, but it got
disconnected, Madam.

Just take it!
- Yes, Ma'am.

- Hello!

Hello, Rajan!

I'm Pothuval.
Where are you?

I tried calling you all night.
Why aren't you answering the call?

Hello, this is Kerala Police.
Hold on.

Sorry, Sir.

Hello, I'm ASP Vincy Abraham.

Madam, I'm Raviji's manager,

Who is Rajan?

Rajan is Raviji's driver, Madam.

Didn't you try calling
Ravi Varman's phone?

Well.... Usually when he leaves
from a location after a quarrel,

he switches off his phone and
speeds away in his car.

That's why, I...

Where are you now?

We are on our way there, Madam.


If Ravi Varman and
Rajan left together

from the location yesterday,

Rajan must be behind this.

I want the whereabouts
of driver Rajan. ASAP.

Yes, Madam.

Control room, come online.

Any impressions other than this?

We got 3 fingerprints from
the interior of the car.

We have sent it to
the lab for analysis.

So, apart from actor
Ravi Varman and driver Rajan,

there was another
person in the car.

Yes, Ma'am.


What's the police
trying to hide?

From what we heard,
this Rajan is quite notorious.

Long back, he had a
couple of cases against him,

at Konni police station,

for seizing vehicles illegally.

That's how he got the
name, Bullet Rajan.

Bullet Rajan!
Crime records?

There was information that
he's a marijuana carrier.

But since there was no
evidence, that case was closed.

- What is it, Raghavetta?

Madam, that case was investigated
by your Papa, Abraham sir.

He was in the Middle East
for a long time.

After coming back,

he got into movies, through
a Production Controller from Adoor.

He has been with
Raviji for sometime.


Ravi Varman's fans
call him Raviji.

Soman, you are a Police officer!

Yes, Madam.

Can you tell us
- Madam!

who is behind this crime?
- Madam!

Madam! Madam!

Madam, we heard that driver Rajan
is behind the murder of Ravi Varman.

Is that true?
- See...

'We hope you can understand the
seriousness of this case,'

'just like us.'

'Such news should be handled
more sensitively by news media.'

'Just like you, we also have
only limited information.'

Where is Paappan?

'Do you feel this is a hit
job or conspiracy, Madam?'

Paappa, turn on the TV.
It's our Vincy.

'Scene inspection is going on.'

'For police, there is no importance
for rumours, only evidence.'

'Until the detailed
investigation is over,'

'we cannot share any
information with you.'

'Driver Rajan is suspected
to be behind the murder'

'of Superstar Ravi Varman.'

'Rajan is absconding now.'

'The police is engaged in the
investigation to nab the culprit.'

'At the same time,'

Hey! Look!
Wake up! Come on!

'Ravi Varman's wife and manager
are reaching the spot shortly.'

'The film industry is
in shock at the sad demise'

'of Superstar Ravi Varman.'

'Police are investigating the roles
of others apart from driver Rajan,'

'in the murder.'

from the shooting location'

'of the latest movie
of Director Rudran...'

'Ravi Varman left with
driver Rajan in his car.'

police are trying to bring down'

'the dead body of Ravi
Varman in the forest.'

'The dead body is
being brought down with'

'the help of the
fire and rescue team.'

Stretch the sack.

Madam, do you suspect anyone?

When did you come to
know about this sad news?

Hello! Please give way.


Sir, Ravi Varma's wife
and manager have arrived.

Bring the body for identification.

Come, Madam.
- Please give way.

Let her through, please.

Please move aside.
- Move aside.

Step aside.
- Move!

Nandan, show them!

Okay, Ma'am.

This is not Ravi!



Rajan, is Ravi Sir's driver.

The deceased has been identified
as Rajan, Ravi Varman's driver.

Ravi Varman is missing.

We will track him down.

No more questions.

Madam, please!
Just one more question!

The deceased is
Ravi Varman's driver Rajan.

Police have taken out the corpse.

Ravi Varman is missing.

The death happened early
morning between 2 AM and 3 AM.

It's a brutal homicide.

Hitting on the head with
a heavy instrument,

shattering the genitals,

stabbing deep on the
chest twice, with a dagger.

That too, identical.


Two wounds that are equal
in depth and length.

And the interesting fact is, none
of this is the reason for death.

The reason for death
is heart attack.

Heart attack?
- Yes.

Did the arteries get cut,
while he was stabbed twice?

The arteries were cut,

but the heart had stopped
before that happened.

Which means, the chest
was stabbed with the dagger

after the death happened.

If he has stabbed a person
again after he is dead,

he is a psychopath!

To smash the genitals
in such a cruel way,

there must be a strong
pre-existing vengeance.

Or else, the killer is a mad man.

What about these numbers,
2 and 6 seen on the leg?

That is something new for me.

If you can send me the
images of crime scene,

probably I can tell you more.
- Why not!

I'll send it to your
WhatsApp, Ma'am.


Excuse me.

It's Mr. Nandan from
the Forensic department.

Tell me, Nandan.
- Ma'am,

one of the fingerprints
found from the car,

belonged to the victim, Rajan,

and the other one,

belonged to actor Ravi Varman.
We've confirmed that.

What about the third one?

That is a female fingerprint.

Aged below 30.

What about the footprints?

Considering the
impression strength,

that is also of a ladies sandal.

Size 8.

Have his manager
and wife arrived?

They are waiting outside, Madam.

What was the issue at
the location yesterday?

Ravi sir had an issue with
director for casting the heroine

without consulting him.

Get statements from him
and Ravi Varman's wife.

Yes, Madam.
- Soman.

Have you traced that
film star's location?

His phone hasn't
been switched on yet.

There's zero possibility
of a kidnap in this case.

In that case, there should
be a ransom call, right?

Where is the last seen tower?

Pollachi, beyond the border. There
has been no movement after that.

Give me some good news, Soman!

Sure, Ma'am.

Did you get statements from
everyone at the shooting location?

Yes, Ma'am. But, I didn't get any
vital information.

Ravi Varman created
all these issues,

because actress Hiranmayi
wasn't cast as the heroine.

But, she is acting in
some Tamil movie now.

- Which movie?

"Un Kaadhali En Pondatti"
[Your lover is my wife]

Sorry, Madam.

Isn't there a canteen here?
- Yes.

Let's eat something! Come.
- Okay.

When was that?

Well, he left home after 10 AM.

How many films have
you acted in, so far?

Three! And I had
dialogues in two of them.

And he got beaten to pulp by the
hero in the last one. Right, sir?

In the movie!

Did you contact that heroine?

Her phone is switched off.

We found out that she's shooting
somewhere near Udumalpet.

Isn't Udumalpet near Pollachi?

Yes, it is nearby.


Madam, there's a good news.

Jagdish called now.

It's a forward message
from the cyber cell.

Their team has tapped
a call received on

that actress' phone
from a private number.

Play it!

'Hello, Ravi Varman?
- Yes.'

'This is Advocate Nizam.'

'Advocate, what about the bail?'

'Will there be a problem?
- Ah! Don't be stressed, man!'

'You don't need
anticipatory bail for this.'

'Head straight to the
location and start shooting.'

'We'll handle the
rest as it comes.'

We're ready for the shot, Sir.

AD's, call the artists!
- Yes, sir.

Please clear the field.
Let's have a rehearsal.

Hey! Hey!

Where are you going?

Sir, Raviji's shot is ready.

Your Raviji is narrating
a story inside.

There'll be a slight delay.
Get going.

Sheesh! These people!

How many times
should I say this?

There was no one other than
me, in my cottage yesterday.

Rajan left after dropping me.

Sir, how did you meet
this Bullet Rajan?

The priest from my wife's parish...

sent Rajan to me.

So, are you saying that there
was no one with you yesterday?


Is this an interrogation?

On what bloody grounds?


I have also learned
a little bit of it.

What the!

This is not interrogation.

Interrogation is not like this.

There's a questioning that
happens at the station.

Do you want it?

If a case is charged,
the public will know about it.

You decide.

This cigarette packet was found when
we searched your farm-house.

Upon investigation,

your driver bought this for
you, from the shop next door.

Sir, your brand
is not available.

Just buy something, Raja.

Get me that one then.

Have you held me here for
buying a packet of cigarettes?

Not one, but two.

While this cigarette
packet was bought,

there were two
people in your car.

One of them was driver Rajan,
who got murdered.

And the other person?

Who else would be there
in my car, apart from me?

Do you usually wear
a Burqa, Ravi?


At that point, there was a lady
dressed in a Burqa, in your car.

The shop-keeper has testified.

Later, the car went
to your farmhouse.

The fingerprints,
footprints at the scene of crime...

Everything belongs to a lady.

Who is that lady?



Tell me.


This should not affect the
girl who was with me.


If you say the truth,
it won't affect her.

It was actress Hiranmayi,

who was with me
at the farm-house.

After dropping us
at the cottage,

Rajan asked me permission
to take my car,

to meet someone in Pulimala.

Thinking that we'll
get some privacy,

I agreed without asking
him anything further.

Only when I woke
up in the morning,

I saw the news on TV.

Apart from this, we don't
know anything, Madam.

Let him go.

Madam, Ravi Varman is the
prime suspect in this crime.

We don't have any
evidence to prove

that Ravi Varman or Hiranmayi
were at the murder spot.

And if that lady was with him
for the whole day yesterday,

then there is no point
in questioning her.



When you do such
sensitive operations,

don't you know that you must take
permission from your superiors?

Sir, the arrest has
not been recorded.


Just because you scored a
high rank in criminology,

or because you are
an academy topper,

you needn't be
right all the time.

- Sir!

We expect more than this
from Abraham Sir's daughter.

Why did his driver
go to that forest?

Shall we arrest that
chick in the Burqa?

We can find out what
happened at the cottage.

- Yes, Madam.

Mind your language.
- Sorry.

Are you a truck driver or what?

Madam, actually I have
great respect for women.

- You don't have to respect us.

Can you refrain from
disrespecting us?

That's right.
Sorry, Madam.

- Yes, Ma'am.

Let him attend the shoot.
Tell him.


- Yes.

Are you taking leave tomorrow?

Isn't it your mother's
death anniversary?

How can I take leave in such
a situation, Raghavetta?

I will join the team directly
after visiting the Church.

- Okay.

Hey! It's a holy
mass for Nancy, right?

Why don't you attend
church at least today?

You are praying for her, right?

That's enough.

- Yes.

You wait here.

I'll see you later.

What are you doing this for,

Can't you stop it at least now?

Just shut up.

You go ahead.


"A pavillion in the sky,
full of mystic snow"

"With a twinkling golden star"

"In this night when
there's a shower of love"

"The white flower is
hatching many new desires"

"When the clouds swinging in the
rain spread their moist feathers"

"Someone wishes to close
the rainbow door halfway"

"Within the heart"

"Daybreak seemed like heaven"

"Someone is arriving for a
feast, with tiny footsteps"

"I shall give shelter
to the golden child"

"whom Mother Mary blessed us with"

"Let's pray together for her
blessings, daily before dinner"

"Stringing hearts together with
silver threads"

"shining like moonlight"

"Let's go to sleep, building a
nest upon the flowering tree"

"A pavillion in the sky,
full of mystic snow"

"The white flower is
hatching many new desires"

"When the clouds swinging in the
rain spread their moist feathers"

"Someone wishes to close
the rainbow door halfway"

'Sir, this is Raghavan.'

We have traced

Iruttan Chacko's location.
- 'Where?'

We've got information

that he's in the dilapilated
building at the fourth turning.

'Fourth turning?'

'I'm near that area.'

Our team is on the way there, sir.

I will be there.'

Okay, sir.


I'm okay.


'Is he a good man or a bad man?'

'There's no answer.'

'But Cleopatra...'

'She turned into a lover
and a killer, at the same time.'

'Using Caesar as a weapon,'

'she murdered her own brother.'

'And took reins over the country.'

Very good.

Very good, guys!
- Thank you!

Let's do it once again.

Ready, boys? Music!
- Hey!

Don't play the music.

A police officer is
here to arrest you.

Okay, Master.
Let's continue tomorrow.

- Okay, dude.

Okay, Siddhan.
Boys, let's continue.

10 AM, tomorrow morning.

Report at my residence.
- Okay, Madam.

Got a little late, right?

That's not new to me, right?
- Sorry, Madam.

Start the car.
- As you say!


- Yes!

What happened?
- Tomorrow morning, 10 AM!

And don't forget the script!
- Okay!

Take care!

Is that your pair?

Pair or her name?

What do you want to know?



Half Malayali, half Bengali.

Acting is a passion.
A teacher by profession.

She is a Cleopatra.

Caesar, don't invite a
#MeToo upon yourself.

Why do I need #MeToo
when I have"we two"?

Oh. What is it, Sabu?

Ma'am, I tried calling
you several times.

I couldn't reach you.
That's why I came in person.

My phone was on silent mode.

Anything urgent?
- There's an emergency.

The first call was
to the local station.

The night patrolling team
checked it and raised a doubt.

That's when we called you.
- Okay.

It's over here.

Who saw this first?

I saw it first, sir.

I am Paulose.

I work at this church.

I guard the cemetery
at night too.

I'm a watchman, as well.

Night duty.

What did you see?
Tell that to Madam.

Madam, I usually take rounds
around this place, at dawn.

While I was walking,
over there,

I saw a person prowling.

Even when I asked him who he
is and all that...

- There was no response.

I picked up a couple of
stones and threw them at him.

Did it hit him?

No way!

It's the cemetery, sir.

Must be some ghost or demon.

Don't talk nonsense, Pathrose.

If I see ghosts at the cemetery,

this Paulose can identify them.

This was a human, sir.

I am sure.

Did you see his face?

How will I see it?

While I ran there shouting,

he threw something into
that pond and ran away.

Into the pond?
- Yes.

What did he throw?
- I don't know that.

Come, I'll show you.

Over there.

I swear!
I don't lie.

What should we do, Soman?
- We must search, Madam.

We've got the people for it.

Are you ready?
- Yes, sir.


Search in that sludge.

It's not here.

Check over there.

Tell them where exactly.

Right over there, brother.

There's something here, sir.
- Take it out.

Double-headed dagger!

Madam, Iruttan Chacko!

Double-headed dagger.

So, he is the wolf.

One who pierces with two blades in
a single stab to kill his victim,

Iruttan Chacko.

The department doesn't have
any details about him now?

All the files on him were at
the storage in Chittar station.

Most of the details were destroyed
in the fire accident at the station.

Rajan's death happened
on the second day,

after Chacko was released from jail.

Sir, we have absolutely minimal
information about him now.

He hunts during the night.

People who stay alone,

people who travel alone.

Most importantly, men.

They are his targets.

Hitting them on their heads,
stabbing on their chests,

and disposing them in sacks!

That's his modus operandi.

He uses ladies' sandals out
of the love for his mother.

We don't have any further
information, apart from this.

We need time, sir.


Sir is here.


I have sought advice from someone
to help us in this case.

You should share the details
of this case with him.

- He can help us.

Sure, sir.
- Go ahead.

'Yet, you won't answer
my questions, right?'

'What do you want to know now?'

'Like everyone says,
did my Mommy die, or did you...'

Are you doing good?

Crime no. 114/2021.

Rajan murder case diary.

Postmortem report,
inquest photos,

witness statements,
the M.O. of the murder...

And the investigating officer's
conclusions about this case.

You can find all
that in these files.

I saw your wedding photo
on Michael's Facebook.

It was very nice.

She wanted to meet
the two of you.


If you find any leads,
inform my team.

Why aren't you replying
to what I am saying?

When have you ever given
me any reply?

And yeah...

If you want to have a look at the
weapon, go to the archives section.

You haven't seen it so far, right?


This wasn't done by Chacko.
- What?

This wasn't done by Chacko.

The stain on the murder weapon,

Rajan's blood group,

the length of the dagger,
the depth of the wound,

forensic reports,
scientific evidence...

All these are tallying.

Chacko has committed the
murder using this dagger.

But this is not Chacko's dagger.

To say it with certainty that
this isn't Chacko's dagger,

have you seen this
dagger earlier, sir?

To confirm that this
is Chacko's dagger,

have you seen that
dagger earlier, Madam?

It's not Abraham sir who should
say that it wasn't done by Chacko.

It's the court.

The job of the police
is to bring the actual culprit

in front of the court.

Cheating the court by
forging a fake murder weapon.

Does that also come under
the job of the police?

The black book of the
department still has...

Paappan's old police escapades.

Chacko is my responsibility,

and I know how to catch him.

Thank you for your help.


If it is Chacko
who has done this...

Even if all the 49,000 cops from all
the 455 police stations in Kerala

set out together,

you won't be able
to find Chacko.

Hey! She's leaving the house.

Don't stop her.

She has decided, right?

Let her come back
when she wants to.

Yet, you won't answer
my questions, right?

What do you want to know now?

Who she is to me?

Is she your home-nurse or ex-lover?

Didn't you want to
marry her long back?

I've seen him only
like a younger brother.

Who are they to you, Paappan?

Why did her husband Andrews kill
himself by jumping into the river,

fearing you?

Like everyone says,

did my Mommy really die,
or did you...

You're going for your
IPS training, right?

Go and come back.
- No!

I'm not coming back here,
ever again!

Please call her back.

Once she wears my uniform,
she will understand

the rights and
wrongs in what I did.

Who is that?
Is he your father?

What does it look like?

Well, you do look like him.


It's raw lemon.
It will be quite sour.

Have it.
It will get rid of your fatigue.

Do you have a cigarette?

Oh no!
Paappan, I...

Hey! Hey!

I've seen the stub of the cigarette
you threw out of the toilet window.

Give it!

I have only this one.

You might not remember
your father Andrews.

You were very little then.

He was a thief.

Hearing that he had seen
the murderer Iruttan Chacko,

we went there to
ask him about it.

Seeing the police,
he ran away in fear,

and jumped into a river.

I threw him a rope
to save himself.

But, I don't know why.
He didn't catch hold of it.

He was gone!

Do you think that it was
me who killed your father?

Have I ever said so, Paappan?

Do you also have a doubt
whether you are my son?

I am indeed your son, Paappan!

We need to reach
Thiruvananthapuram before dark.

Pay the bill and come quickly.

- Hello, Madam!

'Where are you now?'
- I am in Trivandrum.

What happened after
visiting the central jail?

According to the register,

only two people have visited Chacko.

One among them is
Aisha Fathima from Kozhikode.

'She has visited him three times.'

We've given a request
for the CCTV footage.

Who is the second visitor?



It's your...

Abraham sir.

Are you sure?

Yes, Madam.

He has signed the
register eight times.

'The last visit was the on the day'

'before Chacko was
released from jail.'

I had e-mailed the register's
copy to you, Madam.

'Yeah, I'll look into it.'

I will start early in
the morning tomorrow.


Do you want me to collect any
other details from Trivandrum?


Soman, no one else needs
to know about this now.

Yes, Madam.
- 'Okay.'

You've reached?

Are you doing good?
- Yes.



A woman has gone to meet Chacko
in the jail, three times.

Who would that be?

Must be his wife.
- No.

Chacko is not married.

Then, it must be his lover.

Who's going to be in love
with a serial killer?

There were people who were in
love with Charles Shobharaj too.

Why not Chacko then?

Here you go.

You're getting Sathyan's pension
without any hassles, right?


Let me know if there
is any trouble.

You already spent a lot of
money for mom's surgery, right?

Stop it, dear.

Mom! It's me, Soman!

I am leaving.

When you come next time,

bring me a phone in which I can
watch movies, like you promised.

Let's get those
bandages off you first.

I want to watch your
movies in it, after that.

Oh! Oh!

Here you go.


Do you have to leave today itself?

Of course.

Where is your car?

I've parked it a
little away from here.

I'll walk you till there then.

- Why?

You're a cop, indeed!

Hey! Lock the door and go to bed.

Don't give people
a chance to gossip.




There's some link between
Paappan and Chacko.

That's not an ordinary link.

Abraham sir is obsessed
about Chacko, right?

Not that. Now I feel like
he's protecting Chacko.

I told you, right?

Paappan's behaviour
was really suspicious.

Paappan has visited
Chacko in the jail.

Two days after Chacko was released,
Rajan was killed.

Paappan has acquitted this Rajan in
some cases, while he was in service.

While connecting all that...
- Sheesh!

Don't think about
everything like a cop.

Yes, Sabu.
- Ma'am,

a woman had called
Trivandrum Control Room.

Anything important?
- Soman sir is missing.


Move your car, you rascal!

You're messing with a cop?

All those dark stickers?

Who are you?
Move it, I say!

Lower the window!

Didn't you hear me?

Lower the window!

I will teach you a lesson!

You'll learn it when you're
locked up in jail for two days.

Messing with me?

Hey! Don't come here!
Block them, man!

Move away from this area.

Sir, please.
- Move them, man!


- Hey! Hey!

What information can you give
us about this missing case?

Step back!
- Madam!

Move backwards.
- Sir, please!




CI Soman's last call was to #100.

But the call didn't get connected.

It's probably a panic call.
- Yeah.

Check which all
numbers were active,

within the close
range of this phone,

at that point of time, Jagdish.

Okay, Ma'am.

- Yes, Ma'am!

Any clue?

Ma'am, another vehicle was
parked behind this car.

Considering the tyre marks,
it's an SUV.

Nandan, check the
interior of this car.


Sir, please! Sir, please!

Please let us shoot it.
- Please move away.

Soman sir is a friend
of my late husband.

Madam, so far, within the nearest
radius of Soman sir's phone,

no suspicious communications
have been identified.

Why did he come here today?

Whenever he comes to Trivandrum,
he keeps visiting us.

He came to visit mom, since
she just had an eye surgery.

Ma'am, the smell inside the
vehicle is not so familiar.

I feel there was some
chemical interference.

We'll have to shift the car

to the forensic lab
for a detailed check-up.

Before going to bed,

while I was switching off
the lights and closing the window,

I saw his car, parked at a distance.

When I went near the car,

his phone was lying
on the ground.

And he was nowhere around.
That's why I informed the police.


Make arrangements.
- Yes, Ma'am.

We've brought a mechanic.

- Yes, sir.

Take this car to the forensic lab.

Follow our Jeep.
- Okay, sir.

- Okay.

- Yes, Madam!

You have to do something.

Call Paappan and
enquire where he is.


- What is it, Raghavan?

Did CI Soman contact
you by any chance?

Why should he contact me?

Well, he was following
Chacko's case.

He is missing now.

'What if Chacko...'

Where are you now, sir?
- Trivandrum.

'What are you doing there?'

I came to meet an old friend.


Okay, sir.

Abraham sir is here,

in Trivandrum.

He came to meet someone.

Hey! Hey!
What happened?

He's fainting.
Hold him!

Take him to the
hospital quickly.

Inside the car...

I couldn't breathe!

Someone go with him.

Please make way.
- No one else should enter that car.

Shall we click a selfie?
- Nice place, right?

Come closer.

[Trivandrum Corporation]

Let's go!

There's no room for doubt.

Both were done by the same person.

The same stab,

the same wound.

Once the preliminary
examination is over,

send the body for detailed study.


- Doctor...

Add a special request to check

the presence of foreign
particles in the body.

Sure, Doctor.
- The functioning of internal organs

and other damages during the time
of death is also very, very crucial.

- If this is also a cardiac arrest.

How is this CI Soman's character?

Except for the fact that he's crazy
about movies and talks too much,

he was an innocent chap.

The other day, he said
that he had seen the deceased,

driver Rajan, long back.

Must be at some movie location.


How was Soman when
it came to women?

He had a small set-up here.

But he was really
affectionate to his family.

Mother, wife
and two daughters.

It's him, sir.

Iruttan Chacko.


We've referred to
Trivandrum Medical College.

- When the complete report is ready,

send it to me.
- Sure, Doctor.

- Yes, Madam.

This is Abraham sir.

- Vincy Madam's...

Of course!
I know him.

I've studied many of your cases,
while I was doing my house-surgency.

And us students were
huge fans of yours.

Who wasn't his fan
in the department?

Okay, sir.
- Madam!

Shall I ask you something?
- Yes.

Was it Vincy who told you first
that Chacko is behind this?

Actually, yes.

And when I checked the old files,

it was matching.

Ditto Chacko.

Anyway, it was a sad day.

Okay, sir.

Bye, Raghavetta.
- Okay, Madam.

Could you identify
that chemical, Doctor?

VX agent.

It's one of the most fatal
poisonous vapours in the world.

It can enter our body
through water or air.

It's a highly toxic poison.

After the death,
the chances of finding

its presence during the
postmortem is close to nil.

How did it enter
the mechanic's body?

He fainted when he started that car.
- Yeah.

Perhaps from the AC vent.
- Might be.

How is his condition now?

He is safe now.

- Actually,

we try out antidotes
depending on the symptoms.

- It worked.

But, if we have to confirm
that this is VX agent,

we have to send a sample
to the lab in Pune.

See, Vincy.

It will take at least a month to get
the confirmation

about this chemical.

We cannot wait until then.

If we wait for another
murder to happen,

we'll become fools in
front of the public.

Sir, the number
seen in this graffiti.


Jeremiah 26:8 says,

"You must die"

This is the only clue
we have with us now.

Yeah, right!
As if all the killers in the world,

go around killing people
with a Bible in hand.


Two murders within a week.

A person is killed

and the officer who's investigating
that case is also killed.

Trust me, sir.
I will solve this puzzle.

Many superiors had asked me
whether we'll be successful,

if a lady police officer
investigates this case.

Don't break my trust.

Do you remember
someone called Chacko?

- Iruttan Chacko.

Hey! Only my hair has greyed,
not my brain!

You tell me.

Is this Chacko's dagger?

Didn't you quit your
job in the police?

I did, until I got this file.

Let me see.

I don't claim that every officer
in the police force is honest.

But you were different.

One who's never hesitant to help
anyone who comes before you...

The most uncorrupted
lieutenant of Kerala Police.

Abraham Mathew Maathan.

And a man like you forged a fake
dagger and presented it in court,

to get capital punishment for
a random criminal like Chacko?

So sad!

If she didn't have the exam,

we could've taken Vincy
also along for the function.

Yeah, right!
As if she's preparing for IAS.

What's with this sudden
affection for your daughter?

Who else can I be affectionate to,
other than you guys?

- 'Sir, this is Raghavan.'

'We have traced Iruttan
Chacko's location.'


'We've got information is'

'that he's in the dilapilated
building at the fourth turning.'

Fourth turning?

I'm near that area.

'Our team is on the way there, sir.'

- 'Sir!'

I will be there.

Nancy, take that left turn.

You go home.

I will come later.


Go and come back.
I will wait here.


10 minutes!

If I don't come back
within 10 minutes,

you must go.




Nancy, get out of here!



Move away!

Let go of him!

Let go of him!
- Move away!

I am okay.

Leave me.

Leave me!

"I am waiting for the
day I can join you"

"Far away from you"

"As we see our footsteps
from those good old days"

"You are the endless rain that
showers within me, till date"

"My heart is still
seething in pain"

Nancy died in front of me,
at my arm's length.

He had to be hanged!

That was the only thing
I was adamant about, sir.

For that, the only question

that came between me
and him in the court was,

"Where is that dagger?"

The dagger that took the
lives of twelve people...

He threw it away
somewhere, that night.

After an endless
search for that dagger,

without any other option,

I had to forge a fake dagger.

It's not like I didn't know that
I was doing the wrong thing.

But... I didn't want
to admit defeat, sir.

And finally, the same
dagger defeated you.

For creating fake evidence
against the accused in this case,

and trying to mislead
the Indian Judiciary,

Circle Inspector
Abraham Mathew Maathan,

should be dismissed from service,

and strict action should be taken
against him for severe negligence.

The court instructs the
Government to do so.


Chacko's dagger was a
'Bull's horn' dagger.

Once it pierces the body,

it shows another penetration
which is 1.5 centimetres deep.

If it has to travel like that,

he must have applied
a trick in that dagger.

A very unique technique.

I haven't understood
what that is, yet.

Is this...

the 'Bull's horn'
dagger you spoke about?

Yes! Exactly!

This is Chacko's dagger.

How did you fail that case,
despite having this with you?

This is the fake
dagger that I forged, right?

I want the original dagger
that he used.

Back then,
me and my team,

had made a detailed study
about Chacko's case.

Here you go.

Everything is in this file.

I need that file, sir.

The culprit was found,

he was convicted,

and the case was closed.

Well, why are you so
interested in this?

Don't you always say that...

killing and eating,

is part of human DNA?


man is a born animal.

See you, sir.

'Moving on to other news.'

'A chapel caught fire,
killing a priest.'

'The chief priest of
Mananthawadi St. Mary's church,'

'Father Bennet Issac John,'

'was killed in the fire.'

'The preliminary inference
of the police is that'

'a candle fell down,'

'spreading the fire to the altar,
causing the mishap.'

'Wild elephants on a rampage'

'at Attappadi Kallumala
area in Palakkad.'

'Wild elephants
entered the town and'

'destroyed two houses
and three vehicles.'

[News continues]


Don't you have to go
to the hostel tomorrow?

Get up and go to bed.

Chechi! Chechi!

They will play Mammootty's
interview after this news bulletin.

Please! I can't play channels
of my choice in the hostel.

I'll have to watch channels of their
choice, at the time they specify.

Please, Chechi.

That's enough!

I have no one to
care for me, right?

Stop it!
Go to bed!

'Police suspects a connection
with driver Rajan's murder.'

'But police are
searching in the dark,'

'unable to solve the mystery
behind these two similar murders.'

Who's that?


Who is it?

Who is it?

Hello, Doctor.
- 'Vincy!'

'Feels like someone
broke into my house.'

Someone broke into your house?
- 'Yes. Actually,'

'I've been having this feeling
that someone is following me,'

ever since I left the lab today.

And now..
- There won't be anything like that.

'Don't be stressed, Madam.'

Don't worry.
I'll do the needful.

Thank you.

We need to go to Dr. Sherly's house.
- Okay.

Does Dr. Sherly stay alone?

As far as I know, she stays alone.

You said Chacko targets
only men, right?

I don't know.
He is a psycho.



Vincy, are you okay?

How could you think of chasing him?

What if he had attacked you?

Contrary to what you think,
his targets are not just men now.

Now, it's Sherly Madam.

How can you be sure
that it's not you, next?


I am with you for everything!

But your safety is my priority!

For the sake of a case,

we can't risk your life.


Don't worry, Ma'am.

I've informed the Control Room.

The night patrol will be here now.

I'll appoint two cops
here for a few days.


She's from the village where I
conducted a medical camp earlier.


She's a smart girl.

I handle her education now.

She stays here sometimes.

Anyway, you should be careful.

Shall we leave?

Thank you.
- No problem.

Shall we go?
- Okay.


I have a doubt.


I think I'm pregnant.

Get up.


it's really surprising that she
didn't realize it for two months!

She goes to catch criminals as
soon as she wakes up, right?

Ask her to take leave
for a few days, Chechi.

Siddha, please.
- No phone!

Even if you don't take leave,
don't take stress,

for both your body and mind.

And reduce your coffee intake.


Did you tell Paappan?

- No?

You must tell him.

The positive vibes generated
by sharing your happiness,

are very good for the baby.

Siddha, please.

- Hey!

First trimester is always crucial.

You should be careful.
- Okay, Chechi.

Ma'am, we've got Abraham sir's
CCTV footage from the prison.

During the 3-minute visit,

Sir has spoken to Chacko
only for 3 seconds.

'The audio isn't available.'

Okay. Send it to me.
- 'Yes, Ma'am.'

And, Sabu...

Soman had given a
request to the e-prison,

for the available data
and photographs of Chacko.

Check the status of that request.

If there is any
delay in processing,

using the jailor's description,

try to get a portrait done.

'Either way, I need it by tomorrow.'

Okay, Ma'am.

Hey! There will
be a curfew for phones

and laptops in this house,
from today.

Electro-magnetic radiation!

Siddha, please!

Don't annoy me!

This case will go forward only

if I know what Pappan told Chacko,
inside the prison.

Why don't you ask that to Paappan?

Will he say the truth if I ask him?

What do you want to know now?

You want to know what Paappan said,
from a visual without audio.

That's all, right?

There's a person who can help you.
- Who?

After that act...

Hey! Cleopatra!

Hello guys! What's up?
- Hi bro!

Hi Siddha!
- Okay!

This is Vincy.

Don't go over-board.
I know who she is.

- Hi, Vincy.


Where is she?
- She is upstairs.

Shall we go there?
- Let's go.

I'm not sure, but we'll try.

How do you know this girl, Ritu?

I've been the vocal trainer in
that school for the past two years.

Such children have
some special skills,

when it comes to things like this.

To be frank,

they see and hear the world,
much more than we do.

There she is!

This is Pooja.


She's asking why you got late.

Sorry, Pooja.

Can you help her?



'When you get released
from jail tomorrow,'

'I will be there,
waiting for you.'

Come, dear.

Where is Paappan?

He's gone for a bath in the river.

He'll be back now.
- And Michael?

Paappan has sent him to Thiruvalla
to buy a vehicle or something.

Paappan's office room?

It's locked, dear.

I'll bring the key.

[Newspaper clips on Chacko]

Yes, Sabu.
- 'Ma'am...'

'The portrait of Chacko's
current look is ready.'

'I've sent the image
to your WhatsApp.'


Are you done?

Is your raid over?

What is this?

The obsession towards the killer,

or the manipulation to trap him?

I didn't get you.
- Who are you actually, Paappan?

What's the connection
between Chacko and you?

Before and after he got
released from the jail,

you had met Chacko.

For what?

Is Chacko doing all
this on his own,

or, are you making him do it?

Your findings are good.

But your instincts
have gone wrong.

The first thing that a
police officer needs...

is insight.

Not an overview.

I just want to
know one thing now.

Does Abraham Mathew Maathan have
any kind of role in this crime?

Do you or do you not?

Tell me when you're absolutely sure
that your father is behind all this.

I will come there myself.

Abraham Mathew Maathan
is not scared of you,

or your police.

I'm trusting what you told
me just now, Paappan.

Don't break that trust.

I'm leaving.

There's a good news.

You're going to
be a grandfather.

'Long back, we went on a tour.'

'We stayed at the British Cottage,
atop the hills.'

'Vincy switched on the geyser for'

'Nancy to have a bath
in the cold weather,'

'without asking anyone.'

'She got an electric shock,
and got thrown off.'

'Carrying my immobile
daughter in my arms,'

'Nancy and me had to rush...'

'to the hospital.'

'Until we reached the hospital
below the hills,'

'Nancy was shouting in panic.'

'It was only after six days
that Vincy opened her eyes.'

Sometimes, I feel...

Nancy was right.

It's not the Police job or Chacko...

Life is more important.

But by the time
Vincy realized that....

Girls should be staying with
their parents during this time.

If you want, Michael and I
will shift to some other place.

I don't want anyone
to come here,

after making you both shift.




- What is it?

What is it, Michael?

I heard dogs barking there
and went there to check...

Twenty six...



No one needs to know about this.

Erase it.

Didn't Chacko have any friends here?

He was very calm and quiet.

He never fought with anyone,

or hurt anyone.

And, he used to sing
loudly at night.


He's a huge fan of
Ilaiyaraaja, the composer.

When we ask him, he says
that he sings for his mother.

Balu, did you get
Chacko's visitors' file?

Yes, sir.

Play Aisha Fathima's entry footage.

Zoom in.


This is Aisha Fathima.

- Yes, Ma'am.

Copy these files to a hard
disk and give it to Madam.

Did you enquire at her address?

Madam, the address in the
register says Atholi in Kozhikode.

When I enquired, there's no
such woman by that name there.

She is fake.

If such a woman has come to
the prison to meet Chacko,

Chacko must have gone to meet her,
after being released.

How do we find that out, Ma'am?

There is one way.

'A middle-aged woman has a complaint
that her daughter has gone missing.'

'My name is Fathima.'

'I am from Atholi in Kozhikode.'

'It has been two weeks,'

'since my daughter went missing.'

'Don't look for me.
I am going to heaven,'

'said Aisha in her last
letter to her mother.'

'If any of you see her anywhere,'

'please tell her,'

'that her mother has no one else.'

'ASP Vincy Abraham talks to us
about Aisha's disappearance.'

'Let's tune in.'

'We are trying to locate Aisha.'

'But someone has influenced'

'that girl to join
some other kind of faith.'

'The police have released the
photo of the missing girl.'

'This is Aisha Fathima.'

It's been two days.

We haven't got any lead
about Aisha Fathima, so far.

We're getting endless calls

from the offices of the
Home Secretary and the DGP.

I had warned you,

that we needn't do all this.

And what happened now?
Didn't you see? Shucks!

- Yes!

There's a lady who's always
sitting on this bench, right?

Who, Madam?
- The lady who performed Kathakali

on the last Police Day,

one who does mimicry and stuff...

Oh, Girija! She is
under suspension,

- Why?

I don't care who your father is!

You can go walking from here!

You heard me?

'A lady cop who's under suspension
for slapping a legislator's son...'

'You took her back
on your own risk.'

'You made her disguise as the mother
of a suspect in a criminal case.'

'And then, you
created a fake news,'

'and flashed it on TV channels.'

'Do you know what will happen
if this information goes out?'

Sir, I'll take up the complete
responsibility for this.

The charge is religious conspiracy.

Not just you...

That lady constable
will also be trapped!


Yes, sir.

She is with me.

I've asked her for a report, sir.

Okay, sir.

There's an information
from Tamil Nadu.

St. Antony's orphanage...

Aisha Fathima is over there.

[Christian devotional
song in Tamil]

[Christian devotional
song in Tamil]

[Christian devotional
song in Tamil]

[Christian devotional
song in Tamil]

Aisha Fathima!

For all your questions,

I have only one answer.


After committing 12 murders
and serving jail time for it,

that psychopath killed two
more people, even more brutally.

And your humanity is towards him?

Towards his mother.



She has dementia.

She doesn't remember that
her son is a criminal currently.

She has only one wish to fulfil,
before she dies.

She wants to meet her son once.

I went to the prison
to tell him that.

Why didn't you say
this to the Priest?

Which Convent will allow a
murderer to enter its premises?

Initially, we thought that
she didn't have any relatives.

Later, she told me
about Chacko one day.

If Chacko has to come
here and meet his mother,

I felt that no one should
know about his sins.

So, I didn't tell anyone about it.

Wow! You've woken up?

This is our Kunjamma.

Chacko's mother.

And, did Chacko come to meet her?

No. Not yet.

But, the day he got
released from jail,

someone brought a lot of money here,
in Chacko's name.

So, no one else knows any more
details about Chacko here?

He will call on my phone every day,
from an unknown number.

He talks to Kunjamma
exactly for one minute.

And then, he disconnects the call.
- When does he call?

At 8:00 PM.

Your phone is connected
to our server, Anitha.

When you receive the call, give
it to Kunjamma, as you usually do.

We just need that one minute,
to trace Chacko.


Madam, such private number calls
are usually internet-generated.

The call may come from a foreign
server or a hacked IP address.

If that's how the call is, it
would be difficult to locate him.

Let's try it.

- Madam!

Kunjamma is not moving.

- Yes, Madam!




Open your eyes, Kunjamma!

Keep rubbing!
- Okay, Ma'am!


Madam, the call is
getting connected.

Jagdish, how long do we need to
sustain the call to get the details?

We need 30 seconds, minimum.
- Madam!

Answer the call!

If he finds out that I've answered,
he will hang up.

We don't have an option.
Just say something. Make him talk!

Hello, Chacko?

Kunjamma, your son is calling.




What are you doing?

[Sings 'Thempandi Cheemayile'
from Nayakan, by Ilaiyaraaja]


Have you traced it?
- Yes, Ma'am.

He's within a 10 km radius
circle of Muzhiya dam.

Exact location?
- Not available.

- Yes, Ma'am.

Get a list of all the houses around
that dam, within that radius,

from the revenue server.

- Okay!

- Tell me, Ma'am!

If the call has to
get cut at 60 seconds,

it must be a timer
generated call,

- Exactly!

The call will connect automatically
to a preset time to a preset number.

The caller needn't be talking
from a handset in this case.

It can be done even from
a laptop or a computer.

- Madam!

Won't there be several
houses in that area?

What if he shifts his location,
by the time we reach there?

Give it to me.
- Yeah.

Play that song.
- One second.

- Kunjamma...

What are you doing?


Ma'am, there are exactly 57 houses,
within the 10 km radius.

How do we...
- Err...

Call the weather department
and enquire,

where exactly did
it rain with thunder,

at sharp 8 PM, in that area.

A cloud's average rainfall area
is 2 square kilometres, usually.

We can filter the
houses using that data.

Okay, Ma'am.

Madam, the cloud burst
happened in this area.

Since the dam is nearby,

there are only 3 houses
within the 2 km radius.

We have filtered out
two houses already.

So, this must be
the hiding location.

Whose property is this?

Madam, it's a property
owned by some NRI.

It has been deserted
for a long time.

Nobody usually comes this way.

Your squad should
cover the surroundings.

Yes, Madam.

Sabu, Raghavan, Girija!

The three of you will be with me
in this active operation team.

Yes, Ma'am.
- Girija, you'll be my buddy.

Yes, Ma'am.

For the sake of your safety,

Abraham sir had asked
me to inform him.

All units, take position!

Wait for my order.

Paappan, shouldn't we go inside?


There's nobody here, Ma'am.

Isn't there any other spot?

No, Ma'am.

Let's go!

- Yes!



Police have surrounded
this building.

You cannot escape.




Can you save me from here?

Who locked you up here?

I don't know!


Hold him.

What the hell are you saying?

Are you saying that Chacko
didn't commit these murders?

Yes, sir.
- Then, who?

Someone else, who's much
more brilliant than Chacko.

Chaining up a convict who
got out of jail, inside a jungle,

is not brilliance.
It is madness!

Then, we are looking
for that lunatic.

A mad man.


When you get released
from the prison,

I will be there,

waiting for you.

Are you waiting here
to finish me off?

- Yes!


I bought this for you.

Eat it.

Why? Are you scared?


I know that you won't finish
me off so easily, sir.

Once you spot your victim,

you will wait until
you get him alone.

Before the murder,
at night,

you'll have hot Parotta and beef.

The ones whom I killed,

were people who
deserved to die, sir.

Except one person.

That was a mistake on my part, sir.

Do you know?

None of the doors in my house,

had locks or latches.

My father deliberately removed
all the locks and latches,

so that my mother won't have a
place to hide, when he beats her up.

Dad had a dagger with him.

Using that dagger,

he used to make slits on my
mother's clothes and body.

And then, he'd beat her up.

My mother...

used to cry all night,
unable to bear the pain.

One day,

my mother asked me a favour.

That night, I took that dagger,

and stabbed it right into the
chest of my father, who was asleep.

One stab and he was dead!

And I ran away from there.

While on the run, wherever
people were hurting such mothers,

I stabbed them all!

Be it a father or a son!

That run ended...

in front of you,
that night.

If you hadn't
stopped me that day,

he also should have died, sir.

He died.

He had cancer.

Why did you come in between us, sir?

That's why...

That day...

Do you want to kill me, sir?

Go ahead!
Kill me, sir!

If I wanted to kill you, I
could have done it back then itself.

Let me know when you
find the dagger, sir.

I will come.


I want to go and meet my mother.

It was you who did this, Chacko.

My dear sir,

both you and I know that
it's not me who did this.

I don't know.

Sir, this is not the dagger I use.

Then, what's the kind of
dagger you use, Chacko?


Don't you know that?
- No.

I don't know where that dagger is.

Your arrest hasn't
been recorded yet.

If you tell me where
that dagger is, right now,

we can prove that you haven't
committed these crimes.


So, you're trying to trap me?

You weren't trapped for
what you did back then.

But you will be trapped,
for what you haven't done, now.

Death by hanging.

Do you want that?


So, you were the one
who trapped me, is it?

So, was it your man who joined
me on the bus to Cumbum?

If you lock me up in a jungle, after
serving me a bottle of sedatives,

did you think that I'll
admit everything?


I haven't admitted to any of the
crimes I have committed till date.

And you want me to admit
to crimes I didn't commit?

Get going, sir.

You bloody...

No one else in this world has
seen your dagger, apart from you.

If you say that this
isn't your dagger,

no one will believe it, either.

Even your bedridden old hag
who's waiting for you at Cumbum.

Sir... Sir... My mother!


Sir? Sir?



Come in!

He has loosened up, a bit.

Now, you can go and make him
understand the situation.

Vincy, you proceed.
- Sir!



Please come, sir.

Please sit down.

Abraham sir, us cops have done
several things off the records.


seeking help from a
dismissed police officer...

Is it a matter of pride,
or an insult?

I am confused about that now, sir.

Though all of you said that it was
Chacko who committed these murders,

I knew that it wasn't him, sir.

But now,

we can't find the killer unless
he admits to these crimes.

What are you trying to say, sir?

You should hold a press meet, sir.


The case which sent Kerala Police...

in your words,

sent us around in circles,

has reached its climax.

The killer is under arrest.


We know that you haven't done this.

Then why is everyone
saying that it's me?

You should do a favour for us.

The game that the killer
played with the police...

We should play the
same game against him.

Two murders that were committed
in the same pattern.

It was one person
behind both the murders.

Who is it, sir?


Someone else has committed
two murders in your name,

without your knowledge.

Just like us, don't you want
to find out who that is?

Before revealing the culprit,

we should be aware of the situation
which led him to commit the murders.

After each murder,

the culprit used to
scribble some numbers,

on the body of his victims
or the nearby areas.

That became the turning
point for this case.

We should use Vincy's
Bible theory here.

Whatever the killer wanted
to communicate to us...

When it becomes clear to him
that we misinterpreted it,

he will become louder
in his actions.

That's where our catch is.

Journalists like you might
have heard about... Bible John.

It's a case in which even
the Scotland Police failed.

Like him,

the killer has committed
these murders here,

based on Bible verses.

For a few days,

you should admit that
it was you who did this.

Even if Chacko agrees,

what if the killer does not get
provoked, contrary to what you said?

Instead of becoming loud,

what if he hides?
- No.

Until the killer
achieves his intention,

he won't be silent.

Dream on!

Don't expect me
to take responsibility

for someone else's child!

Get lost, girl!

Go and tell your dad...

to find someone else to
send to jail this time.

I'm someone who had been
waiting for the past 20 years

to get you in front
of me like this.

It's not like I don't
know how to kill you,

close this case and go back home!

Even after losing his wife,
and a hand being paralysed,

there's an old cop outside,
who says that

you shouldn't be charged
for a crime you didn't commit.

The daughter is not like the father!

I will kill you!

Murder weapon, fingerprint,
the culprit's statement...

Everything is matching!

Both these murders
were committed by

the old killer, Iruttan Chacko.

Sir, has the culprit
admitted to the crime?

No, sir. He won't admit to it,
however much we try.

We can't make him admit to it,
by force.


These are the medicines that have
to be given to your mother tonight.

Your mother is ill.

Poor thing.


Now, tell me.

Should we give it to her... or not?


Tell us, sir. Has the
culprit admitted to the crime?

Tell us, sir.

He has admitted to the crime.

This series of murders ends here.

The case is closed!

This is a confidential meeting.

In front of the
public and the media,

we have closed this case.

But... our real investigation
actually begins only now.

A killer who locks someone up,

without any connection
to the outside world,

and allows him to talk
only to his mother.

Sounds strange!

Hereafter, our search
is going to be for him.

This is Ripper Chandran.

He used to commit murders, imitating
Jack, the Ripper from America.

Here, the killer
is imitating Chacko.

Copy-cat killing.

Excuse me, Ma'am.

Why should a psychopath
imitate another psychopath?

Because, he's not a psychopath.

He does not want to be caught,
until he reaches his goal.

He wanted us to go after Chacko.

And he won!

In reality, Chacko was just a mask.

So, the killer is playing with us.

The killer is talking to us.

This is not a game.

These are not random
killings, either.

And the sign for that is 2-6-8.

So, how will we know the next
number in this series, sir?

We have to wait.

Ask him to come.

Sir, you are being called inside.

Sir, I have a doubt.
- Yes.

Driver Rajan was 26,

CI Soman was 8.

Are you saying that we should wait
for another killing to happen,

to find out the
next number, Madam?

Another death is bound to happen.

Sir, with your permission.

Shall I share a guess of mine?


This time, he will inform
you about it, in advance.

We will have an unofficial advisor
in this investigation, hereafter.

Abraham Mathew Maathan.

Ex CI, Kerala Police.

The killer has a past]



- Sir?

We have a situation.

This has all the escapes that a
trained professional would use.

No hair, no skin particles.

And this rose that was kept
inside the box, is perfumed.

So, sniffer dogs
won't respond to it.

And, the only thing
that is available...

are these fingerprints.

But they belong to your
husband Siddharth, Madam.

That would have happened when
he opened this box, right?

Yes, Ma'am.

Did you contact this
courier company?

It's fake, sir.
We had cross-checked.

- Ma'am...

We enquired all around this area.

No one seems to have seen anyone
coming into or leaving this area.

And, when we checked the CCTV
of an ATM counter nearby,

it hadn't been working
for the past two days.

Some virus issue in the network.

- 'Okay, Ma'am.'


A page is missing from this book.


It was torn from the book.

Did you check the
content of the torn page?

We compared it
with another copy.

There's nothing suspicious about it.

The number of the torn page?

Page number...

95 and 96.

So, this must be the new number.




This is not a phone number,

or a pin code.

And the corresponding alphabets
don't indicate a name either.

I thought that we had
crossed half the sea.

But we are still stranded
like a ship without a sail.


The Bible says that...

You're bringing up the Bible again?

My dear Raghavan!

We haven't found what the
killer's religion is, yet.

Why can't this be
Ramayana or Mahabharata?


There is a possibility.

Why can't this be a date?


8, means August.

'95 or '96.

Sir, the connection between
this date and the killer?

You need to find out.

The killer has a past.

Hello! Good evening!

The killer has a past.

The one who sent all of Kerala

to the edge of their
seats with a single novel,

the popular crime novelist of
modern Malayalam literature,

Dr. Priya Nalini.
- Sierra 2, Roger.

also known as Draupadi,

will be reaching the venue shortly.

ask them to start the session

as soon as the guest arrives.
Got it?

Yes, Ma'am.
- Tiger 1 calling.

Alpha 1 hearing.

Sir, situation under control.

Scene is clear.


The VIP has arrived
at the venue.


Mark any suspicious
person you may spot.

There shouldn't be any panic.

Roger that.

Are you sure that
you're not coming?

You carry on.

I will be bored.

I'll pick you up once it is over.

Please come.

- Namaste, Madam.

Thank you.

- Yes!

Take care.

I'll call you once the
function is over, Jay.


Please come, Madam.
- 'Let's welcome Dr. Priya Nalini.'

Thank you.

- Oh!

- Please!


'Alpha 1!
Alpha 1!'

'Tiger 1 calling.'
- Alpha 1 hearing.

'So far, no suspect found.

- Yes!

There's something that
everyone is curious about.

You are a doctor who saves lives.

And you're narrating the story
of a killer who kills people.

Sounds contradictory.

That thought itself is wrong.

Doctors never save lives.

When they can,

they just delay death a little bit.


when does a person turn
into a serial killer?

I arrived at the plot of this novel,
from this question.

Sierra 4 online.

There's nothing suspicious.

Audience area is clear.


Copy that.

Science says that...

vengeance, money,


All the crimes in the world happen,
for one among these.

But I believe,

that behind a person's
crime in the present,

there's a past that has hurt him.

The killer has a past!

His bloody past, present and future!

I'll rip him apart!

I'll set him straight.

There's something wrong here, sir.


He won't challenge us so openly.

If he has called us here, sending
a dagger along with an invitation,

something has to happen here!

I don't know.

There's something
missing somewhere, sir.

The killer's intention...

is something else.

Abraham sir!

As soon as they heard

that I added your name
unofficially to this squad,

I started getting
calls from the top.

Will I end up in trouble?



Eight years!

I'd been the DySP for eight years
without any black mark in my career,

and made offerings to Lord Ayyappa
and Lord Guruvayurappa

to earn this conferred IPS chair.

What do you want now, sir?

Do you want a murder
to happen here?


Didn't you say that another
murder is bound to happen?

Not necessarily over here.


There's an information
from the Control Room.

Dr. Priya Nalini's husband...

Sierra 3 calling Control Room.

Sierra 3 calling Control Room.
Situation is under control now.

Move back!
- Nobody is allowed inside.

The car can explode anytime.

Sir, please guard that area.
- Sierra 3 calling.

Block the media teams
from both sides.


Madam, some chemical was
applied inside the vehicle.

That has caused the burst.
- Any way to recover the body?

The fire force is trying.
But no hope.

The car may blast any moment.

Don't let the public enter,
come what may.

Ma'am, the car belongs to that
writer's husband,

Advocate Jayashankar.

Have you informed that writer?
- Yes, but she fainted.

Send a team to the hospital.
- Already done, Madam.

Sierra 2 calling.
- Ambulance team, come online.

Abraham sir...

He's slipping away, as
we get closer to him.

Sir, I just blabbered something
out of stress. Please forget it.


'This is Jagdish
from Cyber Cell, sir.'

Tell me, Jagdish.

'We've checked the clone
copies of all the phones'

'collected from the meeting.'

Abraham sir's doubt was true.

During the analysis,

it was found that one of
the phones from our team was bugged.

Whose phone?
- Sir, it's Vincy Madam's phone.

Vincy's phone?

'Yes, sir. Someone was tracking
Vincy Madam's movements,'

using a hacking software.

Media should co-operate with us.
Please move back.


Even if the inquest is over,

the postmortem might
not happen in the morning.


The killer is ahead of us.

Your phone is hacked.

- Yes!

Shall we leave this case?

We're not the only ones
who are under risk now.

Remember that.

Siddha, nothing will
enter my mind now.

Leave me alone!

Don't be so obsessed about
a case, like Paappan.

I am not like Paappan.


If you were in Paappan's
shoes that night,

would you have caught Chacko,
or saved your mother?

You are indeed your
father's daughter.

Just like Paappan,
duty is foremost for you.

Not your life.


If someone has hacked your
phone without your knowledge,

he is just around the corner.

Be careful.

'When does a person turn
into a serial killer?'

'I arrived at the plot of
this novel, from this question.'

'The life stories of several
serial killers in this world...'


'I travelled through them.'

- Yes!

Why are you in a hurry?

No, it's nothing!

Can you get me some water, Mom?

It's here.

This is Paappan's hot water.

Get me some normal water.

Come on, get up.

By the way, add some lime extract
and four or five ice cubes, as well.

Go ahead!

The 4th grade photo of the '84 batch
of Pulimala Government school.

This is the complete list
of the people in this photo.

Among them,
these two people are dead.

This is Benita.

She's in London or America.

Mariam, Shabari, Yohannan.

They are all settled, after getting
married, doing farming and stuff.

Another one

is Simon.

He fled from that town,
after a theft case.

If you want to know anything
further, you can ask her.


She was abroad for a while,
after passing the IFS.

She's here now.

She's running a
cow-farm at some hill.

- Yeah!

The place where they rear cows...

Dairy farm!


What is it?

Are you planning to go meet some
prospective bride without me?

I heard you saying the
names of many girls.

Not for me, Mom.

It's for Paappan.
- Yeah, right.

Pappan will never get married again!

Why do we have to
struggle so much, Paappan?

If you're right about the killer,

we can get hold of that person!

I will do the capturing

You will question
them in a police style.

The accused will admit to the crime.

After closing the case, we'll walk
stylishly in front of Vincy Madam.

How's that?

I can't arrest that
person so easily.

We need to make sure.

We need to know

what's the connection
between the killer and this photo.

'Dr. Priya Nalini.'

'What's the reason behind
choosing the pen-name, Draupadi?'


'A mysterious character
from history.'

'There's a freedom that Priya Nalini
gets, when she becomes Draupadi.'

'No one will recognize us,'

'no one will question us,'

'and moreover,'

'it's just that everyone doesn't
have two names like this.'

'All of us have
two faces within us.'

'Isn't that true?'

'Madam, a human with two faces...'

'Chacko still not captured'

- Yes!

What was the name of that
guy who fled from that town?


Which Simon?

Mr. Joseph, which Simon
are they talking about?

- I'll give the rest on Monday.

Hey, George!

Who was this Simon,
who was in this town?

The guy who got converted long back?

The cemetery strike guy
who went absconding?



He didn't go absconding,
just like that.

He escaped after stealing the
golden cross from the Church.

Bloody thief.
- The blame should go to...

the Church committee
for giving money

and land to tribal people
who come down from the forests.

Yes. Simon!

It's been 25 years
since all that happened.

Why do you want to
know all this now?

Can you show me that Church?


Back then, Simon's father's funeral
was the beginning of all problems.

This is the cemetery for
the people from this town.

The people from the
forests and the hills,

were buried on the
other side of this wall.

Simon said that he can't bury
his father in this field,

where dogs and snakes roam around.

The Church committee said

that the body can't be
buried in this public cemetery.

Finally, it turned into a fight.

The entire town came
together and beat him badly.

And then?

Then what?

Out of that grudge, he stole the
golden cross from the church.

And then, he never
came back to this town.

That was a time when caste
violence was at its peak.

You might find it
difficult to believe.

Fights and arguments
in the name of caste.

Leave alone romance
and marriage.

For whom?


'was in love with Simon.'

'They were madly in
love with each other.'

'They were never bothered about
the prevailing caste system then.'

'Benita had a courage to face
anything, even at at that age.'

'Their friendship
started from school.'

'As they grew older, that
relationship grew stronger.'


Hey! It's your Mom!
Can't you hear it?

- She's calling you, Kunjumol!

Let her call.
- Kunjumol!

She will come here now.

Let her come.


Where is she?

If your mom sees us,
we'll be in trouble.

Get going!

What if she sees us?
Will she kill us?

Aren't you my darling?

Please go now.

I will come tomorrow.





Where were you?

Didn't you hear mom calling you?

I went to get this book.

Go inside.
- Yeah, okay!

Benita was Bennet's sister.

Bennet detested her friendship
with her classmate, Simon.

And they had many issues between
themselves, due to that.


When Benita's family found out
about her relationship with Simon,

it became a huge issue.

And then, before completing
the course she was studying,

her wedding was fixed.

I was preparing for the
IFS exam at Bombay then.

You didn't contact
them after that?

She had sent me a letter once.

"I will come to your place,
along with Simon"

That was the content of the letter.

I never heard anything
about them after that.

Do you have that
letter with you?

No. But I have an old
photograph of hers with me.

Where are Benita's relatives now?

Well... That's another tragedy.

Several mysterious incidents
happened in that family thereafter.

Before Benita left to London,
her mother drowned in the river.

Her father also
died due to a stroke.

Her brother Bennet, was
a priest at some church.

But, strange!

News came out two weeks ago

that he also died,
in a fire accident.

So, Benita does not
have any relatives now?

No. She doesn't have anyone.

I don't know whether
Benita herself is alive.

What's with this unusual call, sir?

I need a help from you.

Tell me, sir.
- Sathyanathan...

There's a Simon absconding
case, at Pulimala.

It's an old case.

You should get
those files for me.

Will it be too much trouble for you?
- Not at all, sir. I'll do it.


- 'Paappan!'

What's the status?
- Paappan!

That lady was right.

A wedding was booked in Benita's
name, at the Pulimala church.

'That wedding was cancelled
due to some issue'

'that happened on the previous day.'

When was that wedding?

26th August, 1996.

Do you know someone who's
good with computers?

Paappan, I'm also a
computer engineer.

programmers, designers,

bloggers, vloggers...

Who do you want?

Or, do you want the guy

who hacked the
Pakistan Prime Minister's Facebook?

Can we find out how this
girl would look now?

That's easy!
Age progression.

I'll get it done, Paappan.

Madam Sherly hasn't reached yet.

There were too many cases yesterday.
- It's time.

So, we haven't been able to show
the final report to Madam, yet.

- Yes!

You carry on.
- Okay.

When will Dr. Sherly reach?

Madam said that she'll
come after her class.

It's the introduction
of the new batch today.

- Okay.

Do corpses talk?

They do!

In a way,
this is a mind game.

A police and thief game.

That's known as"Autopsy".


I've left.

15 minutes, maximum.

Ask Ubaid and Anupama
to start the procedure.


I can't reach Dr. Sherly's phone.

We need the doctor's statement,
to share information with the media.

We are already late.


did you try calling the driver?
- Yes, Ma'am.

By the time the driver
came back after having tea,

Doctor left by driving
herself, apparently.

Where are you going?


Stop the car.

Stop the car!

Stop it!

Stop the car, I said!

- Yes.

Any updates on Dr. Sherly?

No, Ma'am.

Madam, there's a problem.


It has been at least a week

since the death of this burned
body that you brought yesterday.


While checking the register,

I found that this is an unclaimed
body from this mortuary.

Its postmortem had
already been done.

What are you saying?

Are you saying that this is the
body of someone who died a week ago?

How is that even possible?

I don't know, Ma'am.

But this is not the body
of Advocate Jayashankar,

contrary to what you said.

Ma'am, during the procedure, I found
that this was stuck on the body.

Isn't this a ladies' bracelet?

I don't know if it
is right to say this.

But... I've seen Sherly Ma'am
wearing such a bracelet.

- Ma'am!

Call Jagdish from Cyber Cell.

- Okay!

'Sir, this is Sathyanath.'

Tell me.
- I enquired, sir.

Simon definitely went absconding.

There's a complaint against
him at Pulimala police station,

'for stealing the golden
cross from the church.'

When did he go missing?

On 26.08.1996.

'And... I don't know whether
it is connected to this.'

The day after that boy went missing,

another incident has been reported.

What is it?

These two details are
not syncing, Abraham sir.

A boyfriend from a lower caste, and
a girlfriend from an upper caste,

decide to flee from
the town together.

But... on the day the girlfriend's
wedding was fixed with someone else,

the boyfriend steals the cross,
and flees from the town, alone.

There has been no information
about him for the past 25 years.

If we say that he's behind
these murders all of a sudden,

who will believe us?

Well, don't we need
sufficient evidence?

Simon is not behind these murders.
- Then?

The girl whom Simon
was in love with.

The one who went to
study MBBS in London,

Benita Issac John,

So, what about Simon?


Sir, the one who was
burned in the car yesterday

was not Advocate Jayashankar.

It's an unclaimed body
that was stolen from the mortuary.

This was found from the body.

And it belongs to...


Sherly was present at the
place of the incident yesterday,

before we reached there.

The cyber cell report that located
her number using the mobile tower.

Sherly has some connection
with these incidents.

One person is saying
that it is Sherly,

and another person is
saying that it is Benita.

Which one is right?



Sherly is Benita,

and Benita is Sherly.

The advertisement she
published in a newspaper

to change her name in the gazette.

It had been on my wall
for several years,

along with Chacko.

But Sherly is missing
since this morning.

She is missing!

She didn't go missing.

I've arrested her.

What right do you
have to arrest me?

Code of criminal procedure.

If a crime happens in an area,

any Indian citizen is authorised to
arrest the person behind that crime.

The Code of Criminal Procedure
Section 43 and 37 CRPC...

gives him the right to do so.

Don't you know the law, Madam?

To arrest you,

I don't need a gun, a cap,
the uniform or the baton!


What crime?

Who told you that I
have committed a crime?

Us cops have a problem.

We suspect anything we see.

While you were doing
your house-surgency,

you've studied my cases.
Didn't you say so?

So, you must have heard about
Iruttan Chacko, for sure.

But in the postmortem report
of Rajan, who was killed first,

there was no such reference.

I could have forgotten that, right?

Why should I remember some
random killer's activity?

Chacko was not just another
random killer for you.

I realized that...

when I met your old Professor.


The research papers about Chacko,

prepared by Pattabhiraman
and assistants.

This was stored among
Pattabhiraman sir's personal files.

Check it.

One of the two assistant surgeons
who prepared this research paper,

was Dr. Mujeeb Rahman.

He's the Dean of the
Haryana Medical College now.

And the other one...

Dr. Sherly Somasundaram.

Just because her name is
on an old research paper,

can we suspect her?

What a police officer needs first...

is not evidence, sir.

They need instincts.


So, the guy who broke
into Sherly's house?

It was Michael.


When she sees a
serial killing pattern

that she has researched
about long back,

the first one to point that out...

should be that forensic surgeon.

When I felt that you were
trying to hide something,

I decided that I need
to know more about you.

Now, this photo will tell
the rest of the story.

I wanted to know
how this old group photo

from Pulimala Government school,

came under your possession.

Benita, who's seen
in this class photo...

No one knows where she is now.

Because, Benita who went to
study medicine in London,

came back as Dr. Sherly.

There will be a trump card
in every investigation.

In this case, Chacko
was your trump card.

But... the same Chacko betrayed you.

Certain evidence are like that.

Unbeknown to us,

right in front of our eyes,

they will be waiting for us.

Like this newspaper clip.

A person lives amongst us in a
different name, for around 20 years.

Driver Rajan, CI Soman,
Advocate Jayashankar...

Targetting these people who have
no connection to each other.



Vengeance is like
ember for a woman, sir.

However much you try to extinguish
it, it will stay aflame.


It's a crime, no matter
who does it, Madam.

Perfect crime.

There's no such thing.

You are wrong about that, sir.

Perfect crime...

I had done that long back itself!

Three times.

And this one!

I was particular that this time,
it shouldn't be perfect.

Only then would the police
investigate this crime.

Sherly's parents died
due to heart attack.

Soman and Rajan also
had heart attacks.

Father Bennet's postmortem
report suggested

the possibility of
a cardiac arrest too.

Then it's all connected.

- She knows very well...

that the police cannot
sketch a serial killing pattern,

based on heart attacks.

Kind of... perfect crime.

Her own father, mother and brother,

Rajan, Soman and Jayashankar...

There's no apparent link
between the victims.

Excuse me, sir.
- Come, sir.

What's up, Sabu?
Did you meet him?

'Yes, Ma'am.
I am at actor Ravi Varman's'

'shooting location
in Thiruvananthapuram.'

Tell me.
- Your guess was right.

The priest who introduced
Rajan to film star Ravi Varman,

was Father Bennet indeed.

When I enquired,
I got an important lead

from the college where
that priest studied.

'Father Bennet, CI Soman,
Advocate Jayashankar...'

'The three of them studied
together in University college,'

'during the 95-96 period.'

Sir, there's a vital information.

Father Bennet, CI Soman,
Advocate Jayashankar...

The three of them were batchmates
at Trivandrum University college.

Year 95-96.

That's the link!

Vincy, only Sherly can help us now.

Break her!
- Sir.

- Yes.

We need to go near that tree.

Abraham sir, our current
priority is to find Mr. Jayashankar

who went missing.

Not the deceased Rajan.

If the killer has brought driver
Rajan under that tree on that night,

that tree is the greatest
witness in this case.


You should dig over there.

Abraham sir...

It's a matter of faith.

Will it be an issue?

25 years back,

there was no such stone,

or a forest Goddess here.

I had enquired.

Dig it, sir.

Dig it and see.

Hey! Bring the tools
to dig the place.

Okay, sir.

We know that Jayashankar
isn't dead yet.

Tell me.

Where is he?

If you want to know where he is,

you should answer my
question first, Vincy.

You answer Madam's question first!

What if I don't?


Long back,
my mother slapped me like this.

Poor thing.
She's dead!

- Girija!

Madam, she...

You killed your own
father, mother and brother.

And now, his friends too.

Where is Jayashankar?

Where is Simon?
- What?

A tribal youth went missing
from Pulimala, many years ago.


Where is he now?

He stole the cross from the
church, and fled from the town.

But... that's not
what Jayashankar said.

- 'Madam, this is Jagdish.'

'We've received an important video.'

'I think, you should see this.'

Okay. I'm coming.
- 'Okay, Madam.'

Yes, Ma'am.

- Yes, Ma'am.

The mail came to the police server.

Found out who the sender is?
- The IP address is masked.

It will take time
to find the source.

Play the video.
- Yes, Ma'am.

'Please don't hurt me any more.'

'I will tell you.'

'I will tell you.'

'We had gone to'

'Pulimala to attend the
wedding of Bennet's sister, Benita.'

'Father Bennet,'

'CI Soman,'

'and myself.'

'We were studying together in
University college back then.'

'He had made all arrangements for us
to celebrate his sister's wedding.'

Whatever she makes,
is absolutely delicious.

What is this item?


Meat of a wild animal.

Mind your liver, man!

Look at him gulping it down!

Kunjumon, where is he?

He is over there, Mom.

Enjoy the food.

Shall I fix another drink for you?
- No, I'm drunk already.

Eat it.

Don't feel ashamed.

I have been seeing you
since you were a child.

Eat it.

Like that!

Back when your mother used
to work outside my kitchen,

he had a desire.

When I came to know about it,

I served her some rice
just like this, one day.

Three days later,

she died, vomiting blood.

Your mother!

Don't be scared.

I haven't mixed anything in this.

Eat it.


has agreed to get married.

She is like that.

She is my blood, after all.


Kunjumol's room has caught fire.

Come quickly. The room is on fire.
- Bennet!

Kunjumol is in the room.
- Move away!

- Go and check!

Go inside and see!




Mom, Kunjumol...

She is not in the room, right?

- Yes, Mom!

Search every nook and corner
of the plantation. Go!

Come on!


The two of them should
not cross this plantation.

Start the car! Now!

Come on, quick!

Kunjumol, come quickly!

- Come!


Catch them!

Move away, you!

Let him go!
- Move away!

Bennet, move away.

Stop it, Bennet!

Let him go.
- Kill him!

Bennet, I'm telling you!
Let him go!

Tell them, Mom!

- Come with us, dear.

Come, dear!
- Mom! Mom!

Mom, I'll do whatever
you ask me to.

Please ask them to let him go.


- Kunjumol, get inside.


Get inside!

Please tell them, Dad.



Ask them to let him go.
- He is not suitable for our family.


Go home with your friends.
- Okay, Mom.

Come, dude.

Kunjumol, please don't cry.
- Mom!

He hasn't done anything wrong.
- Rajan!

People shouldn't ask where
this boy went, from tomorrow.


No, Mom!

No, Mom!

Simon, get up!

Simon, run away!

Oh no!


Mom, it was me who
asked him to do this.

It's all because of me, Mom.

Mom, please tell
him not to do it.



Please don't hurt him!

Mom, please spare him!


'We did all that because we were
high on alcohol and marijuana.'

'I don't what happened
over there, after that.'

'I really don't know!'

'No! Please!'

Play the end of the
clip once again.

Yes, Ma'am.

'I don't what happened
over there, after that.'

'I really don't know!'

'No! Please!'

Sir, there's the sound of a metal.

Sound of a metal?

Don't poke it.
Be careful.

Sir! Sir! Sir!

What's happening over here?

Is there any connection between
this cross and Rajan's murder?

What's the connection between
this cross and Rajan's murder?

Can you raise it up, sir?

Is this another turning
point in this case?

Please say something, sir.

Sir, please!

Abraham sir... This?



Don't you have practice today?
- No.

The system is faulty.
So we're on break for two days.

Did Siddhan come here?
- He's in the art room upstairs.

Art room?
- He went looking for some book.



Sabu, come with the force.

I found the body.
- 'Yes, Ma'am.'

'What happened 25
years ago in Pulimala,'

'was an honour killing
that shocked the town.'

'What happened that day in the name
of caste, was a brutal homicide.'

'After 25 years,'

'Police found the remnants
of the corpse and a golden cross.'

'Simon, who was considered to be the
culprit, is hence proved innocent.'

My job is done.

Now, you can arrest me.

You may ask SP sir to
hold a press conference.

The case is closed.

This case is not closed.

The day after Simon went missing,

Police took a 12-year-old boy
into custody from Pulimala,

for stealing the golden cross.

A few days later,

someone got him out on bail.

The police records...

have the name of the
person who bailed him out.

Benita Issac John.

- Solomon!'

'My brother..
- Bring Simon to the motor room.'

'I'll be there.
- Okay, sister!'



Come quickly.


- Untie me, boy!


She's at the motor room.

Come with her to the
road near the canal.

Let me try to find a
ride to the bus stand.

Go quickly!

Who was that 12-year-old boy?

Don't you know who he was, sir?

This is the PNR copy of the
ticket Benita bought,

to go to London,
six months after Simon died.

That day,

that 12-year-old boy was also
with you, seated on the window seat.

Simon's only surviving brother.


Check under that bed.

Oh no!
Siddhan sir!

Siddhan sir?




Nothing should
happen to my Vincy.

I'll come wherever you want me to.


You stay here.

But you... alone?

I will come with you.

If I don't come back
within ten minutes,

you should leave.


Don't come!



Where is my daughter?

I could've killed her.


I thought I'll spare her life,
until you arrived.

You bloody...

Seems like a riddle, right?

In this story, you were after me,
until now.

But actually,

I am after you!

Keep the change.
- Are you a policeman, sir?

You're so smart!
Found out so easily, huh?

I could guess it from your
looks and these shoes.

Where's the British Cottage?

It's right next to the
Puthenpurayckal Estate.

I'll show you.
- Get in, then.

Hit him!
- Let him go!

Let him go!
- Get lost!

Move away!

Stop it! That's enough, Bennet!


Police sir!

- What is it?

Where are you going?
- Please call that officer, brother.

Can you please call that policeman?
- I can't call him now.

My dear..
- Please call him!

Maathan, fast!

Open the door!

Careful, Maathan.
- Get in!

She's not speaking, Maathan.
- Police sir!

Sir, please wait!

Go quickly, Maathan.
- Move away!

Don't go, sir!

Sir, please help me!

Please come with me!

Take him away!
- If you don't come,

all of them will kill my brother!

Sir, please save my brother!

Take him to the nearest police
station. They will handle it.


The police station is far away, sir.

Aren't you a policeman? Please come.
- Maathan!

They keep creating problems after
getting high on drugs, sir.

I'll handle this.
You please leave.

Start the car, Maathan!

My child!
- Please don't go, sir!

Go, sir.
- I'll fall at your feet, sir.

My brother will be killed.
- Maathan!

Move away!

They will kill my brother!
- You bloody!


Wasn't it for this daughter,

that you abandoned me...

It's been a long journey.

25 years!

Do you remember,"Police sir"?

I am that boy!

For what I did to you,

don't punish my daughter!

You were a cop!

A police officer!

It's your duty to save
people who are in danger!

Your daughter

must be trembling for her life,
somewhere over here.

Where is my daughter?

Where is my daughter?

Tell me!

Dig it up, Paappan!

Dig it properly!

Paappan won't allow even a speck
of sand to fall on his daughter!


However much you dig,
you're not going to find her!

But you'll find my father's skeleton
that someone buried over there!

She's not in there!


Want to know how it smells
when your own blood is burning,

Abraham sir?

Move away!


Get up!






Paappan, the Great,
saved his daughter.

What about this son?

Don't do it.

Please don't hurt him.

You can kill me.

You should live.

You should see your own blood
trembling to death,

unable to save them,
just like me.



Solomon, no!

My childre

shouldn't face any kind of
danger from you, hereafter.

'Duty or family?'

'In a policeman's life,'

'this question keeps coming up,

'When I thought that
duty was foremost,'

'I lost my family.'

'When I thought otherwise,'

'I failed in my duty.'

'There are wrongs in my rights.'

'And rights in the wrongs
I have committed too.'

'This war was not to win or lose.'

'It is to live.'


'man is a born...'



Michael, are you doing good?


Paappan, look!

It's been so many years,

and you never wanted to
see us even once, Paappan?

You rejected the parole,

didn't allow visitors,

or phone calls.

Why were you doing
this to yourself?

Your mother...

For what I did to my Nancy

shouldn't I punish myself,
at least this much?

He has changed completely, huh?


Brother-in-law is an
upcoming star in Tamil now.

He has modified his name too.
- Hey!

Film star Siddharth Nath!

Stop it!

What have you named your child?

Junior Maathan.

Where is he?

He is with mother.

I mean, Susan.

Not just the name!